Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 11 - Underrated Bands

August 29, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 11
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 11 - Underrated Bands
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 11 - Underrated Bands
Aug 29, 2020 Episode 11
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we discuss a little bit of craft beer and music related news, and FINALLY try, discuss, and rate the Big Red Beer called Rojo! This week's music topic, as you already know, is Underrated Bands. Cheers!

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This episode, we discuss a little bit of craft beer and music related news, and FINALLY try, discuss, and rate the Big Red Beer called Rojo! This week's music topic, as you already know, is Underrated Bands. Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 11:

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. Hey, hi.

Hello. This is the podcast about craft beer and music. So every episode we try new craft beer, we discuss it, we learn a little bit about it and we rate it. And we also talk music related topics as we go while we're drinking. And this topic for this episode is going to be underrated bands. A couple episodes ago, we did overrated bands and I was interesting. So I don't think we'll ever do that again. But uh, so now we're going to do underrated bands. We're going to kind of flip it around a little bit. Um, so How are y'all doing today?

Good. doing quite good. Friday, so good. Yeah,

yeah, I always can't wait to record so that I can drink some beer. I have a reason to.

Oh, like you don't drink throughout the rest of

it. This is a good excuse, though. Um, but when I do drink, I do drink for research purposes. I do take notes. I do take notes. And I'm like, trying to be like, okay, like, What don't we know about this beer? Because there's like a few beers that have come in, I think especially last episode, when we were drinking the Megadeth beers. We've never had the seasons before. I never had a Saison before I actually finished those beers those I like the seasons. They didn't they weren't Hospira the farmhouse. What's weird because like they were supposedly supposed to smell like leathery or like, like Caterpillar, and they didn't.

It's not appetizing.

Yeah, it's not when I read the description. I was like, that's really weird. But like, it's so like, Belgian like it's like one of the original Belgian like summer beers. So like it's supposed to be like real. Like they say like real farmhouse, real life.

Liquid leather.

Yeah, liquid, liquid leather. But it didn't it didn't they didn't smell like that unless there were just so much fruit. And like fruity hints in there that didn't. I don't know. They tasted good to me. I like them. But anyway, so enough about the naked death beer. This episode is gonna be about what we have a little bit of a theme going on. We have a southern theme, which kind of sucks so it was kind of hard to find more beers that were not Texas based. But I mean, we did have a little bit of a What do you want to call it a little bit of a Munch down on some Southern style stuff that Britt cooked up?

Yeah, but the beers are out there. I think it's just the grocery stores right now are

on the pumpkin spice stuff right now.

We never really look also I tried but yeah, so Britt, would you would you make us tonight I

made a southern style mac and cheese and homemade and also really and

Some fried tomatoes and some homemade ranch. Yep,

no, that was Yeah, all that was good. Um, let's see. So so this this episode is going to be we've been we've been kind of building up to this just a little bit trying to get the row beer. For those of you who are listening to this for the first time, it's a beer that a craft brewery here in town me that is basically part beer in part.

Red cream soda. It's a red cream soda. So bubble gum. Well, originally, so we finally got a hold of it.

We ordered it two weeks ago. We finally

got it. We picked it up last Sunday.

Yeah, so earlier this week, yeah, we picked up earlier this week. So select six days ago. So that's been sitting in our fridge. So before we get to that any hangover stuff you guys want to talk about. There was only one thing and I posted it on Instagram. It was a soundtrack popped in my head for some reason me and Kim actually went to CD exchange for the first time and like most Since this COVID thing started, and we don't know if you saw the pictures, we found an Ace of Base and a single two, which is pretty cool. But uh, I was thinking about the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack because me and Frank were talking about like, more rock and metal based soundtracks is that oh Nino? El Nino was on there. devildriver was on there. Mike Patton was on there with sippel Duda. Yeah, and I hadn't heard that soundtrack in like years and I actually want to go back and listen to it because I've been listening to a lot of new stuff on Spotify. I was never really a Spotify fan. So now so well, she told me but I liked Pandora cuz I like how this stuff for me, but like Spotify, I'm like, Okay, well now I get to I don't have my old laptop because my laptop had like all my music that I all my music library like built into it like so my CDs were all burned on there. All my iTunes purchases were burnt. We're I mean, we're on there. I don't have that anymore. So I'm like, Oh, well, Spotify. I can. I mean, you could do it on Pandora too. But some for some reason I'm liking Spotify a little bit more as far as building playlist. Pandora still want to listen to it when I just don't want to curate something myself. Um, but anyways, so Freddy vs. Jason I posted on Instagram and Twitter and I just wanted to let everybody know that shoot, I forgot about that. Um, and then the other thing I wanted to talk about was

another hangover.

No, yeah, yeah. Well, this is kind of related. But so we were talking about soundtracks and the building Ted three soundtrack is actually going to be coming out and that's like all original like hard rock and metal bands and alternative because Weezer's on there. Lamb of God has actually really seen the first single for that soundtrack. But it was so weird because right after we had that episode, or like some weeks after that, I think I saw that lamb God was starting to post about it and Keanu Reeves and stuff and I was Oh, shoot. So that's I haven't seen a soundtrack put together like that in a little while or like the whole soundtrack is it's like oh, Original Music for the movie. Right? So yeah, so like, I mean, if anyone's interested in soundtracks, you know, the buildings had three soundtrack. I know the movie just came out. All right.

Yeah, actually, I think this past Wednesday, I think there were some screenings, but I think today is the actual release. From what I understand, you know, and I was actually wondering how much of this movie is hype? versus how many, like

drink hype and

well, I guess because since his movies been hyped for so many years, yeah, how many people are just jumping on right now? Because it's like the bandwagon thing to do versus people who saw the movie 30 years ago, and who are legit fans of the movie that are excited to see it versus you know,

supposedly, it's good. I heard it was our y'all fans on the first two? I actually haven't seen him in like, remember, it's been so long. I remember

I had the Nintendo game. Oh. It was a while

you still have that? I'm sure that Yeah, Britt only

seen the first one.

Did you like it? Or do you remember like, yeah,

yeah, that's silly. Silly. Good. Fun.

Yeah. This one Looks like I actually want to see it.

But yeah, I mean, supposedly it's it's really good and I don't think Keanu Reeves is the kind of person who's gonna just do anything. Oh, I think

he's gonna come in at his acting ability. Oh, no worries right back up and be like, Yeah,

no. Oh no wait, wait, would you think I was gonna say I'm interested not the kind of actor

who could do something other than

villain Ted. Oh no, I was gonna say that. No, I'm I'm a calorie fan. I like him. Yeah, okay. Yeah, no, no.

No, yeah, no, I, I think he's a he's one of those. And he's also a good guy too. Like, he's a real nice person. Like, I've heard so many stories. Like Pearl, I

believe you and that's great. I'm much more interested in the fact that he is a good person. Oh, yeah, like much more important. Like if it

wasn't for I think when when he was filming the matrix, he specifically asked for his salary to be evenly distributed with with all the staff and whatnot. Yeah,

because like he was getting paid so much and they weren't and I know Wait, this was during wasn't it like during one of the strikes or something?

I don't remember but yeah, apparently. He didn't agree with his salary. Yeah, it was just like, you know, just pay me very little and pay everyone else more.

And there's like, like pictures and stuff to where like he doesn't like, like drive like a lot because like, he likes to like no environments. So like, he'll take the subway so like,

Yeah, really? He's a big fan of public transport.

Yeah, yeah. So like, he'll do that he I know he donates a lot but like off like off record like he doesn't. He's not like those guys are gonna post about like, Oh, I don't need a million of this like he just does it. Anyways, I don't know how we go to that but

I'll take you on herbs. Um, so yeah, I mean, I guess

so. Well, is that an insult?

Oh, so you're saying Oh, so you're saying that.

Oh, so you're Oh,

okay. I get it now. Okay. Well, to me it's like like Johnny Depp now like to me like everything after Pirates of the Caribbean everything is jacksboro like everything like I don't know how that happened like it kind of like he turned into jack Sparrow. Like so everything he had after that was just a version of jack Sparrow which is so weird because like before that he was good and then right after pirates I was like we'll do what the hell

also he does the whole hollywood vampires bad thing and yeah has like an abantu he's got this like vampire pirate thing going

on about the pirate part but yeah,

yeah, yeah,

I wasn't it wasn't the bandwidth

is there it's Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. And I think Duff McKagan taking Guns and Roses Guns and Roses and I think Matt Sorum also drums for them every now and then.

So, again, I don't know how we got off topic again. That was probably my fault. So speaking of releases to Metallica, SM two got released today, so we're recording Friday, so if you're listening to it, then it got released yesterday. But uh, I was telling you, Frank, I'm not really a big fan of this s&m to me and Kim saw it when my brother and the When it was released, because I try to go to like all these special Metallica releases for example we're going to us for we're going to go see the Metallica drive in today because you're listening to it on Saturday. We're gonna be watching that the drive in so that's like an exclusive performance recorded for the drive and we're gonna be watching that but yeah, so um, to just if you want to hear a really or reader real quick review on it, you can check out our Instagram.

And it's a one night event. Only two. Yeah, one

night event only. So yeah, so without any other BS. I guess. Y'all want to go into the row here. What?

Sure. Let's do it. All right,

Brett. I'll let you do the honors. Go ahead and pick a row beer out of there. And then

should we bring the big red car? Oh, yeah, boy. Oh, yeah.

You go ahead and get your big red. All right. Yeah, we should compare it to

be more glass. Yeah. Get Yeah,

I guess we'll need more glasses. So while you do that, let me just talk about the bureau.

do dishes oh

I'll do I'll stay

I'll stay an hour

so this Rahul beer a lot of people here in San Antonio have been trying to get their hands on it.

So we talked about

prepared Yeah, looks looks watered down looks like grapefruit juice.

Yeah it does look like like Yeah, it does

Oh it does.

Oh yeah it does with a little bit of

interesting. Okay, so again, this beers from a local beer brewery here in San Antonio a little small craft brewery called Islam street Brewing Company. This is a Berliner style vise made made with red soda 4.6% ABV. It is a wheat beer. And it's pretty interesting because I know they were going to be releasing. I don't know if they released it already. But I know they were they were aging a batch. So the ABV is going to be higher. I don't know if that's going to come later. I know they said that they're stocking up so that they can start slowly rolling this out into grocery stores and stuff, I guess like egb and maybe some of the other smaller liquor stores or something like our beer stores. Um, so weird because I was looking at the website earlier today just to see if I can find any information on it that I needed that I forgot to take down. And they're on their website when you click on it to buy this. It's not they don't have the roho logo, they still have the wild row label on there. I'm like, Guys, come on, man. Get this update it real quick. Um, but yeah, so anyway, so we finally got it. And we're actually gonna do a side by side comparison with

wild red. Wait, is that wild or big red.

Sorry, I don't know. Apologies.

So big red, we're gonna taste test it next to big red and yeah, the color is bigger. It is a lot darker than this, but I think that's also the weightiness of this beer. This is a wheat beer so it's sure it's gonna have a it's gonna have a little yellow. Alright guys, so the moment you've all been waiting for Well, I guess it's the moment we've been waiting for trying this damn beer. I remember like three episodes ago, I was like, You know what? I don't care about this beer. I'm glad y'all are supporting local business and blah blah. I don't give a shit about it. I really don't. I was just tired of hearing about it and tired of like, you're not gonna get it. Yeah. And then like just on a whim I was like, let me try it tried it. So welcome. So thank you Kim for keeping an eye on it because I like well, it's funny because I had him on Instagram, but I just didn't. That day. I just wasn't like okay, and then sure enough we have we're like we had like a three four hour jump. I was able to get my account ready. Boom, boom, boom. Okay, so we I want to do I want to take the bigger effort. Dang it. I talked too much. Okay.

It does taste like bubblegum.

Yes, it tastes like the extra pink extra gum.

Yes it does. Yep, it does. It does. Okay. Okay. Tastes like bubblegum

so if you don't if you don't know what big red tastes like if you're not from Texas around if you ever had the extra gum,

like oh the big red X ray

come it comes in a pink package

it's bubblegum flavored that that is classic bubble extra long lasting flavor. That's exactly what

Yeah, it does taste like that. Wow, I'm never gonna drink this soda, though. Same way again, cuz I know because I know you mentioned it like two episodes ago but I hadn't. I don't drink Big Red often, right? Yeah, okay, all right. So here we go on three. We're gonna taste the beer. Okay. 123

that does not taste like big red.

Not at all or well read. No, it tastes like smoky.

Yeah, a little bit the aftertaste is a bit smoky.

aftertaste is like,

like one Hammer oh do that don't say that like

oh it's like the sandwich hell yeah does

it smells like

oh my god Franco salmon This

tastes like beer though to me No

it does things like ham sandwich unless it says it's too long without we bought we got it Sunday in the front no no I'm saying because they remember the story I was saying about they were saying that it has to be kept right we kept the cold yeah from the time we got it and we didn't even we don't even live that far from the brewery.

The first taste just kind of sour. Yeah, yeah, that's the part that tastes smoky. Yeah, so

it's for like the sweetness didn't really come through. Yeah, I think red is extra Uber sweet. I mean, in this bottle here there's

72 grams of sugar and holy in a 2020 ounce


20 ounce yeah 20

ounce bottle has 72 grams of sugar. This is not sweet at all. Yeah, no this is not sweet like the sweetness is there like I was expecting it to be maybe we

made a mistake tasting the big red first. No, I

think what we'll maybe but I think also too is that there's this style that they kind of use as a base for this beer is a Berliner style bias and we both we all know that the vices are a little they got some sourness so big reds not sour Of course. So I don't know. I don't know. Maybe that was the wrong choice to use as a base. Or maybe you just need to put a little bit more soda in there. syrup syrup, that's all Yeah, those tastes like sandwich a beer. I mean, cut beer. Well, I

guess the best thing to do is uh, I guess keep an eye on customer reviews and see what they say friend

had because I posted it on Instagram that we had gotten it. And my

taste is freakin balloon.

I can't add that it tastes like a cream To her I'm not getting

nor I there's no sweetness down right

now getting creamsicle girl,

maybe we should drink it with a half of ice and maybe we should put on bread to go with her ham.

Like we should put it on ice cream and see if it gets better get that sweetness because I love a big red float like root beer float coke float no big red flow is my favorite

cheese's ham now. Sorry, but you know what it is okay so that we had a beer I don't know which one it was but you said that it kind of tasted like earthy afterwards. And what it was was a head coriander and it was a wheat beer so the aftertaste of the wheat and the coriander together kind of had like earthy like,

like dirt. There's like dirt and it was dead. It tastes like if I took one out

to me but I know I know where you were getting that taste from but it's because the wheat and that those two aftertastes you know combining at the end just didn't mix properly. And I think that's what the issue with this is is that it's the sourness I don't know what else is in there but like the wheat aftertaste at the end that should be there like, like I have advised when it's not standing out by itself because of the big red so I think the big red and the wheat and the sour together just don't really work together and you get a ham taste. Just like Kim said, isn't good ham. It's a good ham beer.

So you know what, Frank, I'm glad you did. I'm glad you didn't

stick to your bubblegum soda.

I think it was a again if anybody out there wants to taste Big Red soda tastes the extra bubblegum classic bubble.

Yeah, I don't know. I can't I don't know if people are like overhyping it and being like Oh man, this beer is awesome. Like I'm drinking it right now. I got like, like somebody had a picture of like, I don't know how many like stacks of this beer that they had gotten an auth password in there.

Yeah, that's actually not a bad idea. That just might work. Yeah, see?

Okay, so we have the worst thing you could do put a little bit of a little bit of Big Red in there. Make it a little darker. Let's see if that helps. All right. Tell me how it tastes. It gets rid of the taste

the taste on the front side wasn't actually that taste better It does taste better it needed us because

you got the soreness in their head you got the okay so if you're drinking this make sure you have a bottle of big red with you put a little bit of rigor in there so make make a cocktail

Okay, kinda like we talked about those two toadies beers last?

Yes. together.

You get a beer and you pour a big red

It was like big red not included. You need to pour your own aftertaste in but in the number seven red dye in there to make it look.

The aftertaste and this is still not good. Even like when you first drink it with the big red monkey. Yeah, it's like smoky Bologna or something. Okay, so

this tastes like beverage

I'm curious as to what your sister is going to say about this because she we gave her a can of this yeah buddy of mine

got it too She's She's not available at the moment but she was gonna take it where she was going and she was interesting

because a buddy of mine he got it too and he's actually picking it up tomorrow. So are Sunday so I don't know what he's gonna think about it. Okay, so with that said,

Ralph, would you go first? Well, you want to rate this when when the five

be honest, like a 1.51. Okay, that's

generous. Actually.

I would not

buy it. Yeah, I wouldn't go out of my

Yeah, no, I again. And to be fair, I don't think it's safe to say we kind of didn't like it was close to her. It was close to where we live for fortunately, we don't have to drive like out of town to get it.

Probably got really hyped up because it San Antonio to love their big red and it became a thing and

I think for me, it was like this thing was announced, like pretty much when we started the podcast, and I was like, oh, cool, something for us to try. And then like, we couldn't get in and people were like, Oh, this this, like, honestly, yeah, drama, sir. Yeah. And honestly, I didn't really care. But I was like, Whoa, I mean, we kind of have to

try right? Um, well, the story behind that is nice. Oh, yeah.

It's like I was saying try. It's like I was saying, like, I'm glad that they sold it. Like, I'm glad because they're small. So I'm glad that people are poor. And they got ya know, especially in a time of the pandemic, when I'm sure they were kind of struggling not being able to host people at their brewery true. And maybe they'll take this as a pointer to add more big red big red in it because apparently, they're gonna be rolling this out soon. And honestly, I'm not gonna I

thought they were switching to something. Yeah, they are doing they're switching

over They are getting ready to roll it out

Dave Matthews tastes

This tastes like this. Yes. Well they mixed up the beers This is the Dave Matthews batch.

Smoke bait him.

Okay Kim so your turn What do you wanna read it?

I want to go about the same

1.5 y'all are really nice cuz I want to go with like point nine or one. Wow, I'm gonna go with it. It's pretty, you know, I will go with 1.1

I'll go cuz it's local. So.

Oh my God, that's Um, so Okay, so what that's what the center? Yeah.

You know, well, you tasted it. No, but what without without mixing the soda, I actually gonna pour the rest it It smells. It smells more like wine. But then I think when you mix the soda it's most like like like, but juice

tastes like

You shouldn't say something crazy.

It does taste a lot better with a big red, like the initial taste, but that aftertaste seems to creep through. Yeah, it's now that I poured the restroom. I poured there all of my big red. And yeah, that hammy tasted so come and

so on with beer late in us, we can still talk about this about one. So I just found out that a few days ago it was national Dog Day. And bush actually released a dog brew for dogs. It's doesn't have any alcohol and of course, the brewery, Bush Well, it would have been funny right? If If bush did yeah, you never know bears coming out with crazy stuff. So yeah, Bush the beer company. They came out with a dog brew and it actually sold out like quick and I was going to try to get some for for dogs and It has like bone broth, bone broth in it and some other flavors in it. So like dog can drink beer. Of course, hops actually are poisonous to dogs. I didn't know that. So it's one thing I learned. So I'm actually on the waiting list for the bush dog room. I'm like 400 something in line, but as soon as it comes out with when they come out with a new batch, I'm gonna get it. Are you gonna taste it? Yes, actually, I'm going to taste it. So apparently, of course humans can drink it, but it's not. So like.

So it is so it is a

they smell like bacon. They do not like bacon. They've had it before texture is very crumbling green. It's not Yeah,

and their taste is really they taste like bitter.

That's just the texture is like,

oh, because I remember them tasting off pumpkin. Yeah, no, there. Yeah, but yeah, we're gonna try the dog beer when it comes out. And then speaking of more beer news Deftones. They did another collaboration with belching beaver obviously last episode. We had some one One of the beers that we were able to get just happened to be that today. Well, yesterday I should say, um, if you're listening to this Friday, I'm Deftones released another beer with belching. belching beaver called White pony. It's a white pony tropical IPA, and it was to commemorate the 20 2023. of white light pony. Yeah. I want to talk about it a little bit, or no,

I didn't really do much research on it. I mean, all I know is that white pony was a big album when it came out and still to this day, it's one of the bands most well known albums. I mean, I think they've been doing like anniversary type stuff like merchandise, bundles and whatnot, but I don't I don't know if they hadn't been planned. I mean, obviously this is the one for you know, celebrating 20 years of why pony was releasing the beer but but no, I mean that that's something that Deftones does. I mean, they don't put out beers every anniversary but they they do like anniversary March bundles. So I mean,

Well speaking of a bundle I was trying to get a hold of this beer all damn day. Finally I get on the website. Well, no, I was on the website all day. And I ended up missing the sale by like, five minutes. I literally walked away from the laptop for a few minutes. Because they didn't give a specific time when they were going to sell it. They just said today. So basically from eight to four o'clock I was on online and it ended up selling at 330. I refreshed at 335. And sure enough, they were sold out. The only bundle they had was a 12 pack of it for 100 bucks. And I was like I'm not paying 100 bucks for 12 pack. I don't think I would have done that for any band. I haven't done any beer or any beer. Yeah, um, but I did like that Deftones though I did drink the one that we had left. We had one left and I drink it.

But there was at one time that we were in New Orleans and we went into a little hole in the wall bar. And they had Marilyn Manson's absent there. Oh, holy crap. Yeah, but what what turned me off about it what it was like what 50 bucks a shot.

Holy. Crap. Yeah, no, no. Um, so the Deftones my pony IPAs was a double dry hot, double dry hopped IPA 7% ABV. So I was doing a little bit more research on the dry hop stuff I know I had told you about dry, dry process on a beer you had asked me you had a non alcoholic dropper?

Yeah, I did. It was a Klaus taller the color

Yeah, so basically dry hopped is after the fermentation process, which is at the end of the beers being made, though, add another batch of hops in there just to add more flavor and aroma. It's so that a lot of that doesn't dissipate during the process, although added late in the process, so that sticks around when they're getting ready to bottle it. They usually add the hops and right before they bottle it. This one's actually double dry hops. So they did two times. So basically, this one went to like, through like if I'm correct three fermentations. So it was the original fermentation process and then the second time when they added a batch of hops in third time they had to ops again so yeah, it was double drought. But anyways, yeah, 7% ABV. I don't know if we're ever going to try it because it was a limited release. Um, like I said, I'm not buying the hundred dollar 12 pack. Um,

so yeah,

so to make a big peach,

big I don't even know if I can, I'm gonna finish it, but we're Alright, so any closing remarks on this?

Robo beer? No,

no, I mean, you know, it's like I said earlier, I think just keep a close eye on the customer reviews on the consumer reviews and maybe they'll take a cue from it and they might maybe tweak it a little bit. It's

just weird because I have not heard any, like

I've heard anybody say anything about how it tastes other than other than I said tastes like creamsicle bar other than

I got it because like this, this has been on sale for what like a month, month and a half. And all I read all I read are like the comments, you know, on you know, from what was going on and no one's ever said like, what it tastes like and there's some people were like, Oh, my room chillin in the backyard, but like, what the hell is taste like? Yeah, I mean, shit, but drink fresh, whatever that means. Whatever that means. Yeah. I mean, we had a cold Let's keep cold. Yeah. So let me know if six days is too late to drink a beer because we picked it up and then because we picked it up Sunday stays Friday. How many days five? Yeah, that's not a bad shelf life. Like, you know, I mean, I mean,

it could be a bad shelf life, but it's you know, less.

You know what if you guys have a specific there's actually some beers that I noticed some craft beers that put a date like best of drink by this date. If you're gonna be that crafty. You just start putting that date

because I was looking right now at the can there's like nothing.

Yeah, like start no date. Yeah. Yeah.

brewed with fresh ham.

Maybe they dropped him in this batch by accident, but if anyone tastes at him, he tastes I mean, or if you don't, and maybe No, no, I tasted dude. Um, so keeping with our I guess this was our southern thing. So our southern theme, so we're gonna try to stick to Southern beers. I mean, we tried our best, um, we couldn't get ahold of to me, but uh, I think This one was I kind of cheated on this a little bit. So this evening we've all been drinking lone stars new dos beer, y'all peach Cole. It's a peach flavored koelsch and I thought it was a good cheat because Georgia Southern and peaches are from Georgia. So I was like, I'm gonna cheat a little bit. Yeah, sure. Well that too, but I was trying

to get something that was in Texas.

Course, technically, I know a lot of people don't think of us is the South.

Yeah. Which is weird. Interesting. That's weird. I know. No one remembers Alamo. Okay, so this is a cult style beer with natural peach flavors 4.8% ABV. And this is brewed by the Lone Star Brewing Company in Austin. And as we talked about, like one of our first episodes are actually owned by the paps Brewing Company. But this is actually good beer. I mean, Kim was talking about it peach

fan at all. I don't really like peach. Anything Really? Yeah. Peach, juicy peach jam. And the giant shiner has a peach beer I called it.

I think it's just a peach.

And this one's actually better.

Yeah, I think I like this one better than the and then

I said, and Frank laughed at me because I always say this. It would be really good dress that would be good. This would be good

powder. This one would be good dressed. And then after we're done with this one actually brought mom and Martin house is getting crazy. So I don't know if you know about this, but Martin house actually did a little poll to see what beer they should do next between the Lucas and the warhead. So apparently somebody messaged them and said, hey, there's already a warhead beer that another brewery does. So I started following every and by default, the Lucas beer ended up winning. So right now they're making a Lucas beer as we speak. I don't know what Lucas they're I don't know what Lucas they're using though. Because they could be using the blue one, the red one, the yellow one, the green one, hopefully something.

In case we have.

So wants to explain Lucas,

it's a hoodrats neck.

For those of you who don't know what it is Franconia is

like the local gank locals

that you always see down at the nightlife strip.

I mean, yeah, they could be anywhere. But uh,

so Lucas candy is, according to Wikipedia, I'm just kidding. No, it's a sweet and sour kind of taste, but it comes in the form of, they have all different kinds of candy. So it's not really it's kind of hard to narrow down, but they do. Powder, candy like chili powder. They do. Like comedy, though, if you don't know what that would explain that, either. But, um, it's just, it's a Mexican candy. And it's, it's good. I don't know. Maybe we'll post a picture of some examples on our Instagram or something. And so it's Begin of Martin house doing crazy stuff

you know what I don't think I've had a Martin house beer that I don't like yet yeah cuz this I can't finish that bigger yeah no no this row beards disgusting

it doesn't even i'd understand if it tasted like big red but it doesn't I think what hurts is the sourness

smelled like when I opened it but you're right it doesn't taste like doesn't taste like a sour on the front and on the back it's smoky and weird yes

smoky weird and weedy but I think Yeah, let's just so I actually brought a another beer for us to try. It's we actually talked about it I think two or three episodes ago. salsa verde hatch chili with tomahto ale or I should say it correctly don't do 7.6% ABV. It's by modern house Brewing Company and forward Texas. So have you guys ever had a modern house beer Did you didn't like, because I

don't think I have yet.

Definitely. Okay, no. I Well, I had a I told you about the time when we were trying to find pretzel beer and my house did a peanut butter chocolate pretzel beer. And I did not really enjoy that. And I think part of it was probably that I was desperate for pretzel beer, and I wanted just pretzel beer. And it wasn't just pretzel. It's all kinds of things in there too much.

I've actually been looking for pretzel beers for you.

I haven't had any luck. There's one like one brewery that's doing one right now. Excuse me, but um, yeah. Um, wants to do honors of cracking this and open this salsa verde.

Ale, hatch, chilies hatch chili and it's pretty crazy because the ABV is a pretty decent number 7.6 making a face?

Yeah, yeah, I would imagine. It's like vegetables in our beer. But

let's see if it tastes like beets pretty good.

Know I like v i don't like

thank you. Wow, it smells

like this actually smells good though. It smells like a hatch. Like a hatch chili like don't do oh now It smells good. Yeah,

it smells

spicy. Yeah smell spicy like it has

that sweet spicy? Yes.

Yeah it does. Well they're like well there is a ghost pepper whiskey that I've been wanting to get. So smells like salsa. Oh speaking of whiskey, I was supposed to try the Metallica and Slipknot whiskies today, but I'm actually gonna save it for Next Episode since I don't want to bring all those bottles over here. We alternate our locations. Okay, so

Alright guys, so

Alright guys, so on three we're gonna give this a try. See how it tastes 123


Oh, it's actually you should try.

This is what the big red beer should have tasted lighter. Is he? You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, there's a little bit.

Oh, it's like drinking salsa.

Yeah, a little bit. Okay. I know what this tastes like. Have you ever had The jalapeno hcb tortilla chips the Yeah, that's what this tastes like. Right? So that's the sad jalapeno. Oh yeah the

spice I get old can oh no six pack of it. I mean, I'll

drink the rest of it but it's

it's actually quite nice the flavors are nice.

Yeah, it's it's cuz it tastes like what it's supposed

to taste like. Yeah with beer. And, you know, Martin house I think they probably more on the level of knowing what to do when it comes to. I honestly think the row should have been in this family but it's not.

Yeah, it's good. It but not to drink. Like what they said it was gonna taste like, I don't want it. Oh, no,

no, this is one of those like, because it's craft beer. It's like, oh, let's see what crazy thing they did. Let me try it but I'm not gonna drink it all the time. Just like the roll. I mean, it's good to try but I'm not gonna buy more how Hell no.

I wonder if the southwestern states would probably have more success with the hatch chili sunsets like the region.

Is it? New Mexico?

Yeah, New

Mexico, Mexico. And I think it goes up a little bit into what southern Colorado I think. Okay. I mean, it doesn't grow there, but I think they have that the cuisine. They're like southern Colorado. Yeah.

I think you would think you would have like this frame. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty good. Okay, so let's write this one.

Let's have Kim go first. Kim, what do you want to write this?

Okay, well go with Britain. Bro. You when do you want to read this?

And the spice did hit me.

Right. Yeah. It's like, the back of your throat like in the back of your throat. Or in your nose?

I would say like 2.8

Okay, 2.8 Kim. I'll go first one. I'm trying to think sorry. Okay, so I'm gonna go based off of that one. It doesn't taste bad. I can continue drinking this can at least I couldn't finish the roll. No. This Tastes like it says it was supposed to taste. It smells good. So I'm gonna go with like a gold like a 3.3 because I wouldn't drink it again, but it's it's good. I mean, Kim doesn't like it. Okay, so 3.3 can we say?

Again? 1.0 shit 1.91 Okay, a little bit tolerable

more tolerable than the

roho but I'll take this not like it not good.

Yeah, I was gonna say don't mix it


way see here to have a spicy beer it's a little weird.

I think the concept of spicy beer is good. Yes. Maybe not those chilies yeah cuz

what well i think what maybe messed it up maybe that though my deal Yeah. Or maybe it was a hatch chili I don't know. It was maybe it was one of the one of the lighter

better and they're like more sour.

Yeah, they're not spicy. Okay, so maybe it was Manos. I wonder if maybe it would taste better if it's paired with some type of dish.

Like a taco.

Yeah, the enchilada.

Yeah, that makes everything better.

Yeah, so Okay, I mean, I guess I mean, it was a good experience.

Glad I have regular Big Red to wash it down with not

I guess this is the worst episode we've had as far as tasting beer goes. So far the only good one that we've had is the peach one, peach loanstar. But I know

strawberry beer in the fridge. So we have that

and then we also have we actually brought another one What did we bring?

We actually know that one actually is from Oklahoma. Well,

no, that was

that was from somewhere else where that one's gonna be for Next Episode. I was gonna bring it here but it was from some like or it's from me. So this is the Neapolitan ice cream one, but we'll save this one for later. Hmm.

So I guess let's go into our topic.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the music part of this. Yeah.

So this is

so this is gonna be

the underrated underrated ham. I mean

Oscar Meyer.

So okay, yeah, so underrated bands. I think we each picked two bands, I think. I mean, I had a, I was trying to dig through what I had. And I was like, Whoa, because I was trying to think about Okay, what underrated means. And I was like, Okay, these bands are like right at the way they should be. They're at war, you know, where they're at. No one really makes a big deal out of when the other ones were like that we talked about on our other episode where it's like, okay, people make a big deal out of them. But why? So this is underrated bands. Maybe people don't give them enough credit. Maybe they just fly under the radar by a hair and no one really pays attention or when people should be paying attention to them. So with that said, Frank, do you want to kick it off? Because it looks like you got a good little Yeah, yeah. Good thing going on there.

So for my first underrated band, I'm going to give that to ours like ours yours mine. Okay. Yeah, so they're my first underrated band. They're an alternative post grunge band from Teaneck, New Jersey, currently unsigned, who had a modest hit in 2001, with their single sometimes from their debut album distorted lullabies. And the band lineup has constantly evolved with vocalist Jimmy necco being the only constant member. And it seems like they had it made, you know, sometimes was a modest hit in the alternative charts. They had major label support. They had albums produced by Rick Rubin and Steve Lillywhite, or Yeah, and they were on tours with you know, Marilyn Manson, the Colton wallflowers and Lana Del Rey and Jimmy necco. And he released a very impressive solo album had, he's got some soundtrack work also, and he I also did some minor acting. But despite the band's activity, they never quite took off. And they were supposed to, at least to me, at the minimum be a gold selling band. And their first three records all under major labels are supposed to have given them wide recognition and yet are still to me, one of the greatest unknown alternative bands. And maybe the music was a bit too challenging for alternative rock. Maybe they had the wrong label support. I love their music and helped me get through some stuff and it's well written accessible. And their live shows are some of the best I've seen. And Jimmy necco can really hit you with his vocals, I think. And I met him wants to he's a very nice and humble guy and his microphone. He's got a microphone tattooed on his arm and that inspired me to get the same Oh, cool. I didn't know that the same to and even though ours never became the band they were supposed to, you know, despite tours with well known artists and modest radio and MTV coverage, and an impressive discography. They just never made it And I think it would be great if they were better known because they're deserving of that recognition. But they're one of those best kept secrets with a devoted cult following. And those are the type of bands I like, actually.

Yes. Cool. And you said their singles called sometimes sometimes Yeah, I was writing that down because if you guys didn't hear our last episode, I'm actually doing curated Spotify playlists to go along with our, our episodes. So like that you guys can check out the music that we're talking about. So this song is going to go on that on that playlist. And also, any other song Frank wants to spotlight from this band. I'll go ahead and put on the play so you guys can listen to I was gonna ask you are they still active?

They're still active. They've been unsigned for some some years now. I think their last few albums were crowdfunded. Okay? And they've been successful with you know, with with with hitting their their crowdfunding. They don't really tour I don't think they've ever toured outside. The US and UK they have it as an opener.

Yeah, you need some labels some kind of label support tour or, or Yeah.

And to me, I mean, I think their albums are quite good and they've had some pretty good critical acclaim. It's just again, they're just one of those bands that just never really quite made it. Wow.

That's interesting. I'm gonna check them out. Definitely, like I said, Spotify. I've been getting acquainted with Spotify even especially it's like to getting to know more, or music from bands. I don't really know or listen,

honestly, to me. I think if you're a fan of you know, third, a blind or live Hmm, I think you would like these guys. Oh,

cool. All right, interesting. I'll check them out. Well, definitely. I'm going to check them out because I'm going to be working on the playlist but yes, like so pretty much all the stuff that you guys talk about, like I actually go going through it and yeah, no, I dig it. Alright.

Let me see. Anything else you want to say about that band? Where are they from? They're from New Jersey, New Jersey. Okay. Yeah,

New Jersey.

I mean, there's not much to say about it. I mean, I discovered them about Back in 2001 2002 they've been around for a while. Yeah. Back when MTV two was you know, I guess just first coming out and they were just playing nothing but music videos. And yeah, you know they they played them quite a bit and I thought yeah you know this this band is gonna make it then the second album came out you know, there were still riding the wave of sometimes and then they, you know, six years in between the first their second album and their third album, they went pretty quiet and then they came out with their third album just mercy that was produced by Rick Rubin and that's


and you can definitely tell Rick Rubin's on there because the production is very slick. It's very

I wonder how they got regrouping without label

though that I don't know. I mean, I think Rick Rubin personally to me, I think he's the type of producer that will work with an artist he feels is genuinely you know, that that he's really into, you know, you look at Johnny Cash System of a Down slipknot and even to like in the early hip hop days, you know, he took a lot of bands under his wing That. I don't know. It's just when he puts the Rick Rubin touch in it like, you know? Yeah, it was involved. Yeah,

yeah. No, he's, he's real versatile and, and he's real I guess like he, to me. He grounds artists like he's like he doesn't over produce like he produces a band The way they should be produced, at least from everything I've heard. Like, he doesn't really go like

I think he's been to at the didn't he do minutes minutes to midnight from linkin park and shit? I don't know. And that was supposed to be like their more stripped down bare, like album I think let's see. Let's ask our assistant.

linkin park minister midnight

linkin park minister while

you're doing that, my friend she just because I posted a picture of the RO beer on Instagram. she messaged me What's your opinion? And I told her it tasted like sandwich. She said that's hilarious. to her. She said it kind of tastes like a flat big red, flat red flash. I wish it tasted like a flat

red flash like

yeah, so she didn't like it she I guess yeah, she said it that's the one that said that it tastes like a creamsicle but now she said it kind of tastes like a flat red flash or a big red flash.

I wonder if other batches taste different. I don't know we got the ham one. She got the reason I

told her I said I don't know if we did it. She had a bad one or like if that tastes a big red just didn't come through.

Yeah, cuz we haven't had her heard anyone talk about how they taste. But yeah, going back to Minnesota. No, you're right. She

said sorry. The best made pickle beers. We got to get the best she just yeah, that's interesting, cuz somebody

told us somebody Well, I'm gonna try to hit up. We're gonna try to head up Growler exchange Growler exchange. Apparently they get a pretty steady shipment of that. It goes out quick, but they do get it okay. He be I think it's more harder to find. I think that's a harder outlet to try to get it at. But we'll try Growler exchange sometime in the week and see if we can get it because I know they had it I think like last Wednesday or something. But yeah, Rick Rubin did humanism and I You're right.

Yeah. And surprisingly thought that you know, I mean I don't follow Lincoln Park a whole lot better for when I heard that album It was a lot different sounding compared to the first two. Like I said it was a bit more of a stripped down a more bare Lincoln Park and I think a lot of fans criticized the sound because it didn't sound Oh, you know, like heavy Yeah, like that. Like they were used to linkin park sounding. But yeah, definitely, you know, Rick Rubin. He's an interesting guy. He's made some good records. He's worked with some interesting artists. Rick Rubin, if you're listening, produce one episode of the show. There you go.

in your free time on your feet. Yeah. Um, once I go next.

I'll go. Alright, screw it. I'll go. Alright, so mine, um, you're probably gonna be shocked when it's Metallica. So No, I'm just kidding. It's not Metallica. Okay, so, um, they're underrated.

They're overrated. They're both

they're everything. They're they're my least favorite bands and on my most air I'm so so so the bands that I was looking at, I was looking at bands that like that are good, but really probably don't chart the way they should on the charts. Their popularity is not as high as it should be. They don't get nominated for awards when maybe they should be like, you know, they just fly under the radar in every aspect. So this band is actually connected to one of my favorite bands. So I know you guys know system of demos on my favorite bands. For you listeners who don't know, my favorite bands actually influenced me when I first started to write my own music when I when I was playing guitar. So the first band that me and Frank made back in high school, the music that I wrote on my side, it was heavily influenced by system over down and Metallica. The riffs and stuff didn't sound like Cisco down in Metallica, but my influence came from them especially the drop tuning. I actually got into drop 20 because the system over down all our songs that mean for wrote back in the day where either D tune or dropped C or dropped D. So yeah, so this band is actually scars on Broadway. They're now known as Darren Maalik malarkey and and scars on Broadway. I didn't know this. So he actually changed the name. They only released two albums so far, which is crazy because I thought there was one some years ago when I stopped keeping up with him, but I was wrong. So he actually released the first album when system over down went on hiatus in 2006. That was after hypnotising mesmerize so his debut album with the scars on Broadway, he actually formed scars on Broadway with a drummer of System of a Down john doe mind. So he was actually on that first lineup of this band. Their self titled album came out in 2008. It was their debut album, I thought it was really good. I actually kept I followed Darren after system of down when on hiatus, I actually followed search too. So when both of them came out with their own project releases I actually ended up buying both of them actually have I think surges single from his first album on vinyl. So I have his album on vinyl and then I have one of his singles on vinyl scars on Broadway actually bought that CD like from Best Buy when it came out.

Some Best Buy.

Yeah. Oh, best. So for those of you who don't know, it was like blockbuster but for CDs, and if you don't know, he bought Yeah. So scars on Broadway, compared to some of down they were more hard rock and experimental. And you could kind of hear that and if you heard like hypnotizing, mesmerised. I think Darren had a bigger hand in writing and composing a lot of that stuff. And you could see where we're Darren's influence on the later system, Motown music was when you listen to scars on Broadway, and it's so crazy because when you go To comments and stuff like Wolf, for me, obviously, I missed this movie down, I want to come back and release the album. But I think people overlook that. We have another version of system over down, which is Darren's scars on Broadway, which is really good shit. Like, if you like I hadn't actually heard their latest release which actually came out in 2018 I didn't know that. So it came out two years ago, okay, um, I mean, I knew it came out but I didn't really pay attention to it and I thought that was like their third or fourth release. But it was actually only their second release only have two albums under the under their discography. And I didn't know that they had gone on a hiatus right after their debut album came out. So it was released in 2008. Then they went on a hike they went on like two hiatus hiatuses and then I actually ended up coming back to release dictator in 2018, which was their second album, um, and when you listen to like the first two tracks on that on that album, you can see like, where Darren's influence was on system over down especially hypnotize America mesmerized and also to I love color. And there's actually a skinny puppy cover on it. assimilate. So I love that too. And then what's crazy too is that like, I didn't know that the whole thing was system without being on hiatus and stuff. Like Sergey is like, really into classical music. And that's what he grew up with. When you listen to like, surges original release, when when he first went solo, you can hear he like, he had a lot of like, classical feel in it, too. He even did a concert with with an orchestra too. And that's one reason like, I guess system over that was like a fluke. Like he was like, Oh, you know, let me join this band. And he ended up singing like metal or alternative metal, but that wasn't his thing. His thing was classical. That's how he grew up. And also to when he listened to his voice, you can tell

Yeah, he's got like an operatic voice. Yeah,

yeah. And like Darren's the more crazy like spasmodic, like vocal part, but like so yeah, so scars on Broadway that was mine, Rolling Stone for this last album that they had. They were number four. On their 20 Best Metal albums for 2018. And it's crazy because like, I think Rolling Stone is one of those things that people go to for like pop culture stuff, but I don't think anyone pays attention to shit like that. Because I was like, they were like Rolling Stone rated number four of 20 metal albums for that year yet, no one really talked like no one really talks about scars, scars on Broadway, at least no one that I know or anyone that I followed, like, I don't think a lot of people know him and I'm a big fan of their first album. I was actually listen, listening to their 2018 album, which was their second album I was listening to or earlier this afternoon it's really good it's a it sounds really system II to me and I miss system. And I know Darren was a big part of system like as far as songwriting went. And yeah, if you miss system, I'd say fucking golden scars, like, we really don't need system to come back. You got, you know, if they don't want to get together, you know, they don't want to get together. It's gonna be like a rage thing. You know what I mean? They they ran their course or whatnot. But Darren's still doing something he wants to do, and it's still political too. But yeah, I mean, scars on Broadway thing is just one of those bands and no one. No one looks at it. And what's crazy too is that their first album from 2008 actually charted. It charted, like in multiple countries here in the US. I think it was like number 17 when it came out. But then when you look at number, at the second album that I'm just talking about their 2018 release, it didn't chart anywhere in the US, the only place that charted was in Switzerland. So it didn't chart in chart and like any other countries that it did previously, because I think there was like 10 countries that can chart in or whatever that were listed. But yeah, that last one didn't chart and it was it was critically acclaimed to but yet no one. No one really talked about it or didn't didn't charter anything and even

it didn't even break like the top 100. I remember when back in the White Rabbit days. They were supposed to come to town. And I think like halfway into the tour, Darren said he didn't feel like touring.

Yeah, that's Yeah. Yeah, that's what happened to that was part of their hiatus between 20 on between 2009 like 2017 different thing was different things were going on they actually had members come and go. Darren wasn't sure if he wanted to have a solid lineup or have members rotate kind of like Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. And Darren I didn't know he's influenced by like David Bowie, Neil Young and Brian ino. I don't know what that is, but I don't Oh, sorry. Okay, well, Doug after but yeah, so like, he when I saw like, those names on there, like David Bowie and new young, I was like, Oh, shit, like, cuz he's like real hard rock, rock and roll. Like, that's what his music style is. But it's also very experimental. Um, but yeah, I mean, I wanted to say that and you guys will find some of the scars on Broadway music on Spotify playlist. But like I said, right now, they're going as under Daron, malakian and and scars on Broadway. That's what the band's called now. So it's kind of like it's it's basically him because he recorded all like, I guess all the music kind of like Trent does what Nine Inch Nails are like how are those? Oh, it looks like we got a reaction from Kim sister. And she looked like

she said the same thing. Not much of a big red taster big tastes like she was hoping for. Yeah, we can all agree on that then.

Okay, so I guess that was a four so far in our circle of peeps. Looks like roho is a negative.

We asked her scars on Broadway for me.

Cool, you know? Yeah, I completely forgot about scars on Broadway.

It dude If I were you, since this is fairly recent. I recommend listening to their 2018 release. dictator it's pretty good man.

That reminds me of a joke actually.

What Yeah.

What do you call? What do you call a fascist potato? What a dictator.

A good one. I actually like that. I like that one. I'm gonna put it on her clips or


you know honestly I don't know that you know like System of a Down would people be content with them not putting out any new music I mean I think it's pretty much at this point it's expected like you're probably not gonna get another

I mean album from what I've seen like people are still like, you know like like literally read the comments like if I can pull something up from like a week ago and people will be like, Hey, y'all stop like fucking around like what your solo shit and record an album like like people were literally saying that are like, Hey quit the like bullshit random taurine like rent was before COVID because they were playing like random shows like to in the US and then like more like overseas. And like yeah, like they weren't doing like tours. They were just like playing like random shows, but not releasing music and then like you would hear reports were like, oh, Systema down is gonna come out with an album next year. Because like, apparently they were talking and then like shit wouldn't happen because they didn't see eye to eye on stuff. And I think a lot of it is that like, it's just there. Not they don't see eye to eye no more which is cool it's I mean it's whatever like Chavo has is oh yeah shout will actually just released his own solo project I forgot what they're called. And then I know he was doing with something from the guy was one of the guys Wu Tang yeah

it looked like a hip hop.

Yeah it was called echoes in and so yeah like they have projects going on sir just still doing some of his I know he does composing for film scores now. So he does that for like independent movies or documentaries like he actually composes music now. I don't know what the drummer is doing. I think he just does whatever, you know, whoever needs a drummer cuz I know he did. I know he helped Serge out for a while and I know he helped Darren out for a while to I don't know if he was doing anything with Chavo but I mean, like I said one day system fam Honestly, I think I don't even care anymore. I mean, I still love toxicity that album I still love the first album still love still this album. I love all the shit they have, you know, that's available. But yeah, scars on Broadway. I mean, I'm a big fan of Darren individually and I mean as an individual artist and surge as an individual. Artists Oh, yeah, I think if you love a band, you respect them and you kind of pay attention to the members individually you're gonna find, you know,

you're gonna find so there. I think it's just, you know, when they do come back they're gonna. I mean, they don't know they've had like, what? 15 years absence from releasing any new music. Okay, so last album came out 2006

Yeah, about 15 years. Yeah,

bars gonna be set like,

yeah, yeah, yeah,

they're gonna be Yeah, they're gonna be very high. But honestly, I feel like if they do come back, it's probably gonna be one last album and like one last final World Tour, and that's probably

that's if I don't honestly right now, I don't think they are because that for the past five years, I've been hearing that they're gonna come back and yeah, and a lot of it, I think is rumor. Like, they're like, Oh, they were talking together. Maybe they're gonna have an album. But I don't I don't think so. And I'm fine with it.

And it's the same with rage against the machine. Yeah, you know, I think a lot of people still want a new album. I'm like, you know, whatever. And I feel like they've already said what they what they wanted to say. And I'm, you know, I think it's cool that they just get together here and there. Do a small handful of shows and whatnot. But that's that's how I that's how I see it. That's, you know, but I mean, if system comes back then yeah, that would that would be pretty cool.

Do you think bands like System of a Down and reach? Do you think them being around today right now with the way stuff is you think it would fix anything like like as far as like, maybe getting some of the

I feel that people need an outlet?

I don't quite know if they're putting out music together because I mean, yeah. You think about these bands, you know, when they were younger, they probably had a different mindset. And now that they're older, they probably have a different mindset, but I think they're probably just a little more on their own. And, you know, like, I know, Tom Morello is putting out his own stuff with the nightwatchman, like all the folk stuff, like the folk political stuff and and the other guys, you know, too, they're working on their own thing. I don't know. I mean, as far as putting out new music, I mean, if they did a single Yeah, that'd be cool. But as far as like a new album, I'm not expecting anything. Oh, yeah. Okay. I think I think it's Same with what system two if they put out like a few singles but no complete album, you know, I think maybe some people would be probably satisfied with that.

Yeah. Or and also, some people are never satisfied they'll probably release a single never really does. This is like the other system that we knew were those ism but I mean, but

then again too, I mean, I feel like his fans, you I mean you grow, you know, you hope so. Yeah.

And hope the artists grow too. I would be sad

if they were making the same stuff because I mean, you wouldn't you wouldn't want to hear toxicity part two,

you know, and they did evolve like through their discography like it does sound more. I guess experimental is a word. I mean, like it did. It didn't get more intricate, I guess because when you listen to the first album, it's like a little more raw. There's not a lot of guitar parts. Then you go into the system, then you go into I mean toxicity and you go into like Chop Suey and that that song I think had like four different guitar parts and five different guitar parts. So like they did experiment, but then again, They do work with recruitment on that. I won't go But yeah, so anyway, scars on Broadway says, blah blah blah. Camera wants to go next.

Kim can go I don't really have much to say I can't

believe I'm still drinking this beer that I finished it, you know what I mean? But also I talk a lot.

The first one that I'm going to talk about I guess is breaking benjamin. I know they have a big fan base. I know they have a lot of fans, but I don't feel like I don't know how to explain it I've because I've gotten shit for liking Breaking Benjamin before like, Oh my god, they're not hard. They're not I could see that or not that like, but they I feel like they're consistent. I feel like they've been consistent for going through the band members that they've gone through and they had that little hiatus there and they came back and they were still just as good as when they stopped before. So that I mean I love Ben Ben Bradley's voice. That's why he's one of my favorite things to sing. Which is why we did start our tribute band are Chevelle and bring him into Madrid we've had because he's one of my favorite vocalists to sing. And I love his vocals because I think they're very unique in some of the little intricacies that he has in his voice. And he also does have pretty strong vocals to me.

I just I just like the music because it's, it's just good. To me. It's good.

It's like you said they do they do have a fan, a big fan base and a big following. I think a lot of bands do but I think you're right to where they're just one of those bands that I think a lot of other people they're just there. Yeah, like, if they're playing like somewhere at a festival they're like, Oh, I know Breaking Benjamin I'm gonna go watch him but only because I know these things. Yeah, Dr. Jain Exactly. But like they are like when you go into their discography like they are Yeah, I would say there and I actually put Chevelle in that category too. Yeah, we're like Chevelle is very like, intricate when it comes with their music too. But they only have one guitarist, which is crazy, but like they're real. Like all their stuff doesn't sound the same for being Three piece like you know they're very versatile and i don't i don't think they get a lot of attention either like they do have a big fan base and I do have a like a devote I guess fan base but not people really don't give them you know the credit or you know or the or the attention that I think they should be getting. Yeah

so Breaking Benjamin was on my list cool.

bro What you got? If you don't got anything that's cool.

I've been thinking about it and I don't I don't know that I can like pinpoint any particular bands. I mean, last week I talked about it we did we do overrated last week?

Oh no, we did the band beers. I think overrated was like, two or three weeks ago,

when we talked about overrated. I mentioned the Sex Pistols that I thought they were overrated because of the history and also, you know, Sid Vicious and all of that drama. And I mentioned that, you know, I thought pihl was musically better. And so I would say maybe PBL is underrated. So that band came to mind, but then I was thinking, you know what? I'm kind of stoked that the bands that I like are underrated because it really hurts my heart when an underrated band that's kind of been exposed like, yeah becomes this big, you know, big hashtag like, let's AppScan somebody else's lifestyle that's cultural appropriate. Like that's what I grew up with. And then for it to be cheapened by, you know, a friend. Yeah. And you know, all of a sudden, you can buy t shirts for Joy Division at American Eagle. Yes, like, yeah, yeah, and it hurts my heart.

I think we briefly talked about that last time.

I'd rather them stay underrated than become

a fad. Okay, I see what you're what you're saying. So I'm just gonna delete this episode.

No, no, by the name of the band. I'll just

keep out the new

context. There you go. If you can figure it out. Then

There are some bands we're like, all of a sudden, it's like, oh shit, like now everybody knows who they are. But like they don't really know. Right, which is weird. Like I

grew up listening to Joy Division and the Smiths and both of those bands have been like blown out like crazy. We have become a fad. It's just a trend. It's follow a hashtag, find out about a band. Whereas back in the day when you know, alternative music, you couldn't find it anywhere except for like a couple of MTV shows that were on like midnight, or by talking to the guy at the record store. Yeah. And that was it. It wasn't following a hashtag it wasn't

or the public access station.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, for sure.

Well, actually, no, like, and I'm joking around, but like case, Wham is like the local radio College Station there. And there's a lot of like, alternative and underground hip hop, like artists that I discovered. But this was like 2007 2000. So it

was like Rico is known for that.

But I think it was better than like now. I think it started to lean more towards what you were talking about now, just a little bit, but like back like even 15 years ago, like when I was listening to it, like there was a lot of alternative bands that like, were like no one knew what the hell they were and I was listening to him for a good amount of time before people started paying attention to

like, like I want to say like on the college radio, it's a lot of stuff that you would hear on like Sirius Yeah, nation. Yeah, like yeah, that's filtering into there now. And,

and I think one good example maybe it's not a good example. I remember listening to Gym Class Heroes before like, they were like, blew up and started doing like all these like collaborations with all these like mainstream artists. This was like before I think he was like dating Katy Perry and stuff before they weren't worked or, like so it was really weird for me because I was like, Oh, I remember listening to him, like on college radio, like before anyone knew who the hell they were. And then like, then all of a sudden, like, fucking like your top 40 literally, yeah, like over like, I guess I kind of kind of want to say like, it was like overnight. We're like, everyone. was like, oh gym class hero Gym Class Heroes. But like, it wasn't like they were like super mainstream. It was just like, I guess it was that era of Warped Tour where, like, I remember I don't know if you guys remember, like fuse and stuff. Were like fuses and all this shit that like maybe MTV wasn't playing, but it was popular with the fuse people. So like that, like Warped Tour fan base that like stuck around. I don't know. It's kind of hard for me to explain. But it was like mainstream but not mainstream. Like it was weird. But yeah, so like, that was one thing but yeah, like I I kind of know what you're talking about in that little bit. Okay, so I'll delete the edit the band's Oh, no. No, but everyone should check out scars on Broadway.

I like them. I'm Frank gun on the one.

Yeah, actually. The sorrow from Memphis, Tennessee.

Oh shit. I know. I know the name. I probably know some songs but I don't know if I'm not

to be confused with the saddle of the Mexican singer.

No, I don't think I was doing that.

Just in case.

Yeah, so Sarah from Memphis, Tennessee is my second underrated band. They're a mix of soul, Southern rock, country and blues. And, you know, but they're best categorized as country punk. And they too, they, you know, they also had some major label support from Universal Music Group, but that relationship didn't work out. And I think it's because the Sarah isn't your typical band that you would hear, you know, on a major label. And to me, they're, you know, they're definitely one of those bands that, you know, you're never gonna hear on mainstream radio, you're probably gonna stumble upon them at a festival. And they're more like the local pub bar band that made a big and can sell out a dance hall. You know, and once you get into them, I feel like you're like fully into them. And one thing I like about them is their, their work ethic. I think they're one of the hardest working bands out there. They're constantly touring. They're always putting on great live shows. They're genuinely a band. That's about the fans and I had the pleasure of meeting them once. After a show in to me they just seem like very typical Southern boys very down to earth friendly, very kind, no bullshit about them. And in some small way, they remind me a little bit of the dam whales also another not very well known band and vocalist, Ben Nichols, to me has a very distinct voice. He's got a bit of a raspy storytelling Titan, type voice. And most of their music has been released on their own label, liberty and lament records. And despite their hard work ethic, they've never really made it outside the US. They have a dozen studio albums, a handful of crap. Yeah. You know, dozen studio albums, a handful of live albums and a live DVD. And all the band members have been active in some big name projects, but yet they remain another best kept secret nobody really knows about and they can definitely pack shows. They have a very solid discography and if you're a fan of Memphis So in blues if you dig on some outlaw country and southern rock then I think they're definitely the band for you. So

they've been around for a long, long time. Right? Well, what When did you know when they formed?

I think like, mid to late 90s

What's one song you would recommend people to hear from this band?

I really like my best girl. And it's actually about a guitar. Oh, sweet. Yeah. And Cass is another good one. Those are the two that really really pop out.

I don't know why cuz you were talking about this band and I kind of was thinking of the toadies you put Tony's into underrated Yeah,

yeah. And I thought about them earlier when we were talking. Because they were also that BAM that kind of almost made it that you thought was gonna get there that they were on a couple of soundtracks I heard one of their songs and Sons of Anarchy you know, you think like okay, they're, they're getting there. They're gonna do it and then they kind of never do and their fan base remains really local like to Texas. So yeah, I would say so I do think they're underrated. Yeah, I'm cool with that.

Yeah, cuz when I was doing research for the last episode and I was listening to their discography, I was like, like, I was telling you guys I was like shit like, why didn't I get into them before? And then like I heard Frank talk he said something there was one thing that he said describing this band and it just got me thinking about the Tonys. I was like toadies totally fit that category like they were they're there they have the discography to like they just like because I know they're not I know they're not popular like outside the states right

they do tour outside the states i don't think so they tour outside of Texas yeah outside of Texas they do tour and I do think they have a fan base and other states but and Possum Kingdom that song back in 94 became super popular

and that was all over that's like the only thing everyone knows

that kiss please.

Yeah. Which is which is a shame. Yeah. Or the

90s channel on Sirius XM they play the home or

the 90s hours on kiss.

Yeah, same as

Every hour,

but uh,

yeah, so I think after that they didn't really get as much attention as they they should have been Honestly, I don't think that's not their best song, of course.

No, no, no, no, definitely no, no, no, I mean, even backslider to me it was like, I was like, holy shit. Yeah, I heard it. I was like, I never heard this damn song before and I liked it a lot. So in the beers really good too. But uh, alright, I guess I'll go next because mine kind of I mean, it's not in the same categories Frank's but the categories kind of crossing some sections. So you were saying that they were like country punk. Yeah, and with this next band that I'm going to talk about the genre that they're in gets a lot of shit I feel like it does. And that genre kind of crosses that one because this genre kind of branched out in different areas in different different kind of styles like that. Okay, so this next band I listened to a lot in high school me and Frank actually, I think so once actually met them. And we were, I was actually talking to one of the members, we were actually supposed to play a show with them. And we ended up not. But because the band was going through some stuff. So this is coughing cats, they're a psychobilly punk band from Detroit, they were formed in 2003. And the reason why I bring them up is because I didn't want to bring them up, because a lot of people like, kind of, like when you say cyclability, they're like, oh, that you listen to that crap. psychobilly. If you guys don't know, it's a cross between rockabilly, hardcore, and punk. So basically, it's like, all that mixed together into one. And if you don't know what rockabilly is, if you know who the stray cats are, stray cats is a good example of rockabilly. So this band was actually I don't know, I don't remember how I came across this band. But these guys have been together for a long time. And the reason why I saw him so much here in San Antonio, back in the day used to see him back at Sam's burger joint, I remember that I think we did go to a show together. So they were actually signed to a label called hairball eight records that I didn't know was based here in San Antonio. And they actually I have nine albums under their their belt. They're a really good band. And it's crazy because when people think of psychobilly or horror punk, automatically people think of bands like neck romantics, or Madsen harp hops. Think chop tops, those bands were like in different waves of the rockabilly scene I think it started like in the 80s and then it started to evolve much like punk has its waves of different in different areas like the British wave and then like, like you know, all these other waves like this genre had the same thing and Tiger army if you guys are familiar with Tiger army, they're in one of those like, subcategories towards kind of like mixed with country to punk. Um, but yeah, so I love this band. I was actually a big fan of the first three albums and actually kind of didn't follow them as much after their fourth album. But then I was going back through their discography, because they do have nine albums, and a lot of their stuff is still the same like rockabilly is known for the musicians using using hollow body guitars. Franck likes hollow body guitars and upright bass they're really known for using upright bass these guys were fucking awesome like you would go to their shows and they would just everyone was like so their their their shows are so energetic like the bass player was a singer and like he would actually stand on the bass and have it tilted and he would sing like while standing on top of it I know people and other like genres of this I mean other bands of the genre do that but he just did like these crazy tricks on this like stand up bass that I had never seen before and I'm referring to remembers all that stuff.

Yeah, no, I remember we were right up front Yeah, we were right, bro I think at one point the you know the attorney I don't know his name but he unplugged his bass sounds like swung yeah the crowd Yeah,

he did that and then I know the guitar sometimes would stand on top of him on top of his play. Yeah, so like so the vocalist name his name is Vic Victor. So the the the band was formed in Detroit like I said in 2003. The core members were Vic Victor and Tommy coffin, which is the guitarist in the band and I think he wall balls but it was crazy because I know they had a rotation of drummers and sometime in the late 2000s Tommy coffin left then he ended up coming back in 2016 So as of now I think the founding members are are together and actually saw them do a couple of quarantine live streams on Facebook. And I was like shit they still sound the same they were playing some of their older stuff, if you like and I also wanted to bring them up to since Halloween is coming up, like if you guys are like just looking for like something to set the mood for Halloween. Like these guys are, their lyrics are not cheesy, their their music doesn't all sound the same, which is pretty crazy. Because I think a lot of people have that. Like, like they perceive it as like, Oh, it's that type of music. It all sounds the same and it's all going to be like, like trying to be like scary and blah blah blah but no, like they really put like a lot of thought into like their, their their lyricism and it's like, I just love it a lot. And I'm gonna add, you know, a few of their tracks on our Spotify flight Spotify playlists by Spotify. So yeah, like, like I said, I used to see these guys All the time in high school they're really cool guys I actually have to this day I still have it it's actually in storage. It's a poster I have they signed it But yeah, I mean I I'm not really a fan of I don't want to say that like I didn't really get into too many bands of this genre. But you know how like sometimes you'll find that one like artists that you're like oh shit like they're good like, and but you're not necessarily a fan of that genre. Like these guys are that band. later on. I did get into Tiger army but Tiger army leans more into the country side, especially later on with Nick 13 because he likes to experiment with country stuff. I think he had solo stuff. He actually had a song I think that charted on like the country charts, like in the mid 2000s, like doming, the 2010s but, or the early 2010s, I should say. But yeah, so coffin cats with a k. k. k. Those are that's one of my favorite. To me. They're underrated, especially for being on a label here like in San Antonio. And then than being from Detroit. I just feel like when you mentioned rockabilly or heart or punk or psychobilly, like their band name doesn't pick up, it's always necromantic and actually don't like neck romantics, or, or Madsen and I don't really like Madsen either. Like, when you would to me when I listen to them, they sound really cheesy, like they were trying to do something like they're trying to be, like, hard and maybe I'll get a lot of shit for it for people that are in that genre, or maybe because I don't hang around in that genre, or that circle of that genre of people too much, but to me there to me that band is underrated.

You don't have to for a while, I had a psychobilly phase where I was like really into the thing you know, I had the Pompadour and everything. And I was really into bands like the meteors midnight ghost train, concrete zombie, the turbo ACS, and I went out to at the time crazy cat and I bought a he bought a stand up bass. Oh shit, like I was that into it.

Oh dang. But then I grew up. I still want to buy when actually like, I I like playing bit when I got into bass for a little while. I don't have a bass anymore, but uh oh yeah, I do kind of Yeah, that's right. So by default I have a bass. I'll share with you. Um, but uh, yeah, I've always wanted a standard bass and just that style of playing to me I always found interesting. But yeah, man, like when I saw this guy play like I'd never seen anyone play an instrument like that. And his vocals are very distinct to um, they're very I don't even know how to describe it. Like 50s but like, like, he sounds like he could have been in a 50s man basically, but he's not trying to make his voice like that that's just the way his voice sounds which is pretty cool but like these guys were too are down to earth. Like I said, I met him multiple times. I don't know if Frank madam with me when I did, but probably I

don't know. I mean, we're like inches from them.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I and I still have the pictures actually. I had a film camera

amber I was like, I was super excited. I remember I reached my hand and I was like, Yeah,

yeah, like, and they're really they were really cool. And I remember sounds burger joint like that was like people would go with like their old 50s cars and like the girls and the guys would be dressed up like greasers and stuff. I don't really like that. Like To me, it gets kind of old after a while, like when, you know, that's, you know, that's their thing or whatever. But I just like going to the shows because I didn't dress like that. I just wore friggin jeans and a shirt and I was there in the pit like we were. I just remember getting like messed up in those pits to a lot of the days in high school. Just those those crowds were crazy. But yeah, I don't know. That was. That's my other band coughing cats, but I'll have them on Spotify. If you guys want to check him out. Oh, good. I

have one and a half. Okay, but my half is half of your half. Okay. So I'll go with the one first or the half.

Go with your one first. Okay,

so my other one on my list is actually nothing more. Oh, yeah. Um, I think that they are starting to get your popularity Whoa. I don't feel like they're at the potential that they could be. I had to give him some credit because they're from San Antonio and they didn't really get a lot of help from anybody here locally as far as radio stations or anything like that they kind of did it made their own way on their own. But I don't know I think they're good. Johnny has a good voice. He wasn't initially the vocalist. He played drums for the band for like eight years or something. And then they went through many lineup changes and then he decided that he was gonna take on the vocals and

I mean, me and Frank played a gig with them when they were on drums.

Yeah, we did way back

in the day but yeah, that's cool. But and they're really good life. Like I know you didn't have a good time at this show. Cuz it was it was crazy. Yeah, I was having to get rowdy because are the hometown I

did enjoy their show though. Like they I do like they are good. musicians. They're very good musicians

because you know how some people like when we went to I'm not gonna say because there are one of my faves. We went to and they have like a Drum thing because you know how they incorporate the drums into their show like nothing more they like they you know Johnny was a drummer so he has the drums oh yeah hydraulics and you know the guys the basis and the drums the guitars, drums and stuff they have like that break in yeah

little tribal thing and

their thing and it was good you know other people try to do that it's kind of like yeah, so but it actually fit like funny you

say that because I didn't realize that Metallica had done that once and I didn't like it. And I was like what the fuck like they were did like this tribal drum thing where like extra drums came out and like James was like banging

like why are you doing this? Yeah, I know what you're saying. Yeah,

I know nothing more has been like Grammy nominated and stuff and so they are getting there but I feel like they don't get the credit and the recognition that they should because yeah, they actually what you're

saying is I should have won that Grammy probably

I don't know who else is in the category I don't know

either. But usually in those categories, like they're all bullshit anyways. Like, like, you'll have like a good band like that. And then like, the, like the underdog never wins. Like Yeah, you know what I mean? Like it's always gonna be like, Oh, this band because they're the I wouldn't be you know what if I'm correct mastadon was probably in that category and they probably won and I don't like mastodon, I think mastodons overrated. But if you look it up, I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I'm pretty sure mastodon was in that category. But I'll let you search and we'll see. We'll see. Yeah. Okay, I'll search

but nothing more was on my list. If anybody has anything else, I have a point five that have Mario's point five and together we make a hole.

All right, I'll let you go ahead and

while I look at

the third band on my list, which I know is on Mario's list, even though he said he only had two, he has three and it's c ky. Yeah. Which stands for camp kill yourself. And they came out back in 9899. I think a lot of people got hooked and they got distracted by the the videos the ck y video. That Bam Margera named after his brother just mardiros Bansi ky being tied to jackass being tight that was, that was pre jackass actually just like a year or two after ck y videos. And I think that the people that liked ck y kind of got stuck there in that era of ck y and that time of C KY, and they didn't follow them out until like, the stuff that we have now with the latest album that they've put out.

And I don't I don't know why because they're, they're really good. And

I think I think people just kind of got stuck there. And they didn't they didn't follow him because they put out an album in 2017. And that was a really good album. It was actually on one of our top it was actually one of our top 10 favorite albums from the first episode. And yeah, they have a little devil pretty kind of small dog discography but it's all so many things like

five Yes, five because they had their first album then they had an answer. No So as a first album, which was Volume One, but it was released in two different versions, it was volume one and then it was also called self titled because I think there's two different versions of their original album. Then their second album is infiltrate the story build. third album is an answer can be found fourth album is Carver city, which I think sucks. Then their fifth album is without their singer Darren Miller, where Chad Ginzburg went on to vocal duties and I was the Phoenix. So the

secret why songs were featured in the ck y videos throughout 99 202. And like I said, I feel like people got stuck in just the ck y videos, the skateboard culture videos from back in the day that used to be really popular with like, bam, and Tony Hawk and all those people were really like, doing the skating thing back then. I mean, I'm guilty. I was

impressed. He mentioned that there's two versions right to see ky. There was

one with Darren

Yeah, so there's one with Darren Miller, who was the original vocalist, which when he left he actually ended up making Another version of C ky and then the version now which is the real ck y with guitarist Chad moving to vocals?

Yeah, I don't know if they've replaced their, their basis or I haven't heard anything on that actually did see a tweet not too long ago that Chad had posted because they're obviously not really doing a lot right now and he somebody had tweeted I hope at Chad Ginzburg comes back please and he said, thanks I'll get back to music and happiness when Trump is out of office fucker kills my vibe or my spirit. So hopefully, whatever like

when you are supposed to, like thrive on shit like that right? Or good

then you got nothing to sing about. He's very like, I feel like he's very sensitive. Sorry, maybe I've just, you know, a sucker for him. But

Mario is distracted while I'm traveling. Look up this and you know what's so hard? It's so

it's so hard to Google like the the like the

hard to do right now do it later.

Curious okay I'll go ahead and post it on blog or whatever or post on Instagram post but yeah so I couldn't see who they were nominated against I'm curious to see what they were actually nominated to carry categories Best Rock Performance and Best like rock song or some shit like that but anyways you know what i'm not gonna talk about it now I'll do my research and I'll talk about it next episode so we'll do it as in the hangover segment of Episode 12

but ck was my third

Sega Yeah, Ck would have been my third too because I think he Chad's underrated guitarist. I think they're all underrated. So, but yeah, that band is underrated. I think they don't get enough. I think people pay attention too much of the MTV era of stuff. Yeah. tied to a

brick. Yeah, they also say Not really. Frankie boy

was just gonna say that you know because of jackass that's how I got introduced to see ky but I didn't I didn't keep up with them

yeah no i didn't either I actually didn't get back into them till fuck way after the fact I think I want to say like 2007 was when I got written when I got back into them again yeah

and I see like people got kind of got stuck there and didn't go past what they need yeah why within the videos and within that era of the music and until like the great like really great album that they put out a couple years ago they just need to get past that and

well before we go well I was trying to open on the No no no, before we open this I wanted to say I wanted to try one last beer before we leave because we've had a pretty shitty streak this episode.

The beach beer good Beach was good. actually drink to this

one was disgusting. No one actually this one was in discussing the row was disgusting.

Want to try this one?

So this one is a where's it from? It is from? It's from an Austin brewery. This is a fourth tap Brewing Company. This is a super nice Neapolitan stout. 12% 12% ab

v. She's okay. Yeah,

because we're gonna split it. We're gonna split into thirds though cuz

they have the residue in there.

Okay, I don't want to make some ice cream and chilies. Um, but uh, so yeah, so this is a

fourth tap Brewing Company. Wait, what? Fourth tap Brewing Co Op. That's weird. Super, not Neapolitan and stout. Like I said, it's ice cream flavored. So we're going to try this. See what it tastes like.

Alright, guys, y'all ready for this last, last taste? Yeah,

I was gonna say we didn't have a lot of interactions on our posts. Please interact with us. Yeah, tell us what you're thinking email us, give us your opinions. But I did get something on. I reposted the rock talk happy hour Facebook onto my Facebook page, asking if anybody had an underrated band. My buddy Pete said issues, which I never heard of them, and I put them on my Spotify. So Pete, I'm gonna take a listen and see what they sound like. But it's not your

band, cuz? No, it's not. Okay, cuz

I never heard of that. Let me see.

I was like, Is that like a local thing to you or something like but it wasn't it. I found them on Spotify, and I'm gonna try to listen to him here.

I've seen the name out there.

Oh, they were formed in 2012.

That's the only person that said anything. So

they are they're known for their combination of metal core, new metal pop and contemporary r&b.

Dang, that's quite so well.

We'll give it a go. Check it out.

Sorry. Okay, let's see so

well when I opened the Can I didn't smell anything like interesting.

Sounds like chocolate. It

just smells like Yeah, all stouts are gonna smell like this Like honestly, this smells like a regular stout.

So pestis

tastes like Neapolitan ice cream. Okay, already, ladies. All right. 123

Nope, nope. Just a stout.

Yeah, this seems like a regular style. Yeah, it does.

Yeah, I like her. I was like already.

I know a lot of style tastes It tastes like sugar. Like this doesn't taste it as

it doesn't have that bitterness. At the end of you most out.

It's got a tartness and yeah, that might be what they're trying to pass off as strawberry. It's like a Neapolitan ice cream. It's like

a tartan sweetness like it's like borderline like it's on there. And this is a real home tasting

ice cream. Darn it. I was excited, baby

Yeah, actually, yeah, that's a two gallon of vanilla ice cream. Well, we do this so that we can put over ice cream.

Yeah, we'll have a beer float episode

is actually for being 12% ABV. Like it's a pretty it's a pretty good stout. I mean, I like it. Um, with that said, as a stout. What would you? What would you rate it? We're at

2.6 2.6

All right, Kim 3.3 3.3 Okay, I'm gonna go with I like stouts um

I'll go with like a 3.6

Yeah. 3.6 did

we rate the mix? You get the rest of the camp.

Oh, did we rate the peach? You know what? I don't think we did. We did. All right. Let's rate the peach real quick.

No, we didn't. Okay, so peach Alright, let's read the peach real quick

Britt Do you know what you would like to rate the peach as I was good I liked 8.70 Okay, yeah,

that's pretty good before

Yeah, I'm gonna go with like a four point

it's a good vise like a Berliner stout burners advice I'm gonna go like a 4.0 like a 4.2 was good I really like it. I really do like it better drinking something. Oh, what are you drinking Frankie never let us know. Yeah drinking.

Save that will

save that bottle. I've been drinking Texas select it's a non alcoholic malt beverage made here's the interesting part. It's produced for rich Lin beverage associates in Dallas, Texas by San Antonio beverage CO in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wow, that's all over the face.

Okay, guys, just stick to one place, please. Um, are you like it?

It's all right. It's not you know, the best but it's also not bad. It's a step up from old rules I think, Oh yeah, it's not

that Altera Melly multi taste that a lot of non alcoholics end up with that it's kind of rather sweet

but it fits with our theme of Southern beers and

I also have in a bita root beer that I haven't gotten to yet

yes I think yeah, I think we had

it last time I really okay well I think sugar and sugar yeah

I don't know but so anyways we'll we'll post that shit you know what I don't think we have it on the on the on the list.

I'll double check the spreadsheet Yeah, but if we don't we'll try it after the show rated blah blah blah and then we'll talk to you guys about it next episode. I don't know we're gonna have for next topic we'll think about it. But if you guys have anything you want to tell us just go ahead and email us and hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you can find all that stuff on rock talk happy hour pod calm like I said we have a we're gonna have curated playlists on Spotify. So you can find the link on our homepage on the website, you can actually find the playlist itself on the homepage itself. Um, so with that said, you guys have anything else to say?

Let's do it. Let's do semi rated bands.

All right, well, we'll talk about it. Alright guys. Well, we'll see you guys next week.

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