Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 20 - Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics)

November 14, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 20
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 20 - Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics)
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 20 - Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics)
Nov 14, 2020 Episode 20
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we talk some music news, including Ticketmaster's plans to bring back the mosh pits, what some concert layouts are starting to look like during COVID, and more! We also drink some sour beers while talking the topic of the week; Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics). So, get ready for us to change the way you listen to your music! Cheers!

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This episode, we talk some music news, including Ticketmaster's plans to bring back the mosh pits, what some concert layouts are starting to look like during COVID, and more! We also drink some sour beers while talking the topic of the week; Lyrics We Got Wrong (And Common Misheard Lyrics). So, get ready for us to change the way you listen to your music! Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 20:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. So this is a podcast about music and craft beer. So we drink different craft beers. Every episode, we discuss them, we rate them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them while also talking music related topics. So we were off last week, but we're back. So yeah, we're talking about some pretty interesting stuff. Before we started the show, so

yeah, I don't know. Maybe I'll leave it in. Who knows? No, just kidding. I'm just kidding. Yeah, but so yeah, we're back. And this episode is Episode 20.

They said we couldn't do it. They doubted us. We started from the bottom. Now we're here Episode 20. And this is actually I had fun doing I guess a little bit of research on this and this episode is lyrics we got wrong. So I'm pretty sure everyone's done this at least once. Whether you say you've never gotten lyrics wrong and called bullshit. But have you ever been to a concert and like hear the person next using the wrong lyrics? Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah. badly. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah. So no, but no, I was just gonna say everybody thinks they're a good singer when they're at a show and they're not. Oh,

man. I've been to so many shows where like, I'm like, like, super psyched, right? And then it's like, I'm next to the one drunk guy who wants to sing. Like, I'm like, What the fuck? I think that happened to me the first time I saw Metallica. Yeah, I think so. Anyways, so um, so before we like start the show, we like to do this little segment called the hangover, where we talk about stuff that we forgot to mention last episode. And then afterwards, we kind of talked about what we're drinking. Before we get into the main topic. Did you guys have any hangover stuff to actually do? What was our Oh, it was our Halloween one. Yeah, it was a Halloween one. Yeah, it was a like the horror related stuff. We were talking about backmasking. Well, you know, I was gonna talk about Robert Johnson. The the lose the lose position? Yeah. So I don't know if anybody knows this. But I think in the 20s, late 20s, he booked a hotel as I think it's the

one of the hotel that I think it's the Gunther hotel downtown. And he booked a room to record a single. And people who stay at this in this particular room now will apparently see the apparition of Robert Johnson and what they'll hear him playing guitar in the room and apparently it's like freaked out so many people that they can't stay the whole night.

Oh, that's interesting, huh? Have you ever been there? I mean, I know where it is. I've never I've never been inside. Yeah, never been inside either. I think I have I stayed there one time. Really? Oh, y'all have no I didn't say there. But there was like a, like a. It was like a gala or military ball or something that was like in their ballroom that I attended. Okay. Did you see ghosts? No. Okay. All right. Cool. No, go go something sometimes cool some time. Maybe. I'm Britt Did you have Did you have any? I didn't

know Jim Did you know But speaking of ghost hunting, one time, my cousin and I went on this ghost tour downtown.

Oh, it was a waste of money. Oh, I thought you were gonna say

like, Well, I mean, it was Yeah, like, we went outside of like, places in there like

that room up there. And they're shining a flashlight, that rooms haunted, supposedly, and they give you a little backstory. And then they're like, you're walking around the Alamo. And they're like, oh, use these goggles and you can see stuff. And this man. We're just like, it's just the Alamo. Like there's nothing going on. Yeah, there's a bunch of people here, right? It's not dark. And then the guy was nighttime, but it wasn't. And then he has like a Walkman with like a flashlight taped to it. He's like this device can see like, he has this aura. Put these goggles on and you can see different colors. And I'm like, I've never done one of those. But I've seen enough of those a reality TV goes to people for me to not want to. Yeah, I mean, I know about you guys. I like making fun of those like, oh, like watch them sometimes. Like you idiot like, I heard something like I feel cold and I have a headache. Now. I'm like, dude, put a jacket on. You're good.

So I have a couple of things that I actually left off. I kind of was kicking myself after we did the episode because I was doing some editing. And I realized that there was a lot of things that like I didn't bring up that I could have. Like, I know Frank was like, I didn't know about this bento Frank told me about them like this was back when they first came out. And we were really talking about ghost. Yeah, that much.

Sorry. So ghosts was like and I was thinking we could save a lot of this for another episode. But ghosts was like a bandit. I feel like we could have mentioned mushroom head was another band ICS band body count. Um, there's a bunch of bands like that, that I felt I feel like, maybe it was my fault for talking about Metallica probably shouldn't talk about Metallica anymore. But um, this Insane Clown Posse count. I actually have a track of theirs on the Spotify playlist, because I would count them because I have to some extent. Yeah, that is true. I would count them to some extent, though. I know. We're not fans. I don't know their music too much. But I think they do fit in that category. But as far as bands we do know, like, ghosts I was talking about. I remember, man, I remember like back when they first came out you, Frank. Frank came over to my house and we were gonna jam. He's like, dude, there's this band that just came out. And they have like a 70s like sound. And they were like, he was like, describing them to me. And I don't know who the hell they were. But like Frank told me about them before, like I even I don't know, it's fucking crazy. I don't know how he found out about them. But, um, and then also to when we were talking about backmasking there was like different trials that happened in different decades with different musicians that had to do with censorship or the backmasking thing to, like in 1985 go to talk about Dee Snider went up against his group called the pmrc. And they were the parents music Resource Center. And they basically were going against Twisted Sister for like being like, like, overly explicit when like, their songs really weren't, like they were like twisting, twisting the songs that Twisted Sister was a, then there was another one in 95 with Rob hallford, who he was, he was a being accused of like putting a hidden message in his music that causes teen to commit suicide. So his parents went after him. Then there was a whole thing with Marilyn Manson and stuff.

So then leaving that I then there's two errors that I kind of made. One of them was we were talking about the backmasking label that was put on some albums. Yes, I know, me and Frank had talked about it. So what happened was the reason why I couldn't find a picture or anything about it was because the bill was created. But it never passed. And it was never so it was never passed into law. Yeah, so they did write the bill for that. But it the labels were like they had the verbiage for the labels, and actually put that verbiage on the beginning of our episode description. So if anybody will, who ever heard the episode can see the description, but actually put it on there. And so the exact warning that they wanted on the labels I put on our episode, since we had Frank talking backwards, I thought maybe they did pass it but like on a state level, they actually passed it but it was in the UK and even then I couldn't find any examples from from what I saw. They were the only ones that actually did pass it. Okay. But uh, here in the states they Yeah, they couldn't get it. Okay. Yeah, cuz I thought me I probably misread but I thought maybe like Arkansas or Alabama. I'm one of those southern states passed it. Or they did some, I guess, trial

of it to see how it would maybe they did. I'm not sure. But I thought that's what I read though. Either Arkansas or Alabama passed this thing. And they're pretty much the equivalent of the Parental Advisory sticker. It's just Yeah, but you know, this album contains backmasking. Yeah, you have to be this certain age to buy it. Yeah, they probably did. It was just really hard for me to try to find any examples online. Like maybe like someone taking a picture of a marine or whatever. Then the last thing that I wanted to correct was we were talking about I think Kim brought up Boris Karloff for some reason. So we were talking about stuff and I said that Boris Carl I was oh food photos like Boris Karloff was like the only actor to play like all the original universal monsters. And because I'm a big fan of those movies, and I actually got that incorrect. I got them confused. Lon Chaney, Jr, who played Wolf Man, he's the one that played all four. So in different times, so he was actually the only actor from that era. He was only one who played Dracula, Frankenstein's monster Wolf Man and the mummy. He was the only one who played all of them in different films. Okay, um, yeah. So that I want to clear that up because I don't want to be like, somebody's got that wrong.

Yeah, no. Anyways, um, but then I also wanted to talk a little bit about news. If you guys have any news that you guys want to talk about. Maybe you've heard, like, cuz I know, I brought up Ticketmaster earlier, which I want to get into. But I don't know if you guys have any, like music. You've heard that you want to bring up any news lately? Well, I mean, there's a there's a venue in Houston called the white oak Music Hall. And I guess when they had their first couple of grid concert, grid concerts, I guess they had some success. And now they have 10 shows from here until the end of their concert season this year. So I'm guessing Yeah, they had some success with that. And now they're starting to do the whole grid concert series where so if you don't know what a grid concert is, it's basically a reduced capacity concert, where you buy a ticket to, you know, you rent or you you buy

grid where you and like six Max, people can hang out inside your own little grid area six feet apart from every other grid. And you can still enjoy your show. It's just you're going to be inside of a grid now. So it'll be a little different for now until you know things can get under things and get taken care of you say grid. And I imagine like in between, there's like shock fencing or shock or I don't

know, but essentially, yeah, the grid, the grid concert series at the white oak Music Hall, it's

I think the capacity of the amphitheatre is like 3000. And I think now they're limiting capacity to 700 or so. Wow, that's a Yeah, it is. But you know,

and you pretty much you you buy your ticket, which also guarantees you your your little grid, and you can bring up to six people. With you, I think, including yourself six people, including yourself out there, you want to bring yourself Yeah, yeah, right.

And so they had some success, I think they had a few trial concerts to see how it worked out. And the two shows that they did sold out, and now they have a total of 910 shows from now until the end of this year. So I think for now, that's probably gonna be the way they're gonna do it, and they're gonna be doing it. I think also other venues, too. I know, they're still doing the driving venues. And some places are doing like, absolute, like seated only

type scenarios, but

yeah, I mean, that's, that's, that's one thing. That's, that's interesting to me is how people are trying to get around the whole thing and other trying to get some live music back into our lives. Mm hmm. I know you were gonna start to say Sunday already knew what you're gonna say what says Oh, no.

No. Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, I wanted to say some good. Oh, yeah. That

system of down finally recently released some music. Unfortunately, not under the best circumstances. But last week, I know we talked about CES moving down some episodes ago about bands that like people were like, Oh, can we release music? And we're talking about why. But yeah, they released two songs, basically, to raise awareness for the people of Armenia, or dealing with some war that just started over there. Um, and basically, they released these two tracks for that. And they posted it on a band camp, I believe, and they're selling merch, and all the proceeds go to an Armenia Armenian fund. And

I think they're selling the tracks for 99 cents apiece, on and I actually bought the tracks and I donated a little extra, but if you guys want to do that, I actually posted the all the links on I think it's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So it goes to, you know, good cause. And it's a band that everybody's been waiting for, to release music. Like I said, unfortunately, it's it was for this, but you know, that's why they came together. They recorded the songs basically, like overnight, and they released a music video for one of the songs.

But yeah, so that was that. I mean, I don't really want to give an opinion on the songs. But I mean, it was cool to hear them again with new stuff. Right? I'm also too I mean, I know this is a little bit old news, like two weeks old, but I mean, Sharon, I feel bad for Ozzy, but Sharon has confirmed that Ozzy will go back on the road in 2022. Why the heck it's only 2020 Yeah, that's a that's funny how she she says it like Yeah, well, he's getting he's getting he's getting back to work.

That's interesting. So I mean, well, I mean, he did he did release an album before. COVID. Hit. Right, right. Yeah. So maybe she's like, we need a tour that

there boy. Yeah. I don't know. Not that. I mean, it's Ozzy. And he does. I'm sure he just, I'm sure if he does it on his own will. He's doing it because he still wants to do it. Like, when I've seen him, like, do stuff. Like, he's, he's still like, has it in him? You know what I mean? Like, the wanting to do it? I mean, like, you know what I mean? He's still It looks like he still enjoys, like performing, like, from interviews that I've seen and stuff like, recently. I'm not I don't know. I mean, I don't know what's going on under that roof. I don't know. But um, yeah, I mean, that's, that's a little bit, you know, a couple weeks old. But yeah, Sharon confirmed that he will be touring in 2022. And that's actually that's another thing that I read a while back about. Because, you know, a lot of bands that were on tour, they had to cut their tour short. And I remember reading tools saying that they don't, they're not going to go back on the road until 2022. And that's because their whole reason was, you know, the pandemic, but also they realize a lot of their fans are going through economic hardship. So they would rather wait until people can recover somewhat financially and then they can feel more comfortable, you know, going going back out on the road, just to give people a fair chance to see him you know, so

I don't know I personally, I still think the whole 2021 rescheduling

is a little too ambitious. Yeah, but Well, we'll see how things play out. I mean, yeah.

All it takes is for us to do our part. And hopefully, you know, we haven't done it. I mean, I'm not gonna say, I'm being I'm being optimistic. But I'm just saying, you know, if we did our part, hopefully next year, we can start enjoying some of the stuff that's been postponed. Well, speaking of that, I was talking to you guys about it before we started recording, Ticketmaster came out with this thing.

So apparently, now that a vaccine is closer to being released, Ticketmaster has this plan right now or there. So I got this off a billboard. So billboard was my

reference or my source, they got an exclusive on this, basically, Ticketmaster is working on an infrastructure right now, to where if you want to go to a show, you have to prove that you've ever you've either been vaccinated, or that you've tested negative. And how they're gonna do that is basically the app will verify if you've been tested. If you've tested negative for COVID or not, it'll give you some kind of window of either 2448 or 72 hours before the show.

To let the menu know that that's the time you know that within that time, you've been tested, tested, and it was negative. So how they want to do this is they want to have people get tested, then they want you to deliver the results to a health pass company. I don't know what that is. They said that examples I gave were clear in IBM, I still don't know who the hell they are. But if you're negative, then that company will then verify that to Ticketmaster, who will then update your profile on your app and say, Hey, he got tested on last 24 hours, or Hey, he got tested in the past 48 hours. And yes, he's, he's negative. And that will get you into the show, along with your ticket. So but that's pretty interesting, too. And they're working on that, like right now, as we speak, while they're getting ready to figure out how the hell they're going to distribute this vaccine. Wouldn't this give opportunities to maybe fake a COVID test? Well, yes, but the only way to get your results at Ticketmaster would be from this one verified company. So in order to it's not like you have a printout on a piece of paper that you're bringing to them. Yeah. And it's likely from one company to the other company. And I don't know if they can really test your PII. So, you know, so I mean, um, but uh, so yeah, so it'll be like, okay, you're gonna go to your, you know, healthcare healthcare provider would not then go to this other company that's going to be verified by Ticketmaster. Then they go to Ticketmaster. And Ticketmaster says, alright, he's good. So same thing with the vaccination. So I mean, I guess that seems crazy. I want to say like it, I like the steps that they're taking, like, so want to bring everybody back together? just seems like kind of like not not impossible, but hard, like, very difficult and tricky. And, logistically, logistically challenging how we were talking about someone who possibly could get tested 24 hours before show, that seems like a pain in the ass to like, what if you miss it by like, an hour? And you're like, Oh, crap, they closed and you're like, you know, or somebody closed and you're unable to get your results in time, right? I don't know. It just seems insane. But I mean, at least somebody's looking to kind of take a step forward into, like, if something like this ever were to happen again. There's a kind of

something in place. Yeah. So we're like, Okay, look, you know, you can come in, you know, if you're good, and, you know, whatever. I don't know, I thought it was crazy. I thought it was interesting, how they're how they're gonna update your profile on your app and be like, you got you. Yeah. Yeah, how it's not something that like you're doing on your own, like bringing a piece of paper and saying, Look what I got, like, we were talking to me. Yeah, that would be easy. Um, okay, so with all that said, If you got you guys, you got something. Yes. Sorry. interrupt me, you gotta keep like, interrupt me. That's what the mic is for. So in Chevelle news, November 6, Chevelle released a new single and acoustic version of their single endlessly, which is set to be on their ninth album due in 2021. They haven't released music since 2016, when they released North corridor. So Chevelle fans have been waiting a long time. So that's really exciting. I'm excited. They had the album has finished pizzas album is done. They're just waiting on a release date. And so that's projected for 2021. What's cool about that is they have a I know we talked about it on our band beer episodes, they actually have their own craft beer. And hopefully with this new album, though, do some kind of because I know they did a limited release at some of their shows on the on the last run they had, specifically in Chicago, but uh, yeah, hopefully we'll get to see that beer. So cool. So speaking of beer, let's talk about what we're drinking. We can, we can talk about our topic. So who wants to go first? We're all drinking the same thing true. Color bread. do the honors.

We're drinking a beer that Mario and Kim brought, which I'm very excited about because it's red bud

Berliner vice, which is a beer that we've had before. But we have the cucumber, which is awesome. And then we've also had just the regular Yeah. Which is also good. But this one is strawberry and raspberry, which is like, it's good. Hell yeah. Super good. Yeah, I like it better than the cucumber. I don't think so. No, yeah, it's a cucumber. We write it down like perfect. It's the other cucumber. We rated the cucumber crushed one. Brush one was perfect. Five stars. That's right.

Pretty good. Right? You're right. You're right. It was kind of reminiscent of the strawberry. The poteet strawberry shiner? Yeah, that's limited for like summertime. The thing I think that makes us on pop more is the raspberry because I want specifically just strawberry but yeah, like the and also to the other ones. Just

I don't know what kind of beer that is. I think it's a lager and this is a vise so it's a little solo. In our sour. Yeah, yeah. Which is really nice. Because it's a nice balance with the sweetness where I think like the shiner is a little too sweet. Yeah. But this one that has that sour that makes it awesome. Yeah, it's good. I'm glad we we bumped into it. Oh, actually, what's the ABV on this? Actually, we need to read this to something I think.

Oh, yeah. 4.9. And he hasn't opened yet. But I wanted to be matchy matchy with Frank. Oh, yeah, we got him. Sorry. Yeah.

What do we get you Frank? Okay, so, what I have here is a Brabus. Braves. I got it.

Every time we come across, you say this, you say both? Okay.

You know, you could do that sounds good to me. Okay, so I'm just gonna say it's a Brabus brewing. Raspberry goes a fancy non alcoholic Beer Beer. less than point five alcohol by volume. And, yeah, I guess we're matchy matchy, right? Yeah.

flavor profile, kinda. So for the first time in the history of the show. I'm gonna share

a little bit.

While you do that, Britt What do you rate this read, but I'm like, 4.7 4.7 Okay. Can we read it?

Yeah. Okay. Oh, you haven't? You haven't opened that one. Oh, what do you do? Oh, okay. Okay.

Yes, good wishes. Yeah, I'll get oil chulito lucky. Sour aceto tangy power powder. 345 elbow candy. co it tastes really good with that. Oh, I was gonna say I can share with her. You can have Yeah, you can have that. Yeah, you have. Okay, cool. Yeah, cuz you know, there's only that one. But you should have some. Oh, am from her. jacker Okay, but what but what does she's like, Fuck you.

I want a raspberry it is there's it's very raspberry, but it's nice.

Yeah, the smell.

Oh, that is good. Huh?

Yeah, that is pretty good. I like that.

It's very, it's very tart. There's so many. Yeah, it's nice. It is good. Yeah. Cool. Well, at least for me though. The tardiness hits me pretty strong. And then after like two three seconds it. It's really we all get to write a non alcoholic

drink. Go for it. Yeah, you get a good taste of that man.


I think I'm gonna give it a 4.5 4.5 Okay, that's good, bro. We give it

I'm gonna go 4.3 4.3 Yeah, Kim lotro. Four.

I was counting in my head. Did

you know I'm gonna go with like a 4.52. This is pretty good. All right, so there's that. So now you guys know what we're drinking. And we'll take some beer breaks here. And there. I got some other surprises and yeah, so. Um, are you guys full of surprises? Are they good surprises? I don't know.

They could be some because we had some bombers on the show like bombers. But so.

So I actually have forgotten about it. I'm sorry. So like I said in the beginning, this is the episode about lyrics we got wrong. So there were some that I was like, we were I was doing some research after I wrote down the ones that I know I got wrong. And I was like, Oh, yeah, I was like, I've heard that before too. Like, I was like, I've gotten that one wrong as well. But

I also seen some that I had, they weren't on any lists. So if you're listening to this episode, sorry if we ruin any songs for you and you start to hear them the wrong way.

Because you will, it's going to happen. So we are going to ruin these some songs for you. So disclaimer, and they're actually from all genres. So it's going to get pretty interesting. And so that we don't get sued. I don't want to test it. I know we've done it once before, but this is quite a bit so what we're gonna do is a for some of these songs are going to be putting timestamps, and for the ones that I don't have timestamps for I'll go back and get them. So all these songs are going to be of course, on the Spotify playlist you'll be able to see on our website at Rock happy hour, pod Comm. So you'll be able to hear all these songs the wrong way. Yes, yeah. Um, you're welcome. And if you want to play along and laugh along with us, and I guess, pause the show and go listen to some, I don't know, I'll have timestamps, and I actually even say some timestamps that I have. So we'll do that. And whoever wants to go first. We'll we'll kick it off with lyrics we got wrong.

I guess. Yeah. I want to hear what you have. Yeah.

I previewed the list. Okay. There's definitely a theme. Okay.

I'm gonna guess it's like pretty quick into Windows where you know, yeah. Are you

just like, what were you thinking while you were listening? Or what are you think? Okay, well, here's Well, again, so later, but here's why. Probably just in church, Frank fashion. Yeah.

But here's one that didn't make it on my list, but I just thought of it now. CNC music factories, everybody dance now. Okay, the misheard lyric is everybody's dead now. Oh, Jesus.

I mean, and then

halloweeny Yeah, that was the last place to kick off my official list. It's what the most rocking is artists out there. Taylor Swift. Oh, my God. All right. I didn't see that. interest. And this one was interesting, because I remember when the when I first heard the song on the radio. I was like, she just, you know, give some free advertising for Oh.

But the song is a blank space. Oh, yeah. And okay, so I wish I could play it. The misheard? misheard lyric. The misheard lyric has got a long list of Starbucks lovers.

But the actual lyric is got a list of Got a long list of ex lovers. Yeah. Well, it does sound like Starbucks lover. Oh my god. I don't want to get sued by Taylor Swift. But I wanted to hear this. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I don't want I don't want to mess with. Oh, yeah. Cuz, uh, cuz like, when we were going through him, we're like, no, and then like, we actually played him. We're like, Oh, shit. Yeah. Okay, I gotta I gotta listen. Yeah, so that was the one when and actually it was. It was funny, because I think she mentioned her dad saying something about, you know, like, what is the Starbucks lovers you're talking about? And it became a, I guess, a meme or something. But yeah, if you listen to the song, it's part of the chorus. It sounds like she says, Got a long list of Starbucks lovers.

Okay, I mean, she she seems like a Starbucks girl. You know? I mean, like, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Pumpkin basic. Yeah, that with something, something in there. Whatever. Oh, man. We went to Starbucks the other day. And

we were like, in line for almost an hour. I wanted a pumpkin spice latte because I know that she jumps the gun, right. And they're just doing Christmas. I wish they are. They already have the Christmas menu. I wanted one more pumpkin spice latte for November before they start pushing other Christmas bs right. And

lo and behold, it's their fucking free cup day, every purchase of a holiday. frickin dream. And so I'm like, I'm like, Mario, just tell me to leave like tell me I need to get out of this line. Just

to be fair, we're kind of stuck in the line. We're kind of stuck in like cuz that's a bad location. It's just like a weird so like, if you bought it, you would get this free like Christmas cup bubble on top of that. So like if you you had to order a certain drink in order to get it right. Which was which was like a 15 drink list. Right? But some people I was like, Well, I know people were getting multiple cups. And I know people she was too. I didn't know this. I guess I don't go to Starbucks enough. But she was saying some people get really like intercut with their drinks. Oh, yeah, I was like, Oh, that's a vanilla latte with extra vanilla but not that much vanilla, but I didn't know that. So yeah, so

I didn't order the damn drink comes we were pretty much technically we were in line for 40 minutes, but it was almost an hour and I got usable.

too It's like but you know, people got really crazy about like those cups that they released in like targets and stuff because remember that that Halloween ish one that I was trying to find it was like a black

I don't know how like a like a diamond but not really like oh yeah, I think it was it was a black Starbucks cup i thought was pretty cool. People were like buying them and recently

selling them for like 40 5060 $80 online because people and I and a friend of mine, that's where the issue is reselling. Yeah, she actually was like, Oh yeah, girl like I got one. I was at the Starbucks at Target. I like three o'clock in the morning. I'm like, Oh my gosh, that's Oh, yeah, like, kind of unrelated but talking about like reselling. I remember when I wanted to go to. I was planning to go to LA to see misfits there with Frank. And so I was like, dude, I'm like, get the tickets. I'm gonna get the tickets. And so I went online to get the tickets right, they sold out with like, within two minutes, and pretty much all the tickets went to scalpers and they were being resold for like 1000 2000 $5,000 people were buying them and they look it's those people that screw up the they buy in bulk in the Starbucks. studded Black Pearl iridescent on McCurry for $103 I'm sure this cup was like $25 at most. Oh, yeah, I remember that. Wow. Yeah, that's insane. Yeah, it's a pretty cuff. And I was like, oh, that'd be cool if I came across one and got one but no, not about that. Yeah. Oh, how much would I even use it? I use my same Arctic. Yeah. Anyway, so yeah, Starbucks. And, you know, and it's funny to me, speaking of Starbucks, I don't know if they still have their trenta size. Yes. It's like the huge big size 30 it's like 3030 to 30 ounces.

And I remember like when this thing came out a couple years ago, like the super beyond fanatic Boehner poppin Nine Inch Nails fans went to Starbucks to get themselves a trenta cup. Because you know, that's stupid. And when they do ask Frankie why he knows because he bought one night a hardcore.

But I wasn't gonna go to Starbucks to buy a plastic disposable coffee. Why were they doing that?

I don't know. Cuz Trent. Oh, I get it. That's so silly. It's so dumb. so dumb that it's like the dumbest. That's like the dumbest reason to get but yeah, there was another thing too. And that was coming out that people were like, this is like the capacity of like the human stomach. Yeah, you cannot have any more after you drink that much of coffee or your frickin chai latte. That's like, that's you can't even drink like you couldn't even finish the whole thing. I know. That's dumb. I don't know. All right, I wouldn't do it. Let's see where the next rung. lyric takes us. Right? You got one? Yes, that one took us a Starbucks. We had a little Starbucks rant for like, few minutes. This one.

I'm sure they all are. No, this one's really bad. And I'll just preface it by saying I was a kid and that's why oh minor that have that reason for multiple was. Frankie knows the story cuz I've told him before. But I think it's a Van Halen Panama.

Awesome Song. Yes, but

I write this down.

I was seven when the song came out. And

and I don't have any brothers or anything. So I don't know a lot about boys when I'm seven. Right.

And there's this line that says reach down between my legs. Yes. And ease the seat back. Yes. I heard reached down between my legs. And there's a sea bag.

There. That makes sense, though. And there's a scene back there. No.

That's, that's funny. I have not.

That's that's Yeah, that's a good one. That's a good one. Yeah. Not embarrassing at all. Um, that's funny. Let me see. I have one. It's pretty stupid. Because it's, I feel like I would get a lot for it. But so when I first heard this song, I was like, young, I was like, in middle school. And I so I thought these were the lyrics. So that stayed with me. I never fact checked the lyrics. I'm like, oh, let me goes on and fucking do it. So this was obvious one and it's Panthera. And it's from their vulgar display of power album and it to walk. Uh huh. So I don't know. I don't know how many people gotten this wrong, but the lyrics are re SPECT walk. What did you say? Yeah, I always heard it as breathe. Spit. Walk. What do you say? Yeah.

So like, and like every I always thought that like in my head I always thought it was a badass walking like breathing and spitting and

that's what I was picturing. Someone doing it right. And then spinning like you're like

yeah, he's badass. Right? So but then like, the real lyrics were like it was respect split up but I never heard that so I never bothered to go I'm like I cuz I thought I was right. And so from middle school till like, just recently, I found out what the damn lyrics were. And I was like, son of a bitch. I'm glad I never went to a pentair show.

I would have got my ass kicked in the pit. I was like, why me

Well, I got to do

all right.

But I didn't I didn't know like, I just that's what I Oh, and in the same song.

So, right before the chorus, it says, what it takes who I am or I've been brought along, but I thought it was below. Like, you know, like you've been in hell before. So I was putting my own little story into the

badass from Hell yeah, from baster. Yeah. And I was like, and I just pictured this whole time and I was like, walking around walking around like, Yeah,

he was hanging around with the he was hanging out with

Sally rod.

Did you say that name on this podcast?

Sammy Hagar.

I'm sure he's a nice guy. Yeah, no, he seems. He seems cool.

He's cool. I will have him on the show. I'll message him. Um, so that was fine. Can we go? Yes, since we're talking about ones that we've we

I don't think I have misheard this, but it's what it sounds like he's saying to me it's a young the giant home of from their album home of the strange silver tongue. The correct lyric is I'm addicted to madness. But what can I say? I'm addicted to badness, but what can I do? And I it sounds like he's saying I'm addicted to mayonnaise.

addicted to mayonnaise, but what can I say?

That if you want to check that out, it's on their track. silver tongue again from home the strange and it starts at about 55 seconds. 5556 seconds. You can hear that that line. He says I'm addicted to madness, but it's up It sounds like he says I'm addicted to ya. So you can go to the playlist. You can find all these in vain is good. It is. I mean, and I'm sure there's people who are addicted to it. Yeah. I'm

Frankie Mongolian. Yeah. Let me see. Okay, so this one I thought was pretty funny, because this is how I heard it. Aerosmith. back in the saddle. Okay. Yeah. Personally, it's one of my favorite Aerosmith songs. And I like the riff. Sometimes I play the riff on along on my guitar, but the the lyric Of course, it's back in the saddle again. Uh huh. But when I was a kid, I heard I'm back insider again. Oh, my God. Okay. Alright, theme emerges.

All right. And so I was like, okay, it's about a cheer. I know. Right? Please say you're a kid. When I was.

Just say you when you were like a teenager. Okay, yeah, well, yeah. When I was a teen

No, but but but you know, the the lyrics himself when you when you actually like, read the actual lyrics.

I mean, he's talking about chicks. Right. A lot of his music. Yeah, talks about stuff like that. And then I was like, Okay, yeah. Well, you know, it makes sense. back in the saddle again, I heard I'm back Insider. Again, he's talking about chicks. Right. It makes sense. Yeah. I mean, it could work and in because I know Steven Tyler and some crazy crazy stuff like that. But yeah, so it's not too far fetched on that one. No. I mean, Frank could have helped him write that damn song for you. Yeah. If you were if you were in that time period, probably.

Where you got another one? Yeah, this one is not so much mine. But I misheard, but when I was in high school.

This girl came into class singing, Smashing Pumpkins today. That's right. But instead of hearing today is the greatest day I've ever know. She heard judy is the greatest damn animal. Okay, there was a lot that we came across with people's names put into like they were putting people's names into like

that's a she was just singing Tootie

damn animal that

stopped her like what? What did you say? No way. So we have to start singing here. Yeah, yeah.

What's that one? Is it the monkeys? The I'm a believer.

When I was a kid, and you know, at fermina team, yeah, we're gonna change. So when I was a teen, okay, so the lyric is you know, and I saw her face and now I'm a believer. Okay, and so what I heard was I saw her face now I'm gonna leave her that was I saw that

was so


Oh, yeah, that's right. Oh, that was the same song. That's what I

remember thing. Girl Talk about

me now I'm gonna leave her

Um, so

You said Smash Mouth, right? And then well that it was I was talking about that one. And I said, We don't mention Smash Mouth. It was funny, because a couple few years ago, well, me and Frank were in another band. We kept making jokes about Smash Mouth, right? We kept like we were, I don't know what it was. We just kept making jokes about Smash Mouth. And then I couldn't believe it. And I said, shit, maybe we said their name too many times. Because then they had announced that we were playing a show. And then they and they ended up playing a free show that same day downtown hemisfair hemisfair Park, and I was like, they're fucking coming. Like, we like what were the odds? Yeah, like, like, what are the odds have been like, smash man, like, you know, they popping up like, Yeah, I don't know where they're like they're coming to San Antonio. Like, what the fuck? Like, and yeah, we were I don't know. I so anyways.

Um, so can we go? You got? Yes. Speaking of names,

from TLC on their crazy, sexy, cool album waterfalls. The correct lyric is don't go chasing waterfalls. Yeah, many people have heard that TLC was begging don't go Jason waterfalls.

So you can hear that on their track at a minute 90.

Jason waterfall apparently a lot of people heard that. Sounds like we listen. Yeah, we listen. Like, like, I was like, No, I've heard that song. Like, you know how many times but then like, we played it back then that part? And we're like, okay, let's see. And sure enough, it sounds like that. Yeah. Wow. So begging Jason waterfalls. Oh,

yeah, remember that? So yeah, like all these all these songs, guys, go back and listen to them. You hear that? I was actually when I was going through some of this stuff. I found that there was like an there weren't a lot of like hard rock and metal songs that was seen on this list. So I'm actually going to post a video from loudwire on our Facebook that not only has a video of the song, but it has the part typed out that the that people miss here. So it makes it even funnier. Because like you'll hear and

you can read it a lot. Yes, it's hilarious. I'll post that on Facebook. So my next one is metal related is actually from the same band, two different songs from the same album. So this is from Slipknot, from their 1999 self titled album, The first song that I got wrong was their song sick their correct lyric, which I don't know how many people got this right on their first listen. But the correct lyric is you can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes. That's the lyric the way I heard it was get to California where the motherfucker dies. And that's why I always heard because like, he says it so fast. And his we were we had this discussion in the car where I was thinking about songs I've heard wrong. And for some reason System of a Down I've never misheard lyric, which is weird to me, because their lyrics are so crazy. But then we were talking that his voice is so clear. And even when he screams like he enunciates his words very well, so you can hear everything. But it's not to say any of these singers are bad singers, just the way their, their, their voice, their voices. Their core is one of those where like when he speaks or yells or sings fast, some stuff gets jumbled together, for instance, like that one. That's what I heard. Another one, this is y'all gonna probably laugh at this one. But the other one is on that same album, The songs liberate the lyric is liberate my madness. What I hear is do you like bananas?

When I went back when I went back and listen to it, that's like, I was like, yeah, that's what I hear. It's like, do you like bananas? And then the next line is do you like banana? And they're like, but like the correct line is liberate my madness. It's like totally different when you listen to it. And that's what starts off the song. So I'll post that song on our spot. That's funny because we're on the way over here and narrow forte came on, and there's a part of the song where he says something, something that sounds like he says, urinate on me or urinate me or a urinal me or something, but he's really saying Nobody does it better than the enemy. Yeah, so it sounds like you're in on me. Yeah, I think I think he's one of those vocalists where like, the way he, uh, what is it called? It's the way he spaces out the words. Yeah. The phrasing the phrasing of his words like they're just they sound like something else. Especially at the speed that he sings. But the those were those two and I know there's other Slipknot songs. I probably like Miss here and I still hear those like that, like, especially liberate because to me, it's funny. I know what the lyrics are. But I hear Do you like bananas all the time? Yeah, I like singing with bananas because I think it's funny.

It just sounds like that. If Listen, you know, I'll play it for you guys after the show. You hear it? Okay.

With Cory wouldn't sue us? He's okay. We're not Taylor Swift.

Yeah, he's not Taylor Swift. I'll play it real quick. Let me see. So I actually have it here. And then and then you guys get some love to see Korean court. So go ahead. Oh, okay, cool. So, so this one actually is a pretty easy one. No, no, no Metallica. Oh, no more. Okay, I don't wanna get sued. Let me look. Pandora. Okay, well played after Okay, go Go ahead. Okay, so no podcast could be complete with us just texted me.

You're going down.

Marilyn Manson. Actually yeah, there's always gonna be a Manson shout out or mentioned at some point, right worse. And it's probably the most overplayed song ever by him. The beautiful people. Okay, and the the act the the lyric is you live with apes, man. It's hard to be clean. Okay, what I heard and you know, to confirm it actually went online to make sure that what

we're hearing was your lemonade stand is on a big plane.

Neither line seems the first line when you said I was like, Oh, is that the wrong? Yeah.

Yeah, so your lemonade stand is on a big plane. That sounds fun. I mean, it sounds inconvenient. But yeah.

And also to you know, his his cover of sweet dreams. The Oh yeah, so you Eurythmics Of course they're the original ones. And people miss hear the lyric the opening Sweet dreams are made of these and people think it's sweet dreams are made of cheese. Oh, that's what you said. I said, Well, okay, so sweet dreams are made of these as what people hear but that's actually incorrect to its sweet dreams are made of this. And it's even in the title like sweet dreams are made of this. And I still hear like that, like everyone hears it as these and it's not even that one little words. But yeah, she said she's like, yeah, never heard that. Yeah. Sweet. Dreams could be made of cheese. Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to disagree? Yeah.

Nice. Yes. Funny. I mean, I'm just being silly. No, yeah.

No, but I mean, unless you're, you know.

But yeah, so Manson Of course, and I'm gonna go off into another one too. And berries. That's another sorry, we're talking about Thanksgiving. Okay.

Sorry that you guys won't understand.

So yeah, Samantha manthan I guess leads into I don't know Bon Jovi. Okay, I guess they have long high we saw if it's a song that we think we'll see what Yeah, living on a prayer. Yes. Live in our prayer. So the actual lyric is doesn't matter if we make it or Yes, and the misheard lyric is doesn't matter if we're naked matters we're naked or not which you can hear on Bon Jovi live it on press Slippery When Wet album at about a minute. 17 two minute 20 Yeah, cuz I was waiting for it to come. So we were, we're we're gonna save you time.

Looks like the eagle song life in the fast lane. There's that line that says they were too tired to make it. Uh huh. And she was too tired to fight about it. And it sounds like they were too tired and naked.

I know that song. I know those lyrics. You're either naked or you're not

to be too naked.

Um, man. So my next one is actually one that I like to play with. Because

it's just I knew what the lyric was, but it's the way I hear it. And so I sing it like I intentionally especially when we're in the car. It's one of our favorite albums. So this is from Third Eye Blind self titled, album from 1997 There's a song on there called Burning Man. And the correct lyric is I live my life like a Burning Man like a Burning Man like a Bernie man. I hear I live my life like I'm Bernie Mac.

And so I always see it like that. I'm like, on purpose. I'm like, dude, Bernie Mac was a shit.

And so like when I hear it, like I know obviously I know what the lyrics are but like when I when I hear it, I hear Bernie Mac.

That's what my brain wants to hear. So intentionally I'll sing it like that when it comes out in the car. Right And so yeah, guys, I just ruin that song for you guys. If you guys are in it for me every time Yeah. And like literally because I sing it out loud. Oh, yeah. Bernie Mac. I don't know if anybody needs a beer break. But

I'm surprised I still have this. Yeah, like I'm empty. What are y'all doing? I'm slowly enjoying this on them. I'm trying to savor it and really good like still. Yeah.

I'll wait for you guys. I'm good. Okay, cool. Yeah, well, we'll go through a few do remember, oh, I can just do the one that

I think was from me anyway. As I told you about Yes.

My roommate in college told me this one okay. The Will Smith song getting jiggy with it sounds like cooking chicken with it.

Yes. Well, you were in that song because I listened to that song she would see it like that all the time cooking chicken with it you know it's funny cuz around the whole Backstreet Boys era when I was listening to Backstreet Boys actually had that album on cassette. Nice that that song. Really? So yes.

I had it. I had it. I had it on cassette.

If I still have it now, I probably would have came across it. But yeah, yeah, Will Smith.

Speaking of the Backstreet Boys era, and sync everybody's favorite. April to May me Yeah, it's gonna be me. No strings attached correct lyric, it's gonna be me. Everybody likes to hear and that it actually does sound like Yeah, it does. It's gonna be man.

It's so funny, cuz that actually turned into a meme. Yes. So yeah. And I saw that on the list. I was like, Kimmy gotta see that. Yeah, that one didn't Justin Timberlake responded and say Shut the fuck up about it. I have no idea. But I know that on April 30. Everybody is sharing that.

Let me see what else so I got on here. I got quite a quite a few. So this other one. There's some other ones that are well, oh, sorry. You can hear that on there. Like he says it quite a bit of times in the song because the song is called is gonna be me. But you can hear the iconic. It's going to be May at two minutes and eight seconds.

It's like so distinctive. Yeah. Awesome. So this next one as another one that I got wrong. Apparently people get it wrong too. But I wasn't with those people. My my ears wordless. were hearing something else. So my dad listened to a lot of AC DC when I was younger. And so I got familiar with AC DC, but apparently not with their lyrics. So this song is AC DC, dirty deeds done dirt cheap. So, lyric in the chorus goes at the end dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap. People hear dirty deeds and the thunder Jeep. Now when I was younger, I didn't know better. I was in middle school when I first started listening to AC DC. What I heard was dirty deeds and their Thunder sheep.

Because they're sheep and it's funny because people heard Thunder like and because of the way he enunciated it does sound like thunder, but I heard sheep people heard Jeep. So that was Yeah, but now I know I know better. I've been to AC DC concert since and I got the lyrics. I know I actually prefer the misheard lyrics

on all the songs are just

I think just down yeah, cuz Thunder sheep sound. Yeah. I mean, yeah. I don't know what a thunder sheep is, but

they shock you.

Because of their steak. It sounds like thundercats but

yeah, I've got I've got quite a few I'm going to try to maybe like squeeze in a few right now.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

the lyric the correct lyric is bear him his life from this monstrosity. Okay. And I don't hear it. But people hear this. This is the misheard lyric. save his life from this warm sausage tea.

Why though that's not even

true. You're right. You're right. But I mean, I don't I don't hear that lyric. But I don't know how far gone people have to be to hear warm sausage tea from monstrosity. I mean, it could be Hi. They don't know that word monstrosity. Maybe that's Yeah, maybe it's not in there. Maybe they only know sausage tea. Like oh my god. That's a sausage tea. It sounds across. Yeah, this sounds gross. Sounds British sounds like a beer we've had. It's like It's like have you seen a at the grocery stores? They have pickled hot dogs. Pickled hot dogs? No. Yeah. Like they're just sitting in brine and they're just like sausage weenies. Sausage weenies.


Well, because we're talking about sausage seeds. I'm gonna have to edit the show.

And I guess speaking about weenies RPMs losing my religion. Okay, the the original lyric is that's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight. But the misheard lyric is let's pee in the corner. Let's pee in the spotlight. I mean, that yeah. I mean, I

Okay, right. Yeah, sure. Some people I mean, if you're into that, I mean school. Yeah. Yeah. something for everybody. So this is another one that I misheard I haven't. This is like an not an obscure song. But it's not like on any list on its term events unfold as on their self titled album from 2007. It's from their song scream. So the correct color is scream from the pleasure unmask your desire Parrish sheen. But what the way he says it to me that I hear two different things. And I've always flipped them back and forth. I hear pair of sheets was doesn't which doesn't make sense. And the third one, I mean, the second one is parakeets. And that yeah, that doesn't make sense, either. But that's what I hear in his voice makes more sense, because it's obviously like, sexy. Exactly. But, but I do hear parakeets at times, depending on how I'm feeling. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, you see, the funny part is that I didn't. I didn't really know the lyrics before either. Like I just hear him seen, but like, you know, you know how there are some songs. I don't know if you guys do this, but like, you hear songs, but you don't really pay attention to the lyrics, but like, you know, the melody. So like, this was one of those instances where all I heard was that last word, like, that's all that caught my attention. So I either heard pair of sheets or parakeets. Then when I was looking at the there, I was like, What the fuck are the lyrics? And then I heard Okay, so now I know what he's saying. So he because I never heard the scream from the pleasure on master desire. I know, that never registered in my head. So I guess that's where parachutes and parakeets came from. Okay, because that was the only part that stood out to me. But, so yeah, there you go. Ben simpletons. I just wrote that song for you. Herky

jerky? Don't do nothing to the birds. No for birds.

Well, speaking of seeking a parachute that's furiously speaking parakeet No, Brian Adams in summer 69. Okay.

So the the original lyric though the real lyric is I got my first real six string. Yes. What the misheard lyric is I got my real first sex dream. Oh, my God. Okay. I mean, it's around the same. Yeah, same time, same time period for Yeah. And also,

keeping in keeping in theme kings of Leon's sexify. Sex on fire. Of course, you know that that's the lyric sex on fire. But people hear Dyslexics on fire.

Okay, yeah. I I hear that. Now.

For dyslexic?

No. Yeah.

Beer break. So I'm gonna let you guys pick Avery. So we can either pick we've had from this brewery before prairie Or else, I think they're, they're hit they've been hit and miss or hit or miss or whatever. So this one isn't a sour ale with orange peel, lemon peel, lime, blueberry, cherry, and marshmallow. It's very weird. So we'd have to see if all those flavor profiles are in this can. What does it What is it called? millennial mansion mansion. The other option is a pecan pie flavored stout. That this one. Okay, so

let you do the honors. So, um, it was weird. So that pecan one. pecan one I'm talking about? It's from a brewery called a clown. Something. I don't know. So a clown shoes. Clown shoes. Yes. And that looks pretty. And I've never Oh, it does.

And I've never gotten a beer from them. Because I don't know if you're familiar with them. You probably aren't. Their artwork is like Barry. Yes. And just Jackson. Jackson. Yeah, Jackson or us. Yeah, that's fine. Um, so that brewery can get you a cup. Or you can drink out of the can? Yeah, drinking.

That's fine. That's cool. As long as

Okay, yeah, that's cool. I'll share with you. So it looks like big red.

Don't even Okay, guys. So So don't tasty. Yeah. Okay, so. So this is 7.70 shit. 7.7%. So it's a little up there. So it's a sour. Like we said before, it's from arts or prairie or teas and animals. We've had some beers from them before. I think we have the blueberry one together. Which I don't remember it being very good. I think we had another one. I think Kim and I had one we had the birthday one. Oh, that was that was sweet. Don was good. It was too sweet. It was too sweet. But it was good. Um, okay, so I guess let's try this.

Now I got to taste it. So.

Yeah, so this is what I say.

Sour. This is like ice cream. orange, lemon, lime, blueberry, cherry and marshmallow. Yeah. It tastes like ice cream. It tastes actually tastes like ice cream. Raspberry one does it? Uh huh. Oh, it doesn't have a little bit to me. It tastes a lot like this.

Tastes like it tastes like ice cream like with coffee. I don't taste coffee. It tastes the marshmallow. Oh, maybe it's like sweet cream or something. It's as good. What were the flavors that were in? The flavors were orange peel, lemon peel, lime, blueberry, cherry and marshmallow. That's probably where you're getting the coffee that marshmallow. Yeah, I kind of feel maybe it's just my, my, my Is it like a roasted marshmallow? Yeah, that's what kind of tastes like to mocha. Yeah. So to me, it tastes like Frank's non alcoholic. The Raspberry there's something in there. That's Yeah, it's probably the cherry in the lemon and lime together. This is not bad. I mean, it's a good like actually like that. Dessert bigger. Sometimes I look for something sweet. Like

sometimes I look for like something sweet. Like when I'm done eating like, well, I've been doing this lately, like going to look for beers with like, some kind of sweetness to them.

Apparently, there's a key lime pie beer out there. That's like really good. I haven't tried it yet. I think it's from Martin house. If I'm correct. I think it's from Martin house. Yeah, yeah, I think so. Um, I don't know. But uh, this is a Kimani. Great.


point five. All right, Brett. What are you ready? Sorry. I'm gonna go 3.7 3.7 Okay, I'm gonna go with like a 4.2. Okay. All right. So that was that was a that was a that was this beer break.

Brought to you by

brought to you by prairie artisanal, not not sponsored.

We have to say that for legal reasons. Okay, so next song on the list. I guess I'll go ahead and Frank might like this one, it might be up his alley. So I never heard this before. But it was funny because when I saw that video that I was talking about on that I'm going to post from loudwire they actually have a clip with the lyric and I never heard this but apparently a lot of people hear it and this was Kim brought it to my attention. Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Frank white no this one okay, so the correct lyric excuse me while I kiss the sky.

misheard lyric excuse me while I kiss this guy. And I saw the lyric at the bottom the misheard lyric typed out while Jimi Hendrix is singing it.

You can't like it's forever. That's what the lyric is to me now. And it sucks. Um, but yeah, that was that was that was that one? So I mean, I'm sure I don't know written you about that. Yeah, for sure. I've, but that's one not that one before I sign along to that like that before? Oh, I mean, I knew the real lyric, but it does sound like that. And it's kind of it does. Yeah, it even looks like that. Like Really? Yeah. Um, Frank, you got one. Yeah, so my next one is somewhat Hendrix related, because this band paid tribute to Hendrix at odds fest at Woodstock. 99. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Okay. The Zephyr song. Oh, that's that's not that's not their song. No, it's their song. Okay, but but but they had, you know, a little like a tribute thing. Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock. 99 gotcha.

And the the lyric is the real lyric is fly away on my Zephyr and feel it more than ever. Okay. Well, when I first heard the song, I thought it's a fly away on my sofa and feel it more than ever. That kind of I could see that. I could see that. Yeah, like more like a psychedelic kind of thing like, magic. Magic Carpet. Yeah, no. And, and even the video is pretty psychedelic itself. So anything Okay, cool. psychedelics and flyway on my sofa. That's cool. I get it. Yeah, right.

Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. That makes sense. Um, can we got another one? I got, like, few more. I have. I have like three more. Me too. I got three more. And then Brett, if you got any just jump in. I have one. Okay, what you got? One time I was cruising in the car with my friend and the 311 song amber came on. Okay. And we're like belting and, and she certainly feels like that's not what it says. And I said, the lyric is Amber is the color of your energy.

Ever is the color of your inner dreams. Oh,

I can hear that. Yeah, it still makes sense. Yeah, just don't make sense. Like you see, there's like, there's cheaper whatever. Yeah, thunder. Thunder sheep. Sorry. Yeah. So like there's some that you would get your ass kicked on a show for saying and I think there's other ones that are like kind of innocent, like

cool, but no, I definitely like that Panthera one and so yeah, I was


Actually you know what I think Cory is one of those guys where he probably be cool with me hearing the bananas and he probably changed on purpose. Cuz I don't know if he did the show. It was like an acoustic show like he or he was like doing like he was like talking to to the crowd. And like he actually sang the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song

So he seems like a kind of guy that he would change the lyrics just for that a little bit. Just to make somebody laugh.

Yeah, yeah, so I have one here where I misheard, but my misinterpretation is not as bad as what the general public's is. So this next one is from Nirvana. Of course we have to mention everyone on the show

none of us like and it's for and it's from the one song to Smells Like Teen Spirit. So the correct lyric is is this a kiss? 90s our Yes.

It's a kiss exclusive right here. So um, so the correct lyric is here we are now entertain us. The misheard lyric by the general public is here we are now in containers.

Yeah, I know. My misinterpretation was here we are now entertainers that's the only difference. I heard entertainers. It's entertainers people here in containers. And I was like, I mean, I mean, if you're gonna be kind of emo then yeah. containers. containers. Yeah. I mean, I guess. But that was also the like, that the line right before that. What does it say?

Something about about stay trash. Or it's that's the misheard lyric. It says, less dangerous. Let me see. All right, so I got to play the song. Um, I know.

I know. He talks about an albino

with the lights out. Yeah, let's see. Oh, I thought it was See I thought is, was there a contagious lyric in there? Maybe that's what I'm getting. I think that the misheard lyric was a stage rash, or I think that's what I thought it said when I was a kid. You know, I'm probably getting more of those lyrics wrong, too. So that's not a verse or listening to that on the reg. So Smells Like Teen Spirit lyrics.

Okay, so the lyrics are, and this is for the chorus with the light ci You're right. The lights on with the lights? It's less dangerous. Here. We are now entertainers. I feel stupid and contagious. Okay, contagious is in there. Who are now entertainers. And I think I thought it said with the lights out. It's a stage. Right. Okay, well, that makes sense, though. Yeah, that makes sense. in context, actually. Funny story. My sister probably doesn't listen to this podcast. So lights out stage rush, right. So my, at the time she was a big Nickelback fan. It was like, I don't know. I think silver Sinopec came out. And she got tickets to go to the show. And of course, I was a big brother. So I was like, Okay, I'll go with you to the shows. Right? That was one show. I did not want to go to so my, my other brother went with her. Right. So I was like, they'll be fine. You know, because we were like, freshmen, eighth graders, something like that. Because I was oldest, so I would always go with them. Yeah. So my brother went with her. And they came back and she was like, so excited. And I was like, What the fuck Joe do? And I think this was at it was either SBC Center at the time. Or Freeman, it might have been a Freeman. So we they had seat tickets, right? There'll be safe there. It's a Nickelback concert. What do they do? The lights went out. They jumped the railing and went to the fucking stage. Yeah, yeah, it was like, lights went out there. And actually, I seen that out quite a bit. I don't know if you've seen it. You probably have. I think we all have where the lights went out. Or down. And people jumped the barricade. Yeah. Yeah. So that makes sense. So yeah. I've ever seen that. Never seen that. No, I mean, there have been times where I've been to a show and you know, it doesn't sell all the way and I get upgraded. Oh, no, no, this was not a break. This is a like a five finger upgrade. This was this was like the lights I think I seen it at slipknot and I saw it I don't know what other show and actually, I think this all happened at Freeman because Freeman's a little that's such a big jump yeah afraid to break an ankle. Yeah. I've seen or they rushed like the you know the the ramp that goes down. Yeah.

Yeah, and they just go and security's like, I'll get paid Yeah, exactly. They're gonna stop that. Anyway. Anyone else got more? Got a couple more. Yeah, I have a few more. Three, one and the one on here is one that I miss her too. So so I couldn't believe that Mario had never like heard of this or wasn't familiar with this misheard lyric. So it's the famous elton john Tiny Dancer. Yeah, it was

the water and the correct lyric is hold me closer, tiny, tiny dancer. But like it's become this big old thing now and I can't believe that he had never heard that. It was people were singing hold me closer Tony Danza.

I want to hear that too. And I was like, I've heard that song before. And so like when she told me I cuz I had never heard of it. We played it back. And I was like, holy shit. I hear it. It sounds exactly now that one is Yeah.

All these songs are Yeah, I was so shocked. I was like you've never like you didn't know that was like a thing. Yeah, you know, like it's a thing like it's been in pop culture and like movies and shows and stuff like it's a full on thing. There was another elton john one too. I think it was Rocket Man, but I couldn't remember the parts. And I think it was one that I got wrong.

But I can't remember. I also have the clash on here from their 1982 song rock the cashbox, people were hearing a lock the cashbox. No.

That's, I saw that too, but people I don't know if this article got it wrong, but they were putting lock the what the heck did they say? It was something else it had to do with like a computer. Okay. Yeah, I don't know what the hell it is. But I got my friend a card that had a kitty cat sitting in like a pool of mud with cucumbers on its eyes. And it said rock the cat spa.

That's cute. That's cute. Yeah, there were some that we were trying to intentionally ruin. Yeah, that's fine. That might be another episode. That's my last. Oh, that one's by query. So this one I never heard. And this one's actually on the loudwire video. Yes, this is I hear it. I see it. So from Queens album news of the world. We Will Rock You the correct lyric is kicking your can all over the place. But if you listen to the song, it sounds like he says, kicking your cat all over the place. And you can hear that about

into the songwriting mercury would never do that no one

would kick that kick.

So we, I happened to be on that video and it's a like a live performance. And so when that lion comes on, not only does it focus on his face, but the text comes on like holy shit, it does sound like that and look like that.

That sucks. So, speaking of speaking of cats, my next one is from a band called the talking heads. Okay, in the song I have never heard of them. Okay, so talking heads are a mixtape started in the 70s, mid 70s. Alternative alternative New Wave band post punk alternative new wave, and the song is psycho killer. And the original cannibalism in the original pop. Yeah. And they were so yeah, the original lyric is psycho killer. And then a little French parts. That's cats could say. Yeah, okay. Yeah. And I hear psycho killer cats can think Yes, that sounds great. I actually like that better. Yes. can sing.

That's what I see. Yeah. Oh, okay. I actually like that better. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, man. That's that's a good song. I like this. I guess I'm just gonna finish off. Yeah, go for it. Okay, so I guess Deftones gets mentioned also quite a bit. And the song is a whole hole in the earth. And the lyric is I hate all my friends. But the actual lyric is I hate all my friends. They all like taste sometimes. What I hear what I hear is I hate on my friends. They all lactate sometimes.

Okay, wow. Yeah. I mean, I guess he's jealous. Yeah.

But I think actually that that song was written in response to I think at the time the band was about to break up. And that was like a spiteful lyric to other bandmates. Like, you guys all suck, and I'm gonna write about it and you lactate. And he like, that's, that's so bad picture. And a mental picture. I mean, my last one. It's Alicia Keys is a concrete jungle. Oh, you listen to a lot of Alicia Keys when I'm not looking.

I mean, he did have She's good. He did have Taylor Swift on the list. I know. He's got a girl power playlist.

But this one this one's actually my favorite misheard lyric. You know, I remember back in the day I borrowed a CD from you. It was Nelly Furtado. It was a good CD though. Yeah, like back in the day. Like when are first that was a good album. But anyways, I learned so much about Franklin.

I probably shouldn't have said that. Well, no, Nelly Furtado is better than Taylor Swift. Yeah, I mentioned it you know what you already mentioned Taylor Swift. So if I said no, we wouldn't get kicked. No, I mean, it's a good album you should listen to true it's probably heard it

so Alicia Keys is concrete jungle. And I always sing it the wrong way because that's how I want to sing it but the actual lyric is in New York concrete jungle where dreams are made of but I always hear in New York concrete jungle wet dream tomato. Okay, I don't know what you think of when you think about tomatoes but

but but it sounds that way. When you when you hear it sounds like she says wet dream tomato. So this one is related to something. Probably tomato No, not together.

So this was related to what Frank just said. And Frank. I don't know. I don't know if you guys are all familiar with this song. Um,

it's what I heard and apparently everybody hears it the same way. And apparently, everybody thought that was straight up what the lyrics were I thought those were the correct lyrics, but they're not. So this song is from Bruce Springsteen. It's also being done by Manfred Mann's Earth.

band I don't know if you know the song going to blinded by the light I hate the song. Oh yeah looking at the song so the

so the so the correct lyric is oh yeah blinded by the light wrapped up like a deuce yeah it's referring to a two barrel carburetor yeah and I did not know that so what I heard and what I've never

heard it is blinded by the light wrapped up like a douche another odor in the night and I thought that's what it was and I was like how are they playing this on the radio like

to this day before I did the research for this I always thought that like when I went here like classic rock Yeah, I thought that's what it was a revved up I thought I always thought I think that's what I think it's

like the car prior like oh, maybe that's what it even then this article probably this article got that wrong. But apparently those are wrong anyways, so no one can get wrapped up like a douche but I mean it sounds like douche it like every time I hear the song I'm like why is he saying that?

Like, like I don't understand like why Springsteen did that cover that song? We know that he was the original artist that's original that's what I that's what that's what this older than him that this was so it doesn't sound right. You know who you know who wrote his article? Actually, do you know who wrote this article? No. No, no, Seymour Duncan. So I trust Yes. I mean,

Seymour Duncan wrote this article. I don't know if you guys don't know.

So yeah, Seymour Duncan Seymour Duncan. They do pickups for guitars. Right? So they actually did article on this. Yeah. What is it? What is the man for man? Yeah, band song. So it is their son in 76. So who? So Bruce Springsteen covered it. Okay. They probably you hear on the radio is the man for man. Yeah, the man for man. Okay, so they flipped it. Um, so the last one I have on my list. It's it's, it's easy. Todos Africa. Um, the lyric is I bless the rains down in Africa. everybody hears it is I missed the rain sound. And I thought that's what it was. I honestly thought that's what it was. But it's That's correct. lyric is blessed not miss. Okay. And I was like, well, there was a whole song for me. Yeah, no longer my favorite song of all time. So that was my list. I don't know if anyone else out there I want to close out on I do actually. Oh, close it out. So I remember when we first started talking about this doing this episode, I remembered that there was a show on TV called Don't forget the lyrics. Oh, yeah. I remember. There was one on Fox it was hosted by Wayne Brady, a syndicated version that was hosted by Mark McGrath that was actually on page one. Okay. And it's where contestants had to get their lyrics correct. And not say the lyrics that we all thought that they were saying. I remember that they would win money on it. So I thought that was pretty funny. I remember watching that show on VHS one. Remember? I remember the Wayne Brady one too. Um, wow, that's crazy. Yeah, I didn't and it was on from 2007 to 2009 and then the version with Mark McGrath came back at like 2010 that that was a syndicated version wasn't the fox version, but okay, that that was interesting. Yeah, that's fun. Cool. Anyone else always wanted to be on the show? You probably probably when I wouldn't I would have pride strikeout so quick you know, I just mentioned this now but ya know, the the bad lip ratings videos on Oh, yeah, those are fun. Yeah, yeah. I watched one of

your show.

Oh, you know, and that's another one to T eyes got a song. I forget what the name of the song is. I think it's off to look it up later. But it's essentially like a dirty love song. Right? And the lyric says I want your body I need your body. Oh, yeah.

I want Joe Biden I hate

that part because it really does like you can't unhear well listen to some of those after cuz i like i said i don't want to get sued. Metallica is already gonna come after us.

Posted Yeah,

no rose two seconds. How am I gonna get sued 2 million bucks for that shit. Um, so I don't know what our next topic is gonna be for next episode, we'll go through our list because I know we're coming. We've been coming up with some good ideas. So we'll decide what we're gonna do next. I'm also too I just want to share this little thing real quick. I'm working. And we're working to try to get more guests on the show because I know we only had one on early shows. And I don't want to say who and I don't wanna say when because we don't know. But we are going to have a guest sometime in the future from

mean nominated band, which is pretty cool. So to me, that's like friggin awesome for all of us.

Yeah. And so I can't say who yet, but just keep keep an eye out on our social media and stuff and then we'll see what's up with that and you guys will be able to check that out.

But yeah, so if you want to hear any of our past episodes or check out a new Spotify playlists we have, because you're gonna hear all these songs wrong, you are going to listen to check them out on a rock happy hour pod calm you can find to Spotify links, one to our playlist and the other tour show. And then of course, you can listen to our show everywhere you listen to podcasts.

And that's about wheat. You know, I'm in shock weed and drink more beers this episode. I know. We did we have more. Yeah, we had more, but we'll drink them after and we'll post them because I will document them. But yeah, so we'll see you guys next week. All right, guys. All right. Cheers. Cheers.

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