Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 41 - Multi-Talented Musicians

July 31, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 41
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 41 - Multi-Talented Musicians
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This episode, we discuss musicians who have talents/professional skills outside of music, while drinking and rating more craft beers (of course)!

We take some time to wish Kim a Happy Birthday, with it being her Birthday episode!

We also give a few words about the musical talent we lost earlier in the week; Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Murderdolls, Scar The Martyr, Vimic, Sinsaneum), Dusty Hill (ZZ Top),  and Mike Howe (Metal Church)

We also talk Metallica news (of course), like the 1,000th version of "Nothing Else Matters" this year, and Frank gives his best Hank Hill impression.


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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try different craft beers. We write them, we discuss them, and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. Frank, what's today's music related topic?

Music related topic is multi talented artists, or bands with jobs or musicians with side jobs. Yeah, day jobs, weekend jobs. Whatever. Yeah. People don't know about this. Yeah. Or just, you know, stuff that Not exactly. Music related. stuff you wouldn't expect? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. multi talented musician.

Yeah. So this is non music related side jobs. Yeah. Because we know there's musicians that do other stuff that are still music related. But yeah, these guys went like the opposite direction. But we'll get into that, and we'll talk about that later. Yeah, I've got a couple of things to talk about. Before we get into our segments. I guess we just start off with this first, and I'll go into the second thing. But unfortunately, this week earlier this week, we actually lost like quite a bit of talent in the in the rock and metal world. The first one that I heard was a Joey jordison. So if you guys don't know, founding member of Slipknot, he was on the drums from 95 to 2013. So that was a pretty unexpected, you know? Well, as always, when this happens, it's always like unexpected, you know, expect to hear something like this. But I just don't. Aside from the issues we were talking about earlier about that he had with his back and stuff. I didn't really know about anything else that he had that could have contributed to this. So I know stuff will come out later. But he's the second member of Slipknot to pass away. Yeah, he is. Yeah. First of all, is Paul Gray and beta founding basis. What year was that? That was like, what, six years ago?

So my tenor. It's been that long. Yeah. Shoot, was it a car car accident or something? Or?

I thought it was. I thought it was like an overdose or something. But it could be could be wrong, because I know they did. The gray chapter right after after he passed away. And I want to say yeah, you know, you're right. I was probably like, 2010 2010 Yeah, you were Wow. You were 11 years. You're very close. So yeah, he played a must have been really young. Yeah, he was young. Yeah. I don't know how old he was when he passed away. But he was young.

Yeah, he. He died at 38. Oh, wow. And yeah, so the cause of his death was not to take away from from from Joe. Yeah. Just trying to remember what happened. Yeah. Yeah. It was actually an overdose of morphine and fentanyl. Yeah, that's what I that's what I kind of remember. Yes. I'm sure. I think they found him in his hotel room.

Yeah. And with Joey from the reports that I read, they said he passed away in his sleep, which, you know, that's, that was I guess, sounds better. Yeah. sounds better to hear than something else. So he played drums for slipknot. Like I said before, he was a founding member of slipknot. He contributed to a lot of their sound and their their look to in their early days. So he played drums from 95 to 13. Then after that, he joined he rejoined the band he was in before Slipknot, but they changed their name. They were murdered dolls, but he actually played guitar in this band. He played guitar with them from Oh to 204 then from 2010 to 2011. Then I remember when this band came out, he formed scar the martyr which was the best form after he left Slipknot, he was with them from 13 to 15 2013 2015. Then he was in another metal pan right after that, called mimic. He played drums as well. He was in that band from 2015 to 2021. And then he was also in another metal band called since sanem. He played drums in there too, from 2016 to 2021. So this guy was like, always busy even even when he left Slipknot for health reasons. Literally That same year, he got back to playing drums again. I don't think the drums were as aggressive in that band as they weren't Slipknot but I know he did go through like rehabilitation to get back into music and that was quick. It was like less than a year he was already back playing music. Yeah, this guy was like, all drums like that was like his whole life. Fortunately, I got to see him twice with slipknot. I saw him once in 2005 on the subliminal versus World Tour, which was for their 2004 album. Then I also saw him in 2009 on the hope is gone world tour and that was for there too. 1008 album I hope is gone. That was pretty cool cuz I know drummers I know this had been going on back in the day like when Tommy Lee was doing this with Motley Crue but it was the whole drum riser thing turning and stuff. Whatever it was, for me it was crazy. Not only because that was the first time I had seen it done in person, but I think it was more amplified with Joey because his kit was a lot bigger than than Tommy Lee's right. And then of course, you had Pyro and stuff going on. Like it was crazy. So like he was on a riser and it like lifted. Yeah, once it lifted, it would turn and then it would spin. Just like going with fire going everywhere, I guess. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. And I remember

ever watching a video, I guess in the very early YouTube days, like how they made that that happened. So basically his you know, I think he I think it's something like it that at that point of the show, he would have to change drum risers like like, like his drum seat. Oh, and I think he was like a little strap. Yeah, he was trapped into like a NASCAR, like a driver. And it was like everything had to be bolted to the platform, you know, because absolutely nothing could fall right as you're rotating. Splash balls, whatnot. But yeah, you know, from what I read, he was like, strapped in, everything had to be like super bolted down. I mean, just just thinking about that your platform told me like your drumming and your thing goes up your riser. And then you have to like flip forward this way. And then you start spinning. And then

and then you have a mask on. You have long hair, like and he had long straight hair that like flowed so like my hair is long and curly Italy who fought and stay out of place is like flowing and he has a mask on and you have the heat and then you have the jumpsuit on and this guy could still like go off on that shit. And then also,

how do you not throw up as you're signing? Yeah. Yeah, especially with like limited vision because you get this mask on and Okay,

you guys know I can't go through one song playing drums on a regular drum kit without throwing up. There's a there's a picture of me online where I'm like playing drums and yeah, I I almost didn't make it. And then I played drums in a band right now where I only play one song. It's not hard at all, but I'm like, my like legs are like sore and I'm like, Oh my god, I need to drink some water. But uh, but yeah, electrolyte? Yeah, like somebody pour like a thing of Gatorade. Or did you ever get to see that? Frank? Were you at that show? Because I know that these shows were both at Freeman.

And I'm not sure which one you the ones Yeah, the ones that the ones that you and I went to? Were the one that we went to it was Slipknot with lamb of God and shadows. Okay, then that was it. Yeah,

that was a subliminal verses tour. I don't know if he did it again at all. Hope is gone World Tour. I just remember that first. That first one in 2000 2005.

He also I know. The one band that you've denounced, he he drummed for I have a note here. Yeah. Yeah. At the Download Festival say their name. I'm gonna say

the name. Yeah, so I actually have the notes here. So yeah, since Frank brought it up. I'm big Metallica fan over here. Because like I said, I was number three. Frank was number one. So he filled in for Lars over in Metallica at a 2004 gig playing Download Festival. And this is a story so I read the story on Rolling Stone. Apparently hours before the gig like hours before they were supposed to play. Lars was rushed to the hospital by medics. And I think still now they don't know why. But it was like something serious and they've never like disclosed it. So Metallica two options, they could either cancel or ask other drummers to fill in, like literally hours before so it was so Frank, you know about download does like bands all day. I think it takes place in England and England. Yeah. So what happened was they started asking around for Germans. Right, right. And some drummers actually said no. Right? Which was crazy. I would have been like hell yeah, like I'll play like two songs. So when no happening was there was a few drummers that ended up filling in to cover the set. Joey Of course, was there playing with Slipknot? He said yeah, that he fell in and Rolling Stone. It's so weird how they worded this because I'm not sure if they could confirm it or not. But this is how rollingstone said. They said the story goes that Joey jordison was actually in a Metallica cover band before he was in Slipknot, and you already knew majority of the set. Oh, and I was like, What the hell? That's crazy. So that same article had two different YouTube videos of Joey playing with Metallica in 2004 and actually post them on the Facebook page. And he plays a I think what songs is like creeping death, For Whom the Bell Tolls and another one, and I was like, Oh, so this is what a metallic would sound like if they had a real metal drummer. Dude, he will like it sounds different. But I don't mean to be distant Lars. It's just funny. But anyways, yeah, no, but the videos on YouTube and it's pretty much those songs that he played with that On one video and then they have a separate video of Justin behind the kit, Shari showing him play. Sorry. No, you're like what is that? It's my kids pet mice running on a wheel. Like so me practicing. Okay. Well, ya know, if y'all want to check out the videos I posted that I and I'm glad Frank brought that up because that I just thought that was cool too. Like he was just so down to fill in. Yeah, no, he had his own set to play with. And that was just so Metallica could still keep their slot right. But uh, and I think Dave Lombardo I think filled in Slayer. Yeah, to Yeah, but uh,

which are I mean to me there. I mean, yeah, like, like, like you said that the sound is different because Lars has a signature sound and it's kind of simple. Well, yeah, the thrash days, I guess. Yeah, it's a bit simplified and then you have Slayer which is fast but yeah, simple still, like simple in metal terms? Pretty much yeah. And then you have Joey's is very, I don't know. very intricate to me. It is very double bass heavy and, and hit very fill like, Yeah,

he uses a lot of intricate fills. Right, right. Like may add more color to the sound of the drums. But yeah, I mean, if you're interested, like I said, I put the videos on Facebook. And it's just very interesting to hear Metallica with Joey on the drums crazy. So there was one that same day, Mike how he was a vocalist for heavy metal band metal church. I don't know if you guys know metal church. Yeah, he did vocals for metal church from 88 to 96. And then from 2015 to 2021. So he was still active with metal church. And the crazy thing that I found about this was, well, one it was like sad that he passed away but so he they had an album. His band had an album called the dark. It came out in 1986. And on that album, they had a song called the dark. Well, stone sour, which is Corey Taylor's other singer and slipknot. They covered that song, the dark, that Mike house hang on in 2015. So I thought that was kind of crazy, too, because it was like they're both kind of tied to Corey Taylor and which is kind of weird. And then the day after that dusty Hill basis from ZZ Top. He was born here in Texas. And he passed away here in Texas. He was born in Dallas. He died in Houston. He was the basis for ZZ Top from 70 to 2021. So yeah, this is crazy because they were so active two are in there still. Yeah, they're

still active there. Same lineup the whole way through never any changes. Same three guys.

Yeah, he did 15 albums with them. He did bass, vocals and keyboards. We add just those three just this week, which is pretty crazy.

cz top. I don't know if we probably talked about it before. But ZZ Top is credited as being the original pioneers behind the story driven music video. Like a lot driven music. Yeah, previously it was just people playing a stage whether it be like live concert or just a small stage or something but they actually created a storyline. Yeah. And so they were the first ones.

Yeah, no, that's and then also to I had totally forgot but one of I know I love this show and you guys love the show but king of the hill. Yeah, it was on episode Yeah. Oh, he was apparently Hank hills. Yeah, I had totally forgot about that. And I was like, wait a minute. I was like he was the king of the hill and on our on the right over here. Like Wicky did real quick. I was like, Yeah, I remember that correctly. But

yeah, the top boys were on there. But yeah, played Hanks cuz? A lot. The same last name. Yeah. So which is so funny. And Hank, it's really funny because Hank introduces him to Bobby like in this very He's like, ashamed of him. I can't believe that he's related. Yeah, it's just this hilarious running joke. Yeah.

Yeah, I actually want to remember that. So yeah, like Bobby wants to be a rock star because of his uncle. And Hank is like, rock stars have different priorities. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, no, I mean, that's just yeah, Texas musician right there. So that that was said, but uh, so I wanted to get that all the way just mentioned those guys. And then also on the list, I put music from these guys and all the bands. They were part of, especially on Joey side because he was part of like five bands. Yeah. So I put music of theirs on on on Spotify. And if you guys have any songs you guys want me to? Well, so I put sharp dressed man because that was like one of the ones where everyone's like, I saw on comments like oh recipes, like sharp dressed man or whatever. Yeah, and one of my favorite ZZ Top songs is as legs. I've always loved that song. Yeah, just the way it's sounds like with the little delay in the beginning that effect I don't know if that's guitar or keyboard. I want to say that's guitar but

I think it's because Harvey Yeah, because I don't think they've ever Outside I just I mean, I don't think they've ever been outside just the three guys. Yeah. What because I mean, I mean does he play? Yeah. Well, he played keyboard, but I don't know. I mean maybe in the studio Yeah, but live. Oh yeah, no definitely live No. I mean it's always has been bass guitar and drums Yeah,

like range because that's yeah that's a good one Okay, I'll put that. No that's a good song too and anytime we drive through like range we listen that listen

to that. Yeah, yeah so yeah and I put one of my favorite songs on there from metal church and stuff. So with that out of the way I just wanted to give some you know, words about those guys. I guess we can go into something more happier birthday episode Yay. We're not gonna we're not going to record an episode next week are we? Right? No, right right okay, yeah so wanted to say happy birthday to Kim because I thought I didn't know I thought we're gonna do an episode next week but that's cool. So this is her birthday episode. We didn't get you a chocolate cake beer this time we'll have

no one so just want to say happy birthday to Kim. Yay. I love you. Oh, we love you too. So yeah, I was gonna say.

So hopefully our beers don't taste like crap today for you guys. So I tried to pick some interesting like, the one I have started with is no, you don't have that. You don't have to finish it either. So we start off with two seconds. Sorry, I haven't tasted it yet. Now. Okay. Oh, you gave her some two. We start off with two segments ones are hanging over there. We talk about stuff that we forgot to talk about last episode. Pet squeaking is funny. Because it's the whales in your head. Yeah, I know. Last episode or just anything we want to bring up in general and then also excuse me too. What are we drinking? Anyone have any hangover? I

can't remember what our last episode was. It was named after occupations. Oh, that was a long time ago wasn't it? Wasn't really? I believe so. It was Episode 40 unless I'm wrong.

I almost share a birthday with James Hetfield Oh bands we do. Yeah, almost. He's the third and the fourth. But I do share a birthday with brock obama. Oh, interesting. Told us yeah, I share a birthday with Ellen DeGeneres. I share a birthday with Alice Cooper and I share a birthday with myself. No, there's got to be someone. Oh, he's the only human I'm gonna look that up. Actually, there's got to be rock stars. Oh,

yeah. There is for sure that one of the guys in Tears for Fears has my Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. So

I and then I think I'm probably wrong. I thought Steven Tyler had my birthday too. But I think he's uh, I think is different but definitely as Cooper so me and Alice Cooper. Oh, guitarist for the offspring. Noodles. His birthdays on. We both are. Okay, too. Nice. Okay, so let's do yeah. So Hi. Oh, bless you, Frank. Thank you. hang over anyone. Oh, it was bands we broke up with that's what bands we broke up. And that doesn't sound like we I don't think we have any handle for that. Because that's like, I think we let it was therapy. It was like three I know. I did. I know. I did. Okay, so I guess without you we can get that out of the way. What are we drinking? brewery? Interesting. Drinking a lone star. Waiting day sells beer. That's cool. Frank. What are you drinking? I just drink that whole job. Do you just drink that? Yeah. This is a regular thing. Alcoholic? Yeah,

I have a non alcoholic classic snack comes kosher dill pickle juice.


I got literally a joke. Cuz I'm, you know, it's good for the cramps. But I'm gonna bust out the bruise later.

No, you're good. And I got and I got one for you too. Yeah, I know what it is. But we got you got you and no artificial dyes. Oh, that works. Yeah, actually green. So what I'm drinking I like pilsners. I poured a little bit for Britain and Kim got some This is from 903 brewers. Oh, no, no, no, I poured some. Yeah. Okay. 903 burgers. This is the American Pilsner. That's what it's called. These guys are from Texas from Sherman, Texas. 444 point 5% ABB says it pairs well with hot dogs and chicken and fireworks. It tastes that taste good to me. I'm Kim tasted on that bridge.

Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty All right. I mean taste like a Pilsner. Again, I give it let me see. I get a lot It has a doesn't have like a weird aftertaste or No, no. bitterness.

Yeah, it's a smooth to give it like a 4.7 I get a lot. Not perfect five, but I like it. 3.90 3.9 Britt 4.4 what the difference? Yeah, I mean, I like a good job guys. Yeah, it's good. Because those guys are kind of hit or miss but then again when we drink stouts from these guys, I have it in my memory now. stouts for from these guys or not Alright, good, but anyways, um, but you're a little biased against that. Yeah, I think we already we. I think we just burned herself out. Yeah, that we have layers. Like every week. There is one brewery that does make good stouts and I have one of their new stouts Well, yeah, then definitely them too. But they come out with like craft stouts that's the temperatures. It's their temperatures line. It's uh, oh my god. What is the name of that brewery? liquid liquid liquid brain. They're the ones that I brought you like a peanut butter one last time. out? Well, I always get their stouts every time they come out. They've had a peppermint one. They've had a what else that they have? They had some other ones. But I have like a whole at least I've had at least five or six of their stouts Yeah, and right now I think I have a double chocolate stout in the fridge. But they're like the only ones that have had consistent stouts to me that I like. But yeah, liquid brewery. But anyways, oh, Kim. Kim, what are you drinking?

This is a friends and allies brewing from Austin. It's their bear linner wise and skewed because there's little bears on it. Oh, black bear Blackberry. 4.6% alcohol by volume. It's all right. I don't know. Like I don't I wish I could taste more of the Blackberry. Which I don't really know blackberry would taste like but it just tastes like a sour like of some sort.

I don't. I like it, because it doesn't have a weird taste. But I do get what you're saying. Just explain. Yeah, does. um you know, it's a good Berliner. I want to say like three only because it doesn't taste bad, but I don't taste any Mary. Or you know what? I'll even go halfway to point five. Because it's good.

I mean,

I could I could finish it but yeah, yeah. 2.5 only because I feel like it is missing some some flavor in it.

I think all the flavors up front. It's like yeah, like really quick. Yeah, like that first part of the SIP and then afterwards, there's nothing Yeah, it's I don't know. I would say like 3.2 or something like that. Yeah. Cuz I like sours it's it is sour, but it's it's not like pucker, you know? Yeah. inducing. Alright, Kim said 2.5 Kim, if

you're honest with me, you can switch? No. Okay, so we're gonna stick with these if you don't finish let me know. Got some more beers and coolers on y'all are ready. We can probably go one round and and try a try. We're so further ado, Frank. You want to kick off topic? Wait. Oh, I have news. Oh, Frank has news to you both have news, news and Bruce. Bruce segment. bruisin news segment.

Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Okay. So I do have news. Metallica. Oh, boy. Here we go. Ours has re recorded nothing else matters what song again? Yeah, what's St 12? more time? appears? Yes. So they recorded the re recorded nothing else matters. They've Disney FIDE it. Oh, Lord help us for the new. Yeah.

No, no.

No, no, it's been it's been Disney FIDE for the Jungle Cruise movie that I guess came out today. What?

Okay, I didn't know that. Yeah, I What the hell that movie looks like generic Disney. Yeah, but yeah, but they the rock and every movie that same plot.

Yeah, so they recorded the they're single. Nothing else matters for the new Disney flick. And they've teamed up with film composer James J. Yeah James Newton Howard for this one. Oh, his name rings a bell and basically they it's like rock with orchestra but they've done it already with s&m not that yes after after, but yeah, but it's a it's an instrumental so there's no singing in it. Wow, that's so stupid. That a Disney fire

Okay, you know, but the lyrics to nothing else matters aren't even the lyrics though. Nothing else matters already Disney. Yeah, but friendship and stuff like

yeah, that you know what? I want to hear it now. I I'm interested in I'll hear it after the show. But

I mean, it was okay. From what I heard. It sounded a little bit like the original words are like the s&m one. Miley Cyrus one. Yeah, it sounded a little bit like the Miley Cyrus one. Just without the vocal. Really? No, but the Miley Cyrus. Yeah, it starts off with Piano This one has piano from what I recall. Yeah. So, I mean, I only like heard it briefly. So it's got some piano in it and I thought, you know, I was wearing a metallic shirt and I thought, oh, okay, it's gonna be the Miley Cyrus version but then I read further and I was like, No Okay, so it's been some fun have some fantasized. Oh, that's why just made up a word. What sounds like a word to

actually play instruments on in the recording or no, they just like pass it over to Oh no. So

it's Metallica recording so they do you record with a symphony? Yeah. Yeah, I was singing no singing Yeah, so it's basically a really a reimagining of the song as an instrumental How many times can you do nothing else matters how many times apparently 12 plus one. I don't know. Honestly, if I were in Metallica, like I don't know if I played backup guitar or something. I probably protest and say nothing else matters no more. Yeah, like I don't want to play it on the on the set anyway,

this year alone there will be 13 versions new versions. I'm nothing else matters. Yeah, this song no longer matters. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's sad because yeah, but I picked that was that was that was the original version now. Yes. Computer anyways, okay, so now on to Britain use. Please don't tell me is Metallica related? Not at all. Is it? Nothing else matters related? No. Okay.

And it's not Miley Cyrus related. Okay, what is? It is that August 1 this coming? August 1 will mark tomorrow. No, it's Sunday. Oh, sorry. Me Sunday. Well mark the 40th anniversary of MTV.

Wow. Yeah. And what the 39th anniversary of them not playing music.

No, no. Music on there for me. Sadly, it wasn't I think it was like mid to late night night started changing a lot. But all throughout the 80s and the early 90s. I mean, that was where you got your music news. I mean,

oh, yeah. No, I remember. I still remember that. Like, I don't remember his name. It was like breaking news. Like and it was

like to do yeah, that guy. Hurt something loader. Oh, yeah. There was there was multiple guys who was something you're selling, saying his name. They remember his name? Campbell. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Jesse camp. Jesse camp was my favorite. Yeah, y'all are naming everybody except there's Carson. Yeah, Carson. He was later though. This was like one of those that era of, but then he left and he did like a late night show. Uh huh. Yeah.

Yeah. But so 40 years ago, finally MTV, like came on the scene. And then it really did change music for a lot of people. I think something that younger folks kind of take for granted today is being able to look up and listen to any song at any point. Right. And that was just not the case in the 80s and 90s. Yeah, come on. Yeah. The radio or whatever in to get music news was really difficult to like to hear about who was touring or to find out about artists and their lives or what was going on with them new music. Yeah. I mean, it was all it was very challenging back then. I remember the last time I watched MTV, yeah, neither can there's nothing to watch. Now, of course, it's just shite. But it used to be really awesome. And, of course, the very first song they played was Video killed the radio star by the buggles. And Sirius XM is doing a big thing right now where their interviews with members of the buggles interviews with members of other bands that were, you know, featured in those early days, and also the V J's from back then yeah, yeah, yeah. So yeah, happy birthday and TV. Wish you would go back to the way you were. Probably gonna happen. I mean,

no, it was so some years ago, all right. Some years ago, they dropped the Music Television part of their logo. So now it's just MTV minus the music. You can even you know, it was under the logo. And yeah, they just completely dropped it years ago.

Oh, and hey, we forgot Pauly Shore. Started on MTV. He did. Yeah. Oh, I didn't know. I didn't I didn't know. Yeah, what did he do? He did like the spring break.

Yeah, he was.

There's an episode of King of the Hill with him in it, too. Oh, yeah, that's right. That's right. I remember that. Yes. And they're important dances.

Yeah. I remember that. No, I didn't know that about him. I didn't know that. That's all y'all said. And I was like, What? But uh, alright, so any more news? No, no more bruise the news. Is there anything for the beard gear sex segment, guys. Actually yes, there is okay, actually there's a hearing so this was kind of weird to me Frank might have an opinion on this. So this is also Metallica. relato. This Metallica talk crappy our camera just announced the regular segment now Kirk Hammett just announced that he's now a Gibson artist. Which is weird because like he's been playing Gibson for so many years though, but yeah, but he was specifically an LTE ESP LTD guitar because like all his custom guitars are through Ltd. And he has been playing Gibson's but he was like, not he was sponsored, sponsored. Yeah, but like, not sponsored but right. But Ltd. Like that was that was his brand, but now he's he's a Gibson. And people were like making jokes in the comments like, man, imagine like how much you're gonna have to pay for a signature guitar now? Like, yeah, like $9,000 for Kirk Hammett signature Les Paul.

Well, that's not even nuts. I remember. There's more expensive one. Yeah, there's a more expensive ones especially Okay, so I admire Adam Jones's guitar work and tool. We had this discussion and there is a connection there because I think tool has performed or some of the members would have performed with Metallica before. like they've joined each other, like on stage like impromptu jams and whatnot. But, shit. That guy's signature guitar is like 15,000 Yeah, I think we were talking about this one episode. But no, it is stupid. No, it is definitely. Well, yeah. Because it's, you know, it's like an exact replica of his 1978 guitar, which only 78 were made. I say Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's a well, it's I think it's like down to the tee. Like, I think they managed to find that from 7087. Yeah. Or you could also get the more mass produced affordable version, the $7,000 version. Oh, my God. Alright. Nothing possibly water. No, that's cool. I mean, congrats. Congrats to Kirk Hammett. I mean, I think being Gibson is a big deal.

Now. He's a nice guy. Yeah, he's a nice guy. Yeah. I'm sure he is a nice Kim and I met him and Robert are here. That's right. That's right. That's right. Um, but yeah, no, I mean, I just thought that was kind of interesting. To bring, I don't know if he had heard it or not. But anyways, Frank, you wanna you want to kick off the topic now? So is he going to be a Les Paul gas or is he gonna be?

Yeah, that's fine. Okay. It's gonna be with Les Paul, because I think the one that they showed him playing was was a Les Paul. So about I know, they were asking some people were asking him James was gonna go over to somebody like, Oh, I saw him with an explorer. I was like, Yeah, but Ltd. makes his Explorer. I don't know what the explorers are called an ltds. Because it explores the Gibson version, right? I forgot what the hell to do with the Ltd versions or Kobe anyways. Yeah. You wanna start topic? Yeah, I have to ask you one more time. Finally.

Yeah. I was trying to topic okay. These I don't know if some of y'all have on your list. Yeah, if we do whatever, we'll go over. This one. I think for me, it's pretty obvious. I'm gonna start mine off with with with Rob Zombie. Okay. Yeah, of course. We all know Rob Zombie from his white zombie days and he went solo. To me, I don't know. Maybe some people consider him a bit of a shock artist. I don't think he's more I think he was when he started like when he first started. Yeah, there like there was an element of shock to it. But now I think it's more like horror based. Yeah. And that's that's always been his his signature style, just incorporating horror into his live show. He's a horror fan. Yeah. But outside of music. Also, he's a film director. And he's, and you know, he focuses solely in the horror genre. And he's also directed a few episodes for like TV. I think he did like a CSI episode that he directed. And he was also a production assistant and Pee Wee's Playhouse. Oh, yeah, I knew about that, too. Yeah. Back in the 80s. Before his career, yeah. So I think that probably explained some of the weirdness and more and more recently, you know about the new stuff, right? Yeah. More recently, he is working on an adaptation of the monsters monsters. Yeah. Like a live action film version. Yeah. interest. So

apparently, he's already like, worked there, like already working on makeup and stuff. And I think he supposedly he has like radio design or makeup ready for grandpa. So

I would be upset, except that he's doing it. So I feel like he'll pay respect and the Yeah,

I think so. I think so too. Yeah. Um, I was personally I was Addams Family fan. Between Yeah, you can like both I just I liked monsters were the monsters were cool. Yes. And also,

the thing about Rob Zombie is I feel like his his films are an acquired taste. It's not like anybody can just go watch him in and get it. You know, I think you have to be a fan of his or at least I Understand how he works to appreciate his films and I think I like that, like, I like that it's not mainstream stuff. But if you know, you know, and if you happen to catch on then you discover, like the uniqueness that he brings to, to film. And another interesting thing to note is that in pretty much all his films, I think his wife Sheri Moon zombie appears. And, and like some of the Rob Zombie videos, too, like she she's in the videos, too. So wait. Yeah, so I mean, I guess they're both like, in the film industry as

well. What was the one we tried to watch? And then we stopped because you're even even Frankie, who was a super fan was like, we don't have to watch as well. You

know, when I was 15. House of 1000. corpses was cool.

Yeah. And we watched that, but it wasn't that one. It was another one. What do we why was rejects? I don't know that. It's like a bunch of people in like a VW van. And they're driving somewhere. Yeah, wife's in it. And it was just it was?

I think it was that film. 31? Yeah. Oh, that one? Okay. Okay. Well, it's funny how you were talking about, like, you were saying that you have to be a fan of his to understand, like, his, his, uh, his directing. I remember when he did Halloween, there was divisiveness on that too, because people who knew his films are like, Okay, I understand why he went this route. And there's other people who weren't fans of his were like, why did this happen in the movie like this? So yeah, like, that was one movie worlds. Like you could see, like, where people who understood them, you know, understood the movie, and then people that didn't understand them didn't understand the movie.

And it's not like his Halloween films. Were a continuation of the series. They were just more reimagining. Yeah. And I, you know, if you say,

up front, and you recognize that, that's what's happening, that's okay. And I and again, I appreciate the fact that like a true fan. You know, he's a true fan, and he respects this stuff so much and loves it, and it's a huge influence for him that he's the one doing Yeah, like, that's not gonna bother me, right? Yeah. Yeah, it's Miley Cyrus. producing and directing. Yeah. That was in the subtext. Oh, yeah. She's always she's always been a fan of Cocteau, twins, you know, because you know, not anybody ever. Literally, no one ever ever has listened to that song.

Ever. You'll know the song. Y'all know this movie? No, no, you know what the Twilight Zone is? He directs it. That's right. No one knows. No one's ever heard of it. Oh, no, you guys are Star Trek. Yeah.

But yeah, Rob zombies. And when I want to start my list with to me, you know, whose is pretty obvious. Everybody knows him as a musician. I guess maybe a lot of people also know him as a film director. But you know, to me, it's just like two totally different Yeah, entities, but you can also tell where it's coming from. Yeah. And so yeah, Rob Zombie. That's my guy. For number one is a good one.

He was he was like, not on my list. But he was in my head. I was like, Oh, I'm sure Frank's gonna bring them up. Um, but yeah, no, that was a good one. That's a good start off. Britt, what do you got?

I kind of have failed at this topic. But I so I'm cheating.

No, fine. Go ahead. Because I mean, some people don't know any of this that we're talking about. So

yeah, so I Well, first of all, I think I thought that it was more like, because I know, we had talked about, you know, surprising band members who were like highly educated. Yeah, you know, had these degrees and things that you didn't think about. So that's kind of what I was thinking about. And of course, I'm just cheating by looking at this book that I have. If you if you name one on my list, I'm gonna expand okay. But the book is called I love rock and roll except when I hate it. Extremely important stuff about this, about the songs and bands you love, hate, love to hate and hate to love by Brian Boone good book, which is hilarious. And I love this guy. But Tom Morello from audio slave who, according to himself, is involved in countless collaboration operations. He has a degree in Political Science from Harvard. And it says that he did it with honors while also practicing guitar for eight hours a day. So got a Harvard degree. Hmm. Tom Morello. Yeah. Should we talk about privilege? Yeah.

Yeah, that's, that's kind of interesting. Well, yeah. Like, like, you would think he would want to go somewhere else.

You know what I mean? Like, a community college. Yeah. Like, like, to the people. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

But now it's okay. That's fine. That's cool. And I guess the political science part doesn't really surprise us too much. Yeah, no, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. But, of course. I mean,

I think that the interesting thing is you I guess musicians with degrees, but they didn't really do much with them. Oh, I got some on my list that did stuff with them. Yeah. I mean, I was politically active. I mean, yeah, I mean, yeah, standing up for the guy who's not I'm not, but I would just imagine. I mean, I would just I would just think if you have I mean, talking about Tom Morello, or you know, others that have degrees Yeah. Who have like a pretty lucrative music career if they don't really do too much with their degree. It would be cool like if they gave like, like summer classes somewhere here and there and be like, hey, attend so and so's summer class for during the bucks or something like that. Wait till I get on.

Wait till I get some. Yeah, so probably hard to know whether or not they did something with their degrees, even outside of the scope of music, they probably are still using that knowledge for some spirit.

Speaking of that, do you remember that VH one reality show where Tommy Lee went back to school? Yeah, we went to go to college. Did he do he went to college? He did. But I don't remember what happened. So that's always I was asking if you guys remember I forgot what the show was called

to. I think Tommy goes. I should have known. Yeah. But anyways. So you're good. Okay. I'm just trying to imagine teaching Tommy Lee. He's like, please, focus, buddy. Like, we can do that. He's like, wait, I just wrote a new riff cam What you got? really have one. It was the one I gave you when you know what you're talking about it? It's Tom DeLonge of blink 182 and angels and airwaves. He, I don't know I didn't. I saw like half assed this. I'm so sorry. It's been a week. He, he went he has co founded a Academy of Art and Science called to the stars Academy of Art and Science. But along with doing that he is also a co author of 12 books ranging from novels to children's stories, and a creator award winning animation for some poet Anderson the dream Walker. But he I don't know that he was like a, I couldn't find that he is an employee of God D employ a Department of Defense employ. I couldn't find anything saying that specifically. So but he helps with this Academy to collect data and study data, photos, photos and

uaps. But the government so the government what happened was, I think I got it confused. They didn't hire him specifically, they hired his Academy to work with the Department of Defense. Yeah. And so that's what happened. So they so so the government hired them as contractors to work with, you know, my whole UFO stuff, but yeah, so, I mean, he's technically kind of working with the government as a contractor, which is kind of interesting. But uh, so

yeah, yeah. I thought that was interesting. Like, he's, I was we know, he's always been into aliens. And yeah, you know,

just out of curiosity, His angels and airwaves like a bit of a play a play on that whole kind of sounds like it. I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah. Don't be surprised if it is probably. Yeah.

He also had a clothing and accessory line that was called to the stars as well. Yeah,

I believe whatever happened with his collaboration with mcbath? Didn't you do some stuff? I don't, I don't like like shoes. Like, like skating shoes. And like some quote number one blink 182? I don't know. I just said I hate that bad. Yeah, I mean, I just remember reading some years ago, stuff that he partnered with Macbeth. And I think, g star or Stars and Stripes, for like a line of skateboarding attire. sounds right. But yeah,

I thought that was cool. Like, you know, that he got to do that he has been so passionate about. These people aren't passionate about what they do. But he's been so passionate about aliens and the fact that a lot of their songs and albums and stuff kind of like paid homage to that reference that right. He gets to kind of really do something with people that

share the same Yeah, that like that. there that need him for that. Yeah, that actually for that research expertise. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah. All right. Already for mine. Yes. Okay. Frank does for you. Oh, boy. Well, because it goes off of what he was talking about, about people getting their degrees. And this is I don't know if you guys know this, but I thought this was super interesting. So Dexter haulin. He's the vocalist or the offspring. He's been the vocalist for the offspring since 85. In the late 80s, he attended the University of South California where he earned a BS degree in biology and an MS degree in molecular biology and was a candidate for a PhD in molecular biology. However, after the success of the offspring, he suspended his study two studies to focus on music. Actually, before that, in 84, he graduated high school, his in his at his high school as the valedictorian Wow, this is crazy. Somebody's gone, this goes crazy. It gets a little more cooler, and shits real. Like I'm sorry, wait for this bread. So on March 2013, Paulin and co authors published a paper regarding micro NRA and HIV genomes titled identification of human micro NRA, micro NRA, like sequences embedded within the protein and coding genes of the human immunodeficiency virus. So he actually published a paper about NRA in HIV. And I The link is actually in Wikipedia, because that's where I got my information, but I hadn't known about this before. And actually, in 2017, he was awarded his PhD in my in molecular biology during the US USC commencement in May 12 2017. So he actually got his PhD in molecular biology, and he he has a paper out, and that that paper has been published since 2013. Nice that he did with a group of I think whoever was his like, I don't know how that works as like advisors advisor. Yeah, yeah. So like, it has that person's name listed on there, too. who worked with but yeah, like research is usually conducted with several people. Yeah. So so he did that and it was on was it what I say again, microbiology, molecular biology. And on the side, this is a little more interesting, too. He also has his own brand of hot sauce, called Griego gringo bandito it has sold over a million bottles and is available in over 500 restaurants and 7000 stores and his top ranked on I've been trying to get my hands on one of these bottles for a while but uh, yeah, this guy's a friggin genius. My my molecular biology Yeah. And like, he's like, I didn't know about the him graduate, graduating valedictorian. But like, he like, he's like, oh, like, I'm doing this and I can get my PhD and he's like, Oh, wait, my band just released? Yeah. So we're gonna do that. But it reminds

me not on my list. But Brian May guitars for queens.

He's on my list. Yeah, I'll let you do that. Okay, well, we can all share it. Once we get

Yeah, yeah. Once we get there we can we can jump into that. So.

Yeah, okay. Y'all want to try a beer and then start us off? Yeah, so Frank, I'm gonna get a beer for you. Okay, I guess it's dad joke time. Oh, here we go.

Have you ever heard about the place that makes just okay, products? No, it's called the satisfactory

that's a good one. So just for that. Here's a new non alcoholic brew for you. Hopefully you've never had it before. Tell me if you have not on the show. Okay. Oh, not on the show. No, not on the

show. Coffee cream. Yeah, I think it was like like on a beach trip or something really, really good. Yeah, this is the good one. I remember from what I remember. It was really good. Sweet. Well, we

can try it again. Well, Timmy, I have never had a so yeah, then for Kim Britt and I I have one from oh my god wasn't in this brewery again. independence. They make Britt's favorite red bud. Yeah, the key which one which we haven't found now Tim likes it to haven't gone to

total wine I have drawn I was there last week and it's nowhere to be found. Really? Yeah. I wonder if maybe they're not doing it this year. It's killing me that and the fact that you can't find melon cart right now. Only mango cart.

You want the micelle? No. Okay. So, so what I got for us is from the same brewery that makes that this is called peach emoji peach tea sour. This is a Let me see what's a bb 6.5% ABV. Brett you got a monster like all right. So we're gonna taste this. Let's see what this looks like.

This is peach tea. Peach tea sour sour. Yeah, so a lot of things Yeah. Okay.

You know when I first got it I saw the peach and I thought that's just what it was. Yeah, and then I didn't notice that it was a peach tea sour Didn't we have a tea? Beer recently did and that was not good because we think it was a hard seltzer but this is not this is a this is this is a beer well we Okay, this is actually a beer thing which one was the one that we had were you set the website? Yeah, that one. But us You said that the website said it was a hard seltzer but it didn't say it on the can. Anyways. Yeah, I heard that episode again because I had to edit it. But anyways, um, so so hopefully So hopefully this doesn't taste bad, because I want Kim to have some nice tasting beers this episode. Because it's her birthday. Yeah, cuz it's her birthday episode. So I'm gonna write Frank's on here so he can read it for the show. I'm gonna write ours on here so we can read it. You know what? can go ahead and taste this first? Oh, oh, that's Frankie's beer. Oh, that's Oh, yeah, I was gonna say this one, but Oh, alright. Thanks for your first since Frank said it was good.

Yeah, it's a non alcoholic. What is it well being? Yeah, well being coffee cream brew. Like that. No. Well, oh, no. I mean, they have to like coffee. A lot. It's got a nice coffee flavor to it. Yeah, I think that's not bad. I'm not super into coffee. Like I have to be in the mood for it. But this is good. I mean, it's got like a nice little creaminess to it.

I think, Kim, it's probably also bad that we were just drinking like a raspberry sour.

Some rap snacks and my mouth. Pineapple. Also, yeah, these are all so Kim. What do you give it? Oh, man, I'm gonna have to wait for that taste again in my mouth to taste that. Only because this taste is so strong. Yeah, it's like,

I mean, it wasn't that strong that it doesn't it's not lingering. Yeah. Well did it for me when I guess like

2.82 point, okay. 2.8 No, no, no. It has lactose. It has to be less than this one. So okay. Okay. 2.3 I give it I like coffee. Taste of five cups of coffee in the morning. Yeah, I broke our coffee maker. Okay, the three like a 3.1 call like a 3.1 minute go to two. Okay. I think I'm sorry. What do you give me? Yeah, I'm gonna go the four. Okay. Oh, like, you know, cuz they're nice and

well, I was just thinking like, if I wanted to start my day off with with some coffee. I would go I would go this route also because I do happen to like cold pressed coffee. Yeah. yet strong and shit, but it's good. And this is pretty good. And I like the creaminess to it. And interesting thing is that the coffee for this one is provided by Mississippi mud Coffee Roasters.

Okay? It's good. I mean, I don't I don't not like it. I like my coffee a little sweeter. So yeah. Have you put sugar in it? Yeah, maybe if I put some stevia. Oh,

alright, so I guess let's try the peach beer cameo and try the pitch. Because I don't think you don't taste it anymore. Okay, please, please. Fingers crossed, please. I hope it doesn't taste bad. I'm not a big fan of peach. Okay, but I mean, it's peach tea. I like peach tea a lot. I don't know if you like peach tea.

I like my cheese and sweet. It's hard to find. unsweetened THC. That's not bad. Really. It's not bad. Thank

you. I don't taste tea, but I don't eat the pizza that I did like was the lone syrupy. I don't know if it was the coffee. But I taste just sour. Yeah, yeah, they've all just been sour. I don't really taste peach or tea either.

It's just sour. Like maybe a little peach. But no,

I think maybe tea at the end. Like you know how tea has this kind of an aftertaste like unsweet tea. Yeah. Not bad. Not good. Not bad. No. It's weird. I'm gonna have to give it out to me. No, I would not seek it out. The same as the other one. I'd give it like a 2.5 because remember, was it the lobster peach one? Yeah, that one was good.

Very 2.5 when I brought that other peach one tonight, so we can Okay, we can try that. What do you give this one? I'm going I'm gonna stick with you Maria. Yeah, it's nothing special.

2.2 point nine that's fine. No, I do the same thing. Sometimes I get like with IPAs, I'm like oh, let me taste it Oh, let me taste it and I forget three Yeah, actually it's

not bad I just don't taste what it says it's supposed to have Yeah,

that's one thing I don't like about it either but I just share it with me because I don't I don't okay yeah as long as as long as it doesn't taste bad to me then I'm fine but i'll i'll deduct points for it not saying you know me for it not tasting though. It's supposed to taste rightly. Alright, so with those beers out the way Frank what's what's next on your list?

So next time I list I have Duff McKagan. Oh, I didn't not see him anywhere. basis for guns, roses and silver. Well involve a revolver and he had the short lived band right up Guns and Roses caught loaded. Oh, I remember they released like one album. Yeah. And then they broke up. He's the bomb guy. Long guy. And axle. blonder guy. The other blonde.

That not stringy hair. Yeah. Super chubby blonde. Alright, that was really chubby too. It's cool.

Well outside of outside of music outside of music, he is a writer and a financial adviser. It's interesting, because I, you know, you would think writer, that's cool, but he's a financial adviser. But I'll get into that. Well, at least

he wasn't a successful band and unsuccessful man. I'd be like, if we were taking advice from MC hammers, I mean,

yeah, yeah. No, don't do that. But yeah, he's written two books. And I know biography called it's so easy and other lies and another book called How to Be a man. But it gets it's a natural thing, right? for writers, for artists to become writers, right? I mean, if they're gonna write their autobiographies, and then they'll be like, Oh, you know, I think I like writing so I'm gonna keep with that. So he's he's released two books. I think he's done some acting some small time acting here and there. He's He's, he's had some minor roles. And the financial advisor part. That makes sense to me, just considering that Guns and Roses are like a super mega successful band. And he founded the meridian rock. I think it's just called meridian rock. And it's a wealth management firm that educates musicians on their finances, and how not to fuck up basically. Oh, that's, that's okay. Cool. That's good. Yeah, because I never heard that. Because if you think about it, I mean, Guns and Roses, you know, almost like, overnight success, you know, they just blew up and got really, really big. And I can just imagine being a young guy in a super successful band, and you have all loads of money, like, what do you do with it? Don't buy drugs, don't buy all these fucking cars. You don't need Yeah. But it's

the same for like athletes and all kinds of folks who like come from not much and then end up with tons of money, and they don't know how to handle it. That they learned. Yeah, he's a prime example of notice. You know, what happens when

you don't know what to do? But I mean, there's been rock artists who have been in the same situation, too. And yeah, no, yeah, the same

is true of lottery winners who end up bankrupt, you know, just a few years after they win the lottery. Because I mean, it's like when you go from nothing to shipped on. Yeah. And you don't know what to do with it. Yeah, you need advice? Yeah. And I

think it's cool though, because, you know, if you're a musician, getting advice from another musician on how to manage your finances, like, it makes sense, because it's not just some other guy telling you what not to do, like, it's someone who's actually been in your shoes is telling you what to do with that. And just to branch off on that a little bit, I'm going to jump into my next person. Joe Escalante, the basis for the vandals, who is an entertainment lawyer, also in the same manner ensures that musicians don't get screwed over with contracts. Because a lot of times, you know, you read contracts, you don't really read the fine print. You're just excited that you're getting a deal. So you sign away, only to discover three albums down the road, that there's some fine print, you didn't read and now you're

Yeah, the contract better say like, hey, if I'm picking up the sound guy, I better get extra money.

Yeah. But yeah,

definitely, yes. He's an entertainment lawyer. And also, he was a part time judge for the Supreme Court Supreme Court for the Superior Court in LA. Okay, yeah. So so for LA is a superior court. He was a temporary judge, and he had an unsuccessful political run for a permanent seat in the, in the court. He lost but, you know, outside of music, yeah. He's an entertainment lawyer. And eventually, you know, every now and then he'll sit in at the Superior Court, which is cool. I guess,

a funny side story. It's kind of related to that. But so one time I got called for jury duty, right. So I went to jury duty and I'm there and I had this cool judge, he's there and I'm like, Man is gonna be a fucking boring day. He's like, all right, everybody's like, just want to introduce you introduce myself to you guys. And you know, I don't want it to be a boring day for you guys want to try to get you out of here, you know, as fast as possible. And he's like, let me tell you a little about myself. He was saying that like he was a drummer in a band and then like, he was like in this like band like years ago, but like, they got back together and they're playing again. I was like,

playing don't get picked

up but yeah, I forgot his name, but like he was he was pretty cool. And it just that just was super cool. Yeah, it wasn't the jars on back. I know. What's his name, ma'am? But if I if I look them up, I could tell you but I'll look him up after the show. Yeah, but uh, yeah, he's a drummer. But anyways, funny but interesting. Do you have anything else on those lawyers? Because that was interesting. I

didn't know about those guys. No, nothing else on lawyers matters. Nothing else matters

nothing else matters. I'm gonna start the intro with nothing else matters was yeah instrumental version. Just kidding I'm not sued

no no for free now that's that's Yeah. Okay, Bret.

Well, I was going to talk about Brian May, but we can do that later. But Greg grafen from Bad Religion, okay. has one of his books. He got the two degrees undergraduate degrees from UCLA and anthropology and geology. Got a master's in geology also from UCLA and then he got a doctorate in Xu ology from Cornell.

Oh, wow. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, that's like, a lot of education. Yeah, that is

like, you could do stuff with that. Yeah. Like, cuz you know how, like, there's some degrees in here like, yeah, like, you can't really do share with them some talking shit about my English degree. No, you know, like, that's like, I'm talking about like, fine arts or something. Anyways, Oh, that's cool. Like those? don't even remember it. Yeah. Don't even go there.

I guess to double back on the lawyer thing. This is my hangover.

Wait, wait, let me just backtrack. So I just want to say that I was going to school and my degree was going to be in music. Yeah. And I was not gonna be able to use that for anything. I really don't think I was that's why I stopped going. What I was going to be able to use was the business degree that I've gotten from that. But yeah, I mean, I was pretty much bashing myself on that one.

degrees that you can get that are like, music and business related, like yeah, which was mine. Oh, yeah. Mine

was music and business. Yeah. But like, I was like, why? If I would have gotten the music one on its own. I honestly believe that I wouldn't have been able to do anything with it. But I would have used the business. I don't want to I don't want to teach me snow. I do want to. I don't want to teach other like people but it's just hard for me to like, explain to people how I do things. Yeah. Anyways, sorry, Frank. I don't mean to cut you off. I was just trying to explain why I wasn't bashing her. I was bashing me. No.

We're talking about lawyers. And a band that broke up I got back together gang is Tron.

It sounds funny. Yeah, I don't know. Monkey Bars. I'm weird. Like a like Japanese funk metal band.

That only five people know only five people you know? Yeah. Pretty much.

But yeah, no, I mean, like, metal, punk metal. Yeah, gang is Tron. Some of their members became lawyers too. But who's in this band? Alina. like doing? Like, where are they? Are they still active? Are they? Yeah, they just they just future? No, I mean, they're from like, different like 2008 on up. Okay. So future and they broke up after two albums. And they all went and got real jobs. Were they from a couple of them are lawyers. I'm not sure where the front but I think they're like in the whole. Like, if I remember correctly, I think I think they're like in that. I could be wrong, but I think they're in that Nintendo core. Okay. Okay. Yeah, kind of some type of genre. So that's, so that's what they do. And then they decided didn't want to be nerds anymore. I guess there still are nerds. Some of them went to law school. We don't want to be nerds in this band anymore. So we're gonna go back. nerds where there aren't where they're comfortable. In the band. Yeah, that's so yeah, so that was my hangover from five minutes ago. Okay.

Thanks, Frankie. Whose turn was it? This Kim? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay, so I'm gonna go on here for the beer. Yeah.

Frank, I'm not sure if you have him on my on your list. Yeah. If not, then I can talk about him. Bruce Dickinson. Yeah, but you can. Okay. Yeah, if I missed anything, let me know. Okay, so Bruce Dickinson, if you guys don't know he wants more cowbell? No, I'm just kidding. He's a vocalist. He's the iconic vocalist for Iron Maiden. He's been iron maidens vocalist since 82, but he's been a vocalist since the 70s. Bruce Dickinson is actually a pilot. It's a very, it's a very experienced pilot. Dickenson learn to fly recreationally in Florida in the 1990s. And now he holds an airline transport. pilot's license. He regularly flew a Boeing 757 as a captain for British charter airline astraeus I don't think they exist anymore. I think they went out of business. In 2011 he launched an aircraft maintenance business called Cardiff aviation limited. So he was like so into this like aircraft stuff in this so this is where it gets more interesting. In 2008 2009 four iron maidens somewhere back in time World Tour, he pilot he piloted iron means chartered 757 dubbed Air Force, Ed Force One. So if you guys don't know Eddie is a iron maidens mascot, and they named the plane ad for Swan, which is pretty cool. Yeah, yeah. They specifically converted it to carry the band's equipment between continents, which led to a documentary film called The Iron Maiden called iron maiden flight 666. Dude, how badass is that? Like, it's one thing to be in a band right? and be like, a singer or like a guitarist and be like, Hey, guys, don't worry. I'll drive the band from like, here to, you know, Washington or wherever. But like, this guy's all like, dude, I'll fly a fucking 757 Yeah, I'll fly all the bands gear and fuckin stage shit across the Atlantic and our grandma and our grandpa. Like, looking badass. Is that like, That's fucking sick. That

is cool. One thing I've wondered though, is when they tour like the US. Are they also flying? Or do they land in one spot and induces a tour bus or something? I'm

sure Bruce is flying that or he's flying cuz I heard I think somewhere that he was flying by himself to other shows that like we're like the band was taking a bus. That's a massive plane to fly. Oh, yes. No, no, no, no. 757 but he was playing like another plane. Oh, yeah. To fly like to other. I don't know if that's true or not. I thought that's what I heard. So then again in? No, he just he just went up to everybody. Yeah, he wasn't here. He definitely did. So in 2016, for the book of souls world tour, the band upgraded to a Boeing 747 400 jumbo jet. In order for him to fly that he had to get a different license because the plane upgraded, so not so then he got another booking license. So that's like us trying to get a license to drive an 18 Wheeler or something. Like he basically upgraded it to fly this jumbo jet. So that was in 2016. I was like five years ago in 2013 Iron Maiden, so this is a side thing. Aside from the aircraft stuff. 2013 Iron Maiden collaborated with Robinsons brewery and Stockport to create trooper Ale, which we had one of our past episodes. Dickinson actually helped formulate that recipe with the head Brewer from that brewery. So not only does he do that, but he's also a writer. He's written books and stuff too. And he also does stuff in radio and he did stuff for TV in the UK, too. So he does like stuff like that on the site too. But mainly, like, this guy's a pilot, like he's been a pilot since like, the 90s. Yeah, since like the 90s. And he just like likes to fly planes. He also joined this group in Britain, I believe, where they do like World War Two. What are they called the reenactments of like the plane, like the air show, the air show. He's actually part of a group that does that, too. So like, and of course, they have songs that reference flying to one of them's Aces High and like flight of Icarus and stuff like that. But um, ya know, Bruce Dickinson was on my other ones, and I don't know how many people know that but he's a very, very fucking experienced pilot.

Yeah, speaking of speaking of air shows, this person is not on my list, but just throw it in there. Till Lindemann of Ramstein he is because of the the air show that they're named after. He's a licensed Pyro technician. And this course one of them in the bed. Yeah. And this happened because I think they were playing a show in Germany at some club. And they had really bad Pyro going on. And I think like part of the stage burnt or something, the band kept playing. But you know, the road crew had to go out there and put the fire out. So he was like, you know, I'm just gonna go get licensed and make sure that nobody dies while doing this. That's so everything you see all the fire and everything. I mean, that's that's all his thinking. And that's all under his direction.

That's pretty cool, though to have someone in the band like connected to that where you know, like, okay, I trust trust this guy. Yeah. And also to if you piss them off here, we're like, Fuck, I don't wanna play show. Put a pirate under my fucking early. So I guess we'll try another beer. And then we'll go into Frank. So this is beer that Britt brought to the show. And I think we've had this before. I don't think we've had it. To gather I think we had it separate. I don't think so. I don't think so either. So I'm gonna read a little bit more. Have you got this one on your own Britain? First time, I don't think it's a bad beer from what I remember. But I'm not teaching I'm gonna go ahead and let you try it first and then I'll have can refresh your memory on this because I know Kim and I definitely had it but I on honestly don't remember what we read it. I don't remember this at all. Yeah, it's, it's, it's definitely on the list. There's two different versions of this. of this we're not gonna taste phF it's it's Martin. How sour isn't it? It is so sour. So I didn't explain the beer guys I'm sorry. This is second second this is Parker county peach limited edition sour peach beer 5.2% ABB ABV? This is for Martin house Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Texas.

I mean, it tastes peach. Okay, me taste the beginning and the back and the back as well. It's like Oh, no sour No,

I taste peach and the sour. I like it a lot. I don't remember what I read it last time but I give it like a for better than the point. Yeah, cuz you actually taste the beach.

Yeah, I give us the initial sip is really harsh and sour comes in.

And again and again. If you don't like peach, then you're not gonna like it. I don't think it's a lag does it? Now these usually say that that now this one does seem to fall from limited. Um, now I give it like a 4.7 I mean, it's not it's not bad to sour if you can get past it. The peaches there. Yeah, go if I go with 4.7

I'm going to go 3.54 point. Okay. I love sours. And I like sport, okay, for it's just not my favorite.

Because, because it and you know what's weird to me is that it was birthday. So yeah, she's collectible. Like, so like, I like peach tea. And to me that tastes more like peach tea than this did. Yeah. Because that that one didn't have much. Yeah. Yeah, didn't have much dumped that one. We can share this one. No, that's fine. I'll

drink that. It's weird to me too. Because independent makes like usually the stuff that we drink of theirs, which are the red buds, the red buds usually half labor and kind of surprised it doesn't get in but Oh, yeah, we'll go on Frank. What else you got on your list?

So this one's a bit of a curveball. It's a it's a technicality. technicality. It's just one of those like, WTF okay. Vanilla Ice. Oh, that's a good one. Yeah, he's a he's a home flipper. And SeaWorld performer. You got him? Yeah, he's

a house flipper. And he's got a I don't know if he still does a show on DIY network called the vanilla ice project. I think that's like, what it was like. One season. Yeah. But apparently he had like 15 years experience prior to the show taking off on on house flipping. Well, shit. We all know he needed a day job because, well, SeaWorld.

Either that or he needed to take that other guy's class on money management. Well, yeah.

Well, you know, he had that other show, too. Right. that we talked about. He also had one about the no ice like goes Amish. And he tried to like he was like working with like on like, Amish reality show. Oh my god. Yeah.

It was like a like it was celebrities. Yeah. Big, big brothers. Something like that. But Ron Jeremy was with. Oh, it sounds familiar. his big brother. Right? I don't know. This was a VH. One one. Yes. There's like a CBS thing Celebrity Big Brother. No. Let me see. I'm looking for the surreal like this. There you go. There you go. Same basically Big Brother. Yeah. Okay. Like Yeah, but yeah. Oh, Verne Troyer. Isn't that Oh, yeah. Little Guy. But yeah. Rob Van Winkle. Yes. His name. Oh, yeah. I

was like, that's his name. He was nerd. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. But I mean, I don't know. Nice. Seems like a nice Rob. He seems cool. Robin.

We think his parents would stay away with anything with our because of the Van Winkle. So it didn't sound like maybe they tried to lean towards that.

I don't know. No, but I mean, would y'all want to have your house flipped by a vanilla ice shed? I mean, if he's gone, she experienced.

I'm not gonna be prejudiced against him. Just because dude, if he brings Oh, Queen and David Bowie song. Yeah. If he brings the turtles Dude, I could just

imagine him showing up to your house. He's like, go hammer.

MC Hammer comes down and get my property. Like one simulation, you have to read the turtles. Yeah. And do the dance. Oh, man. So regret not going to that show. But anyways, it was at that carova Well, I don't know what it was before before. That's right. That's right. That's right. What was it called before? I always forget before it was curl before that. It was covered in Maya, Maya Yes. Yeah. But anyways, Thank God you have such a good memory. Yeah, go there anymore. Thank you. But I feel like all the time. Yeah. Not by choice.

I feel like

we were there more than you were but you were there a lot of times versus if you were in the basement. There like all the downtime. I

think we only played

Okay, don't twice maybe I think we played there twice. And that's because they'll

sucked because but downstairs was hell because downstairs was punk.

Oh yeah, super DIY Sure. Whatever I got also super stinky. Yeah, it was there was a upstairs there. Yeah.

It looks it looks like they rarely like

used it like also be cuz I like called the right place. How the mainstage was set up the top one like it looked like they just use it for storage. Like it looked like shit. Like we

saw Peter Murphy there. I mean, it was like, I mean, ice rider never saw. The I don't know who else showed up at this stage is definitely not nice. Right age. No one would I remember this get on the stage. You know what I mean? from the from the crowd view?

Yeah, we will from from my time is playing there. Like in previous previous years. I've used to play Ruta Maya. And the stage is just, you know, like a four foot high concrete. concrete. Yeah, it's like a wooden. Yeah, I remember what well, it was concrete from what I remember the first few times we played there.

Okay. So I was thinking about the wrong place. I'm sorry. I wasn't there. I was at another place that I was there too many times.

Let's say it was concrete. And then I think probably people complained about the acoustics and they started putting a I think they they put wood panels, like wood tile to bring out the acoustics a bit more. But no, I don't remember

what was the name of that place. We played a lot. in Ventura. That's the place where I was like, I know what she's thinking. But I couldn't remember the name of the play they've seen but yeah, so I liked it. Better, but it was not. It wasn't big. That's why I didn't like about Ventura is it was small. I liked it. It was like a actual venue. It was intended

for that purpose. Yeah, like I had a bar sandwich shop or a bowling alley or whatever. Like Josie the Pussycats. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry. No, sorry. I digress. So with that said, Frank, would you I mean, Frank Britt, what you got here. Okay. So I already knew about this one. And I think Frankie knew about this one. But I'm just reading from the book because I don't know the dude's name. But his name is Peter Garrett. For Midnight Oil deal. Remember Midnight Oil? Yes, I do. And I saw him on a list, but I didn't. Okay. For Midnight Oil, their most famous song as beds are burning. They're from Australia. And all their music was very political about the Aboriginal population and very much like in favor of, you know, giving back their land and things like that. And so he became a politician in Australia. And this says that in 2004, he was elected to Australia's parliament. And in 2007, he was appointed to the Minister appointed the Minister for the Environment, heritage and the arts. And as this guy puts it, he's like the bondo of Australia only with actual power and responsibility. But but like actually doing shit, not just complaining about it, but he so he, he did it after the man though, right? Because they didn't he didn't I don't think he was he had a career in politics during the band. Wow. But afterwards, and Oh, yeah. But I mean, obviously very political. I mean, like, all their songs are very much No, that definitely that definitely counts as crazy. Yeah, they have. I mean, all their songs are very political. Yeah.

So that guy, cool. No, I saw him on the list. I just didn't write them down. Kim. No, right. Okay, so I got one y'all can jump in. I don't want no you're good. Brian, me. Okay. You mentioned him earlier. Yeah, go for it. I didn't know this, but he's a fucking astrophysicist. Yeah, crazy. So Brian, man, for those of you don't know, I got this information off of Wikipedia. He is the guitarist for Queen and he's been the guitarist for queens since the 70s. On 2007 he earned a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College London, ours and was Chancellor of Liverpool john Moores University from 2008 to 2013. Yeah, that's fucking crazy, right. He was also a science team collaborator with NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission. So he actually collaborated with the with the team that worked on that New Horizons Pluto mission. And then this is also just a little side Fun fact. He has an asteroid named after him. called Five to 665 Brian May Oh, cool. Brian May one word

well and he was going to K was coming up for me earlier when you were talking about was the offspring but like discontinued his work on his PhD. And then came back to it later because Brian May stopped his work on his PhD in the 70s and then came back and finished it in 2007 with his doctoral thesis called a survey of radial velocities and the zodiacal dust cloud. Oh shit, that sounds bad. So, again, he took he took some time off in order to focus on the band, and then came back to it and finally got it later. That's pretty cool. I think so, um, does this not look like an astrophysicist? He looks like an astrophysicist. Right? He looks like a wizard. Be Mario. Looks like he looks like he should be in English. But he doesn't even have to wear the waves, right?

Like he was like part of the Salem witch trials. No, I just saw that picture. And I was like, he looks like the sides and put Mario's face. Oh, I'll do that. Well, speaking of someone who took a break, and then came back, this was one it was a kind of a throwaway one because, well, I'll

explain they Billy Roth, David Lee Roth, Frankie from 2004 to 2006. He worked as an EMT in training, becoming to become a paramedic, but it didn't pan out. Yeah. And then he ended up going back to Van Halen. So yes, it's

too hard. But imagine him working on like, on it, like on somebody like he hasn't the fibular He's like, Oh, yeah.

I can't imagine him like doing like, I couldn't imagine him like or like take him seriously. Like I would think him like seeing like, jump or something.

Like answer a call to like a person on a building about might as well Joe.

Oh my god, but yeah, so David Lee Roth was on my list for someone who took a break to do something for fun or that was like No, I think Natalie for a reality show. I Oh, no, it wasn't I think he really wanted to do it. But he So from what I read, he was like on over 500 like ambulance rides like in a lot of hours. Yeah, he did. And but he nothing ever came out of it. I guess he ended up not even. I guess either. He wasn't into it. I because I read too much into it. But he either wasn't into it. Or he just wasn't working out doing it. Yeah. But I couldn't imagine him being a paramedic. It would be weird to be in an ambulance being worked like to see him like the doors open up and he's like, yeah, like, all right. Yeah. Like I'm just in jail. Am I gonna die? Yeah. Um, but yeah, David Lee Roth. Right. I got one more on my list. So y'all, y'all guys can go

Yeah, I've got one more on my official list. But this is my other just say official. Yeah. Okay. So I've got one more my official list. All right, we got more beer. And one more on my non official list. We talked about Brian May. astrophysicists and whatnot. Smart dude. But the cool thing was, he took a break from school for almost 40 years, got, you know, to focus on Queen because, you know, same thing happened was Queen I just released an album. He's like, I'm gonna ditch school, and I'm gonna do the band thing a little bit. And, yeah, you know, almost 40 years later, he re registered for school and whatever credits he had, he just picked up on those. And that's crazy. How old was he? Do you know how old he was when he picked up? Probably like in his early 60s or something? That's crazy. But that's cool. I mean, to say that, you know, you have a degree in astrophysics. Yeah. Yeah, that's

great. And I mean, he worked with NASA. crazy not to like you put that shit to use. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Interesting thing to note is one of Marilyn Manson's former keyboardists was offered a job at NASA for having a super high IQ of like, 180 something. But he turned it down because he wanted to play keyboards. Okay, I mean, that's cool. Dude, what was the name? Do you know the name of this? Yeah, the performer. Yeah, give me the performance. The performer name is Madonna, Wayne Gacy. But his birth name is Steven Gregory beer. Poor guy. I feel like he got the short end of the thing, right. Yeah, but the cool thing about that was when he joined the band, he did not know how to play keyboards at all. And he went and bought himself like a Casio keyboard and a week later pretty much mastered the whole thing. I guess that just goes to show like, how intelligent this dude is. Yeah. Oh, shit. Yeah, he mastered it. That's fucking crazy. I was like, dude, if you can master a keyboard in a week, like why did you go get a job at NASA? Imagine we could have mastered it.

But you know, just some people like they're like, man. Like, like what you feel called to like I met. I. This is crazy, too. I can think of two in my head. I've met two musicians who are fucking Awesome in my time of playing music, and they're like, No, I'm gonna do this instead because they wanted to. And I was like, well, you're such a fun amazing like musician like you could if you stuck here did this. And I thought they were and they didn't and they ended up doing something else. You know, they that's what they wanted to do. And I was like, Alright, cool. I mean, whatever but yeah, some people just want to, you know, they're good at a lot of stuff and they just stick to one thing. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, anyways, right? What you got?

I guess I'll just have this be my last guy But Thomas Dolby. Yeah, Tom told me it was like, electronic 80s New Wave guy. His most famous song is she blinded me with science. Okay, yeah. There you go. But I guess he's considered in by some folks as like a one hit wonder. I mean, I guess technically he probably is. But I mean, of course, had a lot more music but he ended up it says that he is the founder of numerous computerized audio companies, and has written and adapted hundreds of cell phone ring tones. The Casio ones. I'm just kidding. A Nokia. Yes, indeed. So every time you hear that shit, that's Thomas Dolby. composition. Wow. Yeah. So he has, of course made fat bank off of that, but just so you know, blind. She blinded me with science. Same guy. Yeah. I didn't mean to say. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, sure. That's the Motorola one. No, that's the Nokia works. Yeah. So there you go. I mean, he apparently did a lot of that. That's crazy.

Uh huh. Okay, so my last one. I guess this was for Brett. I don't know. We kind of talked about it briefly. one episode. I don't remember how much we said about it. But my last one is Billy Corgan. All right. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. He's been the vocalist for Smashing Pumpkins since 88. He's a big time wrestling fan. He loves pro wrestling. So much so that in 2017, he became older, older owner also became older. He became owner. Well, because I saw oldest here, he became owner of the oldest pro wrestling promotion company called NWA, which is the National Wrestling Alliance. So he still owns that from what I've seen. Then from 2015 to 2016. He was also the president of TNA which, which was Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. TNA doesn't exist anymore. I think it's called something else. Now. I think it's called Impact Wrestling. It's gone through like several names over the years. But he was actually the president. He actually appeared regularly on TV as the president of TNA. So this was like, I remember this. Yeah, this was for like, only a year. Did he dress up or anything? I think he was just more like the, the president like, ya know, like, kind of like Vince McMahon was like, you know, he didn't really dress up. He was like the suit. But they still like talk trash. Yeah, they still try. Yeah, they still talk shit. Yeah. But yeah, so he did that. And he's still he's still I still see him post stuff about wrestling on on social media and stuff, because I follow like, all the bands that were fans of, I pretty much try to follow all the bands on the podcast Instagram, and I'm mainly on that like, pretty much all the time. Okay, so Um, but yeah, like he still post stuff about wrestling and he's interesting. wrestling fan pro wrestling fan. Who did that right. Billy Corgan? Yeah. That's pretty good. Yeah. in a million years. Yeah. Frank, that was all that was all of my list. I don't know. It's all up to Frank now.

Yeah. Okay. So one more official. Okay. I promise. Cuz we're talking about bald dudes. Right. Bobby? Oh, yeah. He, uh, he launched. He launched a couple of cafes, I think in California, and I know that in New York, and when he wasn't touring, he would go and work there. You know, his regular nine to five when he wasn't touring. So that was cool. Talked about Yes. Imagine that. You know, just thinking just walking in and go get a latte in movies, your barista? That's great. picture that though. You get injured and David Lee Roth. Yeah, man. That's hilarious. He did that for a handful of years. And I think he left like all that, like in the 2010 or something like that. So he doesn't do that anymore thing. He just solely focuses on music. And also doesn't he have something to do with that meditating app? Yes, yeah.

I think he created music for that app. mindspace as far as on my screen, I think so. I think so. Yeah, I

read about that. Yeah, I think he released an album that was exclusively of a But just on mindspace That's it. Yeah. But now back to my official list. Oh, here we go. This one I thought was pretty cool and unexpected, I guess, career choice. Dan Spitz, former guitarist for anthrax is a world renowned watchmaker. Oh, what the fuck? Yeah. Cool. And he has both Swiss and American degrees and luxury, mechanical and micro mechanical engineering. That's, that's, well, yeah, that's impressive. Yeah. And he is a certified watchmaker. instructor for the Swiss watch company show part. I was hoping you were gonna say swatch.

Which, you know, that's crazy, too. Because, like, you have something like that, that I feel like a lot of people don't get into. So it's one of those things where, like, if you do it, like you're gonna get money to do that job because like, there's not a lot of people that Yeah, so that's, that's fucking great. That's really cool. Yeah.

And I think I remember reading some years back that he, I mean, he liked playing music I like I think he still plays music and stuff. But what back when he was an anthrax, you know, he pretty much since I hinted at, you know, pretty much saying, you know, anthrax is like my little side project, like, my main thing is Oh, wow, is watchmaking. Holy shit. That's crazy, you know? But yeah, you know, who would have thought I love it? Was he in the band when they wrote that song time? Maybe? that inspired? You know, what makes so much sense.

I'm gonna look that up. I'm gonna see if he was in the band when they when they wrote that. Yeah, he wrote that song.

On the playlist. He still does music. He's not in anthrax anymore. I think he's got a he's, he's he's got a band. I think it's called something. I'm not gonna say names. I don't even know what Yeah, but yeah, so he does add, he's like, the occasional musician. But yeah, watchmaking is his main thing and he's also a certified instructor in watchmaking. So, Damn,

that's cool. Cool, good stuff. All right. So Britain, did you have anything else that you want to say from your book? Are you good? I'm good. Okay. So if we have any hang over, we'll talk about it next. Yeah. So we're going to be off next week. So then we'll be back the week after right. Okay, so we'll do that. And I'll talk to you guys about the next episodes where that I have written down so that we can do and then of course, you guys will see it on Instagram. I guess. So I guess with all that said, we'll see you guys in a couple of weeks. Yeah, thank you guys for all the listens, because we're actually going to hit 1100 downloads. Nice. Awesome. I'm like very close. But um, yeah, so we'll see you guys in a couple of weeks. Hope you guys liked the episode. Go to Spotify. Listen the playlist. And yeah, cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Bye night. Good day.

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