Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 22 - Dumb/Bad Band Names

December 05, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 22
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 22 - Dumb/Bad Band Names
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This episode, we finally get to try that Best Maid Pickle Beer! We also try other sour/goses, while discussing dumb and bad band names! Who knew we felt so strongly about band names? And who knew we felt so strongly about punctuation and grammar? Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank Britt's laughing and everyone tried not to I'm sorry. Um, she's just so happy that we're back because this week yeah, we took a week off again. Yeah, no, we're back again. This is the podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try new craft beers, while discussing them, rating them and sometimes learning a little bit about them all while discussing music related topics. And this week's Music related topic is dumb, or bad band names. Um, so yeah, we like talking about band names. It seems like that's what we've been doing for the past few episodes. We're just kind of like, really like learning about how they came up with the, with the name and you know, just discussing them. It's been pretty, pretty interesting. I think. Well, last year, last week, not last week. Last episode was the band's named after food.

So when we it seemed like it was like forever ago. Yeah, but that was our Thanksgiving episode. And that was pretty interesting. If you hadn't heard it. I suggest you go listen to it and let us know what you think. Um, but yeah, so with that said, how's everybody doing? We've been good. Happy to be back. Like you said, it feels like forever. Yeah. I I had fun with with this with this one. And I was just trying to reduce it down to, you know, because I could go on and on. Oh, yeah, definitely. But I think I tried reducing it to the ones that are more relevant to me. Okay. I think you know, we'll go. And I mean, I'm pretty sure some, there's always going to be some offshoot here and there, you know, for one or four or whatnot. But yeah, I'm looking forward to this episode. I'm looking forward to hanging out my friends again. And yeah, just looking forward to looking forward and drinking beer because we got we got a lot of beer to try this episode. Not a lot. But some interesting ones that I think we're because this episode, we're finally getting away from the stouts. And the borders and stuff in the darker beers, we seems like we've had a lot of those lately in the past few episodes, and we just haven't had any luck with them. They've just been not good. The profiles don't match what they're supposed to be. Some of them are fine for just being a regular whatever they are. But as far as like going against what they're going for, what their profile is supposed to be in, they don't really line up. And this isn't what I wanted, you know, I wanted what the label says and right now what we got. But um, so anyways, usually, what we do to kick off the show is we have a little segment segment called the hangover, where we talk about things that we either forgot to mention last episode or just wanted to bring up from past episodes. And then after that, we talked about what we're drinking. So does anyone have any hangover from last episode? Any hangovers from last episode?

No, but you know, I, I know I I mentioned that.

You know, back in high school, me and some friends had this fiction or Thanksgiving. Yeah, festival. And I'm thinking man, like somebody really needs to make that happen. You need to make that happen. You're the only one. They can make this happen. Frank. Yeah. If you're the one with the vision, if you book them, they will come through. So you gotta book them. And you know, well, I hope you um, so um, yeah, I mean, Brit, did you have any, any hangover? I had a hangover from a couple of episodes ago. Go for the misheard lyrics episode, okay?

And it is, and Frankie's gonna have to help me because I, I don't even know the name of the song or the band. It was a song that we were listening to in the car one time when we were listening to a lot of music in Spanish. And when you're not when you're a non Spanish speaker, or any language, right, and you know, some of it like your brain is like trying so hard to hear a word, you know? Yeah. Okay. So that's what my brain was doing. And we're listening to the song. And I'm trying so hard. And I'm listening. And I'm like, Okay, I'm hearing a word I know.

And then I turned to Frankie, and I said, Well, this dude must really love his grandma. Because I keep hearing abuela muela.

And he's like, No.

Well, I've Well, what's that? Okay, so, of course, a Wella is grandma and, and well means to fly.

So he's saying, well, I Weller, and the band is you've probably heard of Magneto, like an 80s like Spanish pop band. No. Well, they were like, you know, one of the one of the it's boy bands so like Latin America. Oh, wow. Okay, yeah.

It's actually a good song. I like it. Yeah. And yeah, we told that story to his family.

And they have never let me live it down. And so anytime the mute that song comes on when we're hanging out with them everybody's things Grandma Grandma.

That songs going on the playlist. Yeah.

So we're gonna have that one on there. Kim, you got you have any anger? No, just hope everybody had a good holiday if you're in America listening. Yeah, yeah. I don't really have anything. I'm still in a food coma. Yeah.

I had something. So we were talking about Smashing Pumpkins. Last episode. And we got into this part of the discussion where we were talking about one of the former members Darcy not not liking The Smashing Pumpkins name because one of the words was being used wrong, like as an adjective or verb and I couldn't figure out so it was like bothering me. And I was like, okay, so if you say Smashing Pumpkins, smashing

is a verb. If you say it like that, Smashing Pumpkins, but if you say The Smashing Pumpkins, smashing turns into an adjective, sounds like Okay, so how do they go? How? How does the band get? Like, how do how do they see it? How is it How is it supposed to be? How is it supposed to be? Yes? How's the band so because you know how there's some bands where like, you're not sure if the belongs there. So I was looking, I was like, everywhere, like they had us it was like, does Smashing Pumpkins, Smashing Pumpkins? But the name of the band is Smashing Pumpkins, though, is not part of it. Yeah. So I think that's where her irritation came from. She was like, Well, if it's, I think she got really technical with it, or it was like, boy, we are Smashing Pumpkins. So this is going on more into our episode,

where I have this thing where band names

a good band name comes from where if you can say we are and it sounds good. Okay, so if you say we are Smashing Pumpkins, then whatever, but if you say we are The Smashing Pumpkins, and it changes it, and that's where her irritation came from, and I just wanted to go back and clarify like, what her irritation could have been, or what her you know, what her dilemma was when it came to you know, not like you Yeah, but I just want to put that out and the correct I don't know if I said this already, but the correct way to say it is without the Okay, so they are that's the smashing thing. Yeah, that people just kind of added Yeah, and it's I think it's a natural thing when you're saying it like oh, this hurt The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, when it's really Have you heard Smashing Pumpkins? Gotcha. But the kind of gets thrown right in there naturally. So it'd be Smashing Pumpkins, the band smasher? Yes. And it's the same thing with Ramones, everybody, everybody says the Ramones but it's just Ramones. Yeah. Yeah. So that's another that's another one of those bands. But I mean, they're all they're all dead.

Okay with the one with the the original remains or have passed on? Really? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, so the, the originals have but

he's all like they're all dead to me.

Okay, yeah, no, Marky Ramone. He's still he's still around. He's got a he's got a channel right? Oh, yeah. He's got a channel on Sirius XM. Marquis Ramones, punk rock blitzkrieg. Yeah, he was actually a classic punk. He was actually at the last Comic Con that I went to. I didn't I saw him but I didn't get in line to meet him or anything. But yeah, he was there. And I think he drove here though. I think he drummed for misfits to write for. I think I think he drunk for misfits. Yeah, I think he did, too. Yeah.

Yes, because I was thinking about him at a Comic Con. I was like, wow, Why is he here? I didn't understand why. But that was kind of rude of me. But, um, maybe he likes you there. I was.

Um, so this isn't a hangover related. But this was something I wanted to talk about. Because we, I know, you guys really aren't big on social media. But it was something I had posted on Twitter and me and her were having a discussion about it. I want to see what you guys thought about this. Okay, so Kim and I like to do this thing where occasionally while we're driving in the car, and we're not listening to any kind of streaming service, though, we'll pop on kiss the local rock station here in town, and see if we can guess what there. Yeah, we did that 90% of the time, Nirvana come down. And so and so or bush or Bush, there's quite a bit. So and then we actually I don't know if we talked about this on one episode, but they actually doing this thing, where it's like a 90s block or like, an hour. Yeah, so like, you'll hear like three songs from Nirvana and then like, three songs from bush and then when that hours done, guess what, you're gonna hear no Nirvana song. doesn't make any sense. So anyways, so So then we're

Switching state Well, I switch the station sometimes and I'll turn it to jack. And I didn't know that jack is actually us wide. Like there's the same format station is in different cities. So a lot of people who are listening to this outside of San Antonio know what I'm talking about. So jack plays like a mix of music. And so I switch it over. And sure enough while kiss is playing Nirvana

jack FM's jack FM's planner bhana Oh, so I'm like, you know what, let me just scan through the station. So I'm scanning through and obviously, I'm not too familiar with what stations are out there right now here in San Antonio. But when I was counting, I realized that there's at least four top 40 stations here in San Antonio, that all play the same, because they're all top 40. Right? Yeah. So like, for instance, I guess MCs 96.1 I know, their format has changed over the years. I don't know if you guys knew that or knew this or not. But now like now, they're strictly like just just top 40. So they're only playing what's on the charts before they kind of had a mix of things like you would hear like Linkin Park, and stuff like that. Um, or like the killers and stuff. And now it's not necessarily like that anymore. Um, but I was like, yeah, there's at least for top 40 and I was wondering why there's no like top 40 rock stations that exist, like, you would think that would be a really good format to have. And so we kind of had a side discussion about that and wanted to see what you guys thought. And then we came also had this idea of songs being retired after a certain amount of plays, because we're like, how many times have you heard like, Sounds Like Teen Spirit? Like I? I actually hate that song. Because of how many times I've heard it. Actually, every Nirvana song every Nirvana single that I've heard. I can't stand like, I can't. I can't listen to him anymore. So um, and she's like, yeah, like, it'd be cool if like, they retired, you know, songs after like, so many plays. And I was like, that'd be so badass. Like, it would have to be on like a super like the vault. Yeah, it's like a bowl. Like it goes into the bowl. Never to be played on air unless you own the CD. Yeah. Yeah.


and I was like, well in like collectibles. Like, I know, you guys don't like you earn into that. But like, I mean, there's a thing they do, or like, they do bolt things or like after a while, like, they just don't sell it anymore. Right. And I think one thing that came up was, uh, I kind of mean, Kim, kind of like looking at some of the cooler like pop figurines, the little vinyls and actually just ordered linkin park and Black Sabbath on Oh, they're supposed to be coming in that are based off the album artwork. So the first time so a cam actually showed me. I'm a big fan of the screen movies. And they had a Ghostface pop. And that one actually came out like few years ago, but they bolted it so you can't ever get it again. It was like they should do that to songs like after like so many million plays are yours on the satellite. It's not allowed on radio anymore. Like you can hear it on the vault channel. Yeah, just like the channel that you only that one channel. Only one channel.

Sometimes, and.

And, but yeah, no. I mean, we're just

there reminds me of Disney. Disney has like the voters have a vote. Yes. I was thinking about that, too. So yeah, like, like, like, what are some of the movies like like Dumbo and I think in Fantasia are some of the ones that they Oh, every now and then put out for a limited amount of time and then they locked them away for another 10 years.

I think it was all

like that. And I think I got the Aladdin Aladdin was like that, too. Yeah, they come out like a special like diamond edition or whatever. Yeah, yeah. Um, but uh, yeah, it was like, I think that's not a bad idea. And Kim, like, Kim was we were talking about stuff like that. And I was like, yeah, that is not a bad idea. Unless you unless you own the CD. Oh, you don't have a CD player. Yeah, you're gonna get a CD player then. That reminds me of MTV. Total Request Live. Yeah, they used to I think I forget what the video was the first one they had to retire because it was. Oh, yeah. It was on there for like months. Yeah, they would do that. Like somebody played they would do that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. At all costs to do that. We just saw what TV Yeah. It looks to me.

If I could do everything. I know you've changed your hair up over the years. I have to like I don't know you

probably had the same haircut like in middle school. Like that's like so crazy to me. I need to change it up sometimes. I mean,

but just go to a barber shop and tell me Give me the Carson Yeah, human give me a Carson

now I wouldn't ask him for like the the monkey from

the head from Cornell like the head please.

Give me some head. I'm gonna edit that out.

I didn't think of I didn't

think about that. So we're talking about barbershops. Okay. Oh, yeah. So sorry. Oh, so anyways, so now, so yeah, that was our idea. We should have alt songs. Hashtag bolted. No. And I think it's good because I'm in they play like the what same four or five songs of the same

album, well, every hour, almost. And like and like thinking like also talking about like the top 40 stations and whatnot and talking about the voltage on the song. Like it's so weird because like when you look at stations like I used to love, like the old format that Kono had back in the day.

So they actually used to play 50s 60s and 70s. That was the time period of music that they played. But then their format started to change. And they kind of started pushing it up to where 50s was excluded. And then they were doing 6070s and 80s. And now I think it's 70s 80s. And now

we're actually boys. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. And so they kind of, so then their format started lining up more along the lines of the magic format, kind of with early magic. Yeah. And then.

And then what was weird about kiss too, like when we lost one of our classic rock stations, because we had to write it, which didn't matter, then kiss instead of playing your music, they started playing older music. Mm hmm. That was what the classic rock stations were playing. I'm like, y'all are just going backwards instead of like, y'all are adding music to your rotation. But it's like you're going backward, not forward. And never reminds me to. There's just over it is big enough classic rock. Maybe about five, six years ago, I was listening to Kay's up I think, because I think at the time case, it was still classic rock. Yeah. And fucking Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. They were getting them. And I was like, that was another thing too. I was like, how is this classic rock? Yeah, so like, while those stations were trying to add new music by going forward a few years, kiss was going back a few years and they were ended up being ident. Like identical stations. Right? What's the point? Like it when it came to rock? There's no, there still is no variety? No. Um, I know every time we talk about radio this I I get triggered. And

I shouldn't have a microphone in front of my face. But

I know I'm trying

to there was a time when I remember kiss would play. You know, the heck out of bands that were coming to town? Oh, yeah. No, definitely for like a week or two. And then once they left like that, was it? Oh, yeah. No, no. So I think they need to bring back some of that because there was some stuff that I didn't even know about.

Like, you know, like, for instance, I think they used to play cold quite a bit. Yeah, they did. And then they start playing them. And then I think they used to play I mean, I'm not really a big fan of a tray, but they used to play.

They stopped playing the same thing with Killswitch Engage. Yeah. And they stopped playing all that stuff. And I and I feel, you know, a lot of, I guess a lot of music fans here in town feel like we're stuck, you know, musically, a bit because they, you know, our radio stations keep catering to the same crowd over and over and over. And my whole thing is, you know, break outside of that and play something else and introduce us to something else. Because I think ever since we lost our amphitheatre, we became a secondary market. And so now we have to travel out to go see shows, yeah, and I feel like if they were to bring some of the stuff back, or at least introduce some more stuff, you know, we would be more of a primary market instead of just being looked at as like, you know, we'll just next time you know what, let's buy that amphitheatre. We're gonna open up with that Thanksgiving show you Okay, sounds good.

That's it. That's what we're gonna start it. Cool. Cool. Cool.

So, with that out of the way, let's finally get into the drinking part of the show. Let's kick that off. Oh, let's I know we're in front of something. So What are y'all drinking? Don't worry about drinking. Before we get into our first group. We're just drinking a regular Dr. Pepper. Oh, that's I couldn't see the cans. I was like, What is that? Bear for nonalcoholic 23 flavors? Yeah, but I'll have something else later. Cool for the show. So the Texas Yeah, Texas. This is just like my little warmup. Cool. All right, Bert, what you got? I'm just having another one of those blue moon lights guys that I had a few shows ago or so. Okay, well throw that in the trash because right now.

It's empty. Okay, sweet waiting so patiently. So it looks like I guess we're kind of not drinking anything right now. So we're going to start this off with something that we've been wanting to try. For the longest time, I guess like since it was first announced pretty much like when it first started rolling out. So the first beer we're gonna have is let me get into that.

So I'll let Kim do the honors actually, is this Oh, this came from woopsie.

Okay, so I'll let him do the honors. And so the first one we're having is um, the Martin house. Best mates our pickle beer. It's a goes a style sour. So one thing I learned about this is have you guys will Britt Have you had the salty lady sour Jose from Martin house? No, I don't think I have. Okay, I have it's a pretty good

One has a little bit of a weedy aftertaste. Okay, but I did like it. Um, so there's two different versions of the salty lady. I forgot what the other version is. But so basically they use that beer as a base for this beer. And then they added a best made pickle, dill brining to it. So they added the dill pickle brine too.

I wish you guys would have seen that.

Oh, man, I don't know why it smells stronger to me now than it did before. You took a big leap for that, didn't you? Yeah, I'm sorry, is very quickly. So if you guys are new to the show, Martin house is a brewery from Fort Worth right down not too far away from us. 4.7% ABV. So we've been waiting forever. So the first time that we tried to get this beer, somebody kind of persuaded us to try something else. They're like, no, that beer is not that good. You should turn this on. And we're like, Okay, which one? Was it? The pickle fucker. From New Braunfels. Yeah. Which normal was not bad. It was not good. But, uh, I mean, it didn't completely suck, but it wasn't. Well, I didn't think it sucked, like completely. I ended up getting some more when we saw Metallica. But yeah, um, but then I had this one. I was like, What was she talking about? Yeah. So this was a beer manager from a grocery store that we had gone to and she told us, but uh, okay, you guys ready? I think so. Okay.

Okay. It tastes a lot better than it smell. Yeah, I saw your

your lighting to smell like? Yeah, yeah, get you? Yeah. Um, we've been trying to hunt this down for a long time for a long time. commodity. Yeah. So Wi Fi is off the shelves. So weird story is Kim and I were hunting it down. Friday, Friday, last Friday. That's right. And we happen to get a six pack. So it's kind of hard to get here in town. And so I messaged Frank and Britton. I said, guess what, guys? We got the best mate pickle beer. And she texts back and she's like, we got some too. And I was like, What the hell? So it happened to be they were you guys were forward. Yeah, guys. Actually, we're in the town. The brewery breweries from you guys got a six pack too. So it was just funny how we were we've been hunting it down like four months and then in one weekend, we end up getting a 12 pack. Right. But yeah, so with that said, we also have the other version of this that came out sometime after it was the it's the best made Bloody Mary pickle beer. We'll try that later. Um, but tasting this. I want to let Brett go first and say what you think about it and what you want to read it? Well, I think that

maybe also we should talk about that best made pickles are from Texas. Yeah. So I feel like other people might not know that. Brandon. I don't know how I first read that is very far because I know that I saw a post somebody was like, my husband brought some treats from Texas and it was like pieces of pickles. And then what a burger like ketchup. Wow. Yeah. For the teacher for that water burger. was what

was the ketchup? Oh.


whatever. I was like, that's not gonna be good. Yeah, they saw their ketchup. Yeah. Spicy. Ketchup. Mustard. We did go to that water burger in Albuquerque.

Remember that? Yeah, we were on tour. And there is a we hit up just like the one water burger in Albuquerque. Oh, I just remember going to McDonald's and learning that not all menus are created equal. Yeah. So like, original stuff on there. Yeah. So branching off of this story that Frank was talking about? I think we were at Colorado. I think we were in Denver. And so we go and I liked their Southwest chicken. Keyword Southwest south. So I was like the Southwest chicken. Right. And so we go and I asked for it. I didn't we might have been in New Mexico. I'm not sure. And they didn't have it. And I was like, they're like, What are you talking about? Sir? I'm like, nevermind.

They didn't have it. And then I think we stopped somewhere else. I think it was in El Paso or something. And they had like, some spicy like some other one there that we don't have here. But it was like a flavor. That's like supposed to be like because it's like close to the border. I don't remember what it was. Right. Uh, but yeah, they had something like weird and I was I Oh, okay. So I was really confused. I remember it was hard to I mean, I I love Arizona tea. This sweetie. And it was hard to find Arizona tea, like outside of Texas like going west. Is that just a Texas thing too? I don't know. No, I think it's nationally, but i don't i don't think just not as many. I think it's mostly like the south, where sweet tea is a thing everywhere else like people look at you weird. Yeah, that's true. When you ask for sweet tea in teresting. Yeah, I don't remember that out the Albuquerque window that you're talking about. But one thing I will say though, is that we saw a video about somebody trying Whataburger outside of Texas. And from a branch that they opened from one day they opened outside of Texas and one thing it was

We'll say is that don't eat whatever outside of Texas because that's not going to be the same as if you get it here I know there's some restaurants here that are hit or miss like when there's some water burgers we won't go to but I think that's for every restaurant but I think as a whole the rule of thumb for whatever is don't if you want legit whatever her get it from complaining about in and out but like if I'm pretty yeah he didn't Cal California is different than right I don't know what it is

actually I don't think I've had it and out of you guys I haven't I've had it maybe once or twice I didn't I didn't see what the big pipe was. But yeah, I mean it's a it's a thing you know, it's like this whole water burger versus in and out. Yeah. And people get very passionate about it. Yeah. I'll fight yeah

well, I'm talking about as defending burgers honor just like Brady's Oh, yeah, we know we'll fight for bookies.

So okay, so Brett, what do you rate it?

What's our scaling? Oh, 125125 with points. So you can you can do points. I'm just gonna go three. I'm sorry.

Okay, you know what? You might like the other one better. Okay, but this one? Okay, so you said three, right. Yeah. Okay, so I I'm a great lover of pickles. I do like pickles. But I tend to like ones that are a little bit more natural tasting like, cucumbers and vinegar. Yes. Is like, like the cucumber beer. There's a lot of like, they're they they're glowing. They're so yellow. Like there's yellow number five and like 40 crazy shit in there. And it has like a very artificial like if they're like, places like hamburger. Yeah, style slices. That's cool. Yeah, a little bit. Yeah, a little bit.

Cuz cuz you like the cucumber beer that we Yeah. Okay. Um, can we read this?

Yeah, Yeah, me too. I'm gonna go with one of those bagged pickles that you get. Yeah. It's one of those things. Yeah, those are good, but overall not bad. I would have you dressed it though. Yes, yes. I got the Alamo candy. Oh, the

salt and oh my god, it was so bad.

It was

no, she does.

A million Yeah. So it kind of like everyone has their own like tastes when it comes to the beers which like you can see in the radio. Yeah, but um, but no, you might like the Bloody Mary one better. I think you might like that one bear only because it has more. The pickle is like in the background. Okay, and it's more of the pig is supposed to be like a Michel.

Michel Otto? Yeah, um, would you say the pickles in the background? Yeah, the pickles. waving?

Cuz it's really like reminds me of like, eating like a jungle or like having

Piccadilly. Like I just I love Yeah, suffering. So

what's so weird though, with this one, though, is like you don't taste the beer. No, like,

it tastes like carbonated pickle. Yes. Pickle juice. But you know, the but you know, the alcohol content is there. Yeah. Which which is, you know, it's this what I like about Martin house is that for like, 90% of the beers that we've had of theirs, that the profiles do match. Yes. What I like like 4.7 alcohol Bible. Yeah. 4.7 Yeah. And I don't know if you guys so I don't know what the brine is, but that's what they put in here. And I mean, in the in the salty lady. They put the dill pickle brine. Okay, um, I don't know what that is, but vinegar and stuff. So that's what they pour that they recommend. I got a whole nother six pack of it. I love it. Well, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Frank. Yeah. Oh, yours.

Well, we have another one then to try later. But I guess while we finished this little bit of pickle beer that we have. Yeah, um, God. Yeah.

Okay, that Hands on your way. Okay. Uh, let's start off with the topic. So bad or dumb band names? Yeah, Who wants to go first? Um,

I was, I was gonna say thankful for

some of these bands that I'm gonna list. Well, a couple of them made an appearance on our last episode.

I'm just gonna go ahead and start with mine. So I'm gonna start with the first two, which is, uh, who are Korn and limp biscuit? And for me corn. If it wasn't for, you know, spelling the name what the what the K and a backwards are. And if it wasn't for the music, it's otherwise a pretty stupid name. True. Yeah. Like Could you imagine Corn Belt? Just just regular old corn regular old corn times Roman? Yeah. New Times Roman. I mean, yeah. Like who would pay to see that? Yeah, you know, yeah.

You'd think they were like some good old boy band from Nebraska or something.

But before you kick it off, I meant to kind of, say a disclaimer, we're like, yeah, these band names that we're talking about a lot of them necessarily.

It doesn't reflect like the musicianship, right. Some of them. Some of them do, though. But I think a lot of them a lot of what makes some of these bad, bad names. Not so bad.

And the reason why they stuck is because of one one A good example is corn was how they stylized their their name and wouldn't want the use. And I think that has a lot to do with, like, how the band name is perceived, like even just looking at it. Right, the K for you know, for corn, flipping it, but I'm flipping our Yeah, yeah. And, you know, so yeah, if it wasn't for the music and for how they stylized it, otherwise, it's a pretty stupid name. Oh, yeah, definitely. And then biscuit also, too. It's it's a pretty dumb name. It might be the dumbest on the planet. Yeah, maybe? Yeah. Even the misspelling makes it worse. Of course, it makes it worse and awful. And it's the same thing for me if it wasn't for the music, because musically, you know, minus Fred Durst. Yeah. I do think they're pretty good band. Oh, yeah. They're pretty good player. Yeah. And if it wasn't, and also to Westmoreland, I think his guitar style is very underrated. And when, when he's when he's in limp, biskit, he's got a particular style. And when he does his other projects, it's like a whole different side of them that, you know, you don't get to see with limp biskit. So if it wasn't for his flamboyant, you know, like, his guitar playing, and also to mean that that guy knows how to dress. Oh, yeah. You know, yeah, he has some cool getups Yeah. So. So if it wasn't for that combination of Wes, and the band being pretty musically accomplished, otherwise, I you know,

they weren't all over MTV for Oh, yeah. No, definitely. They were for a good while. So there was no way you could escape them. They were the poster boys of new metal. Yeah. Like they. And so eventually, you know, I was, yeah. And so, you know, because of MTV, and you know, the whole Mystique with West Berlin. That's, that's one of the things that drew me to them. But otherwise, it's it's a pretty dumb sounding band name. Yeah, no, it definitely is. And I'm glad you mentioned corn, because I happen to be thinking about last episode. And I was like, man, a lot of those bands from the food names episode. Kind of a lot of they, yeah, they, they, they kind of bleed over into this episode. But one thing I was thinking about specifically was corn. And we were talking about the story of how they came up with the name. And I was like, okay, so that story that you the gross you guys out that you guys used as a joke amongst each other, because it was so gross. You guys decided to name your band that so that for the rest of your life, for as long as the band is successful, you're always gonna have that story in your head. Yeah, that makes no sense to me. Um, but if you guys don't know what we're talking about, Google it. Yeah. Yeah, so and so this one. And so I mean, this one's on my list. But, you know, a band that I think screwed themselves over, and people can give them a dumb band name is a slipknot because I used to go around calling him slap night.

That's on you, though. Um, yeah.

I have some alternative band names for some. Yeah. Cuz I was gonna say like, I think for some bands, there is a correlation between their name and then the success that they had. Um, yeah, there was they're not on my list. But I was thinking about a video that Kim and I saw a while back, it was about I think it was about this topic. And one of the one No, it wasn't actually about this talk topic. It was about one hit wonders, or something like that. And it was on the list. Butthole Surfers was on the list. Yeah, they were saying that one reason why they didn't go as far as they could have was because of their name. Like, it's just not they were actually on my list. They're from Antonio. Yeah, yeah, I was. I couldn't remember too much of their information. But anyway, pretty freakin far though. I mean, to think you know, what I meant to like, blame it on their name or whatever. They had a lot of success. And I think the thing was that they could have had more success if their banding wasn't so stupid. But uh, you know, and they had to have an album.

So they have an album titled, headway to Steven.

Which is a play on Stairway to Heaven. Yeah, so, Steven.

I just yeah, say one more thing about biz. biscuit. That's how you say it. Yeah, I just feel like if you're gonna change the spelling, I'm gonna say it the way you spell it. Spell it funky if you don't want me to say it that way. Like limp biz kit. I will not say biscuit because that's not what it says. I think the general public's pronounces it wrong. I think you're

as a fan. You're saying it right. I'm not a fan. I know.

Like that was the intention.

For you to Yeah, but I think people like are just lazy within they're like, oh let biscuit limp biscuit but you're right. It's limp biscuit, biscuit. Yeah, yeah. So like they're, you know, the, I can't say dead mouse I have to say dead mouth. That's what they wrote. If you don't want me to say that shit, then spell stuff right. Okay, so I'm glad you brought that up because later on this is going to come into play in my list. It's how you spell it or how you structure your name like that's how that's part of the reason what makes me hate your name. If you made it on this list. Yeah, but Kim, I'll let you elaborate on butthole servers. Oh, no, that just I thought it was like they're from San Antonio. Supposedly how they got their name was that an announcer looked at their setlist and saw the title butthole surfer and accidentally introduced them as that and they decided to go with it. So what was the original name?

They had a bunch of different ones. Like they would just kind of wing it and like there was that? Oh, yeah, it was a there was interest. That's weird. almonty I'm actually interested in that. I'm actually probably gonna look it up it Yeah, but that is a hangover thing. Yeah. Um, speaking of winging it.

That's on the dirty, no buzz.

But speaking of winging it that does that even mean? No, but that reminds me of a time when Metallica were recording was it I think St. anger or, or something? Oh, and they went under? Yeah. And they went on tour. And they like played. they purposely purposely played. they purposely played all these like club shows, under different names every every night. And so you can go to like a dive bar and you're gonna go see some band called The Mighty Goatman or something. And it turns out, it was Metallica just playing like the most random dive bar. And it's like, if you were there, you were there. I remember those stories, but I don't remember the names of the bands of the monitors that they went under. Yeah. And I think that was just something for them to just, you know, just to do something fun, do something, you know, because you say Metallica fucking everybody's gonna show up. But if you if you have a stupid name, and you're playing at some dive bar, like nobody, it's just whoever you know, 510 locals I go there every time we're gonna be there. And then it's the it's the only five or 10 locals that don't like Metallica. They're like these fucking guys.

Pay 10 bucks for this. According to this Rolling Stone article. They didn't have a regular name when they first started gigging and call themselves everything from Fred Astaire. This asshole to Ed answer is gay.


But yeah, so. Wow. Anyways, why'd they have to drag all these slabs? I think they just like especially like these nice guys. Yeah, I noticed there's a probably a butthole theme and they're probably using some some form or another. I'm a Brit. Do you want to go for the next time? Or do you want to try the next beer?

Um, I think that means beer. Yeah. Okay. And mine. Mine. I'm gonna just rattle it off on one gun. Oh, that's fine. So while you start rattling that out? pull out my other beer. Oh, yeah, go for it. Go for it. I was gonna say we would drink it. But during these times of darkness, we can't well you can do is pinch your nose and drink it and you won't. Well, okay.

Oh, man, I should have gone for another one. But that's that's not another pickle beer. Different beer. But that's alright. We'll go with this one. So.

Okay, so this is how this next so this next beer that we're gonna have is a is the sister beer to the best meat. Sour pickled beer that we just had. This is also from Martin house. Of course. It's the best made Bloody Mary pickle beer. It's a based off a michelada which a lot of nice also Bloody Mary's, also bloodier. But so we had this conversation, but I'm like, Look, I don't work for the brewery. That's bartender and she was telling us that it's basically

a recipe. It's

one has Beer Beer. Yeah. So basically what they said was that that was this was off the brewery so they base it off on each alotta The only thing was they put beer instead. But they

named it Bloody Mary. Yeah, so I guess because it sounds cool. Like a band name. I don't know. So um, so according to the brewery the flavors in the beer are tomato juice citrus worchestershire sauce. That

sure we're sure that sounds worse for sure. We're hot sauce and pickle juice has the same ABV as the other one 4.7% ABV. So this one came out I think a few a couple months after the the best mate pickle one came out. We actually got a tall boy that and I'll let him do the honors. I got out to the Growler exchange. Yeah, shout out to the Growler change. I know that was a pretty cool hangout for us back in the day when

But then they moved and then I didn't get a chance to check out their new location. Actually, I don't know why I pictured it red or reddish, but that's Bloody Marys or red and yellow or red. juices. Right. Okay, that's

okay. I don't think I've wasted if it's like Kim's favorite thing in the world is my least favorite. I prefer the other one. I mean, this is good, but I kind of drink a lot of this one. You know, that's true. Well, because of a probably the hot sauce. Thank you. But it's

before we even tasted I'm gonna say that I gave it a five because I really like it. Smell the difference?

Smells like Bloody Mary. Mm hmm. Holy.

Yeah. Holy Bloody Mary. Okay, let's see.

Yeah, so go ahead. The sex cuz we only have one of these few like it's gonna suck.

Oh, wow.

A lot of things happening.

Definitely can taste the tomato. Definitely spicy.

Yeah, there's a there's a real picture.

I drank it wrong. And I can taste like celery. She tasted the celery too. Yeah, for sure. And that's a big part of Bloody Mary's right? Yep. Put celery salt and celery. So it's a dinner drink?

Yeah. So it's like a soup with alcohol.

Blueberries? Yeah. Oh, man, that hit me hard. Yeah, there's a real kick. So we had this at the bar and I liked it a lot. I like Excuse me. I liked it a lot. Um, so since Brett, this is the first time you have it. What do you rate it? Huh? Oh, go like 3.2 I like it better than best made pick one. I figured you would. But I wasn't sure about the profile. Yeah, I don't love it. And I don't drink buddy Mary's. Okay. A kid. Yeah. Oh, no, you're good. Kiss tomato soup should be warm with crackers. grilled cheese sandwich we should have had. We should have had


five Okay, so me and Kim both give it a five. So, um,

don't worry, bro. We got some other beers. Okay, so we talked about it earlier. I know you like red bud. And we got our new red button. Before Yeah, so I know that should be. I'm looking forward to Yeah, yeah. Um, but do you like the well obviously you do. It looks like you like these better than the past beers. We've had stout wise and stuff. Right.

I know. If he needed. He needed done, but you could dump it. I'm definitely like it better than the last one. It's just that there is a real kick.

Oh, no, try drinking it wrong. And Linda, hit your throat first. Yeah. That hurt? Yeah, I believe. So. I want to go I'm gonna go ahead and push forward with the lists that we got going on. So mine like I started off. There's actually I noticed a pattern like in the areas of music

from the 2000s to you know, going back to the 80s and the early 2000s.

There was different trends that were going on that

I hated. And a lot of those bands.

Yes, that and a lot of those bands didn't stick around because of that not only were they following trends and music, but they were following trends and how they named their bands. Yeah. And I you started this earlier, but one of my, I guess, things to go off of when coming up with a good band name. Obviously we've had our share band names right between me and Frank. And I'm not saying they were all good. But I like to put we are in the beginning. Like if you're Of course you're announcing yourself you know we are in whatever you say after that has to sound good or cool. And I know back in the day, like especially like in the 80s I always thought of it like because it is your brand but I also thought of it as a team name. It's your team, right? So you've got to try to come up with a cool team name essentially. Right so like a lot of the 80s man's like they had this trend where like they were using animals and like it wasn't bad like you had like Great White, Whitesnake or rat and then you go a little forward and Panthera and like

and like you could say we are in front of that. And it sounds fine. Right? But then there's bands like today that I can't wrap my head around how their band name sounds one of the main offenders of today that I just can't I hate it is banned. i comma prevail. One I don't like to read Oh, yes. And it just sounds weird to me. Yes. No, go ahead. Say it.

What the hell is that comma doing? Yeah, exactly. So grammatically incorrect. So. So that's the name of the band. But then also to it makes no sense to me. If you're in the band and like you're like we are I prevail. No, we are I prevail. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. We are I prevail.

This makes no sense to me like why people like I especially like going later into my list, it gets more agitating, I guess to me, like, cuz I know how hard it is to come up with a bad name. It's fucking hard, right? And some of these look like they didn't even try. But then at the same time when you listen to the music, you're like, yeah, they're not trying here either. And then you look at the success that they had, and you're like, yeah, that's why you're not so you know, that's why you're not around. You just want to ask them the rationale for sticking that comment in there. Oh, you're gonna get a lot more of these were like, there. I have more in my list. And you'll I'll let you think about it. There's one with an ellipsis Okay, yeah, so no, and it's true because like bands and ellipsis I'm sorry. And I said a ellipsis.

Because bands like panic At The Disco panic after this.

Because if that's what you write, that's how I'm gonna say. Yeah, no, y'all want me to say it like that? Right? And you're right, because that was the intention. Panic. Yeah. And also to you know, you mentioned I prevail another another band that's got like the comma and you know, that the same thing? and Portugal period done that man. Yeah.

And then there's another band. I'm into them. They're not really out there out there. But it's a band called Godspeed, you black Emperor. Okay, do we ever come in there? Because there should be okay. So you're like that's a run on? Yeah, so it used to be Godspeed you black Emperor, exclamation mark bow. That's fancy. But then they move the exclamation mark. So now it's like Godspeed, you black Emperor. Well, now it's just weird. Okay. Yeah, you see that two whole separate sentence? You see, and I don't get the logic behind that, because I think so there's a term that they use on Shark Tank, we are actually watching earlier. And it has to do with how searchable your name is. So, in that, honestly, when, when Kim and I were trying to come up with the name of the of this podcast, and then also to I tried it two times before the two podcasts I had previously, you have to do that. Like you have to try to come up with a name that's gonna show him what your product is about. And then also to be have it be searchable. On You know, where nothing else pops up. You know what I mean? Like for instance, uh, what was a good

trying to think of an example.

Let's go with skill it. Uh, yeah, okay, that's not a very good example. There's probably better ones, but like the band skill it like, it's, if you if you search skill it you're gonna get all kinds of stuff. Yeah, you're gonna get all kinds of stuff. I think there's worst offenders like button where? Yeah, like kitchenware? Yeah. And unless you specifically put skill in the band, and, and that just always threw me off. Like, I'm like, why would you make it complicated for somebody to find you? Or for somebody to be like, Hey, have you heard this band where it's like, you're like, Well, fuck, I don't remember the name of this band. Um, and so yeah, like, it just never made sense to me and I, and a lot of these bands that were there we're gonna talk about or that I have on my list. Like I said before, they're not around anymore. Like they're irrelevant. And I think that was part of the reason another one on my list. I don't really have anything against this band. I'm just not a fan but their name As I Lay Dying, like just just the way it like, if you go back to like before the 90s or even the 90s if you go in and go back before that of how bad names were. It's like I said, they were like team names. But when you go into like, when the hardcore hardcore era came out, they had names that started like this where I was like, we are As I Lay Dying, but to me it doesn't make sense. Like why like, like, name a song that that's cool, or name an album that that's cool, but like as a band name, it sounds weird to me. They're named after a William Faulkner novel. Dammit Brit. I didn't know that. Yeah, that's where it came from. But that's another annoying thing to wear. These bands will name themselves either after a novel or a film right like say anything is a band that obviously rip their name straight from the 80s film they're on my list I got about which I find annoying too. It's like I forgot I can't come up with something Yeah, brand new like all your own you got to take existing titles well there's also to like another band I think they're

metal or hardcore metal or metal core the Black Dahlia murder and they're actually based off the Black Dahlia murder right but like why would you name your band that because if it Okay, let's say you're starting out and somebody searched Black Dahlia murder, your band's not gonna pop up? No for sure the murder is gonna pop up but also to it sounds stupid like we are right. The Black Dahlia murder not the murderer. We are the Black Dahlia murder.

There's just one. It was just, it was just the one. Yeah, that remained unsolved. They were. Yeah, it was a girl. And then they nicknamed her the Black Dahlia, right? She had a name, which, which is a shame because like she had a name and then you her name, but her nickname was Yeah, they didn't use it. But of course it has to do with the media. Yeah, media, we're just gonna do that. And people kind of stick to that. We learned a lot about that recently. Fake News. Yeah. That's been around for a long time. I mean, sure. Um, but uh, and then another one.

This is a band I'm not really too familiar with, but I just I've heard their name and it was My Bloody Valentine. And it's just kind of weird because it's like, we are My Bloody Valentine. Like, right? It just doesn't sound right to me. Like as a like, again, a song title fine album title. Fine, but not a band name. Like, it doesn't make sense to me. And I think those two get left out. I think I think they took their name from a 1981 horror movie called My Bloody Valentine, which was later was it was it's the one about the minor, isn't it? The minors are no, no, I'm probably I'm not sure. But it was, but it was later remade. And I think what, like 510 years ago, okay, then yes, it is. It was about the mind. That was like this serial number serial killer, but he was a minor. And he was like, his weapon was pickaxe. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So

But anyways, so and also to it also has to do with of course, how it stylized and stuff like these bands that I mentioned. There's nothing different about how their name is stylized. It's just a font. One of these was probably times Roman don't fucking know. But that's, that's it. Yeah. And that's another thing is that it doesn't Yeah, it doesn't make it. Yeah.

It doesn't make it stand out. Right. Um, another one that I'm just gonna sorry guys jump ahead, because not a lot. I'll let you guys jump in. My last one that I want to bring up right now. One of my favorite bands, system over down, okay, system over down, like ignore the fact that they've had super success with, you know, the albums they've had released? If you look at them, like, as for like, with fresh eyes, or whatever the band name, right System of a Down like, just the words, the wording order, kinda doesn't make any sense, like System of a Down of like, what does that mean? And if you guys don't know that Frank probably knows they got the title off of a poem that Serge had written surger Darren, one of them wrote a wrote a poem. And that was in the poem that might have been the title as a poem, actually. And the original name of the band was soil. But there was already a band called so yeah, so then they ended up changing their name to that part of the poem. But I think for a while though, they went by the name of victims of a down. Oh, I think you're right. Yeah, very, very briefly. Yeah, I think I think Frank's right on that. And then then they changed it. But right. Like, it makes no sense to me. But what made it cool was how one their musicianship and their music is fucking awesome and it's different than you know, if you hear a system a down song, it's not hard to tell them apart from anybody you're like that's definitely system shut down. But also to how they stylized their their name. Also, to it doesn't it helped them that their first album like the artwork is very iconic. The second album is very iconic when it comes to artwork. Like they just knew how to play it and how to market themselves as far as artwork and creativity go but yes, there's no doubt one of my favorite bands like that. No way reflects like how stupid I think they're I think it's kind of dumb. I just don't like the name. Like the wording order just sounds weird to me. And also they were they are the second metal band to hit 1 billion views on YouTube and Yang the funny things tomorrow. Yeah, thanks to me, so it's

three days before before that news came out. Um, I was like, I feel like playing the drums and just randomly and like, you don't want to feel like playing Chop Suey. So um, I played Chop Suey. Like I don't know how many times straight trying to learn a drum part just looking at john playing the drums. And then like three days later, they're like, oh, chop suey hit a billion. Oh, like, dude, I pushed over the edge of those, like 10 plays that I had, like, three days ago. Yeah. You're welcome system down. But yeah, so and that's impressive. Because, you know, obviously they they have a great level of success. But you know, you could think of other bands that have even bigger success. So who's number one then? I think it's Linkin Park. Right? Really? Yeah. I think metal band I like how you looked at Britain. You said right. Like, you answer. Well, no. But I'm just saying, you know, Linkin Park. I mean, like in the in the metal category. I mean, I don't know that I actually I don't know.

Okay, question like, what about, I don't know, Metallica? No, that's the thing is that, you know, Metallica hasn't even hit a billion views on witches, but but you're talking about Lincoln parcast. But you're Well, it's because of how generational like well that's shooting YouTube and well, that too, but also that there

They're not really they're considered metal but they also appeal to like the alternative crowd. Like, for instance, they were even being played on mix nine 6.1. Like you can actually hear like, what's in the end? Like, right? You can really consider the metal and so it's shocking to hear that that's Yeah. Yeah, they they I think there's some new metal. alternative metal. Yeah, those were the the main category, but it's a subcategory of metal. But, um, but that's 1 billion for one video though, right? Yeah, just for the one video. Yeah, so that's like for like total. Yeah, so like, Talca probably has hit a billion over, but also to Metallica really isn't known for their music. Like they do have good music is a bit I think right there early 90s and stuff. Because of how cinematic they were. Yeah, but then again, YouTube in exist at that time. Right. So everybody who saw him had him on VHS. You know, I mean? I mean, I am on MTV, because I'm

not sure if y'all knew that. Oh, man.

That's what that

music thought it's dish or?

Yeah, money.

Um, so Who else wants to say what they got? And I'll go ahead with this one. And this one. I mean, some of these bands I do, like

not all of them. But some couple a couple of ones that I'm going to mention. I do like, but it's also their names are too long. Yes, yes. Another one. And I'm thinking how am I gonna go to a show and chapter? You know, for an encore? Let's see what you got. Here. So I've got Rage Against the Machine. Okay. You know, I mean, you could shorten it to rage. Yeah, but at the same time, muscle thinking Rage Against the Machine.

It's overly long. But of course, you know, it's Oh, you think that's long? I got some but it sticks with you. You know? Yeah, it does. Yeah, it Yeah. And you see, unlike system over down that one makes sense. And it matches what the band stands for. Right. And like you said, you can also shorten it to rage and rage. Sounds cool. You're like, dude, have you heard the new rage? Like it sounds cool. Yeah, like that one works. Yeah, system the same thing. It's like, have you heard the new system, the new system? Even just that one you can shorten that there are stupid ones. And there's also I'm not a fan of this band for the Tony Danza tap dance extravaganza. We talked about them before. Yeah, we did. saraband. Again, it's a real bag here like this emo screamo core band. Of course, that's another category on my list. And that's kind of gory, and that's one of those bands that cause confusions for Tony Danza fan or Tony Danza. Who legit bought tickets to see

him tap dance em tap dancing only they can? Yeah, you can. And again, it's so you get these like 6070 year olds who, you know show up at a punk show? Yeah. thinking they're gonna see Tony Danza doing some tap dancing. Yeah.

It's just sad. It's like the Payton's. Yeah.

And another one in this band, I think was eventually forced to shorten their name.

But there's an indie band called. And you will know us by the trail of dead. Yes, I have. Yes. That is fucking ridiculously long. Yeah, of course. And I wasn't you know, I was into them like in the early 2000s. And then I think eventually after some time, they shortened it to trail the dead. But even at that it's it's still a bit long ish. With the shortened version. trail of the dead sounds a lot cooler and better. Like we are trail of the dead. Like, that sounds a little better. Right. But yeah.

And you will know us by the trail of the dead, man. Come on. Um, yeah, that was yes, I did have barely fits on a T shirt. Um, and there's another one too. It's, I mean, what you got? It sounds cool. But it's also a bit longer. So there's a Dillinger Escape Plan? Yeah, that one.

I mean, I mean, you can you can shorten it to Dillinger ask. I mean, a lot of fans have been doing that. That's stupid. And some of their merchandise says Dillinger. So that's but yeah, like, well, like the keyboard key is like escape. Yeah, what happens to the P isn't the last isn't it plan? Yeah, but they cut out plan so yeah, but it but you know, but if you know who the band is, you just say the Dillinger ask. You know, that's stupid or I don't know more stupid, I should say. But uh, but I do you know, I do like them. I think a lot of people get annoyed by them. Just because they have like the very confusing like mathematical time signatures and or music. But I think they put on a good show. They're very energetic.

I've seen them maybe like twice Holy shit, and I think they put on a good show. Did you chant their name? No, I totally said a YWKUBT God. Come on guys. AY Wk

well, because like system system goes by so yeah, so like, you know

Do remember, you know, going to a Dillinger show

that was like the only band I've ever been afraid to be like in the pit. Wow. Because like it's like non stop dude. Well kill switch was the same back in the day, man I got my ass beat and it kills like non stop from first song that last song It was like just brutality this was like before cellphones were like it was even worse, like no one was trying to record the whole damn show. Everybody was moving everybody was part of the pit everybody was fucking jumping and shit. And it also it also doesn't help that their singer Greg poo shadow used to he used to throw himself in the audience and like fucking just walk over everybody and he would and he would climb the stage speakers and if the stage you know, if the venue had rafters he would like climb on them and like over everybody and just like, you know, throw himself on everybody. So they were very you know, you're guaranteed to walk out with some bruises. Well, that show sticking to your theme. I have one here. You've probably heard of them. But this one's kind of long and stupid. Okay, I'm from the same era. I set my friends on fire. Yeah, that's first off. A nice nice Hello there. Yes, that's that's rule number one. Number two is I don't like bands to start with I it just makes no sense to me because you're gonna say we are and then I afterwards it sounds dumb. So we are I set my friends on fire. Like it's like the one band. I can't. Yeah, that's like another one. There. There. There are another one. Don't start your band name with AI and don't start your band name with we there's a band here on here called We are the in crowd. Yeah. So if you call your band, the in crowd as one thing. Yeah, but they named their band. We are the in crowd so you're like we are we are the in crowd. Yeah, that makes sense to me. I'm sorry. It just irritates me. That's very irritating. Um, with that said, Whoever wants to go next. Frank. I know you haven't really had anything drink. I brought something for us to drink. Cool. So I know.


So this next beer. Um, me and Kim and I are proud. pooch parents. And so bush came out. Bush came out with a dog brew specifically for dogs. So I don't know if anyone knows this. Um, dogs our dogs have hops. So hops are poisonous to dogs. And this dog brew contains no hops in it. Um, it's just a pork bone broth. I mean, Frankie can't have it though. Oh, son of a bitch. You right? Okay. Damn it, but it cats. I saw the label porno. Don't say smell it. It's not the same.

So Kim and I are came on let you do babies drink it. Yeah, so.

Well, they did. They did but they didn't like, it seems like they were like, Oh, let me taste it and it wasn't like something they could like. Yeah, they like to crunch though. Yeah, like, she likes. Yeah, she likes to eat so like, we buy her size. But she's. She's a hungry girl. So this is a safe, I get that.

So this is the safe brew for like, if you want your dog to my cup. I'm gonna drink it out of here. Well, that's fine. I mean, I could drink it. Yeah, I mean, you could drink it. Okay, don't don't taste it. Yeah. So. Wow. So um, so this is for dogs and safer dogs and obviously humans can drink it, but I mean, we're probably not gonna like the taste. So

crap, man. I can't believe this whole time Frank never mentioned like Hey, dude, I'm not gonna be able to drink that beer. But a good job bread. So it's for dogs man. Um, it wasn't like rabbit beers.

So, um, let me see what it sounds like.

Frank What do you think it smells like? Is it like a little gravy? Nothing No, I don't know smell it huh

it's not like a broth to me. It smells like a frozen TV dinner

I don't know that's what I'm that's Bush's dog brew beer for dogs not for humans. I'm gonna give it a try. Let's see.

Holy crap Whoa. No

it's not bad the first like the punch on the beginning laughter tase

waited for Brett.

Um, what I drink a whole six pack? No.

Yeah, that's fine. So we were we were on a waiting list for this actually sold out when the first batch went on sale on the bush website. And

and so I put I put us on the list because I wanted to get some for dogs. And yeah, finally I came of it became available and I was able to buy a little four pack.

And, oh man, that's Um, can you find it in stores? Or no you can. Okay. Okay, so it's Kim stern you know what let's wait for Britt to come out so you can taste it cuz she missed. She missed me tasting but I'm gonna wash this out of my mouth.

It's not it's not

that's all I wanted just to sip. Um, I mean it's not it's not bad it's just obviously I'm on a dog So

no, I'm surprised they don't like it.

It's really like Porky like, liked it she yeah she did. I mean, I just, you know my other dog he's a weirdo. Yeah, um, but if you were a dog what dog would you be? Oh, definitely had be a fucking poodle. Yeah, poodle.

poodle, I want to be an Ozzy, like my dad. I'd probably be an Ozzy or probably like a retriever. boarder. You'd be probably Border Collie, frankly, like a greyhound or something. like one of those slim, like, put a sweater on. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, but also like little scrappy dogs too. I mean, I don't see his little skirt. Like, like terriers. I think they're cute. Because they have like beards. Yeah, okay. Yeah, raise up. You're not small. No, but it'd be like, but it'd be nice to be small for once.

We're kind of dog would you be?

She doesn't like dogs. A cat. Okay, what kind of dog would you be?

I love dogs with beards. That's okay. Dogs with beard. Yeah. Okay, so any kind of terrier or like a German wirehaired or something that's got like a cool little beard. Okay. Yeah. All right. Even though I check I would be cool with a beard.

with beards. There are gonna be one of those. Like an Ozzy retriever or something. Yeah. Cool. All right. Those black poodles with like, Yeah, for sure. Like the one in secret life of pets that rocks out to metal when his owner leaves the house. I've been wanting to see

where the trailer came on. Like he was rocking the like system of

coolest trailer ever. But I never I never I don't think I ever saw the movie.

So I tried it. And it hit me hard. So now it's Tim's turn. I don't want to do that one. Yeah, two witnesses. So

I've eaten beggin strips I have to

casted vegans. chirps haven't eaten the whole thing, did you? I didn't the whole package. But

have you ever had cold carbonated pork broth, though? No. Okay. Well, that's.

Oh, gosh.


I took I feel like I took a bigger sip than Yeah. It tastes like cold soup or something. Like this.

I'm glad you like it. You can finish it.

I just hit me hard. Did the I guess I wasn't expecting it doesn't really taste like much. We'll save this for the futures. Yeah. Um, but uh,

yeah. Okay, well, that's that what do you rate it?

It tastes like much. I didn't really get I could drink a whole candle given to you know, y'all should get the dogs to rate it could drink a whole well, y'all can do is write like a yes or no. And then wherever they put their paw. Yeah, yeah, we'll do that. Um, doggy ratings? We Yeah, good luck with that. It was hard getting picture of what do you write if you keep it to?

No. Okay to it is okay.

Well, it was funny because they have these little buttons that they have that apparently you can train your dog on. If you've seen this before. We're like, the buttons are words. And so like, you could train them to use the buttons to talk to you. There's this one dog that we follow on Instagram. She's like, really good at it. And like, she has a whole board full of like, so like, show like, let them know.

Like, show us like Where's dad and show us like where the network like when he's not there. She wants to go for a walk. Or like she's hungry more than she wants to play. Like, I'm like, That's crazy. I found online and I told her I asked my if we can get one maybe for the duck. Yeah, well, sorry. One dog. I already know. She's not gonna be able to she'll probably chew ones. Understand because she's, she's a dinky little blonde. Yes, she's blonde. She's retriever and cocker spaniel. She's right. She's dinky.

She's goofy. And then but my Ozzy. I think he would I think he would take to it. I think he could figure it out. He's a smart guy. Okay, so since we got that dog beer out of the way, then before we finished our list, or not finish or Let's continue. We have one that all of us might like. So this is a read. But so this is from independence Brewing Company. There.

from Austin, Texas. This is so we've had the cucumber one. Yeah, we've had. We've had the raspberry one. Yes, we've had. I think there's a regular red. Right? Um, I think those are the only three we've had. Yeah. So this is the fourth one that we have. And this is their a Berliner vise style beers. This is passionfruit guava. And it's 4.9% ABV.

Kim, I'll let you do the honors of that passion fruit pickled guava.

Oh my god. And actually, I'm gonna I'm gonna take a beer drink. Yeah, go for Yeah, I've got a I've got a IPA that I want to try. Yeah, go for it. Get that you can talk about it. Well, Kim pours this out.

So what's cool here the train.


Fun fact when I propose to Kim train passed under us and I wanted to be on the bridge while the train was passed. And I was too afraid to

drop the ring. So.

And yes. And right when he did it, a train was passing.

Good luck on a train passes under you.

When you're proposing. Oh, that's a cool can. Yeah, y'all wanna take a sip?

Shit. I have a four pack? Uh, probably. Well, we can't. We're gonna check this. Okay, we'll tell you what.

I'll take. I'll give you a one to take home. Oh, okay. Okay, sounds good. And then we'll find something for you from at total wine. All right, not a sponsor. Um, so Okay, so we're gonna try this read. But so hopefully this is one that Deborah likes. Then Frank can talk to us about a non alcoholic that he's drinking cuz it's been a while. No, it hasn't been a while. But this episode you had early talked about? No, no, no. Yeah.

It smells guava ish. You smell a guava?

Oh, wow. Okay.

Okay, my turn.

It's not my favorite.

I like it. It has a little bit of a

little bit of a tartness to it. What's that's the Baba is kind of reminiscent of those that bingo card or whatever. Yeah, a little bit. I like it. Um,

in on this one. I guess we haven't had a beer like this this episode. So it's kind of weird for me to have that little weedy taste afterwards. Um,

I'm going to give it a give it a for like a solid four. Oh, I like it's good, bro. What do you give it? Um, I was gonna say 3.8 3.8. I like it. I really like this

type of beer. And I like their other ones. More. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Kim, would you give it?

I mean, I like it. Like I swish it around in my mouth. I'm like, it's not bad. But yeah, I agree with you. I like the old ones better. Like all the other ones.

You probably don't like this flavor profile. Yeah. Um, 2.9033 Okay, no, it's not bad. Um, okay, so Frank, your turn. What are you drinking? Okay, wait, that makes it not? Yes. I am drinking a non alcoholic brew from well, being intentional IPAs. It's a pint. So it's a 20 answer. And it's really good. It tastes like a It tastes like a real beer. Oh, I think it looks it looks like a real beer. It's got the it's got the the hints of a real beer. And it's got a nice fresh, crisp flavor to it really, really smooth. Very clean. I like it. That's less than 0.5%. Right. It's not an alcohol free one. Yeah, it's it's less than point. 5.5. Okay, but it's really good. And I become a fan of non alcoholic IPAs.

I don't know just something about non non alcoholic IPAs are really good. And this one is really good, too. I think it's a master reconsider, like my list now because this one's probably like up there. What do you read it? I'm going to give it like a 4.7 4.7. Okay, it's quite good. Yeah, it looks like a good beer. Um, yeah, it's got like a nice little hazy color to it.


who wants to go next? That sucks. Because I still have like three errors of music.

I can just go through mine real quick.

And then I'll just go our cam and rattle through mine real car and then me and Frank. Crazy. I don't have any, like crazy aggressions towards them. Oh, I mean, me. It's more explanations. It's just Yeah, I got to say them and to hear them. It's kind of like no, that's no fun. They'll tell you. I'll just say your Sheriff

hoobastank who was saying? Yes. So actually what the infinity symbol as those Yeah, so who was saying interesting thing about that is apparently they're one of those bands to where like

Where people ask them like, how did they come across the, the name of the band and they're like they don't give a straight answer. Well, one in one interview or one interview that I saw was saying that one of the members said that the band's name originated from one of the members mispronunciation German street name. Yeah. And then another one another story I heard, apparently the story changes. Um, there was one where they were touring an event and that somebody said, I guess somebody like farted in the band, and they said, whose butts dank and so when you say it, like, quick or whatever, it was hoobastank so that's where the name came from. Then another another. I know then another that was from like an interview like that was actually done on kiss like, back in the day. Then another one was like where the singer was saying like, they just tried to come up with something stupid. So there was like really nothing definitive but the Kim the story that Kim brought up was one of the ones that's like that pops up the most, but it's apparently not like the definite reason. But yes, definitely hoobastank is a stupid name extra. Are they relevant today? No, they

haven't had a hit since like, what the reason exactly? Like in what 2002 That's

great. So anyways, who was saying okay, Bowling for soup. Yeah, it's a stupid now. Yeah. Oh, Barenaked Ladies. Yeah, that was a stupid one. But to be fair, those do work with we are so we are Bowling for soup. That works. Yeah, we are Barenaked Ladies. That works too. But yes, stupid names. My gosh. And my last one chumbawamba Oh.

Yeah. He had like different but it's kind of like what's that band name? Have you admit to liking a band with that name? Which is actually slang.

Brits slang for men's room is chumba and wamba. Is slang for the women's room. Supposedly.

In what country? England? Oh, okay. Okay, that makes sense. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna go to the chumba right. I'm gonna

later go and it came from one of the band member had a dream. And in the dream, the band member went to the rear of the club and there was only one door that read chumbawamba that is so stupid. Not only is the band name stupid, but the how they came up with it man name is stupid.

But they were riding the wave for a while. I mean. Yeah, I mean, I guess they had the one hit. Yeah, I just couldn't see. Like, yeah, I guess

what you got? Okay. It's really just like

a little rant. That's fine. Mine's a big rant. Just like you were saying Mario about like trends and naming of bands and particular arrows and genres. And

so I'll just, I'm just gonna rattle them off. Okay. Portugal, the man. Young the giant also the people horse the band chord is the bear cage the elephant walk the moon Pedro the lion. jukebox, the ghost. Jeff, the Brotherhood. So so the in the middle, yeah. This the that this Okay, why is this the that this or that? So and that was 10 that I had no, I did not have to dig for or try real hard to find. And they're all from same time period. Same genre. That's funny, because years where I actually didn't have that years. Were the in the middle, which you are right. I have one where it was the early 2000s where though it was in the front? Yeah, the hives, the strokes. You had like all these killers, the killers. And you had all these bands that had already done that though. Like in the 70s. and stuff. Yeah, or like even before, but even some of those bands were dumb. And like if I fast forward well. So I have this guitar magazine. I don't know if I still have it anymore. But they actually had an article where like, these bands were blowing up like the hives in the strokes. But there was, there was like, I want to say like 20 bands that had the in front of their name. They were all the same style. And I think they were considered like geek rock or nerd rock. And it was all the same style where it was like

some of them were American bands, but like they kind of sounded semi British. And it was like this, like garage sound. But a lot of those bands didn't make it out of that didn't make it out of that era. Like I don't even know. I think the strokes in the hives are probably the only two that made it out that are still somewhat like I think they still make music. I think both those bands don't make music. Yeah, but then when you go back, I was thinking of classic rock bands or bands that are like considered like legit legends now that you look at their names. I'm like, like the doors as a stupid name. It's not though because I can tell you where it comes from. Damn it. Okay, what where did it come from? It comes from a William Blake poem, son of a bitch. Okay. Okay, so if it has meaning then says something about the doors of perception being cleansed. And that's, you know, okay, let's see if you got an answer for this one. Okay, I'll try the who. I don't know if I can hit okay, cool. So that's, you see, that's another one to like. So like you had the

In the middle I had done in the beginning and yeah, a lot of those are just and you still come up there, those bands still come up occasionally. And I am really not a fan of those bands. Not necessarily the bands but the band names. I just the whatever the who I annoy me a lot because they have some of the dumbest lyrics and music I actually never really paid attention to. There's a song that says holy cannoli in it.


I say that out loud, like in conversation, but not in a song that I sat down and wrote and recorded. This this inspires me to make a bandwidth Frank called holy cannoli. That's the name of the band. We are holy.

It makes no fucking sense. No, it does it. It makes no sense. It makes no sense. I can only that's been blessed by a priest. Oh, hold on. Okay, I get it. Yeah. So, uh, was that all your list?

Okay, I guess one of them. 10. Okay, but that exact same structures, I'm gonna knock out some of my list real quick. And then Frank can go on. So mine was I always hated a majority of these bands, not only because they were all trendy, but also too because they're, it's like they intentionally tried to either make a stupid band name, or they just didn't care. I think it was the cool thing at the time. So my era is from 2005 to 2009. And it's the warp tour era of bands that were emo post. Post hardcore, emo hardcore, or metal core, metal core and hardcore. Think were the worst offenders not only was hardcore trash to me, I never really liked I should. trashcan, I should never say, Well, I shouldn't say that. I should say that I legit never liked hardcore. Um, there were some metal core bands that I did like like Killswitch Engage. But those, they were like an exception. So I'm gonna go down the list real quick. And you guys can say whether you agree with me or not. So for other bands that were in that era, come from one of the categories that Brett was talking about, and that was the exclamation point and the punctuation. So four of them you guys did say one of them panic. At The Disco. That was one of them. There was another band called Get down with an exclamation point at the end. There was another one called gear down Big Rig with an exclamation point at the end, but that makes no sense. Oh, here down big rig. Well, I think like if you're driving a big rig, but

it's extra stupid. Another one. Oh, comma, the story. exclamation point. The fuck Yes, exactly. That's what I said. Another one. Another one. This band came on Warped Tour multiple times when I was when I went to work torn. I hated them. attack attack. exclamation point. Don't say that. Another one. Three. The number three. Oh, exclamation point three.


Wait, where's the exclamation point in the middle? So it's the number three then. Oh, then Ah, exclamation point, then three. So 303 Yes, there you go. So I should have read all these points. So now I'm going to go on with the band names that I hated. So this is a band that makes no sense to me with the in the front. The actual, the actual, why Why though? The actual one we are the actual and then I said actual book.

Um, another one hidden hidden in plain view. Okay, here's another one. This kind of connects to an 80s band. This band was called acceptance. Okay, and I was like, why we are acceptance, but then you and then I went backwards to the 80s band accept and I was like that's a stupid band name too. But then I think about how their band name was stylized and it kind of looked cool but still the band name is stupid like we are except like how do you how do you get like it kind of feels like you're like you have a dictionary and you like flipped it and you throw it in the air you say whatever page it fucking lands on that's what we're gonna do. Yeah, that was a really popular way for bands to name their songs in the 90s songs are one thing though Hummer some and glycerin but they really do

okay dammit Brewer a lot of dumb 90 songs No, there weren't there were you know those guys never heard that word before and then they flipped over into a dictionary and saw it and they're like we're making a song all centered on that one word what's funny how you say glycerin because glycerine comes from a band called bush bush that band name makes no sense but also to that band is notorious for having lyrics that make no fucking sense glycerin and repeat and remain nameless on please Britt

is one of

the only one Machine Head yeah machine. What's another one?

bush songs that repeat them. Oh, that one song mouth. mouth. Oh, that was that was that

What I think is the worst.

That was the worst one.

What's another one?

What's that one? The one that goes little, little, little things. Little things that actually, I actually like that song, but I forgot to they repeated that.

What's another one? I know we can name another one. Yeah, for sure. I mean, if it was a bush song on the radio in the 90s a bitch and I have a greatest hits bush thing. Just check it out. Okay, I'll listen to every single one. So going back to my list a glory of this name. Here's the ellipsis the Academy is ellipsis. Really? That like that makes? It starts with the and then it's an incomplete sentence.

So that makes no sense. They're early November.

patent pending. This is the trend gets worse. So as the years like as the era of the 2000s went on, the band names went on. got worse. So that was 2005 2006. Let's go 2007 2010. So I'm the junior varsity. That's another one. Yeah. Why? Why not just Junior but even then that's a stupid name. Kim, would you name your band? diversity? Okay, thank you guys for not 15 because the losers are here.

Like, we're varsity. You can't play We are the varsity.

You see, that's better. That's better. Like not what the junior and could have. Like, yes, you could have Letterman jackets and like that like basis on the back and we little patches on site. Well, that's our bend. But maybe, maybe the whole thing is to prove that actually can let me go on let me go on Okay, okay.

Don't don't don't stop right now. Okay, so they say

Okay, so now let's go on into the like, past 2007 Oh, I hated this bad name. Cute is what we aim for. Yeah, I'm terrible. Are they gonna stupid bad name frickin little kids. Are they stuffed animals?

I don't even think so. What are no Yeah, they I think they're like, yeah, they were men. They were I think this was like foreign men. here's the here's the thing. So these next name bands and I'm gonna throw out they were Yes Men, but they were also I think a lot of these were I think 90% of these bands were hardcore bands. So that's what makes it worse. I think that was the goal was to have a stupid name. But the thing is that it doesn't work when you're trying to be successful. Because these bands aren't relevant. Like I said, number one. My American Heart Yeah, set your goals

it's like a motivational scares everyone throw throw the fight. We are throw the fight like how do you come up with that? Doesn't make no fucking sense to me. Don't here's a here's a bad one. Don't die Cindy. Fuck. We are sorry, guys. No. Damn it. It should have been Yeah, here's another one. karate High School. Nope.

Like why? Um, here's another Oh, here's a bad one. Britt's gonna hate this one. Monte ri, Monte. AR ar e. i? We are amante ri

makes no sense. Your name in lights? Nope. Four years strong. Yeah. Oh, I hated this band name. stick to your guns. That's another we are stick to your guns. Another motivational speaker. So that was my work tour. A little genre that I fuckin I there was more just me there was a fucking ton more. But Warped Tour. Man, that era was just fucking horrible dude, like bad band names all over the fucking place. And not to say some of these bands. I didn't know what their music sounded like there might have been some rain. Yeah, there are some really nice guys. That that. Yeah. But there was out of all these bands are probably maybe maybe one that I would have felt like, Okay, fine. But majority of these like they were all in the same. Not only was their trend having shitty band names, but you really was. But also the music was the same. Yeah, yeah, it was it all sounded the same. You couldn't tell who was who? Which. Why would you want to be thrown into a ocean of stuff like that? You know what I mean? The whole point of being in a band is wanting to stand out, you know? Yeah. And these guys fucking failed at that. So right fail right there. You know, and another band I want to add to that list. Hmm. is scary kids. Scary kids. I pass over their name so many times. I'm like, I'm gonna bring him up. But uh, yeah, that's really dumb. Um, yeah, no, yeah, you right? Yeah. Very kids. Scaring kids. Scary kids scaring kids. Yeah. And they were on multiple warp tours. They had a pretty good following. Um, man that that made? Yeah, yeah. Got me a little winded and got me angry. Frank, you want to go on with your list? And then after that, I got something to close out. Yeah, yes. on my list. I mean, okay, so

this band I really like because I I like dance rock, but uh, the band two door cinema club.

Oh yeah, they're Yeah, they're good. They're good. I thought you were about to say that one. No, no.

No, no, no. I mean, I like tutors. I like to club. I just don't like the band name. Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of stupid. Yeah, cuz because what do you say when you go to a show? Like, do you go to door to door? Or? True? Right? Yeah, like also to, that's a good point you brought up

if your crowds gonna chant you? Like, you know what I mean? Like, how do they do it? If your band name stupid? And that's a good one. And there's another band too in the same genre? VHS or beta?

Yeah, that's another one too. Like, how do you chant them? And were any of those people alive when you were making the probably? Probably not? No, but they but they did do a cool thing. I think their first few EP they released on VHS. Yeah. Awesome. So that was like a thing. So I think they limited their audience with that. But it was unique. I mean, who else releases an EP on VHS? That's so like,

was it a music video? So it was Yeah, so essentially, the whole EP was a music video. Okay, I was like, it'd be funny if it was just like a blank screen with a title. It was just so the whole EP was a music video. So that was cool.

And then I'm gonna go with my other ones.

This one's fun to say. I think a very short lived also dance rock band called the test icicles.

I saw that. Oh, yeah. That is hilarious. I actually, yeah, cuz you could chant that easy. testes, testes. Yeah.

That works.

And it's clever. That is funny. Actually, I give points to that one. It is. It is stupid. It's stupid. So it's really funny. I give it points.

I didn't say it was a good band name. What I named my tell anybody I like what?

No, I would not. Yes. I just said I give it points for me. Is it a good name? No. No, it's not a good band name. But I think it's creative. It It is. It would be more. I think it would be better if it was test. tickles just



Yeah, dress. Yeah. You know, yeah. You don't have to strain to put it together. Just flow. Yeah. No, that works to true.

And then I should have been the manager. Like, Hey, guys, you should just add a T here. Yeah. And I was going to talk about attack attack because they became an internet meme with their they did with their crap core.

genre. I don't know. Okay, so if you look at the video for stick stick Li, the guitarists are standing like crabs while playing guitar. Okay. And that's what made them a meme. They're standing like crap. I've never seen that. Yeah, I looked that up. And it's called the crab stance. Oh, are you talking about that? Is it you talking about that? Move that? That those hardcore? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you squat like a crab and you play your guitar? And you like dip? Yeah, I don't know if the dip was added later. But I don't know the dip was part of that. But just show me later. So there was this band here. Me and Frank talked about them. They were big here in San Antonio. They were like high schoolers when we were man. They were big. I forgot the name of the band. You know what I'm talking about. And their show was just that, and they would pack the White Rabbit because they were so in sync with their dip. But like their music suck. Like, they were hardcore, right? Or like, whatever, you know, I'm not sure. Like, they packed the White Rabbit. And I couldn't understand why in one it was because it was this warp tour era of kids to um, the random suck.

And that draws him three people. No, we had probably three but it was that thing that they did that little? Yeah. Nice. Yeah, yes, exactly. That's pretty much it. That's what it was. And like they were so good at it. I was like, why? There was a band that was still doing that with the cck Why was it one of the openers? It was like

I think they I don't think they were from here. I think they were from like overseas or something. Yeah.

I forget which band it was but yeah, I think it was I think you're right yeah, yeah. So apparently people still do it but like this was big like in that was it like 2010 ish era and man that week I got it prize when it was Benson implement that.

If you know what I'm talking about, we didn't follow trends.

No, I don't know. Wait, what


okay. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah, they got popular because of that. Yeah, they did. Yeah. And that's pretty much all they're known for now. And that's what that been what I felt here in San Antonio was known for those because they were good at synchronizing their squats, right. Wow. I was like I it baffled Mike like, What? How does a band like that sell out a venue? Because you look cool dipping? Yeah, cuz you can watch your aerobics. Yeah, like, I'm like, I fucking I guess. Um, what else you got Frank. So I've got three more. My next one is a band that

it's another one of those of you try to Google you're gonna get a whole bunch of other stuff. It's a bang. It's a Norwegian stone metal band called The come shots. Yeah, please, I never, I never

know how. And that one, I found out about that band. Because if you google something else, and then come across.

Because, like, I don't know how you can actually I remember reading an article about how this band called The come shots was performing at a festival in Norway. And this couple got on stage and started like having sex in front of everybody on stage. And they were from an organization called fucking for the rain forest.

Which is holding sounds made up.

And I'm not even gonna Google that. And it's an ecological group who produces pornographic materials so they can raise money for forest conservation, so it makes sense. Yeah, I don't understand the logic but okay. No, it's more like we're all really horny and we want an excuse to raise Brando and we're gonna Yeah, call it a charity that that kind of sounds more along the lines. Yeah. But you know, I, I think they're a good band. They're, they're fun to listen to. I'm not gonna look for him. No, so please, and if I do that only be on Spotify.

on Google. It's like on a playlist. What else you got? I've got a Papa roaches. And what is one that I think is stupid sounding name. But although, yeah, it's cute, though. Because? Because, well, because it's named after a grads name after grandpa. It was okay. That's nice. But roaches are gross. The last name is Roche, r o. t.

capital T tea in there, then.

They should have Yeah. No, because I think I think it wouldn't have appealed to, like, they would have been like, Well, why the tea? You know? Yeah.

But it's one of those bands too. You know, again, like, you know, like, we're talking about bands if it wasn't for the music. Yeah, the name just wouldn't Yeah. But also how it was stylized to you looked cool. And then you had like the dead Roach as part of the logo. And plus that. That's a real, you know, I mean, it was the new metal era. It was cool stuff. Like that was cool. Like, and back when they you know, came out their single last resort was all over the place. And I think that's what got a lot of people into them. You know, otherwise, if you just see a band named Papa Roach, like are you gonna gravitate toward them? Yeah, but also to what's weird. Is that new metal band I don't know man. The new metal era was like a different fuckin time and like to have stupid as stupid names as these other ones, but speak speaking of that genre, I'm gonna throw one in. Yeah, I one we all know. I don't know if we all agree that it's a stupid name. But Godsmack Yes. So Godsmack apparently people think that they got their name from Allison chain song called Godsmack. Right? It goes off the dirt album, believe. So. But apparently that's not the case. Sully Erna stated that. This is quotes. I was making fun of somebody who had a cold sore on his lip. And the next day, I had one myself and somebody said, it's a Godsmack. And that stuck. Another story is that

that somebody in the band had a cold sore and they said, hey, look like you were smacked by God. But everyone thinks that they made up that story that they really did but to cover up to they really did base their name off Allison chain song, they just don't want to admit that they did. But either way, oh, royalty. Yeah. Either way that the story behind it. And the name is kind of stupid. You know, I read another thing, but the stylization and the logos, although I've been another thing where Sally was, uh, making fun of somebody for their religious beliefs. Because he's a he's a pagan Wiccan. He's a witness

and was making fun of this Christian and like the following day, yeah, he came to rehearsal with a big sore. Yeah. And someone said, Yeah, you know, God's magnet for making fun of religion. Yeah. So that so that was I guess the story kind of gets tweaked around. And

I guess that kind of maybe, sorta proves that the story's not true because of how it gets, you know, tweaked. Um, but everyone thinks that Yeah,

They did get their name from Allison chains and apparently they use that story to cover up. That's the truth. But I came up with a coat a couple of alternate names and y'all Tell me y'all like them better. Not cool. Not not gods, man. I was wrong. I was like, God, God, punch. Punch. Better. Okay. about God slap God. Okay. Yes. Okay. Remember my favorite one? God slam?

wrestling? Yeah, that's sort of like the god slam.

Um, but uh, yeah, Godsmack I always thought it was a stupid name. But like when you look at it, like with the logo and the music behind it, and what the sun I think that kind of distracts from the fact that the name so stupid, right, but I mean, back in the day, I think Godsmack was a lot, you know, a lot cooler. But, I mean, they still put out some decent stuff here here, you know now but right. Um, yeah, that's and then there's the term to be gob smacked. Right.

So I that's that's a British term, right? They should have named a gobsmacked cops switch the day know if that's where it came from. But I guess they got much less sophisticated. I'll actually probably put that as a chain song on the playlist because I'm not familiar with that song. Oh, yeah. It's, I mean, really, in retrospect, it's really sad because it's all about heroin. And you're just kind of like, come on, Layne Staley, like, it's clear that you realize that this is a major problem, right? But you're not. I'm another one.

We just got one more. Yeah, I think I got one more to go for. And I got two more. So this one comes full circle. We started with limp biscuit. And this one is a big dumb face. I've never seen it's a it's it's one of West Berlin's many side projects. And they're like, I mean, you know, it sounds stupid, but I like the music. It's like a cross between, you know, folk and death metal and stuff. And it's, yeah, and it's got like comedic elements to it too.

And an interesting thing, I read a while back, when Wes Borland left, limp biskit he was actually

considered as a touring guitarist for a perfect circle. Oh, wow. And then he and then he turned it down. And then he was considered for touring. He was considered for touring guitars, for you know, for for Nine Inch Nails as well. But he also turned that down. And if it wasn't for him turning down those, those those offers, we wouldn't have had a band that he started eventually called blacklight burn, which I you know, I really like blacklight burns are they're good. I think they're underrated. But a big dumb face. It's you know, it's like the lighter side of West or it's more the the heavier side of West however you want to see it. I think it's the stuff that he doesn't really get to do with limp biskit and this is this is pretty much you know, just west just doing whatever the fuck he wants, and I really like it. I think it's good. Yeah.

I i would i would trust that it's good stuff. But yeah, there's a dumb bad name. Yeah. I got four more to go through real quick. Yeah. One of them. You guys familiar with a Chris Jericho? Mm hmm. A WWE wrestler? Yes. Um, he has a band called Fonzie. Yes. I'm like Fozzie Bear. Yes, like Fozzie Bear. So I always thought that was a weird band name, but also to, they have some good stuff. I got more into their stuff as they went on. But also to I noticed that Chris Jericho when he sings, I know he has some kind of effect on his voice. It's like some kind of chorus or something, I think, but I always thought that he sounded like Ozzy. And I was like, I wonder if there was a correlation, but I never really googled it until today. So I found out that well, Fozzie, you were talking about Fonzie a room. I always reminded me of Fozzie Bear Fonzie is Fozzie bears. fo zz IE Fonzie, the band fronted by Chris Jericho is fo ZZY. So when I was doing the research, I found out that he was actually heavily influenced by Ozzy Osborne. And so he named the band Fozzie Osborne, as a homage to Ozzy, but then they shortened it to Fonzie. And I was like, I always thought that was stupid. Batman was like, Why? I was like, he sounds like Ozzy. He legit. I'll show you guys a song after but, uh, like he, when he hits some notes on the register that he has he legit sounds like Ozzy, but I didn't know that he was like, heavily influenced by Ozzy. But yeah, Fonzie dumb band name, but I kind of understand it. Um, it just still dumb to me. cooler if it was just after Fozzie Bear. But yeah, yeah, probably. Um, yeah. Ozzy Ozzy is a bear too. Just kidding. But so we're how I didn't know the band was originally Fozzie Osborne. Yeah, that's Yeah. And when you listen to the music, you're kind of like, Okay, um, you know, I mean, you can hear the influences pretty good, good stuff, though. They should have gone with

Fonzie Osborne. I that sounds better. bazi Osborne sounds better. Yeah. Oh, no, I really legit agree with that. Three more to knock off on my list real quick a kiss.

To me. That's a stupid sermon. Yes. Not the case.

But that goes back to our devil Music Music episode, right, which we didn't we missed opportunity. We could have talked about kiss but we didn't kiss I think is a stupid man name. But when you look at how it stylize like I like I was saying if the use Times New Roman font Yeah, or like Helvetica or fucking Calibri or whatever. It wouldn't have worked. But you know, how they had stylized you know, worked and get up to and also to like, it's it's effective. It's just like, yeah, it is, you know? Yeah. And I didn't Yeah, Google how they got their name, which I'm curious now. But yeah, talk about it next episode. Two more to go. I'm saving the best for last.

Marcy playground.

Yeah, I don't understand. Like, that's another thing that doesn't make sense to me on that one. I think what would have made more sense to me if they were called Marcy's playground? Yeah. They're called Marcy playground. And it's just sounds weird. It sounds like there's something missing.

Yeah, we are Marcy playground. Sounds weird. Like there's a letter Missy, which is that s they should have? They should have changed it to like monster vs apostrophe. They should have changed it to

Marcy's playground. Yeah. Marcy playground.

Yeah, they should have no they shouldn't Marcy playground. Yeah, period. Period. marciac.

Biggest bands, I swear. Um, last one on my list. Smash Mouth. Yeah, kidding. Um, I don't know exactly what the story was behind that.

What if? What if God's magical, thinking? What if Godsmack were actually named Smash Mouth? That's

all right. So mash? God, smash. Smash. Yeah, that sounds better.


so the name Okay, here's what the meaning for Smash Mouth was. Mike Ditka is that I know he's a sports coach. Yeah, it was a coach that a bears. Bears. Okay. Yeah, that's why I thought they're named after Mike Ditka. His term for no mercy style of football called Smash Mouth football. Coleman wanted to call the group Smash Mouth all go go. Au god. Oh, but he was vetoed? Yeah, I think as

they shortened it to Smash Mouth. So either way, the story is kind of stupid. Yeah.

It's like, named after something respectable like that. That is true. or something?

I don't know. It's just so

i don't i don't know how well man that is. I didn't know about that term. But uh, I mean, I guess if you kind of look at the meaning. Yeah, but

say no.

To more bend. Sorry. cheated. Oh my God. He's Floyd. Pink Floyd. I don't like that name. I think it's stupid. What's the mean? Was that named after something full up philosophical? I don't know. Okay. I think they were probably on high. Okay. That's philosophical enough. Last one skillet? Yeah, we mentioned them earlier. So apparently, they came up with a name because there's two two stories. I heard one of them. I think they had like a friend who just threw out like,

I don't know what the hell it was. It was like a I should call them and skill and they were like, Okay, sure. And the other one was that so it was four members in the band, but they each came from a different band. So skill, it was kind of their side project. So what happened was they came from four different bands from within with four different styles. And they're like, hey, our band is like if you threw different types of oats on a skillet. Exactly. And they're like, okay, let's call it skillet, and they can't scale it.

made me start thinking like, Are there other utensil and bands but their spoon? Yeah, the spoon. Actually, I was thinking the last episode did we ever bring up pepper? No, we did. And I was thinking about it over Thanksgiving. Pepper. Yeah, cuz I had salt and pepper and then when I was going through something I was like, we didn't even bring up pepper. Oh, we did but uh, yeah, so pepper we didn't bring up a yet no definitely skill. It was a shitty, and it's stupid. It makes me think of like how, like dude bros in the 90s used to call each other home skillet

calls me that he texted me that letter guys with like, soul patches. you talking about me? No, just kidding. Like

go to

do to nothing. Yeah, and I was just like the Smash Mouth guy. Yeah. And they were trying to like envision them a little bit more had like maybe like a Rastafari and looking like baray thing. Mm hmm. What band and played hacky sack


What band best describes with this guy you're talking about? homeschooler like Dave Matthews,

Hootie and the blowfish. Good save good save.

That's another one What the fuck is a Hootie and blowfish?

The story behind that what was it they were? It was formed by parts of nicknames of members of the band. And often darious worker gets mistaken for being hoody and being the blowfish, but that's not Oh, right. That's like okay, in the book we're reading that said like, Oh, that's right bands that people think like the same, isn't it based on Blondie? Yeah. You know, nobody in the name is Benny Blondie. Blondie, right? So but people assume that Debbie, Harry's name is Blondie or something. Oh, yeah, that was that was Yeah, no, nobody named hoody. Um, I always dairies Rucker. Yeah, it's country and country. Yeah, that's a good I don't know what that next episode is gonna be. But I wanted to close out this episode. I think this is a perfect beer to close it off on. So we had finally had the best made pickle beer. We've had we have had the New Braunfels pickle folker before Yeah. So this is another one that Kim and I found. This is from 903 brewers. And it feels like this is a knockoff of the best made, but it's called is called fresh made pickle. gozi. And when the more I looked at it, I was like, it is a knockoff because like it even has the pickles like the best made one. And it's like they call it weird, though, because I would if it's from Texas, I would say it is from Texas. Okay, it's from

Where is it from Sherman, Texas. So let's,

let's try this. Sherman. So this is kind of like the the

What's it called? What's engine like a generic brand of best made? Yeah, I think that's what they I think great value. That's what I was going for. I think that's what they were shooting for as a joke.

That is that dark. Look at it. It's like, Oh, no.

That looks like that looks.

I'll drink. It looks like it looks like Gatorade. So that's nice. Yeah, it glows. So for those curious, real quick. Yeah, Sherman, Texas is right on the Texas oklahoma state line. Okay. Oh,

this this smells a little odd. It smells like pickle but off though. like sweet pickles. It's gonna be

okay, so this is and what's crazy about this one is this probably going to have more of an alcohol taste? Because it's 6.1%. So it's a little more than the other one. So I like this better. Oh, no.

I do like

the great Valley.

That's right. It's cheaper.

Okay, so I'll let Britt go. I mean, Kim, go next.


it's so crazy. I know all the times were like perfectly like yeah, and then other times where

there's like a chemical taste in there. I think this one has the yellow number 3000

it just has like a chemical like

weird aftertaste or something. I think I like tart. I see what you're talking about. But there the other tart is definitely less less. There is a there is something there. I don't know what it is. And what's so weird aftertaste. You're right about that for sure. Salty, sour twing tour goes a

Yeah, there's something on like, like chemicals or like plastic or like

at least it's not ham. I think you know what you sent him? I think that's what it is. No, no, no, no, it's not ham. It's the weightiness of the beer going shining through but the pickle gives it an alternate taste kind of like how the the the big red beer was, um, the pickles in the background. And

with that said, it's not it's not. I don't hate it. Do I like it better than the best mate? No. Um, I gave the best made of five I'd probably give this like a four.

Um, I would give this a four. I could probably drink another one of these, isn't it? It's not I don't hate it. I could tell Kim hates it. I could not drink another one of these.

So what do you give a Brit. I'm just slightly better than what I give the other one like three points.

Like I would not seek either of these

a Kim would you give it we know what homie tastes like

yeah they're I don't know what that taste is you know I'm gonna go with like a three point pickles or like a 3.7 Do you want a nama go through their bitter it's like a bitter pickle it's not a sour pickle it's a bitter pickle it is bitter

This one was very good advice been sitting for too long or pickle like it's been sitting in the background for too long. Hey Yeah, um

well Oh, well that was the pickle episode

in the background I don't know what we're gonna talk about next episode we'll talk about it after I hit

a stop the recording

will say oh, wow

well burn guys. So there you go Sherman, Sherman, Texas

I guess to figure out what the taste is. But uh, you know, actually, that sounds like a bad name pickles in the background. That's that's our new ban pickles in the background. No, no. Pickles, pickles, exclamation point a background that that that.

Alright guys, well, that's our episode and I will be back next week. Right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So we'll be back next week. I don't know what we're talking about. But stay tuned. If you

want to check out all our other stuff. Just go to rock talk. Happy Hour. Find us on Spotify. Apple podcasts everywhere you listen to podcasts can find our Spotify playlists on the website, too. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that good stuff. I think we have a Tumblr too for our pictures. Um, but uh, yeah, so that's all I have to say until till next week. It looks like Kim's gonna cry.

That's all right. We'll try a blueberry beer after this. Okay, all right. Cheers.


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