Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 33 - Mudvayne

April 24, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 33
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 33 - Mudvayne
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This episode, we discuss the surprising announcement of Mudvayne's reunion, BUT,  what does it really mean for the band? We also try some beers and talk nu metal nostalgia. Cheers!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Chad. I guess.

Edit: I missed the details of some references to albums that came after L.D. 50 in the Monolith teaser. It still all seems heavy with L.D. 50 connections tho. -Mario 


Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with my beautiful co host, Kimberly. I call her Kim though.

And Frank and Britt will be joining us next episode. So this is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we tried different craft beers, we discuss them, we try them, we discussed them, we rate them. And sometimes we learned a little bit about them all talking music related topics. And today's topic is actually a surprising one because no one saw this coming. But, uh, Kim can ask you a question. Okay. Can you dig it?

Can you dig it? Yes. Okay, cool. Waiting for you to answer me. So yeah, the unexpected news at a mudvayne is reuniting or reunited. And I know you had mentioned it, like, I don't know what we were talking about. This was like, two or three episodes back and you said something like, I wish my brain would get back together or something like that, like you wished it. Yeah. And you you said like I wished for the snow. Yeah, he did was so powerful. So we'll talk about that news. And then we'll get into in our thoughts and opinions on that stuff. Because I have opinions on this on after you know, reading the report. I was like, okay, but anyways, so usually to in the beginning, before we get into the topic,

we have two little segments. One segment is our hangover segment, which we talked about stuff from previous episodes that we didn't get to talk about in that episode. And also to what are we drinking? But I don't think we can really talk about any hangover this time. I think we'll wait for Frank and Britt. Yeah, because I don't even remember what

I was trying to think. And I was like, I don't I could look oh, it was about

when live music went away because a COVID Oh, yeah, that's what it was. So this episode was supposed to be about your worms. If you guys don't know what an ear worm is, and we'll you'll learn about it next episode.

But this one was like all of a sudden, and I'm like, well, let's talk about mud mean. Um, so before we get into that, I guess we're going to go into what we're drinking. And Kim is Lin pooches out really quick. And now she's walking back. She's putting you mean our dogs, that our dogs. Okay, so I'll go ahead and let Kim talk about her drink first, because you haven't tasted it. Have you? Okay, so this is a new one that we discovered. I was trying to find out stuff about it, but I couldn't really find anything on it. Like when it came out or

any background, I guess. Yeah, but this is the Martin house. I think it's something Rita St. Rita. It's a margarita sour with strawberries. 8% alcohol by volume. Damn. 8%. Okay, well, yeah, I would expect

a higher nothing really else on here. It doesn't say Oh, it's just the cans pretty. It's a pretty color. Yeah, like the artwork. Yes, dope. And then the beer is actually kind of like a reddish pink color. And I know you've been you've been trying. Margarita is the past couple weeks. That is my favorite frozen Margarita. That's good. I'm good. Okay, so go ahead and give it a sip and then we'll not taste it and then let me know what you read it. I'm I'm gonna give this reading to you.

Oh, probably the sour is what's gonna kill it for you. Right?

I'm sad. Yeah, I mean, I hate when that happens. It's good. It's not bad. The sour is very strong. Very strong. To try right now. But it's, um, you know, I'd say like, maybe like 3.9 it's like almost a four but not quite.

less than four. Oh, yeah, that's our you know what? You know what the sourness reminds me of like a sour punch straw. It's like if I feel like that shouldn't be in this like,

a little bit sweeter. Right? Yeah, a little bit sweeter. Not as sour it kind of tastes like a sour like the sour punch when that kind of like the Don't you dare Well, the sucker punches but that one's a watermelon though. This is strawberry. Is that one? It's a watermelon because it has a little watermelons with boxing gloves.

Um, I think it's because it's strawberry tastes different. But I kind of feel like the sour probably. Yeah, give it a four four. Yeah, it's all right. What I like reach for it again. No, probably not. Okay. Um, so what I have now I'll talk about what I'm drinking. I don't think we've had anything from this brewery. There's a new brewery. I think that we bumped into it's from

Oh man, let me see. It's 5.4% ABV. It's from California. It is, I guess the Ruri slowbro. Let me see. Yeah, slow Brewing Co. So slow Brewing Co they're from California. And this is a mango hefeweizen

so we've had half advisors, I know you like have advisors, but I'm not a fan of mangoes. I'm a little Yeah, and I like mango. So we actually have another one. It's a blood orange, a blood orange f advisor and I know there's a couple other ones, but Okay, so let me give it a try. 5.4% Let's see. And each egb it was killing it with all the different stuff this week. Yeah, I'm gonna let you smell it. It smells like like, like real man. Yeah, like, not that artificial mango. But let's see.

Cool. That's a weird taste.

I don't know if you're familiar with the

you promote them familiar with Skittles. Like, I don't know if you remember like the tropical Skittles and they had like a mango when they're

not big Skittles, man.

It's not bad. I mean, it tastes like a half of baizen and it tastes like mango. Um,

I'm actually just recently found out that I'm not a big fan of like the orange. Like a strong orange and I guess mango. flavors and beer. They just don't make me feel good afterwards. I don't I don't know what it is. It tastes like mango taste like I have isen

It just tastes very too fruity to me. It doesn't taste fruity at all. To me. It tastes really earthy to me. Really? I guess we're both have different.

Oh, it's I don't

know. Thank you.

I don't know. I mean, I've had a lot of mango, different mango things over the years. Like, you name it. I'll probably I probably tried it when it comes to mango. Um, I don't know, I think

no, excuse me. It's not.

It's not bad. I mean, I give it like a four. I could probably drink another one. If there was one there. Like, let's say let's say I got two. Because we only got one. Yeah, I mean, I would have drank it. I have no problem with it. Like it's not it's not disgusting. It's just the tastes a little weird. I mean, maybe because it's revising maybe if it was something else, like a like an ale like a mango ale or something or lager. But um, I guess we both got fours today. Yeah.

So I guess now we can go into the news. So mudvayne I'm sure everybody has heard by now. So since I'm not good with my days, apparently. And I don't know, what would they were on? What like as far as April is concerned, I'm gonna look at my calendar so that I can do kind of a timeline of you know, what happened with this news. So I'm on April 10. There was a post that was going around that it was the it had been 21 years since the dig. Since the music video for dig it had come out. So that was a pretend I saw that post. And I was like, Damn, 21 years. Like that's crazy. Right. And that was off my beans album ld 50 I feel old. Yeah, it makes me feel, which was their debut album. What's crazy, like talking about that? Because all those bands they were, you know, big when we were young. All those albums are hitting 20 years toxicity is hitting 20 years. I know. Linkin Park. Twins, they just celebrated their anniversary for Hybrid Theory as well. But it's just crazy. Like, and yeah, no, it's just really trippy. I'm like, Fuck, 2020 years. That's,

um, and yeah, it's cool to see some of these guys still active. Like, you know, I know. I think Linkin Park's trying to get some plans to come back and, or to do some more stuff. And so anyways, maybe so that happened April 10. April 18, which was I believe, Sunday. And look at my calendar. Yeah. So ever. 18 This was Sunday. So metal sucks. dotnet reported that mudvayne was rumored rumored to announce a reunion on April 19, which was going to be Monday. And I was like, Oh shit. And the report with a rumor was was saying that they were gonna get together to play for music festivals this fall. And I was like, I mean, that doesn't sound like a complete


Like, how should I say it? Like it didn't sound fake? Yeah. If they were just going to do that, like if they were going to get together and do an album I would. I don't know about that. Because Hell yeah. Seems to still be doing stuff and I know they just replaced many pa and whatnot.

So then April 19, which is that which was Monday, the day after that


out and they announced that they are reuniting after a 12 year hiatus to appear on for music festivals. And the festivals are going to be from September through November. So what I'm going to do is we'll talk about our thoughts, but I'm gonna do is read the article that came out and this I'll post a link on our show info. This was from Consequence of Sound.

So this was what the report said. And I'm going to give you the quote and this was from the interview that they did No, I think this was the same. The statement that Danny Wimmer

released. And Danny Wimmer is actually the, I guess he's like the He's the founder of his of his production company. And they're the ones that put these tours together kind of like, Oh, you guys know van, vans, Warped Tour and taste of chaos. Well, Kevin Lyman was the founder. And you know, he put those tours together. Well, this guy, Danny Wimmer, he's the ones that he's the one that puts these other tours together. So we'll go ahead and put what he put. He said in the in the in the statement. So as said, in our fan surveys, mudvayne has consistently been one of the most requested bands, even though they weren't act, even though they weren't an active band. He also said we've been working for years to make this happen. So when I got the call that they'd finally take a meeting, apparently they had been bugging them to take a meeting for years. I think before COVID they were pretty close to it. But anyways, let me go back to it. So he said that they'd finally take a meeting Gary Spivak and I jumped at the chance to fly to Vegas. We sat down for dinner with mudvayne, their lawyer Eric, German manager de oni sobol Mehta and agent Ryan har locker. The band hadn't even been in the same room together for 10 years, and pleaded and we pleaded our case for why the time was right for this to happen. We were hoping to announce this in 2020. We're fortunate enough to be able to do it in 2021. And DWP, which is the production company is super pumped to have mudvayne exclusively at all four of our festivals this year. So that was a statement that was released by the by the production company, which was this guy, he's the founder, this Wimmer guy. And so he got them to play specifically on his show. So basically, it was his meeting and they offered them money and whatnot when this happened. So they're going to be playing for festivals, that's going to be Inc, incarceration, music and tattoo festival. That's going to be in September in Mansfield, Ohio, then they're going to be playing louder than life in September, in Louisville, Kentucky, then they're going to be playing aftershock.

And that's going to be in October in Sacramento, California. And then they're going to be playing Welcome to rockville in November. That's going to be in Daytona Beach, Florida. So I'm going to go on to some more stuff. And then I'll come back to my thoughts on this and then ask you what you think of that. So after that, that that was released then simultaneously on my beans, social media, they released a teaser video. So it was entitled monolith. And basically, it was just like some cryptic stuff going on. You can hear some of the ld 50 tracks, kind of sporadically playing throughout the video. But mainly it was if anyone caught it, it was the track monolith, which is the first track on the ld 50 album. So as I'm looking through it, I didn't see this anywhere in the reports. And what I noticed was that

while they did this, they also released a new they opened up their merch shop. And I showed I remember I showed you right? Yeah, it was old school stuff. And basically it was ld 50 era like t shirts and stuff. There was a they did have one new design and it was basically a design for the announcement of the reunion. And one thing I figured out was that ld 50 is going to be turning 20 years old. August on August 22. So August 22 2000 was when ld 50 was released. So they're gonna start playing these festivals in September so I pretty much hits the 20 year mark. So what I'm thinking is that this kind of just lined up and they said yes because it was the union to ld 50 and nothing more because I know a lot of bands do this where they don't they go on a hiatus like this and then they don't talk to each other they don't do anything I think systems a good example but that that's a little different cuz they will have side projects. These guys don't it's just Chad

for the most part, and one. So now I'm going to go back to that to the statement that Wimmer had released Am I saying his name right i think is Wimmer. Danny Wimmer he had Danny Wimmer Yeah. Danny Wimmer. So there was one line that caught my attention. And it was that he said the band had even been in the same room together for 10 years. Wow. To me, that was like a red flag. I was like, that is not gonna happen. Like you know what I mean? Like

if it's been that long, and you have some kind of

Before something with somebody, like,

if you haven't hashed it out, I guess, and you're like, I feel like there's still room for like, well eff this guy, or, you know, whatever, kind of like, the whole Guns and Roses thing where they didn't they, they couldn't get along with Axel. And that was one of the, you know, reasons why their their original lineup for union took so long. So they really need the money and they're like, we're just gonna see I can stick to our guns?

I don't think so merit. So I have a couple of, I guess, opinions on it. Or maybe this will bring them together and we'll get a new mudvayne album maybe this little reignite if Kim wishes it maybe. I mean, I'm two for two so so so. So Frank had actually sent me a text with a link right? And I said, Dude, I'm ahead of you. Like I already posted it. Like I already I heard the news already. And he's and so we talked about it a little bit, I'll let him you know, of course, speak his own piece when he comes on the show, when on the show next week, and we can do the hangover segment. But he was saying, hopefully, though, you know, release a new new a new album, get together and make new music. And I tell him honestly, dude, looking at the report, I don't think that's gonna happen. And the reason why is I have seen other like reports in interviews where like, the guys kind of seem like kinda

kind of like they were trying to be cool about it, like, Oh, yeah, like, we're still cool with the other guys. Like, I still talk to them and whatever, whatever. We just not ready to read that. Yeah. And then to read then you're like, well, you guys haven't been in the same room. 10 years, but yeah, exactly. And I think I think they're probably those guys that are cool enough to not like, be like drama queens about stuff or like, let's say they don't want to get together, but they're not going to be like bitches about it and be like, Oh, fuck this guy. And for sure, they have to have some kind of rehearsals too, so they're gonna have to be definitely Yeah. But as far as that for that, yeah, but as far as that 10 you know? Yeah. So and then when you go on to bands, like

trying to think of what other bands are like there's and there's plenty where they just talk shit about each other. And you know, it's out there. Well, yeah, here's this hasn't been like up front in the in the media. Like this guy's trashing this guy. Yeah, exactly. Or like, like, like sly posts. Like, what is what is that called? Like?

tweeting Yeah, yeah, like Yeah. Or like being passive aggressive? Yeah. So I think another good example too Even though it's not to that extent is System of a Down the reason why they're on a hiatus and they haven't gotten together with you musica days, they've come out publicly publicly to say why they haven't done it. One is they're not really clicking when it comes to music. Actually, right now, Serge is in the process of releasing his own EP. And the story behind that is the music that's on that EP, his music that system turned down that that he had written for system, but system didn't want to play. Yeah, so it was pretty much music that the other guys weren't connecting with him on and they're still cool with each other like they legit ours, just when it comes to music, they're not clicking when it comes to politics. They're not really clicking right now. Especially with everything going different things going on.

The issue that's happening with the Armenian people, though they are, you know, which is why they release the two singles that they did earlier this year. But like them, they put it out there why we know why there is some people are still bugging them. Like why don't you mudvayne has been a total like, like a hush hush. Kind of like yeah, like under the radar. Yeah. Like we don't know what the fuck was going on there. So this was like a kind of a shock. Yeah. And then also to what kind of not hurt me that's not the word. But what bummed me out. No, no. I guess what bummed me out is like, I don't know if you see notice this, but there's bands like tons of bands that I've liked on Facebook, and I forget about them, because they're not active, right? So if you actually go to their pages, it's kind of sad is the word I was looking for. Some of these will, I'll explain why. So these banned pages

for bands that are no longer active, they turn really sad because instead of being about the band and being like, you know, posting updates about what's going on and stuff, it turns they turn into like a meme page, where like, it's like the somebody the whoever's running the pages, they're like, just sharing random shit just to keep the page alive. And like it has nothing to do with the band. And one example that kind of makes me sad, is I don't know if you've noticed drowning pools page, like, occasionally, like, they'll just share like, stupid meme shit, like, just to keep a conversation and it's not like, I mean, cuz they're not really like I get it, but they're kind of a bad example as they were playing the mall. That's two years ago. I'm saying and, and that makes that makes me sad. Because it's like, I get it. They wanted to keep their band together. And they wanted to you know, they will have making music and stuff, but I'm so partial today. Williams that I just, I feel like after that happened, yeah, maybe they should have started under any other name or something like, whatever. No, I don't know who came up with the name. I don't know how that works. I don't know the back

grabbed I don't know the history, but like, I feel like it's just like because we're big fans because they were a Texas band. We're big fans, we like them. They had really that album center was a really good album. And to hear that

is sad to see that this band that we love so much didn't really get as far as we know that they probably could have. That's that well, and also to what I was gonna stand at there. Sorry. No, no, no, no, you're fine. And what also to what I was gonna say was, I feel like a lot of these bands that do that. It's because like they're trying to stay relevant. Exactly. That was the exact word I was gonna say like there's trying to stay relevant but they're they're musically era irrelevant. Like, so. There's a lot of people that talk shit I know there's still a lot of people that talk shit about Slipknot that say like they're posers and stuff. And you know, when that whole new metal era came out, which was mudvayne, Slipknot, and all these guys, and like, you know, Slipknot had their masks. And then there was multiple bands that have face painting system when they came out had face painting. And all these people were saying, like, Oh, that's just a gimmick and shit like that. And, and honestly, like, it's crazy, because like, Slipknot was probably like one of the main band people like to pick on when it came to that thing where it was like, oh, a gimmick, and they're still one of the most relevant metal bands like around right now. Like, they'll still be close to if not selling those days, though, where it was like, you didn't know what they look like.

You're just like, Who are these guys? Like, what are they? And it's so weird, too, because I'm going to go on a tangent too. And I was just thinking about, like these albums turning 20 and shit. And I'm just thinking about how like Slipknot people were. People still say that stuff. But thinking back, I'm like, you know what, they were pretty smart. And doing what they did and being creative like that. Because if you think about it, imagine a nine piece band coming out at that time, just with no masks, like just yeah, regular dudes, that would come to me that

we played that gig and zombies. And that band that was before, like, five guys. All in a row like and you know, it was just like an awkward, it was awkward to one because I had no stage presence whatsoever. But like also to like, I think Slipknot if you minus the jumpsuits in the mask, they would still have the energy that they would have. But I think that amplifies it for them. But I think had they come out and they would have not thought of that it would have just people would have been like, fuck are these guys. There's guys.

Like, who's playing trumpet? Like, and like, I think that they creatively like because of that that's what helped them survive. And but of course, people that don't understand that are gonna be like, oh, that you know, that's just you know, we're just trying to be we're just trying to be we're Yeah, and I think they were I think it was a smart thing to do because had they not had the mask. I think they can do other stuff out of the bath. So it's like they gave them kind of like, yeah, it gave them leverage. Yeah, cuz because Corey, there's multiple sides of him. We know like, we know Cory and the mask and then Cory outside the mask in two different bands. And now three because he has his own stuff. But yeah, like I was just thinking back to that and just thinking back to all these new metal guys. And then going back to mudvayne. And this announcement.

I don't know what you think about this. So since if you look at all the clues because I haven't really heard anyone talk about this. That's why I wanted to do an episode specifically on mudvayne. So first off, they're getting back together. For these shows. Specifically, it's a reunion for the shows.

And they have the teaser video coming out which is directly connected to ld 50. And then of course, if had no one's noticed yet, it's going to be the 20 anniversary the 20th anniversary of ld 50 do you think they're gonna play these shows with face paint like they did in that? Oh, man. Because yes, chassis? Yes. Chad still puts paint on himself when he performs with Hell yeah. Like, I know, I think when I saw him, he had like a if I'm, if I remember correctly, yeah, like still like blood on him. Like he would paint her blood on him. That was for I think it was like two albums back in a summer River City rock fest. But he still does stuff like that. And I mean,

because it's just paint, I want to say yes, just because that's what my heart would want. Like, that's my little Kim from high school would love also to all the merge that there really hasn't been that time. So I was just thinking I'm like, you know, I wonder, unfortunately, we won't be able to make it to any of these shows. But I'm sure you're gonna find YouTube videos after this. So you know, by the fall, you'll see something unless they do some kind of like a live thing because I think one of these festivals actually like releases a live concert because no, we had a lot of bands before we were finding live concerts, but always finding like official ones. And

But yeah, I don't know, I was just, I was just thinking to see, you know, if maybe they would play these festivals because it's literally only for shows that they're doing. So why not like paint yourself like you did in 2000? Sure.

Yeah. So and it's like say we're gonna

Cuz I know one of the festivals are doing they're actually playing with Chevelle like, but they're not coming even anywhere close. No, I know. That's what I mean. I'd be like, Yeah, no, no, but not that even that close, but it's just kind of crazy though, because like one of them's a three day festival and that one day that they're playing is with Chevelle. And then I think one other day Rob Zombie's headlining, and then the other one, I don't know where the other band is, but you guys can look at it. But if you guys want to see the dates to like I said, I'll I'll post the link to this article for from Consequence of Sound on the show description so that you guys can check it out yourself. But basically, I read you guys the whole thing, just to kind of illustrate like, where I got my opinion from, because honestly, I think they're just gonna do this. And then that's it. We're not I don't think we're going to hear any new music from them. I think Chad's gonna just keep doing what he's doing with hell. Yeah.

And then just to talk about all the 50 real quick, that was their debut album, here in the US, it's certified gold. So it's sold 500,000 copies. To me, I feel like it's probably I feel like it was more than that, but I'm probably thinking of their albums after that, like, the end of all things to come and stuff like that. Means from Peoria, Peoria, yes. Peoria, Peoria, Illinois. They formed in 96. So they were active. From 2000 to 2009. They released five albums. I think one was a one was like some kind of,

like besta with like, commentary that was by the people for the people. I have that one. And then they also released, they re released their EP, which was prior to leave to go

to that CD exchange that has the copy of the LD ld 50 Yeah, we probably had to get up well, cuz I don't I used to have at the end of all things to come. I have that one. Okay, so, so here's the thing I was going out. So before they got signed their release, tomorrow, they released an EP and it was called kill I oughta. So then they re released it. And when they got signed, I think it got released after the end of all things to come. And it was tight instead of kill yada. It was titled The beginning of all things to end. So I had found it like a long time ago, like at a fyp I think it was when I was first released. I let someone borrow in high school. I fuckin never saw it again. Right. But I know what happened something happened unfortunate to my buddy. And I obviously I didn't bother him for the cdls I you know, it's not it's not important. So then I ended up finding it again, like usually like recently, I think like two years ago or something when we started going to CD exchange and I bought it. So you have if you guys don't know, beginning of all things to n is a rerelease to kill out which was their EP before they got signed. And then one thing I didn't know too was that we were talking about slipknot. That clown was actually one of the producers for ld 50. Oh, yeah, so he it was him and some other guy that produced and yeah, so it was kind of

six degrees.

I think that's I think that's the number. I don't know. I don't remember. I can

but I can never remember. Yeah, I think that's what it is. I can actually google it real quick. Let me see. Six, six degrees. Yeah, it's six degrees. Okay. I got six degrees of separation that's the law and originated with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I don't know how that happened. But you can wiki it But anyways, so that's what I wanted to say on mudvayne unfortunately, like we live here in Texas, I know they have a big Texas following. And I'm surprised actually I think they recorded one of their

one of their albums here in a studio here in Texas if I'm correct what I was doing my research could be wrong but I might have been thinking a hell yeah, but I think it was I think it was my brain. Um, but yeah, it's gonna be it's gonna suck I've seen my brain three times. I saw them once on on for the run on the end of all things to call them at oh three at sunset station. That's all that was end of all things to come I believe. So I think we were both probably at that one.

Yeah, and then there and then I was such a big fan of Lost and Found when I came out and actually saw them twice. I saw them once on the first album. Yeah, I saw them once on the first leg when they came by and then they actually came back to San Antonio on the second leg so I saw them twice so was once when they released happy as a single and then when they came around the other time I'm probably flipping the time so it doesn't matter the other ones forget to remember because one of them was not on the other setlist they had released the single came back and I was like oh shit forget to remember it was on but it was I remember playing that fucking album like fucking front to back like like crazy now care songs on my MySpace page. Me too. Yeah, when they added the player and you can add like your song to play when someone goes to your profile.

Yeah, so um, shoot, you know what? It's crazy because like if they did come here, you know what I would do? I would fucking dress like I did back and I find my studs

I'd fuckin just wear my fucking I probably put some gel in my hair and make my curls be all crazy again. And then wear some baggy pants and just wear black shirt paint my, my nails black? I do I would I was straight up do that just Well, we're half we're about a quarter of the way there. Yeah, we're on a normal.

I mean, but that that was really, you know, shocking news to everybody I think a lot of people are expecting, like, you know, the don't know the facts that just seen the, you know, the social media stuff. They're like, Oh, you know, they're back together. And they're, to me, it was just they were offered this money to play this vessels by this guy guy. Um, straight up, he said he was trying to get these guys. He was trying to get these guys to play festivals for their people who are requesting to them. And basically, I mean, I think things just lined up with the 20 years for ld 50. And they're like, fuck it. Let's do these four shows. Yeah. Which you which sucks, it does kind of suck that. One. It's gonna be crazy, because we haven't had live shows in a long time. And it's from coming back from COVID. But I think the other thing that sucks is because of COVID there's not a lot of festivals going on. So maybe if it wasn't COVID you know, the time of COVID they might have done more maybe? Yeah, so these and these are only false shows. It's only from what I say September to November. So that kind of sucks. But like I said, luckily, there's YouTube. And you know, I'm not gonna watch any fucking cell phone recorded bullshit. If it's like some legit like, you know, production company that recorded it, I'll watch it. Or maybe we'll get lucky, lucky and mudvayne will release some of that live shit themselves. But, uh, ya know, I just want to talk about mudvayne for a little bit because I know, Kim did wish it and it kind of came through.

I mean, that's all I that's all I wanted to say. If you have anything else you want to say happy birthday, Chad Ginzburg, to many chats on this episode.

But he liked my tweet, be appreciated. Yeah, I know. He don't like my tweets on CQ. I have no though. Like, I fuckin respect him as a guitarist, but you don't give a shit. Anyways, so. So anyways, so we'll see you guys next time. And that's gonna hopefully it'll be next week. I'm not I'm not sure. I don't know what's gonna happen. But it'll be with Frank and Britt. And we'll be talking about your worms. And then we'll go ahead and do a hangover segment. And we'll see what Frank has to think about this because we all grew up with this band. And

I mean, they were they, they had a distinct sound from a lot of the other bands that were out and these you know, these were the bands that are still like people still want to see him because they had distinct sounds. Yeah, so that not mudvayne who else was at that time? linkin park? You know, they were all in that. NET? fuckin Yeah, that genre or that time period of music, but

when it was

20 years ago. might as well call it classic rock shit. Oh, no. Classic new metal.

That's a new genre. Classic. New metal has hashtag classic new metal. Alright guys, we're gonna finish drinking this beer. And then we'll see y'all next week and let us know what you think about this whole mudvayne stuff based on the based on the stuff I said. Yeah, so cool. Cool. All right. Cheers.

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