Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 21 - Bands Named After Foods

November 21, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 21
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 21 - Bands Named After Foods
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This episode, as a Thanksgiving Special,  we discuss bands named after foods (or bands with foods incorporated in their names) and how/why they got that name, while trying and discussing dessert beers. Also, Mario and Frank challenge each other on who can foodify the most non-food band names. Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 21:

Welcome to rock dock happy hour My name is Frank I'm joined by Britain, Mario and Kim. This is a podcast where we discuss craft brews locally, nationally and internationally while also discussing a variety of music topics. This week's topic is a fun one for me one that I've been trying to do for some long time now Mario finally granted me permission to do it.

This has been like before the podcast for the record.

Yeah, since like 1979, something like that. And so it's one I've been wanting to do for for a good while now. And with thanksgiving coming up next week, we figured this would be the right time to do it. This week's topic is artists named after foods. And you know, sometimes when I listen to some of these artists, you know, I get I get a little bit of a hankering for some corn or maybe some black eyed peas, not after

some of the stories I read.

And before we begin, I want to preface this by mentioning a an imaginary food related festival. That means some friend plug it yeah, that me and some friends talked about in high school called the Thanksgiving dinner tour. And it was going to be a multi stage festival type thing. You had the one stage where you had all your alternative and rock artists. And then your second stage, you had all the hip hop and dance artists. So there's a little bit of something for everybody. And some of those bands that were on this imaginary tour. Um, we're gonna be talking about they're on my list. And we'll just take it from there. Everyone, everything from A to Z and between. Yeah, right. Because there's a lot there's a lot in between Yeah.

Yeah, doing like the research for this I was going through and I was like, I don't know, man, there was like a bunch of crazy stories that I that I heard some were named after foods. Some were named after like, some like combinations of stuff that happened that ended up with food in the name, but also to sticking with the topic, we're actually going to be having a dessert style beers, or dessert beers in the mentioned say dessert beers, we're going to be having trying some dessert beers today. So I got some surprises in the ice chest. And then also to have a challenge for Frank Frank at the end of the show.

Okay. Oh, you

know about this challenge. So basically, we're going to do is I don't know if you have your list or not. So I challenged Frank to, um, for us to go back and forth with each other, and bands that don't have food names in their name, to actually tweak some band names to include everything. So we're gonna go back and forth. Like back and forth until someone stops until you can't think of another name. Well, actually, I made a list. So a little better, we're gonna save that for them to show. Um, what that say. We usually kick off the show with a little hangover segment called the hangover, where we just talk about things that we forgot to mention on on the last episode or things we just thought about after we recorded on Did anybody have any any hangover from last episode? Last episode was there's a guy wrong?

Yeah, I have to apologize to Bruce Springsteen. Oh, I didn't realize that song really was his because his version was extra stinky. Yeah, apparently.


nose is as sincere as my apologies gonna get. We are you can add information on the internet. Can you imagine? Yeah.

You can you can tell them personally. And we have him on the show. Yeah, yeah. But no, that was interesting, too. Like, I didn't know that. That. No, I mean, that was a that was a crazy thing. But Frank, did you have any hangover? Any hangover?

None that I can think of right now. But I'm pretty sure something's gonna pop in mid episode.

All right. Well, you can interrupt us then. Can we got in here? hungover? No, I don't. Okay, I got one, actually. So Kim, at the end of last episode, she mentioned the show, don't forget that lyrics, which was pretty in topic with what we were discussing. And so I started doing like some Google searching. I was like, you know, I want to watch an episode or something. And that that show right now is not available, like anywhere. Like you can't find it on YouTube to buy or rent. You can't find it on Amazon. It's on Netflix. It's not Hulu. It's like nowhere. So I was like, Huh, so into the App Store. And I actually found a Don't forget the lyrics game. And it was pretty cool, because I thought it was gonna be like, kind of lame, where it was just gonna be like pop songs. And it's actually split into categories, and rock has its own category. And man, there's so many like, crazy, like, not like lesser known songs in there that only the fans of that band would know. And also to like the songs that were popping up. A lot of them were the parts of the lyrics that we were talking about. That people legit got wrong. I forgot what the one Frank talked about. was, but it wasn't They're okay. There was actually a ROM sign song on there. And it was their song America. Yes. Yeah. And that was on there. And so like, I had to get the

like, I knew how the song we played that game all day long. It was like a no, it was all day long. It was all day long. No, it was an hour. No.

Music anyways, so it was about a new addiction. But no, I haven't even played it today, actually. But I know it was it was a pretty well, because I discovered it yesterday, I think. And then I just played it in a little bit. And yeah, so it was pretty funny. It was a pretty funny game because I was learning the lyrics as I went on. I was like, oh, man, I was like, I didn't know what that word. Oh, I didn't know what that word was in the barracks. And it was pretty interesting. But if you guys are interested in that, you know, they're not sponsoring us or nothing, but it's pretty it's pretty interesting. There's a lot of pop songs and yeah, and dance songs. But the rock category is pretty interesting. as well. What Yeah, okay, so after the hangover segment, we go into what we're drinking. So I guess we'll go around real quick and see what everybody's drinking.

Yeah. Does anybody have anything with them?

I don't right now, because I was gonna crack open the first one when we try our first beer. But if you guys are drinking something right now, you want your beer h2o. Okay, okay. She has a that no alcoholic beverage? Yeah.


what are you drinking drink?

Well, mine is not a craft brew. But I get some throwing it back to an old classic. It's an Old Milwaukee non alcoholic near beer. And it tastes just like you know, but you would expect it's it's got a nice malty flavor to it. It's not bad. I think it's good. What do you rate it? Um, you know, that 3.5 do you think point?

Yeah, okay. All right. No, bad. I think this is washing your face. Gonna do some research and see how old that is. Like I didn't even know they had but then again, it's probably Oh, yeah, you're right.

It's from Schlitz brewing. Schlitz. Angeles has their own brand of beer. Yeah, they do. Yeah. And this is only 58 calories. So

it's probably a new thing because I know a lot of breweries are starting to get on the starting to get on the bandwagon of like doing non alcoholics and stuff like that. Yeah. Also to the are they called again? Does seltzer seltzer? Yeah, which we still haven't tried. I've been wanting to get the shiner ones here and try those out. So yeah, the hearts do a selter episode. Yeah. Oh, man.

Yeah, we can do that. No, that's fine. We got all content on those. Yeah,

they are really? Okay. We'll do. We'll do episode. We'll do Episode One and two. What are you drinking?

I'm drinking a lone star. 24 seven.

I've had one of those.

It's lighter than light. So it's the Lone Star light but even lighter. It has 2% alcohol.

Oh, yeah, I haven't done okay. What

do you got for the 16 ounces?

What What do you read that? Um,

you know, I'd say like a 3.7

it's really bad. 3.7 Okay, cool. Okay, I mean me and Kimmy drinking nothing right now. Okay, let me so I guess we can start off the show with we know it No, let me wait to you guys. So Britt goes down on her manners. That's all right. whenever she's ready, or you want one of yours but I brought your green your green? Sure. Okay, hold on her beer

Thank you.

Let's see

oh yeah my diet coke

has been tricked out with my with my Fritos Alright, you have to try this one. I don't think you've ever tried this one but I like it. It tastes like a it's like a craft by my life.

Yeah, it's like I think I remember you talking about craft Mexican lager basically. actually gonna have a little bit just a little bit,

let's say pretty pleased.

Oh, man, that's quite a bit. Okay.

Cool. I'm gonna have other ones. Oh, oh, yeah.

That's good. Cool.

I haven't had this in a while she gets often I do. Oh, I forgot how this one actually the salt in the pudding. The beer salt in there. Yeah, it's like

it tastes this refreshing and light. Like that's why I like it just seems like very crisp, refreshing light and craft Bud Light lime.

Oh, Bud Light. It kind of tastes like a like a light Corona with the lime already in it. Oh, Corona is not good. Or not Corona. Then what's the other one? Does Aggies so I'm sorry. Oopsie. Yeah, we don't drink Corona psyches. Oh, speaking of what we don't drink. I actually tried those modelos both of them the ones that you I got me like, three weeks ago. Barrel one of them. Yeah both of them. Yeah the I think the special ones that's what they're the little bottles. They were like one

whiskey barrel and one aged tequila barrel. Yeah, no bourbon and tequila.

Yeah, that's what it was. They were good. I like them. So, okay, so thank you for that. Um, so I guess we can go into the the topic. Oh shoot on one last last week so no,

not one more one more hangups.

No I just I wrote something from last episode on here. Okay, so this is bands named after foods Now you would think like, oh, what can they possibly come up with? Like there's only like, 30 bans, right or something but no, there's like, quite a bit like, and then the stories behind them are very interesting. Two of them. I'm not even going to talk about because of how crazy it is. I'll give you a link or something. I don't know, Frank knows the one on talking about

I mean, I, I researched one. But yeah, I feel like a lot of these musicians are probably too strung out on substances. So I think they're just making stuff up. Well, that's okay. Well,

we'll talk about that when it gets there. But um, okay, so, obviously, we're gonna have some of the same panels on there. So we'll like share information and share notes and then can break and jump in whenever you see what we're talking about. But uh, y'all go first. Yeah,

let me go ahead and start off with mine.

named a food first and okay.

So the food is chili pepper. Okay. And of course, that's a pretty obvious one a Red Hot Chili Peppers. And they got their name from Louis Armstrong's 1920s, a jazz band called The hot five. And prior to chili peppers, they were known. Names ridiculous. Yeah. Tony flow was one. The second one was the miraculously majestic masters of mayhem.

I thought it was all together. I thought it was Tony flow and oh, that's what it was. That's how I read it. Okay, well,

maybe maybe you're probably right. I don't know. But a banding like that just wouldn't stick. Yeah.

Cuz I think Anthony Kiedis was Tony flow. Yeah. Okay. My

dad said that. He saw them a long time ago as when? Tony Wow.

Yeah, it was a long time ago. I think this was will this was before Chad Smith was in the band. Yeah. And when they originally had, what's his name

to cliff, right.

Hello, la Slovak.

Yeah, okay. No, cuz he said Chad Smith and I was thinking drummer and Chris Cliff Martinez. on with it is. So Cliff Martinez was the original drummer for a chili peppers. And then he left the band early in their career, and now he does a soundtrack work.

Hmm. Interesting, huh? Okay. Um, but yeah, chili peppers. Yeah. Yeah, I heard that. Uh, they had got that name to exactly what you said. But they like fused it with some other bands that were at the time where like, some bands were wasn't even that band that you said they named or that jazz?

Yeah. The Louis Armstrong's a hot five hot five. Yeah,

so and then there were some bands that like had a lot of bands at that time had like hot in it, or like, chili in it, but like, they actually like got us that one as inspiration and, like, fused the common words together and it came up. We were had chili peppers. I was like, pretty interesting. Cool. But uh, okay. rochow pepper. So,

I mean, I don't know, do people eat peppers during Thanksgiving? That a thing if you're in a Hispanic family,

probably. Yeah. She puts a bowl of jalapenos in Yeah, the you know, the court. I mean, let the corn it's the carrot. Oh. Yeah. I put a big ol bolos out there for you. That's how Yeah, man.

Oh, y'all want me to go button up? Excellent.

Let's see have

Okay, I got one. All right. Let's start off with you know what, let's start off with like an off one.

The password is culture.

Last ketchup.

Yes. That's right. That's right.

So actually, when I was going through like my, my going to research I was like, Oh, shit, like I it's funny because I knew the ketchup song. But as many times as I seen them on different lists. I didn't know that's what they weren't called. Do you know how to get the name?

No, I have no idea.

Okay, so this is how they got their name, which is pretty interesting to me. So I didn't know also to that all the singers in the group were they're all sisters. Mm hmm. And their dad was a flamenco guitars. His name was one when yours and his nickname was el damata. Okay, and so they kind of, you know, yeah. In honor of They're they're dead. Last last last ketchup so that was mine.

No idea.

Yeah, I didn't either. So that that means that that song one hit wonder. Yeah. No, I don't but i if i can visualize it, but I can do it can we can do okay, well post a story on the street and that means that that song will be on the playlist, probably after a Marilyn Manson song. So yes, awesome. Perfect. Um, all right, Frank, your turn.

Pearl Jam.

Oh, that one's interesting one because in that one, okay, so

what the, what I have noted is that Edie vetters Great Grandma was married to a Native American man who had a special recipe for a pod laced gem. Yes. But that's apparently just one of many stories. Yeah, about about the name.

Apparently he he said that. Okay, so named pearl. Yes, Her Name Is Earl.

So make the connection for me.

So apparently, all the what I was finding a little, what's a call pattern that grunge musicians or 90s musicians in general at that time when they were coming out with, like, when they were first coming out or coming, trying to get their band name together, that they were just coming out with random shit. And apparently when people would ask them how the band name came about, they would literally give out a bullshit answer just just to be dumb. Apparently, a lot of bands did that in the 90s. And so that was one story that Frank said the other story is that the drummer at the time, I believe one of the members came up with them having the name as Perl and that they thought that was too simple. And there's then there's two stories that branch from that. One is that jam came from them jamming. Mm hmm. And then another one was that they had gone to a concert and that artist was jamming and they decided to add jam at the end of Pearl.

I see became Pearl Jam. So

pretty much there's no definite answer. Um, apparently there was a Rolling Stone article that I was referenced to and when I clicked on it the the article doesn't exist anymore. Like Rolling Stone pops up but the article doesn't. I don't know what album this was it this might have been like when their second album came out. And it was talking about how they came up with it. But long story short, Edie better pretty much admitted that he bullshitted that Oh, grandma story. Yeah. And and I wanted to read it, but the article doesn't exist, but people did paraphrase. Okay, he pretty much bullshitted it. Okay, but but still to this day, they don't really know what the real,

right? Yeah,

it's a Pearl Jam was.

But that's interesting. I mean, because I don't know. There are some band names where I'm wondering, you know, how did that happen? And it sounds cool. And then there's some that are just like playing

Oh, yeah, somewhere stupid. Actually. That's a whole nother episode like domain names. Oh, that would be a good actually. We could probably do that next episode. When we come back. We'll do dumb band names or don't ban names. Yeah.

I guess Pearl Jam was ultimately a better choice than their original name.

Yeah. looky

looky. Looky Blaylock. Yeah. be named after the

baseball was it? Uh, I thought it was basket basketball. Yeah, I'm sorry, basket was a Seattle Sonics or

I can't say they're asking the wrong girl. somebody out there knows. Tweet us let us know what team meals from?

Cool. I do know that Pearl Jam are big fans of basketball. And when I saw them, I don't remember when it was the first time I saw them, which I think was after 10 they had. I don't know if y'all know what starting lineup are. the starting lineup. They're like little basketball. They're like sports figurines, but they're about this big. Oh, they like collectible. No, they're just like figurines of like, real? Okay. Okay.

Okay, I know what you're talking about. Yeah, I know. I know what you're talking. They had him

for football.

Yeah, you're right. I think that was a MacFarlane line. I don't think so.

I'm sure they're super collected. Yeah, but yeah, I don't think they make them anymore. But Pearl Jam had them like lining the stage. What?

Yeah, it is interesting. Yeah, if I'm correct, I think that I know what you're talking about. Now. That was I think that was a MacFarlane line. But yeah, the starting lineup series. I know what you're talking about. Oh, yeah, that was a weird one. But man, we haven't even touched the weird ones yet.

No, yeah.

But uh,

but let me know we already for bearbrick K. So just interrupt me and frankly already. just gone. Ready. I

love this. It's a real ale Brewing Co vamonos. Let's go say, and it's a tart, refreshing beer with lemon salt.

You know what we'll do? We've had this before

I've had or I've had it before. We haven't had it on the show, but I've had it before. I just it's my fav number five. It's I mean, it's five out of five.

So we'll crack the first one and Britt can catch up. So I'm going to split this next one up. So our first dessert Beer. Let's see what we have.

So while Mario is getting a drink I want to talk about my childhood for a little bit. I was a little boy once, and then I grew up to be an adult. The end

it's good one. Okay, so this first one we have is of course from my guess it's safe to say this is one of our like, favorite breweries. Martin house Brewing Company.

Did you talk in that high voice all the time, please.

There will be our favorite when we can get a pickle beer.

Oh, yeah, we still have not got a hold of that pickle beer. But uh, so this one is a Bananas Foster. It's a dessert beer as dessert beer on the can. The dessert beer with bananas, cinnamon and rum flavoring. 6% ABV. Um, so yeah, so this this is our first

wait for some real quick. Oh, is it dark?

Not as dark as I was expecting it, huh? It's like

a caramelly color. I

think it smells like banana. It smells like that candy. What was it? It was like a banana candy. What? Like Rafi runs that's like runs smell that dude.

I never liked that banana sense of the rents

but banana Laffy Taffy is pretty good. Because it's most artificial. Yeah.

Yeah, that's microphones. Yeah, can take. Okay. All right, guys. So let's try this out and see what see what this tastes like. So then we'll read it. So banana. Oh, oh.

I'm not a big fan of fleet.

I'm gonna guess it's sweet based on sweet.

Sweet so that's my Oh man. Sweet. Oh, laughter tastes is nice. It's like

this I taste I get I get the cinnamon taste afterwards. Like I don't know how much of this I could drink like, I could probably drink like one can.

Oh, yes, we still need to do that. We had to do that beer floats the

airflow. Weird aftertaste is very

you could do one of those.


Oh. Next time.

Your flute beer floats

I'm getting with the with

the with the with the row buy it. Big, big red beer flow. That would be a waste of expired no

or something. Right? We

have one cat. Oh, we do have one cat but I'm not opening that. That's that's my on my wall of shame. Um, so I'm gonna give this like a 3.7 No, like a 3.6? Actually, I think. I don't know if To me it needs more flavor. Yeah. Yeah, I

don't know. I think it was like a 3.6 so I think because it tastes very sweet. Don't want it to be sweeter. At least I do. Like I like if I had the ice cream in there or something other sweet element to it. It probably really, really good but just like lacking what do you what do you rate it?

Hold up. I gave it a 3.5 it took like three sips just. Yeah, I'll

say 3.5. Okay,

um, Brett, would you give it that's what I was gonna say as well. We're gonna share across the board.

It's not bad. It's just, yeah, it's not something I would reach for. Yes.

It just seems like it's missing something to like, I don't know. It's like

all bananas up front and then like alcohol, and then then the Senate is

gonna miss me. Yeah, it's weird. Yeah. Mmm hmm. Yes. It's so weird. Because like I said, Sometimes I look for a real dessert beer. And this one would have let me down if I would, you know. Yeah, I mean.

pack of it now.


Oh, we got to Yeah. Well, she has one. You know, we have to

Frankie and I have had a banana bread beer.

Who made that one?

I don't remember. We got it at a bar.

Yeah, it was a local bar here in town. And I just remember it was this really nice, elegant looking brown bottle. Was it like a porter or vanilla Porter? Maybe? Sounds like it would

but yeah, it was banana bread flavored specifically banana bread. Would you most interesting.

We have pumpkin bread. I can't wait. That would be nice.

Right? Yes. Um, let's see. So Frank, you want to go off of another ban on your list?

Yes. So what's the food? The food is? It's frozen water. And it's a ice cube.

Yeah, he's on my list. But I didn't really. I was like, What? Yeah, I

thought you were gonna say Vanilla Ice.

No, I have. I have them. Yeah, together. I'll say ice tea. No, but

I say yeah. Yeah, he's in my little salsa but ice cube. And he got his name from when I guess his older brother would make threats to him and give him like like sibling sibling rivalry, sibling threats and Totem You know, his, his older brother would say, I'm gonna slam you into the freezer and pull you out once you're an ice cube. Mm hmm. And at the time he was rapping and he just the name ice cube. Yeah. Yeah, it just clicked with them. And he said, You know, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna go with that. So Ice Cube has its ties to another band. I'm gonna list corn. They have both, you know, they've guessed it on each other's albums. A corn was on. Ice Cube was on corn Follow the Leader album. And then corn also guested on some ice cube singles as well. And the one safe for work? Story version of how quick

two versions?

Yeah, so they had a manager at the time named Larry. And, you know, the band was trying to settle on a name. And so they, you know, they said, Hey, we're gonna name ours, we're gonna name ourselves Larry. And their manager was like, no one's gonna pay to see a band name Larry. And then someone suggested corn in the manager was like, no one's gonna pay to see a band name corn, but they were like, Yeah, but we're gonna take off the sea and put a K and then flip the arm reverse and the music will speak for the name because the name is pretty stupid. And, but I mean, it worked. You know? You say corn and automatically. That's what you think of you think of the band. Yeah. So that's the clean PG version.

I was gonna say, What?

Can I say that the weird version,

your weird version?

Um, I don't know. We know. You know what? I'm curious as to see how you're gonna explain it.

To me in the car earlier. Oh.

Okay, so. Oh, yeah, I'm afraid of how you're gonna explain it.

Okay, so it's sure

the kids don't come in.

I mean, I could say like, to the point where like, it's like, clean AF.


I can. Do you bet.

Well, okay, so the clean version, I'll try to, I'll try to clean it up.

everyone listening is like what

is like, What is it? What the heck?

So apparently the name corn comes from a sexual act. And I wasn't gonna say that, but okay. Okay. Well, like he said, so it comes from a sexual act and a piece of corn happened to be involved in this.

Okay, that was? Well, I mean, simplified.

That was a simplified version. My version was gonna be like, well, the story was Jana time. Yeah, something like that. Well guys know. So just, Jonathan Davis was at a party, and he overheard somebody talking about stuff and corn got mentioned. And so it came to be that like, whoever was at that party, whenever, like, they were just out somewhere together, whoever was there, somebody would be like corn, just to bring it up. And then they'd be like, oh, like, Why'd you bring that up? And they would bring up that story back in their head. And so they decided to go with it because it was like stupid and then the whole thing with the K and stuff, but yeah,

but you but if you want to know if you want for those who really want to know just Google how to corn get their name. And when you come across the website, tone deaf dot the That'll explain everything to you. Yes. Is that yeah, that's the same. The same website. I

got it from Yeah. Okay, so we were on the same page. Literally. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So, um, yeah, so when when they were like showing the store I was reading and I was like, Okay,

I guess I mean,

yeah, still, no one really knows. Like, if that was the yo thing it probably was. I

mean, if you know, but what did they name? Well, what did they did? Like, what if they ended up naming themselves Larry?

I mean, what two R's backwards. Yeah.

What two backwards probably would have worked. I mean, would do backwards. Would you pay to see a band name Larry.

I could turn that a into a little pentagram. Oh, yeah, they


Okay, then I'm on. I'm on I'm on board,

you know, but also, I remember to reading some about some of their earlier shows. and former drummer David saverio used to perform inside a chicken coop

that sounds familiar. Yeah,

it's just to add like element to their to their live show. And you perform inside of a chicken coop where they would hang dogs from the chicken wire. Hmm. And that was like the little bit of like, when you

said that I imagined you remember the movie Friday when a Smokies Hi.

Good chicken. That's right. That's right. But no, but this is their way of trying to stand apart from the local scene. You know, their drummer would perform inside of a chicken coop and they would hang naked dogs from the from the coop itself. And yeah, and of course you know, john Davidson in his in his tracksuits and he would come out with his bagpipes at the time. I don't know I haven't really listened to corn albums lately. Ever since like, the sixth or seventh when it came out, we

saw that that was it. Uh, oh, yeah,

we saw the live stream. So this was when COVID just right. When their last album came out, I don't know if you know what it was called. No, I don't. Okay, so apparently the last album that came out, I don't know what it was called. They had a live stream of one of their shows. So like they by No, actually, yeah, yeah. So this wasn't COVID started. And this was when the COVID shows weren't happening yet. So what they were doing is they were showing a concert that they had done previously, for the fans on that album got released. And I saw it on YouTube because they were playing it live on YouTube. It was like some like live, they were like, you know how all the summer festivals got canceled. So they were doing like a summer fest on YouTube. where like, bands were like choosing performances and playing them. Like basically like on a scheduled block. It was kind of

lame. Yeah. So like, basically the theme was, it was them. And then they had nothing. It's the album that nothing other than that. No,

it was a new album. Yeah. 20 or 22,019. So what I'm seeing Yeah, from Google, and the artwork of that, that album is like a guy like hanging from like wires. Yeah, so we're watching the concert. Like, okay, like, whatever, like this kind of leave. It's alright. So

there's like cables everywhere, like, like, tons of cables.

And then all of a sudden, there's like a guy hanging tangled up in cable. We're like, Okay, this is a little too much for us now. So

it's got what it was is I don't know what they're called awkward. Like, they're like, there's a name for him. I don't know what they're called. But like, they're like wire performers. But they're like also contortionist. And so what they did was they had like, while they were performing, they had the person like, like suspension artists kind of okay, but they're like, tangled in the it's like that shit that pink does. I think that's what it is. Like she like we're like they're wrapped in the ribbons and stuff. Like

it's Ariel's arrow there. Ariel,

it wasn't like that. Well, that's what else well,

that's what those people were but they were like in the wire. And they were like, acting like they were like tangled trying like, Yeah, but like, it got old really quick. Because it was like to the whole set. And I was like, uh, the setup look alright, but I got bored after I didn't finish finish. But uh, yeah, I don't know how we got to airy all this. Yeah.


So that actually leads to another band.

But have they been using bagpipes in their last few albums?

Actually. It kind of seems like they did. I don't remember him using bagpipes even on that performance. We

didn't get very far in though.

kind of stuff.

Um, you know, and the bagpipes are one of the reasons why I like them.

I thought bagpipe music.

CD was different too. And they kind of fell in. They incorporated it.

Yeah, well, yeah.

I have a CD. It's a Pipes and Drums CD. And I don't know. I love it. Like I can listen to it like the guy that or that used to play against downtown DC like random dude on the corner. Just busking with his bagpipes?

What's his para? In Portland? I think there was a dude dressed as Darth Vader. Riding a unicycle playing a bagpipe? That was Yeah,

he had an Instagram page. Oh, really? Yeah. I was following him for a while. Yeah, I don't know what his name was. But yeah, he would wear like different costumes. But I think the main one he would use is the the Yeah. And he wouldn't write a unicycle, I think. Yeah. And then the Yeah, the back pipe had flames and stuff. Yeah. Actually, I haven't seen him post anything. He probably has his Instagram inactive or something. But yeah, I followed him on. I think he was called like the Portland unicyclist or something like he was he had a name like it was this was Instagram page was at least.

Okay, but um, Portland's? Definitely the place to see stuff like that.

Then Austin.

Austin to Yeah,

but um,

did you know that Portland stole Austin's keep Austin weird.

Yeah. But I think I think Austin is weird. To me, you know, like, I've seen weirder stuff in Austin Austin. Yeah, I know. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Okay, so corn goes into the biscuit. Yes, they were both the same era. And actually, one of the reasons they got their name. Both of them actually share the same reason, which was they wanted to me this is dumb. So one of the stories goes that Fred Durst Oh, the password is biscuit. Yes and biscuit. So, Fred ders wanted to name the band, something stupid, so that it would deter people from listening to it. So he was like, Well, if they don't want to listen to us because of how we sound like then we don't need to miss fans basically. And so yeah, he wanted to come up with something stupid, but there was multiple stories. One of them is not safe for work one, which me and Frank are familiar with. I think we explained it to the ladies one I think Did we? Yeah, I think we did. If not, we I don't know what the hell. So there's one not safer work one and the other two stories go, which I don't, I don't believe one of them is that Fred had a dog that only had three legs and the dog's name was biscuit. So then they named the dice lip miski because the dog would like walk around but he had a little limp. The SEC the third story is that this was stupid. Fred Durst was drinking tea one day and biscuits and he dipped his biscuit in the tea, and it was limp and they call it a biscuit. That's the least that's the least believable. I don't believe that one. And the fourth one is not safe for work. What

about that one? I don't think I know.

You don't know that one. We've talked about it. Definitely. Me and you have talked about it with somebody? Yeah. Okay, so if you guys want to know what the story is, again, it's I'm gonna go as Frank would say it so involves a sexual act. Yeah, it does. on British boys like to do this. Um, it's a game they play only the British. Only the British apparently. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that's I think that's why I think that's why we don't really, but yeah, it's like a British thing. Why

we don't do it. Yeah.

I don't know. stereotyping. I

don't know what that would mean. No, it is it's a it's a game that like originated over there. And I think that's like what they do and like the boarding schools over there, like the whole boys boarding schools. Hmm. Okay. Anyway, so if you guys want to look that up, I know you guys are like, Oh, you guys are a podcaster should be talking about this, but I don't want to. So you can you can google it yourself. You could uh, yeah, figure that out. And I'll let Frank go to the next band.

Well, I know Fred Durst before. I mean, I guess when the band was getting started he he worked at a tattoo shop in Jacksonville. And I think another band from Jacksonville that's not a food band cold. I think he tattooed some of the guys from cold back when he was still working as a tattoo artist. What

the heck yeah.

Interesting. Did you spell the words right?

I mean, I'm sure right. still cold with a K K. But no, I mean, coding. Actually codes former guitarist Terry Balsamo, who then moved on to play guitar and Evanescence. Actually, he briefly played guitar and limp biskit before West Berlin came on board.

It's funny because back in the day, me and Frank met the that cold lineup, but they were actually playing with Evanescence, and we met both of them which is weird how he went on to play with that band. Yeah, and I think it was because of that tour. Well,

maybe i think i think what happened was okay, so so cold ended up having some like mega success Yeah, with where the spider and then after some time I think okay, so stupid girl was like a super smash single for them. You know who wrote that song for? Yeah, rivers Cuomo from Weezer, from Weezer, Weezer. And so they had, you know, they had some pretty good success with that one and then their next single suffocate was like a little bit of a moderate hit. And the record label wasn't too impressed by the, I guess, the lack of popularity of that single was stuff okay. Yeah, that's okay. And then the next thing or the third single off that album was supposed to be wasted years. I think it ended up getting released as a single but the label didn't want to fund a video for it. Hmm. And right then and there. That's when the band's I guess the band was in a little bit of jeopardy. And then the label ended up dropping them. And then Terry was like, Well, I'm gonna jump ship and play guitar for Evanescence. Then Hmm. So they're a good band. I just feel like stupid girl was like the end of

Well, I mean also too, because that wasn't like 100% and neither like the reason why I think you hit was because well you have rivers Cuomo from Weezer, you know, he can hit he can somewhat right like up a song that can get hurt. I guess I could, I should say or like would be a hit on the radio. That's what I guess I could put it like that. But

by by code standards, it was really Poppy. It was it was incredibly Poppy.

You remember when we played it at a birthday party?

I remember. Yeah. Actually,

I was telling her friend. Amber. I told her Hey, I was like, she had a birthday party. And we actually played it without a singer. And we played stupid girl for her

birthday. It was the day of getting kicked out or singer. I

was I was and I remember it was cold. And the cops came and they told us the lower down because we're playing too loud. We're

rocking. It was funny at times. So for my for my next artists. I'm gonna go with this one was a fun one. A Smashing Pumpkins.

Yeah, I had that one, but I didn't really write too much on that.

And Smashing Pumpkins. You know. Billy Corgan said that there Was there's really no significance of that name. Yeah, actually, he came up with the name before there even was a ban. Yeah, I heard I read that. And he said it could have been any random vegetable, but he just chose pumpkin.

And apparently that kind of made her angry. What was the name of the previous basis with original basis? Darcy? Yeah. So apparently she hated the name. And she told that story too. Because I think when she was asked about it, like how it came was she's like, yeah, Billy had that name before the band even came together. And he was just on shut out. And it irritated her that smashing was the word like, because she's all like, you can't use it as a. I think she said agitate for something like that. She's like, right. And she was like, Yeah, I think she was looking at it as the non British way. And she's like, yeah, like that, because that's how I always saw it.

But why does it have to be an adjective? Why can't be a verb and say, What were you doing that night?

I was out Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, sure. Or maybe I got the word type right. But she whatever the however it is in the in the band name. How it's not how it is being used. That's she didn't like how? I don't know. She just had I think she just had a thing with Yeah, obviously. Yeah. Got beef with him. Yeah, way Anyways, I'm sorry. I got that part wrong. written down if it was.

No, I see what you're saying. Yeah, it could be either, but yeah, I don't know why she would care which one is she? Apparently

when I read it, she was like, Yeah, she was like, wow, okay. Um, she's like, I'm out.

around for a few albums. Take off.

Take off the IMG were smashed pumpkins, or no,

that sounds really weird.

But I mean, it could have been smashing pickles.

Yes. That sounds better. Well, who smashes pumpkins, kids? Oh, that's right. Right. vandalizing on

Yeah, right. Right. papering trees. All right,

I get it. And then what's with Smashing Pumpkins? Since we're still in the pumpkin spice season somewhat? Is that still a thing? Pumpkin Spice is? When does that end?

after Thanksgiving? After after November.

I mean, we they were selling that pumpkin spice bread that we brought today. or selling it like still? Oh, encap display for it. Cool. Okay, so thing.

So with? Yes. So we're Smashing Pumpkins and comes pumpkin spice? And comes my next artist. The Spice Girls. Oh, they were

not even on my list.

Yeah, the Spice Girls, of

course, bring mentioned Spice Girls every episode. Yeah. That is the Spice Girls

song is gonna have to be on the playlist. And the Spice Girls. That was actually a band. I mean, that that that was a name made up by Jerry hollywell. Who is ginger spice. And she just made it up on the fly. And she also gave each individual band member their name when she said lazy journalists could not remember the band name, like the band members names. So she was like, that one's baby spice. That one's Posh Spice. And that was so and so. And so. And that's, you know, it was all her own her own thinking. Yeah. And there's there's nothing special. There's nothing special behind the Spice Girls name, or their individual stage names. It's just made up on the fly.

Hmm. Even though like the Spice Girls name, like Yeah, what the heck. Okay. All right. Well, I guess I'll like segue into my next one too, since

you have a list now too. Yeah. Oh, okay. It's gonna be a Brit style list where I didn't do any research on anything. And I'm just gonna rattle them off. And I only I like I checked to make sure they aren't repeat. Okay, okay. You ready?

Yeah, here

it goes.


I got it. Oh, shoot. Really? I didn't fit. I figured y'all always stick to like 90s and the story on this one is do you know sir? Oh, no. Okay, good. I'll

tell you what you round them off. There's two different stories. One is they got stuck in traffic behind a wonderbread truck. And the other one was they were at a gig and they saw this is stupid. They saw a bakery truck pass by. But I think the wonderbread truck story is more believable. You've been stuck in traffic. You're like, bread truck like yeah, so bread. Yeah, so I got bread. Okay, cream. I had cream apparently they got it because cream is like, short for cream of the crop. And it was a supergroup. What was that? It was no cream was not a supergroup.

It was just a Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton. Yeah. Apparently wasn't a super good. We can't remember the rest of the guys names. I thought it was but I

mentioned this before that Eric Clapton is the only person who's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times with cream, dad and the Domino's And so

yeah, okay. In fact, fun fact. All right. What else you got taco? I don't know that one. Is that Frank's man? I know.

It's a guy.

Okay guy. He

was popular in the 80s He did a version of putting on the Ritz that song. Ah, okay. It was really popular. I like that version. Yeah, you probably know what I mean. Yeah, it's very like, electronic.

Yeah, yeah.

That's the that's the only version that's popular right? Um, cuz I cuz

the same version older version that was popular like long before

we were well, that's gonna go on the playlist because I should have brought up salsa, Japan.

I mean, if they're listening

if they're listening.

Yeah, they're probably not coming through.

What else you got Brett fish? Ah, yeah, the pH of course. I didn't. I didn't see that on the list. That's crazy.

I think it's pronounced push.

I don't have any background story. And I'm fine with that. All right, what else? You got peaches? That damn it. I didn't have that one either. But okay.

Oh, yeah. Peaches and cream is another one.

Oh, peach isn't?

peaches and cream. Okay, what else? You got?


I got Bananarama. Bananarama actually, they're best known for their song Venus. Which Have you seen any commercials on TV? Yeah, I

know them best because of their song Cruel Summer.

Yeah, okay. That's one two, which is covered by

the base a base and featured in The Karate Kid. The original Karate Kid.

I haven't seen Karate Kid forever. But we actually found that a sub base single Yeah, at we found the single single exchange. Yeah, the single the covering about it. But yeah, so Venus. This will the other song. You've probably heard it on a razor commercial. Yes. So anyways, yeah, that band name came from a cross between a children to a children's TV program called the banana splits. And then a song. I do. And then the song called. I thought it was a British thing.

Cuz just like limp biscuit. Yeah.

A record I guess called pajama Remo and they fuse them together. Hmm. Yeah. So they came up with banana, banana? Banana. But, uh, you know what, actually sounds familiar to me now, but I don't know what it what was it about? Like,

I really remember what it was about. I remember the intro. Sing. And they were like, No, no, I don't remember the song. I remember that. There were characters like dressed in like, suits. And they were like animals and there was a dog or whatever. Going down those big slides where you Like Put, like you put like, you like sit in a potato sack and you like slide down the?

Is that a British slide? You know what, I'll find a clip on YouTube and I'll post it on Facebook without

the Wiggles.

Um, okay. Yeah. So I had been in Armand here. What else? You got?

The sugar cube?

sugar cubes?

Yours? Oh, yeah. Oh, you see. I'm actually familiar with Bjork. I mean, yeah, yeah. Yeah. With her work, I

should say that was her

band. That was her band before she went solo and did all

her jerky stuff. Beer break before you go to next.

And then my other one was just peaches in her but Frankie. Yeah.

Do you want smores or pecan pie?

pecan pie.

So this next choice, we've never had a big one. We've never had Yeah, we've ever had a beer from this brewery mean about Britain. I think we had a conversation about this after last episode. So this is from it's actually it's funny. It's a limited release. It's a pecan pie Porter, from the brewery clown shoes. It's an ale. And the brewery is from Boston, Massachusetts, and Windsor, Vermont. So they have two breweries. Another what's it called dessert beer. And the reason why we've never had a beer from clown shoes. We were talking about it is that every time I see their cans there, our work is very elaborate, detailed, elaborate, specific. And I was like, Well, if a brewery is putting that much time into their artwork, I doubt the beers gonna be good. For some reason, I saw this one at the store and I was like, You know what, why not? Let's give it a shot. Usually when we go to the bigger beer stores like or liquor stores like total wine and stuff. There's like so much like clown shoes on the thing that it like, I get overwhelmed. I'm like, I'm not picking anything. But

yeah, we our work is overwhelming. And that one is kind of gross.

Yeah. So it's basically this like gang Gus Kahn ish kind of guy. Just like eating pecan pie with his hands and he got like pecan pie all over his moustache and stuff, kind of like how I want to eat my butt. So we'll go. I'll let Kim do the honors. Kim, I go. I'll give you this

already looks really dark. I

know. So well Kim does that. So Britt you didn't have anything else on your list? Oh,

no, that was the list I managed to throw together. Okay,

so going off of Frank's Frank's last one was Spice Girls. So that's going to go into mine. Mind kind of spice related. Okay, password is salt and pepper. Yes. So I got salt and pepper on the list. Um, they were originally called Super nature. They changed their name to salt and pepper after lyrics from a song that they wrote, um, they actually had a hit off of, they had a song called the show stopper, and actually like charted fairly well on like r&b charts. Before they had the name salt and pepper. And so yeah, that's where it came from. The lyrics go right now I'm going to show you how it's supposed to be because we the salt and pepper MCs. So yeah, it came from actually lyrics from one of their own songs.

And did you mention the name of the band before? There were something Peppa?

Yes, super nature. Oh, yes. Okay, sorry. I was painting. Oh, no, you're good. Oh, so Okay, so we're gonna try this pecan pie Porter. Smells rich. Yeah, I don't know how to. Alright, ladies meet a very disgusted Oh, we should have known.

Black and mild.

Black and oh, black IPS. That's another one. I have that on my list that's on your list. I'll pass it to you.


the black and white Really? Let me see.

Sorry, I haven't. pecan pie No,

nothing at all. And I like that's my favorite guys.

One of my favorite pies. For some

reason. Every time we're drinking a beer like this on this show. It tastes like like smoke and black and mild. Cigarette or something.

There's always every time like Tam

but when I drink when I drink them off to show I never come across on like this. Like, I think this one's not as bad as the other one.

It's not as bad but I would I was hoping for something a little bit sweeter. Because pecan pie is very sweet. Yes. Because it's made with that. Corn starch. syrup, corn syrup. And it's very, like

sugary and yeah, this is just like all sugar and a few pecans.

Yeah, the aftertaste is not very good. So sure enough, this is why I don't go to this brewery knowing now it kind of cemented My, my, my choice. Um, why don't so with that said, What do you rate it? Actually, we can probably dump this one. I don't mind dumping.

Or you drink it?

Yeah, I rarely don't beers, but I'm probably gonna go with like a one on this one. Wow.

Yeah, that's your lowest rating, isn't it?

I think roho might have been lower. Was it? Where we read it? Um,

yeah, actually, if I don't do it, I'm gonna go like a point five. Yeah, I mean, if I have to dump it. No, go one. Maybe?

I don't know.

I could probably make. I mean, I just

yeah. You could probably try to pair food with it. But if you have to pair a food with a beer, then it's probably not a good sign.

Probably you said 1.5 very bright.

Yeah, I mean, frankly, it tastes like a lot of other stuff that I that is like

it's not that distinct.

No. What is it a porter? Yeah, yeah, it just it tastes like a lot of other porters that

Yeah, the porters are kind of tastefully

described themselves as chocolate or something. It's definitely not pecan pie. No pecan, there's no sugar.

It's just the tough thing is that it is a porter and a lot of porters have like a smoky taste. They probably should have gone with a stout stout, probably stouts are usually there's different stouts but there's usually a type of style that sweeter which is the milk stout milk stouts are usually sweeter. They probably should have gone with the stout direction. Um, but I mean, yeah, it looks like the artwork was way more intricate than the flavor. Oh, yeah. So I mean, Kim, what do you rate it? One Okay, so me and Kim. Were on one on that one. So there was that one a disappointment. Um, but I guess we'll go through another couple or whatever we got on the list and then we'll try and we'll try the s'mores on this Moore's one I think is from a brewery that does a pretty good job. I think the brewery that that we're gonna try the s'mores ones from I think they did the bookies one. Okay, which the flavor was there? Yeah. So I trust them if they did the bookies beer, right. Um, all right, Frank. What you done really cool. Well, since

we're talking about dessert beers, let's talk about my talk about everyone's favorite dessert is a meatloaf. Damn it. Oh, my God. I

can't believe I did not have I was thinking about it all friggin week, and I didn't put it on my list.

Yeah. And meatloaf. Of course. It's obviously not a desert. But the origin behind the name meatloaf is actually a bit sad. I think yes. So the artist known as me Though he has always suffered with weight issues, and in high school, his football coach named named a meatloaf because of his weight problem. That's Yeah, but the name stuck. I mean,

was it Leonard Skinner? That bastard? No, because Leonard Skinner was named masters. Coach,

right. Anyways. But yeah, meat low for me. He still. I mean, he's still he's still putting out music right?

I think I think so. I don't know. But he also I think we might have mentioned him on the time when we talked about singers or musicians who were also actors.


Yeah. Rocky Horror

and fight club fight. Club. Yeah.

What was the other one? I don't know. Oh, he

wasn't he wasn't Spiceworld. Oh, cheese lorries? He was.

We just saw that around full circle. Oh, no, we did and I was thinking of. I was. I wasn't. I was thinking of muscle when we saw the Josie the Pussycats? I don't know why. That's the movie that popped in my head. He was on that one. No, he wasn't in that one. That's just the movie that popped in my head.

But, uh,

so yeah, he he played meatloaf. Play the Spice Girls as bus driver in Spiceworld.

Yep. And

I don't know. I like that movie. I

watch it now. I seen it. But like once a long time ago. is Black Eyed Peas.

It is. Yeah.

Can you talk about black IPS? Because I wrote it on here. I don't have any money. Yeah,

so black IPS. Apparently they started off as black eyed pods. Really? Which is strange. But then after the passing of, I think a former manager of theirs. They decided to change their name to Black Eyed Peas. Something that represented the soulful sounds of their of their music.

I mean, Southern food. Yeah, okay. Okay. All right. was trying to like

Connect, like being soul food. Like, Oh, I

didn't know that. Oh, you see, I was like, I was not like things were not coming yet.

And I was like, What? And originally it was the three guys was it? Well, I am that other guy. Apple dapp or whatever his name. Yeah. And I was gonna I was gonna say questlove but now he's at some other yes route. Some other do taboo is is taboo. Yeah, the guy with the long pretty hair.

Oh, yeah. And but I wasn't like that.

And so it was just it was exam three and then Fergie, 4g, Fergie, Fergie. And it just went downhill from there. She came into the came into the fold. Actually, wasn't she a backup dancer originally? Oh, that explains a lot or something.

You ever seen that video where like she failed to doing the national anthem? No.

But that was that was

bad. Like that video. Like she was just off all over the place. Like she can sing. I just don't prefer to listen to her stuff. But that performance was

so in the south. Eating of Black Eyed Peas on New Year's Day is considered good luck.

Yeah, I make them every New Year's Day.

Yeah, I think you meant Oh, you

do that?

I do.

I don't think I've ever maybe once.

Oh, when I was a kid, my mom would make them on New Year's Day and I didn't like them. And I would take one and swallow it like a pill just for the luck.

I like it.

Yeah. Oh, cool. Um, well, since we didn't drink any beer on that pecan one beer break real quick. So this is from 903 brewers. I don't remember this. These are the I think these are the Peeps that did the the bookies beer that we had last. But this is the smore Sasquatch milk stout. So that's like I said before, this is the milk stout. This is the sweeter stout. So these are these are usually more sweet. This has chocolate marshmallow and graham cracker flavor in it. And I believe this is a Texas brewery. Yeah, they're from Sherman, Texas. The ABV on this is 7.3%. So it's a little it's a little up there. Kim, would you do the honors?

I made sure to wash my glass. Yeah, well, yeah.

Yeah, cuz you don't want that. Ash sitting at the bottom. Right. All right. So while we're doing that, you said

it was coffee bean in there. off?

No, no. graham cracker.

Yes. more moist chocolate. Okay, well, I guess since you mentioned chocolate. I'm just gonna talk about my next artist. m&m. Oh, good one because m&ms are Yeah, but the the name m&m is actually a play on Marshall Mathers his initials and that's my go to for karaoke.

Yeah. I don't know how but

it's impressive. You

smell sweet. Sorry, Frank. We're gonna interrupt you real quick. That

tastes good. That's all I had actually.

I was expecting more.

Oh, wow. Okay,

this has some stuff in there.

It tastes like coconut.

Yeah, it does taste like coconut aftertaste especially if

you know what it tastes like an Almond Joy.

Oh my gosh.

Yeah. I actually like this what I drink like two back to back. No edging wrong. I could get through candidates. Now that I'm matching the profile to an omen joy there's not like some more. No does have coconut. No was having it.

Why no. Chocolate marshmallow graham cracker.

I taste coconut.

Rich and roasty with a with big campout vibes.

Um, yeah, no, I definitely taste this. Um, enjoy beer.

I think what we're tasting is coconut they think is vanilla.

Yeah. And then there's no marshmallow in there. Not even aftertaste. No, no, no, it's all coconut at the end. Okay, so well, this kind of. Yeah, it's a little off. not what I expected. smore Kim, what are you ready to um, let you go first. Oh, she's gonna take another sip. No, like two 1.5 I don't know. Why you think about that. Britt Will you read it? I'll go to Oh, wow. Okay, Britt's gonna go with two. I'm gonna go with like a 3.4 now 3.5

Dang. You like it?

I mean, 3.5 is like in the middle. It's not sure. I don't really yeah,

I'm gonna go to two. Okay,

I'm not that far from now. It's not horrible. There's just the profile. The flavor profiles don't match what they what they were in, I guess intending it to be not to me. Um, but uh, okay, so we tried that. We're I guess we'll drink it if you don't want to. Here's

actually a little thing I want to add to Mmm hmm. Because this next artists not on the list, but he does make. He has mentioned quite a bit in every podcast. Most podcasts. It's a Marilyn Manson. Okay, yes. How

does he Connect?

Okay, degrees of Marilyn Manson go true.

Okay, so he connects to mmm because he was in the Was it the way I am video?

I don't know.

Yeah, he wasn't the video. He does like a special like cameo.

That was one degree.

That's a good. That's a good song. Yeah, you didn't have to get on.

And then when m&m was touring Europe around the time that that album was out. Marilyn Manson was also touring in Europe and they both happen to cross paths in Germany. And unannounced Marilyn Manson came out and performed the way I am with mmm

No way.

Yes. See, that's what makes me talk in a high pitched voice stuff like that. That's I'm gonna YouTube that. If I can find it. I'll post on.

Yeah, yeah, it's there.

That's it. You saw it?

I saw it. Yeah. Because okay. It was it was like an MTV thing where MTV was following m&m on this European tour. Of course they were. And m&m kept talking about you know, we got a special guest got a special guys got special guests. And they never revealed the special guests until m&m was performing that song. And then midway through the show midway through the song, that's when Marilyn Manson came out in the crowd just went wild, huh. and perform the song. And then that was it.

Okay, all right. That's cool.

Mm hmm.

Interesting. Okay. I'll find it.


it's deliberate.

Trust me. It's there.

Um, the next one on my list? is, I don't know if you haven't ears the cranberries.


So the cranberries was a weird story to me. So when the cranberries first started off, I think it was brothers. Right. There's two brothers in the band. All right. Yeah, I think so. Um, I don't know. We'll fact check later. So anyways, there was two members in the band. This was before the singer vocalist was in the band. And Brittany don't know if you know this. The original name of the band was the cranberry sauce. Us. Oh, no. And basically, it's supposed to be like, if you say it, like weird or fast. It's supposed to be the cranberry sauce. Yeah. So then what happened was, I think somewhere around the first album, they shortened the name to the cranberry. And then there was a demo that I guess they had recorded and it got sent back to the band. And when it got address, they got Andrew addressed as the cranberries and they ended up sticking with the cranberries Okay, so that's uh, that's how the cranberries came out. That was according to banded name explained, calm. That's where I got. I was actually doing a lot of fact checking to see like, what the real stories were between them. A lot of this stuff because a lot of wars like, Well, this was this story, but this band member said this. So I was jumping through that website and Wikipedia and then I think Britannica was another one that I was going through to, just to line up and see what the real story was. But some of these were, like, kind of tough to pinpoint what the real story was. But that one was an easy one. cranberries. Yeah. Thanksgiving band right there.

It's true. Totally. It's it's worse. Since it's still on the topic of desserts. My next band is a Blind Melon.

Yeah, they were on my list too. And I hate that song, by the way. Yeah.

I told the cause. Sorry, real quick, but we got stuck watching the Mask Singer, if you're familiar with that show?

No, it's not that one.

Yeah, but we got stuck on that one. And then it led into, we can see your voice, which is another show that's connected to it. Yeah, it's like, cuz one of the panelists that's on the first know that. Yeah, the panelists on that show. He's the host for the show following which is Ken, Ken Zhang. And Dr. Ken john Junger. And so basically, the premise of the show is, uh, there's vocalists on stage, but they're all lip synching. And a contestant has to guess which one is the real singer, which one's the fake singer. And so one of them was the girl who was on the cover of that album. She was on the show. And they had to guess whether she had seen her. Yeah, she was

told Frankie before, but like, I don't know if y'all really remember how popular that girl

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was. She was like the meme in the back in the day. We're not really a meme. But yeah, she was. He was Yeah, she was. Yeah, she

was on all the talk shows and all kinds of stuff. And Pearl Jam wrote a song about her. Oh, baby girl.

She was actually on the show dress

she has to be. Yeah, because that's her gimmick. Right? Yeah. And that's what she's known for.

I mean, I forgot what her story is. She's

still doing that man.

Well, apparently, like she's doing some other stuff. I don't know what she's doing. But anyways, but yeah, she's to be girl. Yeah. Yeah, sorry, Frank. And then and,

well, the, the name of the band comes from a nickname that was given to Southern hippies, especially in Mississippi. They're called, you know, melonheadz. But also, Blind Melon itself comes from a 1920s blues artist named blind lemon, Jefferson. And also a character in a Cheech and Chong movie called Blind Melon. chitlin.

Yeah, I saw I heard that. So they were saying like, they weren't really sure. What website Did you go to for that? That one?

It was actually on Wikipedia. Really? Yeah. Wow, it was on there. And that's how I found out about that.

Oh, because the website that I had gone to had everything that you said listed, but they weren't sure like, where exactly the thing came from, but apparently, one of the fathers of one of the members in the band, he will also call his neighbor's blind melons. And that was like a slang term for idiot, apparently, okay. I don't know if that's true or not, but that's what I read. And it could be a combination of anything. We both said. Who knows? But yeah, that's a weird that's a weird, right.

Well, the lead singer, Shannon moon was another I mean, we did are gone too soon. Episode. He also died very young. And that was another Yes. For the 90 I think he died after like the second album or something. Yeah,

yeah. Um, yeah, that was that was a Yeah, so that was that one. Um,

I have.

I have two more. Which, Frank I

got my list. Um, I mean, I've got maybe like another handful, but I can just be through them. Okay.

Well, let me speak their mind first. I got to go do and then you could you could finish this off and then we'll do our little battle.

All right. A cracker. Ah.

So crackers. That one's actually there's not too much. You know, behind that one. That one is what it is. cracker. He was like, I'm basically like, the cracker of this town. So right because it's a slang term.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, there's people out there from Japan. They don't know. We have to let them know. It's a derogatory term. Yeah. And so there's that and then the last one I have on my list. I don't know Frank cat cracker on their

Blue Oyster Cult. Oh,

so Blue Oyster Cult. Actually, there was two different stories. But apparently the legit story is that the manager Sandy Perlman, he was a poet and in his poetry.

He had a

group of aliens called the Blue Oyster Cult. And they were a group of aliens who had assembled secretly to guide Earth in history. And basically they took their name from, from that name of aliens in his poetry. Well, I didn't. I didn't Yeah, I didn't know that either. But yeah, Blue Oyster Cult. Cool. Good stuff right there.

I guess too. Finish off my list. I've got the band cake. Dammit

cake was the other one out. Yeah, I was taking a nap while trying to take a nap today cake hopped up and I was gonna write that write that down. I woke up and I forgot

and their band name is a reference to when something becomes a part of your life it cakes itself on to you.


yeah. All right so it's It has nothing to do with the food.

That's a bummer. Yeah.

much prefer to think I mean some some of those don't have taking on to me some of those don't have to do with some of these don't have to

do with food either been and the singer was just saying, you know, it's like when you're walking down the street and you step on some gum and it just makes it so fun to your shoe.

Pleasant. Okay, so

yeah, nothing special about that man named cake. I've got Bowling for soup. Also, it's another one right. And they were originally named rubberneck. And but the the name Bowling for soup actually comes from a comedy skit done by Steve Martin. I don't know if I'll take that out to find that and and see what's up. Another one that's probably not as well known. I've got the mighty lemon drops in there and 80s alternative New Wave band. Uh huh. And they're originally called the sherbet monsters. Sure. Yeah, that's also food related. And there's no info as to why they're called the mighty lemon drops. I'm just gonna say, I don't know. They were trying to describe the intensity of the lemon drops a Lemonheads candy.

This is a nice guest. Yeah.

We'll go with that.

I've got iced tea. Iced Tea tea. Yeah,

I don't know how he got his name. Well, okay, so

he got his name from a rapper named Iceberg Slim. Yeah, you're right in a passed away and you wanted to pay homage to, to that guy. And also him paying homage to to Iceberg Slim was it his way of like staying out of like the street life. So he DJ and he just like wrapped at parties here and there. Of course, you know, eventually, he ended up founding the band, the metal band, body count, which was which is taken from the lyric of the song called body count by I see.


I didn't know that.

I've seen them twice. D Yes. Cool.

I like body count. And there's also in


That's right, which we watch. Yeah. Yeah.

It was hilarious. The last time I saw body count was that a Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. And, you know, which was recent, I don't know, maybe six years ago or something like that. And he was on stage and he was like, even though I play a cop on TV, I'm still gonna sing this song before he did cop killer is

it's funny because last week well I'm like always interested in like, behind the scenes stuff like when it comes to music and stuff. And they did a special law and order episode where they were talking about all the like big actors of today that were like on that started off on lawn order. And actually he his first like role on that TV show. He actually played a bad victim who got killed. But then like, so if you go through like a lot of the older episodes, some of the characters now are actors. Now. They played characters in early early episodes. And actually, uh, I don't know her name, the blonde lady. She actually played a victim to and one of the early episodes, and then they got back around. So like, basically, if they liked you, they'll find a way to like, bring you back. Okay, and so yeah, like one of his first roles on that show was like some rapper who got like, shot and killed. So he actually so he actually died in like an early episode of lawn order. And then he comes back as a cop.

Oh, Sally Gish. She plays a mandolin.

Yeah. Huh. Yeah. So like she got her first role was was a victim too. And then she she's back as a cop. And I like the cast. Detective. Yeah.

And my last artists, vanilla ice. Vanilla

ice is on here too. Yeah, two foods, frozen water and

yellow. And his name is a combination. I don't know. I prefer Vanilla Ice over Van Winkle. Robert rubber band was

that isn't really

Yes, his real name. And his, his name is a combination of two things. him being the only white guy in his group of friends who liked rap and also have his signature breakdance move called the ice. Yeah. Okay. And at first he didn't like the name vanilla, but it just he just got used to it and just stuck with it.

Did you ever see his show where it was like,

he's like a house flipper or something?

No. where he's like goes Amish. What? Yeah, it was like vanilla ice like,

man. It

was like a bH one or something.

It was it was called Amish ice.

So like basically was him like trying to like vanilla ice Amish. So guys just trying to make Yeah, Vanilla Ice goes Amish was two seasons, and it came out in 2013. And it was about him like just living, like with Amish people and trying

I'm surprised the Amish allowed. Right. And like modern technology. They do they do.

There's a lot of like shows that I've seen. Yeah, we're like, don't go and like, though, I mean, as long as like, I guess they're not

portrayed in a certain you know, thing.

Yeah, using those things. Yeah, as long as they're also to this is like, kind of related, uh, me and my brothers used to go to like Comic Cons when they first started having a mirror and, and one of them they had the they had the, the original April O'Neil from the first movie, okay. And then they had the creator of the tangerine Ninja Turtles, I forget his name. I gotta forget his name. He like he did the cartoon in the comics and stuff. Right. And so then they had an after party at what was the carova. Before?

What was it called

before carova for Chrome was called the root of Maya.

Yeah, or maybe it was carova at the time, but they had an after party there. Okay. And they had a ninja turtles there. And Vanilla Ice was there. And they performed that song. Yeah, with someone like some of the original Power Rangers were there to like, basically, you just mingle with others. And I was gonna go, and I was like, Well, my brother wanted to go, but you could only be 21 to get in. And I was like, well, since you can't go, I won't go. So I didn't. I was like, I was like, damn it. But like, yeah, so Vanilla Ice actually could just draw a mustache on him. And yeah, probably. But dude, and like, I missed the opportunity. You've seen Vanilla Ice dance with the turtles on stage with Power Rangers.

Oh, what the heck? Yeah. They're gonna mention something about the Amish being at Comic Con. They're not allowed there. Was that where they had that one week out of the out of the year? Oh, they do? Yeah. Where they can come into the city experienced city life and like, see for themselves if they like it or not.

There is a TV show on TLC that was like, it was called breaking Amish. Yeah, I remember that. And they were like, trying to see if they wanted to stay being Amish if they wanted to be. I guess if I call like American, or if they wanted to be like regular like, oh, English, they're called English if they wanted to be English, or they wanted to stay Amish. Okay. And so they were like, trying to see where they wanted to how they wanted to continue living their lives and they're getting like shunned from their church and like all this crazy stuff. And

spring rumspringa

Yeah, that's cool. That's the time when they get to go.


yeah. When they go experiment, I guess out in the real world, but I don't know how long it is. That seems like such a culture shock.

I know. Right? Like they go with like, that's the first thing they see. Like, oh my god dancing and turtles in vanilla ice. I'm not going back to being Amish. I'm staying here. Why is the turtles dance all day? Um, wow. Yeah, that's, uh, yeah.

Man. Yeah, no, but heat. But uh, ice. Vanilla Ice did have a show where he was flipping houses.

Yeah, I know about that. Project.

Yeah, I don't know how long that lasted.

He was trying to. And I remember seeing him in some show where it was like, I don't remember what it was called or anything but it was maybe like a celebrity style real world kind of show. Okay. And he lived with Ron Jeremy and some Oh, that's right. What

was a big brother?

No, no. Celebrity something right.

Yes. Celebrity Rehab.

Probably was Yeah.

Pretty rehab. Wow.

Frank was like it's a it was a house and they play games. That's hilarious.

I think it was that. Yeah.

I remember watching this because also too, there was Celebrity Big Celebrity Big Brother also. Okay. Oh, yeah.

I hate that show. Anyways, um, you already for your battle or what?

Yeah, I'm gonna spit some bars. Okay.

So basically what we're gonna do is meet a friend, we're gonna go back and forth until someone stops. And we're gonna name the original name of the band and then the food ified version of the band and see, see, see where we leave off. So the first one I guess I'll start off with the first one cuz I already texted this one. Uh, Frank? Yeah. Metallica,

right is

meet teleca first one. Tim is shaking your head. Yeah, that's gonna be bro like that. This is where we end the show.

I've got a Depeche Mode and the food ified version is Depeche Mode. I don't get it to peach. like peach. Oh, okay. much prefer this. Okay. Yeah, and there's also a Depeche Mode. Okay, I

like that one better. Okay, mine is up. Allison chains.

Huh? Alison cheese. Ah, well, I got another one. Lord, y'all Alex Alison grains.

Okay. Got one. Not simple Duda simple tuna.

It's a tuna Lacuna Coil, but to net coil

I know you're like Ramstein and some people say Ramstein. I got ham Stein. Or I'm Stein. Okay.

That's a good one. Oh, Robin Stein.


that's a good one.

You can jump anytime, Brian. What's yours? For instance, we're

talking about ham. I've got Marilyn ham. And I've also got Hamsun. Yeah. But you know Hansen. Okay.

I got a Fleetwood Mac caroni or Fleetwood Mac and cheese.

Kings of Leon I've got Burger Kings of Leon.

Like the winner. Okay.

This was lame. I got sublime lime. Okay,

it's not too bad. The punk band called me First and the Gimme gimme is I've got meat First and the Gimme gimme so.

You heard him a sugar?


How about more sugar.

Okay, for a blink 182 I've got blink 182 and I know this one doesn't make sense to me. But I put it in there anyway. Blink 180 tofu. Okay,

I think I like that one better. I'm Britt you like the Beach Boys? I do. Okay, peach boys.

That's good. So, Foo Fighters.

I got them too.

We got food fight. Me too.

I got that one too. I'm the last one. I have a pod also known as payable on death, right? This pod is pineapple of death. Oh, shit. Okay,

so if you like the silversun pickups, you might like this lighter bun pickups. That was very



What else? You've heard of Kid Rock. But have you heard of kid duck?

I don't know about that one. That's a stretch. That's minus one point. Okay. And you still want Oh.

I've got Toby beef for Toby Keith. Toby beef. post malone as toast him alone. Oh, man. 30 Seconds to Mars as 30 seconds to smores. My last one, a band called phantogram and named after the Mexican desert.

That's my favorite.

Kings of Leon. Yeah, I

think that was I think that one to me was the best Burger Kings. All right. Well, Frank, obviously when this so good job. Um, oh, man. That was good. Um, so I don't know. Maybe I know. We're taking this coming week off for Thanksgiving. We should be back the following week. I don't know what we're gonna do. We're probably going to do maybe worst band names, or bad band names or whatever like that. Or stupid band names. We'll go off of do all three or whatever. But yeah, we'll probably do that next episode. Most likely. Um, bad things after drinks. Oh, I can probably only think of two.

I can't think of any. I'm surprised

no songs came up in this. I couldn't. That's true. Why I thought were Right, right. Um, but uh, yeah, if you guys, you guys have anything to say? Aside from we have another streak of crappy beers. Besides, the banana was decent. Yeah, s'mores one wasn't me.

I don't know if I'm gonna finish that. I will never seek any of these beers out.

No, yes. No, neither.

Neither will I

win. Now I know to stay away from clown shoes. Just the shoe and the drinks. That's right. The brewery I should say.

No, I mean, my guess what? What can we say?

Stay safe if you're

gathering with Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely mass six feet stuff because that should serious. There's a lot of sales getting worse, especially here.

Yeah. But there is the prospect of two companies working on vaccines and they're close to completion on that. So that's something to look forward to. But

that's still like months away, though.

Yes, but either way, if you're gonna get together with friends, and we're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving do so safely do so responsibly. Don't be one of those that propagates the virus because it's not something to joke about. Yes.

I've been pumping us full of immunity. Yeah, we've been taking elderberry extract and vitamin C and

yeah. And so if you guys want to listen to your past shows or also to like, share this with your friends, if you like the show, just go to website, rock talk happier You can find all your social media on there, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you can also find both of our Spotify pages and one is the playlist that's connected to our shows. And then the other one is the show itself. Like I said, rate us and all that stuff. Leave us comment. And yeah, so I think that's it. I think we'll be back in a couple of weeks. Sounds good. All right, guys. We'll see you next time. Cheers. Cheers.


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