Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 36 - Took You Long Enough!

May 29, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 36
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 36 - Took You Long Enough!
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This episode, we discuss bands that we discovered years into their careers, how we came across them, and what made us fans of theirs.
We also answer the question: Do hops grow in Texas?
We try some more interesting beers, and get lost in some nostalgia for Circuit City, Best Buy and CDs, Orange Julius, 90s VR, and more!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try to craft beers, we discuss them, we rate them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. Frankel's today's topic,

today's topic is Took you long enough. And these are artists that we discovered later in their career. Whether by I don't know, whatever means we discovered them later in their, in their in their career. And okay, so I, once once we get into it, I do have one that's a little bit of a loophole, but I can we can debate though.

Oh, that's fine. unofficial Yeah, cuz I did have my own rules for my list, too. So I'm interested to see what your rules are. But um, Oh, okay. So I guess we'll get into that later. But first, we always start off with a couple of segments. One is what we're drinking. And the other one is our hangover segment, which is where we talk about stuff that we didn't get to talk about last episode or any episodes before that. But also to I wanted to say on the website, I added a new little thing on there. I don't know if anyone's gonna use it or not. But I added a new page called the hangover. So basically, it's going to have our episodes on there. And if you want to say anything about that episode, you can just go to that episode specifically. So I think it's probably easier like than trying to go through different social media sites, or just like, commenting on random stuff. Like if you have something specific to say for that episode, just go to the website and go to that episode, and just go to the hangover section of the website. Yeah. Um, but I have kind of a lengthy hangover thing to say. Yeah. So I guess we could start with what we're drinking. So I guess

I don't have anything interesting to report. Sure. Do you want to do this one?

I'm sure. Yeah, we can do that. I was gonna say the, the new the new label exposure. Yeah.

starlight, the Blue Label. It's a new label. Yeah. But But we discovered that the bottle cap does not have cool puzzles in it. Like,

that's, that's a major bummer. And no logo on the top and no logo on the top. Plain old sad kind of silver bottle cap? Yeah, no. I wonder where they changed it. I know. I'm curious. I mean, we can find out but I always find those little puzzles.

I have a feeling that it's generational, because maybe a lot of younger folks don't sit around with bottle caps trying to figure out stuff.

It's fun, though. Especially after you have at least one beer and you're like, what's this? Let's

try to figure it out. Maybe their attention spans aren't long enough to focus on. Yeah, I think we need to bring fidget spinners back.

Frank, are you drinking? So I'm drinking a ginger beer from fever tree watching your beer. Okay. It's refreshing the lights. Okay. Not sponsored. Sponsored. Yeah, non alcoholic. And typically whenever we go to a bar and ask for a mocktail. Ginger Beer is one of the things that they'll add in the drink to give it some kick. So just to give the impression that you're drinking alcohol because ginger beer just by itself is good. It can be a little strong overpowering sometimes like this one every time I take a sip. It makes me almost want to sneeze.

Ginger Beer. I don't know if I've ever had ginger beer before. I mean, I just didn't maybe I mean maybe I have but I doesn't sound like something I've had

ginger beer. How can I describe flavor wise? I mean, is it just like carbonated ginger? Basically? Yeah, carbonated ginger. It looks like lemonade this one does at least but you know like when you when you like you've eaten ginger before right? Yeah, yeah, so basically that but in like liquid Okay, cuz I drink ginger tea a lot to like straight up Jr. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay, you know, it's about about similar,

I think. Okay, it's it has a lot of that spicy kick to it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you could I could see that. Like, that's the dingy ginger. Yes, color. Yeah. Okay. That's cool. Kim, what are you drinking? shine her light blonde. Okay, don't forget we have your citrus chirping. Gonna grab that right now. Okay, cool. Well, me. Um, so I have another IP that I wanted to start off with. What? I really don't whatever. That's cool. So this is from I guess who wants to try to pronounce this desk shoots dishes. Okay, this shoots brewery. We've never had a beer from them before they're from Bend Oregon. This is IPA have really gotten into IPAs. This is a West Coast IPA. I think this is a it's should be a juicy IPA. So I don't know you know I might like it I let Britt get some and I'm gonna have Kim try it to me it's very citrusy. what's called squeezy writer and the ABV it should be like around five point something. Oh, it's actually 7% This is probably one thing. But Brett, how did you like it? I'm just curious cuz no you haven't haven't shared IP with you guys in like a long while Yeah,

and I'm not typically a fan of IPAs in general but this one's not bad. It's not doesn't have like that after

thing that happens. Yeah. IPA? Yeah. Yeah, that's not really here this so it's nice. So my theory is I know there's different hops. And there's different hop combinations in the that they use on IPAs, but I think to a lot of it has to do with how it's stored. We've had this conversation multiple times on episode, episodes, like the one with the slugs and stuff, where, like, if they're sitting there for a while, the beer will start to go bad. And I think a lot of those, like the stouts that we had are the IPAs, and I know there was a lot of them that a lot of beers we had with lactose in it that are supposed to be refrigerated in or not. So I think that had a lot of a bad effect on us in the past when you know, trying these but uh, I really liked this. Alright, I'll give it I'm gonna give it a five. I like it a lot.

Yeah, it's definitely better than other IPAs. I've had it smoother. Well, yeah, it is smooth. It's a very crisp. What would you rate it?

Like 3.9 IPAs are my favorite. No, no, I mean, it's good. I've definitely had worse would you read? I was gonna say 4.5. Okay, perfect.

Yeah. All right. Yeah, there's some really good ones. And there's some really like, even I don't, I can't. But the belching beaver ones are the ones that I like a lot to. They're the ones that made the Deftones IPAs, where I really getting into those guys. I think I've had like three or four of their IPAs, or maybe more and they're really good. Um, so does anyone have any hangover?

Any hangovers? Not that I know of. I mean, the one that keeps popping up is shitty band names. This guy What's his name? Oh, that was a while ago. Yeah, that was a long, long, long time ago. Last year. I feel like that's gonna be a continuing.

Okay, what do you have?

What do I have? I don't know. This guy. You brought it up. I know, right? I feel like I was somewhere and I heard something. And I said, that sounds like a shitty band name. Okay, we'll come back to you then.

So my lengthy hangover is actually off of something you mentioned last when you guys mentioned it. I think it was you. And it was about the hops in Texas are actually the research. Well, yeah, so what hops are native to Texas? Do you guys have like any guests? If we have ops here in Texas? I don't know the names of any hops. Okay, but, but do you think we have hops? No. Yeah, do we have hops? Habibi, East? Texas probably has question. Have you seen any hops? Like growing wild anywhere? No. Wild? No. Okay, so I'm gonna go into so this is what I did. I did some research today. And I what I found out was very interesting. So according to forums, I started off with forms first, plant hunters and local brewers have been trying to see if there are or have been any wild hops in Texas, and no one has been able to find any proof of hops that have grown here or that do grow here. Some have tried growing hops here, but they haven't really had any success. So then I found an article from San Antonio Express from 2019 I'm actually going to post it on the on the show description of the podcast in case you want to read the whole thing says hops don't grow in Texas. It's too hot to dry and it gets dark too early. Yeah,

I didn't like the only other place that doesn't get a parent we get like endless sun.

So apparently in the Pacific Northwest Northwest, they get a whole lot more in the summer. I guess what? Alaska? Let me go into it more. So Alaska definitely does not get hops. Yeah, so cuz I saw that on a forum to this guy was from Alaska. He's like, I don't I don't we don't get hops here. So it says in the US hops really don't. And the US hops really only like the Pacific Northwest. In fact, less than 3% of the hops grown in the country come from anywhere outside of growing region that includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho. So Washington, Oregon and Idaho are the main regions they grow that where we get our house from 3% come from outside of that. Wow. Yeah. Which is like crazy. So I'm assuming I think California might possibly I think because I know those guys. belching Beaver. They, I think they have some stuff from their their horticulturist, who have managed to grow hops here in Texas, but they've grown them in climate controlled greenhouses. I see. Pacific Northwest has cooler average temperatures and extended daylight hours. So again, I don't know if that has to do with the seasonal thing. But this article kept saying that they have Longer daylight hours. And we do in general, I don't know if it has, I have no idea how that works. I'm not a I don't know what that's called. So I went back to forums and apparently to down south where we're at, there's more pests because of the warmer weather. Yeah, the humidity and stuff. Some people I actually on another forum saw that some people in Houston and here in San Antonio managed, they did manage to grow hops in Austin too. But it's like an uphill battle. If you want to grow hops here, if you don't have a greenhouse like, you know, fancy greenhouse or whatnot is climate controlled, that you have to pretty much water on like every day or more than that, like a day and make sure that they're, you know, really getting the moisture that they're supposed to be getting, and then also to that they're not in direct sunlight, because that'll, so they don't, they don't like the sun. And they don't like to be dry at all. So okay, so that was my answer for for you guys. Hops apparently do not grow in Texas, and don't like growing in Texas. So I know. I know, there's a lot of breweries like or shiner for a lot of their beers, they'll actually say on the label, like where they get their hops from. And they'll get them from like, check, you know, or from Germany or whatever. So because, you know, because of how their beers but uh, yeah, but I always wondered if they, you know, if they did have their own stuff growing here, and they don't, because I know there's a lot of breweries that do import their their hops from somewhere else. But I mean, even Foster's to I think they're the one of the episodes where I came back to you guys where I tried Foster's, they don't. So the fosters we have here in the States, they it's actually brewed here, because I think Anheuser owns them or something like that. So and so they, so they brew it here, but they import the hops from Australia. Okay, apparently, but which is weird, because Australia is kind of hot shit, too. Yeah. So I wouldn't I couldn't see hops growing over there. But I don't know they import the hops from there. What about New Zealand? I would imagine they probably have similar weather. Yeah, no, they should have they? Because they're so apparently if you're a certain, like, once you start coming down from I guess where the equator is that the closer you get, the harder it's going to be for you to grow hops. But the further you are, but not excluding Antarctica and Canada, then you'll be so if you're like in the middle,

and then during the summer months, they have really long days like

Alaska, yes or whatever. Yeah. But yeah, this guy from Alaska said they can't grow hops there and they don't have

so that's probably because it's too cold even in the summer, even though they have like the daylight hours. It's still really, really core. Yeah. 50 degrees or something.

Yeah, but I thought that was pretty interesting though that nowhere in Texas has anyone ever seen. Yeah, that is interesting. Because apparently there's like plant hunters that go and they look and they try to like see through history Like what? What has grown or they look at those indexes. I don't know the ones that the farmers use. Like for like an almanac. Yeah, so though like look at the almanacs for my and see like, you know what? Yeah, was? Yeah. Was it being reported? Yeah. And apparently no hops. So we don't have any native text. Text is text. Now we know. Yeah, but I'm gonna try to grow some I'm gonna see if I can get some in your closet. Yeah. And the closet? hops. No, but yeah, no, I'm going to try to see like, where I can get some hops to try to grow or maybe I don't know how that works with seeds or whatnot. But I mean, some people in Austin Houston and somewhere here in San Antonio. He did they did try, but apparently it's hard as hell. So Well, that was my report on hops. That's interesting. But I guess Oh, okay. So Kim, explain what you got the

free tails citrus trip, Ruby Red, Ruby Red witbier. And last year, they put out a tangerine tangerine one and that was like one of my favorites for the summer. So

let's see. This is a new one for we've been waiting for the single to come out because she wasn't sure. But Frito and though this this week beer. They

want to see what you guys think about that. So from Frito actually went to the marina to go.

Yeah, that was cool. You don't like it? Wow. Oh, she doesn't like like the wheat beer. Wait. I thought you did like wheat beers. I don't like half of rice. And yeah. I don't know why I thought. Oh,

I don't know why I thought you liked hefeweizens Okay, so you don't like like the bread he tastes No.

Okay. Okay. Not just, it's like super yeasty. Like, like moldy bread and a glass. Interesting.

Yeah, some of them can really get like that like the altstadt one that had to also have a visor and that one's really, it's good.

But this tangerine one was better. I don't taste any like fruit. Yeah, and that means either Yeah, actually neither do I.

That's that's just weird. It tastes more straight like wheat. I'm trying to get that flavor in there, but I don't I don't. What is it again? Ruby Red. Oh, girlfriend again is a grapefruit. Grapefruit is kind of grapefruit is is very pretty. But it's not like I guess it gets lost in the in the yeastiness you know what I mean? So like, it doesn't stand out like, the temporary, like the tangerine would. Yeah. I kind of taste it now. Like the second taste at the back. Sorry. It's all right. I mean, I give it like a three. I taste the I taste the grapefruit now. Like now I taste it. It took took a while. Give it like a three. Three? Yep, no.

4.8 day. The other one would be like a five to me. You're like, right there sounds like right there. but not quite. That one's better.

me it's not crappy. Go 3.5 whatever. I mean, I just it's it's not. I'm trying. I'm comparing it too much to the other one. Like Yeah, so it sounds Yeah, on its own. I 3.5 I think those 2.5 2.0 Yeah, it's just I'm sorry. All right. And Frank based off of our I was

just gonna say that. When we were at the at HP earlier, we saw another Martin house sour. That was also Charlie in the Chocolate Factory theme. Blueberry winter. Oh, I think Beauregard. Something violet? violet? Something? I am violet at one. Something like that. But it was

all at once. But yeah, we actually have a couple of Martin weird mount Martin houses in the Yeah.

It was like a lemon something and then. Oh, okay. It was like some of them in with lactose or something. What was it? Like with graham cracker? Yeah. graham cracker. And then there was? Yeah, there's another one. We have like a lemon bar. Like,

I don't know high. It's like, oh, like lemon marang me something like that. Okay, and then I wanted to get some weird ones. Before we go into the next episode. We haven't told you guys next episode, we're going to do kind of a drinking game, I guess. So it's gonna be like, not really our lists, like we usually do, I guess is gonna be kind of a list. No, you're not allowed to research? No, no, of course. But I'm saying like, technically, it's a list because we're going on now. But not like we're not making a list is what I meant to say. So basically, it's an alphabet game. So basically, we're gonna go around and see if we can name if each of us can name a different band with each letter. Yes. And if you can't, then well, I guess you're going to take a little shot at cheap beer. So we're also going to be writing cheap beers. So you'll find out what we have. Yeah, so we're gonna do that next episode. So that should be fun. Yeah. So I guess for now, Frank, do you want to kick off this topic?

Yeah, I'm going to kick mine off. And then explain your rules. I say my rules. Well, my rules for this one are, of course, a band that's been around for an artist has been around for some time, probably a few albums in to their career. And you just stumble upon them, whether you were introduced to them by an older family member, or a friend or maybe you saw a video or something. Those are pretty much my rules. And the first one I want to start off with and I think people are gonna be like, what is AC DC? Okay, I didn't discover them until Middle School. And by then they were like, what, 20 years into their career? Yeah, or something like that. And I remember there was a kid in my class. So our middle school used to wear we had uniforms. And every now and then we would have free dress day for picture day or whatever. And this kid came into my classroom, you know, he was a classmate, and he walked into the class wearing an AC DC t shirt. And I remember being really drawn to it, because is that AC DC, and it had like the thunder, yeah, and whatnot. And like the lightning, yeah. And Malcolm Young was on the shirt playing his guitar, but he had like his little devil. Yeah. And I thought that was such a cool shirt. So I asked him about the band. And he said, Oh, you know, my older brother is gonna take me to see AC DC later tonight. They're playing a show in town. And so yeah, it was it was that and you know, back then in sixth grade, the internet was still like relatively new. So I remember I just got up from my desk and I went and searched Yeah, AC DC popped up and then that's pretty much how I discovered them. I was like 1213 at the time. Do you remember what album was out when that happened? I don't remember which album was out. I think they were like on a farewell tour.

Okay, wow, you were really late. Well, shoot. I mean, just kidding. It's not like you kind of gotten on board when they were new. See, that one wasn't

here yet. That was one of my rules. So one of my rules was I excluded bands like that, because I feel like bands like big iconic bands like them like, or like Metallica or Beatles, even I should say to like, I feel like every year you're gonna have a new like generation that discovers them. Right. And so I kind of excluded them because I was like, Well, that doesn't really count as I have a chance. You know what I mean? Like they were going on, they were kicking like, way before I was born.

I think actually, it was stiff upper lip. Okay, okay. I gotcha. Which is their 14th studio album. Yeah, really? What was that like? 99? So no, so it actually it was 2000 Oh, so it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't a farewell. Okay. It wasn't a farewell tour. It was. Yeah, the stiff upper level were crap. Yeah, that album came out in February 28 of 2000. And AC DC, AC. That's the AC DC. Yeah. And AC DC has been around since

then. They've been around 70 years. You see so so I mean, like I said, we're all gonna have different rules. But my rules were I had to exclude bands like that because me like right off the bat. I couldn't eat Metallica. But I didn't want to because every like I like Brom is really into Metallica now. And like, it's one of those things where like, he didn't have a chance. Like, there's no way he could have been around kill them all. You know what I mean? So I purposely, you know, excluded a lot of but also

to think about AC DC is one of those bands that has been around and is very, very visible. Oh, yeah. And for me to miss them. But also to my

How the hell did you not get into Back in Black when you were four? I know. Right.

But in my defense, I grew up listening to the music that my family was listening to. So I wasn't really exposed to hard rock or anything like that.

But but but then again, I think that's what a lot of teenagers like, right? They don't get into their own stuff until around that time. Right. So I want to defend you but at the same time, I don't know. I mean, it's it's cool. I mean, that's a cool band. I mean, yeah, I'm gonna bash your list because that is a good like, I got into them late too. So.

But like, what the name of the show tonight, like Took you long enough? It didn't really it took you like 11 years. learning some other stuff. Other things

to also to I mean, still, you know, you would think that you would have heard it somewhere out in the world. I would have heard about it. But But no, I, I didn't. And the first song I heard from AC DC was thunderstruck. And I remember watching the video and thinking that's such a cool video. So that was one of the first songs that stuck with me. And that's how I found out about AC DC because of the one kid wearing the T shirt. Yeah, and just you know, seeing the image of Malcolm young playing guitar with his devil horns popping out of his head and whatnot. I mean, that, that, that draws attention, you know? Yeah. And so if it wasn't for that shirt, it probably take me another while to find out who AC DC was. Do. I know. All right. I feel pretty lame.

I mean, it's like I said, like, Metallica, right? Like, okay, if we want to play that card, I didn't get into them until garage incorporated came out. Which was like 98 I think it was like 98 I want to say so that was after their load and reload era. Like I had no opportunity to be there like you know in their long hair era and then right like I think I remember the videos coming out for like until it sleeps and stuff, but I wasn't there yet. Sure. I didn't get into them until garage corporate and then sn o s and M garage Incorporated. And then I went back and I was

like okay, and metallic. Metallic is not on my list but I remember going to Circuit City at the time no Circuit City. Place to Circuit City in the mid 90s and watching the until it sleeps video. And just thinking you know, these guys sound hard, but they have like the makeup. Oh, yeah. And so I was like a little confused. And I was like trying to figure out you know, yeah, you have this clashing sound Yeah, cuz they tone it down but then you have this look, you know? Yeah. So that was my first exposure to Metallica. And now you're the number one fan yeah Circuit City. That's hilarious. Yeah, no, I mean, they still carry really good CDs there.

Yeah, they did. Oh, Kevin. I went to Best Buy like literally like three weeks ago or something. We we went to the Container Store and I was like, let's just go again. I want to see your Oh yeah. So we go right. And so we go in there and they have like remember how they used to have like a huge section of like DVDs to and movies. You And I remember I used to find like a whole bunch of like special dish and box sets there. And so I, we go and it's like the small section of blu rays. And like it's all games and appliances. I'm like no CDs, right. So we go to checkout and bought something small. And I asked the guys like, Hey, I was like, when was the last time y'all sold CDs? Kim probably remembers what he said. But I think he said like, they stopped selling CDs, like a year ago or a year and a half ago. And the last CD they sold was like a guard. It was a Garth Brooks CD. And he said they still had some in stock in the back. I was like, Nah, I'm good. And holiday CD, right? Yeah. And he said that that's the last movie that they sold. They're at Best Buy, because I was me being a music guy. Like I was so curious. Yes, I dude, when did y'all stop selling CDs? Because that's what I'm looking for.

Yeah. And I remember Best Buy used to have like Iowa after Iowa, Ohio. Yeah, really good stuff. Good stuff. Yeah, there was like imports that you can find anywhere

else. Yes. Like there's that's one thing. I don't know if a lot of people knew this, but there were legit imports and singles that I found, like, they were just like, I don't know how they did it, where they're like, Oh, this is extra. We're just scattered. Because they didn't have their own. Like, you would get lucky if you found one. And that's what it was. It was like you could tell it was just one that they had and they put it there. Um, but yeah, dude, that's that's, I missed that dude. Yes.

Dig into those seat. And I remember you know, just going in I already had a CD in mine I was gonna buy and then I see the French import or the Japanese leave with like five CDs. Yeah. Because, you know, they have like, two different songs that the the American version doesn't have something. Yeah, well, like, I

don't know if I've said this on the show. But the last CD I bought at Best Buy was actually in it wasn't 2017. And it was for ck wise last album. And if you bought it at ck why it came with I mean, at Best Buy, it came with a patch. And you can only get that patch at Best Buy. And I literally like went to three Best Buy's looking for that damn CD for someone who carried it because they had CDs but just not that CD. Right. So that was the week that it came out. And then I finally found one and sure enough, yeah, I got it with a patch. And that's the last CD I bought at Best Buy. And that was 2017. So I feel like I got lucky because they don't do stuff like that anymore. Now, there has to be like a preorder somewhere online. But uh, no. Yeah, I missed. I missed that. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. But, uh,

that was that was a fun time. Yeah, it was. Sucks. Um, Britt, what do you got?

So, my, well, I don't know how many I have. But right now I have one. Okay. Well, from there, I'll probably think of more. And it's Radiohead. Okay. And it was, you know, of course, I knew who they were. It wasn't like, I didn't know that. I mean, creep was like, super popular and all the radio. Just stupidly, right, like, ingrained in your brain. And like, I don't know what your that was. 9495, something like that. But I didn't like that song. And I didn't really like anything that I heard off of that first album, so I just never got into them. And I just didn't listen to them. And I had a friend who was always like, listen to Radiohead, you would like Radiohead, and I was just kind of like, I heard Radiohead on the radio, and I don't. And, and she was like, No, really, you should listen to it. And I didn't, for a very, very long time. And so it wasn't really until like 2011 or 12 when I actually like started checking out some I had a student who was, I don't remember how it all kind of played out. But he was just like, hey, Miss, I got this flash drive for you. It's loaded with music that you'll like and I was like, cool. And I was listening to it. And it was a lot of familiar stuff, but he also had like Radiohead, in rainbows on there. And I was like, Oh, I really do like Radiohead. Okay, cuz that album is was on my desert island listen is definitely one of my all time favorite albums. And it's really one they became more electronic and they started doing things a lot more experimental and stuff that I really jive with them. I like align with it a lot.

You have a particular song on that album that like is like your fav that like made you really like Oh shit,

I think Yeah, everything in its right place, I think was the one that I really just like, was like, gave me goosebumps. And it was just like, Whoa, you know,

there's a there's a lot of situations I think and there's probably bands I can't remember right now either where I was in that same situation where it was like somebody was telling me like, Oh, you should listen to this band. I'm like, No, I heard a couple of songs. And then later on, I was like, Oh shit, I was like, like, yeah, that's there. They are good. Like I should have listened to them before but right i think one I think this was kind of a different situation. This was more like somebody was telling me to listen to him and and i more like I wasn't because I thought I knew I thought I knew who the band was. And that was nothing more actually. Somebody had told me like way back like hey, you know, he's Listen to these guys. I wasn't too familiar with them and I thought I knew who they were. And I did it. Then later on when I heard on once we started talking, I was like, Oh shit, they're good. So that was that was another one too. And then, I think a situation with Frank Frank told me about ghosts when like ghosts first came out when they were ghosts, BC. And when I first heard some of their stuff, I'm like, I'm like, I can't. But then like when they're two albums, three albums in I started listening to more and I'm like, Oh, shit, they are good. Like, I should have really paid attention to them, you know? Sure. But yeah, I've been I've been in that same spot. Yeah, but no, that was a good one. So I'm gonna put that song into play this

cool. Now going back to AC DC. hangover. What do you what do you think of? Axl Rose fronting?

Oh, hell no. I think. Yeah, no, that's I mean, that's when What's his name? couldn't sing. Brian Johnson. He was having a hearing. Yeah. Yeah. damaged. Did he fill in for a show? And then they were thinking of,

I think, yeah, he filled him for a couple of shovel shows. And it became a whole like a tour.

I think I saw one video on YouTube. And I'm like, No, yeah. And they were telling ya, I'm like, Nah, that's it's fine for him to fill in. I'm glad I wasn't at the show. Because I would have wanted to see that. Maybe back in the day, like in the, you know, back in the 90s when Guns and Roses was Guns and Roses wherever but not like the posts slash stuff when they broke up. And I to me, in my opinion, opinion, Axl Rose, his voice just got more whiny to me. It didn't like aged very well. Because there I mean, there's a lot of vocalists where their vocals start to change as they get older, but some of them like Well, good example for me is James Hetfield, like his voice. You could see where it changed, but to me it still sounds good. Like it doesn't bother me. Who knows? Maybe in 20 years, I won't be saying that but whatever.

But yeah, that whole Axl Rose thing with AC DC was a little weird to me. Yeah, because I felt like at that point, why even call yourself AC DC? I know you could just say AC DC with x or something. Yeah, no, I

mean, no actual DC. Well, I mean, same thing with Guns and Roses. I mean, I don't see how you could go on Well, that's different. Nevermind I'm just gonna stop I just yeah, a lot of that though. We're gonna go down a whole rabbit hole. Well, well, a whole episode of that. Like what lineups you prefer over other jobs? Because I'm telling you that lineup I saw it with Guns and Roses with DJ ash. Yeah, it was horrible. They I told this story before they costume change. Like I don't know how many times throughout the set. I thought I was at a like a palm shores. owner who changes costumes a lot during shows. Christina Aguilera shares? All pop stars. Yeah. Okay. We'll go with Christine. Yeah. Okay. But anyways, Kim, what you got? And then we'll have a beer break. So I kind of break your rules, I guess. Sorry. There's no rules. Everyone has their own answer. Okay, but are you breaking?

Breaking somebody's rules? Of course rebel. I'm gonna Metallica is on my list. Okay, and I know that it breaks the rule because your role because I obviously wasn't alive when they were starting out there. Yeah. And then growing up listening to rock music or whatever. I never understood the hype. And then I guess kiss only played like a handful of songs. And I was just like, like, I don't like that answer. Sandman. Sounds like old dead rock. Right? Like, yeah.

Yeah. Especially when it's mixed with the rest of the old dead rock. Like it'll it sounds like it. Yeah.

So I didn't really understand the hyper, like, get into them or was, I wasn't really like, well versed in their discography or stuff. Yeah. Until I saw them on tour in 2017. For their worldwide tour, I took somebody to that show, because they wanted to go, I took them. And we had floor tickets. And I was like, wow, like, okay, I can I can get into like, I see that they are good performers. Yes, they will distinguish. And this is 2017. They started in the 1980s. Like, obviously, their show is going to be a big production. And they're going to be where they are, because they've been in it for so long. Yeah. So that kind of got me into it. And then ever since Mario and I, because it's like his favorite band, or one of his favorite bands have been together. I've kind of gotten into them more. And I've heard more of their discography than what I hear on the radio.

It's funny because I hear everything except the Black Album. Like, I just can't listen to it anymore. So I'll listen to everything else outside of that. Yeah. So I'm like, okay, like, I know,

I like it. I'm not gonna say like, Oh, I don't like before. I'd be like, no, like, if you asked me like, Oh, do you like Metallica? Do you know songs? No.

And it's true. Like one time I did ask her. I don't know what it was like a couple years ago. I say what's your favorite Metallica song and she straight up said I don't have Don't be ready and I lost my breath. And I was like, excuse me? She told me and how they Okay, no, it's cool. I think there's that one that's like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I guess. So. But then like we started, like, I watched like a lot of like, I think we saw a few live performances from YouTube, like some of my favorite ones that they played at festivals, then, of course, and then he dropped in.

Oh, yeah, that was the drive into what were you saying? I was gonna say the video of her camera trying to play guitar. Oh, no, I haven't showed her that what she probably seen it but good vinyl, vinyl. But yeah,

yeah. So that that was on my list for the reason of like, I. But when I was younger, I was like, oh, like, that's not really my thing.

But that's kind of weird. Because that's kind of like a weird rule within the within the exception, because so like, like, well, I'll explain. So like us, we're all about the same age, right? So we got into will get into one band, like, let's say, I'm just gonna give an example like system over down. Right, right. So we, we, we all just started listening to him at the same time. But then like, let's say Kim was like, Oh, I'm not. I'm not into it. Then like 10 years later, she's like, Oh, I like them, after all. So it was kind of like, we discovered Metallica around the same age. And then like, Kim, like, just recently is like, Oh, I like Metallica. You too, like, Yeah, when Okay, like they're not okay. So I think that's like a rule within the rule of like, Oh, I wasn't born. But at the same time, we were like, Oh, I got into him like 10 years after my peers. Did you know what I mean? Yeah. So I mean, no, that kind of,

and only because I was more introduced to them, because I probably wouldn't have sought them out on my own. Yeah, surely it was, like you and then going and seeing them on tour. Like, I had no desire to go. And I was like, I really don't want to go to the old guys playing them. Like I got four tickets, right. Dad's playing music. But that was that wouldn't have been my first choice to like, do that on my own.

All right. Well, y'all keep making me happy talking about Metallica. I'm gonna go grab a beer. Oh,

yeah. Well, this is unrelated. But what about bands that you've started not liking because someone knows like them way too much. Or someone you don't like? associate them with that yucky person. And for me that band was raging as to machine because there's this guy in high school.

Please don't mention a No, no. But he was a semi mentioned a name. I had to edit it out.

Yeah. painting. Yes. No. But But it took me five seconds. I played in a band with him for a little bit. He was our drummer. And he played with us. Oh, yeah. Like give it away to me. But yeah, but yeah. black drum set with like this little edge, like, had his initials and initials. And it was the goal. But yeah, I used to be into Rage Against the Machine. And then this guy came along and was just a super rage fan. To the point where I started getting sick and tired of rage against me. I actually kind of feel the same way. Uh huh. Yeah, but, and not that rage against the machines anything special, but it's, you know, I liked them. And then this dude came along, and I just he made me not like,

I hate to say, I really hate to say this, but one of the bands on my list, right? Kind of has the same reason because of the same guy. And and it's just, it's funny, because he's cool. Like, he's cool with me. Like, I mean, I mean, I'm calling him like, it's whatever. But he did like them so much that I was like, I'm good. You know what I mean? Like, yeah. Anyways, I mean, that's, uh, well.

Yeah, I mean, but you know, but that's probably like a whole other episode.

Yeah, people were pissing off because, like, Man, that's hilarious. But, um, well, I guess it'll be okay. So, Kim, when we haven't gone, right, no. Oh, that's right. I haven't gone. Okay. So while

while you mentioned Metallica? I don't know. That's

no, they're definitely not on my list now because my rules are different, remember? Okay, so, Kim and Britt? Well, Kim and Brett are, you know, taking a break or whatnot. Like that. Oh, the beer. Yeah. Okay. So this one, what we have is, you know what, I'll go ahead and let you pour her some of that and then I'll explain the beer. So I guess I'll tell you guys how my list is? Sure. Do I want to tell you my rules? Maybe I should wait for bread. Now. I'm just Okay, so my rules are bands that obviously had been had been out for a while but not before I was born. Right. Also, too, of course, there's different ways that I've gotten into these bands. My List right now. I mean, I might have a hangover next episode, I don't know, my list is only have three bands that I could really think of. And the bands that I counted are bands that I became a fan of at that period of time. And I still am a fan of so that I took that into consideration to also put my list in order from the least amount of time that it took me to get into them to the biggest amount of time that it took me to get into them. So this first one is five years though, the one that I'm going to end with is 11 years that it took me to get into. Okay, so these are bands that I'm still fans of today. Um, before I get into my first one, this is beer. So it looks very yellow. A Brit, this is the Margaret house. Is it a blonde? I'll tell you what it is. Martin house lemon icebox pie, lemon sour ale brewed with graham crackers and lactose. Okay, five for 5.4% ABV Gan from Fort Worth, Texas if you guys don't know. And it has a picture of like a diner lady holding a pie. And one more time if you guys didn't hear me. That's pretty. That's pretty sour lemon sour ale with graham crackers and lactose. Um, okay, so let's see who's gonna go first. Has anyone tasted it yet? No.

I just felt like the way it's gonna go. Huh? Whoa, whoa. I can taste graham crackers. Okay, can you taste I thought I was gonna be wicked sour. No, it's not you taste. I taste graham crackers and I taste the

lactose. Really? Okay. How's the lemon is the lemon there but it's not like it's actually so it's a graham cracker beer with somebody really? like lemon pastry. I know that a pastry but yeah, so I'm like, I hope you can hear that.

I thought it was a plane flying by or sensing. What what do you what do you rate it? I like

I'm going to, I don't know. 4.54 points. Different. Okay. That's really different. It tastes very much like graham crackers to me, Kim. Okay, this is what

I'm gonna say. She's gonna say like one. Zero. No, let's say that was. That was like very unexpected. Something I've had before, but I can't put my finger on exactly what that graham cracker tastes is really there. Oh, wow. That's weird. Does it taste like one of those like, like, like, like those little lemon ring pie in a fucking can?

right? Exactly. It's like lemon lemon bars, which I think is very similar to yours. Yeah. Because it's got the graham cracker crust and then the lemons and you stick it in the fridge. You don't bake it right. And so I think it's similar to the lemon, whatever, refrigerator pie or whatever.

Here's the thing. Right before the end and Okay, so the aftertaste is fine. Right? Then there's a bit of a plasticky taste. I don't know what it is. And then the graham cracker and the lemon comes back. So it does to me It tastes like glimmering. I give it I get a four. It tastes like to me. It tastes like how they said it was gonna taste. Yeah, it doesn't taste disgusting.

Yeah, to me. I agree. And that's surprising because that we don't always get what the label is supposed to, you know, it was telling us we're supposed to get.

Okay, so I'm gonna go with a four Kimani. Give it let me see. It's perfumey to me. That's all we're just gonna walk away by them being able to pull off that graham cracker.

Yeah. And it's weird because I taste the graham cracker. But the lemon is right behind it. And like it tastes like fucking lemon

meringue pie. Dude. The flavors are there. So it's good in that sense. It could I I'm glad I'm not I'm not having to drink a whole can because I don't think I could finish the whole camp. So I'm glad I get like a little taste. So I'm gonna that's hard because it's not terrible, but it's not something that I would ever go back to.

I would like to to.

Yeah, I probably wouldn't like go buy a six man either anything but this one really interesting. Yeah. And it's I'm kind of impressed. Me too.

I was gonna say I'm glad I tried it. And I've only I only would have gotten this one can Yeah, but

like it does taste like lemon meringue pie or lemon bars. Like I said, I don't really like lemon flavored dessert.

You see I'm fine with them. So to me it's like I don't know how they did it. But this is probably one of the better weird ones. Yeah, we've

had or at least one that like actually sticks to the plan. Yeah, what it tastes like it

don't take a graham cracker beer cuz that like that finish of the graham cracker is really good. But it's like the first part that well and

I think this also works too because lemon is sour so it makes sense. Then the lactose is going to be from the cream and then you Had the graham cracker from the crust. So it kind of mixes like some of some of the weird ones like the pumpkin pie sour didn't make sense because there's no pump. There's no sourness in a pumpkin pie. But this Yep. Good job, guys. Alright, Mark Martin house. Cool. So my first band on my list. So I got into these guys in 2004 2005. I can't really remember when I got into them. It took me five years to get into them. So their first album was in 2000. And their first album was called statement and their first single was what a day. I don't I'm sure you know, they're saying no, nonpoint sorry, dimension. Yeah. nonpoint is the band. So what a day, Kim, I know, you know the song Frank. I know, you know the song. So I heard the song, but I didn't really get into the band. I was like, Yeah, that's a good single whatever. Right. So that was 2000. So I got into them. When I went actually went to a show. I've told the story multiple times on this podcast, I want to go see skindred and nonpoint was actually opening for them. Or they were one of the opening acts. And at this point in the air tonight was not on the soundtrack for Miami. Miami Vice. Yeah, because I think it was like a couple years later. So when I saw these guys play in their cover of Phil Collins in the air tonight live like it fucking blew me away. And I was like, This fucking sounds like fucking crazy. I want to hear what the studio version sounds like. So I ended up buying their album recoil, which was their third album, and I ended up loving them. That sounds crazy outside. Yeah, I ended up like, I think there were supposed to be hell. Sorry, guys.

I think that is might possibly be Who? I don't know.

I'm glad I brought the plants in. Hold on, guys. We're taking a break. Should I just talk? Okay. All right. Well, it's perfect because we're talking about AC DC. Thunder Strike.

Okay, so that sounds going on the playlist. Okay, so we're back. nonpoint Okay, so I saw him on tour with I saw him on tour was skindred. Like I said, Oh, I saw in the air tonight about recoil. Yeah, I love that album from from front to back. So I had never heard one of their albums in fool just that single, right. So I was like, You know what, let me go back and listen to these guys. So I ended up going back and I listened to their first album. Their second album, I thought was pretty cool. But their third album was where they really hit it for me. I pretty much kept up with them up until 2012 when their seventh album came out. After that I kind of fell off or fell off. Yeah, I'm still a fan of theirs. I've seen them twice live. But their last album was their 10th album in 2018. So that was nonpoint was the first band on my list. And it took me five years to get into them. Um, like I said, I'm still a fan of theirs on their 10th album. So that they were the first band on my list. nonpoint recoil Like I said, I said, Oh, also to another thing. Every band on my list. The album that I discovered them on is to me, like one of my favorite albums of all time. Like, to me that's the band's Best Album. And it just happened to be that that was the album that I got into them. I might be a bias thing. I don't know. But when even when I go back and I listened to their whole discography, I'm like, No, this this album is still the best straight, you know, front to back. But yeah, nonpoint that's my first one. What you got?

So my next one is another one of those like, What the f bands? Okay? Black Sabbath. Okay. I was also young, I think like in eighth grade, when I discovered Black Sabbath. I was in a band at the time. And drummer was in another band, too. There was a bunch of older dudes in their 20s or something. And the eighth grade, you were in a band with dudes in their 20s. Yeah. Well,

I mean, we didn't have a band or singer was like 10 years older than us do.

But also to I mean, how many? It's not very common to find a bass player. I think I mean, then back then. Oh, even now. Yeah. Because back then it's like everybody played a guitar, but nobody played bass. That's true. Or no way. Or nobody played drums. Yeah. Which is weird. Yeah. Yeah. And so because I was the only bass player for,

I don't know, there's actually a meeting where it's like a little guys looking for and there's like a whole group like, Oh, we all play guitar, but like, out of all of them, like only to play bass, and then like one plays drums. Oh, anyways, I'll

try to find it. But, yeah, so I was in his band with a bunch of older dudes, and they were all stoners. And Ed rehearsal was, you know, they'd be smoking out. And they play a lot of Black Sabbath. And one of the blacks, one of the first Black Sabbath songs that we first heard was children of the grave. That's a good song from Master of reality. Yeah. And yeah, You know, I liked that song still to this day. And then a few years after I found out about Black Sabbath, I saw Ozzy at us fast. He didn't perform that song, but he played some other Black Sabbath stuff. Oh, okay. But I just thought it was cool. And actually, I, I remember being at as FAS and corn I just finished playing. And I was thinking, Okay, cool. I have like 20 minutes ago and get myself a soda. And so I'm about to get the soda at my you know, my drink and stuff. And then the intro to to war pigs just just comes on, you know, at the sirens and whatnot. And I remember being super excited and like, I actually dropped my soda and I I ran back to my seat our through my soda. Yeah. Because I because I don't want to miss it, you know? Yeah. And there was no, I guess from the sounds of it. There was no like previous. Like, notice. Yeah, as he was gonna come on. Yeah. They just started sounding the sirens and then the lights just came down.

You know? Sweet. So, okay, so you got into Black Sabbath, and then you ended up seeing them live? Going back? You ever seen ACDC live?

Never seen them live? Bread? Have you ever seen Radiohead? live? I have. Okay. Once or

odd? Yeah, just one. So there was then like, gee, I don't know what year that was. I would have to, I think maybe like 2013 or something like that. Okay, I just maybe it was later, it was probably later, like 2015 or something like that.

Okay, I just would have I like I find it. I'll find like, I find it interesting, too. If you have seen the band live and like, Kim, we know you've seen the band that contributed to you being into the band too. But yes. Okay. All right. Cool. Were you done with Sabbath? Yeah, I'm pretty much done with Sabbath. Okay, for what you got.

Um, so I have another one that I I don't know is a little weird. So I it's the Pixies. And I wasn't that I was not like, into though. I knew I knew them. And, and a friend had given me an album for my birthday back in like 92, or something like that. And so I really liked that album, but I just never like it never led to me purchasing more anything. For some reason. I just kind of stuck it out. Yeah. And then much later. I don't know. 2010 or something, just like, picked up another album. And like, started really just digging a lot got really into them, and then saw them. And it's like, Whoa, like, what took me so long. Yeah. And that was, and that was awesome. I mean, they're fantastic. And I love them. So that's cool. Yeah.

I guess to cheat again to with something like how you said, another one for me is misfits. So I feel like it took me a long time to where I was like, oh, like I've heard a couple songs here and there. And I know a lot of people who like them, but it took me a while to get into them. I think I really got into them. Like maybe I want to say five years ago maybe is when I really started six years ago, maybe I was I Oh shit. Like I started going into discover a few more learning more about the history of the band. I knew more about Danzig than I did about misfit. Yeah. So yeah, that was a band for me that took took a while but kind of like how you were saying to where it's like, oh, you know, I know this album. But you know, I'm good. Yeah, that's kind of how it was for me to. Uh, yes. No, I was like, Oh, no, you're good. My mom to my podcast show cuz they lost power. My mom's Damn. They live like behind us. So yeah.

Okay. So with the fire department.

Wow. Just kidding.

We got to record the podcast. The power goes out and have to start this shit all over. Yeah. Terrible.

So one of my all time favorite bands now is actually a band that I really started. So I don't know this council. I started getting into that, like I knew about them, I guess. They knew about them. And I did own their quote unquote first album, which is not their first album. It was their second in 2002. And I was in like, eighth or ninth grade around their anticipation. Chevelle. I know okay. So I had their first album, I own it. Or their second first album. Oh, you're talking about wonder what's next? Yes. Okay. And I yeah, I'm not counting that. I am. I liked it. You know, I have, I enjoyed it. And then I kind of just lost touch with them for a while until about 2011 what hats off to the wall came out. And I was like, okay, like they were. I was kind of reminded of them. And then I kind of went back into their discography and was like, okay, but then even then, Like up until maybe like around 2017. That was a big year for me. Gosh, I was like a three point. Yeah. Like 2017 2016 to 2017 actually started to get into them even more. And started. Oh, flicker. Yeah. I'm looking into the discography. And I made like a playlist and I started getting into them them then and they're actually now like my favorite band. Yeah, ever like your favorite band? Yeah. Dang. Like my favorite. Yeah,

she cried when we met. And I would like to embarrass me. I would cry if I met my favorite banner. Right. I mean, I wasn't like hysterical. No, no. Oh my gosh, I know you wouldn't get hysterical. Crazy, like Beatles fan. is my favorite drummer handed me his drumsticks like Yeah,

dude, I see what and when you mentioned them was crazy for me is that I really got into them with this type of thinking. Okay, which was weird, because second album was like, oh, four. Yeah, so that's when like, I was like, Oh, shit, like, to me even still that album again. It's like one of my favorite one of the best ones. Yeah, and that's one of my favorite ones. But I mean, they still

in between, like, well, between hats off to the one in 11. And then log lager cola and the North quarter. Were all right. Yeah, I think sci fi crimes pretty good, too. They weren't like so I kind of like last year and then their new one came out and then just going back and yeah, I mean, I've managed to collect their whole Yeah, we have the goals.

We've collected Oh,

that's funny cuz a little metallic. I'm still trying to do that. I think I'm like one album off or something. Probably one album now two albums only? What about no life to leather? No. Well, fucking I have their original vinyl to the your fog in there. They're there. What was it called? That EP and it was like the garage days. Oh, like the original shit for like, and I bought it at a pawn shop at the time. And the manager didn't know what it was. Yeah. And he was like, I don't care. I don't want this in my store. Like, I don't really care what it is like, he just wanted to get rid of it. He's like, how much you want to give me for it? I said, No, I was like, you need to look it up. He's like, honestly, I don't care. Save five bucks. So he sold me the vinyl for five. Yeah, so I don't know how much it's worth now, I think like 50 bucks or something like that. It's not much which is weird, because it's like an original print. But yeah, no, I mean, I've posted pictures of it before on our page. I don't know why I'm forgetting what it's called. I'm gonna google it real quick. Is this me off? Metallica, Metallica garage. Oh, it was called the 598 Ep. Okay. It was called garage days re revisited. And it was basically like, some there was covers on it. And it was fucking $5.98. Nice vinyl. And I have. So anyways, um, so the second band on my list my turn, right? Yeah, yeah. Second man on my list. Let's see if I can turn my page right. Back is this. Where am I? Right here. Okay. So this man was it's connected to the guy that Frank was talking about earlier. I couldn't get into this band because of how much he liked us, man. And I was like, dude, I can't that guy. Yeah. So this fantasy KY, which is weird because it took me six to seven years to get into them. And I've seen them twice. So their first album came out in 99. It was called Volume One. I didn't get into them till about 2006 2007. And that was with their second album that came out in 2002 called a infiltrator story rebuild. And the only reason why I got into that album was because so I'm big into soundtracks. We had a soundtrack episode. Yeah. One of my favorite movies at the time was Resident Evil apocalypse. And that soundtrack. This was when we had a discussion where like movies actually had soundtracks, where it was like you had like, besides and stuff on soundtracks and stuff. And on this soundtrack, they had a C ky song on it. And I was like, Oh, this is pretty cool. Song 2004 I think about two years later, after really like, Fuck, I would listen to that soundtrack like front to back. Like for a long time. I was like, You know what, let me let me check this band out. I started doing that too. Like almost every band on that on that soundtrack. Okay, so I went and I found out what album that was on. It was from two years prior 2002 and I listened to it. I was like, Fuck, this album was awesome. So then I went back and heard their first album from 99. I was I was pretty good too. I like it. And then in 2005, which was a year before I really started listening to them, they had just come out with their third album, and I really liked the two and I was like, Alright, cool. So I stuck with them for those first three albums. Because of that second one. I saw their fourth album come out in 2009. I didn't really care too much for it. And then I was lucky enough to see their fifth album come out in 2017, which I'm a big fan of too. And because of that, I've seen them twice live once it was on my own. And then the second time Kim and I saw them. But so that ban took me six to seven years to get into as it was in high school. I remember this guy because of that album from 99. Oh, actually, also two from the one 2002 those are the whole skate era with BAM and MTV. And, and, you know, I mean, I know they're still they're still close friends with him to even the holiday special. We saw them, you know, bam, they had some, you know, guests and stuff was done. They had the hologram with him and stuff like that whole

era. And speaking of skateboarding, is etnies still a brand? Oh, I don't think so. I forgot about that brand, though. That was a popular brand.

I'll look it up. I'll Google it. Before we had to show it. Let me write it down. etnies. But yeah, so ck y is the second band. So that was that's gone further into the amount of time that it took me to get into the band. The last one's gonna be 11 years. But so yeah, CQ is my second band.

Yeah. Frank, would you got?

My next one is Panthera.

Again, when they were when did they start like in 83? or

something? Oh, shit. But also, I mean to their credit, and nobody really knew about them until cowboys from hell but that is true. Those are first four albums were pretty much like what year was that? 90 something right? Yeah, like 9091 90. Okay,

closer, though, but you were like three years old? Because it was you know, yeah, it was three years. Okay. We're getting more into the timeframe of you being alive.

Yeah. And, and that was the one album that put them on to the mainstream also, because they, they changed her sound from glam to just like straight up, like groove. So a lot of people thought that was her first album, right? But that wasn't the first album. I heard from them. The first one I heard was the live one on one. The one one proof. Oh, yeah. The live album. Okay. I remember that in the car. Yeah. Did we listen to one? I think so. Okay, yes, yes, we're trying to power through a drive and we played some Panthera.

Oh, yeah. And then we got off the car and then we still hurt pentair or like, we're like, What the fuck is going on the same song the same song right? And so there was a it was

a cantera ban. Ban, right? Yeah. And playing the same fucking song. Same. I mean, yeah, it was weird. shut the doors, and we're like, or like what? sounded good to

me anyways. But yeah, it was a one on one proof. And I had a friend whose house I used to go over to every morning it was me getting across the street from our middle school. And you know, we'd go over we'd play Nintendo 64 until it was time to go to school before the bell rang, you know, though for the first bell and yeah, so we play you know, Killer Instinct on his badass flat screen TV. Dude, I got killer instinct. Fight you right now. Sweet. Yeah, I do have a black card the black cartridge out cool. And while we were playing Killer Instinct, you know to hype us up to the edges all pumped up. He would play Panthera super loud

and to get you pumped for school like you're always going to school second grade Mitch. Right? It was just to get us pumped up to play killer instinct. Okay, I got you 10 terabytes for school, but okay.

I mean, it probably didn't get excited about math. Yeah, no. Yeah, no, no, thank you. Yeah, live. Yeah, the one on one proof that was my that was the first time I heard Panthera but the actual the first studio album, for me was reinventing the steel. Hmm, that was their final album. There are nine albums in my remember I went also to Best Buy when I went and bought it. And I wouldn't stop playing that thing for weeks. Okay, so what's the Panthera song for you? The Panther song for me? Like the one that hooked you the one you're like, yeah, pentair I like I like pentair. It's also from reinventing the steel. It's yesterday. Don't mean shit. Okay, that's what it's called. It's a third track on reinventing the steel. Okay, cool. And that one? Yeah, that one. That one really did it for me. Okay, because that one really grooves you know? Okay.

Cool. All right. Gotcha. Do y'all want to try another beer? Brit? You got one. Britt. Do you have some? Oh, you did? Okay. Yeah, well, y'all brought some weird storage.

I don't know if there was like one sour and the others were just like,

different ones we've ever seen. But speaking of sour, we brought that sour when we told you about that raspberry one with a thunderbolt that Yeah, okay, so we brought it down. Okay, well, let me go pick one and then Britt. You can go ahead and Talk about the next one on your list. Oh, and I'll go pick it up. I mean, if you don't we can skip to another one

on my list. I'll be back. I'm sure I do. I just can't think of it right now. We should probably go to Kim.

This is actually the last one that I have that I could think of, which is another one of my top favorite bands. And they've been around since 99 2000. Breaking Benjamin and I saw them live in 2006. And then I kind of was like the same deal as Chevelle, like I, I knew of them, probably got into them around 2006 I kind of dropped off and forgot about them, and then came back into liking them and oh nine with their dear Agni album. And then there was like a six year break between that album and the one that they released in 2015. So I kind of dropped off on them again. And then, you know, started going back into the discography and started hearing stuff and listening to everything and I actually have, they're actually on the playlist with Chevelle that I would that I have compiled on my Spotify and I listen to it all the time. And so which is why we have a tribute band with just Hey, man. So that one took me a while to somehow some way and like he's one of my favorite vocalists Ben Burnley is one of my favorite vocalists. So that's just weird how that happened that two of my favorite bands of all time are like, bands that I discovered way late in their careers. Yeah, yeah. Um, they toured together and then they they coincidentally toured together, which

was crazy. Yeah, so we got to the front. Um, okay, I thought of one. Oh, what you got? Oh, unless you want to do beer first.

Let's do quick, and then we'll go to Britt. Okay. This one is? I don't know. I don't I don't know if this was one that you had seen or whatever. We've had beers from them before. And we were like,

it's an interesting one. Yeah, they do have three did that chocolate the birthday? The birthday cake. friend that you like, I didn't like that one. Oh, I don't remember. Maybe I didn't. Yeah,

cuz I remember you look for it. I just thought it was cute. Oh, okay. So she liked the logo, the cancer. Yeah, they are. Yeah. So this. This is called spectrum. It's from prairie or teason ales, and they're from McAlester, Oklahoma. The brewery is actually called krebbs Brewing Company. And this is a sour ale. Y'all ready for this? with cinnamon? hibiscus and chili peppers. Hey, that's the one I thought this was the one you saw. Yeah. Okay. And this one's called. This one's called spectrum. So I'm gonna go ahead and pop this. Why don't we start a bank on hibiscus chili. And we'll do chili peppers and the style. This one

kind of freaks me out because it will probably be florally maybe perfumey with the hibiscus? Yeah, who knows? It's kind of weird because I

like stuff with a viscous in it like, color. hibiscus is like episodic perfumey. To me. Well, the cinnamon to me is not appetizing. I still smell graham cracker. No, that can smells like graham cracker to me. Like it smells the same. That's probably the cinnamon or something. Yeah, it might be it kind of it kind of smells the same to me as the other one. So it might not be the glass. coaster. Oh, yeah, the coasters are increasingly interesting. Oh, you tasted it. Shake. No, I didn't waste any time. No, no, no, that's fine. Okay, so like I said, cinnamon hibiscus and chili peppers. Yes. So what do you see? What do you think?

To me? It's like all cinnamon. It's sour and cinnamon. And that's it.

Oh, that sounds disgusting. This smells like like the pumpkin pie one like the sour pumpkin pie. Yeah, it does kind of smell like the pumpkin pie. Bananas disgusting. out there. What do you read a sour and cinnamon? What do you give it? Give it a three. I mean, I don't despise it. But I wouldn't. Okay, seek it out. And there's no spice. I don't there's no I don't know. You're right. It's just cinnamon and sour. Yeah, weird. I mean, cinnamon is always good, but it's weird. Yeah, it's weird. Yeah, I mean, it's not terrible right? The aftertaste tastes like fucking Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yeah, yes. I like it. That's okay.

Just kills it for me. Like it kills the rate. emanation. Yeah, yeah. Well, I guess that's why it's called spectrum. But which is weird because chili peppers like I've had beers with chili peppers or peppers in them and you could taste the heat or the spice but this doesn't have that

now and it definitely I can't identify any hibiscus flavor either.

Yeah, yeah, neither do I. I don't know. Ah, look, I don't know. 2.2 point five. Wow. Yeah, I'm gonna go like straight down the middle. What do you what do you give it

It's just a weird flavor to me like, oh 3.73 point damn tight. It's harder than mine. Yeah, weird. Yeah. Okay, bro. Who do you got here? I forgot all about that. was distracted by cinnamon, cinnamon toast crunchy. That's why I like sour though. Like if you put sour milk in it. sour milk Cinnamon Toast Crunch. That's Yeah. Oh, you know what it tastes like you ever had those Cinnamon Toast Crunch like cereal bars? So they make it with like the milk? Yeah, it tastes like that. Yeah. So it's like, because they have a bit of a sourness to them. Okay, for some reason, I don't know why. Wow. Yeah. It's different. That's for sure. Yeah. So the other band that I thought of was, is the the damned. Okay. I mean, I always knew who they were. And again, to be fair, they started up before even I was born. So you know, I think it's okay that I came into them when you saw them live to I've seen them live twice, and that they are on like, the very top of the list for just super awesome performances and just best shows, ever. But my office mate and friend like whenever she started sharing my office with me, she's like, the ultimate damn fan. And so like, if you go into our office, we have multiple damned posters and our Oh, yeah. And so she's super super fan. And so because of her I started like listening a lot more. And then she and I went to see them that they were headlined a festival called chaos and chaos. That doesn't happen anymore, sadly. But that was super fun. Sounds cool. Good. festival. Yeah. And they headline and that was her first time to see them. And so she was thrilled. And then it was my first time to see them, obviously. And we were right up front. And it was just super. I mean, they're like, high energy and really cool. Yeah, so that that that's a good one, I think because yeah, I knew them knew probably a couple songs, but never really just dove in. And now I yeah, I'm all I'm all aboard. Okay,

so what's the song that made you like really? Like, get into them? Not necessarily your favorite one, but the one that you're like, Okay, I gotta listen to more.

I think smash it up. Probably was Yeah, cuz. And then now she and I have like, a tradition where we like listen to this one particular album one way. We haven't like an event that we have to go to together every year. And so we always listened to that album when we're driving there. And it's kind of our fun little tradition. So. Okay, album is machine gun etiquette.

Alright, sounds good. Yeah. So since this beer was kind of weird. We don't have to finish it. Let's get one that you brought. If you want to share one of those. Yeah, I can grab one. It's another sour. Yeah, no, that's fine. That's fine. I mean, I rather have sours than like what's a called stouts or stuff like because those to me they all legit taste the same sours at least you're like oh, it's a fucking surprise. It might be bad. It might be good. stouts are all like Oh shit, like, you know, whatever. But

actually, we have Yeah, I'm actually wait a minute. I think I think I have one of those in the fridge. But it's different. It's a different one. We have a different one. Britt See, can you see it? See what what the difference? I don't? Yeah, should be there. This is Martin house, honey. Oh.

Okay, we we've had that. We've definitely had that one. So we haven't had that one. Yeah, let's try that. Yeah, I can't remember. Like Mexican.

Okay. Yeah, now what? We'll try that one. So because they both have fucking like the cans look similar. They do. Do you know what? We got to cut? Okay, are you? Yeah. Oh, shit. Oh, that's right. You gave it a pretty decent rate. Yeah, that's not the worst. I mean, yeah, it isn't. It's just It's weird. Like I don't understand but yeah, so Frank, don't worry you don't miss too much. We that is so weird. It is like cinnamon toast crunch with sour. Are you gonna get out of there? Are you gonna finish that? No, I'm not now I'm not gonna finish this. Yeah, I'll move this back here. Alright Alright, so uh, so we're gonna try this and then we're in my next on next right as we skip Britt then we went to Kim expert. Okay, so this I guess I'll describe this one. So Oh, fuck Okay, Martin house again. I didn't realize that. I don't know why. This is a honeysuckle I've actually had this in the fridge for a while I've been wanting us to try this. Again, it's a sour but it's lactose it's a lactose sour with orange, honey and vanilla 6% ABV. This one Let me see when was this baby canned? I hate. How does that help Brit? Can you tell me how that helps? How are you going to stamp it? When it looks like a fucking? It doesn't like it's awesome. I can maybe tell you don't have to just saying that stupid says April 13. Okay, I'm assuming it's 2021 it does say 20 Okay, so this beer is almost two months old. So really? I mean, it smells good. I don't know if you guys smelled it if you want to smell the cannon Tammy

Phoebe. Probably had it in the fridge for a while. 1320 there's no issue, especially with the lactose, right? Like Yeah, what smells like orange?

Yeah. Okay, so orange. Okay. lactose, sour orange, honey and vanilla. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and give it a shot first. Okay, so I'm gonna put a honeysuckle on here has little honey bird on it. Oh, so cute. Okay, so I don't know what my dog wants. She's pacing. You know what tastes like? It tastes like an Orange Julius with a little bit of sourness to it. Interesting. I'm gonna give it a five. Okay, I actually like it. Dang cuz I like Elias Martin House of sour. I think it's it's the highest Martin house sour rating I believe. But it's I love Orange Julius. Yeah, and it tastes exactly like that. It

does. What is Orange Julius. say well, wait, what? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You know, Orange Julius is no you get her? Take her to the module not going to the mall in your cube. Orange Julius is like it's like it was a chain right? Yeah, like a chain?

Well, I don't think it exists anymore. national chain well, Dairy Queen I think sells I don't know if you guys know aren't shoes. They sell ours Julius.

So and there's also that restaurant here in town burger boy and they make what's called an orange freeze. And

that's okay. No Dairy Queen legit has Orange Julius on their menu. Yeah, so orange. Julius doesn't exist anymore. But they used to be like a juice shop. It's like this. It's fucking amazing. And so you can orange creamsicle Yeah, that's exactly what it was. And it was a basically a drink. And it was orange juice and vanilla ice cream. Right. Something like that. It was like a bland, they would make like orange soda. Yeah, there was something else with something. And yeah, and basically, it was like a little shop and you would get it at the mall and all mixed together. Yeah, it was. Yeah. And it was like thick and creamy and was like a Jamba Juice, wasn't it? No, no. It was. It was just like, if you went It was like, just give me a small medium. Just that. Yeah, that good. It was good. But now only Dairy Queen. I think it's only certain dairy queens if I'm correct. Because I remember I think we had gone to one and they had like, one had it and then one did it. But I like it.

I like it too. So I'm a big fan of like creamsicles and

not our I don't my has to be it because he's perfumey to me. I tasted Oprah like, I don't know. Maybe it's a glass. I think it's a glass.

So here we go. Orange juice. They've been around since the 1920s. And yeah, it's noted for its particular drink called the Orange Julius, which is a beverage of ice. Orange juice is sweetener milk, powdered egg whites and vanilla flavoring. Interesting. I guess we're off a couple ingredients. But they've been around since the 20s. But but they're not around anymore though. Right? No, I said that they're it's they're still Yeah, orange juice. is an American chain. Oh, maybe not here so just not here. Yeah, yeah, they probably downsize or something.

Holy shit. Okay. Oh, if I get snow in winter due to all the traveling we did and I never saw a fucking Orange Julius

maybe East Coast or something. Maybe. Can you go where they still exist? Like where does

Oh yeah, do a map like where's the nearest? Where's the news? Arzu is our it's probably gonna be a fucking Maine or something. Yeah. Yeah, let's see here. Canada. There's one in parallel in Texas. That's like World Trade Center. So yeah, that's near Houston. Oh my goodness. That is weird. That's a road trip and fucking blockbuster. Have a fucking weird I haven't seen

I can't remember what but interestingly, a bunch of dairy queens pop up. Yeah, cuz they have dairy queens. Yeah, but actually Orange Julius is. Well, we had one downtown at the river center. Yeah, we did. Well, we had one. I think Ingram had one too. Yeah, but not the closest one is out in parallel in Texas. Is that the only one like an actual standalone it's not Dairy Queen. We're gonna go just to be at a fucking Dairy Queen. That would be upsetting there was a closer one up in Round Rock Cedar Park that's permanently close now. So, yeah, I mean, they're there. You just got to drive out. Okay, I'm Britt What do you rate it? I'm gonna go have four. Okay for Kim, what do you rate it? I'm generous with the 1.50 9.5 I do not like

crazy I find this it's like I miss Orange Julius like I wish I could have it more if I had the opportunity, but I don't.

This is like having tasted that one. Would you go to an orange? Okay, minus the sour? I don't know. So weird because it's just orange in Manila. Okay,

I mean, I try it like I tried this. I'm not gonna like yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I just there's something about it.

I'm gonna bet it's a sour Yeah, but if you took this out, they fucked up actually being from Texas. Knowing that we had Orange Julius. Yeah, they should have just fucking done orange juice.

They think they call it honeysuckle. And there's really no like, flavor of honey.

Because it has honey but I don't taste the taste. And you know what? I'm gonna fuckin tag me like, Look, y'all fucked up. Just make orange. Y'all make your fuckin what y'all make warheads or whatever the hell? Dunker dunkaroos all that crap. Like, make ours Julie. Like, slowly. Get your honeysuckle minus the sour. Yeah, keep the lactose minus the sour and you're good. Yeah, orange. Julius. I'm gonna so I'm going to tag them. Tag Martin house.

Oh, actually, he's down here at Martin house. Okay, Frank, you got Anybody else? pick them off

enough cuz they're gonna make a beer. It's like, I don't know. Mario.

is crap. It's just gonna be like lactose and be the pizza beer. Oh. That's gonna taste like soggy hot, though.

We all agree. That's gonna be the that's gonna be which is really just like, you know, a slightly different version of the big red. It's gonna be

Yeah, sure. Right. They're gonna do collaboration. Ad like it's brewed with hot dog flavored water to it so you can get the button? Yeah, yeah. Live biscuit beer. Okay, Frank, who's on your list? My next one is kiss. beers are these old bands that exists? You barely got away with Panthera but yeah, okay. Yes.

But kiss. I remember I got into that wall. I discovered them in the late 90s because of Todd McFarland.

That's the only time you could have discovered them because you were able enough though anyways, because you weren't in diapers and diapers. But it was

but it was because of Todd McFarlane. The spawn guy. Yeah, this the spawn comic artists guy because he also had McFarlane Toys. Yes. And so basically all the spawn characters went through that but he also had a line of kiss action figures as well. I did not know that I don't yet the Metallica ones but he also had the the kiss wants to. And I remember I was at Target or something. buying some spawn action figures and I saw the kiss ones. And I saw like the logo McFarlane Toys, and I go like, Who the fuck are these guys? Yeah. So and then, you know, my my dad told me who they were. And then at the time, I think cycle circus had just come out. Okay. And so yeah, we were to target and then we went to okay, because this is how it happened. We went to go see the spawn movie when it came out in like 97 or something. And afterwards, my dad took me a target because I wanted to buy the soundtrack. And so I found the soundtrack and then I went to the toy section and I saw the action figures and that's also where I saw the kisaki figures and after I saw that, and we went back to the CDs, and that's why it's all a cycle circus CD. I didn't buy it, but that was like my first little introduction to them. And then we got home and I realized that my mom had several kiss albums stashed away like like vinyl album damn stashed away And so yeah, it was big because because the movies bond that's how I found out about what song was it they got you like oh shit you know initially I wasn't to like other than the makeup the makeup the guy I wasn't too drawn to them okay, that's one of my favorite kiss song is the one that a lot of kiss fans will probably kick my ass

for but so yeah, it's a disco one. Yeah, so let's time in the car. It's I was made for you. You're gonna say that? No, it is such a Yes, it is. It is a good song. And it's so weird because that's a disco era and I hate this go. Like, okay. Yeah, so funny that they ever did that because they were very anti disco. Yeah, well, it was like they tried to cash in on because where they were they were like, well, fun. We can't beat them, so we might as well join them. And they even made cashing in. Yeah, well, of course, they

saw air guitars and they made reference to it in Detroit Rock City as well, too.

Yeah, yeah. Writing in the car, and the chick is like, heading to a disco club. And they're like, She's like, just go so big that I wouldn't doubt it if kiss made a Disco Song. And they're like, if there's one thing kiss every

shitty Disco Song. That's a wow, that's that's, that's that's hilarious. No, I mean, that's. Are you still a kiss fan? I wouldn't say that. I'm a fan. But you appreciate their music. So or what? Yeah, it's really good.

Yeah, I mean, well, one of my favorite ones, which is weird because of because of Guitar Hero. Like I really like strutter it's a good song. Yeah. And I love love gun. Love guns. actually love guns. Oh, that's a good song. Yeah, actually, stone sour covered that song. I'm really hearing Cory Taylor saying it is pretty cool, too. Yeah, no, actually, another thing was, uh, there's, I mean, I guess I can kind of cheat a little bit too. I got into this band kind of late. I spoken this band a couple of times, I think. There's a band called Fozzie. And the lead singer is Chris Jericho. Who's a wrestler? He was in WWF. WWE, um, and he has a band. And they actually because of quarantine, he made a band call called quarantine with a K. And they did kiss covers. And they covered a specific kiss album that wasn't very popular with fans. And they actually got a record from I guess, billboard or something. Because they had a kiss song chart that they covered. They had a chart and kiss didn't get it. I have a chart. So they actually got a song from that album chart on Billboard. And they just recently I think like last week got presented with the with one of those records. And actually, they just released a new single this. Yes, today, actually. It's called saying I actually really like it a lot. So I'm gonna put on playlists y'all can check it out. But I'm actually I'm trying to get them on the show, too. Because they're supposed to be coming out with a new album. So I messaged them and

say, Okay, go on the show. You know, actually, going back to the the kiss thing. I think it was probably God gave rock and roll to you. I don't know that song. I think it's on one of their live albums. It's a cover of from a band called Argent. And I don't even know that you've you've probably heard it. Like if you hear it, you'll be like, Oh, yeah, what's it called again? God gave rock and roll to you. Okay, I'm gonna put it on the playlist. And yeah, I think that's one of the kiss Live albums. But most recently, yeah, it's been that one kiss Disco Song that I've been really really digging. In fact, in fact, that whole albums really good. Is it all disco night? It's not not disco? Really? Oh, I would have figured that it was Yeah, no, I mean, it's not all discovery. I mean, there's still some, like classic kiss to it. But, you know, yeah, they did go through a disco phase. And it's me. It's not like they weren't declining in popularity at all. I mean, they were like, pretty up there. But, you know, again, I think it's just one of those things where this is the new thing. Let's go ahead and try it and see where it takes us. Interesting. Yeah. Okay. Uh,

I mean, I'm not a fan of kiss the band, especially Gene Simmons, because I've seen the shit that he says and does. But there are some songs where I'm like, Yeah, like, oh, Detroit Rock City, too. I mean, that's great. Yeah, it's a fucking great song. I do hate though. I will say. I want to rock and roll all night. Tonight. Yeah, I and I think that's one of the reasons too, but I just had cancer. Because I might end up playing that song forever. Oh, I am in that band. Yeah, and we're playing and be like, Hey, y'all, let's play. I know what love guns actually a pretty damn good song. Yeah, I probably just play that song for Frank. The one that he likes. Yeah. It's going out to Frank. I dedicate my baselines. Okay, so are we that's where I'm playing bass. So on our lists, Frank, how many more do you have written? How many more do you have? Kim? How many more? do you have? Zero.

I've got one official one unofficial. Okay. What do you got? Britt? I think I'm good. Okay, I go. I might have a hangover next.

Okay. Okay, so I got one I'm gonna do mine my last one and then you can do your YouTube. Okay, so mine This is this is the last one on my list. And this one is an 11 year gap from when they started so when I discovered them, and this was a kind of weird one. I don't know where this falls with them. Well, I guess this is a weird one because like a when they started and then when I discovered them So this man is ami. I discovered him in 2006 with their 2006 album December underground. Honestly, I don't know how I got into this album. Um, it might have been because of the single Ms. Murder they came out for some reason I was like, Oh, let me let me I think it was one of those things where I'm like, I was curious. And I knew of them because of seeing the sorrow for girls not gray and was the other song that was off the album silver and gold, silver and gold is and those other ones who don't remember the leaving the leaving song or two? Yeah, so I knew those songs. And I knew I remembered the music videos, but I didn't really get into them. So then December underground, they kind of changed their style just a tad. They added some more like electronic stuff to it. And still, to this day, it's one of my fucking favorite albums of all time, I still have like, the biggest collection of that album, like, so there's two albums that I have biggest collections of and that's in which is weird for me to say because I have different versions of it. Some are like imports. Um, so I have, it's December underground, and then toxicity, I believe. Those are like the two albums that I have, like, multiple various addition, you know, versions of, but anyways, so 2006 this was actually their seventh album. They actually started in 95. So 95 was their first album, singing the sorrow came out in 2003, which is three years prior to that. Or shoes. Like this weather, yes. doesn't like the rain, though. I'm freaking out. So when I discovered them in 2006, I actually kept up, kept up with them. I actually saw their eighth album, which was in 2009. I saw their ninth album in 2013. I saw their 10th album in 2017. And now I get to see their 11th album, which comes out June 2021. actually heard one of the singles. So I've actually kept up with this band since 2006. And they're still I can still say they're one of my favorite bands. I've seen them three times live. I would have seen them four times, but I couldn't make it. Those are the tickets that I gave you guys. So you guys saw him in Austin, with the rise against against subs. Um, so yeah, I saw these guys 11 year I didn't get into these guys until 11 years into their career. Which is weird because it was 95 so I was seven years old, which I could have could have possibly gotten into them. But they were more they were more punk at that time. So up until seeing the sorrow they actually got a little more I guess emo you could call it so it was like emo punk. And then they started getting then they kind of I guess mature it a little more once the 2006 album hit. But ya know still to this day. I fucking love that album. I can still listen to to it all the way through. I have it on vinyl. Like I said multiple versions on CD. But ya know ami 11 years so that was the longest timeframe right i

think the sorrow to like you were talking about the videos too. And when? Yeah, the girls like the girls night gray video. Yeah, that one. That one was a good boy.

Yeah, it's a good video. Yeah, I really like that one. super cold ones too. It's super cold is a good video too. But it's it has a different feel to it. But yeah.

So yeah, so my next my next two, so Okay, I'm gonna, I'm going to talk about my unofficial one right now. Okay, before going back to my official list, I guess. Okay. This band. Well, I discovered him on the first album, but I purposely avoided Okay, I want to hear why and who it is. It was. It was the killers. Oh, Kim knows I cannot stand that. They're sandable though. They got really it was the killers. Yeah. When he came out with Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz. Everybody was talking about that one. Like every fucking everybody. Like all my friends were the killers. It really was. Yeah. Okay. And so I purposely avoided the killers until to put a killer song I'll play this.

Well, it's the one with the really cool baseline. Jenny was a friend of mine. I think it's gonna go on and off. I know that song. I might I probably

do. Yeah, it's like the album opener. But like, about two three albums in. You know, that's when everybody moved away from hot fast. And then that's when I went back and listened to it. And I was like, Okay, now I understand why people liked it. Okay, wait, what? Okay, so what's the distance right between that period? Yeah. I knew who they were. But I didn't get into their music until everybody had already like yeah, yeah,

yeah. So stuff gets really unattractive when it's Yeah, yeah, everybody's, you know, all crazy about

well, that's how this is unrelated. But when the movie 300 came out, everybody was like, super hyped on that movie for the longest fucking time. I think five I saw it five years like after it came out. I'm like, Oh, this a fucking good movie, but I couldn't watch it because everybody was like And then they were quoting like the this is part of a good thing and like, it was like, parodied everywhere and like, I was like, I think that when it starts getting married everywhere, I'm like, I'm good. Yeah. It was another movie that I still haven't touched because of that avatar. I have not seen that movie. Yeah, and it's because everybody was something like it doesn't look that

fucking good does not need to watch. Sorry, I didn't go on. I need to go with Wolves. But with blue people, everybody, everybody says if you've seen Dances with Wolves, you know they're coming thing you

know, they're coming out with three, three sequels, three sequels. Like they're already planned out. And they're like, filming them or

like a three hour movie wasn't enough. No. Well, they James. People. I'm sorry. I said that's definitely a good NAFTA. I'm not gonna watch that's

just gonna say that, that people like that. The way that they have sex is the same way that they like, get their animals to fly. So they like it's really weird. So yeah. So you get off for the fucking they're having sex with their animals. Yeah. And you're like, Okay, I just saw you do that with her. Why

did okay, now? I am confused. That's weird. Okay, Frank. Sorry. I didn't mean to go on a tangent. But go. Yeah,

yeah. I've always thought it was more like ferngully hype pack. Yeah, it's like, oh, yeah, like dances. What I mean, same. I hated that movie. Dude. I saw that movie. I don't know how many times the school and I hated the movie. I like I like the message though. The

messages is Yeah, but I hated the movie. I don't know why I hated it. I hated it. And it wasn't like, avatar. It just don't. Oh, no. Well, that's why I haven't watched it and I have no plans to watch it. No, see avatar was okay. Have you seen it? I find out that Yeah. He's a nice guy. He said James. James Cameron is a nice guy. He's made good movies. He made Titanic. I

saw it in theaters when they came out. Because you know, it was marketed so well. avatar.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, because he was like state of the art like new 3d shit yet. Yeah. No one else had done before. Yeah, and which I'm pretty sure what it was cool. But um,

I don't. And I think like, you know, before avatar, these particular 3d cameras he was using had never been used in cinema before. Right. He like had them build specific. Yeah, he did. Yeah. You know, I had to watch it in 3d, which was a pain because you know, I can't watch 3d without my regular knees. Yeah,

same. Same here. She can't see 3d at all. We just discovered, yeah. Oh, well. And so I'd have to know that you need both vision in both eyes in order for 3d to register. And so when, sorry. So she told me that, like, you know, that she didn't know what 3d I was like, What is three and so I have a 3ds. And I was playing the other day, and I turned on the 3d and I said, Hey, can you see this? And she said, I just see a Pokemon. And I was like, Okay, let me turn the 3d off. So I turn the 3d off. And she's like, it looks the same. And I was like, What the fuck is she talking about? I was like, it's on right. So she left a room and I was like, and I close my eyes and I turned on, like, holy shit, you can't see that. So I know that you have no concept of three. So you know. So you know the old school 3d. Yeah. So you know the old school 3d with the blue in the red. So it does have to do with that. So I know the new 3d plays on summon something

like all those comic books that had those when he got the glasses. Yeah. Never use the watch because you need both your eyes. But anyways, sorry, again, you know, I just thought of the I just thought of the Virtual Boy. Oh, though virtual. I had the fucking other one. It was a fucking It was called. I think, was it the red one that was like a tabletop thing. And like, it was like

it was a band that you would put around your head and it had like a little fucking lens. Yeah, I remember that. I forgot what was called. Fucking v. And then like, I had a dinosaur game like, you remember? I don't Primal Rage. It was like the dinosaurs if it was a fuck was the name of that. It was Anyways, I'm sorry. It was a 90s pretend VR. It wasn't really VR, but it was like just read fucking figures. And it was like, oh, wow,

sorry. Yeah, the Virtual Boy. Amber, I wanted why. And I was a kid. But then now as an adult, I realize it's probably not a very convenient game system. Because like one you have this you have to put your eyes on this thing. And there were like warnings about kids having like seizures because flash. Yeah. flashing and kids having seizures not funny. And all the graphics are black and red.

Yeah, I guess that's why that that was also lost on me too. And I would try to play it but I was like, I don't I'm not really getting this and he had to worry Oh, word Oh, 3d. Yeah, and I didn't work for me then. Okay,

let's see. 90s VR headset. Remember the name of the studio. big game so much stuff.

It was called Well, there was one from Sega there's a Virtual Boy. Oh my god, I'm trying to remember

but the one you're talking about overseeing it at Toys R Us.

Yeah, it was a it was like a I guess it was a cheaper version of that. And

I think at the time, too, I was trying to buy the Nintendo gloves. Oh, I do remember that. Yeah.

Oh my god. This is gonna have to be hanging over. I don't remember what the name of this stupid thing was. But anyways,

yeah, your mom. But I know. I know what you're talking about though. zone. A, did you mention the Sega 3d because I was also a thing. Yeah, that was a thing too. But that was

like, all of a sudden turn into video games video. Happy Hour. Video Game happy hour.

Six devices from the past. Anyways, just guys remind me Okay, I'm gonna have to Google it's gonna piss me off. Okay, um, okay, so

yeah, okay. Yeah, so we were talking about the killers. Now the killers. Yeah, that's right. Maybe that's why I kept tension. Tension to wave a new word. We get videogames from the killers. I don't even remember cuz

we went from the killers that cuz you were saying? You were saying hype that and so I went Oh, the movies and then we started talking about avatar. Oh, be 3d and 3d led to you can see 3d and then we went cvpr Oh, that's how it happened. Okay, well, at least we found where we came from. So yeah, the live the marshmallows.

So the killers Yeah, I knew about them for the first album, but like two or three albums in that's when I really, you know, went back and heard their the first album liked it, and especially really liked that song. Jenny was a friend of mine. Because of the baseline. Okay, I'm gonna put that on the list cuz I don't think I know that's okay. You can skip everything else but. But Jenny was a friend of mine was was was a good one. And from my official list, oh, it's a band that I've been a big fan of for the past, what 17 years or so it's a Nine Inch Nails. And then I discovered in 99. at the MTV Video Music Awards are performing. And their album, the fragile had just come out. And, you know, it was a lot different from anything else I've seen on the MTV Video Music Awards, because he had this one band that was very dark, very orchestral and very just quiet, but aggressive. And I thought that was really different. And that was 99. And then after that, it just didn't really keep up until maybe six years later, when the band released the album with teeth. And my interest in then picked up again. And yeah, I've ever since then, you know, I've been into it not so it's funny because the hand that feeds is like a little bit of a Disco Song. You know, actually a lot of a lot of those won't matter a lot, but some of the songs on that album are pretty disco. So it's a good song. It is a good radio, radio player folk time, but yeah, they did a good song. And yeah, so that's when I started getting more into Nine Inch Nails. But then, you know, I figured, oh, this is the band that I heard, you know, six years ago, but now they have a more accessible sounds a little poppier. And then when you know I went back and listen to their first albums, and and I thought, you know, this is like, not even the band that I knew at that time, because everything else was just more challenging more structurally. It was like it like mature or something. Yeah, but but the funny thing is that you know, you when you when they release Pretty Hate Machine, it was like really Poppy, you know, yeah. And then their next two albums of followed were just very, not very radio friendly. And I think that's where you developed who you were like as a Nine Inch Nails fan, you know, and then when with teeth came out, it reminded me a bit of Pretty Hate Machine in terms of its pop factor. And then everything else that followed was either it's either pop or its way outside of pop. So

but even like Pretty Hate Machine. I guess. Maybe it's more accessible or poppy ish, but it was still really really different than anything else. Oh, yeah. being made edits in its time. And that was 1989. And yeah, there was nothing like that. on the radio or anything like and also Frankie, like again, like 1989 you were three. So

yeah, right. I don't know. Fuck, math.

But so if you know I mean, yeah. Don't imagine like time you can do math without a Nine Inch Nails. So,

you know, I could see that. Yeah, I could definitely see that. Yeah. So what's the Nine Inch Nails song that got you in tonight's nails?

the very, very first one. Yeah, was the one I saw at the MTV Video Music was I won't let you fall apart. Okay. All right now and that one, you know, live compared to studio. It's like a whole other beast. But then, you know, later on I mean, I mean, I can't even like if he gave me a nine inch nail song and I'll just like give you like a full critique of the whole thing. You know, cuz I'm like that upset? Yeah. But you know, I think I think it's more like in technical terms. Yeah, I'm not gonna go get their logo tattooed on my forehead. I'm not that kind of person. But are you though? No, I'm just kidding. I'll just get it on his butt. But yeah, that was one band I discovered because of MTV. And then I later dropped off from them and then fears later got back on them again. And I you know, I've been a fan since since then. So and they're, you know, they're one of the bands that I that I closely follow. So

yeah, no, yeah, no, yeah. No, we know on the podcast, yeah. Metallica, Metallica. Um, alright, so you guys don't have anything else on your list right now. Alright, good stuff. I learned a lot about you guys. I mean, every week I already I mean, I already knew it's just there was a bunch of interesting stuff but um, yeah, so I mean, that's all for this episode. Like I said, if you guys want to mention anything, you can go ahead and go to the website and in case you don't want to go to the social media stuff. I'm also to next episode like I said before is going to be your little drinking game. It's gonna be a little alphabet. game for band names. And then we're also be trying trying and rating What do you want to call them cheap beers? Yes, a cheap beers. Right. cheap. Beer. Okay, so it's gonna be a cheap beers Episode Two, so we're gonna get that out of the way. So that'll be good for next week, right?

Yeah. In fact, correction, the name of the song is called the fragile. Oh, it definitely nothing. Yeah. Oh, that makes more sense. Okay, so yes. D he had to correct himself. He knew he was wrong, too. And he was like, nah. Well, you know, because it's like it's like one of those songs that the the name of the song is not sad in Yeah, okay. Gotcha, you know, and it's just like, whatever

is repeated. So you try to find like a phrase and this is what it's called. This must be the name. Yeah. Yeah, that's how I felt with the I want to rock and roll on nine party every day. I was like, that's what the name of the song is to me. It's called I want to party every day. What is it? What is it really called? I think it's called rock and roll night rock. That's what it's called. Right? Yeah, so I just say the whole fucking course. Rainbow song. Alright, guys, we'll be wrong on that. Tonight. Oh, I'd be wrong that shit. Yeah. Kim would do fine though. Alright guys, we'll see you guys next week. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Bye. Goodnight.

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