Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 35 - Vegetarian/Vegan Bands/Musicians

May 22, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 35
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 35 - Vegetarian/Vegan Bands/Musicians
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This episode, we try and list as many bands and musicians who are vegetarian and/or vegan, discuss them, and dig a bit into the reasons that made them choose that lifestyle. And, of course, we try some more interesting beers and rate them. Shenanigans included. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer music. So every episode we try different craft beers. We write them, we discuss them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics, right, Frank?


What's today's topic?

Today's topic is vegan artists and bands. But here's the thing. What if they're vegetarian?

You know what, I was gonna go ahead and get away with that on this one because I did come across some that actually, or someone might listen, you know, ahead of myself, but some started off vegetarian and then went into veganism. So um, yeah, no, I mean, it all works. I'll probably change the title of the episode to vegetarian vegan bands and artists or bands and musicians. But, ya know, I definitely came across that it's not a that's not a not a bad rule to break.

No. I mean, I just figured they're in the same realm, almost, you know, so. And it's true. Like you said, some of these artists started one way and then later transitioned into the other. And it was interesting, you know, to read some of the transitions, like, I think, and I think it's with every belief, every ideology is like, you start off one way and then you learn more and you become a little, you know, aware you progress. A bit more so. Yeah, it was it was interesting. learning some of this stuff. There were artists that I wasn't even aware that were Yeah. Vegans and anything to like, a lot of the death metal bands with, like these, like super brutal names. Yeah,

some of the most like hardcore guys, you're like, What the heck? But no, we'll definitely get into some of that. Um, one thing though, I am gonna apologize ahead of time, I wish I would have gone more into detail like I usually do. This is kind of an off episode. For me, I don't have as much information as I usually do. But I do have a list so we can discuss it. If anything, probably next episode, I can do a little bit of a hangover not not a whole bunch, but just you know, whatever, if there's any interesting facts that I found. But speaking of that, so we usually start the episode with two little segments in the beginning. One is, what are we drinking, which we talk about what we're drinking to kick off the episode. And then the other segment is our hangover segment, which is a segment where we talk about things that we either didn't get to bring up last episode, or maybe we just thought of something and, you know, during the week or the two weeks or whatnot, and decided, you know, hey, let me bring it up. Yeah, so I guess we'll start with what we're drinking. But I want to take a guess and say you're drinking alone star. Yeah. Okay, cool. I wasn't sure.

super light light Lone Star, which is called Lone Star. 24. Seven. I keep one with like, 60 calories or 65 calories, something like that. So it's like 2% alcohol. So sweet. No,

no, that's a good way to start. I probably I think mine's like a five point something I'll check. Yeah, but uh, um, Frank. Oh. Oh, my God. I looked over and all they're drinking the juice.

Okay, I'm drinking zero cow's zero everything. Pick with juice for now. I'm a fan of pickle juice. It's good for the body. And it did like it helps prevent cramps and still does. So tomorrow. I've got a heavy day, I'm going to be doing some construction carpentry work. So I'm prepping.

Does that work ahead of time? I'm not sure that's how that works. I

feel like it does. Okay. I drink a bar. I mean, I drink a jar at least Oh my god.

Like two a week?

Yeah, about two weeks or so. And

I don't have cramps when you live to be 100 they're gonna ask you what your secret is. And you're gonna say I drink a jar of pickle juice a day. Exactly. That's insane.

But later Oh, bust out some of the some of the other stuff.

Okay, me I'm drinking. This is a pretty interesting brewery. So this brewery is called untitled art. And I don't know if I've ever talked about these guys had one last night you had one on title art?

Yeah. Last night that the Pilsner right? It was like a crisp Pilsner, crisp Pilsner and most quite nice. Not sure

if I had that one. I've had a few of their beers. But one thing that I find interesting about these guys is they always do collaborations with other breweries that are in their area. This one It looks like it's just straight up from them. But usually, like you'll see on the side like or right under, they'll have the name of the other brewery that they worked with. This is a New Zealand double, I think it's a double dry hop. Yeah, it's a New Zealand double dry hop juicy IPA. This is what is the alcohol actually is a little higher, probably because it's a pint. But it's 7% ABV usually they're about five 5.6% ABV right. So this is a India Pale Ale with my Touka Nelson solving real walk on way, way at hops.

So I guess they're native right to Yeah.

Yeah. And so Britt was asking me if it was from New Zealand and I was like, No, I think how it works is a pretty sure you guys probably knew this, but it took me a while to catch on. But a lot of these like West Coast IPAs, New England style IPAs, I guess New Zealand, whatever. I guess they get named based off of the wasn't where do you use the native hops in the area? Yeah, it kind of makes sense to me. I never really thought of that. But it's a really good IPA. I mean, I like it a lot. Maybe it's because it's double dry hopped, but it tastes very crisp and

smelled. I'm curious. How does one grow? Uh huh. Is that a thing? Yeah. I mean, yeah, it's a thing, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

But if you wanted to grow hop in your backyard.

That's interesting. I mean, maybe if you pour some beer in there. No, that's weird. Yeah, I don't know. You probably

have to get hops that would do well, and your geography

that too? Yeah. Cuz I know, they grow in certain Well, I guess like all plants. They grow on services. Yeah. You know what? Um, I'll tell you what, I'll do some research. And I'll see what hops are native to Texas. Okay, and see you. Maybe we could grow some. That'd be cool. And maybe you make our own beer. Right? cuz I've been wanting to do that. I mean, I know there's beer kits. And I've been I've been wanting to, but it'd be cool to see what pops are native to Texas, because I know, there's a lot of breweries that ship them from other places. And speaking of

their cats fighting in the background,

there's always

something Yeah, when

I was reading about it, I didn't know about this. But beer cans that explode because of oxidation. Okay, and in the can so what happens is, and it depends on the type of like active cultures or activists that are active, whatever ingredients that are that are in the, that's in the batch, you know, you have like life sediments and one yeah, and that little space between like the top of the can and liquid, like that little bit of space right there. Yeah, that has room to create oxidation pressure. Okay, and so if, you know, maybe like four or five months after that batch, if it has an open it, it, you know, it creates, it creates this like type of gas. So when you do open it, it just like burst or even without opening, it can just burst like the can will expand and just so

basically those cans of do that are not filled to the top,

they're not filled to the tailgate

and kind of make sense.

And, you know, they happen often every brewery has their bad set just you know, explode explode.

I've ever had a beard explode.

I think I've seen it. Yeah, I think they do razor. But I think it does well. And you know cooler to cool to cold temperatures. If you leave it out in the heat, of course, you know, it's going to expand a little more and it's going to explode and it's not just like beer cans also like soda cans or like mineral water cans, too. They had the potential to explode because of those gases that collect at the very very top. Which is a you know, sometimes when we buy cans, and like the bottoms are like bold. Yeah, they bowed out. It's because they're probably about to burst.

But that's not like those aren't isn't that's not like a builder will carbonation when the can gets shook. It can. That's what that was but I mean, I guess

it can be sometimes but sometimes it'll just be sitting in a warehouse for for quite a bit. Yeah. And without movement stuff happens. We can just like expand a little bit. So that was an interesting thing to that I found out

Oh, no, that is interesting. Um, but don't let me actually write this down. So I'm gonna write down Texas hops just so I can do some research. Maybe I can come up with something interesting for Next Episode. But I also forgot to say this. untitled art is from wonky Wisconsin. So we've we've I think I've had some of these guys on the show. I know I've had them off the show. Definitely there are on Instagram. But no, this is pretty good brewery. I mean, I really haven't had it. I don't think anything bad of theirs. I think I have another one in the in the ice just for us to try

those breweries from Chicago. Still, the classic pic of

lassic. Kim wanting to drink.

I don't even know. Not to

have. Yes.

I don't know the brewery on title art. No, I'm just kidding.

brewed by fair state brewing. Oh, kooperative. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Okay. It's a co op. And it's a half of eizan Classic Bavarian style wheat beer with notes of banana vanilla and clove. Hmm. Yeah, it's really good. It's 5% alcohol by volume.

The canvas cool.

Yeah, this is cool. I just sometimes I hate those labels or like, you can't find any information. Yeah, this is like I'm like Yeah, super good. Yeah, like I really like banana.

I didn't think so. But maybe a little bit.

You know what it tastes? I don't know what it is. I don't know the taste to describe it but the aftertaste is a bit like minty not mint tea, but it's like, Aw man, I wish I could explain that flow. Maybe it probably is a clove. Yeah, it's like a spice. That's what it is. It's like a spiciness to it. Again, I can't really come up with the profile. But anyways, no, it's good. I mean, these two beers are good. And I know that one's good and not really too fun. Anyways, um, but uh, okay, I guess with that out of the way, does anyone have any hangover? Y'all remember last episode was about I was

I was the brain. What do we call your nerves? Yeah, I thought about Third Eye Blind, like old dude. Oh, really? Cuz that sticks. You know? You hear it? Yeah, that's gonna stick sometimes. That's funny.

Did y'all have anything after that? Like the jaw got to thinking about where you're like, shoot, I wish I hadn't thought of that song and now like app, but because of the show. More now.

Now, because he's always singing Barbie girl. So that's just like every day. Okay. Kylie Minogue.

But it's also like I explained my, my, my ear worms are not really related to me. They're just related in different

Yeah, you have like an association with like, like imagery and stuff. Yes. Okay. Yeah, no, um, you know, it's beginning. Last episode, I just want to say thank you, too. I don't know, like just this past episode. I've noticed that we've gotten like a lot of new listeners that are going back and listening to some of our older episodes. Which one thing I always knew about podcasting is that if like, when you start and you're not like an influencer, you're just like normal, like, a normal person like us. And you do it. It's not like a it's not a sprint. It's like a marathon. So it takes a while to build up. And so when we released our last episode, I was like, man, I was like, no one's like, it was just weird to me. I was like, I haven't seen this in a while. And then I woke up one day, like a week after, and there's like, all these lessons. And then people are going back and playing older episodes. And I was Oh, shoot. So I was I thought it was pretty cool. So don't say thank you to all the new people listening. And if y'all like it, leave a comment somewhere. You can go on our website, rock happier pod calm. You can see any of that social media stuff, just say hi, or whatnot, tell us what you'd like to drink, a beer drinking show. So I'm also too on untapped. But. And then, of course, if you like music, you're listening to the show. We have Spotify playlist for almost every episode. So you can go on there too. And check out our Spotify playlists for whatever episode we're doing on the matches. So the topic, but I guess well, that said, I guess we can go into the topic. And I know, it's customary for Frank to kick us off.

Yeah. So like I said, vegan vegetarian artists, there are a lot of them. There's nothing to surprise me some that I already knew.

And also, don't forget to mention our relationship with the vegan vegetarianism, cuz I know you guys are vegetarian. Yeah. And for the longest time, I didn't, I would get confused. And I was vegan for a year. So I just it was something like, I remember.

Yeah, he was one of those one of those speakers. That is not true. It is true. You shamed us so

much. Because I forgot. And I remember, like, we would go out and I would always forget like that. You guys. were, you know, y'all could eat that. And I was like, Yeah, I was like, I can't eat that. Like, I thought we were all all the same. Yeah. And then also, too, it came across the word pescatarian. And I was like, what religion is that? And they came out again, and I was like, Oh, my God, and then you guys explained it to me. But we'll get to it.

Yeah. So I guess we'll kick the will kick the topic off with the preface. So I myself personally, I've been a vegetarian for six years, close to six years. Tried veganism for about four or five months or so

we tried.

You know, and I learned a lot from it. Was this one I was bashing you

guys, or no,

I don't remember. No, I

think it was like, it was after all tried and then we switch back to just vegetarianism. And

yeah, so definitely, you know, living both lifestyles, you learn a lot from it. Yeah. been going at it for almost six years now. I think at first it became first it was, you know, curiosity. I wanted to see what it was about read up on it. And decided, yeah, it's something I want to do. And also as because, you know, Brett's been a vegetarian since she was a kid. And I think her influence. It wasn't forceful. It was just more like I was aware of it. Yeah. But I ignored it for a little bit. And then I decided, you know, I'm going to try it too. So I did my research, I decided, yeah, there are some health benefits to it. So I wanted to try for that. Yeah. And then later became, you know, moral and ethical stuff. And then Yeah. You know, and I've been doing that ever since, you know, 2015, six years now. And then we tried veganism for some months. We it's hard. Yeah, you know, we struggled a little bit, you have to be very, super vigilant about what you're consuming and whatnot. But, you know, definitely a good experience. And, you know, I'm not like one of those super hardcore militant types, you know, to me, it's like, to each their own, you know, if you want to not eat meat, that's cool. If you want to eat meat, that's cool. You know, I'm not gonna go out and I preach the word. Yeah. That's

what I appreciate about y'all. Like, because I know that there's some people that are like, you know, oh, my God, I can't believe you know,

yeah. judgy. And yeah, so you're

just like, okay, like, and we respected, we go out to eat together. And y'all get what you get, we get we get and whatever, like, Oh, my God, I can't believe you're. And also,

you know, well, I was just gonna say, what's interesting is there is the opposite to there are meat eaters who are very upset with That's true. I think I'm

there because they're like, why are you? Why do you wire? Yeah,

yeah, since I was 12. And so I've had to tell many people like, why, you know, I'm vegetarian. And a lot of times the response from some meat eaters is like, Oh, well, you know, and then they'll like, attack. Like, look, dude, I'm not telling you. I'm vegetarian, because I'm going to preach to you or anything. This is my choice. I'm just telling you, because I don't want the food that you're offering. Yeah. You know, but but some people take it very, very personally. And therefore, it gets a little ugly sometimes. Yeah. No, we're not. We're not about that. You know, we're not interested in preaching or anything. If somebody has a question for me, and they want to ask me why or something like that. I'll talk about it. Otherwise,

don't talk about it. Yeah. And sometimes, like, it's crazy, too, because I forget that y'all are sometimes you know, cuz we don't talk about it. Yeah. And like, and like, you'll make dishes sometimes, too. And I'm like, This tastes amazing. But like, I know that it's not, there's no meat in it. And it's like, doesn't matter. It tastes good. It tastes good. We

host yell at our house. We're like, oh, let's make and then I'm like, Oh, we have to get something for

them as well. But it's fine. No, because

we liked that, too. We just it just slipped their minds, because you're not like forcing it on as their interface. Or we're doing it back, you know? Yeah. Yeah.

And also to, you know, you have meat eaters that are also they try to be ethical about their stuff, too. You know, they try to do like farm raised or grass fed or organic, you know,

yeah, or hunt or fish there.


there's a lot of farming. Yeah. people doing their own.

Yeah. So So I guess, you know, whatever side you're on, there's an ethical stance to it. There's a militant stance to it. The way I see it is, you know, so long as you are just at peace with what your lifestyle is, what your choices. Again, to Yeah, if people want to ask, you know, why? I will tell them, and I'll say, you know, I discovered for myself, this is why, you know, I'm not gonna force it down people's throats, because that's ultimately their own choice to to make, you know, however they want to, however, they want to do that. So yeah, you know, and the same thing to like me, like, not consuming alcohol, and the rest of y'all do. And I mean, that's, that's totally cool. Yeah. Like, I've had no issue with Yeah. And it's cool, because there's like that mutual respect. Yeah. So,

like, we do wish we're like, oh, man, I wish I could try this, but we're

gonna be like, trying, like, one little, like, we respect you know, your, your lifestyle and you respect ours, like, as you know, what, or whatnot. And like, also, to bring it up like before, like I was vegan for a year, and I didn't really have any specific reason. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I wanted to see how I would feel and I wanted to see basically, like, I don't know, it was kind of I don't know what caused me to do it. I just wanted to do it. And then also too, I was like, I was kind of seeing like the ethical part of things. So I was like, Okay, well maybe I'm doing this for you know, what I'm doing now is gonna help you know, whatever living creature whatever whatnot, but like It Wasn't that wasn't the reason I just did it because I wanted to and and then one day, I mean, I was at work and just on my own, I just I was like, No, you know what? I think I'm done and I had already hit the year mark. And I was like, I don't think I can do it anymore. It was tough. It was really tough to watch everything and to make make sure there was no cross contamination was stuff because I was going I went in like deep when I when I did it. And I remember the whole thing when you're brought up brought up the pescatarian thing with me the same thing happened. When I was at a one of my jobs. This lady, she was like a foreign lady. And they offered me some chicken. She had chicken And I said, Oh no, I can't eat chicken, I'm vegan. And she said, Oh, she's like, it's against your religion. And I was like, it's not a religion. No, yeah, you get a lot of people that don't know, or I mean, even, you know what it's about, or why people do it.

And then there are some religions that that don't like, like Buddhism is one of them. It's vegetarian, right? Yeah, vegetarian, and I think there are also some some Muslims that don't, as well. I don't know which sect of of, of Islam, that doesn't eat me. But, of course, you know, also to just like, like the Jewish people, and like, the Jewish faith, you know, you have to have kosher food for the Islamic faith for the for the Muslim face, you have to have, you know, like, Hello, type type foods right, as well. And it has to fall under, like certain guidelines and whatnot. But also to you know, there there are some in those religions that just abstain from from meat altogether. Yeah. So it's, it's, it's interesting to learn that it even also plays into religion for some people. But also to, I'm not gonna say I'm completely 100% vegetarian, because there are occasions like maybe once or twice a year where I will allow myself some fish. Okay, you know, it's gotta be like, fresh, like, straight from the ocean. Like, I gotta see it being caught and slaughtered in front of me.

Okay. All right.

No, no, not like that.

She's like, I nursing you.

But yeah, it's like, I've

never finished Oh,


Do we do eat fish?

Sorry. No, I there was a stretch of like, a few years in there, because like I said, it had been vegetarian since I was 12. And so I think there was a period of about like, four years where I switched, and I was pescetarian. And then I went back, and it was because I was fishing all the time. I got you. And so I would like harvest my own fish. And so I felt okay about it, but the, like, then I kind of switched back because I stopped fishing. And so I just because life changes, and, and I didn't want to like buy commercial. Yes, because our fisheries are not in great shape. And I didn't really feel so good about that. So I just stopped.

Okay. Right now, just curious. I didn't know that. I don't mean to cut you off.

Yeah. But he's curious. Like, like, once or twice a year. If meets the only option, then that then of fish is the one thing that I'll allow myself.

Okay. All right. Cool. Cool. So I'm gonna see where we're at on that, because I know we've all had some kind of experience with it. And then of course, you we, when we started talking, I was I was vegan. So it was kind of crazy to do that. It was it was a it was just something that I don't know what it was like, it was just like, I think I was ready. I was just trying to push myself to see how far I could go. And then ended up being the year and I was like, Yeah, I think I'm good. I tried it. It was interesting experience. I can say I did it. And I went straight like cold. Yeah. Yeah. weird to say cold turkey. Like one day. Oh, yeah. Cuz I know, I know, people. When I talked to people about it, like being vegan. They're like, okay, you should gradually go into I think I haven't had the conversation with you guys. And no, I just went straight one day, and I was like, Okay, I'm just gonna go. I don't think I can do the gradual thing. I think that's gonna bug me. Yeah, yeah. No, but anyways. Alright, Frank. Well, I guess you can you can kick this off, man.

Yeah. Okay. So some of the artists I have here, you know, some are ethical. Some are just for health reason. I'm going to start with I don't know if I should save this for you. I'll probably say no. I'm okay. I'm going to start with Kirk Hammett. cabinets, which

Oh, my God, I did not know that. Yeah, he's a vegetarian.

He's been a vegetarian for I don't know how many years decades. And the funny thing is James Hetfield is like an avid hunter, you know, and so people were like, how are you in a band with someone who's like an avid hunter, but it's all but his dances, you know? He doesn't let it bother him. Yeah. Because that's his thing. Yeah. And this is my thing. And he even goes on to say that, you know, that Hatfield will actually bring them stuffed animals that he's killed, and he mounts them on his walls, you know,

which is, which is weird.

That's weird, which is weird for a vegetarian to say, but you know, he says that there's really no, no ethical stance to it. It's just more for health reasons. Okay, so it was kind of like, Wait, does it Yeah, the vegan thing?

Yes. I really didn't. Yeah, okay. I guess I understand that.

Yeah. So for health reasons that that's why he does it. But that was one that I didn't I didn't know about, you know, until Yeah,

no, I didn't know about that, either. Yeah, that's weird because I even I kind of cheated on this one after the fact. And I looked at like lists, and I didn't see him pop up. That's how do you know how long you've been bed vegetarian?

No, but I can look it up real quick.

I guess that's cool. I mean, I didn't I did not know that. And you had to be the one to bring on Metallica. Right? It wasn't me either. And I'm wearing my without because I did I did. I really did not know that. I just that was I guess. Yeah, no. Yeah.

So it's Yeah. It's a Here I am a vegetarian not because I love animals I am one because I think eating animals is not good for your health. James's hunting doesn't affect me at all as I have a lot of taxidermy in my house. Okay. Which, you know, sounds a little strange, but,

but it makes sense. Again, you know it his reasons.

Yeah. It's one of those things where if you can find a balance and you know if you don't let certain things affect you, yeah, well, it says here. Yeah. It was in castle Donington. 1985 he was assaulted by a flying pig's head. Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. So I don't know. I guess somebody in the crowd. Had a butchered pig's head and threw it up on I'm gonna guess he

was playing with Ozzy that

was it was Aussie.

Yeah. So it started in 85. And I guess he saw that he was traumatized by it. And he just like, yeah, we thought his lifestyle

that would be really

random, like Gary's random throwing a pig's head up on stage.

Then again, it was 80s. And, yeah, that's, that's crazy. I mean, all that stuff happened. I mean, come on. somebody threw a bat at Ozzy, you know, to get shots in his ass. You know, sorry. Right.

I thought he put the head off of it. And

yeah, and then he had to get, like all these shapes to make sure yeah, they didn't have anything. Well, I

think what happened from what I read was he thought it was

Yeah, he thought it was a prop. Yeah. And so bit it not thinking it was really

bad. But

that's so crazy. Imagine like doing like,

that does happen. I forget what what year was, but he had Ozzie had a meeting with Oh, and they, and they had doves?

Yeah. And they bumped him in some way. And he pretended that he was gonna bite the head off the dove. He didn't do it. No. Or he

actually did do it. Yeah, there's pictures of him holding your head. Let's die. Okay, I've seen like blood hanging out. And

I've seen the picture of him with a dope, but not I don't remember that part of the story, but maybe I didn't want to. Yeah. But then again, it also to in those days, he was on drugs, like, often so yeah, it could have been like, you know, yeah, I can do again. Yeah,

apparently he's about to tour. Really? Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, I

just heard that on the radio the other day.

I've never seen no, I take that back. I know. Yeah. I've never seen Ozzy performance, Ozzy, but I've seen him performance Black Sabbath. So that'd be pretty cool. I mean, if I if I would,

I've seen him perform. As Ozzy. Yeah, I haven't, but not as you know, with blacks. Yes.

I've only seen with Black Sabbath. But good times. Good

times, which would have been cool to see when Black Sabbath. I mean, I know how.

Well I guess Black Sabbath is probably the better one to Yeah.

Yeah. Rub it in your face. But right. Yeah. Yeah. Kirk Hammett is my first artist and yeah, he's been vegetarian since 85. Ever since he was assaulted by pig's head.

And I've said it once. before and I'll say it like 100 more times. You are the bigger Metallica fan than me. Even though he denies it, he denies it like but he's he is. I think he doesn't want to take that title from me. Right, but I think

he doesn't have any. I think I'm one of those. I'm one of those random facts. Metallica people.

That's insane. That's like you always you always want out me on Metallica all the time. All the time. Oh, what's next?

I don't know. You want

to go? Kim does Kim does?

She raised her hand? No, I did it.

She did a damn I don't have much. I tried looking for stuff on this person. As of like, how long they've been or like when or what or why. But um, Josh Katz, the singer and guitarist of bad flower. Okay, he's very vegan.

Those guys are good. He's very big. Just because he's very, like active and like, yeah, see a lot of his social media. Yeah. Yeah.

Let's play that.

Oh, okay. Yeah, we saw those guys with nothing more. Nothing more. They're pretty good. I mean, I thought they were good.

I mean, nothing more, right? Yeah. Yeah, I

think it was. Yeah, it was good. Yeah, they were pretty good. Um, all right. Well, I guess I'll go you you still have people on your list? Yeah. Okay, cool. Cuz I was like, I know, there's somebody you should probably talk about. There's like three that I have. Well, the first one on my list is a one. I knew he was vegan. So he popped up in my head before I even did you know, research and I googled, and one thing that always tripped me out about him was that he's vegan, and he's like, ripped as hell. Frank probably knows what I'm talking about. Yeah. Doyle, Wolfgang von Frankenstein, of course, stars of the Misfits. That guy is like, be in his hell. And he's also shredded as hell, and I don't understand it. In his book, yeah. And so I mean, I think he's been vegan. I think I looked that up and I probably lost it. But I know he's been vegan for a while. And he's in domestic partnership with Alyssa white, Blue's Clues. There's no I'm a lot there, but she's the vocalist for archenemy, and they're actually both begin. Oh, so I know she has been in vocalist for multiple metal bands. But currently she's I think she's been with archenemy for I think since 2015. Teen I want to say so I think she's been the vocalist for about six years. But yeah, she's begun as well. But I mean, come on, you got like a female vocalist running a metal band or she's fronted at least four metal bands in from Europe. And then you got Doyle from the Misfits, like crazy, like two of the most hardcore looking people and then like, Yeah, well, vegan. Like, it's crazy. Like, you wouldn't guess that if you did it. No,

no, you know what I mean? But I guess it makes some sense, because and

he has a Chihuahua. He has a well, I follow him on Instagram. It's just crazy.

But it makes some sense, because I don't know. To me, it makes some sense because Danzig himself is not a vegan. He's not a vegetarian, but he's one of those like, ethical meat eaters.

Oh, really? Okay.

Yeah, apparently he likes to go out and like hunters on food. And he preps it himself. I

could see him like going up to something and just like, punch. Yeah, that goes out. Like,

three, three foot tall guy. Like, just like punch in the head.

Like, I'm eating all of this. Yeah, no, that's I mean, that's that was that was the first person on my list. And I guess since I don't have a lot of like writing stuff to say I'm gonna mention another one. This guy I know he's been he's been beating for a while. I don't know what when he went vegan, but he's also straightedge. One thing I didn't notice is a lot of the musicians here that are vegan are also straight edge as well. So this is Davey habit. I don't know you had him on this. Yeah, singer vfio SOS. He's also the singer for black audio extremists, which we talked about on one of our other episodes, dream car and son Sam. He had a vegan clothing line, actually, from 2008 to 2012. It was called Zoo boutique. But there was like a lot of legal issues that happened. So it it went away. Yeah, dissolved in 2012. But also his partner in ASI. his guitar is Jade PJ, PJ is actually vegan as well. The other two members of afib are actually vegetarian. So Davey and Jade are vegan. And then Hunter, the bass player and Adam, the drummer actually vegetarian. But, uh, so yeah, that's, I mean, that then is kind of half in half.

Which is, it's funny, you you bring that up? Because when we saw them with Rise Against

tickets, yeah, these tickets, I

couldn't, we couldn't make it touch. And I remember just like, standing there watching your fi and thinking a band of vegans is playing at a barbecue joint.

Yeah. Yes, that's right. I didn't I didn't really snap to that. But I guess they don't really pay attention to the venue. Obviously, they're gonna eat there. But that's pretty crazy. You know, was

there though? Peter was there protesting or not protesting, but they had like booths set up by like literature? Yeah, yeah. So that was interesting to to have PETA at a barbecue restaurant, right. But there

have been times to where artists will request you know, whatever venue they're playing if they could have like meat alternatives. Hmm. Like, I think Paul McCartney, he's one of those artists that wherever it wherever he's playing, you know, if the venue serves food, you know, they'll accommodate and they'll have like meat alternatives.

I mean, I guess that's what the regular person to like. I mean, like, there's some people I remember when I went to excuse me when I went vegan, and I was like, looking up like, restaurants that had alternatives. So what they like so like, if they had a dish, they would like take out the meat stuff. But the only thing was, there was a risk in that of cross contamination. But I was I was, to me, it was interesting. I was like, Oh, I didn't know these restaurants. were willing to do that if you requested it. But speaking of rise against them, I listen to that band is mostly vegetarian, but the singer Tim Mikko wrath, he's vegan. So it's just crazy that you mentioned them. I forgot they played together. Yeah, but so Rise Against is mostly vegetarian and he's vegan. So I mean, I bet you that was kind of cool. You know, having


then, you know, being those two bands together, them both being Yeah.

So that's, it's pretty common in the punk scene, you know, the whole straight edge thing and then that goes into veganism and whatnot. And it's, you know, it's it starts from I really want to say like the late 70s, early 80s hardcore scene from DC from LA from New York. And I think a lot of the bands that were that started off being vegetarians or vegans were because, you know, their touring budget wasn't very big. So a lot of times, the only thing they could eat were just like rice and beans. And, of course, that's like the cheapest thing you can make and you can make a whole lot of it for everyone that's touring with you. Or,

as an attacker would like to say a ham sandwich and sandwiches cheese in your hand. Yeah.

I mean, I'm probably just making assumptions here. But I think some some some of these artists started going vegetarian because of, you know, budgetary constraints there.

There is one artists on my list who went vegan because of that, yeah, but I'll talk about later.

And, and one of those bands that really started the whole movement is Bad Brains from from DC. And a lot of the bands they toured with, you know, they learned a lot of touring ethics from them, like a band called kromaggs. They learned a lot from Bad Brains. Black Flag also learned a lot from from Bad Brains. Henry Rollins, still to this day, like still professors how much he's learned about his particular lifestyle, because of Bad Brains.

And as he began hereditary, he's traded, right?

Yeah, he's he straight? Yeah. I don't know if he is vegan or vegetarian or not. But yeah, he's definitely straightedge. But a lot, you know, a lot of influential hardcore bands from the 80s took their cues from from Bad Brains. And I think it's cool because, you know, they started a whole movement. And it's not like they were militant or anything. It's just they were like, you know, this is who we are. This is what we do. If you want to learn about it cool. If not, you know, we're still going to respect you. So yeah, so yeah, definitely bad rains is one of those bands that that kicked off that that whole you know, lifestyle with Yeah, movement. And also, you know, speaking of straight edge, I'm just gonna jump into me. Yeah. Rob Zombie, too.

Yep. I had him on my list. But yeah, I kind of figured you would you would bring him on and

he's another one that abstains from alcohol and eating meat. And, and this is one of the funny ones too, because you know, you look at Rob Zombie. He's just like, the super hardcore like horror. Yeah, blood and guts every Yeah. But he's like an animal softy? Yeah. You know, he's got like, an animal sanctuary in his house. Yeah, at his farm. And, and his wife to Sheri Moon zombie, too. They're both like, super, like, hardcore about animal rights and whatnot. And I think at first for him, it was you know, health reasons and then later became ethical. And I think and and that's the pattern that I've seen with a lot of the artists here is like it becomes it starts health, it you know, it starts as a health thing and later becomes more ethical and moral stuff. But yeah, he's another one, you know, and you look at him, he's like a scary looking dude with like, long hair and beard. And then you find out he's like, the total opposite of the image is,

you know, so two things I wanted to bring up about him. I don't know if you guys know or not. So I was looking up and I had never seen this term before. Yeah, I'm pretty sure one of you guys can explain it or both of you. But when I looked him up, specifically, it said that he was an ethical vegan. What's the difference between ethical V and regular being

an ethical vegan as somebody who doesn't for ethical purposes? So like that, okay, sort of what you were doing like you were so okay.

So opposite of Kirk Hammett.

Right? Basically, who just does it because of health or the ethical version as the person who's choosing it because of animal rights?

Oh, cuz what's so weird was that was the first time that I had seen that term with him. But every, like pretty much every other person on my list who was vegan or vegetarian, are they actually they are, what's it called activists for? You know, they either work with this animal rights group or this animal rights group. But that was the first time that I saw that term. And it was associated with Rob Zombie, and I was like, What the hell is I mean, it's common sense. But still, I was like, what's the difference? Like, I thought there was like a more technical difference, but I guess not. Okay.

I'm pretty sure that's, that's my understand. No, I

mean, that makes sense. And then the other thing that I noticed, too, I don't know if I read this wrong, Frank, but apparently, he had gone vegan too, because of something he had seen on set of like some movie. Like, apparently, he had seen Something about like that had to do with an animal. And that made him or maybe I read it wrong. And he I guess he saw like a documentary or something. I don't know. Maybe that's maybe that's what it was. But no yet Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie was on my list, but that's a good one. I mean, that same thing. Yeah, they a lot of these guys, like a majority. I saw I started the playlist on Spotify. And most of its metal. Yeah, it's just so crazy. Like it's metal or like hardcore punk. Yeah. And it's just so crazy, but I wanted to know if you guys would like to try a beer. Sure. Okay, before we go on to the next one. I'm

actually gonna get my beer from the fridge.

Oh, sweet. I'll let Frank do that. And I'll pick one from here. And then while Frank and I do that, Kim in Britain will sing showtune Okay, Britt So did you try this noise barrier? I

did. That's the one I tried last night. Okay, so what's good for us to type together through but it is it is like the sourest of sour beers I've ever had. And I love sour beers, as you all know, okay. Let's try this one. It's like,

Whoa, we can read it together. Then. Kim, can you do the honors? Well, actually, we'll share from the Can you can get some from there, but We'll read it and see what's up. So obviously Brent liked it. Yeah. So what so? No, you know what? I'll let you read it when you taste it again.

Yeah, I need to remember. Okay.

And then it was funny because I don't remember. Okay, so last episode.

Oops, sorry.

No, that was my fault that got stuck on the clip. We were talking about some beer, right? And then I was like, Oh, yeah, Kim had it. And then you had it on the show. And so you rated it and I was like, Oh, I want to see what so I was looking for it. And it was written down. It was just like on a page that I skipped or something. And yeah, we're similar but

anyways, not the same. Yeah, not the same. Network close. Yeah, sometimes Kim and I are like spot on and other times we're opposite.

Yeah, so I guess well, Frank is still getting that so we're gonna do is we're gonna look at this one. We're gonna have Britt and Kim read it first. So this is for Martin house Brewing Company from Fort Worth, Texas. We're always having Martin house on here because they're so crazy. I can't wait to try it. So this is called snozzberries. And I think that's a reference Joe on it. I think that's a reference is

currently in the Chocolate Factory. Okay, Willy Wonka, the Chocolate Factory. Okay, that's not as berries taste like snozzberries right.

Okay, so I only remember that line from Super Yeah,

that's Grandpa Joe, I think okay. So never seen that movie before.

I know. So it's a this is a good pieces and I don't know It's weird. So this is the chocolate pack. This is a fruit It's sour with pineapple cherries and oranges. 8% ABV. So this is just a regular that's all out yet. Because a pint 16 ounce. Okay, so, Kim, go ahead, try it.

I'm gonna watch your face.

She does like the sucker punch one. Which is sour but I don't know what this one's gonna be like.


Yay or nay?

She probably there's probably a flavor in there. She does not like

I don't know there's like a bitter ness. But then it like it goes away but it just like I don't know my tongue. Maybe it just tastes bitter like really easy because I feel like I pick out the bitter and everything in there. Like you don't really pick up butter on so what? Okay, I

haven't tried it yet. But before I try it Britt what do you what do you read it?

I love sour beers. But even this one I think is too sour for me. Okay, so I think it is that so I'm just gonna give it like a three. Okay, yeah, Kim,

but you taste it again.

Actually, it's funny because that raspberry sour we had to me was too sour for me. And I don't think this one is a sour sour one. Hmm. I taste that bitterness though. Is that tastes like a kind of, it's not a bitterness. It's a what's the word like a breading is kind of like a heavy

kind of like a heavy advice I pick up like an earthy Yeah,

it's kind of like a hefeweizen.

Like, 3.8

I'm gonna go with like a four. Okay. Yeah. Okay, so Kim said 3.8 I said, uh, for interesting. I don't know, like, I guess our What's it called? Taste cleansers? Yeah, pallets are very, I mean, I mean, I don't know. Yeah, I mean, it's, it's, I wish you would have tried if I can find it again. I'll try to get you that because we did see it at the store. That raspberry sour with the peach and the lemon. Oh, nine. It was super sour. To me, in my opinion, it was more sour than this. And I actually couldn't even finish because it was a pint. And I gave her why had most of it. And I was like, Oh, you know, here you can have what's in the can. And I was like, I can't finish it. So pretty much he drank the whole beer pretty much because I didn't I couldn't couldn't Yeah, I couldn't stomach it. It was just too much for me, but interesting. All right. We got that. And I guess we'll try another beer and another round. Oh, I

didn't get to talk about mine. Oh, shoot. Yeah, what do you got? So this one I've been wanting to try for a while. Okay. It's a Budweiser. 00.

That bottle looks interesting. I might have to take that with me. Okay,

yeah, don't get document. This one I've never tried before. I still haven't had my first sip of it. Budweiser. 00 alcohol 50 calories. And let's give it a shot. Let's

see mean you.

Yeah, we've been seeing it everywhere. But that was only in 12 packs.

Frank never shares.

No, I have like several. It's cool. I'm just kidding. You know, it actually tastes like a Budweiser.

I don't know that's a good thing or a bad thing. Yeah.

It tastes like there's very little alcohol.

So what do you rate it?

Like a Four? Four? Yeah. Yeah, that's

not bad as far as like, I don't

think it's bad. I think it could just be in the fridge a little longer. Yeah, it's better. But

it's multi. Yeah,

it's multi. Well, I think those probably, I think, if I'm correct, most non alcoholics are going to be more on the multi side because they can't really have too much hops in it to prevent the alcohol level.

A lot of them are especially like the big names. Yeah, they're sweeter rice or they're sweeter and they're malty. But some of like the smaller breweries, the independent breweries, there are some that are quite hoppy.

Yeah, we probably had some I probably just yeah,

and last night, Frank had a hot water. Yes.

Did you send him? Tea? Oh, that was easy. Yeah, so so can't find that. I've been looking for it. I

think we've seen it since the hot water is basically just, you know, carbonated water with with hops.

I don't know where I saw that. I saw that somewhere. I read that. Okay.

All right. Yeah. So I had that last night. And it was it was good, you know? liked it. Okay. Oh,

I'm probably thinking of hemp water. Oh, yeah. Because I think we bought I think we bought one of those on our own. Maybe we don't know anyways. Um, but ya know, we'll try that. I mean, that's interesting. Yeah. No, that's cool. That Where did you buy that?

This we got a total wine.

We've been talking about going. We haven't been a total wine, like a month or something. So we've been wanting to go by and see what's see what's there. I don't know. Maybe we'll go this weekend.

Yeah. Yeah, but that was the thing. I these were always available and like 12 packs, and I was like, I don't want to, I don't want to buy I don't want to commit to a 12 pack. So I was just hoping I could find a single out there. And then we went today and we saw the six pack and I thought well, you know what, that's not that big of a commitment. six packs.

I bet I actually bought I was gonna bring one for Brett. But I know Brett is not a fan of them. The Kentucky bourbon barrel. So they always have a different ones. They have like a Blackberry. And then we for the Christmas episode, we had the peppermint one that they had. They always have different ones. And I think I gave you I don't know what I gave you. There was there was a totally different ones. Anyways, they came up with a strawberry one. And I bought a four pack because they sell four packs. And it was pretty good. I liked it. I mean, it tastes like a strawberry ale. But at the end it has a whiskey punch because they let it's in the whiskey barrels. Yeah. I liked it. I mean, I to me, that was like a five. It's a it's a really good to me, but I didn't bring on for you because I know that whiskey. Yeah. Yeah, like booze. Yeah, I think of all the beers that I've had of theirs. Because they pretty much have all their beer sitting in whiskey barrels, or the bourbon barrels I should say. I think only not like the one and I think it was like a coffee one I think. But they have they have a coffee one they it's on our list on our website, rock dock, happier Apollo. You got to do search, Kentucky bourbon barrel and you'll see all the bourbon barrels that we've had, or that I've had, but yeah, yeah, no, I mean, it was pretty good. I liked it. Just wanted to bring that up. Yeah. Frank was next on your list. Oh, joining Oh, yeah. Who's

Britain? Yeah, one. would you go? Adam Yelp, also known as MCA from Gracie boys. I just No, no, no longer with us. Right. He passed away some years ago. But he Well, he was Buddhist. And he, he actually went vegan when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was part of like, the so he had surgery went to a Buddhist monastery, and that was part of the treatment they recommended for him was to become vegan. And he did. And still, of course, we lost him. He passed away. But he was vegan for some years. And I just read that the two remaining Beastie Boys, along with Adidas just released a vegan sneaker. Oh, and yeah, to sort of commemorate MCA and yeah,

that was cool. That is pretty cool. Yeah, I mean, I didn't know that. So. I mean, I always put tracks for bands we talked about or artists. We talked about our playlist. What's your favorite Beastie Boys track?

That's to say just Nami, I love the song alive. Okay, yeah. Okay,

I will put that on the playlist, but I didn't I did not know. I did not know that. Yeah, yeah, that's pretty cool. Um, Kim.


Hi, what's up?

So I don't know.

I was like, quit.

No, my artist is one of my favorite drummers. Travis Barker. He went veget he went vegan. He's vegan. He went vegan after surviving the plane crashes. wasn't in 2008. So he's been vegan I found since he was 13. And then some sources say 15. So he's been he's been vegetarian, sorry, when he was 13 or 15. I don't know which one's the right one. And he didn't go completely vegan until 2008. And he's actually an investor in a vegan restaurant called crossroads in California that was sponsored. And this led me down led me down a rabbit hole. And that is a blink reference, because Matt skiba is also vegan, and he was vegetarian first. But he's been vegan for 20 plus years,

he was with an alkaline trio.

And Mark hoppus is not strictly vegan, but he is vegetarian. So the whole band, I didn't know that. And they were actually in 2016 voted the most animal friendly, banned by PETA to

Oh, wow, that's interesting.


I don't know, because there's like mold. I'm gonna say that they were voted that because they're popular, but there's like multiple bands on my list that like the whole

well, PETA two is actually like the PETA group that go that's more targeted towards youth.

Mm hmm.

So I think that might have maybe, maybe,

sure, yeah, a lot. There's a lot of people that don't really know a fire rising. Well raise against alkaline trio. There you go. Um, interesting. Yeah. Okay. What's my Turner? Britt, okay. I don't want to like, you know, go over anybody. But did you? Do you have more people on your list? I do. Okay, cool. So I'm not gonna say who I have here, because you might have them. Oh, interesting. Yeah. So cuz I'm kinda like, we don't usually overlap. Yeah. So I think you if you don't have them, I'd be surprised. Like, I would really be surprised. So I'm going to go on and say somebody else. Frank, I don't know if you have him on your on your list. But my next person is Jared Leto. 30 seconds. No, I


Yeah, so he's actually vegan. And what I didn't know was that his brother, Shannon Leto was actually vegan as well. And there was a period where it was, I don't know what album this was, I think it was two albums. After beautiful lie. They became a three piece and actually that third member was a vegan as well. So for a while the whole band was vegan. But as of now the band only consists of them to just the tubers. And so I don't know how long Jared Leto has been vegan, but I'm sure I'm pretty sure it was from when a beautiful since at least a beautiful I came out. So I mean, that was what like early 2000s. No, it was like in 2000. So yeah, so he's, I'm pretty sure he's going to be in for a while, like I said, and do a whole lot of research in my list. But that was one that I didn't really didn't know. But yeah, Jared Leto. Yeah,

I known that about him, but he just didn't pop up.

Really? Okay. he popped up on one of my lists. Yeah. Okay. Wait, you mean pop up in your head are probably gonna list

No, like, he didn't pop up in my head. Okay, like I had known about it, but I just didn't like stop to think okay. Yeah. And I know his brother. Shannon is like, really big into coffee. Okay, like, he's like a big coffee. Okay. I mean, it's interesting. I mean, that's the thing.

Yeah, it is a thing. Yeah. I mean, well, because Lamb of God. Right. Not only do they have a Donal here. Yeah. Which we've had on the show, but they also have a coffee. True. So I think it's linked. I think you kind of tried to substitute things for because I mean, I don't know they might be straight edge. I didn't read that far into it. But they um, yeah.

At least three other members are vegetarians. Well, there's only two of them now for former members. Okay, well, I'm talking about them.

Yeah. Oh, God. Okay. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha.

I'm talking about that. My God. So former drummer Chris Adler is a vegetarian. Okay. I didn't know that. And his brother also Willie Adler and bassist Willie Adler. I know Willie Adler. It sounds like a like a lowball lawyer or something. Yeah. Yeah. And won't fight for you know, he won't. He was just like standard. And, and john Campbell their basis to is also vegan. And I think it's something that he learned he adapted from his time in the military. Any know, also to military is also a very structured lifestyle, you know, and so, I guess it makes sense, you know, to tie the title together your military background and your your vegetarianism to

is Randy Bly just just nanaka like he began to read the terian. Right,

you know, I mean, he might be I tried looking, but I couldn't, he just hasn't, maybe he is he just hasn't like, come out with it. Yeah.

I just kind of figured he was but when I looked, I was like, okay, no, I can't find it.

Yeah, no, but yeah, he doesn't drink alcohol. I don't think the rest of the band does too. Yeah. So I think they're, at least in the alcohol sense. They're pretty straight edge. As far as what other stuff they don't do. I have no idea.

Okay, cool. All right. Well, I guess your next what do you got on your list?

Oh my god, was that god Okay, yeah, but uh, but I mean, if we're gonna stay like in that same realm, you know, I can go off into my next two just real quick. That's fine. Rage Against the Machine. The whole band. Okay, I did not

know that vegan or vegetarian.

So one, one quarter vegan and three quarters vegetarian. So Brad Wilk the drummer. I think also too for for health reasons because he's, he's diabetic. Okay. And he developed his own line of lemonade. Which was, you know, recently approved by the FDA. Or was it the FDA? Yeah, the food drug? Yeah. But by the FDA, because he had issues trying to find a lemonade. That was that not only way what

Yeah, so you can find them? Dude, he has, like alone has like,

the thing is like finding a lemonade that actually had flavor to it. Hmm. Well, I'm

back up. I want to have him on the show now

to join him. So so. So like a diabetic lemonade. Oh, that doesn't taste like diabetic lemonade.

So you mean sugar free? lemonade? Yeah,

yeah. And so he developed like a formula. Pretty much and the FDA picked it up and approved.

Does he have his own lemonade?

He's got his own What's it called? I forget but actually, I don't even know if it's still be in production. Yeah, in production, but yeah,

it was tasty crap.

No, I'm just kidding. I don't know. But I mean, but think about it. You know, like if you're trying to do like a sugar free song. Yeah, you can taste the artificial sugars. Yeah. And that was his issue was like finding something that said it was sugar free. That also diabetic friendly, but it just lacked in flavor. And so that was a

lot of artificial sweeteners. Tastes extra gross, right?

Yeah, that was the thing was trying to get like eliminate that tasted percent too. Okay, I

guess I guess I guess I understand that.

Yeah. So for health reasons. He went vegetarian. Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello, also to the only vegan is bassist. Tim Comerford. And that dude, I mean, he's he's pretty jacked. Yeah, yes. Yeah. I

wouldn't have guessed that. I didn't know that he was I didn't see him pop up on the list. I wouldn't have thought that.

Yeah. And he's like super hardcore into mountain biking as well to shit. And I think he, like he's, he's known for biking, you know? 100 miles over to the next city to go see Red Hot Chili Peppers play or to go see some jazz artists play? Like he just he'll get together with him. Yeah, he'll get to go some friends and be like, Hey, I'm gonna go see his jazz artists like next town over? Yeah,

he's gonna take off like a week before, right? Yes. Yeah, next week.

So that so that's the thing. There. So yeah. The Rage Against the Machine. And also I've got a Black Sabbath bill Ward and Geezer Butler.

I have Geezer Butler on mine, but not bill ward. For me, just I guess to share it with you. Yeah, he was the one that so he's been vegan since 94. From what I saw on here, right. But apparently, he mostly had a vegetarian diet before that, because when he was a young, his family was very poor. So they didn't have a lot of like meat in their diet anyways. So he was one of the ones that was kind of like those bands were because of their financial situation. They didn't, their diet was different. So he was mostly vegetarian before that, and then went vegan. 94. But that's all I had on Geezer Butler. But yeah, he's a basis for Black Sabbath and heaven. Hell,

yeah. And Bill Ward to the drummer, that I didn't know, I think, yeah, for most of his life, he's been a vegan. And I think it started off with, you know, he was like a kid, maybe, like, 10 years old. And he had had meat before, you know, but at that point, when he realized, you know, what it was, like, he had never seen blood on me. And then he asked his mom what that was, no mom explained, I think he just, like, reassessed and said, Oh, you know, I'm actually eating something that was alive used to be alive. That like stuck with him. And he just, like stopped from from that point,

I can see that.

But it's also it's also funny because, you know, Black Black Sabbath you associated with like, Satan, they

invented metal,

they invented metal, I think, you know, these like, hard heavy dudes, but I didn't know that. But they're, you know, but their diet is plant based. Yeah. You know, and I'm pretty sure maybe at this point, it's always Ozzie.

Yeah, he's getting older now. I

mean, ya know, and also to Tony Iommi, I mean, I'm not sure but i'm i'm fairly positive you might be because he had that cancer scare a while back if

I didn't do any research on him. I didn't see him pop up anywhere when I get

and yeah, so and I think because of that, I think he like alternative lifestyle too, and probably even his diet. So I don't know I mean, it's, it's crazy because, you know, again, like I said it all starts for health reasons yeah later morphs into something else. So yeah, Black Sabbath. Bill Ward Geezer Butler as far as Ozzy and Tony Iommi.

These bats go on?

He's bats. Yeah,

he's pigeon. Toe tofu.

Tofu. That's what easy No,

yeah. No Yeah, that's

interesting. I didn't I didn't All I had was was geezer. So that's pretty crazy.

Yeah, the go Go's.

Okay. Go you still haven't mentioned I know cuz I'm saving

it for Allah. Okay. Okay. Okay. I think worse the. Okay, so I think you got Okay. Yes. For sure. Yeah. And I'll talk about that one. But the go Go's is also on the list for sure. They've they actually like we're have been spokes persons for PETA. Since PETA. I got started. PETA started in 1980. And so did the go Go's, and holy shit. They have been. Yeah. Yeah, ever since. Wow, that's crazy. And they just celebrated like a 40th anniversary thing with them. And they made t shirts that say like, go go vegan. And they had like a big campaign in the early 90s. where like, they were all all the chicks were naked behind like a big sign that said, I'd rather go go naked than wear fur.

Wow. Yeah, they were it was crazy. I remember when those campaigns

Yeah, I remember. Yeah. But I just didn't know that. The goggles were so associated.

Yeah, they've been a part of like, yeah, with the PETA since the start. So they're pretty big activists in the in that

way, Christina and

actually, they just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Like last week.

Wow, that is crazy. Because I didn't see their name pop up in that either. But yeah, but uh,

ya know that I

didn't see them pop up on the list either. So that's, that's cool. I mean, you guys are bringing up stuff that I didn't see. So yeah, that's why I like to show because I learned stuff.

My reading down from this beer.

Okay, what are you? down to

2.8. I'll take it down to 4.2 Banksy. After a while. I'm like, No, there's just something in there. That doesn't fit right. I think. I feel like Martin houses sours all tastes the same. Okay. I don't feel like they're sours differentiate from each other. Sorry. I'm all like touching everything. I don't I feel like they're sours all just have the same sour taste to them. And they just kind of blend together and they like, I don't feel any difference between them because we've had a few and

I feel like this one to me is so sour that like the aftertaste is like bile. Like, tastes like I just shift and no not good. Yeah, right. She's got one beer. The pizza beer. Right?

Yeah, she's right. Like after I taste it again. They do kind of all tastes the same. Yeah. That raspberry window, I think Yeah, I get it. We get stronger than this one. But the sourness tastes different because obviously it's not a Martin house beer. But you're so right. They do taste juice. Pretty big, but read.


but yeah, I demoed this one and

I don't have anybody on my list. Oh, you don't. Okay, so I'm gonna go next. And you know what, before I go, I guess we'll have another so

yeah, right. We kind of watched that one out.

So I'm gonna let y'all pick.

So we keep an eye on that one at the

store. The strawberry one? Yeah. Okay, so we can either go with this Martin house again, sweet and sour strawberry. Sour strawberry beer with lactose.

Oh, yeah, see?

Or we can go with a 903 brewers milkshake and fries and beer. This is a melon. I'm super curious about this is basically what this is. is a milk stout brewed with chocolate soft serve, and sea salt. Oh, so have you guys ever put

in your Wendy's frosty?

Yeah, so you can see he has? Oh my gosh. Wendy's

said no, no, about the fries. Because you see what I would do with McDonald's. What I would do is I would get the fries and dip them in the soft serve ice cream. Okay, tell me that was good. Um, you've never done that. No, the fries and a frosty? Never there but you've never done it either. Okay, so what are we trying? Are

we trying to flower we're going after this.

Are we trying to frosty beer or the strawberry? Sour? Well

leave it up to Kim since she felt so passionate

about and no, I don't care. Either one. It doesn't matter. I mean, obviously, we're gonna taste them both at some point. Okay, you

know what? We'll taste the strawberry one right now and then at the end of the show will taste the will taste the surprising. Okay, one and then I'll go into my next person. So here we go. I'll let you do the honors for that. And then I'll go into my next person. So my next person is gonna be you know what? This one's kind of weird because we've talked about them before but we're not Beatles fans. Um, but Sir Paul McCartney. Right. Put them on my list. Because there was an interesting Fun fact like, I'm a big Simpsons fan, not from the past, like maybe I want to say 10 years, they kind of got lame. Like, you know, the older the older shows are held up better back when like Conan O'Brien was like the writer on the show. Yeah, a writer. So he's been vegetarian, actually, since 75. Right. And what was interesting to me was a he appeared as a guest on an episode of The Simpsons. I remember it on October 15 1995. And that episode marked the episode where Lisa Simpson went vegetarian. And she's been vegetarian ever since? Yes. So. Yeah, so basically, I mean, I remember that episode, like, you know, like, I saw it yesterday. And it was just about

Linda McCartney, isn't it?

Yes, yes. And so basically, she Lisa goes to up who's a quickie mark, trying to get away from Homer because Homer has been like discussing with a barbecue that he's gonna have. And so she eats a hot dog and who's and who ends up saying well, because of who's Buddhist. So he ends up explaining to her that he's actually vegetarian. And he leads her to his upstairs garden where Paul McCartney and his wife are hanging out. And so from then he ends up she ends up having a conversation with them. And from that episode on since 95, Lisa Simpson has been vegetarian. I just thought that was interesting.

How, how old is Lisa? Since in a in real life, human years, she's gotta be like, now you gotta be like, 40, right?

Oh, yeah. But I think like in the show, she I think like on the cartoon, she's like, eight or something like that. Yeah, cuz I cuz Bart's older than her, but right. Yeah, I was like, a super big Simpsons fan. So up until, like, 10 years ago, when I talked to her. She's, she's okay. She's able, yeah, no, she's been vegetarian since then. And I just thought that was funny. But I mean, you know, he is, and it's so crazy. Because like, That's such a, like, a weird thing to include on like a cartoon like that, or like such a small detail. But like it changed that character from then on.

Yeah, for sure. You know, and it makes sense for her character

to because she's got to Yeah, because it aired in 87. If I'm correct. I think it was a year before I was born. So that's when it started when it started. Yeah. And so for seven years before that she was a vegetarian, and then that episode happens. And then yeah, vegetarian, since I just thought it was an interesting fact. And in case no one knows that. But so with that said, we're gonna try this Martin house. Britt has some. And so just to give some detail real quick, this is from has lactose in it 7% actually, so it's kind of high 7% ABV. The lactose might kill some of the sour I'm not sure. So

Bri tasted already. Like she's thinking of

the lactose. The lactose is probably gonna

like upfront, it's nice. It's very strawberry. And then the back end I don't really

it's the lactose. Yeah,

and I don't I am finding that I really like showers but I do not like the showers with lactose in them and not my face so weird because Martin

house is their that's their thing. It's like they add lactose and everything. Like it's so weird. Like we had a I

don't know if we are vegans. We couldn't have it. I guess that's true.

Like I didn't I don't I don't know if we had it together. But it was the grape. Oh, yeah. And house. Yeah, so that one had lactose in it too. I


I like it.

It tastes like ice cream. To me. That's like sour strawberry ice cream, actually. Okay, you know what? I actually like this one. I like it better. Yes. The aftertaste to me is ice cream ish. And I'm going to give it a five. Yeah. Because the sour is not like too much. And then the aftertaste that you were talking about the lactose and the strawberry I think mixes well together. Okay, so it doesn't have a weird like, let's just throw out there if they hadn't pumpkin pie sour, which they do they do is disgusting. But like this kind of works. The lactose with the strawberry and the sour. It works together. Tastes like strawberry ice cream to me with a little bit of sourness to me, so I'm gonna give it a five kimbra What do you want? Give it I wish it tasted Frank 3.6.


I like it better. A lot better than the last one. But it's still not my favorite. Yeah,

we see.

I mean, it's legit. It's like ice cream to me. Like the aftertaste tastes like ice cream because of the lactose. Okay.

Yeah, five, five.

I don't know if I talked her into that fight. No, I

she came in herself. No,

because they're laughing because that's why I was laughing while you're talking. She's like, I don't really like it. I like it.

It's one of those opposite ends. Yeah. And other times we're like, perfectly aligned. Yeah. And it's hard to predict. It's like hard to figure out which ones will be the ones when

all right so I'm gonna go on with the list that cool. Sorry, I have. I'm gonna knock out these three. Because I'm gonna save the couple I guess I have for last, if I do want to mention them, I don't know if I want to mention them or not. So the first one I have is a I actually knew he was very like, I don't know what the word is. He's very like a Wiccan like he's really into like witchy stuff. He's into like Native American, like tribal stuff. He's actually I think he was actually made like, what's it called when you're like, made a member but like, but not like an honorary an honorary there. He was made an Honorary Member for some Native American tribe here in the United States. Oh, wow. Um, this for fara vocalist for cold chamber and devildriver he's actually vegan. Yeah. And I kind of thought he was but I wasn't sure. And when I looked into it, I was like, Yeah, I mean, I remember liking Cole shaver, you know, back in the early 2000s. But devildriver when he made that metal band after after coal chamber that was the band that made me really become a big fan of his. I think his vocals just worked better with with that style. I was straight up metal. But yeah, so he's vegan. Next one on my list. Um, he, I wanted to have a reason to bring up Wu Tang, Wu Tang clan. So RZA, he's actually been vegan since 97. And he actually started off as pescatarian I don't know how long he was pescatarian before that, but uh, 97 was when he went vegan. So RZA from Wu Tang clan is is a vegan. And then the last one that I have to mention right now is Joan Jett. Joan Jett is vegetarian. I don't know how long she's been vegetarian. I tried to find that out. But she is I didn't actually know that until I saw her on a list. And I was like, Oh, that's pretty cool. So So yeah, so mine was a mine were desperate for fara. RZA and Joan Jett. Call my turn. Sweet.


I guess I'll finish off my list over. So I've got also in the same realm with Black Sabbath and all those heavy bands. I've got a former basis for Deftones Chee Chang and current basis Sergio Vega, who are both vegan? Well, sir, who is vegan and she was vegetarian. I don't know much about the background for Sergio. I just know that he's got a clothing line called beanbag. I know. That sounds awesome. And yeah, I mean, I was just looking at the clothing line right now. And the shorts are actually pretty cool. I might, I might buy one just because I like the designs. And I think he's influenced some of the other members to to also at least on tour to adapt a vegan lifestyle and former basis ci he was a practicing Buddhist and for religious reasons, you know, he became a vegetarian. So that's another one of those where it's like, religion is tied to to why you do it. But it also became like a lifestyle outside of religion too. So, so those two and then the band that I've mentioned before, is Kraftwerk. And also the entire band became being in or vegetarians in the 80s when they're recording their tour de france soundtrack album. And they got really heavy into cycling, and they changed their whole lifestyle on tour and off tour. And since the 80s, they've been you know, plant based. Yeah. So yeah, you know, because of one album, they, you know, they they change their whole lifestyle. Yeah.

Which they were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But we're not inducted.

Not yet. Yeah, I know. Sometimes it takes a while.

Like, in my last artists,

there's a lot of bands that get passed up and it's ridiculous, but


that's on mine and Mario's list.

I don't know. Okay, you don't know what's

in my last artist is two key members of Depeche Mode Martin gore and Alan Wilder. One influence the other. And it's funny because the early Depeche Mode days are full of leather. Yeah, but you know, you have these two vegetarians in the band. But again, you know, they they happen to find a balance, you know, and speaking, they

get the balance, right. Get the balance, right.

Speaking of leather, I mean, I know it's contrary to my lifestyle, but I think I prefer leather products over non leather. Like,

I think he's just nostalgic for the 80s Yeah, tight 80s we'll start 80s cover band, aren't you so you can wear leather? pleather

right? Like I have a pair of dogs that I've had since I was like 1413 years old, and they're still holding up. You know, God,

I think I remember those. That's when docks were made and

yeah, I remember.

I remember we played a gig in all Frank where was hurt were his docks and in the hospital again.

Yeah, that's all the more I've seen the picture, you see the pictures and these dots up there, they're beat to shed but, but you know, 20 years later, they're, they're still I still wear them. And, you know,

what if, if you've, if you've had them that long and you, you know they, I guess it's one of those things where like, you know, like we're

they're grandfathered in

Yeah, like, like you, you're using the animal and you're like, you know, it's not like you were on for like, a couple of years. You know, we're gonna we're gonna hold and I'm I'm gonna throw away you know, your your use on absence. Yeah. Yeah, you didn't kill the cow, but you're using it, sir. Right.

And, you know, I also have like, non leather, like full leather. shoewear

Oh, leather. That's the world

whether they call it vegan leather. Yeah. Okay.

But I know it's not gonna ask me 20 years. Yeah, no, it's just a different material. Yeah. And yeah, you know, it's, it's, it's contrary to vegetarianism. Because Yeah, I do think that leather products do last longer. Yeah.

But you don't. But I mean, you buy like, actively do you? I

don't know. I don't I don't. It's not like I spend my paycheck every weekend buying less.

Yeah, no, no, exactly. Now, it's like Britt says, yeah.

If I if I've had it for so long, you know, and if I still use it, obviously, it's because you know, it's been in my life.

I think you would, I think it would be worse if you got rid of it. Because you were being you know what I mean? I mean, that's terian like, it would be worse, because you'd be like getting, you're trashing it, but like, you're still you still

don't know that you could give those away. Nobody wants them. Yeah.

And, you know, even you know, to today, you know, I, I try to be conscientious about the stuff I buy. But I will acknowledge, you know, I could buy this, this, you know, shoe, the shoes that are probably gonna last me three years with regular use, versus if I were to buy the same shoe made of leather, it's probably gonna last me 10 years, you know, so it's one of those things where it's like, I know this is what's going to happen, but I'm going to buy it anyway. Because conscientiously that that's where I'm at.

What are we talking about, again? Shoes,

we're talking about shoes. vegan.

Oh, Depeche Mode, okay, that's what we're talking about.

Bondi has a vegan shoe line.

That's kind of like the opposite of what Jay Z and Beyonce is like. Yeah, those

are made of Cheetah right.

They're made like 18 different animals. Yeah, yeah.

I was just making a

no it's for real I Oh, they're like, like 18 or some crazy number different all

animal high. That's insane. 12

I don't know what the night believe

it. But I want to look at it like I'm curious as to then. And

then then I just saw something about I guess being vegan. So I don't know, maybe being part of the line and influenced her

use line in her shoes.


But yeah, those are those are my artists. Okay.

Was that the end of your list?

At the end of my list?

Holy shit. Okay. I'm very surprised that no one's brought up this one person, but

Well, I mean,

it's natural.

I mean, I'm assuming you know.

Okay, so Well, I mean, I

guess it's Morrissey. Oh,

it's not

it's not worse.

I'm worse, the worse he is on my list for you. But it's not the main, the main guy but

okay. He was the main guy on my list because I am a fan and we've talked about this before. I think that it's hard to be a Morrissey fan, right? Yeah,

I've heard the stories, as you said a lot of like, controversial. Yeah,

I was gonna say jackassery. But yeah. And I like started listening to the Smiths when I was 12 years old. Their album meters murder is the reason I became a vegetarian. They were the reason I got into PETA. I was a tiny little 12 year old activist, I saved up all my babysitting money and send it off to PETA and would get little pamphlets that were like, anti for anti circus, whatever. And I would go pass them out and go put the anti fur ones in the fur coat pockets at the department stores and stuff. Yeah, and so yeah, I mean, it's a huge influence. The reason why I do this to begin with, and then you know, of course, kind of started to take ownership of those reasons for myself in a bigger way after I grew up, right. But yeah, but yeah, so Morrissey, who apparently I was reading and again, like Kim was saying earlier like she was saying different sources with different numbers and stuff. The same is true with with this guy that like I saw some places where it said that he's been vegetarian since he was 12 and then later became vegan. Apparently, there was an somewhat recent interview with him where he admitted to being a really bad vegan and that he's like really unhealthy and he only eats like, carbs like potato. Yeah, potatoes and pasta and bread. Nuts and vegetarian from like that.

Really? Yeah.

Well, if anything is like a lot of people they think vegan and they think automatically that you're healthy. But you know what's vegan? french fries? Oh, potato chips. Yeah.

Because my sister did something similar to that and but what happened to her his I guess her body couldn't adjust and she got sick. So she actually like got something from it from doing that and then she's good now I mean, you know she she hasn't normal diet now. But she did the same thing. I think she tried to go vegan but the wrong way.

Yeah, cuz there's a lot of vegan junk food. Yeah, I mean, there just is Yeah. So you can still be overweight and unhealthy and all those things. I

think her issue was she was there was a lot of things missing from her diet. Yeah. That she didn't substitute, which I was paying attention to. So I think Yeah,

my little sister is vegetarian terian. But But she's trying to still eat chicken every now and then. Because she's so tight. Like you've seen? Like, the doctors, the doctors, like yeah, you might need it. So she doesn't do it often. But like maybe like once or twice a month to allow herself some chicken or she'll eat shrimp. She's trying to love.

She's trying to let go more stuff, though. Yeah, she is. Yeah. Cuz I know, I was trying to give her some tips of when I was vegan. I was like, Oh, you should try this. You try this. But I know she's been out for a while.

There's a lot of high protein sources. And yeah, you know, vegetarian,

I think your sister. But my sister I think then didn't really look into that stuff.

And when I started being a vegetarian, I was really bad. One, two, I was 12. Right. So it was like, I mean, I was picky, and I wasn't exposed to a lot of vegetables in the house that I grew up in. So it was like hard, and I was probably the vegetarian that ate a lot of french fries. You know? I mean, also you're like, you're like entering your teen year like

Cheetos or vegetarian.

And when you're that age anyway, you're like, you know, you're not really paying attention to your health and that kind of stuff. So my mom was super freaked out Coca

Cola is is

the fall of a coke for a coke. Uh huh.

So So yeah, Morrissey was my number one guy on the top of the list, because you know what meat is murder and his influence over me and

hopefully back then, well, hopefully my info is not wrong with this one person. Okay. Kim, do you have anybody? No. Okay, so I'm gonna go with my last ones and lead into the main one that I had. The two that I have left our Tony canal canal. Oh, yeah, no doubt. He's also the he's also on dream car with Davey habit quite mentioned earlier. So like I said, he was part of no doubt, but he's also vegan. Um, and then also to one of my favorite bands against me, vocalist, Laura Jane Grace, she's vegan. I know. She's been vegan for a while. I want to say since at least the 2000s. But against me is one of my favorite bands. They're a punk post punk and Neo. I don't know. I don't know what the term is. I want to say maybe probably post punk. But now they're pretty good. The last one on my list that I had that he popped up as vn was weird. Oh, yeah.

Oh, really? That's awesome. So

I did not know that I didn't. And I was like, Britain has to know I didn't know and I looked it up and I don't wonder if greerton


I should ask her right now. Ask her Yeah, go ask her and see if she if she knows that. But yeah, I saw that on the list. I was like Brits gotta know this. I was like, this is probably but Britt's gonna ask the number one fan in the household right now. I had no idea. We're gonna wait and see.

I mean, I knew he was weird, but Okay, let's see what she says. She's asking we're awaiting a response.

Oh, my goodness. Okay, we're

gonna find out right

now response. Oh, she didn't know. Okay,

so I decided that that makes it even cooler. So I guess what we're gonna do is after this, I'm gonna Google do some research. We'll do it together. And then we'll see what's up with that. I want to see how long he's been vegan but he did have celebrities that were vegan because I did look up like a rock list. And he popped up so since I was trying to find a rock song that he did, and the only one I could find was a Canadian idiot that he did. Oh,

he did a parody of chili peppers. Give it away. He did a parody look those up. What other rock ones?

Did he do like a Weezer song

cuz I was going like a Weezer video. Cuz I was going back from like his most recent and the first one that I came across was the Green Day parody. So okay, I'm gonna add that one.

He didn't Nirvana. Oh, that's

right. That's right. That's right. That's right.

That's right. But yeah, it says he's been vegetarian since the early 90s. Oh, okay. So

you pull it up. Okay. Yeah. Alright, so I am so super surprised. You didn't know I did. Okay, so that's, I guess more reason for you guys. to just

be a super fan. Yeah.

Let's see we get this. Oh goodness,

I haven't even finished this one. No, that's fine. We're gonna try the other one. I'm gonna finish that one in this one. So, um, so we're gonna try this last one. Because I mean, I do have more beers in here, but obviously we're not going to try them. So this is a 903 brewers,

the Wendy's one.

Yes, Jeremy's milkshake and fries. This is a milk stout brewed with chocolate soft serve and sea salt. It is 10.7% ABV. Holy cannoli. Yeah, and this is from Texas. This is from Sherman, Texas. So these are the guys that made that other pickle beer that we had the one that was supposed to be a like a rip off of the best made or the best made. Yes. And so I don't think I don't remember us like I think it was like okay, I don't remember. I gotta look at it again. Kim, would you do the honors for one last time? So we're gonna try this one. soft serve and sea salt

is bloated. Oh, Frank was just talking about exploding beers. Can you get that for me? I'm sorry. There's something under your chair.


man. Alright, so that's already done. We don't

have this

smells extra super chocolatey.

Well, I mean, this apparently have salts softserve in sulfur, sulfur. Oh, yeah. does smell like that. Okay, so this is what it looks like. In case you missed it. Okay. Very so. We'll go ahead and have

soft, sir. Okay, so I'm gonna try first. My give it a whirl. It's weird because it doesn't look as thick as I would think it

would look Mister, I dunk my big mac in my milkshake, or whatever it was.

Smells like a frosty.

Honestly, it tastes like a frosty beer. Yeah, so it tastes like I wish it was thicker. But it doesn't. It doesn't have that. milkiness Okay, but the chocolate does it. No, actually I can't I give it like a for them it's fine. It doesn't really have that smoky flavor cigarette to me that usually just out tab that we have luck with but I think it now you know like a 3.9 megawatt like a three point

to hit me in the nose. Hey.

I mean, if you don't like it, that's that's totally cool. It just tastes like a chocolate milk beer. Without the

better bitter.

Yeah, after. I don't taste that. It's like I got the Hershey's bottle and squirt it in my mouth.

And then drink drink beer

and then drink like a bitter. Okay, so

what do you what do you guys read it?

Or it's like dark chocolate tasting? Because not like, like 90% cacau. See? That's

so weird.

Because I don't taste that.

Yeah, but that's like it's super easy. Cuz

like even now like, I tasted it what, like a few seconds ago. And the aftertaste to me is still chocolaty. Like, like, like ice cream. I don't know. That's so weird to me. I don't I don't taste what you guys are tasting. So it's cool that we have. Okay, what

do you rate it like 2.5 to not liking that at all.

Can we read it? She's gonna Yeah. Okay, well.

chocolate flavor is there. Like, it's good in the sense that it tastes like chocolate. And chocolate is good. Yeah. But when it comes down to like, the bitterness of it that just like ruined

taste. Yeah. And it's all chocolate up front and then bitter on the back. And so

yeah, I'm like, Where's the chocolate? No, come back. Okay, so

to me, I taste chocolate. Then there's a little bit of bitterness in the middle and then the aftertaste. It just stays chocolate.

No, you're wrong. No, I'm just kidding.

It's so weird. No, it's just like that's so weird. How like our palates are that different?

That's what I taste coffee after

a little while because usually the stout so we have kind of have that but like to me, like even as I'm talking like I taste it tastes like if I just took a scoop of frosty or a spoon of frosty

this might be a good one to do a beer float with. Maybe like over ice cream.

Have we done that?

We did it? Yeah. Oh, yeah, we did do it. Yeah, because I forgot what we had it with. Because I remember you guys had ice cream and then we bought another ice cream. That's right. So we but it was off the show ice cream? No. frosty with ice with fries. Yeah. Okay. Well, so I mean, I guess that's our episode. We learned a lot. Learn about our palates. Yes, even more so true. And we learned a lot about vegan and vegetarian vegetarianism in the music industry, especially the rock sector. But I think next episode, Frank what's gonna be the next episode?

Next episode. Is cod Took you long enough? It's uh, I'm proud of that title. I know. artists that we discovered later in their careers. Yeah.

Which I can already think of one at least right off the bat. But yeah, like

we were slow to get to the Yeah, that's Yeah, that's a good one. Definitely a list there.

So we'll do that. And like I said, if you guys want to listen to our Spotify playlist, or check out past episodes, like I said, Thank you to everybody who's been listening to the episodes especially lately in the past couple of weeks. Go to rock happy hour. COMM you can find wherever you can listen to podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Google. You know, all your podcast places. Also to leave us a comment anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even on Tumblr. No, not Tumblr. What's that picture? One? instagrammed a picture the other picture one. It's there's like an option on Instagram for I don't know why I forget. is Tyler right? Tumblr?

Oh my god. Am

I gonna have to look at my phone right now? Let me see. So if I go to Instagram, right. And I hope that just leave a damn comment. Okay, say hi. Let me know what you like. I want to know what you're talking. Oh, okay. Yeah, I think it is Tumblr. Cuz I know Tumblr is not popular, but there's an option for it on Instagram. So if I go to Instagram, and I say look, I'm gonna post a selfie, right? I'm gonna post this time. Sophy time. Hashtag Oh, shoot this I wanted. So I want to post this right now. I don't want that. So I'll post a post. I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna push next. And of course next again. Yeah, this Tumblr. So Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. So if you guys want to leave a comment, like I said, let us know what you'd like to drink. Let us know where you're from. And we're like, what's a popular beer in your region? And yeah, that our work. So we're gonna do that next episode. And I guess we'll see, either. We're good next week, right?

Yeah, yeah, we're good next week. Okay. Yeah.

So next week, we'll we'll do this again and then have more pickle juice. Yeah, right. We'll have more privileges and we'll have pickle beers. Alright, well, cheers.

Cheers. Bye.

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