Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 26 - Favorite Cover Songs

January 30, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 26
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 26 - Favorite Cover Songs
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This episode, we discuss our favorite cover songs! We compare the covers to the originals while trying some craft beers. Cheers!

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everyone welcome to rock talk happy hour My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank and this is a podcast or we talk craft beer and music so every episode we try different craft beers both alcoholic and non alcoholic. We try them discuss them rate them sometimes we learned a little bit about them all while talking music related topics and Frank was today's music related topic today music

related topics are is I don't know the title exactly but it's covers covers we like covers we love Yep. Yeah, covers were covers were in love with.

Yeah, sounds close enough. Now that's spot on. Now you're right. Um, so yeah, so we're gonna be doing that. And this is a Britt's a birthday episode.


happy birthday, Brett. So this is her designated birthday episode. So, before we kick off the show, we always start off with two little segments. One is hangover where we talk about things that, you know, got hung over from last episode. That doesn't sound right got hung over caused


thinking about stuff that maybe we didn't get to mention last episode, and then also to talk about what we're drinking at the moment. Um, so with that said, let's talk about what we're drinking. What do you guys drink in an hour, but it's something we're drinking

something very exciting. Oh, okay.

Well, well, first of all, I mean, there's one that we've already I think featured on the show. Okay. The athletic brewing upside down. Yeah. Golden golden nail

down I think that was like in our very, very, like, first five.

Yeah, it doesn't really good. We do like it. But we do have another one from upside. Dawn. That is still in its pilot program stages. It hasn't been released yet. And it's a chocolate cherry stouts Oh, I mean, just the name of the name alone itself. sounds really good. Yeah, sounds interesting. And, you know, upside upside down. Athletic brewing has not made a disappointing beer. I think a lot of the stuff they've they've made has been pretty, pretty successful. So I mean, you know, I like the stuff they haven't had. I know last week we had what was it like a dark style that dark? It was a dark ale and dark ale. Yeah. And that was really good. I really liked it.

A lager something like that. It was dark lager.

Yeah, something like that extra dark or something? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, athletic brewing if you're into the non alcoholic stuff, or if you're still doing the dry January thing. Definitely look for athletic brewing. They've got about five six beers out right now. I think they've got a few more in the works. But they're becoming a little more mainstream. I think athletic brewing. So yeah, so we're gonna try this one real quick. The chocolate cherry stout.

Oh, you haven't tried it?

Smells nice. So let's let's let's see.

I think it's really good. Wow. It tastes like chocolate. And cherry. It does. Yeah.

Oh, nice. It's

a nice little desserty. Beer.

I don't know if it's a dessert beer out.

I mean, it's for sure. It's chocolaty, but it's got like fruity notes in it too. And like little sour at the end. So it's, it's really nice. So

what do you read it?


4.3 point three for Britain.

I think maybe it needs to sit in the fridge for a little bit more for me to get like the fuller.

And it's sitting here waiting for us.

Well, apparently what I had learned I don't know if this is true for all the styles. But I think with these guys, I'm not maybe the IPAs to that if you let them warm up a little bit. Like not be as cold the flavor profiles usually pop up more.

But I wonder because it's it's a stout. Yeah, maybe. You know, and I remember when you know, back when I when I when I was drinking alcohol stouts I could only drink if they were like super super cold super chilled. It You know, when when you drink them just regular. Cool. To me, they they seem to lose their, their, their flavor a little bit. And I guess because it's like the dairy content that's in it.

I don't know. Why no, some of them have lactose in them. Yeah. Yeah, but I don't know. I don't know. Like all stouts do.

I think it's more just once you get like the milk stouts you know, things like like the nitros and

yes, there's a Guinness one too.

Yeah, there is. But for me it's you know previously No milk stouts had to be like really, really cold for me to enjoy them

Frank Starling. What's your what's your rating?

right now because it's a little not so cold. Cool. I'm gonna give it a four. But uh, but uh, but I'll get back to you on at once. Once I once they sit in the fridge a little longer. I'll probably have a different reading but for now it's a four.

Cool Yeah, came when you're drinking my wine Yeti, Yeti again.

But this time I have the Trader Joe's Charles Shaw red blend. Which was like $3 I think, for the bottle. And apparently it is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and mirlo blend.

I think that's the variety that they used to sell for $2 and they refer to it is two buck Chuck wasn't the name of Charles.

Yeah, gotcha. Yeah, I guess. Inflation? Yes. But I

think it's good when you read it. Like

4.5 4.5

and then me I'm trying to sour. I've been trying to stay away from the stout and the the are the ones again? Still? No, not the IPS. The other dark ones?

Oh, the porters. Well,

yeah, I haven't had a porter in a while. That's why I forgot. But uh, yeah, for a while. It's like getting trying to porters and then that kind of stopped. But yeah, so this one I got a blue owl brewing from Austin, Texas. It's called Ben Damn. Sour red ale. So I think this is more like Irish style ale. Um, it tastes pretty good. The front end sour and then the back ends a little more bitter. It has like a dark bitter taste to it.

Yeah, just tastes like a like an Irish ale. That's sour in the front. Yeah, it's not it's not bad. I mean, I like it. Um,

but does it make it go? vandam

so since it doesn't I don't know. I gave it like a 3.9 I mean, it's not. Now you know, I'll give it I'll give it four. I mean, I could I could drink another one of these. It's not it's not there's nothing bad about it. It doesn't taste bad. The aftertaste is not like it's not horrible. It's just there. Yeah, it doesn't I don't think it affects it in a negative way. So I'm gonna go like before I even before Yeah, so I got so bad that you guys have any hangover

hangover. You know, I was thinking about some bands that I used to be in in high school, but I don't even know that counts because those bands went nowhere.

Wait, what was the last topic? Oh, yeah,

that definitely doesn't.

Really a hangover I just had something I wanted to correct myself on. For my story about meeting Chevelle. sandplay is a beater five B, I think I had to like five eight or something, which is what I play.

Okay, yeah, we got it. We got a lot of hate mail and

they released a new single today. And it was pretty good. I mean, it was the first one that they released was better I agree. But this one was like you know, it's good. It's good to hear new music from them so that it's always a plus.

Yeah. Now I don't know much about drumsticks is a five B thicker than a five a or how does that work? Yeah,

so yeah, I think the thinner one the thinnest ones are the five eight. Yep.

My dad if he cuz he plays drums as well. He uses a b i think he plays with mine. Or like he as my accent. He's like they feel like toy. Yeah, they're smaller.

I remember when Lars already came out with his signature drumsticks. I think they were like aluminum. Yeah, they got

I had a pair of boots. Excuse me had a pair of those. I don't know what happened to him. Those aren't bad. I mean, all right.

We have the aluminum ones. I don't know if they still have them have a pair of Barker's Belgian drumsticks I've never really played with

before but

and another thing I'm curious about a pair of Joey tours and sticks is a sino like with guitars and basses you know wood for sure. Yes. affects the tone. Now I know some woods are lighter than others. It affects drumsticks too. So what's I don't know what's the typical more common hickory hickory? Yeah, I

think so. But I know definitely there's different. Like, the wood specifics are very drummer's Look at that, too has to do with the weight Some are I forgot what what stick it is. It's like super light. Like it could be like a to b and it's still like it's not as dense. So I don't really like those ones. My favorite

are the Vader nudes hickory because they're not they don't have the slickness on them like

they don't really finish.

Like my hands get really sweaty because they get really good and stuff. They don't they don't really slip too much. Yeah, but I do get rowdy blisters from them after playing

some some drummers. I mean, some like to play with, with drums. I mean with drunks obviously. No, but though we're like, we're like, you know, like,

gloves. And yeah, my dad uses like a wax. And last time I used two sticks. And then like, my hands just felt like sticky. And I was like,

I remember.

Well, I mean, I guess it makes sense, right? Because it creates like grip and what Yeah, but I know some some drummers will put like bicycle grip tape on their drums. That's

what I was gonna say. So they actually Well, I know they have a specific date too, which is the same thing. But I remember Gentlemen, I used to use that and it would kind of suck because well, my hands get sweaty naturally, too, which is affects me playing guitar, too. But playing drumsticks? I would use the tape right for grip. But what would suck Was it the tape would get? I know sounds disgusting. We get wet. Yeah. And then it would just like stay wet. Yeah. And then it was just a comfortable. Yeah. So that didn't help me at all. But I think that works if your hands don't get sweaty because it's just gonna be extra grip. But yeah, either way, just it's soft. strings, the same thing I have to get coated strings because I have what they call acid hands. And my, I guess just the acid in the sweat in my hands eats through regular strings super quick. So they'll corrode regular strings like so I have to use colored strings. Yeah,

you know, and I never used coded strings until I think I played your bass. And I noticed I noticed the strings like the sound. They it pops more. Yeah. Like it's it sounds. It sounds crisper.

Yeah. So I only stick with the with the DRS. And then the other night. Yeah, it's so the Dr. coded ones. And then the only other ones that I use are clear tone. Yeah, clear tone, clear coat strings. Those are pretty cool, too, which are the signature series that Pete from Chevelle has. But I was using clear tone when I think I found out like Dr. They didn't have a gauge that I needed. And I was like, Oh, let me try these clear tones. And they were pretty good too. So there's only two basically string brands that I use but when it comes to coded strings, right, but

I just think I just needed to correct myself.


But the wrong information out there. I don't want to make it seem like you have like small hands or something like

I got a hangover. So you guys remember how we were talking about? Then we got to the story that I had about theory of a dead man shortening their name to theory Yes. And that I believe the singer stated that he kind of compared it to chili peppers, sometimes shortening their name to chili peppers. And I was like I never seen them do that. Like we seen fans do that was so funny because a few days ago I was this past weekend we had gone to see the exchange and found a single of chili peppers. So I tagged them, and I didn't realize that their Instagram handle is not wrapped as not rhcp is just chili peppers. someone like him? I guess they do reference themselves as chili peppers as well. I guess I never really noticed it. But anyways, it was still dumb. You know the whole conversation we had about theory changing their name just because they actually changed their name. Shorter chili peppers didn't change. It's just a shortened version of there's

a nickname

Yeah, it's kind of like a nickname. Yeah, the last piece of hangover had was we were talking about names and Frank brought up ghosts. And I wanted to mention ghosts and I was like dammit I forgot what to do my research so when Frank first told me about ghosts ghosts was ghost ghost BC. So when I did the I actually went digging in Wikipedia had actually all the info I needed. So ghost formed in 2006 when they formed they actually formed as ghost just ghost so and I know you mentioned that they were something about ghost bc being SPC like outside the states or something.


so the story is ghost bc was only a thing here in the US. Oh, so what happened was in 2006 there were ghosts 2013 because of legal reasons, they had to change their name. So they added the BC and then in 2015 they dropped the BC B and it was all because of legal reasons. So this was a statement that one of the nameless ghouls said an interview about that he said BC is obviously a pun on before Christ. But but it's just an amendment in our world. We're just going to be called ghost the BCS silent and as soon as we can, it's going to be taken away forever. So basically, they just added it to get rid of the legal thing that was going on. And then pretty much just like he said, as soon as that was done, they dropped the BC and now they're back to ghosts. So basically it was ghost ghost bc back to ghosts, but bc was just here in the States. Yeah, so I guess there was another band somewhere something called ghost and they had to fix that legal issue and until they had it fixed, they had to add the BC but to them bc was never really part In the middle there, which is pretty sure I mean,

yeah, for sure. Ghost is one of those bands that surprised me, you know, in terms of popularity because they're not like a mainstream band, they're not on the radio, but they have quite a devoted following.

Well, they've had some singles in the past few years. I know their last album, I think was Requiem, right? That one had a pretty good it was well received and a lot of people like I think it even got some mainstream success too. And I think a couple of singles on their previous album, think Searcy Okay, that was playing on like top 24 like really? When that came? Okay. I didn't know I don't know how long Okay, and then square hammer I think was another single they did pretty good. But uh, ya know, when they were right though, when they first initially came out they were like that, but they're following grew from those initializations Yeah, when they were like bc right.

You know, I was a big fan of the first album as it self titled I think it's called the first album. it you know, I just had this really dark 70s like hard rock vibe to it with the keyboards and whatnot. And also to their shows are very theatrical. And that's another thing that also pulls me in. It's just how, how good they are with their theatrics live.

I've always wanted to go to go show I remember the one time I wanted to go and did not go. I think it was like in September, October. I think it was October. I think it was close to Halloween. And, man, I ended up going in regret. But a

ghost is somehow Oh, yeah, yeah, it

said something about this little member.

It's my ex husband's wife, sister. His

sister isn't. That's crazy. That's That's insane. That's, that's pretty cool, though. I mean, yeah. So what is that? What we didn't we talked about this. I said, like, we were talking about the six degrees. Is it six degrees of separation? Is that the number

of degrees of Kevin Bacon, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but it's

six degrees. Okay.

Let's try to remember the degrees. Like how everything is related to Kevin Bacon.

To get back?


All right. Well, I guess if you guys don't have anything else. Also, too, if you guys want to interrupt later, we can just take a beer break and change beers because I have one more beer that I bought to try. But yeah, I guess we can go into it. So I don't know. I know. We all have a different amount we had agreed on five before we recorded the episode. We talked about it last weekend. But I know sometimes some of us talking about the ladies, they like to talk a lot. I'm just really chatty. Yeah, you know, but uh, sometimes, like, we talk a lot about stuff. And I knew this one was gonna get probably a little weird or crazy, I should say crazy crazy. Especially since what I want to do is for some of the songs if you want just a real quick, listen to the original cover and compare them real quick. And then whoever has it on their list, they rate them. So like let's say whatever you have on yours will listen to the original you rate it you and you rate the cover to not us will listen to it. But yeah, we'll just discuss them and see what we can still see what everyone thinks about them. But just that person read it and would like

just like the first 30 seconds or so. Yeah, we could

do that we could listen to like the beginning and skip to the chorus and what? Yeah, so yeah, we can do that. Sure. So let's go first clue. Sounds good. I think Frank had a longer list

over there.

Well, I mean, okay. So I'm just gonna put it out there. I'm gonna preface this with saying that for me covers are. It's, there's no gray area, it's either black or white. I either love it, or I don't love it. And I feel like if you're gonna do a cover, you have to really try to make it your own. And there's a lot of them out there that don't even really try to stray much from the original and it ends up sounding like the original. Yeah, and not that that's all bad. But I just I feel like if you're gonna get it, if you're gonna make if you're gonna do a cover, like definitely try to make it your own. Yeah, type thing. Um, but with that, you know, I do have some of my lists that stay somewhat close to the original, but you can tell there's definitely like a bit of a spin on the band who's doing Yeah. I'm gonna start mine off with pan Tara's a cover of a planet caravan. It's

a good one.

That's a good one. And this one, you know, it's one that doesn't stray too far from Black Sabbath is original, which to me, it's a bit of a shame because I feel like it could have really had its own identity. If you know they experiment a little more, but I do feel that panteras version is more hypnotic. You know, it adds more of a Mystique to it. You know, and dime bags guitar tone like it's unmistakable. Like you like you know, that's that that's his tone. It's very bluesy. And, you know, especially when it gets to the solo and at the I think the Solo is the part of the song that tries that actually. breaks away from the original and gives a song its own voice. And you know, Panter Ozzy Black Sabbath. They, they go way back, you know, so to me, it's, it's it's no surprise that, you know, Pantera Of course they were influenced by Black Sabbath. So to me, it's no surprise that they did a cover version of a planet character. Yeah.

So let's hear a little bit of the Black Sabbath version and then we'll let Frank read it. Let me see. See if I have any technical difficulty I know starts with like an intro. Also, I forgot about that. Vocal.


And then it's crazy. Cuz like this has

like the bongos?

Yeah, like you could really they pop? I guess we can jump to that. Well, first off, what do you rate the Black Sabbath?

The Black Sabbath version? I do like

a give it like a four out of a five. Okay, and then let's see, let's hear the intera version real quick.

What I like about it is that the song came out in like, what, late, early 70s or so? Oh,

it came out when paranoid came out. That's the album that was on? Yes,

like 7374. So I think, you know, I'm still pretty impressed by older recordings, and like, the type of magic that goes on in the, in the recording session of it, you know, and like, there's some times when I listen to older stuff, and I'm thinking man, like this was going on at that time.

Well, because like also to like a lot of those. In that time. Like they, they didn't use any kind of modules, or they don't do any kind of like, it was all like, Okay, we got to make this sound. Let's experiment. Like, I know, there were stories of Led Zeppelin, I don't know what song it was, were like, in order for them to get the effect they wanted. They had the microphone on the opposite side of a hallway, in the recording studio, they get the effect they wanted. And like they just did all this weird stuff with mics. It was just mic technique. And I don't think a lot of in my experience from the studios I've gone to like in the past 10 years, right? People don't do that anymore. Like they don't they don't they I remember when we were recording the first demo. It was mics to the amps, right? And it was like moving around. And then now it's like, okay, let's find a what's what's it called? It's a like the little patch and

yeah, we're and all you do is just like, make me sound like this. Yeah.

And then he'll like move the AMP did move the mic digitally on the amp, and he'll pick the AMP digitally, and, like the effect digitally, um, like, dude, get your ass up. On the amplifier.

It's also like how Van Halen like and some of the earlier stuff. Yeah, to get like that really big. boomy drum sounds. You know, that they would double the bass kicks. Oh, yeah. You know, since you know, cuz cuz obviously, you know, they do double basing, but they would do like, double, like double double. Yeah. To give it more of that. Boom. Yeah. And, and I like stuff like that, you know, cuz it's like, you're trying to get the most out of your sound by adding like more to it instead of just like manipulating digitally some some stuff.

Like I remember one time I went to a studio and you weren't with me in this band. But so I went and I took my you seen how big lamp is? Yeah, I took my app and everything. I think it took my head too. And so I go and then the guy is all like, Oh, no, I don't need your amp. I just need the head. I was like, What? So you hooked up the head and then made a you know, hooked it up to a digital amp? Or like, he picked the amp and then picked up that I'm like, dude, I have my effects here with me. Like, these are the effects I want to use. Right? So yeah, it was very interesting. But here's the pentair version. Oh, man. So

yeah, so

it sounds very close to the original. But it's so it also sounds more rounded. Like it sounds. It sounds more full.


And I like how how fill in someone who doesn't have the heavy effect that Ozzy had in that and the other recording is just his voice with a little bit of probably like reverb on there, but nothing like major that because I think that one song that we heard I there's not a lot of Ozzy songs that have heavy effects like that on his voice. No, no, I think that's the only one I can think of now,

I think you know, the reason why I give it a four and not like not like anything higher is because yeah, I think his voice sounds too Reverb II it sounds too wet. Not you know,

you're talking about all zebras. Yeah, but he also has some like kind of tremolo effect onto something.

Which which is interesting because when you hear it, you know, Ozzy's voice is very distinctive. Yeah, it is so you know, it's sad but when you hear when you hear when you when you hear that song with with the effects on it, just like that doesn't sound like does it? Yeah,

it doesn't. So what do you rate this terrible version,

the pants heroine. This might be But actually give it a little bit of a higher rating than the Black Sabbath

original thing. So I think that's fair. I mean, you see, that's what happens when a cover is done, right? And when sometimes you forget, or when it is a cover, it is a cover and you're like, Oh shit, somebody else did it before or sometimes to like, in some circumstances, the cover overshadows the original completely. No one ever knows who the original artists is. Unless you're like researching or your, you know, audio writers on it. But uh, yeah, no, okay. No, I

was gonna agree with that. And actually, too, I give them props for doing a not mainstream song to cover, you know, because I feel like plan a caravan is one of those like deep cuts, you know, and to cover a deep cut and actually get on the radio because of it. And it's still playing on the radio, on the radio, and I wouldn't doubt that their version. I wouldn't doubt the third version, you know, gained Black Sabbath some new fans as well. Yeah, that's, you know, yeah.

Yeah. So usually that happens. Yeah,

yeah. No, I think pentair did very good with with cover, I think they they gave it a bit more life to it, even though it sounds very close to the original. Like you said, it does sound more rounded. it you know, like, again, it doesn't stray too far from the original, but it does sound very, very good. Yeah, it does.

Yeah. And then with that, also, too, I want to let everybody know that I have a master covers playlist on our Spotify. So if you want to check it out, go to rock talk, happy hour pod comm and click on the little Spotify icon. There's two icons up there, one for the show for show playlist. So this show specifically is not going to get a playlist only because pretty much I think all the songs we mentioned are going to be on that playlist. If they're not, I'm going to add them. But right now there's over 10 hours of music on there just covers you'll find the originals and the cover and the cover versions. So if you guys want to check that out. It's a it's a fun playlist for me personally, I love covers. I love looking for covers into their physical form when I can't find them, whether it be besides or soundtracks, but uh, yeah, so that was that was a good pick for Frank. I guess we can go this way. But you want to go? would you go?

Sure. I think the first one on my list of three is a song called alone again, or, okay. And the original version was done in 1968 by a band called love.

And then

the cover version? Well, there are many there are many covers of this one. But the one that I love is from the dam, the dam, they covered it in the late 80s and 87. So it's a I don't know. I mean, I can't sit here and tell you the history of the song. I just I knew it was a cover. And it's a favorite song of mine. And I love the dam version before I play this before I play the original one buy love. Do I know it?

Oh, gosh.

I know. And I have apparently I'm really bad at predicting this because I'm like, Yeah, you do. And then

I think that's only happened once. Yeah, I think most of the time. Let's see. So this is the love version of a loan again, or C does that intro?

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

This person sounds super 16 Yeah. Yeah, it's hard to like, get a handle on it. Does that Wait a second? Yeah.

Yeah, it doesn't

wait a second. There's like yeah,

cuz that's a short song. It's not that Yeah.

There we go.

Yeah, like miniskirt.

Go Go boots. Yeah. What, uh, okay, so what do you rate this version?

Um, I like it less than the cover. But I mean, you know, I'm not I'm not afraid of some sweet 16 sounds, so I don't know. 3.7 probably 3.7 Okay, so

was this a song that had some success when it came up?

I think so. Cuz it was popular enough for a lot of people to cover it not just Yeah, I saw like all it was late. I mean, like, it's still being covered and and, you know, the, the dam covered it in 87. But prior to that, that got covered as well. Like, to the 70s and stuff too, so

let's hear the damn version. Yeah. Let's hear that damn version. Are you like, Oh, you like this?

Yeah. I also really like the video. It's like setting the desert. Yeah, and the riding horses. and stuff Damien's got his

black hat but really cool black hat. Yeah, it's it's pretty sweet video.

You know, like this version

also to a thinker on this time but damn sort of like strayed a little bit from their punk roots and yeah, they started doing more like experimental stuff.

Yeah, I was gonna say I was like, aren't they? Weren't they more punk? And then I was hearing and I was like this sounds more of new waves, right?

It sounds like it could be like their song like that's, that's what I like about when covers or Dodo right when it sounds like oh like this could easily I've been there so yeah,

right that's when they when they get picked correctly, because there's some bands like I can just throw out there right now like five finger death punch who like cover a song and it's like, what why did you pick it? Like it doesn't suit you? Yeah, you didn't add anything to it. Yeah. And so their defense, there are a couple of covers that they've done that I do. Like, I can mention it real quick, cuz it's not going to ever be on any of my list. But they did a cover of bad companies Bad Company. And I like the original. And their version was not bad. I liked it. It was a little more, a little more heavy, or more updated, I should say. But they didn't do anything that took away from it. unlike some of the other covers. They done like more recently, just they missed the mark like today. They weren't even close. But um, so what do you rate this version?

Like the trumpets,

right? Yeah.

I don't know. I I like this one. A lot of like a 4.7.

Okay. Oh, so you're okay. Yeah, it's way up there. Okay, cool. No, I dig it. I like it. So I got to put this on the playlist. Cool. And hopefully, because right now, I mean, doesn't like sponsor anything. But Museum, Pandora. So, Spotify. I fight with Spotify, a lot.

A lot of user error. The fact that he won't splurge for the premium Why?

Because I have like so many like, I have Pandora and then well, I think amazon music I have because I have prime, right? So and I used to like using amazon music a lot too. And then just all over the place. So anyways, um, so Kim, you're next what you got.

I have Pink Floyd's run like hell covered by kitty. Oh, man. out there. Oracle album. Okay. I like it.

I didn't I wasn't expecting a lot.

You didn't know that the cover? I didn't know that. Yeah,

that's it. That's not even on the list on the master list.

I didn't I didn't know. You told me not to tell you anything. I

know. I did it to be a surprise.

Surprise that you were gonna say another brick on the wall.

Yeah, we're gonna say that to you. Because I know well, corn was crazy was they did the cover of one two and three together. Yeah, I remember when it got released. I was like, Man, this is long, but it's cuz. Yeah. But no, that's let me let me play the original one. And then you can we'll talk about it. Are you familiar with you're not really

familiar with? Really? No, no,

I think I know the song. I think I just didn't know that. Yeah, I know the song.

Okay, it took a lot of shrooms. You won't remember.

Maria did a lot of drugs in the 60s. With that, bro.

All right, Kim. Well, you're gonna have to listen to a little bit until Yeah.

All right. I don't hate it.

I probably only ever heard it like one other time. And maybe not even in its entirety. Kind of like right now.

It sounds very error specific. Yeah,

that's that sounds very painful.

So what do you read it?

3.3 point

eight. Okay, let's hear the kitty version. Did I? Apparently,

I'm so like, wow.

It doesn't like it doesn't sound like

it. But it's good. Oh, yeah,

I'm not gonna say that.

Also to the drop To the kind of changes

that would take me a really long time to realize that this isn't a cover of the fire just work some places I've heard it, I'd have to really concentrate too.


That's kind of cool. Cuz like to me, I'm not really big a big people I know. So like, I mean, I could recognize like, if it's a good song, you know, I'm not gonna be a big fan of all their discography well like this. What would you read this? It sounds it sounds totally different. And it sounds like something they wrote.

Yeah, exactly. That's why you probably like no, I guess you just did it. You don't you're not familiar with the Oracle album then. Are you not too

much? No, no. So

I guess I'd give it probably like a 4.7. Okay, maybe

it's good that the song have a video. Kitty version? Because I remember I definitely remember hearing it on the radio.

Yeah, what the heck? I just remembered hearing it off of that album.

Interesting. Wow. And I'm still shocked.

I don't know. I don't know anything. Like

let me say you know a lot. So I'm, like, shocked. Oh,

let's see. So, my for mine. It might be a shocker to probably Frank more than anybody else. So this first one, this cover the original was by Duran Duran. Oh, yeah, for me too.

I just wanted to tell you are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Yeah.

Happy birthday. Duran Duran. Yeah. Um, so yeah, so this song that I that I like a lot is the chauffeur from 82 from their 82 album Rio. It was their second album. And you guys know how I feel about Deftones I don't if I if I find something that I like of theirs. I'll give them props because but they're not one of my they're not on my list of like favorite bands, right. But the cover they did have Duran Duran chauffeurs. Like one of my favorite covers ever. I love that song. Just the way it sounds like it sounds so like dreamy and I think the effects on the guitars and just how I think chinos voice to me, works very well with that song and the instrumentation. So they actually released that cover for the Resident Evil apocalypse soundtrack which is how I came across it I love soundtracks at the time I was big on resin Hippo and I was following those movies going to the theaters and they came out the first three after that was like they started suck anyways. So the first three movies came out with soundtracks, which is what I love when movies really soundtracks and is offering like, I think the first first two soundtracks were from Roadrunner and then the third one's from some other label. So anyways, so So yeah, Deftones cover this is the first time that it appeared anywhere it was in 2004. Then the song came out again in 2005 on there besides and rarities album, then it came on again in 2011 for their Record Store Day exclusive of their covers, vinyl, and that was only limited to like 5000 copies. But, ya know, this is one of my favorite ones. And I'm sure Britt and Frank are probably familiar with original original is very good too. So I'm gonna play the original real quick and then compare the real

albums closing track the chauffeur was written by

Simon what is

part of a podcast that's happening right now in celebration of their 40th anniversary is like a big day. Yeah, so they're, like, cut all these like audio clips about the history of it and stuff.

Interesting. I was like what Yeah, yeah. So speaking of loving the cover, I love the original two. Yeah, the same thing. It sounds like I like this little synth thing that's going on the vocals. Chino used like pretty much the exact vocal effect.

Yeah, this

just sounds like something like in his in his way

is just exactly what the voice effects what the voice effects Yes. But then you go with the instrumentation and I just love how he's talking about like the aphids and stuff and it sounds like a dreamy like morning kind of song like

When it kicks in it was just like real, like, I don't know what the word is. It's just real. Like a surreal kind of mood like, yeah, and then like when the synth drums come in and it's awesome I think this song, like the original I'll give it like a 4.5 play it a lot actually probably got like a 4.6 It's really good. Yeah, so now we'll go into the Deftones version. This is the 2005 remaster. So this one came out this one was the version that came out with besides and Rarity, right? Please real quick. Actually, no, this is from the Yeah, this is the 2000 So right off the bat, you replace the synth with the guitar. But as soon as channel's voice comes in, it sounds similar to the original but in chinos voice. And I just like to layer guitars here. Yeah, like that. That effect right there sounds really like industrial I guess. I don't know how to explain it. But I would say like industrial.

Yeah, go to me. Save.


but what I like about this one is that when it kicks in, like it just goes off when it kicks in. So I'm going to fast forward. So right here, instead of the synth drums, you get

acoustic drum.

Like I listen to the same songs, except

he also modernized but as you can tell, it's more like it's not as spaced out like it's not spacey. Yeah, it's still dreamy, but it's it has. Again, like when the pirate planet caravan thing, it sounds more full. It's not as there's not a lot of space, as much space as there wasn't a virgin song, right. So this is like the end part when it's just like basically like the outro but it's just like and the guitar and the drums just go off pretty much at the end. It's like the last like minute and a half is his drums and guitar going off.

And I dig it a lot like I give it a five you know and the interesting thing about Deftones is that you have all sorts of like influences like Steph Carpenter is really into like the heavier guitar stuff in in Franca, their keyboard and he's really into hip hop, you know, and then their basis there he's very into like the hardcore punk stuff and Chino he's very much into like, the new wave stuff. Yeah. And I think that's always been like a problem. Not a problem. But it's always been like a point of contention. Because it's like, how do you know wants to explore the more feminine side of the band, while the other members want to go in a harder direction so often they have to compromise. That's why whenever you listen to Deftones album, you'll hear that you can hear the conference. Yeah.

Yeah, no, definitely. But I mean, they make your work for the most part, I guess. It's not something that I'm into, but when, when they do it a certain way. And, and I like it, I like it. And this is this is one This was one of the examples. I really, I don't know how you feel about this cover, because I know you're Deftones fan but how you feel about this cover? Like what would you I'm gonna go ahead and let you read it too. Because I know you're such a big fan.

It's a good cover. I just feel like it's a it's a bit sleepy.

That's why I like it. I like that it's sleepy. Like cuz original one was to me, and it's there just I just but uh, ya know, I mean, so that was my that was the first one on my list. Not my number one cover favorite of all time, but it's on my top three for today. Oh, what's your next one?

The next one another song that also doesn't stray too far from the original but definitely has its own touch to it is metallic his turn the page? Yeah. And you know, I've said it before it this is from an era of Metallica that I really liked their their hard rock era that I'm hopeful at some point in the future though, you know, explore explored again, some more. You know, it's nothing against like their their thrash stuff. But when they got into their heart rock phase, like that's when I really got into Metallica. You know, and you know, again, like I said, it's a song that doesn't stray too far from Bob seekers version, the the original, you know, but it definitely has the Metallica touch to it. And I think one of the things I really like about this song, several things, is I feel that Metallica added a certain darkness to it that the original doesn't quite have. And then you know, especially when you hear the song and then you watch the video that comes with the video just amplifies that darkness even more. I think I think the original Bob Seger version. It's about a musician who's just traveling around. Yes. You know, and then you watch the Metallica version the video and it's like, the mom was a sex worker who's got a kid she strips and she hooks for money and whatnot. And it's it's a difficult video to watch and you know, and it's for one and MTV ended up having to play that video like after 10 because of how controversial was Yeah. And other another thing that I really like is when you listen to Kirk habits, lead parts. I mean, I don't know maybe I sound a little nuts saying this, but I feel like the agony you know, really comes through in his lead work like, you know, like, it's like the song crying out. Yeah. And I feel like Craig perfectly captures the pain and agony of the song who is leadwork

so let's let's listen to the first one and then we can if you got more to say on the Metallica version, we'll talk about that too. Well, let's listen to the I know we're all familiar with the original. Yeah.

safe to say.

See here.

This is very like not blues, but very. genre is

a little funky.

Funky. Yeah. There's the there's the genre. Yeah. Like boarding bordering on that old school country kind of. Okay, so what do you rate the original version?

The original if you I think? Is this a live version? Yeah. Yeah. So the original, cuz I

don't. I couldn't find a studio. I think it would give it a 3.5 3.4. Yeah. Okay, so Metallica is turning the page.

The original has that. Like, that's the saxophone.



When saxophones try to be sexy like trying to be sad. You cannot make that instrument sexy no matter how hard you

luckily the Metallica wanted to start with sex. The field sounds similar on this one. But then this is kind of turns Metallica right? Just pretty early on.

And this one, you know, if you didn't know it was a cover you would think it's like one of their like, like a beside that just didn't make it

work. For the longest time. I didn't. There was a lot of this was when I was younger. I did. I didn't know that garage incorporated was like all covers. I didn't know. Yeah, it was probably one of the first Metallica albums I heard. And I was like, Man, these

songs do some fucking killer. And it was the same thing when they, you know on the same album. They also covered the Lizzie's whiskey in the jar. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I remember watching the video and thinking it's such a cool video because you haven't already.

Yeah, like I posted every St. Patty's Day.

And again, too, that's another one I didn't know was it?

And it's actually a cover of a cover. That's a folk song. Like

many Irish folk song. Yeah.

Yeah. And you see, when I first I was like, Oh, I was like, this is a Thin Lizzy cover. I'm not a fan of Thin Lizzy. But then I found out Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. But I was just gonna

tell you when Frankie and I were walking in the neighborhood, we saw a truck and it had a bumper sticker and what

it said, if you don't like didn't Lizzie Go fuck yourself.

Yeah, I mean, I'm just not a fan of Thin Lizzy. And then I found out that, you know, they covered it. And I was like, Oh, yeah, it's a folk song. I did. I had no idea.

And I think Metallica's version is inspired by them. Lizzie's version.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, they definitely ran with it. But then it's cool because it picks up and then there's that bridge where it just goes, Yeah, very chill. I

think it's

there it is.

Bob Seger. His version does the same thing. But I think this is does this doesn't more dramatically.


So what do you rate this Metallica version? This one, I

give a 4.5. I think it's good. Yeah.

Good. What and what did you give the Bob Seger version? 3.5 Yeah, no, it's good. Yeah, it's it's, it's it's close enough to the original one, but it's not like it's still recognizable. You know, I mean, like, you know, So

I find it funny, but I love it how like, episodes back are like I don't like, I'm not a big fan of Frank's like I like Metallica but like

that isn't Yeah, that is interesting. Yeah, that's great What you got?

My next one is a Joy Division song dead souls. And the original is from 1979 and the cover is by Nine Inch Nails and that was 1994 and it's on the crow soundtrack.

Okay, so yeah Joy Division did it for a division did

it first it's called dead soul.

Got it? Okay. Oh, and the Nationals he says from the crow center. Yeah, that's awesome. I love when that's soundtracks are the best places.

That's a really good version.

Um, do you have anything to say about the Joy Division version or you want to hear it? Or use it and I think we all need to hear

something more punk sounding like one once we get into the cover version of it.

Was this one I don't think this one made it to an album. Right? I think it was. His Joy Division had a lot of singles. Like like non Album Singles. Yeah, right.

Yeah. Yeah, cuz

this is off of a collection that I've right right.

I think the sound

haven't missed anything. There's no vocals yet right now.

Yeah, it takes a while to


I love the bass line.

I was listening to the drums.

Yeah, there's a lot of interesting history about Joy Division's producer. And because the band is from Manchester, and at the time in the 70s, Manchester was just this like really depressing, bleak town. And in order to capture the Manchester sounds, you know, there's stories about how the band would record in like freezing temperature rooms. And adding all sorts of like effects in it to to capture the sound of what the city looked like. Yeah.

Oh, that's crazy.

I still didn't miss anything. A super long intro, because it's like two minutes in. Yeah. I was like it. There's something wrong with my connection. Because I know if it's connected, weird, it'll cut offs. Like some of the audio.

There's not a whole lot of

Yeah, cuz there's like a minute and a half left in the song. So listen to that. What do you read? What do you read this version?

That's tough. I mean, I don't know.

You can give it a five. It's okay. Okay. Okay, fine. Okay. Yeah. So let's listen to the nice nose version. But

it'll be fun.

Actually, like this already? Like, a little more than the other one. But I didn't read it. So you don't know.


Yeah, might be. Fast forward. A little bit that the book was coming earlier on this. Yeah. Yeah. I

think that that other one had like an extra module

or something. Because the length of the songs look about the same but he came in like before two minutes and yeah, the other one came in after two minutes. Because at the end, yeah, he probably flipped.

So think if they kept the same structure, it would have been like a seven minute song. Yeah.

Oh, you can hear 99 Inch Nails there. Yeah, sure. I think it's well done. Yeah, no

it is. It's like the other ones that we had before. Sounds close enough to it, but it doesn't sound like I think I'm gonna go ahead and throw them under the bus. So while I was not these guys, but while I was doing my research, I found this so Weezer had a album come out it was a cover album last year for the end of 2019. And you know the whole thing about that toto Africa song? Yeah, so a fan suggested they cover todos Africa right? So I didn't know that it was on a cover album. So when I went to the cook to that album of covers, all the songs legit sounded identical. Like there was no change at all. Like they did a couple of other ones. I can't tell you right off the bat. We can talk about it after the show. But uh, I think the one they did like one metal song actually I'll pull it up after this I'll pull up but Britt What do you rate this?

I don't know. That's really tough. I mean, I think the original version I would I rate high because of like, my attachment to it and my attachment to that band, but

they can both be fine. One doesn't have to be higher than the other. That's true.

Okay, we'll do that fine.

So um, no, those were good and on this one, just my I mean, I like to I like both of them but I think Yeah, um, so that Weezer one that I'll send you about total Africa's on there. Todos Africa is on there. Everybody wants to rule the world is on there. It sounds identical to the to the original Take on me is on there. Okay. Sounds identical to the I mean, Sweet dreams are made of this is it sounds like they just

cover everything from the 80s. No. Well,

yeah, I guess so. Billy jeans on here. The one rock song they had on here was paranoid. From blacks. Actually, I can play a little clip of your real quick but this is Weezer covering and it just sounds out of place to me. But all the other ones are like

I give it a warm

like why did you do it? It just sounds like a karaoke version. Yeah,

well, I appreciate that. They try to capture that that Ozzy vocal feel, because you know, Ozzy's vocals and the original you know, it's got that echo to it.

And this sounds identical to I would think I'm listening to the original one it's like they took it's like I said, it's like karaoke. Yeah, you're right. It's identical like so every song on here is sound exactly like they're like they're so might give that a one. Here's another one just real quick. I'll do the last one and then we'll jump to Kim. But I mean, it sounds a tad bit different but

just because they're using really yeah

give it a one I don't know why they made this album. I mean, it's like I I ran into this because I don't follow Weezer so when I bumped into this I was like, okay, the total Africa whatever cupboards whatever. And then I heard I was in that video so that saves it Yeah. Did you see I thought that was good but I didn't know it was part of a covers album and then I heard the rest I was like oh wow I was like they don't there's nothing there but whatever alright guys good pic so far Kim what you say making

me choose three right? Yeah three cuz I had like more So yeah, I

had more to but yeah no we're gonna do three this episode. What are we on y'all y'all have to get me wrong I'm not too yeah you're on to

my no specific order. I'm trying to like figure out which one I want to mention them I'm I'm into this one cuz we both like it. The retirees boys of summer covering the Eagles vocalist and drummer. So their original was 1984 and then the Atari version came out in 2003. I love this cover.

Yeah. I love both versions actually.

Yeah, that I like both were Yeah, I just

so here's the original version, which I know we're all familiar with. We're gonna hear a clip so Kim can read it. I love that intro. This awesome cover. I mean, awesome chorus and then the guitar is it sounds just as good but when

So let me go to the toys

real quick. And actually the Atari This is version was the first one I heard. I thought it was theirs. Oh, yeah.

So funny story.

I was in high school I didn't know a whole lot that

that's okay. That's why I love this because like, it reminds me. I mean, it came out when I was a freshman, I guess. And so my family goes to the beach every Labor Day weekend. And it was just like that, like on that playlist. It was just like that. Summer of me, like, getting into high school and like, went to the beach. Like I got to be on my own and meet other teams and like, have fun. Like it was just, it was just perfect.

So like this one. I don't know, I just I always like both versions. And then when I heard this one, I was like, I wasn't too familiar with the tarries. But I remember I don't know if you guys remember there was a show that came on on what network was it on the like CW web or whatever before was called Pepsi Smash. And so artists would perform on there like you have Papa Roach. Godsmack there was pop artists like so it was like 30 minutes of like just fans that were out at that time with a single tarries performed one day on that was pretty cool. Cover right? So then I always From then on, I always love both versions. So 2017 I think that's when I met see ky so I went to the last work tour that was here in San Antonio or that I went to and so I'm there by myself. The heck. Okay, so anyways, so I'm there by myself. And I'm waiting for see ky to go on. You guys know, I'm a big secret weapon. And so there's this big crowd behind me and all the stages are close together. I don't know who's playing. I know gore's going to be playing later on which I ended up seeing some abor set and as big crowd and I turn around, and the Tories are behind me. And they started playing this song, which was their last song. And I was like, What the hell so I got to see the Tories play this song at Warped Tour, which is awesome. Like, it was just like, by chance like they were behind me and I just turned around and they were there.

But yeah, I ran into you at that word.

Oh, yeah, you did. That's right. You were I was working with energy drink. Yeah. Yeah. He was setting up the he was doing part of your roadie gig. Yeah, I forgot to read it to you. That's funny. Yeah.

Both versions to me get a five. I love the little like punk rock nod where they change the deadhead sticker to blackpack sticker like, Yeah, that's a good,

it's just,

I love it.

It's great. The chorus kicks is just more aggression. It sounds faster. Yeah. And it didn't take away from the original

of the time that it came out. Oh, three.

Very good pick Levin. Good pick that pick. Definitely it wasn't on my list today. But um, so my number two, this is funny because the cover that I picked is also awful garage Incorporated. Okay, so and this one was a hard one for me because I love that whole album. And I could have easily gone without picking a song off of there. But this one, I picked this song because I also love the original and I hadn't heard the original until last year. So the song is astronomy. The original version was from was by Blue Oyster Cult came out in 1974. It was under secret treaties album, there's actually five versions of that song, blue, Blue Oyster Cult versions. So they came out with five different versions between the original from 74 to 2002. So up until 2002 they had another version of that song. Metallica covered it and garage Incorporated, like Franco was talking about turn the page earlier, which was released in 98. So we're going to listen to the boot oyster coat one two and kind of like the chauffeur it's very dreamy and it has like a certain mood to it. That I that I really like it. I don't know if you guys are familiar with it. I wasn't until until this past year, but let me go ahead and play some of astronomy for you. Frank, are you familiar with the original version?

No, but everybody knows the cowbell song.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, of course. Everybody. Know not blurred. Mr. Cool. Okay, so this is the song we'll listen to I guess we'll listen to the remastered version. But it starts off like


I think the original version sounds different. Let me see. I'm gonna find the original original. I think that's, that's a different that's one of the different versions I was talking about. So this is the version that Metallica covered the 74 versions. You can tell there's there's no drums here. Well, there's drums but they're not as heavier, the previous version accidentally clipped them. It sounds very dreaming sound very moody is vocal sound very spooky to me.

That's the pre chorus part. We'll listen to a little bit of it so that we can compare it. So

I'm going to go on wild in here and say that that guitar is probably an SG.

Probably, probably no, probably.

I think a lot of bands this time we're using Gibson's I think like es G's are pretty prominent.

So soak in this

version differs

makes me want shag carpet.

Yeah, it sounds very like that. Yeah. I give this version like. I like it a lot I grew to it doesn't sound like the Blue Oyster Cult that I know that this sounds more not as refined as the Blue Oyster Cult that we know like that. It's more mainstream. So this was before that. I give it like a four. I liked it a lot. So the Metallica version.

This version

tagless version one. So right off the bat up to five. I've always loved this song. This was probably one of my favorite songs on the album when I first heard it to what year was this album? The garage, corporate 99. And I like how they fixed the key. I think the notes that was used on the Blue Oyster Cult version was a little they were like, I don't know what the term is. But they were not like in a normal scale. Yeah, this metallic kind of normalized it. The beach and then I'll fast forward to the part we just


It keeps the same move, but it's more refined. And

yeah, it's really like Chris

Yeah, it's crispy. Yeah.

It's probably weird, but I actually like the way the kick drum sounds.

Yeah. No, it does. It sounds good. This This album was mixed very well and recorded the drum sound very, very cool.

This is Bob rock doing this. Yeah, this is Bob. Okay.

So this is gonna lead into the part we just heard on the voice.


And then the solos to also to the original Blue Oyster Cult solos are a little weird, but right, these are more.

But if you guys want to hear the whole thing, of course, like I said, it's gonna be on Spotify. Any of these songs that we mentioned. You can hear both of them back to back on Spotify. I have both originals under the covers. But ya know, this one, I give a five the last circle or what I said but 4.5 I think. But uh, yeah, so that was that was my number two. Cool. I don't know how familiar you guys were with those. But yeah, never heard it before. Cool. Yeah, no, no,

I heard it either. But I do like it. Really?

Wow. Holy crap. I'm surprised. Okay, great. What's your number three.

My number three. This one takes a little bit of a twist. I guess. I'm gonna Okay, so this one I actually struggled with a little bit because these two artists did really, really good covers of this next song. I'm about to mention the cures love song.

Oh, yeah. Okay. 311 three, though. They did just added it to the playlist while we were in the car. Yeah,

they did a really good cover. I really liked it. Yeah. But then Adele came out with her cover of it. And yeah, and I struggle with it because you know, both Adele and 311 are really really good versions of of a of the kids love song. But I'm gonna give it to Adele.

Okay, all right.

Well, I mean, I'm a big here fan. And if you're like if you're gonna cover band pay tribute and you know, respect and homage to a band that has a really, really incredible legacy. I think you have to come to accept that, that is going to stay with you. Like it's going to be part of your career. You know, it may not make or break you. But people are always gonna point to that one thing you did, and I think Adele did a very, very lovely job with the song I think the song is, I didn't know she covered it. Yeah, she did.

I saw I'll add that on the playlist, because I did add that 311 one

and it wasn't a single, you know. But her version I think is very sweet. Very lovely. Very, very genuine. And I think, you know, compared to the 311 one, I think Adele's version hits a little more, you know, closer to the heart for me. You know, and I, like I said earlier, you know, it's covering a band of the cares legacy. To me, it's pretty impossible to further perfect.

A song that's already very, very popular. You know, of course, the the cure is hugely, hugely iconic.

And what I love about Adele's version is that she completely remade it into her own song. You know, it's very different. It's got a very bossa nova almost jazzy style to it. Yeah. And I don't know. I mean, it's, it's, it's different. It's definitely a brand new song. And I think it makes me appreciate the the cares original a bit more. And I do like the original, I just think it's been solid a little, you know, a little further for me, because it's overplayed. It's also very lovely love song, you know, as the title suggests, but like I said, you know, it's gotten a lot of radio play in it, like Sally did a little bit for me. And then you hear Adele's version. And you think, Wow, it's a breakage just

like renewed it or gave it new?

Yeah, like, yeah, it breathes new life in general. Yeah.

Well, I mean, I guess briefly, what do you want to say about the 311? One, because the 311 was a different, like a different style to I mean, it sounds similar, but it's still it's, it was still kind of its own thing to like, yeah, yeah. Well, how do you how do you feel about that? The 311 one,

I do, like, I do, like, I'm not gonna hate on it. I do like it. And it sounds very 311

Yeah, it does. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. And I think they did a good job on it. Yeah. You know, I can listen to either or.

Yeah. Like, it doesn't sound like they were out of place covering another song. Yeah.

Sounds like it could have been their song. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

So Frank With that said, Everything just said, what do you what do you rate the cure version? The Cure version?

You know, because of how overplayed it is. I'm gonna give it a four. Okay.

I mean, it's still a good rating.

It is a good song, though. But I think it's one of those that you know, like I said, if it wasn't overplayed, it would have a higher rating. But then, you know, actually, the The song is a love song to Robert Smith's wife. You know, they get married. And this is like, what inspired the song?

Yeah, I always heard that this was his wedding gift to her. Yes.

And it's a nice song. You know, you listen to the structures, and I really like the keyboards in it.

If you could go back and like, hear it for the first time. Yeah, I mean, it's a fantastic song. Yeah, it has been overplayed and over. Yeah, yeah, to the point where it kind of hurts my heart because it's like, you know, right. Yeah, it's one of my all time favorite albums, but the song I kind of have to skip now. Um,

yeah, I know how you feel with like, I feel the same way with other songs and other bands. Yeah, I'm like Metallica. certain songs do like Sad but true. Like, especially I think one of the main ones is the Unforgiven Dude, I cannot stand with that song. No, I can listen to it. But here's the Adele version. I've never heard it so this is gonna be new to me. Are you familiar with this one?

And this one doesn't take very long to kick in.

She kind of tweaked Did you tweak the Oh, what does it do that keeps no I

mean she she kept the same structure more or less but what's the song fully comes in you know, the same structure still there. The base is still there. You can definitely hear the difference in it.

It's crazy cuz the melodies, like restructured like it's rare, but

Then right here, it's where the rest of the band comes in.

Like the chords are there, but not the. Yeah, yeah, they

tweaked it a bit. I think the root notes are there.

It sounds kind of it kind of sounds like a hybrid between the 311. And if you like, but like some kind of genre, I could say it is. But it kind of sounds like it has a 311

if for some reason it falls into the jazz category,

yeah. Okay, Scott.

noticeable reasons, right? Like you're in a jazz club. Yeah.

reggae and jazz together.

We had a baby and a smoky hazy jazz club. Mario's getting checked out.

It wasn't just me. It was all of us. Okay.

I was oblivious to it.

Okay, so what do you rate this Adele version?

Let me give a five. Okay, cool.

And I understand your reasoning because you said you got tired of the first one not for I mean, it wasn't their fault. Like it's still a good song, but I I totally understand.

But to me, it sounds like a more mature version of the original, you know? And I think it's one of those few instances where the cover surpasses or passes the the original.

Speaking of Adele was funny because I came across I think I had heard of it, but I hadn't heard it. Lincoln Park covered Adele's Rolling in the Deep Music Festival. It's actually on Spotify. I haven't heard all of it yet. But ya know, Linkin Park. Actually, I think that's like one of the few covers that they've done. And even then they haven't done any studio covers from what I from what I've seen. Yeah, but ya know, they covered Adele, which is pretty interesting. Alright, so Adele. Oh, cool. Whose turn is it?

My third and final one. remind myself what it is. Oh, it's a landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Okay. And then the Smashing Pumpkins covered?

I saw Oh, Paige, like gonna say the chicks

not know, but I saw

I don't know if I'll find it was The Smashing Pumpkins version on an album or any kind of it

was on Pisces Iscariot, which was an album of kind of stuff.

Okay, hopefully it's here because I like literally came across a web page of tons of covers and Smashing Pumpkins. Actually, I think I have it open here. I can run off some of

Depeche Mode behind the wheel, right. No or no, not behind the wheel. Never. Never Let Me Down. Yeah.

Um, so they covered just real quick. Oh, my God. No, I got rid of the page, whatever. There was tons like from different genres, like and not all of them want albums. And I was like, This is insane. Like Smashing Pumpkins covered so many different like, I think the Beatles were on there. And just I don't know. It's crazy babies. Okay, landslide.

Yeah, landslide. So they have the original Fleetwood Mac version. I think it's from 75. Yeah. And then Smashing Pumpkins covered it in 94. And then yes, very shortly thereafter, the Dixie Chicks covered it.

Yeah, I saw I saw that. Yeah. The chicks. I'm so sorry. Yeah, just had an episode. I should be. Okay. So

this formerly known as

formerly known as Yes, so this is the 2017 remaster for a landslide from Fleetwood Mac.

Before the skate guy. skateboard guy made them popular.

The Ocean Spray guy. Yeah. By the way, I'm drinking nectarine. This thing it This is awesome. They actually have a whole like display. egb but I'll get you one. Now that I know it's good. I like it. It feels colder. Probably tastes better. So what do you rate the region?

I think I'm gonna have to go five on this one too. I mean, Steven, fantastic.

Let's check out the Smashing Pumpkins. I have not heard this. So now so this is gonna be new to me. Okay, cool. Right off the bat sounds similar. Is the softer COVID

actually surprised me?

Yeah. I think

I don't know. I don't want to say this because it's probably not. I feel like Billy Corgan has a little more. He's like, pushing a little more emotion in there. Like it was vocals. Like you could hear more

vulnerability. Yeah, yeah.

I mean, of course Stevie Nicks has that too. But I feel I think because he has a little more like a little bit of rasp Enos and voice just just just enough. What What do you rate this one?

I mean, I picked these three because they're like, all favorite songs. Right? Like, so. It's kind of hard to be like that. This one sucks. It's really high up there.

Which is another episode. Bad covers.

Oh, sure. Yeah.

We're gonna definitely do Yeah,

yeah, I'd say like 4.8 and I love this Smashing Pumpkins album, too. It's a favorite of mine. So

it's good stuff. Cool. Yeah, no, that was good. I liked it. I was expecting him to go more full. More of his normal nasal range. Yeah. But uh, no, it was pretty nicely. Yeah. And on here he went more on the get softened it up. More from his chest, I guess or whatever. Like it. Cool. Cool. Thank you. Yeah, and what you got?

I have

Chris Isaac's 1989 wicked game, which has been covered many times. Many bands

Speaking of which, I just found out that a band that we talked about last episode theory that man covered it, we heard it and it's up yet so there's like no good. It's also we'll listen to a bit of it.

Okay, it's been covered by Corey Taylor. In Three Days Grace, but the best it's been covered by 3d spheres. Yes. Okay. Holy shit. Okay. And I love Corey Taylor but I just did not like his version at all. But the best rendition of this song in my opinion is by him off and the version off of their razor blade romance CD because I know there's a couple of versions two of their their cover Yeah, but the him off the razor blade romance wicked game is like the best that whole album is good. But that covers just like

which is funny because you know that I'm not a big fan but I do love that

that the guitar and that nobody guitar solo and that the guitar solo Yes. That their version is like well, you know how I feel about his vocals.

But on that one, I think his vocals or his vocals are great. Don't

talk about his vocal.

I don't like his vocals, but I think his vocals on certain songs.

Can't wait to hear that. So we're well are you are you familiar with him? No, no. And that's another band that I thought was a Christian band. Oh, really? Yeah, cuz I thought it was like referring to Jesus or something. And then it looks like in the woodwork like the eye has like a crown over it. It looks like the net.

Do you know what the acronym stands for?

No, I think Frankie told me once.

Like his infernal majesty.

Okay, yeah.

Yeah, so.

Okay, so we're gonna listen to the best version of the Chris Isaac's version. And we're gonna let him write it then we'll listen to the the him version. And then we'll listen to

Cory Taylor's version.

Theory version so cat will all hear it because you know what the Chris Isaac version so we're gonna listen. We're sorry, I'm


video was rather scandalous. Yeah.

Like his show. Didn't you have a show on Showtime? Did he? I don't know. Yeah, I think he had I don't know check before before this episode over remind me. I'm gonna ask. I was gonna say Siri, don't talk to

y'all recap.

No. You know, actually,

what's her name Lana Del Rey covered this one. Really live. Featuring Chris Isaac on guitar. Yeah, like he was a he was a surprise like a like a guest


This was pretty timeless.

Yeah, for sure.

Can you search Chris Isaac show,

please. Isaac show Yes.

Chris Isaac show. I can't I can't do I can't like okay, so while he's doing that, Kim, what do you rate the original

compared to the version that I really love

3.50 Holy


That's hardcore and

have them the same one doesn't have to be over the other.

I know. painful. I did that with others. I did five and five. Write it down. Yeah. Okay, well, and yes, there is a shocked 3.9 Okay. All right. Like I I prefer I just I prefer Did

you hear the other one? Or did you hear the no sorry, this one first. I

just love the other one. Okay. Yeah. The

Chris Isaac show. Was

it was on Showtime. I know that or HBO. It was on one of those. And it was raunchy, I think.

Yeah. It was on Yeah, it was it was on Showtime. And it was like a situational comedy. Yeah. Was it? It only ran for three seasons?

Yeah, I remember like the promos for it. Interesting. So the only version I could find of the him one. It's on the I guess it's like a greatest hits one. I can't find the other one. Let me see. No, there's a couple of versions. You said razor blade kisses razor blade romance. razor blade. Oh, I was thinking of another

razor blade kiss is one of their songs off the razor blade romance.

Hero razor blade Roman stalks.

What the heck?

This is like the Oh, you know what? 1-234-567-8910? Yeah, no, it's not here.

Yet, because you're not on Spotify.

But it has 19 tracks isn't on here. What's Is there like a huge difference between them? i? I mean, if you could play it on Spotify on your mic, it'd be cool.

But I can't run on the greatest hits album. I

mean, yeah. But he says different. Okay, let me let we'll see if it's the same. It is.

Definitely. So.

In the band I'm in right now. We're actually covering the song or doing this.

You know, and I didn't realize how, how deep Yeah, I didn't realize I didn't realize how deepest voice was and I heard him like, do his voices like in an interview. And he's like, super deep. Like, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't it doesn't matter. Like what he looks like.

I like the back to back.

Okay, so are you ready? Okay, I like I like both versions. I really do like this one a lot.

No, two, totally separate genre. So you have to, you know, approach him like that. Like do you like precisely genre? And if not, then yeah, you're gonna prefer this one, you know?

So now let's listen to the theory one real quick and well this is the bad one. Yes, this is the bad one. I just found out about this most recent


theater when they tell you but you because if not, it'll sound like but you

it just sounds like the right way. Like on this one. Like right off the bat. It doesn't sound the emotion is like, it feels dialed in. Yeah. So let me go I give it like a one to hear that real quick so

that was that was theory um I feel like I feel like it tries hard to try to be some classical piece

yeah it sounds yeah it sounds very very I don't know it sounds weird I don't know what they were doing like theory is not known for doing that but like I said they're starting to change to go into more popular reaction to be popular. And I talked to Kim about this too on off I talked to you guys about it everyone's trying to a lot of these rock bands that are like them. They're trying to dial into the Imagine Dragons kind of thing where like they want to be like a band but that's playing pop in like Papa Roach tapped into that a little bit theory did that. There's other bands that are out there doing it to where they're just like, yeah, they're trying to be like, Imagine Dragons. Because Imagine Dragons is like this, right? It was there. I don't know what happened to him now. But they were to Yeah, like two years ago, up until like, two years ago. They were they're pretty out there. Um, so my turn right number three?


So my list to finish off for tonight. Um, it's so weird because I picked a lot of moody songs. The chauffeur was very moody and dreamy astronomy was very moody and dreamy. Next on last one. my list is in the air tonight from Phil Collins. Same thing. everyone's familiar with a song. I don't know if I have to play it or not. But I mean, it's a good song.

Even mike tyson likes it.

Yeah, so I actually it's funny. You brought that up because I made a little note here. So I don't know Frank remembers this. But so this song was big on the it was the first hangover movie, right?

The Miami bass one.

Well, no, no, no. Go back to the Phil Collins version talking about? Yeah. Phil Collins. So Phil Collins version was big on the

mike tyson.

Yeah. So, um, you remember when we went to Las Vegas to play show? Yeah, so I'm not even kidding you. We went into Nevada from California. We go in there. And we turn on the radio just as he was on in there tonight. Phil Collins is playing. We were only in Vegas for not even a day I want to say like half a day. Yeah, like half a day right? So we go in there we hear in there tonight. Or like Haha, funny right? You know? Fucking hangover. Right? Right. Yeah. Later on in the day. We hear it again. Then I don't know if you remember this. Then two times leaving at night driving out of Vegas. Still in Nevada. We're doing more times. I think that's like the anthem of the desert in Nevada. And it's in there tonight. But we'll call in so I love this song. Again. It's it's very dreamy is very kind of eerie ish when it well, as far as the lyrics go. Yeah, this was Phil called. So I didn't say this before. But it came on at one. It was off of his debut solo album. This was his first single off his album face value. It did really well. Um, I like this version is very good. And of course, when the drums come in, and Mike Tyson punches you in the face. Yeah. It takes a while for the jumps. So three minutes in three minute, almost four minutes in the jumps come in. So

maybe you got to do the

part. I know.

There we go.

There we go. So there's a part. So the cover that I love is you were just talking about a while ago Miami Vice is nonpoint version came out in 2004. After their album recoil. It was a third album. It was Oh, it also came out again for the Miami Vice soundtrack, which was featured on the film and for a promo for the film in 2006. So this isn't this funny enough to I had gone to a show. And it was at the White Rabbit and nonpoint was headlining but I went to see another band. And what caught me was nonpoint playing the cover was in the front, the drums came in. And that's what made me start following nonpoint it was because of this cover. So I'm gonna go ahead and play the in the in the urbanite cover so you guys can hear it. And what I like about it is it's really first off it's rock. But it's they added a tribal feel to it because nine points from there like a Puerto Rican descent, right? Um, so it sounds very tribal but it doesn't sound like forced. So here's no point near and I am gonna give this a five I'm gonna give both both versions.

I just thought you can pick the disturbed version, though. I know you like that version of in there tonight. Yeah.


Oh shit.

Oh no they did Lana confusion. Yeah. Close enough.

And then the jumps come in earlier.

Right. Here's the tribal drums.

It keeps the same feel, but it picks up the pace a little bit. Makes it a little more heavy. A little more groove to it without a little faster.

Yeah. Yeah. I made this one on the radio also. Yeah,

yeah, this one they got they got a lot of attention for this for this cover. But I didn't know about it until I legit saw them at a show playing this. And I was like, oh, like this part blew me away. That was right there in the front.

And then they just went off. And I was like, Damn, and that's what made me get this album. I started following them more.

Interestingly enough,

there is a bit of a Phil Collins San Antonio connection.

Really six degrees. Phil Collins.

he's a he's a really like, I don't know. He's like an ardent collector of the Alamo. Like, memorabilia. I

think we just heard a thing on that. What? Oh, it

was jeopardy. Oh, so we're watching Jeopardy like last week. And then there was a question about like somebody, like, who had like a collection of the Alamo and like, so people were like taking guesses of people. No, it was, was it Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Because it was multiple choice and one of the choices was What's his name? Ah dang it up. All right. All right. All right. what the answer was Phil Collins. I was like,

I live here.

Yeah, who wants to be him? Yeah.

Most of the stuff on display belongs to really everything says like from the personal collection

including the stuff in the basement Yeah.

That's why they built the base.

I didn't know that.

So there's my list completed for tonight. That was my top three let me play

cuz he goes out there to have this focus. I think they just added more attitude to in the fields still there but it's just more attitude and I like it a lot. But yeah, so those were those were mine on my list, I know Frank had a couple more if you want to talk about them

yeah, I mean I can they all tie back to the same artists because you're

the only one right or Britt Kim to Java

and other ones that we can save for another time.

Okay, go for Yeah, I'll

just do these two real quick you know, and like I said they tie back to the same artists, the band called How to destroy angels, which is Trent Reznor other band when he's not busy with Nine Inch Nails and they did a cover version of Brian fairies is your long string is your love strong enough? And their their version appeared on the grow with the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack The David Fincher version and the original version appeared in The Legend movie soundtrack with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. It also doesn't stray from the original to too much but it also has its own you know voice to it and once you hear how to destroy angels, his version you can definitely hear like some of the Nine Inch Nails elements to it.

This is it right? The

original versus the original. Yeah. And actually David Gilmore plays some pretty sweet guitar and this one, what,

what year was this?

Like? What 85 8045 something like that? Yeah.

I'm looking for the version you're talking about and I found Trent Reznor and Atticus and Atticus Ross.

Yeah, I think that that's the one. Yeah.

Oh, yeah, it's the girl to dragon tattoo. So what do you write the original version? Were you familiar with the original version before?

I had heard it once before? Yeah. I don't like it. You know, I think it's for me 4.5 matching. I'm gonna give a full five Because I really like David Gilmore's like guitar, and you can hear it. It's in Bryan Ferry too. Yeah. I think that David Gilmore thing like surprise a lot of people like it. Yeah. Very Adult Contemporary ish. That's a good one. It's timeless. It's a classic and how to destroy angels, you know, their version also is very good. It sounds very similar. It's more electronic. A little more aggressive at some points. Let's see. So

this is um, right, right. This is the

it starts very quiet and then it like slowly picks up. I don't know every time I hear how to destroy angels, like in general. Like, Nine Inch Nails is the boy in how to destroy angels is like the girl. Okay, you know,

so that you're gonna say that man.

Oh, you know? Yeah, well, once the masculine version once the masculine ones the feminine Yeah. Okay.

Do you feel like that with Chino, Merino and Deftones and

churches? No, no,

I'm just curious, because I'm not familiar with churches. This this band doesn't have another band. No. Okay, so

he's got he's got four bands. Holy

shit. So

it's a Deftones Of course. Yes. There's crosses. Oh, crosses.

That's what I meant to say. Yeah. Why didn't you correct me?

Well, because I

was in the same vein, you know, like I saw crossing church and

so he's got that one. He's got to sleep to sleep. That's also and then he's got another one. Like post metal kada palms.

Palms. Okay, that's it. You looked at me and you like, agreed and I was like,

What? No, because I knew what you were talking about. Okay, but you didn't correct Okay, so this is Yeah, this is like two minutes in this doesn't kick then it kicks in trust me Yeah.

And like I said, it is more electronic sounding and no, definitely. So there's there's not a whole lot of guitar in it. But there is some guitar like like at the peak of the song.

Sound like a supergroup or it's just like Trent Reznor is like side project.

So what happened? So what happened is in 2009, Trump said he's not gonna be touring with Nine Inch Nails anymore.

Yeah, like on like, a couple years ago?

Well, okay, so here's the thing. He said he wasn't going to tour with Nine Inch Nails for the foreseeable future. So he was putting it to rest for a little bit. And then that's when he picked up and you know, did how to destroy angels. So I think also too, like, he just got married. And he just wanted to do some like stuff with his wife, like, musically. So this was the result of that.

As this is why singing

Okay, I like this. Like, I actually liked this one bet a lot better than the original one. But also, too, I wish they would have picked up with this like a minute earlier, because this doesn't kick in until like two minutes. And I like the Yeah, the electronic in the electronics in the back. The mood sounds very, right. I mean, it sounds similar to the originals that were on my list.


I'm surprised you don't have any Manson.

No, actually. He's like the king of cover. Yeah.

Okay. Yeah. is famous for cover. Yeah. Okay, so you said would you rate this one?

I think they're both equally five sides. Okay. Yeah, they're there. They're both good in their own in their own respect, you know?

Yeah, no, they're, they're good. I like them. And you said, Yeah, one more, right.

Yeah. So my last one also ties to Nine Inch Nails. It's Johnny Cash, his version of hurts.

Yes. Yes. And that's on the master list.

Yeah. And I'm actually gonna geek out on this a little bit. Because, you know, I'm a Nine Inch Nails nerd. But I think in order to understand the original version of hurt, which is the nice nails version, it feels like some people get

confused and think for some reasons, right? cash.

Yeah, no, I've heard people.


And I've heard a seven desk covering that Johnny Cash version. Oh, I haven't heard that. Yeah, it's like on their acoustic album.

Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah, I'm not really I I kind of don't like the acoustics something they had released for that. I guess that's why I never went into it.

Yeah. And so yeah, so the original hurt in order to understand the On the combination of the downward spiral that's not you know, the album that that the song is featured in. You don't have to listen to the album and you know, in its entirety, because it you know it, the song like, works on its own. But the album itself is a concept album and it's pretty much you know about the destruction of man. And it's different stages as, as this person is going, you know, and like, it's chronicles the destruction of man, this person who is like fed up with the world, and decides to throw away everything that is holding him back. And in doing so, he becomes this like, robotic powerful mechanic like person. And at the end of the album, hurts. You realize that he's done something very sinister very, like, he just can't go back anymore. And so, the track before hurts, narrates how this person shoots himself in order to, you know, pretty much out of guilt, you know, and then when hurt comes in, basically, this this guy is dying. Yeah. So, you know, symbolically nine. And the lyrics pretty much say, you know, like, I hurt my hurt myself to see what I could feel basically saying, you know, like, I'm hurting myself to see if I still have any human emotion. So it's basically like his goodbye letter to the world.

And, you know, this is another band to wear, like, I, I don't follow Nine Inch Nails. I know, you're huge. I got, I feel like I was lucky enough for you to take me to a couple of shows. Um, because I do like the national stuff that I've heard and this song too. I like it a lot because of the buildup and that motion to like it as an awesome builder. So like, I have it on right now. And it's just it takes it's Let me see how long is the song? It's six minutes. Yeah, but it's all a build of like, It's so fucking awesome. And the lyrics to how you're explaining them? Yeah, the lyrics, right, it adds a lot to them too.

And I think you know, I mean, I don't think Johnny Cash like got too involved with like, the concept of the album or the the song when he covered when he covered this one. But I think Johnny Cash's version is just a little bit more haunting, because it was like his last ever recording before he passed away. And I think when you hear like, the final recording before an artist passes away, I think it adds more to that. You know, there's more emotion to it.

We can rate the Nigel's version. Sorry,

I give it a five. Okay, no, no, but

you were saying Yeah, no, yes. Yeah.

And also to what I like, I mean, I'm gonna go back to what I like about what they do with the song live, you know, you go to nine, a Chanel show, it's very intense, very roller coaster ride. And I think, you know, always like placing that song, like, at the very end of their set, is like pretty much like a combination of like, the hour and a half, two hours and you just, you know, experience and then like this one song. And it just like hits it like right there. Yeah.

And then like also to like you were saying like this one. I mean, this one, this was pretty raw for a nice Chanel song. But the Johnny Cash version is even more wrong to like, yeah, and then like Johnny Cash had been through a shit. I mean, he had done so much in his life. I mean, the point where he was at in his life to like that song. Like, it just came all that came out in this in that song in that version. Yeah. So you give it a five. So we're listening to the Nationals version right now. This, of course, is on our master list already. So I'm gonna go ahead and play the Johnny Cash version. I like this version, too. I had heard it a lot before too. But uh, so I'm a big movie nerd. I like comic book movies. I'm one of my favorite movies. And I like when they fuse the right song. So the right movies, that's when the whole soundtrack thing comes into play. Logan, which was based on it's it's, it was the last movie for the Wolverine character played by Hugh Jackman. And this song was heavily incorporated with the movie it was heavily incorporated with the with the with the release of the trailers on the film itself. And it's just about every like everything you explained, it was basically about Hugh Jackman characters Wolverine, like he, he had been through so much, you know, stuff and he he was done. And, you know, he just had to do one last thing to see if he could still feel something which was part of the lyrics of the song and he actually played it out in the movie. I don't know if you're familiar. But uh, ya know, Logan was one of my favorite movies, and this song just amplified the emotion in the movie.

And I think you could take this song and pretty much related to anything in life and I know a lot of people like to also say that it's about a drug addicts like journey. You know, and like everything like this destruction of path that he's I mean, this this path The destruction that he's left behind. And then at the very end when he comes to like when he hits bottom, and he does like the one thing that you know just tries to prove to himself to them to to themselves to see it like there's still something left in them.

It sounds like the vocals have been. I know this

sounds like why is it?

Let me see this? No, this is

Nope, this is definitely not it. The heck? I know. I can't that was weird. It sounded like an instrumental. Yeah, yeah. Well, that sucks at the last songs like, it's funny because of when I put in hurt giant caches, like the first one that pops up. Mm hmm.

And that that video got a lot of play on MTV when it came out the nationals. Johnny Cash version. Yeah.

on MTV.

They play music. Yes.

It was, like 20 years ago. Yeah, the vocals would have come in by now. Yeah.

I don't know what's going on.

I don't know. I don't know if it's the version or what but anyways, but I know. Pretty sure everyone out there is heard. If not, it's on our Spotify playlist. But you said you gave her both versions?

Five years. Okay. Yeah. Okay, cool. Cuz

if he didn't, yes, I would have been sad. Um, but yeah, no, that that those were good. Um, yeah. That was

Yeah, those everything was alright. Well,

I think we're gonna have another episode sometime down the line. And definitely, it'll be three apiece. We'll do that. So you can pick another three if you want. If you don't have another three to pick that's fine. But also to I think soon. I don't know. I mean, if you guys I know we talked dammit. I wrote it down somewhere. If you guys want to talk about bad cover songs, next episode, just have this. Have a back to back, you know, that's relatable or that's related. I guess we'll do that pick three covers that you think were bad. And so will do bad things. And again, to some of these artists are not, some of them are bad. But some are some of the songs and the choices they made were not good. And not all choices are going to be reflective of the artist or what or when, but yeah, so that those were those were our picks. And like I said, you'll find like 10 hours worth of covers on Spotify. And actually the times probably going to go up a little more since I am going to add songs I didn't have on here some that I didn't even know about some hadn't heard of some I forgot about you guys have anything to say before we leave.

Now this one was fun. I mean, like I said, covers are some good some bad. Yeah. And then there were some that are just like, man, I want to include it but it's like I gotta pick like the best one. Yeah.

And then it was weird too. Because like I just want to touch upon something you said in the beginning episode. You said there's no gray area there's black and white. It's funny cuz those Weezer songs were like the definition of the gray area where like they did nothing. They weren't bad. And they weren't. They just didn't. They just didn't do anything. They were just there. Yeah, they were like I said they were karaoke versions. They were you guys heard it the right. instrumentation was like, to the tee. It was like wedding band like, exactly, yeah, we were playing at your wedding. But ya know, I mean that that's, that's all I got. I mean, like I said, So what we'll do next episode, bad covers. If you guys have any opinion on back cover, just email us or let us know on our social media, Rockstar, caviar pod calm, listen to podcasts everywhere. Listen to podcast, we actually just got added to a new thing today. There was this new website that came out called verbal. I think it's v RB L and I posted on our Twitter, we just got added to that directory. So now we're on another podcast servicing site. That also plays music as well. But yeah, so we're on verbal now. And yeah, you can find us everywhere, Spotify, all that good stuff. So that's it. I guess we'll see you guys next weekend. And Happy Birthday again to Britt. Yeah, we had fun this episode.

Yeah, actually, we have a birthday next week. Yeah.

I forgot.

Yeah, so we'll so Alright guys, we'll see you guys next weekend and say happy birthday to Britain or social media. Just tell us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Alright guys, we'll see you next week. Cheers.

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