Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 25 - Formerly Known As

January 23, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 25
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 25 - Formerly Known As
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This episode, we discuss bands who changed their names during their careers (...mostly. Some were changes right in their beginnings). And, of course, we try, discuss, and rate some brews. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is the podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try different craft beers both non alcoholic and alcoholic. We discuss them, we write them. Sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while discussing music related topics, right guys? Yeah,

that's about right. Cool.

All right. Um, so usually, when we kick off the show, we have two little segments. One is the hangover segment where we talk about things. We forgot to talk about last topic, or sometimes it's just five minutes of us making dry heap sounds, right? No, yeah. I'm on our other segment is just, what are we drinking or just talking about what we're drinking? Yeah, before we kick off the topics. So I guess what that said.

last topic.

people we met.

Yeah, people always met musicians. Yeah. So you guys have any hangover from that?

No, I feel like I've listed all the ones I've wanted to. I wanted to talk about, okay.

Okay, I had although I don't know just before you know, this even really counts but there were times like in high school. You know, I had my car and late at night I'd go to the the the pick 10 just to get like a late night burger. And I guess bands that would play at the paper at the White Rabbit at the time. They were looking for a late night place to eat and so a lot of bands would pull through you know, so didn't really meet them, but they just like passed by me. And I knew who they were like for instance, live and in person live and in person eating a sandwich.

Somebody has told me a story once of bumping into somebody at the pig stand. Was he you?

Yeah, I ran into some of the dudes from Well, I didn't run into them. They ran into me some of the some of the dudes from mudvayne

Oh, yeah, the

story. Yeah. And what else? Some like death metal bands also too that would eat there late at night. Mmm. And isn't one time across the street from what's now that paper tiger. There's this Greek restaurant called Deimos. And this death metal band was playing. And it's funny because I was there getting some food. In this. I was like maybe I was fresh out of high school. And this guy who's in one of the bands that you could just tell he's in one of the bands. He was there eating with this chick but the guy looks so uncomfortable. You know, he was wearing like super super tight leather pants and like super super fitted shirt. And just sitting straight and couldn't even really move at all. He had like a big ass like plate. I was like there's no way you're gonna eat all that. You're essentially Yeah, your your clothes fit you like a body cast.

That's funny.

Yeah. I don't I don't remember the name of the band. But he just had that band look to him. Alright, I'll

see if I can find some pictures. Yeah. So my my hangovers a little stupid. It's part of the story that I we Frank had told initially, about when the when we met Colton Evanescence. Oh, yeah. So it was just a little brief extension of just some stupid stuff that happened with that. So for those of you who heard last episode, long story short, me and Frank got to me cold and Evanescence. When we were younger. What was this? What was the year again, like 2003 2003 2003 Nintendo fusion tour. So anyways, so of course the show is this is during the week, and I remember it's during the week, it took me a while to register my head. Because I we were talking about the sticker that I had gotten the little backstage vessel, a little purple sticker. And I remember that if so if you want us to specifically, but I could pull it up for bread if you wanted to see it. Um, so we were taking yearbook pictures, I think the following day or two days later. And so for my yearbook picture, I actually took a picture of the shirt that I bought at the concert with the stickers on the shirt. So if you look at the yearbook, sticker on my shirt, stupid, little dorky thing I did. Another thing. Yeah, it was high school, actually. So now. So I was a freshman and Frank was a sophomore. So another thing that had happened was so obviously, like I was saying this was during the week, and I didn't realize that. I remember something that had happened and what happened was, so of course the show was after school. Right? Right. ours, it was an evening. Well, we in order for us to go to that show, we had to skip band practice. And we had a mentoree practice or some shit, whatever. And we ended up skipping it. And so when we get back the next day or so me and Frank had band at different periods because I was in the drumline, and he played woodwinds, so, we didn't never had the same class, we only we were only together after school. So, um, when I got to class that day, me and our friend Daniel got in trouble. And so they were asking us, like, where we were and stuff and we were like, We went to a concert. And so like, they made us they would make us do push ups. Yeah, so we had to do 100 push ups, right? So I was like, fucking like, Damn right? And I was like, this sucks. Like, I wonder how many Frank got through. Right? And so I don't know, Frank remembers as part of the story, but later on, so I was like, dude, how many pushups did they make you do? He said, they didn't make them do any push ups. But I had to do 100 pushups.

I don't remember.

I just that's what I remember. But you know, I think it's because because you're your drumline?

Yeah. And we had the same directors though.

Yeah, but I think but I think there were our probably less like, like they had more reserves of like the woodwind instruments, brass instruments, and they did the drum line. So you didn't do any push ups. or push ups? No, but didn't

notice that Frank wasn't they didn't

notice. They're like

clarinets or whatever.

Yeah, no, I didn't. I didn't.

You're like one of two snare players. They're like, what? Today?

I guess. I guess I never thought of it like that. But still, like still we did band practice, and I got to do 100 pushups.

Although I almost got threatened with not performing chili bow 2000 3040 because I am. Okay, so I we had a game on Halloween night. I remember, I think and but I went to go see a perfect circle instead. And because I missed that Halloween game, because there

was that

was it was no it was at the Freeman Coliseum. Oh, wow. And I thought you know, I've never been to a show on Halloween night and


Yeah, costume. So I went to go I went to go see when they dressed up as I guess I think

it was a clown. He had like a giant,

giant shoe. He was wiggles the clown.

The drummer was dressed as the like a diva with the

Yeah. dome, and he eventually ended up playing for debo like Yeah, he joined he joined Evo.

Julio was a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Yeah,

yeah. Billy Howard. Oh, was a gay sailor. Yeah. And Jordy played his former self as Twiggy. Oh, okay. So it was it was cool. But yeah, and I ended up skipping that. That uh, that that band show that high school band show to go see a perfect circle and I was threatened with like, not performing it. Chilly both the following weekend, but I did anyway. I managed to sweet talk, mister. Our band director.

Mr. Bandra,

Mr. Mr. bendrigg? Sir, sir. Yeah, actually the first one of the other concerts. I don't know which one it was to and middle school. I did the same thing. I don't remember if I got in trouble or not by did I probably did. But yeah, I did that too. Well, that's even worse. Because it was only like one snare in that band. Which is me.

Yeah, probably be in trouble. Yeah.

Anyways, so Okay, on to what we're drinking. Who wants to go first?

I'm waiting for you to play. Okay, cool. So, right. So

I brought I brought any non alcoholic for us to try. Because I know Frank and Brett usually bring those. We have one from a brewery that we've had beers from athletic Brewing Co. Um, this one's called all out. It's a non alcoholic extra dark. So of course, it's non alcoholic. So it's less than 0.5%. And where's this brewery from again?

They were from? I think they're from California.

Yeah, I can tell you in California, San Diego. Kim, would you do the honors, please import them a little bit. And Marissa will have a little bit in the can then. Give it a shot and see what we think. Cool.

So it looks like a dark.

Yeah. So uh, have you had a lot of dark non alcoholics?

Yeah, I had the hairless dog. Sorry, we had downstairs. That one. That one's good. It can be a little heavy, but it's good. And then there was that one that you got me that one time was the bravest? Brabus bro, the broadest

one. Oh, that was coffee Porter or something?

Yes. Yeah, that one. No one was good. I think it's like an oatmeal.

Oatmeal. Oh, there you go. That's what it was. Yeah,

that one was good.

Well, you guys do the honors and see. Sure. See what it tastes like. See how you like it actually.

Smells good. It smells I'm dark. So it's dark. All right. Dang, that's good. All right. Well, that's good. That's good.

Let's see.

You got to talk about Oh, man. Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah. All right, Kim,

you're up. Wow. Getting the taste of watermelon.

I forgot you. Yeah, I forgot you had that. We've had that before. Yeah. with Brett. It was though. Remember the one that tastes like sour punch straws. Yeah. So they actually got new artwork for the cancer.


Yeah. So we found another one. Good. I didn't want it to end. And yeah.

Actually, our store that we go to our grocery store is actually starting to carry more breweries. Now. They actually carrying belching beaver beers, and they actually have the Deftones in stock when I ordered it online and paid a shitload and shipping. Yeah, now they have like a whole thing. Yeah, so belching beaver now, which is pretty cool. So

it's a gross name. Yeah, it is. Yeah.

I wonder. I wonder they're pushing them out more since they're not touring. And that's

they're pushing all kinds of breweries out.

Yeah, but Oh, yeah.

It's not bad.

Not bad. Let's see. Do you like

it tastes a bit mocha flavors to me.

Yeah. It's a coffee. It's a coffee. Yeah. With a little bit of a little aftertaste to

you know, sounds kind of stupid. Or taste, I guess. But I feel like a lot of the times the non alcoholics are like missing something. Yeah. But like, this one doesn't taste like it's missing anything.

Yeah, no, this one's

like, watered down to me. Like if you put ice beer and then let it Yeah, but that doesn't taste like it's missing anything.

Um, I mean, I like it. Um, I would give it like a I don't drink non alcoholics as often. I know. It's Frank does, but I probably give it like a 3.9. Now you don't want to go with a 404

Yeah, same for

Okay, Frank for I gave it a four. Kimber, what do you give it?

I was gonna go 4.2 4.2

All right, Kim. 3.7 3.7. Okay, well, cuz also too. I guess it goes into consideration too that Kim's not really a fan of the darker beers in the first place. I just yeah, so Berliner? Yeah, so she likes to style sours and stuff when we do find good ones. But that's what's Kim's Kim's drinking the three nations brewing

Sucker Punch watermelon Berliner,

which is basically made with I think it's made with

made from real candy.

Yeah, so they use like, those serpents across the surface.

And that's my favorite candy. I'm not having like sugar and sweets right now, obviously. exception, but they sell the heart the red ones like the heart candies. I mean, Mario Buy me some bags and they just they're just staring at me.


I'm gonna give myself like a treat. Yeah, sure.


I was gonna say Frank, or what were you drinking before? Where you were drinking Coke. Right?

Yeah, Cherry Coke. Obviously non alcoholic.

And then we're drinking before I was drinking

the one that we tried last time last week. The Brooklyn special effects but the IPA? Oh, yeah, guys, let

left us with one. I drank it. I was pretty good. I liked it, too. Yeah. Um, let's see. All right. Well, I guess what that said. And then if we have any other beers to come, I guess we'll finish this and then open what

I like about this one is like, yeah, like Kim said it, it tastes like it's got everything in there. I think for me, it could be a little more robust. You know, like, if it had a little bit of a fuller flavor. I think I'd probably go with the full five points on it. Yeah.

Yeah, I noticed that has a significantly higher calorie count than their other 90 calorie 90 calories, which is not much compared to real beer. But compared to their that company's other brands, like I think upside down has like 32 calories and one of the ones 25 or something. Yeah, that might be the juicy map. Maybe. It's like one of them has like 17 there's a non alcoholic from Sapporo. That Japanese brewery that has zero calories.

Speaking of Japanese, I don't know, Frank, you heard the news. But with Foo Fighters coming out with new stuff, they actually partnered with a company in Japan, that makes sucky I didn't know they were that the band is big fans of soccer and they're actually coming out with a limited edition. Foo Fighters sockies actually went to the website, which isn't Japanese. And I read an announcement saying that they're right now the plan is to only release it in Japan. So okay. That company does do overseas shipping so they do ship over here to the states but for that purpose. fighters release. It's only gonna be in Japan for now and it

probably sounds silly but do they? I mean, they have a following are in Japan right?

Oh yeah, I'm

sure they just didn't know how big a following they had in Japan. Mm hmm.

I guess so. Especially if it's only going to be a Japanese release? Yeah. Um,

I think it's Arctic Monkeys was it? I think they have a known Arctic Monkeys that banned Phoenix we talked about them. Oh, Phoenix, okay. Yeah, like bands named places. Yeah. Yeah, they also to have their own brand of Saki. Oh, really? Yeah, they partnered with some like chef in Japan. I think they're releasing. I think they have one out and I think they're in the works of releasing another two.

Oh, that's crazy. I'm gonna look that up. Yeah. Um, but yeah, hopefully I'm gonna try. I want to see how much that Foo Fighters sock is. See if I can get at least one bottle. I do. Like socking. I mean, we won't we haven't had it too many times. I've had it like a handful of times. Um, but uh, I see it at the grocery store. Sometimes. I see it at the grocery store. Sometimes I want to get some but yeah, um, so it looks like everybody kind of opened a new beer.

Yeah. wine. I'm

just not drinking.

drinking wine.

My Yeti jerky.

I opened an IPA non alcoholic IPA from do you say braveness? Or bravas? Yeah, Brewing Company. So we hadn't I don't think we've had this one before. On the show or at all.

It looks for the camera looks familiar. But I don't know if they use that on other thing.

I think we had it after the show. Yeah,

yeah. Um, so this is interesting, Brit. You don't like IPAs? Right? Like,

yeah, no. And typically, I don't but non alcoholic IPAs are somehow much more tolerable for me. They don't have it's not as like bitter or something. There's, and I was thinking the same thing about this one.

The dark one.

Yeah, but it doesn't have that strong like kind of bitterness that isn't typical beers of that kind and

yeah, is it more tolerable for me? Yeah, it's more it has more of a of a black coffee tastes like without like if you're just drinking coffee straight without, with a little bit of a like it has like a pinch of happiness to it. But aftertaste is not bad. I just opened one from Martin house, one of one of the weird breweries here in in town. We actually had quite a few of their beers and they do a pretty good job of matching the profiles to what they say they're going to do. So. This one is a it's called the first Gemini it's an imperial pomegranate sour 9.9 point 2% ABV. This breweries from Fort Worth so close by. I like the artwork on the cans really cool. So this is sour. Let me give it a shot and see what it is. Smells smells good. Smells smells tangy. Good. I like it. doesn't have a weird aftertaste. I'm not really sure. I'm not familiar I guess with pomegranate with a pomegranate. Yeah, it could it it does. Except it doesn't have the weedy aftertaste. So I mean, I like it I given I think I'm with a four right now. I can drink another one. It doesn't have like a weird 4.3 4.3 Okay, then you read it higher than me. Um, I've been trying. I've been trying to find a good I've been trying to find a good sour. I feel like we haven't had luck with sours either. But this one is really good.

For what's it called the Austin company that makes the the cucumber beer. Oh, red


Yeah, those are good.

Those are great. I can't wait to get to those are the guests. They're seasonal. I can't wait till they come back.


And probably in a few not next episode, but an episode after we'll probably be trying. We got the new pickle beer, which is a gozi. From sour Jose, from Frito. So I know that just came out. I know everyone's trying to compete with the pickle beer. The best made best me Yeah.

Okay, yeah. All right. I'll be so Frank, what is music topic about?

So this music topic, we're talking about bands who change their names mid career or maybe as they were getting started into their career, some are interesting. Some are, you know, for obvious reasons they had to change because you you just look at the old name and you're like, Yeah, that's a good thing. Yeah.

It's only because these bands don't really somebody else has to tell them like you should change it. Yeah.

Like I think what was a finger 11 they're not on my list but I think it was like something but monkeys are Yeah,

it's actually on my list. They were the wasn't rainbow but monkeys.

Yeah, I think that's it.

Yeah rainbow but they were on like my honorable mention ones right? Oh yeah finger 11 was rainbow

like their new name was much better

yeah the finger 11 one though they actually had a fun. Yeah had a reason it had to do with like some kind of philosophical thing where like if you're pointing forward, so I don't know I didn't understand it but it had some kind of deep meaning to it I was like okay, I was like it's not like you know, but yeah, it's a lot better than rainbow but monkeys


Good good good shout out well yeah so that's the topic. Thank you I'll go first.

Yeah, I'm gonna start off mine here I don't know, not really so much of a change but you can you can figure it out on your own Guns and Roses. Oh yeah, they started out as a combination of both la guns and Hollywood rose. So Tracy guns used to play guitar for LA guns. And they were at the time shortlived that they they only recorded like an EP, then they broke up. Really? Yeah. Well, they later reunited. They were still. Yeah, no, they Yeah, they later reunited. But they the first time around, they recorded one EP, they broke up and then Tracy guns. Was that a I think? I don't know. I don't know how the story came about. But eventually he became friends with Axl Rose. And Axl Rose is in a band called Hollywood rose. And they decided to start a band you know, combine the two la guns, hollywood rose Guns and Roses. And Tracy guns was in Guns and Roses for about two, three months. He left because it just wasn't fun anymore. is what he said. But depending on how you look at it, I don't know if if it wasn't for him leaving. We probably would have never had slash

Yeah, that's, uh, that connects to like, or whatever episode because, yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah. And that's, what was I gonna say like, Oh, this story that you brought up about Guns and Roses. Like, I didn't know that story. Like, I always wondered how they got the name. Right. And I didn't know until you know, when I came across. And then you mentioned Yeah, so I was like, holy shit. That's interesting. I didn't

know that. And I don't know what he means by it wasn't fun anymore. I mean, to me, it just seems like Guns and Roses were always having. Yeah. But not as far as I know. I mean, obviously, Axl Rose has always been the constant member of the one constant member of Guns and Roses, even in the early incarnation, like three I think, like what four fifths of the band left in Aqsa was all by himself, and then, you know, came in and then the rest of the guys came in. And so that's, that's the Guns and Roses that we know the classic lineup Guns and Roses. But ya know, prior to that, you know, Tracy guns played in Guns and Roses for two months.

Damn, that's, that's crazy. I didn't know that. Yeah. Interesting. I feel like a lot of those bands

and like the, like the 80s like Hollywood, like glam scene, we're probably all like sharing band members, right? I

mean, they're probably sharing all kinds of stuff.


But yeah, no, I mean, but you know, that's crazy, too. Because, like, in the end, I think we've talked about this before, but like, in those scenes where that does happen. Those are like the ones where you get those legendary bands from because there's so many moves. There's so much movement that like, right, there's a combination that clicks like, so like, you know, like it's bound to happen with all the talent you know, switching around and stuff. But yeah, no, that's that's that's a cool story. I didn't I never knew that. I always I legit always wondered how they got their name. And yeah,

that actually, Tracy guns ended up playing in a band called brides of destruction with Nikki Sixx. Like, in the mid 2000s. I think I don't think I think that band was only around for like, one album, and like maybe one tour and then they broke up. I mean, obviously, because you know, Motley Crue was still going around me we're still going on at the time. And so yeah, I don't know. I mean, I feel like a lot of these like one off bands had really big names and you thought they're gonna get somewhere but then maybe egos clash or something or their other bands are still active. So they just put those other bands on hold. That's another topic we've had on our list, but we haven't done super groups.

Yeah, super comes up every so often, but we should talk about that sometime. Because that that is interesting. like to see like, who got together and like some bands like I didn't even know were supergroups we'll talk about that

sometime. Yeah, for sure.

Put that on the list. Maybe we'll do that as Episode 27. Since we already talked about Episode 26. Kim Britt which

I didn't do much homework. Weak

that's cool. Do you got anything that uh

Are you gonna talk about?

Oh no you can mention.

Well Frankie reminded me about it but Cat Stevens is one too, of course but he actually changed his name when you converted to Islam and then left music for a long time and then came back later. So he changed his name to use of Islam and then went back like now is making music again, but under use of Cat Stevens, so we kind of did like a name combo. Yeah, yeah. And that's neither of those are his. His birth name, like his name is Steven Dimitri Georgiou, but he became Cat Stevens that was like his stage name. And then he changed his name later when he became Muslim.

There's a there's an artist too that came up on the list. I didn't know about the did the same thing. Most def allows def and he Yeah, what I saw he he went Muslim to Okay. And then he changed his name to and I and that's what he goes by now is his artist name. But I had no idea. Yeah. And I like most of them. So. But I don't I this must have been like fairly recent, because I saw him on something on TV. Like maybe two years ago. He was still going by most def. Yeah. So I was kind of confused. But

the same thing happened with the dudes from A Tribe Called Quest. Yeah, yeah. They converted to Islam. They changed our personal names, but they kept their stage names. Right. Okay. Yeah, gotcha. Oh, that's interesting. So I mean, I guess that's some little twist to the artists changer. Yeah.

change their name names. Or fan names. Yeah.

changed her name names. Okay.

I mean,

that's a, that would probably be hard. That'd be like a lot of like that. Too much homework.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. So cat, Stevens. Cool.

Kim? Yeah.

Not much. But blink 182 was formerly known as a couple of names. They were originally duct tape. And then they change it to figure eight, and then they changed it to blink. Just blink. But there was a group from Ireland with the same name. So they changed it to blink 182 although fans just shorten it to blink


I was gonna ask that. No, you don't know what the one. I don't know what that

when they were duct tape. Did they spell it right? Was it duct tape? Or was it like?

Nope. But here's another thing is some people say it's pronounced blink 182. Other say it's 180 to really come out and clarify.

I think it's 180. Yeah, I

thought it was. But it depends, I guess to what the origin of that 182 is because I never came across that or anything like that. So unless it's just some shit where it was just like random numbers, or they threw three dice and see what see what solid numbers. But yeah, like what they do. Okay, well, that Kim to see if she ever comes up with that. Is it my turn? Yes.

Yeah. Okay, so

this one was kind of the reason why I came up with the idea for this topic when we were talking about throwing stuff ideas around. Only because I didn't know and only also too, because this band kind of stuck out to me after a while because, in my opinion, their music starting their music was starting to lose.

What's the word? appeal or

not appeal, I guess like creativity or?

intensity? Yeah, I

guess what, we'll go with that. Now. You guys will see why. So first off, I mean, I was never really a big fan of this man. But their music just got worse to me, I guess. Theory of a dead man. So okay, this was fairly recent to know. So theory dead man is a Canadian rock band, they formed in 99. They were actually picked up by Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. And they were signed to his label when he created when he created a label. So they've been theory of a dead man since 99. Right? So in 2017, they came out with an album called wake up call. This was their sixth album, and they decided to shorten it to just theory. So now they just go by theory. Even I even check their website. Their website is just like theory, music or something like that. So I was trying to look at the reasons as to why they changed their names, especially these bands that like decided to change their name, like so far into their career like you're in your sixth album, what the fuck doesn't mean Yeah, right. So this was this was the reason the reason was the group cited that discussions involving the name of the band with people who are unfamiliar with their music was challenging. So, basically what they were saying is, they were having conversations with people who were unfamiliar with their music. And they were trying to explain to them what their name was. But I'm like, okay, so if you're gonna wait till your sixth album to even, I guess, taking to consideration why people aren't listening to you, or why they're not interested, like, What is the name matter? You know what I mean? Like, if they're not like, why would you have to explain your name to somebody if they're not familiar with your music, you know, like, Yeah, that makes no sense, right? that reason, like this was from wiki and this was from the members and also to I guess they wanted to try to find another reason for it and vocalist, Tyler Connolly said that he kind of compared their name changing it to like how Red Hot Chili Peppers sometimes uses abbreviate surnamed chili peppers, which I call bullshit on that because chili peppers don't abbreviate their name to chili peppers. Other people do just when you're just

in conversation. Yeah. And that's whenever you just know it. Somebody Yeah,

you just and I think a lot of bands have that, like even Metallica is one word, but some fans called talika. Right, like,

but the name that they gave themselves does isn't derived from the original name. So it's not like Right, well, what did you say it

was theory of a dead man. Okay, so it wasn't a new name this theory. So basically, they just took off of a dead man, but it doesn't. Like, first off, I think it would be harder to explain to somebody if you're just theory, because theory is just one word. Anything could pop up when you if you Yeah, but theory. But if your theory of a Deadman that's more, there's more specific. Yeah. Why don't you Why do you have to explain that? Like no one fucking cares. Like, you know what I mean? Like we

had a whole episode about dumb ban. Yes. And a lot of those bands are really popular and famous.

Yeah, I'm sure. It doesn't matter. And according to Wikipedia, PDO with some interviews, apparently like that's what it was. The reason was because people, them trying to it was easier for them to explain the name to people who didn't know who they were like that. That makes no sense to me like and then also too, they change their name with that. So they ended up going from rock near they were like alternative rock Ram. You're right. Then they ended up with with that album. They ended up moving into pop rock. So now their musics kind of more generic now. It's more nickel, Becky. Okay. But yeah, so that too. I mean, I just it made no sense to me.

I wonder if it's because they have a new, like, I mean, they have a shortened name. I wonder if they feel like musically, they should reinvent themselves as well.

Well, I think the music thing was kind of going in that direction anyways. So this is my opinion, but from what I noticed, they are one of these bands that like to jump on trends. So like, apparently Maroon five did the same thing that Maroon five was a lot more like leaning toward the rock side when they first came out. And then then they started leaning more to like the pop side and they saw like, yeah, and then so they started like cashing in on certain like, trends, I guess. And theories starting to do the same thing that we noticed. I think I noticed Papa Roach, doing it a little bit in the past two albums where the guitarist kind of were getting pushed to the background and upfront was more electronic stuff. And more like, it was more like chorus oriented where like you were trying to get a hook more with like, just generic, you know, like gang vocals and stuff. Yeah, like with little kids and stuff, but like they're doing they were trying to do the same thing. And I think it just kind of happened at the same time. By coincidence, but I don't know. I think they should have stuck with their own names. just stupid to me pointless to change the name. Yeah, shorten. It's

very late in the game. It does. Yeah,

just the reasons kind of dumb, but I also wanted to add the reasons online just to just talk about him. But uh, so yeah, we all agree that that was a dumb move. Right. So

yeah. So I found sorry, that people, there was like this thing where it's like, was it blink? 182? Or is it blink? 182? Or is it blink? 182 that's why is it? And Tom DeLonge. I guess you know how these guys they joke. Yeah, he said that it's actually blink 18 two, and that the explanations of the 182 include the number of times Al Pacino's character Tony Montana says, fuck in Scarface, the number of the ship on which hospices grandfather served in the Marines and hospices ideal weight. This came from their book, blink 182 Tales from beneath your mom. It just, but ultimately, the numbers meaningless.

Wow. Okay. I mean, so it could have been what I said a crap.

And right, it's blink with a lowercase b, not a

capital B. Yeah, you know, I, I've never I think like, if I had to write that I never like you. Yeah, lowercase b I've never pictured it with a capital. It'll be a

while. I was like, let me look at my shirt. Oh,

no, that's uh, but uh, yeah, even like I saw some stories where like even bands change, like the stylization. And that accounted for it, but we'll talk about that later. Who else has another one? I

think Frankie has some just like that. Right. But where the band changes their name because they're changing their sound?


Yeah, I think so. Yeah, to get some, I guess, you know, feeding into the whole Guns and Roses thing talked about talking about Stone Temple Pilots

gave me like the perfect like transition into those specific ones.

Because slash used to play in Velvet Revolver with Scott Wayland. But Stone Temple Pilots, you know, prior to their name, they were known as mighty Joe young. But there was a blues artist who was already using that name. So they couldn't they couldn't do it. So they then change their name to another, I guess gross sounding name. And you could you know, find that on your own.

I think I saw it, but I don't remember it. That's cool.

I'll look it up. Yeah, basically, Shirley Temple.

Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah. Okay. I remember now and because the STP Right,

yeah. But they wanted to keep the but they wanted to keep the STP so you like the the logo so they change their name to Stone Temple Pilots. Which, which makes me wonder like, how is it that they got away with sharing the same logo with STP like, yeah, the brand.

I always wondered that too. I used to have a sticker. That was it was legit as a pilot sticker, but it was. Yeah. And I was like, What the? Yeah, um, you know, I always wondered that, too, was just a side note real quick. But ck why their font is Ozzie Osborne's font. And that's a specific font. So like, I mean, maybe they ask permission on or maybe it's one of those things where, like me, it's like, you know, where they feel like, Oh, you know, it's kind of what's it called?

Maybe it's like a public domain thing or no,

not a public domain thing where it's more like, like, Oh, that's cool that they're using our font. You know what I mean? So I mean, I don't know but that's

not how lawyers think though.

Yeah, exactly. They only get involved when there's big money to be happy. We

think that there would be big money to be had when the bands are successful or like STP. I mean, they're pretty big.

And then after, and then after Scott Whalen died, you know, Chester Bennington joined them for a little bit. But here's the thing. They went by Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. And they released one EP,

wait, they added with Chester Bennett.

Yeah. Which is

kind of like sublime. Yeah, sublime with Rome. So it makes me wonder. You know, that was a legal thing. The sublime?

Yeah, but it makes me wonder like was Chester not part of the band? Because it was STP with this guy?

Well, no, I don't think so. I think I funnily enough that we brought up the sublime. Because sublime. It really was sublime. With Rome singing but they, the family didn't want them to continue as sublime with him calling themselves sublime without. What's his name? singer forgot his name. I can't remember the original idea. The original guy. Yeah. Anyways, so sorry. So anyway, but uh, yeah, so so since the family didn't want that they had to do it another way which was sublime with Rome. So they just added that. I mean, I think he was part of them. And I mean, I never saw him. I never saw that he wasn't.

But the only reason I say that is because you know, he was with the band for about a year they put out an EP. They tour

too, right.

Yeah, they tour too. But now they've got the new guy. And they're just back to Stone Temple Pilots. So I wonder it makes me wonder if Chester was just considered I mean, I think at that time, he wanted to be a part of the band, but I think he didn't want to disappoint like the hardcore Stone Temple Pilots fan. So I think he left out a respect for their legacy

that makes more sense. You know, I didn't snap to that. I forget that they have a new singer and because I don't like them, but I don't like the way sound Yeah,

cuz otherwise it would have caught themselves Stone Temple Pilots with Jeff gutt, which is that's his name. That's yeah, I

forgot what his name was. Yeah, no, yeah, you're right. I didn't I never thought about that. But that makes more sense. And also to like Chester Wasn't he doesn't seem like he would have had the time. Because I think when linkin park does stuff, they're like, they're busy. And I don't think you would have had time to balance both bands. But uh, oh, no, that's interesting. That's That's a good one. Mm hmm. liked it.

And I guess also to keeping in line with that era of music. I don't really consider them You know, together but in that era of music, Pearl Jam,

you don't consider them together. Oh,

well I like STP. Well, I

see. Like they are together, they're still together.

They're more like post grunge aren't STP, right? Yeah, it is. They were like right at the end of I don't know what their concerns are there are they considered grunge like

at the end? I mean, they're around for sure by like 91

Yeah. But to me they were always more hardrock ish than they were grunge. Yeah, I

don't. But they were definitely in that time, same timeframe. Okay, maybe this is a

different thing because Stone Temple Pilots came from San Diego and all the other grunge bands are from Seattle. So Seattle definitely had it sound in San Diego at the time. I mean, I don't know. I just I just don't consider them grunge. Oh, wow. At night.

I guess I never realized okay.

Yeah. So I just don't consider Stone Temple Pilots grunge and actually, you know how they met. It's a crazy story. I remember reading it a while back. So Scott Whalen and Robert deleo. The basis they were at a black flag show in San Diego. And they got to talking, you know, like they met at the show, they got to talk and they both found out that they were dating the same chick. What the? Yeah. But you know, instead of letting that come between them, you know, they, they just became but instead of letting that come between them, they they both dumped that girl and they decided to start a band.

Yeah, right.

That's, that's crazy. Yeah, that's, that's very interesting. Yeah. But how are you? Like, how does that come up? Like, I don't know. Like, oh, yeah, like, Oh, my girls at home or whatever, whatever. Picture. I took that picture. To me. That's crazy. Okay, but yeah,

Pearl Jam is another band that came out the same time and Stone Temple Pilots did and, you know, prior to the name they have now they were known as Mookie Blaylock. Remember, we

talked about that?

Yeah. Don't bear names episode. And the funny thing about that one is, you know, they were already signed to a label and they didn't have a name. You know, the label was just like, take your time when you have a name come to us. But the band was they they had an allowance that the label was was was paying them. And what they would do with that allowance is they would go and buy like NBA playing cards. Okay, and when I can't Yeah, and when they when it came time, like the execs called a meeting and said, Hey, you guys got to come up with the band name in an hour. They picked the fucking card, right? They picked the card. Yeah. And they said no, for legal reasons. You can. Okay. So you know, they went with Pearl Jam.

Shut it down with upper deck.

Upper Deck, right. Ah, that would have been a good but their debut album 10 is named after Mookie Blaylock jersey number. Oh, wow. I didn't know that. Yeah, so they still honored that yeah, that you know that that part of their love for for the NBA. And I think he played like, what point guard or point forward for the New York Jets at the time when New York sorry, New Jersey, New Jersey Nets, New Jersey Nets. Yeah. The New Jersey Nets and then I think he moved to Florida or Atlanta after that. That was

a walk all the I know all the freakin basketball names of James and I forgot. Yeah, didn't you they were New Jersey Nets before. Now it's well, Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn, something under the Brooklyn Nets now. They were for a while. I don't know. Jay Z had bought them. I think

that's right. That's right. So well, that's that's another guy change his name. Oh, cheesy. Yeah, yeah. all caps. all caps in any drop the hyphen?

Yeah, I didn't see that. You guys know that. So Jay Z was, of course, J y hyphen z. But then I guess the whole from what I saw it had to do with the whole thing about when he cheated on Beyonce or something, allegedly or something. And then yeah, it had something to do with that. And then he just changed it to Jay Z all caps without the hyphen

about Snoop Lion.

That was what I was trying to segue into for you.

So you want to go into Snoop Dogg?

Yeah, both Oh, I don't

balance another one. But I know Snoop Dogg was a interesting one. Yeah. Now he's Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg. Yeah, so he started off as Snoop Doggy Dogg, then shortened it to snoop dogg. And then went by Snoop Lion after he was spent like a year in Jamaica, studying Rastafari ism. And I mean, he got really into it that he started believing that he was the reincarnation of Bob Marley, and released an album called reincarnation. And that sounds like and then he grew out of it. Then he went back to snoop dogg I think for a very short time he went by Snoop malicious.

I think I like that better.


Yeah, no, that that was interesting.

Well, speaking

of bands that were artists who started with one name, they went back then went back to the other. This one flip flopped, twice, three times. I don't know if it's on your list or not, but I want to talk about it. Lamb of God Yeah, yeah.

So, God, I know we talked about this, I think briefly one episode so they they're so they they're from Richmond, Virginia, they formed in 94. For those of you who don't know, their heavy metal band, when they first formed, they were known as burn the priest. So they were burning the priests from 94 to 99. So it was only for one album, apparently, from what wiki says they changed their name, because of the altered lineup that they had at the time before going into the second album, and also to to avoid being mistaken for a satanic metal band. Yeah. So they didn't want people to think they were a satanic metal band, because they weren't. So then they ended up changing their names. Oh, God,

which makes me think they're a Christian band.

Yeah. which some people?

Yeah, of course, you don't want to be confused as a Satanist. But do you want to be considered? Well, I mean, I guess Christian band.

Apparently, some people want to change the Christian bands was a more of a following. But you know, maybe,

you know, but but the funny thing is that they could have stayed as burned the priests because they eventually ended up signing the prosthetic records. And they're like, full metal.

Yeah, like, label that. But I think like for them, it was more about how

they didn't want to put any and stuff. Well, I

think for them is they didn't they didn't want to be. They didn't want people to see the name and think that they were playing this type of metal when they were really this type of metal, which I

guess it kind of makes sense. They're promoting hate crimes against. Well, that,

too. So this, I found really interesting because they change their name on their second album. So their first album, as Lamb of God came out in 2000. And it was new American gospel. Right. So then some time went on and for their ninth album, they were they had gone like on hiatus or something. I know. Brandy. Bly had gotten into that. Before this. He was in jail for a while overseas, and the whole thing happened. before their ninth album. They actually changed their name briefly back to burn to priests to release a cover album. It was called Legion, Legion x x. So basically, it was just Lamb of God doing covers, but for that album, they went as burned a priest and of course, God interesting. So so that was crazy to me too, because it was Lamb of God, then burden the priest then Lamb of God, then he went back to burn the priest then back to Lamb of God. But it was just funny how they just did that quick nod to their original name and right. That was I don't know, I just found that interesting is how you gotta like Snoop Dogg. Yeah, they did it an extra time. So they raised once again, Jay. Yeah. Three times. Yeah. So. But, uh, keeping those same name? Well, yeah, I thought I thought that was interesting as well. Mm hmm.

Well, since we were talking about bands that were changing their names, for legal purposes, I was just gonna mention, there are quite a few bands that like formulated in one country, but could not be known as that name and other countries. So for example, there are a lot of bands from the UK that had a name that was totally fine there. But when they came over here, they had to change it. So one is the beat. They were called the beat in England, but here they're known as the English beat. And there's a band called The charlatans, but here they had to be called the charlatans, UK. And there are

a lot of hats little words

I've done with with chameleons,

the chameleons as well. Yeah.

Wow. That's interesting. Yeah. Yeah. about those. Okay.

It's like It's like that banned ghosts. Like, in some parts of the world. They're known as ghost BC. Damn it.

I wanted to talk about them so bad. And I didn't do any research on that. Yeah. So okay, so they they're still known as ghosts bc in some parts?

I think legally, yeah, they dropped the bc I don't know, unless they like won some legal battle. But yeah, but for a while, in certain parts of the world. They were known as PC.

Yeah, it's gonna be my handle. I'm gonna do some research on that, because they were definitely like, in my head. But when I started doing the research, I got caught up in these other bands. And I go totally silmarillion because I remember when they first came out, and you first started talking to me about them, right? They were going to BC and then I totally forgot that they dropped the BC and well, now from what I seen here in the States, it's goes bad. I didn't. Yeah,

yeah, I'll do some research on that. And the same thing also with the rack and tour. Oh, yeah, I was gonna bring that up. And the rest of the world they're known as the racking tours between Australia and New Zealand. They're known as the saboteurs because there's a radio rack and tours in Australia who also have the rights to that name in New Zealand. Wow. And I think jack white just didn't want to go to court over it. So he just decided just to rename them renamed the band. Free No, for that particular module.

Well, there was another one too, that I saw that it was for the reasons as y'all are saying, except, instead of adding something to the name or tweaking it quite a bit, they ended up changing altogether because there was another band overseas at so like one of them on here was Black Sabbath. I didn't know that Black Sabbath before they were Black Sabbath. They were called the polka blues band. Right. So then, apparently, I think there was another band like that, and then that kind of had that name. And so then they changed their name to Earth. And there was an already a band called Earth Earth. Yeah. And they ended up changing it to Black Sabbath, which was I didn't know, based off of it was named after named after a movie. And apparently that movie Black Sabbath was playing across the street from like, one of the rehearsals or something. And they named the band Black Sabbath. And I was like, What the hell? I was like, I didn't know that. But yeah, so it was kind of the same reason. Like they had two names before, but they were taken somewhere else, like another country or something.

So they had to change. And the same was true for Death from above, right? They had to add 1999. Yeah, at the end, because there was I read that it was like an LCD soundsystem side project that was going to be called Death from above. So the name was already taken. And so they had to add something to it. And they added 1979 because it was the drummer's birth year.

That's it now, I think they've shortened it to DFA 1979. Okay, yeah.

That's crazy.

That's like, they're on our third band name. Yeah.

And then like, I'm sorry, they were on my list too. But going real quick, back to Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg. Right. I didn't realize that JLo now, when she first came out, and she went as JLo but now she goes is Jennifer Lopez. So like, it's like, spelled out now. And it's her name. And I didn't really know. Cuz. I don't know. You want to do research on that real quick, because from what I saw, she was JLo first and now she goes by Jennifer Lopez. She's all grown up. But I think something. Yeah, I think some people still call her JLo. But Jayla was like her first stage. Um, did you? You guys had to have had David Bowie on your list, right?

No, I didn't because I felt like that was too early into earlier. You know, all right. For me, it was

my list. But I was gonna bring up another person because I don't know if you put them on your list or not. But Garth Brooks.


because remember, he changed his name to Chris Gaines. And he was like, he went from country to like rock.

I remember that briefly. But briefly, so briefly, then I forgot. Yeah. Well, you're welcome. That's easy. Okay. Garth Brooks. Do you know Okay, so he don't

know anything about I just remember when it happened, and everybody was like, What

the hell so that he changed his name because he was changing musical

genres. Yeah. Oh, and wasn't he supposed to do like, like a, like a documentary? On this Chris Gaines characters?

Yes. Yeah, there's a persona. This sounds

Yeah. Very familiar. This is how long ago was this? This was not that long. ago, I forget now early 2000s. Like, almost 20 years. I know. Wow, okay. Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna look more into that. I. Um, so he was on my list, too. You guys probably know more about him than I do. Maybe you do, too. But Prince. Yeah. So yeah, he changed that mid career too. Right. Because to just assemble, and then back, right. Yeah, that's where the whole thing came from. Right. We're like, right print. The artist formerly known as right, which is what this episode is gonna be called. Formerly known as. Yeah. But uh, so yeah, he changed into the that symbol, the symbol Yeah.

Which was meant to symbolize Love, love. Yes.

Yeah. Which is the guitar was shaped after Yes. guitars, bass. But anyways, um, so then he went back to Prince. Okay. See, I didn't know that.

Yeah. So okay. So what happened was, he was frustrated with his record label at the time, I think Warner Brothers, and he wanted out of his contract. So he went behind the record executives record executives back and just changed his name to assemble. And the reason behind that is because, you know, he could secretly record music and put out albums quicker to get out of his contract. Because he signed like an X amount of records like a deal with Warner Brothers. And he was that's essentially starting a side project, though, right? Like, I mean, in a way but but See, the thing is, uh, he's still writing music as himself, but he's but artistically he's under a different name.

Yeah. That's the same though. That's a thing. What

happened was he found a loophole.

Yeah. It's like, yeah, us like if we were if we had a ban, and we were like Mario and Frank, you're like, Oh, we don't want to release this for this. We'll just change the Frank and Mario. I mean, like, that kind of sounds like what he did like, it's the same shit. Yeah, same but different.

Yeah. So he ended up finding a loophole so that he could, you know, get out of his contract quicker than and still produce. Yeah, and still make music and then just the marketability of a symbol was difficult. Yeah. And he decided, well, I'm going to call myself the artist formerly known as Prince. But then also too, that's just too long and you can't really mark it that and then he just went back to prints.

Yeah, that's okay. That's crazy. Um, speaking of symbols. We'll come to you Got one.

I didn't get too much on it because I couldn't really find anything but behemoth was originally bafflement. Oh wow that very briefly but then they finally is to be human.

And we actually cool actually it's cooler.

Yeah, but when it's cooler to us wait what?

Yeah, so we're watching a movie with Emma Watson and what's that guy's name? Ethan Hawke? Yes. Okay, was it was a movie called regression regression? Yeah. And this movie took place in the 90s 80s in the 80s. And there's a behemoth poster in the background. Oh, yeah, you know, and I pointed out and said you know, like the movies in a different era but the band came like you later

Yeah. Wow.

But but but it's because it was a movie based on like the satanic rituals and killings are going on in the 80s. And I guess they just saw behemoth it's kind of Russian. Yeah. And they saw behemoth with like, their corpse paint and they probably didn't bother to think that's a band. So it's just like yeah,

I'm glad we saw I'm glad we got out there really good. Yeah, there they got like a whole little thing that they do with the little thing of fire. Oh, cool. And oh, that's funny, cuz when we saw them so like the singer, like he had this like the I he he has a guitar strap that I want. Okay, it's fucking expensive, like 250 bucks. It's like a black, black leather studded spike straps probably like because I still have it on my I still have on my list. But anyways, so uh, so they had this thing, right and like, was it a pit and like, they have fire in it. And so like the singer like, well, nurgle got the he got the like the sticks, right? And then so like, he threw it in one fell and like the stagehand came and he's like looking for the flame stick. I'm like, Dude, it's behind you. And like in like the fire sticks like rolling on the ground on the stage. And like, it ended up burning out but it was funny because like, you know how the stagehands come in and they run off stage real quick. Like he was looking for the damn stick with the fire like, Dude, it's on fire, like that just look like it's still. It was hilarious, but know that that was they weren't good. Yeah, they were really good. Um, so speaking of symbols, we talked about this on our bad band names episode. Panic. At The Disco. Yes. So panic at the disco. from Las Vegas, Nevada, that they formed in 2004, their pop rock, whatever, whatever. Right? Yeah. So I didn't. I couldn't remember too much about this. But a panic At The Disco dropped the exclamation point. How did that? Yes, in 2008. So this was four years after. And this was actually on their second album. It looks like they had changed their musical style. So we were talking about before, so they decided to drop the exclamation point. But they only that only happened for a year because the exclamation point came back in 2009. So I don't want Java for a year, a year. And the reason I found on Google, apparently, they told MTV guitarist Ryan Ross said that at least for me, it got a little bit annoying to try to write that every time you were typing the name. It was never part of the name to us, people started writing it and then it ended up in in more and more things like that. So there was so he said that, like, he was saying that it was just weird to write and people put it in, and that it just became part of the band name. Um, but then also to I had read somewhere else that another member in the band when they were sending a demo to one of the guys from Fallout boy, cuz they're, they're the ones that signed

those are like to my least favorite man,

exactly. Not mine to like, I don't know. Okay, so the singers name I know, guitars is Pete wins. singer is

stumped, right? Something's Patrick Stump.

Yeah, so his label signed them. They were gonna send a demo to him. And then the guys like, oh, one of the guys put an exclamation point. They're like, Oh, it just looks cool. And it wasn't supposed to be part of the whole I basically both stories state that the exclamation point was never supposed to be part of the name. It was something that just was put in it and abstain like Well, yeah, that's your fault. exclamation point and that will coming back. So I was like that's that was kind of pointless to like, you know, reclamation point. First off is kind of stupid. Then they took it off for a year. Yeah, they came back. Yeah, that's what I remember when that happened. And I was like, Okay, and then it came back. So So that was my symbol. So

what else? Yeah.

Who else got something?

Well, I don't know. Does anyone else want to go? So these next three bands don't talk about oh shit.

I got three bands on my list.

These are and these are like for legalities. Oh, again. Okay, so legalities bands like Jefferson Airplane and queensryche.


let's do Do you want one of those?

Uh, well, if you want we can share the Jefferson Airplane one because I actually did quite a bit of mapping over here for Jefferson Airplane.

Okay, no, I didn't get that. Okay, well, but I mean, I can just summarize. You know, summarize it. Okay. So when some members of Jefferson Airplane left, they went and started Jefferson Starship. Yes. And then when some of those members left Yeah, they were legally bound to not use Jefferson and what airplane and or airplane or airplane? And so those dudes just called themselves starship.

Okay? And you know what happened after that? No, I don't know. So when Jefferson Airplane when those members made Jefferson Starship, they actually got a new singer or a new singer. And this guy named Mickey Thomas. So when they form starship, the whole thing? I think, so basically, between these three bands, they've had tons of members like, I guess, still not as much as Chicago. I think it was terrible had like a shit ton of fucking members, like pages and pages of members. Yeah. So Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship starship, essentially the same thing. But what happened was, when some of those members left, Mickey Thomas decided to continue starship. And he was like, well, because of some reasons, too. He went from changing the name to Mickey Thomas's starship. And then he changed it to starship featuring Mickey top, Mickey. Mickey Thomas. Yeah, that's his name, which is what they go by now. Which is weird. Like the whole thing. Like you were saying legality reasons. Jefferson Airplane. Anyway, I always thought it was. I mean, I guess I was kind of right that it was like the same band, but changing because the members change that the name change because of members were swapping out kind of like Lamb of God changing from burn the priests because they had a lineup change. Same shit. But this was more like, oh, like, you can't use that name. Because we're not in the band anymore. Then it happened again, then it happened again. So basically, this happened like three times with kind of the same group of people. So every time a new incarnation of the band came up, somebody was like, Oh, I'm gonna leave. And then the other person was like, No, you can't use that name. Right. So But yeah, I thought that was interesting as hell because we talked about it one episode, I was like, Oh, just like different airplane germs and started but it wasn't. It wasn't really the same band. There were some members that carried over each time. And from what I saw, I don't think there was one member that was through all the incarnations. It was like one person but into not in all three. So you were either in the one of the first two incarnations, or the last two or three incarnations, but you were never in all three, which is weird. Yeah, I don't know. Their data shit.

Yeah, yeah.

But thank you for bringing that up. Man. I did all this fucking homework for nothing. I tried to figure it out. Mostly, it was so fucking confusing that I had to write the members names down to figure out what happened. But obviously, it doesn't matter. So I'll make a blog. Yeah, I'll make a map a draw it out.

It deserves its own blog. It does. Yeah. We also have queens, right. Okay, I don't know about that one. And they're another band who, you know, they went by Queen jack for a while actually. So what happened was their singer Jeff Tate was fired from the band or I think he quit the band in 2012. He got upset. He was upset that the band had a meeting without him. And essentially fired. His wife has been manager and his stepdaughter, his fan club manager.

That's what the secret band meeting was. Wait a minute, were

they part of the meeting? No, no, they weren't part of the meeting. I think just like the other four members of Queens, right got together. He's hired his wife,

no to fire his wife, the bad the rest of the band got

his wire.

Together, he wasn't invited.

And got confused. I was like, what he fired this morning. And they were they were just about to start like a South American tour when he found this out. I mean, he completed the shows, but, you know, through the course of the show, he just kept like, harassing the band members, like live on stage and just like kept saying shitty things to the audience, you know? And when the tour was over, he walked out. And he owns some he's got some weird, like, legal thing with the name queens, right. Yeah. So when he left, the other members continue to ask queens right. But, you know, but Jeff Tate continued as Jeff Tate's queens Reich. So it's his version of the band.

Oh, no. Shit. I didn't know that.

Yeah, his version of the band. So that's how he got away with like you with using that the band name and then after releasing one album with Jeff Tate's queens Reich, he changed the name to the band. Yep, he changed the band's name to Operation mindcrime which is our best selling album. Yeah. Which queens right? You know, tours every five years doing some anniversary.

I still hear the commercials in my head. Yeah, and I don't even listen to the radio but I still Yeah.

Yeah, so it's funny both queens Reich and Operation mindcrime tour behind the same, like years later, you know, like as part of like, anniversary. That's so weird. It's Then, and then misfits Sue is another one to win. When glanza when when Glenn Zig when that sounds gross when Danzig left the band. You know, of course he went off and did Sammy and he did Danzig and then but he also owned the rights to the name misfits. Yeah. So the Misfits that were left couldn't perform as misfits. They had a performance Jerry only misfits. Right.

That's, I didn't know about that. That's so

crazy, because it was a different version of the band. Yeah. So they performed as Jerry only his misfits. And then, of course, you know, they patch things up. Yeah, the original lineup is, you know, active again. Well, as of you know, pre COVID they were they were active again. So yeah, that was another thing is you can't use that name because I also own partnership. You know, I also own the name to it so

well, I actually have one out too. And it has to do with one of our favorite bands. And I actually talked about it in length, last episode, or episode before that.

So CDs, bro? I know

it hasn't come in yet. So Sophie, KY is one of our favorite bands. We talked about multiple times at the singer left and he made it his version of the band based off of song of ck y right. Well, before they were 96 bitter beans. He actually named the when he left he actually named the band Mecca, C ky as a reference to Godzilla and mecha Godzilla. Okay, so they were Mecca, C ky for a while, and then because of legal reasons, he couldn't use the KYC and all that up in the air. So he ended up changing the name to one of the songs I say that they had. But yeah, that was kind of the same thing to where like he changed it to it was just an altered version of the band name but he couldn't do it for legal reasons. So he ended up changing I think there was a logo somewhere around two but uh, yeah, I think if you YouTube it you can still see some videos of him performing as Mecca see ky which is pretty crazy. Yeah. But ya know, that was another one.

It's also like that weird thing with with kiss Gene Simmons. I mean, he was part of a band called Wicked Lester. Oh, I and then you know, kiss happened and I think now they've done some weird thing where they co own the word kiss. So like Hershey's Kisses, whatever contains the word kiss. They receive some royalty from No,

I've heard something like that. But is that like, Is that an urban like legend? Yeah, imagine that being true.

Yeah, I can't I can't I have no idea. I

don't know if I say kiss right? Yeah, right now we're gonna look man if he comes at me I swear guys I'm fucking Yeah.

I mean, that that that that's that's the rumor that they co own like, anytime you market a product with the word kiss in it. It doesn't have to be like the kiss band. It just has to be the kiss name

that I don't think that can be true.

No, cuz

there's a couple of companies that are like beauty products. Same kiss.

Yeah, like kiss my face. And there's some other ones too. Every kiss begins with Kay.

But also to like our radio station.


Oh my god. Come on gene. The one thing you need to shut down, shut them down.

I actually don't have any more stories, but I have a few honorable mentions. That's all I have. I have one more. You got

the Pogues they were originally Pokemon, which means kiss my ass Irish. And they got pushback from the BBC because they it was you know, too scandalous. They couldn't they didn't want anything to do with them. And so if they were gonna succeed, they had to change their name. So they wait so was it down post stamped All right, so I don't know. I was wondering that. I'm not sure is it kiss or is it ass? Yeah, do they mean? Does it mean kissing Irish and then kiss would be suing the heck out of them? If so, right.

Irish kiss What?

Not cokes. Stupid. What does Pogues mean not Pog Oh my god.

Well, you know speaking of kiss, I just thought about kiss gay kiss is also paying Gene Simmons money.

Well, he didn't even steal his face paint too. Yeah, yeah, he's probably he's probably in prison right now. I'm just kidding. I only have one more once you got

a Tony flow and then miraculously majestic masters of Mayhem? Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. For now the Red Hot Chili Peppers and have been since 1983.

I kind of went the first name.

I know it's long but it's kind of cold. I guess I don't know. But yeah, they It was a derivation of a classic old school American blues or jazz name. That reading from this article was like, there was Louis Armstrong with his hot five and also other bands that had red hot this or chilly. That There's even an English band that was called chili Willie and that red hot peppers. Who thought that they had stolen their name but no one has ever been Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Yeah, yeah. Cool. I mean, like the first name, nothing on pokes. It means kiss. Oh, yeah. Well, they can't take lightly that says Gene Simmons probably doesn't know that.

I know. Right? Yeah. Yeah, don't tell him. Apparently Radiohead changed their name as well.

I saw I saw that on the list, too. I don't remember what.

But I can't remember.

Something interesting. Oh, Britt actually

have your favorite band on here. You too.

Oh, yeah, I actually liked the original name. A

better than the next name.

What original name? They

had two names before the one I know the hype. That stupid. So what happened was it sounds new wavy.

So before Bono joined the band, right? They were called. This is a stupid name. The Larry molan band

named after their drummer, right? Yeah,

but it just sounds dumb. The Larry Mullen ban.

So then bondo joins like a band we would have seen at that bar. We went to that one time remember with all the like

60 and up Oh, or they tried to take us home.

Yeah. I remember that. Looking at you like a

snap. I remember that. And then Frank saw, like, just like now we're like, dude, like, Look, this guy. Like he's like licking his lips and shit. We need to leave. We left. But uh, yeah, I totally forgot about that. Oh, you blocked it out. So Larry Mullen ban. So then Bono joined and they changed the name to the hype. And you know why they changed their name?

Well, I know that a friend told them that the hypes on it's stupid. Exactly.

And they're all like, Yeah, it sounds stupid. And then like they were going through stuff, and then Ray came up with you, too. But yeah, the hype sounds weird. Yeah,

I don't know. I think it sounds cool.

So you think that Okay, yeah, I think Mewtwo sounds better than the previous two and Larry Mullen ban sounds.

Now it would have been ashamed though. It would have been a shame though. That they kept they've kept they kept the name the hype, but they were all that hype.

Yeah, I mean, just sounds weird. Um, and then we talked about this one before we started recording. Like creed was called. Ooh, excuse me. Yeah. What creed was called before.

called naked toddler

naked. Oh, that's right. Yeah. That's that's like, like it. I wonder? Like, how could you say that you listen to a band with that name. I wonder how many naked so quick, you wear a shirt that says maybe a toddler and somebody saw like,

what? Yeah, I wonder how many pedophiles got excited when they saw that? Dude.

That seems very like wrong. Yeah, I think you would get in trouble. Like, even if, man I don't even know how to. I can't. Okay, let me start off again. Like, how could you be in a band name that like, I can't imagine charmante being like, yeah, this

isn't creed kind of Jesus a

like creed that has to do with

him. I know. I know. Scott. Stapp is religious but I don't. Like really aren't

there some of their songs like religious? Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, they're they're mostly like

Christian, but they're not band name naked toddler.

But they're not like exclusively Christian. I mean, I thought they were I know, I don't know, cuz because I thought maybe like some of the themes play in here and there, but they don't really adhere to the Christian label. I

don't think they like to market themselves as such, right?

Oh, that's what it is. Oh, that's probably what it is. They are but they don't say they are. Well,

if you call yourself a Christian band, then it's gonna put some pretty big limitations on where you go. Because truthful are turned off by that if

you don't say and everyone else does, it's

right. Or if you just are with that

happened with attention zones, like labeling them as Christian music, which is funny because they used to be like a public access channel or something that used to come on late at night when we were like in high school, and I would wake up and sometimes they'd be playing 12 stones, music videos. But then like, I guess at one time, at a show, audience members saw Paul McCoy drinking a beer and they're like, oh, you're Christian rocking it. He was like, we never said that like.

And also Guess what?

You know, I can do whatever because

just because you guys add exclamation points to our name doesn't mean it's part of our name. It doesn't mean we're yelling 12 stones.

No, and I think the same thing happened with that band under oath as they came out as like a Christian.

But they weren't Christian. No, right.

Yeah. Okay. So they were Christian. And they talked about their Christian beliefs, but they didn't really want to be categorized as such, but they ended up getting categorized that you know, as as a Christian metal core band, but, you know, what's interesting is that they ended up doing a few oz fests, you know,

well, did you see what happened when the singer I don't know if he if they released an album like After this happened, but he, this was like two or three years ago, the singer posted I think that he was going through some stuff. And he actually like, denounced religion like, Mm hmm. And so like he was trying to like not say it because of the band. He was in there, you know, right are there a lot of they're big in the Christian like, hardcore scene? And he was like, Yeah, I don't like I don't believe in in God, like, and these are my beliefs and if you don't accept it, you know, whatever, whatever it is, it was a very interesting, dude. But uh, yeah, like, so like, now they're not I don't think they're in that in that circle anymore.

But um, same thing happened to recently with some Canadian Christian pop rock band, like, I think one of their members came out and said that he wasn't a Christian anymore, and that he wasn't for years, but he just played the part, you know, because of the band and for like, legal reasons or something. But now Yeah, he just came out and said that he wasn't a Christian anymore. And he hadn't been for years. And it was like a big shock to the fan base. And still while but I mean, I can imagine it gets, you know, tiring. Yeah. You know, even if it's not like a even if it's not like a Christian or a religious faith based band. I mean, if you're playing a part because that's what the band is. You're gonna get tired. Yeah.

Yeah. Trying to hold up to everybody's expectations. rotations. Yeah.

There were there was one story I had. It was really weird to talk about it too much. Yeah. But so I saw this article that this was like, this is like super recent. This has to do with last year 2020, with all the protests that were going on with because of Jordan, what happened with George Floyd and with the whole Black Lives Matter movement, like, you know, pretty much it was a big thing that happened last year. Right? That's pretty much what the whole summer was. So basically, because of that, according to a USA Today article, actually hadn't realized this. But this all happened last year, Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady a. That's right. Only because they were trying to make an effort to distance themselves from a term that ties to slavery. I didn't know that. But I know they're like Southern, but I didn't know that sort of their name came from but because of what was happening, they changed their name to Lady A. So now they're lady a another with the Dixie Chicks, the chicks the same thing. So this happened last year to now they're the chicks. And Dixie, they wanted to stay away from the association with the word Dixie being associated with the Confederate States. Yeah, then the last ban was actually one that we saw was the gateway slaves, the same thing. They actually came out with a with a with a post on their Instagram and stuff and a whole story saying that they wanted to change their name, because that reason, even though their name has nothing to do with that. And so they said that they were going to change their name with the release of their album that came out last year. As of now their names are still their name is still slaves. But apparently their plan is to still change their name. They also have a new singer to that singer that we saw.

Follow this band. No. No.

Actually, the singer, Johnny Craig Frank. He's actually Johnny Craig was a singer for slaves. Oh, okay. Yeah. So that's the guy that all the girls and teenagers are going crazy over. I don't know why I couldn't remember his name. But so Johnny Clegg is actually not in the band anymore. And now it's another singer. But yeah, so those three artists changed their names last year because of everything that was going on politically and Okay, now they're in suburbia. I just thought that was interesting

to know about that.

Yeah. I didn't know about that either. I said about lady was weird because I knew about the Dixie Chicks. But I know about I didn't know about the chicks. I knew about the chicks.


I didn't know about Lady Antebellum though. I have one more.

I've got three more. I mean, I can just say try to get into the Beastie Boys. It's another one. They were originally known as young Aborigines. But, you know, they wanted to sound harder. So they, they they thought, beastie boy sounded like a street gang. I mean, it worked out right for like three Jewish white guys.

Right? He said there was a somebody else in the group too, right?

Yeah, there was a they had a female drummer when they first started. That's crazy.

That's so crazy.

And at first, I mean, it's you can you can still hear the influences throughout their career. But when they first started out there were like a punk hardcore band. Yeah. And then, you know, they embrace hip hop, and they became the Beastie Boys. But you know, some of their later stuff. You can still hear like some of their punk influences and

albums have punk songs like exclusively punk songs on them. Yeah. And even tell them what it stands for. It's silly. They make fun of it now because it's like, Boys Boys entering altered artistic state of excellence. And what they know that I don't know. Lie. What the heck, I can't remember, but it's pretty funny. They kind of make fun of it now, and especially since it's followed by boys. Yeah. So the first letter stands for boys and then it says boys, right? Afterwards, so it's a it's pretty silly.

I didn't know that

yet yet. We listen to the audiobook though one time. Yeah, it's great. That explains it. Another band that pops up here in there on the podcast is Joy Division. And when their singer Ian Curtis died of suicide, right on the eve of their first US tour, they decided they wanted to continue as a band. They wanted to continue making music, but they ended up changing their name to new order. So they're still around just you know, different name. And they've long outlasted Joy Division short career and also my boy, Marilyn Manson. What the heck? Yeah,

when you have a country album, name.

I didn't I didn't see that. What what What's the story?

They were well, the band was called Marilyn Manson. And spooky kids. Okay. Yes, yes. And I think they released one. They released like, like a Yeah, like a demo or? Yeah, that I think it was scrapped for a while. Yeah. And then later on one of the former band members of the band, former band members of the band.

members of the band, okay.

Okay, so that makes sense. So one of Marilyn Manson's former bandmates, okay. Released, like, I think he ended up somehow he got it he got a hold of the master tapes of of this, you know, of this of this recording. Yeah. And started marketing it and, you know, released it. And you know, he had like this big legal battle going on, because, essentially, I think what happened was he was saying that Manson owed him some royalties from the first album, and that these royalties were never paid to him. So he managed to get ahold of the master tapes for the first demo, and remakes the Reno remastered and everything and started releasing it. That was like his hopes of like trying to win back some royalties that were owned that were owed to him. Wow.

That's so okay. I guess.

I mean, you can forgive him if he wanted to. I mean, it's like like anybody. Yeah, same thing with linkin park when they were known as 00. Yeah. I think somewhere on YouTube, like their very early recordings are floating around.

They actually just released some of those recordings on there. I think it was a 20th anniversary like box set. They have it's like all on vinyl. Okay. There's some CDs in there, too. But they actually released the tracks that they had as zero on there. Because I think some you can only get like if you were part of the linkin park underground band club, but these are like all together on that. Yeah, for was the 20th anniversary or ursery of Hybrid Theory my bed. So yeah, it was the 20th anniversary of the first album. We

also went by Hybrid Theory together. Yeah. Yeah. Um,

you don't have anything on Depeche Mode? I think I saw the passion.

Yeah. But I figured, you know, that was like, really, really early in their career. Okay, so I didn't I didn't,

maybe we should do that. Later. All right. We'll try that another time. I have one more. The Goo Dolls were actually called the sex magnets before they were so apparently the reason was, they were going to play a show and the show that they were in a play at the club owner refused to put the sex magnets on the marquee. So then they were flipping through a magazine and they saw a an ad for a goo doll. Whatever the fuck that is. And they decided to name ban Goo Dolls.

I think Google Google doll was because imagine a tour with sex maggots featuring naked toddler I know. Right?

Surely temples part.

Yeah. Yeah, the

dream night isn't playing up right now. Well, that's all I got. I mean, yeah, I mean, that was interesting. I learned. I hope you guys did too. Yeah. Um, you guys don't have anything else right?

No, no, no. Okay,

so next episode. Next episode should be a fun one favorite cover songs. We decided that before we started recording which is rare we don't usually do but a favorite cover songs. This is going to be a fun one for me because I fucking like I even collect singles and epds and soundtracks just to get versions of cover songs like in physical format. I just I just recently Actually, I don't know if you've paid as it's your Instagram. Kim and I just found a fucking mint condition copy of the Dracula 2000 soundtrack and I was hunting that forever because a system of a Down's Metro Yeah, right cover. Yeah. And and I've been looking for that CD for years. And we just found it.

Yes, we also scored a orgy seagull.

Oh, yeah, we found that we were just rgt So actually, yeah, we found out the orgy single with like five remixes on it. So we have that but yeah, no cover songs. I fuckin love covers when they're done right. One of my favorite albums is Metallica garage incorporated was which is nothing. Yeah, nothing book covers. Yeah, no. So that's next episode guys.

I'm sorry with an episode of like, really bad cover song we can do

that sounds like

we know those exists.

Um, so yeah guys, whatever if you guys have a favorite cover song Let us know on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, you can find all our social media and stuff on rock happy hour You can also find the playlist to our Spotify. Now Spotify playlists, whatever you buy a playlist on Spotify for that for episodes for all the bands we talked about on there.

Okay, so I have like a very very very throwback hangover.

Okay. Oh shit.

Okay, okay, I

want from the first episode.

So I don't know which episode it was. But we were talking about how Kirk Hammett was mentored by Steve Vai.

Oh, yes. Yeah, I don't remember what episode that was either.

So what happened to Steve I would have like, What if he was the one that joined Metallica? Like how would that have been it within within it? What would it have been like to guitar heavy or

i think i think VI is too much of a shotgun. Well, yeah, that too. Like he's his own personality like him and James and Lars would not have gotten along like that wouldn't have lasted long. Because also too like if you see you're familiar with the documentary, some kind of monster Yes. So when they're trying out all the bass players you saw the bass players that tried man like those were all like we you know, these bass players but they would not have meshed well right Metallica like you had a peppers. Kenan from CLC right you had a man you had it Who else was playful you had like all these big name basis trying out and you're like, there's no way that these guys are metal metallic because they're so big, like, like, yeah, their own. But like Robert Trujillo, he was an awesome basis who like no one really knew like, right like, people knew him out there. But he wasn't like you've seen him. He's a pretty quiet show guy. Yeah. But he played with Ozzy he played with I think he played with Black Label. Yeah, he did. They will blackly will do. And of course, he played with fucking suicidal tendencies. You know, like he had a good resume, but he was a chill guy. That was it was a perfect fit. You know what I mean? It wasn't gonna over power the other personalities and Metallica. But, ya know, I mean, yeah. Now I definitely when I'm

reading a thing and saying that he saw his first million dollars when he joined Metallica. He said, that wasn't like, why he joined Oh, yeah,

you know, but because he didn't even know about that. That was a thing that they threw in as a bonus, like, just be like, hey, you're part of the man. We're gonna give you me. Yeah, yeah. So like, it was something that wasn't. Who knows if they were gonna do it, you know, with anyone else. It was just one thing where they were like, Oh, you know, you you're a cool guy and as a sign of I guess. Yeah, good faith. Yeah. dollars and for joining

and he outlasted What's his face, Jason Newstead? You know the band for like 15 years and three years been in a band for liquid almost 20 years now? Oh, yeah,

that's right. Yes. When he joined like 2001 Well, that's when saint anger came out. Right?

I think okay, so I think the

you're a bigger Metallica fan than me.

So I think the album came out in

Oh, 303 that sounds right. And

he already joined the band prior to them, but he didn't record the bass. And he goes, Bob rock, we get the bass. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, speaking of that, speaking of Bob rock, Bob rock actually sold the rights to the Black Album for an undisclosed amount of money. But apparently it was like a fuck ton of money and like Bob rock I didn't know own owned the,

like exclusively the right yet.

The black okay. He just he just sold those, which is crazy, because I just found out recently. So my Metallica collections not really complete CD wise. And I didn't I realized that I had gotten a copy of load. And on the back. It didn't say a lecturer had said blackened recordings, okay, and I didn't know that Metallica bought a lot of their catalogue and put it on their own label which is called Black into recordings or something like that based off their song black right? But yeah, I didn't know that. So I have a copy of like, it's loader reload. And it's not from electro it's from black What the fuck but I didn't know that Bob rock still had the rights to black Oh, yeah, just crazy. He just recently sold

sold the rights and you mentioned to that but a lot of artists are selling the rights to their music now right like I think you said

oh it's on a website where you can like buy the rights to their music and get royalties for it or some shit like that. Yeah, wrote it's called man I had a fucking bookmark for that websites probably on this laptop somewhere.

You know, and I read about some guy who wants to buy the entire Beatles catalog. Oh yeah, good ROM that the Michael Jackson's estate. That's what I mean.

Gotta be a billionaire I mean there's no one else no one

like What the I don't know but it's a killer job they count for that but like you look at this dude and you can tell he's just not he doesn't look like a music person he just looks like someone that wants to brag about the rights you know I gotcha yes yeah.

Well like we had this is a little off topic but we actually came across a Foo Fighters performance from Austin City Limits on killer and so we're watching it right now of course Austin City Limits like not the festival but Austin City Limits and so like all these people were in the crowd like of course those tickets are expensive shit and you're all like they just they didn't know out of place and they were like

they look like they just got off work

like and like like these older the most important people in that and that it was weird nothing compared to the fans that we were running with Austin but like these were like I can't even explain it like you guys have to see like why are these people there like you can tell like they're there because they could not because right like oh they probably

Cassini's season tickets

events or they know the songs a kiss Yeah,

like those people that get those are they used to I don't know if they started the season tickets to the Aztec. And I went to a foster the people there was this older couple there and they're like, oh, you're just playing tickets. I just have tickets. And they were in ga and they're just they're like, they didn't even really no, like who was playing? They were just there.

That's cool, though. Check it out something new. Yeah, that's

cool. But I mean, like man, Foo Fighters like, like, that was one of my dream shows I go to and it sucks. You weren't there. I tried to get you to go but I know but it was worth it to me. I was like, fucking Yeah, that was that was complicated. Yeah, okay. Anyways, yeah, so next episode is gonna be cover songs. Like I said, drop the cover songs that are your faves on our social media. And then we'll see you guys next episode for Episode 26

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