Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 14 - Oktoberfest Fest (Part 1 - German Bands/Musicians)

September 19, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 14
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 14 - Oktoberfest Fest (Part 1 - German Bands/Musicians)
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 14 - Oktoberfest Fest (Part 1 - German Bands/Musicians)
Sep 19, 2020 Episode 14
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we celebrate (what would have been, without COVID) the start of Oktoberfest!  We try and review different Oktoberfest beers, including official beers of Oktoberfest, while also talking about the festival itself, AND about the musicians and bands that come from Germany! Cheers! Prost!

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This episode, we celebrate (what would have been, without COVID) the start of Oktoberfest!  We try and review different Oktoberfest beers, including official beers of Oktoberfest, while also talking about the festival itself, AND about the musicians and bands that come from Germany! Cheers! Prost!

Spotify playlist for Episode 14:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Brennan.

Just because the way she

she wasn't expecting me to start, I guess I was waiting.

So, this is the podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode, we try new craft beers, we discuss them, we rate them, and sometimes we learn a little bit about them. And we also talk about music related topics. And today is kind of a weird little mashup, it's gonna be October fest. So we're gonna be talking about Oktoberfest, beers are gonna be trying a whole bunch of them. And then we're also going to be talking about German bands or musicians, which is kind of interesting, because I didn't know what I was gonna find. I kind of started doing my research earlier today. And

it was funny because I kind of like, I was like, oh, man, I got like, four hours to till we record the show. And that was sufficient amount of time, because there wasn't, there wasn't a lot of likes only so many. Yeah, there's only so many sounds like well, I got lucky on this one. Um, so October fest. If Oktoberfest was happening this year has ended up getting canceled.

It's what's supposed to start? Well, if you're listening to it, it's Saturday the 19th. And that's when it's supposed to start. We're recording Friday the 18th. So yeah, so to us, Oktoberfest would technically be starting tomorrow. So this episode lined up pretty, pretty, pretty decently. Because I know there's a whole bunch, like we go to the stores now. And it's two things. We're seeing Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers. Ah, dude, we got to do a pumpkin episode too. So that'll be well, I already started stocking up on the pumpkin beers. So we're gonna do that too. And I think probably the second week of October maybe is when we can do that episode, it will be close to Halloween. But whenever we do it whenever we have time, because we actually have ideas for the next few episodes, which is pretty cool. Um, so usually, we kind of start off the show. Sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes it does whatever we can do whatever he wants our podcast, we have a little segment called the hangover. Or we're talking about stuff they got leftover from the episode before. Um, there was actually a few people that we for musicians that we forgot about. That passed away that were like up there. And I think, Well, the first one I can say is we were talking about them. Right. When we were leaving your house last last week, Peter steel from table negative. Yeah, that's right. He wasn't on any of our lists. And he didn't pop into my head until like, literally like yeah, after and I was like, holy shit. So forgot about him. I needed to give him a shout out because I mean, I, I can't say I'm a big table negative fan, but I did like all the stuff that I heard, like, his voice was very distinctive. And, and then I know that he was he had released stuff or the band release stuff, like shortly before he passed away too. So he still had some, he still had some stuff in him, you know, to keep writing and continue with the band and stuff. So remind me of what happened. Um, it was a some some type of heart thing. Yeah, it was some kind of heart thing. I don't remember what exactly, but it was a it was some kind of medical condition thing. Okay. Yeah. I think it was like something they didn't know about our own Franklin. So pull that real quick. Yeah, but it's weird because I had I had researched it too, and I totally forgot.

But check that out. He was a tall dude. Also, he was like 6566 or something like that. And he was also in playgirl, too, huh? Yeah. Actually doesn't exist. Yeah. Was it I don't know if it still it. I don't know if it still exists, but it when it existed. He was actually did like a spread and.

And I remember to Yeah, so it's called her like shortly after that came out that that issue of playgro came out. He was getting a lot of people coming. A lot of fans coming up to him for autographs. And they were all dudes. And the pages were sticky. Of course they were. Okay, so Peter Thiel died of sepsis which was caused by diverticulitis, diverticulitis, diverticulitis? Yeah, yeah, it's reported it was initially reported as heart failure. Oh, yeah. It's an intestinal issue.

digestive problems with like, certain foods and things like that. But yeah, gastrointestinal disease. This is like infection. Oh, I guess he got an infection because of that problem. So it's like a complication of Yeah, that's weird. Um, I know you guys

That one. Well, we both thought about him, but

we're driving home that night. Oh, yeah, it was when we're driving home. I'm a song came on. No, no, we're listening to Pandora. Spotify. Yeah.

But the we remembered that the rev from Avenged Sevenfold. Jimmy the roadshow Yeah, that's right. That's right. It was a December of 2009. And it was accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol. Yeah, he was young, too. I don't know how old he was. But he was 27 or 20 something. Oh, he was he didn't make it to 30 that was that was for sure. Oh, that I didn't know. I just I just remember he was young, but

I had one What you got? Oh, you had another one. Oh, wow. Sweet. too young.

Five dog from A Tribe Called Quest. Oh, got it. 45

not too long ago. And Frank and I got to see them. But it was after he had passed. Oh,

it was diabetes. Yeah. And he was diagnosed with diabetes in his 20s. And there I couldn't find online. Like if it was type one or type two. There's like

different sources say one or the other. Yeah, it wasn't really super clear. But yeah, we saw them in concert shortly after that had happened. And it was very sad. Yeah.

Um, I had one that I forgot. I don't know if I remembered it like a few days ago or whatever. But let me kill my sister. For Motorhead. Yes. Um, yeah, right. Like he was an older guy. And he had been around but man, he was still pushing shit out. Like and it was crazy because like, Motorhead was never really one of those bands that I really really got into but the same thing with with the title negative, like everything that I heard, I liked Yeah, um, and he had a distinct voice to like I like vocalists with distinct voices. And actually today, I don't know what I was listening to. So I have on my Pandora, I have a playlist of just covers. So good covers. And

Motorhead did a cover of

what song was it? It was a Judas Priest song. And it's so crazy too, because like Judas Priest, Rob hopper has a pretty distinct voice to write and to have like Motorhead. Oh, breaking the law, that was a song. So they covered a breaking the law from from Judas Priest and I was like, I was like, Fuck, I forgot about me. But uh, you know, one thing I read was that about me is, every time he performed when he sang, he had the microphone positioned to where he would sing upwards. Oh, yeah. And I think that caused like, oh, like some kind of strain like a strain. And I think he did that intentionally to have that distinctive voice has been Yeah, holy shit. Wow, that's crazy. He was a pretty damn good bass player, too. There was a it was weird. I don't know how I forgot him too. But there was a video I posted on my Facebook. I think it was on the podcast Facebook page. Not too long ago. It was probably like a week and a half ago or something. It was, uh, so, Metallica. I think they're doing some kind of performance and Metallica is performing. They're practicing in the jam room and they schedule like, a jam with Lemmy. And dude, like, everyone's like, so fucking like, like, I don't, I can't. They're like, starstruck. Like, this was like, a few years ago to where before he passed, and, and everyone's like, nervous like that, you know? They're like, fuck like it's Lemmy and everyone's in there and like he comes in and he's like, let's just fucking jam and like they fucking had songs like ready for him they're like, how do you want to start the song sir? Like Hetfield telling them sir like, and I was like, it was just a fucking cool clip and they jam like two songs or whatever. And I think it's like a 10 minute video. And I posted it on the on the Facebook page was just really cool. Like seeing like, you know, musicians like them who were like, they're up here too. And then like, somebody that they see, as you know, as this higher Yeah, like rock God or whatever he comes in, and they're like, fucking like little like little kids. Oh, shit. It's bugging me. But yeah, it was pretty cool. Um, there was one more thing I wanted to talk about. You remember that? A watermelon Sucker Punch? Yeah. That we had from three nations.

Last episode, okay. And we were drinking and I was like, and I was like, oh, it kind of tastes like a, like sour straws. like sour punch.

Okay, so I was doing, I was doing the research and inputting the information on the website and stuff. And I actually read the back of the can, and it's made with sour punch drums. Oh, no way. So, so we have one more in there, but it's

Yeah, I know. I was like, I was see sounds like it seems like a damn sour punch, like sour punch straws. And so I read the back of the cannon and sure enough, it's made with

that's good. That actually means that it tastes like what they intend.

Like the big red beer. If you see way back there to get

out there. I'm like, I'm just gonna leave it

Getting open that's gonna be on the wall of shame. The rest of like, just as a reminder, yeah, what hype could do to

you like I had it in the fridge I was like, Okay, I'm not gonna sell it. I know no one's gonna want to drink this I'm not gonna waste my time trying to sell it I like jokingly post

should still do it. Yeah, I was gonna see I was gonna see if my friend had had one and be like, oh, I'll trade you one of these for one of your Deftones Oh,

yeah, cuz like this would have been out of the fridge. He bought How much did he buy? Dude, he I think he said he bought two to 12 pack. Yeah, so the total packs were 100 bucks because the singles because the singles had sold out the singles were like four books. And they sold out. Yeah.

That's what I sorry. I don't know you're fresh.

Out of all the beers he hates him seen my collection like I've never spent that much on. I think the most that I've spent on is

like talking about Oh, clowns gonna be signing. Oh, yeah, but I wasn't gonna do it. And I was like, don't you get the ideas? You already have to sit

down that Yeah, through pretty clear. Really? Um, yeah. Um, yeah. So So this was a cool thing. I kind of wanted to bring up it now that she said so the most expensive things I think that I bought beer wise ban wise are my whiskies. So I have two Slipknot whiskies which is the standard and the reserve and then I have Metallica one that I we got signed. And basically it was just the price of the bottle, which is cool. But clown is actually doing a signing. But he's doing it virtual. So like, you pre order the bottle, and he'll sign it on the stream. Oh, yeah. Which is I was like, that's kind of cool. But I mean, this situation. Yeah. And I was like, I'm not gonna pay for that. I have. No, but what I told her was I'd rather if I'm gonna get something signed, I'd rather have it signed in person, like we do Metallica. I mean, it wasn't experienced to I mean, we forget stood in line for I don't know how long and it was just interesting. And we got there. Right. And we got there early. And it was funny, because I remember we got in line. And like literally, like whoever got there five minutes after us didn't get a chance to meet them. Oh, wow. Yeah. So like, cuz they had like a time of like, when they were gonna get cut off. And I think they ended up sign signing a little bit over their, their, their time that they were scheduled. They were like, you're like, oh, we'll get a couple extra people. And I remember I think the signing was supposed to start at a certain time. And we had been there for at least four hours before, right, obviously. So some people had camped out like two nights before. So yeah, so so we so we get there and then it's funny because the time that they're supposed to start signing, people are literally showing up like an hour before expecting to get a bottle sign. I'm like, I don't like fuck no. Yeah, we did get lucky because one we did get there early, but also to where we weren't in line didn't seem like that far back. Okay, but this is the first time that Metallica had anything to do in Corpus. Fuck, I don't know. I mean, at least for since the like the 90s I guess I can't think I don't know if they played any shows and corpus. Maybe it's after like the 2000s I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, ask us to ask around. We'll see. Probably I mean, I don't know. I mean, I'm just I'm just saying because I'm cuz doesn't get you know, I mean, they're they're big enough city, but they just don't get a lot of the stuff that we get up here. Because I know Metallica. What I thought was weird when they were signing their corpus. Yeah.

Or Austin or Dallas. I think if you play it I think it's a smart thing to do though. If you really think about it, because let's say you do. Let's say they did assigning one signing in Texas in San Antonio. That would be fucking chaos. So like you got to pick somewhere that's not gonna be Yeah, and see who's gonna fucking drive out there. Yeah, okay, here's Dallas out there. Yeah, you know, San Antonio fucking Laredo, whatever and like, and then of course, you know, he had some people from Louisiana fucking come over. And luckily enough for me. I was following the the whiskies page I was following total wine and I follow Metallica. So I was like, Oh, shit, I was like, we have to fucking go like we have to it's not that far away. Like we got to go. And but yeah, we when we got to meet them, I was gonna try the whiskies this episode, but now we got too much stuff going on. So I'm going to wait and push that back a little bit more. So I'm gonna eventually try the slipknot and Metallica whiskies. Um, anyone else have anything to say on the on the hangover stuff? No, not? No. Okay, so this is gonna be a little bit different from what we usually do. Usually we like try some beers and then like, then we talk about the topic and you know, whatever. So this is going to be kind of like intertwine so we'll try some beers as we go. Um, I guess we could start off and just talk about what we're drinking right now. Just

Maria, you forgot to share that last beer with me? What beer? Which one? This one? Oh, crap. Oh, I was gonna I was gonna get you your own.

Yeah, you're right. You're right. You're right, Brett. You're right.

I don't remember. I don't think I did though, because, yeah, I don't I don't think I did.

I can I don't mind. It's fine.

That's good. Thank you.

Cuz otherwise I can talk about once again.

And I still haven't got I think it's I still I still haven't documented it. What what, uh, what do you write? loanstar?

I mean, we haven't read it yet. So.

I don't know. I mean, for I'll just say for for okay. I mean, it's, it's like an old standby. You know? It's so there was this earlier and tried and true. So think I think the only I'm sorry, no, no, go for it real quick. I think maybe the only Metallica show that's ever happened in Corpus was 85 on the damage justice tour. January 25 1989. played at the Memorial Coliseum and opening for them was queens, Queens, right. Like creams, right? Yeah. So I guess that was the only show they've had holy shit corpus. Wow. Okay. I was like meeting over like 30 years ago.

So Britt, I told a story. I don't know if she told it on the show or not. But she told us a story. You should probably didn't say it on the show. Where she had a picture of her Lone Star with a butterfly. Yeah. And that they took the picture and then give you any credit. Yes. I was like, Oh my god, you don't have no idea how many pictures I went through trying to find that picture. Yeah, I was like, I was like, now I remember cuz I forget. Right. So now it's like, now I remember. I'm gonna look for it. So um, I sent you guys a picture of me.

looking looking? Getting closer. Right. So then, so then I keep on going and I'm going through pictures like getting warmer.

crawfish on there. So I'm going I'm going on like, wait, and I was like, or were

and so I don't know. I went all the way back to you won't believe like 2009 it was 2008 like, it was like, I want to say even though it was 2007 like I went back and I fuckin could not find might have even been earlier than that. I I'm gonna along it was what it was back when Britt was on Facebook. And that was a long time ago. I'm gonna find it. I don't because I took it like with an actual camera with film and developed it did you buy then scammed it and then posted it? Like we used to do? Did you by chance? closer? Wait a minute. Oh, I'm thinking MySpace for some reason. Facebook. Okay, so Facebook, but it was a zillion years ago. Yeah, it was like probably, I don't know it was bc before children. So sometime prior to 2007. I'm gonna I'm gonna find I probably should have told you that. There's got to be No, no, no, there's got to be a good thing. You told me some kind of archive for me to go into and find because I'm guessing it was around like 4am. I was like right there then like, close because I think I went as far back as like, oh seven. Okay, so it feels like I was getting closer. I found all kinds of creatures. There's a lot more land holding a red Lone Star like the regular Lone Star, not light. And a butterfly is on my finger. And it's got its purpose.

I'm gonna find it but I can't find it. I'm gonna I can't wait. Oh, yeah, that's right. I demand credit. What did you say you write it? Lone Star again? A four. Okay, Lone Star four. Okay, so

not the regular one, right? Oh, that's the light one. Oopsie I don't really drink the Reds anyway. Okay.

Frank, what do you drinking? I am drinking a Brabus prevous Brewing Co. IPA actually haven't opened yet. Oh, you find another bravas? Yeah. It's an alcoholic. And I think I told you the history about this. This brewery. The founder, I think was diagnosed with Crohn's disease or something. And he just couldn't drink anymore. And so he wanted to he, you know, he wanted to still have a drink that he could have. And he thought, Well, why not just open a brewery and then just, you know, try to get the process. Right. So this is another another one of those and, you know, that's what I had a stout. Yeah. And then I actually have another bravest Brabus in the back to as well. I think it's a like a goes I think, oh, it goes as Yeah, it goes.

So I'll be trying those two. All right. Well, try it out and then let us know what you rate it. Cuz before we talk about what we're drinking, I gotta do a little intro.


so IPA wise, it's good. It's got a nice clean, smooth flavor. A bit Piney.

Yeah, I'm gonna give it a four, four. Okay, go we're going to get a good episode so far nothing let down yet. Okay, so, me,

Kim and Brett, we're, we're going to be trying some Oktoberfest beers. So just wanted to give a little background on the Oktoberfest beer. So there are gonna be, I'm probably gonna not say this right, because I know you guys probably know how to say this better than I do. But uh, they're German style marsans. I don't know how to say is good. More. Okay. artisans and American. Okay. You see? That's right. On the on the A Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, like Brett said. So basically this style originated in Germany. Mark center.

Mirror medicine. I should have Google translated that thing. See what? So guessing Yo, that's English. One English it means March. Yeah. So and the reason why do you know why No, I do not know why. So, back in Germany, when they started brewing this, they would brew it in the spring, and they would age it through the summer. So yeah, so the agent time Yeah. So they would brew it in the spring. So around March, they would start brewing it. Um, and it should taste the traditional German style margins are supposed to taste, taste and smell like toasted bread, or like, or like kind of like a biscuit biscuit II kind of smell. Okay, so I kind of feel like they're kind of like a sister beer to the hefeweizens. Just in a different just how they're brewed and what kind of

Yeah, not not quite so easy. So this is a supposed to be like toasted bread, the Romans are supposed to be, they're supposed to be kind of sweet, a little. They're supposed to be multi with a little bit of bitterness. Um, so the hops are supposed to shine through just a bit. Um, Mama, Mama mom, and then the Oktoberfest name, they that kind of became popular as it as you know, serving it through the, through the actual festival, like over the years. And then what I heard too, is that originally, the original oktoberfests, or like, they were heavier. Um, and now Oktoberfest in Germany, the ones that they serve are lighter than than the ones they originally serve. And what's crazy is that the American breweries that do the Oktoberfest, they actually do them closer to their original Oktoberfest. So they're gonna be heavier than the German ones, which is kind of Yeah, it is kind of crazy. Um, and I saw, there was like, some examples of like, some Oktoberfest that had came up just to like, kind of give people an example of what Oktoberfest as you know, would be like, or whatnot, especially if they're not if they're not anywhere where they can get imported beers. And shiner came up on the list, and I actually had a shiner Oktoberfest not too long ago, and I don't remember if I liked it or not, but I need to get another one just so we can try it out. Not on this show probably haven't next show. But um, yeah, so that's a little bit of history on the Oktoberfest, I guess, um, from what I've seen is, you're usually supposed to pair as far as taste wise goes, you're something that balances the food you're eating. So kind of taste like kind of drink the opposite. And this, from what I saw pairs, well with like, some spicy foods with a little bit of spice in it. So like kielbasa would be like one thing that would be really good to go good with. So I don't know if it'd be like some kind of brought worse with some kind of spice to it. And then also to if you want to pair it, get fancy and pair it with cheese. Go. It's supposed to pair with the jalapeno jack cheese. So I guess this pairs well with something a little bit of spice to it a little bit kick. Um, what that said what we're drinking is,

you know, I'll let Britt say that. It's a you brought that for us. I did. It's not Oktoberfest beer from Sierra Nevada. And they make a lot of different beers. And this one has 6% alcohol.

These are from California. Right? Are they? Yes. Okay. And what's their most famous one? They have a they have an IPA. They have an IPA? That's really popular. haven't had anything from this brewery. Really? Yeah. Okay. Well, I don't think they're an independent brewery. They don't have the little thingy. Oh, that little button. You know, some of them I think are but don't have the logo. Okay. From what I've seen. You said there's an application process for Yeah, well, it's not like very complicated. It's just like, they just got to make sure that the breweries do like that they're what's the correct word? Not yield, but like that they're batches or whatever like that. They can only approve a certain amount of cheese. Yeah. So like, if you cross a certain point you're considered to bigger brewery With that said or smell it a little bit. Let me see.

Smells good.

Yeah, the smell good smells has a little bit of a sweet smell to it. I don't smell any

toasted bread or biscuit but

because I think one that I had not too long ago. Smell kind of yeasty. Okay.

It tastes a little bit half advice. inish so a bit has a little bit of a yeasty ready, but not quite so yeah, not.

It's a good tastes good. Tastes.

So it's kind of hard to sit well, I actually got a little bit of a surprise in the fridge. But um, this one based off of taste.

based off a taste. What would you What would you rate it? I mean, I like that. It's It's so it has a little bit of a sweetness to it. It's like a sweet hefeweizen to me. Uh huh. Um, I think 4.2 or point two. Yeah, I don't want to go into like the hype now. Go like a 4.4 point four. Okay. Hey, look.

They do have the little thing.

They Oh, yeah. Okay, so you go craft brewery? Yeah, some some some breweries don't put them in on their on their bottles. And you know what irritates the hell out of me. So there's some breweries that don't put the ABV on their bottles? Yes. Yeah, that sucks. And I'm like, looking on. Like, what the? Like, especially when I'm doing my research. I'm trying to like go through and I don't Yeah, you have to look it up. Yeah, I have to look it up. And even sometimes on the website, it's kind of a pain have to look for? Because I think shiner. I think I think they were one of the ones that didn't have ABS on one other. Like, it's weird because I had it on some but not on others. But with that said, while we're drinking this, I guess we can start kicking off

the top some of the topic. Yeah.

Actually, I skipped one thing before I let Frank go first, but I skipped one thing. So like Oktoberfest I just wanted to talk about a little bit about Oktoberfest because it's starting tomorrow for us. Because we're recording this on Friday. So I don't know if you guys know a lot about Oktoberfest. But, uh, not a whole lot. I mean, yeah. So it's a fun fact, there's me. That's what I know. There's actually a lot of little fun facts I found out about the Fest, and I'll talk about right now. But Oktoberfest originated in 1810. In, like Brett said in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. And it actually started out as a the very first one. It started as a royal event for royalty getting married. So it was actually a wedding. The very first one, it was basically a celebration of this, like, I think it was a prince and a princess who got married, and the celebration actually evolved into into a festival. Um, so it was kind of crazy, because like, it started off with like, having festivities and stuff. And they had like horse races, apparently. And it was just for, you know, the people there in the town. And then they decided to have it annually. Um, and then like the route, they started adding more stuff to it, like more festivities, they started opening up to more people, they actually, it didn't start off as a public event. It actually morphed into a public event. And then, and it's crazy, because it started off as like, you know, for a wedding of, you know, royalty or whatever. And now it averages 6 million people from around the world. Every year, it averages about 6 million people. Now we know why it's canceled this year. Yeah. Oh, hell imagine that alone would destroy Earth. Yes. Um, that's Yeah, that's crazy. Like everyone would get sick. Um, and it's a 1618 day festival that runs from September through the first Sunday of October, and it's the world's largest Beer Festival and traveling funfair. So there's actually like festivities and stuff, like I was saying before, I think they have like an agriculture show, too, that apparently, it's one of the things that they held on to from the very first one. Um, so they still do that, um, this year, if I'm correct, would have been the 186. Oktoberfest if I'm off, I'm off by a number and it'd be the 187. But for my, from what I saw, it'd be the 180 sixth. Um, and then what's also crazy about this, too, this was the cool thing that I have a surprise connected to. So

the only beer that they serve at Oktoberfest, I don't know if you guys knew this or not, but they only serve beer that's brewed within the city limits of Munich, Munich. And they can only be approved by this committee. Okay, that that likes that runs Oktoberfest and it has there's like some trademark and stuff involved too. But um, there are only six breweries that are qualified to serve beer at Oktoberfest. Wow. Um, and three of them. I actually

I happen to have the beers in the fridge. Oh my gosh. So one of them is a hawkers drawer. I think that's how you say it I markers for hawkers for sure. That's how it's, that's I'm pretty sure I'm close to house. So I'll show you the board. Yeah. So I'll show you the bottle and then a Paul enters actually another one. So Bollinger is actually one of the other breweries as allowed and the other. The third one because I wasn't familiar with the other three, but the other one is spoton brow. And spoton is the one that actually had their Automator. Yes, Oktoberfest. And those two I rated them at 504 point five. Yeah, those were really fucking good beers. And actually, I didn't know, I knew when I was looking for these beers that I was looking for imports, and fortunately, found imports. And it's so crazy how three of the beers that I got actually happened to be like official Oktoberfest. And those are three of the six that are served at Oktoberfest every year. So and then to, there's actually two types of beer that are served at Oktoberfest. I think the other will this one, it's this kind, which is the German style marzen I'm gonna say it like that the other way, but and then the other one is supposed to be like a pale lager. So I'm thinking it's closer to a Pilsner, or Pilsner, because I know there's two different words. There's Pilsner, which is the American Pilsner. And then there's the original which is a Pilsner, which is it so it's pi L S, M er, and ours is PIL s n er, okay, so there's like two different pilsners. But I think the other one is, those are like the only two types of beer that they sell there, or that are that they have there at the festival. But, uh, that's all my Oktoberfest information that I had. If you guys have any questions on Oktoberfest, or whatnot, I'll try to do some more research. So I can have more Oktoberfest information for next week's episode. Because I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that I left out if you have any German words that you would like to hear. Yes, go ahead and send me the words but don't tell me how to pronounce it. And then I'll try to actually if you're in Germany and you're listening Oh yeah, please go last night.


like Fiesta like we have here is become touristy is Do people from Germany actually enjoy going to Oktoberfest? Or is it just become this tourists? fest? I kind of feel like it's more I kind of feel like it is like Fiesta where they have their they do have their people there that are like to keep the heritage there. But then of course, they they also people traveling Yeah, for sure. And then, like I said to like it started off small and then they're all like, Oh, well, let's just let people come in and it just got so fucking popular. How many people did you say 6 million, 6 million average? for the for the time that it runs to 1618 days? Dang, if you're in Germany and listening like yeah, the cool thing to do, or is it like can become too touristy now, or tell us if you have any experiences going? You know, you go every year or except with the exception of this year is like a tradition to you? Or do you know is it just I know, I know. Brett had told us about some stuff that happen that happens on October 1. I don't know if you talked about it on the show. No, I didn't you just say

Oh, okay. She doesn't want to. I mean, I just I just heard from a couple and tell us if this is true. Yeah, that's true. No, it's gotta be true. It is true. Yeah, it occurred. And this particular person story that

rather than waiting for the law, the Porta Potty lines or the bathroom lines that the men would urinate inside their Stein's and then put them back on the waitresses, trays and have them take them away, which is extra wrong. And we think that like the person that I talked to, he did it. He told me with great shame. Wow. And he and all the people at his massive table did it and he witnessed other people at other tables with

hopefully nobody got served, but I mean, yeah, I mean, eventually someone's gonna get served with that I

eventually busy it is unless they're like, unless there was a disposable.

Uh, all right, Frank. I'm sorry. But while we finished our beer, or while I finished I'm still talking. I've been talking too much. But go ahead and I guess you can kick off for Yeah. Tell us about the first German the first German ban you got on your list. Okay. So, my name is to ban a hotel. I've been nice to Ramstein for another

Spanish speaker and I was like, Oh,

no, I just introduced my first band. Sweet. So yeah, Ramstein are one of the most obvious and most known of the German bands out there. And they're part of the new German wave of hard rock and metal and

they have a three decades long career they've released seven studio albums and numerous live DVDs and have kept the same lineup throughout which is impressive.

They have an interesting background to all the members of the band lived in East Germany during the Soviet era. And they would gig around in various punk bands at the time. And then when the Berlin Wall came down, that was their first real exposure to Western culture. And as a result of living in Soviet Germany, they have like, very hard left ideologies. And some of the band members including like keyboard is Christian Lauren's struggles with the concept of Western culture. And the band, of course, is no stranger to controversy. They have been linked to at least five school shootings linked Yeah, like yeah, they're there. There's like, yeah, they've been linked. And of course, it's it's been proven that they had nothing to do. Yeah, of course.

They've been accused of fascism and other Nazis. But the guys who wear leather are always gonna get blamed. Yeah. You know, they make contentious social commentary in their music and videos, and you can take it however you wish. They blend satire, nonconformity and best of all fire as part of the identity. And one of the reasons I love rumps, I mean one of the reasons I love them is, you know, further angry, menacing machine like sound their commentary on the overall social condition, and, of course, their live shows. And of course, the penis cannon penis.

Don't forget,

pre COVID the band completed a very successful sold out stadium toured throughout Europe and the UK and had to postpone the US shows because of the pandemic. I know. However, the band is staying busy, and they recently started working on their eighth studio album, which will hopefully maybe hopefully, you know, we'll hopefully see next sometime next year, and by the time maybe touring resumes they'll be supporting two albums instead of just the one well, you know, it's funny because I'm hearing Frank do his little you know, report and stuff or his little yellow report and it's funny because a while back in high school, we were in journalism and he actually did a review when Reese Reese of rice rice, right. Damn it. Rice rice, it came out. Yeah. And so like, I actually still have that. Use that school paper, right? Yeah, his reviewing it. Well, cuz I kept a lot of the stuff that we did. But uh, but yeah, he did a he did a review on that. Uh, that's all right. I got another one. He he did a review on that. And I was just I was hearing him talking about you're excited. No, it was cuz Yeah. Are you scanning?

Dammit, they cancel their shows. But, but yeah, no, I mean, yeah. And that's the shitty thing is that this past Tuesday there was supposed to be here in town. Yeah, we were all gonna be there. Sucks. I really want to go to that. Like, cuz I didn't. I wasn't into Ramstein. Like, when they came out or like in the early 2000s. Like it was more of a recent thing that I started getting into. I want to say like, maybe the past five, six years. Oh, yeah, they've been around for quite some time, mid 90s. And, and I was like, Damn, like, I didn't realize like how much I liked Ramstein when I really started getting into their stuff. And then another thing too when I was looking at lists, like it's so weird because I know where I'm signing from Germany, but they didn't pop up on a lot of the lists that I was looking at unless it was a rock list. But also to I saw that a lot of the members aren't other bands or they do sidestone Yeah, and I was like oh, that's pretty cool. At least I saw like three members that are like in Cyprus yeah and actually uh, one of the one of the the side bands that I've been listening to lately is a immigrate which is Richard crests guitarist that's that that's his, that's his band. And he put out like three albums with them. And it's not that much of a departure from from signing. So sounds pretty much the same. Just with his vocals on it. Are they are they German based or no because I didn't see they are German based but I think the band members like rotate Yeah, I think Richards a constant but i think you know, they've had an American drummer they've had like a Swedish keyboardist so they, you know, the the lineup rotates. Hmm, interesting. I didn't, I didn't. I was trying to look around and I

yeah, I was like, I right. Like I said, I knew ROM sign, but man, it's so crazy how there's a lot of lists they didn't pop up on. Um, but yeah, I did see on Zimmer pop up everyone. Yeah. Beethoven and

Bach. So like, they were like, one of the first ones. I was like, I'm looking for rock bands. Not classical. But I mean, I guess they say we're rock. Only people that are on my list are leadwood Tobin,

Johann Sebastian Bach and Richard stress. Those are my mind rituals, my contribution, not Subash.


So there are composers, pianists, violinists, you know Richard Strauss's violinist conductor, and they're in from the romantic and early modern era. Yeah. Good stuff. That's my contribution today.

Oh, no, that's fine. That's a huge contribution. Right. I mean, we do need to think about that. Yeah.

I mean, also to I mean, they probably were the basis for a lot of the music that came out after Of course, yeah, of course. Alright, so beer break. Sweet. So the next one we're gonna have is actually one of the beers that served at Oktoberfest. It's one of the official Oktoberfest beers. This is the

Okay, how I don't know how much that Oh, shit, I don't know, starts with a fucking P. So I was like Hawker. Sure.

But that but that. But that kind of sounds Swedish, right? It sounds like I'm talking like Swedish or Viking language or whatever they are, and Hawker. And

somebody messaged me and asked me how to fucking say this. But I mean, or I'll Google it. No, not like somebody who knows what? Anyways, because I'll post the picture online. So somebody can tell me how his damn beers pronounced. I don't know it's pronounced. So excited to try it. Let me pour a little bit of this. And don't forget my

Cool, thank you. It's pretty cool.

And then just want to point out that a lot of these European countries, like I mentioned, emigrate has a variety of

musicians from other countries as the size of these countries are pretty small. So I'm guessing it's maybe easier to find people throughout. Because, you know, they don't really have to travel very far to get these countries because I mean, Germany's the size of Texas.

Massively smaller. It is. Yeah, sure. But yeah, I mean, it's one of the larger European countries for sure. You want to smell the bottle? Your

your class, check it smell the bottle if you want to. It's smelly, different, a little different than the I like this one better than another one.

Clear that is like it's not like, well, you can see it like this one more. Yeah. All right. So let me taste it and see how

Ooh, there's some there isn't as more of a

This one is more the the the,

like the toasted bread kind of tastes like you could taste the toastiness and it more than the other one. The other one was more sweet. Yeah, you can smell it. Yeah, this one's a little more toasty than the other one. It still has that sweetness, though, but it has a little that. Like I said that that toasty flavor to it. Um,

yeah, I don't know which one. I mean. Yeah, I guess I do like this one better.

Hmm. I

mean, they're both good, but this one does taste really good. Yeah, I can actually sense like, knowing that it's like legit and like it's an official like, you know, Oktoberfest beer. What would you rate it? Kim?

3.93 point. What did you get the last one 3.50 she's critical.

Only thing I don't like about this one. Is that bitterness at the end? Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's gonna have sadness. Yeah, so that's why I don't know if I'm used to because like, I started drinking IPAs more and I actually actually had a hookup so I don't want to say work beer but cool. This this IPA right here is actually not released yet. Oh, they actually got to try it. Oh, it was it was really fucking good. Um, but uh, apparently they when they release this every year they actually have a different artists do the artwork for the CO Oh, God. Yeah. And I know about that. And so I got this one. And I actually liked it. It was a it's a juicy IPA. Um, it was really good, but I'll post the I'll post a review on it on Instagram probably tomorrow. But yeah, for me, like the bitterness at the end. I don't really care for the bitterness. So that's why it's low on my readings. Okay, that's so weird because I don't I mean, I catch the hoppiness but like it doesn't really I guess it doesn't affect

Yeah, it doesn't but I just I wouldn't be able to drink a full one of these like if I was at Oktoberfest and they're like, This is crazy.

Well, I guess compared to the other one because I gave the other one a 4.4 I would give this on like a 4.5 it's like really don't call me critical

No, I know that but I learned is discerning the surname Yeah, there you go with the

standard to me. I'm a Brit. What do you read it?

So the last one, I guess because we can kind of compare them the last one you gave 4.2 Yeah, I would say like a 3.90. Wow. Okay, because you so you like on this one. I think I like the sweet, pretty. There was like a fruity element to the other one that I like a little bit better. All right. And for the record,

Germany is actually much smaller than Texas. It's like the size of New Mexico. So okay, well, it's a little bit bigger than New Mexico a little bit smaller than Montana.

I just wanted that. truss Steen. Um, Alrighty then.

Oh, wow. So yeah, this is this. Yep.

So anyways,

sorry, I was I was reading the the back of the label, but it was just so. So right, Kim, Do y'all have any German relate artists Really? It's about or do want me to go? I just told you my list. Oh, yeah, no.


You got something.

Okay, um, so on my list. I have Alphaville. Oh, I did not I don't even remember coming across Phil's a

pretty well known and popular synth pop band from the 80s.

There they got started in like, I don't know, I'm looking right now. 82 and they're still active.


they, their most famous song is probably Forever Young, which

it's been in a lot of movies and all kinds of stuff. And I'm sure if I played it for you, you'd be like, Oh, yeah, what do they call the kid? Alphaville. Mm hmm. Oh, is it like, oh, like the T? Bet. And then Ville Okay. Oh, sorry. I was catching that. Right. Yeah. Can you play that song? Right. Yeah, I want to hear it because yeah, cuz Sure. Yeah. Don't worry about another song that was popular called Big in Japan. That probably only I know. know, somebody else out there knows it. And would you say the name of that song was forever? Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna put that on the playlist. So Oh, yeah. So I'm gonna put that on our Spotify playlist. So we do have Spotify playlist to go along with our episodes. If you're interested in checking out the music that we talked about. Just go to a rock talk happy hour pod calm and then just go to the top right and you'll see the Spotify link

everybody knows the song.

Do ya know this? Yes, just wait.

Yeah, everybody knows.

Just wait till the chorus you'll know it.

Wow. I don't know.

I could do a dance if you want. I mean, yeah, sure. Well, me remember.


think so. I never really saw

crosspoint blade

I'm not cultured.

Classic Yeah.

In the poli

sci napoletana.


nope, no bells. They're like, just there.

That's making me sad. That the chorus Come on. Oh, the Holy shit. Okay. Like

I don't know what.

No, yeah. Okay, well, I'm gonna add on Spotify now. It makes me sad Mario. But yeah.

Okay, I put them up. It's crazy. Because I don't even remember seeing them on the dino where they're from.

They were looked it up and they were from like, multiple different. They're all from different parts of the game.


So here and there. While we're going I'm just gonna throw out some names that are German that we don't really have to talk about. Did you know lubega was fucking German? Yeah, I was actually gonna mention. I know I forgot.

I just didn't know when I saw it. I was like, Dude, that mama number five guys a German

I don't know where Germany's from. But yeah, he was German. So that's what that's funny. I had no idea. Yeah, so that was like a little fun fact thing that I was gonna throw out there. Yeah, sure. A lot of people just learn that right now too. Um, yeah.

I don't know. I can throw out a random one that doesn't we don't need to talk about I mean, you can Yeah, go for it. What do you got? Nina? I think I saw it on a list but I don't know who she is. She did a song called 99 read Oh, okay. I didn't nine fish left balloon maybe that's why was she just the one hit wonder. I'm pretty okay. So on this side, right. I don't know how things went for her and her own. Because I find she did a German version and an English version of that song. Yeah, cuz I saw that like she I guess I don't know. She probably

Like as her name, but then like she cut her last name off and just went by Nina. Yeah, but I didn't know that that was the name of the artists like yeah, okay, so I'm gonna write that down and that one pops up in movies a lot. Oh, I know that I know

that song I know. So that's gonna go on the playlist. Um, so of course, Frank's gonna have to send me some of his favorite Ramstein songs so I can put on Spotify. Yeah, that song is not going on there. Because it's overplayed. Kiss exclusive, so I'm not gonna play that song. But um

I guess I have an artist if you guys want to hear it. I'm good. So this artist I didn't know about until we want to say like six years ago and and I guess one reason that I didn't know about her was because we were not in Germany, but I guess I should have because she's really big in the, in the metal scene. So, Frank, I don't know if you've ever heard of Doro pesch? No, Dorothy pesch. So

Doro pesch. She actually goes by Dora. That's her solo name. She's actually known. I didn't know this. She's known as the queen of heavy metal. She's from Dusseldorf, Germany.

She's 56 years old. She has 17 albums under her belt. She was in a band originally in 82. called Warlock, she was a lead singer. So she was in that band from 82 to 88. She released four albums with them.

She's been active since the 80s. And she's actually still active. And I I first came across, I had no idea who she was, I had never heard her name before. Until

there was a tribute album that came out a few years ago called Ronnie James Dio, this is your life. And basically, it was a tribute album for Ronnie James Dio after he after he passed away. anthrax was on it. Metallica, Motorhead, Robert hallford, was on it. Then Dora was on and she did a song called Egypt, the chains are on. And I wasn't familiar with that song. I don't know what era of do that song came from? I don't know if it was like from deal or from heaven. And hell. I don't know if it was like a Black Sabbath era song. I actually really don't know, I didn't do my research on this. But I just know that song. And her book and vocals are she has a fucking awesome voice. And you could hear how like it's European. And never heard of her. Yeah. And she

she's, uh, she's fucking awesome actually started the playlist. I haven't titled it yet or anything. But that song that that I that I first heard her on, actually put it on the playlist. And I actually want to go check out some of her other stuff on her discography because she so she was part of that Warlock band from 82 to 88. Then she kind of went solo under d'Oro. And she's had so many members, she actually had a European version of the band. She had an American version of the band, like and like she just had different versions of the band. Okay, and I didn't even know that. Like she was actually really big here too. But I guess in the metal scene, right. And I guess I wasn't really aware because I guess this was like in the, in the 80s 90s like metal scene and obviously, you know, we were growing okay. But uh, yeah. She's like the queen of heavy metal, you know, and you're talking about heavy metal. And some of the bands that come to mind are bands like accept and helloween accept is on the list of mine. Yeah. And there's one and there's one called Ed guy. Also. I've heard it. Yeah. And I remember man back in like the Headbangers ball days. A lot of these bands were featured on there. But you know, and I never stopped to like think of you know, I should go pick up their music. And she's actually like, connected to all those bands like she's actually really popular in the metal scene for doing like duets with other metal vocalist. She's actually done like a bunch of guests, spots on other bands albums, like in bridal.

Like European metal band community. So I think she's more known in Germany.

But she's still like people like here in this, like bands from here in the States still know who she is, if you're like, really deep in the metal, right?

Like, I guess the metal underground or whatever, because I didn't know who she was. And she was on an album. I was like, holy shit. But uh, yeah, she's really awesome. So I'm gonna put that song on the playlist so everyone can check it out. And you can, of course, check out her other stuff. But yeah, she's been around since the ease and she's still she's still like pumping stuff out. And it's so crazy because like, you know,

a female in the middle scene, you know, from like, it's been around from the 80s. And I didn't even know you know, but I didn't even know about her name from till, like six years ago. And then I didn't know that that was her nickname until I did research for this episode. I was like, shit, I didn't know she was like this big iconic Female Vocalist in the metal community like I had no idea. Um, so I learned something. You know that because I consider myself I thought I grew up a metal head you know, not not with the 80s and not you know at stuff but because my dad listened to like a lot of made in and priests

Then, you know, Sabbath and stuff and then the stuff we grew up with when when when new metal came out, so I always thought I was a metal head but I mean, then I didn't know shit like this. I was like, Fuck, you know, I mean, I you know, and it took me a long time to get into bands like Slayer to and stuff and I still like I'll listen to I don't know if you're familiar with full metal Jackie. Yes. So I listen to her like, occasionally just to listen to metal bands that I don't know about. because she'll play metal bands from like the 80s all the way till today, and I'll be like, holy shit, there's Ben's fuckin badass like, I like iced Earth. Like I didn't know I was dude fucking iced earth like, I don't know where they're from, but I fuckin I think they're British actually. Yeah, I don't know where they're from. Exactly. But I know they have like a lot of biking.

Inspired like music and stuff. Okay, well, the themes, right? But I like bands like that. And there's another band called just the bands you named actually earlier like Ed guy. Halloween and stuff. Like, you know, like, Fuck, like, I I dig that metal shit. I just think girl girl with her like getting get into it. Like I you know, I thought I would have. So yeah, that was my that was my first person on my list. Cool. And then to throw a random one out there. Kraftwerk. Yeah, actually that are like in crouching on. Oh, sorry.

Well, I wasn't sure if you were gonna have him on because I know you're more into that side of music I am. So I was like, I wasn't sure if you're gonna have them on your list or not. But you want to talk about whoever's on Yeah, sure. So, uh, I'm gonna bust out my Spanish again. might have been the East cracker. You're gonna throw people off.

So Kraftwerk is an interesting band. They're actually considered robot pop. Oh, they're electronic, but they call themselves robot pop. They were initially part of the now insensitive term crowd rock scene and in the mid 1970s, a transition to a fully electronic sound, and are credited as pioneers in electronic music. Some other albums obsessively focused on concepts like radio activity, transportation, cycling, and technology just to name a few. And they are very media shy and rarely grant interviews at times, they have used mannequins as stand ins for live shows for photo and video shoots.

pretty rad. They are particularly selective of touring logistics, such as choice of venues and travel that works in the time of COVID.

Oh, yeah.

And they're known for using and they're known for using cryptic language to communicate their lyrics and messages. And I think overall, they have a very curious mystique about them. And they've been at it for like 50 years. Yeah. Hopefully they still have some life in them to stick around a little longer. So they're still they're still active, right? They're still active. Yeah. One of their members passed away not too long ago. Yeah. Like maybe a few months ago was like colon cancer or something like some some type of cancer. Yeah. Cool. Um, Kraftwerk. Is there a song that you can name that you think I would know? Actually, yeah. Coldplay? sampled? A Coldplay? I'm sorry. I just that's one band that I hate me too. But they have a song I think on their third album, I forget the name of the album that they you know, they they wrote to Kraftwerk, asking for permission to to, to sample the song did they say no, and then do it anyway, they get sued. So they were they were granted permission.

So what's what craftworks? Yeah. What what Coldplay song was it. Okay, so the Kraftwerk song is computer love. Okay. And the Coldplay song? I'm not sure but it's under third album. I think that was like the last discography. That's the last album. I think that I stopped. Sucks or stopped listening. No, I actually like Coldplay. I think they're I think their first three four albums are really good. I just think they're like a bandit. What's that other band? Yeah, I don't like

Oh, excellent. Why is the album

Yes, x&y is the name of the album. Oh, radio hats other band I don't like

that German.

Spanish, Frankie Spanish. So the name of the song Coldplay? Coldplay song is called talk. And that's the one that sample with a computer though from from, from Kraftwerk. Okay, and this is a computer that came out in the 80s and Kraftwerk got really into technology. I mean, they were already like in the 70s you know, doing electronic music, but they weren't it. You know, what the use of computers and whatnot. Wait, when did they start? They got started in 1970. Holy shit. Yeah, yeah. Holy crap. Okay. And, you know, their first four albums were just like traditional.

I guess just like your standard rock and roll. Yeah. And when they're interacting Yeah, like wonder fourth album came out. That's when they switched to a fully electronic sound. And since then, that's all they've been doing just electronic. They don't even they don't even acknowledge the first three albums like, oh, wow, they've completely removed themselves from from that.




on your list on my list. Oh, yeah, cuz I got like, I got one more that I really wanted to talk about. But then like everyone else was like, just there. And it's funny cuz like, I know Britt had mentioned scorpions. I didn't know they were German. Oh, excuse me, right. But I didn't do any research on and like, I kind of grew up around scorpions, because my parents know I mean, I don't know a whole lot about scorpions, but everybody knows the radio stuff. Air Yeah.

Oh, it looks like they were on Oh, go ahead. Oh, I was just gonna say I knew they were German from way back because of that song. wind wind change. I say I thought it was I thought it was windy. Saturday, and also to their their guitarist Michael Schenker. He's got a he's got like a trio. I think the Michael Schenker group.

And it's like, a hard rock like a damn, you know,

way more than I know. I mean, I just read a lot of Guitar World. I guess. So look, I used to man, man, I haven't fucking I bought one issue, like, a few months ago. It's sitting over there. Yeah, but I don't know. It just got lame to me. Passengers just kind of, um, but scorpions actually formed in 65 in Hanover, and Hannover, Germany. It looks like let's see if there still looks like I don't know if they're still active or not.

Oh, yeah, they are still active. Yes. Holy shit. Why no, they weren't Reversi breakfast not too long ago. I thought they were on the last they were supposed to two years right this three years ago this month with the with the the pretenders. Right? Oh, fuck. I'm working on the pretenders. No. Yeah, I mean crazy. These highs, right? He's probably right. Always never high. Right? No, that's true. He's never high. But the No, it wasn't the scorpions and the pretenders. It was?

No it was it was like Holland oats or something. I think it was journey. Okay.

It's funny, right? That's accurate. So it's so weird here because according to Wikipedia, they formed in 65. But in 75, only, they were known as the hunters. Oh, which is crazy. I don't know, they were trying to mix things up. They break up for a little bit. I shave 70 or whatever it was when they formed, but they didn't like get success at that point. I mean, and holy crap. So it looks like they got attention with a song wind of change. Right? Why didn't know wind of change? And in 19 in 1990, it was their 11th album in 1990. Dang, yeah, I did not know that. But I mean, shit. Imagine being like 11 deep in your discography. And everyone's like, Oh, this band's freaking cool, because it will change and then like, fucking Rocky, like a hurricane comes out like fucking, I don't know, years after that, because I think it was after that.

I mean, I don't know. Because when it changed was like 8990. Right? A wind of change was 90. Okay, so really walking down in 89. And that's what the song is about.

I feel like maybe it was the 80s or something. Right. I feel it was the 80s I think it was before that song. I think they were they had popularity before they don't even have hurricanes in Germany.

They do not. So 8480 Yeah. Okay. And then at two, no one like you came out on blackout. Blackout. This is kind of weird. I know. This is like a fucking random thing.

Blackout is one of my favorite fucking album covers. Oh, it's like yeah, I fucking love that album cover. Um, if you've never seen it before. Yeah. Dude, it's the one that dude yeah, we're gonna go see actually don't have a pull up. No, I can pull it up, though. Who's got?

Oh, no, that's fine.

scorpions blackout.

No, I don't care about the

shout out Google. But that's the I don't know why I just love that artwork. Like, it's just certainly cool. But yeah, so of course, I'm so.

Sorry. So yeah, scorpions. Uh, I don't know the Oh, so Rocky, like a hurricane. As you said it right. 84 Yeah. 84 So, yes, just so crazy. How like, fuckin fuck 1101 that's your first like, you know, but I you know, okay, so I don't really maybe in the states like that, like, I haven't really fully like carefully listen to the lyrics to wind of change. But um, you know, I think it's one of those like power ballads that was accessible to everybody. And maybe that's why they reach a larger audience and it was topical.

I mean, it was about the Berlin Wall coming down. It was enormous thing. Y'all were babies. So you don't know. But it was a humongous deal. It was huge. to a lot of people.

says I want to sing this song so bad. Do it, please.

I am three. No, not that song will change. Okay, down. Oh, so I remember so one time in a band I was in. It was a metal band. They called themselves new metal even though like I was like, dude, y'all can't fucking be new metal. It's not the 2000s like, it was like 2014 I think 2015 and so we were playing a show. And scorpions were playing in town that st night. And I wanted to go but we didn't. So we were I didn't get a ticket. So I was playing a gig and I got with the guitarist and other guy in the other guys in the band. And I said, hey, let's not tell the singer. Let's start playing rocky like a hurricane and seabees plugin sings it. So he's like, Alright, this is the next song and it was supposed to be one of our songs and we start poking play rock you like a hurricane. Just like looking like what the book

is. Like, we just started playing it like without telling me and everybody was like, did you start singing? No, he didn't start singing. I'm like, dude, boo. But yeah, so But honestly, like, who knows the words other than the chorus.

His face he was like a

nobody. Yeah, I would have just maybe hummed until we got to the course.

Down to donkey.

Donkey Park. Gorky Park. Oh, God, like donkey. I always thought it was donkey.

donkey. Okay, so the next thing

Yeah, when I thought it was wins, but Okay, so the next Beer Beer break. So next beer we're gonna have is the is another beer. That's official for Oktoberfest. Okay, it's the Pollinger Oktoberfest. Um,

yeah, so they got non alcoholic, right? They do have an alcoholic. Yeah. You had it right on the show. I have I think yes. It's like a Shandy, I believe. All right, let's see.

I'm quite I'm quite sure it's a Shandy. Alright, so

this one is very light. Very light.

very pale. Thank you.


with your three sips

she's drinking that sour.

Watermelon. Oh, boy. All right. So

Paul, enter. This very light. Oh, yes, light. And

this one smells this one actually has a toasty sweet, sweet smell to it.

I was just kind of like it still smells sweet. But I don't know like it's it smells a little like

to touch my nose.

Oh, yeah, cuz you're so far down in the glass.

You can smell mine.

sounded weird.

Don't smoke.

Okay, so

I like to it smells smells good.

That might affect your judge your ratio and kind of tastes like it's But

no, it's more. It doesn't have as much sweetness as the two that we had before. It has no sweetness. Yeah, it's like, I mean, there's some there but it's not like it's not my favorite.

I don't know what's wrong with my palate now because I don't taste our tastes. I'm like this tastes looking good. It's just doesn't have a lot of sweetness to it. The bitterness I guess don't hit doesn't hit me as much now, as I remember when I first had cooking like the pilsners and IPAs. I was like, Fuck that. But now like, I guess my palates gotten used to the bitterness over the hops. Um, so now I kind of look for it a little bit. This one?

I don't know. I mean, I like it. I like it. But I think the other ones the sweetness. Like this one right here. The

the Hawker I like the the toastiness that had more. And

the Sierra Nevada I think you'd like to better that one was this. Oh, she she liked that one better. I liked the Sierra Nevada a little better. Oh, okay. Yeah, it was it was the other way around you right? Yeah. Um, so Okay, so what do you what do you rate this one

Then again I am also drinking a watermelon be true sour watermelon. So what do you write this poner Fishel? Oktoberfest beer? So critical? Let's see.

No I know and it's funny because I just want to let everybody know that the ratings um, it also depends on like, our tastes so Kim's taste is different than mine so it's gonna affect the rating a little bit Brits depends also on how drunk we are. But yeah

I think we get a little more forgiving tarsia I think with this one I think I'm gonna do like a 4.3 I think I'm gonna do higher than the Sierra Nevada but lower than the Hawker. Okay, because I like this one.

Yeah, I'm gonna go with 4.3

I don't know if it's lower than the first one or if it's

actually yeah, I'm gonna go with

voc. I don't know. Yeah. 4.3 3.3 3.3 42.9 Holy shit. Okay, yeah, no. megusta Okay, it's critical. That was German for

she do hos it.

I'm just kidding. I don't know what a she hostid doo doo. Doo is me right? No, no. Do it you Yeah. What's me?

Ah, okay. Like you feel like Yeah, okay. Okay, cool. I got it. I'm gonna I'm gonna get a What's the name of that fuckin Duolingo show is I MC is me.

Guten Freitag. That means hello. Hello, Frank.

Okay, so, okay, back on topic. Oh my god. So, um, Frank, I don't know if you had kmfdm on your list or Britt had? Yeah. If you're like, No, no, I don't hate them or anything. I just did. I know. I managed a list of like six and then I stopped. No, no, I mean, I had six too, but I only really wrote about three to actually Yeah, no, I mean, I do have them on my list. But it's not like one that I touched up on. It's just one of those that I do in pal. Yeah, go for Yeah, what you what you got on kmfdm Oh, not not not kmfdm though. There's another band that I have. What do you what do you have as a band called pink? Pink turns blue? What the hell? I didn't even see that. Oh, yeah, they're actually they're pretty underground. Okay, kink turns. So underground that Okay, nevermind, just go for it. Okay, yeah, so pink turns blue is part of the early generation of 1980s, German goth rock bands. And they're a key player in the formation of the dark wave sub genre of goth.

And honestly, I don't know much about the band. I only discovered them within the last year. But sometimes when I want to listen to some goth punk, they're a band they turned to to get my fix. What I do know is that they have a dozen albums out holy crap with some compilations as well. And they're highly esteemed in the post punk scene and they have a pretty solid. That's a pretty solid material. I think. How? How long have they been around?

8587 shit. Are they still active? Yeah, they're still active. I think they broke up in like mid 90s and then mid 2000s they got back together. Shit. Um, did I don't know if we mentioned it before the show or during do we talk about Hans Zimmer before the show? I don't know. I think he did. Pirates of the Caribbean right? He did he fucking hell. Let me see.

I was thinking Danny Elfman But no, he's

that's a different thing. Let's see.

Hans Zimmer scores. So Oh, he did the Dark Knight Da Vinci Code.

Fuck I guess he didn't do fuckin Pirates of the Caribbean hotel did that.

I thought he did do

a heck Okay, well, he's

Oh, he did do Pirates of Caribbean. Oh, okay. Yeah, he did a arza Caribbean Sherlock Holmes Inception Dark Knight Lion King.

What Lion King DQ Da Vinci Code Interstellar. Okay, anyways, but yeah, I'll put the Pirates of Caribbean themes on Spotify.

So I'm in a I guess yeah, some of the other bands all this stuff is of course scorpions. kmfdm is one Tokyo hotels and other I saw them on the list but I don't like them. So I didn't want to mention them. Tokyo hotel and then there's a metal core band. Caliban Caliban Taliban this sounds sounds like I like I've heard their name before. Yeah. pop up the name here and they're like a it's what the seat with a see. Okay, see, ya

know, David Hasselhoff. Okay, so I did my research on him. He has German lineage. Hence the last Yes, but he's not I thought he was the Austrian or something or

No no he's American. Yeah, but his like he has German Roman characters. Sure. Yeah, I mean the last name is German. Yeah.


Then I've got also Atari teenage riot. I didn't Oh yeah, I saw them on there too. Yeah, they were under two and

they're like electro hardcore.

Okay, so all these bands is your naming. Do you like that? I actually do like Atari teenage riot. I think it's the type of music like everyone in this room just like really, really hard. breakbeat techno Hmm, that's got like a punk feel to it. You will listen to them. Speaking of techno I got scooter on my list on a scooter is no I don't know. Uh, he actually was a really popular techno artists in the in Europe. And he actually did i think i think called pop core or pop hardcore or some shit like that. I was into him for a little while. I actually own one of his albums. It's in my CD booking binder over there. So I'll put the songs on there, I guess. But yeah, he was like, he was like a fucking multi, whatever. fuckin selling multi, multi Platinum selling artist and in Europe. Big German. His name was scooter. He was really into techno and some hardcore shit. But um,

yeah, I mean, that's dope. That's one of the other ones I had on my throwaway list. And yeah, the vocalist for Atari teenage riot, like Empire. He went and did his own thing. And he's more of a punk

style and then a band that's from America, but is now based in Germany is a soft moon and their postpunk Hmm. I don't know who that is. How long have they been around? Maybe 2010 2009. Yeah, and he liked his band. Right? I dig that. Okay, because if you'd like them I'm putting them on the playlist and not didn't Yeah, like I'll send you the songs for bands. I think I was checking out kelemen to now I don't know I'm not really into metal core but okay. Oh, but they popped up Well, I mean, metal cord just depends. I don't know I'm not really into swinging my arms and legs around. Well, it's well it's funny because well, because 103 because that's how they might well

have to demonstrate later I'd like to see well what's what's it's funny that you say that because one of the like, fuckin original metal core bands is Killswitch Engage and dude, I've been Killswitch Engage shows and nobody ever fucking did that. Which is crazy because there are those bands that were considered metal court where they did that. Yeah, those are the bands I didn't listen to right but yet I did love Killswitch Engage and Killswitch Engage was apparently the first middle quarter or one of the bands there's that whole scene to like the new English metal core bands too. They were probably more I think like shadows followers.

And I think they were more then on that and like they were American, but they were more. They like they were more influenced by the European. Okay. Yeah. Cuz like when I went to those shows, do no one dance like that. I didn't fucking go to the shows. No. Okay. I've been to some of those shows. Yeah, yeah, no, I've been to some of those shows too, but not like by choice, right.

So another band that I had on my list was accept, and you mentioned them earlier. So accept. They're a heavy metal band from solidedge. In Germany.

They, they formed in 76. And they're still present.

The band actually split up like at least three times. So they've had like, multiple lineups. And this was something I didn't know about. Except so everyone knows. Except by the I'm sure you've heard the song balls to the wall. Mm hmm. Okay, well, that's their song. Okay, that's the song like everyone knows him for sure. And that wasn't a catchy title. Yeah, and now, I remember playing that song on I think, like, one of the early guitar heroes I think was like on the first. But I knew that song before that. Um, so that song came on 83 but they've been around since 76. And what I didn't know cuz if you listen that song, you wouldn't think this. But they actually helped developed, they helped develop speed and thrash metal, like they were like on one of the early bands that helped form that was interesting. And what I what I also learned about doing research on this was they actually influenced bands like Metallica, Pantera, and anthrax, which is fucking crazy, because I was like, Oh, shit, like, just off that one song that I know, you wouldn't think that. But they influence Metallica and shit. And they pretty much influenced like half of the Big Four, which is crazy. And that's not to say like, that they didn't put on here that they influenced with, you know, Megadeth and Slayer as well, because they could have it just wasn't on the on the on the stuff that I saw. But uh, but yeah, except was was I didn't know they were from Germany. And then also to to add what we're talking about kmfdm or you're just saying that they were all throw away. They're from Hamburg, Germany. They formed in 84. And then as you said earlier, earlier, MD FM Qk formed off of that band from two members of kmfdm. And that was because they weren't really saying

I own stuff and they just wanted to.

I mean, yeah, they just weren't agreed on shit. So they're like, oh, let's just make another band and spelled the name backwards. But uh, anyways, yeah, so so that was that was though so accept was probably the other big one that I had on my list.

There was another band there, creator. Yeah as a metal creator with a K creator with a K Yeah, what about Vader? Are they also German?

Vi D er, like Darth Vader? Yeah.

I'm pretty sure they're German. I'm probably just making shut up right now.

It happened? Well, they're polish. Oh, okay. Well, yeah. Close enough. Uh

yeah, so Bader Germans in the polls, but not

me but their neighboring countries.

So what what Ben and I fuckin just say, Go creator, yeah, creator, creator, and Darth Vader.

creators from so they're a thrash metal band. So they are from Essen, Germany, and they formed in 82. I know I've heard some creator stuff because a full metal jacket like that. I can't tell you if I like them or not. I'm familiar with the logo because the logo is very distinct. Um, but uh, yeah, I mean, I'll try to look up something and see if I can find something good to put on on Spotify. Because I do dig like the different genres of metal thrash be dead. Like I pretty much out there's at least one band in every genre that I like, in metal, but Brit Peter shilling? Yeah. Peter shillings? We do. And then we talked about him earlier. No, we did it. Right. We just Yeah, yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about him? Just like off the top of your head. Yeah, that Peter Schilling is German. And

was I mean, I, you know, I don't I without looking I can't really tell you a whole lot. But I know that you know, his the his song

which was called major major Tom or Tom, which is, you know, a continuation or like a version of David Bowie's Space Oddity song right.

There was very popular and yeah, I saw that right. And it's also was recorded in German and in English and is that the only thing you don't like? That's like the thing most famous for I don't know if there are any follow up hits or anything like that. He's from Stuttgart Germany. He was stupid. Damn it. I'm never gonna get these. I'm gonna I'm gonna download Duolingo Yeah,

he's a 64 years old. So he's been active since I can't see but for a while, is inactive for a while. We'll just say that. Since the 80s for sure. But yeah, that's that was his probably his big, biggest song. Right? I'm guessing that was the famous one. I heard it. Of course, that that if you haven't, then you know I'm but but you said it's a continuation of the David Bowie song that David Bowie's Space Oddity song about major Yeah, really about drug use, of course, but then but chilling like that. He he kind of did his own sort of version of that story. So have I heard that version? I hope so. I mean, I know what I know. I know that David Bowie song. It's like he carries on the Major Tom character and as you know, I don't know telling. I'll play it for you later. But okay, yeah, it's really good. No, I actually have it on vinyl. And on one side, it's in English on the other side. It's in German Spanish.

Holy shit. Frankie. Well, it's funny because speaking of, you know, cuz you were gonna say Spanish. Yes. Rob Stein has a song.

Called a down we'll put that. Oh, yeah.

It's actually a good song.

It has trumpets and everything. That's, uh,

heard it before, but I, I blocked it. I'm gonna add it. Since it's related to this episode. I'm gonna go ahead and add that on.

I'm gonna add that and add that a Peter Schumpeter. So song. Yeah, I have one more band. Okay, go for it. And they're called camouflage. And they're I know all of my bands all of my but how did I not come up with I actually went on a list on Wikipedia for a to z. Number one and at home. I saw I saw some of those lists too, and they didn't have several of these artists on there. I saw one A to Z that didn't even have that didn't have alpha villain. And then you said camouflage.

regular way.

Okay, and they were, well they got started in the early 80s. And they are still active today and


Are German and they had the the number one us dance hit for like three weeks it says what the song called the great commandment. And if you go to any new wave bar and in town, you'll hear the great commandment when you're there and it's still I mean, it's still played. You know the question. The question everybody wants to know is does Mario do I know

the answer is no, if you don't know they Alphaville song, you're not gonna know that.

But I'll say it for you. So I've never heard it with you guys. And because we were at maybe at wax

All right, um, shit. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to. Well, I'm gonna learn a lot of stuff. Yeah.

stuff. Yeah. The ones that came up for me other than the scorps. And yeah, like when you set that I really didn't. I mean, I knew of wind of change, but I didn't really I knew and I knew the story behind it. Yeah, but I didn't know that. I just didn't ever see that. They were from Germany. Yeah, I didn't. I didn't know that. And I just want to do a little shout out to my boys. Depeche Mode. Always but they're so big in Germany. It's ridiculous. Really? Yeah. Because Martin gore lived in Berlin for a while. I mean, they're just like outrageously huge in Germany. Depeche Mode song you just tell me like 1000 Depeche Mode songs. Oh, that'd be cool with me.

Okay, I'll put the whole discard. Yeah, there you go. Depeche Mode. I'll put Depeche Mode on. Yeah. And they were really influenced by that. Eastern European communist sort of

aesthetic, I think. Okay, early on. All right. Um, you guys have anything else on your list? If not, I

I think I said it all. Okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I think I had everything on my list that I wanted to talk about too.

If we don't have anything else, and I guess what we're gonna do is obviously, we're gonna end the show, but um, there's some, there's some Oktoberfest beers that we didn't get to. Some of them we'll get to next episode because we're gonna figure out we're gonna talk about German wines since

since Oktoberfest goes on for a while. Um, but what we'll do is we're gonna drink some beers off show, you know, off the off the mics. And then of course, we'll read them. And you'll be able to see one Instagram, cuz whatever we don't drink on the show. I usually post on Instagram too. You can also see our beer chart on our website and you can see all the information on the beer as far as ABV where they're brewed, what's have a beer, they are what we rated them. And that's going to be on rock solid, happy hour, pod calm. On top of that, you can find all our episodes on the website, everywhere that you can listen to to the episode as far as podcast wise, apples, Spotify, Google, play apples, apples, I mean, Google podcasts, and oranges, apples, oranges, Google podcasts.

So any of those a podcast outlets, you'll find the links on our website. And you'll also find the links to our Spotify playlists. So you'll see two little Spotify icons, one's going to be for our podcasts, the other one's going to be for our music playlist. So you'll find all that on rock copy or pod Comm. Also, our social media links, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. And I guess with all that said, just keep an eye on our Instagram. And we'll be posting more Oktoberfest beers with our ratings and when we think about them, until next time, we'll see you guys next week. Yeah, cheers. Cheers. Cheers.

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