Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 38 - Bands Named After Occupations

June 12, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 38
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 38 - Bands Named After Occupations
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This episode, we have another list topic!
We try and name as many bands named after occupations, or bands with occupations in their names, while trying smoothie-style ales.
We also get a bit off topic and start to discuss certain genres of music. Why? I don't know.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer music. So every episode, we try different craft beers, we rate them, we discuss them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while discussing music related topics. Franco says topic.

Today's topic are bands named after occupations, artists name after occupations. And these are jobs, I guess that maybe these bands these artists could have had, maybe decided to risk it all and go for the music. That's funny.

We should try to like see, like, for each band like, oh, what these guys have made it doing that. Oh, that's interesting. I didn't see it like that. But that's pretty funny. Yeah. So like, my rules were because this was kind of a tough one to me. So this is a you guys are familiar with some of our past episodes. We've done this before. So we've done animals, we've done foods. We've done, what have we done? And now we've done a few of them. Yeah, I think there's one we're looking at for vehicles or something. Yeah, modes of transportation, transportation. So when I was doing this, and I was like, Okay, so how am I going to do this? So my rules were, if an occupational title is in the name of the band, I'm gonna count it. As long as you know, the word is an occupational title, and then I'll go from there. Right. And, but it looked like most of them were, the meaning of the word was, was the occupation and was part of the band and it kind of did. Go I won't get into it. Yeah. Probably talking too much about it right now. But anyways, so we usually start the episode with two little segments. One is the hangover, where we talk about things that we either need to bring up from last episode or from previous episodes that we didn't get to mention. And then the other one is, what are we drinking? So I guess we can start off with what are we drinking? Kim? You want me to do it for us? Yes. So Kim and I are both drinking the same beer. We've actually had this on our band brews episode back in episode that was, yeah, last year. So this is Al Smith brewing company's sublime Mexican lager. And yes, that's from sublime, the band without room. They're from San Diego, California. 5.7% ABV. Say, I know Kim likes the Mexican loggers. This one's really good. We actually had one or the one that you

guys. Why didn't tell them on here. But yeah, there was was that she was a Chihuahua. Chihuahua surface, sir. So it's a Mexican lager made in the US? Yeah, I mean, California close. Yeah. Yeah. It was really, really good. I gave it a five.

Yeah. And it was funny because she rated it high. And then I looked on the camera. It was like it's an international like, award winning beer. And I was like, What the hell? I took a sip. It tasted good. But yeah, we got this one again. We hadn't seen it in a while the store so picked it up. Cool. Can Yeah, this is a new can because I think before they didn't have the black. No, I'm gonna ask about that. Because it does look different than mine. Yeah, they had different I think before it was like wrap on it. And I was a regular Can I believe but now this is like a salt. It looks

a blast. I think it had the black. I think it had the black but it was around. Okay, maybe that's what it was. I know. They changed. I know. They change something about it. Britt What are you drinking? Oh, monster light. Okay. Frank, is that a non alcoholic? Yeah.

It's a it's a new one. Actually. Dogfish had lemon quest, non alcoholic wheat brew. Oh, shoot. And I think this is one that I may have had some months ago. It was like a pilot. Non you know, labeled. brew. Yeah, that somebody just left that work one day. And so yeah, I tried it out. It was from dog head, but it didn't have any like label to it. So I think there was no testing it out there. were sending out samples to people who were subscribed to Dogfish Head. And I tried it. I liked it. And I guess it was popular enough that now they made an actual, like, retail version. I haven't seen that. Oh, yeah. I've never I mean, I've I don't recall what it tastes like, but I'll give it a shot.

Okay, let me know what you read it. I'm gonna take that with me for documentation. Yeah, there's also more in the fridge too. Okay. Well, that looks like it would be good. Like, I don't think I've seen you have a non alcoholic with that flavor. I don't believe let's see what he says.

Is it his like pledge. Whenever I think of lemon flavored stuff, it's like we'll see what it says. It's sour and salty. Like a salty lemonade. salty lemonade. That's interesting. Yeah, like a salty kind of beer flavored lemonade. That sounds so weird to me. Kind of for what

kind of good that's not bad. It's It's It's similar to I guess it's it's almost similar a rattler.

Okay. Okay, okay. Um, what? Okay, it's just, well guys, I know rattlers usually aren't salty, but I would. Okay. Maybe like a four, four. Okay. Yeah. Okay. No, it sounds fine. I mean, it looks. Is that a straight up zero or is it just less than?

Yeah, I think it's like less than point five. Yeah. Oh, that's 10.5

All right. That's cool. Um, and then speaking I'm like not Well, not really not alcoholic, but I know you had the ginger beer. Alcoholic? two episodes ago. Yes. So then I had an alcoholic ginger beer. And it was hard for me to finish Really? So I was expecting like a lot of the spiciness that Yeah, like ginger stuff has, but this was like more sweet. And it just to me It tasted so like the thickness wasn't syrupy but it just tasted syrupy like and I know they didn't have that in it it was like an import from forgot from where and it said they you know they steeped ginger in it for like I don't know how many hours like 12 hours or something right when they brought it so I was like okay, it's gonna have a good amount of ginger cake but it i don't know i was surprised it didn't I was missing more the the natural ginger spice and it didn't have a lot of it. It was mostly sweet and I was like yeah, it was it was hard for me to drink I gave it like a 2.8 or nine or something like that. Were three

there was a ginger there is a gingerbread like to drink. It's a Australia and it's called Bundaberg and they have a really nice ginger variety they have it's you know, they have the regular and I think they have like a Christmas ginger spice. Oh, and then like a lemon. And a pomegranate I want to say, but they're pretty good. Yeah, I've only had like the Christmas one and their regular normal ginger and they're good. Also to non alcoholic. But, yeah, gingers. I think it's one of those things where it's, if it's got too much kick, it's probably gonna overpower everything.

I actually kind of prefer that now. Like, especially since I drink like straight up ginger tea. Like I like I prefer that now. So I think maybe that's what I was expecting from this beer. But, I mean, it's whatever. Um, I'm kind of glad y'all didn't taste it. I don't think I would have liked it. But anyways. Yeah, um, so hangover. Does anyone have any handle? Because I know Kim does. She mentioned it off the show.

I had a lot of hangover regarding like, Oh, I could have said that ban. I could have said that. But I'm saving it all.

Really? What did what did we? Oh, for the alphabet. Okay. Yeah, you shaving it off. Yeah, you guys should definitely save that. Um, so Kim, what was your hangover?

Oh, we were playing by record store rules. And in the bonus round, it was bands with the number start with the number. Yeah. And Mario said blink 182.

And Frank said hard 999. Yes. So we both we both lost on that one because we should have named we should have named bands as started with numbers and Frank and I guess kind of got confused by that time. Or Frank doesn't have an excuse. I do. What? I just said to me, I was like, oh, there's a number in the band. But yeah, my record store rules. Blink 182 would have been in the BS and har nine would have been an ages. Yeah. So yeah. I mean, I I thought I thought of one after the fact. But actually, even the one I thought of didn't count either. Because So I was thinking 30 Seconds to Mars, but 30 Seconds to Mars. Their abbreviation is 30. STM Yeah, but the band legit is spelled out. alphabetic. So it's like th Well, 30 is spelled out so right. I would have failed on that anyways, so yeah, well, you know, I that's why it was the challenge round. Yeah, that's true.

Yeah, I thought of another one called mad already with, with numbers in it that band 10,000 maniacs. Oh, yes. This one and then I think there's what? 30

save that. No, I just snapped. Okay, save the baby. Okay, well, I had another another. Yeah. Yeah. Um, all right. Well, I guess with all that out of the way, you know, now that no one else has anything to say, right? No. Okay, cool. Alright, so, I guess let's get into it. Frank. Go ahead. I'll let you kick off the topic. After we have one go around. We'll try a beer from the ice chest. Cool. So go ahead and just like explain to us what your rules were and then let you start your list. Okay, so

my rules were also to artists that have actual occupations in there. Name, but there were some technical ones. You know, someone like some technicalities. I'm curious you know where I'm trying to piece them to something. So I guess I'm gonna start mine on with with with a little bit of a curveball. You will always have curveballs there's no surprises. What so what's your what's your what's your man? I'm gonna start off with Australia's Men at Work.

No, that fell on my list. It, it fits because it's talking about, it's referring to an occupation. Right?

Not. And when I say again, but and when I think of the title Men at Work. For some reason. I just think like, highway repair dudes.

Yeah, cuz that's what they got their name? Sign. Yeah. Or like, they used to post that side, right? Do they say men? Oh, no, it

doesn't say my work. It says. Like the little working do yeah. Sign say no, it says something. Does it. work ahead? Yeah, something. Yeah.

And then it'll say something like, give us a break? Yeah. Okay. I think they still use that one. Yeah, right. But yeah, I got mine at work. Also, too, I guess, because I was tracing them back a little bit. And when they first started, they were like a pub rock band. And when I think of pubs, I think of like, you know, working class people. Yeah. And so I was like, okay, that that fits. So yeah, minute work. Formed in Melbourne, Australia. 1978. And, I mean, I think a lot of people know their songs. Yeah. Man, like, land on under and who can it be now? Okay, you know, okay. There's another one to like, the bigger Johnny that Johnny be good. Be good. Johnny. Be good. Be good. Oh, yeah. It was that? Is that their song? Or that's their song? Yeah. I didn't I didn't know. I didn't know that. Yeah. And so this is like their biggest ones. And they were active from 78 to 86. And then they broke up and then from 96 to 2002. They broke up again. And then 2019 to present their their first for you was actually to put like the first reunion was so that they could please like a large South American demand and a following that that they had. So yeah. So they reunited for that reason, and but they didn't record any new any new music, then they broke up again. And then in 2019, they reformed none of the original members, except for vocalist calling. Hey, so he's basically calling Hey, with a whole bunch of new people who's performing as men at work. But even though the band's been around since, like, 78 off and on over the years, they've only released three albums, which is like nuts.

Yeah, that's kind of bad. I guess not without bad weather. It's interesting, like to be around that long. And then only Yeah,

yeah. But I think individually after the band broke up, you know, individually, the members released their own solo albums and stuff. So I mean, I guess in some way that that doesn't count as men as well as men at work. But as a band, Men at Work only released three albums, and also to the band was famously sued for plagiarizing. The vocal melody of a popular Australian nursery rhyme called the kookaburra sits in the old country and ever listened to the flute riff, and then down under it pretty much uses the same vocal melody Really? Well, they are gonna check that out. They argued that it was the same vocal melody. And the band was taken to court and whoever owned the rights the song at a time or some publisher was demanding something like 60% royalties of single sales from the previous five years. Yeah, at the point when the lawsuit was brought up. And then I think they like talked it out, and then they managed to get it down to 5% royalties. So yeah, that's like, you know, to get sued for something like that. Yeah. No, I mean, like, I heard the clip. And I was like, Yeah, it sounds a little similar, but I don't think they were trying for that, you know, it just somebody was just like, hey, that sounds like my song or something that I own. Yeah, we'll see them

well. And Frankie, and I were talking about it before the show, and I looked up like kind of how the lawsuit came about because the song The kookaburra song is from the 30s. And so, you know, the minute work song is from like, 1981. So clearly they and they weren't sued until what your 2010 or something 2010. So for 30 years, nobody has a problem with it. Right? Yeah. And then I read that some Australian game show played the clip of the flute part. And it was like, named that to a person named the kookaburra saw, instead of the minute work song, and they were wrong. However, it sparked the attention of some viewers who were like, Hey, wait a minute, that does sound like that. So they actually like went to the copyright owner and said, Hey, have you ever noticed how that song you just bought the right For a couple years ago sounds like this song. And then he sued them. Wow, that's

kind of weak, right? does sound kind of weak? Like it? Because if it wasn't like that obvious right out the gate, then

yeah, that's probably the original author of that song. lived until, I'm not sure. I think it was, like 2008 or something and she didn't have any problems with or maybe it was earlier than that. No, she died earlier than that. But she's, she lived beyond the point where I think she lived until like the late 80s or something. So she, but she had she knew the song like apparently it was like outrageously popular in Australia, that song, it's like their national anthem, but also had no problem with it. Nobody had a problem with it until this guy,

then also to give an example. I mean, there are a lot of songs that sound similar to other songs like the one I'm thinking of right now is filters. Hey, man, I shot and Gods Max, stay away from me. Yeah, a little, you know, those are similar sounding riffs. But no one's suing each other over that.

Yeah, like one of the other ones. I mean, it's a whole different episode, but a Green Day song. That Jana? Jana. Yeah, it sounds like

Chicago's a 25 or six to four. Well, I was gonna say it also sounds like a slow version of

Papa Roach. Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah. And I think it's, and I think those songs are in the same tuning too. So, I mean, every time I hear that stupid song, I think that it it's, you know, similar to Papa Roach, even though the Green Day song came out first. Just to me, they sound very similar, right, played different. But you're gonna find that a lot of music. I mean, it all has to do with chord progressions and stuff. And

yeah, you know, it just so happens frustrating when there are some that are like, much more obviously. swiped like the Oh, yes. On a song. Yeah. You know, from the killing Joke's on from the dam. And, and then this, which is like, just only kinda similar.

Yeah, it was just a few notes here and there. Yeah, no, I mean, that's definitely another episode. We can talk about that. Because there's another one in my head that I can talk. Oh, yeah, there's a ton. And then some that I can think of, like, nothing's ever happened between them. And then there's others where like, they have to have been court, you know, filings for these and stuff. But yeah, like Led Zeppelin has settled out of court for that stuff. Yeah, like all their early stuff. Yeah. But yeah. I mean, I'm surprised they're not doing that with the wall. I don't listen to music, but with greta van fleet, Moon says, story. I don't know if you know who that is. I don't know the name. But okay, good. Yeah. Okay. Take your word for bread. Do you have anybody on your list?

Yeah. Remember? My first one? I think the first one on my list was an obvious one. And that's the police. Okay, yeah, that I had that one. But I didn't write anything like information on them. But I don't have like a ton of information. Although I did find out an interesting fact today. Okay, what you want to find out listening to the radio that sting his brother was the manager for the police, as well as the manager for the gogos

auditor and say for like the real police. For the police, but he also managed the local police.

That would be funny. No, he managed a lot of like big name bands, including the gogos. And we have cats in the back. Sorry. Party over here. That's cool. They're having interviews and controversial stuff going on. Yes. So yeah, so I can't remember all the other bands that he manages. But there was a long list today. And it was kind of interesting, including What's the name of that band, baby. I told you earlier. I know your name several. Yeah. Right. Like I knew it five minutes ago. But yeah, I'll get back to you. But that was interesting. I didn't know that he managed his brother's band. That seems like there could be a lot of conflicts there. Yeah. And I guess the police are kind of known for not being the most harmonious of bands in regards to getting along together and stuff so

yeah, well, that's funny cuz sticking sticking with lawsuits. Like it's kind of funny because sting had a lawsuit with Puff Daddy, because Puff Daddy had sampled Every Breath You Take without his permission, like straight up though. Yeah, so that's that was I don't know I just that just popped in my head because you said the police and I was like, well, there's another lawsuit.

They should do a joint tour. And just perform that one song. Name good. I don't know that sounds like a million dollar idea.

I mean, we could you could try selling it. I sponsored. Kim, we got on your list. Nothing. No, I was just curious to see if you had like, cuz I know sometimes you like, okay, that's cool. Okay, so my first one I don't know if this was one that was an obvious one, Britt. I didn't mean to like no. Okay, no, I was gonna say, I don't know if you have this one on your list. I'd be surprised if either of you do. But my first one is Spin Doctors. Ah, yeah. Well, that was more of an afterthought for me. Really? Okay, so Why? Well, because like, I mean, I was like, Okay,

yeah. And like I said, it isn't right, because it's really a nickname for media people.

Yeah, what I saw, I actually looked it up. And it's actually a profession that I don't it probably doesn't exist anymore. But it says a spin doctor is a spokesperson employed to give a favorable interpretation of events to the media, especially on behalf of a political party. So yeah, it is a occupation, but it's kind of like a slang

word for not a job title. Like you don't try to be a spin. So whatever kind of derogatory, right? Like, yeah, ugly thing that you're doing?

Yeah. So whatever they are like, it's, it's, to me it counted because it's, it's referencing a person who is doing a job. Yeah. So that was mine. So who doesn't know this band, but they're a rock band from New York City. They're best known for their early 1990s hits two princes and Little Miss can be wrong, which is crazy, because for the longest time, I thought they were one hit wonder. But to me, technically they are because it was only everything off that one that one album was like popular. And then after that, like one album, one album wonder. Yeah. And so they charted with those two songs and the top 20 of the hot 100. So those two charted in and I don't think they had anything else chart and hot one Really? They formed, which is weird to me in 1988. And they're still active. Yeah, there's still active so yeah, and this was weird to me to their original name was stupid. The original name was called trucking company. And I thought you meant the original name was stupid. No. But they should have done that. I probably would have been better. But yeah, so I just thought that was kind of interesting. Like their original name was not not the trucking company. Just trucking company. I think if they would have put the

Yeah, probably would have been better. But Hmm. trucking company. No, I didn't. I mean, yeah, well, that was mine. I guess. You want to try beer? What? Sure. Yeah. Let's go and do that. Okay, so this one, let me dig in here real quick.

So while Mario is digging for one, I've got a Joe Korea back. So a screwdriver walks into a bar and asked the bartender make me a drink. And the bartender says, Hey, you know there's a drink named after you. And a screwdriver says is a drink name, Steve. Good. That's a good day, Joe. Yeah.

Okay. And I'll just tell you the band's because I looked him up now. Okay, Jake, his brother. Oh, managed. The Buzzcocks. Okay, REM Okay, cramps. Fine, Young Cannibals, the gogos and the bangles. Oh, there's a lot of bad boys. Yeah, so that guy was banking. Yeah, so apparently he just wrote an autobiography. So it's out banking some more. Yeah.

So I unintentionally have a beard theme. I don't know if we're gonna like this or not. Oh, so this this is a smoothie theme. Did you ever try that rainbow one? I'm sure if y'all gave it to me. I tried it rainbow one

a rainbow. what it was like the can was purple and had the rainbow on it with like a lightning bolt. And it was Oh, yeah.

Did you try Like this? Like, yes, it was so sour. Yes. I didn't hate it. But it was really it was like pretty sour. Okay, Justine, so sweet stuff, but it was really sad. So did you finish it? I did.

Yeah. Okay, so I guess she liked it. I couldn't. She gave it to me. Yeah, I was like, I can't. So this. No, you're good. This is a sunshine smoothie, sour ale. And it's strawberry. Orange. Okay, banana, and marshmallow cream. Yeah, I know. So we've never had anything from this brewery before. It's called humble forger. And they are. Let us see it's humble forger brewery. And they are from waunakee, Wisconsin. So Wisconsin, I think we've had quite a bit of stuff from that wonky place. Because I always get confused and it looks like Milwaukee to me and so I look at it right. 6% ABV.

We had a lot for Milwaukee last week. Yeah. So Land of the tooth beer. Yeah. Okay, this is Okay, so let's see. Oh, looks like Orange cheer that does Yeah. Interesting. It's a little bit. Oh, sweet. Perfect. Okay. Oh, I guess me and Kim can share from this because if you don't like it, so let me smell it.

It's it smell sour. I don't smell anything else. Oh, sorry. I'm not orange I think Yeah, I smell like again. Oh sorry. ruining our palate. So who wants to give a shot first? We've never had smoothie ones on the show which is I think we have like three today does smell like a smoothie to me. Yeah, yeah, okay, I can't smell my nose is pretty bad though. I was gonna say it. I thought it smelled like orange pets past its prime. Oh, that's good. It tastes like a mimosa. It does. Oh, okay. Really? Yeah. And I love me a mimosa. Yeah, it's good. No, that's fine. What do you rate it? Five? Oh, shit. Okay, so Kim likes the smoothies right off the five. I don't like mouse's

champagne. Champagne Mimosa shampoo. That's true. You might like that.

Well, I did have them almost a beer once I liked most of beer. And I did not like it. Well, this is good. A beer Molson? Actually, that's what they're called. Really? Really?

Yeah. Oh, what I just made up. Sorry. No, it's nice. Make it happy face smell good. Is that actually is good eye. It's good. I can taste the banana. So I don't like

yeah, I taste the banana like in the back. I don't like I found that I don't like beers that have a straight up orange tastes like that like that. The quote unquote Orange Julius one is more creamy to me because of the lactose. Yeah, this one has more of a straight up like what? I think it's the sourness more like orange. Yeah, so I give it like a I give a for I mean, I I like it, but it's not like my like, I would actually might seek that out. Yeah, you see, that's not my, what's it called? Like my flavor. profile. My craving? My fate my Yeah, there you go. preference area goes out my my, my flavor preference. Yeah, I mean, I'm glad y'all liked it. Now. I found it. Well, I wouldn't have known but I was like, Damn, I could have given you more. But I wouldn't. I know. I didn't. I wouldn't. I didn't. I'm not a psychic. Um, let's see. So with that out of the way, Frank, what's the next one on your list?

The next one on my list. We were talking about Spin Doctors earlier. Right. And I think this is a little fitting band called The President of the United States of America.

They were on my list too. But I didn't write in I they were like gonna be my extra in case I didn't have anything else but okay.

Yeah, no. Yeah. So very long band name. Yes. But fans know them as p USA. Really? Yeah. I always thought people just call him the president. Well, that's, that's another one I can call the Presidents or P USA.

Okay, maybe that's because I'm not a fan. So I mean, I don't hate him or anything. But what I wonder Yeah, no, I

mean, they've No, I mean, okay. Don't I mean, I think two of the biggest songs they have are lump and peaches. Yeah, you know, it plays on the radio all the time. For us again, what I look at

Well, the only one that I came across that I like, was fin kitty. That was the only one I knew was peaches. And I hate that song. Okay, don't tell me I don't know that song. Yeah, okay. But what was really really big k lump It was also really big. Okay, I gotta look those two songs are the only ones I read. Yeah, but but not at all. No. I mean, it is it? Is it like played on? Yeah, so on the go she's up. She's heard that song forever. Yeah, okay. Okay. I mean, probably because I don't listen radio but holy shit. I didn't know that was them. Oh, yeah.

Okay. It actually I think a while back. We saw a beer inspired by the peaches. Saw like, like the song title. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I think it was called a million peaches. Peaches. Peaches was what the was what the beer was? I'm not sure. It was some brewery I think I don't want to I don't know what state but it was the Georgia out again. may have been Georgia Yeah. Or maybe even Texas because you know Fredericksburg is known for their pizza. Okay. Yeah. You know, that could have could have been a thing. But yeah, the president united states of america they are formed in Seattle in 93. I guess at the end of I don't know was I think grunge was pretty much dying off at that point. 93 I mean, it was still at its peak. But then I think when like Kurt Cobain killed himself like he pretty much I mean, because continued a little bit after that, because they're grungy you know, you

don't think grunge continued after Kurt Cobain died. Yeah, no did I think I think it just jamming all them we're still going yeah, but I mean Nirvana is not responsible for Greg. Frank Are you one of those guys know just

your secret t shirt to me Just tell me about I think it's just you know? To me grunge is just I don't know I could argue what what grunge means but I like like some if

you're gonna argue with anybody about grunge you're gonna be over it. But you know. Just kidding. I mean, I think I think I kinda understand like, from the point where like, everybody was always giving Nirvana like praise or something. Yeah. And like they always brought I guess they brought the attention to grind, right? I mean, I know. It was those other like people who knew music or listen to music music like you and stuff like y'all are gonna be like no, Nirvana wasn't grunge these every all these bands were grunge. Yeah, but like to every like to other people. They just saw Nirvana. So then when Kurt Cobain was gone, they were like, oh, grunge is gone. But you know, grunge has been around before him. And yes, that's right. It existed before Nirvana. And the Pixie Yeah, and that Yeah.

And to me, to me, grunge is like, you know, when you listen to Nirvana, they have more of a punk sound, compared to the other grunge bands like Stone Temple Pilots. To me, they're more hard rock ish, as well as Soundgarden. And then when you listen to Pearl Jam, I think I understand. Yeah, I know, we listen to pro jam, like if you really want like if we really if we really get to the technical part side of it. To me, they sound very classic rock ish. Wait, who again, pro jam. Oh, and I'm not saying that because now they're being played on classic rock. But when you listen to the music structure to the composition, it's more technical than the other grunge bands at the time. Like there was more, it seemed like there was more thought going into the songwriting structure process. It's

kind of hard for me to have like, more of an opinion on because I like a lot of those bands. But it's not really my forte. So I don't like you know, I can't say a lot about that genre or that like era, because I don't really know too much. Like you talked about new metal, I can talk to you about grunge, or even some of the like the late 90s alternative. But not I think grunge was still right to it. I'm

not I'm not a grunge expert by any means. But I think it's just when I listened to a song. I'm one of those nerds that pays attention to the structure a lot. Yeah, and I think

what about Allison chains Allison changed and I listen to is like when I hear him? I think of grunge. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, straight up like I don't but I understand what you're kind of saying on those other bands like Stone Temple Pilots to like when I listened to them. They they're considered grunge. But I don't like you said it. They're more to me. They're on like on the edge. Yeah, they're more like 90s alternative to me. Yeah. Or like Bruce grunge Maybe, yeah, maybe post grunge.

And they didn't come up at the exact same time. You know, I mean, I think they did come. I mean, I don't know the years they were making music and it was probably the same time but they didn't become popular until after Pearl Jam. And

where are they from? Do you know? Sir, from San Diego, okay. Yeah. So they were outside of the run? Yeah, like the area. Any region? Yeah. Yeah. From where real grunge came from or the grunge style came from? I think it's just yeah, I

wouldn't remember also, like Mother Love Bone was, you know, making music, you know, prior like that was Pearl Jam before they were Pearl Jam. Yeah. And like screaming trees. Also in the Seattle area, also making that music and the late, you know, mid to late 80s. Versus, you know, I think Nirvana was kind of born out of that. And then yeah, Nirvana, of course, garnered a ton of attention because he died. Yeah, right. Well, that's true. I think. Now, that's why most people remember Nirvana. Why all these kids are wearing these t shirts. You don't see, you know, Pearl Jam t shirts for sale at Target. But you see Nirvana t shirts, they're all the time and I think it's because there's this like air of mystery and like, you know, this lore that they have because he suicide and people are drawn to that for some reason, and so they get way more credit than they deserve.

Oh, yeah. And I think the, for me grunge is more of a sound than it is a name like when I think grunge I think a lo fi low budget, DIY garage. Yeah, and I think a lot of the bands starting out at that time, you know, especially bands like that probably didn't have a whole lot of money and they just went into Recorded something and it sounded grungy?

Well, that's basically what it what it was right? I mean, that was the so that grunge was the GarageBand of that era from Seattle or from the Seattle area. Yes. That's basically what it was.

Yeah, yeah. And it's like every you know, you think about like the La 80s glam scene any think of like, the 70s. punk scene in New York City and in London. Yeah. In Seattle, this was like their punk basically. But anyway, going back into the, because I can go wrong episode. I can go off on a whole like theory about things. But yeah.

presidency. The President,

I say that, I mean, I'm just gonna make one commit for the Pixies who already broken up by early 90s, who I think were, you know, had that sound. And I think influence those other bands. They're not from Seattle. They're from Boston, but I think that they were doing it long before. Anybody else. Okay, so 30 what is what is grant?

I mean, we could be I want to, I mean, we kind of started it, but, um, but you know, we'll continue at another time.

Yeah, definitely. Um, but yeah, going back to the topic. What are we talking about President United States of America. Hey, what about them again? peaches, Georgia. Yeah. Beer Beer. You're in love. Lady love lumps? I don't know. But yeah, you're taking us off topic. So the band get started in Seattle 9300. No, for those two songs you mentioned earlier and they were active between 93 and 98 and again in 2000 to 2016 and they first broke up so that members individual members could pursue other projects and also to spend time with family I think at the time when they were about when they were breaking up the first time I think some of the members were like had like brand new families I think they just had kids and they wanted to just get off the road and just spend time with with family and stuff. And you know, the the band's released six studio albums to date, and they've earned platinum and gold recognition with their with their albums. And their last album came out like I think in 2013 their sixth and final album kudos to you was successfully crowdfunded. I think they reached the, their, their goal in about a week or so. So I mean, yeah, definitely. crowdfunding works. You know. Okay.

That's a whole other. Keeping us off topic right now. Frank's thoughts on crowdfunding, crowdfunding and grunch. Alright, so before, before, before we go to another detour? Brett, what else you got here?

Oh, yeah. I was gonna have a turd. So the next one on my list is the waitresses. Okay, I didn't I don't not familiar with that band.

So the waitresses are considered like a new way of 80s alternative band. Okay, most famous for their song. I know what boys like? Probably. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I think I know the song. Yeah, you're gonna know it cuz thinking Frank. Frank. Yeah, I know. Boy. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I just needed that. That kick of the melody. Okay, no. Got it. Okay, they're from Ohio. all I got for you. Really? Oh, that's cool. Like look up years and stuff if you want me to 78 to 84. So not too long. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So that's that's all I know. Really? I don't know them too well, but they came up of course, because, yeah, that's an occupation. And yeah, they obviously.

I mean, it was rough. It's it's some connection in some way to the occupation. But yeah, no, no, that I mean, I did not have that on my list. I did not see that anywhere. So sweet. Cool. Kim, any thoughts so far on grunch. Okay, okay, so my turn. So my next one, I guess after this one, we could try another period, because I didn't know smoothie burner. I don't know if this one's on anyone's list. But I have the distillers No, no. Yeah, heard of them. So we I mentioned them briefly like a couple episodes ago. I know you weren't familiar with them either. So sillars A distiller is a person or a company that manufactures liquor. The distillers ban is a punk band from LA they formed in 1980 1998. I'm sorry, they actually broke up in 2006 and then reformed again in 2018. And as of now they're still active. They were pretty popular in the early 2000s. And I saw that I only know one song of theirs, which is that City of Angels song. Yeah. And apparently like they were pretty big like in the I guess the they were pretty popular in the punk scene. They were in a bunch of video games they were in Tony Hawk's underground. To Tony Hawk Pro Skater four, they were in Gran Turismo four. They weren't a rock band. They weren't Spider Man two. They were also in some game called True Crime streets of LA, which is weird because I played spider man too. And I don't remember I played those Tony Hawk games, and I don't remember. I played rock band and I remember Yeah, but uh, ya know, apparently they were, they had a pretty good following. But yeah, the distillers was the second one on my list. So I'm kind of I'm glad y'all didn't have that on your list. No. So I guess let's try another beer. No, start with cool, cuz I know Frank's gonna take a while so we'll have something to drink. He should pour more in my glass this time. This time, so you let me know if you want one of your glass. So this one is from we actually have not had no we have that's where the rainbow one can wild mine nails. Okay, so then this is the second time man before Really? Sure. Okay, so what's up? Yeah, I saw that recently. I'm like, dang, that's cool. So this one's called. Yeah, I think you're right. Well, my name is wild mine ales. Um, so they are from electric rainbow. Oh, guess where they're from? Who wants to guess? Wisconsin? waunakee. Wisconsin. Okay, that's so crazy. Okay, so drinkers. So it was just crazy. Because back to back, they're both from waunakee, Wisconsin. So this is called static spectrum. It's a smoothie style sour ale with Blackberry, banana and milk sugar 4.5% ABV. And like the artworks pretty cool banana TVs on it. Yeah, I

guess he put bananas in smoothies. So yeah, makes sense. So it's got some raspberry coloring in this blueberry. Blueberry, blueberry dark like, Oh my gosh, it looks like pomegranate looks just like the other one. Black, Blackberry. Blackberry. Wow, that is Yeah, it looks like a breakfast. Yeah, look. Okay, so there's that one's Yeah, it looks just like there Yeah, but the club toe or whatever. I was calling you that because it's so disgusting. That clamp.

So rich right first, I'm not sure if she likes it or not.

It's really interesting because it does not taste like beer at all. Okay. Tastes like pomegranate juice to me. It just tastes like fruit. I think you psych yourself out with that. Same pomegranate. Like when I say it looks like when I say Blackberry, banana and milk sugar. It smells a little whiny. Maybe well looks like my favorite episode. Looks like it looks like never like anything. found their new favorite so smoothly style sours because I saw it funny enough like we didn't get these at the same time I saw on I'm like, oh, let me get this on hold let me get this on my gosh. Yeah, that's good anymore. Try and drink this Mimosa one. That was good. I like the sourness that has to it. Um, see

this The thing is like these are sour. Like, what do we have the other day and it was like Martin was a Martin house when I was like they're sours all tastes sorry, ladies. Yeah, though. The same sour taste. That's true. This is sour. But to me, it's a little.

It's a little too sour. I like the taste though. I'm gonna say like three point. I'm gonna say like, 3.8 Yeah, I'm sorry. Hi. Bye. Wow, that is insane. Like I've never seen y'all agree. Back to back like that.

No, I don't know that we ever have. This is like, glad I gave you a little more on that one. Yes. Thank you. You know what, it's it's interesting because, like, I think blackberry you know, blackberries are sweet, but they're also sour. This tastes like that. It tastes natural. It doesn't. Yeah, does artificially making something sour like pumpkin pie. That is that is true. I do. I do agree with that. And I think this one instead I'll treat. I can't drink both.

Yeah, I'll take this one. I did. I did written I did. I did rate this one higher. Um, and it's crazy because they were two different breweries. So um, yeah, no, that's pretty. That's pretty interesting. Um, cool. I mean, I'm glad y'all liked them. I mean, it was just, I was like, Oh, let me try these. We haven't had this style before. Because I know usually it's either straight ups hours or sours with lactose or, you know, we've had all kinds but I've never seen smoothie style before. All right, well, that's cool. Apparently I'm a fan. Okay, well, I'm gonna try to look for more smoothie styles and just to see what we find. But with that said, Frank, what do you what else you got this?

Okay, so my next to go a little bit into the extreme side of music I guess yet. Okay. I'm gonna start this little segment with a band called job for a cowboy. And oh, wow.

She likes it. No, it was just like, that band that he's mentioning. Like I've heard. I've heard it heard. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we from the past?

Yeah, like Yeah, when he cuz when you told me in the in the text. I was like, yeah. Oh man. I was I had already done my research and I didn't even think of those guys. But

and yeah, job for a cowboy. And I think I asked you to like what is the job? And we don't know. But the cowboy, but the cowboy is also job

to an occupation occupation. Yeah. So either way. It's Yeah. Dope it two different ways.

It's referred right occupation. So and so they're from Glendale, Arizona. 2003 is when they formed, and they have reached some pretty moderate success for death metal band, you know, and death metal bands. Of course. They definitely. Yeah. Okay. Well, I think I think they started off as deathcore and then they went into grindcore. And then now they're just like, straight up death metal, but now I think they're progressive death metal.

Okay, because I was listening to him. And I was like, they sound more. Yeah, I would go like more of the hardcore side. Or like, metal core

that right when I was thinking of Yeah, but I guess it depends. I don't know. I mean, everyone has a different definition. That's true. What is deathcore? What is death as a different episode?

Yeah. We already talked about grunge. Yeah, I want to get into death metal. But final Britt has her opinions.

Before a band of that genre, they've reached some pretty good success. And that's all four of their albums have peaked in the top 100 of the billboard 200. Really? Which is impressive. Yeah, yeah. The only other band that's done that is like Cannibal Corpse or something. And yeah, they've endured several lineup changes, numerous lineup changes in their singer Johnny Davey is the only original founding member that's still left in the band. But I think I think the reason why their sound changes with every album is because you have a whole new set of dude performing in the Bay Area, definitely age, bring a little bit of something to it. So job for a cowboy is one. And plus, I think, I don't know if you live in Arizona, you live in the desert. So you're probably angry all the time. So you're just gonna write some extreme music? Yeah, it was my guess. Yeah. And my next one is a really really cool artists one that I really, really like a lot of author and Punisher formed in San Diego. Oh, that's the name of the band. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And it's a one man industrial Doom Metal band. coalition. Yeah. Okay. I gotta check. It sounds cool. And when you see live performance, you'll Yeah, it did. This is definitely going to like, make you get into it some more. And the soul member triston shown. He actually self engineers, his own instruments from raw materials and open source electronic circuitry. Because he couldn't achieve heaviness from traditional instruments. What? Yeah, so he had to go and make his own instruments that daisy chained a whole bunch of metal pedals. He could have done that. Yeah, but when you see him like in an in a lab with like, actual metal components. On this dude's got a degree in like engineering, so he knows what he knows what he's doing. And the best way that I can describe the music is, man, I'm gonna listen to it. So it sounds like Skynet. Basically. Like it sounds like if you were to put a soundtrack to the machines were listening in today. Yeah. Yeah. Like if the machines were listening to music, it sounds like robotic mechanic apocalypse.

I don't know if I would be into that. But I'll listen to it. So guys, if you guys don't know, if you're new, we do have a Spotify playlist for every episode that we have. So we make a playlist with all the bands that we mentioned. So if you want to check it out, you can check out this band. And it'll be on our playlist. You can find it at Rockstar cafe or pod calm. just gotten a little Spotify. Link anyways. Yeah, go on. And

yeah, I mean, when you listen to the music, it's you know, of course, you're just like bombastic with a whole bunch of like heaviness. But then when you see the actual live footage, and you realize it's just one guy making all this noise noise, and he's literally like, in a cage of instruments that he made himself. How long has he been around? Oh, 405 Yeah, sounds like Oh, 405 kind of thing. But it wasn't until recently in the last five years that he started getting more attention. He had some of his albums released on house core right? curds which is owned by Phil Anselmo, okay, okay. And he opened for tool also too. All right, early 2019 so I guess you know, just to give you some idea of like where kind of sounds like a Nine Inch Nails kind of thing to me But yeah, and there have been a lot of people that have have been like, wetting themselves for for a Nine Inch Nails and author and Punisher collaboration but honestly, is it just you know, it's like me and like two other people. But but I mean honestly, like as much as I love Nine Inch Nails I think author and Punisher is just like, it'll like brutalize you.

Hmm, okay. Um, no, I'm yeah, I mean, I don't know if I had this conversation with you guys on the last episode. I don't think so. But every time you guys come up with a band that I don't know, and I have to make the playlist. I dig through, like, the band, like some of their discography. And I like go looking for a song that I like, okay, like, cuz sometimes I think it's a lot of work to ask you is like, oh, what's your favorite song from this man? What's your favorite song? So I go, and I'm like, Oh, I want to listen to you stuff. So I'll go and there's a lot of bands that you two guys mentioned. Sometimes you throw one into that. I'm like, Oh, I don't know too much of this band. So I'll go in and I'm like, Oh, shit. Like, there's some good stuff here. Or sometimes it's the other way around. Or I'm like a weirdo. I don't know what what do I put here? But usually that with those bands, it's a band that we all like, put in together or something like that. We all know. And I'm like, let's see what we have here. Like there's one on my list here. But anyway, yeah, no, cool. I'll check them out. Tonight.

And I guess as if you know if I want to keep going down the whole extreme music thing. No, not another genre. There's ICP I receipe Insane Clown.

Oh my god. So are you doing as a clown? Okay. That he did it? That is that is a professional. No, he's right. He's right. He's right. Yeah, but I'm not gonna elaborate on that. It is. Now Yeah, we don't need to. We're gonna have a whole separate episode just dedicated to ICP. We'll talk about vago and hoodrat snacks. Yeah. Brett, what you got?

The next one on my list? is very different. Okay, it's the weather girls. You see, I did not see that either. Okay. I don't know. They're a duo. From like, the late 70s through the 80s. I think I don't know what does it say they? through 88. And then they reunited in 91. And apparently are still together. But not only she members because I think one of the members passed away from the original members, but they're most well known for their song. It's raining men.

I was gonna ask you What song? Did you know? That? No, I definitely know the song. But Frank, can you refresh my memory? Yeah, yeah, there's some fun. wanted you to sing it, but okay. I'm just kidding. I can't hit those. No, that's cool. No, is that I mean? Yeah, no, it's a good one.

I you know, but that would be a fun one to play after you leave the after you leave like a heavy metal concert. Like wait when we listen to Aqua after the Metallica show? Yeah.

Man, if we if we if if Frank and I had a band and it was doing stuff like that, we would definitely do stupid stuff like that. I would. I would do weather girls. No, I would play it after the show. after or before. Cover it,

you know actually play it. And I I thought about like, if somewhere down the road. If I were to become like a sound engineer for a band. I would make like a playlist I would just piss people off to like in between sets. I would just play you know, it's raining man or Aqua girl or Aqua girl Barbie girl. Do something that totally throw people. That's hilarious.

Yeah, no, I see you doing that. Yeah. And then and then your job as a sound engineer is done in a week? Yeah, probably. This guy again. I mean, I do more or just No, you could do another one. If you want. The chieftains are on my list. Okay. I know of them. I'm not sure if I know a song from them. They're saying

you can pick anything at ran. I mean, it's it's Irish music. You've heard it here before. Yeah. But yeah, so I mean, a chieftain is a leader of a clan. So yeah, so I thought well, yeah, no, technically it's a job right?

Well, to throw just to real quick, because I didn't write anything on him. I put Kaiser Chiefs on here. Same thing, Chief. So. Yeah. Oh, what else you have?

I also have Mike in the mechanics. Ah, okay. I had them. Okay. I don't really remember what their songs were. I don't I'm not into them. So what do you got on them? Frank? Do you have anything on them?

On Mike in the mechanics? Yeah, they were a bit of a side project from one of the guys Have Genesis okay. Yeah. And to me, I don't know. They're like soft rock, contemporary rock, adult rock. Classic Rock classic flat rock. Yeah. Well,

I'm trying to look at like, speaking of soft rock. I don't know if they're on your list. I didn't want to talk to him and talk about them too much. But the carpenters that's on my list too. So when I was listening to them, I was like, I did not realize how much I didn't know of this band, but also how much I did not like them. Oh, they're too they're too. They're too like, like, soft. I don't know what that Yeah. What is that? Like? Adult Contemporary? Yeah. That day time period. Like 6070 rock or something? Yeah. I just didn't. I was listening to the only song that I liked. That was upbeat was the mailman one. Okay. I don't know what's called or postman's, the postman or something?

Some of them like, I don't know, I are linked for me to like, like Tommy Boy. Right? Well, they're singing that. Don't you remember? You? Let me be. And then like Happy Gilmore. He references. We've only just begun, right. Yeah, so those are my associations with those songs. Not because I like them yet. I think it's just the time period. It's like, very early 70s. Like 1970 so me it's like too slow and mellow for me. Yeah, for sure. It's not like I'm a super fan. Yeah, but it's just I think it was appropriately. Time. Yeah, the time. Yeah, definitely. Um, and then I think I had one more but I'm not sure. Let me see. Okay, what else? Yeah, that was it. I had my gonna mechanics in the carpenters were my last 106 total. Um,

let me see the next one on my list. So this one was kind of fun one for me, because I didn't know some of the details. Especially on the name, which was most interesting to me. of Judas Priest. Yeah, okay. Yes. And I'm gonna go ahead on the definition, again, priest is an ordained minister of the Catholic or orthodox or angelical, church, Anglican, Anglican Church, having the authority to perform certain rites and administer certain sacraments. So Judas Priest, like, it wasn't like an obvious one. But when I was going down the list, I was like, oh, priest is definitely an occupation. Yes. Yeah. Um, so they're an English heavy metal band from Birmingham. They formed in 1969. And they are still active. Yes. They had their 50 year anniversary. A couple of years ago, they were actually going to have a 50 year anniversary tour in 2020. But it got postponed because of COVID. Um, then it got postponed to I think late 2021. And yeah, they're coming to town. Yeah. But now they postponed it again. So 2022. Okay. Then also to this was the interesting fact that I didn't know that I thought was pretty cool. Do you know how they got the name of the band?

Judas Priest. Well, Judas is a blessing. Judas is the character. Yeah, yeah. Tres. Yes, three times. Definitely.

But you see, I thought that's where they got being metal and stuff. Yeah. So do you want to hear how they got the name of the band? Yes. I'm curious. They got the name of the band after a Bob Dylan song called The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest. Oh. And I was like, What? Like, I didn't even know that song. Yeah, so I don't either. And I looked on Spotify. I haven't heard it yet. But I did find it on Spotify. And sure enough, there's a song by Bob Dylan called The Ballad of Frank Elian, Judas Priest. And that in the band is named after that song. Interesting. Yeah, so Oh, man, that's

we could do a whole show of bands named after other bands.

So we could do that, too. That's that's an interesting one, because I have come up. Actually, there's another one on my list right now. But uh, can I do it? Of course. Okay. So this next band that I have is a butcher babies. So what's your baby's after butcher but you're a person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in the shop. BUTCHER babies are heavy metal band from LA they formed in 2009. They're still active. This is one of those bands that I don't even know how I came across them. But I've pretty much been following them since their first album, and I don't I don't know what the word is. But like, unfortunately, or whatever. Like, I only like their first album. I haven't really been a fan of anything they put on after that. They actually have two front women. Okay, and they actually are named after a song called butcher, baby. And that song is by a female fronted punk metal band called The Plasmatic. 's from the 80s. And I forgot the female vocalist name that I thought maybe you would know, because her name sounds familiar. And I forgot her name. Let me see. I think actually, the question is, do they butcher babies? Or are they babies who butcher they are I think babies who butcher

I thought it was one of those things where like I was trying to figure out like the families hard up and they send their babies to go get jobs as butchers.

Maybe it could be Be either one of those three. So but I read the lyrics to that song actually. And it's a very like, vague song like it only has like, pretty much one verse that's repeated twice in a chorus. That's just like chance. So it's weird like it's not. I forgot what her name is. Wendy Williams, Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams. There you go. And her name sounds familiar. Like as a being punk and metal like, but I was like, I'm not sure I know any of that band songs. I didn't do too much digging when I found that song, but not the show host right? No. and Wendy Williams No, this is no this. I don't know. She was very, like, prominent in that at that time. But yeah, that's how this band formed. Apparently, she was like a big influence on them being a female vocalist. And then they created the band off of the song that her band had at out. Okay, but I thought that was interesting. Um, Franco got here your list. So I'm gonna go back to my main list. waiting. What? You How do you have time to always have two lists? I only have time to make one list. I don't know. He always has an official and unofficial I only have one.

Well, I'll talk about my main list. And then once in place through my high school go my my unofficial list. So my next list. Here's another one of those technical ones. Really not though. I think you got but it isn't. Yeah. Ben, we mentioned quite a bit on the show called The Smiths.

I was gonna put them down but I was like, Ah, yeah. Okay.

And of course, you know, Smith is a person who works with with metals. So you know, blacksmith. Yeah. Locksmith Goldsmith? Yeah. So, yeah, you know, occupational. And that's

why people have that last name. Yeah, yeah. Somebody, right. Yeah. And all languages, I think, right. But in English, there's a lot.

And they were formed in Manchester in 1982. And I think also too, at the time, Manchester was very, you know, industrial, in a way, you know, and jobs are hard to come by just hard to come by. And so I think it made sense, you know, to name your band after, is that why they did it, though? I know. That's all I ask you. They didn't know that family. They did it as an homage to basically the the working class of Manchester. Because of common surname, or, yeah, no, I mean, it was a lot. I mean, you could say it was like a surname or last name, but I think just given their backgrounds, and they want to do identify with that. And so that's why they named themselves the Smiths. No, I mean, that counts. I'm definitely I mean, I did see them and I was gonna do it. But I'm like, and yeah, this is from Manchester. They formed in 82, and are one of the most influential bands that came out of the Manchester scene. And rolling well that say that thought of a new idea, but what? Oh, I said they're one of the most influential bands in the Manchester music scene. Oh, for sure. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. All right. Yeah. And all four of their albums. They only put out four albums during their time. And all four of them are featured in Rolling Stones, a 500 albums of all time.

500 Yeah, no, that's like a huge list. I know it is, but but they're on time of all time. Okay, well, I got to read that list.

And, yeah, this is the music and it features a lot of intricate melodies and manic depressive lyrics, which are both a signature style of guitar is Johnny Marr and vocalist Stephen Patrick Morrissey. But, you know, nobody calls him by his full name. And yes, it was. Yeah. And they were active between 82 and 87. And there have been many attempts to get the band back together. I think the largest sum of money they turned down was 75 million. Wow. Yeah. in the same room? Yeah. I think I think it's a matter of principle also to is because I think as they've gotten older, their personalities have changed and they just don't agree on a lot of things. You can't agree on 75 million get though,

you know, what would happen is Morrissey would demand like 90% of that,

I think. Yeah, I think I think it's a matter of principle because you know, even to when the Smiths were a thing you know, Morrissey and Johnny Marr were the main songwriters and they were both earning 40% each royalties, the other the other dudes. We're only getting 1010 bullet 10 hold. Yeah, that's crazy. Okay, so, so yeah, I mean, 75 million. That is a lot of money. And you could probably take any bent out of retirement to do that plus royalties from tours.

But any percentage of that is, you know, Tim, yeah. You want to give me 10% of 75 million fine. Yeah, well, wait. Yeah, that's like, seven 7.5 million. Yeah, that's all I'm I think if do my math right 10% Yeah,

yeah, I don't know. Yeah, but it's like a lot of money where you can just do the one tour and just retire happily. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They both should be able to retire happily. Yeah.

But I mean, you could just play the show on retirement just for fun. Yeah. So what was your face? Oh, my face. Yeah. Because I thought of Frankie technicality style. Bam. Okay. Well, what is it? Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper. Cooper is a barrel maker.

Oh, okay. Well, you know, Alice Cooper was weird. You want to know how I came up with that name? Yes, please. Okay, so I actually just saw this on an interview on TV like maybe two weeks ago. So apparently, he said that he obviously he's a shock rocker and stuff. He was like one of the original shock rockers. Yeah. And he wanted to do something that was like, shocking, name wise. And he didn't want to go for something obvious, like something like, evil or like devil. So yeah, so he ended up naming his band after the old lady that lived down the block from the street. And he's like, you know, like, the most harmless name, you know, sounding name, right to a band like that. And so like, that's why he did it. Okay. So that's where the name comes from, from one of his neighbors like down the street old lady who lived down the street. Where she collecting royalties? Probably Well, you know, I always thought about that, like the whole thing with Leonard Skinner to like, Skinner was named after Pearl Jam tried to be Mookie Blaylock. Oh, yeah. But you see, that guy was already he was he was famous and these peeps already so

I'm yeah, I'm gonna start a band call it Jeff from State Farm.

Good idea. Go far, baby. What? Wait, Jake, Jake. Yeah, Jake. Well, I mean, for for legal reasons. We can do Jeff. Right. Okay, that's our name.

Well, no, we can't like stay firm. And like the stage name is the stage of tires. khaki, Jeff.

Jeff from state barn. State barn. Well, I mean, it'll be easy for me, I can leave the office and then just go straight to the gig without changing. So works for me. Who was the man again? Oh, Alice Cooper. Okay. Who's next?

I think Frankie was gonna rattle off his list.

Oh, let me see if I got one more. I have one more on my official list. And then I do have extra ones. Okay, so I do have a list. I know I do. I didn't realize that but Frank names it. So I'm like, Okay. My last one is icon for hire. So this one, it's kind of kind of like job for a cowboy minute work. So this is there an icon for hire. So it's their occupation and kind of like assassinate? Yeah, I think you get to slide on a technicality there. I mean, like, is that does that not count? Because they're they're saying that they are hiring, they're to hire but is an icon a profession? No. But that's a made up profession that they it's more innocuous, you know what I mean? Like they're Renton. They're entrepreneurs. Okay. And if you get hired, you think very highly of themselves. Their icon, so this one, they're rock band, they formed in 2007. They're still active there. They were actually like a four piece or something. But right now, I think after their first album, like half of the band split, and it's been like the same two members, like recording albums for the band, I think they have like five releases. I didn't need to talk too much about him. But the only thing that I found interesting about him was that they've charted on Christian rock charts. But so apparently in their Christian rock genre, like people are like, oh, they're Christian rock band, but they're not and even the the members have flat out said we're not Christian rock band, like we don't want to be affiliated that way. But yet the Christian rock scene or people pull them in and they've charted in the Christian royal charged, like misinterpreting urine, which is super. And it's weird because I've heard some of their music before especially the early stuff and it sounds nothing like Christian like, like, rock stuff. Like I would be able to notice it. Like even bands like what's a Christian rock band? Like create doesn't count but like if you would hear like people say that but if I hear if I would have heard read without knowing I've been like, yeah, that's a Christian rock band. But like these guys, you hear them and I'm like, What? Like, their their their music is very, to me, it's very pop punk ish, is very Poppy. It's very, like, they have electronic stuff in it, too. They do have guitar in it like pretty heavy guitar, but I don't know. It was just very interesting to me. I thought no, you know, demo gods. Christian rock band. No, they're not.

You know, I thought that for the longest time and that other band him, him. Surely they must be referencing Jeez, that's hilarious. Actually. Yeah. But it's actually opposite,

you know, in an interesting one under oath also to was under a lot of Christian rock categories are Yeah. And they were but technically they were they were but they also came out a few yeah a few years later and so we don't say we don't want to be associated with it

that was specifically because of the vocal is so I don't know if we had a conversation about this where he came out saying that he ended up like denouncing religion and like so he was a big like Christian. And then like, he was like dormant for a while and then later came out saying, like, he didn't believe in a religion like, because of all his experiences, like he was afraid to come out and say, like, I don't believe in God anymore. But it was like, crazy. Like he just like, you know, the heat. Being in that scene, I guess, for so long for him to be able to come out and say that, yeah. And but yeah, and then they released the album after that, I think

Yeah, I don't know how it did. But I mean, I think either way, I I liked their music. I don't know what their new stuff is like, but some of their older stuff I did like, and I knew there was like a Christian element negative element to it. But again, I'm also to one of those that really listens to like the music. Yeah. So I appreciate a lot of what they were doing. But you know, again, it, whether they're Christians or not, that didn't bother me. I was more interested in the music itself. Yeah.

Yeah. It never it never bothers me either. to like, whenever a band is just, like, for me, it's more the sound. And I guess typically, that's what it is. Yeah, the sound in the lyrics. Like, if it sounds fine, like, I'll listen to it, like this band, obviously, like the icon for hire, like I didn't, I didn't stick with them past their first album, because I only like a couple of songs that were pretty catchy. But like, I didn't listen to them because of this or that. Like, I was just listening to it because I thought it sounded good. And then later on, like, I thought they were a Christian band because people were putting them in that circle and then after I read this articles I Oh, shoot, they're not like they the members have even come flat out said that they didn't even want to be looked at in that light. Because that's not how they wanted to come out and and portray themselves, you know what I mean? Because this or that, and then it's weird, because there's some other bands that do want to see them that you know, do want to be looked at that way and right, whatever, whatever. But, yeah, anyways, yeah, that was my band.

Yeah, so I'm gonna I'm gonna finish off my so one that I've got, I've got several. I've got the Postal Service. Okay. Yeah. And they were around for a bit. They're broken up now. 21 pilots? I guess?

I was. Yeah, but that's a profession. Yeah. Well, to be technical. Postal Service is not a profession. It's a place of work. Yeah. Okay, yeah. It was a post man's then. Yes.

Yeah. Okay. All right. But, you know, again, it's, it's one of those like technical terms,

I guess. Well, so far. That's the only technical one that you won't let you get away with.

Oh, go ahead. I also got mariachi at the Bronx. Yeah, okay. I know what that is. Yeah. Yeah. No, mariachi is a professional. I think they were on Warped Tour. Yeah, it was eight years. They go by the Bronx. Then mariachi el Bronx is their side gig. And it's pretty much all the members but they just do mariachi style punk versions of song. Okay. They've got the drive by truckers. I saw the country rod. I'm not too familiar with them. And one of them that's pretty pretty popular is Pet Shop Boys. Yeah, cuz you go, you go. We're gonna patch up. Patch. Okay. Yeah. Okay, I'll count that. All right. And my last one is one of my favorites. The trash man. surf rock. Okay, bird is the word. Okay. Is that the name of the song? Yeah, that's what you call the song? Yeah. What's the name of the song? Yeah, bird is the word. Oh, that's the name. I don't know. I have to look it over. I thought you said it was called. Well, I think I think it's called surfing bird. Yes. Okay. Yeah. I'll look it up. Yeah. But uh, that that song I first heard it in the movie. Full Metal Jacket. Okay, yeah, there's a scene where the helicopters are flying, I think and the song is playing. Okay. Okay. I haven't seen them forever. But yeah, that's when I first heard it. I do like that song. It's also a running joke in one of the Family Guy episodes. You can look it up Family Guy. bird is the word. But I like surf rock, you know? And this one's a little different. It's, it's a bit, too. I do like early Scott. Like 6070 Scott is good.

It sounds like He says, Well, I think it just depends on Well, here we go get it?

Yes, I think it depends on what type of sky you're listening to. But like I mean if Yeah, yeah, but but if you like reggae music talking about no doubt then No, no, I'm not talking about that. Yeah, yeah. No, but I don't count that as scalo. Good meaning. Yeah, but if you like reggae, I mean, you'll definitely hear the sky in there. Okay. Well, I mean, that was what it was born out of. Yeah. Okay. And punk. And punk. Um, yes. So that's that. That's my list.

Okay, so I have three of my own official list. Okay, Queen. Yes, Queen is a profession. Yes, that's right. And also two Kings of Leon. Kings. And then the last one I have, you guys probably don't know what this is a band aid. So they're actually a Japanese band. Um, they I don't know what they named their band after. But uh, they actually dress there. I don't know if it's like a gimmick. They they still use but they dressed up and made outfits. So apparently the profession was connected to the Oh, I see. Yeah. And they played like, I think it was like hard rock. I want to say hard rock. So a band made was the last one I had. And I know they played some shows here in the States, but I don't I don't think they have anything that like people know because they didn't like chart like other things are from overseas or whatnot. But anyways, that was my last one. Those were those were mind. But yeah, y'all named quite a bit that I didn't have. So we actually have quite a quite a chunky list. Yeah. For me, I thought it was just gonna be the only one that I didn't like, I was like me is the Postal Service one that's out of every one every band that was listed tonight. That's the only one where I'm like, I'll let you get away with it.

Better. Good job.


Do y'all want to try one more beer before we leave? Or no? I think I have one more beer. Let me see Kim's hogging them all. I've been sitting here. Mario's been stingy with the port. Didn't well Mario's reaching for a beer I'm gonna tell another joke. Oh, here we go.

This one's This one's one of my classics. guy walks into a bar and says ah that hurt. Waiting for more.

So this one Oh, I'm not sure. Okay, so this is I've had in the fridge for a while. I thought I had another smoothie sour in here. I don't for some reason. I don't know why. I guess I accidentally grabbed the the quote unquote Orange Julius beer. I don't know why it's in there. But this one I had I've been wanting you guys to try it. It's called Mamo. Rosa goes a it's from Southern star Brewing Company. And it is a hibiscus goes a I don't know if you guys want to try. I mean, try. not a huge fan of expired. Okay, I'm gonna let y'all decided I want to try to not March 16 all the time. Damn, you're not gonna try. Oh, no, I'll try it. I was like three months ago. I mean, it can't be like so long as there's no slug in there. Cool. But it's a ghost ad so I don't think it will. I don't really smell much at all right. First. smells kind of floral. I mean, hibiscus can't really go pattern. Yeah, it's got some color. No, no. Okay,

I'll go first. This is expired. It tastes very like a like a juice. Yeah. It's not bad. It tastes like a Yeah, this is like a juice like a sour like a sour juice beer.

This is the most sour one we've had tonight. It's pretty sour. Yes, by the way, I think I okay, but those other two are not that sounds like they but here's, here's the thing.

Are those those actual expiration dates? Are they shelf life dates? Does it say Well,

here's the thing. So breweries are kind of dumb like this. They'll have two different systems. They'll put a candle on date, or they'll put a sell by date. This is not specific. It just has a date on it. So who knows? It could be a cannon on day and it could be a sell by date. I don't know. So yeah, some breweries are kind of stupid like that. And people there's actually forums of people trying to like, get some kind of Yeah, like, what's it called? unified system? Yeah. Go ahead. let you try it. That's okay. It's not I don't it's not bad. I don't I don't not like it. I liked it. It Tastes. It's not

it's really sour on the back end to me on the front. It's kind of floral and sweet. I think give it like a

Yeah, just just a bit. Maybe that's why it tastes like a juice to me. A 3.8 just say three. Okay, wow. Yeah. Wow, y'all were like, hey, braided everything in the same today. That's awesome. Good job. So I don't know what next episode is gonna be. I don't know. Are you guys available next week? Again? I think so. Okay, I think we are to, um, I don't know what next topics gonna be. I guess we'll talk about talk about it right now after we stopped recording. But uh, yeah, with all that said guys, thanks for listening to the show. Um the last episode was very fun for me. It was super fun. So there definitely will be a drinking game and cheat beers episode part two, sometime in the future. Maybe we'll do it for Episode 50 cuz that was a 50s coming up. So we'll do that a special episode. So we'll do a part two of that and do some more of that. Leave comments or whatever and share us with your friends. You can go to rock happy hour. COMM you can. That's where all the links to all the podcast sites. You can find us on iTunes, Google, UK, everywhere, Spotify, you can find our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So we'll see you guys next time. Cheers.

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