Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 42 - Bands Who Had Vocalist Changes

August 22, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 42
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 42 - Bands Who Had Vocalist Changes
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This episode, we list and discuss bands who had more than one vocalist throughout their lifespan, what happened, how it effected the band, and which era of vocalist we prefer.


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Hello everyone welcome to rock talk happy hour My name is Mario here with Kim Really?

podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode we try different craft beers, we write them we discuss them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. And Frank was today's music related topics. related topic is bands with multiple singers. The lead singers. Yeah, I was trying to find a way to word it because I know there's some bands that legit have multiple singers that one Yeah. Or I guess bands with who've had who who have had a variety of singers. They go. Yeah. Brit, can you agree? Yeah. Okay. Yes. All right. Oh, more than one? Yeah. More than one. Um, so yeah, it's been a last episode I think was maybe like three weeks ago or something like that.

What was that that was a multi talented musicians,

artists who had some kind of professional skills outside of music. So we talked about that. So usually, when we start off the show, we start off with some segments in the beginning.

Or hangover segment, which is where we talk about something that we forgot to mention last episode, which is why brought home last episode, because I have some stuff to talk about. And then also, what are we drinking? If we have any music news, I guess. Yeah.

Us and Bruce, because I have some news that we can talk about, which I found pretty interesting.

What's everybody drinking? But you got to get a beer already? No, I've got a fake beer.

Brooklyn special effects the non alcoholic. Okay. Okay, cool. stuff. We've had that. Yeah, we have. Okay.

And then I think everyone else is drinking root beer right now. Yeah. Which still counts. It's everything's non alcoholic right now. But anyways, we usually just start in this one. And this one, especially counts because it's from an actual brewery. Oh, yeah, it is. Right. Yeah. beat a beat. Oh, totally counts. Yo, good. Yeah. I think they want more, but I know. I know. Yeah. That's good. Um, okay. So hang over. Has anyone have any handle? Yeah, I was thinking about the multitalented one. And a pretty obvious one came to me, it just didn't come to me right then in there was jack white. He's got Third Man Records. Okay, which, you know, aside from being a record label, I think is also also doubles as a music studio. So you can go and record your stuff and then get scientists label as well. And I think they also do instrument repair on site at the studio. Mmm, interesting. Okay. All right. So quite. Yeah. JACK white. I don't want to put any white shirts on the plane jack of all trades, you could put in solo stuff. Yeah, I could do that.

So mine was there's a couple Actually, I wanted to talk about first, I guess I'll talk about the one that Frank had. So you had mentioned on your list, Dan Spitz of anthrax. Yeah. And now he was a watchmaker. Right. Right. So then I was saying I go, I wonder if that's why they wrote the song time or whatever. So I was doing some research. And I found out that sure enough, he was in the lineup. When they release their album, the album was called persistence of time, right. And there was actually two time tracks on there. The first track was called time, which was the one I thought I was thinking of, but the song I was thinking of was got the time, and that one's on that album as well. So I think that had a lot to his side thing had a lot to do with that influence. You influence that album? Yeah, because they're cool. But I thought that was interesting. Then another thing was Bruce Dickinson and I talked about Bruce Dickinson. He was a pilot, like a badass pilot and stuff and how he also does some writing and stuff and did some stuff in TV and film. But one thing I forgot to mention was that he's also a fencer. Oh, he does fencing. He's competed internationally. And he's placed seventh in Great Britain like overall. Wow. And he also founded a fencing equipment company called duelist. So like, this guy's like, dude, he's a freakin fencer. Like, that's so crazy, like, but uh, yeah, I found that I had that on my site. So when I was doing the research research initially, but I guess I didn't write it down. Yeah. And so I was looking around and I was like, Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention he was a fencer, but that's pretty bad. So yeah, and I had no idea. And I just thought a one and then we could probably jump into whatever we're gonna do next.

is Chuck Billy the vocalist for testament? He

other than fronting, aside from fronting testament, he also runs a line of Fleet trucks. What does that yeah so yeah, so he's got he's got a company where he you know, it's a bunch of Fleet trucks. What so like, what are the trucks use for I guess like commercial like hauling type trucks. Okay yeah so like 18 wheelers and flatbeds and stuff like that so Okay, um I did have one more to you had mentioned Duff McKagan what was Duff McKagan skill again? So he's a writer but he's also I think a financial advisor that's the thing Yeah, or like an entertainment lawyer. So I remember you said that he had his own band, which I forgot it was called loaded loaded. So I know we talked about dusty Hill last episode too right? And so when I was doing my research, I guess it wasn't really research I was looking for music on Spotify to add to our playlist if you guys want to check out the playlist you can go to rock happier and find it on there. But anyways, so I found out that he was on his band loaded it's called Duff McKagan is loaded. They want a compilation on ZZ Top compilation called think like ZZ Top

Oh attribute from friends or something like that. And they did a cover of got me under pressure. It was pretty good. It was pretty Alright, like I was like, okay, but it was just crazy how you brought up Duff McKagan and then that same episode, we're talking about dusty Hill, and then I found that found out his band did a song for ZZ Top competition from their friends from the music industry and stuff. Oh, I don't remember when the album came out. But I did put the song on there.

But yeah, I don't know. I thought that was pretty interesting. So that's the hangover stuff. I have. Yeah. And I guess also, he's a part time model. That's weird. Duff. Yeah, so he's got a friend. I guess an Italian or French fashion designer who does like a line of leather jackets for rock stars. And so every now and then he'll he'll model like the the jacket models and stuff, so Okay, yeah. All right. Yeah.

Brick me Got any hangover.

Um, and then I guess we don't have any What are we drinking right now? Because we'll start our first beer I guess in a few minutes. Um, so our news and brews, I guess are brews and news. We're going to have a new segment because they did want to talk about some news. You guys have any news?

About news?

news in general of music news in general, I did have something interesting to talk about that. We haven't talked about what you guys yet. Okay. Well, one of one. One thing I've been excited about yesterday, and today is a band called Deaf heaven who just released their fifth album yesterday. And it's a total departure from everything they've done before. So Deaf Heaven is no further aggressive, like metal music, like black metal death, metal inspired music, but this new one is like a whole new band. You've got the nice dreamy guitars and stuff. And that's what I'm really into. And so I don't know if it's a thing but if the genre dream metal, or thing. I think that's like the the sound. You heard it here. First, I'm going to edit on Wikipedia tonight. Yes. Um, Dream metal. So my news is I don't know if frankenberry you guys heard about this, but Kim and I were talking about it. So we've talked about this multiple times where we missed a Verizon Wireless amphitheatre. So for those of you guys who aren't like Texas, or whatever, it was basically amphitheater where a lot of big shows came to big shows like oz Fest, and Vans Warped Tour back in the day. And there was also, you know, individual artists coming through not just big tours like that. But you know, once that went away, we tried to pick up some of the slack here in San Antonio, because that wasn't so much a little outside San Antonio. But we couldn't really draw any big things like that. We tried for a few years. The River City rock fest is a good example, too. So now whenever good shows come we have to go to Austin or Dallas or even some smaller towns now they're starting to host Yeah, like I was telling her remember, Slipknot used to come here all the time. And whenever they had a run, we would be on their, on their, on their tour dates. And this past tour, from what, two years ago, three years ago, they didn't even hit San Antonio. And it was in Austin in 29. They came to us they're coming to us and again, yeah, so but like they used to play Freeman and stuff and you know, yeah, now they don't so I just read that.

I'm gonna quote unquote Verizon Wireless amphitheatre because it's not going to be Verizon anymore. But the amphitheater is coming back. Yeah. So we're going to start getting shows again. That's why hopefully soon. So frank, I don't know if you read the details. Yeah, it's going to be called the real life amphitheatre. Really, yeah, the real life amphitheater and it's going to be met

managed by Tobin entertainment. Yeah. also manages the Tobin center. Yeah. So apparently they have their own production company or something like that promotion come ready. And they actually So from what I saw is that true life is actually the church dude from what I saw. And they signed a contract with the church, apparently to lease it out. So that they can have shows, but it's going to be under Tobin's thing. So yeah, so that basically they're just like, kind of Yeah. lease from the church. Yeah. So but it's under the church name, which is weird, which is where the true life comes from, from what I saw on was so different. Okay. No, I for real life. Oh, yeah. One of those real life true life white. I didn't. I didn't know that. I thought the contract expired. Yeah. And Tobin entertainment, like swooped in and bought it. But yeah, that's right. But if they're leasing it from the church, that makes me wonder, like, what shows are they going to allow and not allowed? Well, I think that it's not going to be up to them. I think it's one of those things where the church isn't even using it. They just have it. That's what I think. And so I think it's kind of smart for the church to do that. Because then they'll get they'll they'll be getting money for that stuff. And they'll whatever other church stuff they have on the site, but from what I from what I you know what I mean? Like, yeah, I just remember I remember reading a while back some years before that. I guess the first contract that the church signed, was about to expire and Live Nation was about to scoop up the amphitheatre. But but then they renewed it, right. Yeah, the church renewed it. And I think there was a lot of pushback from the neighborhood saying that they don't want.

They don't want a concert venue. Yeah. So and that whole area has been developing like, like crazy. I mean, I remember back then going to shows there. It was just empty. Like there was nothing over there. Yeah, just the amphitheater. Now there are neighborhoods and all sorts of houses and stuff, all sorts of development. So some kind of curfew or something, then to there usually is curfews, I do remember, there was a curfew, I think Aerosmith played a show there. And I think the curfew was a 10 1030 Yeah. And I think for every minute you were over, you were charged like $10,000, or something like that. I mean, I don't know what kind of shows we're gonna get, because I'm starting to think of like, what kind of shows Tobin has, and I'm starting to, I don't know, if maybe they'll branch out and do some stuff that maybe they can't, or wouldn't normally do at Tobin, you know, like, bigger stuff, like, like I was talking about before, but I don't know still kind of exciting. Maybe we'll start to get more, you know, bigger shows like we used to, because Verizon, I mean, for I keeps calling Verizon, the amphitheatre, I'm just gonna say that it's a big place and amphitheater for those people. For those of you know, people that are listening that aren't in Texas, like it kind of so affects those people, because a lot of people like to travel outside and go to shows. And that place was pretty cool. I mean, so now it's gonna be a place closer to San Antonio. Like if you're here, and you're like, oh, there's a show. Not too far from here and go there and check out a show. But I don't know. I thought that was exciting. Yeah, it is exciting to think about in Florida promoter. Where was that? Yeah, I think they're already working on a fall lineup. Oh, shoot. So we might have some shows. They're happening this this fall. But last time I was on the on the church website, because I wanted to see what the venue look like, right. He has a mailing list apparently they ripped up like pretty much every seat. And yeah, so that they ripped up pretty much every seat and they used it for like church picnics and stuff. And which was which to me, it was like why I mean those those such a good amphitheater, like why are you going to rip up all that stuff?

It's weird that they wanted it from the beginning. I mean, the whole thing is weird. Like, yeah, cuz I don't know. I mean, I don't know anything about the church, but they would have to be a pretty big

congregation to have to justify that. Yeah. So places huge, but the thing is, I don't think they even use the amphitheatre for services. They had a campus behind the amphitheater. And that's where they would host that's what they were hold their services. The amphitheater actually just sat empty for the most part they just had, like, that's what I thought they had like the one little music festival here and there, but it mostly just sat. I mean, that's, that's a lot of money to spend on a place like that, but not use it. Yeah. not use it. Like you think it was one of those things. were like, Oh, these guys can't use it. If we buy it, maybe, because that's what it kind of felt like, too, and sounded like because I don't ever remember them doing anything with it either. I mean, then again, I didn't check their website every day.

But I mean, I'm just kidding. But I mean, still, like I never heard them do anything with it. And that's why a lot of people are like, Whoa, yeah. Can we use it? Yeah, but Oh, we'll see what happens. Um, any more news? Oh, there's a quick piece of news real quick. I found out a couple of things. Mountain Dew is teaming up with some brewery to come out with Mountain Dew beer. Which sounds dangerous. This book? Yeah, that

Mountain Dew beer. I didn't see what brewery it was because I don't really I'm not really a big mountain dew person but Mario

would have been sorry, it would have been more on brand for them to do a whiskey or something because remember, oh

yeah, Mountain Dew slang for for whiskey, but also Mountain Dew is used as a mixer right? Yeah, that's what we're like. Yeah. They have their own whiskey and then they can that would make sense. Yeah, it makes sense. And

so will it be like caffeinated beer like the for local stuff? Oh, I didn't really look into it too much.

But I just saw the headline and I was like, well, that's interesting enough to bring out Yeah, you can call them mountain loggers and thing their

local mountain local mountain.

Are you gonna say Brett, I think about the caffeinated Yeah. Oh, the cat. Okay. Okay.

And then, I didn't know this. I don't know where I saw this. But I know we always talk about because whenever we try the Martin house beers, we always see a lot of them with lactose in it. Yes. And I wasn't. I mean, I should have known but lactose is milk. Yeah, I just thought it was like something else that was like part of milk. But now it's milk. Yeah. He's like, well, they now that I read that. And I was like, okay, learn something. Right, which is dumb. I should have known this for like the longest time. But all these beers that have lactose in them should be refrigerated. And they're not. Whenever we've had this conversation.

We've had this conversation before, but more so like those. Because some of them aren't pasteurized. Some of them are. Right. But anyways, so yeah. pretty dumb. Yeah, I guess it's

it's also like, I don't know.

Sorry. Like the guinnesses. Right. I mean, because those are all milk based to like the porters and stuff and the stouts. I don't know if they're milk based. They're just but there is milk in them. Like sounds like there's some type of dairy in them. Some of them do, but it's not. It's I think, Oh, I think you're getting confused with milk. stouts. So milk stouts or milk?

I don't know if they have like, they don't have any kind of milk in them. But so they though they call them milk sales because there's sweeter. No chocolate based, aren't they? I think yes. They a lot of them are. Yes, yes. Yes. The stouts. Yes. Are the porters No, the porters. Are there something else? But no, you're definitely stouts You're right. You're okay.

Do you guys want to try a beer and then get into the topic? Sure. Okay. Yeah, I'm feeling right now.

Let's see what I got.

Frank dad joke, please. dad joke. All right. So how does the moon cut his hair? How he clips it?

Yeah, good one. Okay, so.

So you guys want to try a gozi? Or do you want to try a ale with the passion fruit and Kiwi ale? Yeah.

All right. So let's see we got here. Oh, that's not a Oh, I forgot to mention that. I have already had a pumpkin beer. This year. We bought we bought one out already and all the Oktoberfest beer co early shiners and I think I saw another one too. Yeah. Seems early but okay. Yeah. Yeah, we bought one but we it's still in the fridge.

Here. I'll do the honors. Let me see.

And then I'll talk about the beer real quick.

So we bought this from total wine not sponsored.

Thank you.

Okay, so this, uh,

let me see. Sorry, Kim.

Okay, so this is from I don't think we've had anything from this brewery, which is cool. Sweetwater Brewing Company. It's 5% ABV. Looks like these guys are from when I can't find that information. Oh, they're from Georgia. They're from Atlanta, Georgia. And it's called a true optimistic wheat ale with peche. Try that again. We deal with passion fruit and Kiwi.

So that sounds interesting. If you guys want to give it a smell,

it smells like

slightly skanky. Yeah, a little bit and with some fruity fruitiness to it, but I'm

sure I'll try it already. I haven't tried it yet. Okay. It smells like a familiar.


it sounds like one of those good cheap beers.

Okay, Mario at the concert last night. I actually got a bush Yeah, I got a boy.

That's what I was going to talk about the show so we get there. Right. And you know how they have like promotions on the screen like just about concerts coming up and stuff. Right? So uh, y'all remember Episode 10. We tried the mega death beer, which was the farmhouse ale that was supposed to taste like leathery or something.

So it was like, often around

I don't know if you guys remember, but it was like orange. It was like really orange. And I know Frank didn't try it. But us three did. So they had a thing on the screen, right? And they were like,

oh, if you buy the beer at the concession stand, you get a collectible cup, right? I'm like, hell yeah. Like, I'm gonna buy the mega desk. We're at the mega show, right? So I'm looking around and we go, like, walk to the opposite side of the venue, and we go to the main concession stand. I don't see it. I was like, I don't see anybody with the cups. That said, it was like limited, whatever, right? Yeah, it was like, whatever. So we stopped by the beer stand by our seats. And she gets a beer. She gets a little water. I get a bush. I was like, I don't really didn't want a Bud Light. So I got it. But it tasted fine to me. And it was for my cat. We were away from the other side, which had the taps. Yeah. So then I was curious. I asked the server, I was like, Hey, where's the Saison? 13? And, you know, does anyone have it? And she said, they didn't get the memo. Like, you literally told me that, that it was planned to be shipped to, you know, to the venue, and that somebody didn't get the memo to order it. And so they didn't order it. And I was like, so all night there have the promotion for like the beer, and we don't have it. And I was like, it's literally the first date on the tour. And y'all. And not only not only is it the first day on the tour, but this tour has been postponed for a year. Oh, no one got the memo. And she's like, yeah, no one has it. She's like it. And I was like, Do y'all have the cups? At least But no, they didn't. Yeah, they didn't. I just wanted to bring that up because it'd be related. But yeah, I also found it interesting to that. So the four bands it was hate breed. trivium Lamb of God Megadeth they've all got beer. They've all got beers. Except for except for trivium I think trivium has some kind of beverage. I don't think it's a beer though. But um, yeah, so hate breed has a non alcoholic and alcoholic beverage I've been trying to get for for us, because then Frank could taste with us. trivium I don't know. Lamb of God has a non alcoholic which Frank knows that they have that one for sale at the consumer. They didn't have anything. What I was, what I was gonna say was it would have been smart to have the beers of the bands choirs. Yeah. And seems like yeah, did it and I missed opportunity to like a big missed opportunity. And so hey breed mega dad and lamb of God if you're listening. Yeah. Why don't you? Yeah, what the show.

Now I don't care because our date pass I'm not going to get a chance to because I still can't get that don't take credit for Yeah, cuz I still can't get my hands on the on the history beers. But um, I'm sure you'll be able to get that glass or whatever. on eBay. Yeah, probably. Like two though, like, that would be really difficult. They'd have to Super like superduper mass produce them. Because you think about it, like people are gonna want to be buying it at the show. And that's true. Like, I mean that you can get like cases and cases and cases of Bud Light and have it sell. But then also too, it's like, if they sell them at they sell out. Like they have to really control how many they have for each date. That's true. Or two people are like, it's not good. And then they don't sell. That's true, too. Yeah.

I kind of feel like I kind of feel like people like shows like that. I don't think they would be as as adventurous to try on beer. Like outside of like the stuff that they usually I don't I at least I don't think so. Especially since it would probably be like price. Oh, yeah, way more. She got but if it wasn't a bush you got probably cost you $12 right. Yeah, I don't remember how much it was. Well, here is one I don't know, if I'm probably off the mark on this one. But this is from enemy calm. 99 metal bands, including Slayer and trivium join 99 bottles of beer charity cover.

So it's a 23 minute cover of the song 99 bottles of beer and the proceeds of the single go to benefit.

No. What is I listened to that? Wait, why did this?

Okay, so yeah, it's called a

it's called 99 bottles of beer. And it's a 23 minute cover featuring 99 metal bands.

And you know, they're they're covering 99 bottles of beer. And it goes to benefit old dog Haven, which is a charity that provides foster care for elderly dogs. Oh, that's cool. So I mean, they're singing about beer. Oh, so that's why he brought it up. Yeah, cuz he said trivium Oh, yeah. Um, yeah, so trivium did a cover about a beer. about beer. Yeah. Well, she was talking about like the quantity of beer that the breweries can produce. Because I think the Lamb of God, what was that? What's that brewery in brewdog brewdog. I think they're a pretty decent sized brewery and I know the brewery that does mega desk beer. They have that ship. They have that stuff shipped pretty much all over the US. I think the only one that would probably have issues. Keeping stock with the beer is

Hate breed guys cuz that brewery i think is pretty small. But, but yeah, I mean they should have even if it was limited that would have been cool, you know? Yeah, but again, but back to this Kiwi beer

bridge days pretty all right yeah. Give it like a 3.9 it's it's

it's not bad I mean, I thought it was gonna be sweet but it's not and that's nice. It smells sweeter than it is 30 without sweetness Yeah, I like it because it does have a bitter taste at first but then like the fruit comes in after

no you know I'm gonna go with like a 3.3 point six because it tastes kind of perfumey to me, like without having the like any kind of fruity taste. Yeah, I'm gonna go with like a 3.6 Brit, would you give it? I was gonna say 3.5 3.5 Kim, would you give it

3.9 3.9 alright 3.9 Alright, so this is our first tasting of the night and then we'll go through and then whenever you guys finish your beers, just let me know more stuff in here. I don't have like anything super crazy. I just have something that has Yeah, you know, something, something different from a normal style ale or lager or whatever. But Uncle Frank, do you want to kick us off? like you always do? Yeah. So are bands with variety of singers over the years? Yes, yes, yes. I'm going to start my first one. My first band for the night is going to be a punk band, Black Flag we all know about.

So the bands had four singers, at least, that I looked. I mean, I'm pretty sure there's been a lot more but there have been four, I guess.

well recognized singers. Starting with Keith Morris was the original singer, then followed by Henry Rollins.

But in between Henry Rollins and Keith Morris, there was Ron ray is and now they're fronted by skateboard legend Mike Foley. Oh, wow.

And so black flag has had, like,

a numerous lineup changes. Yeah, I think the only consistent guy is

Greg, Jen, the guitarist. And he's been like the one consistent member since like, 7879, since the band got started. So Keith Mars was the original singer, then he left the band to start circle jerks. And then that's where Ron ray is came in. And he got he wasn't the band for a little bit and then got kicked out because he was just a little too violent.

Yeah. So he's a he's a little too violent. And Henry Rollins, who was a fan of the band approached them, and said, you know, if you guys can come through DC on tour, let me sing for you. And that's what happened. So they came through, you know, through DC, and they were like, you know, we'll sing for us. And so he sang that one show. And then they decided after that show, they're going to keep him on as a permanent member. And he pretty much stayed on until the 90s, like early mid 90s, when he went off and started doing his own solo thing. But I think after a while, he just started. I guess his sound started changing. And he wanted to experiment a little more. So he went off and did a solo thing. And then that's where Ron ray is, came back into the band.

And was fired. Mid show in Europe.

by former manager now current singer Mike Foley.

And Mike Foley has been fronting the band ever since. So.

Yeah, I mean, when you talk about Black Flag, it's like, Okay, well, which Black Flag you're talking about with with Which singer? Because, you know, drummers. They've had many bases. They've had many, but it's always been the singer, like, which singer defined black flag? And which, which Black Flag version with which thing, or do you like, pretty much. So that's always the thing. Like, it doesn't matter, the rhythm section, it's always been the singer. And I know, Britt was looking at you kind of funny when you said that. Yeah, cuz I thought it was a lot more. And I think it was because I read it in this book. And it's actually not because I was like, I had the number eight stuck in my head. But this is actually about the eight lead singers of Black Sabbath,

which are on my list.

So I'll leave that one up. So I know Frank had texted me about something or, like last week or something about this topic. And my criteria was just as long as the vocalist

recorded a studio album with them, that counts because that puts them in the era of like, have an incarnation of the band, because there was a lot of bands that I had were the number of singers would have been a lot higher, but it's because there was a lot of fillings which there's one band that we'll talk about that I was like oh I forgot this person was you know, a singer for this man but they never recorded a studio album with that man right. So that was my critique. I would I'm going to give the technical number which is the out the somebody who recorded studio album with them and then the overall number which is bands, I mean, singers

Total even even if they just filled in intermittently before, right for albums, but uh, yeah, yeah. And so all these guys I listed you know they recorded with with black flags. Oh, and Ron ray is I mean, I think he recorded demos and EP but didn't record any actual full albums. So I had some situations like that too. So who had the longest run? It was definitely Henry Rollins. He was the one that released the most albums with black. Okay, yeah. Didn't Keith Morris go back and hadn't?

I'm not sure. That's the lead singer again later? Or maybe not. Maybe he filled in? or something? I don't know.

But yeah, black flag is had a lot of people in the in the band. Frankie and I saw Keith Morris eating noodles at a concert. Oh, that was that was fun. That was cool. So you guys are fans of black flag? Right? So I guess talking about this because I wanted to get into this too. Who is your favorite singer? Or what? What's your favorite era of singer with with black flag? Personally for me, it's Henry Rollins, because aside from Black Flag, just who he is as a person, I like his style and his spoken word and his comedy and his his acting is a bit of noxious but

but he but he's an interesting character, you know, implies the scariest shit. I mean, yeah, he is.

But he's, yeah, but but I think that that would be my favorite incarnation of black flag is the Henry Rollins era favorite song. Favorite song.

It's on that one album. I forget.

You know, abs look it up because they're okay, Britt, what about you? Do you have a favorite song do you think I agree with Henry Rollins is the best era but I really like Keith Morris as well, when Keith Morris went off and did off and I'm sure like a zillion other bands. I don't know about that.

They're pretty great, too. Do you have a favorite song with Keith Morris?

No, okay. No, that's cool. Just Just a curious question. The song is called rise above? Yeah, yeah. Okay, I'll put that on the playlist. And now it's pretty much like become an anthem for anyone who's been left behind. You know, it's like we're gonna rise above so that's like their

their thing. Okay.

Now's a good one. I did not come across that one. I tried to cover as many bands as I could in case somebody you know, didn't have something or you know, just to share some black flagged income that on my list, but that was that's a good one. Okay. Yeah. Britt, what you got? Um, I didn't do a lot of homework this time around, but and let's find ones that I know like, right off the top of my head. I know are on everybody else's list. Okay, I'll

take charge.

Yeah, cuz like, I can see my the first one that popped into my head. I can see it on Frankie's list right here. Okay, then you texted us about one of them? Which of course, like super Ah, yeah.

Yeah. Okay. Um, well, and then I don't know, the Black Sabbath one. But I don't want to talk about that. You obviously will know a lot more than me on that one, too.

Yeah. Okay. So maybe I can contribute? No, yeah, definitely. No, you can jump in whenever this. Basically what I had was a lot of it was backup. I technically had like two or three that I personally really wanted to talk about. The rest was just backup in case we somebody forgot to, you know, for this one was kind of weird because I didn't want a band to get left out. So I was like one case, if I'm thinking Oh, Bret or Frank are gonna have it or Kim. And somebody doesn't mention him like, well, I want to I want it mentioned in English.

But okay, I guess we'll go to Kim Kim, what you got. This one is on your list because I see it. Oh, shoot.

But who is it? Johnny pool. Johnny.

This one was first because we were supposed to record this episode last week. And last week was the 90th anniversary of Dave Williams passing.

But, yeah, so Drowning Pool from Dallas. They have had, they had Dave Williams who was from 99 to 2000. And he recorded one album with them. Then from two then he passed away from heart disease August 14 of 2002. And they had Jason Jones from 2003 to 2005. And he recorded an album with them. Then they had another dude Ryan that combs from soil from 2005 to 2011. And he recorded two albums with them. And then they had this Jason Moran Oh from 2012 I guess till present Yeah, he's record recorded two albums with them as well.

Dave Williams like I he's my favorite. Yeah, I think I stopped listening to Johnny pool after he passed. I don't think I've listened to any of these other albums. I've only listened to the sinner album. That was

first album, nobody will ever compare it to him. And I wish that we could see where Drowning Pool would be today. Hopefully they wouldn't they probably wouldn't be playing malls. They, he probably would have taken them

a lot further. I think about that too, occasionally sometimes in respect to the other guy. No, no, no. And it's because he only released one album with them. And they were like, starting to blow up around, you know, the early 2000s. And, like, you know, he passed away from something that it was a, it was a complication from, it was heart failure from from from heart disease, some kind of heart disease that he had, and it wasn't diagnosed until after he died. So they he didn't even know he had it, which sucked because that's one of those things where it's like it happened, like, while they were touring for that first album, yeah. And you'll never know like, what they could have done, you know, after that, and that's kind of that kind of sucks.

With all these guys, I think the longest running vocalist so far, kind of weird to me, it's been the new guy. But no one's had like a ton of albums like recorded with one vocalist. So they were only record like you mentioned one with Dave Williams one with Jason Jones. Two they only recorded two albums with with Ryan McCombs from soil. Which is weird because I felt like he was with them for a long time. And but he only released two albums, and I think one live album. And then with this new guy, Marino, he's from here in Texas, I think he's from I want to say he's from Austin. I'm wrong. But they only recorded two albums with him as well. Um, yeah, I don't know. It was just it was just kind of crazy. What sucked about the soil guy. Combs was that he joined after. So he had, he had taken some kind of personal hiatus, right. And he left soil. He said, I'm not going to do music for a while. So at that time, Johnny pool fired. Jason Jones. And then he's all I'll do vocals, right? So we tried out, got this shot. And then he's with them for like, this period of time. And then apparently, soil loses their vocalist, and they're having some kind of reunion, or some kind of anniversary for something. And then he leaves Ronnie pool to go back to soil. Oh, that was kind of shit. But whatever. Yeah, I'm not speaking of Jason Jones. Maybe I have this wrong. But I read years ago that he wanted to, he wanted the band to go a more Christian metal direction, because he comes from a Christian background. And so he wanted him to go that direction. And I think Johnny pool just wasn't having it. I don't know. Well, I know one of the reasons why he left was I don't know if this kind of contradicts kind of contradicts what you're saying. But he was like having a lot of issues with like drugs and stuff. And that he was like, like, just not.

There was a lot of issues, but apparently, like he felt like he wasn't getting paid enough in the band to and I was just causing a lot of issues for the band. And then, yeah, he ended up getting fired. But, and I wanted to ask you guys as to

Black Flag. You guys seen Black Flag before? No, you haven't. Okay. So I want to ask this question every time we go through one of these bands, because for these this band, they've had four singers. And I've seen three or four of the singers. The only singer I haven't seen is the second singer. So I was fortunate enough to fortunate enough to see Dave Williams once I saw a song with Ryan McCombs once and then weird because I think I saw what the latest singer twice. So I've seen Johnny pool four times, but I've only seen three of the singers out of the four that they've had. I've never seen any version of Johnny alive. That's crazy. Not even at the mall.

had the opportunity, but I did not take it. I only I saw the Dave Williams version on the first music as a weapon tour. Yeah, I saw him on your Meister music and then, I mean, I didn't I didn't see Johnny pool with the dude from soil. But I saw soil once I never seen so they opened for static eggs. So I guess in a way I know, I didn't see them in a way. But I saw the dude. No technicalities there.

I just can't bring myself to listen to any other. It's weird. It's a weird like feeling for me. Like, I remember being in middle school when Johnny pool came out with the album that Dave Williams is on. And that was probably one of my first rock albums that I owned. And I love them so much. And I thought it was cool that they're from Texas and you know, all this that and after he passed I was just like, yeah, I can't and I probably wouldn't even be interested in seeing any of them live and I just well I'm not interested in hearing any of the other albums like I just I don't know. Yeah, the with the latest singer. I didn't go see Johnny pool like they just happen to be where I was at. And I was like, Okay, I'll check them out. So that was the only reason why so I'm with the last singer but I mean, I know they still have their other original

band members like CJ Pearson Yeah, they're all yeah, it's all the same drummers the same and all that. And I don't know. Like it's a weird I get it. I get it. Um, yeah. My turn.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Cuz I was kind of feeding off. Maybe like a part of me just feels like at that point, you know, should have just maybe started in another band. Yeah, yeah. Well, well, it was

continuous Joy Division, they changed her name to new order. And they went to their own thing. I mean, because I think they knew that they weren't gonna have the same sound anymore. Yeah. What was crazy about Dr. Paul was that they did kind of stick to the same sound when the second guy came in. Jason, Jason Jones came in. Then the third one it kind of sounded a little different because well, he's, what's his name is from soil. So it sounded a little. It wasn't as Yeah, it wasn't as hard. Yeah.

I mean, it's so was but just the feel of the music was a little different. But yeah, it did change a little bit once once and Ryan Ryan Ryan McComas got in the band. Yeah. They were so good. I mean, I liked that iteration of the band, but still, yeah, the Dave Williams ones always gonna have a special spot in my music. cart. Yeah, music.

many ways. My turn. Yes. Okay, mine, Frank. Let me know if you have them on your list, and then we can share it or whatnot. All right. My first one is misfits. I don't have them on my list. So misfits I've had three vocalists.

Glenn Danzig, which everyone knows, he fronted the band from 77 to 83. So he was one of the founding members, right. And then now he's he's fronting them. Now. I he joined, he rejoined back in 16. So there was a pretty big gap. So he was away from the band between 83 and 2016. Fun, crazy long time. Then their second vocalist was Michael graves. Michael graves joined in 95, left in 98 for a brief period, came back that same year and then left in 2000. Then your third vocalist is Jerry only. So Jerry only took over. They had a reunion coming, some kind of reunion coming up in in two in 2000. And so he's like, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and step up. So he took over vocals, and he did vocals from 2020 16.

so crazy thing about Danzig, Danzig only recorded three albums

with the Misfits. First one was in 82. Technically, it was static gauge that a gauge came out before that, but they didn't release it until 96. Because they were having issues in the studio trying to get it together. So that was supposed to be the first album. So the one that was released in 96, was actually before walk among us, which came out in 82. Then their third one was Earth ad, Wolf's blood, that one came out in 83. Then after that, Danzig left, basically he left because he was fed up with all the bullshit that was going on in the band. He was having issues with just members coming and going. Apparently, they're really closely tied to Black Flag, especially in the early days. Yeah, I didn't know that Danzig was very close friends with Henry Rollins. Yes. And there was a lot of former members of Black Flag who actually, even from the early 80s incarnations were filling in for the Misfits, and were part of the Misfits. I know I think most famous Yeah. It's guitars desk Adana. Yeah, this planner, both black flag and misfits. Yeah, yeah. And there was there was multiple guys, there was at least two for two that I read two or three former members of black flag that ended up in the Misfits in some lineup or other. Yeah. Then the second one was Michael graves, which, I don't know if this is like an unpopular kind of opinion to have. But to me, I like the Michael graves era a lot. Um, the Danzig era is pretty cool, because but they're just two different areas. They have a different feel to them, like the Danzig era is more raw, and it's a little more dark, and then your graves, your Michael graves era is more. It's a little more polished. It's still clunky, but it's more like horror themed, like when it came to movies and stuff. He only recorded two albums with them, one in 97, which was American Psycho, and then my favorite Famous Monsters which came out in 99. So he got in the band because he so he was in a band previous to this. He got the spot from open audition that misfits had. And then what was crazy was that he quit due to tensions in the band like, like Danzig did. But what I found interesting was that when Danzig left, they were doing a Halloween show, and they were having issues with one of the drummers that was filling in and if he was drunk, he couldn't play the show. And Danzig was like super pissed that just show and he announced at that gig that it was gonna be his last show. And so at that holloween show that they had annually he's like guys as my last show, and then that's when the band split up. Then Michael graves similarly, they were playing a show and him

One of the other guys that was part of this lineup, they walked off stage during the gig. Wow. So in these two different lineups misfits had band members quit during gigs, which is because of like, I guess all the Yeah, these guys like can't get along, which is crazy. Danzig was having an issue with issues with the guys. Michael graves was having issues with the guys but two guys walked off stage right. And then Jerry only took over the first album he did was I think we've talked about this briefly. 2003 they released an album called Project 1950. And basically, it was just 1950s covers the whole thing. I have that album and I think, yeah, I have it on vinyl too. And then they released the devil's reign in 2011. And then for the 20. So Jerry only took over for the 25th anniversary. That's what it was. And then yeah, then the answer came back after that. And 2016 they started doing reunion shows and shows I think the first shows that they started doing they call themselves the original original misfits. Yeah, that's I was trying to get us tickets. I've told that story multiple times. We're supposed to see them in the La La but that didn't happen. These were all the notes I had. Anyways.

But yeah, so right now, Danzig is back in the band. I kind of would like to see them, but I mean, I don't know. Well, I think they're headlining

next year is Riot Fest in LA em in Chicago, and I think they're gonna be playing Famous Monsters. And it's cool. With Danzig? What danza. Yeah, that's weird. Because I was reading some of these were like some of these vocalists like

they will get to it, but we're like they refused to sing the previous vocalist songs, because of what Yeah, for whatever reason, but I'll get to it. Um, but that's interesting, really famous monsters and full I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read famous monster because I know in the past, they've played walk among us and stuff like that in with Danzig and danza. Yeah. But, you know, I mean, it's an anniversary of that album. Yeah. But it's just kind of crazy. Because like Danzig? Yeah, he didn't record he didn't record that. And he wasn't like that. I mean, if they do is pretty interesting, but well, you look that up when we get another beer. Yeah, I will do that. Okay, so this next one. This is from founders. It's called masa got a classy guy. It's prickly pear. You like pickles? Actually. prickly pear. I'm sorry. I got that wrong. Yeah, I do. What you say? Yeah. So they're going to be performing welcome mongers in for a riot fest next year. Okay, welcome. That makes more sense. Yeah. Um, so this is from founders. It's a barrel. It's their barrel age series. I believe this was agent tequila barrel. So, okay, interesting. Yeah, it's an imperial goes a style ale brewed with a GABA and sea salt.

Agent tequila barrels with added prickly pear extract. So founders, usually I've only had like stouts from these guys and orders. I've never had any other style of beer from them. They're from Grand Rapids, Michigan. And the ABV on this is because it's agent and tequila barrel. So it's got a

9.7%. Well, thing. We're splitting it three ways. Yeah. So we'll try. We'll give this a try. And then, and then I'm curious to see who Frank has next on his list.

Let me see. Let me get this, Kim. Yeah, so it's not exactly the dark the original misfits. I mean, it is the original misfits because we're doing Doyle we're doing Jerry Jerry only we're also doing Danzig but the drummer of the at the time Arthur googy. is not Hey, Gogi is not in in this lineup. I think it's a

they want to slayers former drummers right is Dave Lombardo. Yeah, Dave Lombardo and then, and then I think on additional rhythm guitar, they've got one of the dudes it's at AC Slade, the one who used to play in murder dolls. And

I don't know I'm not familiar with that name. Yeah, they got one of those dudes. They used to be in one of those like glam revival bands. Interesting. Yeah. Okay. All right, guys. So I was like, confused. I was like, Are there many prickly pears of Michigan, but apparently there's like

a distinctive plant that has prickly pears in Michigan, and it's like a weird like, thing. Okay. That's a good question. fairly widespread and common along Lake Michigan. Really, that's all seemingly out of place in temperate regions. This interesting cactus is extremely hard preferring full sun and Sandy dry conditions. The Eastern prickly pear cactus will thrive in the driest and sunniest parts. Oh, yeah, Michigan is a prickly pear state. I forgot what

I was refusals. Like, I don't know that that's like a really a northern I don't

think they'd fruit or die every This smells kind of interesting. I'm gonna give it a shot kind of fruity and ready. Yeah.

Yeah, this smell kind of sounds like

oh too much.

Wow, I was just very different than wheat. That's a very sweet. It's It's weird because I don't taste the alcohol. I taste the barrel, right? So if you're not familiar with barrel h stuff, it has that weird

I don't know what the tastes are like it's like a syrupy kind of flavor.

It's kind of oaky.

That's barrel barrel aged. That's it's like the syrupy kind of taste right? That's what that where the barrel aged taste come from. Okay, um,

I mean, yeah, that's where that's where it comes from. That's right taste comes from comes from the barrel aging. Because I taste quite a bit of those. But uh, I don't know it's super sweet like our s3 and it says a sea salt in it. I would think it would have been lighter. Sounds like a candy have had before but it also tastes like medicine.

It's the sweetness is getting me.

That's very if it's 9.1% ABV. That's very hidden. Yes, it is. Because I don't I don't take the sugar. Yeah, just pure sweetness. The sweetness is what's getting me I'm gonna give it like a 2.8 2.9 2.9 go 2.9 because I wanted to give it a three but I don't think so. It's just sweet.

Can we give it No, cuz it's not great, but it's not terrible. Yeah, it's like, it's not bad. It's just, it tastes syrupy. I'm gonna say that again. syrupy. Yeah.

3.3 3.3. Okay, Britt, would you give it

2.5 I guess okay. Yeah, I mean, again, it's not terrible. It's just really sweet. And I'm just not a fan of super sweet. It's like super unexpected. Yeah, it was. I wasn't I was not expecting that at all, but especially how they were talking about like the GAVI and stuff and well, maybe that's why it's super sweet because it was a Gabi. Gabi is pretty sweet.

I feel like that sort of prickly, but it's just I saw Gabi and sea salt. And I just thought it would that's what I taste now because I used to have some McGarvey.

syrup nectar, whatever. It was pretty sweet. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, well, there's that one, me. At least it wasn't that bad. So we'll have another one for next round. If y'all want the I want to try another one after Britt then we can do that. Because I don't know if I will finish this, but

I mean, it's it just it doesn't suck, but I don't prefer it. Yeah, hopefully I have a little. It's okay. Yeah, but I'll probably just put mine in the room here.

Yeah, I'm just

anyways, Frank Unix. So my next band

is faith no more.

Yeah, they've had two vocalists Chuck Mosley and Mike Patton. What

we like to each other because we had been talking earlier about a band and I think that's Yeah, that's

okay. What didn't catch that. But you could feel me. No, no, you're good. Go for Yeah, I this is one of the bands. I didn't really write a lot. I did. Okay. Yeah, I just wrote some minimal stuff. Chuck Mosley, the original vocalist was with the band for the first two albums, but think he was fired for his alcohol use. I like to stuff to it. Just want to say yeah, he was fired for his alcohol use. And I think there were there were just like,

internal band stuff going on. Nobody was getting along, I guess. And I think also, the other band members cited that he had a very limited vocal range.

And his dirty sofas. Yeah. So those three reasons. And well, he passed few a few years ago, unfortunately, and also after his time with faith no more. He very briefly was the was the vocalist for Bad Brains. But then Mike Patton came along and Mike Patton, of course, we know he's got all sorts of projects in addition of faith, no more. He's got Phantom eyes. He's got

Tomahawk, and he's got a whole slew of others. And he also does voice work for video games for movies. And he also does a soundtracks as well, too. So and this, I mean, this dude. I mean, the other the other guys have faith and Mark can't complain that he has a limited vocal, because he's got like a very, very wide vocal range. And I mean, he can do everything from hip hop to screaming to beat boxing to just weird sounds. Yeah, that sound like machines.

So I guess they scored with Alan and he's been in faith no more since their third album. And yeah, he's still part of the band and actually, faith no more was going to tour with Korn and system of Dallas. Yeah, right. And fortunately, I got scrapped. I don't know

That tour is going to happen anymore. This was planned for last year. Ad pandemic screwed everything up. And I'm still hope I'm still hoping that that is going to happen. Because I mean, I don't know those three bands are pretty iconic. Yeah, you know, it's just I only saw what was it was like la Las Vegas. There's only three dates or something that they were going to do. Yeah, like very, very limited. Yeah, I would have liked to go gone. Yeah. That was a good lineup. Yeah. Well, fun fact on that one. Technically, they had to, but there was four vocalists overall. And one that I forgot that it was pretty weird mentioned. Courtney Love was actually in the band from 83 to 84. And I had none of that. I did not know that. Yeah. So after Chuck, no, it was before Chuck Mosley. So they actually had a guy named Mike Morris. He was in the band from 79 to 83. And I think they recorded like some demos and stuff with him. When he left. They got Courtney Love, and she was in the band for about a year as their singer as their singer. Yeah. And I remembered that from something. I had known this for a while, but they never recorded any albums and they didn't record anything.

Any full length album until Chuck Mosley got in the band, which was that pretty much that year. So when they had that original vocalist he left in 83 Courtney Love got in that same year 8384 that same year when she got out in 84. That's when Chuck Mosley came in. So that's when they started recording their their studio albums. Okay, yeah, she so she was, she was part of that band's history. Wow. Yeah. I had no idea. That's all that's all. Yeah, cuz I was trying to find something. I was like, I wonder if I could find something with her on it, but they don't have anything. Yeah. So. But, uh, interesting now would have been interested in here.


I'm gonna jump to my next one real quick. Yeah, go for it. Allison chains. Yeah, I got Ooh, excuse me. I got them on here too. Okay. And again, you can compliment where I go for where I'm lacking. Yeah. So their original vocalist, Layne Staley, unfortunately passed in 2002. And they've got a new guy William Deval who I think used to front some so I don't know much about William DeVonish should have done more research but I think he hails from Atlanta. And so he was involved in like the the punk scene, the hardcore scene down there.

And then I think he had a band called comfort the fall. Yes. And

Allison chains were united in 2005 with Duvall as their vocalist and since then, he's been a part of the band. they've released a few albums with Duvall. And what I like about

divali is that

it's still very much Allison chains. He doesn't try to be Layne Staley Yeah, he doesn't. You know, it's just his own thing. Yeah. And I think that's that's one thing I want to talk about. Allison chains is how they're still going strong. But

to bring up I guess, a topic we were talking about earlier, we're talking about how

you know when you lose your singer, and you get a new person, maybe start a new thing? Yeah. And don't continue as such.

I want to point out Stone Temple Pilots. Okay. Yeah. Because when Scott Weiland passed away

I think even before he passed away, they were doing stuff with Chester Bennington. But they were called Chester Benny. They were called Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. Right. So they were acknowledging that we're Stone Temple Pilots, but we just have this guy fronting us like sublime sublime with sublime with Rome. Yeah. And Chester, I think recorded only one EP with them. And then he went back to Linkin Park. That was like his full time commitment. Yeah. And then they Stone Temple Pilots got their new guy, Jeff gut. And every time you say their name, Jeff.

And when we saw them at a festival few years ago, like this dude was just like, complete carbon copy of Scott Weiland just everything his vocal range, his style, his hair, his hair, legit. His onstage persona is copied everything. Yeah, that's nice. So it just made me feel like you know, like, why, like a Vegas act or something? cheap. Yeah, that's how it feels to me right now with static x going on tour with that guy singing and he's wearing like a mask right? And then his hair like Wayne static and that bothers me. And that kind of sounds like it's like the same thing. Because I was I was I wanted to go to that first show. When they were doing that tour. Yeah. When they hit came back and it was what was it regeneration or something like that? It was the regeneration tour, I think is also the 20th anniversary for Wisconsin debts right? Yeah. And I just after I saw that, I was like, Hey, I don't think I can do that. So I just thought it was kind of distract first I was excited about it. Me too. And then I saw some of the

I saw some of the live stuff like some of the live video and then he thought I just I just can't

Yeah, you know, Have y'all seen Allison chains? No. Yeah. What do you see him with Lane? Uh huh. I saw him in 92 I think oh shit. That's badass at a music festival at the

the big amphitheatre in Dallas and you saw when dirt came out? That's crazy. Maybe twice I can't remember. But definitely once at least I saw them with Duvall, but I saw him when Black Gives Way to Blue came out. So that's when he first joined the band. Right and when you were talking right now about bands like were they good vocalists? And

you know maybe like they should start another band or whatnot was crazy about Duvall was that he wasn't trying to be like steely, but the crazy thing was that his vocal vocals complimented Jerry controls. Yeah, similarly, which worked like you could tell he wasn't trying to sound like them. But you know, Jerry Cantrell was also the lead vocalist, too. Yeah. So they complemented each other very well, which I think is part of the reason why they were able to continue so successful. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's true, too. And I think Allison chains first, before they were a grunge band, they they were a glam metal band. Oh, shit. Yeah. Yeah. So they were glam. And then you know, Blair is there Yeah, like Pantera. And then there was a shift in in seeing a shift in pop culture. And then they they did the grunge thing. That's so great. And originally well, originally, in the in their first years, like when they first became a grunge act. I think they were the opener for Metallica. I think on their

8889 tour. Dude, I have that poster. I'm not sure which one did I show you that poster? No. gave it to you right? Yes. Yeah, dad gave it to me. It's that one it's Metallica and Allison chains coming through Texas. Oh, I need to frame it. Yeah. And yeah, I think from what I understand what was that the Metallica's crowd wasn't very receptive to Allison change the time and I think after a few shows they got booted. Oh, I heard they got a bunch of shit from the fan. It wasn't like because, like, you know, Metallica, it was Metallica's choice. But like, the fans were like, not they were giving them too much shit. Like, I heard stories where like, they were getting like, they were on these, you know, lineups. And they'd guys are like pison and stuff and then throwing it on stage to them. Like these guys were like, gross. Yeah. And back in the day. They were like, fucking like, what's like ruthless. They were like, yeah, like, they didn't give a shit. Like they're like, Oh, these guys are not like hard. So they would just, you know, their alternative or grunge or whatever. And they would just do shit to him throw shit at him and stuff. Yeah, and then those guys, those guys went through a bunch of shit when they were touring with bands like that. Same thing happened to Prince. He was he opened for the Rolling Stone. Oh shit. And he got booed off the stage. Like, I don't know how many nights It was like three, four nights in a row, the beginning of the tour and he said screw it and he left and he promised to himself that he would never be an opening act ever again.

That he wasn't so that's insane. I know right? Can you imagine those jerks bowing prints? Yeah, but I mean that's like all these bands like back in the day like that had to deal with shit like that.

They know that the lead the band that they're there to see. They chose? Yeah, exactly. And they clearly like them and want to give them a shot so why are you gonna be a jerk? Yeah, people are stupid. Even though so today I'm glad not to that extent but it's like a lot of Slayer fans to like

when you go on tour with Slayer you're pretty much risking it all you know because of course your fans pretty hardcore and if you're opening for Slayer if you're not Slayer they give absolutely no shits about you. Yeah, like and they will show it I was listening to So Rick Rubin has a podcast right? And he was doing an interview he was interviewing surge from System of a Down and he was telling a story about how like one of their first tours they opened for Slayer and that it was like kind of crazy because like the he said the slayer flat fans were brutal and they're like, Who the fuck are these guys like with paint on? Like with his weird ass music but he said that ultimately like they he like they were like won their respect or something. But that it was like a pretty much a battle like with them because like they were just so fucking brutal. But yeah, dude, those guys like they only had their first album under their belt opening for Slayer. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, so But yeah, no crazy. Cool stuff.

for it. No, Kim. Okay.

So Oh, sorry, before you do that favorite era. I already know. But I just have to ask, like between the two layers.

Just for the record. Yeah. Okay. And I think Layne Staley, I think I've probably said it before on the show is like, you know, everybody thinks of the 90s and the people from bands that died in the 90s you know, they always think about Kurt Cobain and there's like all this Kurt Cobain worship and I

Don't understand it and I don't agree with it and I feel like Layne Staley is forgotten. And I think that his death was incredibly sad and he just gets overlooked. It's not even like something that, you know, nobody's got their you know, Layne Staley t shirts and shit like they do. They're stupid. And you know why I feel that like that way too because so Allison chains last album was Staley was in 95. And he passed away. Well, in 2000 2001. It was 2000 to 2000. Okay, it was like, I don't remember. And I think it was in that era worlds like, they weren't doing anything. And it was like the 2000. So it wasn't like that was new metal had already came in. Right. So that kind of I think that all of that kind of over overshadow overshadows he didn't die when he was what 27 Yeah. And so, yeah, that's like,

and if that's like part of the if that's like the criteria to be remembered that you have to die when you're 27. It's like remember that Kurt Cobain chose to die at that age.

Yeah, so I don't know. I just get a little bent out of shape when it comes to that. And I think Layne Staley should be remembered for being as awesome as he was. And I think it was pretty tragic. No, you're right. You're right. I agree.

Kim, what you got

Three Days Grace. I they weren't on my list. But you right. Oh, that's right. Yeah. So from Norwood, Ontario. They've been around since 97.

Adam gone to was their first singer from 97 to 2013. He recorded four albums with them. And the his departure from the band was described as unexplained and abrupt. And it was weeks before a headlining tour. He said that he was just ready to start a new chapter in his life. And he is actually now in St. Sonia, which is quote unquote, a supergroup. I found out Oh, and that's been going on since 2015. Now three days, Grace has Matt waltzed

from 2013 to present who is the basis Brad Walt's brother. Yeah. And he's been in the band since the basis has been in the band since 97. So his original basis in Matt was is was or is I think it's past tense. The singer of my darkest days, which I probably want to say is a one hit wonder. Wonder. Yeah, maybe.

So yeah, that was that was interesting. And honestly, I've seen both versions of Three Days Grace live. My favorite version is the Adam gone TA. And I feel like when they perform like,

Matt is a good vocalist for Three Days Grace as they are now. But when he is seeing the stuff that Adam saying, I feel like it just doesn't even like compare. I feel like Adams voices just better for those songs that you know, obviously he wrote them or help write them or whatever, so they were fit more for him. And it's just weird hearing him sing those songs like because you you know, all the nuances. Like if you've heard the album's that Adam was on like, you know, the nuances in his voice, you know how it should sound and then when you hear somebody else singing, it's like, like, that's not it's not how I should feel or sound, which is nuts because I guess we all saw Three Days Grace together we did on the for that Metallica driving. Yeah. Oh, yeah, movie. And I remember I was going to get some popcorn or something. And I you know, I could hear Three Days Grace, I was thinking the vocal sound different. Like I thought maybe the singer had refined his voice like maybe he was going through some vocal stuff. And he had to like alter his singing.

Because it sounded a lot cleaner, more polished. You know, it's a new guy. And then I guess the former vocals were a little more rough, you know, a little more aggressive. Yeah, they were Yeah, they were. He has a distinct voice. Yeah, he does. Yeah. I'm gonna say I'm not a big fan of saying Sonia stuff. I'll just keep sticking to the old Three Days Grace with his voice if I want that. And then the new Three Days Grace, like it's good. Like we listened to some playlists that mario has, though. Their songs will populate into them. And they're pretty good. Like, I like them. But I like I like them for that version of the band. Like when he goes into like, cover, I want to say covers, it's kind of like he's covering it because he didn't write it or like he wasn't a part of it. Right when he covers those versions live. It's just weird. Like, I don't like like,

seeing the stuff that's for you. Like, yeah, leave the other stuff. I mean, I know people want to hear it when they exceed their Three Days Grace live like they want to hear it. But I don't understand that either. Because I'm like, I know you want to hear the song but like, what did you want to hear it like? And man when I saw Three Days Grace they open for Avenged Sevenfold. When I saw Three Days Grace with Adam Conte. It was like they were the headliner. They were freaking awesome. live like that version of three days. Grace is Matt Adams energy and everything.

Like there there was like one that's one of the best live shows I've ever seen of a band. Yeah, I've always wanted well now I regret not seeing them with with him but I wish I would have but yeah, now I never got a chance. Now I've seen this. I've seen Oh, we saw him at a with Breaking Benjamin. I forgot about that. Yeah, that was the new one. Yeah, with the new Yeah, I've seen that version twice. And I seen the original one. Wow. Okay, so you've seen it with bolsinger. It's interesting. Okay. Frank, you ever seen them? No, Adam? No, no. But an interesting thing to I guess. Talk about his overall fan base.

Are the crowds divided? Or to me from everything that I saw, they didn't they were like, Oh, it's Three Days Grace, like a lot of people were like, it sucks that he was that he left and that. I don't know how many of those people went to go follow Him and St. Sonia, but it seemed like everybody was like, whatevs when we saw him like it was, you know, yeah, I haven't listened to a lot of the same Sunday. So but I felt like it was a little bit like softer. Yeah, it was missing something. It was Yeah. And for his voice and how aggressive it can be and how distinct it is. I feel like he could do more. Yeah. And so it's kind of lacking for me but yeah, same I have Three Days Grace albums with him on them so and like I don't I didn't go out of my way to seek out the others but I might have missed my collection. Yeah, no, cuz I think they have to with his new guy, right?

Yes. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah. They had four with Adam and two with you see your y'all are doing good today. There y'all are. Y'all have stuff on our list that I don't have. So that's kind of cool. Yeah. Well, before I go, I got a new beer for us again. Okay. So this one is from Lakewood brewing. These guys I usually drink stouts from them. This is a Lakewood live Volume One. It's an imperial ale with peaches. So it's from liquid brewing. Like I said, these guys are from Garland, Texas. And the abbu I don't know if Brett made a face or not. No, I haven't tried it yet. Oh, oh, that was my concentrating face. I was like, interesting peach beer. 8% ABV. That's crazy. Yeah, we're getting the high one, darlin. Okay, um,

I like the artwork. It's like oh, yeah, I got like a little Texas stuff on it and beaches and a little acoustic. Cool.

Yeah, I thought that's what it was. Right? It's

like a wooden cassette.

Braille let you taste it first. See what you think.

Oh, no. Whoa, what is 9%? So yeah, I can tell All right, let me

see peaches that a polish.

I'm not expecting these tastes from me. No. I like it. A lot.

Mario and I are like making games like

yeah, you can have it. That's right. Yeah, that's weird. It's like, I don't know. Give it like a it's all booze up front and like negative maybe a little taste in the bash hater. Like a day later. I give it like a

taste it again. It's almost like half of Iceni. Maybe that's why like, Yeah, a little bit. Y'all know me.

After it tasted it again. Like, yeah, that's our bread.

You're right. It is kind of heavy visor. Yeah, like the very back. Yeah, I got like a 2.2 point five. Mobile 2.5

I'm gonna say like, 2.3 2.34 Britt, my lease I'm gonna give it. Let's see. And then we'll go into my next band.

4.2 Okay. 4.2 interesting. Alright, my next band Frank. Let me know if you have them on your list. anthrax, I do not know. Okay, so anthrax. They've had seven singers. But technically they've only had three. So three were these guys that actually recorded studio albums with them. Okay, the first vocalist which I thought was pretty good. His name was Neil turbin. He only recorded one album with them. It was their debut album called fistful metal and he was with the band from 82 to 84. Okay, next you got one of your this is when you get to

get to your iconic anthrax vocalist, Joey Bella Donna. Yeah, he was in the band three different times from 84 to 92. From oh seven and from 2010. And now so he's the current vocalist. Okay, um, then between them you had a war between that time that jojoba Bella Donna was gone. Yeah, john bush. JOHN bush was 9205 then he was again from oh nine to 10 and I think it was four he had gone back with them for some reason or what. So turban the first guy like I said he only recorded one album with them. Bella Donna recorded six albums with them and then boom.

JOHN bush recorded five albums with them and john john bush was actually in another band before he joined anthrax. He was in a band called armored saint. He joined our he joined after armored saint broke up because one of their band members had passed away. Yeah, and so the band didn't really want to stick together. So that time he was offered a spot by Scott in after Bella Donna left and bush said yeah, sure, I'll join. Um, now I think Bush, john bush is with armored Cena again. So they actually had gotten back together after he left anthrax.

So Bella Donna, he he he auditioned for the for the band after turban left, which is the initial vocalist. Those guys sound very thrashy dude, if you listen to that first album with turban in it, it sounds like kill them all. Kind of like kill them all style. Like it's it sounds it's it's I liked it a lot. So I was called fistful of metal. So you get like, kind of, so I didn't know this, but one of the guitars and shadows for john dnase is now playing an anthrax. Okay, I didn't know that. Yeah, I just found out. And I think if I'm correct, I'm probably wrong. Nevermind, I don't want to say because I'm probably wrong. Because I think the guy the other guy who was playing guitar that you said this guy. Oh, Spitzer, Dan Spitz? Oh, maybe he replaced does I think one of these guys well, I'm pretty sure they have multiple lineups. I think Yeah, the guy that's playing guitar and Bowlby right now. He used to be an anthrax. Okay, if I'm correct. I don't know if you want to fact check me on that.

I'm just looking at my ex member controversies.

I'm just gonna look up reading for Bowlby real quick, because I see Yeah, I think the valby guitars was an anthrax. I might be wrong. But

well, here's one about dance beds is that he took issue with a 2004 guitar comm article that suggested that the band's drummer Charlie benante, was responsible for laying down lead guitar on many of the group's classic songs.

Oh, so who knows? Oh, um, right, so the lead guitarist from he's in volbeat right now, his name is Robert Caggiano. Oh, yeah, actually. Oh, yeah. So yeah, he was an anthrax what says uh, he's still in then. Who? Excuse me anthrax? I think that's wrong. But he was yes. But after Actually, I mean, Frank RIT. We're all fans of anthrax at all. I like some of their stuff. I didn't like fully get into them. But you know, I do like some of your stuff.

Yeah, I really got into it. I respect them. And I know what their sound and I like their sound but I just never got into, like caught in the mosh. Yeah, that's a good dude. goatee. Okay, Scott Ian's Yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, so Bella Donna, he was fired over creative and stylistic differences was crazy. And they didn't want to go t Yeah, he didn't want to go. And then he rejoined, rejoin in 2010 for the big four union, which was when Metallica Slayer Megadeth and anthrax all played I actually saw the live stream in theaters when they got when they did that reunion. Um, but yeah, apparently, I don't know. There was some kind of Issues and Controversies or stuff between the band and apparently like when Bella Donna left like, so it was weird. Because Bella Donna left, right. And then yeah. Oh, man. Am I getting the right does the band correct? I think I think that's what happened. So I think what happened was Bella Donna left, right. And then bush came in. And then what happened was they were anthrax said, Hey, we have a reunion coming up for one of their albums and that Bella Donna was going to sing with them but bush was gonna still be in the band. And then what happened was he heard something I think he heard rumors that Bella Donna was gonna be back in the band. So he left and then he left again and then I don't know. It was fucking crazy. But anyways, so

between them too. I don't know. I think I like the Bella Donna era.

To me just seems like the classic era. Yeah, he is. The latest album he recorded with them was in 2016. It was called for all the kings. Yeah, they had an album called worship music that came out in 2011. That's pretty good album. I actually liked it a lot. Among the lumens a good one too, which was from 87. But yeah, so anthrax had seven vocalists there was other vocals filled in in between. But those were the three main ones. They actually did studio albums with these with them, but yeah, anthrax was was Yeah, was one of my bands. So I think I'll cut it on that one. No, so I see Brit making faces. What would you would you would you see over there? Um, well, I know this band is coming up soon, so I'm just waiting. Okay, well

mentioned in one of your tournament. Frank What? Uh, so I've got several toora we're talking about anthrax, rash, tours and other Trash Trash Trash. Oh, shots fired. Well, it depends on which fan you're talking to. Okay.

So supple Dora Brazilian thrash metal band. Yes. Formed in the mid 80s. And original vocal original vocalist, Max Cavalera. has now has left. He's He's a, he's in Seoul flight. Now I think he's got the capillary conspiracy. And he's got a whole bunch of other bands. But he's mostly known for sell fly. And

he was fired, actually, that the band fired max

sometime in 9697. So I think what happened was Max's wife at the time, was was the band's manager. And I think the band was a little upset that he was getting preferential treatment, you know. And so and also, I think there was just like, they were upset with some of the management, like, I guess what the way some of the finances were being managed, as well. And I think there's also goes back to the preferential treatment. Like, as far as like him getting nicer hotel rooms are him getting nicer accommodations and things like that on tour. And so they had a meeting and said, Look, we're gonna fire your wife, we're gonna fire our manager. He said, No, like, if she goes, I go, basically, pretty much and I said, Okay, yeah.

And so yeah. And

so they booted them. And then I think Apple Torah, recorded two instrumental tracks, a couple of instrumental tracks, and basically just said, you know, here's some music without vocals, whoever, thanks are up for the challenge. Shoot us a message and we'll fly you out. And you can audition for us. And basically, that's how they got their new singer. Well, current singer Derek green, who used to actually roadie in bands that were related to supple tura.

And he also had a band at the time, and his manager was like, Look supple. Toro needs a vocalist and you're familiar with the guys once you go down there to Brazil and audition for them. So you audition he did like a two week audition and turned out that they liked him a lot. And he started touring with him. And here's I guess, where the divide comes. Because when you talk to a supple tour fan, you know, you have like the very hardcore, it's like everything from Max era and nothing else from Yeah, from Derek green. And then there are some that are like, you know, I like Derek green and also like Mac so you know, what, when did max when was max figured out then it was like 9697 Okay, was weird, because I don't know if I got this right, where I think what I saw on Wikipedia, was that it's funny because I wasn't doing research on them that Jason Jones the second singer from Johnny pool, apparently supple. Duda was looking at him to replace Coco Coco. But I don't know where that fits in the timeline. That doesn't sound right to me. But I think that's what I saw. But, I mean, it's possible. Because I mean, they pretty much throughout these demos and said, you know, whoever can whoever can do this, you know, shoot us a message. And yeah, so Derek green has been fronting supple. tura since then, and

I don't know, I'm not one of those that's divided between one or the other. I just appreciate the music for what it is. But

I guess popularity wise, I mean, they still have a bit of a following, but it's not as big as when Max was in the band. So I think when max left the band's record sales, they started slipping.

Although I mean, for their caliber.

They do pretty well, right. But you know, again,

they're their biggest I guess, presence was with with Max. Okay, scratch what I said do. Jason Jones is being looked at the front of bandit Dino Gossett is was trying to, okay, yeah, and it's like something about he was trying to get a project going, but he wanted Jason Jones to sing but this makes more sense because it would would have been after he left Johnny pool, which was like 2004 or something like that. Right? Yeah. And you know, speaking of Dino causes and you know, Fear Factory and stuff. There's also some relation with them and

like a simple tour of your factory too as well because Yeah, because some some members and I guess even static X to like they all share they've all shared members throughout the years.

That but Dino man he plays guitar like a machine? I think. Yeah, he does. Yeah, I think a lot has a lot a lot to do with his noise gate effect. bainham. Yeah.

So that was yours. Yeah. Okay. Brett, what you got? Because whatever you got in your book we can elaborate on?

Well, it's a super obvious one that I know you're gonna talk about him, but it's Van Halen. Yes.

That was on my list. Frank, did you have any? I didn't. I say wait for

And after you texted and says me doing this and I was like our one Mario. Okay, well, what do you got what you got on Van Halen? Well, I guess I thought there were just the two lead singers but apparently there are four.

Four. I got three. Interesting. Yeah. Was that was the who's the fourth one? Oh, no hold on during my research,

search for whole night and I didn't see a fourth one and Sammy Hagar. Yes. And Mitch Malloy. Did he record an album with him, though?

I don't think so. Because he wasn't on the studio albums list, but he probably filled in demos, demos. Okay. So he was probably in the process of Gary Sharon. Yeah. So I guess can we jump this way? real quick. Sure. Okay, so, Van Halen that isn't obvious when we can talk about that for a little bit. David Lee Roth was in the band from 74 to 85. Then in 96, for one year, then oh, seven to 20 2020.

So then, after that, Sammy Hagar well in between, because David Lee Roth is was the latest one, Sammy Hagar was 85 to 96, then, oh, 3205. And then Gary. Sharon was the shortest running vocalist for Van Halen, which is 96 to 99. I didn't know this, but Sharon was actually the lead vocalist for extreme. Yeah, yeah. And when I went with the fee when I listened when I listened to them, which is weird is that when he's seeing the Van Halen stuff, he sounds like this weird. Halfway cross between David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. It's try and yeah, it's, it's Yeah, it's so weird. And apparently, No, go ahead. I was just gonna say like, you don't want them to sound like you didn't extreme. But you also it's weird for him to fake something. Yeah. Because I had to listen to this stuff, put it on the playlist. And I was trying, you know, just comparing. And he, he kind of sounds like it's weird. So he got the spot because he auditioned. Because Van Halen his manager recommended him because he also managed extreme. So he managed both bands. So he was like, Hey, you should try out for Van Halen. Yeah, Sammy Hagar is gone. He left the band. So he only recorded one album with Van Halen, which was Van Halen three in 1998. And the only reason why he left was because so they were working on a follow up to that. And the label kept rejecting the albums they were giving them, because they were saying that there was no like pop singer that they can grab from the album. And I think after a couple of I don't know, if it was a couple of years or a couple of albums that they were submitting to the to the label, he just laughed. He's like, you know, screw screw this. And, I mean, I guess it's understandable. So Roth and Hagar, those are the two more iconic ones where the fans are divisive on Raw. There's only one right answer there. Yeah, there's Yes, there is. So in even the movie, Joe Dirt mentioned that. Yeah. I used to watch that movie allowing it. Yeah. So David Lee Roth recorded seven albums with Van Halen between 78 and 84, and then recorded another one in 2012.

He joined Van Halen when they were called mammoth. Robert Roth was actually in a r&b Rock Band. I can totally book and picture that. Yeah, it wasn't an r&b Rock Band. I think this was like a 92. So after a couple of auditions because he audition for Van Halen, but they didn't work out. But after like think, like the third one or something he joined.

And it was his idea to change the name from mammoth to Van Halen, because in his mind, he wanted and like kind of like a timeless name at his example was Santana. So like, Santana was Carlos Santana has been right. And so he wanted it to be like that. So he named it after the Van Halen brothers. And so pretty much everything that Van Halen was known for during the Roth era was all David Lee Roth's brainchild, like from what I read, according to Roth, that was his idea. And he's and they split basically because Eddie wanted to do other stuff. Like the sound that that Van Halen had at that time. Was all Ross influence. Yeah, I read and it said that, uh, that David Lee Roth was fired. Yeah, he was fired. Yeah, yeah. Cuz he wasn't getting along with it. Because he wanted to pause in between like after recording makes me before you wanted to take time off before recording again, because he wanted to do a solo album and that's Eddie Van Halen was like, nope, and fired him and then brought on Sammy Hagar. Yeah, that was one thing too. And apparently throughout that time, like, what's his Eddie Van Halen was not struggling, but he was like, he wanted to go another direction. But that was part of it too. All that Yeah, I mentioned.

Then when Hagar came in, Hagar was actually in a band called Montrose. Right? I did. I don't know about even the name sounds disgusting. But um,

so apparently, he auditioned. Yeah.

Because Eddie was a fan of Montrose. Okay, so like he had some kind of discussion with him at some show. And that basically, Eddie was telling Hagar that, oh, he was such a big fan of Montreux sounds like well, the book is Montrose. And so later on Hagar auditioned, and that's what happened. But then again, Hagar left after four albums, he left in 95. And he left because of internal disputes again. And the story I don't know if you heard about this, apparently, the story is that Hagar his wife was having a baby, and that they were going to have it.

I don't want it was it was not in the States. It was like over here. So yeah, it was I'm just gonna say Hawaii, even though that wasn't the case. Right? So and Eddie called because they were recording an album at the time. And Eddie was like, I need you in the studio. So he said, Okay, I'll fly back. So he flight back with his wife, and they were supposed to fly back to have the baby wherever they were going to have it. But the thing was, they couldn't fly back for whatever reason. And that caused tension, Eddie, and then they and he ended up leaving.


who's your favorite era of Van Halen? I went listening through this stuff. And it's like a no brainer. Like the the David Lee Roth stuff is just more I don't know. It's fun. I like yeah, the Hagar stuffs more serious, I guess. And it's too adult for me.

I don't know. I don't like yeah, I mean, even just as voice to like when I saw when I was comparing, like all these vocalists Hagar sounds even still, like he's a good vocalist, but he sounds generic. Like when I was listening to like the stuff I was like, this sounds like any other. I want to say classic rock man, because that's just just an era. But like those classic rock bands is just like those one of those voices but yeah, they really ROVs. Yeah, distinct is this thing. And then his his vocal style and his lyrics were like in his persona. genre. Yeah. is fun and funny. Yeah. and stuff. Yeah. And also want to mention, mammoth. Wolfgang Van Halen. Eddie son has got a solo project now called mammoth w eh? Yeah. Okay. Okay. So it's in its it you know, it's, it's an online it's an homage to to that, but from what I read, he's not following his dad's footsteps. Like he's just completely branching out and doing his own thing. Yeah. Basically heard one of the singles. Yeah. Which, you know, I guess, when you're Eddie Van Halen son. I mean, you have a lot of like, big shoes to fill. Right? Yeah. But he's not doing that. He's just like, you know, my dad did his thing. I'm doing my thing. But you know, and I also think, too, that it doesn't really matter to him either. Because he was in Van Halen, like he, he was a member like, you know, he was, I don't need to, you know, I was in the band. I can do it. Yeah. Everyone outside so he kind of like, he's he gets a pass on that even to people who are like, Oh, you know, your this was your daddy. He doesn't I was in the band, you know? Yeah. Don't see them. Then. It was like, oh, seven or something. Or Oh, eight. So that was with that was?

Wolfgang, that's cool. Yeah, I think it was here. Is that like the Verizon? I mean, the 18? t, sir. Yeah, my dad was at that show if he wasn't.

Cuz I know my dad likes Hagar and Roth, which is weird. He likes both of them. And I'm like, okay, but I think I think my dad has seen both of them, which is kind of crazy. I've never. And it's funny because he and I think he invited me to see the Hagar show. And I didn't go, but I regret not going because I wish I would have seen that halen. Yeah, you know what I mean? And this was before he passed away, like this was like, I regretted it even after and I was like, Man, I wish I would have gone on the show where he's like, you sure you don't want to go? I was like, No, I'm good. I don't want to see that. I don't want to see sent me here. So I almost said Ben Hagar like

Yoder. Yeah. Well, I was surprised to see that the Sammy Hagar era was more commercially successful than the David Lee Roth era. Yeah, because I got like, 1984 was like, probably their most popular album ever, but I guess not. Oh, yeah. Cuz, okay, so with Hagar they had 5150 which I know of the album, but I don't know. Like, I can't name your song. And then like they had Oh, you 812 and 88 then for unlawful carnal knowledge and 91 which I know of that one too. And then balance in 95. But like, I can't tell you like any song. You know what I mean? Sammy Hagar. Yeah, Sammy Hagar. The one that comes to mind is that right now song, which is lame as super lame. And then oh, genius. Yeah, that was on the power and you can't drive 55 that's not with that's not

talking about Hagar. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's

123 lots of

Are you gay? Oh, yeah. Both of which are gross. And I think also I was scarred because my cousin had a poster of Sammy Hagar in her bedroom. And he said, the red rocker and he was all like, rolling across the floor, like trying to look sexy. I mean, not at all. I don't know why. When you say, I don't know why when he said that I was picturing you know that Michael Jackson, that thriller where he's like, like that, but it's like, yes, it's like Sammy Hagar but with like, with no shirt on. Yeah, it's like I think it was wearing like a red leather suit with no shirt on any I don't know. I was just browse. So the thriller jacket. No, I'm just kidding. That's funny. Okay, I'm sorry. No, no. I did go to Cabo. wabo. Oh, really? Yeah. And Cabo San Lucas. Good stuff for now. It was like stupid tours,

where they like grab your head and particularly down your throat and shake you and you're like, what the hell just happen to me? I know. I know. We all have different opinions. But I have to ask Frank Frank, who's your favorite era? He's probably gonna say Gary Sharon era.

Yeah, cuz I heard that stuff. And it was like not

I guess I never really got into Van Halen much.

But yeah, I will say I mean, the David Lee Roth IRA just seems like the more fun version of the band, you know, apparently, like the marketing and the business side of it. In the beginning, were during his era, like that was all him. Like, he was like, oh, like, the image of the band. Like it was all him. Yeah. And I think maybe that's why like,

the Sammy Hagar era, like, is so different. Like, because Eddie wanted to, you know, he didn't want to see I guess that party thing, which was like, everyone liked it. Yeah.

Got some money and having fun. And it looked like you were having fun and music videos. I mean, it was just crazy. It's like how there's two distinct rows. But I mean,

anyway, so Van Halen, we knew we all knew that was coming. Yeah, definitely can't what you got.

Oh, next. Yeah. Yeah, cuz I was sharing with Britt. Oh, yeah. Okay, I'm thinking away. Yes. You know, yeah. So they had Deron Miller, which he I think he left the band in 2007. Supposedly after having an altercation with the current singer Chad Ginsberg.

While Chad has been in the band for a while, and he was in during, while Darren was the lead singer. He is now the lead singer. So I don't know if that was weird. Sorry. Um, from 2011 to now and he's recorded one album with them as the frontman vocalist, but he's recorded many others being guitar. Yeah. And so now Darren is on to his other project. 96 bitter beings.


I don't.

It's weird, because I feel like

obviously, you know what my favorite version is? No, actually, I don't know what your favorite version is. You say it.

It's the Chad version. But it's hard to it's hard. I listen. Listen, listen that so it's hard to. It's hard to pick one though, because he's only done one album with them as well. Darren did many albums with them. So it's very hard to say like, Is this my favorite? Is this my favorite? Because you don't have a lot of?

They're just two different times. I feel like for a while it

sounds also so it's really hard to say my favorite. But, you know, to me to me, because like we're c ky fans like To me, it's hard for me to pick because the Darren Miller era is very good. And though that that's what cK cK that ck y but then like Chad took over recently, and it still sounds good. I like his energy a lot like he has a lot of gay does have a lot. It's more. It's more punk. And so I think I kind of like gravitate more towards the energy. Yeah, then like, as I've seen the other ones. I've never seen them live. I've seen see ky live with chat as a singer. I never saw the other version. Yeah, I feel like but I feel like when I've seen videos and stuff like his energy just wasn't like as Yeah, yeah. I like the energy of the chat version. Yeah, but it's hard to pick because like I said, there's not a lot of to compare. Like, there's only one album recorded with Chad. And there's like six or seven with Darren. Yeah. Like, how can I say that? I have a favorite. Yeah, favorite? Because I feel like both vocalists are great. Yeah. Or what see ky is Yeah, no. Yeah, no, I can't pick I mean to me.

I just don't like the last album they recorded with Aaron Miller. I think that's when it was kind of starting to slip a little bit and

I think that's why the band broke up. Well, that's why he left originally, but yeah, no, I mean, I like I like those first two three albums and then the one with Chad, but ya know, that was a good one. I had him I had them on my list, but not I wasn't going to talk about them because I knew you didn't have on my kind of.

So I had the but I didn't have that because I thought you were gonna have them and you have like 5000 people to do. So I have my next band before we go into it. Probably gonna be maybe possibly our last beer. I don't know. I do have more beers in here. So Britt, this is from the Alamo beer company. Okay. It's called show Moy cowboy. And it's kind of red. You can see it. Yeah, it's a turquoise sour goes a beer. brewed with mango, apricots, plum, hibiscus, lime and chili. Okay, so this breweries from here in San Antonio. It's a limited series, and the ABV on this is 5% nervous. I'm nervous mango. I bet it has a lot of other stuff in there. And I'm sure it's gonna hide the mango cuz nervous cuz I'm not a big fan of toy. Oh. But I'm sure it's gonna be great. We'll see. Okay, all

right, first, like anything.

Smell sour. Like.

Okay, it smells like it tastes more normal than I thought. Right? That was my reaction to is like, okay, hey, I kind of taste tastes a little bit. A little bit.

I'm trying to figure out what it is mostly.

That's weird because it has plum and hibiscus and apricots and lime and chili.

I don't know. Tastes fruity to me. I think I can taste the chili. After like there's a little Yeah, there's a little at the end. Little bit at the end. Yeah, I think my tongue is broken. I just taste goes a no, go. No, no, no, no, I that's the same with me too sour like

tart flavor. That's it. Oh, I don't taste mango peach. Whatever. It's in there. I don't taste any of that. I just taste goes a flavor. Cool.

Which is weird. What do you what do you give it?

I don't know. It's just because the flavor does not pop into me. I'm gonna give it like a 2.5

probably say like, 3.2 I mean, I like it. Yeah, again, it's like another one of those beers where I feel like the it's mismatched. Like the description doesn't fit. Probably 3.5 because I like it. But I wish that I tasted something. Yeah, same same with me. stood out. Like I wish something stood out other than the fact that it's a tart, flavor like, Alright, so I'll go on to my next one. And we can finish I guess drinking this beer. Oh, yeah, I'm I got more beers in here too. I even brought a course. So sweet.

But take a real quick break real quick. I'll edit this out. So y'all need to take a break.

I wasn't.

Alright, so next we're going to get into the next band on my list. Frank did you want to talk about that drink before we go into this next? Yeah, cuz it's a non alcoholic. Yeah. So I am drinking a D alcohol like we are drinking we are.

Yeah, so we are a D alcohol alized wine from surely wines based out of Austin, Texas. And it's a non alcoholic wine. And it tastes like the real deal. It's actual wine there. It's not some substitute like some sparkly some cider cider type. It's It's It's real wine just with the the alcohol removed.


the bottle is vegan.

Well, no, it's just the wording each bottle was made with all natural ingredients in is 100% vegan

glasses. Yeah, I mean, the actual The wine is vegan, but it just makes it sound like the wine itself. So sometimes the bottle itself but I'm going to have we read it. No, we haven't. But I'm gonna let you read it because you're, you drink the non alcoholics mainly. So I want you to read it only.

It tastes like wine. Yeah. Does it make it really does taste like what it does? Which is? Wow. Oh, yeah, it's good. It's impressive. Yeah, it is. What do you read it? It's a straight five. Right? Okay. Yes. Yep. All right, five. Yeah, no, it was good. So we all had it before the show. It was pretty good. I liked it. I liked it better than any of the stuff we've had so far. It's so weird. Like, sometimes we have those nights where it's just like, we've had different nights. A lot more than we

know what's going on? I don't know. Because look, I would trust this brewery. And this is like was all right. I trust this brewery. And this was to syrupy to me. I i we've never had anything from here. I thought it was gonna be more was okay. Yeah, it was all right. But I just wish it was in the Chinmoy one. The more I step off of it, the more My throat is like kind of

Hot like you ate something, but it's not in my mouth. It's only my throat legit will drink some chords after this.

I did bring it So, um, so whenever we finish this Okay, so the next one on my list is an obvious one Frank if this was on your list and you want to talk about or whatnot, anyone who wants to jump in can jump in because it's a big one. Black Sabbath.

Yeah, Black Sabbath, like Britt was saying how many vocalists you say eight. Okay, so my reef research says they have had 10 they've had 10 vocalists, but technically only five was published some years all true. Maybe Maybe. So the list shows 10 but 2011 Okay, yeah, this goes to 2017.

So they had 10 vocalists, but the real vocal is to count are only five which are the ones that record a studio album. Okay, so I'm gonna go through them real quick. Try to go through real quick. Ozzy Osborne, founding member he was in from 68 to 77. Then from 78 to 79. Then in 85, then in 92, then 97 206 and then 2011 2017. That's crazy.

But also to his because he was doing some solo stuff. So yeah, yes, yeah. Yeah. He was with Lita Ford, Jeremy. Yeah. You

know, it's, I like it.

Um, so he, he was fired the first time, though his first absence. He was fired due to reliance on drugs and alcohol. So he was fired in 70.

This for this one says his first break was in 77. So I want to say yes, it was after their 12345 their seventh album in 1976. And then I think he came back and somebody ate a record never say die. Um, yeah. So this is his first time he left for his solo career in 77. And then in 79, he left because of his drinking problem, okay. Okay. So that's when he got fired. Okay, so the first one was because his first break was because the first Ozzy album, okay, yeah, okay, and then. Okay, so that makes sense. Um, and then what was weird was that he recorded another album, it was between Dang, there was a big gap between 78 and 2013.

They released their album 13, which is, ooh, excuse me, which is really good.

I talked about this album before. It's like one of my favorite Black Sabbath albums. It's very do metal. I don't know, Frank, if you've heard their 13 album. It's really good. I have heard yet. So it was kind of crazy because there was a whole gap between 78 and 13. That, you know, they didn't record anything with them. So now we're going to go into the other singers. Ronnie James Dio. I don't know if Bret has that one as number two, probably the second most popular lineup of blacks. Yes. What do you have him for number three, because after

Ozzy Osborne, they hired former Fleetwood Mac singer Dave Walker. What, but he only performed with them once on a BBC show. Yeah, yeah. So no, not didn't record. Okay, so then going on to do so? Yes. Like you were saying Frank 79 to 82. He was with them then again in 91. But then it was weird because he left in 91. And they came back that same year from 91 to 92. And then that was the last time he was, that doesn't seem right. Last time he was okay. Now I know why this doesn't seem right. So he was working from 91 to 92. But then it says he was also with them from 2006 to 2010. But technically, that doesn't count because it was Heaven and Hell, which was weird because it was basically Black Sabbath, but they changed their name. Right? Um, so technically, it was technically it wasn't.

So with Osborne, they recorded 123456789 albums would do, they recorded three.

So he,

he was in a band called rainbow, or I think he formed Yeah, he was in a band called rainbow. So then he joined Sabbath. And then in 82, he left over some disagreements over mixing on a live album, and then he formed do, which was a solo stuff. And then he came back and he recorded dehumanised with them in 92.

So then, after Ronnie James Dio, we had Ian gilland, he was 8284. And then I believe this guy's brother filled in for a while if I'm correct between the next line up. Next was Glenn Hughes. Glenn Hughes was 85 to 86. And then briefly in 2010, from what I show from what I see here, and then the last vocalist they had was Tony Martin, which was their second longest running vocalist after Osborne, which is

Repeat to me. He was 87 and 91 to 93 to 97. Dude, were you familiar with Tony Martin? Like I know his name didn't sound familiar and then the album's in sound familiar, which is crazy because I was doing my research and I was like who I was like I didn't even know about this era of seven Actually Actually the the to air the two arrows after

before I don't confuse now. Well, Hughes and Martin which were after the second and third vocalist after do, I was not familiar with any of that stuff.

So I don't know if you guys were, I mean, really, most famously, it's just, you know, Ronnie, James Dio, and Ozzy, and Ozzy. Yeah, well apparently Martin people know but i do Martin. Okay, so Osborne recorded how many albums I say 123456789 record nine do recorded three. Okay. Gillen recorded only one and which is weird is that I Oh, I was familiar with them because my dad listened to that one album that they have which I have on vinyl, which was born again in 83 the first Guillen Yeah, the first Gale it Yeah, because there was two gallons they're not related though. They're not No. names are spelled differently. Is it Guilin, Guilin? Guilin? One The first one is with an A Gil and and the other is Gil n with an E. Oh no when it's the first guy Ian Gillan with an A is one of Deep Purple's

former singers one of their many former singers so I guess they fit into this category. Another thing that that's weird about that, that I'm glad you brought it up is a Glenn Hughes the the vocalist after Gillan, he was also in deep purple. Yeah, so that's weird, too. So yeah, another one. So he recorded one album with them. And then Martin, which Tony Martin I can't see that he was in another band before this, but it seems that he was from a band called Alliance. Okay, I didn't see that. Which is glad you have that he recorded five albums with them. Honestly, all these other vocalists to me when I was listening to him, they were pretty boring. Like, that's why I think Ozzy and do are the ones that everybody remembers, because their vocals were different. But when you listen to Gillan, Hughes, Martin like they're just sound like generic vocalists, like of that era. Like where you can differentiate it from anyone else. Which is kind of crazy. Like you had two singers from deep purple in your band, which seems like it feels like a bad move. But yeah, but um, and it says the second Guillen with an he was an unknown New Jersey bar band singer. That's okay. But he only toured with them. He didn't know he didn't. He didn't. Yeah, he didn't record anything with them. The interesting about thing about Hughes was Hughes left the band, because apparently he was having some issues with the manager. They got in a fight, and he got an injury in that fight. And that's why he left the band. Oops. So, but yeah, I mean, my, my favorite. I mean, I guess I like do a lot and I like Ozzy a lot. I mean, it's kind of hard because Ozzy has more catalog with Black Sabbath. Yeah, so I'm gonna have to go with Ozzy on this one. By default. He is like, a founding founding member of that stuff. But I didn't realize that his wife Sharon was the daughter of Black Sabbath manager. Really?

got together? Yes. Oh, and then I guess she took over managerial duties after That's weird. I did that. I didn't know that. No interesting thing. I mean, y'all probably knew, but

there was a do returns tour with a deal hologram performing. I think I heard about that. Yeah, like Tupac. Yeah. Tupac. Yeah. So the deal hologram debuted in 2016 at the Wacken Open Air festival. And because you know, they're whacking and

and then the following year.

It was do returns the world tour with the do band performing along to along with the hologram of Ronnie James Dio, but they say yeah, so the image was created by illusion, which is I guess,

a visual arts company. So they created the deal hologram and they use deals like vocals to accompany. Yeah, the the hologram which, you know, I mean, high rep people are divided about it, you know, you could say you know, like for the for people who didn't get to experience Ronnie James Dio live. This is like the next best thing. You get to hear the actual vocals you see an image created, you know, just like him. Oh, no, no, I rather watch live videos of him with a man before I don't know. I I'm not into that. But I mean, yeah, if you were like a super fan, and your heart was like, I just got to see some. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I can imagine like if somebody from one of my very favorite bands in the whole world was gone. And I just felt like Gosh, I really would love to see them. So you would do that? Maybe I mean No, no for nostalgia.

Try at least once.

Never know. Yeah, I mean, I guess it'll be a rockin good time. And I mean it and it's a way for like that band to continue without getting a new lead singer. You know, and changing the whole sound of the band and everything just reminds me of like future writing. And so, yeah, Tupac did it. Yeah, he did. And I think one is actually selling smoothies in Jamaica or something right?

hologram is selling smoothies. And also, I mean, gorilla has to they performed as a hologram band, I think for some MTV award thing. So I mean, they had like an actual band performing behind the screen. And then you had like the hologram? Yeah. gorillas band. Right. Which, you know, I think that's cool. And I don't know. That's their thing, right. It's interesting, the hologram thing, but at the same time, it's like,

yeah, I'm on the fence about it. It's either yes. If I'm super intrigued or no, because I know I'm not getting the real thing. Yeah. But y'all like to watch bands where people don't like reveal themselves like ghosts and Slipknot, like, where they're just wear masks and stuff. But it's so people know. Yeah, it

could be anyone that could be like, Brody.

Yeah, that's funny. Oh, that'd be hilarious.

We'll find we'll find out in 20 years. Yeah. What was going on with those shoes?

Speaking of that, kisses coming to us and they are their end of the road World Tour.

Supposed to be their final that's supposed to be they're supposed to be. But uh, anyways.

Who's next? Oh, cuz I said Black Sabbath. Right. Okay, Frank's next. Do y'all want some beer or not? Yes.

So my next one, before I jump into my mother of all

groups, get a bigger glass. No.

You can get some.

Yeah, you But anyways, I'm gonna jump into the doors. Oh, the door. Yeah. And so the doors, you know, everybody knows the doors with Jim Morrison and Jim Morrison passed away. And then the band after they lost Jim Morris. And they continued as the doors but

it was a man's Eric and I forgot the guitarist name. They pretty much abandoned their positions in the band. And were the vocalist and they hired Additional musicians to take over their guitar and keyboard positions. And so they released two albums with them too as the singers and yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah. And it didn't go so well. You know, like, they just weren't really selling a whole lot. And then they decided okay, we're gonna do one last one before we break up but let's go ahead and use Jim Morrison spoken word poetry.

And so the last album with Morrison posthumously.

It's just you know, spoken word poetry and the band did the musical accompaniment to it.

So I guess that was their last one. And now when actually sold, like very, very well, in the band decided they were just done.

And in the mid 2000s, I think the band reunited for like a VH one storytellers thing. And they had a

many singers as special guests on that they had Scott Wayland, they had Scott Stapp Eddie Vetter, Perry Farrow,

and also Ian Asbury of,

of the cult. So it was just a one off and it was just, you know, special guest vocalist for the one show. They didn't tour they didn't do anything like that. It was just like the one the one televised thing and you had you know, multiple vocalist performing that same night specific, you know, certain certain doors songs. So,

I don't know.

They didn't record all these vocals didn't record with them, but they did perform with the doors. But okay, so let me see if I got this correct. They do have two albums. With a vocalist. It's not Jim Morrison. Yeah, it's Bobby Krieger on guitar and Raymond's Eric on keyboard. They took the original member the original members Yeah, play instruments for this album they sang. Okay. Also they see Yeah, okay. Yeah, he sang on the album. And then their third album without Morrison includes his recorded spoken word poetry. Oh, yeah, I remember I yeah. Yeah. I've heard some of that. Oh, man. That's crazy. I did. Yeah, no, I did not have that on my list. Yeah. No, but it reminds me of and I think when we were talking about Allison chains earlier, and then talking about Stone Temple Pilots and all of that, it reminded me of an excess. Oh, yeah. Yes, that's right. How after Michael Hutchins died, they did that dumb reality show to replace

Time which we talked about. Yes. Then Then a recorded album with that guy, right? Um, did right, I think so I didn't really pay attention because I was just that.

And then also, Queen, right? Didn't Queen do that too. And then they did record with what's his name? Adam Lambert Adam Lambert number but I think prior to Adam Lambert they had Paul Rogers of the who,

as their vocalist, I don't know they recorded music, they definitely toured with him. And then Adam Lambert came along and it was I think it was what Queen with Adam Lambert Is that right? I think that's what so it's good to note that not just try to continue on. Yeah, it was Queen with Adam Lambert just like sublime with Rome just like stone to violence. Just reddington Yeah, see the trend there? Yeah, um, what else we got?

Nada. Okay. Kimmy got something. Okay, I got a I guess I can go through my three real quick and then whatever Frank has. Frank. I don't know if you have Iron Maiden in your list. No. Iron Maiden. They had five vocalists. Technically three, only three recorded studio albums with them. Paul diano. He was the first vocalist which I was familiar with. Yeah, he recorded 78 to 81. He recorded two iconic

metal albums with with Iron Maiden, which was their debut Iron Maiden self titled 1980. And then killers and 1931.

So he was a friend of the drummer, that's how he got in the band, he quit.

Because he was having some issues with the manager and the guitarist at the time.

And so here's the crazy thing. So the manager when he quit, paid him out, right? and said, Hey, here's the here's a payout for the stuff that you've written, right? Here's the fucked up thing. As of now, he receives no royalties for those albums. Because when he was kicked out in 81, or 82, or whatever,

they paid him and they're like, Well, here's for what you contributed. Yeah. And dude, he does he do. He gains he has gets no royalties now. So that's kind of tribute to me. That sucks. I mean, has he not gone to court and try to he doesn't, he can't because he got they paid him out when he when he, but still, I mean, I'm pretty sure that payout is not equal to what he could be earning in royalties. It was like, I guess that's one of those things where you really can't because yeah, at that time, you know what I mean? Like, it's hard to foresee the future. But so anyways, and then, Dickinson Bruce Dickinson joined the band. He's the probably the most iconic iron right vocalist.

Also the longest running he's been in the band from 81 to 93. And then from 99. To present. He was in a band called Samson before he joined Iron Maiden. He's recorded 1-234-567-8910 1112 albums with with Iron Maiden with their 13th coming out this he later on this year. I don't know if you saw this, but they announced a new album. So 13 albums with Bruce Dickinson. He got in the bank as he auditioned.

He the first time he left he left to concentrate on a solo career. Then he rejoined in 2000, I believe or was a little before 2000. And it's because the manager who was managing at the time, the band formed, he actually approached him and said, asked if he was interested in joining the band, he rejoined. He's been in the band ever since. So he's been in the band The longest. I was not from I've heard the name before, but I wasn't familiar with his vocalist. When Bruce Dickinson left they had a third vocalist, the name was blaze Bailey. Yeah, Blaze Bailey. He was in the band from 94 to 99 recorded two albums with with Iron Maiden.

Apparently he left because he heard that Bruce Dickinson was returning. So this was I guess, after he did his solo stuff. And he just heard rumors about that and then left He's like, Oh, forget your guys are getting Bruce Dickinson back. I'm leaving. Yeah, I'm also too I think that Iron Maiden kind of wanted Dickinson back because the two albums they released with Bailey were the lowest selling or so selling selling albums and peaking albums that Iron Maiden had since their first two albums with the piano. So that was kind of crazy. So Iron Maiden was on my list.

Frank you fan Iron Maiden? I do like Iron Maiden not super fan, but I am familiar with their stuff.

I mean, yeah, definitely Bruce Dickinson and of course killers. That album had a bit of a resurgence with the skateboard community just a few years ago. And, you know, you'd see a lot of skateboard kids walking around with the killer's t shirt, which I thought you know, interesting because a new generation is rediscovering iron made. Yeah. So But yeah, I would definitely say that the Bruce Dickinson era. Well if you guys also to want to compare these vocalists, I already started a playlist. Well, by the time this episode was out, that playlist will be coming

pleat a playlist on Spotify you can find it like I said early on rock, coffee or pod comm along with other other social media, and stuff like that. But what's kind of crazy was that I was listening to the era of the era's of Black Sabbath that I didn't know about what the other vocalists do. They were kind of boring. Like, like after do like those vocalists really the only one that I knew of was the vocalist who sang on born again. And my dad used to play that vinyl. And I saw I was familiar with some of that music, but, um, yeah, dude, I don't know. Like, it was very boring to me. And plus, I think the thing was, Tony Iommi wanted to continue the exam. It's like under any cost. Yeah.

Of course, it didn't work out. Yeah. And, you know, but I mean, at least he was persistent. Yeah. And said, I'm going to continue Black Sabbath. I don't care who's in it, it's still going to be Black Sabbath. So apparently, with Sabbath, one of the album's that they recorded.

He recorded it, I think under like as a solo thing, too. And then they renamed it as Sabbath. Like, I don't know, it was weird. But that was just like, some factor or whatever. I got two more, really quick, or No, you know what, I'll just go with one more really quick. And I'll just name these without even going into detail. And before we get into that, yeah, I wanted to talk about an article I read some while back. That said,

people who listen to metal tend to be smarter.

And this is because a lot of metal bands. Again, we're talking about Iron Maiden. And then we talk about some of like the Norse metal bands, a reference a lot of mythology and a lot of history in their music. And so you learn the stuff through the music. And then when you finally take the course it's like, oh, I already had a little bit of a crash course on this because I heard an iron.

You know? Yeah, no, I mean, maybe, I don't know.

I'd like to see that. I was gonna say I was gonna say that. No, no, and it's true. And I I'm well versed in like mythology. Okay, yeah. But it's true. And I'm also I think it had to do with like, like psychology, because of the intricacies of metal. And you're more focused in the music. And you even if you're not like a musically technical person, you're focused in, like, the structure of the music, right? And so if it's not the lyrics, you're also you're focusing on just under structure the music too. So it has a bit of a, you know, play in there. So, yeah, I'll have to find it. But yeah, the article did say that people will listen to metal tend to be a bit smarter than once. One thing I will say about stuff like that is that I have learned like a lot when it comes to like vocabulary where like, I'll see like stuff in song titles or like in lyrics, I'll be like, what the hell does that mean? Yeah. And then I'll like, Oh, shit, that's what that means. And then I'll you know, so I learned a lot of stuff like that, like when it came to, I guess, language or stuff like that, because of, you know, metal songs and stuff, where they were just talking about abstract stuff that never heard before. And I was like, that's not a word. And now look it up. And it was something or like, something that had to do with history. Yeah. But like even to like we were talking about like Norse mythology and stuff. Iron Maiden has like songs that are written after like, wars and battles that took in like, yeah, you know, in that region and stuff, which is pretty interesting. So a do learn about history. Yeah, stuff like that. So the last band I have before I just throw away some bands that I had on my list was a big one. AC DC. I don't know if he had AC DC, and I didn't have them, but they are one. Yeah, so AC DC was like one of those crazy ones because they've only had two vocalists in their history. But both vocalists are iconic. In their in their own way. Like, it's not one of those were like, like an other fan bases were like it's split like right? Like you like both of them? Because Yeah, different reasons. So you had your first vocal is Bon Scott 74 to 80. And then you had Brian Johnson, which is the longest running AC DC vocalist at 1980 to 2016. Then again, then again from 2018 to present. They actually released our last album last year, which was called power up.

The only so he left in 2016. And the only reason why he left those because of hearing loss. Yeah, and the rumor, not the rumor, but I guess everybody thought that he had lost his hearing because of all the years he had played with AC DC and whatnot. And actually, that's a misconception. The reason why he lost his hearing was he had gone to some kind of race or racetrack forgot to wear ear protection. And so when his eardrums blew out at the race, and that's the only reason why he lost his hearing, but it had nothing to do with music, which is what you hear a lot. Oh, yeah, you would assume that you would assume. But yeah, no, that was the only reason why he left with bond Scott ACDC released 1234567 albums. Most of these are

Connick like Highway to Hell high voltage dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Yeah. Also let there be rock with Johnson. they've released 1-234-567-8910 11 albums. So he's still, he's still with them. And it's crazy because Brian Johnson joined the band because apparently before bond Scott passed away,

he had mentioned to the young brothers, like, hey, there's this vocalist that I like he just mentioned, Brian Johnson's name, like, you know, I like this guy. He reminds me a lot of Little Richard like just as rock and roll energy. And he looked up to Little Richard a lot. So when it came down to auditioning Angus Young and Malcolm young actually looked for Brian Johnson. They said, Hey, you know, we want you to audition because Bon Scott was, you know, he liked you. And you know, he, he, you reminded him of Little Richard. Little Richard was idle, right? Well, apparently, Brian Johnson was like a fan of AC DC. And they didn't know. Oh, so he ended up becoming a band after audition. Being part of the band after that audition. Yeah. And then I guess the rest is history with that shit. But no, I know. You probably won't count him but Axl Rose did four I don't count them or AC DC did. He did fill in? Yeah.

And this is when he was broken to right. Didn't he break his leg? Yeah, he broke his leg. though. I think he was. What's his name's or no was it? Yeah, I think he borrowed Dave Grohl those throne thing. Yes. his guitar turn. Yeah. I think they both broke their foot or something. thinking the same. I think both fell. Yeah. During performing and they both broke the same leg thing.

Yeah, so yeah, AC DC was mine. I've actually seen AC DC live. Obviously I didn't seem with Vaughn Scott bounds got passed away and

at I believe, no, yeah. And at from acute

alcohol poisoning. Yeah. But the three that I have on my list real quick just to get out the way edema. edema is a new metal band, half brother of Jonathan Davis

was a Marquis Java's Marquis Chavez. So but deemas I didn't know this. They have actually had five vocalists, but technically three that they've actually recorded albums with, and I've heard the new stuff or the newer stuff that it's like boring and like, yeah, it sucks. flyleaf was another band they've had too. And one of the ones that I had research on that I don't really want to get into. Killswitch Engage they've had two vocalists. The only thing I do want to mention real quick is that they've won I've seen this band with both vocalists, which is kind of cool. I prefer Howard Jones. So they've had two vocalist Jesse Leach and Howard Jones. Yeah, the crazy thing about this band and it's kind of unique to all the bands that we've talked about. So when the original vocals left, and Howard Jones became the vocalist their first album they recorded with the new vocalist, the original vocalist was guest was guest did a guest vocal appearance on the on that album, right? Okay, so then, Howard Jones had to leave, which was the second vocalist then Jesse Leach, the original vocalist came back. Okay, right, because the second vocalist had to leave because he was having issues with diabetes. Yeah. So when Jesse Leach came back, and they recorded a new album, the album they had come out two years ago. Howard Jones guest vocals did guest vocals on it. So like they flip they flip. So yeah, so I just thought that was kind of unique. How like, it was no, like, oh, the vocalist didn't leave because issues in the band. It was more like they had to leave for personal reasons. Yeah. But it was just cool. How like, they're all like, still friends and like they even recorded. Yeah, you know, did guest vocals on the vocalist albums. But, uh, for me on that one, just real quick. Howard Jones era to me. Yeah, I prefer the Howard Jones era. I just feel like his voice added more to the music. I did. Yeah. He had more soul. Yeah. And he had more. I don't know.

It was definitely had more he had more range. I think he has a little more. Yeah, he had more range. And I think like, there was just a uniqueness to his voice that, you know, added to the music and Jesse Leach, you know, here's some stuff and it's like, it's alright. I like it. Like I was a big fan of the first couple albums with Jesse Leach. And when he came back, I was kind of excited. And then I heard the stuff and I was like, man, I kind of miss Howard Jones. I did. Yeah. And I saw Howard Jones. Killswitch Engage at oz fest. And then I saw them with Jesse Leach once at River City rock Fest, so I luckily I got the song. Got to see them. Ooh, excuse me with vocalist but that was that's all I have. I don't know what else you got Frank. I just wanted to finish my list out. Yeah. So the biggest one for me is Milli Vanilli.

Why? Because heroin is technicality I had to throw my case. what's the what's the

rationale? For those who aren't familiar with the Milli Vanilli scandal? Melvin nilly

You know, the, the image that we saw was two guys named fab marble of fab more van and Rob paratus. Two German, German born French guys. Who German born French guy. Okay. Yeah, yeah. We just wanted to make

they just wanted to make a big right. Like that was their their goal. Yeah, they grew up poor. They just wanted to make it big. Yeah.

And they were contacted by a record label and said, Look, we've got a demo, we want you guys to come out and sing the vocals on this demo. So they went out in the studio they sang and their producer, actually their, their manager, Frank farion. did not like their vocals.

But said, you know, we're gonna sign you anyway. And, you know, said like, the look or they like, yeah, they like to look right, but they just didn't like the vocals. And he was like, you know, next week, you're gonna be millionaires, but just stick with me. They're just gonna be fine. And so basically, yeah, Milli Vanilli, the album they released their debut album was sung by another group of people, but they put the Milli Vanilli you know the image that they put their image to the to these other vocalists? You know, I didn't know that. Yeah. Well, I mean, I knew about the lip synching thing, but I thought it was like, I didn't know about that album that it wasn't them on now. Yeah, I just thought it was scandalous, because lots of artists lip sync when they perform live, right, like on Saturday now. Yeah, I've seen that happen before. But yeah, it wasn't even them singing No. Voices. Okay, that I did.

So for a couple of reasons, you know, their, their manager was like, you know, your vocals aren't good enough. Yeah. So we're gonna have ghost singers, basically. And you're gonna be the image to those of to to to those voices, and also because of their limited English skills.

That was also another giveaway that they were possibly linked lip synching. But, you know, it's just like, you know, whatever. They, they rehearse so they know, they know the English language because of their music. Yeah.

And there, there was an MTV performance that they were doing. And that's where the giveaway happened. I think, like, there was there was like, a hard disk

error. And this line just skipped over and over and over. Yeah. And that's how they were exposed. You know, big damn deal. It was a really, really, really big deal. Yeah. Like I knew about that. But I know about the album thing. Like I didn't know about the whole thing, but like, the whole that's why I was so scared. Yeah. I mean, what was it? Was it Ashley Simpson? Yeah, there's some Yeah. Like the same thing happened. But oh, that's her name. Ah, yes. What was her? Yeah, actually send SNL on SNL. Yeah, yeah. But it's like, but that wasn't such a huge scandal, because that was actually

I guess, you guys know, but I guess it was a big deal. Because like after that, like her career, just like pretty much Yeah, but with Milli Vanilli. It wasn't the actual guys singing like they had, you know, they were just the image to the actual voices. But you see, like, Why? I mean, I could I could see the scandal, but like, how could you even?

Like, so it's like, basically, you know, like, how could you be mad at that anyways? Because it's like, it's like two different things. And they put it together to be like, here, like a package. Yeah, like, like packet, like, you're still listening to what you want to listen to. And you're still seeing what you like to see. And, you know, like, I don't know, I mean, I don't know, I guess no, I'm trying to say yeah, to bring up to I guess, to bring up something similar. Tiger King. You know, when he released his his country music, okay. It was it wasn't his voice. It was some other guy's voice Really? Yeah. It was like an actual country singers voice.

But I think they just distorted the voice enough to where the guy wasn't recognizable. But you know, they put what the hell but they put a but they put Tiger kings face all over that that guy's voice. And that's basically what happened with Milli Vanilli was that these two dudes they had really really nice voices, but they weren't attractive. And so you get these these other guys get the other guys who are attractive. We can't sing for shit. And they're gonna they're gonna mimic your labels for you. And so yeah, so after that whole lip sync ordeal was went down. One of the original singers actually came out and said, You know, I'm the real Milli Vanilli. And then I think, like he, he got paid off, right, basically. Yeah, he got paid off. And then he retracted a statement and said, No, I just said that. You know, it wasn't really true.

But then the actual, like, the mini, the Milli Vanilli image guys admitted that yeah, it wasn't them who sang. And they willingly returned their Grammy Awards. And actually this this, this whole thing went to the Supreme Court. That's it.

Supreme Court awarded anybody who bought their album for refunds flights, like it was just like a really big deal.

Didn't one of the guys like? Yeah, unfortunately, yeah, one of the guys died like in the mid 90s actually, I think because he struggled with the fact that, you know, pretty much his career was over, right? But I think after after Milli Vanilli after the the two dudes admitted, what happened, they tried to make an honest career. And it just didn't work out. No, it just didn't work. That sucks. Cuz that should be like the labels fault. Like, yeah, find their idea. Yeah, you know, it wasn't their idea. And they were frustrated themselves. They kept telling our manager, you know, like, when are we going to have creative input? When are we going to do our actual vocals? And he just kept saying, you know, just just trust me, you know, here's some money Shut up. Go on tour. Yeah, this is working. Like why? Yeah.

And, yeah, so after this whole scandal went down, the real Milli Vanilli released an album, like the actual millionaire

voice. Yeah, I don't think it did anything. I mean, it had some moderate success. I think there was like three or four singles on that album that charted. Haley. Yeah, so it was it was the the accident they called themselves, the real Milli Vanilli. Wow. Yeah, that's but that kind of that seems like a slap in the face of the original guys. Because like they even though you know what I mean? Like, that's weird. Yeah, you might be able to sing but you ugly. Yeah.

Yeah. Thanks, Frank. Now, I got to do research on Spotify in this in this. Yeah. And apparently, like ever since this whole scandal happened.

The album's been out of print. Like since 1991. It's been it's been out of print. So if you own it, you know, it's probably worth a lot to it. Nearly. Yeah. Well, I'm gonna start looking at like CDs, CD exchanges stuff. I mean, I know those guys know how to price their stuff. But so. Yeah, so we're not a print, they got dropped from their label.

You know, they basically basically they got stripped of other recognition. I don't know. But you know, kind of, again, it's one of those situations where, you know, they were just taking advantage of, yeah, you know, board dudes, and they wanted their own creative input. But they just kept getting turned down. You know? And that's crazy. Yeah. That's, yeah, well, I mean, yeah, I guess I counted. I mean, I feel like we counted everybody.

Yeah, I could. I mean, I don't I mean, if there's another band, and we'll come up with a hangover.

But I guess that's it for this episode. This is Episode 42. It's probably Yeah, it's one of our longer ones, even if I edit it.

So our next up is, are we gonna do a show next week? real good. Next week? I think so. Sure. Okay, so next episode is gonna be Episode 43. And it looks like it's gonna be 1970s. About the 1970s. Just in general. Yeah. So what we're gonna do, did I ever have this discussion with y'all in the chat? I know, I talked to Frank. Yeah, we talked about it like we're gonna do 70s 80s 90s.

Talk about it with you. Yeah. So basically, the plan was to go through the arrows and talk about the, like, what was going on in music? And basically like about like, Well, I think we can all take a segment of it. So like, I know, you somebody can talk about disco, because I don't like disco. And then of course we can. I'm going to talk about rock what was going on then? Because at that point, Black Sabbath was coming out in early 70s. But then we could Frank could talk about his favorite band kiss, turning disco. Yeah. So we can all just take different different sections of whatever you want to talk about when it comes to that genre, or that era of the 70s like who your favorite bands were from that time. Okay, if you guys you know, listen anything from from that tour.

I don't know, just wanted to talk about the history and then we'll go on through the decades until we lead up into

Episode 50 because we're gonna have 70s 80s 90s 2000s 2010s and then we're gonna go into Brits modes of transport bands named after modes of transport. And then later on episode 49 is going to be lead singers who went solo? Okay, and then Episode 50 alphabet drinking game part two. Yes. So pretty easily. We don't have a game plan. But we have a we have a game plan for the next seven, eight episodes. So you guys know. So next episode is gonna be on the 1970s so Frank's gonna be wearing as bell bottoms. I'm gonna be wearing

your butterfly collar. Yeah, with my T shirt hair. Yeah, she's my hair. Actually, that would be for the 80s but I think it'd be for both right 70s 80s hair metal.

Wow. Oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna need hairspray for the 80s

Alright guys, so we're gonna do that. And now we'll see you guys next week. And like I said, if you guys want to listen to any of this stuff, and compare the vocalist yourself, which is pretty interesting to me, rock sock happy or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, follow me on untapped

Facebook and all that good stuff. And we will see you guys next time.


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