Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 13 - Gone Too Soon

September 12, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 13
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 13 - Gone Too Soon
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 13 - Gone Too Soon
Sep 12, 2020 Episode 13
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, in a kinda, sorta, relation/continuation of last episode, we discuss artist who were Gone Too Soon. We also talk about the difference in how alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers are brewed, Hot Topic, why not to laminate things, what we are drinking this episode, and more! Cheers!

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This episode, in a kinda, sorta, relation/continuation of last episode, we discuss artist who were Gone Too Soon. We also talk about the difference in how alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers are brewed, Hot Topic, why not to laminate things, what we are drinking this episode, and more! Cheers!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank and this is your favorite True Crime podcast. So are you ever coming back?

Oh, y'all are gonna let me say that. Yeah. All right. We're not as I think one of my one of my topics probably true crime related. Yeah, maybe, dang Well,

we're not true crime or not self help or we're not any of those kind of podcasts. Well, I mean this this might lead to a self help podcast but this is a craft beer and music podcast. So this is a podcast where every episode we try different craft beers. We discuss And we rate them and then sometimes we learn a little bit about them. And we also talk music related topics. So this week is we're going to be talking about artists who are gone too soon. We kind of ties a little bit to our last episode, which if you missed it, it was our What if episode, which was basically like, what if this happened? What if this happened? So yeah, I mean, it kind of ties ties to it. Um, what else was I gonna know? So beers, beers beers, um,

well, I guess this could be a self help, right? Because maybe there's someone out there who's not used to craft beers. Like they're just used to like a little run of the mill stuff and we mentioned stuff gonna help you Yeah, we're gonna help you help yourself to not

to not be basic. Don't be basic, guys. You don't want to be basic. No,

but uh, it's okay. Every now. So, we

So, we we usually have this little segment in the beginning, sometimes the segment doesn't pop up because it doesn't need to. Doesn't need to. But uh, we have a little thing that we like to do called the hangover, where we talk about stuff that was left over from the previous episode that want to get off our chest. And Brett, I know had something that she wanted to talk about. So whenever you're ready, let us know what that was because I'm curious, okay to talk about.

Um, so my

question was, what if Andy wood had never died? Andy wood was the lead singer of Mother Love Bone, right and so he died of accidental overdose. And after he died, the rest of the band reached out and looked for lead singer they found Eddie Vetter. They became Pearl Jam. So if he had not died and Pearl

Jam wouldn't

might not have ever happened. We wouldn't even know any better name possibly,

right. So was that he And another band before Pearl Jam

I'm not any I don't Not that I know of not none that like actually made it made me yeah yeah

I'm sure he was right because all those Seattle dudes were all in bands

yeah but again like nothing commercially successful right perhaps But Mother Love Bone was they had already put out albums they were pretty well known and then Andy would died at the age of 24

so were they like one of like the first like,

like like were they in like the original movement of the grunge movement because like you know how everyone will last episode if you heard we were talking about the Oh like I don't know if we were talking about about it that that episode where like the overrated like Nirvana was being over. Like, I think

we brought that up a lot a lot right where you're like, not super fans of Nirvana and I think that's okay,

we're like they had gotten too much. I guess exposure, not exposure, but attention. Being like the grunge man when the grunge had been coming up for like way before Nirvana, right? Um, but uh, so yeah, they were one of those bands.

Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Um, but uh Yeah. Did you did you have any? See?

I mean, I don't know. I mean, I think it's just interesting to wonder like, would we you know, if they hadn't would have just continued on his Mother Love Bone or would they have split up and kind of form some other you know, would pro chimps still have happen? pro James pretty big. Yeah, band and they made it obviously a lot further than Mother Love Bone ever did or we're going to probably and so I don't know, just kind of made me scratch my template a little bit.

You know, and then there's all those rumors too, that Elvis is still alive somewhere. It makes me wonder. I know. Yes. Supposedly, Tupac is still alive and he's in Jamaica and he's into the whole Rastafari movement. Now

I run a smoothie bar or something right. Some

of you You never know. Maybe

it's just a hologram.

a hologram? Oh, but uh, so um, what do you guys drinking? Cuz I know we'd like to talk about what we're drinking the beginning of the episode. I know we usually switch up drinks throughout the episode but uh, What are y'all drinking?

So Kim and Mario hooked me up with the bravest Brabus but I was

gonna say it I just bought it.

I think it's brave is brewing and I think I've had another one of theirs and I maybe like an IPA. It was it was quite good but this is a brave is brewing oatmeal stout and it's from, I believe California, Santa Ana, California. Oatmeal stout. I haven't I haven't I haven't haven't taken a sip yet. But it's got less than point five alcohol and it has a really nice smell. As a nice smell. Yeah, and it's got a really dark color. Really, really nice dark color to it. So I'm gonna I'm gonna take a sip now

so for those of you who don't know Frank is the resident non alcohol non alcoholic beer drinker, so he lets us know what's going on on that side as well. I didn't ever see you make a face like that drink.

I feel bad. I should have like split it.

Oh, no, no, no,

no. No, but it's really good. It actually tastes like a like a stout. Really? Yeah.

Huh? For sure. Yeah,

like a good sound. Because you're both

there's a kind of a sour aftertaste, but I think it's really good. And it also tastes like like I would if you served it to me at a bar and told me there was booze in it. I would think so. Yeah, like close.

Is there any drops?

Like the cannon Oh, can I can I want to see Yeah, there's a.

Okay, there's very convincing.

Sweet Well, now we'll know like to at least, that's a good sign. Maybe even keep an eye out for this brewery to see We find anything else that they make.

And in fact, from what I read about this brewery is the founder. I think he was, I may be wrong, but I think he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. And so he couldn't, he couldn't drink anymore. And so that bummed him out. So he he founded a brewery that was, you know, specifically non alcoholic, but he didn't want to compromise flavor. So I think he does some good work. And I think I've had the two others embrace brewing. And I don't know what it is they do something in the brewing process. But I mean, you would be fooled to think that they have no alcohol. No,

yeah, this one is very convincing. I don't

know I talking about non alcoholic beers. I kind of something popped in my head and we hadn't discussed it, so I might as well talk about it now. So our buddy Chuck Vince, from the chuck Manchu Oh, yeah. He actually brought it to our attention. I had no idea that a hate breed is going to be coming out with a with a beer soon and we're actually on the kind of like on the waiting list. Here's the interesting thing about it. Not only Are they coming out with a beer but they're also coming out with a non alcoholic beer at the same time. And I was like, that's pretty cool because like, that's a first off them God was the first not banned beer. Right. And so now these guys are gonna have like two options, they're gonna have an alcoholic and non alcoholic version. So it's I know they had a release party, or I think the releases party is coming up from the tap room for the brewery that it has it. I don't know what state it's in, but it's going to be rolling out soon. So I signed up for the mailing list. So as soon as it goes on, so I'll get a notification. I'll be cool. So I've been trying on the show. And then with speaking of like, band beers, there's another one I discovered that uh, I think it came out like two years ago, um, from what I saw wasn't limited release because there was a brewery here in the states that was doing and it was a Motorhead beer. And but it actually still exists, but only in the UK right now because I went to the website, and I was like, holy shit, like So yeah, Motorhead had a beer too, or has a beer but we can't get a hold of it. I guess that version because apparently there was two different versions, there was a UK version. And then the version that we had was an American IPA. And I don't know if something happened with them in the brewery and they're not making anymore but the UK breweries still making the UK version. Okay, so I was like, man, it'd be cool. We can get an importer for that because there's they're still making it and it came out like two or three years ago.

importer, did you ever reach out to the I did twice? Oh,

so I reached out to the importer who did the Iron Maiden beers. Because since that beers from the UK or from England the martial the martial brand has their own beer, or their had their own line of beers. And that's based in the UK too. So I was like, Well, if these guys and funny thing too is this, this importer here from the states are actually from Austin. So they're down the street from us. So it's like, well, they can import the art made and beer here to us. Then why can't they import the martial beer? So I did. I tagged them and sent him a message. I haven't heard anything back. Um, there's been quite a bit of breweries that have been, you know, really cool with resharing or stuff and following us on Instagram and Twitter. So that that's pretty cool. I'm also too, there's actually another Iron Maiden beer coming out. I think it's a stout I'm not sure it's supposed to be coming out, I think next month that posted posted a teaser for it on our Instagram when they announced it, so we're gonna have to Iron Maiden beers here in the States instead of just the one um, all the other ones are either Japan or they're in the UK only.

Though it's interesting because the UK and Ireland they're really big on their stouts

Yeah, so they they already have a stout i think but it's not available here, but they have another stout that's going to be supposed to be coming out. So it's going to be next month. So hopefully like total wines will have it because I know For a while total wine had the Iron Maiden trooper beer. And our rhcp had it for a while too. But this was like when we first moved in that area, so it was like maybe two years ago or a year ago, something like that. And I haven't seen it since. And then total wine when they sold out of theirs. I haven't seen in a while either, like the past few times that we've gone. I haven't seen it. So I don't know what's going on with the stock or whatever it might be. Excuse me. It might have something to do with COVID I don't

know. Yeah. But uh, for our foreign listeners. HDB is a grocery store. That literally means ham, eggs and bacon.


I knew what it meant and I believed them. Yeah.

I'm a Brit. What are you drinking?

I'm drinking the National Bureau of Texas. OnStar.

I haven't had one of those. While it's a monster light, the blue cat I like both of them the red the Red Label or the Boolean Yeah, they're both good.

I don't know what to say about it. They've been brewing in Texas since 1884. Did we? Did we talk about those guys? Are they are they owned by by paps? I don't know the answer that question. I thought that was the probeer

Yeah, there's multiple. Yeah, they were they were they were by paps, but

I do love that you can get it for like two bucks. Oh, no. Yeah.

Oh, yeah, for sure. You can get a lone star in a shot for like 250 right. This is how we roll. But yeah, it's it says Lonestar brewing out of Fort Worth. No paps on there. There's no sign of paps on here.

Maybe that'll be another hangover for next week.

Okay. Now dammit. I could I could swear but I'd have to go through my notes. I don't feel like it. Unless they're not like unless they're like really? I don't know. Anyways. Answers good. Yeah, loan sir. Yeah, they might be somewhere but uh, because I remember when we were talking about a Rainier. Yeah. So it was Rainier and then so Rainier was one of them, which was one of the regional regional beers and there was a Texas beer. And I know Alamo. The I mean, the Alamo. The Pearl beer was one of them. And then there was another one too. I don't remember it. But speaking of a regional beers to a bita. Now, I've been seeing more a bita versions and a total wine total wine. Yeah.

Yeah. Andy gators, they have

that one. And they also have a pecan one or something like that. There's a pecan one. And so there's like three or four different ones. And then I'm done. We've been total wine like I don't know how many times and so like maybe three visits ago, I noticed that they have the beer separated But well, the singles at least. They have the beer separated by like type. So like, okay, these are your IPAs. These are your, your stouts these are Yeah, so they have more categories, but then I was looking around and I know they have like a seasonal section. But then when you go around on the other aisle, they actually have them separated by state. So like, oh here that so like a beat. I was like, Damn, there's a lot of beater here and it was in the Louisiana section. Then there's Texas and there New York. So you have like, so I was like, Well, if we ever want to do a state by state, for sure. Um, that's a free 50 episodes right there. Oh, yeah. So like, yes, like we like they have us covered.

They have a new hampshire section. Damn,

I'll check. I'll see. I'll see cuz I know where I think I did see that Delaware there, but we'll see. We'll see what awesome. We'll see what they have there. And then

I have a ham eggs of bacon sparkling water.

So you're drinking a row.

Now I have a egb brand unsweetened sparkling lemon water. Yay.

Cool. Well, I know

I love sparkling water. I know a lot of people don't don't really care for it. Or they call you hipster for drinking sparkling water, but it's good. It makes you feel like you're drinking something that you shouldn't be drinking like soda.

Yeah, definitely feels like a treat. Yeah, I love it.

But I was thinking about what you said about breweries and stuff following us. And I don't know if we mentioned this on the show last time, but it popped into my head and I was pretty kind of stoked about it. But the fact that mark will illunga of nothing more started following us after our underrated episode, and I was like, Oh my gosh, because I mentioned them as one of my underrated bands. I thought that was really cool. So, Mark, if you're listening, we would love to have you on the show. That would be so rad. I know that we follow you on Instagram and you post a lot of craft beers stuff. I mean, you were posting stuff like in the morning this morning. I was like, is he drinking right now or this from last night? But I mean, no judgment. No driving. My husband drink early in the morning.

Oh, we've all done it. I got thrown under the bus. I do it for research purposes. Okay, but it's probably easier. Yeah, no, I noticed that too. Like he posts like a lot of stuff that we we that we've had before a lot of stuff that we haven't had. And I think I don't know if he's had it before, but I just saw that he posted a that he got the best made beer. I don't know if he just recently got a hold of it because we've been trying to get a hold of it. But uh, ya know, he, he started following my my personal account and he started following the podcast account. Oh, that's really cool. Same thing. You hear her personal account too? Yeah. And following us on Twitter too. So yeah, thanks for thanks for

thanks for the support. Yeah, we'd love to have you on the show. Yeah, talk

about craft beer and music because I know they're working on stuff too. So anyway, I mean, if you want if you can talk about that, we can talk about that too. Um, so Kim will be joining us next week. So I guess I can go ahead and talk about

so uh,

so Kim is going to join us in drinking beer again. So we're gonna have our I was getting ready for it. I get I know some of you guys saw it on her Instagram. But uh, next weekend, sure if COVID wasn't happening tober fest would be starting in Germany. So that's when it usually starts. So next weekend we're going to be doing our Oktoberfest fest episode. And we're going to be drinking different Oktoberfest from different breweries. And will we also be talking about German bands and artists? We were throwing a couple of names around earlier but I think we're going to do some more research and see if we can kind of come up with some Shockers that we didn't know. You know, just a little fact, like little fun facts here and there, you know, German musicians and stuff like that. To what I'm drinking, I'm drinking some pilsners at the moment, I just finished a live oak Pilsner. I'm actually a I'm pretty big fan of the Live Oak stuff. I haven't really had anything that I didn't like from them. This is 4.7 ABV actually just finished our Pilsner and I just poured a glass of Their pre war Pilsner. I have no idea what that is. It says early American Pilsner, it's really pale like I don't know if you guys see it, but of course you guys see it. You guys have better vision than me. 5% 5% is 5% ABV. So actually, let me taste that right now because I really like that Pilsner before.

It's pretty

color. doesn't really have a smell.

That's because it's pre war.

Stuff didn't know horas like, it's pretty.

It's a little like, it has a little sweetness to it. You wanna taste it? Like, you know how like pilsners are real bitter. Mm hmm. This has like a little bit of a sweetness to it. Damn, I should afford you some bread.

Oh, it's okay.

But it tastes pretty good. I never heard of a free early American Pilsner. That's weird but it just tastes more tastes more multi light than hoppy yet does taste like to

the British have been making beer for a very long time. It's So that sentence that there would be a pre war. That's good.

I really like it. So yeah, those are two Live Oak beers that I was drinking. Um, you guys have anything else to say about anything we were talking about before we go on to the next thing.

No, Elvis. Yeah. Well,

I mean, just occasionally how somebody will spot Elvis at a diner somewhere. And he's apparently changed his name to like,

his name's Louis. Okay. Yeah. Well, this is the next thing I wanted to talk about was actually have something for you, Frank. So I know you had asked a while we were talking about it. Last episode. I don't know how it came out. We were talking about like how non alcoholic beers made and like, what exactly is the specifics on that? So I was doing some research and I guess this is a time for us in the listeners to learn a little something about so help out the beer. Yes. So, um, so I learned that non alcohol Beer, how it's made pretty much there's no difference from how regular beers made the only thing is what is done to the beer late in the process pretty much like after it's done vermin with fermentation and stuff. So basically there's different things that they can do to make it non alcoholic. Some of the things that I'm just I'm not going to go into detail because there's a bunch of like science and stuff, but like some of the things they do they do like reverse osmosis on it to get though I see on another option they do is pretty much heat it and different. There's different ways that they do it. But to be short, like they heat it and they make the evaporate the alcohol a bit.

Um, yeah, that's one thing I've read was that it's mostly well, like you said, there's several processes, but the one I've read most often is the the heating process.

But the thing with that one, though, is that some breweries kind of want to stay away from it because when you heat it, it also affects the taste. So they try to stay away from a lot of them. Try to stay away from that or others try to stay away from that, I should say So like others are starting to do like the reverse osmosis stuff. There's another thing they do where they do like the fermentation process, but they cut it so that it doesn't ferment long enough for the yeast to to eat the sugars and create the alcohol. Um, then another thing they do some other breweries are doing this where they're skipping the fermentation process altogether. But when you skip the fermentation process, the the fizziness it's not going to be existent. So they'll do other things to add to make it feel like a beer. Um, so yeah, those are some of the steps. So basically, the steps to making an nonholonomic and canonical bollock beverage are the same. The only thing is, the difference in an alcoholic non alcoholic is how they take the alcohol out of the beer. Okay, um, but the thing is, depending on the step you take, it does affect the taste in a different way. So you got to be careful how you do it. There's also to some brewers use a certain type of malt was it was either a molar hop or maybe a combination of both. And it's I think it's the malt because it's the one that creates the sugar when when it's mixed with the water. So basically, they try to cut the sugar content so that the alcohol content doesn't rise. So I think the higher sugar you have, the more that the yeast is going to feed on, and then that further makes a higher alcohol content. So if you cut the sugar down, you're going to have a low re alcohol content. But uh, hopefully I explained that correctly. But that's what I that's the that's the research that I've done. If anybody out there wants to correct me Feel free to correct me, especially if you work at a brewery, let me know and then you can be on the show and let us know that works and get all sciency.

So that was for Frank.

That was that was some good info.

Another thing. So we briefly talked about Spotify last episode, and I did a little bit of research on that too, about how it's possibly like killing the music industry. Basically, it's the same old same old the whole thing Like with artists not getting their fair share stuff, I mean has been going on for them for the longest time, they just they don't get the label is always going to get a bigger cut unless you're on a on your own label right pretty much because that's where a lot of bands started to do like I guess in the indie movement to where like they started creating their own labels and so they can manage their stuff own their music on the rights of their own stuff. Um, so long story short was Spotify is that Spotify is just another I guess outlet to to use artists music, and what ends up happening is just basically another avenue for labels to get a bigger chunk of a cut from something else. Or they're like now it's not just the shows or or CD sales or album sells and stuff like that. So now it's like the streaming service. So now like the streaming services like you know Getting subscriptions and stuff. And then the labels are like, well, we'll take this cut for you using our artists, but then the artist at the end of the day is going to get a very small percentage of that like less than a cent, like literally less than a cent per stream. So I mean, you guys can do your own research on that, too. Don't get too much into it. Basically, that's a long story short, but I just wanted to say that we have playlists on Spotify that go along with our episodes. So if you want to check them out, they're on the front page of our website at Rock happier But what I also wanted to say was, thanks to the rock channel, that's where I got all my information from to on YouTube. So an artists will get, there's a greater chance for artists to get a better cut. Um, if I guess they get more plays, and it only counts toward a play if it's if the play is longer than 30 seconds. So whether it's an indie artist who's not on a label or whatnot, as long as that play goes longer than 30 seconds, they'll get a cut for that play. So it If any of you guys are listening to artists, especially independent artists, and you're checking out music, let that play go for longer than 30 seconds, and they'll get a cut for that.

You know, I read something interesting that for every 600 views

an artist gets $1

views on what YouTube

Yeah, just like video like music video views for every for every 600 views they get, they get $1

Yeah, it's very low. Well, I mean, that's kind of like how this was, I think, unfortunately, from what I saw, no, it was Pandora. Actually, I think Pandora. I think it was Pandora that they had the lowest cut, and it was like, less than 00 whatever the digit was, I'll just say 006 or whatnot. Like that's the percentage of the cent that they get per per stream. And but the label Spotify themselves, you know that the streaming service themselves, everyone else gets a bigger chunk and the artist is last which is crazy, because We're using they're using their content to bring in, you know, so they can get money but yet the artist is getting the smallest cut ever. Like, right you know that i mean it's not even it's not even like a piece of the of the pie like it's like literally just like the crumbs like is it which which is fucking really crazy but it's like he was saying and I'm stealing this from him is uh, I mean this is obvious to if you want to support like your your favorite artists buy merch from them from their from their websites or you know, if they're doing anything streaming wise, like live streaming, I mean, you know, pay for that because that goes to them too. But yeah, as far as getting a I guess a piece of the pie from right from the from the stream, let it let it play longer than 30 seconds, especially if you're checking a new band

out, you know, and that makes me wonder. I don't know if title is still a thing, the streaming service. It's a I don't even know what that is. Yeah. So it's a Jay Z's streaming service. And I think I didn't know Yeah, and I think like jack white some of the I think Arcade Fire and some other artists they all have like a stake in it. So it makes me wonder, are those bands getting paid more than the other ones?

I remember hosting. I didn't know that was the name of it, but I remember when that happened. I know like there was big names like they were part of it. I think like, I think like they tried to get the big names to bring attention to it to get artists more money. I don't know man, I don't need I mean, I don't I didn't even know what it was called. So how many people are actually using it for whatever is money if you know

because I thought it was called from what from what I read title didn't have a whole lot of subscriptions and think maybe after some time they did away with it.

Oh, so it doesn't exist anymore.

Maybe not. Maybe it's still to some capacity but there were we'll play this bitch but some of the criticisms were the the monthly subscriptions were were too expensive, but that's because they offer different price tiers. Sorry to cut you off the show. Oh, nice, man. I haven't I haven't seen that dude in like since high

school. A guitarist for Um, the first man that me and Frank were in talk. I haven't talked to him in years. I don't even think we're on Facebook, like Facebook friends or anything because I don't know where he's been. But I got a notification saying he's following the podcast didn't. Hector

wasn't as a wasn't a stage name. mauriac Oh,

yeah, I mean, I got into the band after but yeah, he was, uh, yeah, that's crazy.

No, but from

what I remember. Yeah, so title, they offered a various price tiers for their memberships. And I think 15 bucks was like, the lowest quality streaming and then like 25 bucks was like the next up and then 50 bucks or something like that. Oh, title. Yeah, I was. No, I like the title. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's possible on the App Store. Okay. Yeah. And so I mean, I don't know I could be wrong on the I mean, I'm just making up numbers as far as like their membership goes, but we know, but what I'm saying is you paid for various subscript you know, for for under subscript Every month Yeah.

Yeah. Um, I mean, it still exists. It's still in the App Store. Um, I don't know.

And also to I think they were trying to lure people to download their app because I think they were releasing title exclusive albums that you couldn't find like Spotify or Apple Music or anything like that. And I think eventually, after some time, they just, they did away with that exclusivity, and I don't know if they're still doing like membership price tiers, or whatnot. I mean, I don't know.

It was probably the same thing. A big chunk of it was probably going to Jay Z.

Yeah, who

knows? Whatever. I'm just not i'm not stating facts or anything. Um, all right. Well, if we got nothing else to say about stuff, um, I guess we can go on to the topic. Okay. So the topic like I said earlier, that episode is gone too soon. So we're just gonna talk about artists who unfortunately passed away, you know, and You know, just left a hole in the, in the music industry in some some form or another. So I don't know whoever wants to go first. I mean, have a listen. It's like Frank said, we're going to talk about stuff in this branch off into other things anyways. But uh, well, I mean, did you want it before we go into it cuz I know you mentioned it

Yeah, yeah, I'll go ahead and do that. So, so

I just saw that. I was like, how is my dead person so

Okay, so we were talking about it and Frank was gonna do reviews here and there. And I know he mentioned to me that he cuz he's like, I listened to the album and I was like, okay, you're gonna review it right? He's like, yeah, I already have a small review. I was like, dude, go for it. That's what the show is for. But I guess he forgot and


Okay, well, we're not moving. Moving on. Stay here for a little longer but

a beer but it also ties into the the topic because Marilyn Manson's had two previous band members pass away. Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah, I mean, they're not I mean, you know, As you know, you know Manson's band lineup always change. And he doesn't stick with one particular lineup for you know, longer than an album or two. But yeah, he's he's had two band members pass away. Scott Daisy Berkowitz one of his guitars, whose actual name is Scott potocki died maybe about two years ago, I think I remember that. I think it was calling cancer. And I think the first member who passed away I forget the guy's name, but a stage name was Gidget gain, and I think he died of drugs or something like that. And he got kicked out of the band too because of his drug use. But moving on from that, yeah, so his new album. It's called we are chaos and that came out today. And I think this is the album that Manson has been needing in his career play you know, cuz I think like as of late, he just hasn't been doing it. But you know, this album. It's a pretty straightforward hard rock album. That doesn't try too hard to insist on what Manson should sound like. I think for me, it's a very human sounding album very organic, very natural and for me it's easily one of his best since 2009 the high end of low which is another just like straightforward hard rocker. And to me personally, you know, like I mentioned his last few albums they sound pretty uninspired and it's a collaboration between him and shooter Jennings in Jax Manson with with new life and it's actually pretty exciting. It's a bit Southern rock a bit goth at times a bit country, but it's very much hard rock and I'm excited to hear this one live whenever Turing resumes. I gotta

check that out. For those of you who don't know, because Franklin state it, he's actually a longtime Manson fan. I know he's been a bit of a closet fan. I know you you're a fan, so But yeah, and

I feel like once he grew out of your hot topic, phase, you don't. You don't admit to liking me

Do you grab a hot topic or does Hot Topic grata you every time I go to hot topic they have different shit they're like it's like changes like I remember one time I went this was like a few years ago and all I saw there was like Bieber stuff and I was like what the hell like I couldn't I was like this isn't I don't it was like a different store and then like of course I don't go to Hot Topic often but when I do like I go and it's like the time difference is so like big that I'm like what the fuck is this something else it's like something else but it makes sense it's in the fucking title Hot Topic it's not just God's shade it's whatever is hires on yeah so it took me a long time to realize that because I remember when patches were hot and I used to buy all my fucking bad patches yeah my backpack right now is full of patches from that era when hot topic was doing new metal stuff. Yeah, I don't like oh shit. I like I like the patches and Star Wars. They still had patches. We look for them sometimes. We actually found one.

We have a slip not one that we have a bathroom at one.

Oh yeah, yeah. Do people even know what to do patches anymore?

Probably not. You can still find them at our local record store here. That

hog wild hog wild. Yeah, that's right. Uh, yeah. Was there too? Yeah, buttons too. Yeah, buttons. I have a button collection too. Yeah, stickers. I never really got into cuz I was always like, oh man, like once I stick it.

Yeah, you're right. It's like

committing to something. I don't know if you guys remember this but shit. Let me let you finish your thing. I don't know if you were done or not.

No, no, I'm pretty much done.

I don't know how we got

there was hot topic in Maryland. Man.

We started this. No, I mean, I mean, I'm just excited that you know, like the last three Manson albums have been really, you know, excited me a whole lot. And this one came out. I heard it today this morning. And it was a thing. Yeah. Cool. Check it out. He's definitely back. You know, but we're talking about touring, resuming and actually I read that Germany is allowing Very small scale touring. Of course, it's all it's all like COVID compliant and whatnot. But yeah, they're allowing very small scale touring, you know, from artists inside the country and even artists like in surrounding countries provided that they can enter into the country with negative tests and everybody at the venues gets temperature checked before they enter the venue. Of course, they're limiting capacity. And also, Germany is now at that point where masks are optional. Wow. Okay, but also a lot of those European countries are better at following orders. So so you know, Germany is successfully

they know how to rock dude like they want they want to go to concerts. Yeah.

And so I guess I guess right now we're you know, all eyes are on Germany of Germany can successfully bring back live music then I guess.

Yeah. Oh, come on. Do you know people are gonna, are gonna The only

thing I don't know about the temperature check thing is i guess i It works in other parts of the world but in South Texas that does not work like oh, yeah, probably on Tuesday, and I had an appointment I didn't have to wait outside but there's people waiting outside and they're doing temperature checks when you're waiting outside granite we had this quote cold front this week, which was like 70 Yeah, for us here.

It was awesome.

Yeah, it was it was amazing. But I mean, you're standing outside and then once you get to the door and they check your temperature, I mean, if the temperature had been what it usually is, you know 95 plus right? They would have been hot so like how that you know, you can't differentiate the difference between your hot from standing outside temperature to you're actually sick unless you Let them wait there for like 10 minutes to cool off and then recheck their temperature. Yeah. I don't know that I'm not convinced at this temperature check stuff.

No, I mean, it's it's tricky, but, you know, right now it's one of those best measures that we have.

But yeah, You know,

straight? Yeah, straight off topic.

Yeah. Sure, like COVID Yeah,

but yeah, weird.

But yeah, I mean, you just mentioned the topic and it triggered.

Yeah. artists who have passed away. I want to I guess I'll I'll kick that one.

Well, I was just gonna finish saying Oh yeah. Remember those a

hgb. When they used to have like the wall, they still have them put like sticker machines, and they used to have

stickers, right?

Well, they also have a sticker Dude, I still have them because I didn't stick them anywhere. And I have a little tin and where I had my patches and some other buttons that I didn't use. And I have like three different Metallica stickers. Godsmack seven does limp biscuit like it's in the machine. This was back in

Mexico Mexican restaurant. Yeah.

That's where we got the temporary tattoos. That restaurant had the

band stickers and I even have the sticker of the cover of significant other biscuit. Yeah, I have a horn I can show it to you when we get them out of storage. I have What is it? It was like corn or even had some that the Mexican restaurants actually so they had I don't know if you've ever seen them, but they had these special sticker machines where the stickers were like this. Oh yeah. And I actually have like they had band ones. I have a mega death one to Metallica ones and they're like that big. I remember like they pulled them out of the cardboard. Cardboard sleeves are like that big. But yes to have those stickers. Okay, but so now back to Well, those stickers work on too soon.

You should laminate those man.

laminating. Oh, let me tell you about that. So,

so Okay, so this is gone too soon.

Yes. So okay, so I tried to get physical ticket stubs from all the concerts I go to because obviously back in the day That's all they had. Um, so when I first started going to concerts, um, obviously I still had those tickets. Well, my mom thought it was a good idea to laminate the first concert ticket I got and what happens is, no, it faded it out. Like, I don't know why that happened, but it didn't do anything. It just like faded it out. And it was the first one, which was the deema show. I don't know if she laminated the Johnny pool one because it was the day after. But uh, yeah, basically, like just fade it out and all the other ones I didn't do anything to they're like, perfect fucking condition. Yeah. Because like how I handled but nominating. No, okay. No, well laminate anything.

My mom did that for me too. And sometimes it worked. And then if she had the temperature on the machine too high, I would block it out. Yeah, what just the whole thing. What do you like?

I guess ticket ink is different from sticker ink. But yeah, maybe just true.

Not really. Well. You have to

find like a shitty sticker and try it. Yeah, cuz a lemon. Yeah. Well, I mean the stickers. Have are still great. I mean, I've had those stickers for 20 years, at least 20 years and they're still No, no, there's no phrase on them. They're not bent. Like they're, if you see them and I tell you how old they are on the wall, I'm not sticking out the wall anywhere. Nobody says like, it's these designs that like you didn't see, like, you know what I mean? Like, you know how like bands go through phases and their logos change and stuff, right? Or like they have like certain logos that everyone remembers and forget the poster putty poster. No, I used to do that.

Anywhere I had it on my door with the poster.

Okay, we're talking about a lot.

But uh, okay, Frank, you can go first with our topic. Not hot topic.

No. No, no hot topic.

topic, okay.

It's called a warm subject.

Verb subject. It took a while.

Man, love them. That's

dad jokes.


Did you go over that so quick? That's crazy.

You know, you just gotta roll with the punches.

Okay, gotcha. All right, go.

Go Bo. Yeah, from from my first artist. I want to start with Chang, a former bassist of Deftones. Damn, I forgot about that. And yeah, so when he passed that one hit me very hard. You know, because Deftones I've been a very consistent staple in my life since middle school. And cheese bass playing is pretty foundational to my creativity. And I feel like his bass lines pushed the band into more Sonic territory. And for me, he wasn't the typical just follow the guitar basis. He had his own personal, exciting style that really spoke to me and live. He was The perfect mix of gentle and aggressive. He was also a poet and released a Spoken Word Album called the bamboo parachute, which had some pretty beautiful poems and additionally, his interest in Eastern religions like Buddhism and Taoism added to his Mystique. And she was involved in a car accident in 2008. That left him in a semi comatose state for nearly five years. And in 2013, he died of a cardiac arrest. I did not know that. Yeah, yeah. I mean, he was actually he was showing signs and he was showing signs of improvement. And it just, it just got him Monday, heck, and I went to I went to see Deftones in Oklahoma City two weeks after his passing, and the energy of the band was incredibly raw and emotional, and you can definitely feel it from the audience as well. And since his passing Deftones have really played anything off of Saturday Night race, which is his last record with the band and he was only 42 years old when he passed and still to this day, when I get home My bass or even on my guitar, I think of how his bass groups drew the blueprint for me when writing my own music and I like to think that I carry a bit of a spirit through through my writing.

Yeah, that's what's cool about like, artists like that, like when you like when us will like, I wouldn't say us but like the younger generation grows up listening to that, like, there, there's always going to be a piece of that artist in that newer generation. Right on when they influence somebody, you know, that's cool, man. I didn't know that. I didn't know any of that stuff.

Yeah, yeah. And there's actually a video on YouTube of his last show with with a Deftones it was just like a very unannounced very low key show at the space at the space club, or the Key Club in LA. It was just like, very, very small. But yeah, I mean, every you know, every time we saw Deftones, Ivan, when she was there, you know, I remember just always like lining up right in front of them just like it's the only that's how excited I was to see him. Live in You know, every time you know they got their new basis Sergio has been with the band for like 10 years now. And he's put out like four albums with them and I think maybe the sound evolved a little bit with him being in the band because you know, he's he's a pic player versus ci who used to be a finger player. So I think that pic player added more aggressiveness to to the band sound and also he's got a more varied background so I think they started experimenting more with their with their sound once once he joined.

Yeah, that's that's crazy, because I always thought they were a little experimental to begin with, but now it's crazy. Mm hmm. That's cool. Oh, you got another one or you are the breakout ones.

You know? Well, I wanna I want to actually branch off on over on the whole grunge thing we were talking about. Just cuz you know, it's up there. Okay. But you know, for me, Layne Staley Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell and of course, Kurt Cobain. You know, regardless of age, I still feel like they die. Too soon and you know, these bands, you know, they're not the only grunge bands. But because, you know, they came from Seattle with the exception of Stone Temple Pilots, you know, around the same time and you know, they're the ones that got all the attention they all got lumped into the grunge category but to me the word grunge means something that should sound punk. You know, because when you hear grungy think, just like very dirty Oh, yeah. You know, garage type type punk, you know, and Nirvana was the only band I think you know of like what I call the grungy five that had that.

You should call

it a dirty five.

No, you know, and you know, just like how thrash metal has the big bore to me grunch has the grungy five those are you know, Nirvana Allison chains on Temple Pilots Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, you know,

but, aside from I feel like Nirvana was squeezed in You can have the big four without Nirvana. But yeah, I know what you're talking about.

Yeah, bring to us in this room. Yeah.

You know, and these are like the five bands.

And these are the five bands that that got all the attention. Oh, there were other grunge bands going on. But these are the five that got to the attention but Allison chains, some simple pilots and Soundgarden to me they were the heavier harder band you know, they were more hard rock than they were grunge and

I don't feel that way about some type of pilots but I feel like they're kind of poppy in very accessible i think i agree with you about Allison chains and Soundgarden. But I mean, because I think Yeah,

stones Oh, pilotes was like on that. back end of grunge. Yeah, I mean, I feel but I don't know.

And I think let's do because a lot of bands are coming out at the same time that grunge has become anything. I feel like if you're coming out at that time. You just got lumped in there. Oh, for sure. You know,

there's a lot of just 90s alternative bands that kind of got bunched together but and I feel like they're kind of on the cusp they have like one foot in grunge and one foot and yeah, alternative and yeah, but they get grouped together with that.

And, you know, Layne Staley he was dealing with drug misuse and he I think he was found like two weeks after he passed away in his in his home,

and he weighed something like 90 pounds or 85 pounds I

think before he died. Yeah. So yeah, so he's dealing with some drug stuff. So Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, you know, I may be wrong but I think his suicide was driven by misuse of prescription antibiotics. I think

it was.

And you know, with Kurt Cobain Of course there are a lot of there are a lot I don't even need to do an episode on that. A lot of theories whether it was

it was like the cliff notes version.

And, you know, his death, whether it was suicide or murder. He too was dealing with his own personal stuff and like I know like He had misused some medication for chronic stomach cramps that he was experiencing since his, uh, his teenage years since his childhood. And there was talk about him repressing his sexual identity, which also fueled like, his suicide or however you want. Everyone say it.

There's, there's also a rumor about him being fascinated with the 27 Club. Yeah, I actually wrote a little thing here. I want to talk about too much. But like, I mean, he's part of the club now, too, right? I mean, so do you think he can maybe

but I always take issue with that because it's like the other the other members of the club did not choose to die at 27.

Oh, yeah. Yes, you're definitely right. These were truly accidental

situations, but you chose it then that's kind of do you think he would have like,

because I know he was like, apparently well, supposedly, I should say supposedly, he was like, brilliant. It really into that. Do you think that that was a factor in anything at all?

Possibly. I don't think he committed suicide. Honestly, I don't I really don't work for a long

time. Well, from when I first like started, like paying attention to this stuff, I didn't think so either. But the facts

just don't really line up. I mean, would he have eventually? Possibly or you know, was it a thought for him? Probably. But did he? I don't think so. Not in that

moment. Sorry, Frank. We shouldn't mention the name Kurt Cobain. Now.

Okay, good. You know, I think also too, with other theories, you know, one, an interesting one to me was that it's well reported that he was unhappy with with fame, like fame made him uncomfortable. And the theory is that he purposely sold out and killed himself just to make a statement. I mean, I don't know that's, that's pretty wild theory. But, you know, however, one sees it. You know, I think his death along with the others, his deaths were felt by on you know, and I think with the passing of these four, they were the voice of a generation and losing them for you know, we lost a big part of that generation and it's

crazy to how you How we lost them at different points, like, you know, especially with like Chris Cornell being the more recent one, right? Like, it's like, it's part of the same group, but like, it altered it everything differently because of how they, you know, they didn't all die at once you know what I mean, when you sit

with bands like that, and with rockers like that you think if they're going to die from drug overdoses or whatever it's going to happen when they're young, it's going to happen in their 20s when they're at the height of their, you know, fame and so on. You don't think that those things are going to happen when they're 50? You know, like when they've already kind of made it through that process. And so I think that's part of the reason why the Chris Cornell thing hits hard. And also I don't think he was an addict. Oh, yeah, I don't right. And so and he was never known for that. And so it was shocking and, and genuinely very sad. And I think that was a really hard one for me personally, as well. Like I struggled with that for

a while. And I think kind of tied to that or not. Not I mean kind of is but Chris Cornell was like really good friends with Chester Bennington. Like they were really close and I know he was really close to the Stone Temple Pilots guys too. And he was even close to taking the lead singer spot when Scott Weiland passed away. And to me well because of how we grew up like there was two that hit me pretty hard. And I one we can talk about later, but one was dimebag because we were juniors in high school. We weren't mean Kim were juniors in high school when he passed away. And me and Frank or in the same journalism class, and I actually wrote the story when he passed away. And the Chester Bennington was another one to like, Chester Bennington, like him in Lincoln Park. Like that was one band or like, like, they came out like when I was like, will when we were getting into the whole new metal thing. Yeah, when we were in middle school too. And like, even though I didn't keep up with them through their whole discography, like, they were there and you know, I still listen to them again. It's so crazy to because Even before he passed away, like, it was crazy because I talked to my sister about it, and I was listening to Hybrid Theory. Um, like for two months, like before he passed away, like, I just happened to get back into it. And I was like, man, I missed this album so much, then I heard about it, man that hit me like really hard, but it was kind of like I lost a friend because I never really, I never really had anyone close to me passed away, which I'm fortunate with that. And so like, when that happened, I was like, that doesn't make any sense. Like how, like, I don't know, and then I, you know, I knew he was dealing with stuff too. And he had a lot of trauma from when he was younger, too. And, and I know him and Chris Cornell were actually close friends to where and I think a lot of people were saying, like, that was another reason to like, Chris Cornell's death. hit him hard. Um, and I think I don't know if I'm correct or not, but I think he passed away on Chris Cornell's Cornell's

birthday, right. Yeah. Which is weird,

too. So that kind of ties them together with that too, but that was just my little piece on Chester Bennington. Oh, yeah, sure Kim has

he is He was actually on my list. And so they had released an album in May of 2017. And he passed away two months after the album was released. And you think about it 2017 was only three years ago. And they were they've had a pretty steady discography. And I feel like you know, what were their their music and was always evolving, it was always different. And that was the kind of controversy that the fans quote, quote, fans have, it's like, they don't sound like Hybrid Theory, you don't sound the same, but they were always pushing their limits, exploring different sounds and doing all that. So I'm always like, thinking like, Man, what would a 2020 linkin park sound like? And I mean, like,

and it's funny, you mentioned that too, because a lot of people think that Hybrid Theory was the original sound of Linkin Park, and then it kind of evolved into the more poppy stuff, but it's because they had so much influence, like they had hard rock influence. They had hip hop influence. So like, of course, the pop stuff was in between two, but what people didn't realize that there was actually demos of Hybrid Theory stuff that just got released. And it sounds a lot like the stuff that they were releasing recently. And it's because that's what their sound was like all along. They just weren't showing it because when they signed I guess the label was helping them on be like, Oh look, you guys have a majority of a hard rock sound right now. Let's make a hard rock album. And then after that, then the original linkin park sound started filtering through. And when Kim was bringing up about fans being divisive we have this discussion all the time where fans are like Oh, you guys don't sound like this anymore. don't sound like this. Well, apparently, from what I heard with this last linkin park album that people close to Chester or saying that the some of the reception the bad reception that they weren't dealing in park was getting for some of the fans kind of hit Chester really hard. Yeah, he was really proud of that album. But it wasn't received that well from some of the fans, because it didn't sound like stuff from before. And that that may have they we don't know for sure, but that that may have contributed to like his I guess the depression side where it just like didn't make him feel good because he was really happy with this but the fans,

I really feel like they still had music in them,

right? Oh yeah, definitely did because they were still going

so passionate about music and you know, his side projects. You know, Linkin Park, he was passionate about linkin park and I just felt like they just still had a good amount of

right. No, and I remember to and although the criticisms are coming in from fans, I think Cory Taylor was one of the ones that was a big defender of Linkin Park's a sound pretty much just saying, you know that as artists, they are allowed to explore every possible, you know, explore everything that they can and that there's no way that an artist can stay stuck because that's not

creative stuck in 2000. And I think it just be sad. Yeah,

I think it just happens if you're creative. I think it just happens. And it's funny how you bring up Corey Taylor, because Corey Taylor is actually Right now getting a little bit of backlash from some people, not backlash, but criticism from some people because he just released his own solo stuff. And it doesn't sound like sound sour or it doesn't sound like slipknot. Yeah, cuz he has like some hip hop elements in it too. But then if you really pay attention to like, Slipknot said yeah, or especially like the first two albums, you can hear the hip hop influence in his vocal specifically. Yeah. And so I mean, I guess it the people, I guess who really don't pay it,

they're the radio listeners.

Yeah, they're the radio listeners. Like those people who aren't really like music inclined, or musically inclined, or I shouldn't say that like, cuz like for you like, Well, yeah, music inclined, like I don't want to say music inclined as in playing an instrument but music inclined is and you pay attention to music, right, which is all four of us.

I know. Also, it's people who don't grow and evolve that to want to constantly live in their high school years. You know, they don't want to mature and grow up but these artists grow up and they mature. And they evolve and change just like we're supposed to as humans, and they, and therefore the music changes. Yeah. I kind of feel like a comment

you just said right now about the radio listeners. Obviously, we had a whole episode on it like with Chuck vans, but like, so these radio stations get stuck playing the same songs from these bands, right. And I think for those people that listen to the radio, it kind of sucks, too, because those people get stuck in that error. So then, yeah, so then when they hear a band evolve, and they're like, that doesn't sound like when I'm listening to on the radio? Well, because that's like, from 10 years ago, like right, like, sure, like that's why so like, when the radio doesn't progress with the artists, then those listeners aren't going to progress on with the artists. So then when they listen to the artists are going to be like what the focus is, like, dude, you're not paying attention, like you know if you're not. If you're like us and you don't just listen to the radio, you're gonna see where the evolution is. But if you just stuck listening to the radio, and all you're hearing is the one radio so one radios on the air to the one new one I bet there's some people out there still think Kurt Cobain still alive because the radio Oh

That reminds me I think in 2002 and they put out their like rarities and whatnot they had an unreleased single I know you're right

oh dude I look that's one of my favorite songs which is funny cuz that's like the last song that they It was a demo Reza last song they recorded but they ended up mastering it

as a single and I feel bad because it was a

it was one of those like summer band practices and we had like high school band and there was this kid I don't remember his name was for about

he I remember the name but I remember

his name out Yeah, thank you Frank. Anything to do? Maybe Maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna get

the timestamp and write it down.

But yeah, wait anyway, so

58 minutes he dropped up.

Actual humans name like a real person and call it

I'm just gonna name the whole thing will be funny. Okay.

Well anyway, there is this guy who is not now No.

There wasn't this person.

Okay, so yeah, there was this person that I knew back in high school. And when this single came out, he was excited about it. Oh, you know, I can't wait to see Nirvana live and I didn't have the heart to tell him that Kurt had passed away eight years ago. So I Oh my God, I just went along with it and said, Yeah, you know, they're so cool. I can't wait to see them either. Just like inside I'm like, dang, dude.

And it's hard to believe that there's people like that because there was actually a video I was watching too about. It was like some true crime thing related with bands. It was actually related to slipknot and when sudden I was coming out and like Slipknot was popular boy, they still are, but when everyone's wearing your T shirts when they first came out, this kid was wearing a slipknot t shirt too. But apparently he didn't know who they were. And he was asking if they were if it what If it was a brand, or like, you know, like he didn't know what it was, but he saw everybody else wearing it. So he was wearing it was okay. But no, I mean there. Yeah, just

rolled in and a Ramones t shirt and I was like, sweet, your remote span. She's like, what? And then, you know, a couple weeks later she was wearing a Wu Tang shirt and I was like, you know, Wu Tang and she's like, Who? You're like Okay, I get it. Yeah, and like anyway.

You like clothes?

t shirt? Yeah.


Yeah, but cuz they were labeled What? tailgating were some Yeah.

Hot Topic. Right? Yeah, whatever um, but uh, well, like speaking of Chris Cornell too and like talking about like them being gone too soon and them still having like, a bit basically, as long as you're still creative. You know, you still as far as the music goes, like these. These guys were still like pumping stuff out. They even the ones that like left like super early like for instance like Layne Staley and stuff like, you know they were gonna still keep pumping stuff out. Yeah, like Chris Cornell, for instance, like I just wrote a couple of notes down here on him. He wasn't Soundgarden audio slave temple, the dog. He had a solo career too. He wasn't other he did other like, collaborations too. He had four so I didn't know this. I know he had solo albums, but I know he had four. So he had four solo albums under his belt six albums with Soundgarden three with audio slave and then one with him with a dog like that alone. Like that's fucking crazy. Yeah to accomplish. Then Chester had seven albums with linkin park and he had one with dead

by dead by sunrise. Yeah,

dead by sunrise. So um, but then like also to they were he was about to do stuff with Stone Temple Pilots, which is crazy to

what they put out an EP with, with Chester, I think yeah,

I think they did too. I remember because they had recorded stuff in them, but they didn't do an album. Then they got that other guy who Like but

um ever yeah remember they they came here to town with Chester at the asset. Yeah. So

so they did I think they did like a string of shows with them like to test them well not to test them so they can test each other out. Right But I think something happened and then they ended up not doing an album and I don't know what happened with that but yeah, no I remember that. But yeah, he was tight. It's crazy because he's tied to those guys too. Yeah so but uh yeah

um, so my number one person on my list is MCA 130. lawyers. Yeah. And he died in 2012 of throat cancer. And it was really sad. He was 47 years old. Yeah. And they were still making music. They had just put out a new album. But they weren't able to tour it because they will they put out a new album in 2009. They weren't able to tour it because Because of his illness, and they were unable to make any music videos for it because of that stuff. And that was a really tough one because it kind of wasn't super well known that he was sick. And it kind of felt like it came out of the blue. They're not drug users. And you know, it wasn't anticipated. It was a kind of a really big shock. And that was really sad. And they've No, you know, they kind of valid, they're not ever going to make music without them. They're never going to tour do any of that kind of stuff without them. And they were together since 1979. And, you know, made music together all that time, started out as a hardcore punk band and then evolved into hip hop and so they were awesome. And they're one of my favorite bands ever. And that was really sad. That was really

Yeah, I remember that too. And I know they even have MCA day because then which is cool, because they have you know, actual date that recurs to pay tribute to him. That's pretty cool.

Yeah, yeah. And he was a big activist as well. Well, he started the I don't know if you'll remember. There were a series of concerts that were like the free Tibet. Oh, yeah. concerts. Yeah, that was him. He did that. I didn't know that. Yeah. So they were he was really active in that. And yeah, just an awesome guy all around. Frankie and I listened to a book about the that the Beastie Boys wrote the two remaining members wrote about the band and the the stuff they talked about with MCA, and he was kind of like the unifying force and just the creative spirit and all of those things. So that was really sad. That's my big sad one. I mean, they're all sad. The whole topics kind of a downer. Well, I mean, it's,

it's crazy to like, like, and I know it's hard for the bands to when they lose a member but like, it's crazy to when they continue, like without that, especially, especially when it's, I mean, they're all key members, but it's just so hard when like the members When I keep going, like I think there was two, based off of what you were talking about right now, there was two artists that I didn't have on my list that just popped into my head and I know Frank or Kim had these on their list, or I don't even know if you had them on the list, but Freddie Mercury I mean, he, like he was experimental to like, he likes to do stuff on the side like he was doing his own stuff too. But when I see Queen now because they're still doing so for Adam Lambert, like they still got gassing on like, Mercury was still around they still be fucking kicking ass. Which is fucking insane. And like, I'm so like, he's one of the big ones to from then. And then if you go to more recent times, Paul Gray and Slipknot, like he was a key member. I totally forgot about them until right now when you were talking about accrete being a creative force. And Paul Gray was one of the original members and he was a, you know, a key member of that band two was that a car accident? I don't even remember how he passed away. I'm not sure. Um, but yeah, I mean, they continued without him and, um, but I know it was hard for them. I remember seeing like a press interview with them and they were just like, they didn't know what they were gonna do. It was an overdose. I think you Oh, yeah. Yeah. Um, they didn't know what they were gonna do, but they just thought it would be a better tribute to him to keep the band going. Because he was the one that he was the guy that kept everybody cool to stay together. Yeah. So they're like, Well, why are we gonna split up? Now? You know what I mean? Like, he wanted us to keep going when we you know, when he was around. So, um, but yeah, Freddie Mercury and Paul Gray. were two that popped up because off of what you said, right? I didn't even have them on my list.

Yeah. Kim yonago.

Yeah, I don't know if he's on your list, but he might be because we were listening to them this week. Dave Williams from Johnny. He passed in August of 22,002. And they're there. He was 30 He was 30. And there David was just released like a year or maybe like to the year, I think their their first album was released June of 2001. And he passed august of 2002. So it was a little bit over a year after. I feel like there was just so much potential on Johnny Paul as a band and is just so unfortunate that he passed early in their career. And that one was really hard for me because I don't know why I gravitated towards Johnny pool. And that was they were this was around the time when I was like, middle school, eighth grade going into high school and I was kind of leaving like the boy band stuff behind and you know, discovering rock music and stuff. And they were one of my favorites, one of the first rock albums that I ever owned, and I was like, dang, like, I really liked this and then when he passed it was very sad because I was like they are making music now but I will never get any more Dave Williams Johnny pool, which is to me the best version of Drowning Pool that I mean,

not dying first overdose.

Oh boy. Well, they thought it was that because of how they found them. But it ended up being that he had a he chose heart like heart failure. It was heart failure. Yeah. combination. Yeah. But the, the key thing was the everyone overlooked the heart failure part, but it was heart failure. He had a it was a undiagnosed condition that he had. This came out like way after everybody was saying the drug overdose thing saying that he choked and stuff, but uh, no, it was definitely the heart failure that killed him. But when I was doing the research on this, I knew you're gonna have him on the list too. I didn't realize how close it was. So when I was looking at his career with Johnny pool, check this out. So giant pool formed in 96. He joined them in 99. They came out with their debut album in 2001, which was like one of the heavy hitters of the new metal genre scene when it came out. Then he passed away in 2002, which was a fucking year later here and then you you look at Yeah, and you look at all the stuff they did, like being on Ozzfest and all that shit. right in that one year shit, I got lucky that I saw him on that, you know in that one year because I mean, they did so much shit in that one year in a bands back in the day. I mean they still do it now but all they did was tour once with an album come out right didn't really happen, you know?

Yeah actually I saw them on the first music as a weapon. Oh shit.

Yeah so I mean shit yet so they did that they didn't actually this tour that I saw him on was on the year Meister music tour. Um, but uh yeah, I was lucky enough to have seen him with with him, which is fucking crazy. Like that was literally my second concert. My first concert was on a Friday and my second concert was the next was Saturday and it was Johnny pool. Um, so yeah, I remember that one. And that was that was that was pretty crazy. I just can't imagine like what Johnny pool would be now if he was still Yeah, they wouldn't

be playing the mall. Yeah, cuz they think they would be.

Oh, that's right. We said it last episode. But they've had four singers are actually on there. Fourth singer right now. And yeah, I mean, he's still my favorite one. I still you had asked me last episode, excuse me if they had any, like unreleased stuff. And I actually had forgotten that they did have a, which is weird because this is our 13th episode, they had a 13th anniversary reissue of their self titled album. I mean, self titled album of their debut album, I should say, That's what I meant as a debut album. And basically what it was is it had all the tracks from the first album then it had demo versions of the tracks that had unreleased version, unreleased demos. And then it had some Besides, there were some besides that were missing. I remember I was talking to you about on text. Yeah. But yeah, so they there was just basically unreleased demos is basically what it was. And there's one song on there that I don't remember what it's called. I actually probably added on our Spotify playlist, but dude, if you listen to it, it sounds like vintera like, Oh, yeah, you could easily like see Dave We'll look here Dave Williams sounding like Phil Anselmo, you can actually swap them out. And it sounds like fuckin Panthera. And it was a demo. And it wasn't on their first album, but it's fucking crazy dude. But I'm Dave Williams. I know. I knew me and Kim. We're gonna share that one. But it's just so crazy how he literally had one album with them. And he only had one year, like, one year with a band being you know, yeah. Signed, because he was with them for three years. But I mean, that's like extremely short. And he did a lot in that time. Yeah, it was fucking crazy.


But yeah, no, no, I mean, I just I remember. Yeah, like reading about how they found him dead in his tour bus. You know, he had choked on his vomit, and whatnot. But yeah, just like you mentioned, you know, he did all those big tours and Drowning Pool, you know, went on to become a platinum selling band in that one year, you know? Yeah. So yeah, I mean, he definitely did a lot in his short With with the band. Yeah, you know,

man, he wouldn't fuck man. 30 man, that's crazy.

Yeah, I mean, we're 30

I know. Yeah, we're

Yeah, so that's crazy. I couldn't do it.

Who else? You know, there's somebody I have on my list, but I'm not sure if you would have them on your list. Because we're going around. I'm gonna mention his name and I want to see if you have money. All right.

Wayne static? No, actually, but I thought about that. Yeah. And I know we talked about I don't know if we talked about it on in one of the episodes but the whole 20th anniversary tour. Oh, yeah, we didn't talk about right yeah.

And we explained to Britt about the guy in mass

No, I mean, I I was fortunate to see Wayne static media we saw him together with Yeah, you know with with with with data gags we

saw 10 years first performance ever in San Antonio. Wow, what one or 2000? Yeah, yeah. are for it was with

static eggs but um I think the first time I saw static X was 2002. And they were on tour with soil. And I think American head charged and that's like, oh shit American. Oh,

that's the vocalist for that band. I do.

Yeah. He did. Like a few a few years ago, a few years ago. Yeah. And so that was the first tour that I saw them in in a trip had just joined the band. And you know, a trip was formerly when more murders I think, and then saw them again. What three years later at the at some kiss radio festival. And trip was already out of the band. But yeah, I just remember static exhale on energy and Wayne like really knew like keep he was a frontman. Like he was a really good frontman. Like he knew what he was doing. And he had a lot of energy and the static crowds were very energetic. But no, I'd never. I mean, I thought about him. I just didn't write them down on my list.

I feel like they shouldn't be doing stuff anymore. Like I If they would have done that tribute, like tour for the anniversary, that would have been fine. But did you see that they're coming out with a regeneration to know? Yeah, they're coming out with a second album and I just I don't think they should go on without them like I don't I don't like, what's his name wasn't even in the band, like for a while and then came back. So like I was like Why? fuckin like, why are you going on now? You know what I mean, right? You weren't in the band before. So I'm in my my whole thing is I don't know, maybe it would have been too much for a touring

show. But regeneration had a bunch of guest artists on Yeah, lately, like guest vocalist. And my whole thing was, well, why couldn't they just do a 20th anniversary tour? They call it static x and friends.

Yeah, they could have done that and that way, but I think they made it too gimmicky. And yeah, I don't know if a lot of people noticed that I know me and you did. I didn't like that part of it. I thought to me, it was too gimmicky.

And I thought, you know, my whole thing was, you know, maybe do like five tours or Or maybe do like, you know, you're gonna do if you're gonna do like a like a full tour maybe do like maybe do like a handful of shows with you know, three or four rotating vocalists and then the next five shows get another three or four rotating vocalists on like that. So that way it makes it exciting and that way you know, okay, I'm going to go see them at this show and I'm gonna see these these vocalists and then, you know, two weeks later, I'm gonna go see him at that show. I'm gonna see them with the whole other set of vocalists.

Yeah, I think I think they could have gone about it a different way. But I mean, and you know what, we're gonna do a beer break real quick. So if anybody wants to get a beer I know me Franken. I mean, he Frank me Kim and Brett are going to share this it's from three nations Brewing Co it's a sucker punch watermelon Berliner vise, so actually I don't know if we've had a Berlin a watermelon watermelon sour before but

no, I think we had that we have we had the melon car. Oh, that's right. We I don't know if it was this hour.

I don't know either, but can have those classes but Also to Frank, I guess while I'm pouring this, you know what, what made that one to me kind of rough? Um, was that I mean, they're, they're all rough. But what's crazy is that his wife like she passed away because of his death. Like she couldn't handle Yeah, it was gone. And then it you know, did she she killed her so then she, I'm not sure.


Oh, sorry, we can pour some wine. But yeah, so that's what that's what sucked about that one but uh, I just wanted to see if you had them on your list or not

well and put them on my list but I should have go ahead and what cuz

I know you were both static x fans, but I always thought you were a bigger static expert. Well, I always saw you as a bigger static x and what because I know you were like, I think the first two albums if I mean, I might probably remember the shit wrong, but I think I heard them because of you. Like I think I borrowed them from you at some point. Yeah, I mean, I don't know if that's true or not, but there's That's just how I remember it was that she did she did killer silver. Yeah. Um, yeah. And that was because of his death so that was kind of that was kind of crazy like that's it's really tough I mean, you know, it's, um, how it affects people but um alright so bearberry break broke real quick. Okay, so this is the Waller watermelon Berliner Bice and let me see what percentage this is. This is from what's 4.4 point 5% ABV and the breweries that oh shit they're from Texas like

liquid Jolly Rancher Carlton,

Carlton Texas. Let me smell this liquid Jolly Rancher. Whoa, damn, it smells like a

watermelon Jolly Rancher.

But it's like a tang to it. Yeah, cuz it's sour. I have to say melon cart better.

I like it. But I do like the melon. Melon cart better. I feel

like it's a little smoother or something. What's What's

that? Well, this one actually, guys. This is actually called so Punch those have a punch to it tastes like the punch draws the punch in beer form.

I was gonna say Sour Patch Kids watermelon flavor.

Well that too but so either of those like, yeah, yeah.

Those two like

side by side by side. Yeah.

Speaking of that, so I saw total wine has both the mango and melon card. Yeah. And I was like holy shit so let's get stuff. Yeah, I know so I saw it and I was like damn, we gotta get some melon cards better right? Yeah, like the melon card a lot better. Yeah,

both I like I'm not a big fan of watermelon flavor, like artificial like this. So I mean, I really like these watermelon beers.

Oh, okay, real quick rate, guys.

What's her scale?

On the five with decimals? Four. Okay. 4.3 Okay, Kim says 4.3

give it another sip real quick.

Okay, yeah, I would. I think I'm gonna go with a four. I like it. Um, Frank, would you get that stout?

That was a five actually.

That was a very, that was a really good one. And

then when you're done with that, you can just go ahead and put it right here, Frank. Okay. Um, and then what else did we have?

Nothing. I got a different water. Like the water.

Oh, that's a five. Um, all right, Frank. What What you got? Because I know, Wayne, static was just one that I was throwing out there. But what do you got on your list?

A wind static. Let's see.

If you don't have anybody on your list. That's cool. We can branch off from what I got.

Yeah, actually, I have one more What you got?

I have Ian Curtis with the band Joy Division.

Oh, yeah, I forgot I didn't think about that.

And yeah, Ian was another guy who left us too. Soon, he was only 23 when he died of suicide right when the band was about to embark on their first US tour, which surely would have propelled them to the big status and Joy Division had a very brief career only about three years and only recorded two albums before breaking up. And that second album, entitled closer is the one I think doesn't get the credit that it deserves, and I personally cannot listen to it without getting shows. I think Ian's chambered ghostly vocals resonate throughout and the band's distinctively code sound gives his voice truly chilling effect in a lot of punk. Post punk artists today will cite Joy Division as an influence and actually bands like Interpol and she wants revenge. They seem to play they seem to pay homage to Ian's vocals by employing like that same monotone style singing that was another one that passed away and another another guy that Another person I thought of was former Darwin's waiting room and called guitarist Eddie Ren. Dini.

Yeah, and I mean, I'm familiar with the bands but not the name. Yeah,

I know. So Eddie

was only in cold very, very briefly after Terry Bossman left. He jumped ship and he joined Evanescence. And so Eddie Ren Dini stepped in. I think he only did like a tour or two and that was pretty much it. Nobody really knows how he died or what or why. It was just one of those that was announced like maybe five six years ago like veteran Dini passed away. And yeah, to this day, nobody knows details as to why or what he did after code. Some people just think that he just played around locally in the Jacksonville area. But yeah, you know, that that was another one that I just thought of. Just now. That's,

that's interesting. Mm hmm. Um,

you got one breath.

Yeah. I have a A few and I'll just

Okay, so I guess I'm Marc Bolan, who's the lead singer of T Rex.

I was gonna say the name sounds familiar. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, he died when he was 30 years old in a car accident. And T rex was, you know, one of those formative kind of glam rock bands of the 70s. He died in 77. And so it would just be that kind of ties into what f2 right. Like, who knows? Because that's, you know, who's really young. And then the other two that I have on my list. Were not super super young, but I think still too young to they still left us too soon. And that's Tom Petty. Oh,

that one suck for me. I remember when I heard that he passed away and how he passed away. Yeah, I remember. They Well, he had come through town a few times before. And I was like, I'm gonna go this time and I did it. Cuz I'm, I love talking. Yeah. And I was like, okay, no, I'm gonna go this time and For some reason something happened. I wasn't able to get a ticker Baba blah. And then I heard he passed away. I was like, fuck.

I had an extra ticket. Really? Yeah.

And then I was a big fan of him on the King of the Hill too, because yeah, I'm quite lucky. Yeah. Fuck, I totally forgot about Tom Petty like, yeah, that was a that was a huge for me. Yeah, that was a huge one for me, too.

And then my other one was Joe Strummer, the lead singer of the clash. Yeah, too. He died in 2002. He was how old was he? 50 I think and he Yeah, it was an undetected heart defect.

Yeah, wasn't Tom Petty the same thing? It was, I mean, not the same thing at the heart defect but it was the prescription drug thing, right. Like it was prescription drugs like it was like,

and it was not that long after Chris Cornell right. It was Yeah,

it might

be a year.

I just remember we had that one year of Yes, horrible like every awesome musician died.

No one Joe Joe Strummer passed away in 2000.

No, not Joe, Tom pet. On

the same site,

Cornell was in 2017. Chester Bennington was in 2017. And if I'm correct, I think Tom Petty was like, at the end of that year, something like that. And let me see. Prince and David Bowie. We're not that far off, right? It was all like kind of that one year of crap. Yes, it was. It was October 2 2017. That's when Tom Petty died. Yeah, cuz I was. You're right. I remember that year was like really shitty.

Alan Rickman. The actor died that year and he was amazing. You know what sucks about that

is that I'm a big fan of

Galaxy Quest. Uh huh. And they were gonna do a sequel. And it was like they were already in talks. But the reason why they decided not to was because he passed away. Well, because he was a big part of that. I fucking love that movie. Yeah, we watched it recently. Already. Yes. fuckin like, that's one of my favorite movies. And yeah, and they ended up not going on with the sequel because he passed away.

So yeah, that's the right choice. Yeah, that's right. Yeah,

that did suck too. Fuck. Those were Tom Petty Yeah, that was another one.

Was that was that was oh

yeah, those are the ones I had left on my list. I have one more What do you got?

And it's it's not rock related. Okay, last time, but Alina. No.

We talked about Selena.

It was it's Alia. So she died. Only 22 Yeah, and that was in 2001. And like, I I in that same thing about Selena, like, I wonder what her music would sound like? Because her musics kind of frozen in that time period. Right? Um, so how did she

was on her way to record a music video? And yeah, that's that was a plane crash.

I have to say I think I only know her because of Queen of the Damned.

Oh Queen and I remember her because of that. And Romeo was die. Oh, movies.

I just think like what her music would have sounded. Like in oh four and oh six when artists like siara and reanna were starting to come on the scene because I feel like she could gave them some good competition and even now with big names such as like Beyonce, or like ariana grande de like those solo artists that are doing music that like I wonder where her music would have evolved to write what she'd be doing now what would it sound like? You know, how old was she? I know she was just 22 or

24 young

that's really sad.

You know, the one I remember to the one that really sticks out is when left die from

30 and she was another one that was kind of on my list. How did she pass away?


somewhere in the Bahamas, I think or

I don't I don't remember. No, she was like doing charity work or something? Yeah, she had those two I just like I wonder what they would be doing now. Like, especially Leah's she her career had only just begun. Yeah, she never young. Yeah.

Sad. How many? How

many albums I have like three. I think I saw maybe, maybe, um,

so I had a, I had a few more I mean, I we can go through them. I don't know how long it would take to go through them but one of them that I didn't Okay, so I knew how he passed away but I really didn't know the details and when I went into the details doing my research today, I'm always like, Fuck, that's really brutal. So I had Randy Rhoads. guitars for Ozzy Ozzy. Quiet, right? So he passed away in 1982 and he was only 25 he was a fucking badass guitarist like when I go back and I listen to the Ozzy stuff that he did with Randy Rhoads. Um, that show was fucking awesome. Like I love there's two arrows of Ozzy that I love it. That's the Randy Rhoads era and the zakk Wylde era. Everything else I'm not really too fond of. But so he passed away in 82. He was only 25. He did two albums with quiet riot, which I own one of them on vinyl, an original print and he did two albums. With Ozzy what was crazy was that I don't know if you guys know Frankie, probably no. So he died in a plane crash. Yep. And so what happened was he they were going to a gig. And of course, they were on the tour bus Ozzy, Sharon, the members of Ozzy at the time, and they made a stop in Florida. And there was a guy who was part of the crew who's who knew how to fly a plane. But what they didn't know that like he was a cocaine addict. So they didn't know he was a cocaine addict. They didn't know that he had his license, has flying license suspended blah, blah, blah. So anyways, he was taking different people of the crew on flights on an airplane because they had made a stop some like airfield that had like those little small engine planes. So after the first group of people went that he went to go take, he was basically what he was trying to do is he was trying to like show off. He was trying to clip the tour bus and wake some of the members up because everyone was asleep because they had played a gig before. So Ozzy was asleep, and I forgot who else was asleep. So Randy Rhoads, 25 year old kid, um, he, he didn't like planes. He didn't want to go in the air. So there was a makeup artists that was on tour with him and she actually had a heart condition. And so she wanted to go up, but she didn't want to go because of her condition. And she's like, well, if you don't do any tricks and stuff, and try to, you know, be stupid in the plane, then you know, I'll go so Randy was all like, Well, you know what, if he's gonna be cool and not do anything stupid, then I'll go on the plane too. You know, just so I can take pictures for my mom. That's what he wanted to do want to take pictures of, you know, the high, you know, right scenery for his mom. So they went up in the air and Rudy sarzo I don't know if you're familiar with the name. He was the basis for Ozzy at the time. Randy Rhoads was trying to get Rudy to get go on the plane with him. Mm hmm. And he's like, No, I'm good. So he stayed on the bus. Ozzy was asleep. So of course, they go up in the air and the guy actually starts doing the same shit again, trying to Clip the bus. So I think like on his second or third time around, he actually clips the bus, the fucking wing comes off, they spin out of control, and then they fucking crash into some Mirage and login. All of them die instantly. Yeah. And what's crazy was that there was only one witness to it who had a camera, and it was part of the crew and he said that before he hit the plane, they almost hit him because how low they were, and that he saw the plane tilting a lot like if there was a struggle, and he's thinking that Randy Rhoads is trying to get the guy to stop fucking around, and that there was kind of a altercation on the plane because the chick on the plane, she had a heart condition, right. So he was trying to like, you know, get this guy to stop looking around. And when they did autopsies and stuff and they're finding out that that guy had been doing cocaine like the whole night before. Great. And so but nobody knew nobody knew that. Yeah, I was like, This dude was fucking 25 years old, and he only did like three albums. He was fucking young. And the rural thing was to is obviously we still have awesome around. Yeah, right. And as he said that what got him the most was that the last conversation he had with Randy Rhoads was so, Ozzy was, we all know was a heavy drinker. So he had been drinking like really heavily that night before. And when Randy last saw him, he told Ozzie, you're gonna kill yourself one of these days, because you're drinking like because you're heavy drinking and then the next morning Randy Rhoads dies on the plane. Yeah, so that was one for me because I knew how he died. But I didn't know the details. I was like, Fuck, man. He was just trying to get pictures for his mansion. There actually a guy on the ground was actually taking pictures of him on the plane for his mom to show him that you know, he was up in the air. And then another one was from one of our favorite bands and yours specifically, from kitty. basis. Trish Dolan. That's right. She actually passed away in 2017 2017 was a fuckin shitty fucking year for musicians.

She was only 31 was crazy about her was she only recorded one album with kitty. So she was actually with them finished. The crazy thing about kitty is that we saw a documentary on them and they went through so many fucking people. And basically they went through one basis per album. And so when Trish joined the band they had finished the album they had before their 2006 album, which I think was funeral for yesterday. So she like helped them finish taurine for that album and stuff. Then she actually did the 2006 album with them, but she struggled a lot with like depression and stuff. So she left the band and she went back to Australia. So I'm just recently well before she passed away, she got back with a band and they were actually making plans to finish doing some stuff and recording a new album. So it was going to be the two sisters Morgan a Mercedes lander then it was going to be the guitarist had been with him for quite some time, which was what was her name? Lisa marks. So Lisa marks I think it was like their third guitars or something. And she had been she had stuck with them for a while. And it looked like Trish was going to be a member that was going to stick around for a while. She was one of the members that left and actually came back. Okay. And actually they wanted her to come back. So Trish came back and then in 2017, she passed away they were getting right before that they were getting ready to record another album. And then they felt that it was best that since she passed away that they weren't going to continue. And so I know Morgan, how did she die? I believe it was a drug overdose. I know she had depression and stuff and she was really struggling with that stuff. But uh, yeah, so they decided not to go on. And I know Morgan just joined another, another band and so she's a vocalist for some, I think a European band or something like that. But that was one that I had and then the other two that I had Then I guess we can well, it's basically three. I guess I can talk about this one real quick. Because everybody knows about this one, but Cliff Burton from Metallica. That's right. Uh, he passed away in 86 dude, he was only 24

that was what a wasn't the the band touring in Europe and I think they were. I think the band was sleeping. Yeah,

the band was sleeping or was hit some black ice or something. And the bus basically he fell out the window and the bus fell on top of him. Yeah, but dude, he was fucking 24 he only recorded three albums with Metallica. So let's kill him. All right, the lightning and master puppets and he only got one songwriting credit on a justice for all because justice for all was the first album that Jason Newstead recorded with Metallica. But he was like a huge influence on Lars and James and the writing of the band in general. And I kind of think that if you would have been around they would have I kind of feel like loading reload wouldn't ever happened. Probably I kind of feel like they would have continued being like thrash Metal but like I think they would have, I think they would have branched out a little bit more because Cliff was like really the reason I don't know if you know this, but the reason why they did the concerts with the San Francisco Symphony was because of Cliff burn. Like they started using their intro of the ecstasy of gold. Because of Cliff Burton, like he was into like, classical music. He wasn't into all kinds of like shit that they weren't into. And so like, Yeah, because of him. They use ecstasy of gold for their fucking intros. Because of him. They ended up you know, experimenting and doing the show with the symphony. But yeah, Cliff burning was one and then the other two were, Vinnie Paul and dimebag. Darrell,

that's right.

Yeah, I mean, those guys fucking did a lot. They were big, you know, Texas names. Vinnie died 2018 he was 54 mm dimebag. I remember that one. We were in high school armor when he died in 2004. He was 38 it was crazy with Vinnie Paul this I didn't realize that man he had done a lot of shit man. He was with Pantera he did damage plan with dimebag he did rebel meets rebel with David Co. That he was in hell yeah dude he had a fucking huge discography like under his belt man and he was a fucking sick like he still hadn't dude at 54 duty still fucking had it um I only saw him with hell yeah twice dime bag I never saw a dime bag but I mean he had Panthera and damage plan under his belt. But I mean those were another two like those guys fuckin you know they still had shit in on do like you know to keep going and fucking dime Vinnie Paul was a shocker to me well they both they all were but Paul I remember I was like what the fuck man?

And and they said it was natural causes Yeah, I think I don't know. I mean I'm starting to think that now anything is a natural cause like COVID like COVID

Um, but yeah dimebag dime and dime bag was just stupid. Like, I mean, you know somebody, and what's crazy was that somebody didn't like that pentair Oh wasn't going to get back together. And that's why

Yeah, so

might as well go shoot people. Yeah. So good plan, you know, so that was, and it was crazy because I think I mentioned it last episode or whenever we're talking about it, like I was gonna go see damage plan when they were gonna play and I didn't and I was like, Dude, that would have been my one fuckin shot to see dimebag and right looking. I mean, because I didn't know, you know, nobody knew this was gonna happen. And that happened. And I remember my friend called me at the time and told me and I didn't I didn't know. And it was then I turned on radio and all over the fucking radio. I was like, Man, that's fucking that's fucking

stupid. Number two, you know, speaking of plane crashes, Stevie Ray Vaughan also Oh,

Avon, Texas. So we have totally forgotten all about the day the music died Buddy Holly.

Ritchie Valens. I had that on my list.

Yeah, um, and yeah, so.

I don't know a whole lot about his music. But yeah, he passed away with members of Eric Clapton's. Ben at the time. I forget. I think there were flying to some show or something like that in a private plane and I don't know if it was like engine failure or it was just like cloudy conditions. But yeah, the the plane went down and everybody died flying

to Leonard Skinner half the fucking bandwidth right now. What's another one? Ah, I don't know. Well, there's a lot of videos. And there's a book that I've talked about in my, in our last episodes. It's called take a walk on the dark side by arcare are Gary Patterson actually talks about like a cult and weird stuff that happens in rock. And actually some of these are on that list. And what's crazy about Leonard Skinner is that one, I think one of the last albums I had with those members, it was called the I think it was called survivors, and basically the band and with with flames, so like there's like flames all around them. And it's crazy because the members that are on flames on the cover are the ones that died on the airplane is a real trippy like you guys could YouTube it. You can look for that book. I remember. I actually found that book. I don't know if you guys are familiar with coast to coast. Am I've heard of it. Okay, so I think Art Bell was it Art Bell or Georgia Nori? Think Georgia Nori Art Bell, I think was the original one. Anyways, it's weird because he passed away recently. And they had a guest on the show and it was the author for that book. And I ended up like looking all over the place like I couldn't find that book anywhere. I went to the library to see if I could check it out. couldn't find it. I ended up finding it on Amazon. This was like when we were in high school. It's like a sophomore, junior. And yeah, that book is interesting as hell I still have it. Um,

but uh,

yeah, those were, those are fucking crazy, too. But that's all those are all the ones I had on my list.

You know, and actually speaking of plane crashes, was it Travis Barker and DJ and that's right when they were when they were. Yeah. Yeah, so I think they were the only survivors of that plane crash, right? No.

Yeah, DJ died, but

we died after though. From what I remember. Yeah. So about So yeah, they were traveling with some friends and their plane went down. They were the only survivors and DJ and I think he struggled a lot with survivor's guilt. And he was on a lot of like medications to to cope with depression of you know, of having been that survivor and I think he died of antidepressant medication overdose. And Travis Barker to this day still will not fly like he's

Oh yeah, they go on tour across the country or like across to another country. He will go on a cruise ship and it will take him longer so he starts off before the other guys take off. Yeah, and he'll take a cruise ship over there while the other guys do I don't blame

you right how he died this I didn't. I don't remember. I didn't remember that. either. I just remember the plane. Mm hmm. But um, yeah, planes I yeah. When I for some reason, like the whole Richie Valens thing. I don't know if I ever told you guys this story, but always freaked me out. So I don't like planes. I've never Been online before I'm scared of heights Kim noses I think I don't know if you guys know this or not. So this was back in the days of MySpace. So we had a obviously we had an accounting young Tom vibes or whatever, whatever. And I was like listening to Richie Valens a lot, too, and a lot of the 50 stuff cuz like the 50 stuff. Yeah. And I had gotten a friend or friend Friend Request from some guy. I forgot what his name was, his name was Fuck, I don't know why I can't remember his name right now. So he sent me a friend request. I was like, I don't know who this guy is, but he's in a band. This was 2005 or something. So then like, later on, I decided to do my research. I was like, Who the fuck is this guy? So then, like, you know, how long has he been doing music and stuff. And so it turns out that he's actually the guy that lost the coin toss to Richie Valens away,

and I was like, What the fuck? Like, it just

tripped me out because Yeah, and I was like he wants to friend me. But uh, Let me see what his name is. I forgot what is it? Tommy? Tommy allsup. Okay, I don't even have to search it. I remember now okay also so he's the guy that they he wanted to get

banned at that. Yeah, he was

actually traveling. I think he was a member of Buddy Holly's ban. Oh, okay. Yeah. And so then when Buddy Holly passed away then he ended up continuing he had his own bands too. I don't remember what the name of the band was at the time but I just remember getting that friend request accepted and I was like, Who is this guy? And then I did research and I was like, he's the one that fuckin lost the coin toss them but to fuckin Richie Valens. Wow. Yeah, to get the seat on the plane. That would be a weird


Yeah. And it felt like it was like a Texas thing. And like, well with you know, it was just weird. Yeah. So yeah, I don't know. That was my little my little last. My last thing I guess to say about that because it freaked me out a little bit. But

yeah, man. No, I mean, well, obviously there are a lot of musicians who have passed away and some of the ones that we've mentioned are don't even really scratch the tip of the ice.

Oh, yeah, I think our hangover segment next time will be pretty lengthy. Yeah.

But uh yeah, those were so like so like I said, Guys, if you guys just real quick well obviously when the show's done I'll be editing tonight but write down some of your favorite songs from all the artists he talked about even if it's one from every artist don't matter I don't a playlist and then I'll add it and you guys can listen to our Spotify playlist I'll link it on the episode description when this goes live tomorrow will you be listening to it right now because we record on Friday, but um, but yeah, so you can check us out at Rock talk caviar pod calm. We're on Instagram, Facebook on Twitter, like so you can check out our Spotify playlist it's on the homepage of the website. It's also linked on the top right um, next episode we're going to have Oktoberfest fest where we're going to be drinking Oktoberfest beers and we'll be talking about German artists and musicians and I know this is gonna be a fun That kind of thing because I, I can't think of too many German musicians off the top of my head. But we were having fun earlier trying to guess. So it'll be all genres, genres, we'll see what we can find. We'll do some research. Um, and, yeah. Also to let us know what your favorite songs are from some of the artists that we talked about. Also, we missed anybody to I think we, I think we touched almost everybody because there was a lot of people I didn't have on my list. And we just started talking about them, like, for instance of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and then we talked about Leonard Skinner and stuff, yes. You know, all these all these artists that I hadn't thought about in a while. Um, but, uh, but yeah, so we'll do that next episode. And if you guys you guys have anything else you want to say?


no. Okay. I guess we're gonna drink some more beers. And then we'll see you guys next. Next Next weekend. Cheers. Cheers.

Bye, guys.

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