Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 23 - Surprising Holiday Tunes

December 12, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 23
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 23 - Surprising Holiday Tunes
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This episode, we present our Xmas Special! We kick off by discussing a Hangover topic; the history of Mountain Dew (and Jack Daniels), plus we say a few words about the late Dimebag Darrell. Then, we discuss and rate both holiday/seasonal craft beers and Christmas tunes by rock, metal, and alternative artists! We also settle the debate on whether A NIghtmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie. You're welcome. Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 23:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank this is podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode we try different craft beers. We discuss them, we rate them and sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics. This week's topic because a Christmas is this month actually, I think we're gonna be taking two weeks off after this. So this is gonna be our Christmas special episode. And it's I think I named it as surprising holiday tunes. Only because I know the original title we had I we had unexpected on there. And it was kind of like I was like, Oh, no, that's the right word. And I was listening to stuff so I kind of tweaked it. But anyways, it's about pretty much songs from rock and metal and maybe alternative artists that you know, they're really not the genres that you hear holiday music coming from. Usually it's like your Taylor Swift's and you're right carrier Meyer RIAA carriers. Yeah. Yeah. That's the guy I was trying to think of. I was trying to think of that guy's name and I couldn't but uh, yeah, your pop artists or country artists, usually. And then you're like, Adult Contemporary kind of, kind of, man. I I think that's the guy's voice. I just can't i can't. It is. It is right. Oh, no, it's the other guy, Josh Groban. Oh, my


I can't, I cannot. When I hear that guy, open his mouth and sing. I'm like, No. But anyways, that's what this episode is about. And we're actually going to be playing the tunes that we're discussing. So on top of being able to listen to on Spotify, we're actually going to play them on here. So that we know, we can make it a little easier for you guys and make it more fun for us to there were some songs and Kim and I came across and we had some reactions. And I was like, well, it'd be cool to have the reactions together. And we can discuss the tune and maybe critique it a little bit. Right. Um, so to kick off the episode.

What do we do we do?

What do we normally do we normally talk about? Well, we do the hang of Yeah, we do. Yeah. And the hangover is our little segment where we discuss things we didn't get to touch on the previous episode. And we talked about that for a bit. And then we jump into the brews. were drinking. We're chugging. Yeah. Oh, Chuck,

we're gonna I mean, we have quite a bit. But it's funny because I started the Christmas or the winter beer like collection like last month for this episode, I was getting ready. And then I got someone I was like, yeah, this is good enough. And then we would see an interesting one, or like, let's add this one. And we. So we actually have some that we're not going to try on the show because there's just like so many that we found, but I picked the more interesting ones. For us to try on the show. Some like have cranberry in it. Some have. There's the first one we're going to try just to give you a little teaser. It has peppermint in it. Oh, yeah. I don't like that. Yeah, so I like peppermint. And beer. Well, we'll find out maybe you'll love it. Maybe you maybe I don't know,

seeing all the beers in the fridge makes me regret my decision to open this 12% alcohol by volume.

Well, you know what, I guess you've brought her one of those before, right?

Yeah, there's different flavors. We keep finding different flavors. So each. We got watermelon before I think and then just a rosae

not being a fan of peaches actually like Oh, well. I didn't know. It's actually good. I

like it. Yeah, cuz I know you're surprised because I know you kinda like the peach shiner.

Yeah. And I like the peach. What was it the Lone Star?

Oh, yeah.

That's the one it wasn't the shiner was the Lone Star alone.

That's interesting, right? Yeah, peach one. But

this one's good. And I don't know if I should. Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

We got a spare room over there. Yeah. Wow. Um, so a hangover? Um, what? What did we talk about last episode? It was a dumb. Do you guys have any hangover from that or anything? Like just, you know, not even necessarily related to last episode, but something you want to say before?

Well, we did talk about bread, right? Bread, the bread, the bad bread.

We talked about him in the Thanksgiving tour. I mean, we're gonna be on the Frankie's Thanksgiving tour.

I don't ever Oh, well, maybe that's where you mentioned them. But because I when I was editing, I don't remember. I don't even remember it adding any songs from them on the playlist. So Brett, okay, we didn't mention them. How old are they? I know they're old but I can't like they're Yeah, it's

like day old or something.

Well What songs are they play?

They old bread daily bread?

Bread dork.

They're like what? indie or something?

Let me see. So they were Fred.

There. Oh, we

have to talk about them. Okay, they have that song everything I own

writing I own?

Or maybe this is what is this from that? 1968 You know what? I don't know. Yeah, they look old judging by their picture on those pictures in black and white dammit,

Mario. That's a just a. Well,

I'm just going off. Well, no, not necessarily because there are some modern bands who take like, No,

these do lay their haircuts. The fashion quality of that picture butterfly collars, all of it. Yeah. Um, but anyways, yeah. Okay, so we didn't we didn't add Oh says they're one of the most popular pop groups of the early 70s. Oh, so they were popped in. When I looked him up. I

said rock. Maybe I don't know. We need to listen to

Okay, let me see. Uh, let me let me find a bread song on here that we can try

a sure there on any of them look familiar? I feel like we've got to know at least one.

Yeah, this one. Let's see. Turn this off real quick.

What the heck?

Oh, there we go.

It sounds Oh, that sounds I rate this a one on five. It's not your style. I mean, I guess I haven't heard I'm not gonna

wait for the chorus. I mean, I

never heard this before.

I don't think so. Really? Well. I mean, I talked about it.

Yeah, I feel like I've heard this one.

I'm quite sure that song. Yeah. Classic, right.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely classic.

Okay, ever. This one's been covered has it? Yeah. Okay, I think an alternative Ben is. Okay, I give it a three out of five. Okay, it's better. I'm

defending it.

That was a cool little baseline though. I started getting into baselines and stuff. So it's been hell, but anyways, um, what was I gonna say? Uh, oh. So me, Kim and I, I mean, I don't know if you guys have anything more you have anything more? More hangover?

anymore hangover? Nah, I mean, I don't

know. You don't have to have a hangover.

We mentioned rappers, right.

Sure. Yeah. No, no, I don't think we did. No, we didn't because they're not bins. Oh, wait. Yeah,

we talked about that. No, I was I was Yeah, that's right. Okay.

Yeah. We talked about iced tea and ice cube which


which we did say that almost every man in that Thanksgiving episode. qualified to be on the dome. Yes. So ready. They're covered. Okay, we did. We did. Um, well, Kim and I had had a hangover. And so what happened was the week before we recorded last episode, a friend of ours asked us if we had ever had jackin Mountain Dew. Huh. Now, judging by your reactions, you don't know the history of Mountain Dew.

Do you? Know I Know It started as a one. No.

Okay, so

you had you had me? Well, actually, wasn't it supposed to be like, like, like some type of tonic like a help tonic. Almost there. Okay. So

let me tell you what the history of Mountain Dew is. So Kim and I the same thing. We're like, No, we've never had it before. And so he's like, yeah, y'all should try. Coke. Yeah, cool. Yeah. So go to right. So he started telling me about our friend Sean started telling us about the history of Mountain Dew and I was like, dude, I've never heard of this before. So Mountain Dew was developed in the 1940s by Tennessee bottlers, Barney and Allie Hartman. They developed it as a mixer. So soft drinks were sold originally in the 1930s and the Hartman's had difficulty in Knoxville, Tennessee, obtaining their preferred soda to mix with their liquor, preferably whiskey, that's the thing they were going to. So since they couldn't find anything, they ended up developing their own soda soda, and then they ended up making a trademark for it in 1948. So Mountain Dew is originally a mixer for whiskey specific, specifically. And another interesting thing as Mountain Dew is actually slang for for whiskey or moonshine. So, um, I didn't know that so in the mountains and stuff of wherever Mountain Dew is slang for whiskey and moonshine and I was like, holy shit. So mo we were curious and we're like, let's try it so we went shopping and then we're all like, you know, there's a liquor store. Let's get some, some jack. So we got some jack. We got some Mountain Dew and we tried it and I don't didn't know what to expect. I was like it's a mountain. Do you know what it's gonna come on? It was not bad, but it was not great. Like it didn't it didn't suck. Okay,

previous kind of sort of Mountain Dew was

news. I like the non original flavor like we've talked about this I like like the old red and the Baja Blast that we like. Usually when Yeah, I like baja blast. Bah bah. But I'm talking about I'm talking about Yeah, they only have it. Well, it originally only came out at Taco Bell is like an exclusive. Episode Number two.

Whenever Halo came out with a new Yeah, like a game like they had a whole new do a whole new line of Mountain Dew. Yeah, for the game.

So there's only like two that I like. But the original ones like it kind of gut punches me every time I think it's like, I don't know if the sugar levels are different. I'm not saying some have like less sugar than others are all high. But I'm on. Like, for some reason, regular Mountain Dew just kicks my ass. And so anyways, we tried it and it's weird because the citrus part of the Mountain Dew kind of cancels out the punch of the jack. Like, you know, like you taste the liquor there. But it kind of like the citrus in the Mountain Dew kind of knocks it down and then vice versa. So the whiskey kind of takes off the sugary punch from the mountain dew. So it's weird. Like they kind of balance each other out and it kind of tastes like almost seems like nothing kind of. It's weird. Like it's really weird. Yeah. And so it's supposed to be four part Mountain Dew and part jack, which is usually how I do my jack and coke. I'll probably sometimes I do three part coke and one part jack. But, um, but yeah, so there's they're supposed to be the ratio for Mountain Dew supposed to be a little higher. And yeah, I mean, I don't know. We were gonna try it on the show. But I was like, I know. It's not gonna be a fan. Frank's not gonna be able to drink it. It's probably gonna suck. That's what I thought. Yeah, so we're like, let's just try it on the side. We tried it on the side. And it was bad. I mean, if we had to rate it, what would you rate it? I probably give it like, like a 2.5. Like right in the middle. Oh, I wouldn't go.


Yeah, I prefer to. Alright, so Kim and I are gonna give it a 2.5 so it's like right in the middle. Yeah, that's it doesn't really add much that to the thing. Like I said, they kind of cancel each other out. So weird. But anyways, I mean, yeah, that was that was. That was our little experiment.

Cool. You should do Mountain Dew with a double espresso shot.

Is that a thing? No.

Don't do it. Okay. No,

I'm not. Oh, I gotcha. No, no, sir. Probably some gamers out there. They've done that. I'm sure. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Redbull Yeah, that's, they hadn't they do have that. They do mix that. Yeah. mountune Redbull. Yeah. I don't know what it's called. But I don't know. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, so. Oh, yeah. Speaking of mountain boy. It's called mountain jack. When you mix Mountain Dew, jack. Yeah. Well, specifically jack daniels mountain jack. Anyways, yeah, so 2.5 for me and Kim. Um, with that said, Where are you guys drinking?

So what am i drinking? A bottle opener? No, I got my teeth.

Oh, don't do that. Please.

I'm actually I'm drinking a class toddler holiday brew.

Oh, you got a holiday one?

Yeah. And I brought one so y'all can sample it. Oh, sweet. Okay, apparently I'm stingy.

No, it's just I understand lovingly to

bring extra so

like, it's just funny because I understand you because like, you get some and it's not like you don't have like, it's just you drinking right? Yeah, with us. It's like, we have like all this work and it's hard for me to find like I when I can I find stuff for you. Where did you find that?

A total wine? Oh, you found and I think we were but we didn't we saw maybe about what a few weeks back. And so I picked it up. I got a six pack and I liked it. And this past week, I bought another you know, just a few singles and then for tonight I bought it no six pack. But when I first tried it, I thought it was really good. It's got like a really nice like a spice like a cider type flavor to it. Definitely it. If you were to bottle Christmas up in one, like this is like for me the definitive like Christmas taste. And I think it's good. You know, honestly, I think I'd give it like a 4.5.

Okay, so ranks and given 4.5

All right. And I mean, it's in its class taller. And it's like one of the oldest breweries I think in, in Germany and some of the other class toddlers I've had are good.

Yeah, they've had I think they've won awards and stuff.

Yeah. And so yeah, I mean, it's got a cute little Santa on the bottle.

So even better. Oh, yeah, we're

gonna have some cute ass cans and bottles come out later. Cool. Um, Britt, what are you drinking?

I'm just drinking my blue moon light sky. until until until

Christmas first. All right. Sounds good. Okay, so Brett's got that. Can we drink a

drink that Brett got for me, which is the day drinking Southern peach wine? spritzers 12% alcohol by volume.

It's good. I like it.

What do you rate it? 4.5 4.5 from Kim. All right. Can I taste it? Sure. No.

Oh, that's good. Yeah. Cool. I like it. Cool. All right, cool. All right. So, um, do how much you gotten that? Do you

pack up something I

have? I mean, I

don't have to finish I can set it aside in my in between, right? Well,

we do split it into thirds. All right, Kim, go ahead and do the honors and bring out the first beer so that we can start this little conversation a holiday music. Cool. So before we get into the list, how was how much fun Did you have doing this research?

It was a extensive, but you know, I tried to minimize it. Hmm. You know, that there were like I mentioned earlier before the show, there were some artists who you know, I did not expect that to have any, any, any Christmas music. And then there were some there though. Okay, you know, I can see them doing that. But I pretty much wrote down the ones that I wasn't expecting. And I was thrown off for a bit of a surprise. But it was it was fun, you know, to see who did why. To see the variety of musicians that are doing holiday music. To see

just how many Yeah, like that's surprising. Just that there are so many artists that actually record Christmas music.

Yeah, like I like obviously, when Christmas time comes around, obviously, like the classics come up. And then the like you don't like it's like we said, it's usually pop artists are usually artists, you rarely see rock artists or even that if they do, like you have to be following the band to know. Um, but yeah, so it was it was pretty interesting going through this stuff.

Frank and Brett got these really cute little wine glasses. The naughty one and the nice. The nice one cuz he has this cute little Christmas

that Britt's daughter made for me and her friend. Yeah. Thank you for that. Yes, it looks cool. I'll post a picture of it on that.

I've posted a picture of the story. But it probably be gone by the time you'll hear this. So

we'll post it on Yeah, we'll post it on the on the feed. So the first beer that we have to start this off it so I think we've had one of these before. It's a Kentucky bourbon barrel peppermint Porter. So um, we're not really a fan of borders. Um, so this is from Kentucky brewing and distilling. So they actually aged this Porter in their bourbon barrels. On top of that they have pepper in it. So at the bottom here it says Porter with natural flavors aged in oak bourbon barrel, so obviously they put some peppermint in here. 8.2% ABV. This brewery is from Lexington, Kentucky. I think we've had one from them before and I don't think we were a fan. But I

feel like we've had this conversation before where I'm not a huge fan of like mint and chocolate. Yeah, that's exactly

what this smells like. Yeah, he's

meant. Yeah.

Okay. Oh, we're

like a York Peppermint Patty.

You don't like that either. So okay, so you don't like peppermint bark. Like the chocolate. This smells

like a Thin Mint. Yeah,

I think it smells like peppermint. Or some recently. You have like the layer, like a layer of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. And then there's white chocolate on top. But it's also flavored with peppermint. And then there's like broken up little pieces. Don't ever make candy.

I don't even think I'd never heard of it until you don't. Oh

my gosh. Okay, well, we'll

bring some well probably too because like, are you not Kim? She doesn't want it. I'm not I love it. I love peppermint. And I actually really like this beer.

It's weird because like I don't really like peppermint like candy canes. I don't like candy canes unless they're those weird flavors like when Star Wars star Yeah, like Starburst comes out with tarts or something like I can't eat them occasionally. Like you know, the little ones. The little thin ones that like you can like bite real easy for for some reason. Those have like a lighter peppermint flavor than the like the big ones a regular sized ones. So if I do occasionally like one candy cane like during Christmas, but okay, without that well, with all that said, I'm gonna go ahead and take the first sip, I guess. Smell it smells good. I mean,

smelled a little bit like coffee to me. What is a porter?

I actually do not hate this. So yay. This actually. This actually tastes like like the flavors balanced. Yeah, kinda does taste like a Thin Mint in a drink. Mm hmm. And the porter part doesn't really hit you too hard because usually when we drink porters like you Tastes like the smokiness from the barrel and stuff like that. Yeah.

It's not my favorite, but it's not terrible.

It's Yeah, it doesn't it doesn't suck.

Like overpowers that harsh like Porter

taste. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. I think that's what that's what it is.

And I think compared to the other ones we've had that have said that their mentee or that have meant in Yes, a lot smoother.

Yeah. I don't know how that like, I can feel it in my breath. Yeah. We all

have really fresh breath now.

That we shouldn't drink doesn't last.

No, I do have a question. How long do they do they age beer and bourbon, but

I think it's at least like a year, a year. Okay. We actually have one from this brewery called, I think Goose Island. So I don't know if we were talking about them. But they come out with batches every year that aren't unlimited release. And when they send them out to like the retailers, they only send out a certain amount. So like everyone only gets a limited amount. We were talking about last time I think we mentioned to you that they had an Earl Grey tea. Oh, we actually picked it up. So we have the Carmel Apple the karma ale ale. Yeah, because we stayed away from the stout because I think two things.

One is a stout.

Oh, that one is a stout. Okay, so we got

Earl Grey tea and honey or something like that. Okay,

so we got one, there was two, like straight up stouts. We stayed away from those. So we got that one earl grey one. And we got the Karmapa one, which is an ale. So we actually have those in the fridge. So in case whenever we want to try them if we come across a beer that shitty we don't finish it. We can just go to one of those bad though. So Kim, I'm gonna let you go first. What do you want to read this

3.93 point I can actually drink like, I wouldn't drink more than one. But like if I felt like I wanted to drink one. Yeah, me too. Like if I wanted to feel Christmassy, and drink and drink something alcoholic. I think this is this is not bad. I like I probably go No, go with a four. Okay, bro.

I'm gonna go 4.2 What do you like? I like peppermint chocolate flavors together. So

this is like probably one of the ones that we've graded pretty high together. Yeah, I guess.


I'm actually gonna peppermint

is really saving this one though.

Yeah, I mean, and the profile. I mean, it's exactly what it says it is.

So know how peppermint though. Couldn't be exactly why because it's such a powerful like,

you never know, though. Cuz some breweries like they say stuff. And it's like, do I don't even taste it?

I know, right. chip ice cream or something?

Yeah. So I mean, there's so many things that we could describe this as but I mean, hidden. Yeah. Sorry. You can't?

Just like sniffing it. I can.

I can. Close your eyes.


so we have this to drink. Frank, you want to kick off the topic and see what's on the top of your list? We'll go back and forth. So yeah, we don't. We'll just go back and forth surprising each other. And we'll write two songs this week. Yeah, yeah.

Well, actually, before we kick off the topic, I wanted to make mention that this past December 8 was 16 years that we lost dimebag. Darrell, due to senseless act of violence. But yeah, I mean, thanks. 16 years. Yeah, no, yeah, I remember. I remember the I remember the the day after it happened going to school, everybody was talking about it. And I think all these news channels, were playing clips. You couldn't see the actual thing happening, but you could see the You mean, you could you can see enough to know what was going on. Yeah. And yeah, that was like the big thing for four weeks. You know, I mean, especially in the metal community. I mean, who doesn't know who Panthera is, you know, and so, yeah, you know, I was just thinking about I was thinking about 1000 man, it's already been 16 years. Yeah.

I think were you Did you ever visit dynamex group?

We We We We went on a separate occasion.

Yeah, cuz I know we didn't go together But

yeah, I went Uh huh.

Yeah, they're actually he and his brother at the same cemeteries my grandparents Oh yeah. Oh, wow. And Arlington.

Yeah. Oh, shoot was when y'all went was a Vinnie Paul. There already are now when we went he

went Yeah, he was there but he didn't have his like, Great marker. Yeah, but he was already there. But I think they were trying to hold off on details about when they were gonna put that on his grave site. I think just to not have too much you know? Yeah.

Fan traffic and traffic and

whatnot. So I guess they're just trying to do it like on the on the low key. You know,

I got to meet Vinnie. Oh, really? In the same day, actually. Well, yeah. Oh, cool. We had like a signing up this Facebook, I think. I don't know. I think it was called the rockbox. And it was It was by the salon that I worked at, okay. And they were having a signing there. And I was like, Oh, my linter it was like after my shift and I stood in line and I met them. They said, they have this sign that thing that we do we have it on the wall, right? Um, they said that and then we went to the concert that night. We were just standing around hanging out and somebody from the radio station came over and they're like, do you want to meet the band? And we're like, oh, yeah. So we went back and we met them again. And Tom Maxwell was like, Hey, I remember you from earlier and I was like, I was

I wasn't there at the time. But yeah, like I got lucky. I remember when damaged plan was doing when they came out, of course, because it happened on when they were torn for their album. Yeah, I didn't go see him but I did get to see Vinnie Paul with Julio twice. So I get this. I did get to see him. Did you ever get to see done beggar or people? No. Well,

yeah, actually 2000 Panthera at the Freeman Coliseum. Oh shit with was so fly. Oh, Morbid Angel. Oh, okay. It was good. Yeah, I was I was in eighth grade. And. And I went with a friend. And I remember our plant because, you know, we had we had balcony seats. And our plan was to when the lights dim, we're gonna jump down into the piers. Well, no, after we saw, like, the first 10 seconds of how brutal that pit was really, now we're gonna stay in the seats.

And I want to I want to get a good thinking.

Yeah. Especially your tiny little eighth grade self.

Yeah, we did. But we did see a lot of people jumping, you know, from the seats into the pit and just like crowd surfing. Yeah. So that. Yeah. And I think at some point, actually, the, the ushers and security just gave up and they just let people just do I am sure they're like, you know, whatever.

only so much. They could do y'all, y'all. Yeah, that's the thing.

Yeah. But oh, excuse me, but yeah, but that was the only time I saw Panthera.

And last time, but, you know, I think just the combination of dimebag and Vinny that, you know, they they definitely had an unmistakable sound. They had a groove to. Yeah, and I remember thinking, you know, vinnies drumming sounds so huge and massive.

His drums are Yeah, when I saw him his drums were huge. Yeah, I'm like, What the?

Yeah, they are. And it perfectly complements, dime bags, guitar playing. Because even to me. He I don't know just the way he plays his guitar. He just makes it sound so heavy. You think they're like overdubbing the shin but it's just like, just the one singular tone you know,

and you know, it was all of them together, man cuz Phil Anselmo had a plugin. Well, as is still fucking crazy as voice right? Even every time like, I'll think of cemetery gates and that fuckin those notes that he hits like at the end. I mean, shit. Yeah, I mean, all of them together, man. It was just uh, it was good. Good stuff.

Yeah, yeah. So yeah, it's been it's been 16 years. You know, we should have we should have done the what's the signature drink? All the black tooth?

Like we should have. Damn it. You know what? We'll do a hangover. We'll do when we come back a few weeks. I'll get ready. Like that? Yeah, like oh, Frank says we should have a bite. grin y'all. Y'all are gonna get fucked up. Yeah. I'll find a I think we had talked about this before. I'll see if we can get a doing non alcoholic version but

is the liquor

in it with what is it? It's a crown crown. Crown Royal Crown Royal. people pronounce it Crown Royal Crown Royal,

Royal royal,

because I've heard I've heard of

both. I've never heard anybody say oh,

what's the other thing in it?

I think it's coke.

Yeah, definitely

coke and Jagermeister right. No, no, there's a I don't know. I'm probably fucking things up but yeah, definitely. Coke is in there. Royals in their crowns in there.

There's one thing in there that it's a What is it? seagrams c. Seven. That's what it is. So let's see Graham's crown. Oh, Seagram said serums. serum seven. So it's a double shot of see grooms double shot a crown and coke. Just a little bit of coke to make it look dark. So yeah, that sounds that sounds fun. Yeah.

Well, we saw two different whiskies in the same

drink. I don't know.

That's I mean, shit. I don't know. I mean, but

we saw a non alcoholic whiskey. Oh, today Yeah,

yeah, so

I was thinking maybe we could get that to make a version and I've

been I've been curious. Oh, okay. I'll be curious if the only thing is I want to like I want to know what I'm gonna make with it.

Well, now you know what you're gonna you know what instead of getting Seagram you'll get a? What is I don't know why I was thinking of it. There's a Ginger Ale that has the same kind of name.

Yeah, there's

not gonna have any alcohol. But I mean, y'all

probably don't remember but serums used to have wine coolers. And what's his name? Did the commercials. Bruce Willis did remember? golden wind coolers he wrote a song for it

was the whole song If y'all don't remember that. I was a recording artist. I don't remember that. Yeah, that's fine. Okay, I'm gonna look that up and posted a

YouTube video of that.

singing about wine coolers. All right, yeah, well, that was good. Thank you for bringing up time because I mean, I saw posts about it, but I don't say anything for the show. But thanks for that. Um, all right, man, what you got on your list, kick it off.

Okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna start mine off with is a fun one that you and I we heard last a few Christmases ago driving around. It's a twisted sisters heavy metal Christmas. And that's actually part of an entire Christmas album. And this Christmas album, where is their seventh and last album as a as a band. Unfortunately, it wasn't well received by a lot of fans. But, you know, just the fact that they have a Christmas album out there. And I think that's one of those bands that you know, maybe you could have expected that they would have had something like that because you look at them and they just look gimmicky. But the music you know, speaks otherwise for for their look. So I wouldn't doubt that they would do something fun like this and put out a Christmas put out a Christmas album. And heavy metal Christmas was one of the first ones that we heard and ones that we liked. And and essentially, if you don't know what heavy metal Christmas is, it's basically, you know, the 12 Days of Christmas. Yeah, just you know, metallized like 12 silver crosses, 11 black mascaras, 10 pairs of platforms, you know, yeah, definitely that.

Yeah, I did come across this on my research too. And the first one that I came across, I play a little bit of it. It's, uh, I came across silver bells. So I guess we can listen to a little bit of it. And then from Twisted Sister, yeah, from Twisted Sister. You know what I think? Because of because of copyright or whatnot, you can play it anyways. Um, like, you can't like play it out. You have to play like, you have to play it shuffled. Whatever. So anyways, um, but, uh, I'll post a YouTube video to that then.


Did you like anything off of that?

I did. Yeah. I thought it was cool.

It's, it's silly, and it's gimmicky. But it's funny. It was funny to hear what all what all of the 12 days were gonna be on the song and like, how are they gonna make a metal sounding? And it was, they're pretty, pretty silly.

Let me see if I could pull up 12 ds.

It means good fun. 12

I mean, we could pull up the lyrics to it. I haven't. Oh, yeah, that'll work. Heavy Metal Christmas.

Well, these are Christmas. Let's see if it lets me. I'm trying to. Yeah, I won't let me play you the room. Damn it. Well, we tried. Um, yeah, I know. There's some songs that are like part of like, I don't know, like, It's weird. Like, you can't play them unless like you're in like a shuffle mode or something. I'm, like, totally unrelated I was looking for, for guitar tablature. And I use a, there's an app that I use. And of course, you can find every band on there. And there's one song that I came across that because of copyright or whatever, it's weird. But like that song is not accessible anywhere. And it's audio slaves like a stone. For some reason. It's like, it's not allowed to be like tablature is not allowed to be posted. And I was like, What the hell? Oh, so weird to me. I don't know. It was. Yeah, it was weird.

But yeah, I've got the lyrics here. For whoever wants to. I'm not gonna say no,

no, no, go for it. I'm

just gonna go I'm gonna start from the top

your favorites

or you can go down.

Yeah, I'm gonna go down to 12 so on my heavy metal Christmas, my true love gave to me. 12 silver crosses, 11 black mascaras. 10 pairs of platforms nine tattered t shirts, eight pentagram, seven leather jackets. Six cans of hairspray five gold earrings

yet to say it five.

So the fives go earring. Yeah, there you go. Four quarts of jack three studded belts, two pairs of spandex pants and a tattoo of Ozzy.

That's good. Oh, man.

So I mean, it's it's gimmicky and silly. But when you hear it, it's fine. Yeah, it all makes sense. And it's it's it's pretty fun.

That's cool. I dig it. Yeah, they did come across my they did come across me. I came across them on that on the research. Right. Um, but uh, yeah, it says that would mean you don't know what your that was right.

I think they came out in Oh, 6050 shit. Okay.

Oh, so it wasn't like in there. It wasn't during their hair metal? No, no time. Okay.

So I mean, I think they were on a reunion, tour type type thing. I think they were united a few And that was one of the that was one of the times that they were united and decided, you know, let's put out a Christmas album. So yeah, it was it's fairly recent. Okay.

So what I, I'm gonna go ahead and go next. So what I have this is a recent one, this one actually came out this year. Um, it's a band that I like, I haven't really been a fan of anything that they put out recently. Um, but so the offspring, the offspring came out with a what their version of Christmas, baby please come home. You know, Christmas. Christmas. Anyways, so, so sorry. So, um, but yeah, so they came out with it, and I listened to it. And I was like, you know, whatever. I'll let y'all listen to it and see what y'all think. And then we can read it because it came out I think, like last week or something, so it's really, yeah. It sounds fine. But then when Dexter's voice comes in? I kind of I'm like,

that loses you.

Sounds autotune

I mean, it's not bad. I just just I feel like I want to hear them singing

like cuz the next part.

Oh, it's like the actual verse. isn't bad. I mean, I put it on a playlist.

I'd rather do this. Another version. True.

I think what threw me off is sometimes this I don't know if this affects you guys, but like, watching a music video first affects me differently than if I just listened to the audio. So I saw the music video first. Is it cheesy? it's cheesy. It's cheesy. I did see some cheesy other cheesy music videos on the list, which I was like, Oh, these are cool. I liked them. Um, it was fine. Um, but yeah, I mean, I guess it's not bad. If I'd have to rate this version of it. I'd give it like two and a half. Yeah, yeah, give it 205. Yeah, two and a half out of five. Three. No, I'll go three. It's not it's not shitty. I'll go with three. No, because they are one of my other things that are on

the list.

Well, compared to other things on the list. I go lower. Real Yeah. And there's some that are I would put a higher because I heard I did hear some other stuff that you didn't hear. Okay, I'm gonna go with that. Three. No, you know what? 3.3 3.3

whatever you want. No. 3.3 3.3 3.5 No.

No, it's not because no, I get no, you're making me realize that it really isn't that bad. It's not bad. No.

We've heard some bad. Oh, wait, we have I'm gonna go 3.3

point five. It's closer to four. Okay, okay. Well, what do you what do you give it? 4.3?


bro, do you give it

a Three?

Three. Okay, so you were kind of originally where I was at kind?

Yeah, it's not terrible or anything? Sounds autotuning it was a little. Yeah,

yeah. I think he might have maybe, but it might also be this. How? No, I don't know. Whatever. I'm trying to make excuses. I know.

Frank, probably a three,

three. Okay. I mean, it's not bad. It really is it? I mean, it's. Let me see where he's at.

It definitely doesn't sound like him. I can say that for sure. Oh, it sounds like him to me. I don't it doesn't sound like him to me

feel like they didn't do anything to that song to make it

different. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You would you thinking of the offspring, you would think they would have like, pumped it up a little bit? Yeah. I think that's what I think that's what it was. It said I was expecting when I heard the offspring out. And to me, it was just the song with Dexter sing. Yeah. And it wasn't in. Good. Good. Yeah. Yeah. Got me.

It isn't selling it to me, but I like it.

Yeah, I mean, it's good. We'll put it it's like we were going through stuff. And I was like, I'm gonna make a rock christmas playlist, which is basically gonna be this episode on Spotify. So if you guys want to hear any of this stuff, like info, you guys can go to Spotify. And check it out with other other places for other episodes. You guys want to try another beer? Sure. And let's go get another one. What's next on the list? And then while she does

a better one,

oh, so yeah, so we actually got the beat one night. I know. Britt. safe to say you're a fan of a beater. Yeah,


think the ones that we've had where we haven't had too many of beaters. I think we've had like two or two

or three. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. Oh, good. Yeah, yeah.

So I had several and when we You're in New Orleans.

So they're a bita Christmas ale. brewed with spring water. It's easy

to brew to the nails. It's

no egb

Let me see. Oh, let

me see a poll that covered

some bacon. So that was a throwback to something. Frank had taught us some episodes back. Yeah. Okay, so, this this came off. Okay, so this the, of course it's from. It's from a bita bita Springs, Louisiana and it looks like the ABV on this is it is an ale. What is the cover? No, it actually wasn't so I have no idea what the ABV on this is, but whatever. I'm gonna guess it's like 5.4 or something. Um, Kim, I'll let you do honors.

Do we need a cup rinse because we had peppermint or you think you're good? Ooh.

I mean,

I mean, I'll be fine.

Oh, so the ABV is actually 5.80 I was close.

Yeah, took a drink whatever. Color.

Oh caramely.

So a little bit on that Christmas ale.

I shouldn't drink that before this.

It's a it's a brown ale that is brewed with six types of malted barley and fermented with American ale yeast.

This one rare Yes. Oh, shit. Okay.

It's rude. Yeah, it's brewed with a pale malt as well as the combination of caramel biscuit, Munich and chocolate malts. It is hops and dry hopped with Columbus cascade Centennial and Amarillo and has a nice Piney and citrus hop flavor and aroma. The result is a flavorful brown ale that is sweet multi, with the pleasant hoppy aroma.

It smells. It smells hoppy, but also, I hope it's not the minty that I'm smelling the minty beer but it kind of smells caramely Uh huh. Let me taste it.

That's pretty alright.

There's a little bit of a bitterness at the end. Yeah, a lot of it will Dorrance after this. I mean, it's not as bitter like the bitter to me. There's a bit of a citrus citrus Enos at the with the bitterness. So it's not like that bad. Um, I don't know. Let me see.

It doesn't. I don't know if it's just me. It doesn't have that much flavor. Like in the front. It's like more citrus and bitterness at the end. Like, it really doesn't have anything. Yeah,

it just tastes like what I picked this up as like a Christmas like, the beer or something special that would be different from the holiday. No, it just tastes like your average ale that you would have on a regular day.


I'm angry. epita y'all.

Y'all do really good, but I give

it like a man. This one's a tough one. I give it like a three. Yeah, give it like a three. What about you, Kim? A

2.3. Okay, Brett. I was gonna say 2.82 point. Yeah, I

was gonna go like at the two point something range, but I'm gonna keep it there. Um, yeah, I'm like, in the middle kind of I mean, are probably shooting on like, 2.5 that's how I felt.

Yeah. Now what? I know what I know. Now that I know what I know. If I saw this at the store, and it just it gets you with the Santa on Christmas Ale, but it's really nothing special to me. Like I don't I wouldn't go out of my way to be like, yeah, this is the Christmas like, must have, you know,

Mama go with like, 2.2 point six. Yeah. I mean, it's because I could finish it. Yes, but I wouldn't get another one. And I wouldn't want to get it. No, no, no, I want to get something else I want to know. Go ahead. I mean, can you like dumping her in sneeze? while you do that? We'll have Frank come up with the next song on his list. No,

thank you. Yeah.

I mean, yeah, I mean, it was it's kind of like what it is like, yeah, we're good. Like, man. Yeah. we tasted it.

That was enough. Yeah.

Um, all right. Frank would shoot what you got next song on my list? unexpected? Because I had no idea. It's a Merry Christmas. I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to fight tonight by Ramones. Oh,

I saw that. We just

heard it the other day, right? Yeah, we were watching you watching Christmas with the kranks I think Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen who play a couple that is skipping Christmas. In lieu of going to they're taking a cruise. But I won't I won't go into the whole thing. But yeah, it's pretty funny and then the song plays in there and we're thinking that is that the Ramones and yeah, sure enough, those hormones And, you know, I like the Ramones. I'm not like a huge fan. I do like them. You mean Ramones? Yes.

Yes, they're

there. But that's funny because, like,

I've seen Ramones, the band,

like concert posters and things like that. Yeah, yeah.

I'm sorry. Just Oh, yeah.

So yeah, you know that that one threw me in for loop. It's not bad. I liked it. I just didn't expect to hear a Christmas song by Ramones.

Yeah, it's funny because well, this is weird Tales of the. And then Ramones? I don't know. So let's, let's see what it sounds like real quick.

I did that.

See, this is why I expected the offspring to do

dig this. I think this

is this an original song? Or is this a cover of something? No. I

think that's their own. Their own song. Yeah. Yeah.

I like it. I dig it. I dig it.

It's funny, because all week long or all month long. Cuz what day are we? We're on the 11th day of the month I


All kinds of things have come on TV like holly jolly Christmas.

Yeah. Which I liked all the points.

There was, you know, a Broadway show

yesterday, extravaganza yesterday.

And all these shows are doing Christmas themed things. And Mario's like, oh my god turn it off. He hates Christmas music.

I hate Christmas music. Like, I

think that's one thing to hear him like, oh,

it has to have a certain there's one song that we're gonna get to later or two that I really liked. And I was like, You know what, I can listen to Christmas music. It sounds like this. I think I don't know if I've said this on the podcast before. But one thing that made me not like Christmas music. On top of that, I wasn't really too fond of that. But I worked retail. And yes, so this is what sucked. We had Christmas in July. So I would listen to Christmas music all July on a loop. So I hear the same songs in different versions for the whole month for eight hours, you know, a day 40 hours, sometimes more. Especially because it was like, you know, during that time and then Christmas will come around. But oh no, we wouldn't put Christmas on December 1. We will start playing Christmas music like midway through in November. Yeah. So um, I would listen to it. Once Christmas time came around 40 plus hours a week. And I just it drove me nuts. Like I couldn't there's occasionally some I think it's a What song is it? marshmallow? What the fuck is the name of that song? marshmallow? The fuck marshmallow. Yeah, it's like a marshmallow or something. It has to do with marshmallows. It's a Christmas song. Oh my god. I can't. Yeah, it's a good song. I wish I mean, I want to google it right now but a marshmallow and doing something.

I've never heard of a marshmallow Christmas.

Yeah, they talk about like marshmallows and stuff. And like, I like that song. And then there's another one that a marshmallow world. That's the one they use.

Yeah, by Darlene love.

Here. Let me let me play it.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Yeah, Marsh mellow. Wow, here it is. Marsh marsh. No, not the artists. They need to be Oh, what was her name? She say Frank a ton of people have done this.

Darlene something. I mean, I

mean, there's friendship.

Oh, Darlene. Love, Darlene. Oh, yes, let's

see. Let's see what this I know you've heard this song before. This is probably not the version that I like. I think it's probably the deep


There we go.

I know you've heard that before.

You'll hear when the leads come in. You've never heard this before. I've heard it on your times in one month.

Wow. Now I don't

prank Have you heard this? I feel like I have heard.

It sounds like every other Christmas song.

Oh my god. I actually liked the song. But there's another it's another artist who does it. I think it's I think it's a guy who sings it maybe. And then there's another one about a little. It's like a little girl I think singing in a button. It's about a gun and she's shooting bubbles. I'm a god. I don't know. It's like, I like that. Christmas. I thought I thought everybody knew this song. Okay, I'm gonna have to read it. I'm gonna give that Christmas song.

The goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man.

What is that? It's a Christmas. You see, I don't know what that is. So I write that marshmallow song Delilah marshmallows. I'm like, give it like a four or five. I like I like that song.

I like the.

It's not like, I think Jingle Bells is like, you know, marshmallow like you don't really, people don't sing about marshmallow a lot. I'm sorry if I can. I'm gonna find that song. That other song that I'm talking about the little right now. It's like a little girl singing and like she's saying like, Man, what is the name of that? It's like, it sounds really old timey. It sounds like Annie is singing or something.

Merry Christmas with the. No, that's

not it's probably not it. I have to I have to like really skim through music to crit through Christmas music to find it. I'm sorry. We got thrown off. Well, we're

talking about Christmas music. We're

talking about remote remotes. So that's where we came from. So Frank, what do you rate that remotes on?

I do like it. I give it a four.

Give it a four.

I like that. They definitely I mean, it's their own song. Yeah. But if I did know that it was their own song. I would have thought yeah, they put their own spin on it. Yeah, they made it sound like

it sounds fun. Yeah, sounds good. Oh, it sounds like a good Christmas song. Yeah, cuz, you know, there's some artists that like, come up with Christmas songs. And you're like, that's not gonna stick. But that one. That one. Sounds good. What do you give it?

I'll give it like a 4.2 4.2.

Kim, would you give it for four? I give it a 4.4 Cool. All right. So that's where we're at. Okay, so, Ramones, so I'm going to stick with kind of that, I guess, genre. This is one that I had seen a figurine actually have this pop up on my Facebook. And I was like, What the hell and doing research for this show. I found out that the Misfits or at least a Christmas EP, really? Yeah. called her ex Miss. It came out December 3 2013. They have three songs on there and they're all covers. I believe they covered you're a mean one Mr. Grinch Island of Misfit Toys, and boo Christmas. And so this is Jerry only singing so this wasn't Of course, Danzig and right, apparently, apparently we're watching a video earlier. Speaking of misfits dancey girly stuff, fucking album cover album earlier this year, where he's saying Elvis songs were Oh, that makes sense. Apparently it sucks. I haven't heard any of it. I was gonna listen to it.

But uh, well, he's referred to as the metal Elvis. Yeah. But I think yes, I guess maybe he let that get to his head. Yeah, he

covered. The cover looks funny. And so when I first came across this, I was like, You know what, then doing the Grinch song. I was like, you know, this, this. This might not be that bad. And then when I heard it, I was like,

I'm surprised we're at a restaurant and the grid song was on Mars. Like, I had never heard this many verses before. And I was like, it's a full on song. Yeah.

Let me see. Let me see if I can find it real quick, uh, misfits. Oh, I found it. Okay, so I'm gonna play a little bit of this song. And then we'll talk about what we think because I actually like so the version we heard that you're talking about had extra verses. Then there's another version that's more because it's a show tunes the kind of song The the other version that I heard it's a Male Vocalist, too, but he he's His voice is more exaggerated. I don't know what version that is. It might be from like, another version of the cartoon. I don't know. But it's really cool. So this is the Misfits version of your main one, Mr. Grinch? I don't I don't I'm not a fan of this part. The melody sounds stupid.

You're a bad banana.

I just don't like that melody part. The chokes kind of takes it out. That part sounds fine.

I like doesn't bother me too much. I like I appreciate that. They're trying to do something different.


I think it's, I was so used to the other guy's voice that I'm expecting him to kind of do a little bit. I like it. Um, so I don't know. I give it like a

I think because I like the other version. Like, that's probably one of the only Christmas songs and I like

your Grinch. Yeah.

Um, but he's wearing his Christmas

tree grinchy I'm gonna give it a 2.5 to 2.5 Kim, would you give it from what you hear? 2.5 that's how I feel about a 2.5 I think it's that choke part. I don't really not a fan of it,

but the rest of it. I mean, that was just like


she's kind of convention 1.3

she got to convince me. Oh, wow, Kim gave her

like something that we would listen to. I feel like like,

I like that part. But I feel like that's the best part.

Number here.

It sounds like the grids. Like, I feel like the grid should be like, yeah, rock and roll. Like, like, everything like

that. Like that's

listening to listening to it again. Now. It's not that sounds better, I guess. And the first time I heard it 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7

Bret, what do you give it? I was gonna say 3.5 3.5

Okay, Frank, would you give it? Yeah, I

think at three,

three. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I guess I still prefer the other version. I don't know who sees original one. It's not the original one. It's It's It's a version after that. I and I don't know who it is. Because we heard the original one, which is the one that we heard when we when we were eating lunch. And that one has the extra verse or whatnot. And you could tell it sounds older. The other one is a little more recent than that one. I can't tell you who's saying it or when it came out. But I'll look for it and we'll maybe we'll talk about an hangover but I can't do the research

for the hideous live action version.

No, I think it was their their record up while I'm sure they did. I don't

know. They were I would imagine they would have son of a bitch and I don't even think of that.

I don't think I think it was older than that. Don't worry. I'll look it up. We'll talk about it on the hangover for Next Episode. I'll do research on it and see you know, what was what? But so yeah, they did. They did three I did here Island of Misfit Toys. We actually did see

we watch Rudolph.

I don't like Christmas mean movies. But I do like Rudolph, I can't watch frosty, but I can't watch. Rusty. b i do like Rudolph and then just

one that's like a super favorite of mine that I found. When the kids were little it's called the snowman. It's like 27 minutes long. It's a short one. It's based on a book, a kid's book and David Bowie actually narrates the intro, it's very brief intro and then the rest of it has no talking at all. It's Just Music. And it's animated. It's a little boy who like builds a snowman and then falls asleep and essentially he's having a dream about going out and flying with the snowman to different places and checking

stuff out. And then he comes back home and and the and the music is really good. I think it's what the London Film Philharmonic chorus. Yeah.

Okay, it's

lovely. It's on Amazon Prime right now. So a few

few weeks to watch two Christmas movies that I love to watch. What are they? jingle all the way?

We already watched it?

Yeah, watch Christmas vacation, I suppose. Probable areas. Please watch it.

I'm probably in the minority. And I probably haven't seen it in a long time. Maybe my feelings might be different now. But I never liked home alone but a jingle all the way I

that's like the Christmas movie. Like I have to watch that every year.

You gotta watch Christmas vacation now.

Christmas vacation. Yeah, like from the National lamp. Yeah, yeah. I just tried to remember it because I'm so like, so funny. I remember the Yeah. Wait, is that the one? That that's not the one about the about the where they get the grandma right. And she dies?

No, that's the first dammit.

That's okay. That's a good one. I have seen that one. It's i think that that one's one that I haven't seen, like in a longer period of time. Because I've seen Vegas vacation even Reese. I think I saw that like three years ago. Yeah. Oh, but that one kind of was. It's all right. Well, the original one this year. It's funny. The original one because a Walley world. I love that. Yeah. European vacation Europe. Yeah. There you go. Did you see the more recent one? The one that came out like three years ago now.

Oh, is it like the kids are grown up?

Yeah. And it's what what's his name from? hangover? I forget his name. Yeah, I

know. You're talking about us. And they're trying to recreate their family trip? Yeah. So it's essentially Russ as an adult, and yet he's got a family now and he's trying to recreate the trip from the first movie. Okay. And it's good. I heard I

heard it was I heard it wasn't that good.

I haven't seen it though. But I saw it. Yeah, maybe a few years ago. I was on HBO. And

she's like, where was where was I?

But it was good. I mean, it's not it's not like the first one but i think you know, it's got like little nods to the first one for sure.

Okay, and then we got into Christmas movies. Um, yeah, I kind of I kind of want to watch them or for Christmas because it is a Christmas movie is a Christmas I wouldn't mind I haven't seen that in forever and I did. The songs are fucking awesome. I really do like songs I wasn't a fan of. Are you guys familiar with the album that came out? Like in like the mid 2000s? It was like rock bands. It covered all the songs. Yeah. And it was like, really Rise Against I think was on a corn did a song on their flyleaf? Yeah, it was the whole album.

Cover of one of the songs from who panic At The Disco or


At The Disco, I think

it was Halloween.

Yeah, I think they were

Marilyn Manson covers that one too. Yeah. Which I'm not a fan of that one.


No, let's see. Well, here's the

you know, I didn't think Marilyn Manson was gonna come up.

Yeah, he actually does have a Christmas song. But, you know, I think Manson's good at covers, but there are some that I just can't do. That you know, but that's one of them that that that's one of the few Christmas. That's one of the few cover songs that he does it. I don't I'm not really a fan of

Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna look that up.

Yeah, remember for Christmas is definitely a Christmas

movie. No, no, definitely. Everybody always

tries to say it's even in the title.

And it's about it's about Christmas is about I mean, he's from Halloween Town, but it's about him discovering Christmas and him getting into the Christmas spirit and stuff. So ya know it I don't know how people that that arguments been going on the internet for like, ever. But uh, anyways. So, um, Kim, do you want to grab the next beer and then we move on to the next. Okay, so Kim's gonna grab the next beer. And then yeah, who's who's next year? Next, right? Yeah, I'll go next. Okay, what you got?

So this next one is from a band that's been popping up in our shows lately. Oh, recently. corn. They've got a song called jingle balls. Really? Yeah. And it's a death metal type song and it was released as a beside from the follow the leader recording session. So this was like 2000 it was like 98 Oh, shit. Okay. Yeah, something like that. Oh, yeah. went too far. Okay, and so yeah, they released it as a beside. I heard it. It's sad. Oh, no, it's all right. It's it's one of the two.

So is it a play on Jingle Bells like Do they have Jingle Bells melody or is it a completely new No, it's

it's the exact same jingle jingle bells dong, dong song the jingle bells

Alia Christmas version of the

will cuz I saw juggling balls and in my mind went to like thong. Wow, it's on their

essential corn album. Yeah, they're the essential corn Really? It's on that album. Wow. Okay,

the lyrics are just mortifying, you're just embarrassed.

I'm looking at the but it's uh okay, but see, that's the thing. I think they have two versions because the one that I heard was just like the straight up jingle bell song just like super down tune it sounds like a chopped and screwed version of me if you can imagine corn doing chopped and screwed. Um,

yeah, no, I can't imagine them doing that. So Well, before we play the song. Kim. Whoa. Kim poured us a beer. This is from Oh, this Oh, prairie Artesia nails. So this this is the this is the brewery that did Kim's birthday cake beer. Oh, I'm so and this is also the the brewery that did the did the shear Bay. Okay, so sure bet. Yeah. Let me see that. Sure. Sure, babe. So so this is like Rimet. This beer is called seasick crocodile off of the lyrics from very sour. So it's a sour ale with cranberries like gingerbread. Okay, so it's a called seasick crocodile. It's a it's a sour ale with cranberries, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Yeah, we're seasick crocodile. It's off of your Meanwhile, Mr. Grinch.

Oh, okay.

Yeah, you guys are don't

we don't memorize Halloween right?

How am I more familiar with crosspieces? marshmallow Wonderland like because of your experience. So this brewery is from McAlester, Oklahoma. So the cans pretty cool it looks like an ugly sweater.

It was like straight up gingerbread. Oh yeah,

the Brit just taste it. Oh shit. Okay, so we're gonna have to die smells like gingerbread.

It's really odd.

It smells like sour gingerbread like gingerbread with like sourness in it. Yeah,

it is not exactly.

Like grapefruit gingerbread or something.

It's not bad.

It tastes like it's just a weird combination.

It's not I don't taste

that yes, it tastes like bio now I mix it

tasted cinnamon aftertaste. It's the nutmeg and sunny. So the nutmeg and cinnamon they don't mesh well with the size You know, it's like you have the sour and then like when the aftertaste.

You're like,

Oh shit, the cranberries in there. I'm so like, it

took a bite of our gingerbread house and I was like,

okay, so. So, so bread since you tasted it first. What do you give it? 1.6 1.6 Okay, Kim, what do you get weird combo


I was all down in the cannabis queue.

It smells good.

I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna give it a to

write it looks like a little video game looks like a sweater. Yeah,

no, I'm gonna give it a 2.3 Yeah, I mean, it's. I taste what you're tasting. But like it's, uh huh. I don't know. It's Can I finish the whole thing? Probably not.

I mean, it wasn't a sour.

I don't know why breweries do this. They mix sours they make the wrong flavor profiles wrong with sour because we're a big big red beer is a big example that we keep going to. You shouldn't have made that a sour beer. Like

it seems like a snickerdoodle like it tastes like snickerdoodle Yeah, no, yes. And it's good. Yeah, drink it and you get that sour hit at the front.

Well, since we tasted this craft beer Let's listen to this crap song and rate it and then and then we'll go to another important one yes, the corner was a clean version I guess was much

less dramatic and yeah, that's it

Yeah, the the guitars are tuned very very low on this one. Trying to hear it I see

their bagpipes does it start?

Thanks I just I mean you can you can fast forward or you can fast forward a little

Oh, you got to make your mean face.

Oh, you got to do this dip.

The crap Stan

This doesn't sound it sounds like course trying to be another man.

It sounds like corn not you could hear God slap bass.

But other than that, like the slow like dragging death metal JD

No, it's actually it's actually had singing this song. Oh, yeah,

that changes everything. I hate it.

I wouldn't put on a playlist well and

the lyrics The lyrics are atrocious.

They were there somewhere but for some reason they weren't popping up. I give this song a jingle balls zero like 0.0 point five

and straight corn fashion. Yes, it

doesn't if it sounded more like corn like from the era doesn't it sounds like a totally different like, it sounds like if corn did a side project where they were being death metal? Yeah, it just sounds weird.

Or they like got super super high and just made music. Yeah, I mean, which I'm sure happened a lot. But I feel like they like odede on on on on the weed.

On the weed. Okay. Brett, what do you give this song?

Yeah, like a point five.

Frank, would you give it your corn fan? I mean,

yeah, you know, I can see the humor

in there we go up there. Nice guys. Nice to have good


there and you know, head found Jesus later.

Yeah. No, I mean, I'm gonna go with the two.

Holy shit. Kim. What do you give it like wanna be nice one. Oh, shit. Okay. Wow. Okay, those are nice. Okay,

so give him a whole number.

Give him the point. That's true. All right. So with that out of the way, I guess we can go to the next song but Oh, pulled up the lyrics. Kim you want to sing some of the lyrics? Yes. Was

the night before Christmas. went all through the house. Everybody was stoned. Even the mouse

Are you right? They were high. Yeah.

Man from the whorehouse. And we from jail. I just settled down to get a piece of her tail.

It's very Christmassy.

Yeah, very, very Christmassy

makes me want to cuddle up by a fire with some hot cocoa. All the juries say with a certain

thing behind Yeah. This year for this private I was there to give him

of course.

Jonathan Davis

all day one 234 Santa can suck my all day.


Do you have a Santa he's a nice guy okay

so you know

he sees you when you're sleeping and stuff like he's creepy but what

can you don't please please? Okay so we can can we dump the song? I think you

did and the reason why I can see the human is because if you listen to life is peachy they have they they covered a wars low writer and heads also singing on now and to do that. They kept the same, but it's got the cool bagpipes in it.

Well, that's cool. That's

Yeah, that's fine. That's fine.

And also on follow the leader.

They're basically just making Christmas like shit here.

Yeah. And I'll follow the leader as a hidden track. They have teach my Dean. You know, I think they're covering teach my Dean's earache, my song that you can hear and Cheech and Chong. And so I mean, you could definitely say that, you know, corn doesn't take themselves all that serious. You know, they they do have some humor to

Oh, no, I can tell what their later Oh, yeah. They weren't taking anything seriously.

Yeah, deed is another one.

Not like, that has a good melody. Like,

the, that Adidas thing is shit. We used to say when we were in fifth grade. Exactly. That's what a DITA stands for. Yeah,

no, when we're little kids. That is. That is true. That's true. Um, so Okay, so at this, this is kind of a segue song to what Frank Frank's song was. This next song is actually an anti christmas song. And it kind of resonates with me, because there are a lot of parts of Christmas that I don't like, I want to say 90% of Christmas. I don't like um, I like hanging out with family friends, you know, during Christmas, you know, I like giving gifts. I like buying stuff I like you know, trying to make people happy. And so but it's everything else I don't like it's people on the outside. I don't want to get into like the details. I mean, I could it doesn't matter. But anyway, so this I think it's put perfectly into this song. This next song frank, I don't know if you've heard it before, came out in 2010. Kim had heard it. I had never heard it before. I was doing research for this. It's by Corey Taylor. coy Taylor did a song called ex Miss. And basically it's him talking about how he doesn't like Christmas. And how Christmas annoys him. Um, I thought it was a really good song. I hadn't heard it and so I'm gonna play it I don't know if well, Kim's heard it before some let you guys hear it. So I'm gonna go ahead and play some of it. Okay, and then we'll check it out. He's actually got like a little bit of a country thing going on with this, but let you hear some of the lyrics.

There ain't nothing more depressing than a pine tree. gussied up with candy canes and balls. Those carolers have kept me up for hours. It's Merry Christmas seeping through my wall. No, I'm no Wiccan coming. None are nothing we'll get to the chorus. But there's one damn holiday that I can't stand. It ain't Halloween or Thanksgiving or even April. But it will surely make up. Every this is Mario by drunk.

The course is catchy.

It sounds a little bit like social distortion.

Yeah, a little bit. Yeah, it sounds Christmassy, but I like how it's kind of like true. Yeah, like you could like it's just funny because he put into a song like how I feel with with Christmas outside of family and stuff. Like Yeah,

I would. I guess you know, get it more if there actually weren't carolers that came around. Yeah, was last time that happened. 1885 This is probably like,

like, I know, Corey writes a lot about like, his childhood and stuff like earlier when he was younger, so I kind of feel like that's what he's writing about too. But it's catchy. Like the chorus is not like overly obscene like he's just talking shit basically. Yeah. So like, this one he's talking about like, he like the second verse was him like talking about like, people buying toys like for nothing like you know what I mean? Like just spending money for I don't know, it's just it's funny. I thought this this is more along my line of humor. It's just more like it's more grand.

I understand why he sounds very country in this song.

Well, he kind of has some country like

cuz he's making fun of country artists who know he actually

has like a lot of like, different influences. Like he has like hip hop influence country influence. So like he'll like. Experiment with like different styles like when he's doing like his own stuff. Like this is his own stuff. It's not it wasn't stolen. Slipknot, but I think he was tapping into more of his like old school country like it's kind of like rockabilly. I guess not rockabilly, but it's like country rock or Yeah, I don't want to call there. It's kind of like country rock. And I don't know, like, to me when I heard this, I was like, I could definitely make a christmas playlist with this somewhere in it. Not like blasting like with family around and stuff, but it's funny. It's fun. I like this. I give it I give it like a 4.7 I really liked the song a lot. Like I would I would listen to it. Like, I wouldn't play it over and over, but I like it as a Christmas song. You know? I feel anti christmas song. Yeah, but it has that Christmas sound to it. Frankly, to give it

I go with the three three. Okay, because I like that. Well, because I like that social D type sounding. Yeah.

I'm glad that you rated higher than corn. No, because if you were to write it this lower corn you would have to disconnect your mic boy.

It's time for you to go

Britt What? I'm just kidding. Right? What would you rate it?

I mean, I say 2.5 because I'm not an anti christmas. Okay, now that's for in the Christmas tree is actually a pagan symbol. Actually. Christmas is actually a pagan holiday.

I don't mind putting, like I actually told her like, no, let's do it. She's like, yeah, maybe we should and I was like, No, let's do it. I like Christmas trees. I like like I said when me and family do it. Like I don't I just like outside I just Yeah,

but she wanted to let that stuff bother you. Oh, I

know. I but I think a lot of it had to do with the whole retail thing like

yeah, with so many like to heal from that time in your life. It just it I'm hearing. So like maybe journal about it or

write a song or something of the year right after Thanksgiving.

Yeah, no, that's um, Kim, would you rate it? 4.5 4.5 Okay, damn, I read it in higher than anybody else. Okay, so let's go with another beer. Kim. You want to pick another one? I'll let you shuffle around. I'm sorry

for you.

Okay, so with that out of the way Frank what you got Next on the list? Are you having fun so far with us? Yeah, for sure. I did

find some also Oh, okay. So next on my list is I don't I don't think it happened or not but it was it was long rumored to be a thing and bring this bringing this up because this next artist has toured with Slipknot, it's Randy Bligh. Oh shit. God of lamb of God. Yeah. So maybe 10 years ago, I read a thing that him and folk pop artists Susan Greenbaum. They're, you know, both artists are from Richmond, Virginia. They were gonna collaborate on a Christmas tune. And yeah, I don't think it ever became a thing or not, but I'm interested to see if it is because I don't think I've ever heard like Randy's true. singing voice What

was the name of the song?

Actually, I don't think it ever happened. I think it was you don't think it happened? No, no, I tried doing research on it. But nothing really popped up just like old articles from like, Oh, 506 saying that, you know, this is gonna happen. I just never did. See?

After you play this clip, we need to take a present break.

Okay, so I can't find it either. Yeah. So before No, go ahead.

But you know, I just wanted to throw that in there is that this supposedly Christmas collaboration was supposed to happen, but it never did. What year was this? You know, it was like, I don't know supposed to be like an O seven or something like that.

I'm gonna look it up. So well, I don't know what I'm going to talk about this bureau quick. Kim brought out a beer. Yeah. I'm Britt don't taste it yet. Okay, so this is a Christmas ale from Breckenridge brewery. This is from Colorado. It's a winter. I guess. It's like some kind of winter ale. I don't see anything special that's put into it, but it is 7.1% ABV. It's really multiwall I mean, you gotta get you to Holly. Yeah, for sure. It's smells good. Um, so before we tasted, Frank, did you want to close out on that entry that you had?

Oh, well, I'm gonna jump to my next artist.

Okay. Cheatham, Griff.

There's a Lacuna Coil is naughty Christmas. Oh

my god. Frank. That was one on my list that I really, it was supposed to be ours. Okay. Okay, we're gonna take a present break. Break. We're gonna take a present break and then we're gonna taste this beer and then we'll go into the coil. I fucking love that song. Okay,

so we got some presents for Christmas. After

Yeah, so we're gonna be off for two weeks. So

we got your presence too. It's just that No,

they're not here. Yeah, that's cool. Now we understand that everything's good Yeah, apparently if you want to like if you wanted something to get through the mail you like the deadline was like today or something or like tomorrow? It's not it's not going to get to wherever you want.

It I ordered from was like the six.

Oh shit. Oh, yeah. Where is it? Oh, it's

on here.

All right, so y'all can go ahead and open those up and then we're wrapping up. Thank you. Oh, Kim does an awesome job. I am terrible.

Yeah, I did it.

I was like, well, we're gonna redo this job.

Okay, I'm not doing a very good job. See them like a kid to get like 47 scraps of paper that's,

that's the way to open up. My parents would get irritated because my sister would open it like slowly. I'm like, sold it. And she's like, just tear it open. And then my sister's like opening it. Like, like, yeah, like taking the tape off.


Oh, wow. These are badass, y'all. Thank you. Oh, my gosh, super cool. I saw you wearing something like this last week. And I was like, dang, that's cool.

Go get it real quick. I don't even know actually, I hadn't seen what you got what you get.

I got bracelets. They're wicked. Cool. I got one as an evil eye and one has a hump set. Oh, yeah,

she's really I know Kim's really into that stuff. Oh,

so I bought mine. And I was like, I don't know Fred into like the why stuff? Yeah. What's your house? I saw that you will I hanging on the door. So I have a white one. Okay, I saw the blue one was hanging on your door. Sounds like the blue one. Yeah, it was gonna get you this mood beat one, two. Okay, it's a little boutique that I got them from they were sold out already. Because you know, Christmas. So yeah, whenever I can get that one. I'll get that one. But Yo,

okay. twinsies.

So they say that you're supposed to cut their springs. So you should try to like roll them. Okay. Oh,

yeah. Just to have one of those. They don't

really pull these don't pour anything. The hair on your arms.

I don't want to wear it on this wrist. I'm gonna put it on the other one. Yes, I were on my left. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much. I super love um, they're really really cool. And totally stuff that I did. So yeah, good job.

Oh, yeah. My parents didn't take out the paper solely. Don't make a mess. I'm just kidding. Go ahead on rock. So just for a record Kim wrap both of these. Yeah, I'm not good at. It's fun. You throw it on the floor. Dude.

I'm not good at it. But they're

out there on the floor. But then the dogs,

dude, they're not gonna Oh, no more dogs on paper.

Are you sure? Yeah. Positive. Okay. Oh, hey. Yeah, we were just talking about this guy.

Yeah, we were talking about Randy by and yeah, and I know, we were talking about the photography book. But I came across this one. I know, we're interested in stuff like this. And this is about when he spent time in

jail, right? Oh,

yeah. Okay, um, by law, that would be something cool that you would like to add to your collection. Cool. Yeah. Thanks. I wasn't sure if you had read it or not. But

I never went ahead and I took a chance. But I actually didn't even know he had this. Yeah. I thought he just had the photography, but oh, no, he had

Yeah, he had that. A while back,

man. Cool. Thank you.

Yeah. So Merry Christmas, guys. Yeah. Yeah, it's like a marshmallow Wonderland. That's right. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and take this beer now. So this is from Breckenridge brewery. Let's see what smells smells nice.

It's fine. It's deceiving. It's fine. I mean, it's an ale. It's a Yeah,

it is what it is. There's not

It smells like the other one. Like the cinnamon like, smells like that. But then when you taste it, just like I mean,

like ignoring the fact that it's supposed to be like Christmas See, or whatnot. Um, if it was just an ale, yeah. And I would get a six pack of it. You know, and I could drink more than one. I'll give it like a four. Yeah,

I think that's what I'll say to you. Yeah. Okay. Well, it's not bad or anything. I don't think I would like hunt for it. Or

Yeah, me neither. No, can't wait. Would you give it? Three, three. Okay. Three. All right. So with that said, Frank, go ahead, talk about the core and then we'll jump in. Yeah, we stole our son. But that's, uh, go ahead, go ahead and say what's you? Um,

I do like it musically. Yeah. Lyrically, I did. I wasn't feeling exactly what I felt like they were trying to be creepy. Yeah, you know,

I know they're Italian. But I feel like the grammar and like the story behind it was kinda like weak. Like it could have been a bit structured better in the in the versus how the story progressed or goes on. But like the chorus is cool. I can like dig it. The music is very Lacuna Coil fast. Yeah,

style. It's Did you hear a Brit?

So the story, the lyrics,

the stories Yeah. What What I like about this one, is it no one I haven't really heard of Krampus we're we're fans of Krampus. And like, this song is big. About Krampus Okay, um, the instrumentation is fine. I like the vocals but yeah, like you guys were talking about the other stuff does try a little too hard, but I don't know if it might be something about them not very being accustomed to. I don't know. Um, but let's let's listen to some of it and see what you know. See what Brent thinks and stuff.

I've been trying to find Krampus decorations but everything's like Halloween. Yeah, like, No,

I want Christmas. Yeah.

All right here.

It's actually gonna turn that guy into,

like, pretty.

Oh, all right. Let's check this out.

could have done without that beginning part.

I love

soccer people both.

I love her.

I like the pre chorus and the course better than the vs.

No, no, the whole Krampus thing. It's more of an Eastern European tradition. I mean, how did they How did they go about it in Italy?

Yeah, that's what I was wondering. I don't I don't know how how up, like how connected they are with that lore. Um, I just

because it's caught on kind of Yeah, there was a film not too long ago that

that? Well, this song came out in 2016 Krampus. The movie with I think who was in it. Oh, it's Adams godson, William

Shatner. Oh, and I'm thinking about the other one. It was like it was like a, like a

horror movie. Right? Yeah.

A horror comedy. Oh, no, this one.

This one came out like two years ago or something like that. Okay. Actually, I can look it up.

I just love Christina. Sorry, I could still hear it in my head. And I just I love her.

So Krampus came out. So this Oh, wow. came on. 2015. So Krampus movie came out. 2015 this movie came out in 26. I mean, this song came out in 2016. So yeah, maybe maybe maybe it was an influence. I'm not sure how they could have had a fucking soundtrack for this, but I don't think that it was connected. They probably were influenced by it. Um, yeah, I mean, I really liked the song. I think the verses are weaker than the choruses in the pre courses. I like the music. Obviously. We were fans of coil. I liked I liked the way it sounds.

So in northern Italy. Krampus is one of the companions of St. Nicholas in several regions, including Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Northern Italy, including South Tyrol, and Trentino and Slovenia.

So they're probably more. They're probably more. They're probably more. What's it called familiar with craps? And we are Yeah, that sounds like it. No, I'm okay. So I can practice. Yeah, we have it over there. He has a little kid in his basket. Oh, no way. Um, there's actually like three versions of that pop. Yeah, but anyways, we got that one a hot topic. I give you like a 4.5 area like the song.

What I love.

Yeah. Okay, Kim's gonna give it a five.

Frank, would you give it? I'm gonna. I'm gonna give it a three,

three. Okay, Britt, would you give it based off of what you heard?

I was gonna get like a 3.2 3.2. Okay,

I bet. All right. So that was that. Um, this was like one of the ones that I was like, holy shit. Like I hadn't heard I hadn't heard it before. And it was a lyric video that we found on YouTube. So we were looking at it and I was like, Yeah, I found and we were listening to it. And we were reading it and stuff. Um, Frank, what else you got on your list?

I'm gonna go with type one negatives, red water crystals.

Yeah, that's hypo negative. Holy shit. That's pretty well, type O negative. What's it called again? Red water. Red water. Okay,

red water Christmas morning. Okay, like you're in mourning. Okay. Okay. Course. And, you know, it's it's typical type of negative. They have to have the dark lyrics and they're thrown in. And it talks about death on Christmas, of course. But I like it. I dig it, I think and I think Pete Steele's voice adds to it. You know, to the quality of it.

Oh yeah, his voice. I like typo negative I, I feel like I don't listen to him enough. But I really do like like, how what is it called? They're very, like they have their own sound no one else sounds like them. Gotcha. Um, and yeah, they're just very different and yeah, I mean, I don't know what else to say about him. But uh,

yeah, sorry, you know, I mean, but it's a good song. I like it. If you want to play with it, we can critique it.

Let's see. Let's see what we got here. does have like a super long as intro? Like, I saw like, it's like six minutes long.

Okay, let me know. Yeah, we can have

like 14 other stuff.

It's very doable.

There's a whole thing sound like this.

Yeah, pretty much. Because it's supposed to be like a song of wino morning. Yeah.

It's very like mood setting though. Yeah. Like it's not one that you would hear like to sing along with. It's one that you would hear like to have in the background, right? I don't see

myself rapping.

I see myself bugging angry at the tree trying to kind of I'm actually a fan of like Doom stuff. Yeah, I like this. I don't know what he's saying. Because he's singing very slow. And I'm not familiar with the

you know, but you could definitely hear the Christmas bells in there. Yeah,

they're very slow. Yeah.

But, you know, I think it's good. It's definitely a different take on I guess your typical Poppy. Well, not not Poppy, but you know, more festive type Christmas music.

Did y'all know about this song before this episode?

I did not know. I

did not.

I didn't even come across this one.

Yeah, no, I came across it. I checked it out. And I thought yeah, this is good. Like if I wanted to, if I wanted a gloomy Christmas song like that. That's the one I would go to.

I'd give it a 3.9 I mean, I like it. Yeah, go I go

with like a, like a 4.2

point five 4.2 Brit. You're the last one.

I mean, I got 4.3 I

Oh, wow. I Brits like the highest. I know. Yeah, I do to

your dark stuff. But you're right. I would there's no way in hell, I would put this on.

Oh, yeah. I wouldn't

put it on a plate. But I wouldn't do it around Christmas at all.

Yeah, I yeah, that that is interesting. Like, I don't think it's just a track to listen to. Yeah, but not during, like not specifically there happens

to like have

Christmas themes. Yeah, I don't think definitely.

I found we're trying to bring the new wave stuff in. Mm hmm. There's actually a new wave Christmas compilation CD.

Oh, brick brick. Got something.

Yeah. From Rhino Records. Okay, who's on it released in 96. So there's the first band listed as the three wise men but it's actually XTC. That's okay, but they just recorded under that name. Okay. And squeeze. And the pretenders. David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Of course. I did that duet for the Little Drummer Boy. Uh huh. Which is lovely. Captain sensible of the Damned. He did some solo stuff. And he did apparently did a Christmas song. While a voodoo, who's famous for the song Mexican radio in case you forgot, and then They Might Be Giants. There's a bunch of stuff on here. What, uh, my favorite is the Pogues. Of course. You'll know I'm a big pokes fan, but they have a song called fairy tale of New York. And it's Yeah, it's kind of considered a Christmas song because it's takes place on Christmas. The story the narrative kind of takes place.

So okay, so have you heard this whole album?

I have not. And also I saw that Los Lobos are on there and like, What the hell are they doing on a new wave? Oh,

yeah, that's weird. Um, so you said the Pogues? Yeah. How do you spell that? p o GU he was right. And he says called fairytale New York. Uh huh. Okay, let's hear some

of the pugs are 80s Irish punk band. Okay. And so this The song is an immigrant story. Really. It's like, Irish immigrants coming to New York City. And it's like a relationship. There's it's a duet. And it's kind of like the story of like, all the things he promised her if she would only come to New York. with him and what the reality is like, but it's still a Christmas.

There's actually. So I'm looking at the song. Uh huh. And there's four different versions. Oh, there's a Christmas morning version, which is morning mo you are in. Okay. Then there's two other versions featuring two different other artists. I can't see what it says but one of them's Christie McColl.

Yeah, that's who does the duet with them. So it's Karen Shane McGowan and you're seeing the two parts. Okay. And the other one is Katie. I would do that Krista. Caden Melua. I would do the Kirsty MacColl,

Christina okay. Yeah, so we're gonna play that.


let me do the Chrissy Nicole version.

You can like

fast forward through the

song. Yeah. It was.

Sounds like Bob Dylan.

Rarely suffer enough.

Like he's had a few eggnogs Yeah.

This is more Christmas sound to me. Yeah. And it's gonna get very Irish sounding

forward a little bit.

See, I think this one yeah, I think this part more.

And they're actually kind of humorous because she's not digging him so much. It's like, you know,

is it like a? I gotta go.

flirty like that. Okay. Like she actually like before, like, over and over it says, you know? Yeah. Oh, she hates Yeah. She's like, You promised me all this stuff that when we moved to New York, we were gonna have all these things and it was gonna be an actress, and I was gonna do all this. And here we are. And you're waking up in the drunk tank and I'm, you know, working all the time. And it's just not the fairy tale, right that she was promised.

I'm not a fan of the intro, but I do like when it picks up. I'm gonna give it like a, like a 3.4. Okay, Brett, what do you give it? 4.5

I love the Pope.

Frankly, you know, I can imagine myself at a bar at a pub in Dublin. Oh, yeah. You know, getting sloshed on eggnog with the whole buncha

union sloshed. Virgin. The Virgin eggnog. Okay.

Yeah. I don't know. It gives me happy thoughts. Okay, I would say maybe a 4.552. Okay,

can we give it three? Okay. So, um, I mean, it's good. I like when I picked up. Um, actually, it kind of segues into what I'm what I had next. There's actually I can go two different ways. I can either go to a compilation that I found. Frank has it on his list, or I can go to the Irish side. I think I'm gonna go to the Irish. Oh, so the one the one that I found, I am actually a fan of dropping drop kick Murphy. Okay. And I actually didn't know they did a Christmas song. Did you know I didn't. Okay, so, Dropkick Murphys did a song in 2012 called the seasons upon us. And basically, I saw the music video to music video too, and I liked it and it's about them talking about Christmas time and then being around their family and like, the things that they hate about Christmas time because of family. Okay, but at the same time liking it. Yeah. Um, it's an it's very Dropkick Murphys like, I liked it a lot. So I'm gonna play it and then after we play this, then we'll go ahead and try another beer. But uh, so I know, I know you're a fan of dropkick Murphy's. Drop. Yeah,

I saw them at a warp tour and

I saw them shit. I know. I think I think I've seen them. I want to say I think I've seen him at Warped Tour to see this Oh,

three. That was so long.

It was a little while ago. Okay, here we go. Ready for this? Yeah, so this this is I like this a lot. Actually. One of my favorite Christmas ones that I heard from this


The seasons

the trees in the home

songs to be sung

some families

I like it Yeah,

I could definitely play this out of get together

yeah for sure

one here the second verse jobs

that husbands are losers and so all this

nice gift wrap box

more than

last season's

so yeah, so this one, I think the lyrics are fucking awesome. Like and I think there's a lot of times where like, even if you don't have a family like that, like there's times where you do like, feel some way about your family, right? Like I don't want to be around guys. And this this song like embodied it like during the holidays and especially when you see the video more it kind of it's funny too, because like it's just him, like singing to the camera and then like the stuffs happening like around them like him. It's basically him like a music video of him like at somebody's family relative's house, like during the holidays, and yes, people like being stupid. And him not wanting to be there but at the same time. It's family. And you know, being there. Um, this was like one of like I said, doing this research. It was one of my favorite ones on the list. I give this one like a four point like eight like I really like this one. I don't know based off of what you guys are for. Okay. Frank, would

you give it go to for us or bro? What

do ya 4.2

Damn. With the highest rating? Okay. Yeah, I really I really liked it a lot. I like the groove. I like the Yeah, it sounds Christmassy. It's very, if I could remember lyrics. I would probably sing along to it, but I found that really good. Yes. Very dropkick. Yeah, I liked it a lot. Um, so that was that you want to try another beer? Because we got beers. So Frank, I'm gonna cheat a bit. Yeah. Well, I were so good. Hey, we're gonna be gone for two weeks. So we're gonna we're gonna do this. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, we

got we can do that too. Okay, so another the other segue that I had was, uh, you were talking about compilations? Frank. I actually came across this compilation that came out in 2008. There's actually a 2011 edition with bonus tracks. It's called We wish you a metal ex Miss and a head banging New Year. So basically, Dave Grohl is on this let me kill Meister Billy Gibbons. Do Doro pesch I don't know if you guys remember the name Dora. We did it off of our Germany episode and I talked about dororo she was like, the heavy metal like,

like the guitarist.

No, she was the singer. The woman singer though. She's like, she's been around since like the 70s or 80s. Yeah, go go, go go go. d'Oro. Dez or fara from Cole champion. devildriver Scott Ian from anthrax is on this Alice Cooper and john fiber on this. Oh, the standout one that I heard that I want you guys to listen to. It's a song called run ruoff run and it's Dave Grohl. Let me kill my stern Billy Gibbons. Um, so like I said the compilation came out in 2008. But before we play the song, this is one of our favorite breweries, mannequins. I don't know how you feel about them, but they're really leaning cool. This is their snowdrift vanilla Porter 6% ABV. They are from I don't know, I forget where they're from. They are from Germany, aren't they? Oh, they're from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Oh, okay. Little you're a little bit off. It's a robust Porter aged on real vanilla. So it's a porter and the agent on vanilla. I don't know if it was in a barrel or anything. But I guess let's taste this first and then we'll read it and then we'll go into the song that I'm talking about. So

any thoughts?

Yeah, no, that was like anything.

Yeah, just man. I haven't tasted it yet. Um, see what it smell like

another quarter. Yeah, this tastes like another quarter.

It's weird because I don't really taste any vanilla. Yeah, I

don't either. No, just that bitterness at the end like that. Not very nice. Um

honestly for a porter it's fine. I'd give it Yeah, I'd give it a three.

Yeah, that's fair. Britt Okay, the same. I mean, it's just a porter. Yeah, it's

just a porter to me I don't really tasting the special about it.

The only thing I appreciate is that like that bitter or like that smoky yeah flavor Yeah, and the end is not as strong in this

Yeah, it's not I couldn't I could finish this one I yeah, I could probably drink like Yeah, what would you give it 3.73 point 3.7 Holy shit.

Well, because you know what? I give it a 3.5

you know what porters and stouts and stuff I was like, Oh, this is like a buck a mile. But this one actually doesn't have that strong. Oh, but after tasty so okay.

So um, okay, so that's our little review on the Leaning Google. Um, so this song that I saw on this compilation actually my favorite one that I heard not only her to do, did God rest ye merry gentlemen. And that was like my favorite one. I'm a big deal fan. Um, but the one that I want to play you guys is the Dave Grohl. Let me kill my stern Billy Gibbons one and this is run Rudolph run. So let's go ahead and do this. So that's gonna be me. And we're gonna do run Rudolph shit. And type that right.

Here we go. Okay, so you guys ready? Okay. Yeah, this this? I don't think it was that bad. Well, we'll see what you guys think. Gabriel on the drums. I believe.

I just I love.

Yeah, okay, sounds Christmassy. Um, like I said, I'm a big fan of Lemmy. Um, his like, His voice is really like gravelly, but it doesn't take away from the, from the song. It just sounds like Lemmy singing a Christmas song. Yeah, not bad. Um, I don't know what you guys think about it, but I liked it a lot. I would give it like a four point. Like a 4.5.

Good luck with maybe a 3.9 3.9 Okay,

was there anything that you didn't like about it?

Hmm. I feel like there could have been more Billy Gibbons in the vocal Billy

Gibbons is from ZZ Top. Yeah. I'm assuming that's him on the guitar. And I'm assuming Dave rolls on. Yeah.

No, cuz guitar wise, he's good. Yeah. But I but I think vocal wise, it could have been more Billy.

But I think when you got Lemmy in the room, you gotta. Well, yeah, I don't think anybody can.

Or maybe I'm just thinking, you know, maybe sing one part. And then Oh, yeah. Um,

yeah, no, I see what you're talking about. Right. What do you give it?

I'm, I got 3.5 3.5. Okay, I like the original bag.

Yeah, what do you what do you what do you read this one? 3.6. Okay. No, I mean, y'all give it fair ratings. I just, like I said, I'm a big fan of Lemmy. And I like the way it sounded like for me, it makes me like the song more. So, um,

alright, so I gotta heal your Christmas wounds. With the

times that Yeah,

yeah, I've only

I've only I've only I've only heard two songs off this compilation. Um, it is on Amazon. I haven't heard the whole thing yet. But, uh, I did like this one. And I did like to do the deal. One is a little more traditional, actually. Do you guys want to hear the deal?

Yeah, that's good. And we don't have to.

I mean, well, yeah, I mean, we can read it I guess.

But is it the real deal?

Yes. The real isn't the hologram do actually

did you see that video that performance that hold that that tour? Oh, it's actually not only like the hologram deal. No, I

didn't see. Well, I saw like, clips of it. But no,

I thought it was. It was weird. Yeah.

Um, what was I gonna say? Oh, so do Tonio he's actually playing with him on that song. Oh, I couldn't find it on here. But that's something we don't have to do that. We'll go ahead, Frank. What's next on your list?

Um, I'm gonna go with Alice Cooper's Santa Claus is coming to town. And in Santa Claus. Oh, Santa Claus. Yeah, yeah. And he's got this thing that he does every year. I think it's called Alice Cooper's Christmas pudding. And basically, it's like it. Yeah, I know. It sounds funny. But it's a it's a charity drive that he does. And it's his efforts to get kids off of you know, the streets and off of drugs and whatnot. So because he himself was really into drugs and drinking early in his career and then he got sober and and he mentored a lot of he mentored a lot of bands, you know, to live the clean touring life. And so this is his way of giving back to the community and whatnot, and just like pretty much trying to make an impact on on teenagers lives and, and stuff. So yeah,

that's so weird. Did you mention the song cuz this is on that damn compilation? Oh, really? Yeah, it's from it's from that compilation. So good. Good. Good connection there. Good. Go ahead.

I like it. You know, and I think I feel like Alice Cooper his whole life. his whole career. He's played like a teenager type type thing. I think right? I mean, yeah, I mean, yeah. And so I'm guessing this is his way of like, trying to relate without forever School's Out forever and and no, no more Mr. Nice Guy and whatnot. Yeah. But that sounds good. You know, and tell me from Alice Cooper, you know, the one of the original. Not the original, but one of the original shock rockers in for him to do a Christmas tune for me was a different type of shock.

You don't check it out.

Yeah, that's a shame.

I haven't heard this. I saw him on the list. But I didn't. I didn't. Yeah.

Did you say this is a cover? This is an original song.

Okay. Oh, yeah. Okay.

He doesn't add much to

know. But

okay, that's I mean, I think I think I heard

Yeah, it's a bit nicely. Yeah.

Give it a two.

But also two. He's getting old.

This was 2008 though. Yeah, yeah, this is 2008. So I know, I know. You're trying to

get that he's a nice guy. We share the same birthday me and

ask Cooper shares the same birthday. Oh, well, an Aquarius

is an Aquarius. Wow.

Yeah. Okay, so what? What we can critique him? So I give it a do. I mean, it's whatevs.

Oh, you know what the I would go with the three three.


Brett, would you give him a split the

middle and go? 2.5 2.5. Okay, Kim wouldn't give it. Okay, okay. It's just it doesn't add much to the like, you could hear tons of other versions. You know, you can probably find a better version. I appreciate this as a rock version. But still, it's not much it doesn't it doesn't even on the rock side. It doesn't add much. No. Still Let me see where it's at.

And the reason why I give it a three is because I do like the I do like the musical structure of it.



Yeah, I

can't i can't i can't i can't i can do without this. This idea. I don't I don't need it in my life, right? It's whatevs.


that's a good judge, like a rule of thumb, right? Like, do I need this in my life in my life?

I mean, the answer's no, the answer's no. Yeah. Okay, so I don't know what to go with next. Because it might it's my turn, right?

Yeah. Okay, so

this next one I'm not a fan of you guys know, I'm not a fan of hardcore or anything like that. Or trash core some more trailer? You know, we like to there's dance crabs? Yeah, I'm not a fan of Okay, so August burns red Frankie. Are you familiar with August burns red.

I do know who they are.

Okay, so, Cam I know you're familiar ish with them or now? Yeah, you are. Okay. So they actually shot so they this actually shocked me like altogether. So they did they did a cover of Frosty the snowman. Right. But what I liked about it is that it was an instrumental and they left out the vocals. Yeah. So so I thought it was very creative on their part. Like when I first saw it on the list. I was like, What the fuck and I was like, I do not want to hear this. But I was like, I have to hear it for the podcast. So I listened to it and there was no vocals and I was like, I wouldn't mind putting this on a playlist. So I'm gonna go ahead and play this for you guys and let's see if you guys what you guys think about this, um, August burns red, frosty?

Let's see if oh here it is Preston. Okay, you guys ready? Yes. Then we'll try a beer after this

doesn't add much but it's not like bad. Okay. I mean, the thing that I like about it is that it's an instrumental. Yeah, there's no. And there's one thing that I note that I just learned about it right now apparently, they had a holiday album, and I'm sure the other songs have vocals on it. It's called August burns, red presents sledding Hill, a holiday album, and I didn't know as part of an album. Do I want to listen to their songs? Probably not because they're probably singing but here's the, I guess, breakdown.

Let's try that again. There we go.

Thank you got to do with me.

Y'all practice,


And then there's like, surprisingly, I would rate this kind of high. I mean, I liked it as an instrumental. Um, if it had vocals, I probably fuckin disapprove of it. But since it isn't instrumental, and they went, you know, is just the music. You can have it in the background. You know, I would give it like, I give it like a 4.5 I don't like this band. But I like I like this. You know, it's it's not bad. Right? Um, Frank, would you give it a

maybe a three, three. Okay. And I think with a lot of bands like this is, and I know the musicianship is good. But I feel there are times where they get too showy.

Oh, yeah, it's showy and repetitive as well. Um, and they like to show the dips that they brought when you give it

a 2.5 on a superfan and I think that that band might need to be a hangover for last week, because that's pretty dumb name.

Yeah, that's pretty dumb. I don't know if it was on my list. Probably. I probably didn't say it, Kim. When you give it

three, three. Okay,

that's crazy. How

good until they got into like the breakdown break. Yeah, I

can't see. I can't

send breakdowns either. But I just I appreciated the I appreciated the fact that the singer held back and was like, I'm not gonna sing on this guy's You go ahead. You know what I mean? Or maybe he felt him? I don't know. But fucking whatever. Yeah. Um, so anyways, that was mine.

I feel like there are some Christmas songs. But no matter how you try to change it up, or whatever it It sounds, it has to sound like the original to still be the song. And because it still sounds like the original it's, it's just super Christmassy and it doesn't you know what I mean? It does lend itself well to being a metal song or something. It's just

some of these guys have done a good job though. Some of these guys. Um, but I think when you tweak it, like for instance, like how you were saying right now about it, how it not lending itself to be metal. Um, they left the vocals out, which helped it a lot. But then also to when you think about a Trans Siberian orchestra, they basically took Christmas music and they just made it. Yeah, I

mean, yeah. I never

seen it before.

I'm sure they're really good musicians and stuff, but it's like my friend says it's Christmas crotch rock.

his crotch rock? That's hilarious. Kim. Have you ever seen TransSiberian live? Now? You guys know. We got to go when you want to. I

don't like it, Mario.

I've only heard I've only I've only heard one song. I'm tired of it.

Before COVID they would

go every year.

Oh, wow. Okay. Um, I don't know. Maybe Maybe I'll go okay. Kim and I will go one year and then we'll tell you how.

Yes. I read that they have a really good production though.

No, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, and I scare into that stuff like,

um, Christmas crush rock.

I mean, I would like to experience it once just to see how it is. What I do. I think I'm gonna love it. I don't know. I don't know. But I'd like to see At least once it sucks because the original guitarist who was on there for like years he passed away like a few years ago. Yeah, so they actually have a new guitarist. But uh, so that said, we'll go on to Frank. You know, whatever he has next on his list. This is the next beer we have is from. It's called Deep winter from deep ellum brewing. Porter, another Porter from Dallas. This is this is actually this is actually this is actually a golden Porter. It's bro it's brewed with cocoa nibs and coffee.

24 karat gold. Okay. You don't like chocolate and coffee and Porter

from the North Pole. Oh, okay. Okay, let's do

Dallas. Oh, oh, you

caught that part. Damn, I couldn't fuller San is not real. Oh,

she believed that.

No. Real guy. Okay.

Okay, don't pour over the laptop, please, please. Okay, well, what you got to do is you got to make sure that little tab is all the way. Boom.

There you go. Color from our previous Yeah.

So this is a golden Porter, actually. Okay, so in previous episodes A long time ago, I told you guys that there's some styles of beer that aren't. They aren't recognized by the Brewers Association because they're not you know, they're not like widely brewed. So this might be one of them. This is a this is a golden so the golden Porter. I'm not sure this is a recognized style. Um, I've actually this is a pretty light. Looking for them. Yeah, yeah. It's very caramel ale. It smells caramelly or What's that smell?

It smells like coffee.

Smells like coffee grass.

Like us like a sweet grass. No, like, on Earth. Earth like Earth.

Okay, um,

so we're gonna go here with Okay, so who's gonna taste first? I already

It's okay. Honestly, it's better than the other porters we've had tonight. Yes, it's Miley. Shit.

You know, like, wow. Oh, man.

Whoa. Oh my gosh, this crazy coffee.

Yeah, like it punches you like

I don't feel like I was. I thought it was smooth.

You thought this was smooth? Yeah, we're this like coffee. Yeah.

Like coffee, coffee. Coffee, so it's like actually doing what? Make it a latte. Oh, shit.

I love coffee. Mario bought me this pumpkin. I do not like this coffee thing that was already mixed. And

I was gonna I'm gonna give this a one. I did not like it. I I'm sorry. Like my taste buds are we're all different but that I do not like this. Well,

it does taste like coffee.

Doesn't it says it does so

Britt. What do you give it?

A hold on?

I don't know. There's just something about it. I don't like

not a five. I'm gonna go like a 3.4 3.4. Kim. What

do you like? Wait, what? Oh, 1.7 Okay, she was around. I well. It's just It's weird. Because like it's it tastes a lot like coffee. But it also has a strong Porter punch to it. And I don't think I like

that. And this one.

I think you've had too many. Yes, true. Fun.

It's weird.

Oh my god. Frank. I wish you could taste this because like, it's like,

it smells like a French Vanilla coffee to me. Maybe I'm wrong.

Definitely. It him. Very coffee tastes

It's so weird because I like IPAs. And you guys. Don't. This hits me hard like the I don't know what it is in the profile. But it's hitting me like, and I do not like it. I like coffee. I'm speaking of which. We're not going to be able to try it this episode and you don't know. What's Mario's already drunk? No, no, no. We actually found a fuck what is it? It's a French toast.

Oh, professors beer.

Yeah, it's a French toast. Not a porter. stout. French toast out.

Sour. No.

No, it's actually in the pantry. I didn't put it in the fridge. Because I knew we weren't gonna have enough time to taste it. Because we also have those fancy ones that I told you where h in the Merrill's Oh, yeah, yeah. Your old gray one. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck I do not like this. Um, but I'm gonna go ahead and let Kim dump that down the drain. And you shoot. Yes. I'm glad you like it because a

COVID the best of the porters we've had tonight. Really after shirt.

Oh my god Britt I'm glad that we have different tastes. Yes, we have different like perceptions of the. Yeah, um, Whose turn is it for the song? Um,

I guess mine Do you have any?

I don't even know what I what did I say last August burns red. That's

right. Yeah.

What do you got

to finish mine off?

Oh shit. Okay,

I've got it's not really a Christmas song

cheater like yeah, it was a Rob Zombie or something Ramstein. No, it's actually it's Marilyn Manson. Okay.

And you know, I think last week we talked about shreds videos. shreds videos. Yes. It's like basically,

like, where they mess up the Oh. It's also in like a bad lip reading combined. Yeah,

yeah. Okay. And it's a Yeah, it's a Marilyn Manson shreds video. And it's a it's called the spirit of Christmas. I

think. So it's not an official song. It's not an Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. But that's why that's why you're cheating.

Yeah. Are you familiar with the the claymation character, Mr. Bill? Yes. Okay, so it sounds like essentially, Mr. Bill singing. But you know, it's, uh, it's Marilyn Manson. Okay. I think it's fine.

That's interesting. Yeah. I mean, if

you want to put a little if you want to play a little clip of it.

Well, the thing that sucks is I won't be able to because I'm only on Pandora. In order to avoid ads and stuff I say.

Watch it after. Yeah, well,

we'll search it after definitely. Yeah, um, what shit was I gonna say? Okay, anyways, so we can try another beer. Do you want me to go to my song?

Yeah. What's your what's your?

Okay, so I have one. This is one of my, one of my favorite classic rock bands. AC DC. Hmm. Um, I don't know why this says that this was on a different album. But from what I saw this came out in 2016. It's called mysteries for Christmas. And so we'll play a little bit of it and see what you guys think. I like AC DC, but we'll see what you guys apparently it says this was off a Razor's Edge was which was I think often the sometime in the 90s.

Just sounds like a regular AC DC song. Yeah. With Jingle Bells. Oh my god. I wasn't percussion and I played sleigh bells and the fact that you said sleigh bells. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

That means you're even more crispy or Christmassy or than you think. Yeah.

Well, you set the right term. I said the wrong. Yeah, because I'm

feeling the Christmas vibe.

I don't know Frank remembers this, but we played a concert one time when we were in middle school at the airport. And I played the sleigh Bell Remember

that? Yeah, it's for the people flying in the

airplane. It's really sweet.

I know. That AC DC.

Yeah, totally sounds like AC DC.

To the chorus.

Lots of ministers for Christmas. That's romantic. I'm sure he's a nice guy. Oh, yeah.

Okay, so it's very it's very it's very AC DC. It's just AC DC was sleigh bells. um what's what else? Give it like a 1.5 Yeah,

I mean, come on. And that's not to say that I don't appreciate AC DC. Oh yeah. And their songs that all sound the same? I

mean, you know they do it's true.

It's the fun part. It's

it's like their singles that don't like there's some albums that I listened to and I don't finish them because they they do sound the same but like when you listen to their singles that sound different. You know what I mean? Like the single sound different but when you go to the album's it kind of the single standout and everything else gets mixed together. Yeah. What so would he give this

a 1.5 1.5? I mean, I'm judging it on Christmas music. Yeah,

no, yeah, definitely. Frank, would

you give it three?

What the


because I do like the AC DC sound. Yo so do I. I

mean, I saw ECC. That was one of my favorite live shows I ever seen. Kim when you give it Brett what it Brits say? at 1.0. We all said 1.55. Okay, Bret Frank was in the minority.

Yeah. Okay.

Do you have anything else on? Well, this

band is not technically a Christmas Bailey shit.

Wait a minute, what band is a Christmas band?

Okay. Okay, so they're not a Christmas band. I don't think they have any Christmas tunes. But the band name does sound like Christmas. It's, um, I guess nice punk band called a sleigh bells.

Oh, okay. Just their name. So there's just a name? Yeah.

So they have nothing. I've heard of them before. Yeah, it's just, it's just the name itself.

I've heard of them. Yeah.

Interesting. Okay, they're fine. I

mean, if you want to, like listen to high energetic type stuff, you know, that's the type of stuff you go for.

Okay, I got a couple more and then we can try some beers. Yeah. We're trying to wine. Okay, and then we'll let Britt talk about that. So while Kim gets that open, the next song that I have is by so I got into this artist because of Metallica. Metallica was very heavily influenced by this. Yeah, I know. I didn't think they were King Diamond. Okay, so so King Diamond actually did a Christmas song in 1986. Sweet called no presents for Christmas. So I'm gonna go ahead and search this while Kim pours that King. Oh, would you fuck up? the cork. It's just a twist.

Okay, so Kim's gonna go ahead and pour that while I play this song. This is King Diamond. No presents for Christmas. 96 actually like King Diamond. I like his voice. Yeah, he's very distinct.

Oh, it's a metal a

plastic crap.

Yeah, we got foil. That's all good. Yeah, you could you could definitely hear the influence of Metallica took from

you. I wonder I wonder how old he is.

You know what I actually saw? Not too long ago. What? Yeah, Fun Fun Fun Fest. I don't know what year it was. I don't know. 2013 2014 something like that. Holy shit. Yeah, it was badass. Like the stage setup was wicked cool. I

mean, they had like,

wow, like a wrought iron fence all around and coffins and all kinds of cool shit. It was really

good. The thing about this is it doesn't sound like a Christmas song. No King Diamond song with Christmas themes in it. But it isn't like a Christmas song. With that said I like King Diamond. But I would give this like a I guess like a to ah, dude. I mean, I like no, I like that. It's I like what he did. But we're as a Christmas song. It's just let's go back to it.

Well, we like the type of negative and that didn't sound like Crusher. Oh,

that's true.

This one at least like says Christmas.

Nice sleigh bells. Right?

Maybe a little bit? Yeah, jingle bells.

Jingle Bells. Okay, you know what I'm gonna go with like a 2.5 I'm sorry. I mean, it's good. I like it because it's King Diamond. I like King Diamond. But yeah, as a Christmas song. I don't know if I could put in a Christmas play this I mean, it's, I mean, I would I probably would, but to my five.

Frankly to give it I think like a four.

That's what I was. Okay.

Because I like I like that classic thrash.

Well, yeah, so So do I like it? Okay, if I was basing this as not a Christmas song, I give it like a poor but basing it off of Christmas I I'm gonna have to lower it, Kim. So what do you give it? Oh, so we give it 2.5 you both give it for. Okay, so there's that. Um, Frank, you got anything else on your list?

No. Oh you don't you done? Okay, so

so we have this wine Kim, would you like to tell us about oh no Brett, would you like to tell us about this wine?

Sure. This is a it's called glyph icon. It's a German mulled wine. It's seasonal. It's something that in Germany they serve like. They have like Christmas markets in the streets in the towns and you can go to those Christmas markets. It's chilly cold out there. And so while you're shopping, they have little booths where you can go buy this It's warm. mulled wine is essentially just wine. That's simmered with spices and Fruits Fruits. Yes.

One has vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, orange and lemon peel with a touch of sweetness.

Yeah. And so traditionally, we would drink this warm you heat it up on the stove. Holy shit. Oh, warm, but that's okay. I mean, so room temperature is fine. Yeah. But really warm because it's served in winter in Germany where it's cold.

sangria. Wow,

let me see. Um, you can smell the spices.

Um, it's, it's sweet. It's good. And I don't really drink sweet wine too much. But I think this one's nice because because of the nature of those, like cinnamon and clove and those kind of crystals. So you've had this before?

Oh, yeah. Okay, um, go ahead and let you taste it.

Oh, I like it. Okay, this is like wine. I love wine. But

But mulled wine. And you can imagine it

like this a lot too. Like it's smooth. Right?

Yeah, it's very smooth is it doesn't have that hit of wine. Yeah,

and it's red,

and then a sangria or like a like a mellow or you would think that it would have that strong like hit at the

kind of dryness or something. And that

aftertaste is very, has a very spicy aftertaste to Germans. I agree. I like this a lot. I'm actually gonna give this like a 4.5 so

I'm going to five also. It's good. I haven't had it in a long time either. Because it season also available. We're like, right there. No, I like

I like it a lot. Um, so

yeah, and from past memory. Yeah, I'm gonna go like with the five awesome. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we would we always get it around Christmas time. That's when you start to see it in stores. And it's good stuff. Yeah, no, it's

good. Oh, I get a lot. Um, I didn't have anything else. As far as Christmas music on my list. That was all I had. Um, so I guess since we don't have anything else we're gonna do I guess we're gonna hang out. Maybe we'll drink some more beers. And then whatever we drink, we'll post on Instagram. But yeah, whatever we did drink. Of course, when you know, you've heard us talk about it. And it's going to be on Instagram. Whatever we don't talk about on the show is going to be on Instagram as well. So we'll probably be back in two weeks. I'm not sure. Maybe Kim and I will record an episode. Maybe? I'm not sure. Um, we might do that. Because I know we did one once it was a preview for our beer or bamboos episode. Oh, that's right. So yeah, so since it's two weeks, I know Kim and I sometimes get a little restless. I miss doing the podcast, so we might do a small episode. But if not, we'll be back in the new year. I don't know what the topic is gonna be we'll talk about it but if you guys want to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, on Twitter, just go to Rock Cafe or pod comm you can find all the links there. You can also find our Spotify playlists for any of the past episodes. And for today's episode, you can hear all the Christmas rock songs or metal songs or Alternative Songs all the way through. Yeah. And let us know what you think about them. And then Frank Britt Kim, do you have anything else you want to say? No.

Happy Holidays. Be safe.

Yeah, be sad. Yeah.

Wear your mask.

Yeah, wear your mask.

And your guys like

yes. Just one Yeah,

yeah, just one year and jingle balls

jingle no jingle balls all the way. No. I'm alright guys. So they will see you guys next time. Whether it's me and cam or the four of us next year in 2021. Yeah, be safe and then Cheers.

Cheers. Cheers. Good


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