Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 32 - The Day The (Live) Music Died

April 10, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 32
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 32 - The Day The (Live) Music Died
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This episode, we talk about the shows we  were looking forward to seeing before the pandemic shut everything down, how it affected the music industry, and how the live concert picture is looking now and into the future.  We also chat about some Supergroups we forgot to mention,  about some of the background of The Pledge of Allegiance Tour from 2001, while trying some interesting beers. Cheers!


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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try different craft beers. We discuss them, we rate them, and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. And Frank was today's a music related topic. Our topic tonight is first of all, Hello, everybody. Our topic. I just felt like I had to say, our topic tonight is the day the live music died, which is a play on the day the music died.

Which I think a lot of us know about that. Yeah. But yeah, the topic is the day that live music died. All the shows that were canceled or postponed that we were looking forward to that we hope will happen in due time.

Because Yeah, it sucks without like music right now. Yeah, yes. I mean, there was always like, at least a show. I mean, there are several shows worth, like, looking forward to at least like, you know, at least like every month, there was nothing going on, and you're trying to make plans and trying to coordinate everything. But as of right now, I mean, not that live music has disappeared completely. I mean, there's still some, I guess, live streams going on. And then of course, there is a Metallica driving thing that we weren't doing. And I think also can mention the Third Eye Blind doing the drive and stuff too. So live music hasn't completely gone away. It's just in a much different capacity at this point.

I think a good word is struggling to it's struggling, it's trying to figure out how to how to come back and screw to true you know, and I was reading an article about Australia and New Zealand and they actually do have like live music. pretty much almost 100 Oh, yeah, cuz those guys, I think they're they don't I think they have like 0% of people now that are that are like, infected or whatnot. Or like, I forgot I forgot how to say it or Yeah, sure how to say they're, like, get a level one. No. And essentially, I mean, if you're in Australia, you're in Australia. Like they have no cases a day. Yeah, no. And so live music has returned there. And even though New Zealand and Australia or neighboring countries, I mean, you're still they still can't travel to each other's lands. But I mean, it's it's cool to know that at least if you live down there, you can go to an arena show with like, 5000 6000 people and not you know, not have any fear. who's who's doing these Irina show? like are they happening like or is it just like, yeah, it's a it's like ticket masters, Australia, and like New Zealand channels. They're they're hosting concert right now. So it's all strictly New Zealand or Australian artists. Okay, that's all I was gonna say. I was gonna do anything. Okay. I was like, is an American bands over there. Now, they probably don't want us over there. Like, probably don't want anybody over there. Probably. No, but I mean, but but it's a good sign. You know that Australia and New Zealand are having concerts, I think parts of Europe to or having some concerts. I think you mentioned the one about the rooftop stuff. Yeah, book. You could book a hotel. Yeah, that's facing the kind of like amphitheater. And it's just like, right, basically, it's like a stacked audience. Right. Yeah.

That's, I mean, it's, it's interesting. Yeah. And I mean, even though like music, like you said, is struggling, I think people are trying to find creative ways to, to keep it going. Yeah. And we'll talk more about that into later. But yeah, that's pretty much we're going to be talking about. But uh, as always, like, you know, before we start off every topic, there's two things we do and two little segments we do. One is what are we drinking and then the other is hangover, or hangover segment, which is when we talk about things that we forgot to mention last episode or episodes, just you know, anything we wanted to bring up before we get into the main topic for this episode. So with all that, what's everybody drinking?

So I will start off I am drinking a surreal Brewing Co natural bridges coast style, non alcoholic brew, and I think we've had this one on the show before really, that one does. The canned isn't like we're maybe not I don't know, am I gonna say you haven't had a surreal brewing in a while Have you? No, I have not. And some of the some of the surreal breweries that we've had, I mean, they're they're really good.

Auto cofe It's a cowshed out Yeah. And I think this is one of the first ones that we had of this particular brewery. And we liked it a lot. And then we you know, we found some others tried those and but we always gravitate towards towards this one.

But it's good, you know?

I mean, I don't know I rated a five out of five. Okay.

Yeah, that's a really good brew for Frank five. Okay. Yeah, cuz I know we got some peeps on Instagram to follow us that like are strictly like non alcoholic beverages too. So it's kind of cool. Like I know who they are already and I see them and they're like, oh non alcoholic or non alcoholic. Oh, cool. Yeah. So yeah, thank you to Frank for that. Um, well, for it and I are drinking the same thing. Yep. And I know Kim tried it.

I'll let you talk about it. Where

are you give it to me. I'm Alyssa. I gift beer at Sam Adams Alpine lager. It is brisk and smooth. I don't know much.

Because we just got it. Actually, I don't even know much about it. Let me see. It's a it's an unfiltered lager. 5.5% ABV. Okay. That's a limited release. What I mean, what did you think of it? After I tasted it? To me? It tastes like just like a different version of a shiner Bock. I mean, it tastes like a Bach like it's weird because it says, you know, it doesn't say Bach on here, but it kind of tastes bakish to me, just not as not as a What's it taste dark? Can't tell. Yeah, it does taste dark. Yeah, dark bottle, but it tastes like a dark beer. Oh, it's pretty good.

So like this one was weird, because I saw it on an end cap. And I was like, I want to try single first before I buy it. And I'm like, Yeah, I was like, It's rare for me to taste the Sam Adams and not like it. Yes. I'm just gonna get the six pack. So I bought the six pack. I like it. I mean, I would buy another six pack if I was going to. I give it a five. I like it.

What do you give it Britt? I'm gonna go 4.3 still pretty good. Yeah. Can we give it

for four? Okay, that's still not bad. I mean, it's good. And sorry. They're not as cold as usually I serve the beers but I think if it was colder, it tastes a lot more crisper. Yeah, yeah. I'm Kim. What are you drinking? I'm drinking a vicolo Ultra.

Is that what you were drinking last summer? No, no, you were somebody? Okay.

64 Yeah. Okay, gotcha. You know, sometimes you just have no water.

Right, but this is

I don't know. I just wanted some because you said we had a lot of interesting beers to taste tonight. Yeah. And so I just wanted something familiar that I knew that I was gonna like, yeah, be able to drink it not right. Yeah, cuz there's the drain. Yeah, cuz this Sam Adams we hadn't tried before. It was like, you know, it was all the gamble. So I was like, I brought something Yeah. And I did try it before the show you there. So I was like, Oh, you know, I'll go ahead and I feel like I'm at like Fiesta or something. What this can spotless aluminum bottle. Yeah, I like these though. Because I told Mario even though this might sound weird, like I had open one on Sunday.

Like the twist cap, right? I was like taking sips of it all week long. Like, so your lesson?

Didn't go flat? No, it did. yesterday. I mean, Sunday, so I think I'd forgotten about it yesterday. I was like, oh, and they pulled it out. And I was like, Oh, I guess it only lasts like two or two days. Kind of like the go to if we had it in there. And then like we close the bottle. I forgot it was in there. And I was like, Oh, this is silly.

And I'm sure if anyone saw the cotton candy faygo that I post on Instagram. The Franken break on us. Tastes pretty good. Okay, I wish I had more but it left me wanting like cotton candy ice cream, but I haven't gotten go get cotton candy ice cream. So

you know and uh, actually, that bottle reminds me of when I was at OS fest 2003 Yeah, I think I told you about this. I'm not I'm not sure.

It was during creative fields set and I was up in the front. And for some reason the reason why this amphitheatre thought it'd be a great idea to sell beer in glass bottles. Yeah, no, I mean, people were throwing them up in the air and it was just like raining bottles throughout their whole set. Yeah, that sounds that sounds like it was it was bad. Yeah, I mean, luckily, luckily I was up in the front. So I was able to like signal to the to the security dudes like get me over the rails so that I can like walk my ass all the way to the back and not get hit. Yeah, glass.

glass bottle. I want to ask for

really shocking

report in the cup. And then you have a cup that people are throwing their cups with. Yeah, and I think I remember to one show I went to where they had aluminum cans. I remember that and we're like, I went somewhere and I was like, What the hell and they had the cans I was like still like anywhere now they pour that Yeah, anything even though it seems dangerous, like if more beers made like this, like I like to have this at a concert because I could be like, you can recap that spilling on somebody

Yeah, you know, someone's gonna turn that into

people could ask, right? Yeah, I know. The ideal. So you mean like never. Yeah, that'll never happen. That's why we can't have nice things. Yeah, I'm not sure. I don't know if it's a Budweiser or Bud Light, but they've got limited edition spurs. Aluminum bottles. Yeah, I saw that I would get one if it was like a single but I'm not gonna buy like a 12 pack just to me. I was like, I mean, the Canon looks cool. But yeah.

Alright, so that's what we're drinking. And I guess we can go into hangover because I have some hangover. I guess. I guess I just started off real quick. So I just want to say last episode was kind of screwed. I don't know if you guys heard the first 10 minutes of our last episode.

So I wasn't I I found out sometime into the episode that I wasn't recording. And that sucked is never happened to me before 31 episodes, and I never had that issue. And actually, more because I have more podcasts under my belt. I think I have I did at least 50 with my other podcast. So I'm like 80. And I've never done that before. So this was like just one time that I something happened. I wasn't paying attention. And I forgot to hit record and I missed. I missed a good chunk of conversation that we had with Chuck vans, but I mean, I did get to salvage pretty much like 90% of the show, which is good for when the topic started. I just sucks that we didn't get to hear you know, the little chitchat stuff in the beginning.

But, ya know, I'm glad I mean, just for I didn't, I didn't explain it when I did that little 10 minute disclaimer in the beginning. And I wanted to say it now to get off my chest and even record it. It just sucks because I always have the screen right in front of my face to you know, monitor everything. And just that one, just that day, I just looked over and I was like where are the waves and I was like crap. So yeah, sorry to everybody. You know who didn't get to hear that stuff that we talked about, but I hope you still enjoyed the rest of the episode was I was really good. I was uh, it was a fun episode for me. I learned a lot about super groups and stuff. Well, that said, Does anyone have any hangover on supergroups? Yeah, I missed a very obvious one that came to me in a dream The day after? Yeah, in a dream.

It's a it's a supergroup called Camp Freddy. I don't know if you're familiar with sounds familiar. Yeah, so camp Freddy is basically Matt Sorum on drums. Dave Navarro and guitar and Chris Chaney on bass guitar. Christiania of Jane's Addiction. Yeah. And basically, they were just a hard rock super group that played covers.

And, I mean, they had some crazy guests artists, I mean, I mean, like the guys I named were like the core members, but they had Scott Whalen wants Chester Bennington, also as well. Sebastian Bach had albums. Now I don't think they play. I don't think they had any albums. I think they just they were just like little one off shows that they would do for like, benefits or charities or whatnot. Interesting. And so yeah, I mean, the the whole list I mean, it's it's, it's, it's impressive. I mean, cuz like I said, Sebastian Bach, Billy Ray Cyrus, also one point. Lana Del Rey, also, wait a minute, Ozzy Osborne was also a part it sounds like they're just getting anybody. It's not like they sent a mass email out and they're like, whoever has time. Pretty much Ray Cyrus all I can do more songs are like no, no, no, just one. Yeah, but you know, but basically they you know, they would have like, they would do like a residency show here and there like in LA they'll do like a seven day residency and just like artists would come in up here with them that's weird and stuff like that. But yeah, they were primarily just the you know, those those core guys with like a rotating

guests. Yeah, list basically. And yeah, they would just play hard rock covers of anything and everything.

I mean, I don't know if they could do it. And I mean, it just sounds weird. Like, who are they covering? They have all those guests. You know, I mean, like, right, right, right. Like do they have Dave roll on but like covering like an Ozzy song and then like Ozzy on covering like, Okay, so what I'm reading here is they actually released two tracks. Okay, I'll cover up cheap tricks, surrender and Slade's Merry Christmas, everybody. Oh, Lehmann will the first one's cool. But the second one sounds lame. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. It might be interesting. You have that amount of talent though. Why do covers? Why not do like originals? Like if you know what I mean? That's weird. I mean, just for fun. I mean, it sounds like it's just, it's true, but I want to play some of the songs that they Yeah, they're,

like one of their one of the more well known performances was a,

like a benefit for the East Asia tsunami that happened in 2004. And so yeah, basically, they were just getting together having fun playing covers, and you know, they were raising money for whatever, you know, stuff was going on at the time. Wherever. You know, so yeah, I think it was just more for fun. It wasn't really serious or, or whatnot. So I'm surprised I mean, I don't know if this is considered supergroup or not, but I'm surprised you didn't bring up

hollywood vampires you know, I thought about that, but then I was like, I don't know. The I know that is Johnny Depp. Yeah. Johnny Depp. Well, is it his band or he's just in it so it's okay. So it's Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper. Okay. Yeah, so it's those three dudes and I think Duff McKagan Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I don't know if he's a permanent member of he's just like a, like a live touring guy or whatnot. But yeah, so so you don't so you wouldn't count that I would count it. Okay, only because you know, I'm gonna look it up. See what they see other guys are? Yeah, the other guys are like well known and Johnny Depp. I mean, I didn't even know he played guitar. You know, but I don't I don't want to trash Johnny Depp, but apparently he's not good. guitar. Oh, really? Well, yeah. Check that out. I haven't. Yeah, I don't I don't know. But who knows. I mean, from what I read. Alice Cooper has a really high expectations of musicians he performs with so maybe he did some studying and actually can play guitar. Okay, like, Who was that guy? I was somebody I don't know where he like, didn't know how to play. But like he had played a solo like on at some live show. I don't know if he was a rapper or something. But like, he just learned that one thing and it's totally crap. But Lil Wayne was probably maybe he was I don't know. Yeah, I remember somebody trying to play guitar and it didn't sound like someone playing guitar. Well, that's, yeah. Anyways. I mean, I have a supergroup.

This one's fairly new to actually. I didn't think about this one too much until I looked into it today.

It's a band called Cyan. And who, what is this right now it's technically a duo. But I mean, they do have other musicians helping them out in the studio. So it's Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage. And Jared dines the YouTube guy, the gen YouTube guy. So basically, he wanted a form of band It sounded like

he basically wanted to do something with Howard Jones. That sounded like the Killswitch Engage era with him in it so I guess he got to talking with him. I know he's filled in for like a bunch of different guitars and stuff like

like big names like breaking benjamin and trivium like he's like filled in for like some other

guitarist or like he's done like guest spots at some shows. And so yeah, he they formed a band and and right now it's only just them too.

So Howard Jones, of course, like I was saying before, he's known for Killswitch Engage and also he has his own band called light the torch before they were called devil, you know. And then also to Jared dines. He's right now all I know, he made a name for himself on YouTube. But he also helped create a 20 string guitar that was displayed at naam I think like three years ago. And for those of you don't know, now, there's a big, like, music gear Expo. So yeah, he helped create a 20 string guitar because he's a digital guy. So I heard they're single that they came out with, they actually came out with a single on March 11. It's actually on Spotify. It's gonna be on our playlist. They have a music video for it. It's called the blade and it's for their upcoming untitled album, and apparently, it's gonna be like seven songs. It sounds more like a EP to me. But apparently right now they're sitting on another seven songs and I don't know if they're working on more to make a like a 10 song album or something like that, but I heard it. And to me, it sounds like Howard Killswitch Engage like if that era of Killswitch Engage had a baby with the digit genre, okay, and with a little bit of like hardcore electronics just a little bit because he's a big Jared dines is a big hardcore guy. It sounds pretty good. I like it. I mean, it's only they only have that one song released. I listened to it on Spotify a couple of times and I really dig it so I'm looking forward to into it. I'm not a super big fan of Jerry dines. But he's I mean, he seems like a cool guy and you know, he he's he's very, He's talented. I'm just sorry as a 20 string guitar can even strum that thing it's crazy dude like if you have to like wrap your whole armor he did. Like he was pretty much hugging like it was crazy. Yeah, and I think he played it to like Well, I think there was like a video of him like he played it playing in it nom, but I'll send you a picture and I'll post a picture for you guys on Facebook Instagram. And I know he was on the cover of Guitar World last year actually got a copy of that. I thought it was pretty cool. Like he's not he wasn't he was never in a band. He was just you know, YouTube guy. He ended up on the cover of Guitar World which is pretty crazy. But so there was that supergroup you know there's that one and then also to another one that I didn't really know much about. Howard Jones is old band well he was with them before kill switch and then he got back with them after

they had met he they were members from all shall perish. And then the drummer was from a band called evolved but he also played in Fear Factory. So that was like its own little supergroup in the metal core genre which is kind of crazy. Well fear factors on metal core but but Howard Howard

Jones's ban was metal core, but pretty good. I mean, I like him.

Bring him the job. And he supergroups Did y'all left off eels list? No, no, I thought I was going to but I didn't think of anything. And so, yeah, I thought I was gonna have some to and I really didn't until I had read some article about this song that came out and I was like, Oh, that's a super because I think what caught my eye was the you know how like, Wikipedia is like the first thing that pops up like, pretty much anything. Yeah, Wikipedia popped up. And then I saw the word supergroup highlighted. And I was like, oh, they're super group. And then I went to Howard Jones's page. And it said his band was a super super group. And also, so you know, one that I don't know, I don't I don't really know if I call it a supergroup. I mean, because there's a ton of them, but one that just came to me right now is a remember that video I showed you of Travis Barker and post malone. Oh, yeah. That was just like, just like a one off? Yeah, cuz I think there were like, raising money for I think, like COVID relief or something. But I thought maybe because I think they did like a six songs like Nirvana said yeah, yeah. Or was that post malone had done it by himself? Or maybe I don't know, but I just thought maybe that was gonna continue. I never really i didn't i didn't keep up on I just saw those six videos and thought, you know, that's pretty alright.

Yeah, I think I heard part of the post malone doing. I think I heard a clip of him singing one of their Nirvana songs. remember which one it was. But it didn't sound it didn't sound bad to me. I mean, I've heard I've heard worse.

I mean, I have I've like, literally, right? You guys remember that her?

and Travis Barker is one of those drummers that, I mean, he performs with everybody. Yeah, he does. Yeah. Um, I think he just likes playing enough to just be like, yeah, I'll do it. Like, I think he just enjoys like, being able to be creative and do like, whatever. Yeah, drums, and he's like, yeah, I'll do it. I think it's cool to germer that when drummers do that,

because like to me, like I always see drummers is like, you could put them anywhere. You know, I mean, like, even if you're in a genre, you can you can go with anybody. I think it's a little different for like a terms. guitar is because like, you have to come up with a melody that doesn't sound like like some like something else that you're like, let's say like if Kirk, like he's in Metallica, like he has a very distinct sound, or James, like you put them in another band, like you can hear that's Metallica. You know, right? But like a drummer, you can move them like, you know, different places and they can like switch up grooves and stuff. Yeah, I think that's cool ever. Barker's snare has, like a specific tuning and sound. Oh, yeah. No, no drummer drummers. Definitely. You'd have to like if Well, I'm not saying drummers don't have their their own sound as they do. Yeah. But like as far as like beat wise and stuff like you could you can put them in a VA you could put them anywhere.

Well, before I guess we get into the topic. I'll let Frank kick us off on the topic. Just want to say, well, because we're caught. We're recording this episode today, April night, so you're gonna hear it on the 10th. Just want to say recipes. dmx. That was, yeah, it's kind of crazy. Like, I saw earlier this week that he was in hospital because of a heart attack. And I was like, Man, that's crazy. And then I saw this morning, he passed away and I was like, dang, like, he was only 50 years old man. That's crazy. He released eight albums between 98 and 2015. So I didn't really realize that his most recent album was 2015, which is not really that long ago. But that guy had a pretty distinct voice like in the hip hop and rap genre. Like, right? Yeah, it was it was crazy. Like it was. What's crazy to me is that every time I heard him, I always felt like he was metal. Like just so weird. Like every time I heard him say yeah, like I always thought like all dude, he could have easily been in a rock band. Like because his voice was not like any you know, anyone else's to the way he sang was more aggressive than some other guys to say he had an aggression to his voice. And then speaking of like that aggression and me thinking he sounded metal. He was actually on the Pledge of Allegiance tour 2001 sampler. So he was on a CD along with so I guess I can go a little side. I can do a little sidestep here.

So there there was a tour that happened 2001 and it was actually created by a system of down to slipknot. It was supposed to be an annual thing but it ended up I'll go into that a little history later when we talk about shows, but basically DMX ended up on the CD. So you had Slipknot mudvayne system of down and Ramstein featured on that CD because it was there there they were the main ones on the tour. Then you also had American head charge Slayer flaw 40 below summer hate breed. He was like it in that whole like, little group like when they put it out and I was like this. That's so crazy. Like, I don't know how that happened. I don't know who knew I know the system guys like Chavo and stuff. I know they're, they know a lot of like guys in the underground hip hop scene and hip hop in general, especially shadow

I don't know.

while back I Chavo was working with I think some of the Wu Tang clan yeah guys, I think project or something. Yeah, they release some stuff. I think the name of the band was acquisition. Okay, actually, that's a supergroup. Oh, so I actually put that on it was members of Wu Tang and Szabo from System of a Down. Yeah, I think it's it goes in I think it's a KZN. But I'll look it up. I'll put it on Spotify. But, ya know, I just I always thought he had a very distinct voice. I I remember, friends of mine listening to him like in like when I was in elementary. And this is like before really got into, like, yeah, it was crazy. Kids have parents nearly did it just I remember like that, like, you know, it was just crazy. Like, and I remember hearing him and I was like, Man, this dude's like, sounds do sounds like crazy. I was gonna say sounds rough. But I was thinking roughriders

but, ya know, I have I have I have some of his tracks on Spotify, you know, so you know that, you know, you guys check out just to, you know, pay respects or whatnot. But, uh, I mean, apparently he had some kind of connection in the middle and the new metal genre, you know, back in the day, so I mean, I thought it was pretty cool that it was an interesting little and I wonder I think actually own that sampler. I think that pledge of allegiance. No, it didn't. It was

now a thing of tattoo the earth that's like a whole different one. But yeah, you know, I get I get it. I get this one confused with music as a weapon, even though it's totally different cuz I was disturbed one. But I always get confused when I come across this one. And, yeah, I came across this sampler somehow because I didn't go on this tour. And yeah, I saw I'm wondering, I was like, That's crazy. But yeah, no, I just want to say that, you know,


now, I think. I mean, it's interesting that they added a rapper to the lineup. It made me think of

the First Family Values tour. You had all these like hard rock artists. And then you had just like Cypress Hill on there and Cypress Hill and I think Ice Cube also. Oh, yeah, that's right. We're a part of it. So but I think we Ice Cube or ice tea. It was ice cube. Whoa, that's weird. Okay. Well, you know, that kind of makes sense. Lollapalooza thing? Yeah. But it made sense. Yeah. And corn bean. And it made sense. You know, because it was like, the whole rap metal thing was going on. And you know, of course, it made sense. Yeah, it does make sense have ice cube and Cypress Hill on theirs. Yeah.

Yeah. Cool. All right. Well, I'm Frank, you want to I guess kick off the topic of yesterday. So I'm gonna start off.

I'm gonna start off my list with

shows that are postponed. Not canceled, but

there's hope so you have two lists to postpone and a canceled list. Yeah. Brits looking like

yeah, cuz I was just looking at my notes into you know, I've got some postponed stuff and some canceled stuff. So you got post malone stuff, too. I got post malone. already talked about possible. canceled, canceled.

Yeah, well, my first artists who whose tour has been postponed is Ram Stein's long awaited

us tour. This is a band that doesn't tour the states very much. They rarely tours. I think last time they were here was like, 10 years ago or something like that was on my list. Oh, thank you. That was one of my two. Cool. Okay.

So yeah, there us stadium tour has been delayed for a year after the original dates.

And it's cool, you know, because if you look at the tour dates, I mean, it's only 10 North American tour dates and then Antonio's The only Texas date. And that's at the Alamo at the Alamo dome. Yeah, I know. That's insane. So between here and Canada and Mexico, you know, 10 dates total.

And, I mean, I was I was looking forward to because like one I mean, who doesn't want to see Ramstein? Yeah, and to who doesn't want is who doesn't want to see fire? I know that's the first thing I thought about to like, I was like, man, I want to see all that pie roll. Yeah, yeah. And I think that's why Alamo dome has more breathing room like for Pyro because if you look at like Freeman or something like, I've seen Pyro, they're like, Slipknot, but and like, I think, I don't know who else had Pyro, but I was like, I mean, you have it but it's not like crazy, but if you know you got a lot more. Oh, yeah, for sure.

Yeah, parking because I was like, Yeah,

but they were sorry. No.

I'm trying. I was just gonna say the Alamo dome. There's more room for the penis cannon. Oh, yeah, I've seen videos. Yeah, cuz. Yeah, yeah, you got Yeah.

Yeah, you need

Yeah, he definitely room for that. But I was but I was excited for that tour to happen because, you know, who doesn't want to see Ramstein and also, I don't know.

Cuz we all we all want to go to that. Yeah, we're gonna go and also I mean, the fact that they don't really tour the states very much and the fact that this is the only Texas date

Made it you know, even even more special. But before the pandemic forced them to postpone this US tour, they did successfully complete a sold out stadium tour throughout all the Europe, so at least they got to do that part before they were forced to postpone. But something good though came out of the postponement, they actually recorded a new album, while in quarantine. Oh, there's there have been other details on that, just that they have completed, an album is ready to go. They just haven't announced any other details as far as like release dates, any promotional stuff or anything like that. So I think they're just sitting on it right now until I guess there's like a good point in the future where they can release it. And I think there's a lot of bands doing that, like I heard stories of like a lot of bands like sitting on albums because like the whole COVID thing like they can't really tore them like they want to. And I mean, of course are exception exceptions to like Chevelle released their album, but there was a lot of bands that were like, now we're gonna hold off and like, release it. Like once everything starts to come back to normal. Yeah, I think it's I don't know, for me. I think initially, one of the one of the things that I thought was a little weird was artists who are releasing music during the pandemic and thinking, What's going to be like, at least a year or two before we, before we see like, this album, like, yeah, or something? Yeah, that too. But then I was thinking, you know, maybe like, like, maybe we need that I maybe we need to hear new music because it gets us excited for when these artists do start touring again, like we already know what's what's what's coming. Yeah. You know, and I think, you know, just having to not go to shows right now and just hearing new music. I mean, I mean, who, who doesn't get excited at the prospect of hearing this stuff? Like, yeah, so. So yeah, Ramstein is not cancelled yet.

So far, they're they're just postponed and Fingers crossed. Maybe this show this tour will come to fruition, and well, we'll just see what happens. Well, speaking of Ramstein, I just don't I'm just gonna, you know, get attached attach what I'm what I have to what you just said, going back to a pledge of allegiance. I kind of like I was, I didn't know what was up with that. Or because I didn't obviously, I didn't go to it. There's like 2001 and I was trying to like figure out like, what what, cuz I thought it had gone on more than one year. So I'm doing my research and like I was telling you guys before it was created by system and Slipknot, and it was meant to be an annual thing. So a slipknot System of a Down mudvayne and Ramstein. Those are the main four. And then they were backed up by American head charge. This band called no one. And yeah, I think those were the were the two supports. So I don't know if you know the story on this. But what happened was during the tour, like I think a few weeks in Ramstein, Ramstein dropped. And they dropped because apparently, like there was multiple reasons why they dropped. But one of the reasons was on September 11, that happened, Oh, and one of the members like felt like a lot of,

I guess, like tension like being here in the states for some reason. So he actually fled. Like, he left the band behind, and like just left back home without telling like any of the tours to ever you. So so then they pulled out and then a few weeks after that, mudvayne dropped. And then some weeks after that American head charge dropped. So I think it kind of put a bad taste in like, Slipknot, and systems, like mouth, like trying to, like get a tour, you know, big tour with big names together. And then you have three of your six bands drop, and like the first month, so I think that kind of like killed that tour. It was supposed to be an annual thing. And then the weird thing about that, too, was they didn't really release a live CD from shows that they were played. And what's weird is no one knows why. But the only band left off that album is Ramstein, which is crazy. Like no one knows why.

They haven't heard any reasons. You know why that was the only band left off, but pretty much every other band that was either in support of or played. They were there on the album. So you know, in the end, the foot is crazy. And the funny thing about

Ramstein, too is I think it was in 2001. They did their first like proper US tour.

And of course, it was our first time touring the United States as a headliner. And I saw a documentary and he actually ran into a lot of problems because apparently they did not know that American and decent indecency laws are far more conservative than European and decency laws. So a lot of stuff you can do in Europe you can get away with you just can't do over here. So they were getting fined after that. How are they doing? You know, just I mean, I know about the canon, but yeah, I mean, I think they do a lot of like theatrical sort of acting out of various scenes.

thing was right. Okay. Like in their music videos or something? Yeah, pretty much. And also on stage too, and of course the audience knows it's it's, it's it's fake. Yeah, you know, but there's always someone who's gonna, like report it and say something. So I think they learned very fast that the stuff they can do in Europe, they can't do over here. So that was your first experience doing their first run of the US was, you know, they're, they're paying more money to bail people out, then

then they would have paid just to like, pay the fine. Yeah, so. But as an industry thing, I mean, of course, Rob shine is one of those that if you know who they are, I mean, musically, they do have a lot of humor in their stuff. Even even when it's disguised. You know, you can definitely tell like, they have a very unique social commentary on on things. And if you know, if you if you get it, you get it. If you don't, I mean, I would just say just study a little harder.

You know, because you're gonna find stay in school kids. And you'll understand what I'm saying. Yes, exactly.

Kim, you got you got any show.

Right? You got anything. Um, Frankie, and I had tickets to see the English beat in Austin. And that was his Valentine's gift that year. And then it was for April. So this time last year, and it got canceled and no, no news about rescheduling or anything. So sucks. Yeah. Sad. Because they're pretty awesome. I saw him live one other time. And it was fantastic. So yeah, really? You're talking to us about that? Yeah. Yeah, they've come up in another show, too, because we talked about their name and how they had to rename themselves. Oh, that's right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, speaking of, well, I know we're talking about concerts that, you know, we, you know, because we miss shows and stuff. But what was the last concert that y'all saw? Or the y'all went to that concert like before?

Obviously, before all this happened, I was the last one. Y'all want to? I don't know. I don't know if this counts, but we always gotta have a technical like a busker. Busker on that corner of the corner. Yeah, we saw this guy playing guitar. No.

We did see you at the protest at a Bernie Sanders rally. But it was a thing we saw. Last thing. We saw this on like a super spreader. Man. If it was. No, it was like, February of last year. Yeah, right. That's right before Yeah, that is before I before but I mean, I think the last thing that

we went to I mean, oh, yeah, it was when we went to see that hockey game.

It wasn't like it wasn't a concert. And it doesn't count them. But that's not our sports show.

Yeah. Sports or you know, sports every episode now. Sports Talk happy hour or Stark sports talk at man. I can't even say that. I know. Right? Talk happy hour. But thinking about that age in my life where I bring up sports.

The dad jokes and the conversation. Oh, my gosh.

Well, Kim and I, we were supposed to see Third Eye Blind. Not the right mom. Sorry. silversun pickups, right? We're supposed to see silversun pickups in Austin. And that was I believe that was February to February. It was the weekend of Valentine's Day like before, right. But yeah, that's right. And I had COVID before COVID was? Yeah, like we didn't like when COVID happened. We're all like, because obviously no one really knew what COVID was. So when the whole COVID thing came in, and the whole like, lockdown thing started. We were like, Well, shit, did you have COVID because like, she was sick, and we didn't know like, why she was sick and like, whatnot. And then I remember we were going to go to Austin, and it was like misty and ended up raining and Austin. And it was cold. It was at Stubbs Yeah. And so we wouldn't let me go. Yeah, I was like, I don't think we should go. I was like, I was like, Don't worry, we'll have other opportunities to see them. And then shit, this happened. And then I'm like, Well, fuck, and then she's like, we should

use it. Now. We're like, stuck in the apartment. Like, you know, and this was like months into quarantine. I don't think I had COVID. I went to the gym at work. Like once and then the next day, I felt she probably just caught something. Yeah, yeah. And that's to say that I had COVID Yeah, so that was the one that we could have seen. And we had tickets for and then the one that we did go to was, I believe, it was Chevelle was Chevelle was was, and yeah, it was the December before COVID. So yeah, that I mean, that sucked. I mean, I couldn't really think of any other show that I was looking forward to aside from that round sign one because that was the one that I was like, Yeah, like, Oh, yeah, you know, we should buy tickets. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. It was the last show we went to before. It may have been something that the paper tiger. I don't know. Do you remember? Maybe, you know, I think it was the toadies right at the Aztec


to say, yeah, we saw the toadies. Yeah.

I think it was a toadies. December 2019. They were doing like a New Year's Eve run of shows type type thing or like the end of year type run of shows. And they played at the Aztec. And I think I think that was the last like show that we went to.

Yeah, I mean, that's a good one. I mean, well, yeah. So I guess ours were December then. Yeah. Which sucks. Because that's, that's over a year of like, no concert. Yeah. Yeah, I want to get back to that. And also to I wanted to do not really a little timeline. But there was a thing here that I don't know what episode it was, this was back. It was sometime last year might have been like December or something. So this was the last update I saw on and I wanted to see if there was an update to the story that we had talked about. But on November 11 of last year, billboard posted an article that I couldn't read. So as I fuck you guys. So I ended up finding it on Pitchfork and Pitchfork calm.

We were talking about an app that Ticketmaster was going to

use who actually was there, it was going to be their app, where in order to get into shows, you were gonna have to be verified that you had the vaccine, or you're gonna have to show verification that you were tested negative for COVID 24 to 72 hours before the show. So I looked online to see if anything came up with that. And apparently, I guess, because all these vaccines came out, and like different companies were coming out with them. And now, you know, people are starting to get access to the vaccine. I'm not sure they're doing that anymore. I think it's gonna be more along the line of like, for now, the social distancing thing, like the pods and stuff, I think we can talk about the Cory Taylor show in a bit. But um, but yeah, so like, it was this thing where like, the app was going to be connected to like a third party

health information company, or or testing, or the testing or vaccine distribution sites, were going to be connected to the app. And basically, if you got it, it would like show that you got Did you were vaccinated along with your ticket to go in and if you weren't vaccinated, then you wouldn't be able to go in. But this was in November. And it's crazy how things have changed in like, the past four months. So like, now we have, you know, what, like four different companies with vaccines now, I believe, or at least two for sure. But here, yeah. And then I think there's another company in Europe. Yeah, yeah. And then March 4, so this was last month.

Rolling Stone comm was saying that most large scale concerts and tours in the US, they can't return until 2022. And I was like, well, I wonder why. And it kind of makes sense. And it's because you know how, like, right now, I think Texas is doing all right, as far as like new cases, but like other states are like struggling? Well, they're saying that that's why because you can't have any kind of, like contamination, so to speak. Yeah. So like, you can have a large scale concert like tour where it's like, oh, we can go here. But shoot, we can't go here. And we can't go here. Oh, but we can go. You know what I mean? So what's the point of doing the tour if you're only going to do like three shows? And so like a possible 15? Did, you could have done, but you can't hit certain states? So I was like, well, that kind of makes sense. So I didn't really like look at that. But they were saying that. Yeah, like so far, it looks like everything's out of the question. So 2022 because they had talked to the President of us concerts from Live Nation. And he said that, Oh, yeah. With the way the vaccines are looking like, we should be looking back to normal by summer 2021. And a lot of like, people like who had venues and like are inside, they didn't want to say their names. But there are like, that's no, first off. Yeah. First off, that's impossible, because people are still getting vaccinated. Second, there's a lot of venues that are struggling to just open up period. And it's the whole thing about well, oh, we can't open to 100% even if we wanted to, because for a lot of these, it has to be like well, it has to be 100% like steady because we can't spend more money and resources to

I guess. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. With that amount of people and then like for it to go away again. Yeah. And then you're operating half and they're like, it doesn't make sense. So on top of like, even if that was the case, a lot of venues still aren't ready like themselves to, to do that. Yeah. Yeah. So it's got to be baby steps whether you know, yeah, you know, and from what I read, actually.

Yeah, something along the lines of that was that indoor concert probably won't resume until fall of 2022. Yeah, but outdoor stuff will probably resume. early fall. Yeah, cuz so like, yeah, so amphitheaters and stuff because you have room to spread out and whatnot, because, you know, it's it's it's open spaces. So I think we'll probably start seeing some amphitheatre shows happening later this year. But as far as like arena shows, yeah, maybe until next year. As far as from what I read. on a smaller scale, there are a lot of in

Or venues that are already having shows like our Sam's burger joint has been? Yeah, hosting shows pretty much this whole time. Yeah. And I think the Aztec is back on board and the token Center and the majestic what capacity are those? Or is this so like, it's still so really big? I think God, I mean, like, like, what percentage? Are they?

Currently? I don't I don't know. I mean, well, I'm, I shouldn't ask that question. Because it's definitely not 100%. Like, because they don't know who's vaccinated, who's not. So it's still gotta be some kind of social distance. They know. I mean, I'm not sure. But I think it's the same thing where, you know, you, you buy like a group of tickets, you and you know, whoever you're going to take, and then you have like, a reserved space for you. And then you have like a buffer zone, and then the next group has their own area. So I think I think that's how it's gonna work. And I think as far as like seats go, they give you purchase seat tickets, I mean, I think they're just gonna like buffer everybody out. So you buy your one ticket. And then the next two seats are empty, and then the next seat is occupied, and the next two are empty, and so forth like that. Yeah, I think England were the first ones to try that last year, when we first talked about it, where they had like little pods where it was, first off, it was outdoor venue, right? And then they had like, just these little like, where they always say, like five by five, six by six squares or something like that. And like, it would be like up to between four to six people. And like, everybody, all the squares were like, spaced out. So like, you had your own little like, pod. And they're saying that they want to implement that more, especially with the outdoor stuff. Yeah, but it's tricky. I mean, logistics wise, because, yeah, I mean, like, one, the venue has to have the resources to be Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah, that's one reason to do it, you know, they have to have the resource for that. And to as an artist, would you be willing to perform to a much smaller crowd, which in turn means not so much revenue coming in? to, you know, yeah. Cuz also to a lot of these bands? Well, yeah. I mean, also, like, what the whole capacity thing, like a lot of these bands make money on the road off of their merch. So like, if you don't have like, the full, right, you know, you're still losing, you know, you're not gaining as much as you know, if you would, and it's not even about gaining, it's just about making, you know, making the money that you should be making, of course, because a lot of these bands don't make money off their albums and stuff. Like, for instance, when we were talking about, did we talk about Chevelle on the show? About how they're not making money from their albums because of their? Yeah, we did, right? Yes. Yeah. So like bands like that. And there's a lot of bands in that situation, and they make their, you know, money off of the mirch strictly So, um, and I think in this case, too, because merge shells are still happening. And I think you I mean, I would imagine artists would have to get creative and have unique sets of March so people can keep buying and stuff you know, because until, like music returns, I mean, I'm pretty sure a lot of their march sales are still happening

from online stuff. And so I think I think artists right now just have an incentive to maybe just be a little more creative with like, what they have to offer. Yeah, and whatnot. Like we've bought quite a bit emerged. This I tried. Yeah, I've tried to buy bands online.

But even to I also tried to buy like the live streams to like, just to help them a little bit. I think I bought at least three just in the past few months. But a plus the Metallica thing. Yeah, plus Yeah, that too. Um, so they're like, hurt.

Yeah, those guys were actually I think donated to like one of those. Save the venue things. But um, you already for a beer break. I want to try something weird because we haven't tried it anyway. This is Martin house.

A lot of words, and I thought this was interesting, because we haven't had Martin house in a while. This is a grateful eight. Grape black toast. Sour.

Whoa. First off. Yeah, that I'm not like I said, I think I said earlier. I'm not really big on grape. You're okay. Good grape soda, like once in a blue moon. Let's see. We'll say, Kim, what do you do the most part, that's freaking me. Yeah. So like, what I was telling him I was like, when I first read the lactose part. I think we talked about lactose last time. And Frank said something about it too, and adds like a little bit of a creaminess to it. And I was thinking it's gonna taste like a great book. creamsicle Yeah, and that's the wrong thing. That I'm fine with that then I love creamsicle we'll see how this goes. Smells like grape soda. Yeah, let's see, because the faygo was actually Berry.

We were talking about it's like great medicine. Oh, yeah. When you're like a little kid. Yeah. So that's what it tastes like. It really tastes like melted grape popsicles with the little heads of Tylenol. Yeah, the great Tylenol. That's what

Tastes like with like, in fizzy form.

I'll go first.

Or y'all can drink it together. Okay. So lactose, lactose has a distinct smell. Yeah.

You want to smell

as interesting? Your face to no? Well, it's because everything split like I taste the grape, the sour and the lactose all separate.

To me it It smells like weird. It smells like cough syrup. like grape cough syrup. It's a lot nicer up front than it. Yeah, like I think the sour is what kills it. The flavor. I mean, why does Martin house always want to make the weirds? Like, the stuff that you wouldn't want to be sour? So I think this to me, the lactose and the sour combination is bad. I think. I think you can either have a grape sour, or the lactose and grape, but not all three. Yeah, like you have to pick pumpkin pie. Sour, like, okay, just want to make everything

out about that.

Why couldn't we just have a nice green?

Yeah, isn't that unique enough? Right. Yeah, you have to add milk. I think I'd give it like a

want to say like a two. Really?

I mean, I could swallow it. Like, you know what, it's not one of those beers where like, I want to spit out. You know what I mean? which we've had on the show. Yeah. And the sour. The sourness doesn't taste bad. It's just the combination is weird.

To point five. I wouldn't I wouldn't, I can finish it, but I wouldn't get another one. Yeah, for sure. I'm gonna say the same 2.5 I mean, Kim, would you say? Really? Guys? I say like, 3.5 Okay, well, I mean, it's, I could have gone that way too. But I mean, this is weird. Oh, no. Sorry. You couldn't taste it. Frank. No, actually, I'm not sorry. You can taste it. Yeah, you're good. Just taste like grape soda with sour. Yeah, it's a sweet grape soda was sour. Yeah. And I thought the lactose was gonna come through a little bit. I it tasted it's in there but not like heavy like the other ones. Like the green Sour Apple one. Yeah, remember that one. So that when you taste the lactose, and that one's actually a pretty good combination. The Sour Apple with the lactose. I don't know why that one worked. This one doesn't not tell the two worst spirits we've had I think are the ham beer. Oh, yeah.

The smoke one. Oh, the smoke. That one? Smoke. Yeah. And it's crazy. Because I believe that we have that one on the show. I think it was after we have recorded. Yeah, it was like off the mics. And that was Yeah, that was interesting. But uh,

yeah, no, definitely. And I think the main issue with that big red beer was or the row or whatnot. Was it really was

it went bad. I really do think so. I think that I think it had to do with them now. refrigerating it, refrigerating it right. And then us. I mean, I don't know we had it refrigerated. I just that's the only thing to me. I get good. It just takes the bed is like probably the worst beer that I think we had on. Yeah, on the show.

And then I think I've had a few off the show that were horrible that I gave like one but those were I think those were bad tools and IPA ways.

But it was back to the back to the shows. Um, we were talking about indoor shows like being separated and whatnot. Which one of you guys had the info on the Corey Taylor show?

I got the email on it. And I I sent it to you like a screenshot. And that was supposed to be like socially distance to right. Yeah, that's what the flyer said socially distance show. I don't trust the the venue that hosting that.

Event Center. It's the one across from

Alamo City Music Hall used to be backstage stuff. Okay. Little shitty one. Yeah. Right. But I don't trust them having anything.

That's would be responsibly responsibly. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Yeah, I also feel like

I don't trust the people because they're

not having to Yes, cooped up for a while they want to go to a show. They want to get you know, crazy. Whatever, whatever. Like you just you never know like how

that's with any show. But I feel like even more so now that people have cooped up. And this is like one of the first big ones that I've heard that homing anywhere. And it's not just like a general admission style.

I've never I've never bought Yeah, it's a book. Yeah, it is a room. Yeah, it's just a room and you know what, how I pictured it, they would have like little squares or like popsicle sticks. And then people just like kicking them and being like, let me like

tape them. Tape but green tape. Tape. Tape. Tape. Yeah, they're gonna stay. But yeah, I mean, I don't. Frank, have you ever seen a show there or have any of you guys I haven't. Yeah, you've seen a show that

The one that used to be to 10 coupons? I believe so yeah, I saw Breaking Benjamin there with 10 years. The biggest issue. Oh, it's rabbit sizer. No. It says right here. Oh, yeah, it was.

Go ahead. Oh, no, I was just gonna say like venue capacity. It's 1800 people. 1800. Yeah, but I'm trying to. It's just, it's just ga like, it's just like, yeah, it's just like, Okay. And then I saw the show. There was okay, I know how to figure this out. So you said it's 1800. Right? What's the White Rabbit capacity or paper tiger capacity? It's like 800 I think? Well, okay. It's like double the size. So from whatever from what I've read, it's 800 in the main room, but when you open up the side doors, I think it capacities.

I think it's also like 1100 Wow, okay. Yeah, I don't count that. So So basically, it's the same size as as Alamo city musical, right? Because it kind of seems like okay, okay. But shitty, I don't understand. Why do they have those two right next to each other? It's like, they're like connected on a kind of, kind of, I guess it's because if you're an artist who can't fill the one space and you play it the other one, they should have had it? No, no. Well, like when I saw when I saw a stone sour there and then that ICP show is ready to explore

at the writer,

ICT show? Well you probably couldn't tell because his face

was a guide your opinion con candy faygo

No, but you know, I think Alamo City Music Hall they they used they used to have shows and there that little outdoor space between them. They did. Yeah. I saw a couple shows out there. Yeah, and I think even llama got played a show there too. Yeah, outdoor Yeah.

Well, we saw see ky the Alamo city at the Alamo city musical. Yeah, I mean, but it's nicer in there it is. The other place seems more other places like a garage or something. Like a stage it seems like oh, kind of like the old white rabbit when they had like a third stage. And it was like that, that behind that pizza restaurant? Yeah. Where it turned into the pizza. Pizza Place. Yeah, it was just like a like a room with a shutter and they open it and man. I don't know the last time I was there was like 2016 so it's been a while. It's weird, because I've never been there with it being paper tiger. I've never been wait. No, no, no, I wasn't talking about that. I was talking Oh, you're talking okay, but I had never I would I never went to the White Rabbit. I had only been to it as a paper tiger. That's so bad. That's so crazy. You.

I remember days the days.

No, I understand why. I'm glad you weren't allowed. You remember that dirty ass couch. It wasn't as backroom. Like everybody was it was there for years. The lounge cow? Yeah, that couch. And it was like it looked like somebody was like, oh, there's a free couch on the side of the road. And they brought it there. But like everybody would always check on it. And it was like, like, it was disgusting. But like this was like back in the new metal days. And like, we were just there like just and also to I was back there like sweaty. And that's another thing too. Everybody's always sweaty back there. In the main room. They had a picnic table. I remember that. Oh, yeah. That's Yeah. Moving that outside. Yeah. Which is like random.

In the way having a picnic table. Yeah, I mean, you that what? It was an experience I should say. Like if you were able to go to the White Rabbit during the White Rabbit days, like it was just even if you an N plane shows there was a whole different experience because the booking people and then like when it changed from two stages to three to four when they used to have the state right. Performing like outside. I don't know if you remember between the pizza, the pizza Ria and the second stage. Yeah. It was crazy. Like it was crazy. I don't know if you remember the the booking parties with Yeah, I remember that. And so with Ric t you want to describe the booking parties? Okay. Have you ever heard the story? The booking parties? Yeah.

No. Okay. So for those who don't know, I never went to one. But we did have our journey where I sent her drum. Yeah. So for those who don't know, the booking parties were very unusual. So you and your band or you and several people of your band would go on Thursday nights

when there wasn't a thing going on. And there were these booking parties type thing. And basically the original owner, Rick, he would sit on the stage, the little desk and a notebook. And he was like, Alright, I'm thinking of a number between one to 10

whichever band can get, you know, can't can guess or comes closest to it. I will pinch you open. So you win for this date at this time. Yeah, that was pretty much it. Yeah. popsicle sticks or some I know, right? Yeah, that's pretty much how it went. So it was

well, there was another and that's more professional.

And I don't know, I don't know if any number like changes.

Well, there I have two stories. So I don't know.

He had changed that system. But there was another one that I had heard from somebody that was in a band with us too, was that you would go and you would write your name, your band's name on the sign. And they would like, like having a bid. Yeah. And then you would like pick your bands. And they would like, try to figure out like, Okay, well, these two guys can do it. So by like, they were trying to struck you like that. And then I don't know if you remember this, because I think you went with me. But you remember taco land? Yes. Okay. So Frank, and I never played a show at Taco band, but a taco title in a new place.

Taco land, but we tried, right. So what happened was I remember though, I don't know if he was the owner. Well, but we went. And we were like, Whoa, I didn't know how to book shows there at the time. Right. So I was like, yeah, we want to book a show here. He's like, okay, so he pulled out a notebook like this. He's like, here, pick a time slot, right? So we pick the time, he's like, just write your name in there, right? So he wrote our name and the date or whatever, whatever. So then, I'm promoting the show. I don't know if you remember this. So we're promoting the show. And then it gets closer to the to the time and I think I called them for a question or something. And he said, Yeah, you guys aren't playing that day. And I'm like, Yeah, I was like, we went in. We talked to you in a world her name on the notebook? Well, apparently, it was his notebook that was just on the bar counter, and someone erased our name and put their name on there. That's just like, you could just like, write whatever the fuck you want. And that I know what, and basically, that's what happened. So we never we never played taco land. And this was before, like, I guess it closed down. But yeah, somebody raised their name. So whoever the hell you are. Now it's close. Close. You'll get your co op and yeah, close. Close. What now? Now? It's caught now. It's like a Little Hipster taco place called the velvet taco. Really? Yeah. Okay, well, I guess we'll go and maybe try to play there. Yeah, maybe they have an offensive venue anymore. I guess. We're gonna play there. We're gonna play there.

on the

sidewalk. Yeah, we'll do that. So desperate for live music, though. They'll come Oh, yo, come have T shirts, do.

We Oh, that's the only thing I wanted to say about shows. I mean, it's either going to be the the pods in the inside or the pods outdoors. I know. There's a lot amphitheaters that, like you were saying are certain open to but I mean, at least till it makes sense to that 2022 is going to be, you know, you know, the the year for them to actually come back the way they weren't before. And who knows what venues are still going to be, you know, left? Because I know there's a lot still struggling? I think yeah, I think realistically,

outdoor shows are probably the the best, safest way to do things right now. And it's also to a matter of the venues having the means to make that happened. Yeah.

I mean, yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a socially distance show.

I just want to be at a show already. Yeah. And you know, what's weird about the outdoor thing too, is that, like, you have to, like even a touring band, they would try to do an outdoor show, like at any given time, because of the different regions and their weather patterns. Like,

let's say you're here, and you're like, Oh, we like the weather's fine here. Like it's 75. And then you go like, north, you can't play an outdoor show. That's your only option, because it's like fucking zero degrees or something. Like, it's just like, if you did a tour like that, like, Oh, yeah, in the south, you can play outdoors. But in the north, you'd be playing indoors. So that has a lot to do with it, too. And then who knows what venue, what the venues up, they're going through, you know, and stuff like that. So there's just a lot of like, logistics, I think just to get through, but, but yeah, 2022 I think is the year I mean, you will probably be able to go to maybe one show this year for lucky. Yeah. 2022. And I think also It depends, like, if you're satisfied with seeing a smaller show, I think that's much more doable. Yeah, that's realistic. If you've got to be at some gigantic arena show then yeah, you're gonna have to cool your jets. Yeah. There was still parts left over for the query show. Yeah, there was Yeah. What? When is it? Oh, I think I wrote the date. Oh, is 20 may 21. So we got about where's that will shoot. It's no you don't

it'll probably be like a little mask. And yeah, it'll probably be like a pot and then like you stand in and it just like brakes or

the pod is made of popsicle sticks. I don't know. It just feels sketchy to me to go there. Like, you know what I mean, to see like, a show of that caliber. Yeah, but it's retailer and you're gonna have it here. But how? How they're gonna keep us safe. You're gonna enforce COVID man? Yeah.

They're pods. Yeah.

Like stuff. serve beer, anything where anybody can get like, belligerent and out of their pod and escape. Fight or something. Yeah, MMA show want to wear the mask.

I mean, I was just curious as to what the tour is looking like, Is it a lot of them were sold out? Oh, yeah. I mean, oh, I see here. Okay, so it's like a legit Yeah, it's a tour.

He's okay. Okay. Yeah. So Arizona, Texas, Tennessee. Okay. Dang. Okay. Yes. He's he's going. Yeah.

Well, it'll be interesting to see. I mean, I'm sure people are going to be posting videos and stuff. So it'll be interesting to see how how that all plays out. We'll talk about I mean, if you don't want to try go, you know, I don't know. I mean, I've been to sketchier places.

That's for sure.

But I don't know that I'm feeling his solo stuff. Yeah, you know, that's another thing too. Like, I heard some of the solo stuff. And I like some of it. And I don't like some of it. So that's another thing too. It's one thing that I want to just see, Cory, but another thing is like, do I really want to see a solo stuff? Like I'm not there yet? You know, I mean, but I think it's one of those things that just being so desperate are going to show again. Yeah, I definitely get that. Yeah.

Well, that's all I had to say. like five of his shows that aren't sold out. So it's here and Arizona, Lubbock, San Antonio, Houston. And Iowa. Mostly Wow, Iowa, Iowa in Texas. Not devoid, but it's an I so it's weird. Yeah. I guess I mean, I mean, it all depends on how that state's doing with their, you know, COVID end of the majority of his shows are sold out. I mean, well, good for him. That's Yeah, no, that's Yeah, good for him. Yeah, yeah.

Well, sorry, Kevin. Anything else? No.

Official non official. I mean, we can try one more beer too. Before we leave.

Yeah, I guess I'm just gonna blaze through these.

So he did have a list of floors, your floors yours. So my next one that is postponed, showed that a tour we're looking forward to his Pet Shop Boys a new order.

That was supposed to be a joint co headlining tour. So both Pet Shop Boys in New Order, we're gonna switch out every night as headliner.

But that's also been postponed for a year after the original dates.

Last I read I mean that that's it's still happening. I even went on to Ticketmaster website.

And there's still like a good number of seats left at the venues. So are they coming anywhere near here? No. Huh? No. What's the closest they're coming? Like Denver? So you want to go to Denver? Yeah, it would it would have been I mean, it'd be cool. I mean, I know you I know. Y'all go out tissues and also the the Ramstein show,

you know, here in San Antonio.

The Alamodome still has like plenty of seats left. Yeah, so but also to that shows like sick, it's like six months out. How did they? How did they do that though? Did they? Did they refund the tickets to the original date? Because I was like, well, or did they like say like, from from what I read?

Because I was gonna say like, once you reach a certain capacity of tickets already sold and you didn't refund like how does that work? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, for from what I read is, I mean, they're still honoring tickets. So they are from the original date. Oh, wow. They also still have seats available. Yeah. Interesting. I had tickets with some friends of mine to see Adam and he's touring and playing his entire album Friend or Foe and other stuff. And

it was originally for April of last year, and then they rescheduled it for like, September and then they rescheduled it for April, and now it's rescheduled for July I think so it just keeps getting pushed down and so no refunds when they told us to hold on to our tickets. I mean, it's like the same. Supposed to be same seats, same everything so I really don't know. But that one's up in Austin at the Empire. I think. Empire I don't think I've ever been there. We've been there right? Is that like is it like Aztec? Yeah.

Yeah, I think maybe like the majestic Oh, the majestic that sort of thing. Okay. Okay, I've never I've only been to a few a handful of venues in Austin. I've been the emos stoves see a long Mohawk. Yeah. And only one of those three I really like the Mohawk. Yeah, like the Mohawk too. Yeah. I like the top level. Yeah. Yeah, I've never been up there because I like to be in the front but it's just cool. Like how it's outdoors and right. Stubbs is all right I mean, it's

a show at the Mohawk when it was like 20 degrees and snowing. Yeah, I saw I think it was drizzling when I saw the show there. And then I saw a fighter once too.

And then emos is all right i mean it's big but I don't know used to not be right that's Yeah, that was another round a lot yeah, that's it that was a the sub location now is I think it's bigger than the first one right? I guess I went to because I know you show at the original emo Yeah.

Wasn't it wasn't a nice venue. It was a tiny No. The restroom floors were sticky.

There were pillars all over the pillars. That's where we saw bad sons. Those pillars suck. I saw something else there and I was like, What the hell? Oh yeah, they have like, Whoa, this one has like a like they're like the poles. Yeah. So I guess the old one. Well, that was the other one. I think I had never been there but I saw videos of it. Trees and Dallas, I think Yeah, that was uh oh, so fuckin bonds bonds. The stage has a pole in the middle does Yeah.

Yeah, well, we played there a couple of times. I remember with taking the lift up there that shake your shit left. Yeah, and so we would go up there and then there's a pole in the middle of the damn stage. That's weird. I mean, not like a dancing pole but like

a square pole. So late is weird but and I remember to the the same thing at the

laibach Civic Center. Yeah, live I'm so excited to where there were also polls there have polls everywhere. That makes no sense either, because hold something up. Like it seems like they're probably important. True.

But I mean, like regular structures like this don't have poles in the middle. Like, I mean,

I'm guessing they're bigger than my house reinforced. If you want to reinforce them with steel, you're fine. You're like the Alamodome doesn't have pillars?

through the middle, but I don't I don't think the Civic Center was intended to have shows originally. Yeah, no, that was like a little like, haul for like your

wedding. Yeah, it was pretty. It was pretty horrible.

Yeah, it was pretty hard. I remember like, I went to three shows there. And, man, he did not want to be crowd surfing. Oh, yeah. Like, elementary school cafeteria where there's like a stage in there.

Like that literally. Yeah. Um, well, yes. I mean, so I have a beer break real quick. Yeah. This is by a saloon door brewing. It's a

it's called Canadian. F. It's a maple vanilla coffee. Imperial cream ale. Cream. ales are good. They're like cream sodas. Okay, this is a maple vanilla coffee. Yes. And has a has a Canadian mousse on it. Oh, and it's 9% ABV. So this will be our last one. Kim, you want to do the honors? There. I got a fresh glass of grape. Maple is cool because we can share. So while we do this one, Frank what else is on your list? Okay, so those are my two postponed ones and these next three are the canceled ones.

This one we had tickets to it was a festival in LA called the cruel world fest. Smells like coffee. I was like Sorry. Sorry. That sounds like just that's all I smell now. It sounds like a beside


Do I smell it? Like I didn't even have the candle for me and the smell. Oh yeah. I just felt like we tried that hard coffee that we had. I don't know the Irish or why we did it. We just I guess we just went

and it was actually pretty good. Like Bailey's kind of okay.

Oh, anyways, yeah. AVR has a hard coffee right? Yeah, they do that y'all got it for me and I was actually really good. That's a really good one. Yeah.

Yeah, the the cruel world fest we we had a we had a we had tickets for that. It was happening in LA. And it was basically like every dream show. Yeah, it was like every 80s fans dream lineup. Just to mention some of the artists Morrissey was about to perform their Bauhaus Blondie, the church, Gary Newman, on the bunny man Divo. So it's like a total New Wave festival. But you know, of course, it got postponed originally to September of last year, and then altogether decided just to scrap it. So I don't know if that's gonna happen or not. But but there was a lot of talk about it in that particular music scene.

That's a lot of groups to get on one. Yeah. Yeah. Huge. Great. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And of course, you know, they're gonna have like multiple stages and whatnot. So yeah, so that that's, that sounds like the OS fest of 80s music. It does, right.

And I remember Yeah, like I like we got the tickets were excited and then all these lockdowns started happening. And then,

you know, we ended up having to get refunded for that. So that that was a bummer. So that was one that we were looking forward to the another one that I was looking forward to that also got canceled was Kraftwerk. They were supposed to be doing a summer tour last year, a 3d Summer Tour, and that also got canceled as well.

I think originally they had tried to postpone it for the end of last year. But then they decided all together just just No, but I think they're I think they're doing European festivals this summer.

And that's about it. They have no plans after this summer, so whatever happens happens. And so that's another bummer. And the last one that I was really looking forward to also did not happen.

Nine Inch Nails were supposed to tour last year. Oh, really? Yes. And,

and actually, they they had a lot of merge, like already, like in production for, for this tour. So what ended up happening, you know, they had to cancel, and all the merge sales ended up benefiting local food banks for the cities they were gonna play in anyway. So, you know, regardless, some, some good came out of it, because, you know, one, they donated all the proceeds of their merchant sales to local food banks. And two, they also released two instrumental albums last year, as well. So, you know, even despite, like not having shows to go to I mean, I think in some ways, like the bands still tried to do a good thing out of a negative, you know, so you know, like, well, the ones that could Yeah, yeah, the ones that could and like you said to, like, Metallica, they donated some money to like, two venues and whatnot. And I don't know, I mean, yeah, it did. It sucks. Because you look at all the list of shows that were gonna happen and everything got either pushed back or just altogether canceled. And yet, it's it's a bummer. You know, everyone's feeling it. The artists who are feeling Oh, yeah. You know, but also to interestingly, like, I've been reading articles about, like, artists, and how they're taking this time, I guess, to just like, Really?

I guess we assess their we assess themselves careers, whether their careers Yeah, no, I'm just kidding. Just kidding.

And also to, you know, like, like, You read about some, some some artists who are like, you know, it's nice to take a break from like, being on the road for like, 250 days out of the year. You know, yeah, well, again, those are like for the ones that can like, afford it, like Metallica, like they can afford it. But like there's other bands where, like, they only live off of like, touring non stop. And some of them like just touring non stop, like some of them. Like that's like, what, but yeah, I mean, every situation is different. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, but but it's definitely interesting to read the perspectives of some musicians, you know, there are some who, you know, they've had a go back to working day jobs, and there's some started podcasts and started a podcast. And of course, there are some who are like, a little better off and were actually able to, you know, enjoy having the time off. But, I mean, still, I'm sure there are itching to get back on.

And it's definitely and of course, you know, like I said, there are there are live streams happening there are driving concerts happening, but again, it just I don't think it satisfies that that itch. Oh, no, it doesn't. I mean, it's just like a tiny little thing, but it's nothing like getting an A, getting in a bus and being on the road, you know, oh, you're talking about them. Now. I was like, I was like, I was like, when you're gone. I was showing them

the artists and stuff and also to you know, for for the for their crowds to you know, cuz

you know, I used to think about, Okay, I got tickets for this, okay, now I gotta like, plan my day, and it becomes a little bit of a chore. But you actually start to miss that. You know, that you start to miss like spending money on that, and then you start to miss planning your day accordingly. You know, just to go to the show. Yeah.

Yeah, I know. There was a few shows that we were like, Damn, the next night isn't work night. How are we going to do this? Yeah. Well, that's from us. Yeah. But, but they end up there, they end up being worth it.

Because and then it all comes back to like just wrapping it up to like, the very first thing that we talked about was like, skipping that silversun pickups show saying, oh, we'll get to see him again. And then like a month later, COVID happens. And we're like, what the like, what are the odds? You know? Yeah, we took all that stuff for granted. Yeah. And so many other things, too. But, but also she was sick. I didn't want her to know. Yeah.

But, uh, but yeah, no, it was one of those things where like, we're good. Right now, but Well, before we leave, I want to try this beer. Oh, wait, Frank, do you have more on your list? I don't know what your list looks like. Oh, no, that that was okay. So this again, before we finished off Frank's list is Maple vanilla coffee Imperial cream ale. Like I said, I like cream ales. I don't know how this taste can maybe taste it again. Oh, yeah, go first.

This is good.

It's pretty strong. Yeah, it tastes

good taste the coffee tastes vanilla. You taste the syrup at the end, which is weird.

I give it like a 4.5. Thank you like it. Yeah.

Because like when I first when I first took it in, I was like, oh, it tastes like some kind of like Starbucks coffee, but then like the end is what makes it different, which is that syrupy taste is just weird. Yeah, ice cream. Okay, what what do you give him? I'm probably lower than you, but are you a big coffee person? Okay, that's no and you know, I like it. I like the smell of it. Yeah, I like it. I'm glad it's, it exists, but I'm not. It's not me. Yeah, no, I'm, I'm gonna go 3.2 I would not ever, like order that at a bar or buy it at a store.

I don't think I would eat maybe once in a while. Maybe occasionally. Maybe. I mean, because I did like it when

3.2 Okay. Um, yeah, no, it's it's very bad. It's just not. Yeah. palette. I'm interested. I think I would have liked it more with the style and the coffee of anila minus the syrup. I think the syrup what kind of kills it a little bit for me because the syrup. Canadian. Yeah, I know. Yeah.

And then like, if you see, I don't know why it says it but it says

or is it says F.

Like, oh, yeah, cuz they say that's how they say. Like, they that's how they end their questions. So how's it going? A but what about the F though? Hey, F. Oh, I get it now. Okay. Any any good? Okay, so it's a net. Okay. Yeah. All right. Well, I totally missed that. But

you know, what did it is I stayed in school.

Oh, I can interpret Ramstein Oh, yeah. Canadian, Canadian alien beer cans. And also to just Reek. I mean, this is like a few episodes back. We were looking at some beers from

QA, what is the name of that brewery? So like, you're like, Oh, that's the name of a Beatles song. Oh, that's the name of a door Song karbach carbine. So I looked and I did some research, okay. And it's just, they were just they just picked random ones. Some of them are like, named after song. Some of them are just named. Like, it's just like, you know how like some, like any beer like they're like, Oh, they try to like do something like for instance that Martin house one has like the universal monster on it. But like as it's just there. Okay. So basically those two those are the only one Yeah, they were just went off. So I was trying to see if like, oh, maybe they are all named after some kind of song. But there they had, like a particular Yeah. Feel like part of us. Yeah, that'll release or something. Yeah, that's what I thought I thought it was gonna be a group of just like music ones, but now it's just like one. Yeah, just those 10 it was it's love St. Though. stream and strawberry field? Yes. Strawberry Fields. Yes. Yes. So I was like, yeah, that was like an old thing that I forgot to tell you. But anyways, I mean, that's that's all you know, we had I think, so next week. We're not going to do an episode. Me and Kim are going to be off. Friday. Yeah, we're gonna party because it's going to be our anniversary. Whenever ever so nice. Nice. So it's not when you know, yeah, that's one of our other anniversaries. So um,

but ya know, so I think next episode of y'all are cool. We'll do that. Because I know we're not all like familiar with it. I am, though, but with ear worms. So ear worms are songs that got stuck in people's heads. Oh, yeah. So that'll give us two weeks to do research on that. Just go into it. So basically, we'll just talk about like songs that are known to get stuck in people's heads and stuff like that. Or even if you had a song that got stuck in your head that you hated it. I was trying to think of some and I know there were some but I couldn't. I couldn't think of any else. And maybe I'm glad I just I'm trying to keep it. Yeah, yes. protecting you. Yeah. So when we come back in a couple of weeks, we'll do earworms. So there was a song that you had stuck in your head and you hate it or you liked. Let us know.

You can go to rock caviar pod calm you can listen to all our shows on there, you can check out our playlist for all the bands that we mentioned on any episode. And also to check out the last episode with Chuck vans. He's putting out some good stuff. I heard his last episode and

ya know, he plays a lot of stuff. Like I said, That's new. That's new from artists that you know, don't get a lot of attention, both nationally and local. So it's pretty cool. I mean, I listen to a show. Yeah, I'm working on any closing thoughts. Um, I just want to say that there is a Nine Inch Nails inspired beer. Called a pretty haze machine. Oh, it's a hazy IPA. I think it's a Green Man brewing. Okay, I'm gonna look that up. Yeah, so it's got the same artwork and everything are similar artwork.

But yeah, I don't I don't think the band has anything to do with that. I think it's just this guy's a fan and decided to make a beer like the karbach Yeah, there's Yeah, cuz there's also

So one two, that's a it's like a Motorhead inspired one but it has nothing to do with like their it's not a collaboration, but like they like. They have like lemmie look alike on the can and I forget who did it but yeah, there's, you know, breweries do that just to you know, do it but, but ya know, so yeah, we'll see you guys in a couple of weeks check out our past episode and then give us some thoughts for Next Episode and then I will see you guys next to in the next two weeks for Episode 33 sounds good, right. All right. Cheers. Cheers.

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