Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 27 - Bad Cover Songs

February 06, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 27
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 27 - Bad Cover Songs
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This episode, we discuss bad cover songs! We compare the covers to the originals while trying some craft beers. Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 27:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is the podcast about music and craft beer. So every episode we try and craft beers, we discuss them, rate them and sometimes learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. And Frank was today's media music related topic. Today's

music related topic is bad cover songs. They're out there they exist. Yes, they do. There are some good cover songs and there's some bad cover songs. Yeah. And last week, we talked about the good ones, or at least the ones we like. And this week, we'll be talking about the ones that we don't quite like. Of course, you know, you just have to have a part to write good and bad. Yeah, you have Yeah, you have to and Part Three is the ugly.

Yeah, there's some this this list was harder than I thought because I was trying to be like, I was explaining to him earlier that there are bands that I don't like so right away. I don't like their covers because I'm biased. I don't like like why, but I tried to get away from men specifically, like, block out why the cover was bad. Because also too on my list there happens to be a band on here. That's not bad. Just to me that summer was bad. But we'll we'll get into that list in a bit. First off before we do the show, we always go into our two little segments. One is what is it hanging over a segment so I talked about anything that we forgot to talk about last episode or episodes, and then we bring it up and then we also talk about what we're drinking. So I actually have a hangover What do you guys have a hangover hangover? Which would you got Brett?

Well, I guess like two other really good covers that I Oh, yeah, go find it forgot about when I made my list and then I was like, wait, maybe those should have been on there but we kept it short. So that's probably why so I guess I'm making my lists like five. Okay, but there are just two that I didn't talk about last week one is the Johnny Cash cover of sound gardens rusty cage. Oh, I

don't know. I've heard that one.

It's on that same album is the cover cover of hurt and all of those cuz Johnny Cash did like a whole cover on multiple disk. Oh, wow. Okay,

I'm gonna look at I'm gonna look that up.

Hey covered Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles and Depeche Mode and a bunch of stuff, but he covered sorry boys. have been really cool. And yes, I would pay money to see that for sure. But yeah, he covered sound gardens rusty cage, which is one of my favorite Soundgarden songs ever. And the Johnny Cash version is really cool.

Okay, I'm gonna check that out.

Yeah, and my other one was a cover of the Led Zeppelin song no quarter. Oh, and it's tools cover of that song, which is super badass. And I think I like it better than the original.

Is that on an album?

I don't think so. I think it was released. So

like, it was okay. So I think tool released in a live album and video concert thing called sellable. Mm hmm. And I remember it was going for like crazy amounts of money. Like, because they made like limited amounts of it. Yeah. And you can find them on eBay for like 300 bucks. Oh, yeah. But no, that that is a good cover. Yeah, I like that one

did it sucks because there's some covers that I was trying to add on the master list, but I couldn't because the songs aren't available on what I will Spotify. And so I would, I was just curious. And I was like, Well, let me check Pandora and some of them weren't on there either. So there was one song that I didn't really want to talk about it but I wanted to put it on the list because I like it a lot. So last year, we saw I believe Charlie Daniels passed away last year. And so two covers came out of doubling down in Georgia one from corn and one from Nickelback. So to me the the original one is an awesome song, but the cover that was done by Oh my god, what can you think of the name of the band now? The corn? No, no, the bass player, les Claypool. Oh, okay. prime prime prime Miss now. couldn't think a premise is a prime minister. I don't know if you've ever heard that cover. That covers Falcon amazing. Like I haven't heard that. You haven't. Okay, so if you haven't, check it out. But go to YouTube because he actually made a music video for it. In the music videos awesome. Have you seen these? No. It's like claymation but like fuckin awesome. So I was looking for it and I it wasn't on Spotify. I was like, his whole like, all of all of premises discography is pretty much on Spotify. So did some researching I looked and I found out that you could only get that song, if you had ordered a certain album or something. And when you got it, it was like a CD, it was on a CD ROM. So it was like an exclusive and you can only get it that way. And I was like, What the hell, that's why it's on Spotify. So yeah, there was I couldn't find that one on Spotify. And then another one, too, that I wanted to throw out there found some covers that were done by and from faith no more. So faith, no more had covered Black Sabbath. And then on one of their albums, and then later on a tray, you covered their song epic, and I have an album, but it was a bonus track that you remember, I don't know if you guys remember the cool CDs were like, if you fast forward, like and there was Yeah, so this, that's what this was. But if you go on Spotify, the album's there, but the bonus track is unknown. And so I was like, Oh, well, maybe if I let the track play, it'll be on there. It's not. So I'm like, that sucks, too. So there's a lot of like B sides or whatever that I couldn't find because they're like, they have these little things. But also to speaking of like, we're this off topic, a little bit of a CD that instead of fast forward 14 to find the hidden track you back. Reverse from track one. Oh, and it's negative. Oh, there was only Yeah, so if anyone is familiar with AFIS December underground, or if you know any other song that does that this is the only album that I know, that did that. If you start track one, and you reverse it, you can actually go back to negative and it starts an extended intro, which is pretty cool. I mean, I didn't know about that. But

there's an album 10 years, his first album, their debut album, oh, yeah. On the CD version, they had like interludes like, like pre aggregation, but on their stream, stuff, like they don't even exist.

Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, they cut them out because it extends the track time,

or whatever. But I guess it's like you said, it's like the negative stuff because it's like, between this track and this track, but you know, it doesn't say so on the CD itself. It's just you have to listen to it. Yeah. And Yo, yo, you'll find it

well, it's kind of like Black Sabbath, his first album Yeah, the there. I think some of the some of the some of the releases the interludes weren't named, but they're actually named on like, the reissues. Or like, they are songs like, I think, like behind the wall of sleep or something had had an intro, but it wasn't labeled until it. Yeah, crazy, crazy

stuff. And one thing I thought was cool about you know, and it was probably the same for the EFI one, but the the 10 years album, it will start at like, like, you know, like, track four, but it would like count down like backwards until I reached the zero mark, and then the real act. Yeah. But yeah, the interlude wasn't listed.

Wow, that's I don't know about that. You know what I'm gonna look at. I I used to listen to the album a lot, but I have the physical CD, but I'm gonna go to Spotify and see what that's weird. You would think they would have the extra stuff like that on there. Yeah, but because it's just part of the trial. Yeah, that's weird. All right. Well, anyone else have any hangover


You don't have to.

Yeah, actually, I was gonna talk about so stupid bad names. Right? Okay. Dang still Wow. Whoa, because I because I just discovered a band that I really like. Okay. And we were listening to him on the car right over this band called fart barf.

Is that one word or two words? It's

one word. And so yeah, so the name is a bummer but the music sounds really good. It's like it's like it's like dance punk. Okay, you know type thing with like heavy keyboards and like, basically if, like if Daft Punk decided to add like real drums over their stuff.

What are they called the

fight or for Yeah,

oh, look at look him up on Spotify.

Who and I think as far as covers go like the last episode good covers. I wanted to point out a perfect circle is an emotive album. It's a cover album and I mean, but if you didn't know that recovers like you would think it's like a brand new perfect circle. Yeah, album design very completely restructured

Yeah. Yeah, those don't sound anything like

No, it's just the same lyrics essentially. And that's about it.

Um, alright, well with that said we'll probably later on we'll probably have another like favorite covers episode maybe possibly. Because that was the original plan but we'll see. What that's what are we drinking?

So right now I'm not drinking a brew yet so I'm just drinking an aloe vera juice with pineapple. Cool.

Bread what you drink I'm

drinking one of the non alcoholic cherry chocolate stouts from last week, okay, but I meant to grab a different one, but this is the one that oh guy opened. So commit to finishing it. Okay. Well, I

guess this is part hangover in part. What are we drinking? Cuz Uh, so, Kim and I have a beer that we've been waiting to share with Brett since November I think. But this beer was canned in November. So November 20 source so good. This is from Martin house. This is Mama's pumpkin pie. It's a pumpkin pie sour with lactose. Oh my god. Why didn't we've had this candy for three months and I have not seen the word sour on there. 6% ABV.

making their pumpkin pie or online

got our breweries from Fort Worth, Texas. So we'll see how it is.

So y'all have not had that.

So Kim, go ahead and do the honors. So this is a hangover. I was

looking nervous. I didn't realize

it was a star either.

Yeah, that's so sour with lactose many

times as I move this camera around in the refrigerator,

well, it's really clear like how it's light. It's kind of weird to me. But

you would think it'd be darker. Yeah, I

thought it was gonna be dark. Oh, all right. Let's take a smell first and then we'll write this down here.

Sounds like a sour pumpkin. Okay, let

me Wow. And

when do pumpkin smell sour?

It actually does smell like pumpkin pie though. Like I could smell the spice of it.

Yeah, I smell

like, spice.

This kind of scares me kind of feels like feels like sour like it's gonna taste like fart barf or something. Okay, I guess I'll go first. Let me That is weird. Okay. It's like separated, like the sour separate and the pumpkin pie is separate.

It definitely tastes a pumpkin.

Yeah, you could taste but it's weird because it's not mixed. Like the tastes don't hit you together.

Yeah, you get the shower. And then and then the pumpkin.

Yeah, and then and then the beer taste.

I just got sour pockets.

I mean,

I don't I hate it either.

I wish it was better. Like I wish it tasted more straight up like pumpkin pie.

Yeah, I wish the pumpkin I mean like I came through a little bit more.

The point I still taste the pumpkin pie.

So because it has lactose is it supposed to taste like the pumpkin pie with the cream on it?

I don't know the lactose is some kind of like I guess it's some kind of it gives it it's supposed to give it some kind of creamy milky flavor. Okay, because there's a lot quite a bit of

I like it. Yeah. I'm warming to it. I do like sours a lot. I do too, but it's unexpected because sours you usually see with like a fruit

or actually, I feel like they made a new flavor that they just put pumpkin pie on because it has some of the spices you like, you know what I mean? Like this is its own thing. It doesn't taste like puke as much as I thought it was.

Is that a seasonal? Yeah.

But you know we have it because it's been there. It was supposed to be like a Thanksgiving one.

Right? What do you rate it?

I'm gonna go like a 3.8 3.8.

Okay, Kim


Holy shit. What the hell? I

like it. Yeah,

I'm going like 3.5 now 3.4 Yeah, I mean, it's what else? I like flowers, but

maybe because I miss pumpkin spice season.

Alright, so I guess we'll try another beer in a bit. And we'll take a beer break. But I guess we'll start off the bat covers thing and stuff. And then we'll read them and see. I'm guessing the originals gonna rate higher than the cover this? You know, but who knows? Yeah, so wants to go first. I like Frank to kick it off. Okay. I like when Frank kicks off the lists.

Get it? Yeah, I'll kick mine off. Okay. So this one isn't? I don't know. They're not. It's not really. They're not really covers. It's just I feel like they're more like samples. Oh, it'll make sense. All right, we'll see. It's a kid rocks American badass and all summer long. Okay, because, you know, as we know, he started off as a rapper. Yes. And in hip hop. It's common to to sample music. But these two songs American badass and all summer long. I mean, it's Metallica. Sad but true and lynard standards. Sweet Home Alabama. And to me, it's like, just completely ripped off the structure. Yeah, it's not so much sample it just like literally took the Yeah, took both songs. And just like put his own lyrics. And just like noodling some guitar in there, here and there. Yeah.

So step the lyrics a little bit. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, cuz I don't think he used any other original lyrics. And in any of those songs, no, no, I

mean, he kept the same song structure.

So you consider it as a cover.

I don't consider them. I don't know,

I see where you where you went with this as a good one. I

think it's a tricky one because you know, they're not. They're not exactly covers, but he's using the same song with just his own. They're extra over it.

It's almost like the opposite of the perfect circle album because they kept the same lyrics but changed the whole structure. Yeah,

well, I

mean, it's like the song but different lyrics. And well, also, too, I

think what throws me off on that one is, I mean, you can keep it of course, but I wouldn't consider it because also the title change. Like you wouldn't know if you looked at it that he was covering or sampling. Right. If, unless you heard it. So like, American badass, like, you wouldn't know that he's sampling sad, but true or covering seven traits

defense. This is a hard, it was hard. It was hard. No, yeah. No. Like, I came up with ways today. You're right.

It was But no, we can. I mean, no, that's what I'm saying. Like, that's fine. Like Frank could keep it but it's hard for me to kind of find where it falls. Yeah.

But, and, and a part of me tried to think, you know, well, maybe he tried to pay homage to Metallica and Leonard Skinner, because he's friends with them. And he's toured with them. You know, but to me, like these two songs come off as like a poor attempt to cash in on already well established artists. Well, I wouldn't at this point when Kid Rock was putting the songs out like he had already had some, you know, some success. Yeah. And so I think to just like, basically steal or borrow Yeah, structure. Yeah. And make them the songs that they are. To me, it just it just feels like no,

yeah, no, I hear Yeah, I was never a fan of either of those. And I don't like that he did that because like, he could have straight up covered up what she didn't. But what he did was he took the I don't want to say the best parts but the parts that makes the part the song and then he just wrote over it. Yes. That was a cheat to me. You know what I mean? Especially he did it twice. And with the latter song he gained he gained like, a lot of success with a single and it's Dude, it's not even your riff or nothing like it's just you singing over somebody else's? Yeah. Oh,

I thought that was a cheap and then Okay, and I guess to add even more to the trickery. Warrens evens a werewolves of London. Oh, yeah, it sounds exactly like Leonard Skinner adds a Sweet Home Alabama also.

What the hell


I mean, it's kind of like the same it's got the same drum structure like the same livan keyboard type? Seven, seven. Warren Zevon. Okay,

where will

you know the song? werewolves?

Oh, you're talking about though from the movie?

Is that what you're talking about? No, no. Well, because there's a there's an American Werewolf in London that came out in the 80s I think the song is like from the 70s

I think I'm confused. Okay, I want to play the song. Yeah, we're gonna have to run it. Yeah, you can take your headphones. Oh.

My favorite song.

Oh, Whoopsie

Oh, yeah, this this was on one of the soundtrack.

Was it okay. But you know, you can you can hear the same. But actually, I don't know what song came first.

This is this is a was no it's not. This is its own song. Yeah.

Yeah, cuz Okay, so it's its own song, but I don't know like the movie. I met an American Werewolf in London borrowed from from this song title?

No, they didn't know it. Just I think I thought this song came out for the movie.

Oh, okay. Well, maybe I'm not sure.

And then you said it was ripping off what song again?

To me it sounds like Sweet Home Alabama.

It does a little bit yeah, okay. No, it Yeah, it's okay.

So I got confused. So it's not a cover but it but it's another one of those like little technical little tricky type songs.

Well, this happens a lot where songs go to court over similar. I think we had this discussion. It was a Robin Thicke had gone to court over his song sounding like someone else's and you look it up like there's tons of even rock artists going against other rock artists you know words similar in some of them when someone lose but ya know, I

really shocking to it always seems to me like the ones that should lose win. Yeah, you know, like, get all this money. That's like, it doesn't sound anything like it.

Yeah, there were. There was one I just read about, too, or not too long ago, and it was pretty interesting. But uh, ya know, that yeah, that confused me for a while. For for a moment there. I thought he had ripped him off. But no, it was uh, yeah, it's it's its own song.

The Leonard Skinner song came first

for you. Okay. Okay.

All right. So, Frank went. Do you want to drink this? Do you want to try another beer?

I don't care. I've already finished my part.

Okay, well, if I like the other one, then we'll switch. Okay. Okay. So let's get let's get the next one. It's the so we're gonna try that tomorrow beer.

Okay. Okay,

so that sounds better. So we're gonna take a break. Yeah, I don't think I don't think I saw. I don't think I saw that on that. So I think next we'll have to go next when we're done with this. Okay, it's a step. Okay. So this, this is more, more longer. So this is from 903. brewers, this is from here in Texas to. So it's a churro flavored milk stout. So it, it's going to be where it belongs the flavor profile. It's a milk stout aged on cinnamon and vanilla bean, which is cool. So where's brewery from there from Sherman, Texas. Oh, these are the guys that made the knockoff pickle beer. We have in the fridge. Also. We have Yeah, we have the pickle beer from freetail. that just came out. Yeah,

we saw that.

Yeah. Oh, so that we don't have the we

don't have we don't have we thought though. Yeah, we saw the 9031. Yeah. So because I know you like it. I'm like,

I haven't tried it.

The 903 from these guys.

It was we tried it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

They use counterfeit pickles.

I can do it. So have anything to say?

So we'll do that. Oh. All right. Well, we'll go We'll go with Kim. Kim. I don't know if you want to Well, you know what screw we'll try the beer first.

I mean, if

you're about to start my my beer drinking now. I got the the athletic brewing pilot program single hop IPA. And we had it at home and I thought it was really good. And like I said, like I said before, non alcoholics when you if you want to if you want a good non alcoholic, go for the IPAs. I think that that's where it is. and athletic brewing. You know, I've said it before. And I'm gonna keep plugging them into the show every now and then. They make a really good beer. There's none that I haven't been disappointed with. Cool. Oh, yeah. Athletic. Right. Athletic brewing. Yeah.

I think I don't know if they follow us on Twitter. They one of those breweries. One of those non alcoholic guys follow us. Mm hmm.

Yeah, but this this one's This one's good. I like it.

Cool. All right. So this is again, Truro. It's a milk stout aged on cinnamon and vanilla bean. So Alright, let's give it a shot.

I can taste the cinnamon. The cinnamon comes in Wally, but it's

out and?

Yeah, it's pretty late. Like the stout is there. Like, it's like, the stout is there. So is there and then like later on the like, What? What's shocking to me is that, uh, they aged it on cinnamon and vanilla bean, but I felt like they should have added the vanilla bean and then just aged it on cinnamon. You know what I mean? Because I feel like there's not enough vanilla ish flavor here yet.

It comes late with the cinnamon and everything up front is just stout.

It's most nice. It feels like they just put cinnamon in a stout. Yeah,

yeah. Um,

I don't like it.

It's just not tastes like a joke.

Okay, let's let Yeah, it doesn't. If I read it, I'm gonna have to give it it's not. It's not bad. I could I could finish it. Do I want to know. I'll give it like, I'm not finishing. Yeah, I'm taking this. No, go ahead. You could say that. I'll give it like a fun. What? Do you get it?

Yeah, I mean, I'm kind of we're kind of overstock Yeah. I think a while but like, yeah. This is nothing special. It doesn't turn out to be like, I need to have that one. Yeah, and or is it tastes different than any other one?

Brit we give it? Yes.

I might go to two. Yeah. Let's go. Haven't had a stop in a while. So maybe I'm not as grumpy probably.

I mean, I try to avoid them. And then I end up getting one like I'm like, Oh, this one looks interesting. Like I got that chocolate. Cake. One in the fridge. Um, oh, yeah. Cake.

Happy Birthday Mario.

birthday was on Thursday. Thank you guys. Um, yeah, so I don't know. Maybe I'll try the chocolate cake one later. or split it with Britt for her birthday. Or birthdays.

Aquarius power.

Yes. Um, so Kim, you want to go? What? What's a bad cover? Yeah,


I mean, I could go if you

could just because we've we've heard it a lot. We always hear the commercial for it on Pandora. It's the Three Days Grace somebody I used to know. That's originally dead by goatee. Yeah. That one I like Three Days Grace. I like I prefer the original. I'm getting I'm getting used to the new guy. But the new one they're growing on me with their stuff when they do the old stuff. I'm like, oh, but yeah, that that cover just, it's a little late. Yeah, they are they missed the mark on it. And then also they just it's kind of weak. Its weak sauce.

Yeah. You guys are familiar with the with the go to a song. Yeah, yeah. Did y'all like it? Did you like did you like the original one?

I think I liked the remix.

Yeah, the remix was good. Yeah.

What would you write the original one?

I like for see.

The video was cool.

Yeah, for sure.

What year did this come out?

I was like maybe 10 years ago.


Let's see. 2011. So yeah, 10 years ago. So yeah, I'm Ranking Member This was playing like, man. I don't know how many times an hour they were playing this. Yeah, yeah, they even this guy was on SNL and performance.

But the funny thing is like, I think this dude was like four or five albums in his career. Yeah.

took off.

I mean, I like if I'm going back and thinking like 2011 like, I'm going back. Yeah, it was good. You're tired? Yeah. Right now.

Yeah, I think the thing that did I think that the thing with this one was Yeah, the issue definitely with it was it was overplayed. Like Yeah, super.

Like, yeah,

yeah. No, I think that like salies the whole experience. Oh, yeah. Like, you know, yeah.

I feel like at the time, too, it's had a different sound than from things that were like,

yeah, very true. Oh, yeah. Cuz it sounds very like. Like, like, it was not in that time. Yeah. And it was not it from the States. Yeah, I guess I'm like, it could have been from overseas, as well.

I think the guy's a Swedish writer. He probably is. I think so. Um,

what do you write this version? For? Okay.

So now, my favorite song was not bad, like

so now we're going to listen to the Three Days Grace version one just came out last week. We

did. They did play it when we went to the Metallica.

I think I was like buying nachos at that time. I could buy nachos at that time.

Let's see. So yeah, and I feel like they were way too late in the game on this one. I mean, I know people have covered it. Yeah, like last year. Because it was during COVID. Definitely. That's what they did.

I think like with covers. It's okay to be late. But there.

Yeah, it was

late to her. But like, I think like going back and finding gem like a forgotten song.

That's right. That's right. Yeah. Like they're late as in the timeframe for that song. Like, you could still do it later. But it's like you were saying it should have should have been in later. So yeah, sounds like you're in that. Wait. 20 years. Yeah, you're in that you're in that timeframe where like, it's too. You're too late to be like, on the bandwagon. Yeah,

that's right.

But you're also too early. Yes. Yeah, that's, that's, uh, okay, so, I think Let me see if I can find it here. It might not they might not even have it here. There's some that I don't Oh, here it is. I found her. Name Kim can read this. I don't even like the way it starts. Like once it like starts when he's singing. I'm like, okay, but then it kind of sounds like the same, like the original one.


And then especially since you've kept the same instrumentation at this point.

This is the flow for me. It just seems kind of like

yeah, cuz this is what three days of grace was right. Like not that part. Maybe that part but they could have changed. They should have changed the whole thing. Yeah.

Like the way the bass cuts hair

sound better than the rest?

like yeah, the part where he's like, being whispering Yeah,

like, dramatic.

Yeah, it's like to over like, course Yeah. But the chorus does sound Three Days Grace, it does sound you know, fine, but I just there are good and bad parts of this.

What whenever when I first heard it right away. I was like, why and then I was like, No, like, cuz I don't not like these guys. Yeah, I like them. But like when I heard it, I was like, it's It's like,

nothing. It's just kind of missing. It's too late and too early. What are you? What are you gonna look for? that far behind if I like take the course only? It's three, three. Well, no. Yeah, I guess like 3.3 because there's a definitely a worse one on my list. Okay,

maybe know what makes the original one better? Is it? He actually has someone else singing with him. Yeah, the bridge here. He doesn't have that because

of that storyline, the storyline. Exactly.

The point of the song. Yeah. So there's no like, Oh, you know, the guy. Yeah, that was. Yeah, that was points for that to that. But uh, okay. Yeah. So that was was Kim's So okay, so Britt Rock paper scissors. me, are you? I forgot. It's yours. me. Oh, yeah. Okay, so my list this was a this is a recent one actually. This one came out. Wow. Really? 2017 Well, I guess the album came out in 2017. But the single came out more recent. One of my favorite bands is the offspring. One of my favorite bands of theirs. I mean, bands, albums. Smash is one of my favorite albums. So is ixnay on the hombre gone away as one of their bigger singles. I'm not really too big on that song. I guess one for it being over played like Kiss, kiss, and stuff. But anyways, so that song came out. 97. And then the guys, they the guys who covered it? Five Finger death punch. Oh, 2017. I think the single came out like two years ago or a year ago. And I remember when I first heard it. I was like, again. Why? And, huh. Like, I don't understand why and so. So let's go ahead and listen to the it just the offspring. And I think this is the same kind of thing. where like, it doesn't seem like it's that long ago. 97. And compared to when they covered it. That's what it's 20 years. 97 to 2017. That's 20 years, but it still feels like it falls in that conversation we're talking about or it's too early to do it. But not old enough.

Yeah. Wait, yeah, how we explain it early and too late.

Yeah. So I'm gonna go ahead and play the offspring version. And then I'm gonna read it. Um, this song on its own. Like, like I said, I'm not like a super big fan of this song. But it is like a staple of theirs. Like it's a recognizable song of theirs. It doesn't suck. You know, it's its own. It made its own history. Like, as far as in the band. Like it's, it's their single. What do you know? It's not like, it's also to like one other ballad ish kind of songs. Okay, so play gone away real quick.

Here we go.

Just not my favorite direction for the offspring to go. But I mean, it's not about

it's better than pretty fly

for a white guy. Yeah, it is. Actually that album is like that that song came from I think it's the album after this. And I'm not really too fond of that album. This album was the one before it. Like this album

is like orange juice.

You know, actually, actually, this one because it to me, it sounds more like alternative to me.

Yeah. And I think that's why I like still playing on the radio. But I mean, it's a good song. Like I said, it's a good song. I like the offspring. It doesn't sound like all their other stuff. You know what I mean? Like it's a it's not a filler song. It's not a filler single. Like it's still being played. So it's a good symbol. I would rate it. I got a 4.5 it's a good song. I just not I'm not gonna go play it out. Go out of my way to play it. So five finger death punch did this song. And I said Why? It just doesn't seem like they should have been covering the song. Wow.

Actually, do they? They're still active, right? You said they just put out an album or they just really sing you sing or something. Yeah.

And again, I'm a little biased, because I'm not.


I mean, right now it sounds like a pretty sincere cover.

But it feels unnecessary especially coming from them you know what I mean? Like cuz the style they are and stuff like like I said maybe I'm biased, but you're not

equal put out

guitars are coming in I just don't like his voice it just feels like the same. I mean

multiple reasons one I just feel like they were out of there and I don't even want to say they were out of their range doing this because bands can pick a song from another genre and if they do it right it sounds right. But I just think that they missed the step on this one and also to it's still kind of too early to do the song even though it came on 97 because the offspring one doesn't sound aged. Like if you listen to it, it still sounds like an age well, the song age Oh yeah, I think that's why

when was the song released?


No, this one this

apparently 2017

Okay, because I think I want to I want to point I think I know why it probably sounds that way. Why? Because their guitarist used to play you know, because he's he's a farmer. He was a he was formerly a session guitarist. Prior to joining rhythm guitar. Yeah. Prior to joining five finger death punch he toured with he was live guitarist for Allison chain. So prior to that he did session work for Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff. Oh, yeah, I

remember we had this

and so I'm thinking I remember I don't know what Yeah, so that was play and I don't know if maybe like he had some influence and making it a more like, pop oriented heavy song.

I gotcha. I like where you're coming from with that. That whole I mean,

that's just one theory. No,

I mean, that sounds five finger death punch. Seems like they're metal but with pop influence, right. Like, yeah, no, I gotcha. You know what, I get a lot of hate for that. But I don't care.

Why. My podcast name.

Five Finger death punch. Yeah.

Any other finger? I mean, like,

are you only gonna use two fingers when you punch somebody I don't get I actually, it comes from the legendary punch in kung fu where it's the five finger exploding palm thing. We're like, yeah, you go like that. And like you can stop someone's heart Bruce Lee apparently could do it. But yeah, it comes from that. So the, the lead guitarist, he's actually like, heavy into martial arts. Okay, so he's the one that made the man. So that's where he got the name of the other band from so. But yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know. Like, cuz I think he has like an actual like, what's it called ranking in?

Yeah, like? Yeah,

and a belt. Yeah, he has like a belt that he I don't know what color is it? But yeah, yeah, no, that's where it comes from.

Fine. Okay,


I forgot what it's called. I think it's in Kill Bill to kill okay. Hmm. Anyway,

like, if you're gonna punch somebody, you're gonna use all five fingers. Well, it's true. I think they could have named themselves death punch and it would have sounded cooler or they could have named Jackie Chan's.

Jackie Chan can do it to Jackie Chan killing buddy Bruce. The dragon bitches. Um, okay, so did I write this one? No, I didn't write. Give it like a 1.5 and I gave them originally 4.5 because it is a good song. I

just I appreciate that did try to make it like a moving emotional song. You know, but then when I got into the chorus it just like me. Yeah, it was.

Yep. So that was a that was a bad cover to me.

Yeah. Frank Europe. Yeah. Okay. So this next band, I guess they came out around the same time that I guess orgy was coming out. Okay. It's a band named Desi. Okay. Oh, yeah, I

remember that. And

I guess they were all over him TV with that one song. They had the Gramercy Park, Gramercy Park. And to me, I just thought, you know, they just sound like ripoffs of orgy. Yeah, but they have a, they have they have some interesting covers. One that I am not too fond of is their cover of Russia's Tom Sawyer.

Okay, I didn't know that. That sounds weird. Like they shouldn't be covering that song.

Nobody should cover that song because it sounds the same, just heavier and like with deeper, like gloomier voices Hmm, it doesn't really take away from from from the from the original.

Dude, this is a like, it's a classic Yeah, like this to me five, five. Right. But it's not my place to read it Frank, what

do you mean the original? Yeah, of course it's it's it's definitely a five. Um, I think it's one of those songs that you know. I don't know. Everybody knows it. Yeah. And like everybody eardrums to it. Or like at least like everybody tries

to airdrome to it. Yeah. So, okay, so when was this one was Desi

like 2005? No. earlier than that late 90s. Really? Yeah, like late 90s

Yeah, I thought Desi didn't come out to like after because

I remember We'll see. So what happened was they released their first album in like 9899. And then they got signed to elementary Records, which is Jonathan Davis's record label. And they rereleased the album. Like in 2001 2002 they rereleased the debut album. So I think that's probably where the little confusion comes in. Because they you know, the album had come out like a couple years prior, but then you know, with the new label, they rereleased it and I think with like extra bonus tracks, as well.

Alright, so let's hear the Desi version because this is new to me. And

it came out in 2002. Okay.

Think they could have done it with another song not with not necessarily like rush, but I'm saying like, they could have used that style for another song that could have just Tom Sawyer is not a good song to pick.


And like I say, it doesn't it is. I mean, it keeps the same structure keeps the same everything.

Just like makes it Cynthia or industrial places. Yeah. Or new metal lasers. You

better like yeah, we

talked about it last time. Like why? Why do a cover if you're gonna keep it exactly this? Yeah. Right. It's like maybe when you're performing live you want to play it just like as a tribute or something. But you don't necessarily need to record it and slap it on an album or something. Yeah.

This of course comes especially to I think you have to take into account to the like the lyrics. I'm like, what they're talking about. I think it doesn't add to the doesn't do anything to what you know, the song is about so.

Yeah, okay, what

do you rate this?

I'll give it like a one.

Thank you.

I remember. I remember when I when I first heard it.

If you take it if you listen to them.

No. And I remember when I first heard the song, it was on porns 2006 family values tour. Okay. And it was like one of the songs that they closed with. And I thought okay, cool. Like, I like it. You know, because live it sounds different. Yeah. When I heard the studio version, I was really let down. Wow.

Okay. You know what, and you know, there there are some bands who do covers and they don't release them on albums. Like, for instance, when you were talking about Adele covering the door, then that made me think about linkin park covering Adele, but they only did it live. So like, you can't find it anywhere. It's a live recording. Like it's not any of their albums. I think that fine. Mm hmm. Cuz you're like, in a crowd, you're like, Oh, you know, just for fun. But if you're going to actually sit down and record it, and funny, just like another thing, Frank, I'm not gonna name any names, but a band that we were in actually did a blink 182 cover. And I'm like, why did you spend the time of actually making a music video for a song from a band that you're already ripping off in the first place? But you know, anyway, that's just me. That's not my style. So I didn't say any names. I will be talking about anybody.

Yeah, but that also makes me wonder like about bands such as like, okay, like, like Guns and Roses, you know, for a good while it was just x. So doing his thing. x. So

sounds like you're trying to say asshole.

Yeah. So it was just x. All right. And there's like, a whole bunch of new guys in it. And I feel like for a while a bit, you know, Guns and Roses became a cover band of themselves. Yeah. And now with, you know, with like, most of the original lineup baggot It sounds to me that it's more legit. But, you know, for a good while, it just sounded like they became a tribute band of their own selves.

Yeah, I see that. Yeah. I mean, well, especially to like, I think I mentioned the story in like, excuse me, one of our first episodes about concerts or I saw Guns and Roses, but it wasn't with slash it was with DJ ashba. Yeah, and He's like a weird rip off of slash because he has hats too. But he like, like, yeah, yeah, so I'm like, Okay, this is weird. Like, I'm like, I don't know what I'm looking at. Like, this is so fucking weird to me. Yeah, no, he was kind of to me a slasher Bob

was he was was a gash, get


Who's next? Oh,

just throw one in.

Yeah, go for it. I

didn't really like come up with anything and I didn't like you said I didn't want to search it. But since Frankie mentioned orgy I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I really don't like their cover of Blue Monday.


Oh, that's another song that for me just should not be fucked with like, leave it alone. Yeah, just leave it alone. Like,

like a thing. Like cuz she's barely from what the original. But like, we're really familiar with the cover because we're growing up. Yeah, so it's kind of like, yeah, shocked, like, oh,

fair enough. And, you know, I should have said this in the beginning, but we're probably gonna have some disagreements, but it's gonna happen.

But also too, I think that that song was the downfall for orgy. Oh, yeah. You know, because they got famous for playing someone else's song and then after that, like, pretty much dropped off. Yeah, yeah.

What album was that on? Do you know? Like, how many albums in were they? Because I think it's better if you wait. And you're like, Okay,

I was actually there. That was their first time. Okay.

Yeah, that's where the problem comes in. And the same thing happened with alien frm on their first their first album, they had that, you know, they came out with Smooth Criminal as their as their single release single. And then Aaron was like, yeah, this is fucking badass. Which I liked it originally. like everyone's like, yeah, like, Yeah, she started off with your original stuff.


then more recently, too. I know this is off. Probably we all won't know them. But you remember when? What's his name? Little Wayne came out with that song live pop. Yeah. And then shortly after this band that came out called framing Hanley, and they actually covered that song. And I think there, which was like a few years after, or it might even been like the same here, or like a like legit, like within two years. And so like, it was being played on the radio heavily, too. And everyone's like, Oh, this band, but they're no one fucking like paid attention to them after that. I'm like, why would you do that? First off, this song just came out, like two years ago. Yeah. And then like, they were Yeah, they really fucked themselves.

I think that seems to be happening more and more where people cover stuff like the second it comes. Yeah. Yeah.

Cuz that's, like, people are trying to YouTube thing. And they're just like, you're trying to

write off the success of somebody else. Like, oh, this is like, now I don't even want to get into that argument. Um, I was gonna talk about Yeah.

I can't say it because it's too like don't know. Oh, yeah. Okay, so I'll just say no, no.

Let me say it like this. So there's this ban that Kim likes a lot, right? We talked about him often. Right? So there's a tribute band, right? That plays their music. Right. Okay. So they just they had came out with a single right, like, literally that same day, the guitar for that Ben post of him, but I'm like, what, dude, like, dude, like, give it let it settle with the man

that you like. It's a band that I like. Yeah. It's the band that you like, it's other way round?

I think. Oh, I think I know. Yeah. You

came out with, like, literally,

like literally that like the next day or the next day. It was like,

let me just say who the band is. So the band is system of doubt. No, I'm just gonna say system. So this is the reason why I'm gonna say it before we can edit it out. Yeah. So this is the reason why I think that one was more shocking to me is because they haven't. They hadn't put out anything since 2006. So it's been what 15 years and then everyone's waiting for a system to put out a song and then you're like, you think people want to see you play that song? like no, we want to see system play that we're we've been waiting for system. So it just kind of tripped me up.

Right. Anyways, we

got confused. What would you say? You want a free birthday? You said you want a pizza? Yeah,

I want a pizza do. Kim can you get that last beer that we have in the fridge for a pizza flavor? Oh

my god.

It's for Martin house though. Oh, well, pizza play but it's not a sour. It's not a sour it's a sour pizza. So

it's rotten pizza flavor. So

this is a cool ask Can this is called space Pizza Pizza beer. It looks cool. We've

seen that. Yeah, that was really cool. So

again from Martin house from Fort Worth, Texas. This is

ABV I'll see if I can find a BB a BB BB.

I don't know where the Oh 6.6 point 2% so 6.2% Look what they put on the little S. S.

Yeah. Wow.

I didn't even notice it. Kim check that out. Okay, so this is a pizza beer and let me see if they have anything. Talking about the flavor here usually say,

I need some kind of. I did

see somebody that has tried it already they had like, hinted to what it tastes like. So I'm expecting something.

Alright, so we'll

know something I'm thinking like for craft beers. Like the average ABV is about 6% it's about five something 6% because like, compared to like other like non craft like regular beers. That's that they're like, what between like, four and 5% right now? No, yeah.

Yeah, like for me? Yeah. Like, like a, like a Budweiser. Yeah. Yeah, like Yeah.

Um, all right. Well, let's give the smell first. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I can't drink.

It's something smells old. It reminds me of some kind of like old snack food that used to be like Pete. There used to be pizza flavor. I

could smell the pizza.

No. One time I got trashed at the river and went to pizza afterwards.

We can make a new band.

That sounds better than Part Four. Yeah, it does. Okay, so pizza. Well, I'll try it first.

I can smell I can smell the pepperoni and

it's terrible.

And I'm scared. Okay, I didn't even that story doesn't even apply to me.

having flashbacks. I don't think

okay, I know what this tastes like. No. Bread. You know those pizza snacks? those chips. That's what it takes. Yes, the combos. Like combos.

I promise you it tastes like combos. I promise. If anyone take really, really gross. I'm sorry. I'm


No, that's that's fine. I just I think Kim planted it in your head. And she ruined it for



am I the only one that likes

to make a beeline

to the bathroom if I need Okay, so I'm gonna. I'm gonna give it up. I'm gonna give it a four cuz it tastes like it's supposed to. So, Brett, what do you what do you rate it? Okay, zero for Britt.

It's all working now. Well, at least the cam looks cool.

I think you projected your memories.

I have my own memory.

Had a late night pizza. I

mean, I have I have to but I just the

smell alone was like really?

Just me. It tastes like combos. There's some snack from the 80s that you haven't know. It's not like like something from keibler I swear.

keibler Yeah, I

remember those. I remember that

pizzeria. Oh, that sounds Yes.

I remember that.

I want to

tell you what, sipping from the bathroom


No, it's worse. It's like

you're you're gonna try you're not gonna try it this episode

maybe maybe pinch your nose

just don't breathe when

you're you have to taste it

Yeah, just taste it really quick Can you can do it

guys make face like that before? So I'm shocked that I like like the taste of it.

That's so weird.

Yeah, wow. Yeah, I don't I don't pour out a lot of beers.

Dude, it tastes like they left.

Like soaking like Look, I'm not I'm not seeking this flavor out. Okay, but Martin has made it.

Yes. You have to try. Yes. And the can is working cool. It is when I get why it's all throwback. Do you agree? It tastes like snacks? Yes. But it doesn't taste good. Do you love pizza? Yes. Do you love art? Yes, but

this doesn't taste like pizza though. It tastes like combos and combos, pizza. Pizza flavors. Anyways, all right. Well, I'm glad we got past that. And I

super love so many things.

Can you finish a sip? I've never seen that before we

try something else just so yeah.

I have a I have a sublime beer. You

want to split it?

Yeah. Okay.

Why did you make a face on the pickle beer? I like cucumbers. Sorry, I keep forgetting. Kimmy I'm gonna go next to my song. Okay, so this next song, the cover that I'm going to talk about, it kind of balances out because I actually gave this band props last episode. But now it seems that I'm going to be knocking them down a little bit. Alright, so the song is simple man. Original from old Skinner. Right been covered multiple times. But the one that I don't like, is the Deftones version. Okay, and then I don't Yeah, I don't dig on it either. You don't dig on either. Okay, so, um, we're all familiar with I don't have to play something, man. I'm the original version, but I didn't like this. Tom Sawyer.

I think we're all familiar.

Okay, I'll play simple map.

Okay, so I just want to hear like the back to back comparison. Okay,

so you know what, first let's play simple man from Lynyrd Skynyrd. And then I'll talk about my dislikes for the for the Deftones version. So this


like Lynyrd Skynyrd, but I don't like them. Like every thing that they have. Like for instance, I can't stand Sweet Home Alabama.

I hate that test. It's been overplayed, like a million and a half times right.

Simple, man. Look, I love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the instrumentation to the song.

Okay. It's got a lot of emotions, not like over the top of motion. That's where my point comes in. Right. So let me go to Superman from death.

Can you guys ready?


sounds fine. I like this. Yeah, not bad. Here's my issue.

Yeah, give it like one more.

Yeah, I thought it was gonna dry.

This is what I don't like. Yeah, the vocals.

I think he sexified it too much where it sounds like change. And, or like you've seen the butcher, but I think he picked the wrong way to sin. I'm not saying he couldn't see the song he could. And he can obviously but not with those.

I think I think maybe it sounds this way because it was like, early in their career.

Oh, yeah. Cuz I don't know when they did. Yeah,

I think it was early in their career. And I think they were like, I don't know.

So original version came out. 1973. Um, this was off the besides and reason 2005. But since it was on the B sides and rarities, obviously it was before that. So I don't know when it was. But yeah, so I think my main issue was with this one was that it was like a waste of a cover to the death blow or for the Deftones. Right. Right, right.

Yeah, I mean, on this album. There are some good covers. Yeah. So like the chauffeurs on this show for it. And I actually like on this album, actually, like their cover version of the cars is drive. I've never heard it. It's quite good. But yeah, this one.

Yeah. And then also too, I think the thing that makes it not good to me too, is that it's pretty much no for No. And the effects are there to like, affect for like, it sounds exactly like the Leonard Skinner, but down to Yeah, that's about like he said that vocals are like, yeah, it's to like, it doesn't go with what the songs about right. Like, he like I said, you sexified it in chinos way. Yeah, it's not a sexy song. It's about it's not what It's about your sex defying the wrong lyrics. But yeah, so anyways, so some

simple man, maybe he thinks simple man or sexy or

maybe maybe so. So let's get her like I said, I give it a five and then this one I give it like I'm gonna be generous, and I'll give it like to point five. Because I don't hate it to the point where it was playing somewhere, you know?


I don't know how to explain it to my five. Yeah, I'll give him half halfway. You know,

I do like the fact that, you know, because Deftones is known for like, heavy guitar playing. You know, some of those some of the trucks are pretty heavy. And what I like is that, I don't know. They rode back too heavy, but it still sounds good. Like the guitar, at least, to me to me. Yeah.

Yeah. And I think also too, because it's like downtuned. So it helps like, compensate for that, huh? Yeah, I know what you mean. But ya know, to like, it's just weird to me how they use the same effects like, yeah, I can hear it in the intro guitar line, too.

Yeah, yeah.

That was my number two. Kim,

get ready for it. Oh, here we go.

I don't know that you'll find this on Spotify. You may or may not. Okay. But how could we forget? Padilla, muds? Cover up about a girl?

Did you? Did y'all see the video I sent y'all? Yeah. Because you have to see That's right. That's right. I

just don't understand. Like, there's a person out there. And if you're listening, and if you actually like this and you think that it was good. And you have valid points, please send us an email or comment or tweet. Because it's

okay, so it's really Okay, so what I can do is I can play the Nirvana on YouTube the other one all right, so this is we all know Nirvana is about a girl. Actually, this is probably one of the few Nirvana songs I could stomach. Really? Yeah, this one doesn't bother me like some of the shit out of me. While repetitive? Yes, true. But it just I don't know. Doesn't bug me as much as what do you read? Will you read this version? No, you're

not. But I'll give it like a 4.4 voice for what it is for who they are for Kurt Cobain. And cuz

you got to get big Dave girls in the man. Yeah.

Mario, I wanted to tell you that Sirius XM now has a Foo Fighters channel. So for you,

I'm starting to search put them out on YouTube and the first thing that pops up is a monitor. Okay. So if you guys haven't seen the video, I don't like I don't want to

be their most viewed video for all the wrong reasons.

They actually popped up on the very top so

you haven't heard this. Prepare yourself.

seen the video is crazier because his his his emotion like his face? Well, it's not only that, like his bandmates are like so here we go. Yeah, it's just

there we go.

Yeah, I kind of felt bad for him at the same time, but it's it's worth listening to that.

You hate me?

Worse listening to it. Sounds like drunk karaoke.


I can see where he felt like maybe his voice kind of was a little bit of Kurt Cobain is a small part and like not this little random regression. Yeah, but in the little you know, the song parts. Okay, but when he gets to this, yeah, for screaming aggression stuff. It's

like, it's cringy

it's so cringy for me, and I also too,

I kind of feel still bad for him, because I feel like he could have done this Well, back in the day, but like, he's been going through so much shit. He doesn't know what the fuck anymore like, right? And then like, I'm like, Guys, did y'all not practice this song before? Like, could y'all do like, bro, let's not play this.

Like if I wanted to do something and it sounded terrible. I'm sure Mario and Frank would be like, yeah, like you embarrass yourself to a

pizza beer. Um, but yeah, no, I yeah, I don't understand. I don't understand how that happened. I mean,

radio station and Wes Gatlin. He's like, a super huge Nirvana fan. So I think even in like puddle of mud material, I think he in some way tried to channel a lot of Kurt, you know, and in his own style.

Yeah, you could you could kind of you could hear that. Yeah, for sure. And his voice is a kinda has the same profile. Yeah. I just think he was in a bed. That was

like the instrumentation. Oh, yeah. edition of the bongos. Yeah, that was nice. And I mean, like, when it first started, I was like, Okay, I

just need an instrumental version. Yeah, like, Don't

sing. The scene. Seeing the video is a lot different because it's like, us having these reactions. his bandmates are having those but

they're like, they're like having it but they're like, yeah. This is how we rehearsed. So what do you write that one? It's not even on the scale. It's like negative. Okay, she

got negative. All right, so she's doing the reverse. Yeah, she's doing the bonus.

01 and then I'm going backwards, negative. All right.

We're looping back to Frank. Frank. What's next on your list?

Next on my list. Okay. This next artist is a bit of a bummer for me right now. Oh,


yeah, it's my former boy. Because Oh, yeah, I saw like all the stories of like sexual misconduct are coming up that are you know, also being confirmed by former bandmates as well yes.

And so friends I saw Trent Reznor and somebody else

Yeah, yeah, so you know, like he's pretty much been canceled by me

I actually took his songs off our yeah for playlist.

But you know,

you're gonna say his name musically speaking. Nobody

said his name before like, you know, you know, our person from France started listening to us again so they might not know they might not know champagne. How do you say to France merrily on monsoon

why they stopped listening

to French in school

Yeah, he

took French


I really want champion I'm not being mean. Sorry for you.

Musically though, you know he's he's known for his covers and some are good some not so good. But the one that just can't stand is the cover of this is Halloween.

Oh, was that was that on the on the it was like covers Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh, no.

I think so.

Did you say his name?

I'm not sure if the same two times

while looking in the mirror?

Yeah, but I remember I remember the the cover the cover he had like like a cartoon version of jack Skellington on it i'm not sure

i think i think he I think it might have been on the cover album for them.

I wonder if he'll be able to find any and also panic At The Disco covered this one

Don't you mean panic?

Yeah. Oh,

actually, I'm probably

not but this particular version is pretty hokey pretty like like it's trying really hard to appeal to the to the hot topic like, like tween

ever really understand everybody's obsession with Nightmare Before Christmas. Like I never know whatever it may be like


it wasn't like that. It was just like it wasn't. Yeah, like super popular until there was something some weird thing happened. Yeah, it was like 1015 years after Yeah, when people just latched on to it.

It was all it was all the gods

did that

long before that movie did and well No, I meant the the new are gone. Yeah, like the 2000s No, Marilyn

is the hot topic. There

you go the hot topic. So this is the original version.

Just like I will never understand grown woman's obsession with Disney.

Like obsession.

Like that's the thing

like everything was

obsess you know that like the year that frozen came out that dumb ass song from that was like number one on the charts like the real charts. Oh, forever. I mean, like, no other songs were charting because this stupid song was so popular. Yeah.

Check that out. Yeah, I'm trying to frickin

I got Disney issues you

sound like? Yeah. All right.

The songs on that movie or? I thought they were written very well. All the songs on this movie,

man. Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah, it's


So what do you rate this? The original?

The original?

I mean, you know,

a T forever. I don't know if anyone heard that.

Wait, what?

I'm shocked by his for

what? What?

Yeah, so yeah, see, okay. Okay. So I mean, like, I really liked the movie, but then you know, Hot Topic came and ruined it. Yeah. And, and I'm still bitter.

Yeah, I think then, you know, for me I have those memories of the movie very solidly in place like prior to getting really stupid popular. So I just kind of tried to

remember that you can live like jack and Sally.

Okay? No. Okay, so, so yes, I was right. So this this is on that album that

was this. Okay, so

Was this something that needed to be covered? No,

it didn't need to be. None of those songs need to be there very actually. Yeah, I actually didn't like it. I actually didn't like that album. I remember. I think my sister had bought it when it came out. And I didn't like it at all. Like, some of my favorite bands were on that album. And I was like, No, these songs are amazing.

In the film in the film, I get to listen to it. Like who pops the soundtrack? And oh, yeah, when they're driving, like rocking out to something. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. soundtracks. Yes. This sounds as much as

any Disney soundtrack

for us like normal people.

What do you give this version? What do you rate it as zero?

Yeah, it just it just just doesn't. Okay. All right. Now,

fair enough. But

I you know, I'm pretty sure that some artists were approached for this album, and I feel like maybe he just inserted himself and said, I'm gonna do it. You know? Like, he said, I

need to do maybe, yeah.

This is starting to taste horrible to me. I guess cuz it's warm.

sublime. Mexican soccer.

That's so good. Oh, you know, it's good. I bought when it was time. Yeah. Um, repeat these. Sorry. No, yeah. No, that's cool. Um, who's next?

I don't have anything. Cuz I say

I guess I was just gonna maybe like point out some covers. Done like you said, like, there are some people who you just can't stand anyway. So no matter what, yeah, it's gonna be hard. But like, Miley Cyrus covered Nirvana?

Oh, yeah. No, she just covered I think, I don't know, metallic metallic. I'm like, like, a sheep. You know, she had the nerve to cover Stevie Nicks. And it pissed me off. Yeah, that's and I was like, why? Like, cuz actually, Chuck vans just tweeted yesterday, two days ago, talking about like, what was it it was about something about covering the songs and I was like, yeah, cuz she's trying to reinvent herself as a rock artists bone. Like, why are you covering so much like, well, that's what it was about. He's like, yeah, she's covering like, all these songs now. Like, when is she gonna stop? And it's because she's trying to show that she's rock. So like, yeah, like it's not gonna work.

After she covered Nirvana. She said like that they are a huge influence. And if it weren't for them, she would never be where she is. She would have never been brave enough to do what she did or whatever. It's like to

your dad.

Yeah, exactly. But anyways. Yeah. What else? You got merch?

That's all. Good.

I'll probably have a pretty big hangover after this.

Oh, yeah, no, definitely.

Oh, one that I don't really care for. I mean, I don't dislike the band scene, like, live a couple times. His voice does get to me a little bit sometimes. But I mean, disturbs show. You

see? My favorite.

Like it?

I like it for multiple reasons. Yeah, one because it's on like, that's the old disturb. Like, that's the Oh yeah. disturb sound to me. So I thought I liked the original song.

Yeah. And I thought they did a good and that's another band that released a cover on their first album.

True, you know, but, but they didn't release it as a singer. No.

Yeah. And I think that was a good move. Yeah, because

you know, I like you know, old disturb and stuff, but I just like I'd rather hear the original one. Honestly.

That's pretty good. So

since you brought it up, we rate this like a five car right this a five. But what's hard for me now is that when it comes to the version, I rated a five as well.

I know because they like They made it. It's it has the disturb sound and it's like it could possibly be their song. But this is just such class. Like when you hear his

Oh, you don't have to explain me. I just,

I don't really? I don't know. It's not my favorite. It's not. Yeah, let's see.

So let's look up the stairs.

Sometimes I can take his voice and sometimes I'm just like,


Okay, so this is the this. Okay, so we all agree

sometimes his voice just makes me like

like the bridge to or like oh like

with the keyboard yeah

but also to like you have some? I don't know, I think because I grew like that first album to me that I wasn't gonna I wasn't gonna say that what I meant to say was that album like, that's one of my favorite disturb albums. Like because to me they didn't have this sound after this. Oh, no. First off, they lost her first original bass player. And then like, to me their sound up more.

It's not bad. I just I don't prefer it. And I feel like I feel like this version and we live we hear it a lot. Whenever you play whatever station you play on your


And I just like I guess I'm just kind of like, yeah, it's not bad. It's not terrible. So originals five this is probably like 3.5 It's not bad. It's not negative.

Frank, I'm interested what would you rate it?

This one

I don't know. Maybe

2.5 holy shit under Kim's.

I feel like they got creative a little bit with like some of the background instrumentation with it. See, like you could hear like that plan keyboard. But I don't know. Sometimes I feel a little partial to disturbs first album. Yeah. Because I saw them on the very first music as a weapon tour.

I've seen them. Yeah, I

think I've seen three times.

Once on my birthday, actually. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, they actually got tickets for me. And we went to go see them on my birthday. That's right.

Yeah, yeah. And I remember we kept purpose. We purposely kept trying to slap your tattoos. Yeah.

Oh, cuz I just got a tattoo. Yeah, like that same day. No, the day before, actually. But anyways,

I thought it was the time that I saw them. They were both like every time times both times.

I think I only saw them once with corn.

Oh, yeah. They go rock show that 995 kiss big rock show in 2002? Or how many of those

that they have? Because the one that I went to was with big ol rock show, but it was stone sour. And

I don't know, but I saw disturbing corn. And then it was

I think it was I think

it was one of those things. Like I think all those bands were on their own tour and like might have been awesome. I think like their tour is just like crossed. Yeah, the the first time that I saw them with with corn. I mean, it was a part of us first. And I think like, their second album, I think believe was just coming out. Which is good. And they already had their new basis. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no. Yeah. I thought they did. No. Okay. So he came in. He came in on like, like three albums in Really? Yeah. Okay. I thought. Yeah, so the first album, the first two albums were there with with the original basis.

Anyways, yeah. Okay. Well, that was that was Kim's. So already from my last one.

Yep. So,

y'all know I'm a Metallica fan. Obviously Frank, and I mean, Frank, me and Frank are the biggest Metallica fans. Frank's bigger Metallica fan than me. But so there was a I actually, obviously since it's Metallica, like a band like Metallica is gonna get covered a million bazillion times right? By Miley Cyrus. Yes. So there was a there's one group of compilation albums that I hate it's from a group of it's like from a genre that I hate that I just don't like we've talked about them before. But it's like that Warped Tour era of like seeing kids and stuff like that Okay, so the compilation albums were punk goes pop punk goes pop punk goes metal punk goes 80s punk was 90s Don't ruin every category

No, that was the now that was the now serious now.

Okay, don't there's a punk goes classic rock. So on the very first punk goes, I didn't know it was punk goes metal. And there was a band on there called link ad. From California, they were listed as punk but they kind of sound like they got stuck on them and I'll show you what I mean. So the song that they covered was harvester of sorrow, harvester of sorrow came out in 88. the year I was born. Born in 80, yes. And the cover, the cover came out in 2000. So let me show you. So obviously the this harvester of sorrow came out on Metallica's and justice for all. So let me go ahead and play you Metallica's version in case you're not familiar with it. I know Frank's familiar with it.

Yeah, I was. I was there.

I know you were there. Okay, so this is harvesters sorrow. Obviously Metallica songs are long, so I'm gonna skip through it. I just want you to get the gist of it so I can show you what this other band did.

Trying to find them first.

We're a minute and a half in and we still don't have Here we go. Yeah. Course. Right here.

Okay, so let me give that a five. It's a classic Metallica song. Yeah. Um, so now I'm gonna show you the cover that came on 2000 from this punk band.

Who will talk about it? sounds

bad. Oh, yes. That's what I said. Why is there trumpets?

Because they're cooler than they are.

Why does Metallica have trumpets?

Feels like a little slower.

Yeah, it sounds very fast forward. It sounds like if the trumpets are in there, it sounds cool to me, because it sounds like a dirty punk guitar. Yeah, but then you have the trumpets in there. I'm like, why did you put the trumpet? matteotti Yeah, it does. Exactly. So let me fast forward. So they now they split up the verse. Yeah.

I wonder how many Metallica fans wish that this was the original?

Not this one. Better? No. I

mean, like, like, it's because it's got that thrash feel to it. Yeah.

But then it jumps to there. It's just, it's a weird mix to me. Like, I think they could have done a good job that they would have kept the trumpets out. Like, dude, refrain. Can you refrain from using the trumpets, you would have been good. It's

an original idea, but it just didn't really pan out.

Yeah, I just, I just think. And then right here. So you got trumpets, and this

is just Yeah, you're right. You're right.

I'm sorry. I was when I listened to it. I was trying to figure it out. I'm like, What the fuck is going on here? Yeah. And it's Metallica. So you know? Um, I actually didn't know that Godsmack had covered nothing else matters. Really? Yeah, I didn't know that. I actually actually signed up. Alright, so I give that version a two now 1.5 because I don't know what the fuck was going on there. Yeah, but that was the last one on my list. I mean, I looked around but anything in those punk those compilations if you're not familiar with them, Brett I suggest you look them up specifically the 80s and 90s ones. You'll see what exactly I've heard about them but like they're horrible. Most of them are you'll find some like occasional gems in there. There's actually one that I found from some band that I had never heard of and they covered a credit they cover. Shit I don't remember added it on the on the on the covers. Actually I can pull it up. Real quick, they did a cover of

Oh Metallica, I disappear. So I disappeared came out on the Mission Impossible to soundtrack and there was this band called anti government. I don't know if you agree with them. So they actually like, it's kind of like industrial punk. That's what it sounds like to me. And I was when it started I was like, Who the fuck is gonna cover I disappear isn't gonna sound like shit and it was on that same I think it was on the same compilation or it was on a different one and it started playing and less you started playing I was like holy shit is pretty good. I liked it. I really dug it. So like, you'll probably find like one good song out of all those compilations. But yeah, that was the one I found. And I was like, y'all should have done this and y'all did it. So yeah, that was the end of my list. I don't know Frank has anything else.

I've got two more.

Oh shit, go for it. But I thought of a third one. Whenever you want a Cambridge has shortlist, my list is done right there. So

I'll try to keep these like a little brief. You know, we were talking about Tears for Fears earlier. And there's a cover of madworld by Gary Jules.

Sorry, I just he took a big drink. And I was like,

This is all I have to drink.

I feel like once you've committed you just gotta keep it.

Yeah, I mean, it's getting warmer, and it's tasting more like puke. So anyways, um, but anyways, Who's this guy?

I don't know. Gary, Jules, you've probably heard this cover version of madworld

Wasn't he discovered? like playing on a street corner or something?

I think so. Yeah. And, you know, of course, the the original is good. It's, you know, lyrically, it's, it's depressing. But ironically, you can you can dance to it. Yeah, yes. You know, and the song is about depression, pretty much. You know, just about feeling out of place in the world and whatnot. But also from another perspective, you know, some people will say that it's about a guy sitting at the window. And just watching the world go by people live their structured day to day lives. And you know, so those are like the two things. But this this, this cover is just such a downer. It's it's like super sad. Super like, like, if you're feeling sad. Don't even listen to this one because you're just gonna feel like 100 times worse. Oh, wow. I'm

curious now. What's the guy's name again? Gary. Gary Johnson. This is the cover version. Yeah. Cuz he pops up first.

Yeah, cuz it was super popular. And it also was like the theme song for some video game. Like really popular video game.

This is? Yeah. Will you read this one?

It's not a bad cover. It's

just not a bad cover. Wrong episode, buddy.

It's just too sad dude. Yeah, so because of how? Because of because of how much of a downer it is when you give it a one.

I feel like the tone and the feel of the song capture. lyrics. The lyrics? Yeah.

It sounds like gone away. It does. I

was gonna say that has the same melody.

It's interesting.

It really does. I was thinking that I was gonna let you figure

that they're going to court. That's crazy. But they do go to court over shit like that. Like you took this little song. Interesting. Okay, I

probably should listen to Tears for Fears. Because it is really different as far as like. I mean, this one's all piano and this dude singing and then the original is a lot


It's like one of those songs where you'll be at the club dancing to it. And then when you like start paying attention to the lyrics and you're like, I shouldn't be dancing. It kicks in a little bit. Yeah,

but also to the Little bit does sound like yes, but also to cuz his vocal melody changes like so it makes it feel more the other guys did it

stays slow the whole way through and

yeah, okay got it. So this one for sure a five. Okay, you know what else you got? I've got limp biskit cover faith.

Oh really? Yeah, I

got I had behind blue eyes.

That's pretty bad too, but I'm gonna say faith. You know, 12 year old me thought that song was really cool. But now as an adult from an adult perspective, it just doesn't sound so good. Man when

you were that age, did you know the original version?

No, I didn't. I didn't know it. And you know, of course the original version is very mellow. very chill that you can, you know, be hanging out the beach, listen to it singing singing along having a good time with your buddies. And then like the limp biscuit one you know all I imagine it's just a bunch of like, frat bros just yeah, it's

the same but updated. I'm just kidding.

So thanks for listening to George Michael.

Good birth. This is a good song.

Do you like it? Yeah,

we read it.

I got a 4.5

so funny. You were talking about that? Because when I was younger, I liked the Olympus conversion. Yeah.

And, you know, limp biscuits version. I don't. Even now To this day, I don't think they've really grown up. Oh, no, you know, they're still the same dudes. They were like 25 years ago. I

don't even think it's the ban. And I think we had this discussion before too. It's Fred yarders hasn't grown up. Here the limp biscuit version in case no one's familiar with it.

So that started seeing the same the same Yeah.

But he perverts it.

Yeah, I

mean, like he twisted.


reinkers version.

They are listening to it now because I haven't heard this song and fucking forever. But listening to it now. Like, it's not

changing that lyric like, makes it make no sense. Like, you really want to touch your body because not everybody has a body like me. Yeah.

I feel like I feel like if I were in the biscuit, and if it was like, if I got out voted on downplaying the song. Like once I'm done out I would walk up to Fred nurse and just slap them

and I forgot about this too.


Yeah, behind Yeah.

Yeah. I don't know. I mean, maybe if I was like, some, some I don't know. Like if I was into hard seltzers and, and dress like a Chad. Yeah, I would.

So rockin them backwards.



I have a necklace.

Oh man don't even don't

know. Female fertility.

Round all the frat boys I love I looked at guys wearing that shit. And I was like, Why the fuck are y'all wearing Doc Martens sandals. Oh, yeah. Yep, nope, not here.

Yeah, no. So that that song is? Yeah, a one. All right. Yeah. What else you got? You say? Oh, yeah, my last one is dope. They did a cover of dead or alive. You spin me around.

It's actually not that bad. I mean, I mean,

let me see. It's pretty like it's pretty disco II. I think like, like disco, like industrial disco. That's even a thing. It's just, I don't know. It's kind of good points. But I think the thing that really kills it for me is the vocals like they're really filtered very I don't know. I don't know what it is about the vocals.

Let me see if I can find Okay, so this is this is their lives version.

So in this one I love like so much.

It's a good it's a good yeah,

it reminds me of the Wedding Singer so much. Every time

That's a remake.

Oh yeah

yeah this is originally yeah this is a five definitely


I think that's also a

remix to know

I want to watch the wedding

dance party

in your living room Okay, so

good song. Yeah.

And have you seen the the Paul Rudd version of this video? It's really good. Yes a pirate and Jimmy Fallon. I think they like shot by shot.

We made it. We made the video

like two minutes

Okay, so everyone knows that. Yeah, everybody knows the dope version.

It's not that dope.

I'm not gonna like put up my favorite but

I mean it's a


Like I said, it's not my favorite but I don't think they they just industrialized

take a shot every time

a lot of these like electronic like new metal bands and they were covering these 80s quite a bit All right, well, though, I'll put it out as the rules for this episode. When he wrote this version

Why do I write this

one is here the coursework but damn good stuff.

Yeah, I

got you. Just comparing them back to back.

Yeah, it's nothing special.

Okay, all right. Yeah. All right. Well, I guess

that's my list.

Okay. Yeah, my list is done to a job. Anything else did y'all want to say? No, before we leave?

I'm just stop making back covers. Yeah,

I think about covers please don't don't don't post YouTube videos of yourself playing stuff cuz I'm gonna thumbs down it. Yeah. So. Okay. Yeah. So I don't know. We're gonna talk about next episode. We'll talk about it in a bit. I know we have a list of stuff. Now that we haven't gotten to. But anyway, so yeah, guys, we'll see you all next week. Be safe and all that stuff. And I don't care who wins the Super Bowl. So yeah, so see you guys.

Next week. Cheers, guys.

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