Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 17 - Musicians In TV & Film

October 10, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 17
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 17 - Musicians In TV & Film
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 17 - Musicians In TV & Film
Oct 10, 2020 Episode 17
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we discuss musicians who had roles in TV and/or film! Cameos DO NOT count! Only roles where they were playing a character! And, actors who went into music DO NOT count either! We start the episode off by saying a few words about the late great rock legend Eddie Van Halen, who we lost earlier this week; RIP. We also get back to trying random craft beers, including a beer made with Buc-ees Beaver Nuggets! Cheers!

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This episode, we discuss musicians who had roles in TV and/or film! Cameos DO NOT count! Only roles where they were playing a character! And, actors who went into music DO NOT count either! We start the episode off by saying a few words about the late great rock legend Eddie Van Halen, who we lost earlier this week; RIP. We also get back to trying random craft beers, including a beer made with Buc-ees Beaver Nuggets! Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 17:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour a podcast where we discuss music while sampling various craft brews locally, nationally and internationally. We do this every Friday because we like to stay in touch with all your listeners and also as a way for us to stay sane during the pandemic. My My name is Frank I'm joined by Britt Kim and Mario co hosts. I'm stealing the spotlight from Mario for just a few minutes. So in music news this week the biggest news guitarist Eddie Van Halen of hard rock band Van Halen passed away at 65. He battled throat cancer for over a decade and unfortunately succumbed to its complications. And it's always a sad day in music. When our idols pass on and we hear at Rock talk happy hour. Believe to quote Babe Ruth that heroes get remembered and legends never die. Edie played an illustrious music career, and he enjoyed an illustrious music career for over for nearly 50 years his groundbreaking guitar playing inspired and influenced many musicians from Metallica to Lenny Kravitz to Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is hardly a guitarist in the world that does not idolize this fast fingered innovative techniques with his eponymous band. He went on to achieve massive success, selling millions of records and performing the thousands of crowds and sold out venues internationally. Outside of Van Halen, he contributed to mute move movie soundtracks like the wildlife and Twister and collaborated with artists like Roger Waters, Michael Jackson, ello, qu j and Gene Simmons. He was also the inventor of three guitar patents and known for his guitar customizations, including his most famous guitar the Franken strat, a guitar built from various parts to replicate the classic Gibson sound with the functionality of a strat. A copy of this guitar sits in the National Museum of American History, which is part of the Smithsonian Institute. Just to give a little perspective on on I guess his, his innovation there. Many of us many of his peers have paid endless tribute to him from artists like Nikki Sixx Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Ozzy Osborne and former Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, who said on his Instagram page, I learned more about rhythm and timing through his guitar playing than I did through other drummers, social media posts of everything from Grand gestures on marquees and billboards to simple handmade. expressions on sidewalks show how much Eddie Van Halen touched many of our lives. The band's hometown of La was filled with messages of love and positivity, and his handprints outside of Guitar Center Hollywood are adorned with guitar picks flowers, and other fan tributes. Eddie son, Wolfgang Van Halen and longtime guitar tech, Matt bruck will continue to run Eddie's ebh brand of gear, with Van Halen manager saying it would be a great honor to continue the legacy of a guitar giant and an overall wonderful human being. We rock happy hour personally Xander thoughts and sympathies to all the Van Halen fans and family. His musicianship was unique and groundbreaking and will continue to live on. And that's my piece.

I was good, man. Thank you, because I wouldn't have been able to do that. And I was able to do it like you either. Because I,

I fumble. I was. I was I was listening to my, as I was talking, I was listening to my breathing.

And I thought about that Chocolate Rain video.

Only only Frank. Yeah. If you didn't, you should have done it without headphones, and you wouldn't have been disturbed.

I should have I should. But I gotta step away from the mic just to breathe.

Um, yeah. Yeah, no, that was a good a good little segment for Eddie. Like, it's crazy. Because like I was doing, I was reading like a lot of stories and attributes that fans and other musicians were doing. And I know what because my parents listen to him a lot. And so I grew up with them, but I never really like I never looked at them, like for inspiration or influence. They were there. But I recognize like how good they were. And I realized I didn't realize how influential he was on other guitars, but what I didn't realize was like how innovative he was. And, and it's so weird because about three weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast that I usually do that I usually listen to. And they did a report slash review on Van Halen album 1984. And they were talking a little bit about Van Halen, or they were talking about a little bit about Eddie specifically. And when they first came out, and you know, everyone knows eruption solo right on Well, when they first started playing that live. That was like a technique, the double tapping on the fretboard with both hands. So that was a new technique like that didn't exist before Eddie did it. What I didn't know was they had set a little story on there saying that when they first were started performing that album Live and performing that song specifically, whenever it came to the to hand tapping part, he would turn his back to the crowd so that no one else could see how he was doing it. Because he didn't want anybody to steal it from him. At that time, and like no one else, no one else was doing that, like, you know, he, he figured something out that no one else had done before. And it's so crazy that because of things like that, that he did on the guitar, it and I didn't know this, like how far his influence went, like because they were all around the same time. But like he influenced like bands like Metallica and Slayer were, they want it to be up to par on the speed that he could, you know, attain while he was doing the solos and stuff. But well, how can he do that? And it's because he was doing two handed stuff. And they basically they just upped their game, even though Kirk Hammett does it here and there, but like, it was more on the speed on how we can keep up with him solo wise. But um, and then also to like, what the whole 80s music thing, you know, with since and keyboards being popular and stuff, right? Like, it's cool how he managed to put it in rock, but like, he made it sound cool. And he only used it when it was necessary. Like he didn't use it all the time. Because I know, there was a lot of like, 80s especially rock bands that were doing stuff just because, like, I guess, one example is the whole power ballad thing, where like, one band came out with a Power Belt. And then every 80s band had a power ballad, right. And so it was just one of those things where like, oh, they're doing it, it's cool that we do it too. And with Edie, like it was never like that with him in the band. Like because he was a he was the backbone of Van Halen. And so when he did stuff like that, throwing incense and stuff, like he wasn't doing it, because anyone else was doing it, he was doing it because you know, this, the song calls for it and his songs, you know, I can make it work in here. And he didn't use it all the time. You know, he just used so if you listen to like a certain eight, Van Halen album and you her since you won't hear since on all that on the whole album, just on certain songs. And then I just wanted to go around and see if anyone had like a favorite Van Halen song. And since I'm gonna, since I brought it up, I'm gonna go ahead and say mine real quick. I've always loved ain't talking about love. I love that song. And it's also a fun song for me to play because I'm not a shredder. So like people who know that I'm guitars know that I never really got into like, shredding, like a more of a fast rhythm guitarist like I like playing rhythm. And that's like one song that I could. That's one Van Halen song that I could play all the way through. Because just how it is, and I like how it's structured. And I like the effects that it has in it. Because I know Eddie had a specific tone. And I liked playing with my effects and trying to find get the tone that he got on that song. But as far as like, just the song, in general, is a better song. I like the lyrics in it. And I like the melody. And then also too, I just wanted to say jump, because I was talking about the sensor earlier. And of course, everybody knows jump, but I like it too, because he used the synth, but there was a synth solo in it, and which he played, which is pretty cool, too. And I thought that was badass, you know, not only was he badass on the guitar, but also on a keyboard. Which was cool, but that was that was my little thing on. Yeah. What songs you

guys have any? I don't know. Mine's probably the typical running with the devil.

That's a good, that's a good song. No, that's a good song. That was the first song on the first.

Yeah, first album, first album, and I was maybe in sixth seventh grade seventh grade against the baseline when I first heard it. Yeah. Yeah, cuz around the time I was picking up, I was picking up base. But no, I had, I had a friend, an older little bit of an older kid than I was. And he brought a Van Halen tape to school. And he played it. You know, like, in between passing period, he had like, his little his little Walkman. And he played it to me. And you know, that was the first time that he played me. And it's funny because at the time, my dad was going through a bit of a religious phase. And so he kept trying to talk me out of rock music is you know, the devil's music and whatnot. But I think just the lyrics itself, you know, the whole running with the devil thing. Like I took that as a moment of, you know, rebellion and whatnot. So yeah, definitely that that was one of the first songs that I heard and to this day, it you know, I still think about that time when I was 1213 years old listening to it in passing period, you know, with the headphones on and just really getting into it and just thinking this is this is it's different from what I had heard. Yeah, at that point. Yeah, that's that's that's that's the one song

and it's crazy for us too. Because like we came across all this stuff like way after, like, the stuff came out. So like, we're looking at it Oh, shit, like, you know, so Um, but yeah, no, that's that's a that's a good one. Brett, what you got anything to say? I'm a teacher, so

I'm gonna go. Okay. Of


The video is that video is awesome. Yeah, that video is awesome.

Like the David Lee Ross commentary in between parts when he's not seeing, like, I brought my pencil. Yeah.

Oh, that's iconics are two. Wonderful and I also love Panama. Oh, Panama is a good one too. Yeah. Um, and it's crazy because we are like naming stuff with like David Lee Roth specifically. And even though I wasn't a fan of Sammy Hagar, there are a few songs that I like with with Sammy Hagar on them. Yeah, some of those are with since I can't even remember the name of the song, but it was a I always forget the name of the song, but it was on the Power Rangers movie soundtrack. Oh, yeah, I forgot one movie. I forgot what song that was. But it has its heavy. It starts with synth, actually. And that's one of my favorite songs with semi or

does it? I call it higher or something.

Yeah, maybe that is maybe that is a song. Yeah. And so there was that one. And then I think if I'm correct, I don't if I'm remembering this properly or not. But I had a chance to see Eddie, Valiant Van Halen, but it's when the hit came through town, but they were playing with Hagar. And my dad was trying to find somebody to go with and I was like, Oh, see Hagar. And and so I think he ended up dragging my mom with him because my mom, like, hang on to but not Hagar with Hagar. So I if I'm correct, they ended up going to the concert. I did it. And because my dad like both arrows available. And, and I was like no regret, you know, not going because I've seen a lot of like, a lot of the guitars and like, like iconic musicians that we talked about on the show I've seen at least once. And that was one musician I didn't get to see. And then the other one we talked about, I think was Tom Petty was one of them ones. I just didn't get a chance to see him. And I was like, I was thinking about that. And I was like, man, I was like, should have gone but because I even saw a CDC you know, I mean, I've seen them before. I've seen a lot of the, you know, I've seen priests Judas Priest, I've seen Iron Maiden, I've seen Black Sabbath. I've seen like all these bands, and I just missed a couple you know, and I'm like, damn it, but I did get to see them. Oh, wow. with

David Lee Roth. Wow, here to town. I don't remember what year it was. I'm thinking like 2007 we're in there. Yeah, like a reunion kind of thing. And I think it was at the at&t Center. It was it awesome. Fantastic. Yeah. And Eddie Van Halen son.

Oh, Wolfgang. Yeah, he played with them. Oh, so that's when he was already? Yeah. Yeah. Playing with him. He was like young when he started playing with them, too. Yeah, yeah. I remember when it's great. I remember when they announced them form. Yeah,

no, didn't have long hair anymore. Oh, his personality. So it was great. Yeah.

Yeah, he was, uh, after reading all this stuff about it. It's just he just seemed like, like a kid who just like playing guitar like, that's all he and I, I never really paid attention to him as far as like that aspect goes, but I was like, Man, that's but that's cool. You know that everyone you know, recognized him for the stuff that he did you know what I mean? Cuz I mean, I think it's kind of hard not to recognize what he did and what he put into the music industry and stuff. Kim, you got

one of mine was running with the devil. But also it's funny that you mentioned that all of yours that it also Justin's weren't Sammy Hagar, but one of mine is humans being that and that was actually according to Google the last recording to feature Sammy Hagar before he left. Okay. Oh, but I remember that one from the Twister soundtrack. I remember my dad had gotten like a sound system when that movie came out. And like a DVD player and like surround sound and stuff. And so he would play that movie and that song would sound really awesome.

Oh, that was one of my favorite movies back in the day. Yeah, I wanted to be a tornado ologists Twister Allah just whenever to call. Yeah, I'm Jonah chaser.

And I'm not I'm not well versed in the history of Van Halen. But I know the division between Sammy Hagar fans and David Lee wrong hands is

very real. Oh, yeah. No, it is. Yeah, we meet me. I

even between me and my dad. I'm like, Alex, and he's all like

so outrageously popular, Sammy.

Oh, yeah. Well, he was even. He was all over. And he was even a fan of the other band. He had chicken foot traffic. Yeah. And I think he even saw him at like, with chicken foot, like at sunset station. And I was like, Well,

actually, I think Sammy Hagar came recently well as, as recent as I think February for a rodeo. It would think it was Sammy Hagar in the circle.

This past rodeo. This past rodeo. Yeah. Oh, wow.

Yeah, I think they were one of the few artists that were still able to perform. Before you know, the touring industry took a took a hit. But um, yeah, I mean, send me hang around the circle on I think it's got the same dude. I think Michael Anthony's in it. I think Satriani is Oh,

crap. Okay. Interesting. Well, yeah, that was that was a thing no one else has anything else to say. I think that was our little tribute to Eddie Van Halen because that was, that was pretty. That was a shocker to me. I guess I didn't really know he was dealing with cancer. I don't I don't know if it was out there or not. But apparently he had been struggling with it for a long time. And I even read somewhere that, like, he had been going through multiple surgeries and like, part of his tongue was missing because of that. I didn't know that. And I was like, No, that's crazy.

I think at first he was diagnosed in 2000. With tongue cancer.

Oh, and they they actually took it out.

Yeah, I think that's why he was and then so he was cool. And then I think maybe a few years later, he got diagnosed with with throat cancer. And he I mean, he was he was a smoker, but he thinks his cancer came from his guitar pick. He's a metal guitar pick that he would put in his mouth. Oh, yeah, I heard about so. And so he thinks that maybe, I guess like the other stuff in the elements of the guitar pick, you know, was like going into his into a system or not. But yeah, you know, I mean, yeah. But still, you know, it's, it's just one of those things where you don't, you don't think it's gonna happen to the people that you admire, you know, and then yeah, so yeah, that's, that's like, you know, when, when the news broke, um, you know, of course, like, everybody Oh, yeah, it was talking about it. So.

Well, once again, that was our that was our little thing. If you guys have any comments and stuff, you know where to find us just go to website rock talk, happier pod calm, you can let us know what your favorite Van Halen song is. And you know what, you let us know what your favorite Van Halen song is. I'll put it onto Spotify playlist. So I know all the songs we mentioned, I'll be putting on the on the Spotify playlist. And if you want to check out that playlist, you can find out on our website. Um, so with that said, I'm this episode, our topic is musicians who had roles in TV and film. So of course, if you saw our Instagram page, there were some rules that applied. It doesn't count actors who went into being musicians and to having bands. And it doesn't count musicians who were in TV and film who had cameos that were as themselves. So this has to be a specific character that's not themselves. And also to we're going to go back to drinking random craft beer, so we got a few to try right now. And with that said, Before we get into what we're drinking, um, anyone have any hangover from last episode? I don't think there was any because it was so hard to fill that.

Yeah, it was a very specific topic.

It was like a niche topic. We did talk a lot about scorpions and stuff, but Okay, so there's no hangover. Um, I guess we can talk about what we're drinking. I know Frank. drink something. But uh, me. Britt and cam are drinking a drink from thirsty planet called dance pants. And it's a koelsch 5.6% ABV. Smells really good. I tried it. And I like it a lot. This is maybe probably one of my favorite cultures. Now. I don't think we've had any different thirsty plants on the show because I remember all the breweries that I input on the on the spreadsheet. But anyways, so and also to what I noticed about this label, I like that they have a best before best, like Best Buy date. This says September six, but still tastes good. That that's just more of a guideline. Because I know beers don't go bad. like super well, they do. But right. You know, it takes takes a while. Yeah. So this one says pretty much best before September 6, but this still tastes. I mean, I like it tastes really sweet. And not a lot of it doesn't have a lot of bitterness on it.

I think a lot of times it has to do more with like the shelf life of the actual product because you know that that stuff can last longer. Yeah. It's like when you go to the grocery store and you buy some milk and it's like a day. Close to expiring tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah.

And there's breweries from Austin, Texas. Oh, you've been to this brewery, right?

Yeah, a few years ago, I went to take a tour and just check it out. It was pretty cool. It's very small or it was back then. I don't remember when I went

but I like the New Braunfels brewery because I was small.

Yeah, I got Yeah, it was it was a little bit maybe a little bit bigger, I guess. But not too much. was about about the same day as little air you could sit outside. And then they had like a little like, room with their bid.

There was only one room that we walked in was like, here's art where we make the beer. And

so yeah, it was pretty cool. We all got to go to a brewery like tore together some time because I know Kim has been to a few breweries. a while before. Oh, okay to a couple. Um, but uh, We also I know we went to shiner and I know you guys been to Paris. Yeah, a few homes, right? Yes. So a few. So, so we went to shiner and then I know Frank bring up into you guys have been to a few breweries right?

in New Braunfels all the way to tour but they have Chair of like tables where you can go sit back there with the big mm, it's part of the seating you're surrounded by.

Well, we gotta go together that

this is not a brewery but it's a nice place to just go and hang out and have a drink. Is it what was over in New Braunfels? Take a nice little beer garden only went there once I remember they had actually Oh, must Okay, Omaha's not Grandpa, Grandma. Yeah. Oh mas in New Braunfels. It's a nice little beer garden area, we can just go and hang out. And there is an ice cream shop attached next to it. So it was cool. You can get yourself a drink and get some ice cream and just go to town. Wow, cool. And it's in it's right next door to green Hall. So I you know if there's music playing some of it, some of it will spill over and you can hear some some of the music and also too, they have a they have a stage. Yeah, they've got a stage where some local bands will perform. So it's a nice little outdoor area, especially you know, in like cool weather. So it's definitely worth checking out.

Cool. Go sometime also to maybe we can try to find out because we haven't gone to shiner while the plant was running. We went when it wasn't. So maybe that during the week. Yeah, they only do it during the week. So maybe someday we can all go when it's running and see how the process works. I write this a five. Y'all want to read it?

I really like it.

I'll say a 4.44444.

So good. All righty. Frank, what are you drinking? or What did you drink?

Well, I'm still currently drinking. Say that bottle. All right. I'm drinking a Moritz Barcelona. Premium non alcoholic malt beverage in it's the first brew of Barcelona since 1856. What can I say? flavor wise, it's it's very distinctly multi. A little bit of a skunky smell to it. Um, it's not bad. I think it's one of those that you have to drink really chilled. The warmer it gets the less

interesting it is.

But it's not a bad drink. I don't think so. I think it's just you have to drink in the right at the right temperature. Oh,

it's the iconic clear bottles.

Yeah. Which is why which is why it gets its gunk Enos. But yeah, no, it's a pretty decent beer. I'm going to I'm going to rate it at, I'd say maybe at 3.5 3.5. Yeah. And it's actually a world beer Awards Winner.

You know, we've had quite a few of those, especially the non alcoholics. I was looking like, get some of the ones we had in the past that you had. And they're like award winning. I know, that was one that you rated like 3.4. And it was like the world's best like, like what though? But you know, it's never

claimed to be a professional.

But I mean it all it's all like, you know, those guys are? It's all preference. You know what I mean? And I'm sure that Yeah, I'm sure that just because it's award winning doesn't mean it tastes great, but I just thought it was funny. It was like Okay, so I said we were drinking birds drinking Lone Star. Whoo. Lone Star Light. Um, so going to the top. Of course, we'll try other beers Actually, today. I know we mentioned it on one of our past episodes. I brought a beer that's made with buches beaver nuggets that we're gonna try later. And I've been holding on to that for a while because I found it at the store. For those of you who don't know what buches is, and you're live outside of Texas. buches is the best gas station. Travel style convenience store. Ever.

It is Yeah, it is the Mall of convenience store. It

is the Mall of company. Yeah. And it's got a little beaver mascot and it's the best. cleanest bathrooms in the US. Those are the best restrooms I've ever been to. I know traveling we could say it's safe to say that and then there was only one other ones one other like restroom there was nice. I don't know if you remember it. I think it was when we entered New Mexico with the loves. No. Oh hell no. It wasn't a gas station. No, it was a rest stop that we stopped that. And they actually had like a gift shop but it was like in New Mexico and it was like we had been I think we had left Vegas I think it was like a we were just like it was the first thing we hit Oh, was it like a TNA or something? No, no, no, dude, it was like a state like rest stop. Oh, and it was like nice like you walked in there was like soft music playing and like it was super fucking clean. Like it was it was I don't know. You probably don't remember I don't remember it probably made maybe not have gotten off but

I got off and I got a little one I remember most was the one I remember most was the truck stop. I tied it to coma. They had the rat plague.

Oh, yeah, we talked about that one of the early episodes of the rats rent runny and bitten they owned everything at night and they were falling from trees onto the back. Yeah, yeah, that was a crazy Rhett's. Um, okay, so, so yeah, we have that to drink later. And a couple other ones. We have blueberry One, two. But so anyways, this topic musicians who are in TV and film, Frank, you wanna start kick it? kick it off? And,

yeah, okay. So he got

I had some difficulty because, you know, some of the ones that I researched the majority of their work, their film work has been a cameo. But, you know, I tried to find the ones where there was some significant amount of acting time. And, you know, the, the list can go on and on and on. I just made a list of the artists that I appreciate her that have influenced me or, you know, whatnot. But I want I want to start off my list with Maynard James Keenan, vocalist of tool, perfect circle and puscifer. And he's, you know, he's got a pretty varied film, I guess. catalog. He's appeared in a sketch comedy show called Mr. Show with Bob and David. Oh, yeah, I remember that. Yeah, it wasn't it was an HBO on HBO for some seasons. Yeah. And, you know, he had some pieces here and there. And you know, actually, you know, he's he's really big on comedy, like dark comedy type stuff. And he's been known to go to like, little hole in the wall comedy clubs and just chill. Yeah, just just chill. And nobody really bothers him. Because, you know, he goes in with his wig. Of course it does. Yeah. So Mr. Show with Bob and David. I used to like the show when I was a 10. year actually, I shouldn't have been watching. I was

like, that was not for kids was

no, but you know, I managed to watch it anyway. So Mr. Show with Bob and David, you know, sketch comedy show, inappropriate for 10 year olds. You'd also played Satan in bikini bandits one and two. And I'm familiar with bikini. It's one of those really like off the wall type movies. He and he had a little bit of a cameo in crank to high voltage. Okay. And also, I guess is more feature. Row was in a movie and independent movie called sleeping dogs lie where he plays a sheriff of small Arizona town. In that same movie, also the drummer of Rage Against the Machine, Brad Wilk, he plays the lead role in sleeping dogs lie. And it's a movie about Brad Wilkes character getting a phone call about a 25 year old murder. And he's trying to piece it together. And you know, manage his energy provide his typical comic relief for an otherwise I guess, serious movie.

That's crazy. I didn't know that about me. I didn't know he had anything in

them, or

Yeah, he's done some stuff. And I think he's also too. He's also famous, you know, outside of music. He's also a little he's also pretty well known for a, like a mock shoot that he did for like a life type magazine. Or Time Magazine. He, he did his own interpretation of Charles Manson mug shot. It was just more of like an art statement. Pretty much. So.

Yeah, yeah. No, he's he's a he's an interesting guy, you know?

And I think he's, he's one of those that has this really unique sense of humor that some people just don't get and some that do get, they just, you know, oh, that's that's just who he is. type stuff. So. Yeah, so maner was my, the one guy that I'm kicking off with, and also Brad Wilk tied into that one movie as well. So

have you seen all this stuff?

You know, I've only Of course, I've seen Mr. Show with Bob and David. I've seen a bikini band. It's one into bikini bandits is the first

one. It's like, what is this?

Yeah, when he saw this when he was 10?

No. So bikini band, it's one and two. The first one is live action. And actually, dd Ramon is in it too. He plays the Pope. Oh, okay. Yeah. And Corey Feldman as well. Isn't this me too? All right. And it's got a you know, you've seen the Grindhouse movies, right? Yeah, I haven't you know how they have like the fake trailers and between the movies. Oh, yeah. So in bikini bandits. They have a fake promotional stuff like from someplace called g Mart. Okay. And they have, you know, they've got all sorts of products and everything. So yeah, it's called g Mart. So bikini band, it's one it's live action. It's just a you know, chicks I guess in skimpy bikinis that are bikini bandits pretty much. Okay. And part two, in part two is an animated version of That movie and actually if you watch a perfect circles video for the outsider, the bikini bandit star in the video, and you'll get a little bit of a sense of what the bikini bandits world is like,

huh? Okay, um, wow. I just thought what you told me.

Yeah, I'll just I'll just go for

a break. You got something?

Yeah, I don't have a whole lot tonight. But of course, I was gonna mention David Bowie.

Okay, are you you were that's why I left them off.

I was like, I'm not gonna touch that. And there are many, many. Oh, yeah, of course. But the labyrinth that was when I grew up with and loved and then the man who fell to Earth was another big one.

And the prestige with

one of those guys. I think accucheck Marine, Hugh Jackman, right. Yeah. I've never seen that movie. But I know. That's the one of the magicians, right?

Nikola Tesla. Uh huh. Or David Bowie.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I didn't know he was in that movie.

Uh huh. And it's quite good. I mean, you know, there's a zillion we could name but

yeah, I saw his discard. I mean, his filmography is

very lengthy, but one that is kind of, not as major that I love is a Christmas movie for kids. It's animated. It's called the snowman. It's based on a kid's book. And it's really, just really quiet, peaceful, beautiful. And David Bowie is the narrator. And it's not very long, maybe 25 minutes or something like that. But it's like, I don't know. I used to watch it with the kids when they were younger. And it was just nice, because they were mesmerized by it. But it's such a peaceful movie, unlike a lot of kids movies, where there's like, chaos and stuff. And I was like, mommy can nap. But that's my first one. So, of course, he's amazing and wonderful. Cool.

I came across this one kind of by accident, and I kind of forgot I really liked these movies. And I forgot that he was in him until I was doing some research, but Lenny Kravitz was in the hunger. That's right. That's right.

That's right. Oh, gosh. Yeah, I forgot. Yeah, I forgot

about, like those movies. So when I saw that, I was like,

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, he was a fashion stylist. Yeah. Yeah, like those movies a lot too. And I forgot. Yeah.

He's a badass.

I really like his music. And he's an amazing guitar player. I think accidental listening in a movie that crotch reveal. I don't know if y'all saw that.

movie that he was in? Not too far ago. I think he played like a high school teacher or something. I don't know. I think he was a high school teacher. either.

I didn't Yeah, there was an accidental plant out pant splitting episode at a show that's live.

So I'm assuming he wasn't wearing underwear.

Correct. But he played it off. So I


covered it up with this guitar and like, just kept


Okay, yeah, well, no, yeah, that that's a good one. I forgot. I forgot about that. And then he and then he dies, right? Yeah, I think they kill him. I think they're trying your games. Yeah. Because they try to like get to her and like, a long time since so like, basically like he designed the so they didn't want her to dress a certain way. Like they had something picked out for He's like, No, you should. He designed something for her to like signal the, I guess for the like, the rebellion or something. And then they like so she goes out with that dress that he designed. And so they end up killing him for letting her wear it. I haven't seen those movies in forever. But I love those movies. I've never read the books, but I really like movies. You ever read the books? Yeah, I like the movies. I saw the first movie. So on my list. Before we go into our next beer. Of course, we'll talk about Metallica. I have to work so well. This is actually recent. So like I didn't know about the other stuff when I was going through through the research but So James Hetfield, he actually played a a cop in the new 2019 just came out last year, a movie about serial killer Ted Bundy. It's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. Oh, Ted Bundy is played by Zac Efron. Yeah, so James Hetfield plays officer Bob Hayward. Oh, yeah. Oh, a police. He's a police officer who first arrest Ted Bundy. I think this is where like they first there. They first get on him. Um, but I haven't seen that movie. I heard it's really good. I know it did. Well, the Sundance Film Festival. So yeah, so that came out last year. Stevan seen it yet? I know I saw screenshots of James Hetfield the costume. But then also I was doing research on that I found out that James Hetfield has done like multiple voiceover roles and like animated stuff on him anchor cabinet. He actually him in Hamlet did some voiceover work in some metal pocalypse stuff. And Hadfield also did some voiceover stuff. And you guys familiar with the Skylanders little Skylanders video game? It's like a spin off of like Spyro Okay, so I didn't know that there was an animated cartoon for that video game. It was called Skylanders Academy, and he did voice voice in that, and he also did a voice in american dad too. Or like, I don't know, I love american dad and I forgot about this episode and basically, he's playing like a gym teacher who sounds like Hetfield and he insists that he's the real James Hetfield, but he's not it's pretty funny but I forgot I had forgotten about that but so yeah on my list number one, James Hetfield on that a Ted Bundy movie

that one and then the one my friend dahmer, I wanted to see both of those but

my friend Oh, yeah, we saw that one. Yeah, I don't think they saw the other one. No, we didn't see that one. But my friend dahmer is a good one.

All right, so now that we've gone around once, we're gonna go ahead and try another beer. So I've been holding on to this for a while. This is from Panther Island brewing in Fort Worth, Texas. It's called road trips, road trips next, and it's an ale brewed with Bieber beaver nuggets. From buches buches is the best everyone knows I love buches not Bieber nuggets, not beaver nuggets. Not to be confused with those things. beaver nuggets so doesn't smell like anything but no, I don't smell anything. Y'all smell it? Because like the cans,

maybe pour it first and see if the the Oh will open up Lark. Yeah.

Yeah, here we go. See if you can smell something from that.

There's a little bit of a smell to it.

No, you know, it doesn't have a particular

it just smells like a

like a stout. Yeah, it just smells like a sweet stout. Um, so apparently this has beaver nuggets in it. And like, if you guys don't know what beaver nuggets are, they're like, what corn puffs with carrot. I don't care.

Man, I should have been researching hurry

coating them.

Yeah. They take up Okay, so if you guys have ever had the cereal waffle crisp, they kind of tastes like waffle crisp, syrupy, kind of like

cracker jacks.

But I disagreed strongly. But also

to this is around the time when buches was just coming out. So maybe they had some time to perfect the recipe.

Yeah, I still get a small bag. Well, yeah. Okay. It's very sweet. You had it. You tasted already. Okay. Okay. I was like, okay, your nuggets are extremely sweet. Okay, I'm kind of scared to try this. But

you're afraid you won't?

Well, that and because like, I just hope it's not a crappy stout either, because I like stouts. So both on both sides. Yeah. Okay. Give it a shot. Yep, that's exactly what it tastes like. So I told you guys that it tastes like waffle crisp. This tastes like a waffle crisp beer. Which in turn, then. Yes, that's what it does. Yeah, it does taste like Sarah, which is the profile that I kind of give it when I'm, I'm

disappointed at how like low the carbonation is. Yeah, it tastes flat.

Well, I have added my fridge for a little while. I don't know that. You don't think so? Um, it's not as sweet as I thought it was gonna be it's still it's, it's there like that. That flavors. I will give that one. It does taste like a stout too. It does have the flavor profile that they say it has. We'll say it is gonna have which is the beer nuggets. It's not bad. I mean, poured over your pancakes. Yeah, we'll do that. Heat it up a little bit. Make it a little more. What's it called? Molesey? Yeah, but it's like, it's called something when like, you evaporate the water out of it. And then like, it's just left with the syrup. I forgot what it's called.


No, no, it's called something.

What's it called?

A concentrate. It's like when you concentrated coming up.


Hold on. Yeah, no, I'll think of it like 20 minutes from now randomly. production.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's what I think that's what it is. So I'll give it a I mean, it tastes how it's how they said is gonna taste just and it doesn't taste like crap. Because I would I could finish this. I give it like a 3.8 It's not bad. I mean, it's a pretty good style. Oh God, the same 3.0 Yeah.

So my favorite thing. Ever but like you said it is as advertised. And it's not bad

kid monkeys beer three. Not a fan.

Okay, not bad. It tastes like the snack But no, just that bitterness afterwards. Yeah, it just kind of throws it off like yeah, like, like it's taste sweet In the beginning I kind of wanted to stay.

Oh, there's that bitterness. Yeah, I didn't I didn't taste that bitterness toward now, but, I mean, they, they did do what they said they were going to do so. But you're right about the carbonation too. It does taste a little flat. Yeah, yeah. I don't know when this was when this was a What's it called? packaged or whatever, right? Um, but I mean, it's

like what it's supposed to it's a big deal. Yeah, not like our big red beard.

Oh, I forgot about that already.

Sour. Um, yeah. And we still have conversations about that sometimes. And I was telling her that to me where they screwed up was making it a sour like why would you make it a sour like that makes no sense to me because those sour beers oza was a device the Berliners that's what it is. So those they have a very weak after a weedy aftertaste. And I think the weedy aftertaste doesn't go well with big red like you know what I mean? Like why would you make it a weedy beer? Right and a sour at that just kind of doesn't make any sense to me. But uh, you know,

and I was gonna mention earlier one of my one of my fond things about buches One of the things I selected like about bookies was you know, Britain I we would go up to Austin for for shows in LA oftentimes these shows what in late in so we'd have to drive with the hour, hour and a half back home. And buches for me, that was like my, you know, my little bit of my last push, you know, I would pull over get myself a cat a big red and a pack of Nutter butter. And that was like my last push neck just like you get this like and have enough. shurgard again, that just sounds

weird to me. But I don't know. I like it. Okay, well, man, we should have had the big red beard imports on this and they're all but you can drink it though. But, uh, alright, so you want to go on to the your next person on your list or next musician? So you got?

Yeah. Okay, so I've got Henry Rollins, vocalist for Black Flag, and the Rollins band. So he's done some voice work for shows like Teen Titans, American Dad Adventure Time. And he's also acted in a movie called he never died. He plays the lead row. I think it's like a Canadian horror film. The last heist also, he plays the lead in that one. And he's also appeared in the sketch comedy show portlandia. And aside of, you know, aside from acting, I mean, he's also known for his, for his solo, I guess, like, stand up comedy work, too. And I think he's put out like, a few spoken word albums as well. I think he just does poetry and just whatever's on his mind. And his his comedy too, you know, it can be hit or miss. You know, if you like Henry Rollins Yo, like what he does. I think it's just more observational comedy. You know, he doesn't try to shoot for

like, a specific punch line.

Yeah, no, it's just more observational stuff. And that's what I like, because, you know, like, that's the type of comedy I like, is you know, taking something that it's an everyday thing and just adding some humor to it. And having like a little back story to it. So yeah, his his his comedy is really good, I think. And also to he starred in Sons of Anarchy along with Marilyn Manson. They both Hank Courtney and Courtney Love as well.

I got I got to look that up.

Maybe I don't know, I'll fact check because for some But

no, you're probably right. Yeah. And, uh, Henry Rollins and Marilyn Manson, they both starred in Sons of Anarchy. They both played white supremacists. And a Manson Of course, you know, vocalist for his own band, Marilyn Manson. And he's also acted, you know, like I said, Sons of Anarchy. He was also in a movie called Ron cops. He was also in Salem. Let me make you a martyr. And he was also set to direct his full length film directorial debut, the movie called phantasmagoria divisions of Lewis Carroll, where he was going to portray Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And originally it was going to be just an internet release only film, but then he got so much hype, that I think Sony decided to fund the project and they gave him like 5 million for the movie to do it. But eventually, the film got cancelled after repeated complaints of violence in the film teaser clips that were released online. Like real violence. No, I think it's just a just like more Gore. Okay, type stuff. You know, and so yeah, he was he was gonna portray Lewis Carroll.

And I keep saying that I'm thinking Carole Baskin, no no.

Bitch that did Carol plan.

And once you know, Sony said that they were interested in making the movie. He got the budget and then Angelina Jolie jumped in the Camino. She jumped into the project and she was gonna portray the Red Queen. You know, also interestingly enough to Tim Burton reached out to Marilyn Manson to play the Mad Hatter for his Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. Yeah. Oh, hello, everyone. Weird.

Yeah. I mean, I know they're friends too. But he was really weird. Yeah. Yeah, I didn't. I saw pieces of him. I didn't I didn't see him all the way through. Yeah.

So you know, and he's done some other stuff. He's been in some other movies too. Like he was the one of the first movies I saw him and was a jawbreaker. But that was more of a cameo. That's the one about the girls. Right?

Yes. Kill that other girl. Yes. Okay. Yeah.

It's a good thriller or some dark comedy, I think

something like that. Yeah.

Yeah. So he was in it. And he was also in a he played a cameo in this movie called a party monster with Macaulay Culkin and he was on some other stuff too. But those are the ones I just wanted to point out.

Cool. Speaking of caravans, it's kind of music related. Kim and I are watching dancing with stars because I saw it you know, I never really watched sit, sat down and watch Dancing with the Stars by watch dancing still, because I knew he liked to watch the dancing stuff. And so but I was like, No, I gotta watch this, because Carol Baskins was like, Why is she on this show? And oh, man, her performances were

really bad. She Well, she did the second night.

Yeah, but she are her like performances were like cat related. So the one that she got kicked off on if I'm correct. They had a Disney night. And that was the theme. So they were doing songs from Disney films. And they were dancing. So of course, Carol did a song from Lion King. And she was dressed like a lion and her partner was just like a lion. But like they had these weird, like, prosthetics on his face to make him look more like a real lion. And she just had like playful lions. It was weird. And it was fucking horrible. Extra weird. Oh, and then like, I think her first performance like, of course, she was just like, oh, and again. And oh, it was they she she didn't she danced to either tiger. Right. And so her partner like started off in a lion cage. And, and like it was you can YouTube it. And I just thought it was looking like I was like, Okay, yeah, yeah, it was little bear seen it now, but and I know they did it for the ratings like cleaners. And I was like, man, like all her stuff was just to Tiger influenced and

yeah, was she gonna keep that up the whole time?

I think she was Oh, no, she No, she was.

She definitely was she probably would have done something from cats or something.

Um, you know, I read an interesting thing. I don't know how true it is. But Brad Pitt was apparently interested in directing and producing a tiger King movie with Nicolas Cage as the tiger.

I believe it doesn't sound like it sounds too crazy, but I believe him. Um, okay, so that Sorry, I kind of got sidetracked because you said Carol on there. Yeah. So that was a Frank's Britt Kim. Y'all got another one.

I have another one that.

I don't know. It's worth a mention. Okay, would you go? It's Marshall Crenshaw, who is Marshall Crenshaw. It's not a member of band but solo artist. And he was in La Bomba. He played Buddy Holly. Oh, okay. Yeah. And so that was cool. And then he was he was in another movie. Peggy Sue Got Married, which is another at home. Just briefly, but I just remembered that about him and thought I would mention it because he's pretty great. Dang,

That's so crazy. Cuz we could like cameos is like a whole nother Yeah, category.

Yeah, he doesn't play himself so I thought it was okay for me to mention it. But yeah, it's not a very lengthy role,

right? It's just kind of the scene right before every time I every time I think cameos I just think of Billy Idol in Wedding Singer. That's like one of my favorite

you know the one cameo that surprised me was a jack white in a wall card.

I saw that on the list but I've never seen that movie. I'm like cuz I'm pretty decent fan of john C. Reilly. And I was like, Oh, I got to see that movie. I never came around and seen it and I know it has to do with like music history or like rocket like right because he goes through the through the arrows Disney Yeah. Yeah, so and I never it's kind of like Johnny Cash. Oh, walk by the line. Yeah, but yeah,

it's beyond that. It's kind of, like you said, Yeah, covering multiple decades of music. It's pure silliness. Yeah, I knew that about it. But I just never came around a scene and I don't know if. But

yeah, so jack white. What is he? What's his cameo?

Elvis? What? Yeah, he plays Elvis. Okay.

Wow. All right, I got it. I could

see that. And john C. Reilly actually went on tour. Like, he put a band together and went on tour to promote the movie. I remember the tour came to Austin, and I wanted to go but it's sold out. It was in some tiny little club, of course. Oh, you know?

Yeah, that sounds like Austin.

Yeah, it's gonna be exclusive.

Um, Kim, what you got?

meatloaf from the Rocky Horror Picture?

meatloaf again. Don't forget. What else do you already have? Here's an fightclub. Oh, yeah.

He was Tenacious D and pick a No, no. Yeah, Tenacious D he's plays jack Black's Dad, dad. Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, he's got a really big role in Fight Club. Right. He's Robert Paulson. He's

the guy with the boobs.

And I've never seen that movie either. Yeah. I've never seen it. Yeah. We've talked about it before. I've just I've never seen it. You know,

I've cried many times to like, local theaters. Yeah, of course.

Okay. Well, we know what we're doing on Halloween. What's his what's the role?

He plays Eddie, which is an X delivery guy. And he was, I guess, Frankfurter had a like a crush on him or like a thing with him or something. And he made the other there's only one other human in that whole, like,

or world world.

Yeah, Colombia. And so Eddie was really rebellious. And she fell for Eddie. And then Frankfurter killed Eddie and took half of his brain to make Rocky, which was going to be like his perfect man, specimen lover. Yeah.

I am, like none of this. Get ready.

Yeah. And it's musical. So you're gonna have to do a singing and dancing. Oh, that's you see it? Oh, that's fine. I mean, it just like a cult classic, like everybody loves and then when you go to the live shows like that you can you they usually have like interaction from the crowd. Like they give you like a goodie bag with like, little things that come up during the show.

And there are usually people like in front of the screen acting it out. Yeah. You know, along with the actors on the show. So that's

usually drag queens are in it. And it's

yeah, that's pretty. That's pretty Yeah, I've never we've

gone with like my aunts and my mom too many. Sounds pretty good.

Yeah, so I know. I've never seen it and like you're talking about this stuff. And I don't even know like, I don't even know what like the synopsis of it is like, I've just I've seen a lot of stuff about it, but I've never, I don't know. I don't even know what it's about. There's a lot going on. Yeah, it seems. Yeah. You know,

Susan's random. Yes. Yeah. Holy shit. Yeah. And they just get dragged into this whole thing.

Speaking of Susan Sarandon, I don't know. Um,

I might be wrong, but I'm pretty damn sure Harry's degree is awesome. Um, I think Susan Sarandon is actually in a ck why music video. I think she's in what's the name of that song? familiar realm. I think she's in that music video. I think she's a mom. But uh, anyway, so that's another that's a reverse cameo. But uh, so mine. Um, I have one more. I mean, I have a few actually. I don't know if you guys have Mac. Mike Patton on your list.

Oh, you know, I was gonna mention him only because well, I don't know what other stuff he did. But he did some voice acting for the video game left for dad. He did.

Yeah, I don't know if Kim knew that. But Left for Dead Zone A Kim's favorite games. And we actually hunted that game down because a friend of ours gave us an Xbox. And we're like, oh, we're not doing anything. Well, yeah. So we hunted the game down. We got it. And I didn't know Yeah, that he voiced the zombies. Or some of the infected zombies but sticking to zombies. Um, this is where I knew him from it. This was one of my favorite movies at the time when it came out. Not so much now. But the 2007 film with the Will Smith I Am Legend. You guys seen that movie? It's based off the book The you I think though Mega Man or something which is basically about the last man on earth. There's like different iterations of that story.

It's a book but I thought the book was the same name.

Yeah, there's so there is a book called, but the original one is like, there's like multiple, like iterations of that one. And I Am Legend came. I think you're correct. I came from that. Legend book. But that book was based off of another book to grow. Britt check fact check me on that

I do not a movie. I just

I read the book one time with one of my classes. My students picked it as the book we wanted they wanted to read. It's from 1954. Yeah. And it's called I Am Legend. They changed the ending. I mean, the film is significantly different from the book.

But you're right, I'm wrong. I flipped it. So that other movie I'm talking about or book that I said, that movie is based off of that book, but it's it has a different name. Yeah. So basically, they've made multiple movies off of that book. Yeah. And this one was the one that actually was named after. So Mike Patton actually voices the dark seekers, which are the humans that got infected. And so he makes like, they don't really talk or anything. They monster. Yeah. So they make like screechie like, like growling noises. And he voiced all of them. And I knew that by watching the special features, and I have forgotten about it when I was doing the research. Yeah. But then you mentioned left for dead and I was like, Fuck, I didn't know that either. He also had voice roles in two video games. I know you said you've played portal. I've never played portal. He plays a anger sphere. And then he also has a key role. It's I don't know who he's voicing. But it's like a key voice in the game called the darkness. I've never played it before. But he voices that character in part one and part two of that video game series. So I thought that was pretty interesting. But Mike Patton was on that list. Um, I tried playing portal I got frustrated.

Yeah. It can get frustrated, but it's pretty fun. Yeah, it looks fun. Once you figure it out and get the hang

of it. Um, and then so I can knock this page out. I got two more I want to mention real quick ones a quick one. Because I've talked about them before on the show. But Dave Grohl, he's had like multiple like cameos in different things, music videos and in film, but the one the only role that he has, or he actually played somebody other. Excuse me, then himself was in Tenacious D in the pickup destiny from 2006 he played Satan. And basically, jack black and Kyle gas have to do a duel with him at the end of the movie, in order to not get dragged down the hill. That's one of my favorite fucking cameos ever. And

I think he was credited for that one, right? I don't

think he was either. Um, but yeah, that's a fuckin awesome one. And then the other one to finish my page right here. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the 2005 film Constantine. Yes, I know. The film is based off a DC Comics character of the same name. It's about an occult detective who's also a warlock and he like basically does like occult stuff. He does like exorcism and exorcisms and stuff. In the film. Keanu Reeves plays Constantine. And in this version of the character, he's an exorcist trying to earn favors from Heaven Heaven so that he can go to heaven when he dies from cancer because he has cancer from smoking. In this film, do you know who's the cameo I'm talking about? The cameo for this phone?

I don't know. I mean, Keanu Reeves in it, but that's not a cameo.

Kim, would you happen to know who the cameo is in this movie? Constantine? Gavin, Gavin Rossdale from bush. Yeah. So he actually plays belt the Tsar about those hours a half breed demon and this movie is on basically he has like a grudge like throughout the whole movie with with Ken Reeves is Constantine. I think he ends up killing them at the nrao or somewhere in the movie. Constantine kills him. But yeah, so Gavin Rossdale plays a demon. Um, and that was like one of the main like, roles that I saw that what that wasn't a cameo. But I also saw that he did a lot of TV stuff that I know about. I know. We watch his criminal minds. One of the ones we watched all right, we don't watch criminal minds. Criminal Minds. Though. He was on one of those episodes. He played a rock star with a vampire like Alter Ego named Dante, whose music is involved in the string of murders. So he was on that show and he was also on Hawaii Five o and he played a villain named Johnny Moreau. So he's actually had some like small like TV roles where he was like, a character. But the biggest one that I knew of like you know, when when it came out and just and then doing my research I kind of remembered about it again, was Constantine was his role Constantine. Yeah. So that that ends my page. So just

a little extra one I want to add I don't know if it counts or not, but Jonathan Davis and Queen of the Damned. Oh yeah, he makes a small little cameo but he voices the singing voice of the vampire Lestat

Yeah, I don't know what episode we were talking about that but I got confused. And

it also Wasn't he like the soundtrack consultant for the film as well.

Probably was I know married man. So it was it was a consultant on resin evil on the first day, he was soundtrack.

He was a consultant and I mean, yeah, there were several artists in the movie, but I think he was like specifically trying to tell them you know, make your music sound like this because this is the tone of the movie or something like that. So yeah, I mean, that's just a little extra one right there. Lady Gaga pop vocalist Oh, he's been an American Horror Story stars born she was yeah stars born she played the lead She was also in Machete Kills

yes part two of the religion Yeah.

machete Shetty. Would you know I've never seen him that's the one with like a like Stephens a golden in one of them right. Yeah

he is. I think he's in the first one. Yeah. And

they're like, outrageous and crazy. Whoo hoo. Derek that's what's his name, right. Robert rubber is there

and so machete for those who don't know, machete was a little fake trailer. That would that that aired in between the two Grindhouse movies. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And it got so much hype. And Robert Rodriguez decided to do a feature length movie on it. So you know, the first one thing was just called machete. And then it got, you know, it got a lot of popularity. And then he did Machete Kills. And I think they're gonna be doing Machete Kills again. In space or something in space.

Yeah. Yeah, I heard

I heard about that. And actually, I think the Machete Kills in space is supposed to be a bit of a spin off to What's that one that he did with the kids in space?

Oh, yeah. He was like, yeah, it was like a kid's movie with Antonio Banderas and

right. Yeah, Spy Kids spy kid. Yeah, it's supposed to be a spin off of them. Yeah, cuz

he's like he plays. I don't know what the character is specifically. But yeah, yeah, yeah, you right? Yeah.

Yeah, no, I guess I'll finish off my list. Johnny Cash country musician vocalist, I played the lead in a movie called a gunfight. I didn't know that the pride of Jesse Hallam column. He narrated the hunted and started numerous TV shows like Little House on the Prairie, Sesame Street. And Dr. Quinn medicine woman.

Yeah, every time I hear that, it sounds like a fake show. You know? What's it like? Yeah, no, that was like the Texas Ranger Walker. And yeah, you know, they're, you know, they're rebooting that right now. It's coming back. Yeah. I just found out about that today, actually.

with Chuck Norris. I don't know bits with Chuck Norris.

shriek is still around, but in a very wholesome way.


Yes. What I like about shows like that. It's like the spirit wholesome world. So funny, though.

I just don't even land like live.

I've also got a flea. I got peppers. Yeah. He voiced Donnie in the wild blueberries, sir. Yeah, he appears in a movie called a queen and slim boy erased and The Big Lebowski?

Yeah, The Big Lebowski is the one that stuck out

to me. He's done some other stuff, too. He's done some cameos, but

I actually put a list nonetheless. But a number. He's he's had 26 roles in film that were not as himself. He was even in psycho and the outsiders. I didn't know he wasn't outsiders.

Yeah, he wasn't credited.

Yeah, there with

Swayze. Sweet.

Yeah. And then, because he started having acting roles in 83. So he's been Yeah. So okay. Big Lebowski. Yeah, he played a German Neil list. Yes. We get hit in the balls with bowling ball. Yeah. But yeah, he's had he's had quite a bit of rolls. But yeah, I think the biggest one that I have, aside from that one was the I didn't know about until like later, was the Donnie from wild thornberrys. He voiced them from like, 98 204. Yeah. Which was crazy. Yeah. So it was just, if you guys aren't familiar with it. It was a show on Nickelodeon. He voiced this little boy who was raised by orangutangs. So he didn't, so like, yeah. And he was adopted by human family, but like, he couldn't speak. He just like he's just made like gibberish. Yeah. And, yeah, it was.

I think it was the same.

Yeah. Like,

I think it was the same people who didn't work right. Actually,

I think it's the Rugrats movie. Part Two, where they do like a little bit of a crossover with the wild thornberrys and, yeah, Donnie, also that that character is in isn't a Rugrats movie. I think it's where they go to Paris. Yeah.

Yeah, I never saw it but yeah, I'm familiar with them. Yeah, cuz even voiced them in those in those movies, too. Yeah.

Um, and then from the last two, I've got a Spice Girls.

Okay, no spice. spice. They didn't play themselves. Yeah, was that

I mean they played themselves but

I'll let you I'll let you cheat on this one. But that was damn because I know you got to bring out Spice Girls.

Of course. Yeah. Marilyn spice and also Madonna. You know some movies like Evita body of evidence and they have their own League of Their Own. That's another good one and

also desperately seeking Susan. I never.

I never seen that movie. And

who's that girl? I've seen that. I've heard of that movie too.

Yeah, those are from the 80s I mean, those were super super popular thing. Yes.

Um, and then when you brought up Marilyn Manson earlier playing the blame the roadie role that he had in Sons of Anarchy. Yeah, um, that made me I didn't think about until like earlier, I don't know who you brought up earlier. But uh, Chester Bennington actually played a role in one of the Saw movies and he played a skinhead who gets killed by jigsaw. And it's crazy because I didn't that's like one of the only saw movies that I have not seen because there's like seven of them or something. Yeah, and I think I've seen like the five or six up to that movie. So I still haven't seen it and I actually should go back and see it but yeah, Chester Chester Bennington has a has his own he's also in crank too. Yes, yeah. But that's like a cameo small role too. But yeah,

I think those are like the two in the same thing with the with with Maynard. He's also in crank. I think part two. And that's a cameo as well. And one of one that I wanted to mention earlier. We tried watching it but it was just too bad. The first five minutes of it solly Erna What the Hell yeah, he's in a movie. Let me see if I can find it real quick. He's in a movie where he plays a cop. And I think the movie is maybe caught army of the Damned. What? Or something.

Wow, I didn't. I didn't. I didn't come across her hair. But that

I could be wrong. Yeah. But he plays a cop and Joey Fatone done it as well. And yeah, we I don't know. So we're combination. We turned it off in the first five minutes. We just couldn't.

can't break y'all got anybody? Yeah.

Cool. Yeah. Actually, when he mentioned DOJ fatahna reminded me that he was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That's

oh my gosh,

yeah, that was good. I just had I had Madonna on my list, but Frank already brought that up. So that's okay. Um, share, although she did do a lot of kind of simultaneously, too. But yeah, a lot of films right? Yeah. Mermaids, mermaids, burlesque



Yeah, yeah, sure. You said that you said that. And I was thinking Jim Carrey and I know that and I know that's not what you were talking about.

Yeah, the mask. I know that.

mask. Eric Stoltz plays her son. He was born with, like deformity, and it's about

sounds familiar.

Yeah, I think she might have won an award for something. But yeah, she wasn't a lot of stuff.

Oh, who else?

Barbra Streisand. Yeah, she was in a lot of

movies. And then I know you said like, cameos didn't count but they didn't. They didn't play themselves. But they it also wasn't a speaking role. But mastodon played Wilding. wildlings in episode of Game of Thrones turn. Oh, that's interesting. Oh, that's crazy. And the the executive producer had as a I guess, a metal head and he had asked them to like make the appearance but they didn't have a speaking role. And it wasn't a big roles. The cameo like you could see the fight scene and stuff. Playing wildlings

Oh, there was a one two. I think

so. Scott, Scott Ian of anthrax was Yeah,

Thrones. They were. There was I don't know if you guys are familiar with it. But there was a mixtape that came out for some of the game that Game of Thrones season. And it was called the, I know it was called but like, so like, they had one mixtape that came out for one season. It was hip hop artists. And there was another one that I had. It was on my hard drive from my old laptop. It crashed. Um, it was it was like rock artists. So I think mastodon might have been on there. Um, mushroom head was on there. I think Killswitch Engage might have been on there. Snoop Dogg was on one of them too. But yeah, it was basically like a mixtape for for one of the seasons of Game of Thrones. I'm actually you know, speaking of

mastodon in and just metal in general. a cameo as themselves. I think Slipknot was in rollerball.

Oh shit. I didn't I remember that movie, but I don't remember that. Um, there was another one too when y'all were mentioning performances. A few guys ever seen Hot Rod that's like my favorite movies. What's his name from Queens of the Stone Age has been I think Eagles of Death Metal Oh, they're like dressed in disguise but

Jesse Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme and Josh

homie out there so that band is performing when rod is about to make his big jump and they're like performing but like they have like disguises on like fake mustaches and stuff and that's the Eagles of Death Metal and they're actually I don't know if they're playing as the Eagles of Death Metal, but they are Yeah, those are the same guys. Yeah. Um, another person I had on my list this actually no, before we do those drink another beer. So this is I know, we've had this on here for a while actually. I think I got this one for Kim. It's from Fredonia brewery. It's a blueberry cream beer. And it's called blueberry. So it's a blueberry beer. I know we haven't had a really good track record with these berry flavored beers. I don't smell it. But

Oh, look at that color.

Well, it's pretty. It looks like breakfast juice.

It kind of looks like a purple version of the row. All right, smell very blueberry. Yeah, it doesn't I don't smell it. Um, so it's a blueberry cream. Like I said before the ABV on this is I can smell

the cream in it.

I don't even know what I don't see that. Well, it's from Nacogdoches. So Oh, like yogurt? Does it taste like you? kind of taste like oh, yeah, it does smell like you took a while for the smell hit like

Greek yogurt. Mm hmm. You're right.

It tastes like

yogurt with a little bit of a it's a little bit of a tardy bitterness at the end. Not bad is actually probably one of the better berry ones that we've had. Um, I'm gonna give it a aftertaste isn't bad either. Um,

but it does taste like blueberry.

Yeah, it does. Hence the blueberry cream so they actually nailed it on this one. And we've haven't had any from this brewery and they're actually from here in Texas. Um, oh, yeah. Nacogdoches, I'd give it a 3.1 3.8


Oh, I'll just go with you. Oh, yeah, I agree.

3.44. Okay. All right. blueberry yogurt. Pretty good one. Yeah. I actually got this one for her. I've been holding it for a while. Um, so the other. So I had finished that one page, but I still had like some older ones. Another one only because he's in one of my favorite movies. And I knew he was a musician. I don't know too much of his music. But when I was starting to dig into the stuff that he had done, I found it very interesting. Kris Kristofferson. Oh, yeah, so he started as a musician back in 65. And then he started having like, active acting roles in 71. So he was a musician way before he started acting. I didn't know that he data Janis Joplin, and 71 up until she died. So she was dating him when he when she passed away. He was actually he actually started off like as a songwriter. So like, he was helping other musicians, songwriter and I don't know if you guys are familiar with me and Bobby McGee. Yeah. So well, he co wrote that song with her. He actually has a songwriting credit on that song. Um, the reason why I wanted to bring him on

covered for some reason, I thought, that wasn't her song,

that song, so that was their song, but it's been covered like, multiple times after that. Yeah. Um, but he, yeah, so he was the CO writer on that song. And the reason why I bring him up was cuz, uh, one of my favorite movies is blade two. And he was in blade, one, two and three. And he played Abraham Whistler and Whistler was the mentor to blade. If you guys don't know blades, a half human have empires. So basically, Whistler was like his mentor and his weapon Smith. So he built like all the high tech weapons for blade, and he ends up dying in 3d spoiler alert. That movie sucked anyways, but it was with Ryan Reynolds and what's her name? Justin Timberlake wife.

Jessica Biel, Jessica Biel. Yeah,

he was in the original Star Wars board.

Yeah, he wasn't the original stars born. Yeah. So. Yeah. Oh, wow. So that kind of brings it all together. But yeah, so Kris Kristofferson. I know he did like a bunch of like, I guess it's called like, Americana country stuff? Yeah. Um,

he was one of the members of the supergroup.

highwayman. Yeah, there you go. Yes. Um, and he was also on big Toppy.

What that is, what is it? Oh, two peewee? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I never really got into peewee and stuff.

Yeah, I told Mario that we're gonna go to the basement of the Alamo and he didn't understand.

bike is Mario.

Yeah. Yeah, I never really got into peewee but


We're also kind of tastes a little bit like wine. A little


Yeah. Like in the after, like after taste. It tastes kind of reminiscent of wine.

Okay, it doesn't it's good. This is like this. Yeah, this is probably one of the better berry of like fruit flavored beers that weren't like anyways, yeah, good stuff. Good job. Good job, guys. Um, I don't know if you guys have more I have.

I have more. I mean, that I can mention they're not like, Oh, that's fine. You can mention them. I mean,

I'm in love with anything or whatever.

Um, this is one that I wanted it well, one We could share because I know we've talked about it before, but one of the ones I wanted to bring up that I had totally forgot about was a Keith Richards. Plane Jack's share Keith Richards plane jack, no not playing jack Sparrow is dead and played Captain Teague in Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End and On Stranger Tides. I thought that was pretty cool because his mannerisms and stuff are kind of like, I think he was jack Sparrow before jack Sparrow even came around, you know what I mean? And just funny how he modeled? I think he did, actually, I think he did. And that's where they're all like, Oh, well, let's get them to play your dad. And I think that's where that's how that happened. So Good, good. Good call on that one. But the one that we were that I was talking about was Tom Petty. I know. I know, he had a few. But the key one that I saw where he actually played a character for actually quite a bit of time, from Oh, for 209 for 28 episodes. He played Loki on King of the Hill. Which one of my favorite animated shows? And is actually one of my favorite characters, too. Um, but uh, yeah, so that was that was one that I had, that I had left on my list.

Yeah, that character is hilarious.

Yeah. And it's crazy, because it said, like, 20 episodes, and it feels like he was on a lot more than that. Yeah. We kind

of watch a lot of King of the Hill around here.

Yeah. And right. I mean, he seems to be in many, many episodes. But, and then the last one I have that I can I don't even have any more after this that I can think of. But, uh, Ozzy Osborne, I know we've talked to me and Frank talked about this on one of the earlier episodes. He was on a movie in 86. It's more of a cameo, but it wasn't playing himself. cameo, a movie called trick retreat from 86. I seen this movie. It's about like backmasking and stuff. And there's a musician who died who, um, but I remember seeing it. But I don't remember it. Because I was reading the synopsis on Wikipedia. And I was like, I've seen this movie before, because because I did see it. We owned it. And Ozzy plater Reverend Aaron Gilstrap. I think it was just like a TV cameo. It was just funny because he was playing a reference. Yeah. And I think this was at the time when like, everybody was like saying that his music and stuff like that was like devil music and stuff. And the only the other one that I saw was that, because this is recent, I don't know if you guys are familiar with the trolls World Tour movie that came out earlier this year. I knew Justin Timberlake existence. Yeah. Justin Timberlake. Well, they were they were like mentioning, like all the pop artists that were in this movie. But I didn't know that Ozzy was in this movie. And he played a troll who's like, his name is king thrash. And he's like the former king of the Hard Rock trolls. Because like there's different like genres of trolls, the trolls groups, and I didn't I didn't know that. But yeah, so that's pretty cool. So that was the last one I had on my list. Those were like all the key ones. All the ones that I mentioned are ones that I like, either had a favorite of right their work or some I

got some from a few people on Facebook. Oh shit, Alex says. Elvis Frank Sinatra. David Bowie. icedtea Rob Zombie. And then I thought it was funny because he said I'm pretty sure Frank mentions Marilyn Manson. who also did a video game voice and area 51. Oh, yeah. Um, he also said that he saw Van Halen twice. Once with Sammy Hagar and Oh, wow. Wow, Logan. Helen said Steven Van Zandt from E Street Band was in Sopranos. Oh, shit. Okay. Okay,

I did that. I didn't know I know who those guys are. But that's crazy. I'm

gonna round out the 90s and say Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette are both in the movie.

She was in some other stuff

as well. Dave Matthews is and Joe Dirt I think.

Yeah, it was in

Charlotte's Web. Yeah. Yeah.


stuff like that. We sent some movies also with Adam Sandler.

Yes. Yeah. Talking about that one episode ago. I don't know what I remember him, but I don't remember what movies.

Yeah, look it up honestly. But I just remembered Charlotte's Rob Zombie. I don't

know about the hoot.

Oh, okay. I know what you're right about

the owls. And then because it's Halloween time. Batman.

First Wives Club and all kinds of

movies, the Janis Joplin movie the rows, right? Yep. Yeah, yeah, I was thinking Oh, the right person. Yeah, she's in the rows right. signature song Yeah, soundtrack.

Yeah, so I thought I was like a sheet but she started out as a as a singer. I think

so. I'm not

sure I didn't do the research. I just well JLo then fits in at Calgary. Calgary Yeah, hello started off as

a wedding planner.

And it's so crazy cuz like that's a whole like other category too. Or like they started off because Mark Wahlberg was on my list too. Yeah, we're like he started off as a He's a rapper his brother too. Yeah. And his brother to like, you know, yeah, they New Kids on the Block. Yeah. And now they're actors, but it's just funny how where they started.

Um, it's funny. I was listening to New Kids on the Block the other day, and then we were I was unpacking a little bit of stuff. And I found the pillowcase that has new kids on the way.

Oh my gosh. Wow.

How many of those gigantic buttons?

No, I had a cassette tape. I had a VHS. I had the pillowcase. And then I had a cabbage patch doll that I named baby Jordan.

Jordan Knight.

Like, all that stuff was happening.

That was the thing that Yeah, no enormous buttons of the picture.

jean jacket? Yeah.


Um, another one was m&m. So he was on Eight Mile

and he said he would get Richard I try. That's like one of my favorite movies of all time. I don't know why. It's just it's like, it used to come on TV regularly. And I would watch it every time no matter if it was the beginning. Middle and I would I'd have to watch it. And

llj Oh, yeah. That's right. Good. Yeah. So you know, yeah. Now he's like,


beauty. Beauty shop one.

Yeah. Watch it and often the barber shop right? Yeah, that's right.

Oh, we I think we already said his name. Justin Timberlake. Britney Spears ever do any acting? She does using croppers.

Yeah, okay.

crossroads. crossroads. Girl. What's her name from the one that we've been talking about the vampire maybe? We just talked.

Oh, Aaliyah.

Yeah. Oh, really? I was like, I was thinking Twilight when you said that. I was like, What? No. Oh, yeah. No, Leah. Yeah. Oh, she was also in Romeo was die. Yep. That was one of my favorite movies too well, from that era, like, that was one of my favorite movies at the time. Well, your friend mentioned Rob Zombie. And I was trying to think of like the cameos he was in. The only one I could think of was there was a cameo that people were talking about. And he voiced. I don't know if you guys seen guardians of that galaxy. But like, there's a partnership and like there's a voice that comes on the intercom. And it's Rob Zombie, and I still haven't heard his voice. Like, I've seen that movie multiple times. And I like try to look for it. And they're like, yeah, Rob, like he's actually credited to, and I've never I've never spotted it. I've never like heard it. And I tried looking for it. And I don't know what part it's on. And I'm like, what's interesting? Yeah, I'm

also to kiss. They played themselves in Detroit Rock City.

Gene Simmons was also on the I just mentioned, retreat, one with Ozzy Osborne. Mm hmm.

Um, it's true. And I know I mean, it's, it's cheating, but it's the obvious one, Jared Leto. 30 seconds

tomorrow. Yeah, he's, he's done a whole bunch of stymie shit. He's even won awards for his acting.

And I think, you know, his, his. He was writing music shortly after his, uh, his his acting career took off. But you know, he was just like, really mom about it. And it wasn't until maybe like 9899 when he decided to start 30 Seconds to Mars. So he had been working on the music for some years. And then it you know, the band took off, but I admired the way he tried doing the band. Like he did not allow his name to be used as a promotional tool for the band. So he was like, really literally trying to start the band from like the bottom up.

And he did like the early 30 seconds stuff is awesome. Like, I like the early stuff, but then, like, just the recent stuff that he's been doing. I think it's too grandiose. Yeah, he's gotten it's I think it's got the what's the word? It's not even like rock anymore. It's like moral it's trying to like imitate to me like Imagine Dragons and stuff we're not even imitate. It's more just in that it's gotten more that direction. I should say a lot more

commercials. Yeah.

And I don't like it and even the way like he like

I guess like advertiser promotes it, I should say, um, yeah, I'm not I'm not really big on it. But I do like the early stuff. It was it was more

honest. is not the word. It was just more

you know? I don't know.

Yeah, I guess that's the word authentic. Yeah, it was just more rock

like authentic. Yeah. And I think, I don't know. For me, they're their first three albums were the ones that I really liked. Especially the second album. Beautiful light. Yeah, that's, that's the one that really shot them up. Yeah, but the first three, you know, those are the ones that really meant to me Actually, I learned all the bass parts to totally shit all the songs in a beautiful way.

Oh, wow. I didn't know you were that big a fan of that. Or? Yeah, you know, I mean, it is a good album. I own that album. I do enjoy that album quite a bit. Yeah. Um, anyone have any other cameos on? Oh, I mentioned before we wrap this up.

No, no, you know what,

I think we cheat a little bit, but we still got to

you mentioned a Mark Wahlberg earlier and I made me think of that movie Rockstar zakk Wylde.

Oh yeah rock star. Yeah,

yeah, he's uh his his his zakk Wylde only i mean i'm pretty sure the drummer who

hasn't seen that movie in a long time. I've seen the movie but I don't remember exact

wild. He's the guitarist in the band. Was it steel pin on Steel Panther? What's the

name of the movie? Oh, the band and the movie? A has a weird name like that.

Yeah, it's like a very 80s metal sound. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's Steel Panther right now still. No, there's still dragon so dragon dragon dragon. Yeah,

rock star movie.

Apparently David Lee Roth was in a movie called crazy from the heat that he actually left Van Halen to go make.

Huh? I've never heard

crazy from the

steel dragon. You right? Oh, Dragon. Oh, well, speaking of Van Halen, actually, there is one cameo that I can think of that actually at Eddie Van Halen did. Um, he was actually on the TV show Two and a Half Men. And he actually, I think he's like, I think Charlie goes to this to some studio and Eddie Van Halen is in the restroom. And he's telling them like, don't go in there. Like he clogged the toilet. But he had his guitar with him. He's like, what are you doing in there with the guitar? Basically, you're saying like, he was writing riffs in there? Like, because like he like plays a guitar everywhere. And like he comes out of the bathroom with the guitar. But uh, I mean, I guess probably should have led off with that one. Because, you know, we did start talking off with it. But I mean, if you guys aren't familiar with that cameo, at least YouTube it, but that's the only Eddie Van Halen cameo that I can think of. He was on on a TV show.


I mean, I think it's fair to say that our list is pretty pretty long. And you know, it doesn't stop there we can.

We'll do another episode. I think maybe sometime in the future. We'll do one of like, actors who went into music so we'll reverse it. Yeah, cuz I want that one's you know, we were talking about Keith Richards being in Pirates of Caribbean with Johnny Depp. And Johnny Depp actually has a band. So but yeah, we can talk about that in a future episode. I think next episode, what we're gonna do if I'm correct, I have it on my list here somewhere. But I think it's going to be Ben's named after places. And they were talking about. So we'll do that. And then I think for two episodes from now will be the Halloween one. So we're going to be trying to pumpkin beers. So we're gonna be recording that on the 30th which is before Halloween, so it'll come out on Halloween and then we'll think of a topic it'll probably be maybe like, horror related bands or horror related songs, or both. So we can just combine it and see what everyone comes up with. Maybe your heart related stuff.

Guess what Marilyn Manson is gonna be

mayor Manson. Ramstein. Probably. That's a myth.

Rob Zombie is pretty Rob Zombie. Yeah, Rob Zombie. So pretty sad. We don't want to give spoilers,

no spoilers. Um, all right. Well, Frank, since you opened up the episode, you won't close it.

Yeah, so

that was us doing our piece, you know, rock talk happy hour. It's a podcast where we talk about music topics. And at the same time, we sample some craft brews, locally, nationally, internationally. And really, it is just for us an opportunity as friends to get together and this you know, try to forget about everything that's been going on in the week. And you know, it's our Friday thing. And also, it's a way for us to stay in touch with our listeners and maybe just you know, give a little bit of information on stuff that maybe you didn't know about and as well as some of the listeners who are sending us information that we didn't know about. So it becomes a little bit of an IT an educational thing, but more than anything, it's just us friends hanging out, just you know, having a good time drinking brews and discussing music. And that's that that's really all I can say to describe the podcast, you know. And so I guess we're gonna end it with this and until next week, Everybody stay safe, stay smart, stay healthy. keep on drinking and rockin.

Right cheers better

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