Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 34 - Earworms

May 01, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 34
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 34 - Earworms
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This episode, we discuss earworms. Not earwigs, earwax, earthworms, wormholes, gummi worms, or tapeworms. Earworms.
We talk what causes them, how to cure them, theories about them, and songs that have caused us to get stuck with an earworm. We go thru a few lists from different studies.
We also try some more craft beers, hear Frank's thoughts on Mudvayne's reunion, learn of Frank's Barbie Girl fantasy, and learn of Kim's fear of getting Rickrolled. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every podcast, we try different craft beers. We write them discuss them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them all well discussing music related topics. Frank was today's music related topic. Today music related topic. Is earworms Not to be confused with? earwigs? Or earthworm? Or worms? Yeah. Or ear plugs or ear plugs? Or? Damn, I couldn't think of another one. That was Kim's fault. She dropped the ball. Everyone had one? listening, but I know it's okay. But yeah, so your worms?

Yeah. Oh, yeah. They are. I mean, are they scientific thing? I mean, there's actually our relation to them. Yeah. Yeah, I actually a lot of my report is going to be from, like, research from universities and stuff. Right. Right. Right. Yeah, it's a very scientific thing that has to do with without getting, you know, without jumping ahead. It also has to do with like people's,

like, their mental state, like if they have any kind of

mental issues that plays a part in how your worms affect and just yeah, it's very, it's very, very scientific. And it has to do with like, disorders and stuff, too.

Yeah. So we'll be talking science. Yeah. With music. But yeah, basically, your worms are jingles that get stuck in your head? Yeah, pretty much. And they're just in there. And they don't go away. Yeah. Q tips don't work your work. There is a in Yeah. So I will talk about when we get there. I don't want to jump ahead. Because again, I keep wanting to talk about it. So every episode, I know it's been a little while. Every episode, we have two little segments in the beginning. One is our low hangover segment. So we talk about things that maybe we forgot to talk about from last episode. Or maybe something just popped in our head that we'd like to bring up from last episode and also to what are we drinking? So I guess we'll talk about the beers first. See what everyone's drinking. For green drink anything? Yeah, yeah. And I'm drinking one that you.

They gave me a while back. It wasn't on the show, but it is making an appearance on the show. Oh, I remember that one. Yeah, it see a stray Galicia from Spain, from Galicia, Spain. Zero alcohol. But it's good. I mean, it's a little clunky. But I think when it's like, properly chilled, it's good. Alright, let's, let's play a game. So you think I actually had your rating from this beer, even though it wasn't on the show? So okay, I want you to rate it now. And I'll see if it matches what you said last time. So why don't you? Well, now that I'm now that I've had time with it, I guess.

Let me see one on one.

Right now as it stands. It's a four to four. Yeah. Okay. And last time you rated it not available. Because this was before we were doing ratings. It is it is on the chart, but I didn't realize that we didn't get a rating for it. So you gave it a four. Okay. Yeah, we'll just have to test him again. And yeah, and a few months we'll try and like 200 more beers because I was it was actually our 130 beers. When we had that one. And right now we're at What number are we on? I think we're like on. We're on like 340 This is 343 41 through 42. So yeah, that was like 100 200 years ago. Wow. Okay, so collectively we've had 340 right? That's pretty impressive. Yeah, this one is good. It's a lager style.

But again to I you know, like I've said

You know, we've talked about it before to when the beers are a certain temperature you can definitely they're definitely good.

Oh, yes, you know, and it's not to say that they don't lose flavor I mean some do least flavor after a certain amount of temperature drop but you know, I think for a lot of especially for non alcoholic beers if you're gonna if you want to get like the full taste of it, they have to be like really chilled

but I mean that that goes for pretty much any any drink non alcoholic or with alcohol. So yeah, the temperature definitely plays a plays a factor in this case is off topic, but do know how many beers flying saucer is? Like 200 something so we beat them?

do the research. I'll see how many beers they have. Good question. Then we get plates. We should hang them here and

Your house

need something to hang on the wall? Yeah, they're

just spray paint their names on

your plate.

conversation piece. Britt, what are you drinking? So earlier I was drinking a lone star 24 seven, which is loanstar super light light beer. It has 2.1% alcohol and 68 calories, which is why I was drinking.


I guess like in order for them to compete with have I had this one on the show? We have and you have rated Oh, okay, so I do have a rating here. I'm curious to see. It was actually beer number 241. Well on episode 21, so I was probably pretty drunk by that and you probably So what?

What do you rate it now? And let's see what if you match it? I'm gonna say like a three. Oh, did I go down? Well, last time I guess you felt really good because you rated it at 3.70 I think it was colder. I'm on like the last one. It's like how spit? Yeah, maybe it's also because I'm drinking this beer that y'all gave me which is actually really flavorful. And so comparatively, that one just kind of is not. But this one is one y'all gave me from Martin house up in Fort Worth. It is called St Rita Margarita sour with strawberries. And it is

in my opinion, quite good. I really like sour beers. And this one tastes more like just a straight up strawberry sour than anything to do with Margarita. See if I know I should have already here. I want to see what yours and Kim's that's all weird. It's not here. What though? I guess? No. No book. Oh, yeah, I probably do. Yeah, let me see. So let's see. What do you rate it Brett?

I'm gonna say like a 4.2 4.2. Okay. Ah. Oh. I guess. Is that it? That's I don't know. This is the strawberry cake one. You said 3.2 or 4.04? points. Yeah, I like ours. No, sometimes Kim and I don't like the same beers. Do you know we like?

Just don't What? She likes pickle stuff. Yeah. I don't like the pickle stuff. Well, what did you remember?

I don't know if we even I think we talked about it, but we didn't read it. Yeah, I think that's what happened. Because we both tried it. But I don't think we wrote down and that would have been interesting. Kim, what are you drinking? Frank and Britt bought me this original house wine. From original house wine in Walla Walla, Washington.

This is a raspberry lemonade, and it is 9% alcohol by volume and two cans, two kids, two cans, two cans, birds and birds. is actually

equal to 350 375 milliliter cans is equal to one 750 milliliter bottle. What the hell is a milliliter? I don't know. I don't understand that metric. Yeah.

So I guess there's two of these would be like drinking a bottle of probably whatever it had like one and a quarter because I tried the other one that they brought the same brand on the Costa Rica. Oh, yeah. And that one is a lot more like a white wine. Which I'm not a big fan of white wine. I'll drink it, but I'm not. I'd rather I go more towards like the red wine. Yeah, but this one's good. It's a raspberry lemonade, and we've

taken the shows 444 Okay, what do you give the other one? Oh, just right off the bat without tasting. It's up to 1.9 Okay.

All right. And then mine. I read it this one a 4.2. So I've never really seen or tried a sour IPA before because like, as you guys know, I'm anti share. You want to say, well, cuz I know you don't like IPAs, and I know you don't like IPS. So that's why we're here. We're just trying. Hello. Well, this was like our first off here. Yeah, actually, that's actually pretty good. Hola Frank. I pull the frame. Oh, yeah. So so

I'll probably get another one. So if I have it on the show there. So this is a tart and juicy sour IPA from Epic brewing. There. Let me see is this 5.1% ABV? So usually the IPAs are only the 5.5 point something range. And this is from Denver, Colorado. That's the brewery. So yeah, I get a 4.2 I've never had one before I started out the store and I was oh shit a sour IPA. That's interesting. But uh, the sourness takes off the punch of the bitterness that IPAs usually have. So, you know, actually, I didn't think about that so well. I had never tasted it before. But now that I think

about it the shower kind of knocks that off. So it might be that she likes it. Yeah. Maybe not because she likes. That's true. But you don't like like super bitter stuff though, right? Because I know y'all are seeing the same when it comes to IPA. So y'all actually might like this one because the sour does take the punch off. Yeah, it's like that. Like that. Bitterness doesn't linger too long. Yeah, it doesn't taste too sour. Um, I don't like it a lot. For sure. I don't I'm sorry. Anything about it.

But uh, we do have beers to share later. I do have quite a bit of beers in the fridge for us to try

and try but

Hmm, a bit on their game the past couple of weeks. getting new stuff. Yeah, like we had a lot to choose from. And it was kind of difficult. Yeah, but no, it was. Um, so now I guess we're gonna go into the hangover segment talking about things he didn't get to talk about. First thing I want to talk about, then I'll go to frank about a mudvayne. I know you weren't, y'all weren't on our last episode. We mean, Kim and I talked about my van. So a couple episodes back. I had told you guys while you guys were there. But I told the listeners that I made a mistake.

Recording one of our past episodes, our most recent one of our more recent ones. And I didn't pre hit the record button. So when I came, you know, I saw that one was kind of screwed up. Right. So the last episode, which is that episode after that, which was two episodes ago with you guys.

Until you guys what happened. I wanted to save it for the show. So I get home, I unpack the stuff that I need. And I'm like, Okay, let me edit before I go to sleep, right. So I plug it in, and I play and I have my headphones on and I hook up I hook it up to the laptop and I make sure the volume is on and I make sure I shut down the program and reopen it's like that the right driver kicks in. And I see the waves and stuff. But I hear nothing. And like I'm like what the hell and I turned up the volume and I'm like, why don't I hear anything? I'm like, Don't tell me back to back episodes. I screwed up right now. I can't I couldn't figure it out. I was like, nothing's working. I shut down the program opened it again. Open the file again, files there. I see the waves nothing. I was like, I don't know what the hell is going on. So I decided to pull the jack out and I pull the jack out and I hear audio. I'm like what the hell. So I look at my headphones. And I'm like going like this.

about a foot down the line. It's split clean and half. Oh, I don't know what happened from the time we left your house to the time we got home. I don't like it was a clean cut. And you've got to see me I wrap it.

And it was like just like scissors went through it. I'm like, and I was like, What? So I had to order new headphones. And they didn't have the red ones that you guys have. So I ended up getting black ones. And so yeah, so that's why that's the story on why my headphones look different in another story on how I thought another episode got screwed up. I was so freaked I was like freaking out. I was like not not again.

And this one I thought wasn't worse because I didn't hear anything. But yeah, I just I don't know what what I how I decided to do that. And I was like, and I showed her and I was like, What the hell happened to my headphones. But yeah, it wasn't a cat. I don't know. I don't think so. It wasn't like a mangled. Yeah, it wasn't like it would have had like nibble marks on it. Yeah. Or would have been like, No, no, it was like a clean cut. And I was like, I don't I do not know what happened. So luckily, they weren't like Beats headphones or something.

But I don't I don't know how that happened. You could probably fix it. You could splice that way I could. I think I thought about it. But I'm like, Man, that's the wires are I've done that once before. And when the wires are that then it just makes it harder because a lot of this is plastic. It's not like the thicker the wire the you know, yeah, probably work with it. Yeah, but with this, I'm like, Fuck, I don't know. And then I'll probably have issues with like, oh, gotta hold it. Well, yeah, I've done that before.

That's some Sony headphones that were like my favorite. And something happened to him. And I was like, Oh, I didn't want to get rid of them. And I kept holding the thing. Like right here. So you ever seen those retractable hands like back in? Like, oh, like 10 years ago? Yeah. So like you would retract them? And they would like go together? Yeah, like on retract them. And then those things. Yeah, I love those headphones. They were Sony. And they sound amazing. And, like right here, something happened and they got like, pinched or something. And so I would have to like hold it for days, right? Yeah. I don't have any headphones. But anyways, so that was my hangover.

Frankel, what would you like to talk? Would you like to say about the movie news? Because we have a new scene already. Well, I know that you mentioned that they aren't planning on recording new music, but I feel like it's gonna happen. Because okay. Hell yeah. has put out more out more albums. And then the mudvayne has Excuse me. Yeah. And there, there is demand for mudvayne fans to get new music and I think the reunion is going to satisfy some of that. But I wouldn't put it back

Ask them to maybe at least release a single at the least, you know, did you read the report?

No, I mean, the only thing I read was that they were just doing for some for reunion shows. And that was a Okay, so if I just to go into a little bit of details of it. So the four shows that they're doing right there for festivals between September and November, there's only four shows. And those four festivals that are doing are going to be in four different states. But the festival is owned by the same owner by the same production company, which is one guy. So I know you're familiar with Kevin Lyman, Kevin Lyman was the founder of like, bands warp tour and taste the chaos. Well, this guy for ours, his name is he owns those and he was the founder of those festivals. Okay, so since for the past few years, he's been trying to get mudvayne on their, on their on his festival, because he's getting a lot of demand, like you said, from Vans to try to get them on. He's like, well, they're not even active, like we've tried. So apparently, finally, my brain decided to have a, they decided to get together and sit with with him and some and their manager and stuff and talk about and yeah, so pretty much what happened was they offered him money. They said, Hey, you know, let's, you know, let's let's figure this out. And the reason why mudvayne agreed is not only because of course, you know, they were being offered this, you know, gig, but it's also the 20th anniversary in August of ld 50. Right. Yeah. So I know we're in the report that they say that but I came in, I noticed that when they released their merge online when they released the report, all the merges from ld 50 era. Like they're reselling the T shirts from lB 50. And like all this shit, and I was like, well, that's why and they're only gonna I think they're only doing it because it's to celebrate the, you know, that was their debut album want to run a major label, right? And so I think that's the only reason why they're doing it. I think it's going to be the four shows and then that's it, man. If we do here single honestly, I'd be surprised. It'd be cool, but I would be surprised.

I don't I don't see it happening. I don't see him sticking together. I think Chad's too busy with Hell yeah. And I think he just likes playing with them more than mudvayne only because I feel like it's, I feel like it's easier for him and he has more creative

control or not control. But you know, you know how mudvayne it was like, very off time. A lot of times, like later on in their discography. It wasn't so much so but I think it's just easier for him to just, you know, play simple metal like, and then not to, I think a lot of that had to do with the rhythm section because oh, yeah, definitely. You know, Ryan, the bases and forget that. Forget that. Germans name two. Yeah. But they're both very, like, technical jazz influenced, and I think trained, even musicians. Suze, I think that's where they got a lot of that, that off time stuff. But I remember listening to ld 50. And thinking it wasn't like any other stuff that I had heard before and at the time, because, you know, you had the odd times the odd time signatures and also the, just the overall composition of it was not like your standard

Five, four note riffs. It was abstract, it was like, we just listened to it this past weekend, like all the way through I hadn't heard in years. And yeah, no, it was it was very, it was very different. And I was we were we were talking to we were having a discussion on the show saying that, do you think since it's only for shows, and it's anniversary of ld 50? Do you think they're gonna go ahead and do face pain? Since like, even their merge is showing off? You know, that era of mudvayne or face pain? Yeah, I think so. You can't do sorry, Frank. I feel like you can't do a reunion of that without going back and actually doing it and like, How weird would it be to just be like beer faced? Yeah, right. You're right, you're right. And also that was that was that was a signature for them for that one album. And I think even to write for their second, a second album, they toyed a little bit with like, the makeup and whatnot. I think that third album was when they finally just like did away with it.

Yeah, I mean, it would definitely be interesting. And I mean, I don't know if they would go back to using the original face paint.

Maybe like if they did like a variation to it, but also like a tribute to it now. Yeah. Because if you look at the I mean, not comparing them to Slipknot but if you look at the evolution of Slipknot, yeah, you know they still have the coveralls done the masks, but now it's like a different variation of the mask. Yeah, once they started Yeah, just evolved with each album. Yeah. I mean, it's an Alice teller. It's only for shows like come on. Like I told her if I had a chance to go to any one of those shows. I paint my nails black and again, dress like the way I did just for that book in one day, you know, just to read and I was I was wondering, I doubt it, but I was like, are they gonna play like ld 50 and fool I don't think so. I think they're gonna play shit from all over but I think they're just gonna sell

Right ld 15. Um, but yeah, check out the merchant stuff like the link guides. It's cool. It's all ld 50 shit. And also I remember I told you guys I'm telling Frank. I remember.

Yeah, I'm not telling you guys to go buy merch, right? I remember like the some of the shows they had here. Particularly they would they would come and play at this at the sunset station quite a bit. I saw. We saw them once Kim and I will not together But okay, and all these other ones, but those are the live oak. Yeah, that's when we went. Yeah. But that was the non face painter that was very lost and found. Yeah. Right. And

I don't know, like, for some reason, the crowd at Santa station had a habit of throwing shoes.

And I don't know if that was.

And I don't know, that was like a thing like to Yeah, like, a sign of respect or, like, or something underneath underground. mudvayne fan club. kind of shit. Yeah.

Like on the chat the wood messageboards. Like, it was a thread. Yeah, there was I know. I know, chat. I know that pissed him off after like it happened. A few shows. But. And I remember the one show that you and I saw the mat.

Yeah, they didn't have the face paint anymore. I think the barricade broke twice. Yeah, they were having issues there. Yeah. Yeah. So that was, it was fine. It was it was a pretty wild, hectic, energetic show. But it was it was fun. Yeah, it was fun. But it will Yeah, I don't know. I mean, too bad. They're not coming here. Like I said at one it has to do with the owner, or the founder or whatnot. You know, he doesn't have any tours that he sponsors here in Texas. So I mean, it would have been cool. We had found a replacement for city rock fest because we knew they weren't going to be done with before. COVID hit. Right. So something about the we're losing a lot of money, which I don't I don't I don't know. I don't know if that's the reason or not. But anyways, Britt that's a slipknot not just

none. Have you ever seen a slip? I think you'd like some only saw him once. It was it was you? Yeah, yeah. Where was that? Freeman? Freeman? Yeah, this he was fine. I see him twice. They're free twice. Yeah, I don't know if I've seen Slipknot more than No, I think I've seen him three times. Yeah. But anyways, alright, so I guess we'll go into the ground to the topic ear worms and you guys

will get to you won't get in there.

Do you have anything to start off? The thing I do? I don't know if you want to. If you wanted to start it. You want me to start it? As far as that you're what I'm saying? I mean, the research I did was pretty much a

this. It's a Wikipedia resave Okay, so we're gonna have kind of the same shit. I guess we'll take a minute. Yeah. But I was thinking to I don't know if I personally have the problem with an ear worm. Okay, we'll get into that. I mean, I don't know cuz you've never had a song stuck in your head. I mean, maybe for for a little bit, but not over a big stretch of time. Okay, we'll get we'll get into that. We'll get into that because I have I have a theory on that. Okay. Um, so what do you have off a wiki? Do you have like the introduction part?

Yes, I do. Okay, I'll go ahead and let you start off talking about what an ear worm Yes. So an ear worm is sometimes referred to as a brain worm, sticky music, stuck song syndrome or involuntary musical imagery. And it's a catchy and or memorable piece of music or saying that continuously occupies a person's mind. Even long after it is no longer being played or spoken about. Yes. And yeah, I mean, instance, we are on a topic of music.

You know, it, especially if you have like, a really catchy piece of music, that it's gonna stay with you. And there's always something about catchy music. Yeah, it's, it's, I think it's just it's smart composition, like, the person knows how to write a good hook. And so that so stays with you. And that's where popular music comes in. Like, if you guys don't know, I studied music for a little while. Popular Music actually, like they have a legit formula for creating pop music. And they also like, find a way to specifically create a hook which is gonna hook you into you know, like, you know, I guess gets stuck in your head, I guess. Yeah, kind of, like trigger you into like, oh, sounds good, especially especially on the chorus part. I think they started doing this this like in the 50s I think a lot of like the early 50s Rock and Roll stuff started off with that, where they start experimenting with that. But um,

and then to go on a little bit, I think I don't have to read it word for word and Wikipedia. But what I had here was there was a lot of researchers that found out that

songs will get stuck in someone's head if it triggers a certain experience.

triggers a certain memory, a word feeling. So like, sometimes it's not even the whole song. Sometimes it could be like just a few words of the song, few notes of the song, and that will trigger somebody into having that song be an earworm. Um, and then like, I have my own list, it was kind of hard for me to put a list together because I know I've had them. I know everyone has had you know that before. But I have my theory on and I haven't seen any research done on this, but I have a theory on why I couldn't remember some of the songs that I that I had as your worms.

Apparently, lyrics may account for 70 73.7% of earworms. Whereas in the instrumental part will count for 7.7%. So a lot of people are going to be usually stuck singing a song. Me, I've had both happened to me. So I mean, What are y'all? We're Kim and Britt, what are your experiences with earworms? Like, are you like, have you ever had that issue? Or like you just had a song stuck in your head? You couldn't?

Yeah, I mean, it's, it has happened before I just, I can't think of any song in particular right now. You know, yeah. And I've been thinking about it. And I'm like, I can't think of anything. I kind of figured out a rush song in my head today, all day, but it's because I heard it earlier. And then, you know, just kind of stayed there. But now it's gone. So I'm finally

gonna come back. Now that I talked about, like, oh, there it is.

I feel like I wake up with songs in my head. That happens to a lot. Like if I don't know if it was like it made going on in my dream or like, if I like subconsciously heard it at some point. But even it's like, country songs or sub stuff that I don't listen to on the rag. And it's like, I wake up, and that's just in my head. And I'm like, why is this song like, in my head? It came out of nowhere, right? But I feel like it's really mostly happens like upon waking, like, and then it's just there for the day. So according to this research that they had done to Wikipedia actually post the Wikipedia link in these show description. It says that women and men experienced the phenomenon equally, but ear worms tend to last longer for women and irritate them more than men. Which is weird, because I feel like I've had them like, I feel like I get them often. Um, sometimes it's with songs I like sometimes it's with songs, I don't like, um, and that sucks. And it can happen with positive or negative music, which is what I just said right now. What else do you have on on the, on the Wikipedia portion of this lab? more stuff? That's not Wikipedia related? Yeah, well, just like you were saying that earthworms can occur with positive or

what did you say?

Oh, sorry. Well, earthworms are a cousin of the ear worm.

So but yeah, your worms can occur with positive or negative music, just like you were talking about earlier. Yeah. I mean, it can happen with lyrics or without. But there are certain characteristics, like we were talking about earlier, that make a song very likely to become an ear worm. And some of these are fast paced temples or easy to remember choruses. And that's, that's one thing I was talking about is like, you know, like, knowing how to write a sign that it's gonna be really, really catchy and stay with you. And a lot of earworms actually tend to be like, top 40 songs. Yeah, that's why they keep playing them on repeat, because, you know, people remember them. And they keep requesting these the songs and whatnot.

But yeah, you know, like, like, like you said, 98% of individuals experienced this type of stuff.

But it's, I mean, it's, it's interesting. I mean, I don't know.

And then earlier, you were asking about, like, songs that are stuck in your head, but I was thinking like, what about, okay, maybe sending your worm, but there's like, a little bit of something that you can't listen to a whole band's discography without thinking about that one little instant because then I just made them like the signature it for you. Like x. Okay, like, for instance, anytime I hear disturbed, I always go back to that monkey sound, and

I know what you're talking down with. I guess that's, like a fuckin I mean, I don't know, I guess that one thing made an impression on us. And every time you hear something related to them, you're gonna hear that you know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, I don't know if that would. It sounds like it sounds like it's part of the ear worm definition that what what was that weird thing they had like the something image thing. I didn't write that down. Because I didn't. I didn't find it in applied but it was like, it was like in the beginning. Yeah. involuntary music or it might be that it might be like a piece of something and you just associated with that. And so you it triggers you all the time. Right. That makes sense. Yeah. So anytime I listen to disturbed. I'm just always gonna think about that monkey town. Yeah, I think we all do.

So it became such

thing I remember like even like back in the day when when we go Gemma Yeah, at your own house, like random people just walking down the street making that same monkey said Yeah, sure.

I would do it before he would come. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was I was gonna do it different time it was a different time. No one had cell phones so distract everybody just know raise shit. Um, and also to edit on my ringtone and I message thing like it's all played in the background. Yeah.

And I don't know this counts as an earworm. But I remember Linkin Park's

Africa theme song.

Ironic. Okay, so here's the thing. I forget the name of songs. Yeah. But I usually call a song by like a lyric by like a line. The one step closer. Yeah, that's the one. That's what it's called.

The one. But

I remember every time like at his old job that I was working at a grocery store.

It became a thing where anytime you were trying to talk over someone, they would say shout out what I'm talking to you. Okay. Yeah, actually, I remember. Yeah, I think my dad used to say that.


but what cuz that was like part of the bridge. And it was like, really hooky. And yeah, but I mean at the time, because no one you know, it was new. But also to like, just to finish off on this little bit right here.

Like stains. It's been a while. Oh, my God, that that's another one that became a little jokey. So anytime you say something, oh, yeah, it's been a while. And then whoever was sitting in the movie, like, it's been a while.

And that was one of those songs that I feel like it if it was stuck in my head for a while. And I don't like that song. He's now I don't remember it then. But going into the cure. So this is where my theory comes in. So I'm gonna read this kind of quick is like three paragraphs. Excuse me. So this is on Wikipedia. It says scientists at Western Washington University found that engaging working memory and moderately difficult tasks such as like doing puzzles and stuff, or reading a novel, that it's an effective way of stopping an ear worm, and reducing their occurrence. Another publication points out that melodic music has a tendency to demonstrate repeating rhythm, which may lead to endless repetition, unless a climb unless a climax can be achieved to break the cycle. So basically, like a song, and it's like, it's the same shit over and over that that's, you got to find something that's out of that rhythm or out of that beat that will kind of throw you know, take it away, which a lot of pop music is like that exactly, where it's the same. Like it's just a loop like literally, and it's just then they're exchanging.

So then over here to research reported in 2015, by the School of Psychology and clinical language sciences sciences, at the University of Reading demonstrated that chewing gum could help by similarly blacking the Sub Vocal rehearsal component of auditory short term, or working memory associated with generating and manipulating auditory musical images. So basically, they were saying, like, if you chew gum that'll distract you from humming or singing the song, and it'll help you to get it out of your head.

There are also so called cure songs or cure tunes to get the ear worm out of your head. So they were saying, oh, by the care, that would have been cool. They were right. So it's crazy, because they were saying, apparently, happy birthday was one of the song songs of choice to, I guess, because it's a short, quick song that you know, if you sing it, or whatnot, that it'll help you get that one song out of your head. Another one was God Save the Queen, apparently, though, it's like a very popular song that helps people. So this is like their, like counter songs. So my theory was, there's some other research I'm gonna get into later on another term that has nothing to do with Wikipedia. My theory is that I was wondering why I was having such a hard time remembering songs that got stuck in my head, because I know I've had the problem right now I'm going through and I'm like, I'm looking at my CDs. I'm like, I can't remember. And my theory is that once you cure a song from getting stuck in your head, that you become immune to it, and that you forget about it. Because I know I've had the problem. And I couldn't remember I asked you earlier, Frank, and you said, you couldn't think of any Brit, you said you were having problems thinking of stuff, too. And I'm not talking about songs that are stuck in your head now. Because, like, there's a song that got stuck in my head recently. And that was, I don't know why. queens under pressure, like just the baseline got stuck in my head. And I was like, I couldn't, you know, I just I just was thinking about it. But yeah, that's, that's my theory. I don't know if anyone's I haven't seen any research done on it. But I feel like once you cure it or get it out of your head, you become immune to it. But that's just my theory. I don't know. I'm not doctor, psychologist or nothing. But that was that and then there's actually some interesting like, things that I saw on Wikipedia that have that are tied to like

media and stuff or like in books and stuff. Were

They were like subject of a lot of sci fi things were like, there was one short story or like, or a book or something that had to do with, like scientists that created like the perfect melody. And that melody was like, caught in everyone's head. And they use it as a mind control to where everybody, like, couldn't get it out of their head. And they were like, helpless. So they use it like to take over the world and stuff. And I thought it was very interesting. were like, they were seeing it that way. We're like, your arms are like a thing that like this was going back to like the 40s. And, or some shit where like, people were seeing that, oh, this affects people in this way. So what if we like perfect it and make like the perfect song or the perfect melody. And there was this other story of this guy who did it and he was like, testing it on himself. And he ended up putting himself in a coma. And he like, died like that, or something like because he just got he's all like, Oh, I figured it out. Like, this is like, the most perfect melody in the world. And so like, he listened to it, and then like, he pretty much drove himself mad listening to it. And I was like, it's pretty interesting. Like, this is like, crazy shit. But, um, so I'm gonna go into a list and then we can start talking about songs and stuff and get into the good stuff. And then we can try a new beer. Before you do that. I was asked, I was going to ask you if you came across any research regarding like, jingles? jingles? Um, no, I did not. But the only thing I saw was that it could be like anything as far as like, just as long as it's like, repetitive or, or like, hooky, what do you have? Do you have a No, no, I was just curious. Because it seems like that's the goal of a jingle. Yeah, I think it's stuck so that you end up purchasing the product or Yeah, and I think that's a lot of it, too. We're like, they'll try to perfect it to where it does get stuck in your head. And then you associated with that one thing. Yeah. You don't have to like see anything you hear like a couple of notes. And it conjures that What's that? What's one that you can think like McDonald's?

McDonald's right there and then not sponsored. Um, there's a bunch of them, but I can't think of any right now.

I'm sure like, insurance companies, right? That fucking

well, that

Liberty Mutual liberty.

The Liberty.

I'm always saying that.

It's okay.

Yeah, well, we don't have Liberty Mutual zone sucks. Joke's on them.

So these, we might come across some jingles I'm not. I think there's one on the list, I'm not sure. So I'm going to go into the list and then we'll talk about it. But I strictly want to stick to rock songs. So I'm going to skip a lot of the pop stuff like that we can, you know, have a conversation like that, according to research done by the American Psychological Association. So you could see a pattern here. This is all like, you know, universities and shit working on this stuff. There are certain characteristics that make a song that makes songs more likely to become ear worms. Ear worm songs usually have a fast paced tempo, and easy to remember melody however, ear worms also tend to have unusual intervals, or repetitions that make them stand out from other songs, which makes sense. Ear ones also tend to be played on the radio more than other songs and are usually featured at the top of the charts, which is what we were talking about earlier, it's the whole thing where the labels know what they're doing.

And then it's funny too, we're I don't know if you guys have ever heard of this, but we were watching something. And they were talking about like Bieber, somebody like Justin Bieber, or somebody and now where they're writing like pop songs. And it takes like 20 people to get in a room and write one song on one

and non rock bands like rock bands, you just have the four or five people in the in the band because make the music actually write it all. So as opposed to like the one dude who's singing Yeah, typically has an or check has nothing to do with that process. And he just started given the song. Yeah, and sometimes they do and it still takes more than just them. Yeah, just them to add like literally, like at least at least 10 people to work on one song. Yeah, to get to the top 40 to have the same repeating to have the same repeating.

Yeah, but I guess their goal is to get into the top 40 right, as opposed to like other bands where their goal is to record like for the love of

music, not just to get popular, right, right. Well, you know what, for conversations sake, I'm gonna go ahead and list these nine because my other list involve rock but this one says from the same research from the American Psychological Association, the most frequently lame, named earworms during this study, were the following. I'm not sure what year this was, but I think we can pretty much dated by the songs on here. So the nine the top nine were bad romance by Lady Gaga can get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue. No, no, no, sorry. Don't stop believing by journey. No. Yeah. Somebody that somebody that I used to know by goatee. Which one hit wonder, right. We talked about him. Yeah, but it was like Jagger. Bye

Maroon five, same thing. California girls by Katy Perry, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, interesting, Alejandro by Lady Gaga and pokerface by Lady Gaga. So there are three Lady Gaga songs just in this top like nine list. And then two of them are rock and the rest of the pop. Yeah. So you could see kind of like, what what's going on there? And yeah, I don't know if I've ever had. Okay, so have you had any of these songs top in this nine that I listened stuck in your head? I can say that I had one of these stuck in my head. No two of these, I think.

Yeah, Lady Gaga has bad romance. I had poker face but that's okay. Okay, but for two reasons. Okay. Okay. So in for each one has a reason. Yeah. So poker face because because of the South Park Cartman version. Oh.

I'll see. You have different reasons. Okay. Yeah. And then Bad Romance. Because it's video because honestly, it's like one of the best coolest videos I've ever seen. Which was one that's the one where she's like, she's, she poisons that. Right? Like she's playing like crazy. No, so from what I remember was like, futuristic looking. Okay, I'm getting wrong. Yeah. And then it was poker face. I love the video for that one. That's a bad video. I really like how it's filmed and stuff. Yeah, what song is that?

Is it the one that I'm thinking? No. She's like, actress or something. And then like, she gets poisoned and

like, it's like somebody unless I'm thinking Oh, is it Papa Razzi? That's the one Okay, cool. Pop around. Sorry. I was feeling crazy. A little bit. What? No, you got it? No, I know. It's just you know, it's in order to get that he has.

He is a closet lady.

Episodes knows that well enough to name it unless you secretly like it. Then watch it. That's so funny because I'm such a big fan of that. I still love you. They also she also plays somebody in her video for telephone. Oh, you see, I don't like I don't like telephone but so I'm not familiar with that video. Yeah, so like pretty much that first album like I'm a big fan of everything after that. But yes, I've had songs from that. So what song on this list? Have you had rip off the ones that I like three or four of those are zimba songs for me. I'm gonna guess Maroon five. Yeah, Moves Like Jagger. You're gonna guess I'm gonna guess journey even though you hate it now. Oh, shit. Go ta Yeah. Okay. And then the third one.

I want to say Bohemian Rhapsody was probably wrong. was the third one bedroom. Better. Okay, so Okay. So Lady Gaga? Two out of three. Yeah. Not bad.

You can?

No, yeah, no one is super. Like, which is that the one with a stutter. It's the Lana. Oh, that one. Okay. Okay. Okay. I don't know what other song was singing but okay. No, that that's on the fucking rooms to go or some shit commercial some commercial now like it is.

Yeah, bummer. Maybe that's why it's like, yeah, some designer furniture, or whatever. So anyways, so I knew it was cool, too. I guess we'll try it. Yeah, I haven't seen it. So I guess we'll try beer. And then we'll go into the rock list. And then so it's more our forte. So we'll go into that. So can you pick a beer from the fridge? Where am I getting it from? From that second shelf from? There's like there's see if you see like a fruity one in there. This awesome. Yeah, just careful with that. Let me take your time, you could pick something interesting there. Oh, so I'm going to go ahead and go into

this next list. So this is a rock list. Okay, so this is from ultimate guitar Comm. So they posted this list in 2020. So I'll go ahead and post this link to on the show description so you guys can check it out. But these were the 10 top the top 10 rock songs that that people considered ear worms that they admitted to having stuck in their head. So I'm gonna start from the top.

Queen, We are the champions. So as I go down, let me know if you've had this song stuck in your head. Probably. I mean, at some point or other right. It's kind of inevitable. Okay. This one I've had stuck in my head, Kim. I don't know if you Well, I haven't named it yet. But this next one is Europe's Final Countdown. Yes, yes. I had it's like in my head because we would watch a wrestler wrestling development. Yeah. And so that song got stuck stuck in my head. So I'm gonna go down.

Next one. So after I go off this list, we can try that beer. And then we'll go on to the other rock list. survivors. I have the tiger. Okay, I've never had that. So I don't know.

If you ever watch Rocky. I've seen it and I still I don't know. I guess it didn't affect me. journeys again. Don't stop believin zone here. Queen Bohemian Rhapsody again. Bon Jovi living on a prayer. Now.

Metallica, I understand man. I have had a

Metallica song stuck in my head? Oh, good. I'll get to that later. Probably. And then queens, we will rock you. So yeah, definitely out of the top 10 on this list three or queen songs. And yeah, wow. Yet under pressures on on here and that's

so you know what when it comes to Enter Sandman

I do have a particular I guess, connection with down because of an HBO show called Mr. Show with Bob and Dave Oh yeah, I remember that. And there was a sketch on there, where they played a band called titanica. And that sounds like a badass band. It was a spoof of Metallica basically. And yeah, and you know, the, the whole sketch is funny. It's about this kid who I mean, played by David Cross who jumps into a vat of acid but only gets burnt from like the neck down. And you just got to look at the sketch.

Google it, I guess. But it's pretty funny. Yeah. And, and they, you know, and they play a parody of intro Sandman. And so when every time I hear it your Sandman I think of that sketch from from Mr. Show. Wow. Yeah, that's pretty. Pretty messed up, though. Ya know, cuz what happened to James But yeah, I didn't. Yeah, yeah. And so, I mean, I don't think I don't think they meant it that way. He was birthed out of acid. Well, he did get burned out. You know, the story. Yeah. Okay. So there you're

I want to say it was they were opening for Guns and Roses, right? Yeah. Joint tours, something like that. Yeah. And I'm not sure I think it might have been right a lightning I'm not sure what might have been adjusted for all. So they're playing on stage and James, they have Pyro, and James didn't know that he was too close to a Pyro thing. The thing is shot him in the face. And it burned like half his face. And like they had to cancel the show and shit. I think Axl funk. Correct. If I remember now correctly, he was pissed off. And they ended up not playing or some shit like that. Yeah. And like a big ass Riot broke out. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz I think people if I'm correct, mainly wanting to see Metallica. I think that was the issue. And so yeah, James Scott. You could still see the scars on his face. Yeah. But uh, luckily, like he survived that. But he got like, he stood right on top of that thing. And it like, lit him up. Dang. Yeah. Wow. So like Michael Jackson's hair. Yeah, like, Yeah, exactly. That's what, uh, is exactly what happened. But, uh, yes, no, so that happened.

But now we have a beer to try. And then we'll go into another list. And this is gonna be a top 20. And I'll tell you guys where this list came from.

So this is from three nations, I believe. Yeah. So three nations. This is the brewery that makes your watermelon sour punch Sucker Punch. Yeah, it's called Sucker Punch. But it's the same thing. It's That's right.

There Good luck with that one. So let's see. Yeah, so this is a salty pirate strawberry lemonade. ssurvey goes a so it's it goes a might be a little bit sour. I'm not sure. So it's supposed to be salty and sweet. with strawberry and lemon flavors. And ABV on this is I

don't know what the ABV on this is. Oh,

I will look it up. Oh my goodness. This is almost like that. Sucker Punch one, but not a sour. Now. This one's not as sweet, flavorful. Like it seems like it's, I don't know, like it's a watered down version of it, but it's still good.

I'm gonna taste it. Okay. This is from Carrollton, Texas. Carrollton. Okay.

What's good. I like the laughter tastes pretty good, too. How many of those y'all have?

And unfortunately, you know, this is, um, okay, well, I guess I'll start with Kim, would you rate it?

It has a ssurvey kind of after, like, creaminess. Yeah, I'm surprised it doesn't have fuckin lactose.

Why would you say 4.4 4.4? Okay. 4.4 for Kim Britt. What do you give it? I was gonna go probably a little higher. 4.6 It's, it's really good six. I did I guess because I really liked that sucker punch one. To me. This is like, reminiscent of it, but that other one just has like, a little bit. To me. That's so good. I'm gonna go like 4.5 Okay, that's good. Yeah, really good beer. Yeah. It's not doesn't have anything weird that's popping out. It reminds me a little bit of the melon cart. Yeah, yeah, a little bit. I want to Yeah, we got to go to a total wine total wine. A bunch of those. Um, alright, so that was a good beer. And then we'll try another one, I guess.

The cucumber the red bud. Yeah, I know. I checked recently and I only had the raspberry and the regular Berliner vise but no cucumber yet. Boo seasonal. I think

So, yeah, I think so. We do have the second cucumber. And that was all right. Okay. Yeah, it was. It was all right. I don't think it was one of the bad ones. All right, so you ready for the last lesson? Then we'll talk about other songs that we maybe might have gotten stuck. Yeah, sure. Okay. So if you guys want to try and see if any of the songs have stuck in your head, I already started a playlist. I'll finish this tonight. It's on Spotify. So Spotify playlists, you can find it on rock talk, happy hour pod comm You can also find our Spotify link to our podcast, and all the other stuff like on tap and stuff. So go ahead and listen to those songs and see what happens to you.

So this next list is from m e COMM And this was actually published in 2016.

This was again from another university. So scientists at the University of St. Andrew have named the top 20 official earworms in a study as to what makes songs addictive. They named the ultimate ear worm and explain what makes songs addictive. I don't know why that's written twice, but it just said it twice.

So they basically did this they named a top 20. And then they kind of broke down the five things that make a song addictive when it came to this list or near wormy. The five components are surprise, predictability, rhythmic repetition melodic potency. Sounds like fucking jeopardy. Crew receptive and receptive. receptive. Yeah, but that was a See I thought a sec receptiveness. I was like what the hell is that receptiveness? And that's basically how the listener feels about the song so like we were talking about earlier, anything that triggers us you specifically interesting that surprise as repetition or both on there like aren't they kinda are predictability rather, it was a surprise and predictability. Like if you can predict it's not surprised. I think it's like, one or the other, but like, it's part of, you know, I mean, like, it can either be no surprise you, but if it's repetitive Yeah, exactly. Yeah. These these are University guys. Okay. I'm not a fucking professor. So we'll email these guys.

So, I'll find out I'll get their contacts actually, how see their data have names. What's this guy's name? His name his shit. I had his name. Oh, his name is Pete Williams. So you can email him? Okay. bt Williams at

St. Andrew St. Andrews University calm. Okay. Anyways, so, here are the 20 so get him on as a guest. Yeah, we'll have him on as a guest. So here they had 20 songs and this actually a lot of it a majority of his rock but you have some some some fucking pop in here. I was trying to find the word but. So I'm gonna start with number 20. And then we're gonna work our way down. And then if you guys have any thoughts, y'all just jumping cut me off and tell me you know what y'all think about this? Number 20. Is Culture Club karma chameleon? Oh, yeah.

Definitely. Read it. Second read the card. Okay, really? I have. I mean, I've I found myself repeating the melody, but it's never like gotten stuck in. Okay, okay. Well, what about this? What about this? Not a particular song or piece of song. But anytime I hear a chorus effect. I automatically think that.

Yeah, no, that's the same thing. That's an imaging thing that you were. I think it's the same shit like you're associated with something. So yeah, so yeah, it's not necessarily like a piece of music. It's just when I hear a particular sound I just think of a whole I think of a whole genre. Well, it's funny when you say that because when I think of chorus I think of like Van Halen for some reason, like yes, like stadium rock or I mean, arena rock as I think I'm number 19 I fucking hate the song. Megan trainers all about that bass. Oh, yes. Crazy repetitive. But it's a pop song. It probably took 30 people to write it.

Now this one, Kim. I don't know. Kim. I have thoughts on this on number 18 is rocky hard. Rocky Horror Show time work. Okay. Teen so you guys have so as imbecilic for me.

Have you ever had ever had that song stuck in your head? Well, yeah.

I'll get that song. So yeah,

you can hear

Okay, okay, I'm gonna go on then. Number 17 it's not that from that movie. It's not that song. Back in a second way. Which one is it?

I'm not familiar with a song so you guys would


that sounds catchy already. I'm just gonna say the name of the song over and over. Yeah, it'd be the same damage and all day tomorrow. Or the one at the end with the with. You have to see it. I need the brother and sister. Yeah.

No, it's not that one. I don't know. I have to think Yeah, cuz I've never seen

that. Well, you know, going, going back to the whole imagery thing.

Every time I don't know, every time I hear Culture Club I just think of the Wedding Singer. Okay? Yeah, yeah, I think I'm a comedian, right? No, no karma chameleon it said do you really want to hurt me? That's right. Yeah. Okay, so every time I hear that song I just think the winning singer. Yeah, that cut Well, every time I hear Billy Idol I think of just winning. Every time I hear Spandau Ballet, write the song he sings at the very end when the new guy is the Wedding Singer.

Oh, what's his name? Steve Buscemi. Yeah, true and Yeah, that one oh planet hot dog

watch that Yeah.

Okay, I've never yeah wait oh well when stuff starts getting back in and like like community theater and stuff when like I don't Yeah, who used to put on like the Josephine these to put on a lot or like somewhere else and or even if you don't go see and interact dress house yet? No, no draft house show. Draft house would like to have people like there. Yeah, that would be acting out in front of

like stuff that like goes with

cards and like and toast and toasts?

No, I do.

But you will no go my mom, my aunt Helen. Like everybody. We used to go like around. Halloween time was like the local theater or like putting it out. We would. It was like every year yeah. That's cool. Yeah. Okay, I got I got to see that movie. Number 17. Kaiser Chiefs Ruby. Ruby.

I know that won't get stuck in my dad's head because my step mom's name is Ruby. So I know he like How does that sound? Go? I wish I would have connected for this episode. I just set it for you. Yeah, I know. But I'm trying to remember if I like if I know it like

we'll keep going. I don't know. We can't play piano and all I think is Ruby Soho ran Yeah, that's the one that's the one that I was thinking of to

number 16 This one has gotten stuck in my head I feel Michael Jackson's beat it only because the riff in the beginning

for me it's eat it

with the Van Halen right? Yeah. Okay bathroom is on our 15 I've had this one stuck in my head Taylor Swift shake it off. Really? I said the episode it doesn't mean I like this I didn't say like that just that's shocking. Yeah, that song got stuck in my head.

It is a catchy song it is a catchy so

next one on the list number 14 Mark Ronson Uptown Funk

I don't maybe I don't know what song that is. Maybe not so much. Funk you up Mark Johnson. Yeah with

Bruno Mars Okay, I was associated bro. Okay, Martin. Yeah, now that is a good song. I don't know if I've had it stuck in my head but I've caught myself saying it because I remember my brother used to sing it

13 is for you journey don't stop believing. Oh for just for me. Hmm. Number 12. Y'all got to get Rick road. Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You yeah Have you ever had that song second Yes Yeah, yes because I think about getting rickrolled I don't know why

I got recalled again.

Like I think about it like if I want to watch because I watch a lot of YouTube

the next ads gonna be

going to get robot like that it was a thing.

Something triggers that me watching a YouTube video. Like

oh, that was big.

I remember there was a some presidential or some some some some political thing going on. And somebody was running for some position. Yeah. And the intern actually wrote like a Rick row in the in the guy's like speech Yeah, I think

and the guy didn't realize it I think he did that because he was just like working hard and getting underpaid and stuff. So he wrote that in there and yeah, so he

ended up recalling the whole audience and I think after that like the dude just like dropped out of the race Wow. Writer the speech writer got fired. I would I would have reached out to Rick Astley himself and be like, Will you come with me on my campaign?

No people would have wrote with gasoline for president

wrote him in number 11 I think I remember get this one got stuck in my head and I was sighs Gangnam Style.


Next one this probably for Frank number 10. baja Men Who let the dogs out.

Yeah, they saw me Barbie girls on the list. Oh shit. It's not but Oh, that that is one I feel like I've had stuck in my head. Number nine. This is a weird one. But Jingle Bells. And you know what this comes back to? I don't know what episode it was. But you guys aren't

We were talking about the Christmas song. Yeah. And I was talking about the squirt squirt song, and I couldn't remember who the fuck y'all were looking at me. Exactly. So I ended up finding out and again I forgot what was the one that fucking Christmas song got stuck in my head. And I made about the one the Winter Wonderland. That was

okay, but then there was another one. And I remember, we played it a like, we were having a walk or something. I ended up pulling out on my phone and I played it. And yeah, it's about like this. It's like this girl singing and she sound like a little kid and she's talking about like, having a water gun and then like she'll stop and then the song she will like squirt, squirt. And then like, she goes on like with the song. Yeah, it got stuck in my head because any Jingle Bells is gonna be stuck in my head is gonna be jingle bell. Jingle bell, jingle bell run. Ah, yeah, that's that.

Those don't affect me. It's the marshmallow one. squirt squirt. One that I never remember. But this has to do with you plain old Jingle Bells. These weird ones? You guys know, like I said, I worked retail. So I heard this shit for like, three months out of the year. Yeah, which would be July, November and December, three months of Christmas music, which was hell, I get that when I used to work in a movie theater A long time ago. And we had there was just like a disc changer upstairs in the booth that like projected the music down into the lobby and into the theaters when the movies weren't started yet. And they had these CDs that were made specifically for the theater they were in they were called movie tunes. And it was like songs from movies that were popular at the time. And because movies used to stay in the theater for a lot longer back then. You know, they weren't like imaginary Titanic.

But the one that I remember that was always stuck in my head is that song we've actually talked about before on the show.

The girl you'll be a woman soon that cover of a Neil Diamond song. And I can't remember the artist but you mentioned it girl. You will be a Did you? I thought you did because we brought it up and we talked about that it was a cover. It's on the pulp fiction soundtrack. Oh, yeah. Okay, okay. Okay, I'm gonna look that up. I don't I forget.

You brought the artist app. And we and then we talked about it being a Neil Diamond cover.

You know what, I'll let you go pretty sure while I that? We know what No, wait.

It's worth it. But yeah, there it was on the pulp fiction soundtrack. And so it was

always being played and our, you know, the same thing happened to me. I used to work at journeys, and they used to have a CD and it was just like, for that month like songs that were like popular but like for the shoe store. Yeah. And one of the ones that was popular at that time was Franz Ferdinand. Take me out. Okay. And that because that's something that just came out. Yeah. For like, it was like on a loop like cuz they're only had like 20 songs. So on any shift, I would hear that song like, I don't know how many fucking times Yeah, so that song. And it's a good song though. But it got stuck in my head and I just I yeah, it was fun. The artists urge overkill. Oh, and did we not talk about that when

we talk about some other Neil Diamond cover? Yeah, we did. We talked about cinnamon girl. Cinnamon girl is young girl. Okay.


well, there's too many nails. I was about to say that.

Okay, not so. Okay. Anyway, urge overkill? Girl. Don't be a woman soon. Yeah, not one. Okay. That on their friends for now. I'm pretty certain it's a male diamond cover. Not a Neil Young covered. Frank Britt. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head because of work? Like we just had because of work? Yes. And it's going back to Christmas music it's when's last Christmas? Oh, okay.

What about you, Kim? No. I've never worked like retail or anything like that. But like never like at the salon. You never got stuck, like listen to something and then you're like, Fuck, like someone's listening. Well, we get stuck listening to stuff but not it wouldn't ever get stuck in my head. I just be like this shit again. Yeah. Because we listen to the radio, like the actual radio and so you knew what time it was depending on what song it was.

And then we listen to the station that plays the national anthem at 12 o'clock every day like

12 o'clock like is familiar. Yeah, I've never really had a song stuck in my head. Because at that point, you just tuned it out. Like I'm too busy working on the parents. I'm sure you don't hear anymore. I guess another one that got stuck in my head because of also working retail. A lot of the songs that didn't mind but there were some that really just like me, it was one of them for me was actually Simpson's out of my head. Oh, how I ironic, right out of my head but it's stuck in your head. Okay, I'm gonna write that down. That was another one. Actually, one of her songs got stuck in my head too. I think it was her. Let me see what the fuck is the name of that song.

Shalom. I have to Google it.

Like, she spells love in that song. Oh, I think that's her. Is it? It's llv Yeah, lovey, right. That's that song got stuck in my head. Like, Damn, this

is Ashley Simpson. I will be second my head. Actually, there's another one. Okay. Okay, so well I'm not familiar with Ashley Simpsons. I couldn't tell you that that was her because I just remembered the song lyrics.

And then on top of that, it wasn't even like the original version. It was like a remix version. Yeah.

It was this DJ actually selective Did you stick a boots?

TJ sticky boobs, sticky boots. That would have been that would have been worse.

or was I want to listen to Ashley Simpson. No, I don't want to listen.

Okay, so number eight is going to be Bon Jovi is living on a prayer. I've never had that song stuck in my head. No, I know. I mean, I don't like it. But it did have a bunch of restocks stuck in my head recently. What song?

Is that called Blaze of Glory are some

great. I've never seen the Young Guns movie and I was like, we gotta watch them. So we watched them and then that one was in there for a while. Yeah, I can't think of that one. I just I mean, I hear the chorus. But yeah, I don't know if that's ever got stuck in my head. A Next one. Again. Seven Europe. Final Countdown. De weari discussed it. It's crazy. Yeah, I would have never guessed that if I was thinking of this list myself. But okay. Six queens Bohemian Rhapsody.

Number five. Village People YMCA. Okay. I don't know if I've ever I've ever had that. Just I mean, I've seen it like stick with people like joking around, but she did the dance. Hell no. What? No, just kidding. Yes, I did. Okay.

Number four, the Proclaimers I'm gonna be bad has definitely been stuck. I had many of that song. I hate it. I use it. So there was this band that used to roll around with one of the other bands that I was in, like 10 years ago, something like that. And they were a pop punk band. And they covered this song, like pop punk version. So it was like,

and I think that's why I got stuck in my head, but I hated it because I hated their version too. And so I'm not sure if they ripped off that that cover from somebody I from what I know, they covered it themselves, but they just made it pop funky. And

yeah, I mean, that song got stuck in my head and I hated it. Number three, Queen We are the champions. It's a bit song but I've never had it's like a man doesn't like cook me like that. No. It's actually one of my least favorite Queen song. Yeah, yeah. Um, to Pharaoh bearer. I can't name for God. I can never say his name. Happy for real. I don't know if I've ever had that song stuck in my head. For real? Yes, Queen. Number one is queens. We Will Rock You. Yeah. And I can see why because it fits the description of what makes a earworm. But I've never had that song stuck in my head. Really. Again, I keep saying like, it's under pressure. And it's because yeah, but I've never had like the there. So

three times we've seen Queen on these lists. And then the top 23 songs were queen. Yeah, but none of these affected me. So you're impervious? I mean, I don't know. It's just, I guess whenever I think of Queen, for some reason, that baseline comes in my head. Okay. I mean, when it could be any other song or whatnot, but it's the riff to under pressure that always gets me and yeah, no, I just, I home it sometimes it shit. Um, so I'm done with those lists. Frank. I don't know if you had any other research you wanted to share. But I wanted to get into like specific songs that we had stuck in our head so I can add to to our playlist because I have a small list and I can tell you like when in my time of living that I've had this song stuck in my head.

I don't know. I mean, it's it's like I said, like I connect songs because of other because of other stuff.

Yeah, which is part of the definition. You know, but there was also another one. I don't remember an artist named Duffy. Yes. Mercy, mercy. That was another one that was like really stuck your head down. Yeah. And that would get stuck in my head too. She was a one hit wonder, wasn't she? I think yes. I think I remember that song.

Probably if I heard it. I should have connected my phone for this episode. Yeah, I think she I think she was a one hit wonder. That's a good one, too. I remember her vaguely now. You guys wake up in the middle of night with bH one on in that video would be on? Yeah. You were like singing the song and

you want to try another beer? Sure. Okay, Kim, go ahead and pick another one. There was some of the top shelf two sided there was

You wanted whichever ones look interesting let you pick some interesting fruity looking ones. So I'm gonna go down my list real quick there was one that I hated I don't know Kim probably hated the song too but it got stuck in my head it came out of high school and that was fall out boys dance dance. I remember that one. Yeah, I know you hate Fall Out Boy so do I and it was because that riff that again the baseline I don't know why baselines affect me okay the way they do but a bass player Yeah, I'm not

but Frank you know the baseline right the beginning that Doom Doom Doom Doom, I actually like that baseline. And maybe that I do, I don't like the song. But but the baseline i think i agree with you on that. Um, the follow up, follow up. So um,

that was one of mine.

This one might be a little weird to you guys. But there's actually like two or three cold songs that I've had stuck in my head.

One of them and of course partially written by a pop artist and that was a stupid girl. I can't Yeah, that one got stuck in my head when it when it came out. I've also had just got wicked stuck in my head before and the end of the world. Like I've literally like, like I remember when I heard it the acoustic version specifically. And I would just always sing that song doodle stuck in my head for like, a long period of time I remember but yeah, I had three cold songs that were stuck in my head but I mean, you won't see that list and related to code because rivers como Weezer Cobra Yes, stupid girl. I guess a Weezer's Buddy Holly is one that Yeah, I could see that. You've had it. So you've had that one stuck in your head a little bit here and there. And then when hash pipe came out, I hate that song that video but because of the radio ate it, and that video was like popular on MTV. Dude, I remember that song in that video getting played like crazy on on fucking like MTV and shit like that. Um, so before I go into my studio, like, everybody has a different song from the artists that like get stuck in their head. That Beverly Hills. Oh, really?

Like you had one song he had another and I had a totally different one. It's true. in Beverly Hills was one of those two words like really like, Poppy in Maine? Like it was very mainstream. Yeah. There was another one too that porkin been song I? Yeah, okay, I remember that song.

And you mentioned Van Halen earlier. Yeah. Panama is definitely a song that sticks in my head. See, like Panama? Panama for you. That sound one and for me, it's ain't talking about love because I'm beginning riff. Yeah, and Okay, those so Okay, so I'm gonna put Van Halen on the list. So you had Panama. And

that's the one where I really had that story where you got the

I remember that. Um, okay, so we got another beer here. Yeah. Good. So this is from slow brew brewery. This is a blood orange hefeweizen. So it's a bright citrus unfiltered hefeweizen. It's brewed in San San Luis Obispo, California. And it's called Cali squeeze 5.4% ABV ABV. Let's give it a try. Huh?

It's nice. It smells good. Yeah. It smells like well, you know, I like this a lot. I'm gonna get another one for this and then it wasn't Yeah, it wasn't that good. So we had one it was a it was it. tangerines on it.

Oh, it was a mango one. I had the mango one. So I had a mango. So they had like four different ones of these when we went to eat up and I ended up grabbing this one and the mango one the mango one did not taste very good. But this one I'm gonna give this one a five and

a half of it and that's why I picked it. But

I'm gonna go like 4.3 probably. Okay, it's good. 4.3 can we get the same 4.443 Wow. You see I'm saying we agree sometimes perfectly. And other times not so much. It's the pickup ears.

You know what? It has a hint of a perfumey kind of taste. I'm gonna give it like a four point I think I feel like I taste a lot of like rind flavor and not really like blood orange juice. Yeah, it's more like those say unfiltered so they probably and I think that's what throws it off.

I'm sorry, go for it. I was just gonna say remember half of items are really yeast. Yeah, that and they have a lot of sediment in them because of that. So yeah, that is that is true. Might be a slug in there. And there. We won't. Well, I'll find out because I have the can. It'll be in your mouth. Um, another

another one that I have

This was back in high school. I don't remember the name of the song but it was that distillers song.

I think rank you know what song I'm talking about, you know, are you familiar with distillers or the distillers? I don't think I

think it's called City of Angels. Yeah, yeah. So I had that song stuck in my head.

Specifically the chorus.

Now she's singing it. No.

I mean, I probably could. She had a raspy voice. Um, nonpoint I had like three different songs and they're stuck in my head, a taproot. I don't know if you remember Frank when taproot came out with poem, that song stuck in my head, like a lot, like often also there, they had two other songs and you we've had, you've heard my story before about taproot. I'm not a fan. I have three of their songs stuck in my head poem, calling and again, those are three songs that had stuck in my head.

I guess I can name off like three more ASI. When Miss murder came out. That one was stuck in my head catches up to me

6am I hate 6am that's Nikki six is band. Life is beautiful. Their first single I fucking hated that song. I don't

mean either. I mean, never do that song was like everywhere, even for like four different versions. Yeah, I heard I mean on kiss FM. Yes on kiss I ever heard 6am but I heard the brides of destruction stuff. Oh, yeah, no. Okay, well, I guess I'm assuming that that was better than this stuff. And then the last one, I guess that I can talk about was at Velvet Revolver slithers stuck in my head, mainly because I've been practicing that song. And that riff has gotten stuck in my head.

And also to the chorus gets stuck in my head. But those were some of my songs for different reasons. I couldn't It was so hard for me to remember them. I had to think really hard. And I think it's because I was immune. Yeah. And also, I think we just forget, right? Unless it's the song that stuck in your head in that moment. See, that's what just forget. That's what worried me I because I have a hard time remembering stuff. And I'm like, Fuck, I'm getting older. I can't remember shit. And I'm like, I wouldn't have remembered that. Like, yes, I get queens, we will be stuck in my head and just doesn't come to mind goes like that on the day like

and then like, a few days later, you're like, oh, what's the new song?

Right, but but I think more of this this case, I think ear worms tend to last more than you know, the few hours after you listen to like, I'm talking about like days, like yeah, the songs I listed were like days where I was like, Fuck, like, it's in my head. I'd have to listen to it thinking it would help. And it wasn't just I fucked up. I was I was just making it worse on myself. So I should have saying Happy birthday and chewed gum at the same time.

Know what song Yeah, the God Save

the Queen.

Yes. But yeah, no, they are those two and I was like, okay, but Oh, also I'm trying to really brand new beard I've not had before. Yeah, there we go. Talk about it, please. I actually haven't had a sip. So if y'all want to like try some to a we can do.

We can show. This one is a

guy named Schneider vise I guess that's the name of the brewery. Okay.

Yeah, Schneider vise, it's a vise beer. It's a vise beer. Yeah. non alcoholic malt in its tap. Three. It has been going on since 1872. Okay, so yeah, I've not I've not had any yet. I think Schneider vice makes half of Iceland's as well and make other beers. It's from Germany. Right. Yeah.

Okay, and I'll leave this reading up to you, Frank. I mean, we will taste it but what me and Kim will share it as well. Okay. But I'll let you read it. Where do you get it from? I got it from total wine. Oh, shit. Yeah. So.

I mean, I pretty much I've had all the selections so far. There. This one was a brand new one. That just yeah, smells. It smells sweet. So let me let me try it.

Oh, I like that. It's good. It's really really good.

Man. It's really good. It's good.

It's kind of like it's a little tangy. Yeah, a little bit. Uh huh.

I like the aftertaste too. It's like sweet. Yeah, there is a sweetness to it for sure.

Yeah, this one is not an obvious non alcoholic, I think. Yeah. You know, that was really good. Yeah, definitely. I give it a six out of five.

six out of five. Okay. Dang. All right. No, yeah, no, that's good. That's good. Um,

well, that's all I had. I don't know if you guys have anything else I want to say before we leave. I don't know what next episode is gonna be about. We'll we'll talk about it.


yeah, no, I don't know what else. I mean. I mean this this topic was interesting. Yeah. Because at first to begin with, I was like, I don't have any of these songs stuck in my head but writing mentioning stuff and I was like, Oh, yeah, you know what? Maybe I did.

So did you have ever had Barbie Girl stuck in your head?

I mean, I don't know.

I mean, I yeah, it's a song that I like to hear. You know what I mean? But because it's fun, but I don't know. Yeah, but yeah, exactly. But, but I don't know if I've ever had the song stuck in my head. I mean, I've had it stuck in my head because of like for fantasy reasons. Wait.

Yeah, like I picture myself in the music video.

with plastic hair. So like if I picture myself on talk happy hour, after dark after. After hours. you picture yourself? Hell no. I picture myself in Germany driving the autobahn. Like in a red Porsche. Oh, it just like blasting that song. I just like fist pumping the whole time that I'm like driving I think

so not Kraftwerk or no I mean, even though they're not German. No but but but still. Yeah, I was curious about that because I think what they're bad Ramstein you don't envision envision yourself listening to Ramstein down the autobahn? No, I just picked him up like punch people.

I don't know maybe we shouldn't take him to the commons or

skip a seat.

Social distance Yeah.

Okay, Barbie girl. Okay, why don't we go? Why is your Porsche red? Not pink? Come on. I don't know because I read his fury. Okay. Say you want to show people that you're like region, but you also want to show him that you want to have a good time? Oh, gosh.

Oh, all right.

Can I ride in the passenger seat? You can be okay. Okay. So that makes it that makes it alright.

I don't know what we're going to talk about. We'll talk about it. After after I stop recording and we'll see what we're going to talk about next episode. Maybe I'll leave it up to Kim to pick something.

Sure. Yeah, cuz why not just I mean, just, um, but yeah, no, I mean, I don't have anything else to say. So you guys can listen to the playlist if anything is stuck in your head. If it does, let me know. Let me know what songs got stuck in your head. Email us ROC happier. [email protected] I

think that's it. Cool. Yeah, it was it was a fun one. Okay, cool.

Yeah, I learned a lot. I know there's a lot of scientific shit on here. But anyways, I'm gonna finish my beer and then I will see you guys next week. Cheers.

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