Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 37 - Alphabet Drinking Game/Cheap Beers

June 05, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 37
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 37 - Alphabet Drinking Game/Cheap Beers
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This episode, we play an alphabet oriented drinking game, naming bands with every letter (or trying to at least), while drinking and rating (AND ranking) cheap beers!
We also establish what Record Store rules are, learn what Clamato is all about,  and play a scary bonus round.

*We are all 21+. We do not support or promote underage drinking. Drink responsibly.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank does a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode we try different craft beers. We rate them discuss them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. Frank was today's topic.

Today's topic is I don't know the name, but we're gonna be taking shots, drinks or gulps?

Yeah. I would say shots. I was gonna buy like shot glasses for this episode. But Kim's like,

pour a little bit in a cup. It was more of the feel of it's like, you know what I mean? And yeah, we should have got that you're the mini? Yeah. Oh, yeah.

I should have got though. So anyway, so this episode, we're going to do a little bit of a drinking game. And but it does have to do with music. So we're going to do is we're going to go down the alphabet. And we're going to see if everyone can name a ban for each letter. If you can name a ban, or everyone agrees that that ban does not count, or that you know, whatever you name doesn't count. And you're going to take a shot of our first beer, and it's going to be by rounds. So basically, every round is going to be four letters, except for the last one, it's going to be two letters. So the first one's going to be for you. So we're going to try that. So basically, whoever can think of a name or whatever is going to take a shot of the beer at the end of the round, then that's we'll all taste it and rate the beer. So that at the end, we'll see which beer is out of all the cheap beers. Or best sandwiches a not so good. We're still gonna drink the yard. Yeah, that is true, but someone's gonna drink more though.

cut me off already, cuz I went like this with my empty cup. I went to Taco earlier and I had a couple of Oh, really? Oh, no that.

So anyways, um, well, yeah, no, so yeah, definitely, everyone's gonna drink these beers, but someone's gonna drink a little more than everyone else. Maybe once we get to like the middle of the alphabet or something. So like I said, Every rounds gonna be about four letters. And then we'll go around on stop and then that's all right, the beer. So before we kick out the main segment, oh, we usually have two little segments at the beginning of the episodes. That's what are what are we drinking? Well, yeah, I guess what are we drinking? does count is episode. And also clo. Oh, hangover. Yeah. Anyway, how many hangover from last episode?

We were talking about that on our way here? I don't. I don't think so. I don't what was it took you long enough radios about? Too late. Okay.

I feel like we all have a band that we discovered late but you know, but by standards. Yeah. Cuz your rules were? Yeah. Hey, lace classic rock is right. Yeah. Not you know, I discovered late Beethoven

when I was thinking I don't know if you guys think this is a cool like flip flop to that episode. But I don't know if we can do it next episode or whatnot, but do bands that we've been fans of since day one. So like, if there's a maybe a sideman that started or maybe like, you know, whatever, and you're like, oh, I've been a fan of this band since day one. Like, that was like a brand new band too. Well, I mean, I can be okay. Plus, I was like, you know, whatever. I think it's just the opposite of the other one. So, if you're like, no g style fan, like Yeah, okay. Okay, so we can do that. And then in case you know, we don't have anything else. But um, I guess well, What are y'all drinking? Because I know y'all started drinking with something. Not me. I didn't start

I just finished. A bita strawberry lager. Yeah, I've had before. Yeah, we've had it before. I forgot we rated.

I am drinking mango cart from golden road that you guys gave me. And it's delicious.

And we've had that before too. And those we've rated pretty high. Yeah, show. Frank, what do you got?

I've got pans best non alcoholic, which I'm probably going to be taking shots of. Yeah. Well, we got up. We got another GP too. And so I haven't I haven't I haven't opened it yet. I

could have swore had got you another one. There might be another one in there. I don't know. Maybe I missed it. But

no, we have the corona that he gave us. Okay, okay. Oh, yeah. yeller. Yeah, y'all are gonna be in for a treat. Like I think I personally I do like though.

Okay. We did try one. Did you really Budweiser, the Budweiser one. That was pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. So that one tastes good. They have a real but we don't have we have a real but yeah, we do have a real Budweiser. Yeah. So that's going to be on. What is that round? Oh, that's the last round. The last? Yes, the last one at the end of the list. Okay. So I guess we'll go ahead and get into it. So I guess we're gonna do is if there's some band Everyone's like, what the hell? I will pull up Wikipedia and we can debate it in case we're making sure. And then I guess Okay, so, so we've written before Hey, it could y'all could pull it on me. So okay, so what are we doing with this bands that are like, for instance, how you gave the example earlier? Was example the like pop artists. There's no no Hank well, like Hank Williams. So like, are we doing CD store rules or record store rules and going by last name, or are we gonna go by first name like the way people were at referencing them? We got to agree. I would say we would go by last name, last name record store rules. Okay, record store rules. It is. Alright, so, Kim, can you grab the freo from the fridge for round number one. So we're gonna do is we're gonna go around and we'll go around a we'll go around BC and D. Frank, every time someone gets one right, you take a shot. Okay. So for those of you don't know, Frank as the resident and alcoholic, so we did find some non alcoholic beers or alcoholics? Yeah, so he's a non alcoholic and we are alcoholics. Yeah, yeah. Yes. is free. Oh, it's a Pilsner beer brewed in

those narrow quality brewers in Memphis, Tennessee. Really? frailes from Memphis. That's true. It was a Texas beer for some reason. It has a star on it. 2.0% out blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, it's 6.0. Okay, what's a Pilsner? So this glass my glasses on Metallica, and tonight Pilsner, so it kind of goes pilsners are you guys I don't know if you guys know from previous episodes, pills are kind of pissy somebody give me every everyone's gonna get some. Yeah. So we'll take a shot every time we don't get something or whatnot. And then at the end, we'll read it. Yeah. I've never had that. So has anyone had this before? No, I think regular free. Oh, but yeah. Okay. There was another beer. We saw it too that it was like a flavored one. I forgot. My natural nature right. was thinking about it when Maddie daddy was like, I don't think so. Fruit fruity stuff like that. Well, with me it's like so much sugar just yeah, hurt. Okay, so let me see. How are we gonna do this? Someone's gonna go first. Well, since Frank has non alcoholic, he's gonna go last year so you're gonna go first? Shit. Okay, I'll go for Oh, it smells weird. It smells weird. Yeah, it's a Pilsner. So it's gonna be kind of skunky. Oh, man, that does smell. Okay. So basically, we're doing everybody, where's my appraising instrument? Well, that's what we're naming, right? Well, no, because, yeah, I guess, okay, as long as an instrument is being played in the band, okay. Like, and it's, and they're part of the band. Okay, you know what I mean? So like, for instance, you were talking about like a pop artist, like Bieber or something. We don't know the names of the people in those bands because they don't they're just back up. You know what I mean? Like, they don't count unless it's like the Justin Bieber jazz trio. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So, so well, we'll debate it. We'll see what's okay. So you know what, um, No, you know what we'll do we'll do Kim first, then Britt, then me then Frank. Okay, so we'll do it like that. I think I think that's more fair. Cuz, I don't know, just because of the music that we listened to. Like I know, you know, a lot of bands, but I know. Kim is like, she knows bands. A ton of man. We are a little like genre specific. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So and pranks I know, I have a feeling Frank's gonna pull shit out of that there was gonna be like, no, we're gonna have a wiki wiki about things with a or the, okay, I was gonna bring that up next. So I think if you can't say the name of the band, without that, then it then it doesn't count. So like, I hate saying like, I can't want to want to give an example.

Right? I want to use it later. So I think that the name of the band that the letter is the word after the or the a right whatever. Right?

Okay, so So you're saying like, okay, let's just say like a the watermelons Okay, like yeah, like if you're doing like a watermelon life. That's w so w it will still be w okay cuz what cuz What if that ban What if you can't say it without a watermelon watermelon?

But, but I think my record store rules. If it's like the A Oh, so it's so it still counts as an AE?

Right? Okay, then we're okay. So then we're gonna do record store rules in general. So and don't count. Correct. But when you name the ban, you still have to name the A or the right. Yes. Okay. Okay, record Store rules. And this is a game that that I we technically made up. So we are making a first order. Yeah, okay. Yeah. And those rules are record store rules. Yes. Make sense? I guess. Okay, so kill let me throw you a zinger then with a Oh, here we go. Okay. A perfect circle. I yeah, I was thinking about that. Well, I was thinking about that too. But you have another one. But that was my capital. So you can't name that band. Like and say, Oh, perfect circle, like, a is part legit part of it. Like, you can't. If you went to a record store, you cannot put them in the piece for now. I'm curious. No,

I don't think so. Because I wouldn't think I don't think so. If you go to a record store, and if you're trying to find like a VA, then you're gonna see like a shit ton of buzz. Yeah, no.


So I think a perfect circle does count as an A because yeah, it does count as a no definitely because we are all perfect. So we count them as a P. I think that would make sense.

Because you can take the the off and it would still be perfect surfing circle, but a perfect circle is more specific is Hey. How do you get alphabetize What's the number? The Dewey Decimal System? Okay, so, okay, so I was

elliptica I'll go with that. Because we had too much debate on perfect circle. Okay. Okay, so a perfect circle was a freebie. Yeah, it was just my like throwing it for p

No, that does not come from me. That's for the record doesn't been named. Watermelon life doesn't come. wherever the hell that

counts now, bro. What's your letter? I mean, what's your band? I'm sorry. The animals. Okay, with the Okay, that Wait, we're all doing a Oh, no, no, no, no, that's why it's gonna go Yeah, so what if we did like, you had to go apocalyptica

the animals and then

we would never survive we would be 306 point two seconds. Mine's gonna be I'm gonna have to jackfruit and gcdc Okay, did you skip him? No, no. I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking apocalyptica whenever AC DC AC DC and and Aerosmith.

Okay, so no one took a shot this shot. Okay, we're still in round one. Okay, next one is B go for Kim.

Bad sons. Bauhaus Bad Company. Okay. Y'all might not believe me, but there's a band called boy. Oh, Lord. He's gonna be the one who's who's in the band. Like what? I like fart monkey though.

That's a good one.

Yeah, no. So So Boris, I think when I google it, Boris Johnson pops up. No, no, no, but they're like a Japanese. Do metal band.

Okay, so how do you spell it? Are you doing this? Are you gonna do this? He's gonna do this for everyone. Bo R is Boris Johnson pops up is the Minister of the United Kingdom. Okay, so you said there? Oh, here there. Oh, four. So the first band that pops up Japanese experimental music band formed in 92. In Tokyo, Tokyo son of a bitch. Oh, okay. Wow. Okay. Okay.

Oh, wait, but is that too underground though?

No. I mean, it's a band. You got it. And just because we don't know it doesn't mean it doesn't count. It's literally the first band that pops up after Boris Johnson.

I think one rule for Frankie might be like you. Like, explain yourself every round hole San Antonio banned from the early 2000s that no longer exists? Yeah. And you saw one time? White Rabbit? Right and 2003 I missed the White Rabbit to do you can't name our band either. already past bands. Yeah, bands. See candlebox the cramps coheed and Cambria. A Chi Mira okay. I thought you were going cure I even saved him for I mean, yeah, I could have but yeah. Okay, so now we're on. D Gianni pool. Depeche Mode. Hello. Dropkick Murphys Duran Duran

yay All right. So no one took a shot this this time so now we're all gonna get to try free Oh, and raid. is gonna try is my pins best. Have you said you've had that before? Yeah. But not on the show and on the show. Okay, so I'll let you rate the pins best too. So I'm going to go ahead and write this down. Ladies are drinking first. Let's see. Oh, that is that tastes weird. I mean, it's good. It tastes like cardboard or something. It's really sweet. like cardboard was soaking in it. Yeah. And there's a sweetness there. It's

like the sweetness is not expired. That's just expires October of 2021. And this is a Pilsner. It tastes like shit to me. It's most like, I mean, we got it for like a but I'm gonna I'm gonna say one. It's like a one. It sounds like a shitty wine. Yeah, right. Yeah, it's

like a shitty wine. It just tastes weird. Like it tastes like, like something was sitting in it like plastic or cardboard or something. But we keep going back for more. I mean, I'm just trying to taste it like let me get the what's the next skewers are put in the fridge? I might finish that you I finish that later. Okay, bread. What do you read it? Yeah, I'm going like, I'll go 1.51 Well, you don't have to be generous. I mean, I did only because I wanted to taste it. Oh, you know what? Finish it. You're gonna finish Yeah, okay, girl finish the glass. Okay, Kim, what do you rate it? That's disgusting. Yeah, that was disgusting. What Okay, I got one too. I'm surprised by brick gave me that extra point five.

I feel like I'm in college and I just said kids older brother to go

get that for me. nostalgia. This is this is what we were drinking before. Before we before we were 21 Yeah, whenever we could get Yeah, I'm just kidding. I think it was like drinking wine. Frank What do you pins Okay, so I haven't I haven't tried to yet but it smells skunky. Okay, like, like like as of the multiplet bed. Okay, so this is pans best. He's trying to make us feel better. You're all like this beer smells like shit. But he's amazing. is actually not bad. Okay, it's okay. It's not pans best but let Brett taste it to you know, it's it's decent. I think it's passable. Okay, what do you rate it? Um, maybe like 2.5 2.5

Yeah, okay. 2.5 All right. I mean, I guess that's that's Uber it does not like that. It's not like us gunk Enos plus sweetness so like, just kind of like the other one kiss a free Yankee sweet but no, I

mean, it's for me personally. It's, it's it's passable. It's, it's okay. Okay, well,

I guess we're that brings us to round two. Right. Would you like to introduce the next beer?

Oh, what is it my goodness? Okay. This is still reserved means that this is like the best quality shit rights reserved. Yeah, it's a reserve Yeah. 8.1% holy crap. Okay. It says it is a high gravity lager. I don't know. Of course it is from or who makes it?

Oh, yeah. They got a bunch of stuff all over usually probably in that little spire right there. Milwaukee Wisconsin. Okay. Okay, so they do beer over there. Yep. All right. third ingredient is corn syrup. Of course. Oh my god. Okay, So has anyone had steel reserved before? No, no, no. Okay. Interesting. Okay, so next letter is going to be E Kim like it was off your shot. Some bitch. Okay. Brittany. Echo and the Bunnymen. That's my turn right. Gonna go with like endo. Oh man, I haven't heard about the Yeah, there's a band All right. Yeah, okay. Cuz I think I remember the one the soundtrack but yeah, do we have like a time limit to I was gonna say Oh, I know I took off. I guess whenever someone says plug and chug? Yeah. Check. I'm just kidding. You Eurythmics Hey, okay, okay, that was a good one. Okay, so now we're on F. Foo Fighters course the fix. Franz Ferdinand for your factory for your practice is gonna be fine too. But I asked like no, I didn't use that one. Okay, g Godsmack. Go Go das gojira my drink. Wow. Okay. Because nine came Okay, Frank. So Frank, Frank. I that one and then I think our last letter for this round is was after g

dammit I just thought of one already. He drank it, but I was thinking of the go Go's. Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah. All right. Ah, him. He was like the only one I could think of course the band. Okay. Yeah. Okay. But now Just kidding.

I'm not promoting that band or saying I like yeah just starts whipping it. Yeah,

no, you got it. Okay, so that was the end of round two. We're gonna get to taste user. Okay, here we go. Wait, how's it smell? smells better than it does smell better. smells a lot sweeter. But it's probably a corn syrup. Yep. Oh, that's awful. That is awful. That is terrible. Awful. That's weird. The after taste yummy. Okay, I think I like it better than the free. Oh, really? Yeah, I think Let me taste it again. Oh. We share a picture just dump this stuff in. Oh, that aftertaste is horrible. It is. What is that? Corn syrup. Artificial flavor. Okay, I'm gonna go with the cheese after two sips that that aftertaste got me. I'm gonna go with One. Two. Then we go lower than you can go. You can go you can give it 00 Okay, Britt gives us zero. Kim would you give it like, point 3.3 Okay, you know what? No, I'm gonna give mine like a point. has to be lower than Rio now. Yeah, so it's gonna be point nine for me.

Okay, okay. Okay, so maybe this is me being generous, but can you all see these becoming acquired taste beers later

down? Okay, maybe free. Oh, no, not even. No, nevermind. Not this one. Like this one. It starts off okay, but it ends like shit.

I think it's like if you were already drunk, and somebody handed it to you. Oh, I don't might drink it. I don't even I don't even know. Let me dump this real quick. Yeah, that's pretty great. No, well, no, it's hardcore. Okay.

It's so weird because it was promising. First like smell and yeah, and then like when it when you first taste it, you're like, Okay, and then like, right after that aftertaste is like no. Looks Excuse me. Oh, that's what happens. Yeah, gross, cheap beer. Okay, so round three. I guess I'll introduce this one. So round three is gonna be bush. Oh, it's open. Yeah, like this bush bush. Of course, this is from Anheuser Busch from St. Louis, Missouri. Not sponsored. What is the because you have to say like the commercial. Anheuser Busch. Bruton us Anheuser Busch St. Louis, Missouri. This is the stone cold beer. No, he has a beer. But he's like he's a big fan. Big fan of bush. I don't know what ABV on this is one Oh no, that's no oh 4.3% oh, okay, that's pretty low. pretty average air to steal reserve. Yeah, okay, so let me put some in my class Yeah, there we go. And then whenever y'all are ready god Okay, so I can't remember though. I've had bush before but I can't remember the last time I had bush Britt

experiences If so, I you're like yeah, I was like, I can't remember the last time out of bush. But you guys drink at the stone cold where he's got to like bang the cans and and chug.

I had an IPA Dude, it's pretty cool. It's called broken skull. Yeah, I think it is pretty it's pretty good. I like it.

You know what? I think we have another bush 25 ounce cam that Mario can shotgun after the show. Okay, we'll do that. We will film it and post it Yeah, we'll

do that. Oh my god. I mean, we live we live here right? Yes, okay, Kim. I was here. Okay. She's getting all the easy ones. Indigo Girls there's a band I don't know if you guys know this man. Ice nine kills. Yeah, he's a rapper. Okay then I don't want to count that.

No but guys play instrument

does he? I was the I thought it was a hard rock band. Unless I'm wrong. Oh. hora Romsey and I think I thought that's what they were. Oh wait no, I'm thinking of Tec nine. Tec nine. Yeah. Let's let's look up. See if I count. 40 ice nine kills. Yeah, ice nine kills is a harder rock. Okay, okay. Yeah. And I thought so but I don't really listen to their stuff. Frank I

there's a post metal band named ISIS. Okay? Yes.

Yeah. Okay, I can check them on that. k. Wait, J I'm sorry. It's just so hard not to see that like I'm going one letter at a time. J.

That's hard.

So it's something like Jimi Hendrix count, or H. Hendrix and the whatever when it wasn't it was bad.

Well, there's Jimi Hendrix. Oh, yeah. So I think if you name it that way,

Jimi Hendrix. We're gonna give you take a little very yellow and pale. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's very pale, but the ABV is very low too. So it's probably has like hardly any flavor. Yeah, yeah, that's probably Yeah, it's probably just water and some Hopson. Brit J. Jamiroquai. Okay. Wow. or late 90s. Mid 90s. Alternative J.


jackal. I talked about them on our animals band. Yeah. Remember the animals episode? Okay. Okay. That the Jesus lizard? Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'm surprised No one said. I'm surprised they didn't say Joy Division. Joy Division. Okay, so am I wearing a shirt now? I got my end. Okay, that's off the table. Okay, okay, right. Yeah. Okay. Oh, gosh. Kitty. Okay. Killing Joke.

Carnival corn. He spelled it wrong. No. Yeah. Okay, last letter of the round l Lacuna Coil. Um, hold on. You said hold on. You're gonna have to drink. I'm gonna steal Frank's and say limp biscuit. Dang it. I kind of knew he was gonna say it. I don't know. I didn't cuz I said we're taking a shot. Okay. Okay. Okay, that was an easy one. Yeah, that was easy. Yeah, this one is a pretty easy one. So there's a band called long view. They're like indie. Oh, yeah. Okay, I know. Yeah. Lightning seats. genre, please. Like, I don't know, late 80s concedes the lightning seeds. The lightning seeds are an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1989. Wow, I just needed a shot of some bush and then and then what? And then what did you say? Who did I say? You don't even remember what you said. Oh, long view. long view. That's right. Yeah. Okay. I think I know that. But I think they like performed on Jimmy Kimmel. Texas. Yeah, Longview, Texas. long have you take a long view song? No, it's a Green Day. Green Day. Wait a minute. I don't see a band yet. Let me let me put long view band. A long view is it like two words or one? I think it's all just like one word. Oh, British band. Is that Does that ring a bell? 2003 years. Oh, here's another one long view American bands as an American Bo gras supergroup formed. I think he just got lucky on this one. But I mean, how much harm can

Okay, so long view? I was actually thinking long wave. Oh, so long view wasn't even the band I was thinking about, but I got lucky. Well,

there's like there's like two long view bands take a shot. And he's like, okay, I look like a ladybug. Sorry. That's not okay, so I guess we're gonna drink this and we'll read it. You can drink it and read it. This tastes like nothing. It's like absolutely nothing. Like there's some beer and there are some hops. I guess I should say. At least it would be like easy drinkin.


I mean, that other stuff was intense down. I shot guys very light. Yeah, after the show. Okay, so by cheap beer standards. I give it like a 3.9. Thank you. Yeah 3.9 Yeah, sounds good. Yeah, me too. Wow. Okay. I mean, it's not bad like I could get like drinking this. Yeah, I mean, and I and I feel like forced to I because it doesn't have a lot of flavor, right I guess because we're so used to drinking Martin house I'm like there's no fucking strawberry Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie. The only thing

that I had like, yeah, give it to me. I wouldn't be like trying to Yeah, no, I could

be like pouring out. So so far bushes at the top of the leaderboard and steel reserve is at the very bottom. Yeah, gross. Next night light. Natural light and this is the letters or I think the letters are kind of decent here. So I don't think anyone's got a shot. Okay. Oh. So I'll introduce this one. I guess unless Kim wants to do it.

This is natural light. doesn't really say a whole lot on it just as natural light 25 ounce route in America. 4.7% alcohol by volume. Wait, is that that Heiser bush logo? Anheuser Busch St. Louis, Missouri.

Okay. So another Anheuser Busch one. Okay. We should keep track of how many Anheuser Busch. Yeah, right because Steve Stewart served definitely wasn't right now. Okay, so so far bush and natural light. And we have another one on the list. This is another very pale one. I feel like it's just a reconned. Fucking bush very well. Maybe what's the ABV on this? It's the same I

look at the cans. They're both have this wave. I mean, yeah, the 2025 ounces. Okay, I wouldn't say was the one Budweiser that was re canned. Mr. Brown. I don't think that exists anymore. But yes, that was the case. Okay, so different cans. My theory is that there's not going to be much different in these and it's pretty much going to be the same damn beer. That's what I did. That's your theory. That's my theory. Yeah. So next letter, Kim. m. mudvayne. The monkeys. Metallica, mighty mighty bosstones. Okay, okay. Okay, now we're gonna go and

oh, I'm not gonna do you dirty. Oh, I was going to but I'm not going to but maybe I should. Oh.

I can right on point. Oh, I'm gonna say you're banned then. Okay. I'm gonna say New Order. Nothing more. Okay. neurosis. eurocis. Okay, yeah, gotcha. All right. I was gonna say no doubt, but then when you said I'm gonna take your band. I was like, Well, I'm taking it Okay, so Oh, oh, tap

the octopuses. I'm just kidding. Well, I was gonna wiki it was having trouble with an O. So I'm just gonna drink now. Okay, I'll think of it later. Okay, so this is where you Oasis? Why is that? Exactly. You should think of the ones you hate the most. Oh, open Okay, damn those I always get those two. Okay, so that was Oh, so last one to this rounds. P perfect circle. Just kidding. Like no Lucifer Okay, yeah, same for to said Portishead

at night No, I got you Yeah, I don't know. I'm just going to check this.

Yeah This tastes more cardboard even. It tastes borderline free. Oh,

no, I don't think so. Yeah, does maybe I'm just getting 90 likes pretty doesn't have like yeah, no definitely has a weird taste of it. The Oak Ridge Boys are we still on? Oh, no. I still can't think of it. Oh, there's my Oh, I just Okay. Got it. No, that's fine. Yeah, you sent away Yeah. Oh, that's right. Wait a minute. Yeah. Oh, no, we're on P. Frank, the Prodigy. Okay, what did you say for p Oh, that's right. That's why I don't think there's a thought in front of prodigy

I think okay, I've seen it both ways. I really like the Prodigy or just prodigy. Yeah, I don't know. I think the real one is without the

private idea like that just got added Yeah. Yeah. Like, man we were talking about on we had like this whole thing about the band's episode it was Yeah,

anyways. I still can't think of a p Can we really not think about another p Pearl Jam. Yeah. Girls disco panic.

And I keep thinking about pumpkin spice. I'm like, I can't see. You like I know what brought you right at first. Same accent please. Please can't Oh that's so weird. I

don't think it tastes like you said very much like the one before. It's just slightly different. Yeah, I'll go a little bit lower than the last ones like 3.7 or

3.7 okay 3.7 you see I give it like him hate it. I give it like a 2.9 I'm gonna go like a whole point down to 1.5 No, you

know 2.5 would you say 1.5 1.5 Okay, yeah, this is I mean it's as a weird after it does have a weird aftertaste. It's like a free ish aftertaste but not like a full free Oh taste. And like y'all can say whatever you want.

Apparently, I'm down with the Natty daddy. Next one's gonna be the Mickey's Hell yeah, the green grenade I've never had We almost got Miller high life to shampoo. Champagne a beer. We know what I'll tell you what but I actually do like we will have a part two of this episode.

Oh yeah, cuz there are plenty we cannot rename bands. Okay, so I will have Yeah. Yeah, I have to like Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to do it anyways, because I'm going to go and add a song for each of these bands on the playlist to police. Okay, there's another p bam. She said post suffer. And I'm like still thinking like peas like, yeah, there's also Prince. Yeah, Prince. I will count that too. I'll introduce this one. So Mickey Britt I'll let Brett do it. I don't I don't have too much to say. The Ken used to be sold in the little those little stout like shorty bottles you know like, like red stripe. Yeah. Oh, yes. In the glass was green. I didn't know what the green grenades little shorty and yeah, and it also Nazi guys. We learned something history. Yeah, right. Gather around. Let me tell you about what these beers used to be how they used to be sold. Mickey's Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee again. Okay, so it looks like all the cheap beers coming from Milwaukee. It's between Milwaukee and Anheuser Busch and yeah, I do

not see any ABB ABV. Yeah, it's I know sometimes it's it is malt liquor. It's a non alcoholic. I'm just kidding.

Oh, yeah. I do not see anything about EBV here either. Oh, 5.6%. Okay, let's say

Oh, yeah.

So, there you go. So that's what we got. Next. Some fine. Yeah, fine. He finished Natty light. He actually tastes pretty good.

Then here's a little review on Mickey's Okay. Fine liquor, fine malt liquor pairs. Well with idiocy and beans on toast. What the fuck is idiocy? Like when you're stupid? Yes. Okay. And beans on toast is British. Take my hoodie off. He's getting all warm. Like actually, in fact, it's supposed to be like a morning drink. Oh, my breakfast beer. I mean, here are the dog. Yeah. So basically for people who want to be my day drinking they start off with Mickey's really increased. Mickey's? That's your Natty light. This is my Natty light. Oh,

yeah, you can tell the color the colors lighter. Oh, yeah. Mickey's is a little darker. Oh, yeah. You gotta catch up. That's so weird. I thought I had the neck.

Like not touching it. I don't want to cheat. Alright, we'll wait for Brett. What's our next letter? Our next letter is let me see. I hope I'm right. Q. Q. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Q Okay. Well, we're definitely on cue. Okay, Kim, you're on queen. queens, right? I know. You're a queens of stone age. You have to name another queen. What about Queen with Adam Lambert?

Because we all named the Queen bands. That's technically different. So yeah.

Is there a was there a band that sir? Oh, isn't there quick Silver's. And that have been quick. Probably. Not Australian man. Like the teenage kids that did that like

oh, no, that was a that's another band. Okay, sorry. Oh, silverchair. Okay, okay. Okay. Band Oh, Hey, well we can't use it. We can't use that band for that. There's plenty of SS. Okay, so cue a weight. Queen. It was our queen, right? It was. Yeah, it was. What did I say? Oh no, you say age. Okay. Yeah. Our radio. Oh, that was that was a low blow. You got it. You got it. Come on. Natty light. Right to my head. There's Easy. Easy. Oh, well let you I'll let you

Oh, think dude. Record Store rules. Wait. I'm gonna drink because I just can't think okay, right the second okay. My is gonna be record tours.

Oh no, he didn't even get any there. Come on, Frank. I'm counting on you boys.

I'm thinking enough to know. He starts me off. You took radio and you don't even like oh my god. Okay, this round is halfway through. I'm waiting for sorry. No. Wait, are we drinking? Yes. You are. It's good. Actually. I'm gonna go ahead. Spoiler alert. It's good. Hell yeah. I chugged it. I was like this. Mickey's is it's official. Yeah, no, it's good. s silversun pickups. So we're saying okay, the Smiths slipknot. Don't even Silverstein. Okay,

I am surprised no one says down. Oh, yeah, I was gonna say that but okay. T Tomahawk. Oh, yeah, okay. No, that doesn't count. No, yeah, I don't know who that is. But I mean, Frank said okay, so fine. Bread. Oh, yeah, you did got that one. Um

Let me see. No, I don't know. I'm gonna have to toadies Yeah, that's another one. tool. Oh, talk ta What's another tea though? There's a total bitch. That's the end of the Mickey's remonte 32 I don't like Tremonti.

I can't think of another tea. Talk Talk. I don't know who that is. It's a toaster is also I don't know that it's either. Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister. Yeah, till Tuesday.

I don't know what that is. I'm sorry. Look, you're naming all these bands and they're gonna go on the playlist. So the more bands y'all name the more work stop Okay, cuz Don't forget there's gonna be a part two to this episode. Yes. Okay, so I got to say so go ahead and taste the Mickey's and let me know what you rate it. Honestly, I think this is the best tasting one so far. I will give it like a five. Row No, no, you know what? 4.4 point eight. No, four point I'm gonna just go down just a little bit. Four point. No, it is the best tasting one.

Yeah. 4.5. Okay. Yeah, I don't like to give away those fives too easy.

Yeah, me neither. That's why I was like I'm gonna go down a little bit. Yeah. Like Mickey's officially 33 Okay, was still not bad again. Okay, so that ends the Mickey's round. So now we're going to go into the Old Milwaukee Oh shit. And this is going to be a we're getting we're getting into the harder letters so Okay, get ready to drink up a little bit. I think this is a man and I thought this is gonna be a quick episode already gonna hit an hour so dang. Wow. Okay, we didn't even talk too much in the beginning with the hangover. I know right. Old Milwaukee I'll introduce this.

I will say this cheap beer works just as well as I mean, it's not super full though.

It's making me nothing straight Old Milwaukee America's beer is it though? Also called Old also named old m. is brewed Oh, by slits Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. cheap beer, you know, is that we make like a router state or state motto. Okay, I'll make a road trip. We're here to Milwaukee to Milwaukee. We'll meet Laverne and Shirley and yeah, good stuff. Wait, we'll save me. Probably about average, right like, I'm gonna get 5.3 doesn't say Milwaukee Wisconsin.

So this is going to be Old Milwaukee. No, it doesn't say there either. Frank, do you find anything? Oh, let me let me see. This is 24 fluid ounces. Not it's fine. We didn't get that bonus ounce.

It's four point I feel ripped off. 4.9 4.8 Okay. That's it. So there's Old Milwaukee. what's what's, what's it say under the Milwaukee all day? America's best? Yeah. American. American beer. Yeah, it's 4.9. Okay, why there's different. There's Old Milwaukee light.

Light now? Yeah, definitely not light. But I mean, it has us. It's definitely darker than the bush and the natural light. Don't love it. Yeah. Yeah. Because those were like the palest ones that we've had. Okay, so I don't know how correct this is. But

beer advocate calm. It says that it's owned by Pabst Brewing Company. Well, that's Schlitz. Huh? Well, maybe they like sold or something.

Yeah, who knows? Yeah, I know. pap sells a lot. Yeah, I know. Pat. paps owns a lot of stuff. But

yeah, okay. So that the manufacturer is passed. Hmm. Interesting. Okay, so I mean, I don't know it's one of those things.

Okay, so the next letter comes to you. Okay, so you, you need underground. Ultravox fuck.

Looks like I'm drinking. Oh, fuck. Oh, hell no. That's not a good chunky beer. No. better check though. That was after tasting. Well, that's skunky smelling. It's cookie tasty.

It's not as clunky as the Rio but it is clunky. Frank, you please. Uriah? heep. Okay, yeah, they're there for real. Yeah, no, I know. The verb verrucous Violent Femmes Velvet Underground. The Veronica's okay. Yeah, good. Okay. u v. w, the wombats that counts water boys. Oh, I no one. And I don't understand why you're not getting Mario. I don't know. I'm sorry. I can't think of another w I'll give you one after free. Okay,


Better drain. I know.


So this is in topic with the beers. What made Milwaukee famous?

That's a band name. Well, now we know what made Milwaukee famous. Actually, I'm not gonna give you the W I'm gonna keep it for next. Awesome.

Good. Good tactic. Well, I still want to think of one. Uh, wings. There you go. Yeah. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Wow, two shots on one round. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck, and I'm gonna shoot this nasty thing. Yeah. x. The X rays. Just kidding. Okay, so it looks like Kim's gonna take her time and do that shot.

Yeah, Brett. The band is called x. Is that Oh, yeah. That's nice, man. Is it? No, they're like all American punk. Like from the 70s. But there is a band called x. Right? It's a Japanese. Well, I'm gonna save that.

So the one I'm gonna go with I don't know if this counts. Zero. It's the X. But it was what Linkin Park was called originally. That's right. That's right. Okay. I mean, it's a release. They did release music as zero and it's actually

Well, there you go. I think if they released music with that name. Does that count? Yes,

they did. And it actually it's on one of their anniversary box sets right now. So zero. Okay. Well, next.

I think the one that you're thinking of is ex Japan.

Oh, ex Japan. Yeah. It's not Japan. I got a backup ex. is an ex Japan. Let me see. So that's what's your name? Right. It's ex Japan. Yeah. Okay. They're like like glam glam rock x. I think they're pretty good. I think I've heard them before. Yeah, x Japan. Yeah, you right. They formed in 1982 in Chiba Ling. Yeah.

Okay. Excuse me. edit that out. So that's the end. I'm gonna put some kind of like a memo on there. Like a homer.

Okay, so that was the Old Milwaukee brand. We got to read it. actually got it. Paste it again. So can you give me some more please? That wasn't bad actually. Yeah, it wasn't it wasn't bad. And I took two shots of this. I don't want to take my time with this. This one's not the worst. For sure. The steel reserve is the worst. Yeah. Um, okay, so so far, Bush was like, 3.9 I don't know what this is. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's true. Like, we could drink this. Yeah. I don't I personally don't like this. I'd give it like a three. I was gonna go three as well. It's not like, Yeah, I would never like

it's not like it's not like super horrible. No,

but drinking it without shooting it. Yeah, I could give. I'll give it a three. You said three. Right. I said 333. Okay, so now we're in the last one. The last drink, Budweiser. AKA butt wiper butter. Okay, so luckily, there's only two letters, but they're the hardest ones.

So yeah, so we're drinking this. We're gonna drink this stuff. Okay, so, so I'm gonna tell you something right now. So, so Kim and I, right. So the camera, okay.

So okay, Kitty, right, Kim and I we really like this man. Keep there are one of the early new metal bands from Canada. So I'm in the band. There's two sisters. And they both right now, the band is no longer. They don't exist anymore. Um, but the sisters each have their own podcast. So I was like, You know what? I messaged one of the sisters. And I said, Hey, if you'd like to be on one of the episodes, because I have an idea for a show. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. But Kim messaged one of the other sisters and she said sure I'll be on the show. Just wait for my band's album to come out. Oh, and I was like, Oh, right. So I was listening to the sisters podcast, right? And on one of them. They talk about horror movies. But through the whole episode, they drink and this chick is just burping the whole because it's three chicks. Yeah, three chicks. And this chick is burping the whole episode. I'm like, Oh my God. And I've never like I usually try to like but these are just like coming out. So apologies to Kim. And and so, but yeah, she's just like going off on and I'm like man if Kim she's like Mr. Shi Oh yeah. Your sister. Your sister. The whole alphabet? Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, we can't see I can't do that. She's that little thing. I'm like, you're so so Budweiser who wants to introduce Budweiser? Yeah, do it. Yeah, I did. Budweiser, also known as the King of beer, is it though? That's what it says. Okay, well, let's see if it gets rated higher than everybody else because we're gonna

calculate our original process from the choices is that the choicest hops, rice and best barley malt brewed in Canada USA Anheuser Busch. Wait, is that even a word? choices? Okay, it is

so where's it Okay, so this is another Anheuser Busch. So, so far it seems like half of our beers are Anheuser Busch. What's the ABV on this?

Hang tight. Oh, man, Johnson's 1876 Oh, good. Hello. We know that though. Anheuser Busch is a law. I definitely was drinking this when I was like 85% 5% and there's Wait, hold on. There's a little story. There's a little story. This is the famous Budweiser beer. Okay. We know of no brand produced by any other Brewer. There's so much ship brew and as our exclusive sponsor Beachwood aging produces a taste of smoothness and drink ability.

Oh fuck out of here. You will find we know the finest their beer at any price.

Okay, who the fuck reads that? That's like fine print kind of shit. That's all fuckin lies. So I read shit. That even board Lisi. Okay, so we're gonna, I'm so Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and we have to, like go home y'all had too much. drunk. Okay, so this I okay, this.

I was just gonna say that I appreciate the Budweiser Christmas commercials with the client. And there's always a doggie writing and yeah,

I like that. Okay, so this This is a pretty, pretty pale beer pearly pale pretty, so it's pretty pale. It's like the bush and the natural light. Um, and there's only two letters in this round. Okay, that's why y&z are up Why? Hey, Weird Al Yankovic she did what I was gonna say she didn't. Like Yes. What? Yes. Also known as Yazoo. Yes. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Young the giant Oh, I'm gonna say that one. Okay, so final letters. Oh, we're gonna have to drink this drink. Okay, so you're drinking britse Frank Zappa. Oh, yeah. z from Rob Zombie. Oh. There's a Mexican band. Named Zoe. Like Zoe. Zoe. Wait, wait, are they Mexican rock though? Yeah. Mexican rock. Yeah. It's like Mexican indie rock. Right. Look it up. Nice. And I have another How do you spell it? ZOECO e. Band. I'll save my others even next. Oh, yeah, it says bonda Amanda. Okay, well, I mean, I know this type of music that you damn they're Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award winning. Yeah. Mexican rock band. Okay. All right. No, anything goes out all the Mexican rock band. Today for Episode Four Part Two and like that's gonna be Episode 50 underground. Bulgarian. Yeah, we'll do that for episode. So okay, so now it looks like we're all gonna taste the Budweiser and read it.

I chug mine cuz I had to. But no, you know what, compared to all the other ones? It's not bad. It's not bad. This might be the king of beers. Cheap beers. Yeah, have

cheap beers. Although I think a lot of people would not agree with us that this is considered a cheap beer. This is like, as far as the cheap beers go, this is I don't know.

It wasn't the fucking cooler with the cheap beer. So I know

but you know what so is Modelo? And so as dosa keys and those are not cheap beer. So do we are we counting this as a cheap beer?

I mean, how much was it? Fuck I throw the way that. I mean, it was Look, it's the size of a cheap beer. The ABV is cheap beer ish. It's by Anheuser Busch, which makes a lot of these cheap beers. So I'm gonna go ahead and categorize it as a cheap beer. And I'm going to go ahead and give it so my highest one was a 4.8. I'm gonna go ahead and give him a 4.9 I'm not going to give you a five okay, but I'm gonna give a 4.9 because compared to everything else, it's weird because I feel like I liked Mickey's the best. 4.4 point seven so that'll drop me one point under Mickey's okay. Cuz I think I did like Mickey's the best. Because I think he had more, more flavor. And I think the ABV was a little bit higher too, but a Budweiser for me. 4.7.

Okay, so bump up my Bush to a four and give the Budweiser a 3.9. Okay.

Bush is four. Yeah. And then Budweiser is 30 point.

I like that no taste thing. Because if I'm drinking, if I'm somewhere where I'm drinking cheap beers, I want it to be easy, and I'm just drinking it just to drink it. We're just gonna go for four. Okay. I mean, I don't hate it, but. Alright, so I would never like order a Budweiser. Yeah.

Alright guys. Well, good job. So I guess I'm gonna go ahead and calculate the the little stuff right now. So it looks like free. Free Oh, looks like the average for us is gonna be drumroll Frank. Really? There we go. The average is 1.2 point two for free. So let's go on to steel reserve. Still not yet still reserve as fuck. So that's right off. So point nine for me point point three for Kim and then Britain. Did I divided by three and that is point four. So point four four steel reserve so far. That's like the last place. So So next we got bush. So does that won't get the bottoms? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. So bush. Let's see we got bush four. So that's a 3.9 divided by three. That has a 3.9. So that's a 3.94 bush. Natty light. So we've got four nine Light 2.5 for me, and we got a 1.5 for Kim and then we got a 3.7 read my like my Natty light it was okay, divided by three is not bad. That gets a 2.6 2.6 Alright, so far it looks like bush is in the lead. So we're gonna clear that Mickey Mickey's up take over 4.8 for me, and that's a three for Kim. Brett gave it a 4.5 by that 4.1 So so far now Mickey's is in the lead. Old Milwaukee. I don't even have to add that up. We all gave it to three. That's a three. Budweiser so that let's see what that looks like. It's gonna be high. Yeah. 4.7 for me, and that's gonna be nine. And that's gonna be a plus four for Brett. We're gonna divide that by 3.0 It looks like Budweiser beer. My point. Part One that is insane. So it looks like that was Budweiser then next six. Wait second place. Well, cuz I'm gonna look at this like, anyways, so first place is Budweiser. Mickey's is second place at 4.1. Okay, then, third place is Busch. Fourth place is Old Milwaukee. Fifth place. Natty light. Natty light. Okay, next place frio and last place steel reserve. tasted like shit worst beer. Which was weird because I thought free Oh tasted bad when we started and then I was like steel reserves like no fuck no. So yeah, I mean, it looks like we did that. And we got an hour out of this episode, which I thought was gonna be less than that. But I was like, no stupid like taste test. Yeah. So there's still plenty of cheap beers left in the world. So we're gonna go look for them and they're probably offer man Heiser bush in either. Milwaukee Wisconsin, so we're gonna have to go take a road trip over there. But yeah, it seems like those were the only two breweries right those were legit. The only two still reserved on its own. Oh, those are the only thing that was a tough thing. Oh, that's probably like the only one but so we're gonna go ahead and try to hunt down some other beers. Maybe Episode 50 or something. We'll do it. Yeah. Milwaukee's best do and try that. We'll do the Natty light lemonade. strawberry lemonade.

A lotta Yeah, I mean, we can do it here on the show. Yeah. Okay, so I mean brewery on that. Because it's like a it's like a collaboration on that. Yeah.

Okay, this one golden road and some old noose around. Okay, so now we have to name a band with a number in it. Okay. All right. So we're gonna put like a literal number or a no a number

like the legit number in it. So like not numbers spelled out but like a legit number in it because we've all seen it record store rules. They're they're the first category in the record store is numbers. Yes.

So this is the estadia Halle SCO mango mitula made with Colombo shoe with club madam column motto and this is a but with the golden road brewing mango card which is right here. So where's this from then? Mexico, right?

Is Mexican beer but then Golden Rose Brown.

We go on this show.

Maybe that might be that might fall into the cheap beer category. Well, back in my drinking days. It was in the cheap beer fridge. I remember. Tasting quite good. Okay. Yeah. Wow, guess who wants to guess what the three point I mean? I guess it's three point.

Wait a minute, but this is 3.5 for one pint? Is that what this is? Yeah, this is 25 fluid. Oh, no, that's more than no yeah, this is more than a pint. So I guess our abvs were a little bit off but because I think they go off of like, per pint so we have to do math and I don't feel like doing so some of those abvs might actually have been higher than we calculated But anyways, so who's had a Mitchell michelada before I haven't I don't really care for yourself so mine forever near that much for me bucket

the one time the one time I had me a lot I think it was a modelo meechan first step I yeah, it was like it was like rancid trash.

So so this is mango and tomato my correct Yeah. Fuck I don't think I've ever had Enemies a lot of but like I said, I don't round numbers out. Don't have too easy. Yeah, we're gonna have to but don't worry, you don't have to.

Oh, it does smell weird. Smells like mango and tomato. But if you threw it up, yeah, it's a mango. It's two mango. actually smells like a starburst or something like a candy or No. No soup. Okay, so number Yeah, and it has to be it can't be spelled out. Thanks for a second. Okay, Kim, you have three doors down. Oh my god. This count. Okay. 311 blink 182 there's a band called horror. Who is Oh, you're right. Yeah. 999 Okay, so we all got it. Okay, so now we get to taste this meat. shilada

What did I take your number? Is that what you're like? Oh my god. No.

No, I want to use a blink when you didn't so that kind of pissed me off. I was gonna say Third Eye Blind but you said it has to be

well, because that's how it is in the record store and this guy? Yeah, record store rules. If any. You guys like to jack our drinking game. Just give us credit. Please rock heavy our pod tech tag us. So I'm gonna go ahead and put our ratings here is a bonus round.

Did you take now I'm terrified. It's horrible. Oh my god. Yeah. This this says is? No, it is. It's not it's clam. Lamb and tomato juice. Yeah. Are you? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Just flavored with spices. Dried clam broth. And Ms. I smell actually I smell all that. Tomato. Concentrate and sugar. Holy shit. Oh, clam juice. Yeah, I saw the clam now. Smells like the ocean. I'm gonna take it quick. Am I gonna have a pizza? Pizza? Like a pizza? No. Okay, never ever. Sup Jason. This is the fucking button. Yes. Okay, I'm gonna taste it. Oh, wait, no. Oh, that spicy. Don't say Oh, good. actually love clams. It's actually not that bad. It's fucking horrible. I haven't even tasted find a corner and I can't I taste the mango a lot. Yeah. And then the tomato comes in later. And then the puke comes in. Is pizza beer. That's all that's in my brain. Actually. I'm scared. Look, okay, look clear. Mind.

Can I get?

It tastes like mango with a little bit of spice. That's what that's what it legit tastes like well, they might have been good guys. I'm gonna go straight down the middle. 2.5 No, three 2.5 2.5 I give it a 2.5

I don't know if I can drink a whole thing of this. But it doesn't taste that. Good if you ignore the clam juice. Yeah. I wish there was an alcoholic version of this.

I mean, probably not. Well, you can make one. Yeah, you can make one I can. I can distill it. I mean, what's it called? Well, yeah, you like boil it all out. So

it's no, it's not bad. Oh, let me get.

Excuse me.

But maybe the bush wouldn't be the best choice best to take us simply. It doesn't taste like you haven't tasted it. She hasn't tasted it yet. Okay, I understand. Trust me. Look, it's like mango with a little bit of spice to comfort me. He's like it's okay. Not for. It's not for me. Every time I do it, it's me. It's me. I know it's mainly mango with a little bit of tomato clam. As it goes against nature, I need to step back because we don't know what's gonna flashbacks of the dam. I don't know why they mix mango with it. I don't know. I think because people like don't you don't have to drink it then. This was the bonus round. Okay, I'm gonna get zero for you. For me, it looks like

2.5 Wait a minute. No, no, no. So it's not too 2.5 divided by three 2.5 divided by three equals. And this got a point eight. So this is right above. This is right above to reserve. So it's still

low, but it's all because of you know, it's not that I liked it. It's it's not that bad. It's raunchy. It's raunchy.

I think my way is rubbing off on you trying to find the positive.

If you drink this with talkies, you're good. Dude, I'm gonna boil some of this for you. It's not that bad.

It's it's in the middle. 2.5 we can make it for him. No problem. We just make tomato. I

go. Okay, guys, if you guys can find this at your local grocery store. Don't do it. It's not that bad. It's not that bad. And I've never had what's a cold again? What's this tomato thing called? No, no. kamado but what's the fuckin How much? I'm eating? Water? Yeah, you have you got Okay. Let me take Have you guys ever had a michelada? I haven't.

Yes, I think I have. Like v 808 v eight though. Yeah. With like VA and beer and maybe some talking. Okay. Yeah, no.

I think you guys made it. scarier than it really was. No, fine, guys. I didn't give it a three. I gave it a two point. No, that's it. Oh, hi. That's too high. I could probably finish that. No. Cheap beers, but anyways. Alright guys, well, I guess that's this episode. The techies didn't even get that. But also too You don't like mango though, right? No, but I didn't taste mango. I made a beer with tomato. I put it in my mouth and it was gross.

Okay guys, so that's the end of this episode. I think next episode will probably be about I don't know. We'll talk about it. It might be like about the day one band fan thing Oh yeah. I don't know it might be we don't know what this one or I might I was possibly thinking about starting our our states episode start from Alabama.

We also have the idea of the bands named after occupations that too We can do that. So

we'll discuss it we'll put it to a vote and see what we think. What I guess until next time, guys. Yeah, we'll try to stay away from I mean, it's not that bad. Is that bad. Okay, guys, laters

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