Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 31 - Supergroups - with Chuck Vans

April 03, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour / Chuck Vans Episode 31
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 31 - Supergroups - with Chuck Vans
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This episode, we list and discuss Supergroups, with our friend and special guest Chuck Vans, of the independent online radio show, The Chuck Vans Show! We welcome him back to the show and talk about what a Supergroup is, the types of Supergroups there are, and the whos whos of the bands we are mentioning, all while drinking some brews. Also, what's a guava!? And what are Insane Clown Posse hoodrat snacks!? Cheers!

Note: Due to a technical mishap, the first 10 minutes of the show is an intro/recap by Mario. Show officially starts at 9:37 (see Chapter marker).

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario. This is the podcast about craft beer and music. Every episode, we try different craft beers. We discuss them, we rate them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics, usually with this intro of say that I'm joined by Kimberly Britt and Frank. I'm like I usually am. But we had a little technical mishap. And the intro to the episode does not exist, but I was able to salvage most of the episode.

With that said, I'm going to have to give a little

I guess recap of what is missing from what you're hearing at the firm what you're about to hear at the moment. So this episode is about supergroups. This is episode number 31. And we actually have a special guest this episode,

hosts of the independent online

radio station, Chuck Ben show, the host Chuck bands joined us he was actually our first guest almost a year ago back when we first started this podcast. And

he was kind enough to join us again, this episode, just have a chat with us about supergroups. On the first time he will he joined us. We talked about FM radio, he actually used to be an

radio DJ on an FM radio station here in town. And he was telling us a little bit about the behind the scenes stuff. And we kind of wanted to pick his brain a little bit about that. But if you want to listen to that episode, you can go back and listen to it. I think it's like episode five or something like that. But it's labeled with Chuck Benz. But once again, he's joined, he joined us this episode. And I just want to talk about, you know what you guys missed from what didn't get recorded or you know what ended up not being part of part of this episode. So basically, just to catch you up. On every episode, when we start, we usually talk about beers that we're drinking. Before we get into the topic, because we usually drink beers while we're talking about the topic Still, we have little beer breaks. And now like I said in the beginning of the episode, we discussed the beers we write them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them. So in order to help me out

with this intro

have a beer to talk about.

Fortunately, though, there's aren't trying this beer with me. Usually we try beers together. This is an IPA, but I'm the resident IPA fan of the podcast anyways. This is a sweet and sour blood orange Imperial IPA from untitled art in collaboration with lik beer project from one waunakee Wisconsin.

So this is an imperial IPA, it's 8.8% ABV. This is a 16 fluid ounce can.

So I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot and rate it. So like I said before, this is an IPA with blood orange, Apple and pineapple juice. Let's see.

So honestly, straight up, this tastes like

you know one of those Tropicana juices with the you know the pineapple on or maybe it's like the dole or something like that. It tastes like that would be

basically what tastes I actually tastes more of the fruity, fruity Juice part than anything in the pineapple juice, I should say is probably more overpowering than any of the nose.

doesn't really taste like an IPA.

Um, I mean, it's, it's fine. It tastes good. I just taste more fruit juice than anything. So I think I'm gonna give it a four. So we usually go around and we rate the beers with that said, also to

excuse me. So in the beginning, of course, I introduced Chuck bands, and he was telling us a little bit about where you can find this show. You can find his show on pub sports And he's also on Instagram and Twitter. I usually listen to him on app, a popular radio app that I don't want to mention, because it's just easier for me to listen to it on that but the actual actual

What he was telling us later in the episode is that Pope Sports Radio actually has an app so you can listen to a show on on there. That's his local affiliate here in San Antonio, Texas. I know he has multiple ones, but like I said, you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I usually reshare usually retweet or repost some of his stuff on our social media. Anyways, so you can find our social media at Rockstar cabbie our pod calm.

So one thing that you missed was that Frank was giving us the introduction to the supergroups topic and also to be right before that, we had a little chat with Chuck bands about

about beer just just having a chat about beer and we were talking about art seltzers and how they're popular and how everyone's coming out with a with a hard seltzer.

All these breweries I was talking about all shiners my favorite, and shiner came out with a hard seltzer not really too fond of it, I didn't really enjoy that much. But he was telling us that he works for a beer distributor. And he gave us a little insight, saying that shiners apparently redoing the formula

that they had for the first batch of the, of the heart. seltzers. And there should be

I guess, reissuing the hard seltzers again, but with a new formula, better tasting. Um, I remember when Kim and I tried it, we actually bought it and it was on clearance, I guess, because they had been sitting there. And no one was picking it up. And I guess because it didn't taste that great. I was a little disappointed, honestly. Um, and he also gave us a little insight that those keys should be coming out with some hearts seltzers, too. So that's pretty interesting.

So we talked a little bit about that. Just a little bit about what he's what he'd been up to just been just been added with his show. And for those of you not familiar with the show, like I said before, he's independent, and he puts a little spotlight on independent artists, here and around the area. And he also plays music on his show that really did you really won't hear on standard radio station in town or any local radio station no matter where you're at. So he likes to mix it up and just play whatever he wants, play new and different things that no one else plays, from Americana, to punk, to rock to metal, to death metal. I mean, he he plays, he plays all kinds of stuff. And he's also getting into interviewing

members from different bands. And I know he had a ice t on one of his programs not too long ago, and also give us a little insight that he's trying to get a Corey Taylor on a future episode. So that's just a recap all the stuff that we talked about, that you guys won't be able to hear Unfortunately,

that's all that's just the conversation that we had with them. Um, and then also to I guess, I'm going to go ahead and go into the episode. So basically, we start off at the beginning of the supergroups topic, and Frank is kicking us off, and he gives us his first group that he'd like to talk about, which is a perfect circle.

And before he kicked that off, he gave us a little definition of what a supergroup is, for those of you who don't know, I did have a wiki definition. But Frank did a pretty good job explain what it was and basically what it is is, it is a group that is formed.

Bi is made up of members from different

successful bands. And basically these musicians from multiple successful bands come together, they form a band and they make music and they do not have a specific timeframe on how long they're gonna stick around. Sometimes they stick around for one album, sometimes they stick around for more sometimes that becomes the main band for for these members.

But every every band has its own story, especially with those with the in the in the supergroup category.

So yeah, that was that. And I guess I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys listen to the rest of the episode. And we're going to pick up with Frank, right in the middle of his

in the middle of his little

conversation about perfect circle. So hope you guys enjoy and yeah, enjoy.

fair share of members that belong to other well established groups such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson Smashing Pumpkins, and Guns and Roses. And they've been together for 20 plus years they've released multi Platinum successful records they've got they released four records two days three records to date. They've got three, including a covers album they've got three compilation albums in a video

album that features official and fan made videos and you know, actually an interesting thing as a perfect circle. But when they were just getting started, it was intended to have a female vocalist. Oh, wow. Yeah. And then Maynard stepped in and I guess he was he was able to match that feminine energy through his vocals. And so Mainer just like stayed with the band. Oh, yeah. I don't know how many people know that. But yeah, originally, a perfect circle was gonna have a female vocalist. Interesting. Did you know that Chuck? I did not know. Are you in a perfect circle fan? Or

on the fence, and I can I can like some stuff and then I can. I think a lot of the like, really super pretentious fans kind of turned me off. So yeah, we've had that discussion via leaders. Yeah, we've Yeah, discussion on the show before and I think we had like something where Frank was telling us like, why he likes him. We're like, oh, you're not in that group. So which was what yeah, that's the other guys that make us not like those bands and tools specifically, but uh, yeah,

yeah, no, it's not their fault. I just yeah, I mean, the same how you explain that like, I like some of their stuff. But um, that I can't I think this is what happens is sometimes I mean, and especially to with uh, with anything Mainer does, it's like, you have your tool fans and you have your perfect circle fans, and you have like the plus for fans. And it is something about Maynard's fans, at least the more obsessive ones that kind of put a damper on the music. I think, you know, because they they seem that they think that Maynard is God. Yeah, yeah, pretty much. But I think what he does is is good. I mean, I'm not super obsessive. I mean, I like his music. I like his artistry, but, you know, I think I'm just more of like, not a casual fan, but I do admire what he does. But I don't I don't border on obsessive or Yeah, no, you're not. You're definitely not casual. How many times have you seen tool? How many times have you seen perfect circle? I don't know. I mean, more than a handful. Yeah. So you're not a casual? You're not a casual fan. Are you chuck Are you a fan of any supergroups? Because I know I know. But okay, well. I'm a huge Mike Patton fan. Yeah. And so many of his bands are supergroups Okay, like you could go down the line like Tomahawk got Dwight Duane Denison from Jesus lizard. Johnston here from helmet

Phantom OS buzz from the melvins Trevor Dunn's and Tomahawk as well and Phantom OS and Dave Lombardo that was in Slayer. Yeah. And then you can it's almost like six degrees of my fatten. And then it's like, Okay, take Panama City and got Lombardo. Then you go to dead cross. And and with dead cross, you have Zimbardo, Justin Pearson, Michael crane that were you know, in retox, and locusts, and then from there Lombardo again to the newest version of Mr. bungle that has Lombardo, some of the original guys, Trevor Dunn, Trey spruance. But then they added in Scott Ian for manthra Oh, shoot, okay. And, you know, so he's always worked and he's done. Was it in even not even the metal genre, but he did the peeping tom record with Dan the Automator is awesome hip hop producer, and Rozelle well known in the hip hop world with Yeah, beatboxing and all that. And so he's done. Lots of different supergroups in a few across a few different genres, if you will, so I've always liked what he's done. Yeah, with his stuff. I kind of noticed that too, with some artists. And when I was making my Listen, I kind of feel like to some extent maybe to not that far, but uh, Chris Cornell was like one of the ones too that I saw that was linked to like, multiple, especially to since that grunge scene was like, really tight at that time, and are in the 90s there are some bands that will come up and I'm sure Brett will talk about and I have on here too, that yeah, I think he's he's a connection and a lot of those bands do kind of like how Mike Patton was with those. But um, I guess with that, Frank, are you? You're good with yours? Right? Yeah, I'm good with mine for now. No, but in a little later, okay. Bree, you want to go next? Sure. Um, the first one on my list is one of those bands from the grunge scene that you know came out of that and it's mad season mad season. But I knew you're going to talk about of course. I love Layne Staley and I love Allison chain. so mad season made sense to start off with so of course it's Layne Staley from Allison chains, but also Mike McCready from Pearl Jam.

And Barrett Martin from screaming trees. Also a big part of that grunge scene Seattle scene and yeah, their song river of deceit was super popular. I bet they played it on a certain radio station here in San Antonio quite a bit. Yeah.

And, yeah, I don't know, they're, I remember when they were first coming out, it was really exciting. I think during that time that there was, you know, mad season. And then also temple, the dog was another super group that came out during that time period. And it was just kind of really cool to hear, you know, members of all these bands that were popular that you really loved, like collaborating and things like that. So it was pretty exciting. Yeah, no, definitely. And then like also to going to I also wanted to talk about, like, how long these bands stay together and mad season. Do you know how many albums they came out with? Because going back to a perfect circle, they released four albums, and they're still they still come out with stuff occasionally. Yeah. And from what I know, I mean, I know that Billy Howard, oh, the guitars does want a perfect circle to continue. But it's all contingent on what Mainers got going on. Because he's got tool and it's all

free. It's also got his vineyard. Oh,

that's right, that he dedicates a lot of his time to. So you have to try some of these when sometimes? Yeah. So I mean, a lot of a lot of a lot of this. A lot of a perfect circle was contingent upon what Maynard Xun at the time and if he can schedule some time away to do some touring and some recording and I think that's also another thing with what supergroup says every member's prior commitments has to allow for them to get together and do something together. So that that's also another one where it's like, you know, we there's one super group that puts out one album and they take him like 10 years to put on another one because everyone's just busy doing their other thing and it always leaves you wanting more because you get that little taste of what what could be. Yeah. And then you still have to wait like a good while before all the planets can align again for for that band to happen again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, true. And nothing matters. I just put out one album. Okay, Matt, do you 94 do you have? Oh, no, I think there was rumors of I thought there was a second mad season album. I don't think it's ever seen the light of day. I remember after after Layne Staley died, they were like, oh, there's recordings of Mad season. Oh, that's awesome. And and then I've never heard anything else about it ever again. I honestly wouldn't be surprised because I mean, usually when bands, you know, do record stuff, there's always stuff that gets cut or you know, gets left somewhere. Yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised. Um, same thing happened with the Well, I mean, it was kind of the same thing when Nirvana when they were when they they were in the process of recording demos for a new album when, you know, when what happened happened? And then I think one of those singles ended up on that Nirvana, that Black Album.

And it was, you know, you're right, which was one of the demos that they recorded in the process of recording that that new album, but uh, yeah, no, definitely. I mean, I'm sure there's stuff out there and probably see it someday. Now I could be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere recently that mad season was getting back together with Jerry Cantrell doing vocals. Oh, I mean, I mean, I don't know maybe this is something night. I'm fantasizing about Yeah.

But I got it. I could have sworn a dream like that. I don't know. Chuck. You hadn't heard anything about that? I had. I had heard some of Mad season doing something but I hadn't heard the Jerry Cantrell part. Maybe you guys are bulletins

that the rest of the band was trying to do something Oh wow. So whether or not maybe that's they were gonna go by the vocals that maybe lane had laid down years and years ago. Yeah. For whatever and they were gonna try and go and maybe finish that. I don't that could be possible. I hope so. Yeah. Well, we'll see what who wouldn't want to hear any new Layne Staley? Yeah, I know.

Britt, did you have temple the doc on your list? Yeah. Okay, so I'm gonna save that then for later because I know I was just making sure you know, I don't overstep anybody. It's fine. We can we can do that one together. We know what I guess cuz Kim you don't have I have nothing. My brain is fried. I work week was crazy. And I'm actually I know this might sound stupid, but I'm not afraid to admit that this subject is new to me. I had no idea what this was. I know that sounds crazy. Like and when Mario was telling me about it. I was like really? Like that's like a big word for me.

Today I'm drinking my 8.3 ABV and yeah, now you take it easy cruising. I guess I deserve it. My week was hell. Well, you know what, I guess since we're on the topic, and you know, you know, we have some kind of, you know, love for these bands. Britain. You want to go on and talk about temple a dog so we can talk about that? Because, I mean, pretty much it's kind of like that whole connection thing like Mike McCready was in that band. And he's also he was also on temple, the dog. Yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that one was formed.

As a tribute to Andy wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone who passed away. And of course Mother Love Bone went on to become Pearl Jam the remaining members. And so it's those members from Mother Love Bone plus Chris Cornell plus Sadie Vetter. So as a tribute to Andy wood, and that was in 1990. So earlier than mad season, but yeah, and yeah, I went to the I think I've told y'all I went to a bunch of Lollapalooza back in the day. And there was one and Pearl Jam was there and Soundgarden was there and everybody in the crowd was like, oh, they're gonna do Temple of the dog. But of course, they didn't. Wow, that was the big rumor floating around. And it was kind of exciting to think about that. But But no, but they, I think were really popular in their own right. And it was nice that they did that tribute.

So yeah, so and then also to to give a little history, Pearl Jam was a continuation of Mother Love Bone, right. And so in this man temple, the dog you had Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, you had stone Gosar who was from other low bone so Pearl Jam. Then you had Jeff Ament, same band. Matt Cameron was also from Soundgarden. Then you had Eddie Vetter for Matt Cameron was in Pearl Jam and then sound okay, so yeah, so later he did Soundgarden. Okay, well still, he wasn't still crazy how he was still in those. Yeah. And then of course Mike McCready. And then those guys only released one album. Or no, it was flip flop, Soundgarden and then project Did I say it the other way around?

I don't remember. I don't know more than more of these guys than I do. But yeah, no, the Miller 64 is kicking. Yeah, right.

At 2.3%. Yeah, that are my IPAs kicking and rowdy. Oh, yeah. So yeah. So they only had one album? And do you know if they had, like, if that was all they were gonna do? Or if they had any kind of? I think so. I think it was just a one off that. Yeah. I mean, I'm not an expert by any stretch. But that's what I understand that it was intended to be a tribute because they all knew Andy Wouldn't it was, you know, really shocking and sad for them. So, yeah, and for all these like bands that we talked about. Obviously, if you guys are familiar with our past episodes, um, I do post a playlist for bands that we talked about on our Spotify playlist, you can find that at Rock Tock happy hour, pod calm. Also, too, you can find the links to our Spotify podcast show on there, too. So there we have two different Spotify is on there. But also to I was going through and I was listening to a lot of the temple a dog stuff and I was like, man, there's, and they only play that one song on the radio. And some listening sounds like man, there's a lot of good stuff, but uh, ya know, just on that one album, but I played it a few times. Yeah, back in the day. Yeah. Back in the day back in those days. Not not your fault.

But uh, I guess so I'll go ahead and take a shot at my next supergroup. So mine I don't know if you guys remember any of this stuff. This was back in like, let me see what year it was. I want to say it was 2005. So there was this show on TV. I know when American Idol was like super huge. And there was like singing competitions were like big. There was a show called rock star. And the first one that came out was rock star in excess. And that was to help in excess find a find a new singer. Yeah. So that's not the one I wanted to talk about because then access now supergroup, the one I did want to talk about was from season two. And that was rock star supernova. So I don't know if you guys remember rock star supernova. But I remember watching that because I was a fan of Jason newsted. He was, you know, formerly a bass player for Metallica. But at the time he was bass player for voivod voivod actually been around way before. So he was he had he was just one of the members that came in at a later period of the band's lifespan. So what I found interesting about this is at the show, for season two, it was called rock star, colon supernova, right. But what I found out was that the band was called rock star supernova. Yeah, so I was like, kind of confused. I was like, I thought the band was called supernova, because that's how the series was going. Yeah, because the colon right. So I found out that there was a punk band. And I don't know if Chuck knows his band, there was a punk band called supernova. Apparently, they formed like an 89. And they're still active. Oh, yeah, I've heard of them. Yeah. And I think that's why so when I look. So when I looked them up, I was like, so the show was called rock star Cohen supernova, but the band was also called rock star supernova, one in one phrase, and I was like, What the hell? So this band. Basically the show was about Tommy Lee, of course for a motley crew, Jason newsted on voivod and gilby. Clarke from Guns and Roses, trying to find a singer to form this band called the rock star supernova. What's weird to me is that they ended up did getting a singer his name was Lucas Rossi, and they only released one album, they were only active between two

1006 in 2008 and Newstead left after one year. Okay. Wow. Yeah. Which is crazy to me. And I know I've talked about it a couple of times, maybe I haven't on the show, but I dislike seeing competitions. Like, I just I cannot stand seeing competitions. But um, I remember when this one came out, I was like, yeah, let me see what this is about because it's rock oriented. And, yeah, sure enough, it was cringy, too. And, I guess Newstead thought the same thing because he left after one year. Do you remember this? Or do you remember watching this joke? Or it was just under the radar? I remember I kind of remember, but there was another one. Oh, wow. Where it was like Sebastian Bach and Jason Bonham. Oh, that one sounds familiar to me, too. And I can't remember what they just like threw these like random people together. You know, what

was it like? It was or something? It was a VH one one, okay, that they put them what were they like, literally, you were like, okay, you four guys. You're gonna live together for six months, and you're gonna put out a song. Yes, that sounds fun. And they had to come up with a band name or whatever. And they had to come up with a single I don't know if they ever did.

But I remember it was I remember it was it was it was Barnum and I remember Sebastian Bach was in it. It was called supergroup. Oh, it was called. Okay. Yeah, did the research.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, the new Jensen. Yeah. Why? I don't I did not remember that one. Yeah, cuz this one was on. This one was on NBC. You and I remember watching this one. But that one, the one that you just brought up sounded vaguely familiar that it was on VHS one it was on VHS? kind of sound? When you said Sebastian Bach The first thing that popped in my head was VHS when you just like, you know, and I don't think they released any music. They did play some shows here. And there. They were playing covers of each other's respective bands.

I think. I think eventually, eventually, they renamed themselves as democracy. I think okay, well, it's, but now they never released any music. Which, you know, would have been interesting to hear. Yeah, cuz, you know, you have five different dude from totally different backgrounds. Yeah, yeah. So, you know, maybe, I don't know, fingers crossed. At some point. It might. Yeah, so that so that was mine. Rockstar supernova actually went on Spotify to see if they had any other stuff on there because I only released one album, and I listened to it and yeah, it was pretty cringy I didn't really i was i Okay, and so then I looked at the excess stuff and I remember this guy JT fortune. He was the guy who won. And he was actually a singer for in excess for six years, from 2005 to 2011. But then the band decided not to renew his contract when it was coming up to end. So I was like, Well, you know, obviously that didn't work out I think that's just the it's just a weird way to go go at it because I also saw that the producers were trying to do a season three and they were trying to do a season three with Allison chains. And, you know, you just obviously, you know, Jerry cantra you I you don't see him as a type of guy to go that direction and they weren't.

And then also another rumor was Velvet Revolver. And it just seems like the producers are trying to go are bands that had lost Yeah, I know. It just lets go dead singers. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, at least they were trying right well the producers are trying Yeah, I mean

so I mean, obviously Allison chains did come back you know Velvet Revolver not not so but um yeah, so these guys these bands were approached for Season Three of this program and yeah, no, it died and I'm kind of glad to did it. Like I said, I'm not a fan and I want to Fun fact Oh, fun fact look up look up because you're talking about iNec set Yeah. Look up the interview and story about how in excess tried to get Mike Patton Oh as their singer No way. And he and he basically laughed in their face Oh, wow. Look that well. So it was really a sixth degree and this is from like the 90s like like early to mid 90s when they were like after Hutchins. You know killed himself like they approached him because of his vocal range and stuff and he goes yeah, they asked me and I just basically kind of laughed in their face like over the phone. I was like

oh yeah, that's great. But yeah Mike but haven't they asked him to be an inaccessible

match? Yeah.

I really like an excess and I really like yeah, like an access to Yeah, I didn't like them with that to be together.

And I didn't like them with that singer that they got from the show JT fortune. I think they only released one album with him did tour quite a bit with him. And I don't remember liking that stuff. But I do like the or the all the previous in excess stuff. But yeah, so that was mine, Frank Europe. Okay, so this is

Where my technicality comes in?

Because it's always gone with the official list or the Yeah.

Well, but it all ties back to Maynard. Yeah, but this is a supergroup that was more of a studio project that never really fully saw the light of day. I mean, I guess I kind of

no actually it does it. There's one on my bliss that comes up.

Because it is because it is technically technically he's in the right go ahead and just go ahead. Okay, so this next band is supergroup caught a tapeworm? And yeah, it is. Oh, yeah. Like I said it was a supergroup that never fully saw the light of day, and it consisted of Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, Kenan as well Marikina as well. Phil Anselmo was also Oh, wow. And also a page Hamilton of helmet and various other contributors.

And the project was active between 1995 and 2004 and recorded more than an albums worth of demos, but because of legalities between record labels, a very contributor. They weren't able to release any official music. Yeah, but a perfect circle did rework some of those songs and released them as a perfect circle songs but I know it caused like a thing between Maynard and and Trent Reznor like you I think, like Trent wasn't happy with, with how the music was coming out. And I think eventually he got he got over it. I think he was just happy that the music was getting out there. Yeah. But yeah, tapeworm was one of those that everybody was talking about. I mean, at least in the industrial world, everybody was talking about there were photos uploaded every week. And there was always like news leaking out. So it was one of those things that was hyped about but never really happened.

I didn't I didn't know about that one. Chuck, did you know about that?

I always gotta ask you, because I know you'd have to know I had heard of tapeworm. And that was Yeah, that's one of the the myths of that then it was out there that there was this super rad band tapeworm with all these people. And then and then once it coming out, and then

is it Yeah, maybe No, no. And then it just kind of faded away. Yeah. And I think what happened was after

after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and and that really jacked up. Trent Reznor studio. And I think he lost a lot of the master tapes and stuff. And so what happened was, How convenient Yeah, how convenient, right? And I think what happened was, he just gave up on and say, Now, you know, like, we've been doing too much work on this, and all the work has been lost, like, just just move on. Now. We know that kind of makes sense. I mean, if that if that if that really did happen. You know, if you spent all that time with these guys, and then they get destroyed, you kind of you're like what, you know why? Right? Yeah, it could be a bummer. I guess if it didn't happen that way. Yeah. I'm just saying. Yeah. I don't know if I believe that story or not. I don't know. I mean, also, too, I think just the legalities, everybody had to deal with their own record labels and having restrictions on what they could release because oh, that you know, yeah, because you're collaborating with so and so who belongs to this label. And there's like something in the fine print that doesn't allow you to read music. So it's funny you bring that up, Chuck, I don't know if you had heard about this. But apparently I read this article not too long ago, that Corey Taylor was approached by anthrax to be the singer. When they didn't have one, but apparently he couldn't be the singer because Roadrunner.

Like, contract truly, he couldn't. Oh, he couldn't like sing with him. And like they literally told them like if you sing with him, like, I mean, if you if you sing with anthrax, and we're gonna have to drop you basically is what happened. Oh, yeah, I didn't I hadn't heard that. Yeah, there was just like this whole article that came out like not too long ago. I think this came out when he was doing like some kind of press run for when his solo stuff came out. Like right before it and I read it and I was like, holy crap. That's like very, that was crazy and interesting to me. But yeah, if you want to look that up to like, it was basically anthrax approaching him. Could he anthrax got rid of Bella Donna? I think this was before this was before he he had gotten gotten back with them. Okay, yeah. So and they asked Cory and he he couldn't do it. And I was like, What the hell but he couldn't do it because the label pretty much twisted his arm and said, You can't do it. And you shouldn't do it. Yeah, so we I know that was pretty interesting too, that you brought up that contract thing.

The reason why I said Frank's counted was because mine on on my list. One of the ones I had was Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. Because when technically that counts as a supergroup, under the under Wikipedia terms. And so when I saw Chester Bennington was supposed to be part of the band, he actually, you know, to replace.

Oh my god, Scott Scott. Scott Whalen. Yeah, there we go. Now

So they actually offered him a spot he said yes. And they released the single but they only went as far as releasing one EP. And I think they he did some some shows with them but he wanted to focus on linkin park so he ended up not joining them and recording the full album. So that kind of falls into into that category except they did release stuff. They actually did release a single and this was back like in 2013 and they did release an EP I think it was like five songs right but uh, but yeah, no, that was Stone Temple Pilots with with Chester Bennington. But that's the one I had just so you know. Okay, you know, follow Frank's raxel thing there. Yeah. How about a supergroup? Junior? supergroup? Yeah, the band, the band, the band suspect 208. Who's it? Yeah, it features the sons of slash Robert trio. And it used to have Scott Wilds but they kicked him out for drugs. Yeah.

Yeah, I was talking to frank about that. I was like, dude, they just booted Scott Whalen son from his band. Yeah, I didn't know the name of the band. But I had heard that story. But uh, yeah, no, that's Yeah, that's crazy. I forgot that is tech. That is kind of supergroup Jr. Era. Yeah.

Category all started on Wikipedia.

And then like it's crazy, too, because I heard rumors too that apparently the guys in Slipknot they want their son.

What's his name? The clowns son. Yeah, clown. Sorry, son. Yeah, they have a band together to Yeah, but they actually want them to eventually continue Slipknot, like, down the line. And I feel like clown son is trying to distance himself from his dad. But it's kind of like his dad wants him like son. This is your legacy. Now. You have to continuously follow his son on Instagram. And I follow Chris on Instagram. I think I follow him both but I think I feel like he wants to like distance himself from everybody's like, oh, you're because of your dad because your dad and he's like, I don't want to. I want to be my own like i but i think he's a teenager. I think that maybe, maybe some I mean, we'll see. Because what's his name? The germer Oh my God, I forgot his Yeah, he took a j Weinberg. Yeah. J Weinberg. There you go. That's max Weinberg son. But like he grew up listening to Slipknot because he's he's pretty young. And I think there were photos of him like meeting the band when he was a kid. And now he's part of the band. And maybe, you know, being the sons you know, you might feel like that when you're a teenager maybe they'll change their mind and want to continue with that'd be cool. If they did this. I mean, Van Halen son and like they toured with Van Halen when they unite. Yeah, Wolfgang, yeah, he actually became a permanent Glen fries son took over for him and toured with the Eagles after he died. Oh, wow. I didn't know that. So yeah, I think that was ended. vended Yeah. Simon CRAN. And what's his name? Yeah, forgot Corey. son's name. Oh, Gage, right. I think I don't know things

like that. I have no idea.

What Griffin Griffin and that's his name. Okay. It's pretty nuts though. Because, like, it's hard for me to imagine that. That you know, the members of Slipknot are dads now. Yeah. You know, because in high school, you know, you don't think about that type of stuff. And now that you're an adult, and you realize oh, yeah, these people are adults, too.

They also have aged Yeah.

Oh, man. That's crazy. Um, Britt Do you have a you have something else on? Yeah, sure to go. I don't know which one I want to do next. I feel like I caught you off guard. But no, no, it's it's fine. Um, I always bring in the new wave of stuff. Yeah.

genres. Yeah. So I'm going to talk about the band electronic. Okay, which is a supergroup with Bernard Sumner from New Order. And Johnny Marr, the former Smith's guitar player. Also the the two guys from Pet Shop Boys and Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk. I did not know about that. Yeah. I mean, I know the other bands you mentioned, but not that not the supergroup. I was listening to them like literally the other day. No way. That's

my girlfriend loves all that. That joy, division.

New Order and all that stuff. And yeah, that popped up on the random playlist. That's hilarious. Yeah, that's Brittany. Here on this show. There are there are residents for that genre here. Pretty much

during the ampere my Saturday, right. Yeah, they are. Yeah, they are. At least it used to be before COVID Yeah, definitely.

But yeah, I mean, they had some hitch they definitely they were popular on the radio. I think a lot of times people will heard it and assumed it was new order because you know, Bernard Sumner singing but it's actually a super Okay, so you know what, you know, I'm gonna have to ask this question. Do I know the song and what's

wrong when we play this game Mario? I'm like, of course. You know the song. Everybody knows the song What song to it.

I was like No Never heard of it. What song

do you what song should I pick you to tell Mario to listen? Oh go ahead check Are you gonna say? I was gonna say the assignment? We were listening to it it has new orders singing Yeah, but it sounds very Smith's guitar Okay, like you can tell that you can tell the Smith's guitar and then the the new orders singing I got like you can you can hear you can hear what

I think is probably getting away with it that's the name of the song that's my guess. Okay, y'all heard check because the other song that was like that charted and that was popular is called disappointed but it's got the Pet Shop Boys guy singing.

Yeah, if it's Bernard Sumner singing and it was kind of more popular song It's called getting away with it. Okay, well, I'm gonna put those two on the Spotify playlists I'm gonna listen to them because I happen not from I don't think I am but maybe I'll hear now text you later. I know this song. Okay, hopefully.

Okay, so um, is that was that yours? Yeah, yeah, I've got another new wavy one if you want Yeah, go ahead. Since you're on the same you that yes. If you're on the same genre we can do so that is power station. Okay.

Power Station is comprised of Robert Palmer. Oh, wow. The drummer from chic Tony Thompson.

Andy and john Taylor from Duran Duran. Oh shoot. Okay. Oh, and another guy from chic sorry. So two guys from chic two guys from Duran Duran, and then Robert Palmer real quick back to electric how many how many electronic electro shoot electronic are out there? How many how many albums that they have? That I'm not sure about maybe about a couple of albums that maybe think maybe was like a compilation of just stuff they written? They released as besides or, oh, wow, not an album singles. They recorded apparently under three different labels and were active from 1988 to 2001. So there's there's a few empirical Yes, yeah. And then what about power station and power station? I'm not sure Let me see how long they were active. Well, it looked like a couple of different times 84 to 85 and then 95 to 97 did they have any hits? They did they did a cover of T Rex's get it on

Oh, and then also do I know that Bruce Oh my god

are you asking me if you know that song Yeah.

No, no, I don't know that song can get beat up. Let me let me let me structure this way. I know the song but do I know that version? Probably it was. I mean, I don't know. I know. Yeah, definitely. Notice and then another song of there's Some Like It Hot from 85. That was super popular. Okay, I gotta look that up too. Okay, yeah. So a little side project for those Duran Duran boys. They had another side project called Arcadia, but it was not a supergroup because it did not involve members of any other band. It was just three of the Duran Duran guys that did like Oh, yeah. Okay, so you got your new way fixed for the night? Yeah. All right. Cool. Um, I guess I'm gonna go next. I'm going to go into the metal side real quick. Mine Actually, you know what, I was gonna go with this one, but I'm gonna go with another one I have. This one was one that I had heard about recently, and I didn't know they had been around since like, 2014. But Have you guys heard of teenage time killers? No. Okay. It's a rock supergroup, formed in early 2014 by guitarist Mick Murphy from my ruin. I'm actually not familiar with that band, but I am familiar with the corrosion of conformity. And the drummer Reed Mullen, he was actually one of the founding members of this band. And this band had members from bands and we all know Dave Grohl.

Corey Taylor, Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, Matt skiba. From alkaline trio, blink 182 Neil Fallon singer of clutch, Pat smear from Foo Fighters. So basically this band it was just these two guys and they had like rotating musicians on different songs. Because you you had the guitars and the drummer and then you had rotating basis, and vocalist, and they actually released an album in 2015. called time teenage time killers. Greatest Hits Volume One. They only released one album, but apparently they're still active, and they have plans to release more stuff. But uh, yeah, so this was it was mainly the guy, Mike Murphy, and Reed Mullen. And they have like all these, there was, I think, at least 30 guests musicians on that album. And basically, it's just like a super group jam album. And they're planning on doing another one. One of the songs that I have on Spotify plays right now is with Corey Taylor singing. But yeah, there's just so many like metal and actually it sounds very punk. So I don't know if you're familiar with early

To see corrosion of conformity stuff, but it's really like it's really punk. Later on and they went into more like just hard Southern rock or not even Southern rock. I shouldn't say that. But I was just like more hard rock. But uh, it sounds a lot like the early CRC stuff. And Randy Bly, I know he has some like punk roots too. And you can hear it on the song that he sings on. But yeah, if you're interested in that stuff, teenage time killers, that's a pretty interesting super group that I just actually learned about them, like maybe two years ago, but they had for a while. Yeah, they had just formed in 2014 came out on the album. 2015 but that was an interesting, interesting one for me. Oh, yeah.

I'm surprised you heard him check. Cuz I know. You're a big punk guy. Yeah, no, that's, that's very um, I have to look them up. Yeah, it sounds very sludge to like, yeah, look them up. Definitely. I think I think you would like them. I think it would be right up your alley.

Frank, what you got your up next.

Okay, so my next one is one of four bands that I know, is a part of, okay, a band called palms. And they got started in 2011. And a feature is, of course, Chino Moreno of Deftones. and former members of the post metal band, ISIS. And unlike the heaviness of ISIS,

for me, I mean palms, his music is more atmospheric post rock oriented.

Which I think to me is more akin to Deftones employing more spacey textures, more slower tempos, but I think it's good. I mean, it's a good mix of, because there there is some heaviness to the music. And there's also like the atmospheric stuff, which I do like, I like that mix of heavy and atmospheric. And, you know, they've been around for 10 years, they've only released one album. They did some limited touring in 2013 in California and Texas. And again, it's also contingent upon. Chino. modernos. A schedule with with Deftones. So whenever they can get together get together, but I mean, it's one of those bands. It's exciting for me, you know, when I first heard him, I was like all about them. I went to the the two shows that, you know, I saw them on two shows on that one tour. And I mean, I was I was I was blown away. Like I really liked it so much. And I'm looking forward to new music whenever that does come to fruition. Yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah, then we're gonna talk about that next episode talking about shows it. You know, it's going to shows and stuff. But, uh, Brett, do you want to go next? Sure. Okay, my, it's my last one. All right now. And it's the Traveling Wilburys.


no, I don't. I probably know the song. There's some Britt always throws these curveballs at me where I don't know the names. Like, she tells me these bands. I'm like, Who the hell is this? later on? I'm like, Oh, shit. Okay, I know who they are. They were like time life compilations that were always sold on USA net.

I probably own those. I used to

purchase those nice. Well, it's George Harrison. Okay. Tom Petty, Bob Dylan. Roy Orbison and Jeff Flynn from ELF so it's like some pretty heavy hitters. Yeah, important guys there. And they were active from 88 to 91. And, yeah, I mean, they have I think they deserve a mention a minute or two tonight. Oh, yeah. Definitely deal. Those guys. Yeah, no, I'm a big Tom Petty fan. So maybe that's why I mean, I when you named those guys. I was like, Okay, that sounds familiar. But the band name doesn't. And probably if I listened to some songs, I'd be like, Okay, I know who they are. Yeah, yeah, definitely do that. But

yeah, so that's all okay. I'm just gonna bring him up and say, yeah, big, big, important supergroup. All right. Well, I'm going to go into metal real quick, because this is one that I don't think was supposed to stick around as long as it did. And I think this was falls into the definition when Frank was talking earlier where, you know, it's not meant you're not sure if it's supposed to stick around for a long time or not. Okay, this band is a hell yeah, heavy metal supergroup from Dallas, Texas formed in 2006. I remember when these guys formed, and I remember when the first album came out. So this band consists of Chad gray from mudvayne. Greg tribbett, from mudvayne as well, he's not in the band anymore, though. Tom Maxwell from nothing face, Jerry Montana from nothing face and Vinnie Paul from Penn Tara and damage plan. So these guys I know. I think this was originally a band. It was a concept between Chad gray and Tom Maxwell, from nothing face and they wanted to form a band together. But like Frank was saying before, when schedules don't align, sometimes things don't happen. And that was one reason why nothing happened when it did. As I think they were talking like back in like 2000 and they never released anything. And then

Then I think Vinnie Paul was in damaged plan with his brother dimebag and then dime bag was murdered and then Vinnie Paul kind of wanted to stay away from music. And then Chad being a fan of Pantera and being a fan of any porn stuff, he wanted to get him back into music so he like literally kept bugging him to join the band because they needed a drummer. And Vinnie Paul, I think after like literally like a couple of years decided to join. And I don't know how long it was supposed to last but they ended up going six albums, and apparently they're still active there. I think they just recently replaced Vinnie Paul with Roy Mayorga. He's the drummer from stone sour. So they just they just replaced Vinnie Paul. But apparently they still have plans to keep going. And I know in this case mudvayne got pushed to the side. And there's still no plans for mudvayne to come back from what I see sad. Yeah, so this was one my heart Yeah, so this was one of those were like the supergroup was like just meant to be a side thing. And then it just ended up being the main thing. For Chad and Tom. Tom Maxwell, but yeah, six albums in there, and they're still active. And then they do. What was it rebel rebel versus rebel? Yeah. Rebel. Rebel meets rebel. Yeah. That was with the rebel meter. Yeah. David Allan Coe, and some other guys and

dimebag. Yeah.

Rex Brown was in that band, too. I think it was. So yeah, I think it was mostly pentair. Guys, except for Phil. And then. Yeah, and then some country guys and I have one of those songs, I think, on Spotify playlists, but yeah, Rebel meets rebel. I remember when those guys came out to Oh, you could throw in I guess. Super joy ritual, too. Yeah.

Yeah, super join. And actually speaking of Phil down down, apparently is

you had Phil from Pantera. And then back to see OC pepper Kenan

guitars for clcs in there. Kirk Weinstein from crowbar, Todd strange and Jimmy Bauer from crowbar crowbar as well. I think down is still active. If I'm correct. I know supergiant is Yeah, yeah. Are these underground metal dudes. Yeah, yeah. But uh, yeah, there's another thing too, like, where you see these bands. And there's like one connection where you were talking about yours? And I'm Phil Anselmo. You know, apparently, he's been connected to like three or whatnot. And then that's crazy. You have these this one guy and then like he's connected to all these super groups. Everybody just wants to everybody just wants to jam with him. I think it's I think it's down there drummer. I I'm not so sure I could be wrong. But I think their drummer was not very well known outside of the New Orleans music scene. I think he was just like a street performer. Oh, wow. And I think what happened was pepper Keane, and he owned or I don't know, if he still owns a bar in New Orleans in the French Quarter. And he was just walking around, you know, walking to the bar to go manage things. And he just heard this drummer just playing on the street and liked what he heard and said, Hey, you know, want to join my band and found out about it. I think that's that's how I got in. Oh, wow. Well, nice.

To be in the right place. Yeah, right. Speaking of unknowns back to a perfect circle, from what I saw, I think, the guy who founded the band, what's his name? Frank? You know? Yeah. Billy Howard. No, he wasn't. He's not he wasn't a known musician. That was his first band. He was a guitar tech for Yeah, for Guns and Roses, mash nails for a tool. And, you know, being a guitar tech, I guess you just know stuff. And he was actually recording some some demos on whatever early Pro Tools he had. Yeah. And that's how Maynard found out about the project. And that's how the whole thing got started. But I mean, it's cool. I mean, that sounds like the story of a fan who got to play with his favorite artists, you know? Because I mean, I don't know how many how many roadies start a band. Oh, yeah. No, you don't hear about that too much. Yeah, right. Now, that's pretty crazy. Um, let's see. I have a few more on my list. Do you have any more bread? No, I'm good. Frank. Did you have any more like a couple more? Okay, I got a few more to and then if Chuck you want to jump in for anything? Um, yeah. One of the ones I want to talk about real quick is a Velvet Revolver. I think that's an obvious one. Yeah, they formed in 2002. They only lasted up until 2008. They only released two albums. So obviously this one consisted of slash from Guns and Roses Duff McKagan from Guns and Roses. Matt Sorum pretty much this was Guns and Roses, but with Scott Whalen, except you had Dave Kushner on the drums and he was from Danzig, but he also played with Dave Navarro. So he actually played with like multiple bands. He wasn't just set in one band. But a Velvet Revolver is one of the ones I have on my list in case you have anything to say about that. Another one I had that I thought was pretty cool and interesting. And I didn't think they were gonna last that long and they didn't they only came out with one album. Them crooked vultures.

Oh, yeah, yeah, super super rocker from LA formed in 2009. That was Josh homie from Queens. The Stone Age. He actually got this group together. It was just a threesome. with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and crazy john paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.

So yeah, so that was pretty good. I remember when they came out and I actually have a guitar magazine with him three on the cover. Because I thought that was so crazy. I'm a big Dave Grohl fan too. But uh, but I know today, bro has been like in tons of other bands who like pro bought and all this stuff. And they only released one album, and they actually won a Grammy in 2011 best hardrock performance for single new Fang. So that's pretty crazy. Like, you know, these big guys, you know, they're, you know, they grows big and the hard rock scene and then john paul Jones, you know, in the, you know, I don't want to say classic rock scene, but he was he's just an icon in general, because of Led Zeppelin. And then Josh homeys, you know, big in his, you know, side of the world. And I remember when them crooked vultures came to Austin, I wanted to go back. I think I remember that too. You know, first, I was excited about the lineup, and I'm thinking, How often is it that you get to see artists of their caliber? Playing in clubs? Yeah, you know? Yeah. Yeah. But unfortunately, they only released one album. I haven't seen anything about them coming up with anything else. But it'd be cool if they did that. That was a cool little super, super group. And I guess there's two more, I guess I can knock off my list real quick. This is all I have left. And I just wanted to run through some names of some super groups that maybe I don't know if people know they're super groups or not. But one of the ones I have on here is audio slave.

Sure what he had was thinking of that one. I don't know if you guys were not, but they formed in Glendale in 2001. This is of course, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. Tom Morello, Tim commerford, and Brad Wilk all from rage. So this was kind of like one of those templates to where it's like pretty much the whole band from a previous band, just getting a new singer and then call it something else, which is kind of what it was, but it was its own thing. They released three albums, but unfortunately because Chris Cornell passed away but but yeah, so that was pretty much all of rage. Technically, and Chris Cornell singing and then the same thing, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester singing I think there was another example too. I had here but I couldn't, couldn't find anything. Luckily, I think

we saw no we saw Soundgarden live, so luckily, I got to see Chris Cornell live. Thanks to you guys. Because we right we saw Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails, didn't we? Or I saw it with you that Yeah, so it was Yeah, yeah. Cuz Frank drags me to nine snells shows occasionally, because he's seen him like 100 times. Yeah, but we saw with Soundgarden and Austin, and so I was lucky enough to see Chris Cornell seeing a person that was pretty cool. Ah, my last one. In case anyone has anything else. St. Sonia. Are you familiar with St. Sonia, check Sonia.

Ah, the name sounds familiar. Alright, so Cena, Sonia. I think Kim knows no. So I'm talking about So Adam gone to your Three Days Grace. When he left. Three Days Grace he formed St. Sonia and I had no idea that this was a supergroup. So we formed them in 2015. He actually formed a with Mike mu shock of stained guitars from saying I didn't know that that he was in the band. Cory Laurie from switched and dark new day. Cory Laurie, if you're familiar with the last name, he's actually Clint Laurie's brother. Glory of seven to $7 Yeah, and then rich but do a finger 11 and see there. So I didn't know the San Antonio was was a supergroup. I didn't and Mike was shocked if you know he's the main guitars and stained. I didn't know he was in this band and also to for those who don't know, he was actually in a band with Jason newsted when Newstead formed his own band after voivod he he called it Newstead and Mike shuck played guitar with him on that and I didn't know that Yeah. Newstead only released I think one album, which I have I think they released an EP and an album which I own both of and then Cena Sonia have only released two albums so far. But yeah, it might shock Actually, I guess people you know, he knows people but he's played with with with quite a bit of you know big names out there too. But apparently he's still he's still part of Cena Sonia is playing with Adam guns here. But uh, ya know, that's that's all I had. Those were the bands that I really wanted to gauge on. There's one. Well, many supergroups that I think we can kind of touch. Yeah, over the last 365 days. Okay. Oh, yes. All the quarantine supergroup. Yeah, I saw I've heard of all the live stream super groups. Yeah, there was one. Are you familiar with the Chris Jericho from Fonzie? Huh? Yeah, I know. He did want to I think with some other guys and they were playing like, kiss songs but like they were like covering them. But they but they actually formed a band and it started off like that because of the quarantine. Actually, I think they're called quarantine. I think if I'm correct. I think they're, I think they're called and there's a whole lot like

Like dudes from anthrax, lamma, God, mastodon, all these different bands just these guys just coming together to livestream and do a song. Yeah. You know on zoom or whatever. Yes. Yeah, so that's probably the most recent I guess we could say supergroups is all the guys that form these kind of one off super groups to do a song. Yeah. During quarantine. So now we have a super group juniors and we have a quarantine super group

to you to new to new group. Yeah, that's all on this show. So there's a couple I just I want to name off real quick in case anybody wants to jump in and talk about him real quick or just mentioned him. But we did talk about rebel meets rebel. Chuck brought him up so I was on my list. So apparently Foo Fighters is considered a supergroup because if you had members from Nirvana and then the other guys were from sunny day, sunny day real estate real estate. Yeah. And the drummer played for Atlanta smart. Yeah. And the German play for Atlanta force it. Yeah. So like that. Technically, according to Wikipedia, they're a super group. And I really, yeah, and I really didn't know. Um, so then there's them. There's a box car racer in plus 44. And that's up Kim's alley, and also to another spin off from blink 182 that would be things I knew it and I didn't even know. Yeah, angels and airwaves. Yeah, that's already three. So that's boxcar plus 44. angels and airwaves actually saw them once on Warped Tour like back in the day. Another oil. Yeah, heaven in hell. So that's Ronnie James Dio with the guys from Sabbath. So that was kind of like a Black Sabbath spin off band. Um, five finger death punch apparently is concerned supergroup. I'm not familiar.

Apparently I'm not familiar with what bands the other guys were in. But I know I don't know if you're familiar with the singer Ivan Moody, his previous band moto grater. They were like, kind of like slip Nottage new metal band come like they came out like in the early 2000s. They didn't last very long. I think I'm not at all I don't even know they're still doing stuff. They came out the same time like that mushroom had came out. But um, and then he drank he drank Monster Energy Drink and then form fighter. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's, that's what that's exactly what happened.

Let me see. Oh, Cavalia. Cavalera. conspiracy. That was Max Cavalera. So fly. Oh, yeah. So fly. Yeah. He, Max Cavalera. Actually,

I think it's is it this week show? Oh, um, he has a son with his band band with his son. Oh, really? Yeah. It's like it's a totally new band. It's a toy. It's a new metal band. Oh, wow. I gotta I'm gonna look that up because i'm i'm uh, I like the Cavalera Conspiracy stuff. I wasn't really into soul fly. But I do dig dig is his this other this other band? I think I think I'm playing it on the show for this week. Oh, sweet. I'm gonna check that out.

on my show notes here. Oh, yeah, go for it. But I'm trying to find the name of the band. Because I know I played simple tour and I played this man. Let's see. They're called go ahead and die. Okay, let me write that down. And the new single is called truckload full of bodies. All right, and it's Max Cavalera and his son. That's insane. Is there anybody else in the band that that's known? Or is it

all the stuff that I've read? Is it that's the that's all that gets focused on is just his. Yeah, him and his son. Oh, wow. That's cool. That's pretty awesome. Well, I'm gonna look that up. And I'm gonna go ahead and put that on Spotify. If they have anything up on there. The other bands I have on here army of anyone? I think that that was with guys from filter if I'm correct. Yeah, yeah, that sounds right. Yeah. Army of anyone. Let me see dead by sunrise. That was a Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park and some other bands. I think they were like, emo bands. If I'm correct. I'm not I'm not really too familiar with that. Um, profits of rage. I think you've played profits of rage, right? I have. Yeah, profits are like enemy and rage against Michigan and Cypress Hill, Cypress. Cypress. Oh, yeah. So profits are rage. I was another one. Here's one. I don't know if anyone knows about this one. They only released one album. But it's a dream car. And basically it was the members have no doubt with the singer from EFI Davey havoc. Yeah, so they only released one album from what I seen. I remember when that album came out too, but I don't think they didn't anything else because I know Davey has some other side projects.

And then there's also the dead weather, which was jack white. And I forgot what the vocal is what band she was from the kills the kills. Okay, there you go. Frank. I knew somebody was gonna know something. But those were the Those were the bands that I had just just to name off in the rock category. I know there's tons more but it was I mean, it's their names that I think people really don't know. Frankie still has some I think oh shoot. No

That was my list. But what do you got for now? Well, you mentioned dream car. And that was one of mine. Oh, let's talk about dream car. Oh, yeah. dream car. Yeah. Well, they were formed in 2016. And I think originally when news got out that Davy havoc was performing with or, you know, working with the no doubt trio, the musical trio. I think a lot of fans thought that he was replacing Gwen Stefani as as a singer, but it turned out that was the case dream car was a completely different new it was it was a completely different band and a new band. The style was different to us. That was different. Yeah, it was it was very 80s New Wave he inspired and you know, it just combines uh, you know, their, their love for for 80s music and that their debut album, I mean, just the one they put out so far. I think it's pretty good. It's it's solid. And I think it does show a different side of day we have again, the musical trio of no doubt. Yeah. So I think it's a I think it's I think it's good music. I had no idea that you would have them on their list because I'm a big sci fi fan. So right. I kind of follow Davy havoc a little bit. And I know he had another actually side supergroup thing and that was called extremist or Well, there's actually there's that one too, but there's Son of Sam, Son of Sam was a horror punk band that formed in 2000. And it was a it was him with Todd youth of Danzig. And then London Mae and Steve Zink of Sam hain. So basically, he was playing with like these Danzig guys, and they weren't Yeah, they released two albums. One was in 2000. I think what was in 2003 but that's Yeah, that's if you like horror punk. You should check that out, son Assam and then yeah, the other one the extremists that you were talking about to Frank. But yeah, I had no idea that you would have them on their on your on your list. Yeah. But yeah, they've he does a lot a lot of stuff. He's like, deep, you know, he's into the deep punk and he's also into like the 80s New Wave his stuff because he did do stuff with his guitarist, Dave booj. Black audio, and I think they released like four albums. But that's not really a supergroup. It's just them to make a style clothing line as well, too. Right. Well, I don't know about do you have a good thing? I'm just into the music. Not yet. Skinny jeans.

Hot Topic. Yeah. So now topic. Yeah. And then somewhere else.

But that's yeah, that's all I got. was at the end of your list. Frank. Now I've got one more What do you got? Super underground super DIY. Oh, shoot. Okay, well, let's see. Let's see if Chuck knows it. Okay, so it's this band called The criminal world. And yeah, the criminal world they got started in 2016 between members of soft kill which is one of my ultimate favorite bands actually after at some point, I have a 24 hour live stream access to their show that they're doing it the crystal Ballroom in Portland. Oh, sweet. And soft kill. You know, they've been one of my super favorite ultimate bands. For the past three years, actually. In fact, I just ordered a custom set of their guitar strings. Oh, sweet. Yeah. And if you're not familiar with the criminal world, you know, if you're into like the whole dark, post punk type stuff, you know, like the really gloomy, hypnotizing, just very rebored filled over driven music, I think you'd think you'd, you know, really, really dig this and also just a side note, since the pandemic has put a pause on live music, not the criminal world, but soft kill has opened up. They opened up a brick and mortar March shop, basically, in Portland called rip city, which pays homage to the Portland Trailblazers and I can get into Yeah, so so in the 70s when the trailblazers were just getting started talking about the basketball team, talk about the basketball, okay. Yeah, I

was kind of confused for a second. This is in reference to thrown us for talking about sports on his show. No,

no, this is in reference to rip city. So

when the Portland Trailblazers were just getting started, they were competing against the LA Lakers and I think they've had a rivalry since then. But at one point

the the trailblazers one of their players they tied up the game did like a very very ill advised move but that ended up tying up this is where you can tell we're not into sports

did something that messed up but you know the it was it was like a move that the whole arena just went wild you know because it tied up the game and the sports caster at the time you know, he just out of nowhere just blurted rip city. Okay, and this is why Portland is now known as rip city and this is also why the shop is called rip city. Because of that, because the band is a fact check. Yeah, because the band

because you know, they're they're big fan of the Portland Trailblazers and also just being from Portland and whatnot, but basically at this I think, I think Portland actually has, I think the blazers actually have that on

one of their jerseys. It says yes. Oh, yeah. Okay, you can definitely Yeah.

Though like, like ignorant to sports, I mean maybe feel sprinter related I probably would have known but also to since it has to do with the trailblazers I'm ready I have no idea but if we get up to Portland at some point, I mean it's a shop I do want to visit because I won the band itself is actually running the shop and so their merchandise is there. Okay. And two they also specialize in boutique guitar pedals. Okay, I'm gonna say something else, okay.


pedals okay. Yeah, so boutique guitar pedals

so you know, I mean it's it's exciting you know that

there's a band actually has like a brick and mortar merge, basically a merge table that you can visit in an actual shop that's different Yeah, that is you know what it reminds me of when you say that it reminds me of you know those little shops in Wonderland or the America's mall

I mean if that's what it is

held together with

the shirt racks right together now they've got right next to the shop is a sub borrows Yes.

You can get pizza then. there Yeah. All right. Well, we'll go just let me know when you go in. No, definitely.

Um, yeah, but that's all that's all. I had a I think just real quick to touch upon like something that I read apparently like supergroups like the first one that was like, I think something about Wikipedia said the first

supergroup that was like,

known I guess was cream in 1966. Yeah, that was a What's his name? Eric. Eric Clapton. Yeah. And some of those other guys.

Oh, you know what we can't forget about the runaways Yeah. Oh, the runaways That's right, actually Joan Jett, for Yeah, that's right. actually have that on vinyl. The worst runaways? Yeah. Shoot, I forgot about them. That's a good one. So they said cream was the first one in 1966 according to a Rolling Stone editor, but if you look at Wikipedia, the first real known supergroup was from 1966 years before and that was Frankie Valli and the four seasons. Yeah. And they were Yeah, so they were from different bands who, but apparently that was the first one. Okay. And then cream, I guess was the Hard Rock one or whatever. 1966. But yeah, no runaways. I actually put that on because I I would love to put that on Spotify. I heard a fun fact that Eric Clapton is the only person in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times four different bands. Yeah. For his solo work for cream and for Derek and the dominoes. Oh, wow. So I thought that was interesting. I stuck that away. That is no Jeopardy or something. No, that is interesting. And I mean, you never know one of us might be for that day. You go on Jeopardy. Yeah. That one day. Just get lucky and get that one question. Right and your final you end up leaving, and you end up leaving with negative 5000.

You owe the show.

But I mean, that's all I had. unless anyone has anyone else. You know what? Okay, no. All right. Well, cool. I'm checking. You got you got. Oh, so you're tapped out? All right. Yeah, I'm tapped out on supergroups right now. All right. Cool. Oh, I bet we're gonna have a pretty good hangover. Yeah. So usually, usually, we have a little hangover segment. And we talk about things that we forgot to mention last episode, so maybe we'll have something next episode. But I want to thank Chuck Benz for taking time out of his evening to join us again. You know, it was cool to just talk to you about stuff not pick your brain and grow. Yeah. And it's like all of your stuff. Yeah, no, thanks. Sure. Definitely. And I encourage everyone to listen to chuck man show. I listened to it when I'm working. Because I mean, it's a hell lot better than listening to just regular radio, your regular standard radio station. But one more time, Chuck, tell them tell everybody where they can listen to you. Tuesday nights, pubs, sports, radio, it's pub sports. They also have an app you can download for free. The pump Sports Radio app. Tuesday. 9pm. Central Standard Time. Sweet. No. Do you have anything upcoming on your show as far as guests or anything that you'd like to plug?

No, no, not? Not yet. All right. We're gonna like I said, I'm working on Corey Taylor. Yeah, if you get that Corey Taylor, do you need a plus one?

message is there. Yeah.

Definitely. I follow you on social media. So I encourage everyone else to follow Chuck to I sometimes I repost some of your stuff.

But uh, yeah, so if you have any guests coming up, um, I'm gonna be sure to repost that so they can check that stuff out. Now the stuffs opening up I'm going to try and get more and more. Yeah, yeah. And I'll keep my eyes peeled because I know I have it on Instagram and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, I think on Facebook to do you ever Facebook?

Yeah, the chuck brown show. Okay, yeah, so then I do have it Okay, cuz I, I really don't use Facebook much anymore. I'm strictly on Instagram and Twitter. And that's why I mostly see everything but

Yeah, no, that sounds good. And maybe one, hopefully sometime in the near future we can have you on in person. And we can drink beers in person. Because we said this last year, but then COVID happen. So, um, but ya know, we'll keep an eye on and I encourage everyone, like I said, to listen to the band show.

Anything you want to say before you leave.

Thank you all for having me. All right, sweet. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your evening and enjoy the holiday weekend and have some more beers for us. And yes, we'll have some more beers for you.

Alright, guys, talk to you later friend. Cheers. Bye.

Alright, guys, well, that was that was uh, that was Chuck man's. I really appreciate him being on the show and talking with us. Um, but before we leave, I wanted to talk we usually we have the hangover section in the beginning. And I know we've been off for two weeks and I wanted to know if anyone had any hangover that you guys want to talk about? Yeah, this Velcro. What that is capsule that our cat still returning it. Frankie's had too many non alcoholic? Yes, I have.

I had one.

Well, because I think our last show was Irish bands and whatnot. And

well, I mean, that kind of count as a technicality, but dexys midnight runners.

one hit wonder. I you know, the question. Yeah, well, maybe a one hit wonder so we could put them in to me. That's right. Oh, yeah. They're actually British. But I think the singers, singers Irish. Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Interesting. And also fun fact. You know, in the song, they say to her, Laura. Yeah, that's, uh, from what I understand. And I read that it's very common in Irish songs, because it was a vocal that was used to stand in place of bagpipes. So they would sing that when a Piper wasn't there to play. And so it just became so common that it became an actual lyric that was used in a lot of Irish songs, Irish lullabies, all kinds of stuff. Oh, yeah. That's pretty interesting about that. Okay, so now we know. Oh, I know. That was one supergroup that you had mentioned. Like, before when we had talked about something Brit, but a highwayman. I know they're not rock, but it's a country supergroup. That's Johnny Cash. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. Yeah, but yeah, those are big. Now. That was a that was a big one. But that was just want to just wanted to mention Yeah, definitely. I'm glad you did. Um, I think one of the things that I wanted to talk about that was hangover related was we had done what was our last episode? Irish. That was our St. Patty's Yeah. Okay, so Oh, so the one I wanted to talk about was our one hit wonders episode. So I feel like we I kind of screwed up on that one. And I did it all in one episode when I could have separated it. Because when I was looking at one hit wonders, I was like, oh, there's a bunch of one hit wonders. I think we could have done one like for the ad, specifically, and one for the 90s and one for the 2000. And I was like, well, maybe if we, if you guys would want to touch up on it and go into more bands that we didn't talk about that we can do that. You know, because I mean, we have all the time in the world or whatever to do this stuff. Unless COVID kills us. But

so we can do. So we can do like an 80s one and then a 90s one and a 2000s. One. But um,

but yeah, no, I mean, that was that was a hangover I had but I mean, before we leave and like end the show, I want to know if you guys wanted to try another beer because we had beers sitting here that we can get to trial. Do you guys want to try?

Yeah, no, I did get a different one. Brett and Frank brought us beers and fago from their track from here to count South Carolina. If you guys aren't familiar with fago that's the official unofficial I can't wait to try it. Don't shake it. Oh.

Sugar have Insane Clown Posse.

Kim, it's not for drinking. It's for bathing in Oh, okay. Mario

gets in the shower with that.

So this is a Cooper River Brewing and it's a blonde infused ale with orange. It's infused with oranges. Oh, my 8.3 is kicking in. Okay, this one's only 4.6 It's pretty good. I like it. You can taste that orange zest at the end like it's, it's it's spicy. I'm gonna say that it like spicy that one just the other one was kind of I was getting a bitter taste from it from somewhere but then I just kind of got used to it and it was actually ended up being pretty good. I really liked this one. Did you like it more? You know, I liked it. I like the orange really pops in it. And I like those beers that say like, oh, it has this and you tasted this from though. Oh, it's from Charleston, South Carolina. Yeah.

Hey, sweet, it's pretty good. Um, so, Kim, would you like to do the honors on this on this one is one that I got for us specifically for the show. It's called guava rodeo. It's from Osaka blues brewery. And I believe the brewery is from I was from Longmont, Colorado. Oh, it actually they have a brewery in Austin, Texas to and it's a 6% ABV. It's a sour Ale, which we like our sours with guava, tangerine and other natural flavors. And I actually gonna try to go to a brewery this month maybe? Yeah, maybe we have. We took a day off from work, and I'll try to do something different. So yeah, news on that when we get there. Well, yeah, that would be really cool. We'd say like, Let's all go but I'm sure you'll work. And that's a Friday. We're gonna go on like probably that Friday cuz we need a break.

Here. Thank you.

Thank you. Alright, so this is our Yeah, it's

uh, yeah, it's definitely so sour once again. With guava and tangerine and someone Oh, okay. Cool. I like sours It smells guava. Like I smell the guava. But why does our

Yeah, there's a little bit. Yeah, okay.

I get

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, no, it's good. That's smooth and crisp.

It's not it's a sour but you know, like some of those sours they just linger. They're just sour. Yeah, like

it was a blue owl.

Yeah, we're Mexican lagers. Yeah, the blue that's a lime tastic or something like that. So it was a cease Okay, so it was a sea salt and lime one. But it had more lime in it than anything. It was just more sour. Yeah, cuz it was supposed to be like really? Heavy like the sour Is it like, like tart? Yeah, yeah, no, it's good. I like this.

Let me see so I don't know what a guava tastes like. I don't know if

she's like either, but it is good. What is

your good well, cuz I know, cuz I know what it smells like but I don't know like, cuz I have other.

I've had. I've had other stuff. That's like a little fuzzy bird. And I'm just kidding.

It looks like a lime. Does right?


looks like a watermelon and a lime had a baby with a cantaloupe.

Okay, that sounds

great. What do you what do you rate it? I'm gonna go for four. Okay, because we haven't read anything this episode. Okay, Kim, what do you rate it?

4.3 4.3 Okay, and I read it. Let me give it

are you looking at the guava for you? It does look like a watermelon and.

Right. Dang, it's like a baby watermelon. Baby water loop, baby.

Yeah, but it looks like it looks like a lime to exactly this weird picture. It looks like a tomato. I'm gonna give it a four point

sounds like tomato and a cantaloupe. And then like a breed and then watermelon and lime. And then they had a super baby What?

We're talking about super, super, super baby super.

So I give it a 4.5 I mean, I like it.

I mean, I could drink another one of these is pretty good. I like it. Um, the IPA had earlier I'd give that like a five. I really like that IPA. Okay, then again, I'm being really anti Paisley i don't i think it's rare for me now to find the IP that I don't like. Wow. Yeah, the tropical ones like the Deftones ones are the ones that I stopped shaking that one It looks so it's so tasty, right? It's not cold. Oh, weird. Well, let me put on the ice chest right now. It's not gonna get cold tonight. Right? Sorry, I should put it in. It's blue. It's like frickin blue. Whoa, she's gonna start listening to ICP. So when we come in

she's gonna come with her face painted.


They have to grab snacks. Like grab snacks. snacks are good. I haven't had

I have had we have you know, all the reps that really used to sit next to me. We work together and he would always have snacks Really? Did you know though now there are rap snacks ramen noodles. Yeah, no shit. We took a picture so they're

they're ramen noodles, but their raps next variety and it's

Rap noodles. Yeah, noodles. Yes, sir. Rap ramen. Yeah, so, I mean, Frank but they just eat hoodrat snacks though, right? I mean, it's not really

like, what's the most hood rat snack there is

Cheetos. Yeah, yeah, she doesn't she's

not gonna kick off cubicle with the Hot Cheetos.

dipped in cheese with chamoy Okay.

You didn't find anything right? Nothing? No, just ICP snacks. Just how to make money dogs. What the hell is that? Oh, that sounds good. Is it like like pastry? Wait, is that ICP? Like? a hot dog? Yeah, that's what it is.

What Okay, guys. Oh, they're like, okay, yeah.

boozy. e4. Okay, okay, that's, that's crazy. All right, guys. So like it was that? Was I right? It's like, a scare like puff pastry wrapped around a hot dog. Basically, yeah.

Wait, wait, wait. But what they they eat this specifically? No, I just did ICP snacks. And that pop in that popped up a picture of a barfing pumpkin.

So that's the thing is though, who knows? Okay. Anyways, well, I guess if you guys don't have anything else.

We'll see you guys next time. Frank. What do we talk about next time? Most likely. Next time. So we've been entertaining the topic

of Well, I don't want to Should I give the title away? Well, no. Okay. Well, basically, I mean, well, no, I'm gonna say the title because it is a work. It's a working tight. Okay, so what's the topic but basically the topic is the shows and tours we were anticipating, we were excited to see that have been cancelled or postponed because of the current pandemic. And, you know, we're hoping that live music returns soon. And we're hoping that these postponed dates do happen. Yeah, cuz I want to see Rob's died. Yeah. Third Eye Blind. Yeah, yeah. So, you know, and there's a lot of music, we want to see that we just have to, you know, just have to wait a little longer for the right situation to make that happen. So that yeah, that's gonna be a topic is a

why this is not the topic name, but it's basically the music, the live music that tours the shows that we were hoping to see. That got pushed back. Alright, sounds good. Oh, you know what, actually had one little hangover thing to talk about.

You know how last episode was our Irish bands and stuff. So I was looking at our stats, and we actually had a listener from Dublin, Ireland.

So I was like, I thought that was pretty cool. So that episode actually got quite a quite a bit of listens out. But it ended up being somebody from Dublin. So you're listening again. you're disappointed. Yeah. Hopefully we didn't disappoint you if you have anything to teach us. Yeah, we're all yours will crash at your place. Yeah, that's right. All right. Well, I guess With that said, thanks again to chuck vans for being on the show with us again. He's he was our first guest when we first started this podcast because we're going on July I think will be a year. So but yeah, no. Yeah. You're stuck in COVID. Yeah, I check his show out. It's cool. If you like to listen to music, if you don't like to listen the same stuff over and over again. He's got you covered on that. Also, too. If you like punk if you like punk, he plays a lot of punk stuff. Um, but ya know, that I mean, thank you again. I appreciate you know, him taking the time out of his night to come talk to us or talk with us on this stuff. Um, you got anything else to say guys? No, no, I think I'm good. Alright guys. Well, we'll see you guys next week and keep drinking and stuff and let us know what you're drinking and stuff.

I want to drink some more stuff. So. Alright guys, cheers. Cheers. Bye.

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