Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 29 - Bands Named After Animals

March 06, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 29
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 29 - Bands Named After Animals
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This episode, we discuss bands that are named after animals (and bands that have an animal in their name), and see how many we can name between the four of us. We try some more craft beers, while talking a little more about Billboard charts and a little more about beers that spoil quickly and what to look for. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank as always, this is a podcast where we talk craft beer and music. So every episode we try a different craft beers we discuss them, we rate them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all discussing music related topics. So Frank was today's music related topic today music related topic is a bands named after animals or artists named after animals.

After reptiles, mammals, insects, insects, avians

avians or aviary. Every aviary sounds better. Maybe everything matters.

I think that's right. That sounds right. Yeah. So

pretty much any animal that's on the surface or in the water. I mean, any living organism? Yeah.

We're probably gonna mention something or other. Yeah, from whatever kingdom. Yeah, so yeah, so between the four of us, we're gonna try to list as many as we can, and try to give some info on some of them because I know we're not going to give info on all of them. And then of course, we'll add some songs from all the bands you mentioned on her Spotify playlist at Rock talk. Happy Hour. COMM you can find the link on their Spotify playlist to the podcast and the playlist. Yeah, yeah. For the music that we are the artist we talked about blah, blah, blah. Anyways, so um, let me see where was I? So usually, to kick off the show, we start off with two little segments. One is our hangover segment where we talk about things we didn't mention last episode or something that we want to talk about that we thought about between episodes. Also to what we what are we drinking? So I guess first, you know, let's talk about what we're drinking first, and then we'll go into the hangover.

Right? What do you drink it? Ooh, the classic right there. I'm drinking shiner light blonde tan. You haven't had one of those in a while.

I like those. Yeah, pretty. All right. I think now I feel like I like those better than regular shiner now. Yeah, I don't know. Or I don't know what it is.

I don't know what it is. But I had a shiner. You can watch your calories. Right? Yeah, maybe? Or maybe. Or maybe it's because it was from I can. I don't know. It's just the

the taste. I was like, I mean, I still like it. But I was like, I could have gone for probably one of those. But uh, yeah, they both have their place, right? Yeah. Or maybe I'm just in the certain mood right now for certain mirrors. Anyways, Frank, what are you drinking? So this is a new one limited edition from athletic brewing. It's I think it's their first sour. Ooh, fancy. Oh, that's cool. It's a sell sour and

it was released during

last month of February for Black History Month.

Didn't get to try it then.

You know, I don't think like History Month should be relegated to just one month so this is just a celebration of a black culture.

Athletic brewing. Sell sour. It's their first sour beer.

And it's made with blueberry lemon and mango. Oh, interesting. Wow, that's interesting. Blueberry mango. I don't think I've ever seen blueberry mango to and we tried it a few days ago. Oh, it's really good. Oh, yeah. And we've got a spare one. Oh, that sounds good. Yeah, well, since y'all had it already. What do you all read it?

I'm gonna give it a solid five. Oh, yeah. Do I really like sours nice it's a good one. Okay, I'll have you all combine your rating on the on when I profile it. That sounds good. Also to speaking of profiling and rating we're on untapped. So if you guys are on tap, let him friend is on there. Our link is on the website. can be tricky. I am drinking and the Lakewood brewing muy importante Margarita lager. And this is actually a seasonal beer from this brewery. This brewery is in garland Texas. The ABV on this is seven I mean 4.7 ABV. And it's

the way they describe it here on their website. It says all the fun of them Margarito with half the calories more important is a Mexican style lager with a GAVI orange lime and sea salt. Great with the language or as a base for a bespoke one which mitula not sponsored. Um Yeah, no, that's I mean, it looks it looks good. Yeah. But oh, you taste it already. I didn't already it's good. I like

it tastes like that green one that I like, but not as salty limy Well, you can taste

you can taste Yeah, you can taste everything and then like you can taste the beer like late and the

you know after

the flavor comes in later.

I like it a bad season, because it's really good. Yeah, it's

it's sour. I mean, it tastes you know, it's very slimy. I mean, but as it should be, I was the one that I like. What's the green one? I forget. You're talking about the Viva.

The second the green camera. Yeah.

I'll look it up. But anyways, okay, so I don't know I rambled a little bit there. kimbra Woody, I'll read it. I read it. Five. Okay, Kim rated a five.

I like stuff like this route. What do you read it

for? Okay, was it the vamonos on?

Yes, Obama. No swan. There's something wrong. I don't remember what the name is exactly. But green camp. And then I'm drinking. I'm drinking the slush for martinis in LA.

Okay, carrier teasing, priorities and nails. It's the slush the sour ale with strawberry, raspberry, lemon and lime. We had it last episode. Yeah, I liked it a lot. So I got it again. Just you know, just to have something to start off the episode for me. Um, so with all that said, talking about what we're drinking, we'll have more beers later on. Does anyone have any hangover? Cuz I do. What was our topic last week?

Was it one of my wonders? It was one I wonder it was we were talking about the charts and all that stuff, right? Yeah. Did y'all have anything? Did you want us Yeah, I don't know. I was just thinking but you know the definitions one hit wonders and I guess our personal definitions of one wonders I mean, of course it's never gonna be an agreed upon topics because there's always gonna be some technicality or some some technicality or there Yeah.

But you know, I was I was thinking about

and this Ben actually probably should be categorized with the with the food, the band's named after foods. But you know, they also had a bit of a you know, some success in their early in their career ban. Mushroom head. Oh, yeah. Yeah, what that song solid turn rattling turn, reveling in Ember. Yeah, like that song. The video was played all over MTV. And I remember at the time, much music

and then they switched a fuse TV. And that video was all over the place. I think also Headbangers ball. Mm hmm. And then pretty much after that, everything else they put out just didn't, didn't stick. Yeah. Yeah, I like that song actually had that one. Actually, so I contributed to that. Um,

I mean, I kind of have a little bit of a hangover. For one. I wanted to say that. I feel like there was a lot of stuff that

like, looking back, I was like, oh, man, I could have mentioned this band. I could have mentioned this song or, or talked a little bit more about charts because I know it was hard for us to pinpoint some, you know, some of the information on how, you know they categories one hit wonders. But I was my I wanted to bring up to you guys, if you guys were interested in later on down the line doing like another episode of one hit wonders. Maybe just talk about, you know, more bands that we didn't touch on because I was looking at this. And I was like, I didn't we didn't even talk about like Marcy's playground. But we didn't. There was like so many bands that Yeah, we were driving home we were listening to. I don't know what we're listening to where we were listening cuz I played a song from one of the bands we were talking about, and it kind of, sorry, so we were like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Like the whole way home. Yeah. And then I was like, oh, there was a lot of rock bands that I feel I could have touched upon even to when we were because Frank and I in the beginning, we were talking about like the charts and how they work.

So segwaying off of that. I actually went onto billboard, and I thought it would be cool to see what was charting this week. And it's weird because when you go to a billboard like you in order to see like the full list of like, certain charts, you need to pay a subscription. I don't know if I mentioned this. Yeah. So I was looking at frank, I didn't even know they had this trip me out. So of course we all know they have like all those genres like split into right? charts, right. So rock country has their own. And then there's well how we were talking about the top 200 100. And then there's also a chart for the album's and then the songs that are popular are separate, too. It's just crazy. Like even soundtracks have their own charts. The ones that I found interesting when I was looking at them today was There's our charts for streaming. So the, the songs are streaming the most right now. Then there's a airplay Of course airplanes, a given one and then another one is digital song sales. So there's one specifically for Digital Songs.

That tripped me out. So real quick, I'm gonna just talk about like three charts that I looked at. I looked at the 100 and looking at the 100 I looked at the top 10 and there's no rock bands right now on the on the top 100 or the top 10. There's two songs from Ariana Grande day and two songs from the weekend. And I'm like wow, so that for four songs right there between two artists and then the rest are you know, there's there's really there was no alternative on there either. Then

And that was for this week. Also for this week, I went on to the Hard Rock charts. And right now for I think the hot

rock songs right now. Number one is Foo Fighters. Waiting on a war just released a new album. Yeah, they just really actually have it on mine. Oh, thanks. So have it over there. Got it for my birthday. And so I looked at that chart, I couldn't see the rest because he knew subscription. So there were some charts where you can only see like number one. And it looks like they've been like at number one for like, I think four or five weeks or something like that for weeks, I think. And then the last one that I managed to just look at real quick was a greatest. There's one called the Oh, man. What is that chart called? It's called and we look at it real quick. catalog albums. So basically, their greatest hits. And right now number one is queens Greatest Hits. They've been at number one for 72 weeks. Dang, that albums been number one for 70. And they've been on the chart for 750 weeks. And I think it counts if you're in the 200, the top 200 Okay, so they've been around for a long time. I thought that was interesting. So that was my little hangover on charts and stuff. That's a lot of weeks, dude. Yeah, there's a lot of weeks. But also to i, if you guys find any of that interesting, I suggest you guys go to the billboard website just to look at it. It's insane. Like the amount of stuff on there. I didn't realize like, I remember when I used to go to Sam Goody. And they used to have printed charts and you can see for like, who was Yeah, remember? And I was like, Man, you don't see that anymore. But it just brought it back to that. Um, and also to speaking of charts, let me I don't know how this plays into it. It might at some at some point.

That Kings of Leon article that you sent Oh, yeah. About the digital coin or? Yeah. What is it called? Do you remember? NF? NF T or some NF? t? Yeah. So go ahead. The first NF t band So from what I understood is that

Kings of Leon are gonna release an album,

like a digital album, that's going to be available for a limited amount of time. And you can only buy it in digital currency. Yeah, right. And you buy it is for a limited amount of time. And you're gonna have like, particular perks to it, I think, like specific March, yeah, tickets for life.

And some other stuff. And I think also, you can trade it as a stock or something. Yeah. So how, from what I understood, I actually saved articles to read on later. But it's a cool thing to just bring up. So apparently, like the art itself is currency. So you can trade it for other pieces of art. Like, I guess like if someone has like prints or something or digital only you could trade that for that. Or if another band releases an album or single you can trade some of that for I don't know, it's it. It was weird. It's like something new, I guess. And like Kings of Leon like the first band to release their album that way, but it's a type of cryptocurrency and I was like, you had said in a text message you weren't really up on cryptocurrency? Neither am I like the whole Bitcoin thing and stuff. Um, but apparently, it's like the same thing. And it looks like it's like a new fad. And when it comes in with into the like, the music and art industry, right? I don't know. It's just weird. So basically, the art is the currency.

I don't know. It's weird, but I wonder if that thing takes off? Is that gonna be like a billboard category? Like most traded artists, you know what, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, if it sticks around long enough, and it becomes, you know, a thing that stays, I mean, now we have a chart for streaming. I don't know how long how old that chart is. But, um, you know, it makes sense, though. I mean, not very many people buy music and yeah, right. They still want a way to track it. Yeah, you have to invent that. Yeah. I don't know if this other thing will take off, though. I mean, it's only It sounds very complicated and sounds expensive. Yeah. And it sounds like he really have to have some technological know how to get in there and do that. So I think they're eliminating a whole lot of potential, you know, buyer base, just by making it that way. You know,

it would be interesting to see how it would happen. Yeah, I'll stick to the vinyl Kim. Kim just got a wide, sweeping ban to just released an album today. Yeah. chevelles new album, Murata came out today. And we listened to it. It was pretty good. It was pretty good. I gave it one Listen, so I feel like we need to listen to it. It's definitely a concept album. It's weird because like, I never saw them as a band.

To do a concept album like that. Like it was very to me. Experimental to like, there was a lot of there wasn't a lot of electronic stuff. But there was more to it than just the raw guitar, bass and drums. It was interesting. I mean, I liked it. It wasn't a bad album. But I told her like first listen, I would have given I gave it like a 7.5 out of 10. It was it was good. I mean, there's there wasn't really anything like catchy aside from the singles they released.


it like the album flows and then they have interludes but the interludes are tracks themselves. So like, I was expecting a song, but it was just the interlude was its own track. And then it actually the album actually started with instrumental, which is very interesting, too, but a really heavy answer. Yeah, it was a very Yeah, it sounded very.

Not like Chevelle. Like it sounded like Chevelle. But not that genre sound like more a little more heavy. But I don't know. Yes, I got signed vinyl. And then I got a copy of the Yeah. Um, and then I have another hangover piece. So we were talking about the disgusting thing at the bottom of the cans, your hands right. out so.

So during my research, I brought up to you guys that there's bands, I'm bins, there's a beers from small breweries

that release beers that are like unpasteurized, so they're not like disinfected or anything like that. And so I had a beer off the show. And it was a, it was a milk stout. And it was a Peppermint Patty milk stout. It was good. I liked it a lot. I actually give it a five. We didn't try it on the show. Because I know we have bad luck with stouts. So um, so after the fact, I realized that the beer tasted a little thin. There wasn't a lot of head when I poured it into the, into the glass. And I was like, that's fine. But it tasted good. Right. So then while I'm doing while I'm documenting it, I read the back of the can and it says keep refrigerated refrigerated at all times. It's unpasteurized beer. So that beer wasn't refrigerated. I got it from the from the shelf. I think that's the store from the single shelf at the store. And I was like, Wow. So like, it's kind of like the roho beer where it needed to be refrigerated and kept at a certain temperature for it to taste good because those spoil quickly. So okay, so that happened. So then we go to the store yesterday, and I found another beer from the same brewery which we're going to try today. Same thing unpasteurized keep refrigerated

beds on the single show. So I came across a met the manager there who we had a little buddy. Yeah, so I had talked to him a few times because he was actually a philan manager for the beer section. And I told him He's like, Hey, you still doing the podcast? I was like, yeah. And I told him, Hey, I wanted to bring something up to you. So I explained to him, Hey, this beer is on pasteurized, it can't just be on the show. Like, I bought one. And you know, it tasted fine. But they spoil quickly. And he's like, oh, man, let me take a picture. And he took a picture. He said I'm gonna have them look into it. Because I was like, Yeah, like a lot of these beers. They can't from this brewery. They can't be on the shelf. And then he mentioned to me that some beers with lactose in it have to be refrigerated. And then I also found out that uh, doing some more research online that milk stouts you know how we haven't really had a good luck with stouts Yeah, well, a lot of the stouts I buy or we buy our from shelves.

And those there better to be kept refrigerated at all times. So that so I'm kind of thinking maybe that affected somebody else. Yeah, but I mean, you see a lot but a lot of the retail you know a lot of the grocery places and liquor stores that sell them. I don't think they look at that. Because you know, even at total wine, we will get the singles and those are a lot of those aren't refrigerated Yeah. And a lot of their stuff is a lot of their stuff is refrigerated so so when you look at it, you're like, Oh shit, like doing the research I did about the slug and then reading the back of the cannon. I'm like, Well, now I know more stuff. And now some of them if you pay attention to them, they actually tell you, hey, I need to be in the damn fridge. Right? So yeah, I mean, if you taste a beer that maybe you didn't like that much give it another shot, but get it fresh, I guess. Yeah. So knowing is half the battle Maria. Yeah, no, you gotta. You gotta fight. Yeah, now I gotta get all these places to store all their beers in the fridge. Yep, there you go. Yeah, we'll start working like

no more slugs. Hashtag no more slugs. Yeah. I'm just like, I do not know slug there. Yeah.

There you go.

It'll be like the weird scrubs. Yes, like go slow.

There we go.

Yeah, there you go. Collaborate, collaborate with him.

So I wonder how much he charges wrote a song for us.

Okay, so with all that

out the way that was a hangover, I guess let's get into the topic of

bands named after animals. And then of course, if you guys need a break, let me know when we're done with this and you're done. Okay. Then we'll try another beer. Actually. We'll probably go. We'll probably go around once and try to get a new beer. Frank, I like when you kick it off. Let's have you kick it off. Cool. I'm gonna kick it off. I've got my sneaker kicks on. Alright, come

I'm gonna get Pumas on Yeah, I got

and I'm gonna need Pumas for this band, too. Okay.

But I want to start my list off with a fun band that I think a lot of people like for all the wrong reasons. Okay, a band called The bloodhound gang. Oh,

yes. Yeah. What? one hit wonder.

I mean, they I think they were more like a, like a two or three hit. Okay. Yeah.

But, you know, everybody knows him for that one song. The bad touch touches, but a little bit of history on them. The bloodhound gang was they broke up. They were a comedy alternative band formed in Pennsylvania, in 1988. As the bank chamber 88 Holy shit. They've been around for some time. Oh,

my God. 10 years or so. I know that song came out with like a 90. Yeah, we were like,

yeah, yeah. I'm gonna say like, 90. Yeah. And I was in middle school to

school. And yeah, so they started out as the bank chamber eight. I don't know. There's no reason behind that. And after the release of their first debut cassette, like a year later, they changed their name to the bloodhound gang. And it wasn't until the third album like in 98 when the bad touch came out. But they got their name from a PBS Kids show called three to one contact. I remember that show, huh? Okay. And I like I know about the show, but I don't know much about the, the reference to the okay. Like why they got that but um, yeah, the band did have some success with their singles the bad touch and Foxtrot unicorn Charlie kilo. from their album. That's a good song from their albums. Hooray for boobies. And hefty fine.

But they're also known for their controversial onstage antics and lyrical content such as urinating on country flags. Oh,

yeah. Oh, country flags. Like a country in western Florida. Georgia line.

Yeah, no. So whatever band they mean, whatever country they're performing in, they get to thing if they don't agree with the politics ages, I pee on the flag in front of everybody on stage. How do you do that? How do you like?

Okay, I'm gonna pee in public.

And they've also been the boss have been investigated by the Russian government for pretty much like defacing national symbols. And they've had album releases delayed due to racial commentary as well. I wonder if that's why they broke up. I don't know. But from what I read, I mean, they've also had like, legal stuff, too. I mean, they they've been fined for just like indecent exposure and just like hell, and not paying money back to the Russian government. So you're telling me that these guys were legit. Like, not only that they sing about this shit, but they lived it. Yeah, it was a lot of bands that like, you know, it sounds like they were like the music. Yeah, they walked in talk. Wow. Okay, I respect them a little more now.

Yeah, they, they broke up. I mean, you know, so their time is done. I mean, I guess there's a certain point where you just like gotta grow up and be an adult, right? Yeah, I guess and not pee on flags anymore. Yeah. It's cool. I mean, that was a good one. I that one didn't never that bad. never crossed my mind. And, and it's funny, because if, like, the first thing that I thought of was like, oh, when I wonder because I don't I don't. I mean, I do know that other song that you're talking about. I just don't know, like, how they charted and stuff, but interesting.

Although musically, though, I mean, if you like, you know, removed the lyrics, I think musically they are good. Yeah, they do have some music. Yeah, you're right. You're right. Yeah, I've heard I've heard some of their other stuff. I don't I can't name you the songs but yeah, right.

Who wants to go next? Britt Kim. Okay.

Rock paper scissors. We can.

My first one is the Cricut.

Yeah, I got them. All right. Let's do Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, so no, that's Buddy Holly's ban. The 1950s. Men love it because that's where they're from you. And in Lubbock. There's a Buddy Holly museum. It's really cool. I've been I've wanted to check it out. I have. While it was really it's really cool.

Their first hit was that'll be the day in 1957. On number three on the Billboard 100. Since we're talking about charts and whatnot. Yeah, no, I love Buddy Holly. And yeah, me too. Yeah, it's good stuff. So that was the first one that popped into my head when I was making the list. So that was a good one. Yeah, I can't they can it can be

Cross in my list to like when I was thinking about it, but like late, late in my list, but I was like on my third page. Oh, yes. Oh cool, so I'm glad you had her on there. Yeah.

And that gives me an excuse to put up Buddy Holly song.

Like we ever need an excuse. Yeah, I know.

Yeah. Good stuff even Weezer like some chat apparently.

That's like a music video. Yeah, I like it. Kim what you got, um, one of my faves faves from across the pond from Liverpool, England are the English indie rock band. The wombat.

Love the wombats. Um, so this, there wasn't really a reason behind

there. I mean, there were a whole there was sorry, there was like a little bit of a reason behind their

name and name.

And that they were just kind of like that was one of their, like,

ways of calling each other stupid. They would call each other wombat like, Oh, you stupid wombat, or like, you're just dumb or whatever. And it was just like a running joke between the band members.

And so they decided that they are going to name themselves on bed. One of their first gigs. The promoter needed a name, and they just decided to go with the wall beds. Yeah, it was funny because I don't know. I know. They're one of your favorite bands. And I don't know, I don't know, like a lot about them. So I know when I was looking at Marvel, I was like, oh, wombat. Like then. I was like, oh, wombats are from Australia. I was like, Oh, this is an Australian band. And then I saw they're like, oh, they're from the UK. And I was like, Oh, nevermind, and I had the chance. Oh, man.

Now that concerts are like, not a thing. So regret every concert, because they had come with to Austin 360. In 2018. I believe with Weezer. They were opening for Weezer crazy. Uh huh. Right.

But my band had a gig that night. I was like, I could go there opener. Like, I can make it like drive to Austin. Do it. And then, but I just did it. And I wish I would have been banned anymore. And so if I was late Soviet like, yeah, should have just done it. No, I hate that. Because that's how I feel. And because we were on tour when when Metallica came to town, and I know and I saw the stage setup that they had. And it wasn't in the round, because I think a lot of other shows before this tour were like in the round or the previous tours. And this one wasn't and it was further hardwired to self destruct. And I was like, damn it. So I missed that show. Because I was not here and now especially because they're from the UK. So like, how often do they will they come here and then especially with COVID going on? It's like, yeah,


Cool. Well, we're gonna have a wombat song on the playlist. Yeah, so you guys who don't know who they are.

My band is a hard rock band that formed in 91 from Kennesaw, Georgia, sometimes are considered Southern hard rock or hard rock. The band is jackal

jackal actually seen them once? in concert? So these guys, they're still active. Actually. they've released eight albums. Their self titled album sold over a million copies here in the US.

And I don't know I like them. I'm not too familiar with anything outside their first album, because my parents actually listened to them.

But no, yeah, I dig. I dig that.

That album quite a bit. Um, also going to say, so these guys, what's interesting, too, is that they actually set to Guinness World Records. I don't know if you guys are interested in this. But they have one record for playing 100 concerts in 50 days. And another. Yeah. And another record. This one sounds worse. They performed 21 shows in a 24 hour period. Yeah. So they had they hold those two world records. But yeah, no, I like this band. If you guys aren't familiar with them, of course, I'm gonna put a song on Spotify. They hit what their first album with their songs. They had hit singles, down on me When will it rain, and they're best known for their song, the lumberjack. So basically, the song features a solo by the singer playing a chainsaw. And at shows he actually plays the chainsaw. And he'll like cut up something onstage. So when I saw him he had like a barstool. And he like cut it on stage. But yeah, if you listen to that song, like there's actually a chainsaw solo. Wow. Yeah. Like he plays the solo. He plays the chainsaw. Dude, it's like fun. Like, he like revs it like in dude. It's fucking cool. If you haven't heard it is cool. I actually put that song on the playlist. Once again, it's called the lumberjack. And these guys are named after the dog The Wild Dog jacket. So the band is spelled

jc KYL and the dog is spelled j AC k L. So they're a medium wild, medium sized Wild Dog found in Africa and Southern Asia. So that's my. That's my. That's my animal band. That's my first one. You know what?

bearbrick You're right. Sure. All right.

Kim, can you get the strawberries and cream, please? Oh, yeah. So while she grabs that, this is from the brewery that has unpasteurized beers. So there's a slug in there. No, not a slug. These are the ones that apparently get spoiled quickly. Um, so I had like I was talking about before I had a beer from this brewery and it was a Peppermint Patty and it was fucking awesome. It tasted exactly like a Peppermint Patty. Um, so when I saw this one of theirs I was like, oh, strawberries and cream. Just give it a shot. So I got it. And like I said, it's it's it's unpasteurized. Doesn't look like there's anything floating. It has a head on it, which is a good sign. Sorry.

Smells good. I thought it was gonna be red.

But it has it has some looks like it has some fizz to it, which is a good sign. It does smell like strawberry.

So this is 5.9% ABV. It actually tells you what temperature to serve it at. It says serve at 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strawberries Okay, so Britt, you tasted it? Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna let you read it then first.

I'm going like 4.64 points. Yeah. Can I taste like strawberries and cream?

What do you know? Okay, well, I'm gonna taste it then.

I do. Oh, the cream comes after. Right. So I tasted the strawberry. And then there's like the bitterness from the beer. And then the cream came after? Yeah. Super bitter to me. You know what? I'm gonna go? Yes. So that might be because it wasn't fringed from the beginning. That could be what because Okay, so also to this beer was made with real strawberries. So it was brewed with lactose and ferment and fermented with, with real strawberries. So, um, that could be a thing too. It might be the strawberry Enos like they kind of 3.8 for me.

3.8 Okay, so 3.8 for Kim. With me, I'm going to say that that bitterness comes from the strawberries not being like from the beer not being refrigerated from the time it left the brewery all the way to when we got it. Um, I don't know that bitterness for me makes the taste kind of perfumey because it is sweet. I think that strawberry flavor is I think that's from the refrigeration issue. But I'm gonna go ahead and give it like a

I'm gonna give it like a four. Wait. Yeah. I think if I think if, let's say if we had gone to the taproom or something or whatever, or we gone straight to the brewery or whatever, and gotten this like fresh. I bet it would taste perfect. Yeah, I would bet that it would taste perfect, but so far, like I taste the creaminess, which I don't know how they did it. It tastes good. It has an extra brass. Yeah, it does. I'm mixing beer. We still haven't had beer. Nice. Oh my goodness. We say that. I was gonna say that. St. Patrick's. I'm already stockpiling for the St. Patrick's episode. That's next. Oh, yeah. Is it gonna be like, does he want to do it before on a Wednesday? So after? I think we need to do it before. Okay. It'd be out of town. So okay, so we'll do it next week. Yeah. Okay. So next week, we'll do that. So, Frank, you're next on the Guinness and vanilla ice cream.

It's good. Okay, so we got to remember that for next. For next episode. We got to think of a topic too. So um, yeah, my next band is a band called band of horses from Oh, shit, okay, from from Seattle, okay. And they're an indie folk rock band that was formed in Seattle in 2004.

And they have a bit of a funny story, I guess. Their singer. Ben Bridwell was previously in a band called Chris says weird. That's the name of the band. Okay, Chris is weird. And he left that band and he formed a band called horses. But then he found out that there was already a band called horses, which featured a actor Don Johnson

to avoid any type. That's hilarious. Yeah. And so to avoid any type of legal stuff, he just caught it. He just renamed a band of horses. Hmm. So works out because you know, well, Funny thing is there's also horse the band there is horses. Yeah, so like, but that's different. Yeah. Yeah. And so yeah, so they were renamed band of horses to avoid any legal stuff.

And they reached prettier. I mean early success in their career with their debut album, which featured the single the funeral, which I think a lot of people may have heard name of the album was called every everything all the time. Okay. And they're also known for their collaborations with folk rock, act, iron and wine. And they also continue to be active. Yeah, iron wines. Pretty good. I don't think I'm familiar with that. song you mentioned at the Yeah, I think it'd be like band of horses. You know, the one I mean, one that I remember that was super popular was Northwest department. I think that's okay. Got a lot of play. I got to see them in Portland, probably four or five years ago. It was a good show. Well at those those songs on the playlist, but if you guys want to hear anything, let me know. And I'll put it I'll pop it on.

You good? Yeah, I think I'm good. But yeah, I did want to mention horse to band also because I I saw them once in I don't know, some years ago, at some dinky little club, here, here in town. They were opening for blacklight burns. Okay. And I don't know if I told you about this, but it was it was a weird show. Because a lot of people turned up for that band. And it was like one of those things where everybody wanted to see a particular band. So whenever one band played, you know that crowd Yeah. And the other crowd came in. And ban horse the band. I guess they're considered Nintendo core. Yeah. until later. Yeah. And eight bit something. Yeah. So I mean, it's a heavy like metal core music and there's a lot of like,

Nintendo keyboards. Yeah, it's a lot. Yeah. And I remember a pit broke out, and I was about to get in and Mario was in there. Yeah, Mario was in there.

But no, but there was a dude in there who is literally bashing people's heads in with a with an old school. eight bit Nintendo system.

And I thought, No,

I'm not gonna get in.

Oh, man. That's that's Nintendo core did yeah. Yeah. Cuz I was pretty wild. Back in my back in my youth. I remember I used to get in the pit sometimes. Yeah, no, me too.

few times. Now. I just like to relax and watch the show. Yeah, no, me too. I it's Yeah. I don't know. I get anxiety now. being like a friend.

Sometimes it's worse than some other times. But yeah, yeah. Anyways, getting old.

I'm like, don't touch right.

Um, so that was forced the band and band forces. Yeah. All right. Cool.

Good on the added. I didn't have that on my list. So good. Yeah. Good job.

Bro. What do you got? Well, I'm gonna go with the monkeys. Oh, okay. I yeah, I'm surprised that that didn't come pop in my head. But yeah. I used to watch the show. And well, yes. And no, they weren't. They were conceived by a TV producer. For the purpose of the show. The show ran for three years, they actually did write a lot of their own music. And then they fought for the rights to their own music. And they continued for three years after the show was cancelled. So they started out in that way, but then continued together. And actually, you know,

we're producers, actors, music writers and performers. So they, they kind of took it back. So it's crazy. Because when I was younger, I didn't know better. And I thought it was a show based off of band. Right. That wasn't even the case. Like the show was like, yeah, it was all contrived. Yeah. Part of it to start with, but then, and then it evolved. Yeah. evolved into being an actual band that outlived the show. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And they were like, super popular, right? Yeah, sure. And then yeah, and The show ran and reruns for decades and decades. Yeah, crap. But yeah, so yeah. And, yeah, monkeys are animals. So there you go. Yeah. Good one. I've seen a couple episodes. And it's, uh, it's silly. Yeah. Like 1965. Yeah, it's like, oh, gosh, darn it. Yeah. You slipped on a banana peel. Yeah. wholesome. Yeah.

Now these day, I mean, comparatively, it's like yeah.

Yeah. Anyways, go ahead, Kim. What do you got? Well, we're on the topic of monkeys. Another one of my absolute favorite bands from again, across the pond English rock band formed in Sheffield. Gotcha. in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Think about this Arctic Monkeys, Arctic Monkeys good or monkeys. And

they don't even have their own show though.

But apparently, the name of their band is just the name of their band that one of the band members

is one at a band called Arctic Monkeys there's no real reason behind that behind it. He just came up with it and it never told any any of the members or anybody why every time I hear that band name I think of it like a white haired monkey. Yeah, those little frozen one. Yeah, that was like chillin chillin the hot icicles nonsense Yeah, yeah, yeah those and they like they have their they go into the mountains and they get into like the hot pools of water. Yeah just melt the snow and then they go back into the snow trees again. Yeah. So my next one if anyone had this on their list, we've talked about them before they're heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas formed in 81. Yeah, Panthera.

But it's Spanish for Panther pronounced benta. Yeah. So yeah. So they was interesting, too. For those of you who don't know, they actually had nine albums, and I'm including the glam metal albums that they had. So this was interesting. When I was going back to this. I didn't know that. I mean, we did talk about that they were glam metal before back when dime bag was diamond day. Yeah.

Oh, I didn't realize what this was that they had open for bands like dokkan and quiet Riot back in the day. Do Yeah, I did not know.

You. Yeah, they played for somebody. They played the prom.

It was

like 89 or something that is so crazy. Yeah. How do you dance? If you can find, like, jumping up and down? I don't know. Yeah, no, I saw that your book. I saw somebody your book and it had a picture. And it said underneath the picture. If you could, I don't know, somehow get a picture of that. That'd be that'd be awesome. But yeah, when I saw that, so these guys have felt has have sold 40 million records worldwide. That's fucking insane. But uh, but ya know, that's Miami. We've talked about pentair I think multiple times on this on this on this podcast, but I mean, who doesn't know? Pantera? Yeah. If you don't then

go back and listen to other episodes. But uh, ya know. So that was my pen. Tara was saying, Did you find anything about why they chose that name? No, I didn't actually looked. And it just I know, they were named two things before I think.

Oh, man, what were the names? I don't know. But I remember the album covers being pretty bad. Like they're very first. They had some, they had some weird. So the two names that they had before Oh, Gemini and eternity. And then they settled on Pantera. But it doesn't explain like Why? Well, I had I didn't find any story explaining what because it just sounds fierce. Maybe. And it sounds very glam metal ish. Like, if looking at my list that I have more of the song. More of the bands on my list. A lot of the 80s bands took these, you know, names like that. But it's just very interesting how like, they took the Spanish

you know,

the Spanish version of the version of the animal name. Yeah. But, ya know, so they were Gemini first then eternity and then vintera.

It's just interesting how like, they came up with a name and it's Spanish, but it's we say, like everyone says Panthera but it's really bad data, which is really weird, right? But um, anyways, I bet Mexico was cool. Yeah, no doubt.

All right. What you what you got Frank, my next two I guess are are both also apes. And what the hell y'all got monkeys? I don't and felines. Okay.

So this is a hardcore band from New York called gorilla biscuits. Okay, and that should go on our dumb band name episode. But it's actually interesting, because at the time in the mid 80s, in New York City, qualys were like the popular drug and we lose what is that? It's like, I don't know what it is. It's like a pill type type thing. Okay. And so, like, I don't know what

you have to explain.

It's a biscuit size pill.

That's where the name came from gorilla biscuits. Yeah. Actually, that's why because

because the nickname The nickname for qualys is either eight shit or gorilla biscuits. Because because they're the size of a biscuit. Well, they're not

to do this drug you

know that if Frank says it's true, and Frank says that it's true at a different time.

I'm not even gonna look it up because I believe you

should we shouldn't be surgeons though. Anyways, yeah, there's a gorilla biscuits is one and then Steel Panther isn't I hate that man. I know they're very they're like a parody, you know, glam band. But uh, and I think they get their name.

Cuz they just wanted something at sounding yeah you know because you have you know, yeah all these bands Yeah. And you know so so Steel Panther Of course and then

open for stone stone so it's funny because I told her we talked about men and sometimes when we're listening to him in the car and I told her like, oh yeah I remember that one time I was gonna go see stone sour and I decided not to go Steel Panther was opening I was like I did not want to and I was like I was there. I was like, I did not want to be there to see that. So I was like now I'm good. So I ended up missing out. Yeah, I want to see Steel Panther. But those two bands are like on my own official list. But I guess going back to my official list, this guy knows how to break the rules.

The unofficial

official is Yeah.

banned from England post punk band called echo and the Bunnymen. Okay, they were formed in Liverpool in 1978. And we've got a bunch of UK bands. Yeah, cuz you ain't knows how to do it. Like animals.

And there was a long circulator rumor about there about where the name comes from. And early in the band's career, they didn't have a drummer, they had a drum machine. And the rumor was that the name of the drum machine was Echo, and the other members were the bunny men. But you know that the band later like disproved that and said no, that's that's not the origin of it. It's just they were just trying to come up with the band name and they were just throwing a whole bunch of silly names out and ankle EQ on the Bunnymen came up. And they they liked it, you know, because it sounded silly. Yeah, they liked it. And it worked out for them. And 40 years later, they're still echo and the Bunnymen. So Wow, that's crazy. Frankie, and I saw them twice. Yeah, not too long ago, when they're still going strong doing their thing that was in that band. I'd have the other guys who weren't singing dress up in funny costumes. I would Yeah, I would. That's the stipulation if you want to be in the band.

I don't know where Kim went. But I'll go next. And if that's cool, wait, no, no, wait, I skipped Britt. Oopsie. Way to go.

Right. Fine. Okay, Frank. You don't have any more on your official list? Right? Or you're on official list? Maybe later if and every now okay. No or No? Okay, Brett, what you got? I'm interested.

My next one is

the stray cats. Oh, I did not. Oh my god. So funny. Sorry. So, um, I don't like to.

So my dad does this thing where he likes to give me posters as gifts. Like, oh, he just gives me

the last poster he gave me like, stray cats. Yeah, cuz he knows I like them. But like, you know, but uh, yeah, so anyways, I got it. Yeah, sorry, cats. I can't believe I didn't think of stray cats. But yeah, go on. Go on. Where's this poster? Why is it's actually there. It's actually in the the office because we're trying to figure that out. But, uh, ya know, rockabilly. Yeah. Yeah, rockabilly stray cats.

Formed in 1979. Wow, they're from Massapequa in New York. And

you know, lots of hits. Yeah.

And Brian Setzer, the lead singer, of course, went on to have a really big solo career with his Brian Setzer orchestra. Uh huh. And

yeah, no, and they actually just they were touring right before COVID. They were

like a 40th anniversary reunion tour thing, right. I think they actually were able to complete it before. Stuff shut down. But But yeah, and I got to see Brian Setzer in his orchestra at the majestic some years ago. For Christmas show. They do Christmas music and Oh, that sounds Yeah, he has this album. And yeah, no, he's a badass guitar player. No, he is. Yeah, they're just pretty awesome. And actually, I saw an interesting thing. It said that their song rock this town? I think everybody knows. Right. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has listed it as one of the Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. Wow, what you did that song come out? I can find out for you. I'm not totally sure. Let me see. I'm thinking it's at least at one. Interesting Wow, that's that's pretty crazy. Yeah, no, they're good. I remember listening to him when I was younger. And you know, that's why he got me the poster because he knew that I liked them. I mean, I haven't kept up with them in like a long time. But ya know, they're good. I always thought he was a good musician. And yeah, for sure. vocalist and stuff. But uh, ya know, that was a good one. I didn't I wouldn't have thought of that one even looking at the poster straight on.

Cuz I'm getting old.

No, we're a mosh pit. area. No stray cats. No, yeah. Kim.

My next one is my favorite girls. All the way from London, Ontario, Canada. Katie.

I wasn't sure we were mentioning. I thought you were gonna say the Pussycat doll.

Write that down.

Where are they from? I don't think they're I have no idea from New York. I think. Probably I think they're from New York or LA one of those. I don't know. Again, I don't want to have that on my


The Pussycat Dolls are from Los Angeles. What did I say? I said New York LA.

Actually a dance group first. Yeah.

Was it Carmen Electra was originally in that group, right? I think so. Anyways, I looked it up.

And all I could find was the

was Katie was chosen as a band name because the name seemed contradictory. Which kind of does, I guess. Yeah, I can see that. They're really hardcore. And you think of a Katy as Oh,


Oh, that's it. That's

all right. So my next one, the reason so I was gonna mention another band actually, before this one. But when I was doing research again, I actually came across something that didn't. I don't know, it didn't like click when we when we originally talked about them. So this band is a German heavy metal band formed in 1965 scorpions on this name. Yeah. So Oh, not the scorpions, just scorpions. So we talked about them at

for quite a bit during our Oktoberfest fest episode. Actually, part one and part two. But, but here's the interesting thing. So if you guys want to know more about this band, or more about the song that I'm about to mention, listen to Episode 16. So in Episode 16, which was part two of our Oktoberfest episodes, we talked about winds of change. And we talked about what the song man and you know, we talked about it at length, and we talked about the different versions there were. So this, yeah. So So this trips me out when I looked this up. So I'm googling, right? And one thing that popped up today, when I'm googling, it said,

wind of change, exclusive box set for the 30th anniversary. And I was like, What the heck is this? So apparently, when the up change, they released it as its own song, bought a box set for the song.

And they released it came with like a vinyl a CD or whatnot, and actually came with a piece of the Berlin Wall. There was only 2020

prints of it, right? So I'm looking at it right. And it was released October 3 of 2020. That's when the 30th anniversary was our episode came out October 3 2020. And the same episode that we talked about that song and it I was like, how did this not pop pop up when I was doing research like, and so I looked at it and it was just it tripped me out that you know, that episode. rerelease came out the same day as them releasing the anniversary of that song. But yeah, no scorpions were on my list. These guys have released 20 studio albums. 20 dude, so they've been around 665 I think their last album came out like 2017 or something.

But yeah, so a wind of change came out night in 1990 on their album, crazy world. But ya know, I thought I thought I was crazy. Just Just that fact alone that we talked about it for that, you know, for the week. I think we even talked about how after, I think I was mentioning to that after the wall came down. And all the like stores in the mall like dispensers and everything. You could buy a piece of the wall. Oh, well, I don't live in a little plastic case. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. So they have that they had that with this. Yeah. Now I was like, so here's the thing I was looking, I was like, Oh, I want to buy one now just for that, right. And so from what I saw, the ones that have the piece of the wall, um, those are going for like 200, like 200 plus bucks. But you can actually get a copy from what I saw of the box that like on Amazon. It comes with everything the same except for the piece of the wall. And it's for like 65 bucks or something like that. And I want one with a piece of the wall. If I would have known I would have tried to get a copy. But is it like legit a piece of the law? They didn't just go to some random dude, Chip some piece of Nah, man.

They're selling it and I'm sure if, like, they were part of that, you know, like, just they weren't even like, indirectly they were part of it. Right? part of the whole movement. And we talked about it. Like I said, you can go back and listen to Episode 16. I just thought that was cool to share. And also to didn't Bruce Springsteen, like I think he was the first Western artist. Yeah, yeah, we talked about that episode. 62. Yeah. But uh, yeah, if you guys want to go back to that, just listen to because I don't remember. I just remember being very confused. And trying to get all the facts straight about the whole, like the involvement with Russia to you. Right. So it was very, very interesting. Very a lot of history in that one. Yeah.

Yeah, but anyways, so that was wine scorpions. Oh,

beer break your. Yeah. All right, go ahead and get the What else we got in there something else in there. There's one more I think what it is. So anyways, while she does that, you know what I'm gonna go ahead and cheat and do what Frank did. I'm gonna talk about the band that I was originally going to talk about before. It's just really quick. I'm sure Frank and yeah, that's the one I'm sure Franken Kim know this band. I don't know if Britain knows his band Kai Mira. there Yeah, heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. They formed in 82. They actually broke up I think in 2014. This band actually had 18 members from between 98 and 2014. They really seven albums and then then they called it quits. I think they they came back together to do a reunion, which I think was in 2014. I think they originally split up in 2011. For those of you who don't know what a Camaro is, it's a I cheated a little bit on this one. It's a creature from Greek mythology composed of the parts of more than one animal. So Kamera is like anything that's made up of more than more than one animal. Um, usually it's depicted as a lion with the head of a, with the head of a goat protruding from its back and a tail that might end with a snake's head. Um, so camera and Greek mythology is a sibling to the Subarus and the Hydra. But yeah, I think I saw those guys a hospice I have I have a funny story about Camaro. So back in high school used to be in the pit. Yeah, he's been the pit for camera. But no, I back in high school, I had a friend who was excited because he

got an advanced leaked copy of their second album. And you know, he burned it to a CD and was excited brought it to school the next day, and you know, he hadn't heard it, you know, and so, you know, me and a group of others like we all got together we huddled around and he had like a little speaker a little crappy speaker. And he played it. It was the actual music, but every 10 seconds there was a guy who was saying the possibility of reason out soon.

Oh, I those were for like, like those illegally downloaded ones there was this one that somebody had burned for me and it was like

I forgot what song it was. I think it was executioners with guys falling apart. Yeah, so that song like in between like literally in between the song like it was some guy like promoting like, like saying like, oh album out like whenever whenever like blah blah blah like chicken in the middle of the song. And I was like, What the fuck like, yeah, so Wow. Yeah, so that was funny. This dude. He was all excited to Yeah, you know for all of us to hear it and yeah, like every 10 seconds. The release date was was was repeated. Wow. Yeah, that's it. So happens when you illegally download stuff. I yeah, I don't I think the last time I asked someone like this was like when that's when? Napster not so it was like big. I had people like burn CDs for me. But then like, after that, I was like, after I knew what it was. I really didn't know what all that stuff was. After I knew I was like, Oh, no, like, I fuckin started just buying shit. Like, you know, I still have CDs from Yeah, I was in middle school. But anyways, um, bearbrick right. Yes, I have a vanilla cake. Golden stout. So this beer actually has a Spotify. So Spotify scanning and when I scanned it, a band called Grady Spencer and the work from Fort Worth, came up, which is a country band, apparently. And so I don't know what the correlation is between the beer. They have an album called celebrate, I believe and this this is called PB celebrate. So I guess the brewery and former Yes. Okay, cool. So, you know, go ahead add that on, on the on the playlist too. But

yeah, there's cool local bands. Yeah. Like I saw the candles. I hate Kim has a Spotify. It would lead to a song or whatever. So I scanned it right now and it takes me to that celebrate album by that band. Oh, cool. That's pretty cool. Yeah, neat. cross promotion right there.

All right. We should do that.

It doesn't smell vanilla. I don't smell vanilla or cakey. No. Smells like cigarettes. Oh, wow. app. Is it that again? All right. Let's see.

like coffee.

Tastes like coffee. does not taste like cake. Yeah. I mean, it smells like coffee. It smells like it doesn't. The good thing is that it doesn't have a cigarette. It tastes No, it just tastes like coffee. It tastes like coffee. Yeah, like this is like it smells like coffee. That's so weird. It's like a really watered down coffee.

So this was the thing that I was talking about the beginning of the episode. So I found out that stouts

moreso are supposed to be kept refrigerated and I don't think, obviously, a lot of places who sell these beers don't follow the rules. Or don't maybe they don't know, but because I know craft beer still. It's I would like to say it's a recent, you know, trend or whatnot. becoming more popular, but yeah, like, I taste no vanilla at all. No, no, it just tastes like coffee. It tastes like I left my iced Starbucks. Yeah.

And then put some beer and a cigarette. Yeah.

I smell it. So

that smells like Coffee and Cigarettes. Like you're in a diner. And my nose is bad. I honestly don't smell anything. I don't maybe it's just me. Maybe No, I mean, it probably does smell like that. But I don't I My nose is Yeah, it smells like I'm in a booth at a diner and the waitress just poured some coffee and somebody behind me smoking a cigar With that said what do you read?

With that said

I'm gonna go like a three three mean to be nice. Okay, I you know, I would if it was called, like, Black Coffee and Cigarettes. Yeah, I would be like, oh my god. It's spot on. like

coffee at the diner? Yeah. Coffee at the diner. Yeah, yeah. Um, and then like our work has like somebody smoking the smoking booth?

at a gyms

can we rate it?

3.7 3.7 Um,

okay, so my ratings I go off of like, what? They say that beer supposed to taste like

zero. I like it. But well, it doesn't taste like vanilla birthday cake. I'm gonna it doesn't. So I would give it because it doesn't taste like crap. No, I'm gonna give it like a three. Um, because I can finish it. Yeah, I mean, it's not terrible. Yeah, like, like, if they named it something else. I would definitely go for it again. But for one, I don't smell what you smell, which is good. And that's okay. And two? Yeah, I don't taste any vanilla. Which is a real bummer.

But yeah, no. So I mean, I guess. Like I said, Every time we have stouts on the show. It's a bummer. Like, but then I have a few off the show. I'm like, Oh, this was pretty good. Yeah. So anyways, back to animals.

Yeah, Frank. What What do you guys forgot? Frank? What you got? My next band is also from across the pond. What? Yeah, wow. Okay. Yeah.

A band called. It's a band called a flock of seagulls. Oh, okay. Okay, wonder.

I mean, I think there were I think that's me when you question what do they want? Even though like no matter like what Yon Yeah.

They weren't

like big song. Okay, so they don't know if they charted or not. They had several hits, but they're considered a one hit wonder. But yeah, they're an English New Wave band that formed in Liverpool in 1979. And they're best known for their singles. I ran so far away. Space Age love songs. Another good one. And wishing you but had a photograph of you? Yeah. And the band actually got its name from a song from the stragglers called toiler on the sea.

which contains the lyrics I heard toilet on the seat. It's a stragglers toiler Stranglers? Yeah. That's what I said. No, you said stragglers. Oh,

yeah. That sounds like kids on a field trip.

Yeah, so serial killers. Jason the kids.

And they have a song called toil on the sea. And I still hear toilet on the seat waste oil. Yeah.

And the lyrics are we ventured overland. We fought the aliens, the young ones used their hands pointed the way to a flock a flock of seagulls, a flock of seagulls. So that's where they got their name from. And their singer of course, is known for his his hair, which was actually parodied in a scene in the wedding.


they're also known for their spirit of the 1980s fashion and sound and later in their career. They had some spotty success, but their legacy you know, they have a pretty solid legacy and music is still a staple and you know, back when you can go to dance clubs, you know, their music was still played at dance clubs. You can hear their music and films and video games as well. So

They were a part of that tour that came through and the last 80s Yeah, the last tour. They were a part of that. And ironically, the guy who's known for his hair no longer has any

I mean, he kind of does little wore a wig for the show, just

yeah, I'm cool. No, that was a good one. Yeah, I mean, you know, was that your official or unofficial it's my official Okay, what about on your unofficial

we're on the bird category. Now. What is the avian Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, cuz it's because that's where the avian flu thing comes from. Okay, gotcha. Yeah, since since we're in the avian category, avian I'm just kidding. I also have the Eagles.

Eagles eagles. It's not the Eagles.

Really? Yeah, I checked it today. Yeah, cuz I had it on my list and I crossed out across the you know, I can I just heard something the other day that Eagles have

two out of the three top grossing or top selling albums of all times like of the top three. The Eagles have two of them what the it's the Eagles Greatest Hits in Hotel California. And then the number two is Michael Jackson's Thriller. So the Eagles Greatest Hits is number one. And then Michael Jackson's Thriller is number two and then the Eagles Hotel California is number three, you know, but for the longest time, I think thriller was number one. Yeah, Eagles Greatest Hits knocked him out. I wonder what what did that like? Probably, I don't know, a reissue or something.

Or whenever Glenn Frey died, maybe or something you know,

Christine, I don't know. We heard it the other day on the we listened to a channel on Sirius XM called classic vinyl. Oh, yeah. And it's all old school roll. There's a channel on I Heart Radio called

the vinyl experience. And the DJ actually plays songs from his collection, but like it's from all genres, but it's just strictly on vinyl. So you can hear the buzzing on it or not the buzzing but the

fuzzy aesthetic. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, he goes is another one on my unofficial category. And also there's eagles. Eagles of Death Metal. Oh, Josh home homies, man. Yeah.

I don't know why they call themselves Eagles of Death Metal. I didn't bother to check. Yeah, I never knew that too. I think I looked it up once too. They're actually can they make a cameo on one of my favorite movies? Yeah. Hot Rod. Oh, yes. I love that movie. Yeah. And they're like playing when he's about to make

waves. And now going back to my official list.

I'm gonna I'm gonna end my my official list right there. Okay, is a band called Pelican? Whoa, what the hell?

No, you didn't have all the birds. I had all the birds. And so not all of them. Okay, and Pelican. This is one of those bands that I really dig I really like. They're a pulse metal band that formed in Chicago in 2001. And they're known for their atmospheric, do metal and post rock elements and instrumentals. And even though the band has a big following the metal core and stoner rock scene, they don't consider themselves to be either one or the other. You know, they actually don't prefer to have

a label, you know, to them. A lot of bands don't do a lot of bands open, but I think I think they have a more valid reason. It's because they don't have a vocalist. Oh, wow. And, you know, they they feel that having a vocalist would would limit them musically. And so because of that, they can pretty much like surpass all labels and just play whatever they want. And they actually they got their name from a female friend who

actually had an experience while working at a pizza tent

at a pretenders concert. And this concert goer kept going up to her and like harassing her and stuff. And then like one of the PETA guys like, pulled them off to the side and said, Hey, you want to see my Pelican tattoo? Just to like distract them from hitting on the guy said yes. Yeah, but yeah, the guy said yes, I guess he was drunk and he wanted to see this Pelican tattoo. And some really convoluted story. Yeah, I know. I'm getting lost. And like in some of the band members there and they're like hey, let's let's Why don't we just name ourselves pelikin What the hell just happened? Yeah, it sounds weird. But

But I'll put also to you know, some some fans I guess they they think Pelican makes sense because if you look if you study the characteristics of a pelican, they feel like the music like fits with the characteristics of it.

But I feel like that's a bit of a stretch. Yeah, I wouldn't know because I never heard of this man. So, when I go and I do my research when I'm doing this playlist, I'm gonna look at a picture of Pelican while I'm looking at the video of a pelican

while I'm listening to the music, Okay, I'm gonna do that. Okay, yeah, so I'm trying to

wonder what a flamingos music looks like. Jimmy Butler listens.


Is that your list? Yeah, that's my list.

From my unofficial or more I'm

gonna throw in a Frankie didn't get all the birds because he forgot the birds. All birds. Yeah. And also the birds. Which, you know, I looked up. That's not a like. Okay, so I did have them on this because they are birds. But when I looked up like, What is the yardbird? Nothing pops up. Yeah. So but yeah, it's the bird in your yard cheated. Yeah. But the band I was actually going to talk about is the chameleons. And we mentioned them previously, when we were talking about oh, I don't know what episode that was. That was bands named after that was a, that was a ways back. I just remember we talked about them because they had to change their names for the for the US, right? In the UK. They're the chameleon known as and then here. They're called the chameleons UK, because there was already a band that had rights to that name in the United States. So they had to choose another name so that they would not get sued, but they are postponed.

Yeah, that was Episode 25. Okay. Post punk band from the early 80s. Formed in 81. Also, British and you got all the UK stuff. I know. Right? I don't know how that happened. But we did. So

there you go. That's all I have to say about that. Cool. Kim, what you got?

The last?

The last one on my list is from Australia. Tame Impala.

That's right. That's right. I am a fan. That's a good one. So supposedly from the member Kevin, who is a singer songwriter. The name Tame Impala is a reference to the African animal really, from a perspective of coming into contact with a live one. One that you'd come across in nature and having this real belief, real brief, unspoken moment, but with some level of communication between yourself and the wild animal, the neck and then the next minute, it's gone. Returning to where it came from. I say next minutes, like clients face or something.

No, that's cool. I mean, I didn't have them on my list, but I know them. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, if you Oh, no, go ahead.

Oh, I like them too. Yeah. Um, so my list is done. But I was gonna run down. Just I didn't have like a list to talk about. But I did make a list. So you guys can jump in anytime you want. And of course, like I guess this will be probably the end of the episode but if you guys have any bands that we missed, they weren't looking back. I knew that I have a list of a lot of stuff. Okay, so we're gonna we'll go back and forth so you tell me if I got yours or not. If not, then we'll you know, Great White, named after a great white shark and I did not the animals I had the animal this one I don't know if it counts or not, but animals as leaders, it does count. Okay, Animals as Leaders going on alien and form. Oh, no, I did not. Here's one that I hadn't I thought Kim was gonna have one is Papa Roach.

Whitesnake, I think we talked about it earlier. Okay, let's see what else I got here. A rat

with an extra

here's another one. I don't know if it counts or not because it's an acronym but wasp.

White Anglo Saxon person. No, no.

White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It's a real

I don't think that's

hilarious. If you hear wasp out in, like, out in the world, and somebody's saying that they're with a bunch of wasps or something. That's what it means white Anglo Saxon Protestant. It's about it's like Chad's like, if you're hanging out with a bunch of white guys that play golf in or wearing, you know, flip collars or something. You're hanging out with some wasps. Oh my god. I'm looking. It's a thing. I'm looking to see what it stands that almost sounds offensive. Like it is hanging out with my wasps. Yeah, it's not it's not right. But it's it's a thing. I don't know about the band and what they what oh my god, I'm gonna have to find

With that, okay, so

hi kitty on here, but she already named it actually Damn. I thought I had more grits probably Gonna smoke me on this one. Okay, I have three Dog Night. Okay. The Jesus lizard. I don't know what that is named after the Jesus lizard that runs on water. Oh okay, okay, yeah, fish. Oh, Hootie and the blowfish. I didn't put him Okay, so he's on there too. So you I had to say fish bones and fish bone damage. Okay, and there's also a band called jellyfish. I don't know about the 90s they had a couple albums and they had a pretty popular song on the radio there for a while I had the turtles.

Okay, yeah, they serve the 16 Yeah. And my last one.

The germs

they their germs are animals. Yeah, they are. Yeah, they're living organisms. Okay, so now before we end the show, what does wasp

wasp the bandstand?

Okay, so


We are sexual perverts. Oh, that makes that makes sense. Because their songs

shrouded in mystery.

I didn't see that on their Wikipedia page, but it says that it stands for Yeah, we are sexual perverts or, oh, we are sexual prophets or we are sexual perverts. And actually, they have their their songs are kind of I mean, if anyone knows, wasp. Yeah. But uh, cool. All right. We learned something. But those were those that that was our list. I don't know if we you know, I do have one more. What you got? They I don't know. They're a fictional band, but it's made up of real musicians.

It's a band called dragon from the movie rocks dude and gorillas angry.

Yes, I named a monkey one. Gorilla. I think we all had a monkey wondering. You know? Yeah, we did. Okay. Yes. Okay. Yeah, still dragon still drinking? Yes. And rock star. That's one damn rock star. Yeah. Don't forget. Imagine Dragons. Dragons. Okay. Yeah, steel dragon. It's got zakk Wylde in the band. And, and actually, there's a whole bunch of like,

metal musician cameos in the movie. I think miles. Yeah, I haven't seen in a while is in there.

And I know Mark Wahlberg. Like he lived in character for like, five months, six months. Oh, wow. You know, so he started going to metal shows he actually grew his hair out. So that's like his real thing and whatnot. He was working with the vocal coach and whatnot.


so yeah, he went metal for a little bit. Interesting. Yeah. Steel dragon. That's that's that's it's a fictional but real band. Well, in another band we mentioned on another or no, maybe we didn't mention it on the show. But we talked about because we saw the guy being interviewed on late night TV one night when we were over here is the black Pumas. Oh, yeah, random Austin. You were sweet. Yeah. The the lead singer ended up at our house.

Does Def Leppard count? Yes. Yeah, they do. Yeah. Okay. Def Leppard. I'll throw in Def Leppard I was looking at I guess, I couldn't think of any other 80s like hair metal band data animal name, I think I think we named all of them. Yeah, we said Whitesnake, and we said was a great way. Yeah, we

thought there was more animal name bands, like from the east we're gonna have a major hangover. Okay. Well, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna see what we missed. I'll actually search lists on last time. And if you guys you know, know, anything that we missed, just go ahead and comment, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, untapped. fuckin wherever else. You find this. Whatever, even on the website, you can leave a comment there. But anyways, so rocks hack, happy hour, pod calm. You guys have anything you want to say before we leave?

We didn't say the Beatles, but we don't like them. So Oh, well, that is

also to theirs. Well, I only because I don't like them to be like, Whoa, they spelled it wrong. So it doesn't Yeah, well, yeah. No, you're right. You're right. The Beatles. Someone's gonna mention it. The problems are spelled wrong. That's why Yeah. All right. Well, I guess we beat them to the bone. Yes. So all right, Beatles. We got that out the way favorite song from the Beatles. Oh, we are out of time. Yeah. Okay. So we'll see you guys next week. I don't know. We're gonna talk about what is going to be our St. Patrick's episode and we'll have some St. Patrick's beer.

St. Patrick's Day beers. Yes. Oh, yeah, we're gonna have finally ice cream and beer. Yes, because we've been talking about that for I don't know how long but he and that's gonna be episode


Next, next next week, so Alright guys, we'll see y'all next week. Awesome. All right, Cheers, guys. Bye

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