Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 18 - Bands Named After Places

October 24, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 18
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 18 - Bands Named After Places
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 18 - Bands Named After Places
Oct 24, 2020 Episode 18
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we discuss bands named after places! Are they where they are named after? We talk geography, and geography relations to mentioned bands, AND we drink and discuss some pretty interesting beers, including a "smoke" beer, funnel cake beer, and fluffy nuts (not beaver nuts).  Cheers!

(We recommend playing the below playlist in order!)

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This episode, we discuss bands named after places! Are they where they are named after? We talk geography, and geography relations to mentioned bands, AND we drink and discuss some pretty interesting beers, including a "smoke" beer, funnel cake beer, and fluffy nuts (not beaver nuts).  Cheers!

(We recommend playing the below playlist in order!)

Spotify playlist for Episode 18:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast about craft beer and music. So we drink craft beer, new craft beers, every episode, we discuss them rate them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them while also discussing music related topics this last week, we didn't have an episode, we were kind of busy and stuff. So I don't know if you guys missed this or not. But we missed each other. We missed y'all. And this week, we're going to be talking about we've been throwing this idea around for a little while when we finally got to it. And it's a bands named after polices. And it's pretty funny because I didn't, I found a lot of interesting facts that I didn't think I was gonna run into when I was doing research. I was like, holy shit. So yeah, I don't know, I found it pretty interesting. And, of course, I like talking these music related topics, because

I'm always learning something like whether it's something that I'm researching on my part or something that you guys, you know, talk about, I'm like, I just like, you know, learning little tidbits about Music and Musicians and bands and stuff. It's always it's always fun. So, yeah, definitely. I'm gonna stop talking. How are you guys doing? Tonight? We're doing good. We are recording live from Kevin. Mario's new place. The new

the new. Other studio?

Yeah. Never moving again. Yeah, we're gonna die in this house. Probably. Um, so do you guys. I don't even remember. Let's see if anyone remembers. Do you guys have any hangover from last episode? What was it? It was exactly. I remember. And it was the actors

who became actors or who had the actual

thing? You guys have many hangover? Well, it was because we talked about David Bowie, but I forgot to mention the hunger. And that's another great badass movie. And I am and he's in it. And I forgot to mention it. And I felt like a dumb ass because of that. And then I haven't Well, it's not really a hangover, because I didn't know about it until today.

And in order to talk about this, I have to confess to watching a show that we're probably gonna get laughed at for was it became and it's

No, no, it's not that bad.

Oh, my God. Every time I see that commercial, I just want throw something at the TV. Yeah. Anyways, no, it's Gilmore Girls. And I was watching an episode and Sebastian Bach was in it. Yeah. Was he actually has not playing himself? Was he a Gilmore girl?


Oh, recurring row. Yes. I mean, I saw Well, yeah, let me guess was he watched multiple episodes? Yes, I did. This is my guilty pleasure. It's time for Britt to have a break from typing and being on a computer all day. Oh, that's, that's uh, yeah. helping me get through my studies right now. So speaking of studies, did he play a teacher? He did not down he played a musician book. Okay. Oh, that's a band. No, that's but they don't want him cuz he's too old. But he even though he plays guitar really well, but then they take him okay. Hmm. All right. And his hair looks horrible. And he looks bad. That's where I didn't see him like on any list. That's crazy. Like that's a really watching I was like

wow, holy cow. And it was Yeah. Cool. So I guess I'll add a skid row song on the Yeah.

I'll be the one to bring that up. Bro. I mean 18 on life's a good song. Yeah, I can't think of another Skid Row song. I mean, cool. Cuz my dad. I think

he had an album. I I'm sure if I heard more Skid Row stuff. I'd be like, Oh, yeah, that's a wasn't a part of. I couldn't be wrong. Yeah, he was he was a part of VH ones supergroup, right. Oh, I think it was uh, it was him and I think Scott he and it was called Super No, not Scott. Ian the dude from anthrax the bald guy Scotty guitars. Yes guy and I think Ted Nugent. Yeah, that's a weird combo. And Jason Bonhams a son no john Bonham son from Joplin.

I don't know. I don't know. I'm not familiar with this one.

Yeah, that's another Skid Row song.

That's huh. Was that the song that I think it is? Probably and then of course, the one that sounds like, go ahead. No, I was gonna it sounds like a poison song. Right? Like, it sounds like it's a

valid or invalid? Okay, I know what song it is okay. Yeah, I'm adding that one on the playlist then.

But, uh, yeah, no, I don't know if I had any hangover. I think I did. And then I must have forgotten the past week. But uh, um, I know we were talking about this earlier, but I'm really excited for next week's Halloween. So we record our episodes on Friday, and then we release them on Saturday. So we're going to be recording next Friday, and it's going to be coming out in Halloween, which is pretty cool. And that episode, we're going to be talking about,

I guess, Halloween Horror, vibe ish music, bands, albums, anything that's kind of horror related or whatnot. And we'll talk a little bit about backmasking, too, because I always found out found that interesting. Oh, yeah. Um, so we'll do a little research and tell you guys a little bit about the history of backmasking and see if you guys have done any backwards. rituals, yourselves. So I've always wanted to try. I think I tried it once on a I think there were some CD players, I'll let you do that. Yeah, and there was a, I think when I started really getting into it, I was like, because I didn't have a record player at the time. There were some CD players and some tracks that you can actually do on a CD player. But I'll do research like that, if anybody wants to check that out, too. Because it's been a long time. This was like, high school senior year when I was like, wow.

Yeah, I was like, in my high school somewhere in there. Yeah. It was like, I don't know, if I had read an article on it, or someone heard something. And it might have been something on on college radio or something. And I'm like, like, one of the late night shows or whatever it might be asking what the what the hell it was like, I know, I knew what it was, but I know that's what it was called. And I was like, Okay, so then I started getting into it. Yeah, cool. Okay. I mean, x. Yeah. No. All right. Cool. All right. So I guess before we get into our little topic, we like to talk about what we're drinking and, you know, just start, you know, kick kick off the party a little bit. Frank, what are you drinking? I am drinking an interesting one. Rum. It's from from lagunitas brewing. Okay, it's a hop hoppy refresher.

Zero alcohol. Actually, I tried one last night. And Britain I both concluded that it tastes like a beer flavored soda. Beer flavored soda beer flavored fizzy water. We're good at that. Total one. zero calorie. I gotta look for that. Yeah, right. Because every time we go, no carbs. Every time we go, it looks like they're non alcoholic section changes. Like it's never the same every time we go. Yeah. Um, so keep an eye out for that silent. Yeah, this one's good. It's got a it's got some nice body to

try history. No.

No, no. Yeah, I thought about that. I thought I should I should start. I just it kind of feels weird to cuz like, we I can't share with you the stuff

to take his stuff but we can. Yeah, like so I kind of like that's great. We can like give some Yeah, we can give a like trade with bread, but

like, dude, I have like big red in the fridge. Like that's all I

do. Um, but yeah, this one's good. I like it. I think it I think it's the first time I try anything from from lagunitas brewing. Cool. Let me see what do you

what does hop refresher and I definitely has a very refreshing taste. So I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna give it a I'm gonna give it a four point. Maybe 4.3 4.3 All right, sounds good. Oh, Britt, what are you drinking? I don't think you've ever had that. No, I haven't. I had never seen it until yesterday. It's a blue moon beer called light sky citrus sweet. And so it is actually a light blue moon which is exciting.

Tastes good. It does taste good. It says brewed with tangerine peel and that's definitely what you taste. And you can tell it's lighter than regular bloom and it's not as weedy.

95 calories what what do you what do you read it?

For 4.2 4.2 All right, not bad. Not bad. Yeah, Kim What are you drinking? I'm taking shots

No, I'm actually Britt got me this day drinking watermelon rose a and I looked it up. And it was actually crafted by the Grammy touting band A Little Big Town. Oh.

fizzy rose a wine spike for summer ripe watermelon. And yeah, it's rosae wine and watermelon. I tasted it and I was like, Oh my gosh, this is like hard alcohol. And then Mario tasted he was I said it tastes like it just took a shot and Mario said it tastes like a jello shot. It actually really does taste like a jellyfish.

Got the watermelon flavors? Strong? You know what the ABV is on this wine? Yeah, it's fine. Okay.

Yeah, it's pretty high. What do you guess it to be? 714? Frank 10 you said 10.1 No, that's a it's 24% went over.

What do you what do you rate it, Kim?

Damn. She's


huh? I mean, it's good. Can I drink a lot of like, I don't know if I

can have jello shots but putting them all in a, but like a four.


The first. The first step was a little shocking because we're really used to beer. Yeah, I drink a lot of light beer. So I'm not used to like tasting. Yeah, alcohol like that. But yeah, it's pretty good. No.

Like, it tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher plus like alcohol plus booze? Yeah. Oh, um, I had a beer in the fridge. I should have been drinking, but I'm like, everybody's stuff. Yeah. Well, I will say Sara and I was setting up, but I've been drinking the Day of the Dead by. It's an IPA by tups Brewery. And this is actually like the fourth one I got and actually, every year they come out with new artwork for the for the label. So it's like, kind of day of the data artwork and I think this can I think or this can this year, I think they had like six or something different labels for it. I think I have four of them. So actually, you can see on my notebook I've been drinking. So I have another one in the you can see the artwork is pretty cool. I like the juice. That was cool. Yeah. Oh, juice pack one. That one. That was right. That's an that was a double dry hopped Pale Ale. So I've been Yeah, I've been drinking a lot of like IPAs and stuff. Which is crazy ever since. I think I want to say ever since I drink that Deftones one. Oh, kind of been more anti IPAs? Yeah, um, but one thing I did learn is there's some really shitty ones. And there's some really good ones. And that day of the dead one from tops is really good. So I had a chai. Yeah, this week. So we had seen this YouTube video. And I didn't know that one of the fancy. There's fancy beers. Yeah, like, like the 1012 $14 beers ago in a bottle with a wax on him and cork, whatever. And so this YouTube guy was like, Yeah, those breweries usually put more into their ingredients and whatnot. So we're like, let's try when he's fancy. Yeah, she likes Chai. And so I got a chai beer. And

it was alright. It was all right. It wasn't like it was kind of it was a little bit better for me. Yeah, for better but it was a little bitter. Um, for me, I was because like the Chai, I was hoping for like more of the spiciness to come through. But I feel like the bitterness really overpowered that. That's Chai spicy.

did have like a caffeine thing to it? Yeah, it did. Yeah. Oh, yeah, it did. Cuz I was like, Oh, do I want to drink this? Yeah, yeah. And then I bought another one to try it. Some honey one. I have it in the fridge. Now. I haven't opened down yet. Um, but you know what, before we start, you know what? I'm gonna let Frank start the topic off. While I go get the beer for us to try. I just want to surprise I just want to say the pretzels are really good. Oh, really? I haven't tried them yet. Yeah. I'm trying to meet I saw him and I'm like, those look interesting. And they were actually there was a what made me interested to get on was they had a display of just nothing but the pretzels. But in the middle. It was nothing but altstadt beers. And I was like, I fuckin love altstadt Yeah, like, I was like, I never seen those fucking pretzels before. And Kim's all like, supposedly, they're really good. And I'm like, Well, I'm gonna get some. And so I got some I didn't get any altstadt Oh, yeah, they're, they're from North Dakota. See, I knew I had them from Angela and Sean. Our friends are from North Dakota. And they actually brought them down because at one point, I think that's what you could either get them if you went up there places up there because they're like a northern thing where you can order them on Amazon. So when I saw them, I was like, Oh, look at those pretzels. And I was like, they're good. I've had some before they're they're from North Dakota. Yeah, I'd never seen them before. So I was like, Oh, yeah, he's a really good Eric. I'll let y'all chitchat while I go get a beer about pretzels.

They're really good.

So yeah, Halloween is around the corner. One more week. We're excited for that. I think next week's episode is going to be exciting, but we don't want to give too much away. I think we've got some surprises for for everybody.

But tonight's topic is Yeah, bands named after places, geographical bands. So there's a little bit of rock history and geographic history in tonight's episode.

I want to start my list with

the band called Europe. Oh yeah.

Got that moment? Yeah. And so.

Oh, yeah.

Making sure everybody knows we're from Texas. Yeah. That comes out sometimes. I don't know why.

You know, and that's an interesting thing. We get excited

about Europe. There's a band called Texas from Scott. Yeah, I saw that I

decided not to talk about them because I don't really not familiar with I have no Yeah, yeah. But uh, Alright, go for Europe. I'm gonna start from Europe. I'm gonna start with Europe. Okay, go for

you know, Swedish rock band I did formed in 79, mate, which makes sense because you know, Europe and Sweden when that

and they're known for their biggest hit. Well, at least I think it's their biggest hit the final countdown. Yeah. And that's after a third album of the same name. And, you know, I associate Europe a lot with Arrested Development. Yeah. Yes. Because that song plays throughout the series anytime. What's his name? Yo, job. Yeah. Is a is about to do his illusions. Yeah. Again, we love that we finish that. Yeah. And you know,

and just recently, yeah, just recently, we we finished watching Ozark Jason Bateman. And those are. And, you know, we thought well, let's go back to watching Arrested Development because I don't know. We want to continue the Jason Bateman. Yeah. So. So yeah, Europe. That's the association that I'm most have with them is arrested development. And I don't know. I think I think that song The final countdown. It's a bit. It's a bit cheesy, I think.

Yeah, I was playing over and over today, because I was like getting a head start on the playlist. Yeah. And I was like, I kept like, it's like, this is your song. And then like, I just started hearing, I was like, Oh, my God. Yeah. Like freaking out about, like, making the snacks and stuff. And so he was like, playing the song. I was like,

is it in a movie? Like, what was that song was in a movie? Oh, yeah. I'm good. I think it was like, a lot of movies. Okay, tell you what movie like, you're probably 30. Yeah.

I know. It also became like a sporting anthem. Yeah, like, a lot. A lot of sports stadiums play the song in Yeah, and whatnot. Did you know, did you know? How, like how they got big? No. So they actually became known because they want a TV music competition in Sweden. That was it was in 1982. So Sweden had like this music thing. And it was the first year that they were having it in Europe on the first one. So basically, like, bands would like Enter. And then like, they would give awards. So like, best guitarist, best vocalist, or whatever, but they ended up winning overall. And what's crazy is that they ended up being more popular than the than the competition itself. Like everyone forgot about the competition after a few years, but you're like Europe, you know, continued. And it was crazy, because I think they changed their name a little bit after that after they got a signed through that competition, because their original name was force. And they actually changed their name to Europe because Asia and America was already taken. Yeah. Which was fucking like, I'm like, what's like, Oh, I don't know. It. Just that fact. blew my mind. I'm like, What the hell so yeah, so I know what you're playing it because our dog she like can tell time, I guess. Oh, that's right. She around. They eat dinner at six. And like around 520 she'll start like looking at me like staring at me following me.

That's awesome.

So Oh, man, that's Europe. Do you guys know any other song from Europe? Because I don't I do not know. Sadly. I feel like I should. But No, I don't. I think we're probably all gonna be okay, though.

Are we are we so that was an excellent kickoff song. And it's funny that you mentioned your first because final countdown is the first track on our playlist on Spotify. So I did that on purpose because I think it's pretty funny but if you guys want to check out our playlist, just go to our website rocks on happier pod comm you can find the Spotify list for our shows. And then you can also find a Spotify list for our our playlists. So since Frank kicked us off with that, I'm going to kick us off with the crazy beers tonight. The first one I have I don't know if you guys heard about this, or have had it before, but it's community beer, funnel cake, funnel cake Ale, so I wanted to get some crazy stuff because we haven't done anything like super crazy in a while. So since two weeks ago, since What do we what? Do we have anything like crazy buches


shots, many shots.

Whatever 12% even

all the time

for this

stick do like I do it.

Alright, so let's give a little bit of information on this. So this is from community beer co I know we've had a community beer before. This is the vanilla golden ale. It's 4.8% ABV. It is from Dallas, Texas. And are you let's give it a little smell. It smells It smells blue. To me. Blue. Like, I don't know. I think there's probably still a little bit of watermelon rosae like,

because I smell that in my kin.

Like I smell a little bit of sweetness to it. Oh, let me reverse. Well, it's final cake.

I feel like I just taste okay. jello shots right now.

Oh, yeah. There's a little bit of a sugar

sugary something the sugar is during the taste and then the aftertaste is like that. bready that. What is it? Yeah, the dough. Like you get that doughy aftertaste. But actually, they did a good job on this. It's pretty balanced. Like it's not too sweet. Um, it does taste like a funnel cake. Like you get a you get a little bit of that.

Like you said the doggy it's like right next until you taste it. It's like have you been into a frickin funnel cake and then you like chase it down with a Bud Light or something? Like you're at the rodeo? Yeah, like

so. That's pretty good. That's good. Actually. I don't even I don't really like

bitter. There is a bitterness to the spirits. bad though. Um, but the vanilla definitely like helps it Yeah, funnel cake ale I give it let me see. I like it. I'm gonna give it a like a 4.5 because it because it is executed. Yeah, they executed it though. And it doesn't taste like crap. Again, they didn't pull big. I keep bashing them. But man, that row was shit. Yeah, dude, you can have a beer that tastes like ham. 4.4 4.5 right. What do you give it? I'm going for vegetarian can't even say like,

Yeah, what I remember. From when I was 12 the last time I ate him. That's like, like, I still remember. Always remember our Whoa, taste? Yeah. Alright, so Bran can give a four again. 4.5. All right. So community that's a Texas brewery? Yeah. from Dallas. Yeah, from Dallas. Oh, yeah. Cheers.

So I guess I'll go on with the list. If Frank continued with Europe. I guess since we brought up Asia they Europe said they went with Europe because Asia and America was taken. So the next one on the list is Asia. I don't know if Brett was gonna talk about Asia. Oh, you know what, actually, there was a thing I want to Asia for you. There was a thing I wanted to do. Because I know Britt had this thing one of our episodes. And I'm gonna ask her if she hates this band or not.

Do you hate Europe? Yes or no? Come on. I mean, like, you know, I'm sure they're nice guys.

Let's take personality aside. Okay. Does that sound

really nice? Sweet Nice, dude. Really good people. I'm not gonna use hate dislike. Do you dislike Europe? Of course. This one is horrible. Okay. Next Asia? Of course. So, I have a couple on my own list that I found that I don't hate. So that's what I tried really hard to dictate where you're going next. Okay. Okay. So Asia is from Kim, you want to guess where they're from? They're not from Asia, from Europe, from London. So and what's crazy is some some of these bands are where they were, you know what they're named after? and some aren't. They're like, they have weird reason like Texas from Scotland. Yes. I don't know what their reason was. But there were some bands on here that did have some crazy reasons for why they were named what they were named. So Asia is from London. Um, and the only thing that I can say about them is that that and the only song that I think everybody knows from them as heat of the moment. Yeah. Which I put on the playlists. I really couldn't find anything interesting to say about him other than they're from London, and they're called Asia. I didn't have that one song. Yeah. And I didn't find a specific reason because there was a lot of these bands that I did find specific reasons on why they were named after this one. I couldn't Um, so that's all I had to say on that one Asia, I kind of there was really nothing. I know Britt was kind of happy or probably is happy that I didn't have much, but no, it's okay. I mean, like, I don't hate that money. I don't have like a burning you know, problem that I you know, go to bed pissed off Asia, but your algo you do.

In Kansas, we're almost there. We're getting there. So we'll get to that part of the show, but what you got on your list.

Um, my list is short because I like I said

that I like that's cool. Or I could find that I liked. I think I'll probably start with one that they changed their name and they became an band name that I think everybody knows. And that's Warsaw. And they became Joy Division. Oh, did not know that. I didn't know. Well, because you know, I don't really listen to the to that. Yeah, I got your new wave section. Yeah.

I'm always learning stuff with y'all. So that's cool. Um, yeah, I mean, I don't know. Everybody knows Joy Division. I don't know what I need to say. I didn't really do a lot of research pertaining to why they changed their name or anything. Do you know, Frankie? No. Where are they from? They're from England, from Manchester. And Warsaw is in Poland? Poland, Poland. Okay, so I kind of wanted to get right. Okay. So I think they named themselves Warsaw because David Bowie had a song named more so. Okay. And they were, you know, fans of David Bowie. That makes up so they named themselves Warsaw because of that. And then I think for some, I don't know, like, legal issues at that. I think they had to add an A at the end of Warsaw. So they were called Warsaw for a little bit. And then they decided it wasn't really marketable. Yeah. That sounds confusing. And so they changed. Yeah. And then after that, they changed names to Joy Division. Oh, interesting. did not know that. Mm hmm. Yeah, I was trying to find the reason why they were named that and then also to if they were anywhere geographically connected to that. Um, like I said before, some are some aren't, but I was interested on that one. All right. Um,

Kim, you got one.

Yeah, my list is very short. It's been a week that's fine. But uh, I had Kansas on my list only because every time wayward son comes on miles like who sings this? Who seems like every time is

funny because I actually have it like on my iTunes.

Kansas is from Topeka, Kansas. Oh, they're actually from Kansas. There you go.

There on my list, because every time that song comes on, right, it's like, who sings in? Kansas same people as before.

So Kansas is one of those bands that are from where they're named after. And I guess like I said, they have a bunch of songs everyone knows carry on my wayward son Dustin when, though winter songs but a dust in the wind most reminds me of

old school. Old school. Oh, they just had they just showed that on TV. Like, last week. I we had an Becky Yeah. It's after it's after blu ray, the Oh, gosh.

I'm so Britt. Do you like or dislike Kansas? I would have to go with dislike

Frank. Um, Kansas is very flat and boring. Okay.

Okay, okay. Yeah, I didn't I wasn't really a specific so.

I'm sure they're nice guys. No, yeah, sure. They're nice. Do

you guys want to be on the show? Just Right. Yeah. Nobody's gonna want to be on the mic a lot.

A lot. Look at this bag. Yeah, not all the time. No, all the time. Yeah. Yeah. No, no, we're not all the time. We're cool.

You want to go? Yeah, what do you got? Okay, so before I go on to my next one. These two didn't make it on my list only because I wasn't really sure if they would count up Portugal the man. And the main. Oh, my list. Should they weren't I didn't see them anywhere. But actually named after ivory song called coast of Maine. So okay, yeah. Still geographical numbers. Right? Yeah. Good. So hold on. I asked Google earlier. Yeah, so they loved a song called coast of Maine by the band ivory, so bear with me. Okay, and then you said Portugal, Portugal the man Yeah, they're from Alaska, I think.

Yeah, I didn't know if they kept that counted either. Because they weren't like from like

another word to say next. I was looking at Phoenix. Yeah. But they're like from like France or something.

After a place

Did you research they I don't think they were they weren't named after.

Like, do they count and they're actually on my list too. But like later later? Wait, well,

Phoenix bird a Phoenix. Oh, yeah. Okay, and also to another band that just popped up for me is the fall of Troy. Oh shit. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah follow Troy. I mean, Troy was a real place. Yeah, it was intense.

But now my next band is Portishead Yep, I got him on. No, but not to talk about guy new. Oh, yeah, so uh, Portishead is an English electronic band formed in 91. And they're named after the town right outside of Bristol, where Portishead is from, and their debut album, dummy is considered a staple in the trip hop scene. And in fact, it's what popularized the whole trip hop genre. And that albums been in many best of lists, as well as the band, because they're pretty much pioneers in the whole trip hop thing, along with massive attack. And even though the band's been together nearly 30 years, they've only released three studio albums and one live album. And that's because they take a lot of I think they I think they've only had one official hiatus. And in between albums, the band members go off and do various projects. So the last time we came out, and oh, wait, Damn, it's it's been like 12 years. Holy shit. Yeah.

But they're good. I mean, if you want to listen to like, depressed electronic music,

I think Ben's? Um, Bert, what you got?

I think we've talked about them before, but I figured I would put them in there. And it's Berlin. Yeah, I got them on here. Okay. Yeah. And well, because I again, felt like I needed to cover the new wave section

of the catalog. And, and again, I also kept my list to like, very just the name of the place not like some people who like kind of expand,

adding words.

Afterwards, just because there's a place name in the band name, I just kind of kept. I got dreamwalker. So it's only bands when I did too. It was more single, like, yeah, I mean, that's it, the continent, the country, whatever.

Berlin is from LA. And they formed in the late 70s. And, you know, begun the new wave movement during the 80s and had several popular songs, including the metro, which we've talked about before, but also that song sex, which is like a big hit of theirs, and then the one take my breath away from the Top Gun soundtrack. Which I would sing to you but I'll wait till we're not recording anymore.

Yeah, just wait. Wait till I stop recording. Ah, okay. recognize it. instantly. I'm sure it's one of their biggest ones for sure. I don't I don't know. Am I okay? No. Okay. I probably do know the song. Yeah, probably. You're probably Yeah, I probably do.

Know More words.

Sure. They're gonna say yes. Do you know why they named themselves Berlin? I do not know. So I thought you would. Oh, I know why I wanted to tell you. They were inspired by a trip they took to Australia.

Wrong. Um, so they actually named themselves Berlin because they were inspired by Kraftwerk and the screamers and all those bands. So they actually wanted to make themselves seem European and exotic. So they named themselves Berlin because they wanted to add mystery. Yeah, exactly. Okay, so that that's where that's how they came up with the calling themselves Berlin, but pretty much everything I had on there. You crossed off. I knew one of you guys was going to do it. So I'm Kim. You got something else? I think so. So mine was kind of like a This one's from Mario.

Because I know that he once told me he liked the Backstreet Boys. Okay.

So yeah, I talked about this episode. There's no shame. Like came back sweet. Well, there is because I was in sync girl. Yeah. Okay. There's a bit of a there's a bit of a feud in this house. And then she got to Brittany, I got Christina.

It's just It's crazy. I was Tim crystal, you get into arguments here. So the Backstreet Boys are actually named after Orlando's back street market where the guys used to hang up. Oh, duh. No, I didn't know.

I didn't know that. That was interesting.

But it's like a place did not know that. Did not know that. So in my next Yeah. Okay, so I got one and this one. I found it interesting because I heard some stuff about it before Kim probably knows. I don't know. Maybe Frank knows. I don't know. Lincoln Park. So yeah, Linkin Park was actually named after a park in Santa Monica named linkin park like Abraham Lincoln. Right, right. Um, but now the name of the park is Christine Emerson Reed Park, and they changed it to linkin park to acquire the internet domain.

Lincoln Park calm because I couldn't get the internet domain with the Lincoln. I say, yes CLL n. So they changed it to k i n so that they can get it and booms, but also to was what made them change. This actually comes up and further in my list with other bands. So the original name of the band was zero with an x. Then they changed their name to Hybrid Theory, which the first album is named after right and Hybrid Theory there was actually legal issues and they couldn't name the band Hybrid Theory so they had to go with another name and then you know as the last you know, scramble for name they went with linkin park and then no thing that I just said happened. So yeah, Linkin Park, go if you guys didn't know named after a park. No See, and I thought about maybe adding them but I wasn't I wasn't sure. Yeah, I can park was real or fictional. Yeah, it's actually they actually were doing it as an homage to that park. And so it was kind of like a little,

like a little shout out, I guess. Yeah. Um, so and it was crazy, too. There was an interesting little thing I read when I was doing it. When I was doing the research. Mike Shinoda said that when they first started doing national tours, um, and they were going as linkin park at first, because they had two previous names. Everybody thought that they were a local band, because a lot of the cities that they were hit had a Lincoln Park in there in that city. Okay, so they thought it was a band named after the park in that city. So they were like, everyone thought they were focusing.

Yeah, so.

Yeah. And they didn't know that until they started touring my whole shit. There's so many fucking Lincoln parks everywhere. So, right. Yeah. So Lincoln Park was on my list.

Who's next? I guess I'm nice. Right? Okay, cool. Okay, so before I go off into my official list,

Bay City Rollers is another one. Brits like that doesn't count.

city or state or country.

And it's also Florida Georgia line.

I think they're like what bro country or so? Yeah, I really. I had them in my thoughts and prayers.

But I did it. Yeah, cuz

I hate I hate that band. Like I can't stand them actually wrote it for them. Oh my god. I'm gonna put my headphones down.

Yeah, so I wrote it for them. What three years ago and Nellie open for them. And actually got to meet Nellie somewhat on that tour.

Yeah, I was like side stage like almost backstage what side stage? And Nellie came out with Florida Georgia line. And together they performed an encore and a song together. Right? Yeah, they had a song together. But they also had like a T shirt cannon. They're shooting t shirts out at everybody.

You know, and they were playing. And they're they're performing hot in here. And everybody was like, you know, going wild and everything on their shirt. So then they needed to shoot shirts and then put your shirts back on. Yeah, pretty much. And Nelly is not. I mean, now he's a very short guy. I thought you know? Yeah. Mm hmm. He's actually on Dancing with the Stars. He's actually song. I hope he I hope he goes pretty. Pretty good. Yeah, we're Tinelli. Yeah.

Yes. anelli. Now he's a cool dude. He he looked me in the eye briefly.

No, really. He just, he just we looked.

We looked at eyes briefly. He just goes way to go. Oh, cool. Wait, would you say Where to go? I don't know. I just I just stood there.

mesmerized Yeah.

Yeah, I was like, Whoa, Nelly. Wow.

No, so the the next two on my list. I'm gonna go a little otherworldly here. Okay. 30 Seconds to Mars. And MIT three.

edit that out.

I mean, okay, no, no, no, no, no. Because 30 Seconds to Mars is named after a planet. An m 83 are named after a spiral galaxy.

See? A lot better than I can see. 30 Seconds to Mars. There's too many other words in

this episode is very divisive. As you can tell.

We had rules Frank likes to break them you know that, you know, likes to break the rules.

Out here 30 Seconds to Mars. That's I mean, I didn't think of that you think outside the box?

Yeah, so 30 Seconds to Mars or one of those bands that was on my radar for a good while. And I learned I learned I learned like their first three four albums on bass like entirely. So yeah, so they were pretty influential to me. And yeah, 30 Seconds to Mars alternative rock band formed.

98 by brothers Jared Leto and Shannon What's the fucking dude Shannon? Yeah Shannon little


like they're my favorite band though. But yeah fucking guy and

yeah and it wasn't until what their single the kill after second album A beautiful lie that's the one that really propelled them up to to to critical acclaim and 30 Seconds to Mars they're known for their energetic live performances their spiritual and philosophical lyrical content, their cinematic music videos and social and environmental activism and also to their featured in Guinness World the Guinness Book of World Records for

the most shows played during an album cycle. Holy shit yeah, they played 300 show 300 shows in support of I think this is war their third album crazy huh anything I mean 300 shows that's that's a lot then Kobe you can bet that's like what two years just like straight up worth of touring. Yeah, that's that's got to be like, I mean, I don't want to say exhausting because I guess if you're having fun you know it's not no Yeah, not gonna be tiring. You're gonna want to do it but yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah, and what was the other 183 Yeah, I'm at their French electronic band formed in 2001 And like I mentioned earlier they're named after a barred spiral galaxy so bar meaning they've got like a bar with like, the fan thing is going around them the propeller thing is

so I looked at Oh, yeah, I know quite a bit of like a so instead of just being like a typical spiral galaxy it actually has like a bar that extends out and then it starts to Oh, to rotate Yeah, kind of looks like the Evanescence logo. Yeah, okay. Yeah, well, I mean, that's what Yeah, and yeah, so so we met Evanescence Yeah, we did we did we locked eyes. Yeah. Well, we a friend. Well,

we locked eyes while crossing stream.

With mp3.

mp3. They're named after spiral galaxy Messier 83. And they found international success with their single Midnight's city, which I think

it's after sixth album. Hurry up. We're dreaming album. Holy shit. Yeah, there were six albums in when that song came out. Holy crap. Okay. And but yeah, you know, a lot of a lot of people thought that was our first album. Yeah, they already had like five albums prior to that crap. And their music, you know, and I think it goes with the theme. Their music is like pretty spacey dreamy type stuff. And the soul member and leader Anthony Gonzalez. He writes his lyrics as in quote unquote adult scripted teen dream

and he takes aspects of like the American dream and just tries to make like I don't know Katy Perry. Yeah.

Yeah, so so he so he pulls from like, you know, the typical like, I mean, I guess the ideal American dream and he tries to write this like adult theme or like adult scripted teen dream so I think he tries to really go for like that spacey dreamy type stuff. That's weird. And you know to add to add to the element of why they're named ma d3. I get a lot of it except for the teen part but a scripted dream so this is what adults think. Teen teen dream or you could or I guess I'm literally that Julia Roberts me right now with like, all the friggin That's right. That's right. Yeah.

I guess the way I see it is like, I don't know. When I read that. I thought okay, maybe this is like an adult that still pining for like those teenage years. You know, that sounds like it if that's what he's trying, you know? I mean, like, yeah, that's not clear. He's always thinking about his high school years graduations. Yeah, like uncle Rico.

All right, it's time for the next crazy beer break. Beer break. Fluffy nuts. Fluffy.

So we got a fluffy nuts. This is a peanut butter and marshmallow Imperial cream ale. 9.6% Damn, we got all the high. We got all the hobby. Maybe we got a bed? No.

It's from saloon door brewing. And this is from Webster, Texas. Oh, I don't know. Where's Webster, Texas? Well, this is a very geographical episode. So somebody better find out what I want. How Many Miles Texas is that? Let's play prices. Right. How Many Miles is it away? from here? Yeah. From here. From here from Congress. Yeah, from here. Webster, Texas. I'm gonna go with 126 miles right near Houston. Oh,

that's like 200 miles or 275 miles.

It's near friendswood and leek city down by this

Smells like something. That's the name of a band now 200 miles to Webster

looks like a candle.

Candle that's supposed to smell like something peanut buttery, like, bread smell before I pour it. Maybe that's what it is. It's

mixed with like, marshmallow. Okay, I thought it's better butter to me. I have opened the pack a nutter butter toasted marshmallow in my Sensi which Cincy if you're listening anybody from Sensi, please bring back the toasted marshmallow scent? Because that's all I like.

My table

you always mess up your nose. No.

Okay, so this is a cream ale.

Like I said peanut butter.

Like bath and Bodyworks Oh.

Did you make that face strong? Yeah, this kind of sweet. Sweet. Yeah. I'm like beaver nuggets? Yeah, it does. Yeah.

Or something. Oh, and marshmallow. We could combine them Kim and call them beaver nuts.

You know, if somebody if somebody made a nutter butter beer, I'd probably I'd probably want to try it.

It does taste like it does taste like maple maple syrup. Maple syrup. But yeah, I can smell it now.

I'm gonna give it like a

I wouldn't drink more than one of these. I would drink more one of those. I'm gonna go with like a because it tastes like it says it's gonna take

3.7 point seven. Yeah, we're gonna go 3.5 I mean it the taste isn't bad. It's really strong. And there's no way I could have more than like half Yeah. Why does everything have to be bitter? That is because it's

what's the the hops, the hops? What to give it? I'm gonna I'm gonna guess she's gonna give a look at three. Three.

does smell like you're about to drink a candle? It does some lotion.

All right. Well, that was that was fluffy nuts. Okay, so, Britt, you got something on your list. I have another one. Would you got another new way? Oh, which one?

They are called. Japan.

I saw that.

That's the funny part. Like, you would think that they're like from that general area. And like why they would name them so or do they have anyone Japanese in the band? No, No, they don't. Well, there's also a Japanese band called ex Japan. Oh, yeah, there is but

thanks, also

from Japan, salsa.

We played a show with

your fire. I was like, bored out of my mind. And I was like

yeah, no, that's the that's the bad one. But I remember I remember being happy for them because people turned up so I remember they were like taking pictures of like the downtown there and I was like, there's nothing fucking here like, compared to like, Yeah, exactly. Like now sure Japan has crazier you know, of course they do. But like look at how few lights there are. I know right? like none other buildings are little.

Okay, but yeah, Japan go on.

started out as glam rock. They were became kind of new wave. And then actually were a big part of the new romantic movement in the 80s.

Yeah, and they had one song that made it kind of big ish. And it's called ghosts. So do I do I know that song? Perhaps if we heard it, well listen to it later. And I'll put this Yeah. What what you think were they? They got started in 1974? Oh, shit. And they went until I think the Yeah, early 90s. But I don't think that Oh, no, they went The Late Late 80s. And then they reformed under a different name, which is not a place name. It's called rain tree crow. And they did that for a couple years. And then they're just kind of done now. In tarus Uh huh. So another new wave. place name, Japan from London. Uh huh. Okay, um, I have one

you know what Frank Do you I'm just curious I'm gonna jump ahead a bit. Because if you don't have them on there, it's gonna find it.

You know, ridiculous. Yeah, Ramstein on your list. You know? No, I don't but the one episode, you're supposed to

I'm sitting here listening. You know what, there's the reason the reason was

the reason was because I feel like they make too many appearances. So I wanted to give a little break. But they were the German they were German episodes. But uh, but they're named after an air force base where I'm thinking, yeah, what? And there was a

Yeah, there's a real place and their name, I think it's what like an air accident like it was an air show accident. I had no idea that that happened at the base. And so they named themselves after the the military base where there was an airshow accident.

But yeah, that's no, I didn't have them on my list, though. Okay, so on my list, this is another reject name that Europe couldn't name themselves after this band's cold America. I saw them on the list. And I was like, do I know this band? And I was looking at the songs. I was like, I do know these banners. You know, this band? Yeah. They sing the song a horse with no name. Yeah. So these guys are from, you know, somewhere in America. I don't know my wrong. Are they British? They're Australia. This is interesting. So they're from London. They're from Asia there. So America is a band of Russian there. I wouldn't be nowadays it would be.

They were inspired by the American jukebox. But they also named themselves America because they didn't want anyone to think they were British musicians trying to sound American. The reason why is because their, their parents were stationed in London, but they were American Air Force personnel. And so one of them was from Texas,

because they were a trio. So one of them was born in Texas, one of them was born in Florida, and the third member was born in England. So they were kind they all kind of met there because the other two parents were stationed there in, in London, and that's kind of where they grew up. But two of them are technically American. But they named themselves that because they didn't want people to think that they were British, right? trying to sound American when they technically two thirds of them were American. Okay, you know, so I thought I thought that was pretty interesting. Um, so America was on my list. And then I guess, I know a lot of America. Really? That's Yeah, I think that they're one of those bands where like, you think you don't know America? What's the song and it's like, you're there was a lot of bands, I think on a previous list like that, where I was like, Oh, I don't know this band. And and every song I was like, Oh, shit, I do no. More than I think I do. Yeah, hold on. And I'll tell you, like, Britain knows all the metallics catalog. Yeah, some I don't know how I didn't even know and I know a lot of Beatles lyrics and I never listened to that shit. And like Metallica. I mean, Frank knows a lot of Metallica and you know, apparently are overrated and but he knows he knows more shit than I do. Well, Ventura highway is another really big popular one you probably recognize and sister golden hair is a big one that you'd probably know. And then Frank's favorite song. muskrat love. This. Dude, that song is just is that like,

No, no, it's about muskrats that fall in love mess. muskrat Sally and muskrat Sam. No shit. Sounds like it sounds like a drug sounds like a song off like Sesame Street or something. Yeah, but um, another one I had Britt's favorite band. Chicago.

Chicago did. Okay, so this is lame. Because I never like to go either. Yeah, um, did you know do you know what their original name was? No. Um, their original name was chillin, like no. Chicago Transit Authority. Oh, that was the original name. So then they shortened it to Chicago. And the crazy thing about these guys, is that they

come in they've had a ton of

people in this band. Right. So so they have 25 albums. Right? They're still active 25 albums. They've had 19 different lineups. Frank, I was trying to count the members right that they've had and I couldn't because of the amount of people that have been in the band. Like it's real fucking dickless No kidding. So like, it was actually like on its own page of like, how many lineups they had like broken down per year. per year. Basically every album they had a different Is there any consistent member? Yeah, there's three consistent members, which were three of the original ones. And then so three and then fuckin at one point, there was like, 10 people in the band. I think they tried to outdo slipknot. Yeah.

I think everyone's gonna know 25 or six to four. Yes. Every marching band in America. Yeah.

Freshman year. Time, right. Yeah, we played it when we were marching. Yeah, I remember.

I don't remember playing I think the drumline was supposed to shut up very that song. I think the band played. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if I'm right around the corner. Yeah, there's a lot of fun. I think it was just a band where they're like, right, you guys Shut the fuck up. Yeah, stop banging that shit.

But uh, so there's that one and then

Got two, three. I got three more on my list but Frank let you go if you got more okay. So but yeah, before I get back into my list I'm gonna. Okay, so it's not a band. Oh, I mean it's it's a band

underneath the seat.

No but Rory, but Africa by toto. Oh, okay, that's

okay. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna say what the name of the episode is, but go ahead. But but this one doesn't really count because there's a lot of bands that name you know, songs after places but I just figured you know todos Africa is like the big one.

And we figured we covered like America, Asia, Europe.

There you go. There we go.

And we can also talk about that Australia song that uh, what's the

come from?

Oh, yeah, minute word.

And another one. It's like a pretty obscure pretty underground. Which house band? Which? Yeah, so which houses a genre? Which house for next week? Oh, yeah. Saving for next week? No, but I just want to mention this one band. It's a it's a witch house band called Salem? They're from Salem? No, actually, they're not from Salem. They're from Michigan. I think they're from like Flint, Michigan. And a lot better. Yeah, does. Yeah, I would have moved in like said, you know, kind of base them in there. And the best way I can describe their sound is I don't know, they sound like spooky hip hop, like, spooky rap with, you know, electronic stuff. Or they like,

um, I want to say they probably came out in like, 2010 they, I think they only put out about two albums. And then they just, they were probably one of those bands that tried to make a new genre. And it didn't work like one of those Nisha ones. And then like it just didn't like, you know, yeah. And kind of kind of want to sounds like it for a few years. You know, the the witch house genre was like a big thing. Also this genre. Yeah. And then it just died out. Like within three years or something like that. But yeah, the kids grew up. Yeah. The next band on my list, and I know like there's some confusion here. Phoenix. Oh, we were just Yeah, because we because we weren't Shay.

Bands named after birds. Yeah.

Bands named after mythical creatures.

But it's. But yeah, it's unclear if they're named after Phoenix, Arizona or the bird. So no. So we didn't research right. No one research right. I did some research and I actually found out some interesting stuff. Okay, about about them. And it actually goes with the theme of our podcast.

The battens. Yeah, so, the band has partnered with

pronouncing this right to nakawa Incorporated, a brewery from Yamagata, Japan to release a limited edition sakei and various brews in honor of their late friend, restaurateur restaurant tour, restaurant tour restaurant tour. To shirak coo coo Radha to ship to Chateau Corolla passed away four years ago and a portion of the sales of you know the their drinks they benefit the Japanese Red Cross

trustee No. Okay, so I guess you've kind of got away Yeah, he Yeah, we did. We saw he sells a shit ton. Misaki. Interesting. I have like two sections assigned to get one next time. Yeah. So I'll have to find out what the name of the of Phoenix's saga is. But um, yeah, I mean, it's it's definitely out there. So if you see it, I'd probably pick it up just to try it. Right. The issue of whether or not they're named after the city or the bird is kind of moot since the city's named after the bird. Okay. All right. So I guess yeah, there are different legal loophole. But I think from from what I read is, the ban won't clarify on that. Yeah. Really interesting. Oh, they want to keep it vague. Oh, yeah. It's either the bird or the city of Phoenix to listen. Where are they like?

Where are they from? Again? They're from France. Yeah. And they look very French. Do they?

know but France? Are you still out there? No, they stopped listening like five episodes.

Whenever we're talking about Phoenix, I mean, maybe? Yeah, no, no.

No, but uh, yeah, but Phoenix looks.

They look very French to me. Okay. Now they're really not gonna listen, they're like,


no, but they have a very indie look to them. You know, like with their skinny jeans and like their black and white striped shirt, leather leather jackets and stuff. Talladega Nights. They have like, you know, like

they just look like Shaggy.

scrubby dudes, you know.

I love that. That's like my favorite line on top.

When Sacha Baron Cohen is right, when he bumps him in the car and he's like

I got three more on my list.

Shit. Okay, go for your fight. No.

I was just trying to find stuff to like, could you be Yeah, that's cool. I feel like I've been slacking Bruce Springsteen's eastery man, that's right. Okay street man named after he street in Belmar New Jersey, where, like, keyboard, David Sanchez, Sanchez. Sanchez, thank you.

Anyway, I think he lived there or something. And that's where their practice a lot. So

that work goes straight on to my band, which was also named after it's just not my band. But the band that I'm going to talk about which was also named after his street name. And this band is not new wave, but it's one that I figured I should start bringing up every episode because I got jealous of Frankie always talking about I got Marilyn Manson. y'all gotta find one.

And it's a Purcell. Oh, yeah. They're named after a street in the city in California, where they are from Cypress Hills, also a neighborhood in New York and Brooklyn. They're from South Gate California, though. And that's the name of a street there. See, this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about, like that. I learned because like, I was doing research and she said that and I didn't find any list. You said that? I didn't find the list. But it's like the you know, I mean, yeah, you're right. There's all kinds. And nobody's mentioned Boston. Are you gonna? Yes.

Okay, go for this real quick. Boston is from China. No,

no, they're from Boston. Um, so that one, like there wasn't really any significance in significance there. Um, everyone knows him from like, songs like more than a feeling and peace of mind. They're all right. I mean, I like them better than Chicago. I do. Okay, that's fair. I like

what was the other band on here? Kansas? Like Kansas bear in Chicago? I don't think I think I find Kansas kind of boring. Sometimes. But I do like Boston. Flatten boring. Yeah.

Just kidding.

Another one on here. This was I think one of my mom's favorite bands. Like when she was younger, Alabama. The reason why I brought them up. Yeah, the reason why I brought them up was because they're also considered Southern rock like Leonard Skinner. Um, and that there's not a lot of songs I know from them, but one of them that I did recognize from the list was if you're gonna play in Texas, you got to have a fiddle in the band. Yeah. So that's an Alabama is actually from Fort Payne, Alabama. So they're actually from Alabama. So they'll go that's a that's a check on that one. The last one that I have on my list is I don't know if you guys are familiar. I think we wanted to say something about

Myrtle. I mean, Alabama. Oh, yeah. Go for would you just because well, we went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in January. And our friend there. She pointed out to us. And I was trying to find the name of the place.

But there was a bar club place that apparently they were they kind of really gained a lot of their success or fame. Yeah. Because they played there so much. It's right on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach. And we got to see it. And that was I mean, that was cool. I mean, I'm not in Alabama. But that was like, okay, it's like a little Do you like Alabama? Oh, yeah. Do you like Alabama? I don't like Alabama. So when we ask you, we're talking about the place, not the maintenance. I like the place. I don't like the band. Okay.

So I grew up Listen, I mean, like, I was kind of forced to listen to that stuff. Alabama and the Oak Ridge Boys is the stuff that my stepdad listen to. And so it's like, not my face. Yeah, yeah, it's like torture. Oh, yes. I don't know too much about them. I know. Like I said, my mom wasn't dumb. I just know that song. Huh?

Yeah, I'm nice Southern boys. Um, yep. So the last man on my list is Nazareth on Nazareth a pretty heavy not they're not heavy metal. I think they're considered like light metal or something. I think that's what I saw on the Wikipedia. But uh, so Nazareth is actually a Scottish band formed in 68. They're actually still active, which is fucking crazy. Um, there's two songs everyone that will that I think everybody's familiar with and that's Love hurts. Yes. was actually a cover. I forgot who covered it. I think it was

like, I know, but I forgot what the first artists who recorded it were the Everly Brothers. Okay, so maybe that's okay. So and I know it's been covered multiple times, but their version is one of the more recognizable ones.

Another song is hair of the dog. I think if you're more into the 80s metal and stuff like that, you're going to know where the dog I actually have that vinyl in that collection over there it was my dad's actually post a picture of it on Instagram. And they're actually named after Nazareth, Pennsylvania. And they're that name came from us off of a lyric from a song. Reference referencing Nazareth, Pennsylvania, from a Canadian band called The band. Oh, I know the band. Yeah. So they're from Canada. They had a song it referenced Nazareth, Pennsylvania these days. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I know the song. Yeah. So it's actually I think the first song off their first album. I thought that's what it was. And so yeah, that's where the Scottish guys

yeah, so, like, I'm better now. So I'm gonna add hair the dog and Love Hurts on the Spotify playlist so you guys can listen to your songs. Also add that song from the band? Oh, yeah, I don't even I'll research the song. I forgot the song's called. I got you. Let's see. Yeah, I'm gonna get ready. Right then earlier we were talking about the band Alabama and I found the venue. It's called the the Bowery Yeah. And actually right outside.

There's a big ass Alabama poster. Holy shit. Yeah. So that's where they found their fame even though they're not from South Carolina. That's like where? See we should have been playing places like that when we toured. Yeah, right. I know. We're playing like fucking basements and

churches and stuff.

No, it wasn't a basement in church. I take that back. We cook in the basement of the church

on the top altars at the altar.

Well, I do have a couple of years for us to try but I think we'll probably turn him off because I don't have any now So talk about so we can try them after we I've got I've got two more bins. Oh, shit.

Ramstein. Yeah, so by

my final, my final two bands.

You're talking about Alabama. And there's a band called Alabama Shakes. And their blues Southern rock band that formed in Athens, Alabama, in 2009. And they're known for their hits. Don't wanna fight no more, or don't want to fight and give me

more. And give me all your love. Okay, and they sing kisses to you. Yeah. And

artists like Beyonce and Drake and Childish Gambino list them as influences. That's interesting, which is interesting, because they're totally different genres, but they're turning to this band core bullshit. Yeah. Nobody Alabama Shakes good. Speaking of speaking or they can be influenced. Yeah, I don't well, Childish Gambino, I think yes. Yeah. But other than that, the other ones now. Speaking of bullshit, calling bullshit I read I kept seeing this article pop up because obviously when Metallica fans so fucking my phone's about this Metallica news was like, I'm not reading this. And Frank sent me the article. And I was like, hey, Miley Cyrus is working on a Metallica cover album. I was like, Fuck, no, I was like, get out of here. I don't think she's talented enough to pull that off. I don't like her voice. I think it's horrible. Um, because our pop artists that I give no threats to but not her. I'm sure she's nice. She looked crazy, but I'm sure she nice.

Maybe I don't know. Um, but I just don't think she's talented. And I'm suppose she did. She did an album a collaborative album with Flaming Lips. And they they toured together. Was it good though? I think it was Miley Cyrus and the something something's so so the Flaming Lips were her her backing band. Oh, wow, that sounds familiar. So did you listen to that though? I didn't listen to it. But from what I heard the critics were very like, mixed like they didn't know what to think. I think I think it's one of those things where if I don't know if you like the really, I think I think if we're gonna listen to that stuff. You have to you have to be like a super hardcore Flaming Lips fan to understand that even weirder shit that they do. I just feel like her think her voice like well, it may be quote unquote, powerful. It's just the same like, oh, like there's no tone. It's not It's not even monotone. It's just like,

Oh, yeah, I get what you're saying. Like she can't push it out. But it just sounds the same. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Um, well, before you get to your last one. The last beer I got. This is actually a little I don't know if Brits had this. I kind of got this for Britt. But it's

like desperately trying to find her a pretzel beer. And this is a pretzel stout. How ever has peanut butter has been what is that? The Martin house wine? Yes. It's the Martin house pretzel stout. I've had it and I have wondered

if it's like, well, she hasn't had on the show and she hasn't read

It is no I have not. We'll see how she feels. But I've been trying to find like a plane, a plane pretzel beer and periodically like all like Google like pretzel beer and see if I can find but thank you. I really appreciate that. So while we are this friend go ahead what's on your which is strange. Sorry, because you say you don't like like the hefeweizens which are like libretti beers. Uh huh. But you want to

taste salty and Okay, like up baked like a baked pretzel like a soft pretzel with salt.

Maybe? Yeah. Okay, so you're one I've had

like peanut butter. flavored stuff. Sorry. We had two peanut butters. I mean, chocolate and peanut butter night. Okay.

Peanut butter and beaver nuts. Nice.

Fluffy, fluffy nuts.

All right, so.

Oh, I don't like her.


I like it.

Drink a tea. No, it tastes like cigarette. Oh, jeez. You should put it in a glass. Yeah, I think the glass open open. aftertaste tastes like cigarette. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, it's

like a black and mild. That's exactly what they say slower cigar. But

I think it's not a lot of pretzel going on. There's not a salt.

It's not like a like a disguised smoke beer or anything if it makes any difference.

Yes, it's not a smoke beer in disguise. I don't smoke beer.

To me, it just tastes like like chocolate. Peanut butter. Out of the can. It's worse. I believe in it. Brit legit tastes like something like I smoke. I've never smoked the black.

You know what this tastes like? Yeah. You know what half tastes like? So you knew you got the ham. But like, yeah, like miles. So give it a to know like nine cents for Tupac know. Like cigarettes. I'm gonna go with like a 1.1 point two. Oh, yeah. Yes, rough. Brett.

Give it a one. Okay. I would say like a 2.7. I don't despise it to me. I don't get I don't pick up the cigarette ness about it to me. You smoke next week.

It's like three for like, folks are like strawberry flavored. Fruit and cigarette mixed together. No, I can't actually I dislike this so much. I'm not gonna finish this. Yeah. This tastes like it's all to me. It's all peanut butter. Peanut butter and chocolate. Um, no pretzel. Right. Go on with that last.

Yeah, that was what you see. That tasted like smoke. Like, like barbecue smoke. You know, I could I could tolerate it. I could finish it. I don't like cigarettes. And that tastes like it tastes like a fucking ashtray. I'm sorry.

Okay, my taste buds are like fucking pissed right now. Yeah. Okay.

Um, it smells nice, though. Yeah.

We have one more. But I know Frank has one more.

Sorry. We keep interrupting. I'm trying to I'm trying to you know, get some named after the after some other

110 times for the same three people.

Shout out to carova close down though. Yeah, they're not they're carova milkshake IPA. This is from actually Southern star so the star brewery makes some good stuff. They're the ones that made the sideboard Oh yeah.

conroe Texas, right. Oh, no fucking way. This is one of those tricky motherfuckers Look at this, guys. I think the sideboard I mean the full game. Let's see not the sideboard one. What's that orange on the chart got me though. Yeah, it's like it's a different one. You'll see what's the fucking lager?

Let's see. All right, guys. So this has a label on it.

You'll see what I'm talking about guys. If it's not the sideboard one, it's

but do we find out if these labels actually do anything for the I think it is like dude. It's just a way to recycle that bottle. Does I just I thought maybe they added like extra insulation to keep the knows what it is. It's cheaper for them to just print the label and to Can you hurry up and pour so I can get that last

What's actually harder to get the label when you when you empty the kid Really? Yeah cuz there's like no like you're off like the fucking

me What did I give it I should probably reduce


okay so this is

this is oh she already made a face it has a little I from

what's that movie called The German beers that we had Oh Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange there you go

all right, let's see.

No, I had a had a had a had a whiff

does not taste like a milkshake?


It smells like all those German beers that was just like an Oktoberfest. It just tastes like a citrusy IPA. Honestly, yeah, there's no milk shakiness. Honestly, I like it, but I hate that. It's kind of it's kind of sweet on the aftertaste. Yeah, citrusy, right? Yeah, it's it's uh, yeah, it is like your basic IPA. I mean, it's a it's it's more the To me it's a little bit lighter. Like a regular a little bit sweeter than a regular Yeah, but that after there's no creamy milk shakiness to not only give it a name is misleading. 3.7 I mean, it's good. It's good IPA, but, uh, huh. brew 2.72 matters IPA person? 2.3? No, no. All right, to 2.2 2.0 All right, go for francouz you love.

So my last one is the Miami sound machine. Oh, yeah, that was gonna be on my list. Yeah, we talked about them last time. See, that could be your band that you talk about every week.

Or that was my Hispanic here, right? So yeah, my Miami sound machine that were formed in 75 as the Miami Latin boys. Oh, before they changed her name to Miami sound machine in 77. And then shortly after, Gloria Stefan joined the band, and they're known for their singles, Ganga and the rhythm is gonna get you. And actually because of Scarface, Miami Vice and Miami sound machine. Miami became like a popular tourist destination in the 80s Holy shit. Yeah. So Miami owes its popularity to the to that to those three.

Just Scarface I was gonna fight legacy. Congratulations. Everyone's going looking for like cocaine. Yeah. I don't know. A cover. But it's like, but it's like, but it's like today, you know? Like for instance,

going to New Mexico and going to visit the Breaking Bad house. Right? Twice twice.

Oh, that's what this is. This isn't the sideboard. This is Oktoberfest can Oh, so close. So yeah, so we found what was under the fucking can but blocked Erica.

Oh, interesting. Anyways, well, I mean, I guess that's cool. I guess they're reusing. So reduce, reuse. Recycle. I learned a lot this episode about y'all. I learned a little bit about geography and no, yeah, on quite a bit non geography.

Um, so next episode, it's gonna be Halloween related. Like we said, we're gonna talk about backmasking in just just a song spooky song spooky songs, albums. Speaking of spooky albums, there was one that I wanted to say because Frank kind of cheated a little bit. So I want to cheat. I just want to with the What did you say? Well, you had 30 seconds to Mark Yeah, but he had a song. What was the song?

Yeah, I just wanted to mention I were from slipknot. Oh, yeah.

So they're from Iowa. But they also have the album and the song. Iowa so I actually put that on the playlist ever good to go.

Wait, what? I ever get a Go go go. Ever if I ever go No, yeah, ever get like go.

Okay. Yeah, so, okay, we'll do that. Yeah, cuz I Well, the original

lawnmower y'all.

So just real quick. I was gonna mention New York Dawes

from New York la gully guns. And also meat coke. Okay, well, yeah, that's what your neighbors

want you to give me a coke.

or Pepsi. Yeah.

The band that Myles Kennedy was in Mayfield for

is ultra.

Ultra well prior to art

Prior prior to Alter Bridge yeah the the Mayfield for I don't know if Mayfield's in actual place.

It might be. It might be a street somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's a street somewhere. Maybe but uh, but ultra bridge is the place right? Yeah, sure. Bridge. Bridges. It plays like somewhere in the Midwest is everywhere. We all saw.

Oh, yeah, that's right. Back in back in high school.

I was like, Man,

you see, I like Tremonti. I think he's a guitarist, but I think he got held back with like, No, I don't think he got held back. I think. I think the one that I don't like is Myles Kennedy. I think he's a good singer. But I think everyone's like, oh, Myles Kennedy. I'm like, I don't understand like he's a good singer. But like, he's not like everyone is like so fucking great. And like slashes worked with them and stuff. And I don't I don't understand like, the Tremonti got his own. He's got his own project. Right. Yeah, it's called Tremonti. So I mean, is that where he's able to just like, let loose and really show himself for? I don't know. I mean, the fuck? I don't know. Is this the name? I don't know. I'm watching it on the show. We'll talk to him. Yeah. Um, but uh, yeah, so hope you guys learned about the places and bands and beers and. And, yeah, so next week's Halloween, and so still stay safe. We don't get COVID Nope. You hope you voted? We voted Yeah, yeah.

So yeah, go vote and

like your life depends on it.

But uh, yeah, do that. And then I will see you guys next week in France. If you're listening, come back.

Maybe come back.

Alright guys, cheers.

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