Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 24 - Musicians We've Met

January 16, 2021 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 24
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 24 - Musicians We've Met
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Our first episode of 2021! Happy New Year! This episode, we try a couple new beers, and share stories of musicians we have met. We also learn about the importance of scrapbooking. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast where we talk, craft beer and music. So we try different craft beers every episode, while discussing them and reading them while talking about the music related topic for the week. And this is our first episode of 2021. So Happy New Year, guys. Yeah, we took a super extended holiday break. Yeah, yeah, we did. It was like almost a month. And we're back at it, which is cool. I kind of I kind of needed a break because I feel like I was getting kind of backed up with all the all the beers and stuff. And it was getting kind of crazy. And even with the time off that we had, just like, so I kind of toss like, three or four the bad beers that we had. I'm like, yeah, I'm not interested in documenting these. So I did it.

Anyways, I just swept them under the rug. But uh, let me see here. So how was your new year? We had a good Yeah, we have a good New Year pretty, pretty chill, pretty quiet.

Spend time with family spend time at home just recharging the batteries.

Looking forward to whatever 2021 brings.

You know, hopefully it's better than last year. Yeah, I think that's what we're all anticipating a better, a better and good year. Good or more and more. Good. More. That's right, right. Yeah, no.

Yes. So like, so for this episode. I'm

just, I guess, to try to be optimistic about what the music industry might look like this year, because I mean, hopefully stuff starts to get close to being normal. Like, by the end of the year, I'm not expecting anything by the summer or anything. But uh, you know, you know, being able to, you know, go to shows and maybe go to meet and greets and stuff. So with that I thought a good topic would be to talk about musicians we've met. So whether me and Frank talked about this, but whether it'd be a run in or whether it was at a meet and greet, we can talk about like, you know, the musicians that we met and talk about what what happened and how the story came about. So usually, when we start off the show, we have the hangover segment, which we'll probably ditch it this time, because usually we talk about we do okay, well, I was gonna say, I don't know if I remember anything from a month ago. But notes over the break. Oh, sweet, popped into our minds and I wrote it down. Which is not like me. So. So yeah. So this segment, we usually talk about things that we didn't get to talk about last episode, or we wanted to bring up that was related to last topic. And then after that, or during we talk about what we're drinking, so I'll let Brett go ahead and kick off her hangovers. And she has something what you got. It's short, but it was for the the dumb band names episode. Oh, wow. That was that that was that was sometimes it was like two years ago.

It was last year.

And interestingly enough, all three of these bands are from the same decade and the same genre and all of their names are really dumb. Okay, who go for it. What are the cherry poppin daddies Oh yeah. real big fish. Yeah, that's the squirrel nut zippers. Oh, I hadn't heard about that. But let's let's know that real big fishes are e L

is the lamest like gag in the book. And if you do any fishing, that's like every boat has a name like that with the real instead of Oh, I didn't worry. Yeah, let's like so overplayed it's really dumb. It's really dumb.

But ya know, those are those are pretty dumb names.

Frank Did you

know I mean, you don't have to wait, you know? I mean, yeah, like there's a bunch of them. But None None. None. Come to me hang over. Oh, yeah. No, that's what I meant. Oh, yeah. There's always a dumb band name you run into but you're just sometimes you don't want to give it the time or energy.

If you ignore it goes away. Yeah, yeah, pretty chill. Oh, I had a hangover, but I was thinking I don't want to talk about it. But I mean, I guess I could. So when we were talking about the Christmas music,

Kim and I, one of our favorite bands. ck why and I didn't realize I mean, I knew this but I had forgotten because it was like on some.

I think it was like some besides CD they had and they actually have three Christmas songs on it. And I was like, Yeah, yeah, so see ky is three Christmas songs. We didn't get to listen to him. But you know

We can save them for Christmas 2020 or something. But yeah, we didn't get to it and I was like, holy crap I was like see ky had three and I totally forgot about it so after it just like a week after we did the episode I was I was going through stuff and I saw the Spotify and I was like oh shit i was like see ky so Oh yeah, so that's that's a hangover I see ky we got we watched their COVID holiday live stream streaming show was good. It was pretty good. It's like an hour or something I wasn't

I get really anal about like audio and audio quality and the sound in the mixing sounded a little weird to me. But I mean, I liked it. I liked their set. I liked how their setup was we had we heard a lot of songs that we had felt like we'd never heard Chad sing before. Yeah, so that was cool.

weird story off topic. But well, I mean, I guess not really. So see ky we've had this discussion before they they've had they had their original singer left and he formed another version. We discussed it where I was like, Oh, it's basically the same man but split. Right? What to do with the two different vocalists? So.

So we posted something about I think that we were watching the show, and I get a random message online. And some guy I thought, we've all gotten this spam message where somebody's like, Hey, I noticed you liked this band. And you're part of like my band, you know, whatever, whatever, right? I know, we used to I used to do this back in the day on MySpace, like days, I used to do that. But people would actually like, Listen, and it would they would talk to you like now it's everybody has advanced, nobody cares. So I get a random message. And he's like, Hey, I noticed you listened to ck, why are you familiar with Darren's band, which was the singer before? And I was like, Yeah, and I don't know if you guys remember the story that I told about that, that I had. I got a beef with the singer because so let me tell the story real quick. So for those of you who are new to the, to the show, yeah. So

when he left the KY, he formed his own band, right. And I was like, Oh, that's pretty sick. I was like, now you know, whatever, whatever. He actually named it based off a title of sequency ky songs, which is 96 that are beans, named after 96. quite bitter beans. So anyways, so he forms the band, and, and they form a crowdfunding thing online. And they're all like, well, for different tiers, you can get different things. And actually, I don't know if Frank remembers this. Before we went on our first tour. I actually talked to you about he actually had this thing where for a certain amount, you can send him a song of yours, and they would record it. Oh, yeah, everybody. Yeah. And so we ended up not not doing I was like, so close. And, and this was before the tour, and it had the torna happened, that probably what happened. So anyways, so I donated and what the amount that I donated was for my name to appear on the credits on the album. Right. So I was super excited. So I was like, I know it takes time to record the album stuff. So like a year went by some more time went by I didn't hear anything about it. And I was like, You know what, screw these guys. Like, I think I even messaged them, and I never heard anything, right. So I never I never saw the album. This was when did we go on that the first tour was like 20 1717 Yeah, 2017 right. Never got anything, never heard anything. never saw anything on their their social media. So like, I think last year we were at the apartment. So um,

so then go forward to the message that I get and the guys all like, yeah, this is the battles like yeah, I know about him. I was like, I you know, I'm not interested. I go. I know about the band. I know about his death metal band. I go. A long time ago, I donated to a crowdfunding thing for their album that was supposed to come out and go out and and received it. And the guy is all like, oh, he goes, really? I go Yeah, he goes, I actually have to this was before I mentioned that other thing. And he's like, I actually have two copies of the album. And I was like, Oh, that's cool, man. I was like, he's like, I could send you one if you want. I was like, Nah, dude, you don't have to do that. I was like, that's cool. And so I was telling him the whole story about what happened. And then he's like, wait a minute. He's like, so your name supposed to be on the credits. And I said, Yeah, I go, but I go, I don't know if it's on there. Because I never I never got a copy of the CD. He goes, hold on, let me check. So he goes for a way for like an hour, it comes back with a picture. Sure enough, my name is on the credits. And I was like, What the hell? And he's like, dude, your names on there? Because he asked me he's on what's your name? Cuz this was off the podcast account. So my name wasn't displayed anywhere. So I show I gave him my name. And he's like, Dude, it's there. He's like, I sent you a copy. And I was like, dude, you don't have to do that. I was like, but I mean, I'm sure you got it for a reason. He's like, Nah, dude, just send me your address. I'll send it to you. It was like a random message and all day. Oh, okay. So, um, so yeah, I was just it was weird, because I thought it never happened. And I was like, these guys.

Listen to them, like I support you. Yeah, I stopped following them. And actually, I actually didn't listen to the album till like last year. Like it was probably the beginning of last year and I heard it. I was like, yeah, that's not bad. Um, but I really didn't follow him like to close as much as I did after that happened. And but yeah, sure enough, the guy sent me the cure, and I was like, there's my name. It was on the credits with like, all these other people.

When I was like, That's fucking cool, you know in speaking of like, stuff like that I remember 10 years back you familiar with Josh Freese? He's like yeah drummer, every single band in the world.

Like 10 years ago he put out a new solo album and he had like different price tiers like five bucks gets you this you know 350 bucks gets you that 75,000 gets you this. Oh, holy. Yeah. And I remember like crazy I remember reading like when this stuff came out. And yeah, you know, for for five bucks for his EP called my new friends came out in 2011. Five bucks gets you a digital download of the EP. And for the physical Digi pack, it's 12 bucks. You know, you can pay the next one up. It's like 50 bucks for this, this and this. 125 bucks for that. And $75,000 price here. You know, you get Josh Reese in your band for a month you get one of his drum set for a month. Yeah. You get a you know, a five song EP recorded about you about a chance to take shrooms and cruise around Hollywood with freeze and Danny Carey of tools Lamborghini and a trip with freeze to Tommy Bahama to buy matching outfits and make everybody very sad. Wow. I'm sad that I don't have the money for that.

I wonder if

I don't know. But for 10,000 you could also get Oh, Josh free says a Volvo station wagon and opportunity to make his first record for him. Or did to make a record for him. You get a membership he gets you know, he joins your band for two days. You get a chance to motorboat his wife's sister's friend.

sister's friend. Okay. Yeah. So 75,000 I'm, I'm guessing the only people who can afford that are other musicians. Like he knows you know what I mean? Like, yeah, that seems very

well, it's like a joke. Like they don't actually expect anybody to do that. Well, some crowdfunding sites show you how many people have purchased that tear. Does that does that in some of the tier also says you can bet ponies and build bears with Johnny Knoxville.

Okay, so I mean, yeah. And you could also get a co piloting lessons with Dexter from the offspring and it's probably the jet No way. Yeah. Okay. I guess I mean, anybody does that? I don't know. 75,000 Oh, that's uh, it's funny. You saw that because I came across another one is not music related. But I thought this was super crazy. I like comic books. Alright, so I came across one the other day. I actually have some autographs from the cast. So the original Power Rangers cast from the 90s. I collected them over the years, I'm only missing like two but so they had this thing that came out. They have a comic book. And they're like, okay, so for this tear, you can get this collection of the comic books that came out like over the past three years with autographs from the, the the cast blah, blah, blah, right? The tears went up. I was like, I think it was like 50 bucks and 150 like you were saying 200 the highest one was like two 3000 I was like, for comic books. Like, to me, that was a lot like now, especially with the whole COVID thing going on. I was like, Who's gonna spend two $3,000 on a collection like that, like, even my collection not even worth that much. And I have autographs and I was like, dude, I was I to me, that was crazy. And when you said that it kind of just just gotten people stimulus checks. Yeah.

This is only this could only get you the second.

It was crazy. But you know, but speaking of like, the the live, the live stream shows, too, that some bands are doing some, you know, some of the prices include, you know, like, you get a digital download, like an audio of recording of the show, and stuff. And I mean, I haven't really looked into bands that are doing that. But I'm actually a fan of like, the live versions of songs because I like hearing the little nuances, the little changes and you know, stuff that you hear live is a lot different. Oh yeah, studio and so, and even even to just just just in general. Like when I hear a studio album that's got like a live sound to it. Like I'm a big fan of that. You know what, podcasts have that too. We should do that. And then like one of the tears they'll be like, we write a song and play it for you like about for you. So like, we actually bought her some recorders Brett so we'll put you on record. We'll put you on recorder and then

yeah, cuz like there's some podcasts I listened to where like they have exclusive episodes for their listeners. But like different tiers, get them different stuff like a shout out on the show and stuff like that. Okay, I mean,

we bought we bought those recordings as a gag gift for my sister or Ben is candy. Yeah. She said I've been practicing.

Yeah, I was trying to learn a titanic song on there. It was hard. It was hard. Like first off I'm not really like familiar with like woodwinds and brass right. I've never played any instrument like that. So when I I mean I was trying to figure it out like this is complicated to me like to blow in like finger at the same time.


Just I can only do one. Yeah.

Which is the previous one. So right. Um, so our band name is cam FB, right? Yep. Okay, so well, I'll figure out the crowdfunding thing. So anyways, so going past all that we go into what we're drinking. I know Frank and Brett are drinking something. Oh, can I wait till we start the show show? Yeah. But you can have whatever you want, Kim.

Oh, you do? Okay. Well go ahead.

Frankie and I are drinking a non alcoholic beer from Brooklyn. Another special effects beer we've had there other one before. But this is a new one we just found at the liquor store yesterday, and it's called an IPA. So it's special effects, but it's an IPA. And it has less than point 5% alcohol by volume. And it's pretty good. It's different, different than the other one for sure. So I was just drinking that one right before this. And that's quite the switch. I will try to remember in the beginning of the episode, I was thinking about it the other day, that I need a start saying that we do drink alcoholic and non alcoholic beers. You know, that's I don't think a lot of people do that. Well, from what I've seen or heard. So, yeah, so we do that too. So if you're listening new to the show, and you have any friends that was to drink that drink non alcoholic beverages, we do that too. And I know scissors I should say, and I know this is an IPA that we're drinking, but I get like a little lemony flavor to it. That can just makes it look like a line. Like a little, like a little citrusy. And what we've discovered is that from all the non alcoholics we've had, it's the IPA non alcoholics that tend to taste better. Yeah, and they don't taste like regular IPAs so much because I'm not a super fan of IPAs. I wasn't but I was going into them but I found the ones that are more tart and tangy. I like I think the one that made me get into IPAs, one which is so weird is when we had our band brews episode, trying to Deftones IPA, because those are like more like tropical. Um, those are that that one I still really liked that IPA. And that one got me into like that, but yeah, those were really that one was really good. But with that said, What do y'all read this one?

I'm gonna give it a four. A four. Okay, four. Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna say like, 4.2 4.2 All right, Kim, we're drinking. I'm drinking red wine out of Yeti. red one.

Whose soccer match. There you go, right.

We don't have kids

to hide your wine.

So what do you I'll post What? Texas wine. It's twin springs, sweet red. And I like it because it's really good. And it's like sick five or six bucks for the bottle. Yeah, I don't think I've posted this before. We don't read it. Because I know. It's a blunt. It's a mirlo and Zinfandel blend. And I really like this one. That's like, my favorite. I just didn't want to deal with like bringing the bottle and having to try to transport like a cork bottle back.

And you know, and you get yourself a roadie.

And we do and we do have wine on this show, too. I just I think we don't like we have the wine but we don't.

One of the ones that we were supposed to try actually for the show. I didn't Well, it was supposed to be me and Kim. We're gonna try it first and then we were gonna do it. This was supposed to be I think in Thanksgiving time. We got a bottle of the Snoop Dogg. Oh, it wasn't my mom, but we were gonna try it. We didn't see her. But uh, yeah, so we were gonna try that and it's kind of music related. So yeah, that would have been interesting, but we haven't tried that yet. I like actually still on top of the fridge. Um, with that said, y'all got anything else? Beer wise? If not, we can get into the top pick. Just whatever you are gonna get out of them. Okay, we know him. Kent. Would you like to try a beer with me? Okay, so Britt I doubt This one tastes good.

We're gonna try go ahead and take out the pumpkin pie one.

So this is from Martin house, but we know sometimes these flavor profiles don't really come with Martin house. It's been one of the ones that kind of that is true. I don't know if I should save this one. I know.

Okay, you know what, let's try won't try this one. Yeah, we're gonna try that. So this is another one. We haven't had anything from this brewery. This is angry chair brewing this and also to this as an imperial so I know we don't have a very good

track record track record with stouts Yeah, this is from this is 11% ABV. This is for the pint. This is for a Milwaukee so I don't know Milwaukee. Sounds pretty promising.

Is it named

Huh, I don't know what that up. So that's a hurry. And this is the French toast. Imperial Imperial stout. Whoa. Okay, so this one I think I got in the beginning of the December, but then we had the whole Christmas thing going on right? So I guess me and cam will try this and we'll let you know how it is because this one this one I don't think is a seasonal one. Like I think that Martin house one might be one of those one offs. Okay. Until this next year. I think that was like a Thanksgiving one. So we'll try this

gonna be good for they're usually good for at least like nine months. From what I've seen. I can check it out real quick. does have a date at the bottom.

It was canned on the 20th of November.

Okay, so those can Oh, yeah, no, yeah, we're good to like, at least March April. We're like two months in. Yeah, we're barely two months. Yeah. So this one.

So when you pour it in, actually let me swirl a little bit. Yeah. swirling in the cup a little bit. So me and him are gonna get a shot. And if it's horrible, we'll let you know Brett. Okay, if it's good. I'll try to get you one. Okay, but if it's good, because we have pretty bad you know, to write I forget which

I forget the name, but we saw a coconut milk. stout yesterday. Yeah. Coconut. Yeah, there's a lot of crazy stouts and we're trying to stay away from style to just Oh, Kim give a shot. That's good. Really? It's cinnamony It's really good. Okay, let me see what the thing he says on here. So it says Imperial stout with maple syrup. Cinnamon and milk sugar. Okay, so let me give it a shot. Cool.

Oh, that does your dessert beer. This is the dessert beer this? Dammit bread.

It's not it doesn't have that weird. cigarette. Yeah. After tastes like coffee. Like it actually has a syrup after jack.

Or something like, Oh, okay. I'm gonna find you another one of these. Okay, this is this one's good. I'm actually gonna give it a you know what? I'll give it like a 4.4 I mean it the profile matches like to the tee like it's good. It's a little too sweet for me. You might not like it cuz it's really sweet. It is sweet. Yeah, like really? Because a syrup. Probably. I could pour it on pancakes.

You know what ice cream dicker. You need to do this ice cream thing. Damn it

for a little sweet, it's good. But it's like I like sweet stuff like this wines. Kind of sweet, sweet, super sweet. But this is like, I'm gonna give it a 4.5. I mean, but

there's probably some kind of granules in or something. But I think Well, obviously, this one's gonna be sweet. Because not only does it have, I mean, it has milk, sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup. And I know usually we have stouts and they're kind of thick. And we're all like, oh, like you can even see it when you pour it out. You could probably put down on a pancake. This one doesn't seem as sticky as some of the other ones. But it's it's good. Actually, it surprised the hell out of me. I really was not expecting that. I'm actually going to finish this. So which is cool, because give me something to drink. But 11% ABV so it'll probably Cover me for the not for the night but a little special diet. So I'm trying to Yeah, I'll probably cut me down to about a beer and a half per episode now for a little while. But um, yeah, cuz before we were averaging like the past two months, I think we're averaging like three beers like

I want to say like each episode, probably more. We were having quite a bit. I know Thanksgiving. Christmas ones were the crazy ones. Actually the Oktoberfest ones we had quite a bit too. So I think from October, we had a good run. Yes, but we're being conscious. Yeah, for a little bit. But yeah, there you go, guys. But if you guys want

me beer wise, cuz I'd like to taste more beers. But uh, so we'll hold on to the pumpkin pie beer until it's ready. And then we'll hold on to the churro beer we actually true beer. So Brits ready.

But yeah, there you go. Guys. If you guys want a good dessert beer, angry chair brewing. They're loaded french toast Imperial stout there from when I say walking. Oh, they're not Milwaukee. I read that wrong. It's waunakee waunakee. Wisconsin. Oh, I saw I saw key on it. Same same.

So it's from Wisconsin. So. Um, yeah, I mean, it was Yeah, fucking surprise. So tastes good. Really, really, really good. profile matches everything. Alright, so on to the topic. Musicians we've met once ago first. Musicians we've met. I mean, I don't know how many you guys have. I have a

about nine. Yeah, like three. Go around to the story. That's good.

I mean, I've got

Frank, you know what I want Frank to go for but um, but I'm gonna try to like you know, keep it. Keep it

Simple. You got a group together?

Have you seen this? No, it's just so long. But if we

make a super group and then tell the story

to himself for like an hour.

I mean, well, to be fair, we're actually going to be, we actually have a lot of beers to talk about. So. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Um, I don't know, I guess could I do like new metal category? Do whatever you want. Yes. category.

Time. Yeah, country. I don't have it. Ha. Do you have a country artists on there, too. I have a country artist. Oh, I have a pop artist, actually. But I don't have one to list because I forgot about him. But okay. I'll talk about that one.

I actually went to Yeah, well, I'll tell you, I'll tell you about it later on the show.

Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna start with one that happened on my 17th birthday. 16th 17th birthday, okay. And you, you know, you and I actually, we met code and Evanescence 2003 at the sunken garden, and amphitheater. And that was just what we just got lucky, right? I mean, we didn't sign up for anything. It's just Well, I don't know how you remember the story. But I remember you got the you had gotten a backstage pass first, because I think somebody was just handing them out, like randomly to people. Oh, you see, I didn't know that part. I just remember somehow we were not together for a little while. A brief moment, we had actually gone with a buddy of ours, Daniel.

And then we went and I found out you had one with a guest. And me and Danny were like, well, we fuckin we don't you know, whatever. Right? We're not going. So well let you go on from here. I'll put in Yeah, no. So all I remember was this guy, because we both have them on our list. So it was it was a story. So like their little. So the way it happened for me was, I remember I was checking out the merge the band merge. And some guy. I don't know who he's with, I guess he's like, he's a promoter or something. And he said, Hey, you want to pass and you can just bring whoever you want. You know, it's like, plus one. I remember Frank was wearing like, like, you could see his cleavage and stuff. So it's probably Well, yeah, so.

And yeah, so this, this guy gave me a pass. I told Mario about it. And I don't know how you got in. I'll tell ya. Okay. But um, yeah, do you remember this has to do with the first band we were ever in together. I just I don't remember how you got in. I just know that right? We're gonna have to, I'm gonna have to cut in here. I just know that it was like me and like plus four. Okay, thanks. Okay, Frank. So let's, let's, let's go back a little bit. So, okay, I'm sure that side happened from where you were at. So I remember you came back and you said, Hey, I'm gonna go backstage and meet the man. I was like, okay, cool, right? I don't have a past. Daniel doesn't have a past. We can go back there. So you went in line. Then you came back and you said, hey, there's a guy who's by himself, who? Oh, that's right. Yes. Who doesn't have a guest with them? You should go see if you if you could be as plus one. Right? I said, Okay, cool. This was like, back when we were teenagers. I don't care. I'd talk to anybody right now. It's a little different. Probably wouldn't do that. But um, and of course, that means I would have ditched Daniel, right? So I go and, and I asked the guy, and he's like, yeah, sure, you can be my a plus one or whatever. So then we get to talking and he sings. His favorite band is Linkin Park. So I'll get back to that. Sorry. I'll get back to that story later. So um, so yeah, sure enough. He's like, cool. So he has a sticker. I get a sticker actually still have the stickers. And it's sitting on top of that. Yeah, well, actually, it actually wasn't a frame. So anyways, so Daniel was all like, dude, I want to go backstage in me. Evanescence, whatever. Like, I can't go because I don't have anybody. Like no one. Everyone else was paired up. Yeah. So he's like, you know what, I'm just gonna stay with y'all. So he was like, he stuck with us. Like, you know, he was like, squeezing in or whatever, whatever. And

so he's like, yeah, I'm just gonna see if I can go back there. I'm like, Dude, that I don't know how you're gonna do that. Because you don't have a sticker. Right? It was a purple sticker. And, you know, for the for backstage or whatever. So we go, and he sneaks in, like, I guess they don't check him or something. And like, they're like, yeah, you're good. You're good. And he's like, they literally see three of us go together, which is me that guy. His name was should I say his name now? So So yeah, so anyway, so me the the guy and then Daniel. So we go back there and yeah, sure enough, then that's when we got back there. We got to meet Colton Evanescence. Okay. Yeah. Okay. That was a cool, cool lineup, too. Yeah, that was like the classic line off the plane. That was the classic line. That was the last tour with the classic lineup. It was yes. And I remember, I didn't really want to stick around for Evanescence. But, you know, I didn't. I didn't drive at the time. And so my, my parents, my mom is like, I'll pick you up at this time. So we had no choice but to stick around for Evanescence. But I don't know if you remember.


essence was playing I was just hanging out in the back. I don't. And there's like a little bit of a slope. Yeah, you know and then like it just drops off. All these fucking ravers were back there. Oh, like just going off to Evanescence with their little glow sticks and stuff. So also to this was to what year was this? It was like, Oh 303 Yeah, so this was for the Nintendo fusion tour, right? It was kind of crazy. So it was Evanescence cold and finger 11 and Revis right. So those were on there. So yeah, that crowd was a little crazy. And they had like Nintendo bans setup. I don't know what system that came out at the time. Probably GameCube GameCube, I think Yeah. Yeah. So we were there. And I remember we met so when we meet the band, it was pretty cool. Like, I remember Evanescence and Nicole guys being like, really cool. Like, they're a cool shit. And I remember meeting Amy Lee hurt. She was shorter than me. So in high school. Fuck how tall was I don't know how tall I was. I don't haven't grown much since then. But probably about the same song. But I was probably like a few inches, probably shorter. Maybe I don't think I had like a really crazy growth spurt anyways, so she was shorter to me. I don't know how tall she is. But I remember her being shorter than me. And I remember the drummer from cold mean, fucking tall. So yeah, we were there. And then I remember. So it was put together by the radio station. And they took a picture, right? So like, oh, if you guys want the picture, go ahead and go to our website, and you can get it right. So I go to the website, I don't know, Frank remembers this, or if he ever saw it. So I went to the website. And it was a shit resolution picture that was like, small, like, you know, those fucking like, like pictures that are like, like, like, it's just a small picture. And like, you could tell that the pixel quality is like 300 by whatever, like, like, and I was like, who took this picture? And who like uploaded it like this. So like, I had the picture for a while and it was on MySpace. And I know for a while people could still log into my space if your account was to open when when MySpace one way. But uh, fortunately for me, I closed my MySpace account out before I moved to Facebook. So I didn't leave it open. So I couldn't go back and see the archives because I know Kim can still go back and see her pictures without being able to log in. But at least she can still see her profile because she never closed it. I did. And dude, I've to this day. Last week I was actually searching for that picture does not pop up anywhere. It's not this website archive. It's nowhere. And are you are you okay?

picture but I was just curious to see it again. You know, because it was me, Frank. Daniel. It was basically both bands together. Yeah, all the fans. So it was cool, because everybody was mixed together. Like, I think nowadays, like, they don't really do stuff like that anymore. like not to that. I haven't seen anything like that in a while. But yeah, both bands were cool. I mean, I don't know what Frank remembers about the man's But yeah, I remember the interaction was was good. And I remember like now in hindsight, thinking like, it was a good thing that they didn't open it up to everybody. Because I remember, you know, it being like a bit of a small group was gonna be about because COVID right. Oh, no. COVID Yeah. In Oh, three. I think there's maybe about 20 of us, Max. Plus. Yeah, it wasn't a lot. Yeah. Yeah. It was probably 20. It was max. So it was it was it was pretty cool. It was it was good. It was fun. You know, like I said earlier, it was my 17th birthday. So right away, I jumped at the chance to go backstage. Yeah, it was and I still came in. I actually just framed those posters. Because I know they were hanging out. You know, they were hanging up in our jammies right. Now, of course, they went into storage, blah, blah, blah. And years later, there's they're still signed in mint condition hanging up on my wall with some of the sweat with some of the wrinkles. wrinkles that we got from the sweat. Yeah, and the front. But yeah, the posters are up on my wall still. And that was I think that was probably the first the first artists I had ever I've ever met. I think. I don't think for me to take that back. That wasn't the first artists I met. Sorry. Um, I mean, it was my first artists in the in the rock genre.

Oh, not for me. So I'll go back to mine. But going back to the guy that let me in. So Frank and I had a band in high school. This episode's gonna be about four hours. And sorry. And, and so this guy ended up being part of our band, right. And so we went to your I don't know if we've told you the story we probably have. So it was me, Frank and our buddy Richard, play drums. We're actually going to try this guy out. We're like, well, let's try them out first, right, he said he can see and we need a singer. This was I think probably the first time we really started looking for a singer because our band branched off from a band that I had joined that Frank had fresh freshman year. So anyways, so the guy goes, Yeah, come to my house. My parents are having a barbecue. Like we can try out there. I have a karaoke machine.

So we go and we get there. And he's like it's it's in the back. So we go and got to go through the this like dark, creepy house on if we remember all the dolls. I remember like dolls everywhere. Dolls on like, it's like one of those things where like a cliche thing where somebody goes in and it's like creepy stuff all over. That's exactly what it was. So the guy goes and he's like, Oh, yeah, we want I want to show you this. Nope, this little boy.

Have I know about this? Frank remembers, we gave him we gave him a nickname off. We did. We did. So.

Yeah. So he took pictures of them. So like, in like, like being murdered, like with ketchup

like self portraits and it was like we're like what the fuck? So like, and then he has saw the audition goes on as him singing linkin park songs for us through a karaoke machine, or having barbecue. We're just sitting down in barbecue and he's singing. So we're like, well, we're freshmen. I was like, we need a singer. Let's give it a shot. So we had a few practices with them. We played our first show at the White Rabbit mainstage. I had just gotten out of the hospital because I was hospitalized for a robot asthma attack I had. And so I told the doctors, hey, have a show. Can I get out early? They're like, let's see how do these medications and whatever, whatever. So I think they squeezed me out like a day or two earlier than I should have gotten out there. Like make sure you take these medications. Like the winter. I think it was like December. I still had the little flyer. Actually, I think Kim has it. Kim has a ticket

when White Rabbit used to give away.

So we play the show. And

right after the show, we kicked them out.

talking shit about me on stage like between songs. I don't know. I don't remember what he was saying. He was saying something. And he had like a couple of friends there. And me and Frank were fed up with him about something or me and Richard were And so yeah, that we played the show on mainstage. Then right after we come out. Honestly, I didn't even know he was getting kicked out.

No, I mean, like, I was just up there. I've been doing my thing. And well, yeah. And then then we got some other colorful characters after that. But it was a nice guy, right? Uh, no.

He tried to poison us.

Yeah, after, you know, we kicked him out. And he tried to show you know, no hard feelings or anything. I made you a batch of cookies, but they looked suspicious. And even Mario's dogs wouldn't eat them. Yeah. Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah, remember that? Yeah. Oh, man. I totally forgot about that. Yeah. So like, yeah, like, like, right away. Like we knew, like if the dogs aren't gonna eat. Yeah, just throw them away. Because we used to jam. We had like dogs in the backyard. And they were just like, hanging out with us and stuff. And

we didn't say his name. No, he didn't say. And you know what? He was he didn't listen to podcast. Cookies. I

can't remember the guy that sent me the CD.

Yeah, but that's, I guess that's our shared story.

Cuz I was like, I forgot. That was us together. But, uh, yeah, um, ladies who would like to go next? You know, actually, I want to I want to point out too, that a codes current basis, wrote a book called, I forget what it's called. But it's but it's basically has to do with the law of attraction. It's the book I gave you for? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And it just basically, you know, that the type of does that Terry, or no, no, it's, uh, what's her name? Lindsey? Oh, the new basis? Yeah. The new basis. Yeah. And it's just basically like, that type of book of like, you know, whatever energy you put out, it's the type of energy you receive type thing. And it's just like, like, how to live like a day to day like a positive type. Type life. So.

Yeah, I guess I don't know. I'll get the name of the title later. But yeah, so she's got a book out. And I'll talk about that later. Once I remember what the title is.

If either y'all read the book, and you want to give me a review, so I can post it on that website. Yeah, actually, she she like autographed it right. Oh, really? Yeah. That's cool. Sweet. Yeah. Now, if you ever read a review, I'll post a blog on it on the website. Yeah.

You want to go? Sure. All right, what you got? Let me see Hold on.

Well, I think, um, I don't know, I'll start with my probably what's the coolest ever is that I met john Leyden also known as Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols and PBL. And that was at a meet and greet thing for at a fun Fun Fest one year when PL played there. And it was

it was pretty funny because I, you know, kind of went through I actually met all the people and kind of went through and, you know, shook their hands and said Hi, and they autographed a CD and john Leyden drew a pair of boobs on it. And he passed it back to me and I saw it and I started laughing and then he laughed at me laughing at him and a friend of mine who was there took a picture right in that moment. It looks like we're like old friends like all chummy laughing together. Yeah, you saw the picture. Yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah, for sure. So that's pretty cool cuz you know his his name boobs


And he drew up here. Okay, okay. Yeah.

The bonus. Okay. Yeah. So that increase the value. Yeah. That's funny. I have that CD framed. It's in my office. If I ever go back there again, I'll take a picture of it for you.

I have one like that I actually forgot about that. So I met this man. Frank knows. One of my favorite bands. I think I mentioned one of our early episodes is coffin cats. They were psychobilly band, rockabilly. They were on a label that was based here in San Antonio hairball, eight records. And they're actually but they're actually from Detroit. And he and Frank used to go see him all the time at sound burger joint. So one of the I think the second lineup that they had, we went to go see him and I actually saw the poster Kim's on, I'm trying to get it framed. So they had posters, but with their old drummer, right, so I met the new drummer, he was cool. And I had actually talked to the original drummer on Myspace because we were trying to get shows together. And he's like, yeah, that sounds cool. Like to make genres and stuff. And then at the time, we lost our vocalist, and he left coffin cats. So the only poster they had was with the old drummer, and I said, Ah, screw it. You know, I'm a fan of y'all. Anyway, I'm gonna get the poster. So the singer guitar, bass player, signs it, guitarist signs, and then the drummer signs his name. And then over the drummer, he draws his face over the over the alters base, so I still have it. So like, it's like, because he had a mohawk, and the original drummer didn't so he drew like a face and then a mohawk on it.

So yeah, I have that too. Yeah, that's one of my stories. Kim, what you got? I met simple plan at a work tour in Oh, three. Like it was like one of those things where you just like, you know, you're like signing they're like, the the ABS magazine or whatever. And so you just walked through the line, and they're all flirting with my aunt man. Like, she was trying to get like in the back and I'm like, Girl, like, I'm in high school, like,

going to the bus.

Oh, yeah. It was like freshmen or like, going to the sophomore. I'm like, Girl.

like, Okay, wow. But that was, that was the first time that's the first band that I'd ever met. And it was at Oh, three warp tour. Oh, that's pretty. Yeah, it's around the same time. Yeah, the same year that we Yeah.

Yeah, and actually, I mean, not warp related, but you party with the dudes from taproot.

Okay, so I guess I'll cut since Frank mentioned that I'll just knock it off my list real quick. So a second. The second band I was in. This was, I think one of the only bands that I was in the Frank wasn't with me. And it was just like,

it was this old metal band, but they were trying to call themselves new metal we talked about before where they tried to say they were Christian at one point. So whatever, whatever right, so we have a show. And actually, this happened the same time as that show because it was supposed to be us. taproot. If anyone's familiar with taproot, probably everyone knows their song poem that was big, like 2002 2003. So, so it was supposed to be us two and 12 stones, which mean Kim are a fan of 12 stones. Some people call them Christian. So McCoy has to be one of my favorite vocal. Yeah. Oh, which is crazy, because he actually gets vocals on Evanescence. first single Bring me to life. Yes. Right, which is crazy. So that kind of ties everything together. So anyways, I was super stoked. I was like, I'm a fan of taproot somewhat. I did like some of their stuff I was trying to follow that morning. I really didn't. What I felt like I was a bigger fan of 12 stones. I was like, I'm more excited to play with 12 stones and what taproot so supposed to be 12 stones opening. No, it's supposed to be us 12 stones in taproot. So I think a week before was probably last It was like three, four days before the show. 12 stones dropped. And they're like, okay, it's gonna just gonna be you guys and taproot. Sorry, cool. So we play the show, whatever, whatever. And our singer likes to throw parties at his house. He had a two story, two story house and he had a whole bunch. He knew a whole bunch of people. So him and his

girlfriend at the time, would invite just a whole bunch of people. So after the show, we're like, we're gonna have an after party at the, at the house since the show was shit. Because they ended up kicking us out to have a hip hop, show replace. I guess the time that was taken off, because I don't know. It was crazy. I told the story in our previous episode. Basically, they kicked us out like right when the show was over, right when tapper was done playing. So we go to the house and you know, we're drinking and stuff. And then somebody comes by and they tell the singer, hey, a tour bus just like literally drove past your house. He's like, well, the cars the highway cross this house, but they said the tour bus went through the residential area, right? Then he's like, what? And we're like, he they're like, yeah, tour bus just pass by and drop somebody off. So I don't know how but the bass player found out that we were having an after party. So he came. So basically, I actually don't know his name. I didn't bother looking it up. So So uh, so he so he comes and he's hanging out and we're all like asking him, Hey, we're the rest of the guys and they're like, oh, they're not really like social guys.

Like, they don't really like to, like, hang out with people, but I do. So we're bullshit, whatever. So anyways, so he's there, we're hanging out and we're sitting down. And of course, my singer is trying to kiss ass trying to get his number and stuff. So he's like, Hey, we should play some shows together. And I'm like, dude, we're not like anywhere near that. Right? So he gets his number somehow, right. So I, how old was I, at this time? I don't know how old I was. I was probably like, 22 or something like that. And I was like, you know, I don't want to geek out. So I told the guy. I was like, Hey, man, I just want to tell you that 2002 or something like that. I saw you guys play with mudvayne at sunset station. And that was like, pretty crazy show for me to see. Right. Like I was, that was like one of my first shows. And that was an awesome show. You guys were awesome. And I and I always remember that show. And he pretty much just looked at me. It was like, okay, like, he didn't say anything incapable conversation with me like nothing. I was like, Alright, dude. Like, he made me feel like shit. And so I just, like stopped following him. Like I you know, whatever. So, but yeah, so, I mean, that was my typers story, Frank, thanks for you know, it was on my list. I don't know the guy's name. But it was the bass player. He He hung out. And he just, yeah, he wanted a party, I guess.

Cool. Yeah, I got the book that I was talking about. Yeah. So it's by Lindsey man, Friday. It's a cold current basis. And the book is called unfuck with a bowl, a guide to inspired badassery. And it's got a picture of her in the back. Cool. And yeah, she like, signed it. So did you. How did you get it signed? I just ordered it from her website. Oh, cool. Yeah.

And I guess I mean, I don't know cuz I could I put my name on the on the address. Okay, so I guess she just signed it. That's cool that, like you got it from her website. Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty. That's pretty sick. So I think it's her only book. But that's pretty that's still pretty bad. But yeah, it's pretty much like, you know, whatever you put out you, you get back type type type stuff. I think I haven't read any of it. But I'm pretty sure that's what it's about. Right? Yeah.

Yeah, I wasn't gonna next.

Frankie's turn. Yeah, you go Frank. Yeah. Okay. I had to talk about that one. Because Frank threw it out there.

I met I met Lamb of God once. Oh, sweet. That's cool. And so Okay, so so so my thing is, I don't I don't know. I typically don't like to pay for meet and greets, because my whole thing is like, you know, my dropout is money. And then the bands turn out to be dicks or whatever. Yeah. So

Well, luckily, this one is free. Yeah, he gave me so yes. sunguard was free. This one with lamb of God was free, too. It was at at the time. There used to be a place called the Cypress street grill, which is now Starbucks.

It's, um, it's like down the street from the via bus station, okay. And they're having a meet and greet. They were playing a show at sunset station. I couldn't go for some reason. But they were having a meet and greet there. And it's like the first 100 people to show up, get like, you know, autographs and pictures and whatnot. So I'm here I went, and I had this. Remember the memory books that we had in high school? Yeah. Yeah. So I had a memory book with like, empty. Yeah, I mean, I I don't even know what what I put in there. I remember had like, ticket stubs in there. And it's like, what was it like? Like, just basically write out your thing? Yeah, I tried, man. But ice is empty. Anyone close? Wow. Really? Literally empty.

It's like, it's like a scrapbook. It's like,

yeah. And mind's eye your school gave them to you know, you had to buy them. They were expensive in mind.

I'm sorry. And yeah, so I went, I got an audit. You know, I met the band. They got their autographs and whatnot, got my picture taken with them. I guess I couldn't go to the shop. So I figured this would be like the next best thing. And this was when was it ashes of the wake had just come out? I think. And so yeah, I want to go meet them there. I feel like you're a closet. Lamb of God superfan. I don't I'm like why? Yeah, like, I mean, I like Lamb of God. I just I don't I can't tell you the discography. But yeah. Like, I like the music, you know, um,

but I think, I don't know.

I think I get a little envious that they're that they played better than me. Oh,

I i understand what I understand. Yeah. But it's good, you know? And so yeah, I met a guy. That was cool. And then I guess jumping on to my next one, because I do get a little bit of a list here. Did you get autographs or anything or pictures? Yeah, I got I got some pictures. It's in the scrapbook. Oh, it's in the scrap. But

yeah, it's like that that memory scrapbook.

Hold on. You took this. They signed the scrapbook. Yeah, no. Yeah. They signed it. No, they don't like that. No. I mean, that's that's actually an opportunity. I'll talk about my missed opportunity. That's no, that's actually cool. I mean, I just didn't snap it. I just had like a penny. I just

I remember another band. Okay.

So, I'm sorry, I got the wrong so I thought you had gotten something signed, and I put it in scrapbook.

And they're like, class of 2005.

That's cool, dude. I think it's cool. I mean, that's, that's interesting. Yeah. Because I wasn't thinking about that either. Because, like, I had like a little section that said, hobbies you gotta show. autographs. Yeah.

Don't change don't change. Cuz I care.

tk Yeah.


I'm like, wow, Randy. wants me to take care.

See you next summer.

Cool, dude, I don't want I don't want you to think I mean, you're

just funny like me like going to my yearbook? Yeah.

It just makes sense. Like, it's autographs like Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, I rather have their autographs. Like, all these people I don't talk to like, they're they're probably the only people in my yearbook that I talked to, you know, and that was another thing too. When you gave your actual your book for a friend to sign in, and they would just pass it along. Oh, yeah. Like I didn't have this. I didn't authorize this

person. All these fuckers You don't even know.

Yes, hilarious. Oh, my yearbooks are full. But not my not my scrapbook my scrapbooks empty. Well, I have to show you mine. You can't even close it. Yeah, you gotta show you still have it somewhere.

Interesting. So I can post them on Instagram. Because that's No, I mean, really? Like, that's cool. Like, I want to post like, you know, it's, it's at my house somewhere. Okay.

Like this

is high school he

wants to go cuz he got a lengthy list. Like I only have three more.

The one you remember though, I know. Okay. My, I guess my next one also in the same genre ish.

I met Wes Borland twice. Oh, damn. Once in 2007 and 2012. This is when he was touring with his band blacklight burns. And, you know, what I liked about it was that, you know, of course, you know, Wes had like, huge mega like success because of limp, biskit and whatnot. So, you know, to see him playing like a little dirty dive bar, like off the side of downtown. And that you like, hang out with him and like, talk to him and tell him you know how much you admire his guitar work and the fact that he had like, no BS about him. Like he's actually there in the crowd checking out the openers for his band. And just talking to everybody was really cool. The only thing was the stage clothes smelled really bad. Oh, I'm sure I mean, dude. Yeah, I understand that. Yeah, I mean, when he wasn't wearing stage clothes, he smelled okay. But yeah, as soon as you put on the stage clothes like you want to stay you want to stand all the way back. Yeah, there's no like it's usually those guys pack a few stage clothes and then they don't wash them for like, you know, like the whole tour. Yeah, for pretty much the whole tour. Yeah, so you probably got the end of the tour.

But it was a cool dude. Please tell me you got a limp biscuit CD signed if you didn't know I didn't but I kept it was over but I kept the water bottle that he had on a memory

I kept the water bottle that he that he handed me at the end of the show. Oh really? And remember like you were leaving the venue and you know you couldn't take any anything out. But you know I just managed to sneak it into my pocket. I remember those days and I kept it for about two years the water bottle and I had to throw it out because they got moldy and maybe it was a West growing in there I don't know bacteria from it but it looked gross like it got moldy and like fungus see and I should have sold on eBay before

sided throw it up. Yeah, he's a cool dude. And I liked I liked Yeah. And yeah and and that's another thing too is you know, you see a band member that's in like the super huge you know band and they're playing arenas and whatnot. And then when you see them actually like playing like small little clubs and it's like a big shock to you know, the fact you that they're approachable. They'll talk to pretty much anyone about anything and, you know, the fact that they're willing to hang out

Without any bs or pretentiousness to them like that, that that was pretty cool. Yeah, that's cool. Well, so far I guess we're all have positive ones except for me, but just have that one negative one on my list not done yet. I have beefs. I'm just kidding.

I don't know actually have to look at my list again. No, I don't have beefs. That was my only beefs.

Sure, would you got, um, I met Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and his solo stuff. It was actually the night that I met Frank.

And after the show was over, we did it. I did a meet and greet. You didn't do it. Right. Yeah. What was this? Like? How long ago? I don't know. Seven years. Oh, wow.

And, yeah, I paid for the meet and greet. And he autographed poster and I have picture a couple pictures with them. And he was nice enough. He shook my hand. And he said, like, Hey, you were right up front. Right. And I was like, yeah, that was me.


So that was cool.

Sorry, Brett. The same thing kind of happened to me too, when you said that. It just triggers y'all. Trigger stuff. So I went to go see. I don't know if you guys are familiar with Tiger army. Yeah. So okay, so Tiger army is another like rockabilly band. They're actually more rockabilly and psychobilly. And they're actually from California. And they're friends with ASI. They're like really close friends with EFI. And if I actually suggested that a tour with this electronic band called imperative reaction, so me and my brother went and Tiger army headlined, and then they had, it was crazy, because it was like two different genres. So it was rockabilly. And then the opener was an electronic band. So I was in the front, and I really dug the music. I ended up buying two albums from that band, one that night, and then another one, like online. So I was like a big fan of those two albums. So I go, and I go to the merch table and the singers there. And I was like, oh, man, I want to buy your CD. And he's like, Oh, cool. He's like, Yeah, dude, I saw you rocking out in the front. And so he opened the CD right there for me, and signed it, and actually have it. I have another one. Now, I know, like I forgot. Britton said that, you know, he said he saw you or whatever. I was like, yeah, that same thing happened to me. And he actually opened the CD for me. Well, the same thing happened to me.



happened to me.

So you're not

okay. No, not the same. Same kind of same thing. So I used to work in the salon and it was right next to the rockbox. I was like on how'd you forget about that? What do you tell me the story like all the time, I know, but this wasn't the one I forgot about. I actually thought of two more. Oh, shit. Okay. So yeah, I've met more people than I thought I have, I guess. But um, see, I worked at the salon was excellent. I think it was the rockbox it was over there off like 1000 oaks and parent bite or something like that. And

they were having a meet and greet there for Hell yeah.

And, like they were they came to the salon. They're like, hey, like it. We're there like promoting it to us at the salon and like, you know, tell people to come or whatever. And then I'd seen the poster. So I got off my shift that day, and then I went to I went home or whatever. So I was already going to the concert that night, went home, got change, went to the meet and greet at the rockbox didn't line for that and met Hell yeah. They signed the lithograph that we have framed in our jam room. has all the signatures. Chad gray, Vinnie Paul. Yeah, we have Vinnie Paul's signature. Yeah. And so I met them. That was cool, whatever. And then later that night, my boyfriend at the time we went to the show, or we're just hanging out. And the radio station, somebody came up to us randomly and they're like, hey, do y'all want to meet? Hell? Yeah, we're like, oh, Hell, yeah. So we went to the back and we were hanging out like we meet them again. And this time, they weren't just behind the table, like they're out there, like hanging out with us. And so we got to be a little bit more closer to them and talk to them a little bit more than just like, Hey, how's it going? sign? Hey, how's it going? Sign like, you know, the passing thing down. So that was cool. And I Tom Maxwell is like, Hey, I met you earlier. The rockbox at the mangry there and I was like Yes, you did. I was just like crazy. Coincidence?

Cuz I feel like we heard this episode. I mean, hurt this hurt. Sorry. No, no, I know. But it's funny cuz like that exact like how you did it? I'm like, Why wasn't there I was gonna see that again. Cuz you're like when he noticed that you there again? Like Well, I wasn't.

But I was like, I feel like I heard that. I thought that was cool, though. And I was like, Oh, no, that is cool. And it's a cool. I got to like, I had pictures with him. Chad gray and Vinnie Paul. And they were taken on like a flip phone. And they were put on my MySpace, which I don't know that I can still like find them. Yeah, do not but yeah. Do you have pictures of the last story you told us? Yeah. Or a signature? Yeah.

You still have access to those pictures. I do. Damn it.

I don't have like half of these. I don't have any like, it sucks to have him on this phone transferred over from my old one. So

yeah, that's cool. Um, let's see who wants to go? Well, I'll jump into this one really, really quick because it actually reminded me also to when you're talking about the scrapbook, which is what I should have done in this story. So I think I don't think you were with me at the time. But I think Richard and I, which was our drummer at the time, we had gone so as fast as coming through town, and Carrie King from Slayer guitars from Slayer. He was having a

like a clinic at

Alamo music. Yeah. Tell me about the Alamo music. Yeah, yeah. So not the one downtown but it was the other one. And so Um, so yeah, he was gonna like have this guitar clinic outside and then like, you could go and meet him and it was all free. I think cuz oz fest was the date was going to be the next day. So Richard, and I went and I was like, Fuck, I don't have anything for like carrying the sign. I was like, so we waited in line and I had this old. Actually Kim is my witness. I was looking for this magazine, like last week like crazy. It was old. I don't know if you guys remember circus magazine. Yeah, I'm a circus circus. Okay, so I had a circus magazine with Serj Tankian system over down on the cover, and actually had an interview with Kerry King inside because I think Slayer I come out somehow or something, as all Well, I was like, Well, you know what, I'm gonna take this, and I had a picture of Carrie king in there. I'm pretty sure that was the magazine. But I can't find it anyways. So I took it. And I met him. And I remember him being cool. I waited in line, and he signed the magazine. Well, he signed the picture of himself inside the magazine. And yeah, he seemed like a cool dude, from what I remember. I don't remember exchanging much with them. But I just remember seeing him go outside. And they had the stage setup, makeshift stage. And he was like, just shredding out there. And then he would like invite people to go up and like, challenge him. And the last challenger they had with us was this little kid and he played, of course, smoke on the water. And then Kerry King bowed down to him. And well, yeah. And he's like, well, the kid wins the battle. And yeah, so I met Carrie King, but I wish I would have taken a scrapbook with with me because I can't find that picture. I don't know where that magazine went. Apparently, like that's a rare ish magazine. Like, I can't even find it on their website and the archive. I ended up did find I found it but it was like on on a European website. But yeah, I have no idea where that magazine is. I have no idea where that signature is. But if I do find it, it's gonna go up on a wall. But yeah, Carrie King. So I met Carrie King was there. You know, actually speaking of a guitars, and whatnot. A few years ago, before we went on tour, you and I,

actually, I sold that. That's right. I sold a guitar that I regret selling. For the record. I told him not to sell it. On the record. Yeah, but I needed money to go on tour. Yeah. That was like the biggest Yeah, anyway.

So you know, I post this guitar. It's a nice Gibson Les Paul. On I posted on Craigslist. Yeah. And right away, I get a whole bunch of inquiries, you know? Yeah. But people want to like lowball me right? Sounds like now. And then I get a response. I actually I got a text from

the the guitarist for a band called Blackstone, cherry. Cherry.

And it turns out that they were in town like two days early before the River City rock fest.

And I yeah, I was like, cool. You know, I never got the guy's name. Actually, I should look, but I remember like, a madam. He had like long hair at the time. And he was like, Yeah, he's like, yeah, this is the one I want, man. And so yeah,

you know, because he's in Blackstone, cherry. I was like, I actually dropped the price.

It's crazy. Yeah, I remember that story. I remember when it happened. And I was like, yeah, cuz originally I was letting it go for 1200 Yeah, but then I was like, well, this dude black stone cherry. You know, like, I'd get them for like, 900 was that your black guitar with a bindi? Yeah, that was a nice guitar. And you

increase the price? Yeah, I was gonna say, Yeah, I should have but you know, I just figure you know, got a signature man. You should have said, I'll drop the price. If you give me a signature and a picture. That's what I would have done. I don't even like dude. picture with the guitar with a guitar dude.

No, but see, but like, my line of thinking was, you know, I'll lower the price for him. I have his personal number. You know, like me, harass them anytime I want. Like, maybe we'll I hit it off at some point. Right. But then once like, once I let the guitar go, I was like, No, it's fine.

Well, I mean, that's a cool story, though. Cuz like, I mean, you actually sold your guitar to like,

you know, yeah. So I don't know if he's used it in a new studio recordings or what I'm doing I'm sure he has, like, you know, usually those guys though. stockpile those guitars right. And they'll use them for different sounds, especially that band knowing them with the sounds they have. They probably did use

on something. Yeah, that's a cool story, dude. That's a story so yeah, I don't know I guess I got to start watching some Blackstone cherry videos and

stuff yeah or go to have you ever seen these websites where like it'll do like a rig breakdown of like and then like what they used in the studio? You should do that and see they use that damn

oh yeah

that's that's cool. Yeah so I started grilling and I could target yeah

camera wants to go

I was looking at pictures because I found them


i don't know i after a show at Sam's burger joint I met Rhett Miller, the lead singer of the old 97

that was pretty cool. They did they, it was a really good show. They're from Texas or not from San Diego.

Yeah, so that was cool.

Frankie and I met David J from Bauhaus and love and rockets.

That was sad though. It was really sad.

It was at that robot monster. Oh.

And he was playing at the paper tiger. And you know, I mean, he's in Bauhaus and, and love and rockets kind of a big deal. And I think Frankie and I were like, two out of maybe six people. There are seven people or something like that. And that's about how it went.

And then we went to see him. And he was playing the small room over there. And it was

it was no bueno. Yes, pretty nice. But he was but he was cool. He was he seemed kind of grumpy. He seemed a little grumpy and not like, I think he was grumpy because the show was under noted. Yeah. So the show was under promoted his meet and greet was under promoted. Yeah, I'd be grumpy too. And, yeah, because you think you know, this guy has been in some iconic bands and like, fucking nobody's showing up.

Sucks. Yeah, and, uh, you know, we feel bad for him. But we also felt like bad for ourselves.

I think like five songs and we left. Oh,

no, that we've ever done that. Otherwise, no. One show so. You met him before after we met him before? Okay, okay. Yeah, it was. It was like at a separate location. And we met him got his autograph. I bought his album.

mistake we Oh, cuz it was it was like his new solo work. Hmm. I mean, it happens. You know, but I think those guys like you would think like with the amount of time they're like doing that stuff that you're gonna have hit or misses a lot of bands have. Yeah, sure. I mean, we've had episodes alone on like albums that we dislike for my favorite bands. You know, what happens in their albums that the bands themselves don't like so I mean, it happens you know, I'm sure he got over after his time. He's probably you know,

we saw him again he toured with Peter Murphy. They did like a Bauhaus Anniversary Show thing and it was just the two of them but but that was really good. And that thing was sold out compared to like his little solo things so he got redemption you know, but also Public Speaking of poorly attended shows.

I met orgy twice holy.

Are you orgy super? I do like legit Yeah, I feel like I remember this from like, high school Frank. Like

that's weird. We're gonna band together I don't know why I don't recall this. But anyways, so yeah, so the first time I met them was in Oh, four they were having a meet and greet at cowboys.

cowboys dance hall. Yeah. And actually what happened was there we're gonna okay so so there was supposed to do a meet and greet at at Sam Goody river center. But because of like, high demand, they ended up moving it to the actual venue because like more people than anticipated showed up to Sam Goody. And I think the band was ready to go Goody. Yeah, and I think the band was ready to go and sign but I think they just like last minute got bused to the venue. So and everybody that was there at Sam Goody had to drive all the way to, you know, to cowboys and whatnot. But the shitty thing about that was originally it was going to be an all ages show. In the last minute they bumped it up to 18 and up Oh, so if you were if you were a minor and if you had a ticket like that like you could you couldn't get in?

Yes, yeah.

But yeah, I met them I got an I got some autographs and again to I don't even know where the where the photo is. But yeah, I got the autograph. I hate that. I don't know who some of these pictures are. So I didn't get to see the show because I wasn't 18 at the time. And then a few years later they played

it was called backstage live at the time.

Yeah, they played like a St. Patrick's show. Free. The place was packed, right. And then I saw him the following year play Blue Monday. I saw the following year again, same place.

This time he had to pay like 30 bucks again, and I can't like nobody was there. Oh, wow, like a place that fits like 1000 people or so. I think maybe like 30 people showed Oh, speaking of that, the temperature was the same thing we played in. I mean, I don't know if it was low promotion or low interest in taproot. But I mean, I mean, I have no interest in taproot, but that show was like, there was a lot of people there and yet my beefs. Well, speaking of orangey, like I remember, I don't know if you remember this show. They were supposed to come to town, and they actually canceled the show, because every member in the band had mono. Oh, yeah. I don't remember What's the name? Yeah.

Like, and I'll look it up. I'll see if I can find what show it was. But it was here. I don't know how many shows they had canceled. But it was some tour. I think they were headliners. And they ended up canceling because I just remember hearing on the radio, and this was on the radio. This was like before. So this was definitely in high school. So I don't know. But yeah, they all had mono. I'm glad you didn't meet them when I was going. No, no. But I mean, regardless, you know, I mean, there couldn't have been more than 50 people at that one show really cool. Dudes, they were cool. You know, and they played like, like, it was a full place. You know, like, Oh, that's cool. Like, they didn't miss a beat. Like they gave like an actual show. And afterwards. Yeah, they were just hanging out talking to people, you know, got some pictures taken with them. I didn't get any autographs. But Oh, yeah. But they were really cool to talk to and they were just, you know, glad that people showed up. Because Because I think at the time, and I think the singer Jay was talking about like he was like he made he mentioned in passing that like, they already had their heyday. You know, and he was just glad that people showed up. Oh, that's cool. You know, so.

And that's one of those bands that you know, of course, was really popular because they did a cover of Blue Monday. And a lot of good stuff, though. But sadly, because of that cover, like, that was like, you know, yeah, and they never recovered from it. Um, speaking of that, too, if you're new to this show, every band they were talking about, I'm going to post some songs from these bands on or put on our Spotify playlist. So we do our Spotify playlists, you can find that playlist on our website iraq talk happy hour pod calm. So yeah. Who else? Kim? You next right? Yeah. And hell or high water after nothing more show in 2017.

Hell or High Water is

a true singer and actually, drummer. Yeah. So I remember that. I met the whole band and they signed a CD for me. But I remember having our car. No, it's actually hanging on the wall. And now it is on the wall. Right, right. It's hanging on the wall. But I remember distinctly like so the band. The drummer Kyle Rosa plays a pretty minimal kit. Like he literally has like a snare, a rack tom floor, and a kick. And that's the kind of kit that I was playing at the time will still play but like I was really learning and like playing a lot on that that little basic setup. And he's such a badass drummer, and he can make that little kit sounds so huge. Like he's such a great drummer. And so I remember talking to him about that. And like how that was like, pretty cool. That was cool. Yeah, we like when he was signing the CD. I was like, oh, like I was like, I noticed that you play like a really basic like small kit. And I was like, that's what I'm kind of like I'm working on right now. And he was very encouraging. And he was really sweet. And I thought that was neat, because I feel like sometimes I mean, it's cool to see like the big drum setups, but for like mini balls

or somebody to take that little like setup and make it sound so huge and so loud. I think that's really cool that you know, that he kind of that's his like, normal. Where'd you meet him on here? At Aztec after nothing more show they open for nothing more? Okay, that's right. Yeah. Um, and that show was wild because nothing more of course, being from San Antonio, they their last show here at home is like, you know, they're just partying it up. And they have their family and their friends in the crowd. So they're just like really going crazy. That was like an awesome frickin show. But yeah, I remember talking to him. And that was really cool. They signed the CD for me, which is on our wall. MC draft. Oh, yeah. I forgot my More. More. Um, I guess I'll go next real quick. So the first This goes back, I guess. Well, I just I'll cut in real quick. Maria. Jasmine is a is a Yeah, yes. She's entertainer. Yeah, she's a she's a singer, right? Yeah, yes. Yes. Yeah. So I'm just gonna say this real quick. Once I when I was in hospital, Maria, Jasmine was there and she talked to like all the kids there and I have a headshot with her signature on it. So the first rock artists that I met, I was actually 2001.

Kim and I want to humanize favorite bands. So

This was actually my second concert ever. I've told a story before about my first concerts but second concert ever was Drowning Pool at sunset station for the year Meister music tour. It was Drowning Pool with El Nino. And it was El Nino and 40 below summer, I believe. So anyways, so I go and my buddy, Jesse, and I go, and we're there. And they're This is back when they used to have like these big promo posters hanging everywhere at sunset. So we actually I took one down and I rolled it up.

And so me and my friend are chillin in the back. I don't know what bands playing. And so we see I see this guy, just chilling like across from us, like maybe only eight feet. To my left. He's drinking a beer. He's just like looking at the bands. And I was like, and I told my friend Jesse, I was like, dude, is that the guitarist? So we opened the posters, this literary we did look to the poster.

Look at the poster. Look at the guy as a dude, that's him. So we went up to him and I said, Can I have your autograph? Right this so this will see Jay Pierce guitarist for example. So this was when they were like at their peak.

Singer had just came out. Um, so anyways, we go and he's like, yeah, sure enough, he had a sharpie in his pocket, takes it out ready to go with his beer in his hand signs the poster. My friend has a poster too. He signs a poster. You know, that poster was the jam room for the longest time. My biggest regret. He was so cool, because after he signed our poster, everybody just flooded him like to get autographs but you know, cuz they were like no one noticed them but I did. So it was pretty cool that my friend and I got got got to get his signature first. My biggest regret was not asking him where the rest of the band was to get maybe Dave Williams autograph because Dave Williams one of my favorite favorite vocalists from that era. And speaking of which, I actually saw an article pop up on my Google whatever things today saying that a list of albums that are going to be turning 20 years old this year. Oh, so downs toxicity is going to be turning 20 years old. This year. Johnny Poole's a singer is going to be 20 years old this year. So pretty. Pretty crazy. Yeah. CJ peers from Drowning Pool and actually have that poster still. mint condition hanging on the wall with a signature. But yeah, I wish I would have had the rest of the band signatures. I would have been sick. I just regret. You know, not asking him what he told you though. It'd be like, Yeah, no, you know what I think about I think I think him being like, from Texas and being cool. The what I imagined him what he would have done was Hey, wait here. Let me go get the signatures since you asked because we were literally the first guys who and he was like, happy to sign it. And I would have been like, dude, he probably could have easily said, Hey, I'll be right back. Let me get it signed in and come back. Right. You know what I mean? Cuz like he was like, just so happy to sign it. And this was like, No, he's playing the mall. Nice plane. Rolling. Oh.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't love it,

though. I mean, yeah, no, I mean, he's still I still like his guitar at work. But uh, no, I mean, I'm glad that I got to meet him. I thought it was cool. That was the first rock artist. Yes. Dude, I met you like 18 years ago.

Well, yeah, no, it just it bums me out that I feel like I could have possibly had a Williams autograph. Like I just that still to this day is one of my favorite albums. And one of my I'm glad that I still have that stuff, too. I saw that ticket stub. I only saw Drowning Pool once I've seen him three times. It was on the music as a weapon. The very first I wish I would have seen ever seen and I wish I would have so Drowning Pool has for vocalists. I've seen him with all vocals except for the second one. Yeah, so Well, yeah. But uh, yeah, that was that's one of my favorite I saw their third vocalist with his band soil soil. Oh, I wish I would have seen so so I like so But yeah, I saw actually saw him. them with that singer. I always forget. We talked about him last name. I forgot his name.

His name? which one does singer from soil? Something combs right? Yeah, something. I'll just call him Sean Puffy Combs. Yeah, there we go. So

Ryan, Ryan.

So Ryan with

your click on that. So now I saw with flyleaf at sunset station. That was interesting show but anyways, that's for another episode.

Britt Frank, who wants to go?

Probably Frankie, you know, like

I met Richard Patrick of filter.

just out of the blue. Cool. They were playing a show at sunset station at at the Aztec theater like four or five years ago. Oh, wow. This is kind of recent. And I was just hanging out. Like my mom business. I wasn't even gonna go to the show. I was just hanging out at this pizza place down the street from the plate, you know from from the venue.

And he just walks on by, you know, and then he stops in he asked me, like directions to the Alamo.

She wanted to see the basement. Yeah, I want to see the basement. And I told her

and I told him is literally just down the street four blocks, you know?

But that was my only encounter with him was like he was asking me for directions to something so cool. And

yeah, I mean he seemed. Alright, it looks like he just woke up though.

It was like

playing again, Tony. Okay. Oh, yeah. It was like two in the afternoon. He just came out of his bus and that's what they do they wake up like at 12 one o'clock in the afternoon. Yeah, that's why I wanted to be musician so bad.

went to work for a couple hours a night. Boom. Yeah. And he just got on the bus. And I guess I was the first person he saw. He's like, Where's the Alamo?

So that that reminds me like we went to cc ky and just walked by. I wish I wish I would have just like, hey, john. Yeah, cuz without him Yeah, cuz I was like, Don't be that girl. Don't be that person. Because no one really lived his best cuz no one was there to see them. Well, that's true. Nobody was there to see their stupid slaves. Right. So we're all fangirling over, right. So like, we're probably the oldest, the oldest people in that line, right? And we're looking around. We're all like, who's here to cc here because there was people for the for the meet and greet. So But anyways, he so he passes by, you're right. And we're all like, like, nobody's like going up to him. And I wanted to, but I was like, Don't Don't be that person. Yeah. Cool. Like, yeah, that was just all right. Yeah. But I regret like not at least saying like, hey, Jess, or like something, just something. So I'll cut in. So so. So when we saw this show, I think the year before I saw see ky at Warped Tour. And I'd been a big secret way for a long time. And I was like, I don't think I knew that there. Were going to be signing at the tent. But I found out there that they were. So I was like, Oh, you know what I was like, I'm gonna wait in line. I'm gonna see if I get a shot to meet them. I think there was this was after there. Yeah, this was after they had played. So they had already played the song. And I'm waiting in line. And I'm by myself. This is like one of the few shows that it went by myself. And so I go and they had a vinyl, colored vinyl color printer vinyl. So I get the the vinyl and I remember actually, before that show, I hunted down their CD. Best Buy actually doesn't have CDs anymore. But this was 2017 I believe. 2017. I'm hunting I went to three different Best Buy's looking for the ck while they had just came out. Because if you bought it at Best Buy, it came with a C ky patch. And so I actually found it and I got the C ky patch from Best Buy. And so anyway, so I'm in line and I go and I was like, yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna, the lady comes. And she's like, oh, if you're gonna buy something and you want the band assignment, let me know what you want, so that you can buy it ahead of time. So I bought the vinyl I get in line is just the basis at the time. Matt, do this. And then of course, Chad. Kim's boy. So anyway, so I'm there. So I'm there and they're they're like really cool, guys. They're like really cool, guys. Right? So I'm there and I they're all like, Oh, you got the vinyl. And I guess I was close to like the end of the line. I guess no one had got the vinyl. And when for the record, that album is one of my favorite albums like top, you know, top 10 or whatever. So anyways, they signed the vinyls like, Yeah, I was like, actually bought the CDs by just to get the patch. And they're like, oh, man, that's cool. And they're like, you got two copies of the album. And they're like, we really appreciate that. And, and they were real cool. I shook shook all their hands. And I got a picture that picture actually still on Facebook. Like, I have a copy of that picture. Oh, yeah, she did. Not not because of anything. But the fact that Mario is in the picture. Of course, I actually haven't gotten to the stories. But I have a couple of stories on this list. Where you guys ever been to like a meet and greet? And like the person working it is like, let me take the picture for you. Have you ever had that? Yes. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so I have one D at her book signing. Okay. Okay, so this happened to me a couple other times, but I'll get to those experience. So anyways, the guy, the person did a really good job taking the picture, whatever. They actually took, like two pictures, and they're like, Oh, you can pick the one you want. And so yeah, so I still have the picture. The vinyl is actually fine. You guys haven't seen it. But the vinyl is actually framed on the wall now and have the CD and the patch. So but yeah, so I met them at Warped Tour and then going over to that's my goal to meet see ky Yes, actually, I wanted to get a visa. So he passed for that show that we saw together. Yeah, so Mario had bought bought tickets or you were gonna buy tickets, but I bought tickets first. And

then you're like, Oh, this is gonna buy tickets and you were gonna get one and I was like, Damn, I should just let him go. Yeah, but eventually I'd like to get him he agreed so she can meet him because I've already met him. But uh, no, you were talking about meeting? Well getting that run in from the guy from filter, right?

So this is not me, but so my first job that I ever had I worked at journeys and rivers.

center selling shoes. It was a cool job. So after I left my sister, she's two years younger than me in high school as well. She ended up getting a job working at a four amc movie theater, right. And so when I first got into journeys, I heard stories that people would always run into musicians there because this was an OS fest was going on. So they would be like, yeah, the guys from corn would come in sometimes and look for new like shoes and stuff. And so but I was there long enough to ever meet any, right so my sister comes home one day, and she tells me that she's working the ticket booth by herself, because like they, she was like one of their best employees there. So like, they trust her by herself on some days. And also s was coming through and she said some guy goes up to the booth in a hoodie. And she looks at him, right? And she's all like, holy shit. She sees the piercings. is David dreamin. Oh, she looks at him, right? Like, holy shit. Like, I know who you are. He just like winks at her. And then like, yeah, so he goes there by himself to watch a movie on his off time for us. And yeah, so she didn't get an autograph or anything but did like come across David draiman. Well, like at the mall, and I thought that was a pretty crazy story. Because I didn't bump into anybody at the at the mall while I was there. But she she bumped into David Dreyer. You know, and you would think maybe he'd put on like a fake beard or something covered the

time when like, it wasn't Yeah, it was like to put some hair on his head. And

he just went with like with a hoodie and she liked

moving to DC. I'll ask her. I don't know what movie it was. Maybe it was like

you added a good 51st dates or something.

But yeah, so that was my that was.

That's cool. Nothing. I plan to tweet chat every day this year to see if I could get around. That's nice. So anyways, I'm turning your mic off.

Once delivered pizzas to Cypress Hill.

Yeah, so I used to work downtown for a restaurant delivery service, and Cypress Hill was in town at the Aztec. They're playing a show. Remember this story? And you got an order for 10 pepperonis. Five cheese and like five Supremes extra crispy pizza members? Still remember? Yeah. And so I remember, you know, they sent me to go pick it up.

And then when it gets to the pizza place, they're like, Oh, this is going to Cypress Hill, right? And I was like, but they can just walk over the place is literally half a block away. That's insane to me, but whatever, you know, yeah. But whatever, I guess you know, whatever, right? I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna deliver to them, you know, the tips looking really nice. So whatever.

You want to be a rock superstar. You gotta, you gotta deliver the food.

And so that's what I did. You know, I had like, I took it in two trips, right?

A lot of pizza, a lot of pizzas, you know, so I just picture him doing like a spider man where he's just like getting on the beat.

So I took it into trips, and the first time I walked in, you know, I actually walked into like, the backstage area of the Aztec shit, and I can hear them soundchecking and the guy that greeted me, he's their tour guru, their spiritual guru. Okay, and he's like this old high

he's like this old ass dude with like a big ass beard right? And he's actually wearing like a robe. And he tells me like where to put the pizzas race chill. And so you know, the second second second trip I go and actually get to see the like, soundcheck for like two minutes or so before they tell me I gotta split. So I didn't actually get to meet them, but I saw them soundcheck but I you know, I delivered to them. No, that's cool. You know, if they throw a shout out, they tip you. Yeah, they did. Yeah.

I'm just thinking 20 pizzas are probably like stone to shit. So Oh, yeah, probably.


And I also delivered food to Tegan and Sara. I was gonna say I remember you telling me that you delivered and I remember that one. Yeah, I delivered food to Tegan and Sara This is back when astec when astec when sunset station was still doing shows. And I still remember they're ordered they ordered falafels and fish tacos. I remember this I remember you told me that story and I memory when you said deliver

extra on the side. Yeah. Probably remembers the amount and

yeah, and so I just remember, you know, the instructions were, you know, pulled up behind the the venue, knock seven times rapidly on the bus. And some chick named Michelle will answer the door. And so, you know, she answers the door. Thank you for the food. And as I'm leaving, like both Tegan and Sara pop their heads out of the tour bus like from the window, and they say thank you.

So, you know, again, it's one of those things where I didn't actually meet them, but they

We're like, right there. They talk to you. Yeah. Cool. Great. You got one. Yeah. Um, I met Howard Jones.

Not not the Howard Jones. You know, he was like, What? Howard? Are you a closet Killswitch Engage? I'm not

like, Damn, that's cool. No, it's Howard Jones, the 80s New Wave artists. Yeah.

He played little acoustic kind of show at. At the Tobin center. They have a small like theater off to the side. It's called the Carlos Alvarez theater. It's really small. How many people do you think it fits me? 400 it's a little tiny, cool little place. And I paid for the meet and greet. And it included seats in the first five rows. So I was like, in the third row, I think and

and then, yeah, and then met him afterwards. Talk to them. Do I know any of his music? I bet you do. We guarantee that you do. Was he in a band? No. He always just Howard Jones.

I play some stuff after the show. And you'll be like, Well, yeah, this is this is one of those moments where I wish I would have had my phone hooked up so we could find because this is one of those where you're like, you know, of course I know. You know me. Okay, so we'll play some afterwards. And you'll be like, Well, yeah, of course that guy. Do you have any pictures? You know, I was just looking through my phone and I know I have pictures, but I can't find them. So I don't know if they like didn't transfer over when I transferred. But I bet I can find Oh, I had that. I got a little like pass thingy too. And he signed that somewhere around here. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. And I'm surprised you guys don't have like stuff like that framed up because you guys have a lot of stuff like that. But like, I know, we do like together. So I'm like, No, we're starting man. You guys haven't gotten Oh, I have one. One thing signed and framed but it's in my daughter's room. And that's my last my last person I was gonna tell you guys about you want to go in and talk about it? Sure. gretta and I met Weird Al Yankovic. Yeah, that's and that was really cool. So that I saved the best for last. That's awesome. Yeah. So that when we did I, it was her birthday. And I like totally sprung for the package thing. And

we had seats in the first 10 rows. So I think we were in like the row six or something like that. And then we did.

You got to do like a meet and greet where he autographed something. And so my daughter is a superfan and she has weird owl.

Trading Cards. So she bought that brought them in a box and he autographed the box. And then I had him autograph the poster that I got that came with it because that was part of the deal was you got a poster. So I gave her my poster. So she has that too. That's cool. And then he we got sheet music from the show. That's that's cool, too. I think that's cool. Yeah, we got I think that's kind of better than Uh oh, well, I don't know like that's pretty cool. Like a setlist? Yeah. Yeah. So we got that. And we and then we went back through another time and we got pictures with them. And we got it's so funny because it came with like 18 wallet size and like, you know, for you know, for vices, and so we have like some big ones. We have wallet size. All the pictures with Weird Al which was really cool. And that was our second time to see him in concert. Frankie went with us the first time. And but then we got to do the meet and greet. So that's pretty cool guy. Yeah. And hilarious, right. I mean, he's awesome. That's cool. That's awesome. Yeah.

It's funny, because like the first show I went to, I don't know. I mean, to me, it seemed like a little nerd convention. Well, yeah, cuz he's, he's, I mean, he's helped it. Yeah, no, I know. When I wouldn't wait when credit and I went there was a guy in the audience wearing a foil hat cuz he has a song.

And yeah, and the guy was wearing I mean, yeah, that, but, but he's pretty great.

Awesome. I'm, ya know, he is.

I think I think he's a genius. Yeah, no, there's not a lot of artists that are like, Well, I

think he was like the first like, parody artists that like really, like, you know, like, did what he was doing and did it like to the point where like it like, man, some of his songs are like, so freaking, like, deep. I think one of my favorite ones is the I can't I probably don't don't know the name of it, but the gangster's paradise, a parody. Oh, yeah. Thomas paradise. paradise. It took me a while to register it. That was like one of my favorite ones. The white nerdy is. That one's like, awesome.

Yeah, I mean,

I mean, there are parody artists. Now. I think there's more now, but he was like, I think he kickstarted all that stuff off. Yeah.

Of course, there were Spinal Tap too. But that was different.

He does a lot of his own stuff. Yeah, he does. Yeah, he does. He does originals too. Yeah. And, and also, you know, he plays the accordion and he does a lot of like polka versions of songs where he doesn't change the lyrics or anything. They're just just straight polka versions, which is pretty funny, too. I think he's in the Weezer video for their cover of totals Africa. Yeah, really? Oh, I've seen that. I've known the song but I don't know that. I haven't seen the video yet. I think he's dressed as reverse. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so he's dressed as him. Now a lot. A lot of cold references here, right rivers Cuomo helped write a stupid girl. Yeah, he did cold out that we met him on

that cycle that we met him on? Yeah, um, Who else wants to go? I have a few more. I have two more. Yeah. Two more. I know what you got on there. Why not one of them. Which is a cool story. Yeah, Frank's got 18 more Damn, Frank. Which got What else you got? No, I just woke. Well, I don't know. I want to talk about the one summer that I wrote a lot. Oh, yeah. Actually, what am I is connected to

it? Yeah, it is. Yeah.

So sometimes I met the artists sometimes it didn't I just had to shut up for them.

So in the summer 2017 I wrote EAD for Kings of Leon, the Florida Georgia line, where I met Nellie.

Yeah. Wait a minute. What's this? Was this the though? One that story that you told or? He said he looked at each other? Yeah, well, yeah. He just like gave me like the heads out. What did he say?

Forget what he said. Oh, man, I gotta go back to that. But But he gave me like the heads up. Like Like, like the head nod and whatnot. And he had a he had a T shirt cannon. He was like shooting t shirts into the crowd.

also wrote it for for the band called Chainsmokers. Oh, yeah. I wrote it for john mayer actually got to carry his guitars, like in the real case, too. You know that? That was cool. I wrote it for Ariana Grande day. Okay, so that's where my story comes. Okay. So Frank, and I wrote it for that show. And I think that was the only one I went to, because that was, I don't know, I just, I didn't like it. So I go, and they actually separate me from the other crew. And they're like, Hey, we need you back here. So they ended up taking me I didn't see her when she was performing. She came down the ramp. Okay, this is before she finished. So they take me to a room right with like, a carpet and like, I guess like curtains and stuff and like a couch. And I was like, whatever, right? And they're all like, this is Ariana Grande his room. And I was like, What the fuck, right? And they're all like, all this like stuff like, cuz like, it was just me. And like two other ladies in there. And apparently, like they work with her in the back. And they were telling me all this stuff that she has, like, this reminds her of home. So she brings it from home and she takes it with her, like, on every show the tour. So it was like a chair like a carpet, some curtains and like a fucking couch and they had me load all that stuff up like on a thing and then like hauled it off. And I was like, looking like To me it was just crazy. Cuz like, I didn't know, I was gonna end up in her room and they're like, yeah, this is like where she hangs out to relax. Like to feel like, you know, when she's away from everybody else. Like what the fuck? So like, they separated separating me from you guys. Like I don't even know where the fuck y'all were. And I was like, like, y'all were hauling like all this heavy shit. And they had me like rolling up carpets and shit.

They're like, yeah, this is like her like personal stuff. And I was like, What the fuck? So yeah, that's like,

like, you know, I was in Ariana Grande is like chill room or something. That's cool. just crazy. I mean, it was weird. I mean, I was like, Okay, cool. So, like the gig. And this is unrelated to the topic, but I actually wrote an elevator with Seamus, the wrestler wrestler. Oh, yeah.

Because, you know, they had the rule where it's like, you don't engage with that with the talent, engage with you. And I remember we were taking the freight the freight elevator. Those elevators are huge. Yeah, they are. We're taking the freight elevator down. Because, you know, it was like the one of the few times that actually got to eat like, catered lunch. Yeah. And WWE, they fucking bust out, you know? So you're taking home like fucking three, four plates with you? Because you just want everything right. So our break is over. And we're writing a freight elevator down. But they made us hold it because someone else is coming. And it's that Seamus dude.

I don't talk to him, but he's just like standing right there next to me.


yeah, we wrote the elevator together. I guess. That's cool.

I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I don't I wouldn't have known what to do either. I would have been like, you getting off on this floor.

I want to set nothing. Yeah, but those elevators are huge. Yeah, they're huge. You can fit like what 30 people in there you can fit a shitload of people in yeah

Who's next? Kim? Sure. Oh yeah, cuz you

you're okay. Yeah. Kim, go for it. Oh, years ago, there was a tattoo Expo that was free at the wonderland of a mall Wonderland Mall of America some wonderland of America. And am I missed that show? Yeah, it was a tattoo Expo but Lacuna Coil was playing and I don't know Frank was going already or he just happened to be there. Like, I don't know what happened. But like, I met Frank there and I was like, hey, like, I'm here by myself, because I don't I had nobody to go with. And I was like, I think I went because it was free. Probably. Yeah. I wanted to go cuz it was free. But I was working. I had nothing else to do. No. And I was like, I don't care to this day. I have not seen them. To this day. I have not seen that I didn't have anybody to go with. I'm like, I don't give a shit. I'm gonna go by myself. I'm just gonna see him. Why not? So I went and I met up with Frank. And I was like, Oh, hey, like, I'm here to see the show. So we saw the clinic oil. We saw the show. After it was done. We like we leave or whatever. And I was like, You know what, like, I have nothing else to do with my life. I'm gonna go hang out by the bus. So I waited for the bus. It starts like missing. And they were like in the bus or whatever. And then like the band came out, and I got to meet her. I pictures with them. Christina scopia. She's like one of my favorite. Probably one of my only favorite female vocalists. She signed like a random piece of like scrap paper I had in my car. I just like I had like, it was like, I have it. It's somewhere I have to find it. I have your memory book wiki

page for my memory but but it's not a buy one just to have it somewhere in in that in like the box that I condensed everything into when we moved. I know because I saw I need to go back through that.

But I can go through it and find it. So she's signed like this random paper and I got a picture with her. And I was just like, Oh, I saw the picture crazy. Yeah, it's on my Facebook.

I probably know Frank left. He was like long gone. I was I was there with random strangers like oh, cuz it started raining.

Outside the rain, I was like, I don't care because I don't have anything to do with my life. So I yeah, that was pretty cool. They all came out. I got to meet all of them, took pictures with them. And she signed this random flyer or something for me. And it's somewhere I have to find a Chinese takeout menu. It was something.

It was in the glove compartment of the car for the longest time. I think it's in that box. I have to find it. Okay, not that you would tell that it was hers was like,

find a picture of her and put it together. It was in the glove compartment of this car. I don't know. I thought it would be cleaned out the car on the wall back and I think it's in that box that I don't really want to go through.

I have a few more to knock out before I'm done with mine. Because I know the last one I have. It's my last one. Yeah, someone let her tell it. So she was talking about hanging out by the tour bus. And that made me or reminded me of another one. So Frank and I had a buddy who used to follow El Nino. Because his band he was trying to get a hook. So I actually met El Nino one time we went to a show and it was before they played. They were actually having this like get together where it wasn't like a meet and greet or anything. It was just like people hanging out. And basically it was El Nino hanging out and in their tour bus in the back behind White Rabbit. And we were there. And I think we got to talk to one of the guitarists and the singer so I met them. We didn't really like exchange too much, but they seem pretty chill. Everybody was just there drinking and stuff and they were actually playing. I think El Nino had just came out with a live DVD. And they were playing it like on a on a what's it called a projector. you're leaning against the bus. So I remember that I didn't get any like any autographs or pictures, then I'm gonna knock out some other ones real quick. Um, I got to meet sevendust one of the bands I was in before the one that played with taproot. They were actually big fans of sevendust and I was a big fan of seven dust when they came out with her album.

cold day memory. I think that's what it's called. And that one's fucking awesome. If anyone hasn't heard it, it's like one of my favorite albums too. All the way through. It's a fucking great album. So anyways, a seven does. So they had bought backstage passes, and I went with them. So it was me the drummer and the singer. So we go and this is at a

backstage live. So we go right. And, of course your you know how Frank like we would always carry like demos with us. Yeah, right. So of course, I didn't have a demo with me this time, but we had just recorded a demo with that band. And so we go and we meet with john and you know, and what's his name? I forget the guitars his name


Yeah, fuck, I forgot his name. Oh my god. Anyways, yeah, it'll come to me. So anyways, so we meet the band. And we got I got this little I still have it mean camera. frame it. It's a little eight by 10 or whatever. It's for Monster Energy. And it's a promo of the band and they all signed it. And so he's like, Oh, dude, I like your hair. And this was my hair when my hair was all puffy. Yeah, and

So like they're they're like really cool down to earth guys. Oh, Clint. Glory. Yeah. Yeah. So so we're there. And john asked me He's like, Hey, are you guys in a band? Y'all look like y'all are in a band? And we said yes. And he, this never happens ever. This is what he says. He says, Do y'all have a demo or anything? I don't have a demo with a one time Yes. The ones that my singer doesn't have a demo on him or in the car. You're like, No, dude, he like we didn't say shit. He's like, Dude, are y'all in the band? And so anyway, so that whenever you throw in the damn CD onto the stage, as always true. Oh, yeah, me. Yeah, me too. Frank almost hit cooter ward in the head while he was playing on the piano.

Yeah, so I threw a CD in like so the one time like he's playing on piano, right. And I throw it and it goes

when it comes down toward like scooters

because it wasn't the the jewel case. Yeah. And so like in misses on a scooter doesn't see it in the security.

Don't throw stuff on the stage.

And so that happened. The other one I have on my list real quick as a butcher babies, me and my brother were following them when they first came out. They're a metal band with two female vocalist and I really a fan of their first album, not really anything they came out with after that, but we actually met them at White Rabbit because the one of the singers, she's an artist, so like, she like writes comic books and stuff. And she does like a lot of artwork. So I bought my brother's a comic book. And we met them and they were, they were pretty cool. They signed the comic book and I think they signed a CD, which, no, that one I actually ordered, which is the one I have on the CD thing.

But this is the one bad experience I had. So the merge guys all like, I'll take a picture for you. Right. All right, cool. Thanks, bro. So I go, he takes the picture. I was like, Yeah, we got a picture, right? We got the autographs. So we leave. I look at my phone. It's a like, I don't know what he did. It's blurry like he moved. And I was like, dude, you could have taken like two pictures. So I don't have a picture of me of us in the band, which is a bummer. The other one I have which kind of the similar thing. Warped Tour 2005 or six. I met against me. Okay, this was one of their album, new wave came out. I was big. I'm still a big fan of that album. And this was when

What is his name?

You know what, I'm not even gonna say that part of the story. But anyways, so I met him and I told my brother Hey, can you take a picture for me actually got this little seven inch vinyl single, which Kim saw I'm trying to find a frame for it. It's signed. So that was my first vinyl I think that I had bought and I bought at Warped Tour, seven inch vinyl the whole band signed it, which was one of my favorite lineups of that band.

So my brother takes the picture say cool whatever and met them cool guys. Right man I'm at their at their booth. No one else was there. It was just like me and my brother and some other people. Other people like that picture. My brother has his thumb over part of the camera. So a cover like two guys. And I had it on Myspace for a while. But of course that's one picture that I lost when MySpace closed down. I can't remember what his name is. I want to say his name was Tom Gable. Tom Gable. Yeah, Tom Gable. No more

Her name is Laura. Laura Jane Grace Yeah, go saying it. Yeah. But yeah, I'm still fan of the work now too. against me as like one of those like

I guess they're like post punk bands will pretty much older stuff after that was a little more aggressive punk. But right. Yeah, no good band. Awesome band. They're cool, guys. So against me was another one. Then my last one on the list before Kim's is a candidate Robert Trujillo of Metallica. So Kim and I got to we drove I made I didn't make her but I suggested Kim for us to go to Corpus Christi because we found I found out that uh, they were going to have a whiskey signing at a total wine. So of course we weren't gonna go overnight, you know, do an overnight job or anything like that. I said, Oh, this time should be early ish enough. Right? So I live in the US and people are like camping out like two nights before night before coming from all over Texas, Louisiana. So we go we're waiting in line. And sure enough, we got to buy a bottle. Kirk Hammett Roberts raheel we're right there. Get a fist bump. We get fish moms. We get to just exchanged a few words real quick, nice to meet you. You know how you guys doing today? Sign the bottles and professional photographer there. We don't have to worry about our cell phones. Take the picture get to download the picture online. Then I find out later that people who got there 30 minutes after us didn't get a chance to meet them. So what's crazy is that not only do I have a signature of Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, Metallica, but I also have Jason newsted.

autograph. I didn't get to meet him. But when he came out with a solo stuff in his Newstead band,

Which was him to other guys and guitars from stain shock. actually have that still. So I have Jason gnustats autograph, too. Oh, so it's pretty cool because I have those autographs I didn't get a chance to meet them. But yeah, so me, Kim and I have that picture I posted on Instagram at least twice with Kirk

matches. Yeah, I don't I just cool that. I'm just, it's cool to me that I got to meet like half of Metallica, right? And then I have like, three fifths of Metallica signatures?

Well, six if I count clipperton but I mean, that's way out of our time. Yeah, but, but, ya know, so that's mine.

Yeah, do you have any more, um, you know, you you mentioned, Nino and seven dust and his band I was in at the time. I can Oh, five or so. They were like super huge, like, just riding on the coattails of any band that would come through the White Rabbit. And, you know, they would bust out all this money to take him out to dinner after the shows and whatnot. So yeah, I got to meet on Nino and seven does because these dudes were super like they wanted to get on the whatever record labels they were on.

I didn't care. I was just there for the food. You know?

Yeah. So that was that? Who did you? Who was it? It was a derailed? No, but Oh.

That's the band I was in. But what bandwidth meeting? No, it was 7% on it. You know, it was them. Okay. You mentioned Okay, I thought it was gonna lead to somebody else. Okay, gotcha. Yeah, it was it was seven Dustin O'Neill. And from what I remember, they seem like cool dudes. I didn't really talk to him much. But they seem to right. You know, it was just mostly the other dudes. They were just like gloating on them the whole time. Just telling him how great they are. And I could see that, you know how their musical heroes and whatnot. Yeah, no, that definitely happened when I saw when I went to hang out with

with Nino too. That's why I was there. And I was like, I don't even care. I'm just here to eat my burrito.


Yeah, no, I got you.

I Well, I know. Kim's her last one is like grand finale. But I have I have one more that I forgot that Kim. Frank just reminded me, so a guitarist of powerman 5000. Herb Douglas, he actually has, he actually has like two other bands, right. So the band that I was in before, we actually played a show the White Rabbit with them. After the show, like we all hung out with the bands that played that night, we got the name of his band. And we so we hung out with them. And again, my hair was poofy, His hair is poofy. And he's like, dude, like your hair. And we're like, oh, do like we're like fro bros or whatever.

So like, we took a picture together with all the bands like it was me and Merv next to each other. I knew this was on Myspace too. And this was like, right before I close my MySpace and I never had another copy of that picture. But I did meet the guitarist from powerman 5000 by getting the signature so dang, that's definitely my last story. I forgot. Yeah, that guy when you mentioned that

I guess it got stolen. Really? Yeah.

I guess I'm just gonna go down and in order

I met

where do I start?

like trying to like pay everybody. Okay, so I met phantogram they're one of my you know, they're like one of my like, indie favorite bands I met them twice actually in Oh 2011 and 2014 2011 was like right after the show at the Mohawk they were literally just hanging out. And that's the cool thing about the Mohawk is, you know, after the show's over like the bands is hanging out in the sidewalk Yeah. Because you know, their buses like right out there. I saw a fire there. I was trying to meet

Oh, yeah, and that's literally one of the bands you like once they're done offstage like they just go and hang out on the sidewalk. Yeah, that's like their backstage I think if I would have been her I think that was a phi has too much. Like their fan bases. Too much of a following? Yeah, they're like diehards. Like they Yeah. Yeah. So I met them there and then I met them also after their show at the maverick fest. It's like a die show doesn't have the festivals happen anymore. So that but that was cool. They were nice. They were friendly. They were thankful that you know, people showed up.

I also met this female artists one of my favorite artists named Chelsea wolf. She's Yeah, she's like got this like dumi folky type stuff going on. No matter also outside of Mohawk. Again, same story just hanging out on the sidewalk just talking to people and

you know, I went up to her and just like barely awkward was like, you know, I love your guitar tone. And this isn't like like I wanted to geek out on like the unlike the guitar stuff, right? But she looked uncomfortable.

And so I was like my cute like, just like bail. You know.

Awesome read prayers. I don't know. They're like cholo.

Golf. Oh yeah, I've heard that my husband. Yeah, that's right. That's right.

So I met them also to a paper tiger. They're just hanging out

after a show.

I still got like, I don't know quite a bit.

I met Josh Eustace, former member of Nine Inch Nails. He does his own thing on the side called telephone Tel Aviv. And I was also at a show at the paper tiger and actually bought a shirt from him. He was hanging out the margin went up to him, sweet guy.

No, yeah.

And yeah, I just went up to him talk to him. He's sweet guy. You know, we're talking about his time in nine inch now is his time in pulsipher, which is Maynard's other bands. And it just talked about how he feels more comfortable doing his own thing, because when you do stuff like that, it's weird for him to play arenas in feeling disconnected. Yeah, and whatnot. But he's, you know, he said he was thankful for those opportunities.

Also got to meet moving units at paper tiger paper, and we met them because they were at their own merge table. Yeah, they were at their own March table also. And they're like a dance punk band. Also, y'all met them together. Yeah.


another band to add paper tiger dude, like paper tigers, like literally the best place to meet bands. I've never seen a show. They're not like not as the paper tiger, which is crazy.

And there's another band that we saw called sextile. And they're, they're like dance punk also, too. And I remember Yeah, we were just hanging out them. And that was another show that like not a whole lot of people. Mike's It was a Sunday. Also, it was like Fiesta week. So everybody was over there. And we're just hanging out after the show talking one night, I remember I got the singers number. And the next day, he texted me saying that they have like an unexpected day off. And if there's any places to eat, and if there's any places they can take their band for repairs. And so I gave them like the lowdown on where to go. And I told them if they're like into the whole Fiesta thing, just the whole go head downtown and do all that stuff.


Yeah. And I kept this number for a longest time.

Because I thought, yeah, just in case but then I was like, man, nothing's gonna happen. You know.

Another band that I really like place to bury strangers are like, super, like punk loud, crazy band. And I've met them a handful of times, like between Oh, wait.

And I don't know, 2018 or something like that.

And they're really nice to they're also you know, the type that are always constantly touring. They don't have their own, you know, they don't have roadie. So they wrote it for themselves. And also to they like to hang out in the crowd and just like, check out the other bands too. So that's always nice.

His band that I'm really into

this band called soft kill, and also to their like, a bit punk ish. And I met them also too, after their show at paper tiger. And it was actually the first time playing here, San Antonio. And they were doing like a South by Southwest type thing. And they just managed to squeeze in the show, like last minute. And we talked they were cool. Do you have like pictures and autographs with it? I don't know. No, I see that the thing is, like,

I don't know. Like, I don't I don't do that type of stuff. I just like talk to them. Okay, you know, and then, you know, just tell them like how I like their set, but I don't like geek out or anything. You know, bow I'll say something like, I guess technical like, you know, hey, I noticed in this one song you play like, oh, you're that guy like to play through this? And like, like, I'm curious to know what that's like, don't like this question again. No, but I feel like they probably don't get those. No, you're right. No, you're just kidding. Yeah. You know, and I just asked him like, what life was like on tour, you know what their first impression was? Oh, that's, that's interesting stuff. Like, I don't think of stuff like that. Like we did. Well, we did. Yeah. But like, usually, like when I meet somebody, like on my own or something like I don't really like, it's more like, Oh, hey, what's up? Like, you know, like, I don't really get into it, because I don't know what to ask. You're like, oh, like, cuz I'm more like, I like to have the signature as like, oh, man, I can't believe like, I met them. Like, I get so like, caught up in like, oh, man, like, I want this as part of my collection. Like, and I'm not one of those people that like will turn around and like sell it because I know there's people like that, like, yeah, I enjoy meeting them. But I want the proof for myself. Now for somebody else. I'm like, I just want this as part of my because I have like all that stuff. Yeah, I just don't know what to ask people like that. And I think I think for me, you know, when I was younger, I was like, Yeah, I want to get the autograph, want to get the picture? You know, but then I don't know, I guess as I got older, like I realized, they're just people, you know, like, they're just trying to make a living, you know? So I try to I guess, like, approach it from a different angle, you know, and just try to ask them stuff that they don't really get asked or just make conversations that they don't really probably talk about with like people that meet them and whatnot.

So you know, that that's, that's my thing. I'm like, the fan that doesn't fan out. I guess you know, yeah, I don't either. I don't really

Get like I get nervous before but not nervous when I'm like I got I remember I was nervous before we met Kevin and Robert are here, but like, when we were there, I'm not like, I don't get like Yeah. But, uh, but they seem cool. Didn't you say that they were asking like where's like the best spot for like surfing or something like that. They didn't ask us what I know. They were asking. Like they had asked other people, but

now they seemed like yeah, it seemed cool, man. I just I don't know what to ask people like that.

What else you got?

My last one. I met the cure, and I'll pass on 2016 shit. And then that's why I've got the tattoo. Yo, no. That's why I've got the tattoo. Because Because, you know, we ended up playing a show there later a year later on tour. Yeah. And so I just went and got tattooed. Oh, that's right. I remember that. Yeah. Well, I have to just real quick. I forgot. So when you're talking about tour, actually, so when Frank and I were on our first tour, we played a show in Oklahoma. I don't remember what city it was. I know it was in Oklahoma City. It might have possibly been Tulsa. I don't think it was. But so we played with this band. And it was they were like a folky kind of band. They were they were good. They had a female singer and a guy and a male singer. And we ended up finding out later that she was an original cast member on the on the original Barney

season. Yeah, so I don't know. Yeah, so like, um, I don't know. I don't remember the name of the band. If I looked at my Instagram, I could probably find it. But I found out that Yeah, she was like one of the original little kids on the first season Obara. Then the second story a half real quick. We actually took a picture with them to actually remember that outdoor stage. Do you remember that stage we play where it's like a corner? No, that's right. That's right. That's right. I had to play off the stage. And then so we went outside in the back and it was like an outdoor stage, but it was so cold that they weren't having shows out there. Right. So we all took a picture out there. The last one I had there was a pop artist. She was actually from the UK. I think she was a winner of

what's the name of that fucking show?

like one of those Got Talent. Yeah, it's one of those got talent shows. But so like she kind of made it big here like with her first single, or her name was Cher Lloyd. I don't know if you remember. She's not big anymore. actually still have a picture. It's and it's an online on the app. So how that happened was I actually ended up on the email list for mixed I 6.1. I got an email one day saying, Hey, you got put on the list to meet Sure. Lloyd here at the studio. And I was like, What? I was like, okay, so I was like, I'm not doing anything. So I went and sure enough, I got to meet her. She will actually before I met her, she played an acoustic set in the studio. And so I got to see that and then they got to we got to take pictures of their I don't have the picture anymore. But basically it was what they did was since there were there was a lot of people there was like maybe 4050 people and what they did was they paired everybody so like two people took a picture with their two people took a picture. And and then we got like a little eight by 10. Two and she signed it and actually still have it. That was the only pop artists that I've ever legitimate. Yeah, yeah. I'm sure Lloyd. But this was like 2017 I believe. I got off work early. They let me they're like, yeah, you can go whatever. Yeah, because I used to work like not like, through weekends and stuff. But I'll show you when we get home I forgot something. So

that's cool. So now we have the the ultimate story. This is like the best story ever. And Laura Britt and Frank know the story. But for those of you that don't this is part of the episode. So go ahead, Kim. You tell story. My favorite bands are breaking benjamin and Chevelle. So I got tickets. So this is like Mario and I were going this was like right before COVID broke out. And I went to see Slipknot like approximately four months before COVID we went to see slipknot and then I had got tickets for us to see Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle. They're like doing a like a co headline thing or something. And so he went to that and we bought Mario a Chevelle shirt at the merge thing. And I didn't get one because they'd like they had ran out because we wanted to we had a Oh, that's right. This is the Austin show. Yeah, we went to the 360 amphitheatre and we wanted to be like at the rail, so we just like didn't buy any merchandise. Straight. We drove all the way over there. We got straight to the rail. We stood there all night. It was a great show. No and afterwards, we're like, okay, we're gonna stop at the merge table on the way out. So on the merch, we stopped, and actually, I'm wearing a freaking Benjamin shirt that I got. So I wanted a Chevelle shirt jacket. No, this is not you didn't get that.

We bought my Chevelle shirt and we go, we get home. It was late at night, we had to work the next day we you know, whatever. Then, like that weekend, we're like looking at the shirt. And I was like, this says, December 9 2020. They're gonna be in San Antonio. She noticed it on the tour shirt because they didn't they hadn't announced it yet announced but there was an extra date on the tour shirt. And she noticed it. Like it was September see Yeah. And this had

December date and I was like, they're coming to San Antonio. They're coming again like Okay, sounds like I'm gonna keep a lookout ticket after we saw this she was announced after we saw the show, but I had already cracked the code. She knew it Yeah, so then

I don't even know how but watch it was a bootleg shirt

I don't even know what happened to you might have been on their Instagram or their Facebook page but I saw that they were doing like they have like an online forum. Oh my god. So Mario, I joined up for the online forum and what you do there is like it's you post posts it's basically a social media site that's that was created by them so like Facebook posts pictures pictures old souls yeah same thing exact for everything that you post you get points and they had things here redeem for point yeah, so we were like okay, we're like we're gonna go for realistic like settings because it was like September and the show Yeah, we only had two months Yeah, so like Mario and I were just posting like at work all day like 24 seven it seemed like so the goal the goal was to get the VIP ticket Yeah, so that we wanted to get the signed setlist with all the guys so we wanted to get the signed setlist which was a certain amount of points after you spent that you had to get to the points more more get more points and we we wanted to get a meet and greet Yeah, so I was like you know what, let's do what did we go for first a meet and greet right no the yeah the

residual point.

So So I worked my ass off to try to do both we both did to get the VIP so it was like if you get the VIP then you get a guest right yeah, that's our work. So with the extra point like we were seeing people on there that were like redeeming for their cities and then like there was gone because though I think there was like a limit. Oh, yeah. But they didn't say what? specify. So it was like First come first or San Antonio. We didn't see that. So we're like okay, let's go for it. So I don't know how many days before but we got it we got and she's like, well, we have extra points. I was like well let me get something. So I went for this. Oh, that's a funny story to the setlist assigned setlist. So I was like, Okay, I redeemed the setlist and the instructions are very big. Yeah, like just go say that you got this? Like we'll call you that day or we're like text you and let you know like what? To do that easy. No. So anyway, so we get that. So then there's another thing on there that we never got, we probably never will get ever we'll get well, we worked our ass off. It was like 1,000,002 million points or something that we had to do. And we like racked up the points. It was a for one of the singers, cardigans, cardigans on stage, and so I was like, I want the frickin cardigan. Especially because like our cover band was like I couldn't like maybe

we had it all planned out. frame it. I don't know why. So like when I even sent an email, and they were like, Oh, yeah, we we received it, we'll send it to her. And I was like, I don't it doesn't have to be he has my old address though.

This was like Yeah,

we got we did like the 2 million points and we like lost sleep and days. Like we did our whole life. Like just getting those points. To that day. I'm like, Oh my god, like how is it gonna work out like we're gonna you know, we left work early. Yeah, we do leave work, we we go home, we get ready, whatever we go down to the Aztec. So like also to like, maybe like,

a month in before the show on Instagram. So

Sam, the drummer is like my favorite drummer. He plays Vader sticks. Oh, that's right. So I saw a post on Instagram was like they were like saying like, oh, Sam lafleur he plays Vader sticks, whatever, whatever. And I commented on that post, and I was like, he needs a signature stick because a lot of guitarists are they have like signature like picks or sticks that they like or even Pete has signature strings that I had. Yeah. So it was like he needs signature sticks. Well, he liked my comment. Yeah. So she was so she's fangirling. So, so then we go to the mystery, and we're like waiting around and they're like so then I told her I'm gonna have to figure this out because there's no instructions. Yeah, so I figured out I talked talk to some people that aren't working on the outside, you know, it's the the people working the show. They're not like the hired ones are like the ones that work for Chevelle. Okay. And they're like talking on headsets and stuff. And they're like, Oh, you have the VIP. We'll come over here to the side. So everyone's looking at us. Like why are they Why are they like

us? And another call? It turns out that it's only four of us. Yeah, me and Kim and then another couple were the only four people in San Antonio

meet and greet all most of the other cities were like Matt has a lie down because a lot of people and they're asking stupid questions, because yeah, so Chevelle lost their basis, and the other brother used to be a basis so people were like, ask stupid shit about like, like Joe or whatever. And then like, they were like, why is Dean leaving? And you know, like, just asking dumb so annoying. The Beatles in the band was kind of like cutting it like they're kind of sort of understanding the BS. Yeah. So that yeah. So they Yeah, they didn't want all that stuff. So this show was going to be the last one. This tour was going to be the last tour that the basis which was their brother in law that he was going to be with. So currently right now

They're gonna release a new album. He's still not yet anyways. News big news. So anyways, so so yes it is they haven't released an album since 2016. Chevelle fans have been waiting for 26 b sides and rarities in 2018, which is one of my favorite albums, but they haven't released a single new music

26th So anyways, what happened was I get it, I get an album comes out March 5 2020 2021.

So I get us in. So I get us Oh, and they do have a beer also, that we haven't tried yet, but it's because it was limited release in Chicago. So I'm trying to get my hands on it when when they release it. Um, so I get us in line. And we go inside, we go inside, and the other couple goes first, a couple goes for us. Remember the security tried to stop us? Yeah, he's like, Oh, where are y'all going? I'm like, we got VIP, bro. And like, turns around and we

were like, We're going like so we're gonna wait for him to get answers. Yeah. So we went. We went in. The other couple goes in first. Oh, yeah. Which was awesome. Awesome. glad they went for like, like, they didn't get as much time as we did. Yeah. I feel like we got quite a bit of like talking to the guys on the outside. They're like, all excited. And we're like, Yeah, actually gave us some inside information. I can't disclose. No, you cannot.

And so.

Okay, so we're outside, we're outside. And we're talking about the dressing room to the girl and the guy or whatever, whatever. And then the other people come out and they're like, oh, like so this is cool about this meeting greet is that you've got personal time with them. So that first Bumble got to go in in the green room and they're dressing in their dressing room. they close the door and you talk to him. No one else is in there. The the band, the band, the panel, that was the girl that was like, I can take the I can take a picture. Yeah. So then the couple comes out, it comes out. And we go in and I'm just like, oh my god, cuz it's my favorite drummer. Like I thought planet. She was gonna cry. I thought I was but I was trying to be I think I slapped her to not cry.

But she knows she her eyes got tears. I was like, oh my god. So we're like talking to him. We're like, hey, like, how's your day going? Like, what did y'all do today? Like, they were like, oh,

like, we just we walked around downtown and whatever. And then

somehow, like gotten to I told Sam, I was like, hey, so you liked my comment on the Vader post not too long ago about you having a signature stick. And he was like, so like in their green room. There's a couch and then his you also tell them that you're that he's your favorite things I've ever done. He's like, I'll stop. Like, don't even say no, like you really are. And he was like, okay, like, that's cool. And so he I was like, well, you need like, what's your signature stick? Like? Do you have one? Like how like, yeah, you know, what is it? What do you play? And I was like, I play drums, which was kind of like your line of questioning. You went? Yeah, like, what's.

So then I'm like, you know, what stick do you play? I was like, I play too. And I'm like, I know. curious to know, because I know he plays Elgin like he has he plays pearl. Like I know this stuff. But like, I want to know what sticky uses. So then he's like, what kind of do have a signature stick and his practice mats are like set up in the corner. A little practice kit like Oh, no corner pads or whatever. pads? Yeah. And he walks over just so they're cool. sticks, grabs the sticks. He's like, Well, I do kind of have a signature stick. I play these and so he shows me it's a Vader five. A I think and he's like, these are my signature stickers I had it has his name and Samuel have problems. And then this is like Shabaab, whatever. Yeah. And he

says, you can have these if you want. And I was like,

I could have, I could have those. He was like, Yeah, he's like, these are. These are like my significant. Practice sticks. No, Mario has a theory about that. I'll go into that later.

he hands me the stick. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, like he literally said, like, you can have be Yeah, like I'm actually

going to use or had already used and he sent it to you. And he signed them. Right. Cool. So then we're talking to them some more. We tell them that we have a cover band that we play tribute to them. I'm breaking benjamin. And Pete was like the singer guitarist. He's like, Oh, that's awesome. Do y'all have like a YouTube or anything? And I was like, we don't have a YouTube a frickin thing. We don't have that. We have a Facebook, we have a Twitter, we have Instagram, but no YouTube. I was like, I was like, I hope that we can only like do justice to your music. Like it's some of my favorite. And I said I play bass and sing. I told him listen, I don't get to do so like but

they have a song called family system. And we told them like, like we are like cuz cuz your dad plays daddy's like, they thought that was Yeah.

That was cool. That was cool. And so and he was like, so their basis is leaving. I'm like, I play basis and think so he's like, you play bass. And so they're losing their basis. He like looks around the room and looks at sound like we need a basis maybe kinda sorta asked me about the YouTube. I'm like, damn it. If I only had a YouTube I can be on tour with them. Well, not really. Because then COVID out, but that was like amazing. They signed our tickets. Oh, yeah. So they sign the sticks. I send the tickets.

So then what's cool was that since we were there we were supposed to I think leave but we didn't we actually ended up getting we got America I got to go to a barricade so we got to pick where we want it to be on the spot because at this time people were about to come in because our meet and greet got pushed back so it was supposed to be early because they had an interview before Yeah, and so they're all like oh god push back 30 minutes to get people talking. I thought that they were gonna let people in and they were like oh, we're gonna be like yeah, which one is it and we're like no meet and greet but we're probably we're almost gonna make us go back Yeah, they were just like snuck to the but yeah, so me and it was us and the other couple right so anyway, so we ended up on the on the front we have the autographs you know, whatever whatever we see the show then we still don't have the signed setlist that I got. Yeah, I won. So I'm like well How the fuck am I supposed to get it? So then I didn't get any texts. I didn't get any call Show's over. I said I'm gonna try to get the setlist so I go and then we go to the merch booth and I think I ended up did get getting some kind of message saying go to the merge booth and say and that's all you have to do and I was like what so I go and there's a long line for the merge right and I was like Kim, I can't wait this line. So we can't wait this line. So So I go and I cut the line and people are looking at me and I call one of the merge people over and I said hey, I got this message. I'm supposed to get assigned setlist that I that I'm supposed to redeem. And guy didn't ask any questions people are looking at me like what the fuck is this guy doing? He's like Oh, one second and he goes he reaches the bottom of the box that was like shrine setlist and he gives me the setlist and what's so cool about that setlist is not only is it signed, so it has a setlist as a signature and there's like an imprint of that tour in the back of the paper. It's kind of like you can be a watermark Yeah, like a watermark so like if the page actually hate San Antonio Yes, so San Antonio has a venue has a setlist and so that was for me and I was like oh that's fucking cool like yeah and all that I fucking got it so like everyone's looking at me like why is this guy cutting the line? Because there was only for me like the secret they got to know Yeah, and he was like how did he get assigned settlers and the lady I remember there was a lady there in front of me and she was looking at me like what's funny he just do like I just asked for the sign setlist gave me the sign so needless to say like that night I slept with those sticks like in my arms and Mario was like really really sick them I guess I'll sleep with them. And so then like during the show like we noticed because like I noticed like Sam he didn't mess up but there was like a couple of times he like I know Mario was like it's because he you took his job but also I saw them looking at each other Oh yeah, I saw him Look at her I was like dude, I'm

happily married with kids and

hopefully someday maybe but no but like that story like to me like it's crazy like all the stories especially because it was right before like everything has stopped well also to that was yeah four months before COVID but also to like that was the most work that I think I'd ever had to do I ever had to do to meet a band and then not only that not only that we get what we wanted but we got more yeah like six sign from them personally she got we got tickets sign we got assigned setlist we got a picture. Yeah, good quality picture. That's what she actually took.

I'm just kidding. Yes, she did. She posted a picture of me cropped out. So anyways, on Facebook, my favorite drink, but then it was me and Pete. So I cropped her out. And I posted a picture of me. So just a couple of pushes.


But no, like, first off, like they were cool. We got our own one on one time with them like, yeah, it was a long week, I felt like an eternity. That was probably one of the best, like, meet and greet like experiences that I've ever had. Because we also had a good spot in the show. Yeah, it was just crazy. Like to me like, I don't think you could get anything better than now. Like having a one on one. Like with our favorite band, your favorite drummer, he handed you his sticks personally and said you can have them.

How can you do better like though, the best way to end 2019 and to go into 2020 as crappy? I mean for shows and stuff like that, to me was like awesome. I mean, at least for our perspective, because I know you Everyone has their own

things but like to me that was like holy shit, like even even meeting like Kirkham and Metallica was different, like because we didn't get to talk to them or ask ask any questions. But like this one was like, we got to talk to them, like have a conversation without being rushed or worried about somebody behind us. Yeah, but that was awesome. Yeah. So hopefully, and like I said, I wanted to do this episode, because hopefully we'll get to do this sometime this year. You know, right. Hopefully, I'll become the basis for sure. I mean, I guess I'll be the tech whatever.


what's what is I was having conversations with frank about a pedal that are ordered, and I actually looked up the basis for chevelles rig, and looked at what pedals he used and I found that distortion pedal but But digitech doesn't make it anymore. And that's so I found it on reverb and I was like

Right goes like I got this pedal. So, I mean, I didn't get it specifically because he used it. I was just looking at like a good distortion pedal to use. I was actually looking at the Big Muff. The big one is pretty good. Yeah. So I was looking at that one, but this one got good reviews too. And I saw that he used this online or you know what, I'll give it a shot. It was like, there. There were the same price. I was like, let me get it. And I'm familiar with digitech equipment.

It was supposed to arrive today, but it didn't. So we'll probably know. yesterday. It was supposed to arrive yesterday. But I should have it tomorrow. But uh, but yeah, those were our stories.

I know. I know. Are some of ours were a long way we've been we've been gone for a while. Yeah. It was makes up some time. Yeah. But uh, yeah. So if you guys have any interesting stories about bands or musicians that you guys met, just so you know, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

And yeah, I mean, you guys have anything else to say? I don't know. We're gonna talk about next week. We'll figure out you know, for some reason, I want to meet Billy Corgan.

Like I just want to ask him guitar stuff. Yeah. All right. Well, you know what, for hangover, what we'll do is we'll just real quick. Why his voice got so whiny. You know, there's

no hair. Yeah, I get Oh, yeah. I think

he owns a wrestling thing or Yeah, he does. Yeah. Yeah. Younger league a league.

I think it's, I think it's Ring of Honor. I want to say

I think he owns the wrestling league because his younger brother

is a fan of wrestling. Well, he has to is he Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay, so I just thought he did it for his brother because his brother's a fan of wrestling fan wrestling team. Okay. Well, I didn't know that. Uh, well, next episode. I don't know. We're gonna talk about what we're talking about it and.

Yeah, so

hope you guys enjoyed it. Um, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Like I said, we're gonna have Spotify playlists. We also have the podcast on Spotify itself. So we have two different Spotify accounts. Like I said, you can find all those things at Rock talk. Happy Hour, pod calm. Leave your comments, and whatnot and recommend us to your friends and stuff. leave a review too, if you want. That'd be cool. 2021 Whoo. Yay.

All right, guys. We're gonna stop talking and we'll see you guys Cheers.

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