Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 39 - Bands Named After Songs

July 10, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 39
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 39 - Bands Named After Songs
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This episode, we have another list topic!
Here, we try and name as many bands named after songs as we can and tell some backstories,  while trying some beers that were not quite there.
We also get a bit off topic and start to discuss: a preview to our next episode, with a mention by Mario stating that he has disowned Metallica, Britt's beef with Tom Morello, and more, initiated by Frank, all while trying not to fight each other.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try different craft beers. We discuss them, we rate them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking and music related topics. And Frank was today's topic.

Today's topic is bands named after songs and vice versa.

Yes. Oh, somebody saw Instagram. Wait, what did you think it was?

named after songs, I didn't think it was vice.

So the reason why I did that was because I kind of figured that Frank was gonna throw something on his list that was gonna go against the rules. And I kind of felt like I came across things that I wanted to mention that we're gonna go across against time that needs to go in that group. Well, I think vice versa was more of like, I wasn't trying to do that. It was more like, just in case, we'll know. Like, we'll get to the list. Like, I think you'll see what I'm talking about. Like it wasn't really, you'll see, you'll see that I had more. I know, right? Well, it could be twice as long. Well, I guess like, that's what I was trying to figure out. So how we'll get to the list. It's just it's we'll see how everyone's rules were, you know what I mean? So we'll see. We'll specialists and unofficial Yeah, cuz I'm pretty sure Frank took it one way. And then obviously, you took it one way, but I don't know if I took it like you guys.

Yeah, I've got some on my lists that are a little like outside the bounds. What

did I tell you? What did I tell you, Brett? I know we know. This. Nice guys. And they have Yes, me. They're nice guy. They're nice guys. And they named the the band was named after his pet really not. So anyway, guys, so yeah, so that's what that's what today's topic is about. And I felt kind of, I don't know, I felt like a screwed up last episode. So last episode was Episode 38. That was bands named after occupations. And I didn't realize that we had released we recorded June 11. And then we recorded it. I mean, rereleased a June 12. If I'm correct. And I didn't realize that that episode was the one year anniversary episode since we started the podcast. Oh, happy. Yay. So so last month was our week or so. So last month was our one our one year podcast. Yeah. And then with that said, I found out today or yesterday that we hit over 1000 downloads on the show. So um, yeah, so I thought that was pretty cool, too. So it just was pretty cool that we hit 1000 at our year, pretty much. And that's like from all over the world, which is cool, because we had a lot of our person from France is out there still. We had some champagne we have waiting for when and what's funny is that our Irish beers episode for St. Patrick's got listeners from Ireland. Oh, yeah. And then we had, like, it's just crazy. Cuz like the episodes with themes on them. Like they were getting downloads from like, those. What's the word? diverse? Yeah, there's a word for it. Like, you know how, like, there's different regions and people listen. Thank you. That's the word. I was like, I saw it. But I couldn't like, Um, but yeah, so there was that. And then. So usually, when we start the show, we have two little segments. One is what are we drinking and the other one is our hangover segment, which is when we talk about things that we forgot to mention last episode, or whatnot, or episodes in between, or whatever. And I don't know if you guys have one, but I wanted to bring up that we actually went to a tap room. When was it last week, two weeks ago? Last week? My mind is horrible. It was just stop drinking. So um, so we had some drinks and stuff. And we had a discussion because Kim and I actually we had this discussion at least three times. I had this discussion once with Kim and then once with Frank and Brittany, I think we talked about it again, but we didn't talk about it on the show which I wanted to do an episode on this kind of, but I want to bring it up to an episode. Are we did Justin want to do that? Because I felt like I said otherwise. This is gonna be a long rant that is okay. Yeah, so I'm not I'm not gonna rant I'm just gonna briefly mention that I have disowned Metallica. And if you guys want to episode on it, or probably doing then, because I kind of wanted to do it as a bonus episode because we did talk a lot about just it wasn't specifically about Metallica, a kind of a Extended more into the Yeah, nine I'm just explained to them about like, about like genres and what, like in the minorities in music as far as genres go? Yeah, no, I guess we'll talk about it another time but yeah, just wanted to bring that up because we had that discussion three times did Mario Yeah Why did I Why did I disown Metallica so we'll probably talk about it next week its own ish. This only well i mean i'm still listening to everything like before basically like I stopped that's okay from here on out basically we'll let you guys know the story we'll talk about and then but that also

sounds like another episode in itself though because we could do what cuz we yeah cuz we were talking about that other stuff too. Yeah yeah but I mean I feel like Metallica should probably get its own episode. I mean, I don't know maybe well, I mean this. Oh, you're talking like in their own episode? No. Or at least dedicate a good chunk to that one. I mean, I'm pretty sure maybe it can be bands we have disowned

by all we could do that. Because I mean, there are others we can do that because Yeah, actually, there's one I another one I could think of right off the bat. Yeah, but there's just something I wanted to bring up. I mean, I had this discussion with cam, you know, just me and her that I had with you guys. But yeah, I didn't want to do a show on it. So I guess we will do that. So yes, we can do that bands. We this owned

and to our listeners, you're holding us accountable because we are naming a future.

Yeah, so and I'm sure you guys want to know why I kind of am dropping metallic. Speaking of that Kim and I bought our tickets our first concert since 2018. So we're going to be seeing Megadeth which is kind of crazy. Because sometimes you're just a Metallica fan or just a Megadeth fan. Anyways, we're gonna see mega death with the Lamb of God in Austin next month, so that's gonna be pretty cool.

I wonder how many closeted Megadeth Metallica fans Oh,

there's card there's, I think more so back in the day. It was more like you couldn't you couldn't say you liked one band when you liked the other because yeah, it should. I think now it's more. It's more. The fans are more lenient, I guess because of the whole big four thing that happened, right thing. But I know before it was like, oh, if you listen to mega death, you were the guy that said that you that Metallica suck. And vice versa. If you're a Metallica fan, you were the same guy that said Megadeth. So, so like you couldn't like both. And but now I think it's more like, like, I don't know,

I guess maybe over age. I mean, like with like, over time with age. I feel like those fans like mellowed out. And they probably don't feel the same way

to alter their to fight you know, probably. Um, but anyways, so yeah, they're mature. And we can call it that. Yeah, just to fire to fire too tired to fight or whatever. Yeah. But anyways, so that was my hangover that I want to say you guys have any hangover from last episode or whatnot? It's been too long. Yeah, it has been. I'm out cured. It's weird, because I saw that it was that we released it June 12. But it doesn't even seem that like not that long ago. It's gonna be a month and we did. You saw them last weekend. Yeah, that's true. That's probably what that's probably what Cushing did a little bit. Yeah, I was like, that was like, it doesn't feel like it's been one. But anyways, so now, I guess into our next segment we're gonna do what are we drinking? Yes. Yeah. So basically, we want to do this. We're just saying what we're drinking right now. These aren't the beers that we try to gather when we're doing when we're doing the show. We take beer breaks in the middle of a show for those you guys who are new to the show. So these aren't the only beers we drink. I'm recording. So anyways, Britt, what are you drinking?

I'm drinking. shiner. light blonde

is one of our favorites on the show. Yeah, I like to drink that often. I think I was telling him to and she was kind of like freaked out the other day. I kind of prefer now. The light blonde over the regular shiner, too. And then the other day we went to where we went out and there was Mike was like, Oh, they have shiny. Oh, yeah, I'll take it. Oh, sec. Yeah, I gotta go psyches. And then also to there were somewhere else. We went there was a shiner and I ended up playing. Yeah, we ended up I ended up getting something else. And I'm like, no. Oh, I remember I had gotten my It doesn't matter. I remember. My My mind is done already. When it was Yeah, I don't know. We just started. Yeah. Just in general. in general. Already. Yeah. Life in life. Yes. My brain is fried. But uh, ya know, shining light on Yeah. Good one. Good. Good one. Frank, what are you drinking?

I to drink in a homebrew. Another one. Yeah. Well, I know it's a repeat from our Hispanic Heritage Month. Oh, the pineapple drink. Okay, cool. And so that was good and Yeah, and it's it's sat for a few days in the fridge so it's got more spice to it. What is it called for? Those listeners don't know. Yeah. So if you recall, during Hispanic Heritage Month we did a Hispanic and Latin themed drinks. And I made my own homebrew, which is called the budget. Here we go, which is basically just pineapple Ryan's water in brown sugar. Nuts. You kept the same recipe. I kept the same recipe. Yeah, but I add some stuff to it. I add cinnamon and cloves to it for lunch. And yeah, he just he let it ferment for a few days, and then it's ready to serve. But I think because you gotta let it ferment in room temperature. Yeah. And then after that, you can put it into fridge, but I think it tastes best after you've put it in the fridge for a few days after it's already fermented. Because it starts to get more flavor,

and it still has a percentage of alcohol, right? It's like less than 1%. So yeah,

it depends on how long you you letter from man like mine. I mean, I think it was like a 36 hour fermentation. So it hardly built anything. But it's good. I mean, I don't know. I like making it. That's cool. No, I

remember it. Uh huh. We still have the little bottles too. Yeah. Cool. Oh, wait, yes, I was drinking. No, no, no, we drink a bottle of empty bottles. It's gonna be really

Oh, that would have been crazy, right. This is a this is a frank departure from 2019. Vintage. Yeah. So you can when you're drinking.

I am drinking. Dang. Hard iced tea. Island brewing. And Fun fact. I remember seeing this brewery on the news not too long ago. And they had rats. None of them. Oh. The head Brewer is actually a woman. And she is the first head Brewer in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Oh, wow. That is a female. Yeah. Well, that's cool. Yeah, you're right. I forgot about that. And she doesn't like beer, remember? Oh, yeah. She says she doesn't like beer. But she made her She said she doesn't even which is like beer, but she has the passion for fashion.

Oh my god. I'm just kidding. She's interesting. Yeah. But so yeah, that that was cool. Well, what's the ABV on it? Because he said 4.0. Well, that's what's called for day. Oh, it's called Dang.

Okay, I mean, I guess that's high four. Oh, I thought you were saying it was a BB. Oh, that's a 4.0 Good one. Nice. I didn't know that's what it was called. And I'm the one that grabbed it. Okay, well, I guess Britt tried it. I don't think she likes it.

No, just like nothing happened in there at all. It just kind of tastes almost like nothing. Really. It tastes like flat and Oh, yeah. Like nothing. Okay,

so So talk about passion. There could be there could be there could be the reason maybe it's not fresh. You know what I mean? Maybe? Okay, so let's see what the Model T it's not supposed to.

T it's, you know, t we in the south think it should be sweet. And like what is that even me? Also T is not naturally sweet. So maybe it's just like an

I drink unsweet tea all the time. you decipher that? That makes no sense. It's just taste flat and like nothing.

Not the words. But the numbers. The numbers make no sense. It looks like June and then like 205

It looks like it's uh huh. Well, I hope not. Well, I thought it was 20. No, I think I think it may be 620. I don't know what the Yeah, that might be I don't know what the five is either. Yeah. The five might be like the Actually no, it says, Well, I think it's probably canned. April 29 21. Let me see this year. Yeah.

April 29. Oh, I see that. Okay, that might be the batch. What's it called? The? Yeah, the batch. Okay. Okay, April 29 2020. So that's, that's like two months ago? Yeah, like a little bit too much. I mean, it just tastes like Jason. I haven't tasted anything. Oh, yeah. This tastes like, okay, you know, this is like someone had beer. They got kind of flat and then poured a little bit of tea in it. So

I wonder if I wonder if the 6205 maybe they made like 205 batches of that and definitely like the six batches. Oh, maybe? Yeah,

I just I was trying to look for the date, but you found it. I give this like a zero. I don't like Yeah.

It's like pretty lame. Yeah. Okay, so can you discuss batches. So, so batches means that's like the one brew and then the second, third, right or am I getting that right?

I was like a weak matcha tea. Well, just like that earthy taste that much. It has like in the back. That's what I taste.

Yeah. Kind of. Yeah. It is kind of earthy. So the so the batches are like let's say you have a A group of ingredients, right? You're like, I want to make this beer. So you make one batch of it, but you only have enough to make only enough room to make it in one tank. So then you continue with that same group of ingredients in another tank. Okay, so that's the second batch. I see. So yeah, for the same beer. So um, yeah, I don't like this kimbra we already

know I don't like it either. And same as zero. So it's a seltzer. It's a seltzer. It makes sense. But it has no carbonation. Right? It's like super flat, which is fine.

This untap says it's a hard seltzer, but I don't I don't. It doesn't say on the can that it's hard.

Oh, yeah, they'll say hard seltzer. Hmm. Okay. So speaking of that tasting disc, well, what are you ready to Kim zero? No, I'll give it like a one. Okay, one. Um, so when we went to the taproom, I don't know if I told you guys. So I went to the bartender. And she's been there for since it was at the old location was like a recognizer. So anyways, yeah. So we're there. And then I was I had already drank an IPA. And I told her, I was looking for another one. But I know what to get. And I said, Do you like IPAs? And she says, Yeah, I said, Can you suggest one to me? And so like, She's like, yeah, this is a popular one. This is a popular one. This is a popular one. And I didn't realize that they like had numbers. And so when she was telling me, she wasn't telling me the name, she was telling me the numbers. She was like, for 12 and whatever, and 15. And it was my fault, because I shouldn't look at the names, right? And I was like, well, what's the most popular? She's Oh, this one. I was like, Okay, I'll go with 12. Right. And so she poured me the glass and I got it. And I drink it. I was like, it was pretty good. And oh, I think this is when you guys were getting back to the table. So then, oh, yeah. Did he tell you guys but not the listeners. So I got back to the table. And I was like, Well, let me go see what beer this was. And I went to go check on the board. And I realized that it was a beer I had already had between shows, and it was disgusting. And that the cannon was coming out like cloudy and I rinsed it like at least five times and still kept came was coming on cloudy. I think it was just the bad. It could have been a bad batch or a bad can. Right. Um, but the moral of the story is that sometimes what I think that if we taste something sometimes and it tastes bad, it could just be the can. And also too, I know that stuff from the keg tastes better. Um, because pretty much everything that we've had from from you know, from a tap. Like, whether it be at Frito or whatnot just tastes better than you know than cans or bottles or when nobody knows. Yeah, so it tasted good to me. I don't even remember what brewery is for most from a brewery in Dallas or Houston. But, but anyways, so I guess I can go to what I'm drinking because I'm talking a lot is IPA from El Segundo Brewing Company? I'm assuming this is from California. This Yeah, this is in El Segundo, California. Like I said, it's a Pale Ale 5.5 a five or 5.5% ABV? It's a double dry hop citra Pale Ale. So I'm gonna go ahead and Kim and Britt try it, Kim. I gave it a 4.5 I like to search for ones. This is probably one of the better ones that I've had in the past couple of big fans of IPAs. Yeah, no, I know. I know. You guys aren't. It's most Nice. Yeah, it's it's interesting. Yeah, most IPAs, especially I think the reason why y'all probably don't like this because it's double dry hop. So it's the way they add the hops in the process. They double it up before I think they add for what it's called, I think before they mix it with the water and they do that process I brought it's called but I don't know. I liked it. 4.5 kimbra. What do y'all give it? Give it something no matter Me.

Me. Bad beer like for what it is. But it's not my like, I don't want to score it low because it's not a bad beer, but I don't like it. Yeah. Yes, absolutely likes. Score low because it's good for being a IPA. Okay, so what do you want to give it? I don't like it. Oh, sorry. I'd say maybe like three. Yeah, I can remember that. No, that's fine. That's fair enough.

Because it's, you know, cool. It's not my taste, but it's it's not bad for what it is. I've definitely tasted IPAs that are hoppier. drier.

Yeah, this was very hoppy. That's where that bitterness comes from. And that's where it's very hoppy and bitter at the end because it's double drought. So and I know they're, they have a lot of, I've seen a lot of double dry hopped non alcoholic beers too, which is good. Like they're coming

in. You know, the funny thing is the non alcoholic IPAs. I really like yeah, that's because I guess the bitterness has gone. Yeah. They're, they're good. And it makes it taste more like a beer than some of the other non alcoholics which are quite sugary. So yeah, cuz they're more multi. Yeah,

I think it's because, you know, like non alcoholic IPAs. You know, like every now every now alcoholic beer starts as an alcoholic beer. It's got alcohol to it. But then there's a heating process that pretty much sure that breaks the heat. So maybe that also affects the hobby as well.

Yeah, I think it takes some of the flavor out when they do that. Yeah. Ooh, excuse me, too. Yes. Um, let's see. So I guess with all that said, Frank, you want to introduce the topic and get us started?

Yeah, so our topic is bands named after songs and bands for maybe vice versa, and maybe vice versa. We'll see. We'll see what the rules are. So as I was doing my, my list, you know, some some some of my artists are named after songs, and some are named after I guess, events or other stuff that was going on at the time you're not talking about. But But here's the thing is they took that and made it into a song. And then sometimes, you know, and then they ended up taking that and, okay, so, so, okay, so I guess it kind of, yeah, it sounds like it was a so yeah, so it was like a song written about something, something that they witnessed or something that happened at the time, my

God, if you still want to mine ice, or you're gonna cut me down? Well, I don't know if I did or not. It sounds like you did. Okay, well, we shouldn't be a rumble for for mine, my vert my vice versa came from and I know, we've seen these before. And I think that's where the vice versa came in, which kind of throws you off. But you know, those bands that have like, and we've talked about it, like, for instance, Bad Company, where it's like, the album, the band, and they have the song is in the same. That's why I put that because I thought we were listening. Those two were like, it's like the band and the size and the album. So like, I kind of had a separate, like list, but I thought it was related. Okay, and I wasn't sure, because we didn't talk about it, but I don't know about that. Yes. Like they're not named after Exactly. They're not named after. Well, some of them. Yeah. But anyways, um, I guess we'll throw that in and see what we can name because Kim and Bri are not happy with those rules.

I actually stuck. I tried to and then I guess I got lost. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry. But like, actually, I

got I think I confused myself. So we'll let Frank kick it off. And then we'll start fighting from here. Okay, so you shouldn't have drinking beers anymore after this.

Just kidding. So so. So now me for me one of the artists that fall in that category. Wait, what category? The one we were just talking about

the real one. On the side one, I don't know. Should we start? Should we start off with the sideline and proper? Okay. Yeah. Okay, so,

I was gonna say stand time. Yeah. Okay, so bands named after songs. Alright. So my first one, I'm playing by the rules here, okay. is a band named masters of reality, okay, which is a Palm Desert. I guess donor rock band that plays a variety of blues, hard rock, progressive rock and betos ask pop music. Masters of reality was named. I mean, you know, they play it makes a very thing which, you know, sounds cool, I guess. But, you know, this band is associated with queens of stone age and other you know, desert rock another Yeah, desert rock band like Palm Springs. I think that's like an that's like an oasis for desert rock for desert stoner metal stuff. And masters of reality was named after a label misprint of the Black Sabbath album, Master of reality. So I think that Yeah, there were some prints that named it masters instead of master. Okay, which I mean, it's cool, because I mean, like that, let's say now you went into the album, masters of reality, like you're gonna scoop that up because it was a label misprint. I'm pretty sure it's worth something to somebody.

My dad has that. Oh, shit. I don't know what check. I mean, it would have been like one of the earlier prints. Yeah. Well, I

mean, a lot of the ones he bought were like the ones that came out, like all the ones I have is or like, they were like the first ones that came out. So

yeah, check, which is, you know, we had something of a similar situation, not a label misprint, but we were at a bookstore. And I had purchased a an album. It was A Tribe Called Quest album, which had to the same.

That was Yeah, and it had instead of, you know, it was a two day album. And instead of having like two different discs in there, it had to have the same and I brought it back and together with the clerk at the bookstore we opened up the remaining ones in the store and they were all like that way. Yeah, I also I have another album where it's Massey star and they have like the side a sticker is on both sides of the album. Oh, wow. Okay, and then I have another album that is a the Pogues with Joe Strummer. And it's a red disc but they accidentally dripped some black in there so it's got like black drips and they're supposed to be entirely red. Oh, all kinds of like funky little accidents. That's That's cool. I don't know if I have anything like that. Probably do. Remember. That's cool. Oh, here we try playing records backwards. No, I have no more free to fucking up.


My parents, Beatles. Some Led Zeppelin for so I can try to drag it so we can hear you know, my sweet Satan or whatever else that was supposed to say.

You know, it's funny. We should try that one. Like maybe for the Halloween episode because I do have doubles of some some albums. So like, my dad has the original Motley Crue album for Chateau de devil. And I bought a copy of it. I don't know why I think I just saw it not not like a big fan of it or anything. But I bought it. So I have that one. And then we also have AC DC is dirty deeds done dirt cheap. So I have my dad's original vinyl and then I have bought one too. And then there's another one. I have doubles of two, but we could try that just so I've never done it before. So I'm just curious to see like, what is there anything to it? Yeah, yeah. And I'll do like research beforehand and see like, what songs on any of those albums were like considered that messages. We'll see when you're buying something. Or how I even go hog wild and find something that's super cheap. And see what are

some artists write that have mocked the whole Batman? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I've done it on purpose and stuff. And yeah, and then when you play it in reverse, it's actually something funny, not even. Yeah,

we're now had one and we talked about Yeah, okay. Yeah. I don't remember what it was. I remember we talked about it. But yeah, we can do it this this October. Um, yeah, I'm done. I've never done it before.

So this isn't backmasking. But on tools second album, animal there's a secret song right. I see. Yeah. And it's like an interlude. It's called the iron on satin. And it sounds like a Nazi rally. But it's actually a recipe for for Yeah, for egg salad. But it's it's it's done in German.

And it sounds like you know, somebody at a podium like screaming it, but it's actually Yeah, of course. Yeah. We got super sidetracked already. Bri Sure. Please follow up. You're talking to over here? Um, yeah, so the first on my list is a British. Early 80s. Pop. New wavy ish band, of course, right? Because I'm British. called ABC. Okay. I've heard of them. Yeah, for sure. And they're named after the Jackson Five song. Oh, okay. Yeah. Cuz they're big fans of Motown and, and they have a song called when smokey sings about Smokey Robinson. Yeah, all about all about the Motown and so they named themselves after that song. Oh, wow.

Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, I was like, I know who those guys are. I'm not sure. probably heard several of them. I was gonna say my famous question to you. Do I know any other songs?

I always say yes. But then sometimes you don't ever know. Yeah. But they they had a lot of popular songs. And so we'll see. I'll play some for you after sweet

cool. Sounds good. I like that. Cam, what do you got? And then after I go, we'll try it. We'll have a beer break and try something better. Okay. All righty.

I had c there on my list. Oh really? And they are named after the verruca salt songs either No way.

Yep. Are they both from no cuz see there's from South Africa. West Africa salt further from California right or something? Oh, they all come from the west. Okay, I thought they I don't know why

their original name was ceren gas. Oh, yeah, I remember that. Then they changed it because their record company wanted to change it so they change it to see their I don't know why they picked. I couldn't find anything about why. But I found like that they are named after the results. Okay.

Well, and that's another category too that Frankie and I talked about that would be like an offshoot. It's like bands named after either books or characters from books and veruca. Salt of course was named after the character from

Charlie and the Chocolate. Oh, you Then of course, and I was like, I don't know what cuz I'm Wow, well, oh, you I think we've talked about this before because I've only seen Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory like, once and I don't I don't remember everything on it so like, I remember now we talked about that because you because you know because you know Yeah, yeah. Well there was there was another one too. I've never seen it but the movie never ending story that a trail. So a Trey's named after that. Yeah, yeah, so um, he just gave away to bands named after what bands named after but fictional characters, fictional character fictional characters okay so no more naming any of these Britain I just gave away too So

what about bands named after fictional because that's what you just said oh wait no no like Okay, what about albums? Oh, oh, that's like something else too. Because there's like some mastodon stuff that's named like levy a THON or Moby Dick or something like that.

Yeah, I mean, yeah, cuz also Bowlby has some stuff that's named after like some Yeah, stuff from what's his name? From that cowboy movie? john wayne. No, no, it was like a tombstone or something. I forgot what Val Kilmer. His character was. College doc holiday. Yes. They have a song called on holiday. Yeah. Wow. I remembered all that. And I couldn't remember the name was like Val Kilmer.

There reminds me of there's a local metal core band called upon a burning body. And their first album is entirely named after a Robert Rodriguez album. I mean, Robert Rodriguez. Yeah. Well, yeah, are they nice, guys? I mean, like, so. I know them from back in my, like, high school days. But are they still around? Yeah, I think they are still around. Yeah. And they were one of those bands that surprises because we all used to hang out together. And then they got scientists and Marian records and they're like, touring Canada and Europe. You're like, dang, they made it.

Okay. Um, so Okay, so what was yours? Again? band's name that bands named after fictional characters? No. Okay. So as ours, but what were you trying to say? Oh, you were saying oh, well, well, because mine was a song. So that's kind of hard. That's too broad. But yeah, that is to do any categories. It has to be like songs and albums specifically together. Okay, so is it my turn or no? Yeah. Okay, my turn. Oh, well, first, I'm going to ask you, Frank has this one on his list? Do you Well, no, actually, I'm gonna go with another one. So the first one on my list is a Motorhead. And I know Britta is probably going to be like, You're cheating because whatever, whatever. Actually, I thought, let me tell you the history. Okay, so 1971 Let me kill Meister joined a band called Hawkwind. I heard of Auckland. And I didn't know they're considered space rock. So like does like groovy like, okay, so so rock this whole time. I thought they were Hawkwind. No, yeah, no, they're it's Hawk windy. Okay. So they so yeah, they were around in the 70s. So you can imagine what kind of rock that was. Right? Right. And he joined his band singing lead vocals. And I was like, I never really heard that band. And I was like, he probably sounds the same, right? So I'm going on still doing research. 1975. Four years later, he was fired for drug possession. That same year, he founded Motorhead. So he founded it in 1975, the same year that he was fired from the other band in 1975.

Like, isn't it mostly for bands that it's like a prerequisite that you do drugs?

Yeah. Especially in the 70s. Yeah, so in this edge band, so in this 119, that same year, so I think it was before he got kicked out. Hawkman released an album called warrior on the edge of time. It's crazy because this band Hawkman is still active. So they've been active since 1971. So anyways, so that same year that he got kicked out, they released that album, and on that album, Lemmy wrote a song because he was doing vocals, but this one he actually got writing credit for and it was actually a bonus track. And the song was called Motorhead. So he wrote a song called Motorhead on that and and I was like, Huh, it's interesting, right? So when he left the room, they kicked him out. He made the band after that song that he wrote for Hawkwind. And I was like, well, that's that's pretty crazy, right? So I went to Spotify and I listened to Motorhead by Motorhead and of course, it sounds like Lemmy like his, you know, gravelly voice or whatnot. Yeah, so I went back and I listened to the hawk one version. And it's so crazy because it's him scene, but imagine let me singing clean Hmm, I didn't even know that existed. Yeah, so basically, it's like a super mellowed out version of, of a Motorhead. Like it's crazy. Like, it's just like if you take like, let's say ace of spades and you mellowed it out, took the took the fuzz out of The bass and then had let me see and clean. That's what hawkweed was with me singing and it tripped me the hell out. So on this one I did follow the rules. It was kind of weird to me. And it also fell into my category of the extra stuff. So, Motorhead was on the Motorhead album on the Motorhead with the Motorhead song. Okay, so that was kind of a three, four right there. Motorhead motor and Motorhead. But, yeah, Motorhead was originally a song for Hawkwind when he was in the band. That's where Motorhead came from. Is that was super interesting to me. I just and then hearing Lemmy. His voice not be not sound like Lemmy. Yeah, it was crazy. So I actually started the playlist for this and I think it's the first two songs on the place you can check it out on the Spotify playlists on rock heavier Yeah, you go listen to it. I have on both back to back and it's just trippy. Um, so with that said sankri we're going to try a bubblegum beer. Yeah, I guess we got to write Yeah, we do cuz I got it. Frank told dad joke.

A dad joke. Um, no. Let me see. Oh, yeah, too bad back. But here's a funny I want to hear it. Soy milk is milk introducing itself in Spanish.

was a good one. Okay, so I'm gonna. I'm gonna ensure I'm going to introduce this beer. Of course we always have to have a beer from Martin House of Fort Worth, Texas if you guys don't know. This is their bubblegum eyes. bubblegum lactose sour Of course. Of course. Every Martin house has sour and lactose, which I do every but most I get if you see like half their beers. It's like lactose and or that's a sour ruin. And I think that's lactose. Yeah, and the lactose sour is a good beer. But why you gotta put the lactose Well, when you have the lactose some flavors by themselves without the sour those tastes good too. But I think it's like their signature thing of Missy of mixing sour and lactose. Because if you go to like their Instagram page, there's always like jokes and shit about that. Or like, that's all they do. They're like, Oh, What are y'all gonna ruin? It's like their steak basically. So I like the artwork on this. Frank said the little guy on it. He's made a logo and kind of looks like crying. His name's Craig Wright. From turtles. kangaroo craning. Their sour taste just Oh, yeah, they're sour. Taste dude all taste the same. This is 5.2% ABV. So like I said, supposed to taste like bubblegum. Brit, you got to clean.

Okay. Somebody else needs to check check. Is it pink? Yeah, it has been it's painted. Red. It is pink. In case you'd like to see you know that she's like you didn't get it? Yeah, sometimes. It's like chewing beer.

It's glass. Oh, she'll she'll share okay. It's so weird because with their beers, you smell the sour and it's always the same. Like the same. I smell something else there. Yeah, I'll taste it first. It does smell there's a little bit of bubblegum right but it's the sour first right that comes out. Is it scary? More than the pizza beer? Oh, no. Nothing. That was good. That was that was a sour No, that wasn't sour rice by the motto.

That was so great. Chase motto in the ham beer. Those are the three words. The history of our show. He

said make a pizza lot of beer. Pizza. michelada. Oh, the Growler was having the roho on tap on draft. Oh, yeah.

So what we missed? We were gonna go It was like on a Wednesday or Thursday night. And we were gonna go and I was like, I wonder if the roho taste better draft.

Yeah, it would be worth trying. But we would not buy it right. Like, just like Sam No.

Oh, yeah. By The what? The six ounce eight ounce or whatever it was. I think it doesn't go to six because on the glass. Yeah, they have a mark on the glass. I think so anyways, Okay, I'm gonna taste it first. We're gonna go ahead and we'll wait for you can even like make an expression, huh? Huh? Oh. He didn't make it. This is actually not bad. It tastes like it tastes like the sours. They're just like as a little extra. But it's pretty much bubblegum.

Pass it to camp. I know. It tastes like you know what it tastes like? You know that? That gum? That fruit by the foot fruit? No, no,

you're close the it's the Frank knows the balloons? No, no. Bubble Tape. Yeah, it has that powdery aftertaste because of the lactose. Like the Bubble Tape. Oh, it's not so bad. No, it's not bad. You know? It tastes like it says it's gonna taste I'm gonna have to give it a five because it doesn't taste bad. And it does taste like well. Tape. Actually, they had our Bubble Tape. Yeah, they had a purple and green one's green one was like sour out. Yeah. And they had another one but this case Yeah, yeah, pink pepper was eggplant. Yeah, clam sour. worse. Of course. It makes so much that makes this

Yeah, I'm surprised. Yeah, it is. It is better than I expect. It tastes like those little nasty gumballs from the ice cream. That's what's called bubble gum is probably Oh, yeah, put your SpongeBob ice cream. Yeah, little bit by Oh, maybe. Which is when you're eating ice cream. Like when you have your ninja turtle face?

Well, maybe that's where the lactose came from, because they were trying to do that. But also to that it does kind of taste like the powdery aftertaste from the or the initial taste on the Bubble Tape

now, okay. million dollar idea. But Red Hot Chili Peppers should release a beer and call it mother's milk. Right? It'll be a stout. Yeah. There'll be a milk based drink.

Yeah, well, I'll message them. I'll see if they get back to me. No one ever messages me back. So make a salsa. Yeah, that's gonna be a salsa beer. Oh, well, we did have one the salsa Vernay. Also in the top five It was a bad night. That was like a night of bad beer. So what did y'all rate this beer? I'm going for four. Okay, not bad. Can we be on the middle? 4.5 4.0 Okay, no, that's I mean, they did what they said they were gonna do and it doesn't just taste like their one notes. Our no it doesn't like the other ones the pumpkin pie. But it tastes like that's the sour just always TNC is just a set yet does that even with this one. But the sour and the lactose work well with the bubblegum flavor. Because it's just sometimes when they do for instance, the the like the pumpkin pie or something stupid like that. It doesn't match. What's sour about a pumpkin pie? Well, you leave it out in the sound.

And also what's impressive is they get the bubblegum sent right. Yeah, yeah. Like give you swirl it around a little bit. And then you take a whiff of it.

Yeah, yeah. And it. Just could just taste the beer. Yeah. Well, I got a boil every beer before. toilet. That's less than 1%. If we give you a dropper? Yeah.

I'll calculate the percentage of what is it? 12 ounce dropper? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I'll figure out what less than 1%. One point was 0.1%. Anyways, Frank, you're next up?

Yeah. Okay, so this one I've had on the show before, but it's a Brooklyn brewing. Side effects. Okay. Yeah. Special Effects. I feel like that was like one of the first non alcoholic beers, it is one of the first ones that I feel like I need to step up my nonalcoholic game quite a bit. But the thing is here in town, we don't have quite I mean, I don't know, maybe I'm just looking at the wrong places. But I think we have like a relatively small market for non alcoholic beers unless I get online and order some stuff. Yeah. But you know, but there are some non alcoholic spirits that I just haven't experimented with

yet? Well, I think a lot of it also has to do with a lot of these breweries that do non alcoholic stuff. Like, even though there are here in the States, like a lot of them are regional. So like, you still can get them here anyways, like they just don't ship here, not just it's not just that our stores don't aren't getting them. It's just they're not coming to Texas. And I noticed that because even with some of the regular alcoholic beers, like some are only like in California, or I mean, hell even a good example, there's some Marten house beers that stay in Fort Worth. They don't even come over here. So yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with regional regional stuff to

athletic brewing, the one that we've you know, turned to a lot and they make run wild. And yeah, and there's several others. Yeah, they, they're always releasing new stuff, like constantly, but it's only available if you order it online. And we've done that quite a bit. We did the Black History Month one, Women's History Month one and so we're we tried to stay on top of it. But I'm telling you, the emails are like constant. Yes. Yeah. Okay. I can't be ordering a six pack every week and paying the shipping. Right, because that adds up, but they have a lot of and everything we've tried from them have been that's cool. That's cool that they offer that to that they like ship it. Yeah. And well, they actually have like a monthly thing or you just get like a monthly shipment that you pay on subscription basis. But that adds up.

Yeah, because there's this brewery that I've been seeing a lot. They post on Instagram too, and we can't get it because at first it was just like a regional thing, like I said, but then there's a website that's selling them but still, like I was telling you guys earlier, the ship like two cans would cost like 30 bucks. or something like that. And it's a warheads beer and I wanted us to try it oh they had a sour apple warheads beer and then they had a cherry warheads beer. And I wanted to try them but like there's you can't get them here like not we need to take like a trip. Yeah we go up and get some and then we'll do a podcast from from a walk. Yeah, yeah no we don't know we don't want to go there there's if we go there we're gonna be leaving if we went have cheese or something yeah if we go yeah live from the hotel yeah cuz you know we could we could definitely do that there's plenty of podcasts to do that there's a podcast I listened to that recorded one they were doing live shows somewhere and then they ended up recording like a regular show like in their in the hotel room they just took their gear with me you guys see I can take this shit anymore. Yeah, so we really could record anywhere. But yeah, going to going to Martin house would be interesting because I know they'd have stuff there that we wouldn't be able to get on. But I can't wait to go around this next round because our next beer break. We're gonna have a oatmeal cream cookie beer. Okay. I'm excited. Yeah. But, Frank, what's next on your list? Sorry. Next on my list. Yeah, I'm following the rules. Alright, let's

get the band profits of rage. Okay. And they're named after a Public Enemy song of the same name. And even though public of rage, public of rage prophets of rage have broken up. I mean, rage against the machine is back. So they're still around in some way shape or form Cypress Hills touring and, you know, so, of course, everywhere and Well, yeah, he is. And so yeah, and so prophets of rage was you know, three quarters of Rage Against the Machine bureau from Cypress Hill. And also, I forget the guy's name from I should know his name. But one of the one of the dudes from, from public enemy to is also a part of the band. And so even though Yeah, profits of rage have broken up, everyone to their respective art projects is still going on, you know, all the other respective bands are still going on? Yeah. So. So yeah. I mean, basically, prophets of rage is a continuation of all those bands. You know, where'd they get their name? Always from a public enemy song, also named after the same? I know that. Yeah, that's crazy. And I remember when they came to town, like here, and I was like, should I go? Should I not go? Because it's To me, it's like, if it's not rage, I don't think I want to go.

Yeah, I heard one of their albums. And I was like, it's pretty cool. And then like, midway through, I kind of started to lose interest. I mean, it was still good. It's just I was like, just kind of Yeah, I guess

that could be like hangover for the supergroup show, too.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Because we never mentioned them right on. Feel like we did, but I don't know for sure. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, we did. I mean, we mentioned audio slave. Yeah, we didn't mention it. Yeah, I don't think we mentioned profits. Um, it actually I don't know, just to stay on that topic a little bit. I think I preferred audio slave, honestly was good. Yeah, but wait, you're talking about over Soundgarden? Well, no. Okay. So okay. Yeah, so I should probably he mentioned some word. No, I didn't mention Oh, he just said

I preferred audio slave and I thought he was gonna

say over, get to know, but I preferred auto sledge over profits of rage. Oh, that's fine. Because I was gonna fight. Okay, this is the last beer. Yeah. Because I don't know that this is just my 19 episode, right. But this is my line of thinking. If I want to listen, I mean, it's cool that the other guys from Rage Against the Machine went a different direction when they did audio slave, you know, because Chris Cornell is like more of a vocalist. So I felt like they had to up their game a little bit and play to his vocal style to to like to compliment you know, and then when you have profits of rage, you know, it just goes back to that same like Angry stuff, which is, which is cool. But after a while, it's like, I want to listen to something else. Yeah, yeah. I don't want to be angry all the time.

No, no, you know, yeah, no, you're right. Well, that's probably why I lost interest in that I was listening to it's just, I mean, like I said, it wasn't bad. It's just after a while. Yeah, gotta get worn out on it. And

I think the thing is, like they, they knew what worked for them. And they continued that same formula. But yeah, after a while, it just repeats and gets old and you just got to move on and do something else, you know. So that was that was my my band profits of rage cool. Named after a Public Enemy song All right, cool, cool. Do you have anything? of course what you got?

Um, so I guess the next one that I was gonna mention and then I have like a block of like five that I'm going to mention all together. What do you got? Brahmi got something you guys know

about Tom Morello is masterclass? No, I don't I've never heard of that. No one talks about it. I don't really know about I just saw an ad for. Okay, I'll check that out. Check that out for the next one. No, okay, let's get out. What that is, I know

that Tom Morello is hosting many different shows on Sirius XM right now. Yeah, several different channels. He's getting paid. He's getting paid. And I always get a little frustrated when he they play like the like the thing where he talks about himself where he's like, Hi, I'm Tom Morello from this, that and the other thing, he says, you know, from, you know, rage against machine and Adios, I do. and countless other collaboration, like really, you can't even count them. I mean, that you just can't count that high. Like what's up? Well, because surely you can count how many collaboration

It is so funny. You said that because I posted a post two weeks ago, I think on our Facebook and Instagram. And it was I posted a picture of one of my favorite compilation albums. And basically it was a rockin hip hop groups doing songs together. And one of them was Tom Morello with Chad Smith with Wu Tang clan. And so I tagged Tom Morello and all them in like Cisco down and stuff because the system of now was on there Wu Tang, too. And I was like, Oh, let me see if he's, if somebody says like, Oh, yeah, I remember that. Because this was like from 2001 or something. Okay. And it was a pretty awesome one of my favorites. And they never said they but when you said like countless collaboration or whatever, like, that's the first thing that came to my mind. I was like, I wonder if he remembers playing with Chad Smith.

Yeah. Yeah,

so I looked up master class. And it's basically just like online guitar tutorials. Ah, okay. I gotcha. Interesting. But this article makes a statement for why it's not worth checking out. Oh, maybe someone who's biased but teaches you how to play rage songs. Probably Yeah, but yeah, it just says it's I mean,

you ever try playing with your what would your jack No, I never I never have no I never have Okay, and neither have I been scared to get lecture theatres on that even though I don't think

that or what's the one video I think it was like a live performance where he gets a he plays like with an electric drill on some solo or something. I think I forget.

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, I'll hand it to him he can definitely make some interesting sound Oh yeah. No, yeah, he can you know, oh, yeah, he does stuff that no one I don't think anyone else has ever done but but I think there's like a little bit of a brag there because I don't know if you ever like look at the liner notes of rage against the machines albums. It says you know All music composed on bass guitar and drums no keyboard. Okay. Oh, like how they compose it. Yeah, so it almost somewhat using a keyboard nothing wrong with it. But I guess it's just you know,

post something on a keyboard and be like harder. Yeah,

yeah. But I guess what he's saying is like all the sounds you hear that don't sound like guitar. You think it's the keyboard but they're actually guitar.

Good. I guess maybe he lost it somewhere on me anyways. Right. What was your What was your next? Yeah, we went off we keep going. I

It's okay. I have lots of beef with tomorrow. Yeah, no, I know. No, I know. I could tell when you said it.

And I don't like hate them and there. But there are some times it's just like, dude, maybe people are looking at you funny because you've got a shotgun. That's that rolling down rodeo with the shotgun. Maybe they're freaking out because you have a frickin gun. You see that? Because you're brown that they're freaked out by your gun that

that feels like our episode they were talking about me Metallica. Like it's kind of like, I mean, were you ever a fan of anything tomorrow did before.

I mean, you know, I listened to a rage against the machine. Okay, I was like, younger and so you

were a fan of an album. Okay, so you were Okay, so I guess that does fall into that category. So we Yeah, we could definitely discuss that more. Frank, stop talking. Don't continue this. Yeah.

Yes, the next band on my list is Radiohead. Okay. Because they named themselves after a talking head. So I saw that I and I was hoping you would bring it up. Yeah. I mean, I don't have much to add about that or anything. I know that they were not. The was actually a request from their record label that they changed their name. Oh, wow. And so that That's what they picked. And I can't remember what they actually were called prior to Radiohead. Sorry, I'm not doing a very good job here.

But oh, you're good. But yeah, the talking head song. They should have they should have called themselves radio heads. And I think it would have been more of like, you know, kind of like talking heads, but like, yeah, incorporating radio. Yeah. But the talking head song is called Radiohead. Yeah. singular, so that's cool. Yeah, I saw that on the list. But like, I don't know anything about those guys. So Kim, what do you got?

The band all time low, is named after. And so this is it. This isn't after the song song. So I'm breaking a rule. I didn't know that. I just thought about that right now. Yeah, it's after a part of the song. Okay. They're kind of accounts so they're named after the line in the new found glory song head on collision cringe. And I definitely picked this one because I knew Mario would have to listen to it and put it on the list. Oh, and so I am Do you like it? I like newfound glory. I hate like,

why I hate all time low too. Because those are like that. It's like Warped Tour era, like pop pop punk. You know, like but all time low was those other guys they were like, they weren't just playing pop punk. They were trying to be pretty boys too. And that when find a way to try to be cute, they

the line in the song The song is called head on collision. And the line is and it feels like I'm at an all time low. Okay, okay. Well, thank you know, that

you know, but speaking of newfound glory, the first time I heard you say they're nice guys, I swear to God, no, no, but the first time I heard the first time I heard of them was was when I saw their video for my friends over you. And I just remember thinking, you know, seeing the basis like a little chubby dude shirtless, but just going off on the bass. I thought that's cool. That's the kind of confidence I want to have.

It's just a singer. I want to punch him in the throat. I really want to punch him that might improve his voice. Yeah, mine. I mean, I don't know. I just hate that guy's voice so much. Anyways, I'm gonna listen to it. So it's my turn, right? Yeah. Okay, well, I'm gonna have to ask Frank if he has been on his list or not. Right. Do you have Black Sabbath? Yes, you do. Okay, but maybe we can elaborate on Okay, each other's commentary. Okay. Well, you could say maybe something that I don't have. Okay. So what I have is that Black Sabbath, which is weird to me, because I thought it was the other way around. I thought this was one of those Rule Breakers where the song was named after the ban. So what happened was, of course, we've talked about this before they were originally called the polka toke blues band.

Yes. They name it changed. Yeah. Well, this was the 60. Yeah. But still, it makes no sense. A lot of drugs go into so then so but I mean, just it's such a long name.

So then they changed their name to Earth. They shortened it for Britain. easy, simple, right? Yeah. So then in 1969, they discovered that they were being mistaken for another English group named earth so they decided to change your name, but they didn't they didn't have a name at this point. Frank, correct me if I'm wrong, we're still still right. Yeah, no, we're still right. Okay. So then, they at the rehearsal studio or their hersa room, there was a movie theater across the street, and it was showing a 1963 horror film called blacks, Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff. It's pretty cool. I've never seen that movie before. So they didn't name it after the movie. We're gonna keep going. So this got Osborne and Butler Geezer Butler to write lyrics for a song called Black Sabbath, which was inspired by basically, they didn't see the movie, but it was inspired by like horror films in their mind. Um, and so what they did was actually Frank, you can probably correct me, it was inspired by a horror story from a writer named Dennis Wheatley. And they kind of took that as inspiration because of what was going on with the with the movie across the street. Yeah. And when they wrote the song, it uses a try tone called the devil's interval, which is the first three notes you hear in the first track on on blacks. I was first our motto. Okay, you've probably heard it before. I wish I would have brought my attachment so we can listen to it. But the first three songs are it's an interval. And basically, they call it the devil's interval because of how satanic it sounds. So when they wrote that, it kind of inspired them to kind of keep that sound, because it sounded different than anything else that anyone else was playing in the 60s. And they were inspired to change their name to change the name of the band to the name of the song. And that's how Black Sabbath came about. And then that point on they decided to try to make their music sound They tried to make their music the equivalent to what horror films or so like they tried to use horror films as inspiration. Kind of like not really like a soundtrack, but yeah, kind of like to a soundtrack to horror films. So they just kept that as motivation to write dark, heavy music like date like they were interested.

Yeah. And the other cool thing to do that whole thing is Black Sabbath. The song also has another story to it. So Geezer Butler at the time was drummer Geezer Butler was really, really, really into the occult at the time. And Tony Iommi gave him a book on the occult that he had on a specific bookshelf and I think the bedroom his whole apartment, the inside, he painted a matte black and started putting inverted crosses all over his apartment, and then one night and then one night he he had a he had a dream. Yeah, like, he saw a vision of like, a something standard, like a like a shadowy figure standing at the foot of his bed. And that, you know, that got him up out of bed. He went to go get the book, but the book had disappeared. Yeah. And so I think because of that, because of that vision, he had, you know, I think the band just wanted to keep that. Yeah, that whole, you know, vision or that, that that whole image to themselves, you know, and actually that that album, Black Sabbath is considered one of the first heavy metal albums that is like, the album that started happening and even though a lot of people say, you know, Led Zeppelin started heavy metal, I mean, I guess my whole thing is, maybe at the time they were incorporating some heavier elements that other bands weren't Yeah, but it wasn't really. It was really, it was heavier rock but it was metal. It was it was the precursor to to have to heavy metal and also a lot of people will say it was the Beatles that started it with a song Helter Skelter.

No, definitely I've heard that before too. And I don't know. But I guess at the time, I

mean, it was you know, it was different but it was it was different. Yeah. So a lot of people will say no, it was the Beatles were Helter Skelter, but it was Black Sabbath with the album Black Sabbath. That's, that's considered the first official heavy metal album. Yeah. And that song Black Sabbath is because it's considered the first doom metal song.

Yeah. And what's crazy about that, too, is it that those first three notes that you hear that will be listened to later? It's the first track on their first album, so it's the Black Sabbath song on the Black Sabbath album by Black Sabbath. So this is another trifecta. But uh, yeah, so I'm glad Frank back me up on that because it was a combination of that. horror story writer Dennis Wheatley and, and Butler's vision of that part of that thing that he saw. Both of those together was what inspired them to write

the Black Sabbath song. And also to add more to the whole theme. The album was released on Friday. 13th 1970

Oh, shit. I didn't Yeah, I didn't. I didn't know that. I have to look at it. Oh, yeah, no, so yeah, that was uh, that was probably the only one on my I thought I had more after that. I just have a list.

But also to the I don't know, maybe I'm making speculations here. But the, the black cloaked woman that we see featured in Black Sabbath albums. could that possibly be like, the vision that Geezer Butler had?

Maybe I mean, that that sounds legit. I mean, I haven't read anything about that. I know, recently, I think they interviewed or something. They like the lady that was on that on that on the album. I think she's still alive. The lady was on the cover. But oh, that that could have been asked like the artwork could have been an inspiration on his vision, too. I didn't think about that. That's pretty cool. Yeah. So that was just something I thought of cool. And then I'm just curious, did you have like more actual research on your on your on yours? Because mine is just like, pretty much a list from from here on out? No, not really.

I mean, we could probably do more research on that. But I mean, just just basically that the same points that you pointed out. And also to interestingly enough, Tony Iommi quit Black Sabbath temporarily to join jet to join a jet. Yeah, yeah. And then went back to Black Sabbath.

Yeah, cuz he said something about why did he leave Jethro Tull? I forgot. It was like, kind of funny, too. I don't remember much. Yeah. So I would have left. No, I think the Oh, I think the reason was that, so he felt like the guy the singer, I think the head guy from Jethro Tull. He didn't like that. It was that the band revolved around him. So like he called the shots, but with Black Sabbath, it was more of a collaboration, right. They were all able to put in their pieces. And that's why he loved Jethro Tull. Yeah, but he was only with them. He was with them for like a short amount of time like probably like months. And then he went back to Sabbath but uh, well that said beer break and then we can go into our lists because I just have a list and then there I can follow a list on Wikipedia and we can throw our comments and Frank dead jokes.

dad joke time. Yeah, I feel like I'm being put on the spot here. Yeah. I guess from now on just have some like, in your notes at the ready.

Yeah, saved by the beer because I got it so you're good. Okay, so this next one, uh, this one is from 903 brewers again a Texas brewery. I wanted to get this because it looked interesting. This is the same brewery that did I don't remember this milkshake and fries beer that we had. Yeah, you didn't like that one. I remember liking it. It was the frosty will. Okay. This one is called. Yeah, maybe I am the only one that liked. This was called oatmeal cream pie. Oh, my. It's a milk sugar, vanilla and marshmallow flavored oatmeal cream ale. So there's a lot of stuff going on here. So it has a the artwork is just oatmeal cream cookies, or we've all had like, like Little Debbie. Yeah, like the little Yeah, yeah. 7.5% ABV. Like I said oatmeal cream or meal cream pie. Oh my 903 brewers. I think these guys are from Sherman, Texas. Yes, Sherman, Texas. So we figure out where that is near Dallas or Yeah, I think we said it was around there. Okay.

Alright. Looks creamy. Probably the vanilla or whatnot. Okay, so let me get right. Yeah. Thank you. So yeah, it's past. It's past out us a little.

I felt something in there. Hopefully.

Oh, goodness. I don't know. It's probably it might have been the bubbles kicking back or something like the air going in the wild, but literally as a kid, so. Great. That's true. Thank you. I'm sorry, not. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and taste this. And then we can go through our lists and finish this episode out. Oh, colors smell. Creamy brown color. I don't smell anything. I don't know if you smell No, I think I smell vanilla. Maybe. But there's supposed to be marshmallow in it too. So it's a marshmallow. Vanilla and milk sugar. And it's a kind of beers. It's a cream ale. I cream man. Yeah. Have you ever had one before? They're pretty good. Yeah. I mean, I guess it depends, but I'll give it a shot.

Making an expression again. blank. It tastes kind of

these kind of style D there's a little bit of sweetness at the end. But not enough. Yeah, there's a little sour in there too. Yeah, it tastes better. Yeah, it tastes too dark and bitter in the front. kind of taste like a stout, which is weird. It's like a stout, which is weird because it's a cream male. And you would think it'd be sweeter because the cream males are sweeter.

Yes. Hmm. Yeah, I'm not a super fan. I mean, it's not the worst thing we've had tonight. Yeah, no, it's not the worst. I don't hate it. But like a little cream soda. I saw bubbles add to

it. Um, man, it's just so hard because you know, all we have is cans. I'd give it like a one. I don't really like it. I go to I don't I don't hate it that much. But a twofer. Brit. Can we give it one? Yeah, it's just it's it's too much of flavor that I don't like Yeah. And not enough flavor. They do like exactly because

we're expecting something else. And then for it to just taste like a stout or just like,

yeah, it's kind of I don't know why they even bothered with the oatmeal descriptor in there because I don't take it either. Well, they it's their dream. And then there's like a better

so what I think they what they did was Frank, you had oatmeal non alcoholic, right? Yeah. Yeah. So what they did was so they use the oatmeal, oatmeal cream ale as a base. So it was a oatmeal cream ale. So I don't know what that would have tasted like by itself. But then they added the milk, sugar, vanilla and Marshmallow, which those are three sweet things, And you would think you would overpower it. But it doesn't like it's barely there. Right. Which is so weird. I don't know. I did not like that. I think the mixture was kind of a little off or something. I think they got the ratios offers on that. But anyways, um, I guess we can go to lists on Frank, do you have anything you want to knock off?

Yeah. So my next one is? Can I do my technical?

You don't want to time so I'm always prepared for those.

So my technical is a well known German industrial metal band. As I'm going to pronounce it The, the the German way. I'll do it. I'm Stein. Okay. And they were named after the Ramstein Air disaster. That happened at the I think it was the Italian Air Force. They were flying their jets and their jets collided. It was at the Ramstein base. Yeah, it's actually it's it's I learned that it's an American. Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah, that's it. Germany. Yes. So they named themselves after its Air Force Base. Yeah. So they named themselves I think originally the band was named like Ramstein something Air Show. That's what it was called in German. Yeah. So let me let me look it up real quick. So originally, yeah, so originally the band named themselves Ramstein fluke schau, which translates to Ramstein Air Show after the air show disaster. But the am and Ramstein the band name is actually a mistake. So it's got to me the base only has a one and but however, like later in their career, the band deny that they were named after the air show. And they were instead inspired by a giant doorstop type device that's found on old gate that's also called the rush time. And because of that, I think the extra am that's in that particular name, makes the band name literally translate to ramming stone. And I think they they like that whole idea because I think I guess that's how they think of their music as like something like hard hitting and heavy. And so adding the extra m as a mistake just made sense. And they and they went with it. So and and also to yet on. Nobody and not a whole lot of people know about this, but they released an EP or maybe like a demo, a self titled demo. And the song Ramstein is in there and that that song ended up making it to their debut album as well. Okay, okay, I see where you went with it. Yeah, so it's like a little known demo that nobody really knows about. So they're named after an air show, then they named the song after the air show, and they, you know, so it all ties in. Okay.

So yeah, I have I have a few. I mean, I can do whatever. But no, go for it. So I have another like, perfectly pure. One, right? actually fits. And that's the band Bad Brains. Okay. Who were named after the Ramones song bad brain? Right? Yes, Bad Brains were a punk band from the 70s like, African American band that, you know, didn't big things and influence tons of people including my faves the Beastie Boys. And I have a technical as well. Okay, before I start rattling off stuff, and this is more in line with the one that Kim did recently. And this is the band at the driving. Okay. And they were not named after a song title, but named after a song lyric. Okay, and the song is let's close poisons Talk dirty to me. Really? Yeah. Okay. Which is hilarious. And there is that line that says at the driver? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's where they got their name from. I didn't know that. Funny. And then I guess I'll save the rest because I'm gonna just like rattle off

stuff next time. Okay, no, yeah, I mean that y'all are more in line with the, because it has to do with a song still. stray too far. Yeah. And so I'm going to leave out the other things that I had, I'm just going to mention to the ones that do follow the rules, because the other ones were more of like, I was mentioning, I was trying to list like the trifecta ones, which don't really count. So I'm gonna leave those. Those, y'all I have quite a bit of those. But yeah, but I'm gonna leave those out. And I'm gonna go off the list that I have here of that are legit named after songs. Okay, so, Kim, go ahead and what do you have? And then I'll rattle off the two that I have left. So this is kind of like a

like a two in one maybe? I don't know. The Naked and famous. I've heard of them. So they I don't know why I closed out my nose. They took their name from the English musician, tricky song tricky kid. In this in which the song tricky quotes a lot the line everybody wants to be naked and famous from the President of the United States of America song naked and famous. So it's like, oh, that's your the line or is it after the

Oh, sounds like a song exception or something. Right. That's crazy. Okay, no, that's it that follows the rules. Um, the two that I had were ones that I mentioned in a previous episode, but I just wanted to just mention them real quick because they were part of that. And we talked about Judas priests. Judas Priest was named after Bob Dylan song called The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest. And then the other one I had mentioned was boot butcher babies, which were named after a Plasmatic song called butcher, baby. So those two bands were legit named after songs. Yeah. And then the rest I have is a list off of Wikipedia that I can rattle off but I don't know if Frank and Bri have anything else or him too if y'all want to go ride out what you got Frank,

I've got two more band go. I've got the band how to destroy angels, Trent's other band outside of Nine Inch Nails and we're really talking about them. They were named after a coil song. So coils, another one of those like avant garde, industrial metal, not industrial metal. But you know, they're like industrial avant garde bands. And they have a song called How to destroy angels. Okay. Unfortunately, that band coil is not around anymore as the two soul members of the band have passed away. So, you know, I guess they live on in some form through this, this band, how to destroy angels. So that's my other band. And my, I guess, I made a shortlist. Yeah, this time. Yeah, mine was literally two. So my last one is the Rolling Stones. Okay. Oh, yeah, that was Yeah. And that one, you know, originally, they were called the blue boys. Yeah, I know. But no, it turns out that they named themselves after a muddy waters album got Rolling Stone. And I don't know if there were any legalities to this thing. But Bob Dylan released an album called like, a Rolling Stone. And so I don't know of like rolling stones are cool. But then again, it's like, well, that's not even really your name. It's it belongs to Muddy Waters.

Let's where to because the magazine is called Rolling Stone. So like, you know, so? Yeah. I wonder how that came about? Yeah, I

don't know. I wonder if it was one of those things where like, maybe the copyright ran out. And they were it takes a while? I don't know. But I think

I think it has to do with like a certain amount of time of years after the artist dies. So like, the artist has to be dead. And then the time starts before the ice runs out. Yeah,

yeah. So first, it was Muddy Waters is rolling stone Daniels The Rolling Stones. And then I don't know when Rolling Stone magazine came out. What about the Bob Dylan's and then the bombs? Yeah, that came out in 65.

Yeah. Bob Dylan again. Second Bob Dylan reference. Yeah.

And when? When did the Rolling Stones get started? Or like early 60s? So before? Yeah, like 60? Yeah. And I don't think that I mean, if you listen to the Bob Dylan song, I mean, I don't think it has anything to do with the band. Right. I mean, it's just really about

Yeah, and I don't know a whole lot about Bob Dylan. I think it's I think it's a blues thing. That term. Yeah. If I'm if I'm correct, yeah.

But I mean, I think the album just has to do with like, the cycles of life, especially like the emotional toils of particular. Things that happen to people. And so you're just like a Rolling Stone. You know, you just keep rolling. Yeah, yeah. I'll expand on Bob Dylan a little bit though. Okay. There was a festival that he played in the 60s is supposed to be like, like some type of like folk bluegrass type festival and all the all the acts were acoustic right. And Bob Dylan just came out, complete electric set, and apparently pissed off a lot of people. That's interesting. Yeah, that's weird. So he pulled a reverse on me, basically. Yeah. So he just went out there with, you know, his electric guitar and apparently pissed off a lot of people because, you know, it totally countered, what the festival theme was about just a bunch of acoustic hippie acts. And he just came out there and just rebelled against that. And just

because he was very deeply embedded in that scene, and he was folk.

He was Yeah, but I don't know what the case was. But he just went out there and just did an electric set. And yeah, and then I guess that was like one of the earlier instances of punk I guess, in some way. I wouldn't know. I mean, not earlier. You mean in spirit? Yeah. Spirit. Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's what I meant.

Don't give him too much. You heard it first. Frank said it. What you got Okay, so I have a list that I'll just rattle off and they're all so for bands named after Smith's song title shit. Yeah. And one named after a Morrissey solo. Okay, song title. Go for it. So Smith's ones Shakespeare sister. Okay. Is a band named after the song Shakespeare sister. Okay. local band, San Antonio band girl in a coma. They're named after the Smith song girlfriend and not know that. Yeah, okay. Another band pretty girls make graves. Okay, I'm daftar Smith song pretty girls make grades. And Mario's favorite panic at the disco. Named after the Smith song panic. And there's a line from the song that says At The Disco, no way find it. Yeah. And then y'all too screwed me. And then Morrissey song. Ordinary boys, there is a band called the ordinary boys named after that. So interesting.

There we go. Okay, so I got a list now we'll go down here. And if you guys have any comments, let me know. So this one, this was one of the year bands because you said that you knew this band. I don't know this band Cocteau Twins. Yeah, so they are named after a song called Cocteau Twins from a band called Simple Minds.

Oh, of course, you know, Simple Minds. Who? I don't. What do they say? Hey, hey, hey, hey. The song from Don't forget about me.

Oh, okay, but did you know that club but did you know that? No, I didn't know that. Okay, so there's one right there. Another one on here. Deep Purple is actually named after a song from Pieter De Rosas called Deep Purple. It was actually performed by a different band before that. Another I'm going just off of the bands that we know how to destroy angels is on here. The winner Frank mentioned. Jet. I hate jet. They're actually they're actually named after a song from wings called jet. Which I didn't know. Yeah, I didn't know that. But I don't want snow wings. Yeah. Frank does for you. I didn't know that. There's a band called hit like a hole and they're named after? Yeah, like, there's a band on here called cashmere. And they're named after Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. Yeah, so this band. We actually talked about them. I don't remember when I said that. I hated the city. I think it was last episode. Yeah, I was showing you a song. The cooks. They're actually named after the David Bowie song. cooks. Okay. So or, I don't know if I'm like mispronouncing it. Oh, they're cooks cooks. cooks. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yes. cooks. Yeah, I can't I can't see it. Um, what else do they have? We have here? We have a poison was apparently named a weight. Okay, I got it back.

So did you list them as an occupational band when they're the Kooks? And they're not the cooks? No. Okay.

I was like, no, that seems like a technicality that Frank would have done yeah. Cuz we know porn throws him off. And a cook are not the same thing. To be a kook is not Yeah, yeah, no. So So poison was named after I don't know if you guys know this bank kicks. k x. Serial sounds fun. Yeah, it sounds familiar to me too. I think I know the named after serial bands. Master serial. That's an episode right there. So our band's Lucky Charms, so they have a song called poison poison named their song after them. What else we got here? Oh, profits are rages on here. Radiohead is on here. Okay, so

maybe this isn't the case. But Machine Head, the band. And there's a bush song called Machine Head. Yeah, there is.

Oh, yeah. But I think that's totally different. I think yeah, that's that helps close one though. Yeah, I know. Right? You it would be weird if a metal band named themselves after a bush song. Well, here's an interesting one. It says here that rage against the machine was named after a song from Zach della roaches, hardcore punk band before that. He was a man called inside out and he had a song called Rage Against the Machine. Oh, so that's kind of like the Lemmy story where he was in another band had a song called Yeah, yeah, that's that's that's I didn't know that. We have here. We don't know who that is. I don't know who that is. Oh, see there's on here. Oh, Shaquan. That's funny. sinner. We don't know this guy's not spoon. Spoon is named after a song called spoon from a band called cans. cans. Sorry, can see and that's where I can they were were Oh, this story so far. Oh my god. Named after a newfound glory song. Let's see what else we got here. Trying to find bands that we know. Guess that's it. I got all the way to the W's and there's nothing else there. What the hell bands named after other performers albums. Oh, here's masters of reality right here. So Frank was kind of in the right. All the band overkill is actually named after motorheads album overkill. Okay, I like overkill. Rico's pretty cool. Oh, ob is named after an album called bold beats from a band called dominance, which is interesting. I know that there's a band called Iowa out there named after Slipknot, Iowa. Bands named after their own songs. Okay, so Motorhead was was on here, which is the one I mentioned. Yeah. nightwish is on here, Queens Reich. Slipknot is F is named after the first track on their demo mate feed, kill, repeat Hi I'm Gemma was circulating alive so it's cool. They had a song called slipknot. But so the band's named after but how do we know that it's not that way and not the other way around because I mean, the Motorhead one was expired that too. So it's basically these bands are named because they were named something else before that slipknot. And so what happens is they'll like release something like a demo, for instance, and then they'll have a song and they're like, man, air, man, I'll change the name to that. Okay, so that's what happened with these guys. 10 machine, David Bowie side project named after the song 10 machine, on the eponymous album. I don't know anything much about David Bowie. I don't know if you guys know anything about that. So yes, those bands were named after so they kind of it's kind of like the band named themselves after the song that they wrote first. And they're like, shit that we don't have a name. And then we're like, oh, like that song. So Black Sabbath. These guys? Butthole Surfers. Same thing. I guess they didn't have. They didn't have a band name. Oh, they forgot their. Oh, so we actually sent this I think on one of our previous episodes, they were at a gig and the announcer forgot their name. So he used the title one of their songs. That's how they named themselves a butthole servers. Yeah. So and then there's a whole list on partial matches to lyrics. And I guess. Yeah, so basically, it's kind of like the list of you guys kind of had worlds bands named after a part of a lyric. Okay. There's a whole list of of bands like that. But I guess we're done with this episode. This was kind of this was kind of interesting.

I was actually thinking about bands named after life situations like, Oh my gosh, what? Okay, yeah, like, for instance, I think, Nickelback Chad Kroeger supposedly worked. And he handed you know, he gave a customer's changes. Here's a Nickelback. Yeah. And then he was like, oh, great idea for Bernie. Yeah,

that's, that's kind of like Godsmack or like, they were one of the members was making fun of somebody and then he got like, a pimple because he was making fun of somebody in there or something on his face. And the guy's like, Oh, it looks like you got so like, Yeah, he's like, oh, look like you got smacked by God. And they're like, Yeah, what but, but the story though. There's a legend, I guess you could say an urban legend that says that. They really named their band after the Allison chain song.

Or not. Do you think Godsmack like Dallas would change?

Yeah, I think so. Yeah. They seem like they I think they grew up with with that, Jamie? I don't know. I feel like I feel like and Allison chains are awesome.

I feel like they don't want to admit it. Because I think they don't want to be like, I don't know. It's weird how they want to distance themselves. That's what I think happened. But they're saying like, no, this is credited for having an original name. That is exactly, exactly, exactly title. Yeah. So I think that story that I just told, I think that was a lie to cover up. But yeah, they did. Yeah. And maybe they weren't fans of Alice in Chains. Maybe they just like to name those. Yeah, so But anyways, guys, that's that's the episode. That's all we had. So if you guys want, it's up to you guys. We can vote right now. And we can do bands we dis owned. Because we all know that. We had a pretty interesting conversation that involved like the Grammys and all that stuff. Yeah. And it just took a turn. But I did rant quite a bit and it was about me saying I'm done with a band that I've been a fan of forever that actually got me and so playing guitar, so they just from here forward from here forward from here forward. Exactly. I'm gonna have stuff is grandfathered in there. Good. Exactly. Like I like here. As I was ranting, I was actually wearing a Metallica shirt. Yes. So there's like that's, that's kind of proof right there. But anyways, so I guess, are we were good for next week? Yeah, I think Friday. Okay. So Alright, guys. So we'll see you guys next week. So tell us happy when you're gonna have to tell us I just listened to the episode. Thank you for that. 1000 downloads. But yeah, we'll see y'all next week with Episode 40. We're almost a 50 once we get to 50 you know, that means right off the bat game part two, which appears

to us like the funniest episode ever. I

was I was just telling her that to me. That's one of my favorite ones. And I was at work and I was bored and people were talking and I was done listening to the podcast I usually listen to I was like, I'm not listen to episode, right. So I was listening to it. And I was laughing at work trying not to laugh because it was so funny. Like, and then just listening to our reactions to the beers and stuff and and then like close to the end. You get that we were done. Yeah. And I was just and then. And then once it got to the club, man. Oh, cool motto, right? It was just hilarious. And I don't know that. That is one of my favorite episodes like so far. But uh, yeah, so 11 more episodes and we'll have part two. Okay, and I just sent y'all picture of a steel reserve that we that I saw that was a What was it? Oh, we were at the store. lady. She had to six. Reserve. I was like, Yeah, that's right. Yeah, yeah,

I was behind a dude at the grocery store who had like 10 jugs of club motto. What was he gonna do? He had a whole bunch of Bud Light to I guess he's making me jealous. But

well, I guess we know to stay away from those because there are quite a bit of cheap beers that I've seen with that are meetcha Lada and I think there's like, Bud Light Mitchell out or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think I've had it before. But uh oh. So we'll see what happens. But so yeah, 11 more episodes. We'll have that and then I guess we'll see you guys. Next week. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Bye night.

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