Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 40 - Bands We Broke Up With

July 17, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 40
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 40 - Bands We Broke Up With
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This episode, we rant.
Well, some of us.
We discuss bands that we were once fans of, but then at some point, decided not to follow any longer, for reasons we get into.
We also try some more craft beers, half of which were great, and half of which were not so great.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer music. So every episode, we try different craft beers. We rate them, we discuss them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. Frank was today's music related topic artists we've denounced? I think we should call it artists we've broken up with Oh, that's a that's a good one. Okay. Artists are this or that you have a complicated relationship? Yes. Yeah. We've


Yeah, I didn't need to talk that out. But yeah.

But, uh, so this all came from a conversation, which we'll get into again, I'm probably gonna have a hard time thinking of all the points that I said before. But yeah, so one of my favorite rounds, I said, No more, you know, I'm not going to support you guys anymore, from here on out. But I know, Frank had texted me yesterday or something and said, is denouncing, what are we doing? Like denouncing or canceling? And I was like, what's the difference? And so he was, so he explained to me, and I was like, it's the same topic. So you know, whether you cut the band off completely, or whether you're doing what I'm doing, and you're still listening to their stuff before the point of you, you know, saying that's enough, then you know, but I know everyone's gonna have their own stories and stuff. So it'll be kind of interesting. But usually, we kick off the show with two little segments. One is, what are we drinking? Are we talking about what we're drinking before we get into our crazy beers? And then the other one is hangover. So do you guys have any hangover? Because? I don't

know, necessarily. I don't. I think we thought of one this week. But then I think it's based on the book.

Title, like a song, I mean, a band based on a book and so we'll save that. If we ever remember what it was. We'll save it. I I it's funny when I asked that question to you guys all the time. Because I feel like Frank tries to think of something on the spot. Don't like you don't have.

Because I know I see. I'm thinking every time I ask that question. Yeah, dude, you know, you're good. came

from anything are in between shows anything y'all came across? Not show related that y'all want to talk about?

From when we didn't haven't seen each other? No, no? Okay, I guess we can go into what we're drinking that. I mean, this has nothing to do with it. But I was just thinking about, I think I mentioned that last episode briefly, like bands named after mythical creatures or something. Oh, yeah, we did. We did. We talked about it like or tried to figure it out. And I don't I don't know if it's really a mythical creature. But I thought about wolf mother.

I don't know. Is a wolf is a wolf mother thing. I mean, I mean, a mother wolf. Their mother wolves. Yeah. I don't know about a wolf mother. Frank Frank. Yeah.

Frankie's technicalities. Yeah, that he loves so much. Well, I mean, it does sound like something. I don't know. Well, we'll ask them. I'll email them. See, we won't get a response, but I'll email them probably. Yeah. So I guess we can go into what what are we drinking? I'll ask Frank. Yes, Frank. Are you drinking? I'm just drinking at dopa Chico lime flavor. Okay. I haven't had one of those in a while. They're good. Uh, yeah, I've been we've kind of been wanting to try the double Chico hartshill but I'm scared because I don't like art. salters Yeah. And I haven't seen any singles. I've only seen like the cases. I'm like, I don't want to buy a case of the Lone Star. Yeah.

Which would be interesting. But yeah, I didn't want


messed up even though we got an Ansel we messed up what we committed to the case those shiner ones Yeah, that was those were on sale. You did try those right. Did we give you one of these? Oh, which? I can't remember what flavors they were. One was the watermelon tasted like shit. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, that wasn't one of the seltzers that was a that was a beer. Oh, that was a beer you right? It was a shorter beer. But I don't think I had any of the shiner salts. Oh. And she was like, Oh, that's right. Nevermind. We haven't either. Wait. Oh, yes. We I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It was a long time ago. Any drink though. Okay. It's no

no, it was. Yeah. So they had like, what was like a cherry one or something? It was this way, whatever. You know what you can do to get a single What? Well, maybe

Don't do this, but you probably can do it is just tear into a six pack and then go and find like a label and then just like stick it on there. Yeah, just damage the six pack of like, Oh yeah, you could accidentally drop it and be like, Yeah, something happened.

Take it out of inventory and break it up, I think. Yeah, right. I think the

the sign on that was that it was for sale. I think the key is if there's any beers for sale not to get on because most likely, they're expired or Whoa, most or that or they're not selling because they taste like shit. Okay, yeah, but no, no, no, no, not to buy cheap cheap beers with the sticker on?

Well, unless you go to a bar, they might have it. Oh, we've had that before. Like when we used to go to Growler. And they had like those dollar ones where they're like, Oh, we just want to get really, really rid of these with these just because they had a lot or whatever. Yeah, harness heavy. Have y'all had that? come across that Growler recently, or sometimes ever? I remember we used to go and they would be like, Oh, these are $1 all these are dollar all the Holy shit. Yeah. Remember, like back in the old the former location that they would have like, like dollar 16 answer. Yeah. And it was always because they just had too much. And you're just trying to push them out. So and that's a good thing, because none of them ever tasted bad. They just had too much inventory. Yeah. Or they were just trying to make room for new stuff. But But I wonder too, how many people go there? To purchase like cans versus how many go just to drink? What's on tap? Oh, that's that's probably what it was. They probably had more people buying on tap. And they just had a whole bunch of inventory for cans. Maybe? Maybe? Yeah, cuz I know there's a lot of people that go just to like, I would see on the comments on Instagram, people would go just to be like, hey, do I have this in the fridge right now. And he would just go and buy cans and leave. And I was like, I think if like we were closer to Growler. I think we would probably do that more often to probably just go see what they have and buy stuff. But speaking of beers like that, did you I don't know if you saw the posts that I tagged you on. But a Martin house coming out with another crazy version of their pickle beer. But it's grape flavor grape. I want to try it. I can't we'll pull it up and show. But I think it's a great punch pickle beer, great punch. But Wow. I'm not really a fan of grape. So I don't artificial grape flavor. Yeah. So I don't know how I would

feel about that. Like some people

dip pickles and like, dry. I think that's what. Yeah, that's true. And I think that's why I'm like, Yeah, I want to try it. Did you do that? Did you

know but I've had, like, pickles with like a syrup that was made with like, I was gonna say No, she didn't because that's a hoodrats.

But I remember being a kid going to convenience stores and seeing big old barrows of Kool Aid and pickles dipped in them. Like there was watermelon flavor. I think there was green apple ever and then the grape flavor to remember. Yeah, yeah. And then like, put the powder in the jar with the juice. And then like, that's so weird. Yeah, I never This is the first time I hear that. And they call them pick a release. Oh, okay.

That's weird. That sounds really weird to me.

Sounds kind of disgusting. But it's the thing.

They're mean. There's all kinds of things doesn't mean they're good. No, because like the shaved ice with the with the pickle. And then like the two means that that's that's good. Well, yeah, that's, that's kind of No, that's kind of different. What What, what, like the pickles on top of the and but they have like the chop pickles on on top with the Yeah. With like, chili powder. And then it has like, Frank, you're telling me she's never having those? I had one. No, I'm saying she's never had it. Come on. I have not. Boom, because it probably gives you heartburn or something. I don't know. But what I'm saying is that you've never, you

know, hoodrats now, and you only had a Piccadilly one was ever taken, you know who hasn't? Because, because I know a place and the one time I went I was out riding my bike. And it was it was hot out. And the line was long. But

I think that's what discouraged me from going back was that the line was way too long. Well, I was gonna say that, uh, what the fuck is in the place? Again, I'm not telling you because that's not the place that you need to go. I'm not saying she needs to go there. But I'm just saying that they have them and then like,

now, you would like that because it's different. It's not like they're mixing something in the pickle juice. And then you know what I mean? Like, that's just actually a pickle. It's actual pickle. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So it's chili. H amoi. E, okay. Okay. Okay. I don't know how we're gonna do it. Right to go get one sometime. A good. Yeah. Frank. I mean, what does that Kim pick the place? There's a place by the house. It's pretty wild. That does stuff like that. I don't know what it's called though. Dude. I don't. I'm like


The place that we like to go to they I like to get the Piccadilly and then it has half pickles half gummy bears with the chamoy and the chili powder and then like it has like the strawberry like syrup in it and shaved ice and yeah, that's that's good. Is that the one day? Is that the one my mom's? Yeah, yeah, okay. Yeah. So we need to go sometime. I don't know where that place that I just showed her, which is a different thing. Actually. Might as well go to the place the best place. Yeah, you think Yeah. And go and get one and Frank. And so.

And I got you wrap snacks and everything. Yeah. That's crazy.

So now to what we're drinking. Kim. Britt and I Oh, wait. Well, Britt, what are you drinking Miller? 64 and MGT 64. Okay. Yeah, no, that's good. But we're drinking something new. I know. Britt tried it. I saw this at the store a couple of weeks ago. And I was like, I told frank, I was like, I gotta get it. And we found singles. So Danny Trejo, he actually came out with the beers called tre hose service. And it's a Mexican. Oh, it's a Mexican craft lager. It's not just the Mexican lager. So this is in the craft beer category. It's 4.7 ABV 4.7% ABV on from a pint. Um, and let's see. Of course, it's made with pictures. Yeah. Yeah, that's what's cool. Like, that's how I saw it. It's made with maize, like the traditional Mexican lager is made with it's got some rice in here, kind of like the Japanese lagers. It's got like three types of molds in here, I believe. But we tried it. I originally gave it a five but after drinking it some more after it warmed up. Usually when they warm up, you can taste more of the flavor. I think it's I don't know, it's missing a little bit. I mean, I liked it's

clean. It's crisp. It does taste good. I just think it's missing something that I don't know what I need that and I don't have any anymore. It's all gone. But it probably needs to pass the Is it better dressed?

I think that's kind of eating but going off the beer by itself. I dropped it to a 4.0. I mean, the beer is good is good. I gave it a five but like, oh, we'll probably take it. Yeah, probably. Britt gave it a 4.5. And I was gonna give it like a 4.6. But I just wanted to even it out. And Kim gave it a five. That's what I had it as originally, but I don't know. I feel like it's good. But

yeah, I don't know. I think

it could use a little bit more. A little bit more flavor. Maybe more on the maize side. But whatever. What do I know? Just a taster? Well, we've been doing this for 40 episodes and 400 beers. Yeah, that's right.

So I guess with all that out the way Yeah, do y'all want to get a how much you got in that? net? 64.

So you want to get a crazy beer to kick off our topic because our topics gonna be kinda long. I don't know if y'all want me to kick it off. Yeah.

I'm gonna kick it off. Okay, Frank. You know your dad. I'm gonna go get it. Did you have one in here? Yeah, dad joke.

So my scarecrow friend got promoted. He's outstanding in his field.



prepared. Yep. Yeah. Good one. Okay, so I'm back. So this is from a brewery that we've never had a beer from. And I thought it would be it sounds interesting. It sounds like it would taste good. Hopefully it does. Oh, excuse me. So this is from Five Stones brewery. It's called Norma Jean. And it's a fermented with strawberries and conditioned with vanilla beans. Um, so I'm assuming this is gonna have some kind of a smoothie ish. Kind of flavor. Maybe? I don't know. I'm assuming this is an idea. This should be an ale. This is brewed in Oh, it's actually from New Braunfels. Hmm. So, Kim, would you do honors? Let's try that. Oh, Norma Jean was the real name of Marilyn Monroe. So I think that's what it's like kind of hitting Yeah, with that blonde bombshell girl on the cover there in the front.

Okay, I didn't know that. And I know well, Frank knows that. There's a hardcore metal Corbin named Norman, Virginia. Yeah. So we'll see how this tastes or colors. Yeah. Okay. I would expect it to be since it was fermented with the strawberries. I would expect it to be more red, but it's pinky ish. I don't know.

Smells. Smells All right. Give it a Oh.


Remind me of what kind of beer

This smells bitter and tart.

Oh, it's it's, it's it's an ale but it was fermented with strawberries and they conditioned it with vanilla beans. So

I kind of feel like I thought they were being more vanilla ish, like more of a creamy taste. Hey, I tasted it.

I don't know. Oh boy. Oh, it's weird. today. Yeah, it doesn't taste great.

It's nice and fruity on the front and the back is really sour. Like bitter. Not sour, bitter. You know what I think it is. It's the fermented strawberries. Like you can taste the fermentation of the other strawberries on if you don't. Yeah, that's what I did. Like the first at the beginning. It's like, Okay, and then after. Not so great.

That's fine. We can dump it. No, that's a pretty can and yeah, it is idea.


I could probably finish it if I wanted to. But do I want to know, give it like a one I guess. Yeah, sure. Okay, that set wasn't as bad. Yeah, that's why usually I go back for like two and three, like a third sip. I don't know. I give it like a one. I feel like I don't want to go that low. But I don't like it. I don't like it either. I would never buy it. I would never Yeah, down or buy it. Well, that's the best

way give it Kim

point five. Okay, point, point five, four.

I'll say one one. Yeah.

Well, I guess this is gonna go into

started off kind of

bad. But I guess I suppose this topic kind of. Alright guys. So let's get into it. Because we've been teasing it for a while. Yeah. So

for those of you who don't know, all my friends know, my family know that I'm a big Metallica fan. Huge Metallica fan apart now. Yeah, I take that back. Frank's number one. And number three. Yeah. Even got the tramp stamp. Yeah.

No, no. Yeah, you do.

So, I mean, I learned how to play guitar. And I really got into playing guitar because of Metallica as a lot of guitars Did you know that's one of the like, the first bands a lot of people bring up because they, I mean, one they've been around for a long time. Right. And, you know, they're just so like, prominent, like,

in rock and metal. It's hard to not come across them. Um, so anyways, so going going through all that. Recently, I found out that they announced that for their anniversary of the Black Album, they, they were releasing a compilation called the blacklist. And basically, it's like 56 artists or something like that. I think that's the correct number from like, all genres. And they're doing different their versions of songs off the Black Album. So basically, every song on the Black Album is covered. Number my first issue which you three saw was that, which I had already guessed, the two main songs that were going to be covered. were nothing else matters, and entertainment. And sure enough, those were the two main songs, but you know, fine, I can get past that. I said, you know, I'm looking forward to this coming out. I want to see who did what, what not what not. So we're going on and you see some pretty good artists on there that, you know, like Britt, you saw some artists on there that you were, I don't remember. I don't remember who it was either. But you're all like, Oh, yeah, it's this guy from

Depeche Mode. Yeah. Yeah, that guy. Yeah. So that guy and then I saw volbeat on there. And I saw a couple other bands. But so they decided to release a single to promote it, because I think it comes out in August or September. I'm not I'm not gonna give specific dates, or Look, I don't want to give promotion or whatever, like, So anyways, so yeah, comes out a couple of months. So the first single that they decided to release is, of course, nothing else matters, right? And we did look at the list and I think nothing else matters blew everything out of the water. It's like, maybe 11 times. Yeah, 11 times. It's probably like maybe 30% of the album or something like that. Then intercepted follows. And then there's like one track on there. There was only covered ones anyways. So I'm going on. You have a country artists doing? Of course, a version of nothing else matters. And you have a couple I think there's like some kind of DJ and then there's some pop artists or whatnot. And they decide to release us single nothing else matters for the album, and it's Miley Cyrus with Robert Trujillo on bass.

What's his name again? Yo,

yo, yo Ma, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo ma cello, cello, cello and elton john.

on the piano, and then Am I done there? I forgot who else was missing? Or there? Maybe, maybe Chad Smith? I'm not sure. Yeah, I forgot. I think that's what I said. I think it will fare on drums. Oh,

yeah. So if I'm correct. So if I'm correct, I think that's who was on drums. But anyways, that's so you got that right. Yeah. Now before I get into my next comment, you guys know and if you guys listen to previous episodes, I give credit where credit is due if an artist does something that's not even in my genre of liking, and they do something that sounds good. I'll give them credit. Like we've had multiple conversations where I said, I like Lady Gaga, especially her first album, because it's good. It's produced well did the songwriting was was done well, she's a good performer, so I'll give her credit, you know? So I said, Okay, I'm gonna listen to it right? I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus never had been whatnot. I'll go into the history of this, too. And her and what she's doing. So anyways, so I put it on and you hear elton john started off. And then the other musicians come in. And she starts seeing and was afraid of horrible like it was it was bad I can't say anything good about it. I couldn't finish listen sounds like a fraud. Yes, she she she does sound like a frog. And we're gonna go ahead and you know, critique it or whatnot on say, whatever, you know, but But before we get into that critique, I wonder, is elton john himself a Metallica fan? Or was it just like a mutual thing? That's another thing to do. Yeah. And that I mean, I guess maybe your your mom makes sense because Metallica worked with the San Francisco Symphony. So maybe there was like some bit of you know, mutual respect there. Well, also, too, I think where a lot of that comes from the whole Well, the whole Symphony idea, some little bit of background. Right, right. The whole Symphony idea, then I was telling you guys that


Metallica had performed at some Grammys with a pianist. I think his name was Lang Lang. I think when I looked it up, oh, yeah. So like they've played with like, they're not strangers to playing with, like classical musicians. And it's because Cliff Burton was a fan of that kind of music like, so he kind of rubbed off on them in the early days of listening to stuff like that. So I think a lot of it too, was them pain on my eyes or whatever to him and what his influences were as a so now we'll go back to this. So Grammys, yeah, they played with them. I didn't, I wasn't a fan of that performance. I didn't think that piano fit well, whatever. You guys can look it up. It was like Grammys, 20 1514, whatever, I don't know, the year. And then you go to another Grammy performance, I believe is like 2018. They performed with Lady Gaga. Again, I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga. Right? So I'm looking on my way here. Let's see how this is. I didn't like that either. Um, she did find vocal wise everything else like visually and how they performed it. I didn't like it. Whatever, whatever. So back to Miley Cyrus. So I'll let you guys listen to it. I said, hey, maybe you guys have a different opinion. You know, whatever. Whatever. You tell me what you guys think Kim heard it. And then like it you to hurt it? What did you to think? Nope. No. All right. I thought everything else was good. But the vocal just, yeah, yeah, no. Okay. So now going back to the main issue. So I didn't like it. And

everyone's all probably going to be like, Oh, you know, you got you know, you're just trying to hate on her because she's not, you know, in that genre or whatnot. And as your seems like she wants to be Yeah, she's Yeah. And real hard. Yeah. by covering every song under the sun. Yeah. So now we're gonna get into that. So my issue with her is that, and I know this is like an outdated term. nobody uses this term anymore, but she's a poser. Yeah, I know, this term was thrown around a lot during like, the new metal days. And yeah, and that's what like, it's just so weird to me how like, now all of a sudden, she wants to like even I think there was a picture of like her. She took a picture with somebody and she was like, she had the devil horns up. And I was like, Oh, so metal. Yeah, exactly. And like, it's so weird how she's trying to squeeze into the rock genre, right? by covering all these classic, like rock tunes, like, what did she do Fleetwood Mac, and she did some other stuff, too. I think it was like, I want to say it was like the pretenders or something like that. Or Joan Jett? She did some stuff like that and Nine Inch Nails, right? Yeah, yeah, Nine Inch Nails. And I was like, you know, she's trying to be like, Look, I listen to rock by like doing like, popular. That's our like,

How do I explain it? Like you guys know what I'm talking about? Like she's like, Oh, this rock song is popular. This rock song is popular. I'm gonna cover it and be like, Hey, you know I listen to rock whatever, whatever. When you when you don't, I think she just released in what released an album and it wasn't a rock album. Yeah, I think she played alone or something. No, not in her defense. But she's a she's a nice person. I'm like, No, I mean, I'm

Same maybe she is a fan of the music. But because she's from a pop background, she pops it up. You know, you see, I want to believe that but I can just tell like straight up by the way she's acting and but because there was that one I think I don't know if Kim showed me or I showed you guys you showed me where she was performed. She was playing a song from some band you Yes, that one? Yeah. And she said oh A lot of you guys probably don't know this. She said I'm gonna play a song that nobody no fucking no one yeah heard of. And it's like, and it's just a bitch. Lots of people know that song. Yeah. And it's like, like that. So it's like that. 80s Yeah, it's genre. Would you say baby for cocktail? Yeah, were like, me, it's I would call it dream pop. But the thing about doing a Cocteau Twins song is that they don't have any actual lyrics to their stuff. It's just vocal music. It's like, a made up language almost like they're not singing in English or any actual language. So but I guess, okay, so people, I guess what my point is that people people know them. People know their music. People who know them know their music if you like so, and it's crazy for her to come like say something like that. Like, let's say or again. Yeah, really? Eric, it's like, just because your social circle doesn't know who they are. It doesn't mean that no, but yeah, fucking nobody. Yeah. And I think another thing is to like, if, let's say, Oh my god, I lost the example. I was gonna say, like, if I

yeah, you know what I mean? That also kind of sounds like she's like trying to put them on the map like people that don't need your help. Yes, yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes. promote it that Yeah. Cuz because of what she she said. After that. She said it will after after I perform it. You know, I will know. Yeah. The song. Yeah, we know the song. Yeah. Yeah. Like you don't. They don't need like, Metallica. They don't need you. They don't need you. There were some probably. I've never I've never heard of them. But they probably didn't need you. Like, they have a pretty solid following. Right and have had since they were getting started. Right. Well, I guess now what I kind of remember or kind of clipped into what I was gonna say. It's kind of like she got into this and she thinks that no one knows who they are. But like, it's because you don't know who they are. Does. I knew them before they were cool. Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like that. She's like, probably 21 Yeah, probably doing something like oh, I'm gonna sing Smells Like Teen Spirit. Because this is cool. Yeah, it was cool. Like, what? 20 years ago? Like, you know what I mean? Yeah. Nobody's ever heard of it. Yeah. So like, it's crazy. Like, Oh, you guys ever heard or Nirvana? Like?

I know, it's crazy. So. Yeah. So like going back to the whole Metallica thing it kind of disappointed me that one, they decided to release that as a first single like, like, Why? What like, What are you trying to do? Like you're established already, right? You don't you don't need you don't need to piggyback off of somebody else to get more exposure right. to like, why would you put the spotlight on somebody like that? Like now to go to a sidestep to another conversation is that like pop artists? We've talked about this before? Like, though, they get the attention everywhere? Like whenever there's award shows or whatnot. They're always gonna have like the spotlight like rock metal, they'll never I think Frank brought up one time to that like Slipknot performed one year but they didn't even show the performance on TV and they cut them off. Why? Because they're metal like they don't get not even like regular hard rock acts like even an example like Chevelle or something like that. Like you'll never see him get played on TV because I know that is not the same thing. Same thing happened was at 2014 Grammys, 2015. Grammys,

Nine Inch Nails and Queens. The Stone Age is at a joint performance with Dave Grohl drumming, and they had one of the guitars from Fleetwood Fleetwood Mac as well. And so the rehearsal footage is online you can see that but the actual performance was never aired. Yeah, so you see and I think to me, that's what pissed me off about Metallica doing it is that maybe they have no say in it? Maybe it's management. But I do think that you know, I think they're one of those bands. I do have a heavy sans but it's like also somebody else could have had that. And yes, I know that there are people that aren't necessarily just rock that I've had inspiration. Yeah, that have been influenced by others others too, but there's probably somebody out there that was more deserving maybe genre maybe even somebody that kind of is in like pop or something but it has a little bit more of that kind of like, like I would be okay, this is gonna sound crazy. I'd be okay if instead of Miley, it was Demi Lovato because when Demi Lovato came out, she was very open about liking rock music. She was you know, she even has a kind of a rock ish like attitude like so yeah, that so yes, I can because when she came out her albums were a little bit more pop punky. They were a little bit more like in the genre where people were playing the guitars and doing all that kind

And she had the attitude. So if it was somebody like her, I don't like her. I don't I'm not a fan of hers anymore. Like she kind of went into the other direction of being like pop, like, you know, overly sexual, whatever, whatever they want to say nowadays that is empowering.

and empowering. Yeah. But

I feel like if it was somebody like that, where they came out with that kind of thing first and not doing like other like bubblegum pop kind of stuff that I would have been like, Alright, like, cool, maybe. And her voice is obviously better. Yeah, it's gotten a little bit. Not. I mean, I used to like more before, but I feel like somebody else could have taken that spot. And that was that was my that was my issue too. Like, I feel like yeah, you could have given it to somebody who, who maybe could have used a little bit of spotlight like especially being more of a fan, because I know she's not like we've had discussions of I know Kim brought it up to and I got you guys have seen it where like you'll go to like places like

fuck, I'll just throw it out there. Like I'm making example like JC Penney or something and like you'll see like, Rolling Stone shirts everywhere. Or like Nirvana shot Metallica shirt. Cool. We saw them. Yeah, exactly. And but like you saw like some boutique shop shop. Oh, yeah. Like it was like fashion. Oh, yeah. Something they saw. They had an Italian man. That's like an Instagram brand that all influencers are wearing and getting they have their discount code and you can like anything. Now recently, we went to Target and we saw Slipknot shirt. And it's like, it's becoming one of those things where like, it's just a visual. And it's like, oh, you know, but when we were wearing that shirt back in the days Oh, you're weird. Like, oh my god. Listen to that. And you didn't buy it at Target. Yeah, you didn't?

Yeah, either bought it at a concert or you bought it? Yeah, I remember I used to buy stuff off of I think there was a magazine called rock a billion or something. They still remember but they used to have a lot of crazy shit on but you gotta remember that the artists that are licensing, like they're given permission to and that's what's going to like why, like, do you need that like, well, what Where are you in your career now that you need to have your shirts sold at Target and I but you know, who even knows how much of a choice is actually up to the artists themselves and how much of it is like, you know,

their state or whatever, like Kirkham. It's like likeness belongs to Mattel. Yeah.

There's all kinds of weird. Yeah, and it's weird to me too. Because like so like a lot of like, a lot of kids like I guess when you when we're growing up, like we get into these bands, because, like, you click with them on some level, even though people don't

like they'll look at you weird and be like, why are you listening to that? And you're like, well, cuz I like back again. Example new metal days. Like, all the new metal kids dress weird. Yeah. And like they didn't give a shit and all the other people are like trying to be wearing the fish nets and baggy pants with all this zippers and so yeah, yeah, exactly. And they don't know like, where that came from. And then like now like, I think that's what pisses me off about like bands like Metallica doing is that they're kind of it's kind of like a slap in the face to that like, generation to where it's like, like, hey, these guys used to like, talk shit about us or look at us weird. And now you're like promoting them and stuff. And they're just pretending to be like in that lifestyle. Yeah, right. Yeah.

Yeah. And like you'll see like some of the Kardashians like wearing like, Metallica shirts, and I'm like, naming a Metallica song that you jam out to that does not come out on the radio. Yeah, you know what I mean? So that, that that that was the main issue for me. And that's and then I told you guys, you know what, from here on out, I'm not gonna support Metallica anymore. I'll listen to all the stuff that you know, I've have of them already.

You know? Yeah, merge whatever I have. I'm not gonna be like one of those having a bonfire? Well,

I've said that before. We're like people to know, something like a sports team or something to the point where like, they'll burn the jerseys and stuff. Like it doesn't hurt them now, because you already gave them money. Yeah, and I'm not gonna do that. And I do still enjoy their music and will but going forward. I'm like, No, like another example too was for those of you familiar with the SNM albums, Symphony, Symphony and Metallica. Not the other stuff. That's another podcast. So so. So they came out with a part two, Kim and I actually saw it in theaters with my brother. I was like, Man when it came out. But I think one thing even to like, in retrospect, like looking back, like that was kind of weird to me too. Because when they were promoting that album, they use like a lot of celebrities to promote it. Like a lot of celebrities had gotten like the vinyl first. And they were like, hey, metallic vinyl. Hey, I got my metallic vinyl. Like, this is awesome. And I was like,

I mean, that's fine. It's good, but it wasn't great. The original one was better. There's a whole lot of flaws that are in that second one and, and I thought I was the only one like I was being too critical. But when you go and you like go on forums, or like call

intersections. And it's people who've been listening to Metallica for a long time, like me, or my age or even older. They were saying the same thing. I was saying I was like, okay, so it wasn't just me, you know, that people were really paying attention to what was going on and not just be like, hey, new Metallica thing because their name was slapped on it like, Oh, it's the greatest thing ever? No, we were actually listening to it. And you know, and I know, Frank does that with, you know, music that he listens to too. And I had my issues within I was like, whatever. I mean, I'm not gonna buy it, because I didn't like it that much. But whatever. It was fine. I'm glad I saw it. Um, but yeah, like so. But then going back to what I was thinking about how they promoted it, and they were using,

it's kind of hard to describe like they were using celebrity names that are celebrities that he wouldn't, yeah, mainstream celebrities that you wouldn't really think about. And I kind of see Metallica doing that more. For one. I think the first signs were with that. And then now with this having Miley Cyrus on there, and then they have some country artists, I forgot who was on that blacklist I was talking about, but like, I'm like, Well, what other song is he going to do on there? And sure enough, he was doing a cover of nothing else matters. And like, it would have made so much more sense to me. I mean, it's like if you want to feature 50 something artists, and how, like record the entire album with a different artists doing every song on the album, but multiple times, like two versions of the album, or three old versions of the album all the way through, rather than 12 versions of the same song, you know, 10 versions of the other song and then one version of one song and like, did they even hit every song on the album? They did, but it's just very, like we said, Yeah, like not the same. Yeah, like there's 12 for one and then one for one.

But I think even another thing that I would have said the 12 versions of the same Yeah, it'd be like living in like Groundhog Day. Yeah. torture. And I think another thing I would have agreed with, let's say they would have set on 50. Like, let's say like, okay, we want 50 artists, right? But split it evenly and be like, Hey, you guys all can't do nothing else matters. Like, hey, look, do 10 here 10 here 10 or not 10. But however many tracks are on the road, like 333 whatever, right? But they didn't do that. So I kind of feel like they pick these artists first. Right? They're like, okay, let's see who we can

even Yeah, see who we can get like who's popular and then they were letting them pick and it was majority like nothing else matters. And as the only time they know Yeah, and I was like that kind of felt like a huge again, slap in the face and rip off. Like I was like Why? I'm also thinking maybe it's a marketing thing, where they reach out to these artists and then these artists are gonna promote but that's what I'm saying. Like they're gonna promote the work that they did. And I think it's one of those things where it's like hey, let's reach out to so and so and then they're gonna promote it and then their audience will be like, but no, no but that maybe I've heard of them maybe I should check them out but that's my issue. So like their instance they pick Miley Cyrus right? Why though? Like, do you need that fan base like do you need like also more poses also, but also to like look at what song their money spends just the same way anybody else's does. But what this is another conversation too we had that like it maybe it would have been okay if she would have picked a song that wasn't nothing else matters aren't just having and maybe like an obscure one so so that would kind of make sense like Frank was saying like, hey, like Miley Cyrus is singing this song that let's say the pop people don't nobody ever fucking heard no one's ever fucking right now like, you know that would make sense but the fact that it was Miley Cyrus doing understand man like why do you need that and then I was the first one of the first songs you release? Why do you need that? Like you're just you're just influencing her more to be like Hey, look at me I'm a rock artists but you're not a fucking rock artist. I don't have a problem with somebody changing things doing things different experiments the I don't know that artists do that all the time. But and Cory Taylor is doing that right now doing some weird hip hop shit that I know that he has influenced you know with that genre and stuff because it comes out in Slipknot even in the odd stuff, but like it I just don't like it, but it's not like I know he's not a poser because I know. I know. That's always been his it's always been in his thing.

But with Miley it's like, oh shit, all of a sudden she's like, yeah, fucking rock and like, Yeah, no, like, I love all this fucking shit. And you're just doing singles of fucking and I'm all for people getting exposed to other things. I'm not saying like, oh, her pants can't like raw. Yeah, definitely. But it's but it's just like the way that it was gone about it. Yeah. And I was cheap. It feels like he'll cheat on Yes. Yeah, like there was I told her there was a there's another pop artists that's on that thing. And I saw her post somewhere like she was promoting the album and she was like, your girl is rock and roll now but she's like a pop star. So it's like do you really have to say like, yeah, you don't like that is being a poser? Because you're not like you can say like Hey guys, like I'm doing this thing with Metallica. Super cool. But don't be like oh, rockin rah rah. And what's gonna happen with her next album? Is it really gonna be rock? Like you fuckin accidentally catch me like, like accidentally see me jamming out to some country song. I'm not

Gotta be like, Hey, I'm fucking country, y'all. Yeah, I got my boots I fucking bought bought a fucking stab we had just because just because I liked this one song like, it's it. I don't know, I just, it's, it's crap to me, um, you know, it's just, I feel like Metallica now is catering to the people that didn't really pay attention to us. And still don't pay attention to us now. Like, for instance, we had the conversation about the Grammys. For those of you who don't know, I just found out that the whole discussion we had earlier about performances not being aired and stuff. So the Grammys were getting a lot of criticism, because there was a lot of minorities, they were not getting good representation or whatnot. And when I say minorities, I mean, you know, also too, it was like genres, like genre minorities or musical minorities. Yeah. And so I found out that so basically, when you get nominated for a Grammy you get nominated by your peers in the music industry, but you don't know who it is. When you get picked as a winner, you don't know who's voting for you, whatnot. So it turns out digging into it I think we've had this come up on a previous episode where like Metallica like loses like Best Hard Rock metal performance or something to like, imagine dragon Imagine Dragons are like, one of the years that was like a fuckin super, everyone was pissed off about like Jethro Tull, right, like, you know, like a metal song. And it was like, Why the fuck they lose the Jethro Tull? You know what I mean? Yeah. So then we find out that it's people who aren't even in that genre there are voting for the songs that are like, Oh, you know, like, why would you have somebody that has no knowledge in that area? Vote for you? I would little Wayne. Yeah. Why would

this example be like voting for like voting panel for or like, he tried or like the best classical, best classical composition album? Right. Yeah. And basically, that's what was happening. So there was a whole bunch of

what's the word?

controvert controversy. Yes. I'm sorry, controversy about it. And so it turns out that the like, head of the Grammys or whatever, they got a new person who could knows the,

the organization or whatnot. And so now they got people who actually belong in that genre, listening to that genre, right. You know, and now voting for that genre. Now, it's not going to be so fucking one sided where like, you'll go and you're like, oh, fucking Drake won, like 25 Awards or whatever. And we're like, Well, fuck, I wonder why. Like, it's always like that, like, every year, it's like, I feel like every time I hear about an awards show, Drake is like, on fuckin top of everything. I'm like, there's no fucking it's, it's not spread out. Or like, oh, Beyonce again. Or or Taylor Swift. Yeah, those are like the main names you hear all the fucking time and it's like, and then going back to like, Metallica is like kind of promoting that? Like, you know, he's not I don't need that. Metallica It feels like they're not siding on the rock the rock side or the metal side. They're kind of be like Hey, guys like to piggyback off yours piggyback off your when you don't need to. Yeah, and like we mentioned when we were having that conversation they gave like what a 32nd tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Oh, yeah. That too. Like, and then you brought up Selena? Right? Right. And they're, I mean, he's huge. He's super influential, like, guitar Master, and he gets like, no, acknowledgement. And you see that? I mean, that's two different examples of minorities right there. So you had the musical minority, which was, you know, the whole Eddie Van Halen thing, which was stupid like that. Shouldn't that shouldn't happen that way. And then you have the minority of color, which was like Selena, and also another musical minority as well, right. Oh, that's your grant mainstream American music goes it's not so. And you see that? What that's kind of weird to me too, because we had a discussion about this too. We're like the Grammys have the Latin Grammys so um, I don't I don't watch that but I'm sure I'm sure they gave her like a decent I'm not sure I would hope so. Yeah, but like you know, there's no like metal Grammys, there's no like hard rock Grammys, right. And well, I guess there's the kurang Music Awards. Yeah, but but that's like a burden. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, I mean, every genre does have its own awards like hip hop has like one

and they do every genre does but when it comes to like the whole or like the Grammys are supposed to be like hey this is the industry Reno stuff and there's no there's no rubber and it's and it's people are like hey probably saying like why are you saying shit like you're not even you know, they're at that level like what does it matter to you? I think just as a musician you get those like

I think perspectives of like if I was there, you know what I mean? are also to like some of my favorite bands are in there some of your favorite bands they're not getting represent represented. Like another thing speaking to the Grammys, and people getting snubbed. Yeah, representation one that is it. I think it was a mega death I think for 12 year straighter for 12 albums straight. They were getting nominated, and they never won. Yeah, and then they finally won and it only took them like 12 times. Yeah.

So it made me wonder like, okay, they're showing up every, every year in a category, but they're not winning, there's instead going to something else more mainstream and then after some time as I you know, atlases give it to them it's been it's been too long now. Yeah, that's, that's what's kind of, it's kind of sad, but, um, but I guess that's all I think that I had to say. I wish we would have recorded a discussion that we or maybe even straight up just on the show, like right off the bat. I know we couldn't have, but I do want to bring up going on an old school here. But do remember MTV is Metallica icon Yes. Okay. Oh, yeah. I remember that. I wrote Levine like Deborah Levine was in there and Snoop Dogg performed. And then biscaya your boys? Yeah, my boys. And you know, to me, I was thinking, Okay, this is MTV icon. You know, Metallica isn't is an iconic act. But the artists that they got to perform for them, you know, and anything ever did a good job. I don't even know. And then Snoop Dogg just like, wrapped over some shit. Yeah. And this is like, no, yes, isn't it and that's what I'm talking about. They try to appeal to the not rock audience. You know, the non rock audience, which is stupid. Like you're like you have a rock band. And I think that's the point again to this like, Metallica celebrating 40 years of Black Album of the Black Album one of their most iconic albums. I think it's 40 years I might be wrong. I'm probably miss is it's an anniversary, but yet you're celebrating it with the wrong people. I think it's 30 Okay, 30 sorry 30 and like they they're celebrating it with the wrong people the wrong circle like why like you think any of these rock you know, these diehards are going to be interested in Miley Cyrus doing a cover of nothing else fucking matters. Yeah, I think they didn't even think about their fan base either. Like what am I feel like they didn't wanna? Yeah, like Exactly, yeah, and Miley Cyrus. So that was that was my rant guys. That was the first band that I have denounced, you know, or broken up with, or however you want to put it. But like I said, I'm still listening. You know, the other Metallica stuff? Yeah, going forward, you know, it really doesn't matter to me what they do. Now, speaking of like, I don't know, cuz we talked about Kirk and how, basically, he can't do what he wants to do musically.

Is there a direction that you want to hear Metallica go like, they open up a little bit? No, I mean, and it's kind of hard to say too, because like, I can't really say like, Oh, I would like them to go this way. Like if they just had if they just let Kirk like, do what he wanted and be you know, it'd be interesting to see where they would go. You know what I mean? Like it.

I can't say like, Hey, I would like them to go this way. Just whatever just fuckin just don't poke Don't be posers. Basically, you know, don't don't try to do this or try. And that's what sucks is they're trying to like,

and again, they're trying too hard. I wonder how much of this was there? say like, how much control did they have over this project? I feel like Lars and James have a pretty heavy hand and all the all the shit that happens. I mean, I mean, like, I was telling you guys before I found out that they bought all their previous catalogue. So now it's on their own label. That's right. Yeah. So they do have a heavy say, I believe in as far as the band goes, James, James and Lars are like the, you know, they're the head guys. And I think even so more, or even more so Lars, but I think they do have heavy heavy say, you know, they, they know people in the music industry, you know what I mean? And, and even to when it comes to covers, if I'm correct, like, when bands do a cover of another song, you can just do it, you have to get permission from that band to do it. So sometimes it's shocking to me where some bands do get the permission, but so it does come to that you the band does have to say okay, like yeah, give my permission because I think for a long time, I think like Led Zeppelin was one of those bands that didn't really licensed their music out to anything. I don't know if you guys knew this, but they wouldn't even license it their music to movies. I think the first movie to even use any other songs was Thor Ragnarok Marvel movie from like, five years ago. No, I think it was a school actually. Oh, you're right you're right. You're right. Yeah, well, I guess I read that wrong cast made like a video of themselves like begging Led Zeppelin for promo You're right. It has to do with jack black and yeah, you're right, man. You're right. Like kids. They're all singing that song together. Well, prior to even then still to like it was just a fight to you know, it always bothered me though, is prior to that, like many years prior to that Led Zeppelin allowed rock'n'roll to be used in a Cadillac commercial. I was like, why are we so protective of it from films, which would be I think, a more acceptable less kind of selling out sort of scenario for a while.

Yeah, and also to for a while they were hesitant about getting their music on iTunes. You know, this is before like streaming like, took off. You know, you couldn't find Led Zeppelin on on iTunes.

So, I don't know. peek into that too. I just heard we were watching TV or something in a truck commercial came on. And I was like, that sounds like fucking Dave. Dave Dave Grohl? Yeah. And it was, it was one of their new songs playing in the background. And it was I was like, What the fuck? Like, whatever like Dave gross gearing up with a No, not yet. I mean, he's he still you know, I think he's probably one of the most rock and roll guys still out there he doesn't target and he doesn't you know i don't i don't think he tries to do this or do that he just does whatever the fuck he wants. Like there was a story to where? I don't know if you guys heard this where? I don't know if it's Justin Timberlake Timberlake was on. No, I think they were always on Justin Timberlake his last album, what happens was like he was drinking a beer. And that Justin Timberlake, like was drinking a beer with him. Like there were some parking lot or sometimes some show and that Justin Timberlake was telling him like, hey, like, I'm a fan of yours or whatever. Like I you know, I like what you do. And he was saying it'd be so cool. Like, if you could do something with me because I could you know, tell my family here is something that they've grown they've grown did like backing vocals on one of his songs on the album. They've grown like, I don't know. He's just like, being a cool dude. Like, yeah, sure. Like, I'll do it and like not trying to get this. Yeah, and just like Timberlake, like really didn't do anything like major about it either, like make a big deal. Like, Hey, guys, I'm doing the song with it. Like, he just did it. Like he just asked him and he was like, one of those things where if you know, you know, if you're I don't if you like, the liners? Yeah. And I thought that was cool. So I was like, Yeah, yeah, so Bernie bros out on my hit list. The thing is


man, I'm gonna I'm gonna meditate out that. That's not what I meant. shitless That's what I meant. Is

y'all gonna say yeah,

but I don't see Dave Grohl being a truck guy. Yeah, neither do I, you know, I

like I see him driving like I see him more as like driving around like a in a stoner van. Yeah, yeah. And so for him to

be you know, for him to be in a Steadicam?

It's a Ram truck commercial. Yeah, I don't I don't I and you know, he got a bucket truck out of that. Oh, I'm pretty sure yeah.

But anyways, okay, guys, I'm done with my I'm gonna go get another beer for us to have while I do that, whoever wants to go first. I can rock paper scissors a bandage and announce, but Metallica. Yeah.

Well, yeah, you guys can stay friends. But

well, I mean, I don't know. I think it's, it's, it's it's a tricky thing. Because at some point, the artists we like are going to do something that this is off.

And I think we're just gonna

I don't know, maybe not denounce him, but we just maybe try to look past what they're doing at that moment and hope that maybe in the future, they don't do the same thing. See, Frank, I'm, you're different. You're like, you're like, I'm gonna try to look past this. I don't I think they I think they're fucking the genre over like, Really? I think they are in the fans too. That's why I can't look past it. Um, and I think to it kind of started going that way like you can

not with Napster, I don't know I think I agree with them with that whole thing. Like people were downloading shit, you know, for free from artists. And, and I think that was a big step for john for artists now, to get paid because like, artists get paid shit. Like, we were talking about Chevelle last time where like, they came out with a new album, and I was like, number one, or like fuckin top 10 or whatever they had, like the number one single in the US and they're not getting paid shit. They weren't getting any money. Their fucking label was or like they were you know, so. I don't know. Just, you know, whatever. I mean, tacos gonna Metallica whatever.

Well, I'm gonna introduce his next beer and then Frank I'm gonna let Frank go next. I'm interested to see what band he denounced. And then we'll go around and do so cucumber. Yay, cucumber. Okay, so this this is I believe it's from a brewery we've never had from we never had from before. They actually call the brewery.

They're called the brewery. It's called the fruit, cucumber. It's a folder aged fatar aged fatar age Berliner style, wheat ale with cucumber 4.3% ABV from a pint. It's from a placenta. It's placenta California.

From placenta, California.

So I know Brits a fan of cucumber I am, which we all are a fan of that study to find that Redbud happens over and over. I haven't seen it anywhere. And it's usually out by now.

Um, so yeah, we'll try this beer and then we'll go ahead and let Frank talk about this because I want I'm interested to see what Frank says. But yeah, I'm glad y'all that that y'all let me get that off my chest because that as a fan, it was a real

punch to the good, but huh

Smells cucu smells good. It actually smells like the like cucumber. Yes. There is that though. What was that other cucumber beer we had the one that I think your friend from barrel from Oregon kind of Cucumber Crush. I feel like that's the scent. Best one on the planet but they don't sell it here. Alright, so we'll read this real quick then we'll let Frank talk about what he's drinking and then go into his man. Okay.

Britt I'll let you read it first. Sour. It's really sour. Yeah.

That's That's why the Berliners gonna I like it, but it's

why I wasn't anticipating that I shouldn't listen harder. Oh, no, that's I mean, guys. Good. Uh huh, cucumber. Yes. Our Oh, the back end is super sour. Yeah. But there's a really like a natural cucumber

to pick all the stuff which is pretty artificial tasting. But ya know, the cucumber flavors very nice. Even to I think of the other cucumber beers we've had. This is like the more natural tasting one like I It tastes like I'm legit. Eating cucumber. Yeah, like that flavor. Even stays there after the sour goes away. Yeah, um, I like it. I like it a lot. I'm like, five.

I think I'm gonna go like

4.4. You know what, I think the sours a little bit too much. I'm gonna go with 4.8 I like it a lot. Would you say genbrain? 4.5 4.4. Britt? I mean, Kim, four. Okay, four. All right, Frank. What are you drinking?

I'm drinking.

It's an upside dawn. Okay, we know this guy. Yeah, athletic brewing. It's good. I've had it before. We can always make a run to total wine get

alcohol. A long time. We haven't been like kind of lucky sometimes. The hgb. So yeah, sometimes we go and it's just like the same thing. And then sometimes we go and it's like, oh, shoot, like, I've never seen this before. It's just very, like hit or miss with them. But yeah, we've gotten lucky few times. We haven't been in total wine in a while. Dan, we haven't. I don't think we need to go. I felt like we had a lot of stuff there for him. Yeah, we do. Have y'all have a total wine here? Yeah, we do have a total wine here. Yeah, total.

Yeah. Yeah, we always have the fridge stocked. I'm Frank. I'm interested. Come on, man. Hit me. Okay. So one for me. Who is music? I don't denounce their artists for you don't denounce, but their attitude way of doing business. Okay. Is a kiss.

Yeah, so I do like kisses music.

It's good stuff. I like listening to it. It's just the merchandising man, like, yeah, it's every single thing under the sun. It's like, like, playing cards for the paper. Yes. Yeah, they even have kiss caskets, too. Oh, yeah. They even had strings for your guitar. Yeah, I'm not kidding.

Kiss strings for your guitar.

And I remember reading some some years back that Gene Simmons wanted to

trademark the word our kids think about that. So anytime the word kids not the band name, but anytime just the word kids appeared anywhere. He would get royalties from that. And of course, that wouldn't work out. Yeah, of course. It's stupid. It's like you'll name your band after thing. word that has a meaning. Like you don't get to take that word now and forever. Yeah.

And so yeah, I just think their branding. Their merchandising is just it's it's too much. Yeah, they have a coffee coming out too. Yeah. Yeah. And also Gene Simmons has a restaurant here in town at at our at&t Center. He does at our sports arena. Yeah, I think it's called brews and queues. What did you think he told me about it? What the hell? I don't know if it's still there. But what the hell does he know about barbecue? I don't know. I have no idea. But he's putting his brand on restaurants now.

I guess but he just seems like a dick to like, I mean, I've seen him like say stuff. And I'm like, Dude, what the fuck, man? Yeah. And then also too, they have the whole kiss cruise thing. Like they have their own line of cruise ships as well. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine?

being trapped on a boat.

Kiss. Nothing but kiss music and everything everywhere.

Yeah, I guess I mean, I mean, I don't know. Maybe it's our Gene Simmons. I feel like the other guys were like, whatever. They just want to play music. Yeah, but

yeah, I mean, it's again like I said, the music is good. Sorry. But when you said that I was picturing like a cruise ship or like just people with face paint walking all over the place. And I thought about ICP and I like imagine ICP

that I do nouns because they're not on my list. But again, they've branded the same way that that kiss has. Oh, yeah. Did they have like school supplies? Wow.

I was gonna say yeah they have bobbleheads they have problems i can i can Yeah, I mean but still,

but they're pretty much on par with ICP schools.

But they're pretty

I'm gonna find some now on eBay soon. They'll probably be like yeah and since my ICP pencil to take roll in class, right?

But they're pretty much on par with kiss as far as merchandising goes.

Uh huh.

That's weird. Oh, yeah. But no kisses. Okay, that's a good that's a I think a lot of people would probably be on on on the same page as you would probably Yeah.

But yeah, it's it's it's annoying. It sucks. And I want to like them, you know for who they are. But then you realize how opportunistic they are. As far as what can we stamp our name on? Yeah. It's like I wouldn't be surprised if they have like kids houses.

You know, sooner it'll be a kiss retirement community.

Surprise. People. There are artists who have weird shit like that. Yeah.

Kiss steaks. Kiss toothpaste. Nothing anyways. But they do have like a line of toothbrushes. Oh my god. Yes, then yeah, please rock and roll on night. Because apparently like the length of the song. That's how long you're supposed to be brushing. So you press a button on the toothbrush, and it plays rock and roll all night. And that's how long you're supposed to brushing your teeth. Which I guess is good because they care about I don't know what that song. I want to say that they care about people's dental health but, but listening to at all. Every time you want to skip brushing just an eye or the song like yeah,

I'm just kidding. They should have done something like quirky. Like, I want to brush my teeth on night and mouthwash ever. Yeah, I should do that. Yeah, that would that would work. And then I can laugh. Yes.


All right. Well, yeah, kisses my one. Referring for now. It's not it's not a lengthy one. I mean, I understand yours, because you're pretty passionate about Metallica. But well, just the music. Just the music industry is kind of intriguing to me in general. And I think people aren't like I was looking past just that Miley Cyrus incident. And looking to where it branches to. And I was like it kind of

I wanted people to see what I was seeing and be like, hey, look, I'm not just looking at that. There's a lot more to it than just that it has representation and shit like that. But it's been building up for a long Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's been it's been getting to that point. But, yeah. Kim Britt. You want to fight for the next? Yeah, I have a few. I guess. Like Frankie said, a band or a person that I have a very complicated relationship with is Morrissey. Of course.

Because I grew up listening to I

fell asleep every night listening to my cassette, or many cassettes, you know, and I loved them and I and now it was that music has like

I don't know, I think is perfect for that early like the teenage angsty Enos that depression, like the anxiety, all the things that you feel and that weird time of your life when you're like growing and figuring stuff out and feeling alienated and all those things. And so it was perfect. And I and because of that, it's like it felt like a big support. And so I love it. It's got a special place in my heart because of those things. Right? But Morrissey

now, I mean, he behaved so badly, and is just ridiculous, and says some shit that you're just like, dude, could you please stop talking? And you know, and I know that I'm sure there are plenty of people who've just, you know, have canceled him. You know, whatever else. According to Morrissey, he has invented being cancelled, right? Because he's always been canceled and that's the thing is like, you know, while I listened to that stuff during that time in my life, and I grew up Morrissey Did not he stayed he's he is like the classic case of Arrested Development he still has the brain of like a 15 year old who never got over being you know, grumpy and pissed off about you know, the cool kids not talking to him at school or whatever else you know, and he's just stuck with that and his remained bitter and, and stuff so like musically, I still love them. I can't like not listen to the stuff that I grew up with.

And you know, Frankie, and I saw him not too long ago and I'll still go see him probably but I can't like I I'm not in love with him anymore. I don't know if you will.

I don't know if you would like it or watch it, but there's a Simpsons episode of just came out. Oh, yeah.

And yeah, I saw it. And I was like, oh, Bridget watch this because it was basically, it was basically more so yeah, yeah. And the same like how you described it, like he never he was just so angsty all the fucking time that it drove, drove Lisa to be like, you're like this all the fucking time you haven't grown up, even into your old age and like, it's like the rest of us, like, kind of get over that period. And we keep growing and moving on. Right? But he has never, He's never done that. And then he even got worse. Like it was even worse than what he was. Yeah, cuz he's just like, stewing in that mentality and feels angry and bitter and entitled, and all those ugly things. You know, the rest of us try to get away from right and as we age and we mature like we should get over and stop thinking that way. But is this the same artists that you guys were gonna see? But he kept canceling? Yes. So yeah, okay, cancelled constantly. I think like, San Francisco holds the like, record number of shows canceled. It's like 12 or something consecutively. Yeah. Holy shit. And we got I've had tickets to I think five or six shows that have been canceled. Yeah, no shit like this is and the, you know, he canceled on like, on San Antonio three times in a row. So much so that like, Frankie, and I went to a club the night that the show was about third show was supposed to take place and they were selling like joke t shirts, because it's like such a gimmick at this point. And it's and it's never for really good reasons. And then we after the, we got canceled on once in Austin, three times in San Antonio. And so we bought tickets in Houston. And we drove all the way to Houston. Yeah. Again, being hopeful, right? And then and then we are walking literally walking into the venue. And where, you know, they're saying, Oh, nevermind that it's canceled. Shows canceled. And it was like, there have been some rain recently in Houston. And some of the streets were flooded. And Morrissey decided that if all his fans couldn't get to him, then he didn't want to hold a show. And it's like, bull shit. The fucking

like, you just want it. Yeah, it's a duty piece on stage. Like, we paid for the shit like that. And the tour buses were right. They were there. Everything was there. Seriously? Yeah. So So with all that said, do? Would you still buy a ticket? Like if, if, if he was coming?

I think if you're you know, I think if you're gonna buy it, I am thinking about it. I think if we're gonna do it, buy the ticket insurance that comes with it. Yeah. But you know, I have I do have to say that like the last one. We did. Finally, Sam, I think that we went in large part because Frank had never seen him I had Yeah. And so I saw him once when I was 14 years old, which was just the perfect age to see Morrissey. And it was brilliant and wonderful and awesome. Right. And then I saw him again. And I told you the story, because it came up on our episode when we did worse shows up. Yeah, well, my friend Lydia and I drove all the way to New Orleans to see him. And he didn't cancel shockingly. But he did play. Like it was all really slow, really depressing. songs, which of course is a makes up a lot of his catalogue, which it's fine, I'm prepared for that. But then the backdrop was all images of people being beaten by police officers, animals being slaughtered animals being tested on which are all like, issues that he cares about. And I get that and I care about a lot of those same issues, in large part because he like opened my eyes to him. Right. Like I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. Yeah, in large part because of Moore's.

But there's, you know, there's a point at which when you're at a concert, you don't necessarily want to see like really brutal images, like constantly on the screen. And it's, it's, it's just Oh, yeah, yeah, it sounds like cuz you have no control. Right? You can't turn it off. You can't. I mean, I mean, they arise, but that's about it. At that point, it kind of sounds like he's using it as a tool of part of the, you know what I mean? Like not, maybe kind of gimmicky? Yeah. Kind of gimmicky. Yeah. And you want to say like, dude, you're preaching to the choir, like we all you know, how you feel about Yeah. And if any of us really bringing more awareness to that aren't aware, right. Like, know, all the lyrics, all the songs were super aware. And we, you know, most everybody in there's probably been listening to this stuff for a long, long time, like, and so No, it didn't feel like this is for the purpose of awareness. It was like shock value, or like, kind of a little like, Fuck you, you know, and it's like, Dude, that sucks. So,

yeah, maybe this isn't the best comparison but

Pauly Shore. He's, he's, he's,

I haven't heard that name. And that, ya know, he's like,

Do the same dude. Oh, you know?

He hasn't grown up. Yeah, like we saw a movie recently. Recently terrible. Yeah. And he's like, Pauly Shore me. And he's like, 50 something and he's still acting like he's a 20 year old. Yeah, I remember this of every other polish. I mean, this is like, not as recent, but I think maybe like, 10 years ago, he had a show on TBS. And like, it was like, following him and stuff. And like, you know, I guess he was trying to like, get his career back up again. But like, the main issue was that that was the issue. Like he didn't grow up like he was still acting the way he was when Yeah, younger and yeah, no, I mean, always in the juice still be in the weasel. Yeah, right. Like Yeah. Oh, Polly shorty, blushing. I'm Superman. Part Two. Except he doesn't have hair. Oh, he doesn't. Oh, yeah. Like a weave in that movie. Or like, some type of like spray paint like hair. No fucking way. Yeah, I haven't. Yeah, I haven't seen. Oh, it was the premise was that like, a couple buys a house and Polly shores the tenant living in the back house. And they can't get rid of them. And he's a horrible tenant and parties. Like, you know, how's that gonna help him grow up? And he's playing parts? party? I don't know. Yes. And we watched the whole thing and it was not good.

Because we were trying to learn.

He seems like a nice guy. Gosh.

The money will finish watching the video to the movie. Oh, no, me and Kim will walk out of a movie. We've done it Where?

He seems like a fuzzy little dude. But now. Yeah.

him. I'm interested in what you have on your list. My relationship is complicated. Oh my god. Yeah. All right. Let's see. Was it Cory Taylor? Ah, okay. Because while you are right, where he has had the influences of the rap and stuff, I think the way that he did the CMF T was very cheesy. Yeah, it was kind of cheesy. And it was very, like, his ego is just like, yes, you're go, you're good. You're great. We know this. Yeah. But you're letting the ego take over a little too much now. And it's kind of like, we know you're good. Like, we know you're been successful. Like you don't need that you just especially like what we're talking about with, like, from back in the day, we were like wearing the slipknot stuff, listening to the music and people are looking at you sideways, like what the hell. And it seems like he's doing the same thing as Metallica, where you're trying to come more mainstream kind of come like, you don't need that. Like, you don't need to take that route. Like if that makes you happy and something you want to do. Cool, but I feel like Cory like you could have done it in a better way with all the resources you have all the talent that you have, like all of the like all this stuff at your disposal. Like you could have done a different approach to it. It could have been less cheese I kind of just have to like rush like he just wanted to like get it out there and like it's it's kind of like also

to the black the bros like you're kind of pandering to the bros like that. It's like it sounds like that kind of like vibe and then when we when I saw him was stone sour and he was there like Steel Panther opener for them. So I was like, dude, like, Who? like who are you trying to be like, you went from this guy that was like, hardcore and and like, Yeah, he's

like, a PA pop. But now you're kind of like starting to dip your toes into that section and go, you know, pull in that crowd and it's like, do you do you think and I don't know, the T shirt at Target was the icing on the cake. I'm like, dude, like seriously? So do you do you think that he led so obviously like he has some kind of hip hop influence or whatever rap rap influence? But do you think that he let the rap side of his influence and his wrestling influence? Do you think like that came out of him as far as ego wise for that album because because he's a big like wrestling fan and like he's even done like videos or like he's like, you know how wrestlers are tall show. Or like he did videos where like, he was like doing shit like that like being like the tough guy and you know, talking shit. And then hip hop artists are like that and other music like it's just all flashy. And I feel like that's way fast. Yeah, and and I think I get what you're saying. I think what he did was he adopted that for this, but he didn't need to Yeah, and and i think that's ready. No, you're right. Yeah. And I think that's where he fucked up. And I agree. No, you're about us. Like why do you need to act even more? Like what are you trying to impress? Exactly? Yeah, I've been with you since like the beginning. Like you're not impressing me and like it seemed like a very bro like thing which is weird because like you said, like, it was all the stuff that he was in the beginning like fuck you against and now it's like, yeah, we're and I get that people grow in their influence about different things with that kind of didn't seem like a growth. I kind of seemed like you were aggression, backward like that's something that you should have done.

In the beginning that maybe kind of grew into, like more, but it kind of was like, and you know, and it is kind of like that thing about representation where like, he wouldn't have done that back in the day because, you know, his fans would have been like, What the fuck are, they didn't even take off the mat. Exactly. So now it's like, oh, I'm this, I'm here now. Like, I can do it, and it won't affect me. untouchable because I've done x, y, z, my finances are all set. Yeah, and now and for every band, every band that we mentioned, there's going to be fans that like the band can do no wrong. Like, they're always going to be like, Oh, that's the greatest thing ever. And you could see it like in comments or forums where like, they're always gonna try to kiss the man's as well. Yeah, you know, but then you go in, you'll see like comments where it's basically what we're saying, like, I'll go and there was people saying real estate about Metallica, there was people I read the comments from when Corey Taylor came out with those singles. People were saying what Kim was saying, and I know people were gonna say what you were saying? Yeah. So like, there's people that don't see shit like, yeah, there's just ignore it. Or they Yeah, and but it's gory. Like it has. Yeah, they're like, oh, you're it's like, you're not a real person.

A real fan of this man. Because you're bad. Like, yeah, like, Yeah, no, I agree. So it's complicated because, well, you know, I love me, Cory Taylor. It's like maybe I don't love him at this phase in his life. Stage.

aspect. And I love that, that, that version, we'll see what uh, I mean, the slipknot stuff is so good. And they're apparently they're working on you know.

So like,

a midlife crisis.

I mean, it could be two, it could be that could be two. I mean, and it might be the same case with Metallica to your right like that. That shit does happen. Um, but ya know that that definitely could be the case. I mean, who knows? I don't I don't know. I don't know. We don't know. I mean, he doesn't answer my emails to be on the shows. Yeah.

No. Um, so that was my one and done. So okay, I couldn't really think of anything else. Okay, I got another one. This one's not going to be a long ones. This is going to be a short one. Mine is going to be again, it's the bro category five finger death punch. And I know I think I was on I don't know if this was like on my top 10 albums, or when I can't remember. But the first five finger death punch I was is really good to me. So we talked about it last episode, or between now and in last episode. And I still love that album. And I remember if you ignore the single, the bleeding because that they played that song to death. Yeah. That's like probably the weakest song to me on that album. Everything else is fucking awesome. I remember when they came out. I was like, that guy's sounds familiar. And they were like, yeah, this guy used to sing in moto grater, which was one of like the early early new metal bands. I was like, kind of like Slipknot ish or whatever, visual visual, visual wise. And so I liked it. And then after that, we've had conversations about 500 as a bunch before we're now they're just like, the Monster Energy band. They're just the bros are like America, everything and you know, they're just like, they're cheesy. Like, you know, there's no substance to their music anymore. Or they're just, they're just fucking Bros. Like, and after that first album, I started to see it and I was like, I'm good. And I remember when I went to River City rock fest when your five finger death punch was playing. And I was like, I've never seen Five Five Finger death punch. I'm gonna go you know, see what's going on. Literally the first song they started playing. I was like, I'm done. And I legit walked away, so I never saw him. And that's what that's how like, irritating it was to me. I was like, Yeah, do this and you can see by the fans like all the fucking Bros. affliction shirt. Their fucking shirts. freakin hat backwards like fucking to their American flag bandana. Yeah. With the monster.

No, yeah. And, and it just it doesn't appeal to me, you know what I mean? And it's kind of like a musically a turn off. Like, I don't want to listen to this. You know what I mean? Like, it's just it's No, it's not. It's not fun, but I told you this was going to be quick. But yeah, if I were going to punch for me, I mean, still that album I have different versions of it. I fuckin still love that album. But the band now Not anymore. And I don't I don't follow them anymore. You know, in here to at this point. And going back to Slipknot

one thing that annoyed me about them. So that night or that night

was other fans or at least the ones the ones who played guitar. They wanted to go out and buy the BC rich Warlock guitars which are you know, and I'm not a fan of non traditional body shape guitars.

That's just me, you know

for me is is more functionality. And you know, maybe Yeah, the BC rich sounds cool, but those fucking guitar I just can't. Yeah, I just can't buy a pointy guitar. Yeah, no, I hated that. And it was weird to me how I carry King like

You know, plays and like he has one of those and yeah, I knew a couple of guys in high school. Of course I'm not gonna say any names they they had these guitars and I'm like, Yeah, I play guitar. I'm like, what kind of guitar you have? fuckin Warlock. I'm like, Oh my god, like it was cringy it was just very cringy like it was very like,

what's the word like? trendy? like regular fucking metal? Yeah, jump on the bandwagon. Yeah, and they were like, very affordable too. But I'm like, you know?

I never I never got one of those guitars as point yes, I'll go as an explorer. I like the explorers. But that's that's his point is I'll go even these like I like the way they look, but I can't play them. I don't like the way they feel. They just feel weird. Yeah, and then when you sit with them Oh yeah, you can't sit with a V Yeah, weird. I've seen like photos of like Randy Rhoads sitting with like a flying V and like it's just the shape is weird. Like you can't it doesn't sit on your lap. Yeah, very well. But yeah, pointing guitars you can sit with either anyways.

Right? Yeah. foreign language for a minute

to the curves pointing guitars and also, I guess now like the the jet dudes are buying like the headstock less guitars. I hate those two I actually the I think the basis from Slipknot has the yeah he his his bass doesn't have a headstock and it's I mean, I know a lot of them say that. There's a lot of benefits to it and whatnot. Like I think some say better intonation and some say better tone. But it just looks weird. Yeah, it's unnatural to me either. I yeah, I think I don't know. Maybe it's like one of those people like Oh, you're old person. You're old. You know get with the times or whatever. I don't know. I just like though the older shit even when it comes to recording, like, so I came across a photo that came up on my Facebook memories. I don't know if it was today. Let me check. And it was from Geezer Butler. You guys know who Geezer Butler? Yes. He's from Black Sabbath. So he had a quote, If you polish things too much, it loses the feeling right? So these guys back in and how I like recording as you would put the mics to the amps, you know, we've had this conversation multiple times, where classic, you know, these iconic albums were recorded by experiments and stuff like they would put like an AMP at the end of the hallway and then put the mic at the end and then record the guitar sound like that to get like eerie sounds like that. And nowadays, everyone just plugs into a laptop. They're like, hey, how do you want your guitar to sound? Okay, so they'll pick an AMP and then like move the mic and then on the laptop. And it's like all digital and shit and which is another band on my list. I'm gonna get to that's one of my reasons. And like, it's all like super. Yeah, like even to we recorded with some guy when we were in a previous band, and he put tape on my on the top of my headstock. Yeah, so the strings wouldn't go through. And I was like, dude, that's part of the guitar sound like any little imperfection, like you listen to some of the old again, example, Black Sabbath stuff. Like you can hear like the little pings of like, like you can hear Tonio he's like day and or his pick, like hitting something weird that it's like the little imperfections that make it sound fucking awesome. Like, it's, it's fucking natural. And these guys nowadays, they just like to wipe all that shit out. And I'm like, what's the point? What's the point of fucking playing the guitar? Well, I think there's $1 fucking guitar soul out of it. And there's a difference too, because there was a time when people made albums. And they still are. But production wise, some people just want big clean Polish production versus like, personally for me, I like listening to old recordings, because like one, if it's not remastered, it's like, you know, the volume sounds a little low. But also to hear like the, like the the hum and the haze of the amps. Yeah. And you'll hear even in vocals, like you'll hear like the singer, like every breath that they take. Yeah, and sing a line. Shit. Like, so that's stuff I like Yeah, me too. And I mean, I don't think a lot of bands do this now, but recording the tape back then. Yeah, I mean, I think if you can still afford to, because I think it's super expensive not to record to tape. So if you're a band that has the means it's still recording the tape. I mean, you're still keeping that that feeling there. And you know, I think this comes back like full circle to some of the other shit about you know, Metallica and these guys like trying to be pop like that shit roots from the pop RS and the hip like of it being all digital and it being like, beats on a fucking on, you know, from a laptop or whatever. Like everything being super crisp and clean. Like some of these rock artists, for example, like theory of a dead man, like they they're going that route and they're like, ditching guitars and stuff. And it's because they're trying to beat make it like so clean and, and over produced or whatnot to where it's going to kind of match and go along. Okay, in the same categories like the pop or the those alternative pop artists, which, which kind of sucks and i think that's that's a big reason to

Is that these guys are trying to be like the pop artists or whatnot of rock and I think that's Yeah, that's shit. I think that's the wrong way to go. They're taking the

but that Yeah, that was just like my little piece I wanted to add to slip now was the point of guitars

this turned into a gear podcast. No, I mean,

I like to talk

gear beer. Yeah. Beer Beer show with Frank and Mario.

Hey, that would that would be a good one.

Beer here beer your segment.

But uh, you know, I guess going back to the whole bro rock thing.

Yeah, bro rock.

limp biscuit for me is another one of those who, you know, another one of those artists that I denounce? musically, I appreciate them.

I think they could do without Fred Durst honestly, like I could just listen to the music. But their fan base is very bro. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's like super bros, you know, but but he he, what's it called? Not instigated he pushed that? He did? Yeah. He Yeah, he pushed it and when I was younger and getting into them, I didn't think about that. You know, I just thought yeah, this is good music. I like it. And now as an adult, it's like I'm a little embarrassed to say that I liked it but I still like it. It's just the fact that I feel the same. The the audience said that limp biskit has Yeah, it's embarrassing. Yeah, no, it is. Again that's all frayed nerves. frayed nerves fucking created that he fuckin pushed it he fuckin like yeah, these dudes with their fucking Yeah, and right now they're they're currently on tour. And the whole thing is sold out already. Oh, wow. And I was thinking you know, if I if I wanted to, I could buy a ticket just to see Wes Borland cuz he's like the one person that sticks out from the rest of them. You know, everyone's wearing like their baggy Dickies and their oversized, like jerseys and he's the one that's odd dressing up and all sorts of weird shit, but but also to like those guys, musician wise. Yeah. Good. They're really good. Really good. Yeah. But I feel that also to image wise. They they played up the whole, you know, bro. Culture thing. It's a fucking tour right there. Linda's gonna find her death bunch. Yeah. But also to that. I think another thing that upsets me is now as an adult seen it. Going back to Woodstock. 99. You know, three days of peace, love and music, turn to shit. But of course this you know, the first one was in the 60s. And that was like legit the culture? Yeah. Because it was the hippie era. And then, you know, the whole Vietnam thing was just starting and people were against and so they just wanted three days of just peace, love and music, you know? And Fast Forward 30 years later, I mean, a lot of things change. Things aren't the same anymore. And I think we all know what happened at Woodstock, like there were people getting beat up, there were rapes, there were fires getting started.

And some bands purposely, you know, instigated that and went limp, escape played break stuff, it just made things worse. You know, and so that didn't help matters.

But yeah, I mean, musically as musicians, I think they're good.

I would like to see them. I would like to hear maybe like instrumental stuff from them. You know, so basically the miski without riders without foragers. Yeah, that's because he's so whiny. And now he is gonna get into just his his attitude. I don't. I don't, I don't dig it. I don't either. But I mean, had they had gone? Had they gone a different direction and gotten

a worthy singer. Yeah, you know, I wouldn't denounce him in this particular way. But

I am because of who they are. No, that's a good one. No, that's a damn good one. I agree with you on that one. I think a 99 there was no like, unifying event or something. There was nothing that like brought those people together for a purpose. Woodstock there was like, yeah, the people who attended were like minded. It wasn't just centered around the music. It was centered around the cause.

And so, yeah, no, definitely it was just a bunch of fucking

I don't know what idiot. Yeah, idiots. Yeah, they were trying to be like, Hey, is Woodstock. Yeah, we want to have a Woodstock of our own our own generation there. Yeah. So you already for beer before we go on to Britain.

Okay, so this is we haven't had a stout in a while. This is true. So this is a stout and it looks like the Starbucks. This says karma. Do you like Starbucks? And I don't typically go there very often. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm a tea drinker. So if I do go, I'm getting tea.

Yeah. Okay, I like caramel. Okay, so this is a 903 brewers. So 903 is from Sherman, Texas, Sherman, Texas. This is an 8.7% ABV. It's from a 12 ounce can. Yeah, I know. Well yeah, it's a stout usually sounds have a higher ABV. This is a caramel macchiato flavored stout. So it's a coffee vanilla flavored, and caramel. Coffee, vanilla. And caramel flavored milk stout. They put flavor dinner twice, which is stupid. Coffee, vanilla flavored and caramel flavored milk stout.

Anyways, yeah. I thought I was fucking editor cuz I will help them like, Alright, Kim.

You just needed another comma. Yeah. That was weird.

There it is. Well, we haven't had a style in a while. So I thought I thought it would be and Yeah, it's true. We've been ignoring them for a good while. And this looked interesting enough. Hopefully. Hopefully. I because of the little Yeah.

Oh, it smells like coffee. Yeah. And there's a Saudi smell to it to

prepare me. Okay. I guess. I guess. It looks dark to just like usually out that we have the motor oil. Okay. Oh, gosh. Yeah, I can't even like see the light through it.

Mario had a face. It's most nice actually. Sounds like Mario had a face with zebra in the front. And the front. It tastes like a stout that. Yeah. You know, your typical stout in the middle. There's a bit of a caramel taste. But then the aftertaste is shit, too. I don't like that aftertaste either.

Just taste it. I don't know why I hate stout so much. They taste like I keep trying. But there was no I've tasted no caramel. Yeah, no. And I was looking for it. I tasted just a bit in the middle. And it sucks because it tastes I don't know why. stouts tastes like cigarette to me. Yeah. Especially and I hate to say that they do. But I just I don't know. And you guys agree with me too. I just It's weird. I don't know. funny, because I don't like it. Like love it like it, but it's like one of the more tolerable Really? Yes. Yeah, I would say so. Because it doesn't have like that super bitter aftertaste. Right? Yeah. This one. It's just very coffee. Yeah, yeah. So which is? I don't know. I don't I'm gonna go like a point five. And I taste the vanilla after. I don't even taste when I wish I tasted that. I do. It's just there's something sweet in there. There's Yeah, sweet. To me. It just tastes weird to me. What do you mean? I give it a point five. Hey, I really don't. I don't know. I used to drink stouts often it's weird. I used to drink them and I I don't know what to. Yeah, that's what I was gonna do. Okay. 2.2 Okay. All right. It's not the worst. Well, there's that. Smoke beer. Luckily, I have. You know what? I have another tray. He'll be right there. I think I'm gonna pop that open to get rid of this shit. But, uh, if y'all want to share the trailer with me. Sure, we can do that. But I'll let I'll do it. Oh, Britton, Kim. Go ahead and talk about y'all next. I don't know how I told you. That was my well. Okay, Britt. Yeah. Yeah, have another couple. One is gonna, again, they're, I think mine are more like complicated relationships than they are

full breakups. Like,

we still have a little something going on.

And one is The Smashing Pumpkins.

Yeah, cuz, you know, I was a super fan from the first album, Love the first three albums. And then the fourth, the fourth album is the double disc, the melancholy and the Infinite Sadness. And I felt like they just got too big for their britches too fast, like, because they had a huge success with Siamese Dream. And then they put out this double album that, like you, they really could have just like, trim that down and picked out the good ones, you know, and just just a single disc album. And there was a lot of stuff on there that was not really

I don't know, didn't keep with their word. I don't know their sound or their ethos or something from the start. And, and it turned me off a lot. Yeah. And so I kind of quit buying their music at that point. Now, you know, I still love those first three albums, and I think they redeemed themselves later.

But I just there was that that was a turning point for me and my relationship with that band. And so, and then also, you know, I think Billy Corgan is like, kind of just gone crazy. Yeah, he is kind of, he's a he's a he's a character. Yeah. But Frankie, and I saw them not too long ago, we took the kids and that was pretty cool. It's like a garden. That's the show.

Was that was that was actually really good. Yeah. Was that when was that when that free album came out? Or is that one

Alright guys came out. That was no actually that was when it's got a really long album title. That wasn't a free one. They came out like online. No, I wasn't the free one. Okay, I'll look it up in a bit. But I was just reading, because we were talking about

talking about Woodstock and

the planning on the stages. Are you changing the subject? No, it was still my turn.

Looking at Smashing Pumpkins. Oh, okay.

So the East stage, and the West stage were two and a half miles apart.

And I'd start braking.

There were two and a half miles apart, and the festival happened 100 miles from the original festival site. And they use like an a, like a cleared out, like Military Air Force, like

stripped right.

And there was really no amenities for any of that stuff. So I mean, like fire fest the first fire Fest, yeah.

transport people between the stages. No, you had to walk your ass over there. I mean, because even now they have like little like a shadow. Yeah, they really?

Like it's just right there buggy. Shit. I mean, like, you want to go see, like planet but you can start walking. But even with one of those little cars, it would take a little while. Yeah, that's a that's a good stretch.

But yeah, it's just stupid. But yeah, it's it's the album is shiny and Oh, so bright. That's not that long. You said it was long. It is pretty long. Okay. But, uh, but go ahead, Brett. Yeah, that was the, my point. I guess. It's just that I kind of, you know, I felt like they got

a little too big for their britches with that album. And it just didn't, I didn't like the stuff that was being played on the radio from that one. I didn't like, you know, half of it. I really felt like they could have trimmed it way down and only made it a single disc and it just felt

I don't know, different. A lot different, like not as hardcore not as Rocky, right? You know, like, Pisces is scary. It was the album before that. And that's really, you know, fast and hard. And this one was just like all dreamy and yeah, popper poppier and stuff. So yeah, that one complicated relation Yeah, it's actually quite shiny and also bright Volume One LP no past no future no sound okay. In your mind. That's Yeah, that is Yeah, well, my next one is not this the last one I could think of on my list and and it kind of falls into the same categories you were saying right now. I'm also too We're drinking the tray whole beer again. You know, it goes good with the trail bear, Mexican street corn flavored chips.

So mine, so so mine, it came, it came to what the conversation kind of crosses between what you were saying and the conversation me and Frank were having about, like bands not being like they don't have the rock feel anymore. They

don't have the point of guitars and he didn't have the point of guitar photos.

Mine is more of a complicated relationship to where like, I don't want to

not be their fan, but they're kind of I feel like they're pushing me in that direction. Okay, that's Papa Roach. I really like Papa Roach, their first four albums. I fucking love those albums. Like and it's so weird to me because some there's a lot of bands. And I think

system over down is probably another one of those bands where like, I like all their albums, but like Papa Roach is it's one of those rare ones where it's one of these bands with a huge discography. And, like, you know, bands with a big discography. You're like, oh, like this album. I don't like this album. I like this album or whatever, whatever. Like Papa Roach. Bless you, Bob Roach. Like first four albums, or like the shit to me. I'm like, they're good. Like they stayed in their rock. You know, category they they added some hip hop here and there.

As was with the new metal style, a lot of it was rockin and hip hop or metal and hip hop. That's basically what it was.

But they started going into the more like, oh, Imagine Dragons as popular. You know that alternative pop? Rock. I'm gonna do air quotes because it's like considered rock in the grimy category again, we're going to bring that up. But like Papa Roach was trying to do that were like, they were getting away from the I know, there were some songs. I don't I didn't hear their whole album, but I know they had singles come out or like, there was literally no guitars in the, in the, in the song. I was like, What the fuck is this? And it sounded a lot like Imagine Dragons. I was like, why are you guys trying to go that direction? And even to I think they put out a remix album of one of their albums. And it was just the same thing. They were like, you know, doing stuff that like why are y'all doing this? It doesn't sound like I understand you have a hip hop background, but it's that

That's not what you're doing. You're going to like the pop alternative route. Right? And that's kind of what pisses me off. And I still want to be a fan of Papa Roach. Because they do put out stuff here and there that are that's all right but as a whole, they don't anymore. Okay. But like I said, the first four albums I still dig after that they started to

stray from where they started from. And like I said, it came to the Corey Taylor thing to where like, Yeah, you do have a hip hop background, we know that. But now they're starting to go more into like, the fake hip hop. where it's like, oh, it's the the pop you know, like maybe if Jacoby wanted to do like a side thing or but like, Don't bring it into all the way into Papa Roach.

Or situation where like, a couple of the guys were in there, if you wanted to just go when it comes to the point where you're taking the guitar out of a band. I think that's too far for me. You know what I mean? Like, why have the band if you're not going to have guitar if you're going to have a one man band guy? Yeah. Yeah. Or you're gonna have like, all like, you know, keyboards or sins, or what's it called? samples? You know, what, what's the point? Like, there's no point in it anymore. Like why? And to me, that's one of the bands were like on the fence on. Okay, they're close to Yeah, having me say like, I'm done with approach but okay, but yeah, no, that was that was my last one. So I don't know Frankenberg have anything more.

I'm gonna. Who do I have?

I don't know.

Oh, yeah. corn. Oh, that's a good that's Yeah, that's actually a good one. Because Well, one. Is that the original lineup?

And two after?

Was it album five, six after take a look. In the mirror? Yeah.

They started to go the whole dubstep thing. Yeah, they did some dubstep stuff. And then you know, had left the band. And then David left the band too. And then I saw them.

On one of the album's they were touring behind. It was on the family values tour. Oh, six.

And I feel like they were just really trying to beef up their sound. They had, you know, three percussionists, some keyboard is and they had a whole bunch of backup guitars hiding behind banners. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And I didn't know worse. That's embarrassing. Yeah, yeah. And then they did like a, like a little B stage acoustic set. Like off to the side somewhere. I can't imagine corn acoustic. Yeah, they, they did some acoustic stuff. And I just I just felt like, you know, you lost some of your vital members. And now you're trying to make up for it by adding all this extra shit that doesn't really belong. Yeah. And they, you know, they went industrial for a little bit. And then they heard they did the whole dubstep thing. It was Skrillex. Yeah, one I didn't like Skrillex. And then two, I was like,

Yeah, I don't know. Just that that whole thing with when they got him involved on like, that's when when I started to get put off. Yeah, it was the same thing. And do you think they did it? Because he was popular at the time? Because at that time, Skrillex and that whole genre? Yeah, it was like fucking, everybody was, too and I was like, What the fuck is this shit. And then Morin was like, hmm, you know, whatever. And then they started incorporating him into the music. And that's when I started getting liked. Okay. Yeah. And it also I mean, I remember they came to town on that album cycle that they did with Skrillex. And I was like, I was thinking like, like, Where are you in your career where you come to town? For Fiesta? Yeah. And you're charging five bucks. To see your band. Oh, man.

That's a low, right? Yeah. And it's not like just any big. It's like some little lot off to the side of the hemisphere.

Interesting. So I think I remember that. I need to go. Yeah, right. I didn't go. Oh, you didn't know I definitely didn't.

But I've been out but the first time I saw corn was as fast out three.

And I liked it. It was really good. Even though that was Oh, yeah, I never seen Cornell

either by either.

But it would have been cool to see him in that time. And yeah, and it was cool, because, you know, they were co headlining they were right before Ozzy Oh, that was my second time. Okay.

And they were and they were like, right before Ozzy. And it was good. I liked it. You know, they played they played a lot of their older stuff. Yeah.

And that was one thing I was excited about. And then, you know, fast forward three, four years later, they lost like two founding members and they did some weird shit musically. And, you know, now they had like a 20 piece band backing them.

It just it just wasn't, it just wasn't working. And so I didn't keep up with him anymore. And now like when I tried to

hear some of their later stuff. It just doesn't sound like corn to me. I know what you're saying. Yeah, you know, and also to one thing I appreciated about them is that when they first came out, I had never heard any band, like a heavy band. Play bagpipes in our studio album. Yeah.

And that was that that was very different, you know, for sure. They had a very different sound from the start. It was very unique. And, and this is, you know, and these are one of like, the corners, one of the heavy bands that put seven string guitars on the mainstream. And also to they were doing something really different, you know, rhythmically. It was not something I'd heard before. Like, they have like a whole vibe. And there's like, a whole corn rhythm to it, you know, like help. And Tara has the group thing corn has like, yeah, this particular vibe, and I feel like a lot had to do with the, again, the core members like I had to do with Dave. Yeah, and yeah, and the guitars and the bass. I mean, shit. Yeah, but what's crazy too, is that Fuck, what was I gonna say? Shit, I forgot. Oh, that like, like, history wise, like, I guess like, musical historians or whatever. Apparently corns, like, the band that started new metal, like their first new metal band. Like if they if they go like tracking into like, it doesn't surprise me too much. I definitely. Yeah, so like, that's pretty crazy to that. Like, historically, there's like, if you look at how everything played out, they were the first new metal band. I haven't they know that I broke up with them long before you did. Because I just could not bear the stupid fucking idea song. Oh, sorry. That's like dumb shit that like fifth graders tell each other man.

Maybe he learned in fifth grade? Maybe? Maybe?

Yeah, was that there was a long time ago. like high school, I think. Yeah, that was like their second or third

album. I was all on board. And then after that stupid song. I was like, I'm sorry. This is too dumb for me.

I understand where you're coming from with that though. Yeah, like to you? That's like the bro. Oh, no, that was 96 Yeah, it's the life is peachy. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was, I think, at the end, you know, and I liked that album compared to the first album, which is pretty dark and heavy. And and the second album came out. It was a little different. You know, they started talking to me, though. Yeah. I don't know. That was good.

But you know, also to like, I read a thing where I think it's the opening track where Jonathan Davis started doing like his scat vocals. And everyone was like, What the fuck are you doing? And then they also had ice cube on the album too, which I thought was cool. And then, you know, Ice Cube came back on follow the leader. Yeah. And follow the leader, you know, that like really broke the band. Yeah. And then when issues came out, it like magnified them even more.

And untouchables? I think, too, you know, they, they kept that whole dark thing. And they started going a little industrial there. You know, he started adding some keyboards. And

after that, they just like, fell off. And I don't know. Yeah, I don't know, either. That's where it kind of fell off for me too. I think that's about the point where I was like,

yeah, so corn. Because you don't have the original members. That's a good one. That's like and also to God isn't touring with them on this upcoming tour? Oh, yeah. He's taking time off to address personal stuff is what he said. And I think they've got the basis for suicidal tendencies. filling in for him on this tour, which, you know, I guess that probably makes sense. Yeah, it does make sense, you know?

Yeah, I don't, I don't know. I mean, I also listen to the old stuff. I just can't listen to anything past what 2002 or something became a basis There's a rumor that I heard that so they're trying to find a basis to replace what's his name and Megadeth Oh, ellefson Yeah, Dave Ellison the rumor is Rex Brown. Oh, dude, if we see Rex brown play with Megadeth fucking crazy if you guys don't know Rex brown of pants. Okay, so if we got to see now that would be pretty wild basis for Panthera play with Megadeth that'd be fucking sick. Anyways, we'll see what happens we work they still haven't

said Who? The basis of like a month. Yeah, we have a month. Yeah, I don't know. I don't even know if they're gonna announce it before then. But we'll find out because we're the first date on the tour. So that's pretty exciting. Interesting. Brett, who was your was your last person or another complicated relationship? It's not a breakup. I guess I'm bad at

it's the cure. And it's

because I don't know I also like I don't know. They were super special to me and

alar and I love them and, but also, like some of the poppier stuff drives me nuts and I cannot stand Friday, I'm in love, it makes me want to punch people. And that album moves on. I was like,

yeah, I'm kind of done. And I didn't really buy a whole lot of cure music after that. And I just, I don't know, that one just hurt my heart too much. And that that whole album is super Poppy. And Frank's gonna fight with me on this. But there are a few songs on that album that are worthwhile, like two or three and the rest are it's bubblegum pop Deluxe, which is so like the antithesis of the killer and like the, the dark, brooding, gloomy goodness that is here, right, because that stuff, and it got them like radio play that they had never had before, which was also upsetting, and like a major bummer, you know? And then, I don't know, I just put them in kind of mainstream pop music. places that I just it hurt my heart to see them. No, just not where. I don't know. Go ahead and fight me Frankie.

Oh, no, I was just gonna say that. They're all nice guys.

No, I think it's just never gonna live. Yeah, you're the you're Yeah, that's your that's your spot on? Yeah, we're gonna get him a T shirt.

But I'm sure he's a nice guy.

I'll get you on for the 50th episode. I think the thing with the cure is, you know, yeah, when they started, they had a punk sound. And they went and did some stuff, Sandy wave and stuff. And then the 90s came, and then they alternative was big. And I know that turned off a lot of their fan base. But one thing I appreciated about their 90s years is

I think it's more alternative rock guitar that I like. And so you hear that, you know, I guess me just being like, the music nerd.

When I hear that change, it's like, oh, cool, I can appreciate this, you know, I can probably try to separate the other stuff that people don't like the shitty lyrics. Yeah, that, you know, and focus on in focus on, you know, some little nuances and little changes that, that pop to me.

So I think that's, that's one thing I like to be listened to the cure. I mean, a lot of their stuff is very guitar oriented, but it's also very, you know,

typical of the at sound and then when the 90s came around, they ditched a lot of that. And they went more alternative rock guitar structure. So I guess that's where the puppy is came from? I don't know. I mean, I can't speak to the like, guitar structure stuff that I don't have that experience. Well, that one kind of makes sense, because a lot of the alternative stuff is kind of in the pop category. Because it was like, yeah, yeah. So I mean, that kind of makes sense. Yeah, yeah. But also to, you know, like, if you listen to bands in the 80s, you know, like, the the post punk stuff, and the goth stuff, a lot of the guitars are very, like, heavily, you know, run through chorus pedals. Like, that was the at sound. And then when you go into the 90s, it's more, you know, like, overdrive and stuff. And so there was like, definitely a shift in in sound. But it's still the same band. Your your segment. Yeah.

And then, but you also think, you know, okay, there's an element of who they used to be still present. It's just an evolved sound.


Yeah, cuz i don't think that like getting super Poppy and mainstream is like,

right, I think. Okay, so I get what you're saying. And I get what you're saying as far as like, it kind of felt like they were following the trends of the, of the 90s guitar wise, and they were following the witches and maybe reading some of them because that album is like, very early 90s. So

maybe established and I guess which case I supposed to give him credit. Oh, well, I'm stumped in. Yeah, I don't I don't know. Cuz, I mean, like, what is wish like 91 or 92? It's really early, early. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So Oh, yeah, that's it. So to me, it's the start of the 90s you had all these grunge bands. And then you have a band, like the cure coming into the scene, and they're not putting out a grunge album. They're just putting out No, you know, thank god a more we're, I guess, a more accessible and more excessively sounding album. It's still them, but it's just 90s them, you know? And okay, and I guess also going back to the home, there was a lot of good stuff in the 90s that wasn't pop. Yeah, like it but this just sounds like pop like, I gotta say, I'm in love is


I agree with you on that one. Yeah. And also to I don't know, maybe I don't know how many people do this too, but when I hear a song from any album from any artist,

I want to be able to hear an acoustic guitar element to it. So what I'm trying to say by that is okay, I can hear this one heavy song. But can I play it on an acoustic? Is it is it acoustic oboe, every song? Not every song I was gonna say because like, if I'm listening to like metal, I wouldn't want to try to imagine it acoustic. Are you saying? I guess what I'm done? Right? Well, yeah, that definitely. But I guess what I'm saying I want every No, yeah. But I guess what I'm saying is, and I guess this is gonna go back, you know, a couple albums. You want to hear the guitar? I want to hear that. For what it is. And I want to hear the base for what it is. I want to hear the drums. Yeah, I get that. But when I when I talk about an acoustic element, like I think of Okay, I guess you know, going back a few episodes we talked about, like grunge and whatnot. And when all you talked about, we talked about so like when I when I hear Allison change. Yeah, I hear that acoustic guitar element in there. Yes. You know, so it's like, yeah, you can like, play the heavy stuff. But you could also play it on an acoustic. It's got that structure to it. Yeah. And then we talked about Pearl Jam to a lot of their stuff is, to me, classic rock structured. Yeah. But it's also okay. I can also hear where you can turn off the electric and do the acoustic. Okay, you know, so that's what I'm trying to say is, I know I'm not gonna hear an acoustic Megadeth song. I'm not gonna hear an acoustic Metallica song. But there are mentioned Metallica. Okay, I'm just kidding. But there are some points to like, the heavy stuff where it's like, okay, it's heavy, but I can still hear where they can turn off the electric and still keep the same structure. And, you know, that's, I don't know. That's crazy. I mean, you have interesting

perspective on I mean, I don't see shit like that. Like, I mean, I hear the guitar like, Okay, what are they doing right now? You know, but I don't. I don't think about the acoustic stuff. But I mean, interesting. I mean, that's a mean, if you look at it that way. That's cool.

I mean, I don't know what you're saying that you could hear that on that cure album, and therefore you like it better or? No, I mean, I think it's, it's more

you know, yeah. If you want to plug in and play loud, you can do that. But then it's also like, okay, I can also take this song and take out like my brush, jazz drumsticks and still, you know, but what does this have to do with the kid play acoustically? Just trying to get back to, to tie it together? Yeah. So I think because to me, to me, a lot of a lot of a lot of their stuff can be played acoustically. So therefore, you like them better? Or no, and I like them better. It's just I like that. You can hear one version but in your head in my head. I can also hear another verse. So I think he it said he,

he hears that it's the same. All so like, let's say they had one album, right that like, let's say one did you like and then poppy one that he can plug it in as? Oh, it's basically the same? Yeah, he can


that when you get to the root of it, it's the same. Alright, that's what he's trying to say. Okay. And that's what I do. I don't know. I'm probably weird. I think I understand what you're saying. Like every time I hear music, you're a nice guy. Like, you know, yeah, like, like in one year. I'm hearing the recorded version, but in another year, I'm hearing like others I get what you're saying. I kind of get what you're saying. But

that's that's all. That's all I have it. I don't know if Brent has anything? Well, cuz I know Frank is gonna keep going if we don't stop.

But I understand nice guys too.

So do you have anything else I just want to say? Good. Good vibes and thoughts to mark coppice as he is battling, diffuse large B cell lymphoma stage four cancer. He was somebody that although he's not like a super crazy basis or anything inspired me to pick up a bass in place. So just get that vibe singing or playing in general is hard. But yeah, yeah, definitely. And also to the type of

the type of cancer he has is his mom had the same cancer. And she beat breast cancer Yes. Oh, wow. Okay, so there's hope there Yeah, no. Fight Fight, buddy. You got this cool.

Cool. Well, I don't know what next episode is gonna be about but that was Episode 40

I'm sorry, we didn't have good beers this episode. I think the only decent ones were this tray one and the cucumber one other Yeah, those were kind of shit. But I we get hits and misses sometimes. So I don't know what next episode is going to be. Are we doing episode next week? Sure.

We're okay. Yeah, sounds good. Yeah, I mean, if everybody can do it, we're good. I know we're working. So, okay, so we'll do that and then we'll discuss it in a bit and see what next episode is going to be about.

Thank you guys for listening. Like I said, Spotify playlists for everything that you guys, all the bands we talked about, unfortunately today, but I'll make a Spotify playlist I'll make myself listen to this stuff. And you can go to rock dock happy hour pod final or social pod calm vinyl or social media stuff on there. And then, yeah, so we'll see you guys next week.

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