Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 12 - What If?

September 05, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Season 12
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 12 - What If?
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 12 - What If?
Sep 05, 2020 Season 12
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we drink and discuss some Berliner-Style Weiss/Sour beers, get ready to try more pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers of the season, talk a little bit about Metallica's drive-in performance last weekend, and discuss some 'What If?' scenarios in music history and talk about how things could have maybe turned out. Cheers!

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This episode, we drink and discuss some Berliner-Style Weiss/Sour beers, get ready to try more pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers of the season, talk a little bit about Metallica's drive-in performance last weekend, and discuss some 'What If?' scenarios in music history and talk about how things could have maybe turned out. Cheers!

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Hello everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. I doing we're doing weird sounds It's Friday yeah sound tired?

Yeah we yeah we It's been a long, long week. So for those of you are new to this podcast This podcast is about craft beer and music. We drink craft beer, every episode, new craft beers every episode we discuss them and we rate them. We also try to learn a little bit about them too while talking about music related topics. And this week is going to be what if so, basically, we're just going to go through and give a little what if scenarios

If little events in music history happened I guess differently whether it was a music history in general or a band's history and then maybe see how it could have possibly affected the future from that point on. Um, so I guess you know, we like to talk about craft beer well to kick off the show and what we're drinking frankly drinking. I am drinking a class Taler non alcoholic grapefruit


it's it's the ultimate refreshment it's a class taller Yeah, I've had two other others that didn't Sprite. I'm just kidding. Yeah.

I've had two other other beers, a dry hops. And also, I guess just like another multi I think they're all malt based. From what I understand. This one tastes more just like grape juice, like skunky, skunky, skunky grapefruit juice, does it so do you like it? I do like it. It's It's It's not bad at all. It's a

50% class tolerant non alcoholic malt beverage and 50% grapefruit drink I'm gonna guess this gunk Enos comes from the the double hop. That's my guess yeah, yeah, but after learning about the double hop process I was thinking I was like that's weird how non alcoholic has how they have double hot

drinks which is weird but I guess the alcohol comes from when they put the the yeast in and stuff during fermentation so I guess I guess a non alcoholic stuff is when they skip that process. I'm really not sure actually should look into that. I really don't know what the process is different from nano. I mean, obviously it's different but I don't know where the process like deviates. And I'm guessing it's during a fermentation process. They just don't put put Easton right, um, but uh, I got to look into that. Yeah, I'm not sure but I mean it. It tastes good. I think it tastes just like regular grapefruit juice, but

just with a tad bit of clunkiness to it. Alright, so with that

I don't know zero to five. What do you read it? Ah, I'm gonna give it a four. Four. All right, that's pretty high. All right, cool, I think Yeah. Britt What are you drinking?

Um, I'm drinking a Berliner vi style beer from Red bud red bud brewery out of Austin.

Austin is that the one we had before? We have the same one but we had the cucumber version. Oh, okay.

Just regular non cucumber one All right. Cool. And how's it tastes as good I like it. What do you rate it? I would give it like a 4.3 or something 4.3 and the cucumber ones got to be rated higher in there Yeah, cuz Yeah, I remember we all had that. I don't even remember if we rated it at the time because I know we started putting in ratings kind of late in the in the game to catch up on the spreadsheet and try to go in and boom boom, boom.

Kim Yeah.

I'm drinking Oh, Waterloo sparkling water, lemon lime.

No, no alcohol for Kim today. Yeah, it's zero calories, zero carbs. Oh sugar it and I added a noon hydration tablet to it. It's a lemon lime flavor also and then I put in some lime juice and lemon juice. So I know Kim had a kid who's been holding on to a blueberry beer in the fridge for a while and actually bought one for us to try a different one. It's a so I bought a blueberry one raspberry sour.

That also to get got a couple other ones so we'll try them today during the during this episode. let you take a couple of sips or one sip, because you haven't tried this yet, right? Yeah, you can take a swig of this one too. I'm drinking.

Hop works. Urban brewery cactus attract is sour. So it's a sour ale brewed with prickly pear and I like prickly pears. So this should be interesting. I know we were talking about shiner has one like

Download Now it's pretty good. Um, and this breweries out of Portland 5.3% ABV. So let me give it a sip. I poured it out. haven't tasted it yet. It's pretty dark. You guys can see it on Instagram. I'll post it later.

Smells good. I like the way it smells.


The kind of tastes like there's nothing there. I'm just gonna say it doesn't taste like much at all.

Sometimes it takes a couple of sips on some beers, like

I don't know. I kind of feel like maybe the shiner version is better. Yeah, it doesn't even really taste sour either. No.

What's the date on this? Can? It smells familiar? I'm starting to get like real. I'm

not paranoid, but I'm like looking at the Yeah, this is like, well, so I was looking at a what's it called Reddit. And I know there were some topics about

Like people not knowing what the dates on beer cans are and I'm actually in the process of doing that research because I want to make sure that I get the right

information but what I was looking at was that and this made me look into it more because of the roho beer that we had we Oh, yes. Oh my god. Oh, yeah, so we I guess maybe that's why we didn't want to remember last episode that was horrible. Like we I think we had nothing but horrible beers that episode. Yep. Uh, except for I don't know, I guess afterwards. We had some good beers. But anyways, so I decided to try it again yesterday. And I poured a poured it out took a took a picture of it in the glass and I was like, maybe, maybe, maybe this candle won't be so bad. So I poured the hope can into the goblet, whatnot. And I took one little sip and I'm like, hell no. Nope, still have enough.

poured it down the drain. Like I only done that twice. Yeah, and I'm not really sure if it had to do with how long we had it.

Which I doubt because it was only five days, which is stupid to me if you have to drink it like, um, and then also to like I was thinking, I don't think that was the case. Because if they're going to start rolling it out into grocery stores, that's going to be, they're going to be first off, you got to ship it, then it's going to stay in the warehouse till someone stocks it for a little while. I'm not gonna say it's going to be there forever, but then by the time it gets on the shelf. So one thing I did, I did see online is apparently the date that they put on the bottom of the cans or bottles or whatnot. That's the date that they recommend the grocery store to pull it from the shelf. So that not necessarily that it's expired, but that their recommended freshness is like no, like, it's better. So like, you could still drink it, but as far as selling it, they're like we rather you pull it after this date. So I'm like, okay, but I'm going to do more research on that. This one says July so I was like, I also and I just bought it today, but uh, yeah, so I think I don't know if maybe it has to do with like different types.

have beer.

But I mean, I haven't really noticed a difference. I mean, the only crappy beer that I've had that had to do with that date was a drunk a shiner. That was like over a year old. And I know it was a year old. It tasted like crap. It just tasted like, like shit. Like it was it had no had no flavor. Yeah, it was like, not as busy. I wonder if it's like a storing, like if you were to store properly after Well, it was well this one was in the fridge. So I think like storage has nothing to do later in your own fridge. It was in someone else's.

But uh, no, trust me. I had no no I know shiners on stay in my fridge for

so I was looking online also. And so we still have one big red rope beer sell to the highest. I mean, and I think it's more for collector versus the reasons. You know, I was thinking what if you put granite in in it? Would it taste better? I don't know if anything we could do. We

With big red in there, and it still didn't make it taste maybe if you added that smoky beer you could make smoke. Oh.

Oh my god. I wonder how that

aside a pickle beer. Yeah, that might that might make it better. Yeah. And then the sub sub Edie Yes.

Just that's giving dinner that beer alone was just like, Is it because so the other beer that I did not. There was only one other beer that I had that I did not finish and it was from a brewery here in Texas. I can't remember who made it. And it was a double IPA. And I remember Kim saw me do this. So I poured it out and I'm getting used to IPAs. Alright, so I took a sip and I'm like, This tastes fucking disgusting, right? So I poured it out and it look really because I know there's some beers that are murkier or cloudy. So I poured and I was like, this looks like really fucking cloudy. So yeah, so

I decided to rinse the pool we recycle. So you know rinsing the can out, I rinse the can like seven, eight times, and there were still residue coming out. And I was like, I wonder if that's either a sign that the beer went bad or that it's just a bad beer because I noticed that the big red with a row beer did the same thing. I had to rinse it like six, seven times before it stopped coming out like red. And I'm like, that doesn't sound good. I want to try to look into it. And then me and Kim had a discussion about how we didn't see anybody posting online about how the beer tasted. It was more like more hype like, Oh, I can't wait to get it or Oh, I can't believe you got it. Oh, look at all this that. So? Yeah, so then after So after we posted about how it tasted then a couple of people came out saying how having a friend of mine on Instagram, who was saying that him and his wife bought it when it first rolled out and they still have them in their fridge. They only opened one and they still been in there. And yeah, so he didn't he didn't

Enjoy either and Well, I know Kim had no news. Somebody that didn't enjoy either. Yeah, it's like flat red flash, but I don't even think, yeah, it doesn't even have a flat red flash flavors. I'm ham and there Yeah, flat ham or worse. It's like that liquidy stuff that and then the ham package

that's what i think you know, and it's like, and it's like I said last time, I think if they listen to what people were saying about how it tastes, they will probably release another batch and new and improved batch. Well, maybe. I don't know if they're even gonna have to because people are buying it so quickly. They're making money well, and they're getting ready to roll it out in stores. It's like the one time when buches was brand new, and I saw beaver nuggets and I skipped on them, you know, because I was thinking okay, whatever on the way back again. Oh, yeah. So for a whole week I played up these beaver nuggets. And I finally get them and they're fucking Cracker Jacks, dude, they're, they're not cracker jacks. They taste like package.

with caramel yeah this is like caramels or something Have you ever had

Have you ever had you ever had waffle crisp? Yeah, that's what beaver nugget seems like. He's like it tasted well maybe I haven't had one sugary they hurt my tea. Yeah, they are sugary like tears. I do like them but I don't like like I buy the small bag and I'm like, I shouldn't finish the whole thing because I like to but I ended up finishing the bag. So

I just Yeah, I just remember buying. So I just remember buying them and just being very underwhelmed. What do

I like

13 year old

loves Bucky. Bucky isn't Lucky's can't do no.

Paper there's seven layer dip is pretty good though. I never had that before.

Their sandwiches dude. Have you ever had that? No.


years ago I had I had like a like a pulled pork barbecue. Yeah, they have so

Those Yeah, no, they're good. Yeah.

Sausage sandwiches really good. No, he was like, okay, so I was trying to think about because usually we make snacks when we have snacks or beer or whatever here. So he was like, why don't you make some of that avocado chicken salad that you made the day for dinner and Oh, and I was like, they don't eat chicken. I was like,

everybody and I was like, Oh, no, they don't eat. They don't eat chicken. There was a stupid thing that I would do that I would always forget. I remember we would go out when I was vegan, and, and I would be like, you guys aren't vegan? Yeah.


guess, like I can't even believe that you guys eat that.

I kept forgetting that they like I've been vegetarian all my life for like five seconds. Actually, at this point, it had been It was almost a year, but I would always forget because, like, out because I don't know in my head like I was like, Oh, we all eat this.

Same thing. Well, we did it and I would like always fucking forget, because of course I was drinking beers I would forget.

So, because I never gave up beer so

let's begin with that. With that said, What do you rate this cactus beer because actually after taking on their sip I probably say like a three. Or like a 2.9 Yeah, it's gonna say like a 2.5 surely nothing happened in there for me. Yeah, this I took another sip right now and I got a little bit of flavor, but I still think that the the shiner one is a is better. Yeah.

Give it a give it a taste. The tiniest,

tiniest little swig.

Smells good. Yeah, it does smell good. I'm

just not familiar. It smells like something we had. It tastes like something we've had. Here's like a sour, sour but yeah, it's a sour, sour, sour sour beer that I've had the raspberry want to hopefully it's good. It's a little weedy.

I don't know what I think.

What is that? Yeah, I mean, I think it could be the cactus. I don't know. Actually, it tastes better now. I mean, you know, I've had this thing where I realized that when I pour them in the glass

like the first couple of sips I'm like, This tastes weird. And like after getting in, I'm like, Okay, now I taste the flavors that are. I don't know why. I don't know if it's the difference in the glass. And then we tasted that peanut butter beer that I gave you and it sucked. I don't know if you know not the peanut butter one the pumpkin the pumpkin one. Did you taste it? Was it in the bottle? Was it? Yes. It wasn't a bad. Yes, I did try it. It was only okay. It wasn't. It didn't have any taste very pumpkiny. Exactly. Yeah. And I was disappointed because I told her I was like, the label specifically said they put pumpkin in it. Unlike some of them. Don't they just have the spices in there are Pumpkin Pumpkin? pumpkin. Yeah. And I had it and I have still three in there. And I'm like, I don't really like it. It's a brown ale. We haven't really had brown ales on this show. But uh, there was just no flavor to it.

Like I was it was really dull. And I was expecting more out of it. I actually have another pumpkin beer for us to try. It's from we talked about I think the shipyard. Yeah, that one's good from really remember. Okay, cool. So we got I got one for Kim. So I was like, man, I need to find a good pumpkin beer Oktoberfest cooler for us to try to Oh, so you think you picked up for me? Sweet who What? What breweries are from?

I don't know. Is it Southern star? I think Oh, sure. Okay. Um, I also on Instagram. I actually I'm getting I'm getting ready to post them. I haven't had them on the show. But I actually had that one, Frank. That one that Mayan mocha stout. That was like the one that we had back in the day at Growler. That was the like the chocolate flavored chocolate one. Yeah, so that's a dude, that one's actually really good. I rated that one like a 4.5 or some shit like that. But it has hoppin arrows in it. Yeah, and it's so weird because you don't taste the habaneros but it hits you here and it makes it feel like you drink hot cocoa hits where Yeah, like in the stomach. It's you. Yeah, and oh, I'm sorry. You guys can't see. I forgot

Not a video cast.

Cool can Yeah. Awesome. Oh, I like the pumpkin on there. Okay, cool. Sweet. Yeah, so we can, we can try that. Um, another thing I tried I've been trying

Oktoberfest beers. So I had those two over there which was the

spoton Oktoberfest which I had there optim Mater like a few back episodes back. That was really good. So between altstadt I've been a huge fan of all set since I started trying their beers. So I had the altstadt Oktoberfest too and actually I liked the spot and one better the altstadt to me then have a lot of flavor I drink I'm actually back to back. But that spot and Oktoberfest is pretty damn good. I'm shiner. They give out the shiner Oktoberfest to

peanut butter stout that I give you one of those peanut butter sounds too. Yes. Did you like that one was good. They're strong. Yeah, those are? Those are some Yeah, yeah. That one's

Pretty good, but you guys will see that on Instagram. Later if you want to choose your snacks wisely when you're drinking a peanut butter. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you can. Yeah, it's not something you want to have with like fruit. No.

Actually, it's funny because on that bottle it tells you what's good to eat with a what it's good paired with. I think it's either that one or the or the line, whatever, who cares. So anyways, um

yeah, so if you guys want to keep up with all the stuff we're drinking blah, blah blah see the see the beers and your bottles and the bottles and all that good stuff. Just go to a rock happy hour pod calm and then you can see all that good stuff. Also, we have Spotify curated playlists to go along with the episode. So if you guys want to check out anything that we're talking about, as far as song wise,

song wise, band wise, blah, blah, blah, all that good stuff. Then you can see it on our Spotify playlist and that's linked on our on the top of our homepage. So I guess we can go into Oh, actually, you know what, let's taste this.

Real quick this What is this? Why did I know she made a weird face?

Okay, so this is different. It's very different. Just look at the color of it. I mean, I don't know if you can see but the color of it. It's really light for a pumpkin beer. They're usually darker. Right? Okay, so this is Southern star Southern star. Where are they from? Bro? Texas, or Houston? We haven't had one from there. Yeah, that's called sideboard sideboard. Okay, and it's supposed to be a pumpkin beer. Uh huh. Pumpkin ale. Okay, that's different. Ale, what's the ABV?

6.3% Oh, that sounds

a little harsh. Yeah, it is. Have the little independent Brewers Association logo in their shot. I mean, it's not bad. It's just it smells good. It was different.

I gotta say, out of all the pumpkin beers that we've had so far, this is probably the better one because all the ones that we've had haven't really had any kind of pumpkin take

to it or any kind of like the spices weren't there this one I actually like this one. You can definitely taste the spices. Yeah, you can taste the spices not Maggie. Yeah.

Maybe cinnamon or so probably got some. Yeah All spice in there some Yeah, no.

I like it. It's got some good. It has good flavor. You haven't tasted it yet. It tastes good.

Although you had tasted it, we were talking, you know, but it makes me wonder how many of them are pumpkin inspired? And then actually pumpkin? Yeah, so most of them from what I've seen our pumpkin extend expired.

Pumpkin inspired. And the one that we had the one that I gave Brit one. Brit one. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That one actually had pumpkin in it. Yeah, it was the big selling. Yeah, exactly. And I was just soaking in it beer with spices. Yeah, that one's really good. It tastes like an unsweet version of the lean and kugel harvest patch jam. Yeah, cuz I was reading the other one. That was really sweet.


spicier and that was sweet because as honey in it and I think the honey really adds a lot of the sweet sweetness to it. Fuck I like this a lot. I probably rate this on like 4.5 out of all the pumpkin beers I've had I like this one a lot.

You I don't want you to

break up. Okay, good. Well, that's it's pretty decent compared to Yeah, cuz so far I think we've had like four, four or five pumpkin beers this season. And yeah, I think this was this was the best one. I actually had not seen that one at our store yet. So I'm gonna keep my eyes open for that one. And then of course, Oktoberfest I've been keeping my eye out for Oktoberfest beers. There's a lot of them out there now. Yeah. Oh shit. There's a whole show. Yeah, I know. I was thinking about that actually picked up a heaven in the fridge. Live Oak Oktoberfest. Yeah, so I don't have that yet too. So we can try that one too. Unless next episode you just want to do pumpkin

Oktoberfest beers Yeah, while we have them. So while they're all out and about so we'll do I guess next next episode, we'll try to get a Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers. Cool. I'll see if I can find something for you. I was thinking maybe like a cider type? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. So good idea. I like cider. I did write to them. And I did see some non alcoholic stuff around. So I'm going to see if I can get not at the stores but online. So I'll do something for next week. Cool.

All right, I guess let's go into the topic while we're drinking. So like I said earlier in the show this topic is What if

not, based on the creed song, but

this Yeah, so we're gonna be talking about stuff that maybe what if scenario, yeah, what if scenarios or how they could have happened differently in music history and then talk about how maybe they could have altered the course of music from that point on.

Frank, you want to give it a whirl? Yeah, a band I was thinking about was Panthera. Okay.

I was thinking there could have been, you know, two outcomes, possibly more. But the first outcome was if they stayed glam rock. Oh, yeah. You know if they stay glam metal rock. Yeah. Then what? You know what, what would have happened? Would they have just like all the other glam metal bands, like, fizzled out? Yeah. And then do some come back to her.

And then the other scenario was if they never broke up dimebag would still be alive. Yeah, that's true. Mm hmm. Yeah. Um, but I, it's kind of hard to say too, because, Phil. Phil, I think I kind of feel like he would branch down done his own shit with other projects he had like regardless. Yeah, I don't know if it would have ended up being like, kind of one of those things. Were kind of like mudvayne or like Chad left to do projects and he had just ended up not going back to Miami. He ended up sticking with hell. Yeah. But I mean, a lot of that had to do with it's tied to Panthera. He wanted to play with Vinnie Paul.

Like that's the whole reason why Haley got together after dimebag died. I don't know if you know the story about about how hell yeah formed. Yeah. So from what I read before, I don't know if memory serves me right. Vinny was just not doing anything just bummed out for some years. And I think what mudvayne guys approached him and said, you know, let's, I think they pretty much like they, they kept bugging out. They did, until he finally relented, and I think that's when he was like, yeah, and then they're like, well

that's probably how it went down. I wouldn't be surprised. So I didn't check Wikipedia but it's gonna be Brett sighting.

Yeah, so yeah, that's how Yes, that's that's kind of hard to. I mean,

what do you think? What I think I mean, I think they're, they were already having problems.

When reinventing the steel came out, and then they did that one tour. But yeah, you're right. I think

Phil would have eventually branched off and done this thing, but

I think a lot of it had to do I mean, because Wasn't he all like fucked up on drugs and alcohol and stuff. And he just was saying all sorts of weird crazy stuff. And I actually don't know man, like, I don't know too much of like,

Panthera is like,

because I kind of feel like I was to guess from what I understand. I think Phil had some type of back accident, like I think he injured his back. So I think knightly he was just pumping himself full of painkillers and alcohol just to get through a show.

And so I don't know if the band was just like, frustrated with that. I mean, the only one that didn't really chime in a whole lot was Rex. I think like he stayed pretty quiet. He didn't take any side, but he just wanted to he just wanted to play bass. I think, well, it's funny how we talked about this because we talked about like, what could what you know what could have happened and it's funny because a lot of people like I was a big fan of mudvayne you were well. We saw

Yeah, we did shows and actually on one run I think I saw like two or three times on that same tour. Um, so so if

if Panthera would have stayed together and you know, everything would have happened to the point where they would have stuck together then that means mudvayne would have still been together and Hell yeah, wouldn't have never formed No. So that would have been crazy too because like a lot of people like when you go we had this week actually talked about this previous episode, but I'll see people on the McBean Facebook page it'd be like y'all Stop fucking around with Hell yeah, like get together and like, you know, record another album. Like you see that like everywhere whenever there's a band is like not doing any more system down. Hell yeah. Rage Against machine. I mean, hell yeah. mudvayne Rage Against machine, you know, but it makes me wonder that maybe Marvin would get back together because now that whole desire to play with Vinnie has been fulfilled.

They're still they're still going to Yeah, I think they're still they're still going but I'm just saying, you know, like, symbolically like they never they've already done that. So why not? Why not? Just go back

Moving. I mean, I kind of hope that happens. I kind of miss mudvayne

but I mean, as far as from what I've seen, like on health because I follow him like on social media, it looks like Chad's like, inhale. Yeah, all the way dude. Like, he's, he's, like, That's his band now. Like, I mean, he did you know, kind of help. kick kick that band off but yeah, I don't I I want the band to come back. But yeah, that's a that's a weird branch off too. Because not only would a pen terrorists stay together, but mudvayne wouldn't so that affects like two bands right there. Yeah, yeah. But it also to I wasn't really all that big a fan of damage plan. I only be honest, no, a couple of songs. I remember. I was supposed to see them. When they came when that first album came out. Yeah, but I didn't I don't know if that was. I don't know if he got killed after that. Or if they were gonna come here and then he got killed. I don't remember. I don't remember. Yeah, I was I was supposed to go

I think that show was supposed to be a sunken garden. Somebody can correct me if y'all listen in y'all saying I'm wrong, and y'all, you know, yelling at the phone and stuff.

But you know, it just made me wonder like if pentair got their shit together, and they continued, you know, we wouldn't we wouldn't have Oh, yeah, we wouldn't have damage plan.

Some of the bands that we mentioned would still be around.

But yeah, I mean, I don't know, like Vinnie would have been the first of the brothers to pass away. If Panthera was still true. You know, that is true. Yeah. You think their sound would have changed in any way leaving the 90s? I don't think so. They were. I mean, maybe they started off being glam. Yeah. And then and then they went like total, you know, just like, like hard, hard metal. I don't think they would have changed too much. And also to when new metal was coming out, they didn't even come to that, you know, they they just kept doing their thing.

No, I think I think they would have stayed. You know, within their, their sound they might have they may have explored it a little more.

But no, I think they I think they would have pretty much stayed within the same. The same sound is my guess. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. Yeah, I can't think of it's weird because I've seen I've seen how Yeah, like twice. Um, I don't know if I like hell yeah, better than mudvayne but, um, yeah, that's weird. I mean, that's, that's really healthy I wouldn't have wouldn't have existed without if pentair would have stayed together and then we still would have been Tara. Mm hmm. But, uh, but I also feel like some of those bands like I don't know how, like, Well no, pentair is a pretty big name. I was gonna say like, I don't know how relevant they would have stayed. Because there's a lot of bands like like those guys that were like, well, I guess a good example is like Johnny pool, like when they first came out, man like, they were like, oh, like they were kind of putting like Texas on the map as far as like when in the new metal right?

New metals was coming.

But then like after de Williams passed away and then after that album when they just really didn't hit and so like they really didn't stick around like now they're not relevant like fuck we saw I don't know if you guys know this but we saw them all that we go to Oh last year there was a fucking flyer on so there was like a little empty empty space there that like it was a store it used to be a store in girl women's clothing store and then they like got it started going out of business they and then like they started renting it like almost like a banquet hall. Yeah kind of Yeah, like a banquet. I guess they were having a ball so they were having tight the mall. Like it's a store in the mall. It's either like a big store like Sears or JC Penney. It's like a small little boutique. They weigh the size of this apartment. Maybe a little bigger. I think it's a little it's a little bigger. Yeah, okay, twice as big as apartment but not like a department store. Yeah, not an apartment. But, um, so they were renting it out and then it turned into a venue kinda what the fuck and then so I saw a flyer and I stopped because of

I was curious. And I was looking I was like, Oh, this local bands local band and then like, Oh, so and so date Johnny pool. And I was like, What What the? And they played a show they play the show. No, we didn't know we talked about last year it was Yeah, it was pre COVID. Yeah, not about going then we're like at the mall, but imagine God just just just out of curiosity.

I wanted I thought about it, but uh, I don't know it. Just imagine a bunch of 13 year olds. Yeah. They're just they're just they just

It reminds me of

like those bands that are doing like, comeback tours, but it's like a casino tour. Oh, holy shit.

Yeah, Billy Idol did that. But I'd rather play casino.

No, right. Okay. Damn. Okay, john Paul's got one up on us.

But like y'all did play a sandwich shop at furniture store.

If I go back to all the episodes

listed that list like

every episode I'm gonna make. Yeah, I'm not. Oh, no.

Well, I mean, well, me I it's funny because I forget about it and then you say, like, yeah, like I remember all the shitty things. I didn't do that I did. Yeah, um, what was I talking about? Oh, so like if Dave Williams would have been in Johnny pool like, I don't know, I don't think they would have ended up. Yeah, I don't think they would have ended up in that spot because I could never get Johnny please to be one of my favorite bands and I really liked the fact that they were from Texas. Like I thought that was the coolest shit ever. But I was in like Middle School. And then he passed and I could not get into anything after that. I know you like when they had the soil. So yeah, seven seven. I've heard some of that stuff and it's good but I just Oh, but it's still not as good as they were not as good as and I guess we could say cuz that was their first album. You know, usually the first album like no, every but everything's good. And everybody loves the first album. So I'd be curious.

See what their you know, their follow up albums would be like, but I couldn't get into them after that with any other singer I just I just couldn't feel it and it's what's funny because they're tied to Panthera to like they were real close friends we are yeah and actually didn't they record like their demo at big Vin records? Yeah, so like I wonder if Oh no, that was way before wouldn't have affected wonder from the same city also, they're there, too. Yeah. So I'm from Arlington


Um, was down was I gonna say I was gonna say something. I forgot a remark about Drowning Pool Yeah, we're talking Oh, so Johnny pool so it was funny because we so we like you guys know, we like to go to like sea change and stuff, terrifying CDs and vinyl. And we actually found

I knew there was a live version of this. I didn't know there was a studio version. So we found a rare compilation of

WWF forcible entry. Basically, it's a compilation from like 2002 and it has the first track on there. And of course you guys know I love covers. Johnny pool covering a Motorhead song as an entry theme for I think it was Triple H. The ace of spades ones. It's the game. Oh, that's right. That's right. That's right. And so that's a pretty hard to find combination. And we found it and the only two good tracks on that CD or Texas, the drowning point and union underground. So like all the everything else is trash, right, number two, let's try number two is Kid Rock rock cover of legs from ZZ Top. And when it was playing rounds, like what the fuck is this? It doesn't sound anything like ZZ Top. Actually, I'm not really a big fan of ZZ Top, but I love legs. That's a really good song. No, there's some songs. That sounded funny.

But then I said that's a really good song.

Oh, I'll edit that last part.

But like so it was playing. I was like, What the fuck is this? Like, it sounded really like, electronic. And then I was like, Okay, and then because I had the the disk or the case in the glove compartment, and so then the vocals came in. I'm like, No fucking way. It was Kid Rock. And it was a cover of it. So yeah, it was a fucking cover. And I was like, of course, of course it was a cover, but it was a shitty cover. But uh, yeah, so we ended up getting a one of the one of the other recordings that Dave Williams did that wasn't on the album and I feel like anytime we look at the CD exchange, that the only Drowning Pool albums that I see that are there for sale that people have taken are the ones without or the ones without without doing Wow, yeah, so you know, but I wonder they did Johnny poo have like stuff demo it before he passed away like were they in the process of recording new music now those they released when he was alive? Yeah, I know. There was a anniversary.

issue for the first album for center. I know there were stuff on there I think there was a few demos

but I fuck man I need to go back into that there might have been just a couple but so that one on that compilation that one was released before he passed because they actually I don't I'm not a big wrestling fan but when that song came out they actually performed a live at one of the WWF events back when it was WWF right they actually perform live there for a night there's there's a YouTube I think actually think it's on their DVD The first DVD they came out with with their music videos in there is it the cinema one yes a cinema Yeah, cuz I remember actually on there. I remember I had that one. And I had it to remember it was Dave Williams his dream to buy

the DVD Yeah, yeah, I had it. Yeah, the same thing. I had it and I remember it was Dave. It was Dave Williams his dream to buy his parents a home. Yeah, you know, and

That DVD ended up selling enough to actually buy them a home. So I mean, I don't know, you'd have to sell a lot of DVDs in order to buy a house, but this was back in the day when like there was YouTube wasn't really you know, so like if you wanted shit like that you had to buy the physical, you know, CD fucking DVD. Actually, I haven't really read the article and actually there's some videos have been coming out. I don't know if you guys heard about the whole thing with Spotify that apparently there's this whole issue with like Spotify hurting artists right now.

No, I didn't. I got to look into that we can talk about it next episode, so I can do some research. But uh, I think it kind of feels like it's the whole Napster thing all over again. But with Spotify, and I don't know it's really it's really weird to me now. So I'm gonna look into that and then we can talk about it but uh, um, but yeah, no, yeah, back in the day dude buying the shit. Speaking of speaking of Spotify,

z bandcamp. I want to thank Ben cap because they are actually inspiring me to buy music again. I actually digital stuff but you know I'm buying music. Again, from from

vancamp though so there was a. So speaking of Hell yeah. Again, they actually came out with a shirt that I was showing Kim. It's basically a tour shirt. And it's a badass like black and white logo in the front with like a skull or whatever. And on the back, it has like a tour that they would have done. And it says, fuck COVID tour and SS cancelled and it says no tour, but anyone who bought the shirt, all the proceeds went to saving the venues. So like, they didn't get any of that and actually bought a shirt. So I'm like, Okay, cool. So if you guys like want to support that shit, too. I know, there's still stuff going on about them trying to pass up to get, you know, to save the venues that reminds me to I think the city this past week, I think like Tuesday or Monday, all of downtown was lit red. And I think it was in solidarity for the music industry. Yeah, hell yeah. I did that too. On their Instagram. Well, actually, that's when I bought the shirt. They they had a mark their Instagram read. And that shirt they posted on Facebook and I'm like, I gotta get that fucking shirt. It just looks cool because it's a tour shirt, but it's like

The tour that's not happening right and it just says canceled on it, but I'll post a picture of that on Instagram when i when i get it in the mail.

Um, Britain Do you have a what if that was a huge Texas What if by the way like it was just like Johnny pool? Yeah.

five degrees. five degrees of mantero.

Seriously? I am I do?

I don't know.

I don't know. So I thought about what would have happened if Vince Clarke had never left Depeche Mode. He was one of the founding members and then he went on to create Yes, and then a razor. And so if he had stayed, I mean, Depeche Mode would sound really different. What what? Sorry, I don't know a lot about him. But what do you play? He's a keyboard. Oh, I didn't know that. You see, I don't know there. Yeah. I didn't know you guys gotta educate me on that side of the spectrum, because I don't really know too much about that. Yeah. So he's, uh, he was the original songwriter. Okay.

Depeche Mode.

And when he was in the band, they were incredibly Poppy. I thought, super Poppy and I think the band wanted to go a whole different direction when the new album was getting recorded, and he wanted to keep writing accessible pop music, and they they went cool with it. So he jumped ship and he, you know, started some other stuff. But um, I don't know, I feel that after he left, it took maybe Depeche Mode, like two more albums after that. Until they like found their sounds. Yeah. So yeah, so like four albums in like, that's when they found their sound. Crap. And I don't know, that's when they got a lot darker. And just better. I don't know. I mean, they're, you know, I mean, it's still the stuff that they made with Vince Clarke in the band is really good. And it's super popular Stein, like just can't get enough. You know, everybody knows that sounds great.

But it's just interesting to think like

What would have happened? Would they have ever gotten that sound or found that sound? Or would they have stayed lighter? Which which Depeche Mode? Do you like? That's tough because then of course, Alan Wilder left the band later, and they've made a whole other shift and they changed. So that was another one that I was thinking about. Which one should I do Vince Clarke or Ellen Mulder? Because we could talk about Depeche Mode all night, yo, it like depends. based off of what you're saying, it kind of sounds like y'all got lucky because y'all got like different versions of Depeche Mode. They were actually good. Because like, there's a lot of bands that like, that happens in like, this version sucks. But this version was good. And it sounds like y'all got a different taste. Oh, really? Yeah. But just very different from one another. Yeah. It also makes me wonder too, like speaking of key members who leave makes me think about bands where, you know, like, like, a good example would be Marilyn Manson. You know, he's got a new album coming out next month. And every you know, every

Couple of albums he gets a new songwriter to work with. And it makes me makes me wonder, you know, if that wasn't the thing, if he just kept a solid, consistent band all the time, his sound would be a lot more different versus You know, every couple albums, he gets a whole new

lineup. He gets a whole new lineup. It's like, you know, it's like breathing new life into the band. And you got a whole new sound when like, this next album coming out was written with shooter Jennings. That's so I know, I'm still trying to wrap my head. Yeah, but yeah, and actually, the, the way that came out was they were supposed to write some music for Sons of Anarchy. And, yeah, okay. And they were told, you know, we want the music to go this direction, and they weren't really happy with with it. And but you know, it was it was cool. Like it was, it was an it was an amicable agreement. But Manton ended up you know, becoming part of the Sons of Anarchy cast.

But they, you know, they they stayed friends, they stayed in touch and you know, whenever they weren't touring, they would get to

together and they would just write some stuff or when they were on tour, they would just, you know, email each other back and forth and then now that you know, there's a lot of time in the world

I think they're gonna just continue Yeah, I think they're gonna continue their their partnership so there's talk about maybe another album with them too together. Hmm. Franklin. I saw shooter Jennings. Yeah, we did at Sam's burger joint. Oh, shit. What was it? Like last year? Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. I was gonna say Sam's burger joint used to put on a lot of good shows. But shit. That was last year. Uh huh. No, it was it was a great show. It was really cool. And that's

what I liked was that it was very low key.

Usually they'll shoot the shows there are usually Yeah, yeah. Pretty, pretty lucky and there's whole everything yeah, Sam's changed. Right? It was like very, like punk aesthetic. Yeah, it was Yeah. And they went in and kind of renovated and then they shifted to making like all the bands that are pulling in we're like Americana Yeah, yeah, they change like they're

format of shows. Yeah, even Yeah. The venue the venue itself now it looks more like a proper Music Hall. Mm hmm. So it's nicer. Yeah, it's cleaned up a lot. Which is nice. Speaking of shows, and like pre COVID stuff. I don't know how I didn't write this down because we were supposed to talk about it earlier, but I just want to talk about it real quick. We actually saw Metallica's driving performance last weekend. Yeah, that's so it was the first time Metallica. I mean, the first time Frank ever saw Metallica, you know, I guess live ish. Because Frank's never been to Metallica show neither has Bret. I know Kim has I've seen him multiple times either on special performances or live. But what I want to know what y'all thought because me, you know, I have my own opinion, because I've seen him multiple times. And I've seen them in different like, special performances like that. So I want to see what y'all think. Especially to you know, it made me It made me appreciate there.

their longevity, you know, they've been at it for 40 years now. Yeah. And they're, you know, you know, just add it for four decades now. And I think just their consistency, like they've been putting out pretty solid music and I, you know, personally for me, I'm a fan of mid 90s. Metallica, like that's for me, that's Metallica. But you know, I can just notice stuff and say, yeah, you know, that's, that's cool. That's all that I like this. I like that. But it's the Hard Rock stuff for me that Yeah, you like the Hard Rock? Metallica? Yeah, yeah. But you know, just just just watching the show. The the movie. It made me think man, it would have been so cool to see Metallica and 83 and a sweaty as club and everyone just piling on top of each other. You know? Yeah. Yeah, drinking the pilsners pilsners. Yeah.

I like them. I got you stone. What did you think Brett? I mean, I really enjoyed it. Yeah, and I'm not showing you all the words. So

I was like,

Metallica listener, you know, but I guess somehow it's all seeped into Yeah, I'm just I didn't even notice it was happening but it's there. Yeah, Metallica gets in there. But no, I was really impressed. Like I really liked the way that they did it. It was super cool the way that the stage was set up and how they started the show. It was still daylight. Yeah, Sunset on them while they were performing. I didn't realize that.

I feel like a real show. It made it feel like hold. Yeah, man. This is exactly what because they were playing outside. We were sitting outside and like the timing was almost perfect. Yeah, exactly. That hit our sunset. Yeah, I didn't realize that until she told me and I was like, Oh shit. they they they did that specific. Oh, yeah. I was like that's why they did it like this because we're they wanted us to feel like they were there and Three Days Grace opened up and they were like in a room the warehouse. Yeah. Kind of like a music video. I mean, how strange is it to perform to a room with nothing but a camera crew. Yeah. And to sit there and say let me go.

You don't hear anything. The guy's pushing a button, sir. Yeah.

But I thought they did a really good job both of them. And it was crazy cuz after the like, I didn't notice it there also I have bad vision. But I saw on Instagram that their stage so frank, I know you were asking me about like where they filmed it. So I actually filmed it in a vineyard. Yeah, yeah. And the fuckin stage was dirt. It was on a dirt mound. No way. Yeah. So, yeah, so they were on and I didn't notice that either. So I looked at the Instagram photos. And so like it's a dirt mound going up. And then like the stage is like, they just flattened it out. And it's so it's overlooking the vineyard. And so like really pretty Yeah, so it kind of like if you were to clear them off. It would have looked like a motocross. Okay, I think Yeah, yeah. And, uh, I don't know, I thought it was fucking interesting. Um, it felt nice. It felt like the air about the place and it felt concert like yeah, yeah, yeah, it did. Yeah. People around Yeah.

Hong Kong. Oh, a little mosh pits behind. Yeah. So it's between like the two friends that Yeah.

Um, you know, and I'm I don't know, this is just me, I'm one of those like, logistics slash technical type people and made me wonder Okay, how much like, on average, how much does it cost Metallica to put on one show?

And then multiply that over an entire tour? Like how much would it cost to put on a whole tour? I mean, I guess it also depends on their setup because

so when you look at their performance that they did for through the never which was it was over it was filmed through like two or three Canadian shows. And that setup was like specific for that even though it was like it wasn't really a tour, but it was like one off shows, but it was specifically for that movie. And they hired somebody who was like known for like doing like specific stage setups for concerts. He actually ended up passing away after he that was his like, last show that he designed. Um, that one was expensive as

So like the stage would change based on the albums and the era that they were playing. So like if they were playing from something from like justice raw, like then just for justice for all, Lady Justice.

Yeah, yeah. And then, if they did master puppets, like crosses came out from the stages, but like you had to know like, where to walk so that you get hit by one. And apparently because I saw the behind the scenes under the stage, it was like insane. Like, you like there was no room under the stage because of all the shit that was under there. Yeah, so basically, every other song would change dude, like based on the era that they were playing. Um, so that one like was super fucking expensive. And then when I saw him during saint anger that was in the round, so that one didn't really have too much. It was just a center stage. Nothing fancy. Then when Kim song that was during a stadium tour, I don't know. It was. It wasn't Death Magnetic. It was a 17 Yeah, so that was a hardwired Yeah, that was a hard wire. It was a hard

The beginning of the hardwire tour. So that fuckin stage setup was it was they basically had a stage so it wasn't like in the round, and that setup look fucking crazy. So that one was a little more expensive than the round ones. But yeah, I guess it just depends on the setup. And I think from what I read for that particular tour, they had three stages with them. So what they would do is you know, it takes about three four days to set up one stage Yeah, and the next stage would be you know, is getting set up in another city so that that way you know when Yeah, there's not like a whole lot of time off in between it's like you know, they they do one show then onto the next city. There's already the stages already built and then like the next stage for the next show is already getting built to Oh, wait a minute, I let you guys borrow the Metallica through the never Yeah, okay, if you guys watch the special features basically, it's the behind the scenes of like, the shows that they did. It shows you like how long it took them to build the stages. Like what was in the stages, like it fucking tells you all

So like if you're in like, basically the question you asked me the fucking answers.

So just looking at blu ray dude, and it's fucking, it's fucking insane. Yeah, but I was just thinking, you know, like, like, how much does it cost to put on one show? And then I was thinking, Okay, the show that we saw was pretty stripped down. It didn't have a whole lot of security are Yeah.

But then I was wondering, you know, how much did it cost to put together that show and then how much did it cost to distribute the film? to like, what the several hundred? Yeah, I was like, What? But you know what? They are Metallica though, so it doesn't really matter. Like whatever the price was man. Like.

I am curious how much it cost to but like, dude, they could fucking do, they could do it. So I actually I don't know if you guys know this, but they're, I think the only band or the only artist that has played on every continent. Yes, actually played in Antarctica. I remember that. And I saw that show and I fucking loved it so much. That's actually one of my favorite performances. And there was some like researchers in Antarctica and they actually played

Like to them and fans that were actually able to fly out over there. Yeah, yeah, they want to contest. Yeah. And I actually had that saved and I on my old laptop actually had it downloaded because I love this so much. But, uh, yeah, so like that fucking Metallica's crazy. They can do whatever the fuck they want. Um, but uh, yeah, I mean, I was driving Frankie crazy the whole time with questions like, what's that guy's name?

Why does he have so many pics? Oh, yeah. And then Brett asked me like, What is his hands? Like, what are the? Yeah, I was trying to remember I was like, Huh, and then after I saw I was like, Okay, now I remember. But yeah, so Kirk Hammett. Like he's a big horror fan. And so like he actually has a museum or I think it's like a museum or some kind of like a what's the other word, like? museum or like an exhibit or exhibit? Yeah, so he has an exhibit of like, nothing but like horror, like old school, like universal horror. Like it's a collection of his just like posters and all this

kinds of shit. So like he has custom guitars like based on all those monsters. I think he has Frankenstein Dracula, the mummy I think a mummy. He has a couple of other ones. And then like two of his main ones are the wigy board which we saw that night So Kim actually bought me a replica. That's right. Yeah. For my birthday birthday was it for my birthday, Kim. So Kirkham is one of my favorite guitarists, even though I'm not a lead guitarist but she bought me a replica

of his Ltd Weijia Ouija board

custom but yeah, so yeah, he's a good play. Yeah.

Um, so yeah, he's a big heart. Yeah, I noticed that guitar and then there were I noticed one of the horror ones right maybe Frankenstein's monster, he has that one. And then he also I don't know if he used it there but he also has Invisible Man.

Fuck I follow him on Instagram. So yes, Bride of Frankenstein.

He has a like a lot of fucking cool ones. But and then also to James has a guitar that was made from the wood of like their first like rehearsal studio. So like he actually used it. I've never seen him use it on the show, but I saw him use it when we saw them. So they actually got the wood and they built him a guitar from that wood. Because I think the studio or the rehearsal space was torn down. But they saved the wood and he ended up making a guitar that's really neat. Yeah, special. Um, alright guys. So back to what ifs? Kim, do you have what I do? But it's not really like rock related. All right. No, that's cool. It's kind of like

I don't know. I don't explain it. But anyway. What if?

I also often wonder, when I hear music from Shakira, or I hear things and see things from JLo Mm hmm.

What kind of music with Selena be making if she was never murdered? Oh shit. What genre would she be?

And then she's still being a nano, which she's cross over to the pop. And then JLo Yeah, she does. She does

have like dominated most. And then, you know, JLo even though she was a dancer, and she did her own things as a dancer, she wouldn't possibly maybe be as popular as she is true because well, she was also popular. Yeah, the Selena movie did launch her career so often think like, we probably wouldn't have had JLo Yeah, so I don't know. I often think of that. I wasn't like a huge fan of Selena was while she was alive. It was more after she passed, you know, and I don't really like her family. Their dis mooch off. Yeah, like Yeah, I just need that we're doing that shit when she was alive. That's true. Yeah, but even more so now. They're just and I don't like her fans or the quote unquote fans that she has because they're just as like they want everything. Like it's so dumb because they're like, oh, let her let her rest let her SP get y'all are buying all the shit that your friend is popping out she'd be grocery bag comes out with Selena.

Yours oh don't don't judge us. We have one but we got

it got crazy. Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. Like their fans are like, Oh, just let her rest like just let her recipes but y'all are buying all the shit that the company has are putting out. So it's like I don't Yeah, so what do you want? What exactly do you want? But yeah, I often wonder like, would she still be doing predominant Honnold music would she do like pop music like JLo would she have gotten into that kind of scene more and like been more dominant in that

and her fashion because I know she was really big into fashion which she has a clothing line by which I'm pretty sure she was what she wanted and then maybe a makeup cuz I know. Yeah, Frank Could I don't know Frank, you know, I mean, I don't know if you know a lot about this or not, but I know one of the last song she recorded or she died wasn't it that English one the I could fall in love that was like the last I think songs albums. You go shout Yes, yeah, there was an English so I kind of feel like what

times changing that. Yeah, maybe she would have kind of

I don't know if she would have got very Poppy, but maybe should have been more of that contemporary. Yeah, I don't

know, like, even I don't know a lot about this because obviously this is not my like specialty but from what I read, but I just I kind of feel like in the 90s, like that early that mid 90s, late 90s. Like that 200 was really popular, and it's not as much anymore as it used to be. It's more like a small little comeback with those. I think reggaeton kind of bumped it out of the way and it kind of got pushed, like it's still around and they're still artists making Donald music. But like, I think reggaeton was that one, kind of like the new metal version that kind of pushed it out of the way.

The thing that I was going to talk about was grunge in the 90s. And that was kind of like, I'm not saying it was like the grunge but like that was popular, like grunge was to rock and then when grunge got phased out, new metal came in and when you

I guess kind of when Donal kind of faded out that's when the reggaeton stuff started coming in. Um, but yeah, no, that is interesting. I mean, also to when she passed away I don't know if you remember her cousin I believe became like really popular and she was like popped on. Oh, it was a Jennifer benya I think they're related. Yeah, that was her cousin. I had no idea. So, yeah, yeah. Jennifer factcheck Actually, let me Wikipedia.

I think that was her cousin. So I just often wonder like where her music would be at this time. Let me ask what she even does. She Superbowl halftime is Shakira and JLo are what? You know. I don't know what

they're like. I just so I know. She is from corpus Lipscomb though.

Her dad is just

releasing her music.

actually saw her and 93 at hemisfair Park, huh?

Selena. Oh, wow. So again, my what I wish I would have that's my claim to fame. And oh her husband or her her former husband I guess. And he lives in San Antonio still and he kind of pops up here and there. I've seen him at a few restaurants before and I know he's he does his own. He has his Christmas project. I read what he has. So he's doing this. I guess they weren't related. She was just, she was just involved with I guess in the Selena like movement? No, no, I kind of thought that she was well, no cuz she was discovered by Abraham Kinsey. Okay, so like, Yeah, she was performing, I think a tribute concert for Selena and then like, she kind of got involved with the family. So that's how I that's how I thought she was part of the family. But she's not. Do you think she was just in that circle? Do you think they're trying to make her Selena part two. I think they were like, based off of what I've saw, like I and she was young, too when they got her. I think that's what they were trying to do. But I mean, cuz she was she was 202

Next month Yeah, yeah, her cash cow. I mean, I mean, that's a that's a fucking good one too. I mean, I know I don't think you like you don't like Selena. I like I'm not I like I said I wasn't a fan of her while she was alive. She when she passed and like she kind of blew up I feel like that was unfortunate that it happened like yeah, that I did get into her. I like I like your music who's

in here that doesn't like her. Or maybe Okay, maybe? I think we all do. Okay cool. All right, cool. I don't know why you got this. I don't like her fans and I don't like the way her family is handling her legacy. That's what I don't like know her as a person. Her as an artist. I thought it was you know, good stuff. I think it's just what they've turned her into now that I just I can just like, Oh, just leave her like, I'm the one that's like, let her just Yeah, yeah, let people enjoy her for what she was. I don't have to go back and modify the music and do reinventions of it or and they try to do that with like, two parts.

two parts the same thing like you know, like dude

He's stopped finding shit in the basement and be like, Oh, look, we found this like, you know, I remember was at Coachella a few years ago the the hologram don't even go there. Yeah, I just I remember reading that Snoop Dogg got super, super high he thought he was

he thought he was smoking with the actual Tupac. Yeah. And what thing not only did that suck for that, but I think what also sucked was that they were like, once they saw that happen, that they're like, Oh, they did it with Tupac. They were trying to do it with other artists. Um, I don't remember who they were, I think they were trying to do with Michael Jackson. They were trying to do with other artists who they're like, Oh, well if this were you know, if this was how people you know, received it, let's try to do it and make money off of these other artists. And I was like, I'm glad it didn't happen. It ended up not happening. But the whole Michael Jackson thing I I feel bad for his band. Because what they had like 30 dates booked and some in London adult to arena. Yeah.

Yeah, I just feel bad for his band because I'm over here thinking man, like the drummer probably got his chick pregnant. There. They already bought a house and the shows aren't gonna have Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, I mean, fuck, I don't know, but those are like, those are like Tori musicians though, right? I'm pretty sure they could find like, yeah, somewhere. Yeah, that'd be like, No, we'll just go play with Janet Jackson. Yeah, there we go.

So I just read it. I was. I pulled out my phone because I had seen a headline earlier about Chris Perez and how he had just recently spoken out because I guess they were taking the pic that I guess there's the Salina museum? Uh huh. Oh, yeah. There is there's pictures of him with Selena have been removed. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. That there's like, talk going on about you know, he posted something and that's really yeah, I used to follow. I used to follow him on Facebook. 90 more per second. So two days ago. Holy shit. That's weird. I normally play some shows here. Like, I think he played a new

Your show at this place called picks. picks. Okay, I mean, Kim, been there a couple of I think we were there last. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think he played a new year show last year. He was there. I know he played some Well, he used to play some shows, right? I never I never saw him live though. But uh, yeah, that's crazy. I wonder what the issue is with that. I remember there was a, there was an investor who actually wanted to purchase the Salina Museum, and because all her clothing is there, a lot of her Yeah, melda booty a lot of the memorabilia, the batik is there. And

basically, this guy went he wants a museum he saw in the poor condition that the clothing was in and he wanted to buy it, restore it and just you know, give give it a proper home. But there was a lot of pushback from the contohnya family. They didn't want someone else coming in and representing Selena because that's their product, not someone else's product. Yeah, that's Yeah, that sucks.

product. Yeah. And then it says that her sister posted stuff in response showing that there are still pictures of him in there. But I don't know. And then it's but it's all very argumentative and yeah, they're controversial even now. It's like, come on. Yeah, that's that. I guess it gets attention. Right. Like maybe that's the Yeah, that that's just unfortunate with how they deal with her.

Her legacy, I guess, or whatever, you know what I mean like that. I mean, it was like Kim was saying to that's how they treated her before too, you know, and that's probably why what happened happened, you know what I mean? Because she was in a really good

I don't know how to how to explain it. Like it was just all about money and stuff. You know what I mean? Like just trying to market or any other, you know, young performers that you see whose parents are kind of like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson. Yeah, you know, and then they end up with these really sad stories. tormented forevermore. Yeah. Always a tragic ending. Yeah.

I'm time for beer break. Did you know haven't yet Frank, what are you drinking? Let's go that way and then we'll come Okay, I'm doing partake brewing, it's an IPA. It's a 3% point 3% alcohol it's only got 10 calories. I haven't tried it yet but I saw IPA and I picked it up but I'm assuming it's gonna be very good partake has done some good stuff. They haven't disappointed yet.

It looks like we're at a concert. Yeah. Oh, sweet. Have you had a non alcoholic IPA yet? Yeah, I mean, you have right we had the llama Godwin. Oh, yeah, that's an IP. That's right. Yeah. All right. So what do you write this one? I haven't opened yet. Damn it. Alright, so while you open so are you open that one? We'll talk about this one. Right. What are we drinking? We are so so lucky tonight.

That we are drinking

Cucumber Crush from 10 barrel brewing. Yes in Oregon. And it's not available.

Here I have a friend who went to Oregon and I begged her please please bring me back some Cucumber Crush because this is the absolute best freaking beer

so I'm very happy all right let me to be sharing with you let me give it a taste. Okay, go for it

oh this is fucking good right? This is like very like very cucumber but like this, but not like the other one yeah it's very sharp and very yeah no This one's good I really like this no what I'm gonna say five to five. All of us Damn this is good so thank you. Yes you know thank you to my friend shimmies yes for bringing back in her luggage on the plane. Oh yeah. Oh wow. Okay, thank you. Yeah, that's uh, that's really fucking good. So again, I'll post this on Instagram for you guys that don't know because of course it's not available here. So that's fucking cool 10 barrel Brewing Co crush cumbers cucumber sour


Not bad 5% ABV. That's a pretty pretty average. Yeah, pretty average. That's from Bend Oregon. Pretty cool. Yeah, this is fucking good. And they have I don't remember how many I think maybe like five or six brew pubs. Three of them are in Oregon ones in Colorado and I can't remember California, Idaho, something like that. None of them here which is sad. No, but when I went to Portland a few times I went there with my friend and it was good food and good beer and yeah, Damn, that's good. I know right? That's really fucking good. That's it. This is better than the then the red button. Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, the red button one. I remember that really? Good. I remember that. Being good, but this one's more sharpen. Like, it's more sour. Yeah, yeah. Oh, fuck yeah, like that a lot. Okay, so I guess we're going Oregon.

Frank, so how does that taste? What do you rate it? It's really good for

10 calorie point three

ABV drink it's, it's got it. It's got a really nice body too is better than the lamb God beer? Actually yeah. Oh shit. Okay, yeah. Oh crap okay yeah I'm sorry I only got only poured a little bit in this I know. And I only I only bought a single so that's cool so next time I'll make sure I'll have

Yeah, what uh what do you rate it?

4.5 4.5 All right, cool. I don't remember what your rate at the Lamb of God one but it was a it was a four four. Okay, um, let's see, actually from what I can recall. There's a few has more. It's got more, you know, give me give me one sec

Okay. Oh something's happening

oh my gosh what's happening so Frank's birthday is late

Next week cuz we post this on Saturday, so you know he's drinking IPA right now, so I'm like, you know what, screw it. I'm just gonna give Frank his birthday gift now. I didn't wrap it. I'm sorry. But I'm gonna go ahead and open that up, man. That's a your birthday gift, and maybe you can use it. It's wrapped in a similar fashion.

Yeah, we like to do that. I know. Kim did that to me a couple of times. She's like, I didn't wrap it. But uh, yeah, so just get so excited. Oh, wow. That's so cool. Yeah, so thanks. Wow. Yeah. So, yes, and I can put your IP in that glass and nice nonalcoholic. Yeah, we can rent it for you, too. So I got a frank a little gift. It was I know, he was a big fan of the Lamb of God. A non alcoholic beer that came out and so I got him a glass so he can put his own alcoholic So yeah, that's right. But um, it actually came in today. It was actually supposed to be here on the eighth right before your birthday, right. Everybody got here today? So I was like, No, you know what, fuck it. Yeah. So cool. Cool. Well, thanks.

You Yeah, no problem, man. I just I got excited to give you that.

I think it's an Aquarius thing, even though I'm not into that. My mom and my sisters are the same way. Other reporters too. Yeah. And they're like, like don't buy something like oh, I couldn't wait to give it to you even though like your birthday is next month.

Like I like want to tell you a birthday present.

Okay, yeah, I think I think I did, even though I'm not into that. I think it has to do with that somehow. Um, so you guys want to go into more what ifs? I got one more. So I got one, but it branches into two different What if so, this is this is the scenario let me let me lay it out for you guys real quick. 1991 Nirvana had a mainstream success with Smells Like Teen Spirit off their second album Never mind. This beat was credited for ending 80s hair metal and also mark them as the poster boys for Generation X. Nirvana along with purpose

jam Soundgarden Allison chains and Stone Temple Pilots may alt rock and grunge the most popular rock style of the 90s.

grunge faded out in the mid 90s, due to bands that started so bands that were popular in the mid 90s, or the 90s that were grunts they started to disband started breaking up. And then another thing that contributed to it was a Kurt Cobain's death in the mid 90s 1994. Yeah. So in the late 90s, it started to fade out

which was kind of weird cuz grunge gave. I didn't know this. So Kurt Cobain died April 5 1994 by alleged suicide. People still knew conspiracy theories. Oh, yeah. After several previous suicide attempts, so I was looking into it and yeah, he did try to attempt suicide but before that happened, so it's highly likely seem likely Yeah.

Ever seen exactly tails of it? It's kind of impossible if he had so much heroin in his system that he would have like, and the whole thing about how the gun was shot, the gun and everything. Yeah, um, so, yeah, so that happened. So I didn't know this but grunge gave birth to post grunge and new metal. Post grunge I didn't know a is associated with creed and Nickelback new metal is associated with born corn and then biscuit. Right? So So Kurt Cobain passing away, um, had to kind of had an influence on grunge kind of dissipating on top of bands that were in that era kind of started to break up themselves. That's not like change their sound matured and change. Yeah. Some of those bands stayed. Yeah, some of them did stay together. Yeah, yeah. So like, like Pearl Jam. Yeah, so like the main ones they stuck together but like outside of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Allison chains

Stone Temple Pilots like those other smaller grunge bands that kind of contributed it kind of started breaking up. There's a band I can't I didn't write them down here but I know they only released like an album or something or two and then they broke up but they were like rubbish big in the 90s you guys probably know I can't. I know. I know I got to look it up. But my two what ifs were

so I don't know if everybody knows this I know we we do. But grunge actually ended the 80s hair metal wave. So grunge actually came out of a little

guess a pocket in Seattle, it was actually surrounded in one not surrounded it was actually concentrated on like one label forgot record label that was a Sub Pop Sub Pop. Yes. So it was actually it actually revolved around that label. And so that kind of burst it out and became popular out of Seattle. And then yeah, 80s hair metal died, which

Is the whole pen, it goes back to the Panthera thing Exactly. Were you know, they're like, Oh, this hair metal thing is going to work. So then they went into metal.

So my two what ifs are what if grunge stayed in Seattle and then explode out of there? And just stay there? Right? It just ran its course. And my second What if is, what if Kurt Cobain would have lived and stayed in Nirvana? And would would grunge have continued further? If that would have happened then new metal wouldn't have maybe not existed? Like it's kind of hard to tell because new metal and post grunge came like post grunge like

Bush, but I was gonna say bush

or some other post runs. Yeah, like candlebox I guess.

Um, I didn't know create a Nickelback like, it's kind of sad to see that. Kurt Cobain's death brought the birth of Korean and Nickelback. So like, I don't know if we would have been we would have been saved from that but those are like my two words.

Michael, like I think the main one to me like personally, is that if, if Kurt Cobain would have lived we would have gotten Foo Fighters. And like Dave Grohl, like, when Kurt Cobain passed away, um, Dave Grohl didn't know what to do with himself like musically like he's like shit, what do I do? And when I was doing some research, I actually knew some of these facts but um, he actually played with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Heartbreakers for a while and he actually played with Pearl Jam for a while. I didn't know that. Okay, do you guys know that? Oh, so he played with Tom Petty and he actually performed on SNL with them. And after he did that, Tom Petty offered him us a permanent spot in the band. And they were actually turned it down, because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Same thing he played with Pearl Jam, and I think and the old drummer for chili peppers ended up in Pearl Jam, which is fucking crazy. But yeah, so you know, David

Growing up making Foo Fighters and doing all this shit and everybody's, you know, saw him. Everybody saw how versatile he was as a drummer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, like no one would have ever known that they roll was such a fucking talented vocalist. If If Kurt had lived and Nirvana would have continued, yeah, it's just kind of in that one row. Yeah, he was in that one row. So those are my two. What is my two what ifs are what if grunge would have saved in Seattle and not explodes to be your hero? Exactly? Probably. Probably emptiness inside, probably not like there's a lot of bands I think that would not have existed if Dave Grohl will not have come out but apparently some would be okay without some of the band setting. Yeah. Oh, exactly. I like creed and Nickelback, which is crazy boy, so I know right? Well like new metal too. Like I didn't realize how. So when you look at it, they were saying grunge is defined as like a combination of punk what you did.

punk in some of it alternate alternative and some metal but it was like some kind of like alternate version of metal, but I don't know it's just kind of weird because like, if

if grunge wouldn't have happened and 80s hair metal would have stayed around for a little longer would new metal have come out? Probably. I it kind of seems like it wouldn't have because it was like some kind of like angsty type of music that didn't exist. I mean, punk was like more aggressive punk was around from like, you know, way before that. Yeah. And but it didn't have this like, emotion side to it like emotional side to it. Um, which I guess was like I guess it kind of could have could have given birth to email too. I think numato would have still happened regardless and I'm going to go back to Panthera because I think they were probably one of the harder heavier bands that were, you know, down tuning their guitars.

And then you know, back in the 80s Steve Vai was I think he was the one that popularized the the seven string guitar. But bands weren't even really using seven seven string guitars until corn came on the scene. Yeah, and then Michigan came on the scene. And now you have fucking nine string guitars. Yeah, no fucking 1011 string guitars. And

so I I think it would have happened because I think with with a with a grunge being like a harder sound

and I think

bands just wanted to go even harder than that. Yeah, so I think eventually it was gonna go impression of beat herder. Yeah, yeah. But you think it would have happened as early and you think the bands that would have that are that were around at that time would have still been around? Because I mean, you have I mean shit who came out they were saying corn the biscuit fuckin

coal chamber fuckin came out at that time to

you think they would have came up like you think it would have been? I think

Like, I think, yeah, it would have happened eventually. You know, I don't know what timeframe but I think it would have happened and I think, you know, with Kurt Cobain dying. It's through how they said, you know, like the music died. Yeah Kurt Cobain passed away because that was pretty much it for Yeah. For grunge. Yeah.

You think it kind of made people like more angry, like, in a way and they're like, Oh shit, we gotta like, you know what I mean? Like because of that, like there were like, cuz grunge was like kind of like, not angry but he was like he sang raw apparently like, I'm not a huge Nirvana fan, but I could see what people saw in it. I get a little bit upset when like, they get x clicks. Excuse me. Yeah, yeah. Right. Because they're more than Nirvana. Yeah, exactly. Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah. Pixies had a big hand in that. Yeah. And that was back in the 80s. And so I don't think and I mean, look at the stuff that Sonic Youth was doing, you know, back in the 80s. So would you say they're overrated?


that would have been I can't believe we didn't talk about that. We did we do we talk about

there Yeah.

At least 20 years ago. Yeah, but yes, Nirvana is overrated and i think i think we did talk about it because, you know, they get a ton of attention simply because of Kurt Cobain's data. And yeah, honestly like but direction of the music of Nirvana is music you know, even after nevermind I mean, I don't know, frankly, like I thought that that it kind of got me unplugged with shit. Yeah, and then others. Yeah, so that was kind of like heart shaped box is just the worst song ever. Yeah. Well, like it's funny you said that because you were talking about how his death like brought a whole bunch of attention to like Nirvana to like, well, we talked about that in a previous episode to where like somebody's death like Brett brought more. But another thing was like, we I know we all hate this song. But like Smells Like Teen Spirit was like the one fucking song that like

Put, apparently put grunge on the map and put Nirvana on the map. Like there was different you know, of course like you were saying there was grunge happening before that, but like that's the song that is known to have killed like fucking 80s hair metal and that's what like dissipated it. And it's crazy to me because I had some other options for my what ifs that had to do with Metallica but I didn't want to talk about Metallica too much. Yeah, but I I kind of couldn't help but thinking that like because of this whole 90s thing where like grunge was popular 80s hair metal died it wasn't that popular anymore. Like do you think that maybe indirectly or directly or subconsciously or consciously affected like bands like Metallica into turning into like when they you know, going to load and reload style? You know what I mean? Because like rarely they had it kind of felt like the black album was like the end. I think that was like 91 when we say yeah, so that was like the end of basically the 80s hair.

Metal ship because they still sounded like that 80s style, you know, metal but they weren't like thrash or whatever. And then like this whole thing happened. And then you go into like the mid 90s, late 90s 9697 whatnot and then you get loaded and reload. Right. I was like you kind of do you think like it affected Metallica in some way like whether they thought they were being affected by it or not that this kind of style or like, I think they were affected not metal, not metal, I think I think they were affected but it was more of a counter effect.

Because, you know, from those bands, anthrax, they ended up doing some hip hop stuff. Oh, that's even Slayer. They were inspired by the whole new metal thing. And they started down tuning their guitars even more, and Metallica. That's like the one that just straight change. And Metallica, you know, I think they thought okay, well, this is what's going on, but we're just gonna go off and do this instead. Yeah. Which I respect them for that because they didn't follow

That that trend that everybody was was trying to follow. And I think the funny thing is you're talking about mega death too, is, I don't know, this is just me, but I feel like a lot of the 80s thrash bands, you know, they started off at a peak, and then their career kind of just like, you know, went down a little bit and now that they're aging, their careers are way up again. Well, I think I guess maybe some shit like this whole grunge thing kind of had something to do with it. Because in the 80s, mid 80s, late 80s, I guess, like early 90s that that's, I guess, when these guys were established as the Big Four, Metallica, Megadeth anthrax Slayer, right? And then like when the whole grunge thing happened that was like the popular thing and then you also might not even like to even if you go outside of like the rock like you had the that old school hip hop then you had like boy bands coming out to so like you had all that shit popular on the charts. Like it wasn't just it wasn't just grunge like you had that pop. You had that like, you know

Like we were talking about, uh, what's his name?

The hologram. Oh, Tupac, Tupac, Tupac, and like Snoop Dogg, you know and shit like that. And like, you know, that was all popular on the charts and then like, you know that that goes away and then new metal comes out. And then like there's kind of like the steadiness and they're like, Oh, you remember these bands from back in the day and they're still active, obviously. Yes. And then like, you have all these people going back to them. They're like, Oh shit, Megadeth Slayer. I'm like Slayer one of slayers last albums. Like I was really into, like I listened to I was like, holy shit like this is pretty good. anthrax the same thing. Like one of the last anthrax albums for one is called warship music or some shit like that.

I don't remember what it was called. I just remember I liked it a lot. But it was old school anthrax. It wasn't like anthrax with the hope that we were talking about the hip hop version. I don't like that. Yeah, but I'm not that I don't like hip hop. I just didn't like that version of anthrax. It just sounded really cheesy to me. But um, yeah, like so like those were those are my two like, like, so you're saying that you

Yeah, you think that music would have progress to that to be would have Yeah, I think I think I agree with you on that. And you know, and we're talking about seven string guitars and I feel like even now today there's a push to be even heavier which is like now why you have nine string guitar, extended guitar neck ranges and I think that's a nice thing though because like you go into it and now like even like I think the gent like is going more into that to like still like the I think we were talking about it last episode not like digit like Michigan, because Michigan was more like, digit metal or digit now it's more like hipster digit or it's like,

I don't know how to explain it. Britt. I know you're looking at me like, it's like, it's like they're real, like.

So not progressive, but they're real experimental. So it's fine. Like it's not like straight up metal. Or like hard rock and yeah, so like they're going with like you're saying the nine strings eight strings and, but that's like a niche thing. It's not like really popular in the mainstream and

I don't think it ever will be like it just I think seven string as far as as far as it will go. And like you said corn was the way Yeah, corn were the ones that brought that like seven string. And not only that, but also to just taking a base and modifying it as a guitar. You know, and that's just the whole desire to keep going heavier. Yeah, here. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I can see that. Um, so what if Kurt would have lived in Nirvana would have continued you know, I feel that Kurt would have probably eventually quit music and he would have become like, some nature birdwatcher type guy or a monk or possibly actually that and you know, I hate when people say like, like,

I don't know how to explain it, but it's like Kurt Cobain. Everybody knew that he didn't like the whole rock star side of thing. Yeah, you know what I mean? And but he liked making music but but my whole thing is like he was an adult. You know, when

They got signed, you have to sign a contract agreement. Yeah. Yeah. You know what it? Yeah. You know what it encompasses, like music videos, you know shit like that. Like,

you don't want it you can say No, exactly like, like you chose to go and everyone's like, oh, he didn't like it and you know, blah blah, blah and he contributed so I'm like, Yeah, dude, like you, you decided to fucking sign the paper like no one made you sign the paper, right? You know what I mean? No one made you sign the contract or whatnot. Like, like, he he did have an option. So I just don't see why people kind of have. I'm not saying that. It's like, oh, like he killed himself, whatever. Like I don't, you know, he, he should have done that either. Um, but I'm not. That's all I'm saying.

Okay, okay, let me let me let me let me go back there. What I'm saying is that people go through stuff, you know, whenever he put more on him on himself sure that he knew that he couldn't handle because he didn't like that.

As I'm saying, you know, like people do things, you know, people want to understand why they do things. Yeah, I'm not I shouldn't have said that. That's not what I meant to say. Yeah. But like he, he put himself in that situation, you know what I mean? Like he knew what he didn't like, and he knew what he liked. And he put that situate in, you know, like he, it wasn't just him to like Dave Grohl and all the other guys were in the band too. And so like they were all affected by it, too. Um, luckily Dave Grohl, you know, ended up on the, you know, he was just so talented, talented enough to get out of the hole and be like, you know, put himself somewhere, you know, up here, but um, yeah, to me. I don't know. It's kind of, I guess. Yeah, I guess he probably would have done that. He probably would have been like, Alright, I'm good. Yeah, you know, I mean, I don't need to continue making music. And there's an interesting movie that came out in mid 2000s. kata last days. Mm hmm. Directed by Gus Van Sant. And it's pretty much like an adaptation of

Kurt Cobain's last days like just an assumption of what he did. But the

His final days to suicide. Yeah, I saw the movie. It's interesting and it's just him and his house and pretty much just going through the motions of a rock star, you know, just coming off of drugs and then having time in the world to just work on music and then it just comes to a head and then, you know, the suicide happens. But it was it was an interesting interpretation of what would have what exactly was going on, or at least some, you know, some love in there. I think so. Oh, shit. Or I think there's a there's a there's a lover. Who was supposed to be Courtney Love it. No, I think it's um, it doesn't it doesn't say that. It's Kurt Cobain directly. But it's a character. It's a character inspired by Kurt Cobain. Okay. Yeah, based on Kurt Cobain, but if you know, but we're meant to assume that this is who he is.

Yeah, he's got the bleach hair and everything. So I can't make icons

Yeah, so so there was a little thing that I found out I didn't know about maybe you guys know about it because you guys are more into the 90s growing stuff than than I am. But did you know that Kurt Cobain and Nova Selleck had a side project with some screaming trees members? It was called the jury. No, yes. I didn't know that. So I'm sorry.

Yeah, so so there was a couple of guys in the screaming trees and then Kurt Cobain and Nova Selleck. They did a side project called the jury but from what I saw online and for what I could find, all they do was covers but he was trying to do like a side project with them. And I was like, That's fucking interesting. So I just wanted to bring that up to y'all see if y'all knew about that, but uh, I just want y'all to more specifically but uh, yeah, I want to explore the controversy surrounding his death. There is a documentary called soaked in bleach. Oh, yeah, I've heard about the compelling because it's got

extensive interviews with

a private detective that Courtney Love hired to allegedly like, uncover the mystery of Kurt Cobain's death. But everything that he uncovered pointed to her that she paid somebody to do this and

she wrote the suicide letter heard about. There's I mean, the evidence is pretty damning. Yeah, I read some of the stuff about that documentary even though like I'm like, I like documentaries. I haven't seen it yet. I should actually make time to see that. Yeah, but I'm watching. I mean, at least it definitely calls it into question makes you think about it. Um, but yeah, no, I mean, I think if you would have lived it's kind of hard because I think Dave Grohl would have probably Foo Fighters wouldn't have came out when they did your I think so. Yeah, change the music. Yeah. That would have happened.

We want to come Foo Fighters we wouldn't have gotten them crooked vultures. We wouldn't have gotten pro bot read Yeah. Pro bought. Yeah, I know. We want to know Nickelback was on the list.


would have been a better place but but uh, I mean, I guess new metal would have been done but been delayed but you know, that's also weird too because if we I'm sorry, but only if we assume that Nirvana is the sole reason any of those bands happened because they are not solely responsible for grunge and happened around them and happened with you know, before that that is true too. And it's just so weird because like people like based off of what I saw, like people give them credit for all that. So it's just kind of hard to like the most visible Yeah, and like you said they were the ones who brought it into the mainstream. Yes. And it was still there couldn't be helped because every time you turn on the TV it was the Smells Like Teen Spirit video and over and over and over into your brain and that was things that thanks to MTV, you know, yeah, um, but also to just going back to the whole new metal thing. New metal Of course, we had we had rap metal before that with rage against the machine. Yeah, but prior to rage against machine, there is also Aerosmith with run D

See? Oh, yeah. And I think about the Beastie Boys who were a punk band. That's true. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's true. So I think if it wasn't for, you know, like Beastie Boys and Run DMC and yeah, that's when anthrax tried to try to cash in on it too. Yeah, yeah, I don't I don't think we would have had new metal. That's true to you know what the new metal probably existed more because of that. Mm hmm. Then this? Um, but yeah, I mean, you know, not everybody, I guess people are gonna

people on different sides of the music industry or whatever, we're gonna see things different and I think maybe a lot of people who are more mostly in the grunge they saw this as like, Oh, no, these guys influence you know, whatever, whatever. Um,

yeah, they were still solely responsible. Yeah, I talked to one of those bands that came out of it. They're not gonna cite Nirvana specifically as the only Yeah, it's gonna be a long list. And these guys probably more cite the bands that you're mentioning, like, will Beastie Boys and anthrax when the What's his name?

Fucking I forget his name. anthrax. No. Yeah, but the singer when they got the hip hop guy for him Oh, was it Bella Donna or something? Well, Bella Donna's original but yeah, he's I have no idea anyways, but yeah, so um, well, yeah. Okay, I mean, that's all I have on Nirvana. I mean, I just to me I wanted I was trying to pick something that was like, in the center of like, you know? Yeah, but it's also between like, those were like the music started to change because you had the 80s you know, hair metal, which was like very fucking popular and then that was the classic rock stuff then. Then grunge was like that middle part that went into like, our bugging generation of like new metal and stuff. But it's so weird because like a new metal would have happened a bit later. That would have influenced us and like bands that came out around like our time you know what I mean? Like, System of a Down probably wouldn't have come out when it did you know what I mean? I don't know. It's weird, but

I mean, what if so, what do you do? When do you think new metal officially died?

Like 2005 I don't think it lasts. From what I saw. It didn't last that long. I looked like it was like 2004 2005 it really didn't fucking last that long. Ah, well, yeah, no I didn't. I didn't. Adriana. Yeah, it didn't. It didn't. Um, yeah, that's probably like one of the shortest lifespan genres that existed. I mean, sure, shit, you know, we can even have a fucking episode on like, genres and their lifespans and like how long you know what I mean, but, uh, but next episode, it's going to be kind of tied to this on, we're going to be doing

gone too soon. So artists, right, that, you know, left us a little too early and maybe see how they influenced or, you know, could have influenced, you know, the music industry or their or their bands or the bands that they were in. This was kind of tied to it. I know Kim had a suggestion and I kind of took it the wrong way and it kind of turned into this but

But ya know, so so we'll do another episode. Next week, of course, and it will be about artists that were gone too soon. See what we can get from, you know, like, for instance Jimi Hendrix. We won't talk about Kurt Cobain, because we already talked about him. But we can talk about maybe. Chris Cornell. I mean, he did have he had a full career though he did a lot of stuff. Like even got to do his solo stuff that, you know, well, regardless of whether or not like he had more music in him. He was still gone too soon. Yeah, he was. Yeah, yeah, he Yeah, he was, um, but ya know, like, but that's why I mentioned them to you crisper now, and just. Yeah, well, we'll talk about other artists and see what's up with that long list. Yeah, there's gonna be a long list. So that'll be that'll be a good one. And then next episode we'll talk about well, we'll be trying probably pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest beers. Specifically since this this season. We'll try to hit them up before they disappear. I know we just had a really fucking good pumpkin beer today.

might get cooler weather next week. Oh, yeah, that's really cool outside right now. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And it's only in the low 90s. And then the low 90s, which is a break for us, right. So wherever you're from, let us know what you're drinking. Let us know what the temperature is. Yes. Um, but uh, yeah. So, thanks for listening. And I will be posting a new Spotify playlist that will be up. Now as you're listening to this episode, because I'll try to post them as I try to post them the same time as opposed to episodes. So we'll have music from all these. What if bands that we were talking about?

You guys have anything else you want to say before we go? No, I don't know. I feel like this is gonna have a lot of hangover. Probably. Yeah, probably. Because as we're talking about bands, and we're talking about various members, and we think about Oh, yeah, this person did this. This person did that too. But I think that's why Mario said our next episode will kind of tie Yeah, okay. Yeah, for sure. Cuz there's a lot of what ifs surrounding folks. Yeah, yeah. Mm hmm.

Unlike this one I kind of took Kim's suggestion wrong way. And I kind of like started thinking about mainly events not necessarily like, oh, somebody died. Yeah. And yeah, so like this one was more like the grunge scene and then what you were talking about.

I mean, it kind of all ties together, together because when one member dies, it kind of affects the band, and then the bands. As big as they are, like Pantera they do affect the genre, and affect, like, who they influence, stuff like that.

Okay, so we'll do so for those of you who don't know, we have a little segment called the hangover, which we didn't do this episode, because we didn't need to. But basically, it's just stuff that we wanted to talk about that, you know, was hanging over from the previous episode that we want to talk about. But yeah, so we'll do that. So Britt has something for Next Episode. Yeah. And so write that down.

We'll do that. Like I said, let us know what you're drinking blah, blah, blah. And if you want to see we're drinking this episode and all the stuff that we drink, and what we

Did it just check out our Instagram and check out our little chart that we have on our website at Rockstar caviar pod calm and we'll see you guys next week and if you liked the episode, leave a rating or a review. And we'll see that and give you a little shout out. So yeah, cheers


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