Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 28 - One Hit Wonders

February 27, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 28
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 28 - One Hit Wonders
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This episode, we dig into One Hit Wonders. We discuss what defines them, what artists have been described as such, and see whether we agree or disagree with it. Plus, we talk, what is at the bottom of your beer can/bottle!? Slime? Is that a slug? A loogie? An oyster? Or all of the above?
And, of course, we chat all these things while drinking and rating some more craft beers for you.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer and music. Every episode we tried different craft beers both non alcoholic and alcoholic, and we rate them discuss them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking to music related topics. And there you go, guys. I remembered it.

Because we were off for two weeks, guys. So in case you guys didn't notice, but uh, so yeah, we're back. And it's good to finally drink some more beer with the friends and talk music because I like talking music. Frank, what's today's topic? Today's topic is one hit wonders, and why they're one hit wonders. Are they one hit wonders? We don't know. But that's the topic. Yeah, we don't know. We'll find out.

So, we have two segments in the beginning of every show for new listeners out there. One is hangover. Alright, little hangover segment, which is a we'd like to talk about things that we either didn't get to mention last episode, or we just remembered, you know, off episode like, Hey, I forgot to talk about this. There's that. And then we also have what are your What are we drinking? We just talked about we're drinking. So does anyone have any hangover? What was the last topic? The last topic was a bad cover songs? Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So

she says I really like she wasn't on this episode.

It wasn't it was alright. Um, I you know, I don't want to read too much either. Only because it was it was like two weeks ago. But uh, no, I mean, if you guys don't have anything, that's cool, too. We don't have to have any hangover. But also to just if it's just anything that you wanted to bring up from, you know, the time that we've been off. I do want to throw in a thing. It's not a bad cover. It's actually a good cover. A really good cover. It's a Natalie and Brulee is torn. Yeah. And yeah. It kind of ties to our list quite a little bit because I noticed that she's on list of one wonders. Yeah. Which is, but no, that is a Yeah. Yeah, I didn't notice that. So I guess since we don't have any hangover, we can go ahead and go into what we're drinking. Yeah.

Yeah, it was I didn't actually didn't really realize that the original version a Edna swap. Some man from LA she a one hit wonder. I mean, they want a one or two. I think they were like together for like four or five years. And then they broke up when it was like in 93, mid 90s. Okay, when did that other chick record it? Like those like not long after? Like, 97 I can actually pull it up. Like at the end of like the mid 90s. Pretty much 90s

Oh, that I have the page open. So like,

so torn, torn, torn, torn? Know what's on here? Oh, 9898. Yeah. So yeah, so I actually have a list here. I didn't, I was like, Well, what am I gonna write but I thought it would be.

I guess we'll get into it. We'll get into it. But anyways, so what are we doing? What are you guys drinking? What am I drinking? Okay, so right now I'm just drinking in Arizona tea. No, it doesn't really go with it.

No, but I've got some other stuff in the fridge. I'm just waiting for it to chill a little bit. So later on in the show once we start getting a little looser.

Yeah, you can tell later on. You know, when I, when I edit the episodes, like you can tell, like in the beginning, it's kind of slow. But then later on. Frank starts jumbling those words together. And then like we're just talking more

jumbled words together. He does not. Trust me. I have proof proof in past episodes.

But yeah, no, go ahead. Okay, so Frank drinking tea. Yeah, I haven't had one of those in forever. these are these are good. So 99 cents, still? 99 cents, and I was a kid. That's why they're the greatest. Yeah, and no, they're they're good. I like and if you're lucky, like sometimes Walgreens will run a special or they're like two for $1

Yeah, you know which one I don't like that much. The the the sweet tea the like the Oh, yeah, like the White can? Yeah, one I don't really like that one that it's a little too syrupy. Just tastes weird. Yummy. I don't know. It's a little syrupy. I think with that one. I like it over ice because it like, you know, it attains a little bit but other than that, it just it's to therapy, I think. Yeah, I don't I don't know why I don't like it's the flavor. It doesn't taste like sweet tea that like I guess like, like Bill Miller.

Stand for sweet tea.

Anyways, bro, what are you drinking?

I'm drinking.

I stepped on a scale this morning.

All right. What? What? There's not much to mention about it. It's like extra diet beer.

Trying to get a pen. Sorry. What do you read it?

You gotta read it. I mean

it's hilarious. See, that's why that's why you rewrite stuff to see where everybody's see where everyone's at what y'all Did y'all want me to pour some in your glasses? Oh, no. That's fine. That's fine. That's fine. Have you ever heard that before? I think so. I don't, I don't think I have water.

I read that you're gonna say lighter than water. I was like, maybe 2% alcohol. There's

never been an interesting thing. A ministry there. They're like big fans of Mgd 64. So like, what they do is when Okay, so like in between, like shows like on days off. They drink super, super light beer. And then on show days, they like drink the heavier stuff. Interesting. So I don't know. I guess they just try to keep a balance because I think you do it the other way around. Oh,

yeah. But I think the whole thing is like, you know, you you start drinking. Like, you don't want to be trashed 100% of the time. Yeah. Just when you're performing. Yeah, yeah, I understand.

No, No, but seriously, I think I understand what you're saying. So like, they want a drink. But like instead of drinking heavy the whole time? Yeah. They're just like, switch it up. Yeah, yeah. And later, and I think they Yeah, they got an endorsement from ngd. 64. Yeah, maybe we can get one. Yeah.

We like to drink this when we're not recording. So that when we're recording, we can drink the heavier stuff.

And the non alcoholics? Yeah. I'm Kim. What are you drinking? I'm drinking an all natural pickle hard seltzer from wild acre Brewing Company. It's called Magic brine.

And it uses the pickling Brian of Wiggins Island from Lockhart, Texas. And this is from Fort Worth.

And I heard that I hadn't heard of it. It's good.

Lockhart beer is from Fort Worth. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, it's like I think yeah, I think quite a bit a bit a bit bit of beers do that like though, though like import stuff from different towns? It's a 4.7% ABV.

So what uh, what do you read it? I don't really like cartels. It doesn't that's to me. It does. It tastes like a sells I I was too eager to try it. I should have poured you some I know you really liked the pickles. But this tastes good. It's not too picky. Okay. And it doesn't have that weird like artificial sweetness of a cell that that is true. That is true. So that's why I feel it and it's it's like 90 calories, but I still do everything else. There's a lot of sodium in it, obviously. But it's your no sugar. No, you know, all that other stuff that whatever. Yeah, it's just I still taste the seltzer part. I think I just I don't, but I don't taste this the bad seltzer like that you're talking about? I just taste seltzer period. And I don't I don't like it. Oh, I think that's seltzer. He to me is it's like it's bubbly ish. It's not like 4.7 4.7 speaking of pickle, we actually had the we were gonna have it on the show. But I remember you saying you're not really a fan of pickle beers. So we had the freetail pickle pickle beer. You don't like that one is actually really good to hear than pickle. Yeah. And I feel it's more leveled out. Like it's not like the pickle doesn't outweigh the beer. Yeah. I think it goes in the background. Pickles in the background. Yeah.

Because I remember you were saying like, well, you like the cucumbers. Better but we were what's the other beer? Now? The pickle me that's best made st pickle made. Now Now we see that beer everywhere. Every like now we go to HGTV and there's like stacks of it. And like we go to total wineries. We were surprised. Yeah, we were I was very surprised because freetail like they're from here on San Antonio where we're at. And I don't really like retail but I think they are hit or miss. I think this is the second beer of theirs. And I like and I read it I think if I should let you try this though. It's pretty good. What well when I find another one of the retail or when we find when we'll bring it and if I find another one of these.

I'm not drinking anything right now. But I'm gonna get something right now so we can share it.

So you guys could try it. So this one I actually have a sour because, of course, I like to I'm trying I'm trying to go for the sours whenever we do shows

because I know stouts are even though I did bring us down I brought another smaller stout so we can try it.

So this is from Avery brewery. They're from Boulder, Colorado. It's called bug zapper. It's a sour Ale 6% ABV. It's an ale with lime zest, ginger and mint. The thing that caught me was I had ginger in it. So I was like, I like ginger when it's not like when it's balanced and whenever they put it in, because sometimes ginger can be overwhelming. Yeah, if you put it if you put too much, but, uh, Kim, can you do the honors and give it some, and then we'll go ahead and read this guy, because

it's a limited release. Avery, I've actually had I don't know if I've had any of their beers on the show. I've had a couple of their beers. I think one of them was the we. You remember the Chai one Kim. So that one wasn't that good. I think I had another one of theirs too. I really didn't like that much. But we'll see how this one is. And we'll read it and see what smells nice. The mint. Yes. Yeah, mint, lime zest and ginger.

It does smell good. Smells like a Oh my God. It is this pickles.

And ginger. It's very balanced. Yeah. I like it. You can taste the lemon zest. You can taste the ginger. You can taste the mint. It's this balance. I like Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I'm gonna give it a five. Yeah, me too. Okay, let's see what can I say?

It's very like it's crisp. Is this the the lemon does come in the front, kind of making a face. It's like a drink something for about the body works or like.

It's like, one of those soaps from the lemon. I know. I know where you're getting that. Tastes. Really? I think

I like it.

I see where you're coming from. But I like soap.

Now I'm tasting what you're saying.

It's like later it comes in.

So what do you read it again?

Yes, I know. That was disgusting. Yeah, no, I like it, too. I'm still gonna get the whole thing. Could I want to drink another one? I taste the soap now, but I think the flavor profile this soap matches. So I'm gonna give it

Yeah, so profile matches.

Do you can give it a low number. I don't care. Like 2.9. Okay. 2.9. Wow. Like, I mean, I do like it. It's good. It's good. It's just that mint tastes that you know what I think. So it was sitting in the little cooler bag for a little while. I think it was like fresh right out the fridge. It tastes more crisp. But I do I like it. I think they balanced the flavor as well. It's just like too good. Sour. It tastes like a little bit like it's like a little sleepy.

Thank you for not saying so this time. Yeah, sounds better. Tastes like a lot of things. Okay, guys. So now that we're talking about beer, this isn't like really a hangover. But this is something where I know you. You guys hear me say in the beginning of the episodes, I say we talk about craft beer. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them. And so when we originally started doing the show, I my intention was to try to bring like a balance to the show where we would like learn about beer, and then talk about music. But I found that to be a little overwhelming and too difficult to do. So I think I don't know if you guys noticed this, but like in the early episodes, I would do that a lot. And I kind of strayed away from that it was more about talking about the beer we were drinking and reading and stuff. But uh, there is something that I came across that that I thought would be interesting to learn. And it's about something that happened the last time we recorded an episode. So I don't want to gross anybody out. But I'm gonna get into it and maybe the gross out illness would dissipate. So and all you listeners out there too. Probably gonna learn something too, in case you haven't come across this. This was my first time coming across this. I don't know, Frank had ever come across this before many times. Okay. I know. He had no idea what I'm talking about. Okay, so so you guys left our place afterwards recording last episode. And I clean up? I don't think Kim saw it. I should have taken I did see it and showed it. Okay, I should have taken a picture. Well, let me get to it. So yes, Ben? Yeah, I know. So the following morning, I was documenting the beers like I do before uploading the episode. And I get to a Can I don't want to say who drank it? Tonight? Oh, might have been at night. Okay. I don't want to say I don't want to say what beer it was. I don't want to say what can I was I don't want to say who drink it. Because it honestly doesn't matter. It doesn't it really doesn't matter. When I get to the end of my segment. You'll see why. So I'm cleaning out the beer cans and I noticed one kind of heavy and I'm like, but it didn't feel liquidy I'm like what is this right somebody I freaked out. Yeah. So I saw I saw I poured out right? I pour it out. And that's exactly what it looked like. It looked like

I can't describe it exactly, but it looked like a slug. Right. And it looked like someone Hawk the loogie on the slug and put an oyster on top of it or something like yes, it was disgusting like it just like ooze out of the

like legit, like, you know, the texture was like a video. You know the texture of a waster? Yes. It was exactly like that. Britt.

No, no. So let me let me finish. So the color. Let me explain the color. It was like kind of brownish gray with some black chunks in it. Kind of like

it kind of looked like a

like a mini cut the tubs? Yeah, so it was a baby slug oyster with like chocolate chip kind of things on it. It looked really weird, right? So I was freaked out, right? I was freaked out. And I was like, Okay, I don't know what to do. Like, let me research this for sure. Right. And I should have taken a picture of it just to keep but I was like, okay, no, I'm gonna I'm gonna research. So I started doing some research, right? And this is what I found.


I looked up slime slug. At the bottom, you always start at the bottom of a beer can, right? And it actually led me to a forum. So I'm like, Okay, let me see what's going on in this forum. So the forum started with somebody posting a picture of one that kind of look like ours. I'm gonna say ours. It was our baby slug.

And I named Jimmy. So he so I, somebody had a picture, right, but it didn't look as bad as ours. It looked more tame. Like it was like more cleaner. Yeah, didn't have that. The consist. It was like more. It was like a light brown, right? So I'm like, Okay, so this guy's asking. He's like, Hey, guys, like, does anyone know what the hell this is? This freaked the hell out of me. This guy actually it was in his mouth. And he spit it out? Yeah, this guy. It was in his mouth. And he spit it out. Right? And he's like, I'm glad I didn't swallow it. Right. So everyone's like, what the heck is this? Right? So I saw multiple people who had this and they actually sent pictures to the breweries where they got the beer from St. Like, what the hell is this? Whatever, whatever. So apparently, the breweries were saying that they had never seen anything like that before. And they were gonna look into it and see what the issue was, hey, if there's a number on you can let me know. So we can find what the what you know what the issue was? What batch it was. Yeah. So after going on and on with that, we find out that

one of the things that was popping up what is is that it was coagulated protein. So proteins that were put into the beer that they just coagulated inside of the bottom. And I was looking around, and I was like, and people are not like really too sure about this. It was happening a lot with stouts, mainly stouts. Some porters were having that issue. One person sent in a picture of an IPA having this.

They say apparently, yeasty beers like hefeweizens have this. So I'm like, Okay, let me check somewhere else. So according, there was this website called anchor brewery, anchor brewing. And they had a article in there from a like a scientist that works in a brewery. And this is what he said. So he broke it down into four categories, kind of like a one to four on like, not that bad. So very bad. So here it is, here's what it is. So if you're on the top of the list, which is not that bad, there's a bottle conditioned to beer. So basically, they conditioned the beer or the can. And what they do is they put a small amount of active yeast before they bottle it. And that's just, you know, to add, I guess, yeast to it so that it ferments while it's it's in the bottle to make it seem more fresh, I guess. So sometimes when that happens, the yeast settles, but it looks like sediment. I'm sure you guys have seen like at the bottom of bottles. It's like kind of like dusty. Yeah, that's that's, that's one form of it is just geese that gets, you know, just settles and it doesn't just breaks down or whatnot. I've always had that right, like, yeah, some Yeah, have advisors always have that. So because they're more yeasty. So there's some were like these bottle conditions ones, they'll add extra yeast and that'll happen. Another thing that this is level two, pretty much old beer. So old beer, instead of it settling and actually floats higher than the bottom level. They call it snowflake beer. And what happens is, it's not really settled. it it's it's old, it starts to break down, everything in the beer starts to break down. It's not as fuzzy as it was because the fermentation gets lost, or whatever was ferment, it gets lost starts to break down. So it starts to float in the beer. So if you see anything, like floating in your beer not settled, then it's probably on the older side and getting close to its end of its shelf life. I'm also to another thing, it could be as poor filtration of the filtration system of whatever brewery, even I'm guessing to like this happens more in smaller breweries that are more independent. They're not sometimes you'll come across them that aren't filtered. So when you get to the third level, you're going to come across infected or spoiled batches. So when that happens, it could be either poor sanitation or there could be a bacterial infection. So I'm saying all this but I'm going to tell you guys right now that this scientist explaining

This none of is bad. If you drink it, it won't do nothing to your health, you won't die from it.

So this third level, the worst thing that that will happen to the beer is that Oh, smell really, really bad and it'll taste really, really bad so on. So right off the bat, obviously, if you taste a bad beer, you're not gonna finish drinking it. That happened to Kim. And I, when I was trying out a beer, I said, This tastes disgusting. I think I told the story on the show, I dumped it out and it was just coming out and cloudy the whole time. I think that's what happened to me, it was a cross between level two and level three vetrina old beer or it was spoiled. And that one, I don't remember having a date on it. But like I said before, it won't kill you. Sometimes if the equipments not disinfected properly, also to have its own pasteurized. There's a lot of like, of course, like milk gets pasteurized, and beers do too. So there are some beers. I'm assuming now that I think about it that the roho beer. You guys remember when we had said that they were saying like, oh, make sure you drink it fresh.

And, like, keep it cold the whole time. So this was probably an unpasteurized beer, because they were saying that a lot of smaller breweries do that and that those beers need to be kept refrigerated at all times. As soon as they get into a temperature. That's not really where they're supposed to be. They start to go bad right away. So I'm assuming they didn't really explain that. But when I was thinking back on it, I was like, okay, there are smaller breweries. That's probably what happened. fourth level, this is the our slug guy.

So a slime so if you see slime slug any kind of oysters blackish brown Uzi thing at the bottom of your can. What it is it's yeast. Sometimes there's a significant amount of yeast that gets left over or gets accidentally put in the batch or whatnot, or in the bottle or the can itself. And the yeast basically just

COVID coagulates and or ferments to it, it forms and makes, you know formation. So with So with these, even though it's under the infected spoiled level, this is actually not bad. So if you ever see that, they're saying beers that are known to have that like the stouts and porters and stuff like that. hefeweizens best thing to do is if you ever have one get the bottle or the cannon roll it on its side to kind of loosen it from the bottom. Then when you pour it it's gonna float to the top all you do scoop it out and beers fine. Did you know it doesn't it does not affect the flavor of the beer. Now Yeah, and it won't hurt you. It won't kill you won't do anything. So even though it's like level four, because it looks disgusting. And super gross looking. It does nothing. So this guy that actually had it in his mouth. It did nothing to him it actually if anything probably keeps the made him stronger. Yeah, made him stronger. It actually keeps the flavor of the beer I guess more intact because it is yeast. Um, but yeah, so if you guys see any slime, I think the moral of the story here is to pour your beer in a glass if you can, yeah, if you have the right glass to use, or any kind of glass actually poured out, and especially with the stouts, porters and IPAs, but we're not the hippies, I should say stouts and porters are the darker beers in the headlines. But yes, I was going through this through this forum. And everybody was just freaking out for like five pages of people like sending in pictures. So I saw multiple pictures of this guy's like, he's all like, okay, dude, he's like, I've had been having bad luck with this with this brewery. He poured it out again, pulled it out with a fork, and you can see it and this guy actually posted a video of his from YouTube where he's trying beers. And on his video, he came across one of those and actually scoped it out. But so yeah, so it doesn't affect the flavor of beer won't hurt, you won't kill you won't do anything to the main one would be like the level three that you have to be careful for that if your beer smells bad, or tastes bad. So you open a cannon, it smells weird. It's bad. So just dump it out. It's gonna taste like crap. And you don't want to drink that. It's a good thing. You're talking about this? Because I don't think I mean, I don't I don't know how many people would actually go as far as you did to research. I think they would just throw out the can and they were just like, forget about that brewery altogether. Yeah. Yeah, well, this one. So a couple of people did send to their breweries. Some of them said that they got emails back, saying like, oh, we'll look into it. Like you really give. I guess the breweries really hadn't come across any of this before. Or maybe they? I mean, I don't know. Maybe they just wanted to wait till they got a straight explanation. So this one guy got a refund. this other guy he said he just wanted to know what it was. He didn't ask for a refund or nothing. And he sends a picture. And the beer company actually sent him like a full like, gift box like has koozies stickers like shirts. Like they sent him everything like just to be like, hey, look, we're sorry, you came across that but apparently like that's a natural thing, especially to in smaller breweries. So but yeah, it won't it won't hurt you won't kill you won't make the beer taste bad. But it was the freakiest thing I ever fuckin so yeah, you should. You shouldn't you should have saved it and just like thrown it in every beer. And then and then they reached out, reach out to every brewery, like me, give me the stuff, even the stuff. I mean, I should have honestly, if we would have sent that to the brewery. If you know, find out

Aren't we? there's a there's a possibility that he probably would have done the argument or given a refund. But it was just crazy because like, Kim had never seen anything I had never. I told her I was like, babe, you have to see this. Like, this is disgusting. Like, at first I thought it was mold. Like I thought something moldy had happened at the bottom of the can because, like I legit, I've seen this sediment at the bottom and I'm like, okay, I recently had a rice beer from from Japan. We got it from total wine. It was a

it was a rice lager. And you could see all the sediment at the bottom, I rated that thing five it was it was amazing. If I ever go back to get it, I'll get one for you. But it was really good. We had two from the same brewery from Japan.

One was a was a rice one and the other one wasn't regular lager, I believe but

that's natural to me even like alcoholic stuff like when you get like, like especially like in my case, when I get like a narcotic Shandy, it always says like sediments will form at the bottom to shake the bottle well, and just let it all like mix properly before you can put a slug or onion on these cans do

so yeah, so just keep in mind stouts and porters and the eastern ones like to have advisors. Yeah, I mean, like I said, we've never come across that.

You see, I've rinsed those cans and bottles before I've never come across it before. Not in the habit. But I mean, the the stouts were like and it's crazy. Because the stouts are darker. You don't know what's lurking in the bottle. And so this guy's all like, these guys are like, what's it called paranoia. They're like, I don't know what's at the bottom of his glass. Like, you know what I mean? Because sometimes they float up and sometimes they don't. So like if the bottle or can is moved around, they'll float to the top, which you know what now I'm nervous because I'm gonna be I'm gonna be drinking out later. Well, just remember that it's, it's, it's something that's not bad for the beer. And it's not bad for you. It's also not very common. Yeah, it's not. Yeah. So that to how many beers that we had on the show. And how many cans Have you read stuff? That is so true. And I've only come across that once. Yeah. So I mean, like, just the fact that you know, it happens at some point. Just hopefully it's not in your mouth. Yeah.

Especially like,

especially a person like me. I get traumatized by things. Yeah. I'm glad you didn't see it, then. Yeah, yeah. Like to this day. Like since I've since I was five years old. I just cannot drink regular white milk because of a traumatic story. Oh, same thing happened to me. I for the longest time like Yeah, right. When we got together, I couldn't touch a sponge. Because something traumatic happened to me too. Now I'm fine. But yours like I couldn't

alphabet vegetable soup. Oh, you see, it's like everyone has. Everyone has their thing. cc's pizza

in the river.


we so I hope everyone learned something here. Because I mean, I did. But so speaking of beers also, too. We're also now an untapped. I noticed if you guys don't know what untapped is. It's a social media basically website for beer lovers and stuff like that. They rate beer, basically post pictures, comments and stuff. And they tag like what beer they're drinking. And you can say like where you got it with breweries from whatnot. But I'll see I want on tap. Now you can go to our link. It's on the website, rock talk, happy hour pod calm. It's on the top of one of the social media links. But yeah, we're on tap. Now. Also to going back to what I was talking about one of the main breweries I was a I guess a was notorious on the forum for having slugs in their beer. As founders. I've had two founders beers. One was a Scottish, something it was it was a Scottish style beer. I didn't come across one then had two founders before that. I think I've only had two or three founders beers. While we've been on this while we've had this show. So a Brit, if you ever see a founders beer or something, those are the that was one of the main breweries that kept popping up for having slugs in your beer.

Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah, poured it just pour into glass. So I guess more of the story if it smells bad, don't drink it. Other than that, you're good. So yeah, cool. So now let's go into the topic. So the topic is one hit wonders. Um, Frank, I don't know if you have anything to kick off the the topic of one hit wonders. I do have some definitions to touch on. I don't know if you have some. Yeah.

I'm probably the same that you're gonna say. But you know, like, I was like, a, like, before we started the show.

We think that the term one hit wonder is not really accurate. Because, yeah, some of the bands on our lists, you know, obviously they had their careers continued after they peak, you know,

this is you know, sometimes they just they reach a they reach a peak and then everything else they release afterwards just doesn't quite capture that magic, but I mean, they still continue to have success, you know, they still continue to have some moderate success even after like their their peak and when I'm, you know, some of the bands that came across,

I was surprised to see that, you know, that they're considered one hit wonders. And, as you know, before the COVID stuff happened, they were touring, you know, they were

So how shows so just thinking like, like, how, how does that happen? You know, like, yeah, there was one. So I was going through lists, and I usually don't do that. But for this episode I did. And there was one when we get to it, they really tripped me out. I was like, wow, that's, that's considered a one hit wonder. So, um, so I'm glad you said that, I'm gonna go ahead and run through some definitions of what I found online, what a one hit wonder is, according to like music, journalists and stuff. So I did agree, though, that it's a very like flexible term. And it's very like subjective, like different people do have different definitions of it. But it's they're really are off by like a small margin, like they're very similar. But I'm gonna go on to what this says. So according to Wikipedia, a one hit wonder isn't any entity that achieves mainstream popularity, often for only one piece of work and becomes known among the general public solely for this momentary success, the term is most commonly commonly used in regard to music performers, with only one hit single, that overshadows or their other work. So yeah, so basically, it's like one song that they're known for. And everyone's like, really not too familiar with everything else that they have, even though they do have a big catalogue. That also to according to Wikipedia, a hit single, is a recorded song that becomes broadly popular or well known. And then also to on top of that, there's also to be more specific, the definition for a hit record is a single that has appeared in official music chart, like billboard, through repeated airplay, or significant commercial sales. So you can have a hit single, but then the more technical term is a hit record and our hit record is when the single hits on a chart. So now we're gonna go a little deeper into the whole charting thing. And you know, what the technicality comes to, with one hit wonders. So, this is also on Wikipedia, music reviewers and journalists sometimes describe a musical artist as a one hit wonder based on their professional assessment of charts, success, sales figures, and fame. music journalist Wayne Jan sic defines a one hit wonder as an act that has won a position on billboards national pop top 40, just once. So this music journalists says that you're a one hit wonder if you only hit the top 40. And pop once on Billboard, there was another journalist who said that you are disqualified from being a one hit wonder if your second song was on the Billboard Hot 100. So the top 40 is within the hot 100. So you have the hot 100 list. And if you're in the top 40, you're in the top 40. So it's actually like called its own section. So this journalist was saying, Yeah, you're right. If you're in the top 40 once you're good, but if you're if you have another song that hits above 40, but you're still within the 100, then you're not considered a white one, one hit wonder. So then this is what gets kind of confusing, too, because as another journalists who

had this new label called True one hit wonders, which was wasn't, which was an artist who had a song go to number one on the Billboard Pop Tarts, and then never had an a chart again in the top 40. So this guy saying, There's true one hit wonders that aren't in this other category. We're like, Oh, no, these guys, you know, they had success. They had songs hit on the chart, even though they weren't in it within the 40 this guy say no, it's, it's a it's someone who hit one who hit number one, once in their career, and they never hit that they never made it in the top 40. Again, which, to me that kind of hit made more sense. Like I think that kind of narrows it down to what a real one hit wonder would be because you're going to hit number one once but then not make it in the 40 at all have to be number one, because even if it's not number one, cuz you know how like those, like, have you ever seen the Billboard charts where they're like, Oh, this song has been sitting at number one for like, so many weeks. Like, but you know what, I guess you're right to I guess I'm gonna backtrack because, yeah, cuz there are a lot of like, hitmakers that were like in the top 10. But even then, top 40 they were saying top 40 counts. Yeah, so Okay, I'm gonna go back to what I'm saying. It's flexible. So I suggest subjective. Everyone's gonna have their opinion. But I guess the consensus is if you're in the top 40 period once, then you are one hit wonder. There was another thing too, where they got like really technical that this one other guy was saying that if I can find it real quick. He said that for an artist to be a one hit wonder

if if they had one song, right, hit in top 40

but they never had a second Billboard Top 10 hit and if any other subsequent

Top 40 singles were released within six months of their first big hit. And if the first and if the artist had not had three or more top 10 or platinum albums, so this guy's Yeah, so this guy was actually considering albums too. So he's like, okay, so if you have a hit in the top 40 but you also didn't have like a, because I guess you can have a top selling album but not have. That doesn't make sense to me. Because how could you have a top selling album and not have a top selling song on the album? You know what I mean? Because that's how you sell the album's is what the song? So it's really confusing. So I guess with all that said, let's get into our list and talk about Yeah, when it wonders, but can we all agree though? Top 40? Yeah. The top 40 is usually

Well, I mean, either we should have but I didn't. I didn't know that it was this complicated.

But do you guys want to agree with that now? Top 40 or top? 10? I mean, it honestly doesn't matter now, but just you know, I would say yeah, because I mean, the Billboard Hot 200. You know, like, if you make it into 200 I think for any band, it's what a deal? Well, yes, yeah. 100 Yeah. 200? Like, I don't know. Yeah, but still a 200. It's like, you know, at least he made it.

100 I think they do. Yeah, they do. Yeah, but I think the 100 ones are like the ones that they keep an eye on more because it spans all genres. So if you think about, like, all the songs that come on in a given month for any genre, you're gonna they're gonna be packed all in there. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, I don't know. It's It's weird now to track that stuff. Because with

music streaming, you know, it's it that Oh, yeah, I think it's definitely changed the game.

But the cool thing is that even though music streaming has really overtaken I guess, you know, music now. They're still keeping track of like, pure album sales. Yeah, says, you know, how many streams or how many digital sales and whatnot. So, and I think a lot of maybe, like, the older fans of music are still going out and buy an actual physical album. So it's, it's nice to see that when a band debuts and album at, you know, say like, number five, and they had maybe like, 65,000 pure album sales. And maybe like, I don't know, 10,000 digital sales. Yeah. In anything. Okay. You know, that's, that's still good. Because it means that 65,000 people actually went out and bought that thing. Even when, like, maybe five years ago, number five to that meant that they debuted with like, 200,000 you know, but again,

streaming has definitely changed the game. So it's interesting. I you know, for me to keep Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah. You know, to stay informed on that type of stuff, too. So, yeah, no, that's that's, that's a no, you're right on that one. Um, so yeah, cuz like now like they do look at streams like streams for like, any music, any given music platform. Like they look at that now. Like, now that's a big thing.

I don't think it really wasn't before.

We add No, definitely. So do you want to kick off your one hit wonders list and, and like, what like I was saying before, whatever you guys want to say about what was on was found as a one hit wonder in right. You can say whether they deserve to be it or not, because like you were saying before, these some of these had careers, you know, protecting great careers, right?

Well, yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna start mine off. I'm going to start with like, heavy and then I'm gonna get like, dropped down. Okay, you drop it down. So I mean, by your definition of top 40 this bad? No, not my No, don't throw me under the bus. Now my definition.

Okay, so by the definition that you gave, this band is not a one hit wonder. Okay. But, you know, they, they were out there. Uh huh. It's a helmet. helmet. Okay, alternative metal band. Did you? Did you find them on a list of being considered one? I wonder? I did. Yeah. Okay. And

I don't think they're one hit wonder because they're still out there still putting out music but their second album, Meantime, and the song on song that

is, you know, to this day, it still played on local radio.

So the only song I hear the only song from from helmet I should say on the right. Yeah. And that was her second album, you know, and that's the one that really put them out there.

But the album only reached 68 number 68 on the Billboard 200. And after some time, you know, and went gold into us and globally sold 2 million. So you think you know number 68 only sold gold? Yeah, by today's standard. That's pretty impressive. But you know, back in the 90s not very impressive for the type of band that they are. Yeah, that's pretty impressive. That is pretty impressive. You know, and you know, the band influence a lot of new metal and alternative metal bands in the 90s and the single itself reached number 29 on the US alternative song charts. That's pretty high and number 32 on the US Hot Mainstream Rock. See that's that's top 40

So they hit top 40 in their in a chart. So it's just their album never cracked the the 40 Yeah, their album. Yeah. What? So we've heard the song, obviously. Yeah, probably I don't know, I should say too many times. I mean, and I really liked this album. To me, I think it really defines the anks and anger of the 90s. You know, like, every time I listen to this album, I just want to punch people.

You might want to turn that off. Oh.

Well, Frank, so judging on so what do you rate this song? And what like, do you? Do you agree with them being considered a one hit wonder?

Not quite. You know,

an interesting thing is when I was maybe about two years ago, band helmet came to town they played at the paper tiger. And some of them emerge got shipped to my store for them to pick up. And, you know, one of their crew came and picked up the march It was like a whole bunch of T shirts and stuff. And he said that they actually had to order more shirts, because their shows are selling out. Oh, wow. And they're running out of March. And so, you know, when I saw them pop up on the list, and then thinking back on that I was like, No, no, I mean, if they're still selling out shows, I mean, they're obviously something something is still going Oh, yeah, you know, definitely. Yeah. So, but this the song itself unsung. I mean, it's been overplayed. Oh, yeah, times, but and it's overplayed also to because they pick this one song to play from them. If you would pick like, obviously people love them, and they go to the shows, you know what I mean? So they have other stuff. Yeah, if you would play more variety of them, but ya know, anyways, go ahead. Oh,

I'm gonna give it a four to five. You know, even though it's been overplayed, but the album itself, you know, I think overall, I also give a four out of five. It's it's pretty angsty, pretty angry. Pretty ballsy. I think. Cool. And to me, I mean, it's like just the perfect definition of what like, you know, the whole album. Time is the perfect definition of like, the 90 sound. But yeah, it does. Yeah. What do you know what year came out? 92. Okay, so it's almost 30 years old. 92. I'm just curious to see if they're on the list over here.

Let's see helmet helmet.

Because I pulled up a list of like, by decade. Yeah. So I want to see if

they're not on here. But no, yeah, I'm sure there's multiple lists. But, ya know, that was a good one. I mean, I'm not familiar with the album. I am familiar with the song but. And the band themselves. But

yeah, no, I mean, I wish Yeah, they would play more of that band. Not just that one song.

But what you got you got Do you have anything? Yeah, um, I guess one that I

always surprise me when you look at lists or, or see those kinds of things that comes up frequently is Divo. I saw a list

with the song whip it? Yep, yeah. And tech, and they do fit Mario's definition now.

That they, that was the only song that was in the top 40. And they had other songs that were in the top 100, but not on the top 40. So their second biggest hit, got to number 41. So Oh, they missed it by a hair. And they wouldn't have been considered a one a one, right? That's right. But they have a rich and very lengthy career and are super influential. They're one of the very earliest bands in electronic music

got together in like 74. So they were making music for a really long time, and I think had big broad sweeping influence for a really long time. So it's kind of weird to put them in that category, especially since I know that we'll be also putting people who didn't have influence and didn't have a big career in the same category. So it feels like an insult. But it fits the definition. So yeah, and that and that's where this whole thing comes from where like everyone has a tweet, I guess, definition of this term. So like, we're we're talking about these bands that are great, but everyone only recognizes them for that one song, but like everyone else has not paid. So you said that they had another song they hit 41. Right. So if I go back to the definitions, the second journalist that I mentioned, said that if they had one in the top 40, but their second one wasn't a top 100 that they wouldn't be considered a one hit wonder. So by his definition, they don't fit in that category, because they did have another one that was in the top 100. And that probably might be the case for helmet too. They probably had another single if we look at their charting. Yeah, that wasn't the top 100 and not just have one that was you know,

so yeah, I mean, the definition is tweaked. I guess it depends what journalists you talk to, but either way you see it, they're labeled something

Whereas a one hit one. Yeah, yeah. So and just to, I guess, put a date on that one, that one was in 1980, because I do have these by decades. But uh, yeah. So and there, are they still? Are they still around? Are they still together? I think that they were planning to do a reunion tour or like a tour. COVID and then none stopped. Right. And one of their members had COVID and, like, struggled with it for a long time and recovered, recovered. Yes, but it was.

harrowing. Speaking of that, there's I guess I just have to throw it in there. Because you mentioned it. There was a song on here. I don't know if you guys have it on your list or not. But I mean, so Harvey danger. Song. flagpole sitta that came in 98. I don't know if I need to play it or not. I didn't play. I didn't play Divo. But I could play it if you guys want me to. But we did see that Kim and I did see them come out on a list when we were watching one not too long ago. And we found out that the singer actually passed away from COVID last year. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So he actually got he was like one of the ones that got it early on. And he passed away from that. Yeah. And it but they're considered one hit wonders, too. But I think technically,

I don't know really too much of their discography. I don't know how long they stayed around, because that song came out in 98. And I really don't remember hearing anything about them after that. So they might be one of those, like, legit ones, because there are a lot of these two that they didn't stick around long. Like a lot of the ones that I know we're going to talk about probably had a long career. And they were here, here and there. But like, there are some also too, they only released like one or two albums, and they gave up. And they only did really have that one hit. And I think I would call those one hit wonders. Then now that I go back on it, they really did didn't have careers, like long careers. They had like a one or two album career. And then they decided to quit for whatever reason the band split up or whatever. And they it's not that they didn't have good stuff. They just only had a chance to release something to get that one good song out. Or that one hit I should say out.

I don't know. But they were on there. I mean, I just wanted to throw it out there if you guys want to hear it or not. Um,

later when we get to the dance party portion of Yeah, okay. Yeah, I got a dance party. Um, Kim, do you have any? I'm confused thoroughly. Oh, no, I think I think everybody when I got when I got into reading definitions for this, I got confused too. But I think if you see your song or band on any list at all on there, consider a one hit wonder, then it counts. But you can debate it. You know what I mean? Because the definition really is there's so many like different charts to there's like alternative. There's a Rock chart, there's a you know, and these guys well, there's also a combined Yeah, so these guys are saying top 40 of the combined because they do get separated. But uh, go ahead, Kim. So everybody's favorite to leave the bar song closing time by Sonic Yes.

I guess they're not one hit wonders because they according to this chart for history for semi Sonic. They peaked at number one with closing time. 98 they peaked at number 11 with singing in my sleep. They peaked at number 21 with secret smile. They peaked at number 39 with chemistry, all songs of which I've never, and those are the top 40

Yeah, I've never heard of those other songs. Everybody knows closing time. Yes. Everybody knows that. And everybody feels like that's the only song that is this band has. Yeah. So it by that kind of makes it feel like yeah, maybe they were a one hit wonder but looking at this.

That's some pretty good research you did there because I'm bad. I just did. Oh, that's cool. No, and I mean, it's cool. Even if you did just do it right now, like, and that shows to like that they they charged him with other songs. But it also depends to like,

you know, there's no songs that like get popular. And they're played like two, three months straight for me. Like I for instance, for one of our last episodes, we had Go Go t on there. Somebody that used to know, right, so that when we remember playing like all summer, whatever year it came out, right? But then it goes away and you don't hear it anymore. Yeah. And I think that's what happens with some of these bands where they do have chart success, but that it fades away. It doesn't stay

it what's what's the word? It doesn't age well, and ages quickly. So it goes away, but then you have that one that's lingers along and it just keeps, you know, going through the years. So I think that's another thing to take into consideration too with with your example is that, that that could happen where like they will do they they will have success with songs. But those songs don't necessarily stick like people get tired of them quicker than the other ones. So for instance, closing time. It feels like no one can ever get tired of that song. So that one just sticks around but the other ones were like oh yeah, that's a good song for like two weeks, and then everyone's like that.

Nevermind. All right, I like closing time better. Yeah, I

mean, it's a good song. I like it.

Um, I guess it's my turn. There's one that I saw on the list that was considered a one hit wonder. And I guess when you hear the term one hit wonder, because of some of these, I think like, the 90s were like, notorious for that. Or like, it was artists that didn't really, and the 80s 80s and 90s that I, when I look at the list, they were artists that really didn't stick around like you. They really did. Like when I was saying earlier, like one or two albums, and they did have one and then they disappeared, for whatever reason. But one of the ones that I found on here was from the 80s. And Frank, I don't know if this is gonna trip you out or not. But a rush is considered a one hit wonder. I can see that rush. I mean, I see that too, because there's only one song that everybody like really knows. Okay, well, let me tell you what the song they hit with with was interesting. New World man in 1982. What, exactly I don't know what fucking song that is.

Not there. I mean, what else do we have on there?

What other I mean, there's a lot of rush songs.

Yeah. I mean, Tom Sawyer working man working, man. There you go. Yeah. I'm trying to think of the other one. subdivisions. Yeah. Like there's so many like, iconic. And then like also to musicianship wise. Like, he's like Neil Peart. And, you know, geddy. Lee, like, it's like, it's an iconic band, and they're very influential. But then when you look at when I when I came across this list, I saw them as being one hit wonders, because of that one, song. And bread. I don't know, if you're looking it up, and you're tripping it out, and you're tripping out. And if you see anything that like I didn't see, but I didn't dig too much into like, what how their other songs charted, but according to this, as far as like, top 40, they only had that one hit. And I was like, but but but also to the music. The first music reviewer that I mentioned in the beginning of this segment, was that he considered them hitting top 40 ones in pop. So I know we were talking about different charts, but there are there is a compiled chart. So you can be rock and make it to a pop chart, because it's not necessarily pop, it's popular. So you can have for instance, I'm wearing my toxicity shirt. toxicity could be number one on the pop chart, because it's popular at the time. Like that's how popular it is. And it's number one in top 40.

At least I think that's how it works. That's from what I saw. If I'm wrong, someone messaged us or whatever message me directly but that's how I read it. And that's the only explanation for me to see rush on here. Another one that I saw just so I can knock it out of the way was Twisted Sister was on here with we're not gonna take it. They're considered one hit wonder but they're like an iconic like, 80s hair metal band. Yeah. And they were even and Pee Wee's big adventure movie, which I haven't yet seen. You know, that third episode that we bring up up?

But yeah, no, I mean, it is really trippy. Like that. Gary Newman is on here with cars. Yeah. Like, it's crazy. like to see these bands on here. I think the rush one was on when they got me, you know, a rush I can understand because, you know, in the 70s I think a lot of bands are moving towards like the whole progressive rock thing. So I think for a band like rush to hit number 40 you know, at least break the at least break the break into the top 40 is pretty impressive. Just because considering considering that they weren't really a traditional Yeah, they weren't a tradition, you know.

So I mean, I think for a progressive band to make it into the top 40 is impressive. I don't agree that they're one hit wonder. I mean, why? Because they I mean, they have like a massive following. Yeah, they have a massive

What's it called? discography like, it's crazy. It when I saw that, it just blew my mind. I was like, What the Hell yeah. So um, so since we went around once, does anyone want to get a drink or try something? Sure. What do you want? Kim? I only have one other thing. Oh, yeah. You have a was a strawberry harbach Yeah. Yeah, I know. We I know. I said we wouldn't have karbach on the show, but we got karma.

So we have a strawberry one. Oh, let Kim talk about this one. There we go. Oh, nice, huh? This is from karbach Brewing Company. brewed in Texas. It's a strawberry blonde forever called Strawberry Fields. strawberry blonde.

5.2% alcohol by volume. I think they're trying to do their version of the poteete strawberry shiner strawberry. Yeah. Oh, no, definitely. Yeah. Oh, we should taste test.

Yeah, we can do that. So frank, I got this one. Right. Yeah. And it's actually I found out it's a nonalcoholic. So whenever you

Chocolate milks out. So it's not like a chocolate milk stout. It's a chocolate milk stout. Okay, so that's Yes, traumatize my milk? No, no.

I like this. Yeah. So so that's that. What do I want to sample it? Just a little, just a little, a little sample. Okay. In case you're, if you're ready, if you're ready for it.

I'm not quite ready yet. Okay, if you're not ready, you can go ahead and hold on to it. Okay, if you want you can put that in the fridge too, so I can get colder. Yeah.

Cool. Okay, so then I'll get another beer while Frank will come around to you on your next.

Wait, do I go now? No, you know, you don't have to go. Now.

I was gonna just say something about the karbach beers because this one is named after Beatle song. Right? Yeah. And then yeah, love street as a door song. So I was wondering.

I was wondering if there if that was a theme for them. Or if there are any others, you know, you're onto something. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do my research. I'm actually gonna write it down here. karbach and Beatle songs.

Oh, doors. Oh, so you mean okay, so songs. Okay.

Yeah, songs, beer names. Okay, I'll look. I'll look into that. Right. Okay, so I guess before we do that, I'll, I'll open one.

I was gonna taste it. Okay. Yeah, let me taste it. No, no.

The abida one is better. Yeah, the beat one is the shiner one is better medicine. It has like a medicine taste to it. And then like a wheat taste late. That comes later.

Oh, you want it? I was gonna say I'll keep it. Oh, good. Taste it again. Like, well, if you don't like it, I'll take it. So there's like a creamy aftertaste. It does have a little bit over creamy after Yeah.


I'm gonna give it like a three. That's fair. Yeah, I'm gonna give it three. Can we give it like 2.7 2.73 also, and I think if it was cold cold, like Chris. Yeah, I mean, maybe.

Sure. But yeah, shut up ice. And the bag. Yeah, I should have raised the bag. It's a cooler bag.

Well, it's because this bag if I put ice in it like leaks. Yeah, so like, that's why I started bringing the box. Yeah.

You want me to open this one? Yes. Okay, so I got one. I don't know if you guys guys remember when it was Kim's birthday. And we had a birthday cake. Oh, yes. So this is the same brewery. This is prairie artesian ales. This is their slush beer. So this is a sour ale with strawberry, raspberry, lemon and lime. Okay, it was lush. So let's let's give this one a try last time.

I think that that Birthday One was a stout, so it was kind of thick. And then the other one we had of theirs together was the blueberry one.

If you remember that one. So I think we had one more there's it was the sherbert the sherbert boyfriend? Yeah, well, the blueberry one in the sherbert the ssurvey one. And we're all like God doesn't really taste like sugar Bay. There wasn't really much flavor in it. But uh, so this is the prairie artesian as it's not a sour Yeah, it is a sour. Yeah, this is a sour smell sour. Let me see. Oh, it does smell sour. This is again from McAlester, Oklahoma. This is from cribs Brewing Company. They have cool cans Yeah, they do have cool cans. So these this these guys I think have been hit Miss too with their flavor profiling. So I guess I'll go first let's see

it's actually fruity. I like it. Yeah, I can't pinpoint every flavor that they have but it's fruity enough for me in a sour that

I'm gonna give it a five Yeah, yeah, I think the raspberry at the end it came it came hit me at the end. What do you want to rate it? for war? Right? What do you want? Like 4.8 for boy All right. Well, that's pretty good. I mean, would you say I said five. Cuz it's it's good. I mean, I do taste the rest Berry. I do. I don't know if I taste strawberry.

It's better than the one I get we trade.

I taste a little bit of lemon.

I like it. Oh, it's good. I think I do 4.3 This is 4.3 Okay, this is one of the better wait on the strawberry or this one? No, heck no on this. Oh, this Okay. Um, yeah, I don't know. It's hard to like I like when the flavor profiles match on the sours where they're describing it. If they're missing something I think we had one the other day. It was a

I don't know what it was. Was it the watermelon warm? It was a salted water. Oh, so we had a salted watermelon goes a right.

And no there was no watermelon flavor in it. So it was cold right? We drank it out the fridge when you had it cold actually put these exact words on our untapped profile. Um, when it was cold, you can taste the salty

or if I'm getting backwards and then as the beer warmed you could taste like this the sourness of it. But there was no like in between there was some kind of flavor but it was really no watermelon in there. It was really disappointing. Yeah, cuz I wanted to taste watermelon in there and I gave that one a pretty low rating. But uh, with that said, Frank, you're next what do you got? Um, I've got the fuel, banned fuel, fuel, holy shit, okay. And a little bit history on fuel. They started in 89 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And it wasn't until, what two albums into their career, something like human When they reached, you know, when they peaked in their success with their single hemorrhage in my hands. The album peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Top 200. And The single reached number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

And it was actually named rock song of the decade by billboards best the 2000s rock songs.

Yes, that's pretty impressive, right? Yeah. And it was listed at number five, for you know, over a decade.

They've put out you know, like five albums throughout their career, but

it was with hemorrhage in my hands that that's that's when their career peaked. And also, that album had like two or three other singles in it. Yeah, did. They just didn't quite reach the success of hemorrhage, which is,

you know, oh, they had that song shimmer, too. Yeah. Which is good. At this. I really like and actually have a funny story about this about this band. I saw them at some like radio thing. It was like a radio festival type thing here in town. And they were the headliner. And they played hemorrhage as their encore. Oh, wow. And it's not the type of song that you Oh, yeah, that you? Did you encore with? Yeah, I don't know. It's also not the type of song that you match to. Oh, that too. But people were mash into it. What the hell and there were these like to, you know, like, early 2000s Bros in the pit just like beating up on everybody.

Somehow I am like, a perfect mental picture of like, Fred Durst. Yeah, pretty much. And the funny thing was that when the song was over, the band was walking off the two guys that were going at it with everybody. They were both hugging each other crying. And, you know, in my head, I'm thinking maybe they both went through a breakup and this was like, their, you know, they were like, taking it out on people. You know, you know, you know what I take back what I said, this does sound like encore song, like a good night. Kind of sound. But uh, yeah, not definitely not a mash song. No, no, but I mean, I guess if you're feeling it, like you can mash to anything. I mean, people watch the weirdest shit. Yeah, that's true. That's true. So I mean, I I do like this one. It's a good song. Excuse me. I do I do like the song. What do you rate it?

I give it to me. It's like a perfect five. So my question do you think it's fair for them to be called a one hit wonder?

Yes. And no. I don't know. Just because you didn't really hear much about them after a string after this. You know?

I mean, they like I said that they did have some other hits. It just wasn't the same as as this song.

But you know, the fact that they went double platinum with this with this album. Yeah.

says something. Yeah, but you see also to that is contributed to this song. So like, yeah, album at CD exchange? Yeah. Do we? We don't own it, right. No, we don't. Okay, we'll get this.

And if there's too infrequent, okay, so we'll do that. Yeah, I know. I need to get you a copy of that blue orgy that blu ray orgy Blue Monday. Because we'd like for there's like four of them. So we'll get you one. Because we have one so I think one of the things that really stands out to me in the song or the vocals? Yeah, no, they're good. I mean, because the vocals Yeah. Because like when you hear him singing, you could hear that. It's like really coming from his soul. Yeah, you know? Yeah. Like he's got that like pain voice in his in his vocals. Now it's good. I agree. Um, Brett, what you got? Or what do you want to talk about? I guess the one I want to talk about is

I guess I'm disproving that it's one hit. Yeah, because oh, you can do that. It's Aha. Okay, a song that everybody knows of course is Take on me

That's not their only top 40 hit in the US apparently they had many, many hits in Norway, which is where they're from.

And in Europe as well, other places, they had a lot of hits. But here in the US, it's just take on me. Yeah, one other song. The sun always shines on TV. And so that was actually hit 20 Oh, wow, not a one hit wonder. Even though everybody thinks they are. Right, they've kind of always get categorized as such. So. So yeah, they're not. So there. And I think one that kind of pairs with them was the Nana song.

Because it hit here, but she she had hits outside of us where she was, yeah, cuz she was German. But and it's funny because the German version hit here. Yes. And so that charted here, and everyone considers you know, her a one hit wonder, too. But, uh, so yeah, so you're just proving this. And what do you write this on?

Yeah, no, it's a good song. And it's a good video. Yes. It was like revolutionary. Oh, yeah, definitely. And I think I think family guy gave him a little boost in popularity to that is funny. Yeah, I just recently heard that. The Pet Shop Boys charting or charting again with an old song from the 80s because it was featured in the Superbowl ad. Oh, the song. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. That song has been driving me crazy. The past week. I've been seeing it and i think is Geico or something. Somebody is using it. And, and I searched I said Kim, I told her, I was like, wait a minute. I was like are those are real lyrics. So that and I've heard the song before, right. But I never paid attention to that part. So I looked it up. I was like, Oh, it's Pet Shop Boys. And I've been hearing it like, I don't know how many times a day, like and I'm like, wait, yeah, no, that's crazy. That it's crazy how that happens, right? But uh, so. But yeah, not a one hit wonder though. No, no, no.

I think the same thing to happen with Queen right? Didn't they have like an up and down thing? I think when, when they were featured in Wayne's World, yeah, they had a they had a boost in popularity, and then they like to get down and then yeah, Freddie Mercury passing away. They went like way up again. Yeah. So what happened with that is that uh, this was weird. You know, they did not chart with Bohemian Rhapsody until Wayne's World came out. So wilhemina Rhapsody was very unpopular when it came out.

But then I know what's his name? Mike wires, right was a Michael Myers dammit. Michael Myers, Michael Myers, Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike, where I was right the first time right. Yeah. Mike killers.

Right. So Mike Myers was a big fan of that song. And he was a big fan of Queen. And so yeah, after it came out on the movie, that's when it charted, but you could see like, where it connected to the 90s audience, but it didn't connect to the audience that or you know, in the area it originally came out, which is pretty crazy. So but yeah, that's when that's when it started.

Wait, but that was your list, right? I mean, that was your that was your song. Yeah. Okay, go on. Sorry. Do you mean

I don't know Whose turn is it. Your turn. Wait. Oh, yeah, you went? Oh, you cut in? Okay. Yeah, sorry. No, no, no, no, I was just confused of where the cycle was. So I saw this on the list. Okay, but it was pretty like stupid to me. It didn't make sense that Third Eye Blind

Yeah, a one hit wonder with semi charmed but does not anybody remember jumper or like any like how's it gonna be?

Even with jumper and semi charmed alone? What would disqualify never let you go deep inside. Like, okay, so they're not one hit wonders because they never let you go. Is that 14 jumper at five? Deep inside of you at 69?

They had. How's it going to be at number nine and semi term was at number four. So yeah, so I just was on the list of one hit wonders. I don't know. They're still putting out music. They put out an album as recently as 2019. And we were there we saw release there for the release in Austin. At Stubbs they played the whole album screaming all the way through.

I don't know like they I don't even understand how people could say that about them. Like they've been putting out music since late 98. And it's all great. Like, their whole saga is just amazing. Yeah. To me, Steven Jacobs is like, genius. Like he's just, I think it's also a case of you know, you have you have the casual listener. And then you have like the dedicated listener, you know, if you're a casual listener, you hear the one song and then five minutes later you move on to the next thing. Yeah, you know, so I think that's why maybe a lot of people also do the whole one hit wonder thing because again, they're just a casual listener. That is true casual listeners, I guess gonna put a lot on the on the one hit wonder stereotype or whatever. So

Kim, I don't even think I have to ask what would you rate this? 500? No, yeah, I read it. I read it a five, two. I mean, it's one of the better. I like this. Coming from my

absolute favorite song ever.

I mean, but like me talking like 90s era alternative, like, to me, this is one of the like, the better ones like because a lot of the 90s alternative stuff was kind of like,

what's the word? Like? cheesy, like, sappy kind of, like, I don't know how to explain it. But that alternative was like that. And this was like, more upbeat. And not. No, no, no, no, a beat as like, literally like the beat wise. Yeah, but lyrically, it's like, darker. And that goes to their whole album, you know, that we talked about or any of their albums and Matter of fact, but, um, so no, that was a good one. That was a good one. So.

So I guess mine, let me see the next one I wanted to go to so the 90s to me, when I was looking at the 90s list, I thought it was very fun. I just want to rattle off a few just to see what y'all take is and maybe if y'all have them on your list or not. But uh, one of the one of the ones on here that is kind of nostalgic to me, which might sound kind of weird to y'all is.

What the heck is it?

Where did it go? Well, not Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby, doesn't it? But I mean, he's, he's definitely one hit wonder.

Oh, what is love from haddaway? Oh, yeah. And the reason to me, I've been at the rocks night at the Roxbury too, but there's something that it reminds me of before that, so

this that, so obviously, like, they had that one hit, like legit, but like you really didn't. I don't think they connected with anything else. Because they were like that pop dance 90s thing where like everybody that was like, so popular at the time. So it was kind of like the grunge thing where like, all these grunge bands were popping out, and only a few were like the legit ones. And I think these were like one of those pop dance artists that came out and it was just like, yeah, they legit had that one hit. So for me, I remember back, like, you know, in that time,

I've been a spurs fan for a long time. And they used to have these things called fan fiestas. And every time I would go, they would like the radio station was always playing this 90s like pop dance stuff. And I remember this song, like even before at the Roxbury but yeah, then it's a good song. I like it. I would give it like a like a five from that from that, right? It's a good song. It's fun. It's a fun song. I understand why it was a hit. But I also understand when they're hit by why they're one hit wonder, right? Like, I honestly don't think they charged with anything else. I didn't do my research I could and maybe save it for a hangover segment. But I really don't think they have anything else in their discography that was like, you know, worth mentioning, I guess, or whatnot. And I don't even know if they lasted that long. You know, it's hard for me to say another one on here. I don't know if Britt had them on their list, but I feel like I had to mention them. Not only are they on this list, but Kim and I actually saw them on a video list on YouTube. toadies with Possum Kingdom, only because we're here in Texas, right. We don't see them like that. But nationally, they're considered a one hit wonder because of Possum Kingdom. Yeah. Um, so but I'm gonna go ahead and ask Britt you don't agree with that, do you? I mean, I don't see him like you said I don't. Yeah, I can see how like, you know, they probably got him on a technicality.

Yeah, I think they might have had a couple other like, Oh, yeah, for sure. Like radio songs like, yeah, Tyler was real. Oh, yeah. Right. And, um, and I think they were on a soundtrack.

Black Sheep

movie. Yeah. But yeah, they didn't really ever get super popular with anything else nationally. Um, yeah. So yeah, so nationally, like they hit with that one. That was a semi Sonic was on here. Of course, we talked about that. I know Frank. I don't know if you talked about this before the show but the Natalie Imbruglia song tours Yeah, which I didn't know was a cover introducing it.

So she's a one hit wonder that song came in it well, she's considered a one hit wonder. I don't know any of her other songs. But another one that recur recurs on this. Show chumba roombas tub thumping

is a that is a they're considered a one hit wonder they actually hit that song like it wasn't

about going to the bathroom for isn't Aren't you the one that came up with a definition for that jump for champion? No, no. Tough. Don't be one of those things. Oh, male and female. Like the bathroom or something like that? Yeah. Like are you chumba Are you one but what Yeah, exactly. One of the two. Yeah. So yeah, so those were some of the 90s ones I had on here and other one was Aqua Barbie girl. Yeah.

I actually just want to go through

Some of these are real quick as I was 65 in there, actually, that should have been like 2000s. So let me see if I'm correct. I should have been like two. Actually, I think they had to hit sign, but I think that was before 2000 though, right? Like maybe it was in 99. Then let me see, like late 90s or something.

I don't see them on this list.

Because you would think they would be like an obvious one. I'm looking at 2002 somebody could pull that up. That'd be less. I don't know. They had some other stuff. Well, I think they had two songs. I think it was blue. And there No, there was Yes, that one and there.

Yeah, move your bodies. Can you see 65 Let's see if I can find that other one.

So yeah, blue. Yeah, move your body which is our how are we talking about? Eiffel? 65 or 65?

I don't remember the song. There was another song I was thinking No, but I know two of their songs. And yeah, I think that enough breaks them from

like, technically.

Well, cuz it was a big song though. And that's why I know cuz like I didn't go out listening to this though.

Are you sure? I'm positive. Positive?

No positive. I was pumping a metal head.

I don't know this song.

No, I mean, maybe I've heard it here and there, but I just wasn't enough to make an impression on me.

I'm gonna give this like a 3.5 I feel like maybe it was on Dance Dance Revolution or something. I think I like blue. Better. I think blue is a five to me. Yeah.

I think that song was inspired by the Blue Man Group.

It's a fun song like to like to me it's very, like, It dates it to to the 90s that I was talking about to like,

and I think that's why I like it, too. But on the video side, it's also like, I think to me, a good you know, sum up of like, bad but good. 90 zero pounds. Yeah. Oh, Euro pop. Yeah, that's right. Um, and I think real quick, I'll probably just knock off like, maybe one more and then we can go on to Frank because I think that thing that I'm going to close out with this 2000 or 2000 10s because I didn't realize that there were some no you know what I think I'm gonna close out with like, more recent like 2010s because I was looking at the 2010s lesson. I found that very interesting. But I think ending in the 90s there was a What was it?

What did I have? Oh, like the verb

lit with my own with my own worst enemy.

And it's crazy to cause like Macy Gray's on here with I try and apparently she only had that one. But to me I always seen her is like one of those, like iconic singers have like her genre too. Which is kind of weird to me. But yeah, no, that was that was weird. There's a ton of 90s ones that were

Blind Melon on there, too. No rain. Yeah. I don't know how you guys feel about Blind Melon. I don't like that song.

I don't understand. I don't understand why it was a hit in the first place.

I know that's harsh. That's my opinion.

But I think it was like a combination of like, some of the catchy parts of the song plus that video that video was really really popular. We talked about seeing I didn't like the video. Okay, okay, we agree on I remember I told you about how like this B girl was like, yeah, popular on talk shows all over the place. And Pearl Jam wrote a song about Yeah, all kinds of stuff. So I don't know. I like Blind Melon. And I think some of their other stuff is is good better than and you see that? That's that's where I think my thing comes from is that I don't I'm not familiar with their other discography. I'm just familiar with that one song. And we're talking about the casual listener. Well, I guess I would be that to this artists because I only that know that song and I don't like it. So I'm not going to go and listen to that. I think they ended up doing too much because their singer died. Okay. I had two other artists would you would you have let's see if I had a wheatus Oh, yeah, we this Teenage Dirtbag. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. I know that song. No. And Meredith Brooks with a bit, bitch. Yeah. That was Linus Morissette.

And I thought to I originally I thought too, but then but then when I knew it wasn't I would always forget her name. Um, but yeah, after a while. Yeah.

That's a good ones. good ones. good ones. I don't know. Casey, I want to hear him just let me know. Yeah. Not Frank. You're up. My next one is also a 91. Oh, shit. Okay. This one's a little bit of a weird anomaly though. Because the single reached number seven

on the Billboard Hot 100 but his album peaked at 187 on the Billboard 200. What? So that's weird. He sold more singles than he did an album.

And his name is Edwin Collins, and he's a Scottish singer songwriter who started his career in 1979 with the post punk sand, orange juice any launched a solo career and I gotta hear this in 85

Yeah, it sounds it sounds weird. Wait, so what's the name of the song The name of the song is a girl like you.

And it's Edwin with the why.

Yeah, socking and this was like 30 you know, like three albums into his solo career when he reached you know worldwide success with with maybe in other countries his album sold or charted better but in the US it's

but in the US it's it's weird because he charted so low. Yeah. In the US, he charted so low, but it's single charted, like way up there. Sounds like it reminds me of Austin Powers.

Actually, yeah, one of his songs was featured in Nelson Peltz shit, okay.

And, oh, I know this song. And interestingly enough, I didn't know his name, though. Not too long after.

You know, maybe he kind of sounds like David Bowie. A little bit. Yeah, yeah. And I you know, if after the song you know, after this, this album, not too long after maybe like a few years later, he suffered to cerebral hemorrhages. Oh, wow. Yeah. So he retired from music, he temporarily so that he can recover. And actually his recovery was documented in a movie called

The, the possibilities are endless switch, which is one of four phrases that he could repeat. Wow. You know, like, because he was he? Yeah, like he was left like, almost like without any, any speech? Yeah. But uh, yeah, the possibilities are endless are one of four phrases that he could say, well, in recovery. I mean, he's made a full recovery now. And you could watch the documentary that thing is on YouTube, but because of this hemorrhage thing, he ended up, you know, gaining success again, because people were interested as to like, Oh, you know, this guy had a medical condition. And now he's back doing music. Like, I gotta see what, what's up with this dude? Oh, that's interesting.

But yeah, it's just weird that his album peaked at such a low number, but it's single peak at a much higher number. Hmm, I wonder. I'm gonna assume that's pretty common. Because I think with like, a lot of these songs, like, you know, that's why they are considered one hit wonders, because no one else knows their discography. But, you know, actually, I'm gonna go ahead and say to that I've been, like, I'm guilty of buying in an album of a band that I don't know because of one song and then I listened to it. I'm like, I don't like this album. I think a good example is I know you guys. I don't know if I can say Frank and Britt like them, but I think if I'm correct, Britt like some there are tours. I don't like the record tours. And I actually bought their first album when their first single came out because I liked the single but I ended up not liking the album. So um, I guess that's a good example because if I wouldn't have bought the album I would have bought the single and there's actually did sell sell singles in physical form like I remember going to like the drugstore. And you would find like, I remember seeing like Britney Spears singles. You want to rack like on cassette or CD. That's right.

Cuz cuz singles. Yes. And I think I don't know if my mom still has it. We had like, him he baby like the single. Single. Yeah, we had it. And we had a we had some other ones too. And I think I had a Pearl Jam single on CD. Okay, um, but yeah, so But back to this one. Frank, generate it. And do you agree that he's a wonder? I mean, I don't know much else about him. I mean, I know he was featured in

the first Austin Powers movie. I can't believe I said that. You know, yeah. Which makes sense. I do like the song. I give it a five. Okay, perfect. Five. It sounds like a good song.

And, yeah, again, I'm just perplexed that you know how his album charted? Yeah, lower a lot lower versus his his single. Yeah.

Yeah, that's crazy. But, uh, but yeah, no, this this is very interesting. Like, I didn't know how weird it was gonna be like, as far as like, definition wise, and like, how, like, I thought it was very specific, but it's not. And it's very, it's very, like, what's the word? controversial? Not controversial. It's divisive. It's very divisive. Yeah. Um, so with that, but what else do you got? If you have anything else? I think I'm just gonna debunk another one. Okay, what you got Falco? Oh, okay. Yeah, the Austrian I guess new wave.

Austrian new wave. I think so. Yeah. So his song Rock me Amadeus was the most popular one of his songs but he followed it up not too long after with Vienna, calling

Which was charged I think it's like 20 or 20 something range somewhere there. So we actually had two hits in the top 40. And a lot of other songs to dare commissar was another big one.

But everybody remembers this one. What year was this? Do you know? Trying to see if he was on this list? Like 8586 Okay, so 80s I gotta go to Yes. Oh my god, the 80s list is like insane. Yeah. You know, Eddie Murphy is on here with party all the time. Oh, yeah, for sure. You thought he had more hits on that? Yeah, they're disappointed because Yeah, it was. Well, now that I'm here in the 80s looking.

Billy Crystal is on here.

Yeah, Billy Crystal did music. Yeah. Yes. song called. You look marvelous. Okay. Oh my gosh, I remember that. Holy shit, I think. I think I remember that song too. But yeah, that's upsetting. I just remember. Okay, don't see. I'm like trying to get a nice five for the song. What do you write this song? I love Falco. It was part of that like German language kind of interesting thing that was happening in the 80s where there were a lot like you said like Nina

redballoon. Oh, Bruce Willis is on here. I remember that. Okay. Well, he Yeah.

Well, it's uh, I guess there's another funny one on here too. That you know, I know we're I'm a fan of the song and I know we talked about it on our covers episode but a dead or alive. You spin me around? Yeah. Lots of other songs. Yeah, so I was gonna ask you guys because I know you guys are more so you guys would not consider them one hit wonders. Now they have all Would you agree with that? I mean, I don't know. I guess we're you know if we're gonna stick with the definition I'd have to see like, oh, we'd have to love others. Yes. charted but that was true brand new lover was really really popular. Oh, I know that song too. Yeah, yeah, they play down at the club. So I wouldn't. Yeah, that that's a that's a heart. Oh, and we also talked about Rockwell. somebody's watching me and apparently Yeah, well, cuz Michael Jackson's on that song. Yeah.

What else we got on here? He's uncredited, though. So yeah, yeah, cuz I didn't know that. I was like, oh, Nana's net. I mentioned her and I didn't really even realize she's on this list. Yeah.

When we were talking about her that since we had talked previously about covers, but seven seconds the punk band. Oh, man song and it's awesome. That's like one of my favorite cover. I think. Did we? Did we play that on that episode? I don't think I mentioned it, then. Oh, you don't think you did? Okay, so hang over there. But yeah, that's a hangover. Okay. Sounds familiar that, you know, you mentioned that sounds familiar to me. In English?

I'm okay. No, go ahead. I was just gonna say Also, since we were talking about Falco that

there was, like, there's an English version of dare commissar that got became very popular, and everybody thinks it's Falco. But it's actually a whole separate band called after the fire covered. That's right. And I made that song even more popular with their English version, because his version was in German. Well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to add those on our Spotify playlists. So if you guys are interested in hearing us, excuse me any of these other songs, I'm going to add them on our Spotify playlist and you can find them a rock happy hour pod calm at the top. Um, okay, so with that, Oh, actually, before cuz we're gonna go to Kim next. But when we come back to me, I'm going to end with like, No, you don't know that. I gave you my Oh, 2000 2010. There was one on here. House of Pain was on here for 90s we jump around. Yeah. So and I had to bring it up. Because I saw this. I was like, I gotta ask Brett.

Like, well, how you feel about that?

Well, I mean, I'm not I wouldn't be surprised if that was accurate.


my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love how many albums that they have. I don't know the answer to that one. I would have to look it up. I can't look it up. Because I don't have I should ask you guys to connect to your Wi Fi before just just to do research because, um,

and so will you do that? I guess since we're gonna pass him up. I'm gonna go ahead and go to 2020 10s um, there were some so there's some obvious ones here from 2010s

Oh, do you find anything? It looks like they have like 402

I mean, that's decent. But uh, who knows how they charted? I guess we can find out.

You know, in person.

To 1000s I'm just gonna run some of these real quick. Oh, we This was on here. Kim's Kim's was on here. Crazy town butterfly. I don't even think I don't even think I have to play that.

No, I'm not. So this is one of my like, least favorite. Like No, I shouldn't even say that. I hate the song with a passion whenever it would play on the radio. Even the music video I hated it.

From 2000s to Coleen wherever you will go

I don't know if you're familiar with that song. Please don't make me play it.

Okay, it looks like I'm gonna have to play it. I'm gonna give this a zero. Yes. So I don't know if Frank knows this song it played like everywhere like on MTV and stuff and each one I think more beach one.

Let me see What year is it? Uh, it is 2002 22222 2001 Okay, here we go. Okay, you remember it and like I said, I give it a zero

they're only known for this one song and I think because the singer was a jerk for some reason. I think they only released one album. I think

you know the song. Yes. I hate

Thank you. I hate the song. I'm gonna go on down Oh Vanessa Carlton 1000 miles. I don't I'm not familiar with Vanessa Carlton's does Garvey but I, I wouldn't consider her I thought she was very popular even after that song. What do you think Frank? Any thoughts on Vanessa, Vanessa Carlton? Because I know she even was doing stuff more recently too. I feel like she was a little bit of a rip off of Michelle Branch. Yeah, I thought that too but on a piano version, because Michelle Branch is not only here.

They came out like around the same time trapped is on here which is funny because it's hard to It's rare to see like rock bands on here. But trapped is on here with headstrong.

Oh, here's one. Here's one that you guys remember the darkness. I believe in the color actually love that video. So apparently like these guys were very successful outside of the US but here like they only hit with that one song. And I remember that plane all over the place to the tarries boys of summer, which we talked about on our favorite covers episode. I thought the attorneys were very successful to outside of that cover song good. I apparently they only hit with that one song. But I guess I could see why as far as mainstream goes. Because they were like, you know that punk under like pop punk ish. Kind of like

Warped Tour group or whatever. What else do we have on here? Just so I can get out of this

hate event? Oh, Snow Patrol Chasing Cars. 2006. That was another one to

see. I thought they had other access. Yeah. Um, and I guess to fill out that now I am gonna go ahead and get out of that. So I'm gonna go ahead and go into the 2010s. So I thought this was gonna be more interesting because obviously I can't really think of a more recent one hit wonder per se then go ta because he really did disappear. Like he really did just come do that and then leave. I think he wrote if I'm correct. I think he wrote. I don't know if he I think he was a songwriter, and he helped other other artists. So we're going to 2010s here was one that was kind of, I guess a little weird to me. I'll LaRue with bulletproof. I don't know if you guys are familiar with it. I really liked that song. Would you like me to play it? Right? Sure. Okay, so I thought this was a good song. I think it's a fun song. I liked the video when it came out. I get a five.

Let's see if I can find it real quick. And I guess she really didn't have success with anything else after this.

Let's see if I can find it real quick.

I had that album. I thought it was good. Okay, here it is. Britt. So seems like it's like around your alley or something.

Oh, yeah. No, no song. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, apparently she's from the point. So this was what I say. 2010. Exactly. So that was that when I give that one a five. What else is on here? Go to is on here. And I just said on 2012 group love is on here. I know. That's one of Kim's favorite bands, tongue tied. And that was from 2012.

The Lumineers Oh, hey, in 2012 you still hear that? group love as you see. And you can go ahead and say that because I agree to but they have them on the list. And apparently maybe they only charted high enough with tongue tied to be considered no one hit Lumineers I still hear that song in freakin grocery store. We'll go. Yeah, what else do we have on here? Frank was saying earlier that he saw MGMT on the list.

Yeah, you see I didn't see him on here. But but there's that technicality to where they're saying that if you're a two hit wonder you don't even fit in the category because you did have another song that hit Portugal The man is on here too.

With feel it's still um, but those were like the 2010s that I saw. I tried to go into rock and metal ones. a weird one that I did see what Drowning Pool was on there. And apparently they're one hit wonders because of just bodies. Yeah, yeah, just bodies. Another one that I didn't see on here that I know everyone considers which is weird.

To me because of what I've seen it like CD stores, alien and farm with Smooth Criminal which we talked about on our covers episode where they released their first single isn't that a cover song? alien form was on there, but it was weird because they they have. Have you ever seen those masters collections? Greatest Hits? Yeah, CDs. They have one. And they and I know, I know movies. I don't know if you're familiar with their song. Yeah. They also had another song called the that I really enjoy. I don't think it's off of that album. It's called.

Oh my god, what is that fuckin alien from song. It sucks. It's like bad for me to not remember the song. And I'm trying to like dispute it. But anyways, I'll put it on the playlist. But uh,

yeah, so that they were on there. I didn't see them on this list. But definitely everyone considers them. You know, you know, the funny thing is, when I was in Colorado, I was going to school in Colorado for a little bit. And they were playing a show in Colorado Springs, where I was going to school at a community center. It was a free show, provided that you bring in a toy or some canned food as donations.

That's cool for like a Christmas drive thing.

But, you know, I just at that point, I didn't even think they were around making music or doing anything anymore. Oh, I was wrong. It was on that album. It was called attitude. That song attitude. Very good. I don't know if it was a single. But

I don't know I it's hard for me to with them. Because everyone knows Smooth Criminal, but I wouldn't consider them a one hit wonder. And they do have like a greatest hits album. I don't know how many. One hit wonders have Greatest Hits, you know what I mean? And even if it's like,

and it's also difficult to pick because I think it's a regional thing to where like there's songs that are popular, like they obviously we can talk about the radio station here all day, which we have before the rock station here where they don't play certain stuff, or you'll hear him like outside of Texas, and they do chart, but we don't hear it. So there are like, you know, songs like for instance, nothing more as a good example to you know, they had charting songs, but we didn't hear any of them. And we're here in Texas, you have XM Radio, unless you have XM Radio too. And I think it has a lot to do with regional and like radio station.

technicalities, too, because like, you know, are the type of radio stations that you have because Austin has a lot of cool like alternative you have alternative

options. While here we had one for a little while and it like it disappeared. Yeah. Um, so yeah, I think that's another thing to take into consideration too. But, uh, I guess I think we all learned that the term one hit wonder is even more, you know, complex then I originally thought it was. Frank, I don't know if you have anything on your list. If not, if you guys have anything closing to say on this. Yeah, I've got three more, which is what you got what you got. Okay, so we talked about a Scottish guy and my previous one. This next guy is British. She's a singer songwriter, David gray. David gray. Yeah, he had that one song Babylon from his fourth album called White ladder. Yes. Yeah, it was, I think it was like pretty popular. It was all over MTV. Like, I found it. And, you know, the funny thing is when he put out that album white ladder in the UK, it didn't it didn't chart until two years later when Dave Matthews released the album on his record label. And it shot up like everywhere, massive success.


the album itself daily debuted at number 69 on the UK Albums Chart after Yeah, after after Dave Matthews re released it on his label, you know, so debuted at 69. And then eventually jumped to number one on the UK charts.

And it ended up selling 3 million copies in the in the UK. So eventually, he went down 3 million, which, you know, in the UK, yeah, that's a lot dude. Just in that region, like, yeah, and you know, here and here in the US, when you sell a million you go platinum and UK, you sell 300,000 you go, you go platinum. Oh, so he went platinum 10 times in the UK with this one album, genome and all this song, and here in the US. That's it. Yeah. And he I know. I know it too. And here in the end here in the US has this album peaked at number 35 on the Billboard 200 words dated for over a year, and it earned him a Grammy nomination in 2002 and sold 2 million copies in the US.

Hmm, I'm sorry, I'm trying to listen. Yeah, it wasn't an Austin power soundtrack. Was it? No. It was not.

David green

Yeah, no, I don't know the song. So what do you write this song? Let me give it a four. Four. Okay, so So technically, he was a one hit wonder in the US, but he wasn't us.

Yeah, but he wasn't internationally. Yeah, yeah. So so before this album in the UK, you know, he had some success. And then when this album came out in the US because of Dave Matthews, Nicky got popular all over the place. That's another technicality, too. It's a whole thing about regional thing where I can also bring up because you're saying British, but they're in the same area, like blur was song number two, right? You know, they were, they had success, where you know where they were from, but you come over here and everyone only knows him for that one song and gorillas. Well, what's his name? What's his name? Oh, ahlborn. Melbourne. Yeah, um, you know, and Okay, they're not a one hit wonder but limp biscuit. They're not on my list. They wait a minute. So you're trying to find a reason to bring in the biscuit and so this episode? Yes.

But no, I mean, we're talking about regional success. Right.

You know, they have a crazy following in Eastern Europe. Like they're selling out arenas everywhere. But here in the US. They're only like playing theaters. You made me.

I mean, that way. What a way to end the show, Frank. No, no, I still have a couple others. No, just kidding. I write this at the re it's a fun song. I mean, it's fun. But like when you start to get into like, you're like, Am I a douche for listening to this song? Maybe? I don't know.

Okay, I'm gonna play this song in the background while you talk. Yeah.

cracked open that. Oh, you did? How's it taste? I haven't tried it yet.

Oh, thank you.

It smells nice. It smells like chocolate milk, I think Okay, so this is the chocolate milk stout from what's the brewery untitled right on title art. untitled art non alcoholic chocolate milk stout. Smells like.

It smells like you could smell it. The can is pretty. It's a by artists Stephanie Heyman. I guess they feature artists on their tastes like water down Chuck. No, it tastes like carbonated chocolate milk. Which it shouldn't be like it shouldn't exist. It tastes like diet chocolate stuff. That is so weird.

You know, I like a lot of stevia based like chocolate. Yeah, never like trying out different little things that have like, what does that call it? Not at all. Yeah. And then like CBN stuff. That's what it tastes like. I'm sorry. I give this a like a like a 4.7. It does have a it does have a little bit of like an artificial sweetener. taste to it. It's not bad.

Frank, what do you give it? I think if it were chilled a little longer. Yeah, I'd give it a higher rating. But I think I'm gonna go with a with a four on it for Okay, great. Well, you give it four also. I think it's good.

It's very chocolatey.

Bro, do you give it I mean Brit Kim, what do you give it? British rated it?

It just it's weird because it tastes It does taste like chocolate milk. But it tastes like like you were saying like watered down. carbonated. Like it's hard to explain, but it does taste that tastes like it's Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know what? I'm gonna go 4.5 I think 4.7 was a little too high. Can we give it like a three? Yeah. I kind of figured I kind of knew it easier. No. Today, I've had bad luck. I'm gonna stop. Frank, what else you got?

I've got vertical horizon. Oh, that's not on this list. That's weird, too. But go ahead. Yeah, so vertical horizon. They started in 91 in DC. And they're originally an acoustic duo for the first two albums. And by the time the third album came out everything you want, they were a full fledged band. And that album featured a super successful single, also entitled everything you want.

The song itself reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also became billboards most played singles. 2000

and the album 3000. Yeah, dude, I wait, when did the song come out? like 99 or something? Because I was gonna say I remember this one. Oh, okay. 2000 Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. I was like in middle school. Yeah, I remember but they have other like they do often.

And album wise, they they just barely picked that number 40 because the album actually topped at number 40 on the Billboard Hot on the Billboard 200.

But yeah, you know, the other two singles on this album, you're a god and best I ever had. Were also moderate successes. They didn't peak as high as as everything you want. But, you know, they were good, successful singles. This is the this is the cheesy 90s stuff that I was talking about. But this is the better of it. Like, you know how we were talking about Third Eye Blind earlier this is that that not that genre, but this is like that group that I was talking about or like there were bands

Like this, they weren't that great. Like this one I give a five vertical horizon Third Eye Blind and matchbox. Well, but Third Eye Blind was a little different, I think because these guys were more of the sappy kind. Yeah. Frank, what do you read it and what do you think of?

because it reminds me a lot of middle school. Yeah, I'm gonna five. Okay, I get it reminds me a lot about Middle School. Yeah.

I don't know. I just remember Middle School. I remember like seventh grade, I think. I think it's a good song. And I don't know, I like that little reverb delay. I love the intro part like the intro. I was also gonna say that you so on your list, I noticed that you had a recurring thing where you were mentioning the top 200. So I guess how it breaks down is you're in the top 200 then if you're in the 100, you're in the hot 100 then you drop down to the 40 and you're in the top 40 top four, which is the pop. So it breaks down like really weird. And I got confused because I didn't see any that they were within the 200 and it was more referencing. Oh, if you're in the hot 100 then that's when you kind of get

out of the of the one hit wonder stigma if you had another song in the 100 that wasn't in the top 40 on your second song. I know. It's weird. It's complicated. But yeah, okay, so 200 so top 200 Hot 100 Top 40 Yes. Okay, so you guys learn how to billboard breaks down. And I'm gonna end my list with life house. Y'all remember life house? Yeah, I think it's a song I don't like. What song is that? hanging by a moment? Yes, I don't. Yeah.


And it was a mega successful single from their first album, their debut album, no name face.

In the US alone, the album went double platinum, and peaked at number six on the Billboard 200.

So I guess it qualifies as a top 40.

The single peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 eventually became the number one thing of 2001 holy crap. And in 2019, in the

I feel about the colleague, he didn't say you liked it. Did you? This one? Yeah.

He said, All right. You're good. No Go on.

In life, you know, life house in 2019 New York Times article, the band was listed among the hundreds of artists whose original master material was lost in the 2008 Universal Studios fire. Holy crap. So that sucks, right? Yeah. This is like to have your master recordings destroyed in a fire. Yeah. Was it? That wasn't the vinyl fire? Was it? Because I know a lot of masters were destroying that vinyl fire. But that's a different one. Right? Yeah. I think what happened was there was a worker who carelessly didn't check. So I think what happened was he was laying asphalt to the facade of a building. And he didn't check for it to be cool enough. And I think because of the

I don't know.

Oh, yes. I

kind of saw that, but I wasn't sure. I was like, Yes.

Yeah. Let's listen to Frank's historical. Okay. But yeah, due to a maintenance worker negligence.

Whole bunch of master tapes went up in flames. Sucks. You had one job. Lay down the asphalt, plugin records. Record studio or whatever. I wonder if he got sued.

I mean, I mean, I mean, I don't know he probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

Yeah, I don't know. I'm probably got fired though. Yeah, probably.

Um, no, he's actually laying asphalt for a film company now.

But a historic

they burned down in Casablanca and said

yeah, no, but that was that was interesting. I mean, I knew it was gonna be weird but I honestly when I was started getting into it, I was like, Oh, this kind of just got a tricky and then it's a lot like you know, you have to go into what did chart What didn't chart where did it chart?

And then also to like, where we're where we're at, like, did we even get to listen to that song? Bad ought to do but I don't know. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode.

I want to point out that now that I'm, I guess profiling the this, this tastes a little more. It's starting to taste a little more cough syrup. Yummy. like chocolate cough syrup. Really? I don't know. I liked it. I mean, will you have more of it? But

I mean, I liked it from like, I think from the non alcoholics. I'm probably gonna say this was one of my favorite ones. Um, and I think because it's like sitting a little more now. Yeah, I think I think it's, you know, I'm starting to taste a little more that yeah, definitely not to me a little more like a

More than cough syrup II flavor to it. Hmm, I don't know. It's good. I mean, it's not bad. It's interesting. Cool. Well, I still give it a whirl before you get before you get before. So good before, but now that it's like sitting a little more I'm tasting different flavors now. Cool. Cool, guys. Well, I guess we're all done here. We're done right? I think so. Okay, so we're all done. We'll see you guys next week. And like I said, if you guys want to check us out on untapped, Facebook, Instagram, all that stuff, go to rock happy hour pod calm. And also too Don't forget check your cans and bottles for slugs and oysters. So pour your bottles and your cans out if you can, if you have some glasses, you know, just to see what's in there if you have a heavy visor and roll it around a little bit

because apparently those got slugs at the bottom too. So yeah, and if you have a slug name, um, and let us know what you name it and send us pictures. Alright guys, cheers.

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