Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 19 - Devil Music

October 31, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 19
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 19 - Devil Music
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 19 - Devil Music
Oct 31, 2020 Episode 19
Rock Talk Happy Hour


This episode, we learn about some of the history of backmasking, discuss some songs with backmasking included, talk horror themes in some of our favorite bands and songs, AND we drink and rate a TON of pumpkin beers. We also have an extra little segment after the show ends, AND have included a hidden message for you, so try and play this episode backwards on your record players at midnight! Happy Halloween, y'all! Cheers!

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This episode, we learn about some of the history of backmasking, discuss some songs with backmasking included, talk horror themes in some of our favorite bands and songs, AND we drink and rate a TON of pumpkin beers. We also have an extra little segment after the show ends, AND have included a hidden message for you, so try and play this episode backwards on your record players at midnight! Happy Halloween, y'all! Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 19:

Yeah PCs using the best selfie net so he goes the zoo, but not the website. Not better way back.

Hello everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast where we talk craft beer and music. So every episode, we drink different craft beers, we try them out, we discuss them and we rate them sometimes we learn a little bit about them, all while talking music related topics. And if you're listening to this episode, and it's Halloween, then Happy Halloween because right now we're recording on 30th. So Halloween is tomorrow for us. And this week's Music topic is devil music. So anything hardware related in music, and I actually came up with the title cuz when I was younger, to me, that's like an out of date, like, I guess phrase or whatever this shirt. I don't know what to how to say it. But um, and when I was in middle school, I think I told this piece of this story on a different episode on I had a teacher who knew that I was like play guitar and stuff. And he knew what kind of music I listen to. And so he would always say like, Frank knows who it is, but I'm like I mentioned his name. Yeah. And he would always like, tell me like, oh, like, why you play that devil music and stuff. And, and it's funny because like, he would say it like jokingly but not jokingly, because when he would catch me by myself, he would get really serious about Yeah, and it was I was like, oh, okay, and I mean, you know, obviously had no effect on me. Right? But it was just so crazy. Cuz like he would like, catch me like playing sometimes. And like in like the like, there was an extra room that was there where we were at. And I would play in there. And then you'd be like, yeah, stop playing that devil music and stuff and explain to me why it was devil music. And to me like that always stuck in my head. Because I was like, I thought that was something that people didn't really say, you know what I mean? Like, I mean, this was like, 2000 Yeah. 2000 for someone to be hearing that, like, in the year 2000. To me, it was kind of weird. So I don't know if you guys have any experiences.

Yeah, people still say that.

Yeah, I know. But I never like I never thought that. I thought it was like around. You know what? Whoa, backmasking thing. 80s 70s 60s? Yeah. Well, I just came out. Yeah, well, I

think it's because maybe he just grew up in a traditional, I guess, religious way did and, and a lot of the times I mean, I mean, I think today, nothing's really shocking anymore. So I don't even think they use that term. But I think every now and then it's still it's still it still pops up. But it's always it's always been funny. Like,

did you guys have any experiences with people telling you stuff like that? Like, I mean, yeah, he my dad.

My dad would tell me stuff. Because I got really into I think it was in 9697. I was really into spawn. And I was a big fan of the comics. I remember I went and I went to go see the movie. My dad gave me the soundtrack. And my dad, I guess my dad didn't really know much. You know, we saw the movie. He told me to go see the movie, but he fell asleep through it. And he had

the soundtrack. Right. And I had the

soundtrack soundtrack was really good. And actually the soundtrack

I guess, I don't know. It had like devil stuff in it. And so and then after a while, I guess I got into kiss for a little bit. I started drawing like kiss figures, and hung them in my room and you were actually a kiss

reject right? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, I tried out for them back in 72. I didn't make the cut.

We have pictures. We'll post them on.

Just kidding.

Yeah, but yeah, my dad was the one that told me to stop listening to devil music and whatnot.

So yeah, was it only the guys at the table that have had that experience? Like the ladies y'all had? Yeah. Okay. So what are your friends? Really? Yeah. Friends.

Well that like other genres that don't understand.

They just don't get it. Yeah.

You know,

we were at slipknot and we're trying to freak out Katie by sending her pictures Oh,

he miss Oh, yeah. So okay, I don't know if you're familiar with like, they have like face paint and stuff and like after a lot of like, listening after a lot of their songs and I especially at the end of their set. They're like Hail Satan. Like so like, like, they were like, there was one where he had like, like a little bowl with like a higher fire and then like they had like a whole bunch of Pyro and we actually got pictures of that we were sending him to her one because I don't I think she she's in a concert.

No, I don't know. Not not like that. Not like that.

Okay. Yeah, so we were singing around and stuff if that gives

the fuck is going on like oh my god that's so scary. I saw those pictures too. But yeah, behemoth was pretty badass.

We saw him with a slipknot on.

roadshow. Yeah that knotfest roadshow? Yeah, um, last year when when COVID wasn't around. But uh, yeah, so I mean, I just thought that, right, that phrase always got stuck in my head. And I was like, well, we're gonna be talking about stuff that's related to that. I mean, you know, I always thought it was funny, like, back when we were still doing stuff together when I wanted to record an EP, and I actually wanted to call it that because of that, like, just as a punch. And there's actually some bands we'll get into later, that actually did stuff like that on purpose. Just to give a shout. Yeah, yeah, just to play it up. Exactly. Um, so with that said, I know Frank's gonna talk a little bit about backmasking in a bit. But before we kick off the episode, we usually first talk about what we're drinking. And we also talk a little hangover stuff, stuff that got left over from last episodes and we get sucked out. No, Frank, you had something?

Yeah. As far as a hangover goes. By recently discovered, I discovered this week that Robert Trujillo basis for Metallica was an episode of chips. He played the character of flippy. And I checked out the video. And, you know, I don't know. It was it was it was funny. It didn't look like Robert Trujillo though, but I guess I guess that was him because I'm used to seeing him with his long hair.

Well, this was so what year was this? Like, early night? No, it was like 8283. Early 80s. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. And, and in the episode, he played the older kid in a group of trick or treaters, and I think it was part of a community service program that he had to do. He got he had to, he had to go around the neighborhood with these with these group of trigger traders. And in the scene, specifically, they leave a house with, you know, their candies and these punk ass kids. They show up in their bikes, and they steal the candy from the kids and Robert Trujillo manages to get one bike from one of those kids and chases the one guy and they ride out to the highway the one like punk ass kid causes like a highway collision and Robert tarheels character like slides under an 18 Wheeler and gases poring over him. And I gotta find that clip and Erica star, this character shows up and saves the day, like literally seconds before the whole thing blows up.

So I'm assuming it was he was even Suicidal Tendencies at this time.

Uh, probably. I don't know. I mean, he was. I mean, he was young. He was like, 1718 when when when this episode came out, that's weird.

So then he was an actor who in into music. I'm just kidding. Yeah, so that was this this Frank is referencing our episode that we had which was musicians who went into Whoo hoo had rolls and tea right? Yeah. If you haven't heard that episode, go check it out.

Um, so today, we were talking about LL Cool J earlier.

Oh, yeah. We already mentioned Yeah, we mentioned him. Yeah, we did. It was ice cube that we forgot to mention, because tonight, we watched Anaconda.

Oh, yeah, it was with Oh, JLo hilarious. Yeah. So bad. My God.

Yeah. JLo Yeah. So yeah.


Yeah. I had a couple of other hangovers from that episode, too. What else? Will Smith nobody mentioned? Well,

I think he was on my list, but I didn't say

that. Then I have a hangover from last episode. Well, then bands from playing bands. It's not one that we forgot. We mentioned Asia, but we failed to mention that Asia is a supergroup.

They are

Yeah, I wrote that note down, but I forgot to write down who they include. Whoo. Yeah. I think it's guys from Yes, maybe.

Yeah, they're a bunch of prog Rockers, right. Yeah.

Okay, I don't know. Yeah, they're a supergroup. Let me see. Um, a bunch of different is it like yes or no? Yeah. Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Yes. A couple dudes from Yes. A guy from King, King Crimson. And guy from the who was in Yes. And also the buggles.

Yeah, that's weird. Okay. I did not know that. You know, speaking of King Crimson before we go off into the drinks that we're having. With King Crimson, you know their influences to tool and this week, Gibson announced a really big thing for tool fans. And Adam Jones custom ofor silver silver bearse Les Paul. I'm not too excited about the price though. was like 2000. It is a $10,000 guitar for a limited edition run of 179 guitars?

Thousand what the thousand? Yeah, because

Gibson took the original 1979 that Adam Jones uses and replicated it 100% and so they're making a very small batch of that particular guitars. But for the more budget friendly run, which Cofer 6000

get the

floor over here? Yeah, I know.

That's insane. I mean, I've seen some pretty expensive guitars, but those are like legit relics are like legit, like, you know, like only

179 being made. It's gonna be worth more than 10 grand pretty quick.

That's so weird. I mean, I understand that they're replicating like the you know, the his original one, but I mean, it's not the origin one you

know? No, that's insane. And I think it's just a guitar he picked up at a pawn shop and he's just stuck with it. Oh, they're

gonna own they're gonna sell a copy of it for 10,000 Yeah, you know, he didn't even play it. Did he sign it? He fucking played it on a fucking tour. Like on a show. Yeah, licked it or be lifted or so yeah, like

no. No, the ones that are the ones that are limited batch or they're they're you know, they're bigger those are signs they have the signature on it and they're like numbers stamped also but

that's the signatures signature like that's the production signature I think it says

his actual signature actual signature on the headstock because

I've seen the production signatures before Okay, I mean, I guess it'd be signed it I mean, but I mean, 10,000 bucks.

That's a fucking lot, dude. I don't know a lot. Just wait for the Epiphone version to come out. It'll be like 600

Yes, that's like, and it's probably gonna be thousand. Yeah, signature. Yeah,

and those $600 ones. I bet you're gonna be closer to the one that he bought at a pawn shop. You know? What I mean? Like, I mean, I'm sure he didn't buy 10,000 I mean, he didn't spend 10,000 pawn shop.

Um, what are we talking about?


Okay, um, Do y'all have any other hangovers? And now we could talk about what we're drinking

now. Now then we can go right into the drinks. All right, go for Franco first. All right. So I am drinking from Orca beverage bottling Co. A pumpkin spice tonic. Ooh, nice says it's a delicious taste distinctive flavor. The label says this unique and pleasant elixir combines flavor notes from pumpkin spice and cream to create a satisfyingly delicious beverage. known to be a restorative for all types of thirst. This tonic is best enjoyed. Well chilled. kinds of thirst. Is it good? Yeah, it's not bad. It tastes like like a vanilla cream soda.

I was like the Dr. Pepper.

It doesn't really taste pumpkin here spicy in any way. It's blue. I mean, maybe just like you get like subtle hints of it. But it's more of a vanilla cream type. Type trinket

basic be all the way I love pumpkin spice. Every day I like sit at the computer for work and I'm like I want pumpkin spice. Oh pumpkin spice. I just want to go to Starbucks to get pumpkin spice something it's good. I mean, I I never really

has a pumpkin spice Margarita.

Spice and tequila

or any kind of alcohol other than like a beer I guess.

So. I don't know if I mentioned

maybe Irish cream or something like that. Right? Cuz Oh yeah,

that would be really good. Maybe I should get a pumpkin spice latte. I put Irish beans in there. There you go. Yes. Okay, I'm doing that.

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier. We're gonna be trying nothing about pumpkin beers. This episode. I know sometimes we start off with just random stuff. But this episode, we have eight pumpkin beers that we're going to be going through. And actually guys, I actually so I had extra beers. And they were sitting in the fridge for a while. So I actually was like, You know what, let me I'm gonna drink one, right. I don't remember which one it was guys, but you're in for a treat because one of them tastes like pumpkin pie. So it's gonna be kind of like a roulette of beers tonight because I don't remember which one it is. Okay, um, but so that was Frank's first beer. Frank. What do you rate it? Given what it's supposed to taste like is

what's good? I don't taste so much pumpkin spice in it. I'm gonna I'm gonna read it a four

out of five. Four. All right, Kim, Will you drink it? Again? Yeah,

I think so. So Britt bought me a another house wine cocktail drink. And this one is how swine? Paloma and this thing says that to 375 milliliter cans equals a one 750 milliliter bottle of wine. I think I'm filling it. I don't really think so. Like I'm like, Oh, yeah,

the thin crust pizza didn't help either.

But it's good. I like it. At first we first tasted it. We were like, like, really strong, but I actually like it. I like it. Probably better than the watermelon one. Okay,

so what do you rate at

like, four or Okay. Did you taste this? Uh huh. That's freaking awesome. What do you rate it? I'm gonna

go 3.8 3.8 All right,

it's nice chug cuz I have the rest of this that you need to have some

and. Yeah, so Oh, well. Oh, and then so Brett's drinking now. Is that a different one from the one you had last time? I'm about to switch. Okay, sweet. Okay, so we'll go ahead and let Brett do that. So we're going to do is to kick this little pumpkin tasting beer thingy off or pumpkin beer tasting thing? Yeah. Yeah, I already I haven't even had a drink of that.

Oh, yeah, I haven't heard.

That's good. I like it. You have to have two drinks. You have to drink at once. Because the first one's initial like shock. Like, oh my god, that's strong. And then the second time we can actually like, that's good. The flavor is good. I like it. Because we went to HDB third, our Thursday night. hgb yesterday. Yeah, yeah, thing that we do to get our groceries. And I really I bought a bottle of wine because I really been like wanting like a sweet wine or like something just different, right? Yeah. So I had a bottle of wine. And then the guy that's stocking the

alcohol. Fucking pickup.

I know. I know it was.

I'll tell you why.

So I was looking at the wine just minding my own business. And then he comes over like a rat pops around the corner.

I was around.

He's like, Oh, hey, why don't you look familiar? And I was like, I do I was like, cuz you don't? Like, oh, he like made up this I guess made up? I don't know. You think he made it up? But he said Oh, you look like somebody that works here. First off the day

bullshit. Because everyone's wearing a mask. I like the first thing I thought I was like, dude, shut the fuck up. So anyway,

anyways, he like I had a ball of this twin springs, sweet red that actually I want to get because that's what I really wanted. That's what I was craving. And he's like, do you like more lows? Or, like, yeah, so he takes me to the mirlo section. He's like, you should try this. And I'm like, okay, like I'm down to try something different. Like that's the point of this right? Like to try something different. So I got it and it's a good mirlo but it's not what I was craving like I wanted to sweeter like wine. And so I got stuck with that bottle and we're alone. Yes, good. I'll drink it's just not what I was craving. So this actually kind of like satisfied how many ladies do you think went home with that fucking bottle that day?


the shelf was pretty stocked.

Okay, so the first one that we're going to crack open is

do do they actually get a commission out of it? Oh, fuck no, no.

He, um. Blue Moon harvest pumpkin wheat. I don't know if we've had this one like outside of the show I Britain up yet. This one you have okay. I don't remember if we've had I like this one. Okay, missy. Give a little smell. It smells pumpkin. Right off the bat. Mm hmm.

I need a pumpkin spice one. wine.

Oh, this is I'm sure it's out there some.

Oh, this is good. This is this has a little bit of a pumpkin pie ish aftertaste. Yeah,

yeah, this is pretty good. I don't remember having this one.

First smell it actually smells like the can of the Libby's pumpkin pie puree. Oh, yeah, it

says brewed with real pumpkin and spices. 5.5 point 7% ABV period. This is fucking good. Yeah. It tastes like it says, You know, I mean, it has pumpkin on the bottom. And it actually because we've had some stuff that says, Oh, it's supposed to like this. It doesn't like roho made with real pumpkin puree. I hate talking about them. But it sucks. As I saw, I need I need them follow the brewery. So I was on there. And they announced that they're coming out with some new beer they have. And then roho again is going on. So I was looking at the comments and everyone's like, Oh my god, whoa, whoa, it's so delicious. I'm like, it's all fucking hype man. Like, it's these like crap. If they put if they have something good, fine. I'll say it's good. But that was one of the most disgusting beers I've ever had.

So pumpkin spice isn't really pumpkin. It's it's just cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and sometimes all spice. It doesn't have anything to do with pumpkin.

Yeah, it's just the stuff we put in pumpkin pie.

That makes it

I mean it tastes like pumpkin pie to me. I'm gonna give this like a 4.8

Well, that's pretty good.

Yeah, I mean, I like it well, because it's pretty close to you know what I mean? Like it has the stuff that you want. Yeah, that yeah, that's in some and it doesn't really have a

we you know we don't have what a good like the best pumpkin spice beer the pumpkin harvest Shandy from leaving Google round. Why

don't did it Oh shit. Okay, well, I guess we'll try it again because I don't remember it.

Um, it's so sweet. It's like a dessert.

I don't think I like that one better than this one. I don't from what I remember. We'll try it later. So that means we have nine pumpkin beers today. Um, well, so what do you give this? Boom?

I'm on 4.5 4.5 Do you like this one a lot, Kim

3.7 3.7. All right. So that's that. And then so since we got started with the beers we get, we'll go ahead and take a beer break in a bit. But, uh, Frank gonna start us off and talk about backmasking.

Yes. So back masking is a phenomenon that sparked a lot of controversy. Oh, yeah. So backmasking is a recording technique in which sounds or messages are recorded backwards onto a track that is meant to be played forward. It's been the center of controversy for recorded music in the 70s 80s and 90s due to alleged hidden messages that the christian right says corrupt society into Satanism and unchristian values hills, Dan Hale, Stan, and backmasking has long been associated with hard rock and metal with early rock artists like Led Zeppelin sticks, Pink Floyd and Queen employing that technique, though initially discovered in 1878, in its most primitive form, by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the phonograph What? Yeah, backmasking gained popularity in the 1960s with the Beatles, most famously on their self titled light album in which rumors of Paul McCartney being dead began to surface. And this phenomenon of backmasking is spread like wildfire with music fans going out to buy records and playing them backwards in the hopes of finding the cell caught subliminal hidden messages. And much of the hidden messages run intentional, but it didn't stop many fundamental conservatives from protesting rock music and its association with Satanism and the occult. And these protests went as far as record labels having to play stickers on albums that featured backmasking and DJs. getting fired for playing music that featured it. It just, it was just like a, it's just like a warning. It says, you know, this record has backmasking Yeah.

Did you use that term? Or did it just say like,

uh, I think what he said was pretty much what the sticker said. I think it was bigger. And Britain from what I saw that they did have it here in the States, but I think it was more so I see.

It's pretty much like our, I guess, I guess it's like the equivalent of the Parental Advisory sticker. Yeah. It's just like, you know, this album features backmasking.

Yeah. may have plugins, a tonic.

Yeah. But also backmasking is used to edit cursing and songs and movies. Yeah, like I used to edit. Yeah, that

time. He said that guy's name. Yes, sorry. I call them Frank.

And there are two types of backmasking backward masking where the music features intentional messages, and backmasking, which is the unintentional messages. And when it comes to backmasking, it's really a matter of what the brain hears just like when you incorrectly hear lyrics to a song played, and it's a regular forward version. Oh, yeah, that's gonna be its own episode.

Lyrics we've heard incorrectly.

Like most songs,

yeah. And there's actually a website. And I'll talk a little bit more about some of the stuff I found, but there's a website, WWE And it explains all you need to know on the subject, as well as the coincidence theory, the satanic theory and the reverse beach theory. Nice. So again, for those that are interested, WW., for all your curiosities, visit that page, and all your answers will be, all your questions will be answered. Oh, there you

go. All right, pretty cool. Well, feeding off of what Frank said actually composed a little list of songs that contain backmasking, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Um, so I'm just gonna go off the list real quick. What I wrote down and then you guys could jump in and say whatever you want, if you guys have anything to say, um, first one on top of list is Drowning Pool of the song sermon. It's off their debut album. So the last track on the album, and it's actually the last line on the album. And I think it's the line is,

ladies and gentlemen.

Tell me what you believe. Yeah. And that's played backwards. Um, so sermon from Johnny pool at the drive in 300 megahertz. That's another one. I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna keep rolling. You're gonna stop me. So apparently, the first song before the 1800 one that you were talking about the Thomas Edison one Do you know what it was? Like? Was it fucking Beethoven or something?

I'm not sure what it was but he just played the song backwards and he discovered that it still plays a melodious tune just pitched darker and darker pitch and just you know, has a weird attribute to it. But

um, so apparently the first a known incident of backmasking was a Rain from the Beatles. Beatles actually have two songs on the list. I'm not gonna say the other one, because I didn't even write it down. I'm chumbawamba Yeah, Mary Mary. That's for Brit.

You know? That's for Franklin. Right?

And actually,

for both of you and actually the The Beatles started experimenting with backmasking under revolver album, but it was just more instrumental

stuff. Was that the revolution?

No, I think that was on the White Album. Oh, shit.

Okay, well, yeah, The Beatles enthusiasts? I don't know.

Yeah, no. So so before before the White Album you had revolver and they were experimenting with backmasking but it was just more for instrumental purposes and

on did not lyric. Okay.

No, not lyrically. But then later Charles Manson had some weird theory about how

Oh, that's right

about I think that the song revolution nine Yes. You know, and Charles Manson thought that it was like a race war type thing.

That's right. Yeah. Yeah, that I know that's connected to Manson somehow. Yeah. Yeah, it's I don't know if he knew about that. But But yeah, I mean, weird

maybe at some point in my life, but I but

I got rid of it and

stuck my brain cuz Charles Manson.

Next one, cradle filth dinner at DBS palace. And the reason why I bring this list up is kids. If you're listening to this at home right now, and your parents aren't home and you have these records, bust them out and playing backwards and see what you see here. So like I said, credo fail dinner at deviance palace. That song actually, is actually the Lord's Prayer. Sit backwards. Of course. That's cradle filth right there for you. Um, Def Leppard has two songs. This one kind of tripped me out yellow Electric Light Orchestra. They have six songs that have backmasking on them. They were born the reason why the yeah the reason why they did it as they pretty much did it to stir shit. They heard what was Yeah, and they're like, Let's fuck with these guys. I'm also too I think they were one of the ones who had the the labels put on their records, especially in Britain. So it was the whole backmasking morning. Excuse me Mmm. As backmasking Iron Maiden there, they have a song called still life. That one has backmasking on it. And they actually did it on purpose just like yellow because there was allegations of them being into Satanism. And they're like, We're not saying this and they're like, you know what? Check this out. And then they fucking put some backmasking in there. Um, Judas priests Love Bites. kmfdm their song sucks. Corn Chutes and Ladders, the Kudo coil one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite albums, self deception. That's from carmelize Linkin Park has to Marilyn Manson has to Frank Do you know what they

are? I know tourniquets one of them. The other one I don't know.

The other one is actually a beside it's a revelation number nine. Okay, so that's a play on Revelation.

Revelation nine

from Beatles Yeah, so Manson has to Ozzy surprisingly only has one perfect circle as one Slayer They Might Be Giants has four which is fucking great. Like the non metal ones. I actually didn't write that down. I know I should I shouldn't have because the ones that had like more than two I didn't write them down. But it was weird because ELO and they might be giant but I didn't.

And actually the perfect circle song. I think the song is rent holder. I don't know if you know, but the title of the song is actually a play on an email that the band received. So Danny lohner former member of NIJ knows also contributed to a perfect circle production wise and instrumentation wise, you know, like on the email when you respond to someone it'll say like re and oh, well, it actually said read the loaner. But they just reversed it so and it says ran holder. So yeah, so it was a play on an email response. The only

thing I know about that is they have a song. What song is it? It's on the Resident Evil apocalypse soundtrack. Is it they have a rent holder mix? Oh, is it passive? No. That's

Oh, the outsider. Yes. Yeah, so one

tool has one. And this one I say the best one for last is for Brit weird owl as to with bad gastein No. The one the one that I wanted to mention was because I thought it was fucking funny. It sounds like something Frank would do. Um, this song is called nature trail to hell to hell. I'm assuming it's a play off a highway to hell from AC DC. So yeah, the backmasking line that he had. Do you know about the No, the backmasking line that he has, if you play it backwards or forward to hear the message. He says Satan eats Cheez Whiz. So that's played backwards on that track. So that was for Britt. That was the last one.

That's the last one you skipped Led Zeppelin.

Well, there was a lot of like, like I was like all people will know these like I know Led Zeppelin. And actually, they kind of come into my Yeah, they Jimmy Page comes into my report or whatever later on. So let's talk about that later. But also to I just want to talk about our playlist. So we're gonna have a whole bunch of playlists, I'm pretty damn sure of songs, playlists, I mean, on Spotify, if you want to check out that playlist is gonna be, you can check it out at Rock top, happy hour, pod calm, be on the top right, you can find both of our Spotify links once the shows, and one two are playlists. Number one, the first track that I put on there is actually I was telling you guys about it, I think the other day. So like around 2007. After we got out of high school, I started getting into a lot of underground hip hop thanks to the local college radio station here in town. And there was this group that I came across called dead celebrity status. And there's this one song that I really liked from them. And it's the first track on our playlist. It's called in my backyard. And it starts off with a sample of the sound effects used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. And basically, it's one long, like, it's a verb, like multiple verses, but he's telling a story about like, how, like, underground rappers are better than the mainstream rappers but he tells the story. I'm using band names and artist names connected in one long story. And like in order for you to like understand what I'm saying you got listen to it, like he just mentioned, like 80s bands, 90s bands, like any genre, artists, and he'll just like put them together in a story. So he's using the band names as the, I guess as the words to continue the story. Yeah. Kind of like that. But he's using like the artist names, which is pretty crazy. Um, but yeah, so you'll be able to hear that on Spotify. Oh, we I want to have a beer break and then we'll go into sugar. Alright, can go ahead and grab a random pumpkin beer from the fridge. Let's see if she picks up the pumpkin pie.

Close your eyes. The random man.

Okay, so that's that's one down eight to go. Okay, that's it's gonna be it's gonna be a long night guys. geometry. Happy Halloween again, guys. Yeah, definitely. If you're, if you're listening to this podcast before you go out tonight, be careful. Wear your mask on top of your mask. That's right. So this next one we have shit. I don't know. You know what this might be the beer. This is shipyard. Right? This is from ship. You get a kiss. From ship shipyard Brewing Co it's called pumpkinhead the cat has some pretty cool artwork on it. Yeah. Um, this is a 4.5% ABV which is not bad. These pumpkin beers have pretty low ABV, so I think we'll be good until we get to the darker ones. Let's see it says that it has a blend of pumpkin spices. So this might possibly be it Kim probably got it. Can we all do the honors? separate knit? So we'll do that. Try this beer and then we'll go into some some of our favorite horror related.

Yes, my shipyard.

Alright guys, let's do this. Thank you.

Alright, so I'm gonna give you a little smell real quick.

Berry pumpkin pie. Actually

don't smell it from the can

smell my cup.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, it's got a nice fire. Give it a nice a nice smell.

Whoo. I didn't pick it.

Or did I know I don't think this is it. I mean, it's like, it kind of tastes like it doesn't taste as smooth as a blue moon when like the flavors are there but you can definitely taste like the I guess the hops. Yeah, I'm gonna go with the hops. You can taste the hops coming through. I guess they they there's not enough of the spices in there. I'm really because I feel like there's a lot but they're different. It's a different balance of the spices or something. Yeah, cinnamon and nutmeg and more cinnamon. Maybe that's what I'm Yeah, sure. See? I feel like it.

Or the way nutmeg smells because I don't think I've ever like just tasted it. I should I have some. It's the balance.

Do you like this one better than the Blue Moon? I still like the Blue Moon better. This one does have a little awkwardness to it. I think

it's the carbonation is more. Yeah, as well. This is the one that Frank and I had in Massachusetts. And they lined the glass with cinnamon sugar.

Ah, this is

um, I like it. It's not bad. Um, oh, my gourd company. That sideboard one is the best one that Oh yeah. The one from what brewery was at Texas brewery. Fuck they even like set it on Twitter. Or there you go. So starts so far I think has had the best pumpkin beer. I haven't had that one a little while. Um, so comparing that one to the Blue Moon. I'm gonna give it like a I'm gonna give it like a three points. 3.8 Yeah, give a lot three point.

It's not bad. It's not bad. Yeah, it's not bad. Right? What do you give it? I

think I'd give it a four. Four. Okay. Yeah. Like it's very fresher than the other one. I think it's like a little bit less. It's It's weird because

it's crazy. First for but not smoother. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, like the Blue Moon is smoother, but this one's crisper. Okay. Um, all right, so CRISPR. So who wants to go and talk about some stuff you have on? Earth related stuff. Music?

I guess I'll start off.

Oh, no, I'm gonna wait his

whole life for this. Go

for it. And I'm going to start off my list with I think one of the ultimate masters of horror and shock rock. Rob Zombie. Yes, he's on my list. Rob Zombie back also to his white zombie days. He's always had, you know, that's a thing for horror. I think, you know, his his love of horror films shows and his music. His stage production is a live persona. And outside of music. He's also a successful film director. He's also a music video director as well. And I think I remember reading an interview with him a while back. him and his brother. Spider one powerman 5000 Yeah, they both had like little super eight cameras that they would go around and like shoot stuff with. And I think they had like their own little like B horror movies that they would shoot on these things. But um, yeah, since a young age, you know, Robert Cummings, also known as Rob Zombie, he's, he's been a really big fan of horror. And if you know Rob Zombie, I mean, it's it's pretty obvious. All of his albums are horror themed. And you know, the names and whatnot. A lot of the songs too, They feature a lot of horror references. And even in back in white zombie back in the white zombie days, he would play a lot of snippets of like, cold horror classic films in in the songs too. So yeah, this guy lives breathes and shits horror. Well, yeah.

Like I have him on my list. And the reason why, like one of the first metal albums that I owned, this is actually the first album that I bought with my own money. Help hillbilly dilla Yes, yes. Um, I fuckin love that album still. And to me, in my mind, that's like my life. That's the best era of Rob Zombie because I liked the horror aesthetic that he had on that album. It was different than the white zombie stuff that was more like psychedelic stuff. And then even after hillbilly Deluxe, he kind of went back into the like the psychedelic car stuff. But that one was more like industrial horror. And I liked that aesthetic. Like I liked the album artwork. I like the sound on that album. Yeah, I know, that album was critically, you know, it was well received. And it did well. Um, unfortunately, I never I remember when I have a, I think I have a guitar magazine from like, 99 when he was on hospice, and he has like the arm extensions that he used on stage. I think there's an action figure, which I think is a MacFarlane. Yeah, McFarlane that has him with those extensions, too. But I never heard hillbilly Deluxe too, because I didn't want to write I don't know, I just I wanted to stay with my feelings for hillbilly Deluxe. And that came out in 98. Um, but yeah, like, I really love that album. And like I said, sound wise. Yeah, usually, that fucking album was was crazy. And I know you mentioned spider one. And it's crazy to that you mentioned him because I love the dynamic between them. Like, right, Rob Zombie is more on the horror side. And then spider one is more on the sci fi side. Right? And it's just like, pretty fucking cool to have those two, you know? I'm like, they grew up together, but much Yeah, but they're like on different dynamics of like, movie inspiration. That's pretty cool. But yeah, Rob, do I fucking love that album? Yeah, one of my favorite albums.

And also to, he just had he just announced the new album today. Yeah, he did. Yeah. And his new single and video also came out today. I didn't see it, but the name of the album doesn't come out tomorrow. So we still have some time. It's called the lunar injection. Kool Aid Eclipse conspiracy. Very psychedelic. Yeah, and long and long. And the name of the single it's called the triumph of King freak and I didn't see the video but I heard the song It's pretty good. It's just what you would expect from Rob Zombie just heavy guitars. Heavy drumming very groove like it's really good. Yeah, yeah. You know, and I was gonna talk about OS fest 2005 he headlined the second stage I Yes, I saw zombie Yeah. And he decided to play like a stripped down like no almost no production.

I think that's what five was with them like yeah, first got one.

Yeah, I think Yeah. And he had to say hippy satanic like this like like satanic hippie vibe going. Yeah. Which I thought was impressive because you think white zombie you think Rob Zombie and you think you know, intricate horror stage props, but does do Just went out there and his

Yeah, he was just like yeah,

just like whatever and just like a regular t shirt that was stripped down and some bell bottoms and of course you know john five he's you know back in his Marilyn Manson days he's always been very theatrical So yeah, I don't know. I think john five was probably one of the best things happen around zombie honestly.

Yeah. And to like you're talking about that and I did get a chance chance to see that performance on AWS fest and then later on, I think he had done a show with Conan Doyle that I missed. But like even going back like just were my standpoint is on like horror and stuff, man that fucking hell baby Deluxe era Dude, I would have gotten to see him with that elaborate fuckin right you know that just fucking all that makeup and shit and his fucking green hair and yeah, like, I would have been fucking sick. So also to have a little fucking like fun fact for you. In case you didn't know this. You know, who guessed played on two tracks on that album?

On hillbilly Dylan? Yeah. Who gets played on now?

I'm gonna give you a clue and say he played drums and he was in the 80s metal band. 80s hair metal band?

Um, well, I know. Well. I'm thinking of john tempesta. But he was an actual member of Rob Zombie. But he drums for the cult now.

All right. Well, the answer is Tommy Lee. Tommy's, right. Yes. played on two tracks on how Yes, that's right. Never fucking you until today. And I was like, What the hell? So? Yeah, I thought that was pretty. Uh, I thought that was interesting. So where are you got anything? Can we got? Yeah, whichever, whichever. I'm sorry. Let me know when you want to do a beer.

Satan music? I mean, maybe some people would think that of course. Oh, yeah. No, it's whatever. Yeah, it was like halloweeny sounding songs. Oh, yeah. list could go on and on forever and ever. Yeah. Um, the first one I put on my list was the song bloodletting by concrete blonde.

I'll listen to it when I put

it on. It's a it's also called, it's called bloodletting. And in parentheses, the vampire song. So it's, yes. Super halloweenie sounding and they were a band that got started in the mid 80s, I think and lasted through the early 90s or mid 90s. Out of LA, I believe, and their most famous song is Joey. which you probably heard many, probably. But yeah, I guess I'm sure they even play it on Kiss.

Kiss exclusive.

No, but it's super halloweenie vampire diary. It's like the tempo is slow and eerie. They're creepy sounds and what is

wrong? Are they

alternative like, but I've never there but kind of, I don't know. They have like a bluesy element to the guitars and stuff, right? I'm sure. You'll recognize at least

from Oh, definitely. Cuz, usually when I go through, and I'm making the Spotify playlist, and y'all send me songs, I'm like, oh, what else do they have? And then I'm like, Oh, I know the song. I know. Okay,

exactly. But the lead singer, she has a really, like distinct, deep, rich voice. Yeah. All right.

Well, that's gonna go on Spotify. playlists. Yeah, what else he got? He can go.

Sure. Yeah, um, I you know, I've always got your ad stuff covered for you. So the next one on my list was a song called Nemesis by shriek back Danish. Hmm. So, some of the guys from Shrek back went on to become XTC. No. Okay.

That's why we're learning.

We learned from what's right. And I learned from you so it's, um, but the song Nemesis is about all things dark and mysterious and strange and sinful. Yeah. And it's got a cool video. And it's a favorite of all goth bars around town. So if you ever like stroll in any of those places your shirt I only strolling those places when I'm with you, too.

Yeah. So we got to do that. I was strolling

into any place like

that right now. I know. That's not foreseeable future. When COVID goes away. We'll go into some vampire wars. Mm hmm. Yeah, yes. Okay, cool. Um, I'm Kim, you got anything. We'll jump back and forth.

Not really. Okay.

I'll take a beer break. No. Okay. I mean, if you want to become a Brit, you got anything in there. Just Alright. Go ahead, Kim. Give us a roulette. Again. Try for the kiss. All right. So when Kim comes back, she'll tell us about her little Halloween stuff. Yeah, but anything like basically everyone's on the right track. Anything that's Halloween related, heart related, anything that maybe someone else would look down upon? And say like, Oh, that's evil, then yeah, it's in. It's it? Yeah, then it fits, um, but also to like, whatever songs you guys want to send me to put on the playlist that we don't talk about or maybe we didn't get to talk about Don't share. Yeah, I'll put them on there. What did Kim pick? Okay. I'm gonna tell you right now it's not okay. No, no, no. Okay, so this one the next one that she picked versus by Voodoo Ranger. This is a special release but they crossed out special and they put spicy because it has a bit of a spiciness to it. Actually, this might be Oh, this could possibly be it. This is called atomic pumpkin. And it is 6.4% ABV so it's a little bit higher than the other ones. I know this one has a bit of a spice to it, but I can't remember this is the pumpkin pie one tasty one. Kim, would you like to do the honors? Thank you happy I'm going

to hell Stan.

Stan. Um All right, so we're pouring this one out. And

thank you.

This one tastes more pumps. This one This one tastes more pumpkin pie the warmer got?

Yeah, I feel like once some of the carbonation kind of bubbled off yeah, it was nicer a little smoother.

Alright, so we'll taste this one and then Kim can tell us about her music stuff.

Do you get this isn't it? I don't like this. I don't

like salsa verde a pumpkin spice beer.

Oh shit. I don't remember it tasted like that. Fucking

it's not like

no boba is horrible.

It's horror bowl.

Okay, um

yeah, I don't know. This

is like a bad gingerbread cookie or something. Yeah,

yeah, that's what that's what it tastes like you right? You're right.

And that's why it burns a little in your throat. So ginger? Yeah, I feel like each of these are just trying to find a different like mixture of spices. Yeah.

All right, Kim. What do you give it? You dumped it so what do you give it?

1.3 1.3 It's a nice number. Brody give

it 2.5 I don't hate it as much as Kim does. Give it one more. Don't love it. Don't like it at all.

I guess. I guess.

Yeah. That that is that spiciness? And I think it's like what you said the ginger. Yeah, my

pumpkin beer.

There's like a little bit of heat. Like at the back. Yeah.

Yeah. Um,

fuck. I mean, it is what it says it is. But it doesn't really taste pumpkin, you know? Just too spicy. It's just like the stupid salsa. I'm gonna go with like, yeah, does he right? I'm gonna go like that was not good. I'm gonna go like three point terrible 3.3 3.3 It's a low three. Oh my gosh no way. Yeah. All right. So go for what you got.

What you intend cheesy. Okay. But I love this song. Even not like as a Halloween song. But just as like an anytime song. Because if you know we you know that our Mario knows that I am not of this era. So I kind of like this vibe. But I love the monster mash and I know it's really

a good one that is not cheesy.

It's not at all

and it's mandatory. It's like Halloween Song. Yes.

Yeah. But it's not a Halloween song. It's everyday Song. Yes.

Yeah, the monster

mash was done by Boris Bobby. Boris quotes picket in 1962 and he was of a doowop group the cordials core dials cordial support. So this happened with one performance one performance while performing the song little darlin by diamonds. Bobby picket as an aspiring actor performed that song little darlin in his best Boris Karloff impression. Because writing fast Karloff Yeah, so the melody is so Boris Karloff is was Frankenstein's monster and the Frankenstein movie in 1931.

Fun fact he actually played all the monsters in different movies. different times. He actually played Dracula he played Frankenstein played the mummy. He was

actually an at movies before he Oh, shit. I use it a lot. Because he was old and he was. Yeah. And then he was in 1932. The Mummy as well. The melody the melody is cribbed from the DD sharp mashed potato time song and I actually listened to it. I just love like the like the melody. It's just so fun when you're done. That was the mashed potato dance craze of that era, which was the 60s 60s Okay.

My mom demonstrate the mashed potato. I was she was the ladies were doing

the video. They're so cute. And I was just like, oh my god. This is just like Listen to the whole song. I like the background singers

on that, like just it's very like, What has that do you feel but it's like the you know, having the females doing the backing like it's it's cool just like sounds like they're just they're like and I

just love the storyline of oh yeah song story and I love the little sound effects that are in there like the colored bubbles or whatever Yeah,

yeah the way it opens.

Yeah, I just I love that song It makes me happy.

No he does me he does a good job of impersonating, like, listen to it later, like his voice will be on this Spotify playlist, but like he does a good voice of doing his his press job of his yeah his voice impression Yeah, um but yeah, um Boris Karloff will come in later on on my list to

listen to that song just randomly like,

it's a good it's a good song 365

i 24 Yeah, absolutely. More frankly. And I've heard that song probably eight times in the last two weeks. Yeah, I've only heard

I've heard twice at least.

how we've been listening.

I listen to Pandora sometimes I'm working before and like early in the morning. But on the was that when it came on? Oh, it was on. It was on Kona wanna win? Yeah,

they're about to start playing Christmas.

Yeah. So we went to our work and they started putting up the Christmas tree started putting up that and I was like, What the heck? I was like, it's not even November 1 yet guys, like let the trigger traders heading. Yeah, but um, well, I guess I'll go. And you guys are like, you guys can rate you guys can interrupt me anytime you want so that we can take a beer break. But of course I wanted to talk just a little bit about Metallica. Of course if Metallica is connected to a lot of horror related stuff. First thing on top of the list. I know because Brett had this question when we saw Metallica. Um, but uh, I think you had Yeah, you did? I think he did have this question. I don't know. Maybe maybe you did it. Maybe. Maybe I was. So Kirk Hammett is actually a big horror enthusiast. He actually retired. Yeah, his guitars. He actually I actually have one over there replica. Thanks to Kim. She got for me. Um, so um, did a $10,000 effort. No, it's um, so he's just Yeah, actually, I don't know. Um, he actually has an annual horror convention. It's called Kirk von Hammett's fear festival. And he has like, different like, bands play. Yeah. Yeah. And he like has bands playing he has like, actors from like, horror movies like there too. For from what I've seen, I think he's only had like two or three of these. I think COVID probably put a stop to this stuff. Um, but he also I know he has a damn, what's that word? We said last time where he has like a display of his fucking shit. Oh, an exhibit exhibit. Yeah, I know. I know. He had the convention too. Because he actually had his I think like part of it is exhibit one of the Orion Music Festival. Yes. Yeah. And then he decided to like continue on it. So with that, like him being a big enthusiast, he actually so this is some pretty interesting shit right here. So I know he has guitars have artwork of famous universal horror monsters. So he actually has bright a Frankenstein. Frankenstein on one of his guitars, Dracula. White zombie. I know he has some other ones but I couldn't find the complete list. This one I did find interesting though. He actually has Boris Karloff. Boris Karloff, some mummy on one of his guitar and that image that he has on his guitar. He actually owns the rights to that Boris Karloff? Dang No. Which is fucking crazy. Yeah. Wow. Like that's how much of an enthusiast he is. And he even has a Ouija board. guitar, which is the one I have a replica of. Yeah, I'll post a picture of that one. I'll post a picture of it tonight. I'm just kidding. So yeah, Kirk Hammett. And then sticking with what we can taste this real quick. Next one we have is leenane kugels harvest patch Shandy. This one's Kim's favorite. This is a vise beer brewed with honey and natural flavor. This is the one I don't I don't really like that much because of the honey to me. It pops out a little too much.

I like it. No, no, I like it. I just

know I like it. I just don't. It's just too much honey for me.

expecting more pumpkin.

This Okay, so

this is too much money for me. No.

This one is gonna be this is like the ultimate basic be pumpkin spice beer until I find the one in the fridge that you're talking about.

Well, this one that

I want to come on to some like side by side because I really think This one tastes like beer.

Well this one this one initially

really doesn't taste like pumpkin. Well this one initially has it tastes like beef or nuts. Did we?

reference the last episode if you haven't heard it? This initially has a honey taste and then the aftertaste is more pumpkin. Yes, I agree, but, and there's not a lot of carbonation because I know we're talking about that. And that affects it. All this time. I give it like a 3.4 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Cuz it's not it's not extra. 3.5 3.5 I'm gonna go 3.5 Will you give it five? 4.8

Yes, four point. Okay, Brett.

I'm gonna go 3.8 3.0 I'm not a great lover of sweets. Yeah, yeah, I'm good. I mean, it's nice.

Yeah, it's a good

it's a good beer. Because when I'm thinking pumpkin spice I'm always referencing like the pumpkin spice lattes and stuff. On the sweeter side. So when I drink something that's supposed to be like pumpkin spice you that's the kind of thing that I want to taste interesting. But maybe it's Starbucks is just skewed my perception.

I think

in spice with this beer like going with the like, I guess the not the genre, but the group of beers that were going on. It's just the honey to me takes out of out of out of it for me. I don't even taste it. I do I taste it like initial Yeah. I'm going to with the continuing with Metallica. Um, I don't know if any of you guys are like fans of like HP Lovecraft.

Because I never really got into I never got into him either. I know.

Yeah. I I know. He's a bit of a controversial figure. Yeah,

he's like, apparently like super racehorse. Or what races

was super race. He's been dead for a long time. But uh, that metallic has got a song. Yes. causa Cthulhu.

Yeah, so they have a song called Call of Cthulhu, which is named after the, the beast Cthulhu from the short story, the Call of Cthulhu. And they actually miss misspelled it intentionally. And the reason why is that lawsuit? No. So apparently going into the lore of the creature. If you say his name too many times, every time you say his name, the creature comes closer to our destruction, because he actually lives under the sea. And they misspelled it intentionally so that if anyone says it, they're gonna say it wrong. So they are not at risk. Exactly. The monster coming. Wow, I am because I said it cuz I know. I heard you. So um, so that was one song was a

bloody mary three times in the mirror? Oh, yeah.

I say that every night before bed. Um, they uh, so Call of Cthulhu is actually an instrumental that's found on Oh my god. It's gonna be Fuck, what album is it on? i? It's not master puppets. It's gotta be right. The lightning. It's right. The lightning. It's off right there lightning? Because master puppets has Orion. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. And then the other song that they had that references Cthulhu as well. It's actually off the Black Album. And it's called a thing this should not be that actually references a, specifically a story called. Yes, he is after. So this song is actually specifically referencing the story, the shadow over innsmouth. And that's once again a story from HP Lovecraft and it's I think, who's in that in that story as well. Then the last thing as I mentioned about Metallica was, so I have a song on one of the load reload albums. remember which one it was I think it's load. The memory remains. Memory remains actually features a very accomplished vocalist, musician. Marianne Faithfull actually sings in harmony with James Hetfield on the on the track and she also sings the very iconic favorite sing along part at the end of the song. Yeah, bridge. Um, so the reason why I bring her up was because she was heavily involved with the Rolling Stones back in the day. And the Rolling Stones back in the day when she was rolling with them. Yeah, they were. Yeah, what she was rolling with them. They were there. They were hanging around with this guy named Kenneth anger. Okay, who was actually him? Like he used to hang around with Anton the bay and shit. And and tell him Hey, if you guys don't know, he actually like looked up to Alistair Crowley and shit. He actually founded the Church of Satan. So when I was doing my research, I remember this story because it's actually like a myth or whatever. But I found I mentioned this book in a previous episode and one of my favorite books called take a walk on the dark side by Gary Patterson. So basically Marianne Faithfull she was part of this movie that Kenneth anger did called Lucifer rising, and he made this film as being Influenced by Aleister Crowley and Marianne Faithfull actually plays live it Lilith, which is Satan's daughter, I think so yeah. Satan's daughter. Um, so in in this movie a Mick Jagger's brother is in it. Chris Jagger, which is weird, Christian, Christian, um, and also Jimmy Page's in this movie. Oh, wow. So like, all these guys like used to hang out together and shit. Yeah. And the story goes that I don't know if you guys are familiar with the original Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. Brian Jones. Yes. So he was like the founder of Rolling Stones, he actually died. He drowned in a swimming pool at a party hanging around with all these guys. And the story goes that rolling stones were hanging around with these with this dude. And they were part of a ritual. It was I think, sometime while they were doing this movie, and they were basically selling their souls to the devil. Right? Right. And Brian Jones didn't want to be part of it. So because he didn't join them, he ended up dying. And because they're saying like that they weren't really sure like, even though they found him drowned in the pool that apparently like they couldn't really pinpoint what caused his death or how he ended up in there. So the myth goes that Yeah, he died because he wasn't or somebody killed him because he didn't want to take part in the satanic ritual. But that's where Marianne Faithfull comes in being tied to Metallica and stuff. I just thought it was a weird connection. Yeah, I don't have to bring up but they were they were all into a cult shit. Mick Jagger was into a cult shit. All them guys were into a cult ship. So who knows what the work they did. And I know I think Charles Manson was probably involved in there somehow. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, it was all around that era. But yeah, that was one of my that's my Metallica related information.

You know. And and actually, you mentioned Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain. You met Didn't you mentioned Kirk Hammett? This whole different guy horror exhibition. And I remember I was at OSU as 2003. And corn was one of the headliners. And Jonathan Davis had on tour throughout the festival. Yeah, a traveling serial killer museum. Oh, yeah. And I went in, I checked it out, I thought was quite cool. I don't think Jonathan Davis has much to do with that. I think like, once he had, like, he had kids. And he just decided to, like, sell everything off, you know, because he realized, like, I shouldn't be having that stuff around with my kids and whatnot. But yeah, that, you know, that was cool to see. And I guess I don't know, corn, I guess somehow somewhat has a little bit of involvement with the dark side. Especially I guess, like, if you look at the at the music video for a data set, the band members are all dead. And they're like inside a morgue and whatnot. But I think just in general, Jonathan Davis has always been into like the whole dark stuff. But I'm gonna I'm gonna continue my list now go for so

let's probably I'm gonna back

so that your seasons going in?

in reverse?

Oh, anyways, all right.

All right, Frank.

So, my next three, I'm just gonna go into him a little bit. You mentioned antilla Bay. Yeah. And he was actually friends with Marilyn Manson.

Of course. Yeah. Yeah. We got our Metallica

we have their quote, shows rules. If you go in and you read our agreement, terms agreement.

Yeah. And anthem. The VA was gonna be featured in Marilyn Manson's debut album because Marilyn Manson was looking for a theremin player. And if you guys

don't know what their min is, it's the popular instrument that can be heard in the intro to Star Trek. Series. Mm.

Yes. It's a weird one that you don't

play. Yeah. You just move your hands. Yes, frequencies. Yes. Yes.

I taught frequencies and yeah, antenna Bay was supposed to be featured in the album because he was the only unionized

Thurman player.

The only one? He's there. He's a union of one.

And well, I think the only unionized in California.

I believe he wasn't theramin players united.

I don't know what it was. But um, yeah, he was supposed to be featured. And I think for like legal reasons. He wasn't like he couldn't do it. But um, yeah, Marilyn Manson. Of course. You know, obviously, he's always been associated with the occult, with, I guess the wholesale tannic stuff and he's another guy to you know, from a stage presence to his stage production to a lot of his music. There's some dark stuff in there. And he's been featured in some horror films and some, some video games as well, too. And I think he also what he produced, right, the Resident Evil soundtrack. You're talking about are we talking about? I'm talking about Marilyn Manson.

Oh, yeah, Marilyn.

He was like, I thought you were gonna mention somebody else. And I was like, well who worked on the Yeah, he worked on the first Resident Evil soundtrack. I know he helped composed a compose the main themes. And then he also helped put the soundtrack together. But yeah, Marilyn Manson and I forget who else worked with him on that? I'm not

sure. But yeah, Marilyn Manson, you know, and another shock rocker as well. And Alice Cooper, also another shock rocker, and to tie Rob Zombie Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper together. Robin Alice actually toured together on the gruesome twosome tour. And then a few years later, it was the twins of evil tour with Rob with Rob how's he gonna say Rob Manson? with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. And then another tour followed called the masters of madness with Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson. And so I was just thinking like, well zombie

Manson did when you mentioned it, right? Yeah,

zombie Manson did one and that was the the twins. There you go. Yeah. And I was just thinking, you know, once the whole COVID stuff passes, would the three of them tour together? Like as a like, as a package tour? Oh, I don't know. That seems like a bunch of headline like, material. You know what I mean? Like, but they can make it like a festival type thing. Yeah, maybe they could know. And they could play like our sets or something.

You should write to them. Yeah, you should. Yeah. Right. But he's like already did.

Ever since when? A fun.

Fun fact, just for me, but me and Alice Cooper share the same birthday.

Really? Yeah.

Wow. That's a fun fact. That is cool. All right. So the next beer we have a I'll let you keep going. But I'm just gonna jump in with this real quick. Yeah, good. This is a ale brewed with pumpkin and spices. This is by Nebraska Brewing Company. It's called wick or brains pumpkin ale. So is there a time's a charm? Is this the pumpkin pie beer. Let's see.

I strike out.

Three strikes and I'm out 6.1% ABV. It's not bad. This one actually has the least flavor than all the ones that we've tried. I think like it tastes more like an ale straight up with just a bit of spices in it. Um, it's kind of

bitter aftertaste. Yeah, it does.

Yeah. It's just like after drinking this really sweet really delicious. Harvest Pat Shanti from Lena kugel, this, anything after this. Until I find I'm done. You could you could find it cuz I give up. I'm ready. Three strikes flavor. It just nothing. Nothing's gonna like I'll let Brad pick

that one. Um, so this one like the flavors a little flat like it's a good beer, but the flavor is flat. Um, I'm gonna give it like a three. really give it? No, you know, I'm gonna go like a 2.90.

Yeah, like a 2.8. Probably 2.5 is not my favorite.

Yeah, it is. Um, okay, so there's that one. Frank, what else you got? You still still got some stuff to say on those three?

Yeah, so actually, I think I'm gonna I'm gonna do two more. Yeah. Okay, so screamin Jay Hawkins. I put a spell on you. Okay, so Okay. And Marilyn Manson covered that song for his. I forget the name of the album. No, that. Yeah, he he he covered I put a spell on you. And screamin Jay Hawkins is actually considered one of the first shock performers of the 50s. And I think yeah, I think I think he was one of the first ones and I think he he influenced Alice Cooper, and what not to do his own thing. And screamin Jay Hawkins. Oh, that

was I saw a story on that guy. That guy was like, crazy. Like he looked like a voodoo guy. Yes. And I heard that he had like, like, tons of kids like that. Like he was on the road, dude. Like he was like, all over the place. Yeah. And like, he just had like kids all over the place. Wow. Like estimate how many kids yet but yeah, that guy I saw I saw his like, his stage. I breast persona. Yeah, he looked very shocked. shocked.

Yeah. And I mean, just imagine like in the 50s performing when you know your whole Voodoo attire, and then you have skeleton props and coffin props. And not only that, but to be African American in the 50s and performing shock rock. I mean, yeah, that was controversial. But a lot of people were into that. And Manson wanted to do his own homage to screamin Jay Hawkins and he did his own version of a I put a spell on you because that version good. I haven't heard it. He put a pretty creepy twist on it. I thought and actually, I think what's the name of that album? It's a it's more of a remix EP. album. I think it's Cosmos like children. And and, and actually, it's to me, you know, to this day, it's it's still one of the more creepier sounding Marilyn Manson albums.

Hmm, I got to check that out. Yeah. Obviously I'm going to do my research during the Spotify but

yeah I remember being a kid and listening to the stuff at night intentionally just to keep myself out

yeah I remember one was speaking of that like well cuz this was one when I might the first album that I bought Rob Zombie we spoke about this earlier how he would use like clips from movies and stuff. Yeah, put them in and one of the most iconic things to me about that album is the intro with the little girl saying the verse about yes yes zombie come in and that like and then like talking about him like cutting off your head or whatever. Yeah, and that like when I first heard that was like, Man, that's fucking like, quick like to me at the time. I was like, Man, that's fucking creepy and crazy. And and I think that was cool shit.

I think that's Sheri Moon zombie, right. Oh, isn't doing that. I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, yeah, cuz if you watch a house of 1000 corpses and the devil's rejects, she has like that baby childish voice that she busts out every now

I got to look that up. I had no I mean, I I wouldn't be surprised like I said, but I didn't. I didn't know that.

Yeah. And my last connection to Marilyn Manson is the murder dolls. Okay, yeah, I don't know if you remember the they had a video

isn't that was Joey jordison the man

Yeah, he drummed for them. But there was a video that Manson was in and I gotta look up the song. But he cameoed in the video, I think as some type of I don't know. mental asylum doctor. Uh huh. I think and yeah. Murdered oz. That's another one. The more like a glam punk. Yeah, horror punk type thing. Tripp Aizen, formerly of static x played guitars in that I think, what's the guy Wednesday? 13th. Oh, yeah. Now he does his own thing. And Joey jordison also to have a slipknot so that was like his. It wasn't really a side band. It was like a full fledged band is just when setting I wasn't touring. He was touring with, with murder dolls. I

think we played a show one time on murderdolls. No. Wednesday. 13 was playing across the street. Like his shit. Yeah, we were playing that. Was that fucking place tampering? Okay, they were playing across the street at paper tiger. Okay, and there's like a whole fucking bunch of kids there and shit. Anyways. Um, yeah, no, no, no, I just wanted to say that to that. Um, Brett, you want to give it a shot and see if we could pick the pumpkin? Oh, sure. But okay, so it's gonna be on that middle shelf. On your left side. There's like pumpkin beers there. I'll let you pick one. Um, so speaking of we talked about Joey jordison. I think an obvious band to talk about is Slipknot, right? Want to talk about Slipknot real quick. So I know this is a little off topic, but it kind of connects. Um, so not really. Um, so I know me and my brothers played this game. I know my brothers will probably remember it. And I know a lot of people probably won't, because I don't think it was a very popular game. But there was a game that came out for the the Sony PSP, which was the PlayStation Portable. It was called infected. And it came out in 2005. Um, this was a third person shooter. And basically it was about zombies. So this is a horror related. Um, basically, it was a game that took place in New York City before Christmas. And the city was infected by some kind of virus. So people were turning into zombies. And the goal of the game is to go through the city and try to make it to a to this like Doctor Who can make a career out of your out of your blood because your blood like you're like kind of immune to the virus, right. And the reason why I bring up the game was because it was like this really obscure game that was made by this. I don't think the developers like super huge, but uh, it was metal oriented. Oh, so the it had a small soundtrack, but the soundtrack included three songs from Slipknot, including eyeless everything ends and pulsar the maggots. So basically, these songs are playing while you were killing zombies going throughout the game had two songs from kimera one song from trivium one song from El Nino one song from the agony scene and one song from Fear Factory. It also included songs that were exclusive to this game by Junkie XL and pimp x. Um, but I also bring it up too because Slipknot Slipknot every member is a playable character in the game. Did you get an unlock? Yeah, like this game is like very obscure. And remember me and my brothers came across it somewhere and we bought it and we're like fucking Slipknot, like you put on the game and you start playing and fucking trivium is playing and Camaro is playing. And actually one of the members of Camaro has a playable character to unlock but I don't know if many people know about this game, but it's very hard connected because it has to do with zombies and it has to do

you know and undying love zombie video games. I remember the first time I played Resident Evil I died so much oh man

Resident Evils fucking

because I wasn't aware this is the PlayStation. I wasn't aware that you had in order to walk he had to press the D pad and like oh, but the whole time I was just bidding

times those were and I think that that was back in the day when I was like resin evil had a fixed camera system. Yeah. So basically like you You had to move but like the camera didn't move, which is weird, but like now the camera moves with you. So that was a pain in the ass for a lot of gamers. Um, so the next a beer we have is from fourth tap Brewing Co Op. This is actually the brewery that did the beer you said earlier. Not the Bieber nuts. The ice cream one. Oh, it didn't taste like ice cream,

Rainbow sorbet or something. Yeah,

so this one, unfortunately, has been in my fridge for quite some time because I got it when before it came out. So this one's no pumpkin beer. Yeah, this one's definitely not because I only got one of these. So I don't know what this tastes like. Okay, so this one is actually in collaboration with I know a lot of people outside San Antonio will know this in collaboration with 13th floor haunted house. Have you

guys ever been in the 13th floor? Isn't it?

I know it is. It's across

from sunset station. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Um, so this is a pumpkin ale and it has like little kids dressed up in creepy, creepy, creepy. Yeah. Um, so this is what sick. You have a pumpkin beer? I think you're lying. No, no, there is one in there. How many were left in there? like five? Yeah. Okay, so, um, you know, maybe three or four of these out.

Stole the haunted house. It ever went to his terror mansion. The only one I've

ever been to like 20. Like 2000. Thank you. the only

the only one I've ever been to was because I worked worked. There was a nightmare on Grayson, you work there. Yeah, I worked there for two seasons. Me and my brother were security. Okay, we worked. So it was pretty cool. Because we weren't like behind the curtains. Right? So we would keep an eye on the people who enter the house. And so we had like walkie talkies and a map of the place and we would like jump through so we would have our own hallway to peek through. And it was cool, because like, sometimes we'd have to cross through the hallway. Dude, the guys walking with their chicks. We'd get so fucking scared. Like, it was hilarious, dude. Or like, even then, like not even getting scared. And it was like we get we get to see all that and they couldn't see us because we were like, behind the black. And it was pretty fun. But anyways, um, so we're gonna taste this one. I know this is not I have no idea what this one tastes like. So

I love this one before

now this one I've never tasted we've only gotten one.

Oh, your buddy that we haven't seen. Oh, yeah.

While Mario's he was an interim red beer manager and

gave this one tomorrow.


Oh, to better.

Oh, I don't know.

This tape.


Happiness. My ass. It says easy. This is not No. This is

it? No, hell no.

I mean, I say Hell no, because I'm expecting something else. But it tastes

Yeah, we've been spoiled by the super sweet stuff. drinking all night. So this tastes weird.

So this fourth tab. I'm gonna go with

I feel like we really should have had a palate cleanser before this.

Yeah, um, I'm gonna give it like a to Britt we give it

a shot. Yeah. To

drink it. Oh, no, I haven't. Okay, I would not ever buy it. Well, if we give it a two I'm gonna guess you're gonna give it like a one.

I mean, it could have been that is one. I've had this in the fridge for about a month.

Mm hmm.

Oh, gosh, or month and a half. One that could be part of the reason I don't wait a

minute. Oh, okay. Average is gonna be about two.

So um, who's the brewery? Again? A fourth tab. Super cool.

Yeah, this is cool.

Um, it's the breweries here.

The breweries 13 for 13 floors. chain is a chain of

chain. I don't know. Well, this breweries from Austin, but I know we have a third. Yeah, you know what I think they are. I think there's a 13th floor in Austin. Yeah. Um, I'm not sure somebody can fact check me on that. I don't fucking

know. I know. There's a haunted house in Austin. That supposedly is really really creepy. Not a whole lot of people finish it. And you get your money back if you make it to your car safely after after you exit the house after you exit the house and Sunday with the chainsaw chases you to your car.

Oh, I did a search it pulled up San Antonio Austin Chicago, Denver, Houston. Jacksonville.

It's not just

you don't make it safely. You're dead because yeah. I know.

I was like, What? I was like, are you gonna faint halfway? And I was like, What happened to the parking lot They have traps they're like intentionally so you don't make it you

know i mean i think it's it's it's a it's a fake I guess yeah chainsaw yeah

and well it's a no it's a real chainsaw they just take off yeah

and I think the other thing is like he just like tags you and says I got you.


like your arms out off

sprint you gotta make sure you were in your track shoes

yeah you got

really expensive and if you made it all the way through you got your money back or something like that it wasn't it was that's the one

that the one you saw. Oh sorry. Yeah about that one and awesome but I'm pretty sure they have some here too. You know, I know those two I actually used to working on a house to back in the back in like in high school I worked frightfest at Six Flags like

that one of haunted house it was like in a swamp

it Oh yeah.

Oh my god we waited like you were in Anaconda the high quality

line for so like at least

an hour we waited in line right so we get there and the cool part was the fog part.

look like you're walking through so basically

like they had like I don't know if you've seen this before where like they have like these lasers so the lasers go up to your waist right but they have fog machine so that the fog machine kind of looks like it like highlights it and looks like there's something going up to your waist. It looks like you're walking in water. Yeah. Cool. Like they were hiding under the fog. And then like they would pop up. Like nothing. It was like really nothing but a man. Oh my god. And then they had this like track thing plain about like a zombie outbreak, right? That only lasted like two minutes or three minutes. It was like a radio thing. We heard that shit 100 fucking times. I'm not even kidding you. Because we were waiting in line so fucking long. Oh, God. Um, but speaking of haunted houses, so I have this stupid story. I think this was back in 2012. I was 2011. I was in this band. And so at the time, I had started my side project, which was version seven before I got in contact with you, right? So I was in two bands at the time. And so we were both playing this show at this haunted house, like in the Woodlawn area right? So it was a pretty cool setup that they had they had like these uh, this little maze thing where like, you had to go through the backyard. But it was like these clear coffins. And you had to like climb on top of the coffins because like, there was something on top. So you had to like, climb through it. But like, in the coffins, there was people in there. And they were like, fuckin zombies. like trying to get out like you were climbing on top of them. Yeah, it was pretty cool. So we were playing the show, right? And so the band that I'm in is playing first and then it's another band and then my van was supposed to play like later, right? So no no's the other way around flipped, so I got it flipped. So. So we're there and we play and the fuckin place gets shut down. And I'm like, What the fuck? Right? Like I thought y'all done this before. So apparently they thought it would be cool to have a fire person like, you know, explain people. Oh, yes. play with fire and shit. Um, guess where they had that person? do their act?

I don't know cornfield. Huh?

Yeah, that's pretty dangerous. But think about some more I guess a little more dangerous by your head. No.

Over the people just think

this was at a house in the Woodlawn area

on the roof. Oh, Fire Company came was like, I mean, the fire


Fire Department came. It was all like y'all can't be doing that shit, right? Yeah. And apparently like safety reasons. Like what the fuck and so my so the band I was in never got a chance to play because they shut down. But I got to play because my band played. Okay, so I was pulling like double duties at night. And, and so like, yeah, it was fucking stupid. Like they got shut down. But the haunted house setup that they had was pretty cool. I don't remember what it was called. But uh, they had a cool setup in the back and I got to do that and then but yeah, they had a fuckin flame dancer whatever the fuck on the roof. like wow, like a one that person could fall off and catch on fire catch on fire and then fall off catch the house on fire. They catch this Ronnie? Why so many fucking things can happen like yeah, person

up there. But I thought it was funny. Couldn't they just had like a, like a fire expert. They're explaining to the fire department is cool.

I mean, sure, I guess but they didn't have one. They didn't pay for one. So I mean, cuz.

So I don't think that the fire department takes the advice of some guy says Hey, yo, chill is cool.

But what if you're a licensed Pyro technician?

It doesn't matter. I think it's the fact Where was that? I'm sure you've heard it for something like that. Yes. And, and they didn't have it. And I just thought I say that's probably one of my funny I mean, it's just a weirdest fucking Halloween story because this one Like during Halloween, I was like, Yeah, I was actually like, dressed up and shit. And then I'm like, Yeah, I get to play at night outside and I ended up playing only when the sun was out because my band got to play first. Yeah, then they got so many more beers we got in the fridge a lot like three, three. Okay, guys, let's do this. We got three more, I guess find that pumpkin pie beer. I have one more day. I have one more thing to talk about. Oh, so so yeah. Oh, sweet. Gee, Britt, you go next. I don't want to go next.

Okay, well, I can just knock them all out in one go.

To talk about three more songs. Go for it. Oh,

one is probably on Frankie's list too.

This is definitely not it.

That's, that's, that's just like a stout.

It's like a pumpkin stout. It has a halloweeny name.

Oh, it has pumpkin in it.

Okay, it's because

I think they're trying to decide to decide what beers to drink next.

Probably this one. This one was probably the pumpkin pie one.

You built it up in

your I don't remember.

I didn't have 100 pumpkin beers before I had.

Oh, he had it on the day where he puts together the table. Yeah. The show. Oh, right. And so the ceiling fan so he

tasted really good.

Yeah, this is any beer when it tasted really good.

Okay, so shipyard. Go ahead, Britt. Oh, yeah.

I was gonna mention of course, I go Boingo dance party. That's a good one song. And Danny Elfman, of course, read all the music for the Nightmare Before Christmas. And I love the like. tons of cool Halloween movies and stuff. That beer is orange. It looks like heisey. Orange.

Okay, so apparently, this isn't it? It's by Bruce orange. Actually, this is the other this is this is the second shipyard we've had Yeah, the other one was shipyard. Yeah, so this is smashed pumpkin and if I'm correct, this is the one that doesn't taste good.

It doesn't because I think Beverly and I have this one.

9% ABV. It tastes like something like a candy. Like smell sweet. Like some kind of candy for my youth. Hold on. Hold on.

Yeah, it smells really sweet.

This one doesn't taste bad. It

tastes like a candy. It tastes like circus peanuts.

What is that? Like?

Wow. Oh.

Well, you know, I want more.

out of it. I was like you really want

It's okay. This one's not

really sure.

How it tastes like pumpkin spice cough medicine.

Yeah, I see

those in forever, though.

Well, I'll bring them next time. Like,

oh, I can find them. They make them manufacture. Why he

said it. I was like

I'm not that old. Ya

know, I remember it's original in my handkerchief and not that old yet.

I remember going to HDB and you can buy them in bulk. Circus peanuts. Yeah, they have like a, like a boat candy thing. Okay.

It's like fall medication. It's Yeah, it is.

3.2 because it reminds me of circus pinata. And I like that. No.

It does taste like medicine, like a pumpkin spice so to

know 1.5 Yes. Okay. So I guess I guess the pumpkin pie one was this one. Because this one was not bad. This one was like the second best from after. That's

the best. That's the next Yeah,

well, top three then it'll be those three.

Oh, yeah. Google number one.

Sugar like washing down every nasty beer. Okay, cool. Saving.

So we have one more right? Yeah. Okay, we have one more. Two more. What the four that dark one? Yeah, you

have to try a dark pumpkin.

Oh, that's right. So okay. No, we're good. We're good. We still got we still got it down. here cuz I'm still gonna go well, we're doing the public favor, and we're trying these so try these. Don't drink these while you're backmasking your records. Don't do it. It might help. It might help. You might summon something by accident. I'm probably Britt What else you got? You say you have a couple more songs.

Oh, sure. I got

Of course, and I think it's on Frankie's list too. You got to mention ministry in the song every day is Halloween. That's a good one.

Yeah. Yes. It's called

everyday is Halloween and it's all about Halloween. And then you have to mention Bauhaus on Halloween because, and Frankie will probably mention Bauhaus as well, but you'll probably do a much more thorough job than I will. And I'm just going to mention the one most famous song of theirs, which is Bela Lugosi is dead. Bela Lugosi being an actor who portrayed Dracula, right. I'm not my favorite song. It is the most popular song. It's kind of annoyingly so. But also, it ties in with what we talked about last week, because I mentioned the film The Hunger with David Bowie. And Bauhaus is actually performing Bela Lugosi is dead in the opening scene of that movie, which is quite cool. That's cool. And they're all young and stuff. And

now they're, you know, and actually that movie, that that song is supposed to be a commentary on how the whole goth scene is starting to fade out. And how I mean,

cuz I song was 82 about how the golf scene was fading.

I think it's because surface level you think it's about Bela Lugosi getting really into his character that he starts to believe that he's the character. But I think it's supposed to be commentary on like, how the whole goth scene started becoming commercialized. And so that was the 80s in the 80s. Yeah. Like it started losing its appeal. I guess to like, the true good because this is

your argument.

No, because the same thing happened with

be loves Halloween.

And I remember a time when people didn't like Halloween because it was like the devil's holiday. Yeah, I

love Halloween. Yeah. I'm gonna be I'm gonna be.

I'm gonna be Harley Quinn. Yes. Oh,

you put your nail on the head.

Yeah, you can say it. Yes.

I said it.

I hate that. I'm like, nobody. You still love Halloween? No.

Nobody used to love goth music. In the 80s it was super underground and not a part of anybody so

underground. Any learning from you guys.

Yeah, it's just that now it's so easy to follow a hashtag and go, you know, become super expert on something that you had no idea existed

prior to. Speaking of hashtags. I'm sorry. This is unrelated but it pissed me off.

You want to tell the story about the hashtag to happen? Oh, right. Oh, beer break.

Oh, fucking hell. Okay, I'll get

you beat me. I wasn't even looking at Russian bread.

Okay, so this is the story. Okay.

I did I did lead it.

Your thoughts? Okay. Okay, so what day was this? The 24th? When was that? That was Tuesday. So Tuesday, I get a DM, a random dm from an unknown source? A No Name. We're not gonna name the name that should not be named. That's a DM.

On Instagram. From a gentleman. Thanks,

listeners. Oh,

yeah. Yeah.

It says, Hello, Kimberly. I noticed you made to post quotes videos in the past with the hashtag, hashtag mad protocol, one on April 2 2017, and the other on April 21 2017. Disclaimer,

that's a band that

that's one of my dad's kiss rocks, cover bands. Anyway, he said, I'm a dentist. And I'm trying to create interest in a technique me and my uncle teach to other dentists and would like to use that hashtag. Mad as an acronym is an acronym for our technique. And that's in the quotes. I understand your right to post whatever you'd like, but was hoping you would give up those hashtags to help us gain popularity and recognition with that buzz phrase. Sorry for the request. But thank you for your consideration. To which I said sure, thumbs up emoji because I don't really care about like that. That hashtag in particular, because no offense I care about that band. Not really like it's not that big of a deal. It's two of my posts. It was

I don't care. I think that's what pissed me off the most. The thing that pissed me off the most is one. It's a hashtag. Why would you bother somebody was saying, Can you not use that hashtag because I want to use it

three years ago to to the thing that pissed me off during 2017 is he actually date tracked it and he's like, Oh, you've used it two times. These are the dates. Three, maybe he thought that was being convenient for you so that you could identify which posts and go back to can remove it.

Thirdly, third thing that pissed me off is you only used it twice. I'm like, bro, if you're gonna use it, fucking use it and it'll pop up and

it'll like get rid of it like it'll get lost a bit. And I'm like, Yeah,

the fuck did you even bother with that message? Like, I don't know why it pissed me off. So that's new

to hashtags maybe? In like 65 years old, yo,

he's not. He's not. But I was like, I don't care. It's not mad protocols not even on Instagram. They're on Facebook, if you want to find them. I think

it was the principle of it. Like,

he was very polite. That's true, because

he was, but here's

the thing rubbing off on her

be really

sick. At

any given hashtag like for us, for instance, like if I hashtag rock talk, guess how many other people are gonna use rock talk? I'm not gonna be he goes Can you stop using real talk cuz my pug is

like, fucking say that like, you know what I mean? And hashtags

are universal anybody can exactly

gonna track down every person who's ever use and that's what pissed me seems extreme. But anyway,

he felt like it was it was one person and only two posts maybe or maybe it was a pickup

line. And he does like he can use

it just I'm like what the

photos before and I like it.

Okay, so this is the this is the last one. No, this is the second to last one. So this is from a lesean and not

more pumpkin. I'm disappointed.

So this one I know is going to be a disappointment because it's actually this brewery is owned by Anheuser Busch. Anheuser Busch actually, actually, I think bought these guys out some time ago or whatever. They're Oh, no, I will. I'm just kidding. Because they're mass. Anyways, um, so this is called. No, I'm just kidding. Bread. Well, we'll try. No, I

was just thinking about my Cucumber Crush because I got

no Yeah, no, you're right.

Oh, it did got bought out recently. Shit.

Those bastards. You told us. Oh, that's right. It was. Yeah, you're right. You're right. I forgot.

I can't remember who bought it. But. And that's like, we gave that beer five y'all. Oh,

yeah. No, I know. We did give it a five. Um, so so this isn't really seeing like the artwork on it. It's called a night owl pumpkin ale. So it is a original pumpkin ale brewed with pumpkin roasted and Oh, this one is actually made with roasted and raw pumpkin seeds. Oh, um, it has clove, cinnamon, ginger and all spice. Okay, so this is this sounds promising because it has legit pumpkin seed in it. And it's actually good. So February 20.

Oh, yes, we get a pumpkin sweet carve pumpkins on our anniversary. Uh huh. And Mario chose three chosen seeds and he planted them.

Oh, yeah. Cool. We still have plenty of seeds. Yeah,

but he planted three and and they sprouted. Yeah, the whole thing will have a pumpkin next year to cars. Yeah. of our own harvest

that we harvested. They reversed first.

Okay, guys, so, so we're gonna taste I don't want to wait. We're gonna taste this in Lucien. So smell it first. Sorry. So actually smells very pumpkiny

are we saying about the 24th?

What was I saying about the Oh, so this this beer is actually good. February 24 2021. So this is fairly fresh. Beer stand Really? Mm hmm. I'm gonna let him taste it first. You're gonna

have to drink your words.

It's not gonna be good.

Oh, Kim does it doesn't look like Kim likes it. Let me see. It's

It's sweet. It's cinnamony

It's better than this. You know what shit you're doing this one. She's

okay. This is funny because this one tastes more pumpkin pie than any of the ones that we've had. And I didn't never had this one. Actually were like this seed. I'm gonna put this number two under Blue Moon. Okay, so if I had to rank the top four, it'd be blue moon this one then the shipyard and then Lena. Cool. And then the other ones are shit.

I agree.

Oh, shit. You know what? Sure.

If I had known I would have gotten Joe sixpack.

I'd be like, Oh, no, she likes this. I I knew that. Yeah. So Brett, what do you rate this one?


four. Cuz you right at the shipyard? Uh, for what did I write the Blue Moon? Blue Moon you read it at a 4.5 So where does this on sit with those?

I'm gonna say 4.5.

Okay, five a tie. Okay, on par. So I gave the Blue Moon a 4.8 I gave the shipyard a 3.8 and I huh? Fucking hell. You know what? I think I'm gonna go with a 4.8 to like a Loon. I think yeah. I think it's it's up there. I'm gonna give it a full point. Can we give it? You gave the Blue Moon a 3.7

Ooh, three. Okay. That's weird this this

takes 2.8 What? Oh, okay, keep it three.

That's fine. I mean, that's so crazy cuz like, you could tell our taste buds are different. The blue is better. Okay, so Britt between this and the Blue Moon. Which one do you think was better?

I like blue moon better? A little bit, but just a little bit. This is really good. I think I like this one more. Probably.

I like it. It's probably the nutmeg. It might be the nutmeg. Or the all spice. Okay, so we have one more beer to go. Oh my god. Anyway.

It's a stout. A pumpkin. Yes, it's a pumpkin. So okay, so

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I know what she likes.

Okay, but I mean, just like sniffing them is is good enough.

I mean, they they do kind of taste how they smell because some of them don't have a very distinct smell. And then those don't have a very distinct taste. Yeah. Oh, you got one of those. Those are good. You got Oh, yeah.

The hairless dogs. nameless hairless dog. Or the. what's called dog? Yeah, the

dog fish. Right. I had fish. Was it?

Dog head dog?

I think is Dogfish Head.

fish head. Okay. Yeah, the

lab samples.

Yeah, you sent it to me.

That one wasn't very me. Okay.

Oh, I get sued. Oh, they're gonna be like, no, this is like our promo or prototype. Like, where are you?

Yeah. So how did you get a hold of this?

I mean, wait, question. Am

I gonna post it? No, no. But um, yeah, so we had Britney sampled a beer.

Talk about it on the podcast. I'm like talking about

it like, yeah, that I guess it's not on the market yet. from

Mars. Gonna have to

reverse that. No, no. Well, it's not on the market. I won't say the name of the brewery. You want to

hear the messages back?

And I think it's I think it was a sample beer. I think it was only handed out to a few people that have requested it. It was it was okay. I can all I can say was that it was a bit of a like a bit of a rancid lemonade flavor.

And we won't say where Frank got this beer.

No, no, no, won't say anything.

But it was an interesting flavor that I think they're still trying to tweak here and there. And that's probably why they that's probably why they sent like sample batches to give them something to people.

I stumbled up their beer literally.

Have some? I have some I have some comments, comments. Yeah.

All right. Looks like we're down to our last beer and our last comments on that. So Kim looks very scared. Ooh, it's a stout we can you get

another cup? Yeah. What about your songs Frankie?

Oh, you got more songs? Do you got more? Dude if you got more songs.

Okay, well, I just wanted to let y'all talk about the beers. Oh, now we could go for it. Well, no, I just want to mention some bands. Maybe some songs. I think some of the more obvious ones like Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborne. Oh, yeah. They're a devil music, their attachment you know, their attachment to the Colts, the Colts and also to you mentioned Cradle of Filth as well. Kiss of course another band. Very.

And there was also I don't know if you have this anywhere in your report, but there was actually a court hearing like over all this shit. Yeah, like I think Dee Snider was part of it too. That's right. More like you know where they are censorship. Yes. They were they were like being accused of like all this shit. Mm hmm.

So yeah, the knights and Satan services another one.

The cramps also there. Yeah, like an earlier psychobilly rockabilly type band who also have a very, I guess, horror theatric appeal to them. And also another song that I think needs mentioning is a song that features Michael Jackson by Well, it's a song by Rocco that features Michael Jackson in the song is caught some buddies watching me.

Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, rewind a little bit.

Okay, so an artist named a rock? Well, yeah, okay. And I know the song featuring Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson's song. Yeah, he thinks the chorus part



I guess I always got confused because I'm familiar with the video music video. But Mike So Michael Jackson's non music video he's not

No. Oh, that's weird. I didn't know. Yeah, videos like that were like people who paired up didn't hear in the video, but

I just didn't know that about that. Yeah, that was like a one hit for him right?

I think so. And I think what happened it was during the time when Rick James was really big, and everybody was seeking Rick James to produce their music and also at the time Michael Jackson was a big name too. So there was like that concept like between the two of them. Like, are we gonna we're gonna work with Rick James or we're gonna work with Michael Jackson. Pretty much And yeah, and and just Rocco song. I think Michael Jackson is only credited as a producer. And it's his vocal, but I don't think he's credited for that. Interesting.

That's weird. I didn't I didn't I I mean, I've. I'm super familiar with that song. I've heard it a fucking million times. And but like, I never I never just Yeah, like I didn't know.

Yeah. And I wanna end off well, I guess we didn't we didn't talk about misfits either.

Oh, shit. misfits is on my fucking list, bro. And that's a very obvious one. Yeah, okay, so misfits I can I talk about them a little bit? I go ahead. So I just want to talk about my favorite. Yeah, yeah. Good. So my favorite album. I think I talked about it. One episode back is famous monsters that came out in 99. Yes. Um, so Famous Monsters. Actually, every track I think I was explaining to you guys that every track is referencing a horror movie. And actually Kim and I saw one of the movies that is referenced on that album. That's pumpkinhead Um, we saw it in I don't know if you guys seen pumpkin hit.

What's his ncnm

Oh my God. He's in Alien vs. Predator. He's in. Oh, my God. I can't remember his name right now. But Adrian?

Adrian Brody guy.

No, no, no, he's he's an older gentleman. He actually passed away already. Oh, um, anyways, we saw pumpkinhead it has very cool like visual effects. The story's a little and, um, but anyway, Famous Monsters. Uh, when I was doing my research on misfits I actually found out that they have 51 songs that are that have the same name as the horror movies that they're referencing. Oh, 51. So they have like, I guess just right off the bat. I can name or like, pumpkinhead. A Day of the Dead. A Friday the 13th. Halloween, Halloween, too. Yeah. So there's like so basically, when I was when I was doing my research, I found that there was 51. But yeah, they're very hard influenced from the very beginning. And, you know, they were the ones that pioneered the whole horror punk thing right around. But yeah, misfits. I mean, like I said, one of my favorite albums is Famous Monsters. And that's one that I tried to add to my collection and vinyl form. Yeah, my foot. I fucking love that album. Also, Walker mungus is that's another thing isn't Yeah, fucking awesome album. But, uh, yeah, I don't know what you had to say about misfits. But that's what I had to say. But yeah,

I was gonna say that about misfits. And also I want to mention two festivals that happen around Halloween time. The aftershock festival in Sacramento for the last five years has been happening around Halloween. And also the one that everybody goes to, I guess around this time is the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. And of course, those two festivals have been canceled this year. They've been postponed to 2021. But Voodoo festivals, one that I've always wanted to go to, and it isn't even it doesn't even matter. Like what the lineup Well, I mean, it does matter. But still just to go to a festival in New Orleans in New Orleans for Halloween. Yeah, yeah.

Oh, yeah, definitely. I've been wanting to put that money. Cool. Dude, I'm surprised you didn't mention Ramstein at all.

I was I was gonna I was gonna like

Marilyn Manson. Yeah, you didn't

mention Michael Jackson and not mentioned thriller at all.

Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Yes, yes.


yeah, I mean, that's like Vincent Price does the I mean, that's iconic

right? And I remember going through the going like through the Woodlawn area like every other house that was like set up like super fucking crazy had thriller playing. Yeah, every other house sales fucking crazy. Um, it was there was two songs I heard it was thriller and the theme song to Halloween?

Yes. Not Ghostbusters.

Oh, actually Ghostbusters probably number three. But yeah,

there's actually there's actually

well because I was trying to explain to her cuz like she doesn't watch a lot of movies. I was like, there's movies that are like horror based that are like don't take place during Halloween. They're considered Halloween movies. Just like just because they're harder. Yeah, like a Night of the Living Dead.

That's a big goal. Christmas are watching home alone. Like Home Loans, not really like a Christmas movie, but it's

it takes place during Christmas. Right


I'm not super from I mean, I am but I haven't seen Chris. I have not seen home alone and for

watching it this year. Okay.

I'm just

like that was like my parents like way. comparison.


It works. They get to know.

What else are we talking about?

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson.

Yeah. And there's actually there's actually a Bollywood version of thriller.

Interesting on YouTube. It's funny

Bollywood version of it. That's right. I think there's a Bollywood version or everything I think

from what I've seen. Yeah, I think there's like the matrix, as well.

Um, you mentioned Michael Jackson. I don't know why I was gonna say something I forgot. Um, fuck. Well, well, I think about that. This is our last beer. It's called Black o' lantern. Oh shit. The ABV is six point 66%. So it's actually a perfect ending to our beer tasting. It's a chocolate pumpkin. stout stout. Yes. So it is a stout. Let's see what it has. Frank and brew, blah, blah, blah. So it's from Wasatch brewery from Salt Lake City, Utah. And as I said before, six point 66 Hale Stan, it's most chocolaty, brewed with pumpkin and spices and of course it has some chocolate Enos to it. Alright ladies, let's give it a taste. I don't have any you don't.

You gave her like surfy Oh shit. I guess

I was talking too much.

I was like we have so much in this can Okay, go for it. All

right. I don't know if I want

I didn't taste it. I quite like it.

Okay, let's see all I do like stouts I do look for them so

that all right

again, Brett I'm so sorry. This tastes like feel good ashtray. Again.

I Oh, we didn't get a blackened mine. Oh, that's right.

You guys were in charge of that shit.

I know we.

Oh, oh, you're

crazy. Like

I get without that if you like the best outfit I don't like don't get me like yeah, that's Yeah, we don't want to get you the smoking but this is like

a stout. This is really smooth.

This has a very slick looking ashtray that somebody sat in after they chew tobacco and smoke the cigarettes and

ate some Hershey.

Yeah, this is tastes like

water. I don't I don't taste any chocolate. I don't

think she tastes enough.

I'm gonna give this like I'm gonna give it a 1.2 because I could probably finish it but not after all this. Um, oh, wait, what do you give it? Really?

I'm sorry. I it just tastes horrible.

3.6 I like this very

smooth. chocolatey one.

Maybe, like less than that? Because this is.

I think maybe if you pinch your nose.

Yeah, like if you try if you try pinching your nose and drinking it. It might help pinching your nose. pinching your nose. Okay, um, I don't know. I don't know why.

Look, Kim knows when I go. When we go to the store. I like to get stones. I do like stouts actually the one I showed you guys earlier the upside down one. That's a stout. Okay. I like stouts but for some reason, on the show when we have stouts they taste like fucking cigarettes cream. And Britt like someone I feel bad. Like, this tastes like shit.

But I don't mean to I get

Well, I mean, I could have given you more but I put my COVID lips on this.

Um, I don't I don't I and I took two sips I'm gonna take a third one just to

drink all my chaser ready the Lena? Cool. I had to Oh my god.

Yeah. Oh, sorry to wash

that down.

Okay, so with that, does anyone have any closing remarks on Halloween and Halloween stuff like anything else Halloween related? And I like when it comes to music? Nope.

Not music related. I did just want to point out that tomorrow is Halloween and it's a full moon. And it's not just any Full Moon it's a

blue moon nice. We've

had a full moon already in October which is really cool and powerful.

And and it's perfect for backmasking so if you're on your own and you're not sugar trading because you're COVID just start getting all those records backwards.

Yeah, I know. Next year, and I and I didn't do my,


extra hour Yes.

Halloween party and COVID

I mean, I mean, we,

I mean, unless you're

unless you're willing to risk getting infected.

I mean, unless you know, you're

like that very insensitive thing that Kim Kardashian posted recently. She was like, after weeks of quarantining, and everybody got tested. I took all my friends to private island so we can have a normal life. Oh, done that. Yeah. should have been a private island. You need to quarantine yourself for two weeks, and then you get tested and then it can come to my party. Yeah, be normal for like on a private island. Yeah.

Because so you know, fuck you. Yeah.

Yeah. Wait, which

to another?

Um, All right, guys. Well, I mean, we just about hit two hours, which is cool. So this was our Halloween episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Happy Halloween. Like I said, if you're listening to it on Saturday. Um, but yeah, so we had fuck we had 1-234-567-8910 11 I think we broke a record. We had 11 beers. This fucking episode. Wow. Um, no wonder I feel and. And that wine cocktails. Probably trying to sober up need some chips and pizza, and probably listen to some music and we're gonna have a dance party. We're gonna dance party. We're gonna dance this off. And yeah, guys, we'll see you guys next week. I don't know what the topic is gonna be. But we'll have something pretty fun because I know we have some pretty fun ideas for these next episodes. But we're pretty fun people. Yeah, we're pretty Yeah, as you can tell. But uh, yeah. Alright guys, we'll see you. Happy Halloween. We'll see you guys next week. Cheers. Later, guys. Okay, oh, shit. It looks like we're back guys. So there's one thing that we forgot to do. Um, and we're gonna try a drink that Britt discovered called dark pumpkin. And I'll let her explain what it is. And we're gonna do it.

Well, similar to the traditional half and half or black and tan that you drink. I guess maybe around St. Patty's Day. A dark pumpkin is pumpkin beer mixed with Guinness stout. Of course. Which is awesome. And it's pretty fitting because Halloween is an Irish holiday. So that was my goodness.

It's the dark pumpkin Frankie Brown.

Do I have a glass? Yeah, well, you know what I drink out of your glass cuz you gave it to me.

So Oh, no, no, no, no, that wasn't my glass house for you. Because I know you had already done that. Well that's the thing is that you had beer in your glass when she was getting the other beer and I was like, Oh,

I should point just why should you drink but it's

no these are two two separate years and I'm mixing them so see one is a Guinness and one is a pumpkin. So you'll be able to see like with being the Guinness is gonna sit on top and the or vice versa.

Okay, let me let me get me a glass.

You can see it already somewhat.

It's gonna start to separate out and you should be able to what

time does the liquor store Oh,

I really want to Bailey's and pumpkin spice latte. I don't know.

I'm sure somebody has done it before but I want to try it.

And this is one I'm pretty sure we've already had on the show. It's the hairless dog black ale.

Yeah, that we've had that one before. Yeah. I don't remember what it tastes like but I think we've and we had that one long time ago.

This sounds good. Yeah,

guys, we've been doing this since like,

yeah, this is June. Yeah, right doing this for a while but five months now. Well, we're about to hit our 20th episode soon. So that's pretty cool.

I know the glasses are dark Yeah,

the glasses are dark colors.

You can you can see it somewhat.

So there's like a line somewhere around in the center where you can see that that

Oh, the fader lights your Midland

theater like that. Lights

theater lights

Yeah, you can you can somewhat see it.

grayed out

I can't really tell because this

is a common

Dan we should have got one on the fucking one. At least one I screwed up. I should have got one in the fancy beer.

Yeah, I can see it but it is hard to tell because the glasses

color. All right. Well, when you when you give us a good day. Go

Yeah, let's give it a whirl so it you know, it's gonna taste like getting some pumpkin

beer. Okay, let's see well bloom well luckily Blue Moon is the one that's the good one. Yes blue.

Mix the Blue Moon.

No harvest sweet pumpkin wheat.

Yeah, mixed with Guinness draught.

Mm hmm.

I like it. It cuts the sweetness of the pumpkin beer and Yeah, it does.

It's pretty smooth. I mean, I like it. It's not. I think

you have this before. No,

no, no, I'd never had this before. I've done that black and tans and the half and half before weigh ins which is innocent harp.

It's smooth because of the Guinness when it combines. It takes away some of the spice. Yes, on the pumpkin. Yeah, it's good, though. I mean, I like the head. I like Yeah, I like the phone to, uh, I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go like a four. Yeah.

I'm gonna go a 4.5. Okay.

All right. So that was the last one we had. That bumps us up to 12. So now what I have to do well, let's take a picture of that. And the glass. Yeah. And then we'll post that on Instagram. And so now we'll see you guys next week.

And they'll probably definitely be a hangover. So yes,

tomorrow and once again. Happy Halloween and we definitely crossed the two hour mark at two hours and two minutes.

Hey, awesome.

And two seconds. Number of the waist.

The waist later. Perfect. Later, guys.

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