Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 10 - Band Brews

August 22, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 10
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 10 - Band Brews
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 10 - Band Brews
Aug 22, 2020 Episode 10
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we have the ultimate music and beer episode! We try, discuss, and rate, the craft beers created by some of our/your favorite bands!
We also talk some Rojo (Big Red beer) news, Dave Mathews, and reveal a new component to the show! Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 10:

Show Notes Transcript

This episode, we have the ultimate music and beer episode! We try, discuss, and rate, the craft beers created by some of our/your favorite bands!
We also talk some Rojo (Big Red beer) news, Dave Mathews, and reveal a new component to the show! Cheers!

Spotify playlist for Episode 10:

To copy our value Bernie funk

Alright everybody that was friends for hello everyone welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank and Frank. I had to do that that you know to get France out of their hiding cave in France because, um yeah, I want you to say hi. Um

Yes. Okay, so anyways, I'm sorry y'all y'all kinda made me feel weird there.

Anyways, so welcome back Franken Britt Yay. Um, how was your little trip? It was good. It was nice to get away for a little bit. We missed you guys last week. But I think we needed just to recharge our batteries a little bit. Cool. Yeah.

Yeah, sounds good. Well, so y'all ready to get back into it today? More than I Yeah. All right, everyone. So this podcast is about

music in craft beer. So we drink new craft beers. Every episode, we discuss them learn about them. And and we write them. And we also discuss music related topics. And this episode is going to be probably one of the one of the bigger ones that's probably gonna be maybe the, like the main event kind of episode that I didn't know was going to come up in this podcast and it's basically going to be about the bands who created craft beer, and all the ones that we could find. We managed to put them together on this episode, and we're going to try them. Some of them we've had before some of them we haven't. So we're going to be drinking them talking about I'm talking about the bands and then we're also going to be rating them. So this episode's really big. It's also episode number 10. So we've been doing this for over two months already. It's pretty crazy because I went by pretty quick. And I feel I feel like we learned a lot like, compared to the first episode. Um, but uh, yeah, so I've been like, super hyped this whole week to get this one. Done. So we're going to be trying beers from dance. So I hope you guys enjoy. But before we start, because usually we do we drink beer, and then we talk about music related topics, but this one, it's all combined into one. So we're gonna start off like right off the bat, but me and Kim wanted to talk about some news. Before we start, we're going to talk about the roho beer a little bit because we're gonna be trying to next episode, but first off, I wanted to mention, I know I sent you guys a message or whatever. And I think we talked about it and I posted it on our social media, talking about how we had a download from pretty much all the continents except for Australia, slash Oceana. And so I love podcasts. And one of my favorite podcasts actually comes from Australia. And it's called do go on. And it's like, really, it's three comedians from Australia. And they, they talk about different topics, every episode, but they also like kind of BS and stuff. It's pretty funny. But I've learned a lot like that. So they talk about like world events, World History, or they talk about, like, historical figure figures or historical events or weird stuff that's happened like in history. So it's, I've learned a lot. It's also pretty funny. So I was like, You know what, let me let me tweet these guys because I know one of the hosts Matt Stewart, he likes to drink beer. So um, so I tweeted, and I was like, Hey, I was like, we're all our Australian peeps at whatnot. You know, who likes to drink beer and listen to music, especially like the metal heads. And then I set and then so I tagged Matt Stewart and I was Like, you know, you fit the description, it'd be cool if you could listen to an episode and add the one listener that we need for Australia. So they're on the other side of the globe. So it took, you know, time yet time difference. So we're about to go to bed and he tweeted me back and he said, I'm listening to her right now check Australia off the list. And so we got it. So I'd like to give a shout out to Matt Stewart from do go on. He actually has a new podcast called listen now with his cousin. It's called listen now with Matt and Sam. And they actually review classic albums, and they'll go through them song by song, and the last one that came out that's posted because I know they released theirs. I think every Wednesday, they went over Van Halen. 1984 1984 and I really liked that episode. So if you guys want to check out do go on or listen now with Matt and Sam. I thought it was a pretty cool connection because his newest podcast is actually music related. But yeah, so Matt Stewart, thank you for giving us the Australia download that we need it now. We have all the comments.

So, next thing on the list is row. Hope.

You want to talk about it again.

Oh, we finally got some Yeah, we finally got to get up on Sunday. I don't remember what time hopefully remember. 130 that's should be like 130

pick mine up from

like, three weeks ago. Mm hmm. So

where are you picking it up from the from the brewery?

Oh, wow. It's actually not far from here yet.

I don't remember but it's quiet. Yeah, it's like okay.

Um, but apparently they was it yesterday that they had posted on Instagram or the day before it was yesterday. I did post on Instagram that they were gonna be doing another sale. It was like they posted it early in the day like at 230. We're gonna do another drop or whatever. And it was like the last chance to get it because

Because their next wave is gonna be

Dave Matthews themed loggers, right?

Yes, that's right. So,

so they're gonna put roho on hold for a while. So I thought we had the last batch which I thought it was. But uh, no, this one, the one that just came out this past week is gonna be the last.

So there

is the slippery strewing.

They posted. It was two days ago. They sold out their newest batch in 25 seconds. Oh my god. So that 30 seconds. Yeah,

the 30 seconds ours. Yeah,

and it's a thanks again, everyone. For those of you who have your roho already salute. We'll see you soon. As for us, it's time for a break from roho will converting to an all lager format with Dave Matthews themed beers coming at you. Hmm. I didn't. I didn't

yes like to save matters. Having Anything to do with it? Or I said just I think of it like names. Yeah,

I think that's what they're gonna do. Because from what I've seen, they don't really have like any real partners. I mean, if they couldn't get HDB or big red how they gonna get Dave Matthews? Yeah, so, um, so yeah, but

times are hard for Dave Matthews. I don't know.

Whatever. Well, we'll see in the coming weeks cuz they're they posted that twice. At first I thought it was a joke, but I was like, This doesn't look like a joke. So,

but we'll see. No, there was a demand for Matt.

Yeah. Is he still is he still active isn't doing anything? He acts now you follow on Twitter, right?

Just kidding. I think he's an actor now.

Really? Well, I've seen him Yeah, I've seen him do some acting stuff here. They're like small like little like cameo things. What was he in? I know he was in a movie where he was playing like some

some Charlotte's Web, the live action Charlotte's Web. Thinking about comedy.

He was in a comedy movie.

He's been at some Adam Sandler ones too. Yes.

Oh, really. Yeah,

so that's what I'm thinking. I know he was in like he was like some crazy guy or something. Yeah.

His own themed beers from a local brewery in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks, Antonio.

Well, I don't know who's moving on up San Antonio or Dave Matthews.

So the next thing I wanted to talk about, I was actually working on it today, something new. I found a new I don't know, maybe I can call it an outlet for the podcast. I think it's something we probably should have done in the beginning. I didn't think about it. So I don't know what made me think about it. I was I was working, um, I work. And so Spotify popped in my head. And I actually I'm going to start doing playlists that go along with our episodes. So we actually have a Spotify account now and I created our first playlist for Episode 10. So basically, it'll be the songs related to the episode. So for this one, for instance, is going to be songs that relate to the beers or that the beers are named after. Or some of our favorite songs from the band's which is why I asked you guys earlier what your favorite Deftones song was, what's your favorite? toady song was Chevelle. So. But yeah, so I made a playlist I haven't posted it yet. But so from now on every episode that we go, since we do have music related topics, I'll be doing a curated playlist of four per episode. So now we have a Spotify account. So if so we ever talk about like a song that you know, that you guys haven't heard, or an album, then we'll be able to make a playlist of and you don't even have to look for it. Just follow our playlists on Spotify, and then you'll be able to listen to all the stuff we talked about,

unless it's the Daredevil soundtrack, because they don't have the full thing. Oh, yeah, that's like that's gonna be a little Yeah.

And what I didn't know the Spotify had a thing where you can add songs that aren't playable. So like, for instance, some of those, you can still add them and then see them on the list and be like, Okay, let me go YouTube or something or why not? But yeah, so now we're on Spotify. Well, we're on Spotify. As a podcast, but now we're also on Spotify as a user with with playlist. So yeah, so that's a new thing that I just was working on today. And I was excited to tell you guys about it because it's music

cool. Yeah, that's really good.

So now I guess you guys have anything you want to say. Before we start the big

think we thought other man's that are overrated. Oh, really?

I want to hear this. Did we?

Remember when we were driving like the next day? We were like, damn it. We should have talked about do we talk?

I don't know. Do we want to do we mentioned

about Rolling Stones? Yeah.

Oh, I like the Rolling Stones. But the who I agree with you.


No doubt. No doubt, I think also.


Like as a whole or like, cuz like they have Well, no, I'll go ahead and agree with you because there's like, they have like one good album that I can listen to, but

I can't remember now because we didn't write it down. But there were some others.

Yeah, I don't quite remember but

I don't know. I guess that's that's our little hangover segment right there.

Yeah. Cool. It was all right, a mini I think of like eight more

later when we drive away. Possibly. All right. Well, we'll save that for next Hangout. Oh, yeah, they last a while sometimes. Yeah.

So I guess we'll kick this one off. So we, Frank x, Frank and Brett actually, since we were having a rock a beer theme actually brought some pizza over which is cool because I've been craving pizza for a while but they brought some satanic pizza over to go with some most of our the beers are going to be drinking our metal themed. So it was pretty cool. We'll post pictures of the pizzas on on on Instagram and I just want to say hail Stan.

Stands man. Yes. And you guys will find out later. So Whoa. Oh, I didn't even To the squeaky so Oh no, I hear squeaking if I can hear it here

the squiggles on there.

I didn't even notice that. Give him something that doesn't speak.

Okay. He wants to be part of the podcast.

So okay, so to kick this off, I guess we're gonna we started drinking while we were eating pizza. So we started off with Tony's Tony's collaboration with Martin house Brewing Company. So I guess we'll start off with that. Miss Kim, can you do you stop here?

No, nothing.

Okay, so can you get another couple of those maybe and then I guess if you want to split one with me and get another or if y'all want to split this one into thirds as we go on.

Okay, so that we can get to the next one.

Okay, let's do thirds. So those are, those are going to be all classes right there. So y'all can wipe them or run some of Y'all want but we're just gonna go through them and do thirds.

You don't have any sorbet for me to cleanse my palate

No, I know I'm sorry. So Oh, I got beer on my notes How convenient. Okay, so um so let me let me go ahead and talk about this beer really quick and then we can go into all the little tidbits and stuff. So this first beer is toadies collaboration with Martin house brewing. This beer is the Martin house Bach slider toadies Texas Bach. It's a traditional Bach also known as a German style Bach as 5.6% ABV. It's not bad. That's about a buck average minute. It's best to be sure drink drunk drinking drain from a tulip style. So if you guys Yes, that's what I have. So I will be posting that on Instagram. So from now on, you guys will see the appropriate glasses. These beers should be drank in from that's a word right drink. I'm drinking from and this beer was released in 2015. So I know YouTube guys, both of you are toadies fans, right. I think you're more of a total fan than

I am.

Cuz I feel like I should be but I never really like made time for them until like today I really sat down and started listening to stuff. I was like, why have I not been listening to them like longer? I don't know. I don't know.

But yes, I am a fan because the Tonys are from Fort Worth, and I am from Fort Worth. And so when they were getting me started, I was in high school and they were playing at small clubs around Fort Worth, and I would go see them and it was it was pretty awesome. There was a lot of there were a lot of little bands in North Texas at that time that were starting to gain popularity, and the Tonys was one of them. There was baboon love swing. I don't know if any of these. Now I've heard of

Tranghese. I've heard of them

out of Dallas and then another band that I super love from that area. hagfish and hagfish two of the members were brothers, Donnie Blair and Zack Blair. We got the names. I got names right as I looked it up right before we start. Okay, cool. Um, and so Donnie Blair is now the basis for the toadies. He wasn't a founding member, but he joined them in 2007 or something like that. But his brother Sackler is in Rise Against Oh, well, yeah. So they they were in hagfish. And then the Tonys were kind of happening simultaneously and so they're like these bands that all kind of came up around the same time in the same part of the world and

yeah, yeah, and so that I mean, those those like areas where like the scenes are popping up, like they're when they're or they're coming up at the same time, and then the members kind of like, move around and help each other like those are like where the bands like pop up like the same thing happened in the Bay Area. When like EFI and all those other bands came out the same thing Metallica then I think up in the I don't know what region that's called. They're from oh my god Where are they from heaven in my notes here they are froze

oh wow I don't have it here. Wherever killswitch engages from I forgot,

like Massachusetts aren't the

Massachusetts yeah so like all those like hardcore metal bands like they came up at the same time and like like the bass player I know he does he did artwork like iconic artwork for a lot of those bands that were up and coming and these are these guys are all up like they all came up at the same time playing on AWS fest and stuff. shadows fall was one of the bands and it was friends with them and but yeah, that was so yeah, I know that those scenes are cool to me. Those scenes are cool, but yeah,

especially it has time for music and that part of the state like yeah, North Texas. There's just a lot of stuff happening at the same time.

I think to me, it has to be like the right place and the right time like because it doesn't happen all the time. Yeah, like different areas of music have that happen where like all these bands were just from this area rage just exploded but right Yeah, um, what else do you have? Well, so you know what? Let's try the beer. Oh yeah, I already tried it but yeah, well what do you I guess we can go around and say what we think about it cuz

compared to other box it might it's a little chocolaty like to me, which is unusual like we have that usually takes that with a stout, right? Yeah, but not a buck but this one's a little chocolate. It's nice.

This one I know. So since they're like craft brews, like I know they have like their own little touch on the on the type of beer that so like this one's a Bach. Um, I know shiner Bock is not a real Bach this one apparently is a Robach. I like this one a lot like compared to China. But China is not a roadblock. So it's just I think it was a dark lager if I'm correct. Okay, I think that's what it is. Um, but I like when I first tasted it, I was like, Damn, this is this is good, but yeah, it does have a little bit of a

chocolatey taste to it. Yeah. But

well the name box lighter is a play on the song called Back slider, which is on the rubber neck, and I

heard that song and I like it a lot, because I never heard it. So that's actually on our Spotify playlist. Yeah. So I added it on there along with one of your favorite total songs. So that's on there. And I was digging through their discography and I didn't realize how many Live albums I had. Yeah, and I saw the Pixies cover, or I heard the Pixies cover on their words. And I was like, Damn, that's pretty good. So I was just going through and I was just like, listening to different songs. And I was like being here from Texas. I'm surprised I didn't get into them earlier because I've had friends like, you know, here and there that have been like real big toadies fans and they go every time toadies come, and I've never I've never been,

but like, they're full of energy. It's fun. It sounds like it.

Yeah. When I was listening to the album's I know, there was one from Dallas and one from and I was like, holy shit. So I was listening to him. And I was like, yeah, so for those of you guys who don't know, or Britt was just talking about them. They're from Fort Worth, and they formed in 1989 So that was pretty crazy rubberneck the album that this song came from the box slider was named after it was released in 96. So I know we were talking about some of the other beers they had. You want to talk about that a little bit? Because this is the only one that I have available. But yeah,

so I know I know of at least three others that I mean, there might be more, but there was Oh, wow. Next read, which was named after their first album, which I think Mario came out in 94. Okay, and then there were to Wikipedia. You

can blame Wikipedia. I did. Yeah.

And there were two more one was called hell below. And the other one was stars above and there have one song with that complete title, below stars above. And it's an album title as well. And from what I saw online, you're actually supposed to mix those Yes. But I did not do that. I only had one I went to the Growler exchange and they had stars above they didn't have how below and so I had it just by itself and it was lovely. It was like a sour beer.

Yeah, I saw that the rubberneck red was released in 2014. Because this box lighter that we're drinking was released in 2015. The stars above and the hell below were released in 2016. Um, so that was that one was more recent. But yeah, when I when I read that one of them is a stars above is a raspberry sour Ale, then the hell Below is a black Ale, and they were specifically brewed to be mixed together. And when you mix them together, they're supposed to be called purgatory. Okay, and I was like, that's really cool. And I was like, I hope Britain knows this. So I was like doing research and I was like, This is so fucking cool. Like apparently there's a bunch of crapper breweries that that do that now like, some of it is like, kind of like you have to be like in the know, to know which one's the mix. But some of them they flat out like hey, like this one is supposed to be mixed with this one. I didn't even know that was a thing. Until I Read about this Tony thing.

Yeah, I didn't know either. Like I said when I had it, they didn't have both beers. I only had one. So like, nobody told me about that or anything. But when I was looking up all the Tony's beers, I saw that online. I'm like, Man, I've been cheated.

So I'm gonna guess you've seen him live?

I have how many times? I do not know the answer to that question.

I really don't know if i if i sat and thought on it. I might be able to tell you, but it's probably

a dozen or so. Oh, nice. Cool.

Well, we saw them once together.

Yeah, we did a year ago. Check.

Yeah. And it was it was fine.

You know, it had some really good punk energy. I think they The crowd was was was fun and energetic and pretty respectful. And, you know, for the toadies, I think the Aztek was like the perfect venue for them to play.

wasn't like some Anniversary Show they were doing or was just

not to my knowledge number they They're like, they're still putting out music. I think their last album came out in 2017.

Yeah, I saw something pretty recent. Yeah. Pretty recent. Yeah.

Yeah. So I think I mean, they just tore a lot in Texas.

Yeah, yeah, I want to I want to see him now after going through doing the research that I did and and listening to the some of the stuff that I heard, I was like, Damn,

the lead singer, his name is fading. Todd Lewis, I know that he does some solo stuff. And he also had another band called The burden brothers. I don't know too much about them. But

again, I think I heard some of their stuff like back when they, when they when they first came out when he first cuz when did that come out? I was probably like, early 2000s.

Yeah. When the Saudis were kind of on a break, which was early 2000s. And then they reunited in 2007. I think

cuz if I'm correct. And I know we mentioned this like often, but I think this was when kiss was playing other stuff. I think when they came out, they were playing then they were playing. I think I remember that. Yeah. Okay. Because that's why I remember the name. Because this was like when we were in high school. And then I know we didn't mention this a while ago too, but so they're from Fort Worth. If you're from Fort Worth, the brewery is actually from Fort Worth to. So that's pretty cool, though, when I was doing research for a lot of these beers, I was seeing like which bands were actually getting breweries from, like, their local area. And then you could tell like the ones that were just doing it to slap their name on on the can, or the ones that weren't like, even from the area. And I'll get to some of those like, examples later. But yeah, so like, yeah, these guys went to a local brewery and their local, you know, from their town. And yeah, I thought that was pretty cool.

I just want to say that I my favorite piece in my record collection is a toadies album. It's a single. Ooh. And it's my favorite because it is shaped like the state of Texas. Oh, and it is the flag of Texas. You showed me that. Yeah, and the backside is a picture from a live album. So performance. So what you have to do is Don't forget,

send me a picture of that so that I can post it on Instagram, okay, because I want to like start posting like collections of our, you know, our music collections on our Instagram just to you know, show them A little bit especially since we do like I show off the beer on Instagram. So I want to start showing off some of the music stuff here. I know I posted one of my vinyls not too long ago, but uh so with that said if we don't have anything else to say about the toadies um, let's read it so what would you rate this beer?

I'm g

you can go in increments with like point ones or you know point whenever I will say 4.2 4.2 All right, I'm gonna go with I think I'm gonna go with like a

I really like it a lot. It's good. I think we'll go with like a 4.5. Okay, so 4.5 4.2 for Britt Kim, what would you give this beer?

For four. Okay, that's a good one. Cuz like this is I tried it once and I was like, I can drink this often. Like I really like it a lot. And so Frank I don't know if you would like to give it a rating based off what you remember from drink from the last time you drink it If not,

you don't have to, but I remember it being chocolaty. Okay.

And I'm really particular about box, I guess. But I remember really enjoying it. And I guess just from distant memory, yeah, I would give it a four

four. Okay, so we'll do that. And then we will move on to the next one. So that's one down so we have eight to go through today. Oh,

my goodness. Yes.

So that was one. So next one, Kim. So we had we had Britt talk a bit about one of these bands that she had experience with. So let's move on to bandit Frank knows about. Let's go on to Deftones. So we're gonna the next one we're going to do is a Deftones collaboration. This one. These guys had quite a bit a little a little bit more collaborations and toadies did. Maybe Maybe one more No, it's kind of seems like more. So this is def tones collaboration with belching beaver brewery. This beer is called belching beaver Deftones. Phantom Brite. IPA. It's an American IPA. And apparently it's a West Coast style IPA. I'm not really sure what that means. craft breweries are starting to kind of get a little more like they're trying to put their stamp on things. And they're trying I don't know if you guys remember a conversation, we had a past episode where it was about, there's new beers coming out. And in order for it to be considered a type it has to like, be like around for like a certain amount of time, it'd be brewed by a certain amount of breweries. So I guess this one was one we're like, oh, this is like West Coast style. And so like maybe, eventually it'll come on, maybe it won't. Um, this is 7.1 ABV, of course, because it's an IPA. It's a pale ale. This one goes best in a tulip so it's going to go and one of these babies again, okay. It was released in 2016. And belching. beaver brewery is of course from Oceanside, California. You Deftones are from California. Um, what happened? It smells weird. Yeah, well, yeah, it's, it's an IPA. Okay, which I don't think

Tim and I are the biggest fan. So for all these beers, I will put the I will put the details of the beer as far as like how it was brewed on our Instagram and on our chart or on our beer chart at Rock talk, happier pod calm. So with all that said, Frank, let's go ahead and talk about this Deftones beer. All right, sorry, you can drink it, I will drink it for you. And you can hear well, as far as I know, they have a total of five beers, and they're all named after their songs, and you can correct me on some of the stuff that's free. So Phantom bride is a year round IPA, like you mentioned. And then there's de ellos Deftones, which is a Mexican style lager that is named after their yearly, the Los Muertos festival, and that one's unlimited drink. Then there's digital bath, which is a New England IPA. That one's also limited.

Also known as a hazy IPA, I don't know yet. Yeah, so Okay, there are actually some people I don't know if you heard it like, there's a new thing. We're like a hazy IPA is like a, like a popular thing right now. It's actually a New England, okay, or a variant of a New England IPA.

Okay. Yeah, you're right. You're right. And I know that right. Then there's a swear city, which is also an IPA outset, seasonal limited, and there's good money beautiful, which is a limited brown ale. And with the exception of Phantom bride, which is available year round, all over. The other four, are either long sold out or available only at the voting booth at the butcher paper brewery in San Diego as as a draft. I don't

like the name of that brewery.

Yeah, I don't either. When I yeah, I didn't know that was the name of the brewery at first. I was like, when I saw belching Beaver. I was like, is that like, part of the name of the beer? Like I wasn't sure. And then I did like when I started look, right, because I've never had anything from these guys. Um, with that said,

I think bulging braver, belching Brinker

belching too much root beer.

I think boating, boating, Beaver, they specialize mostly in IPAs. Yeah, that's what it looks like even though they have like other styles of make IPAs or their, their, their specialty. And yeah, you know, Deftones chose to work with belching beaver due to their commitment to quality and excellence in vocalist Chino Moreno said that they wanted the fans and consumers to experience only the best. And much like their musical experimentation. To me, it's no surprise that they crossed into the world of craft beer. I don't know. I can't really. I mean Deftones to me, they're an important staple in my life. And yeah, dating all the way back to my middle school years. And I was 13 when a white pony came out. And you know, they were just all over the place since then, and you couldn't escape them. And for me, what's one thing I really like about them is their solid musical consistency in it. very much appreciate how they don't stick to a particular genre or a particular style or particular formula. They're not afraid to experiment with sound. And you know, they came up at a time when new metal bands were doing their thing and most new battle man's you know, stayed stagnant while Deftones has continued to grow and grow and grow and I think that's part of the appeal for a lot of fans is because you know, they're not that traditional new metal band that stayed stuck, you know, they they actually kept growing. And personally for me, you know, I'm very selective of heavy metal music or just like having music in general. After a while, it tends to all start this starts us down it starts to sound the same to me. And one thing I like about Deftones is music is that it feels like a safe space. It's not too heavy. It's just the right amount of heaviness while still experimenting, and I don't think they overdo it with their with their heaviness and they can you know, do hip hop dream pop post metal and hardcore online. One record and a lot of tuna medanos is lyrics to me are very thought provoking because they're more they're more on the vague side I feel like they suggest emotion rather than, you know imply them. And, you know that's, that's one thing I really like and just they're my my own personal approach to bass playing and guitar playing is directly inspired by them. And also another big thing for me is the band is forfeits Hispanic. And their success to me is it's truly inspiring and I feel a kinship with Deftones because they come from working class Hispanic backgrounds, they grew up in the skating scene, the hip hop and punk scene and their influences from you know, outsider bands like the cure Depeche Mode, and the Smiths, you know, who ma sang about being disenfranchised and outliers, you know, it's, it's all very relatable and then, aside from now, you throw in a little bit of Cypress Hill and Bad Brains and you can pretty much already start categorizing Deftones as like the outsider. All Metal band and, you know, 25 years into their career, they haven't fizzled out, they haven't dammed and I think probably they have one of the most influential and most groundbreaking most richest discographies and heavy music and a lot of a lot of the younger bands today, a lot of the screamo a lot of the hardcore bands, a lot of the you know, I guess I don't know, all sorts of genres popping up now, you know, they're all gonna cite, influence, their influence being Deftones. So, you know, I think for some, it's like, take it or leave it, you know, you either like them or don't but I've been a big fan of theirs for like 20 years now. So and I don't think that's gonna change anytime

soon. It's crazy that we're talking about them right now because they just released a new single, called ohms actually heard it today. Yeah, have you heard it?

Yeah. And ohms po HMS is also the name of their upcoming ninth album. And the first thing that got me about the song was the guitar tone. And Stephen Carpenter he's not a flashy player by any means he's more of a rhythm ambience player. And I think overall the song expands on Deaf tones of sound. And if you didn't know it was then you would think they're a new band. And that's another thing I like about their music is that it's damn without sounding like them. And they've never, they've never really had, you know, a sound that repeats I've never had an album that repeats it's always it's like a brand new band every time it's like they keep reinventing themselves and for me, you know, like I said, their musical consistency and their them not being afraid to experiment with with with sound is why I gravitate a lot towards them.

Um, so that the song ohms I actually went ahead and I put it on our Spotify playlist for this episode. I also put one of Frank's favorite tracks on that playlist and I also put a phantom bride on there. I didn't know Phantom bride was done with Jerry Intro so that was interesting to me, I was like, What the hell. So if you guys want to check those tracks out, they're going to be on our Spotify. If you guys want to check out the Spotify actually didn't mention this earlier maybe I did I don't remember. So if you go to our website rock happier pod calm and you go to the links that we have on the top four are different podcast locations, there's actually going to be two Spotify icons now the first Spotify icon is going to be our Spotify playlist, then the second one you come up to down the list is going to be our actual podcast, Spotify link. So if you guys want to check it out, it's also going to be on the homepage. So if you scroll down under the independent brewers logo, you'll actually see the playlists for this episode and I'll be changing out the playlist as the episode goes, episodes go on. If not, you can just click on our Spotify playlist profile and you can find all the playlists there. So yeah, so I did add those songs on here.

Cool. Um, and also since I'm not drinking their beers, can I talk about the ones I'm drinking. Yeah, go ahead. Okay, so I'm drinking a lamb of God ghost Walker beer. Oh

my god, you're a bird.

You're jumping. Don't jump.

Don't jump. I know, but I'm gonna be able to try it.

No, I can chime in.

Okay, go ahead and talk about

and then we'll come back to it later. All right. Yeah, cuz I haven't tasted it yet.

Yeah. Oh yeah, you know, I mean I just I mean all I want to say is that it's I'm not gonna give too much away because i mean i'm i'm just gonna go ahead and wait till later. I'm gonna say I am drinking lemon ghost Walker IPA style beer, and I'll have more information on that later. Sweet

cool because I was like, No, you're

jumping the gun.

I'll edit it. I'll switch it around. I'm just kidding. I don't get it. I just listened. Um, so you know how I feel about Deftones I try to get into them you know that I like certain songs but I like I don't like albums. Dude With that said I love this IPA. Like this is probably like, the better tasting IPAs that I've ever had because I don't drink IPAs. I've had them before. But this tastes real citrusy. To me, it tastes interesting. I don't know. I like it a lot. I really I really like to say, you know, too bad. You can't taste it, but due to taste good.

And IPAs, you know, they can be hit or miss. Sometimes they're very bitter. Sometimes they're balanced just right. Yeah. But you know,

I feel like this one is because I know. We'll talk about it later. But the Metallica Pilsner that's on this list to me and you had it. I know Kim wasn't a fan of it. It was real. It was really skunky. And it's real bitter. It took when I first tried it, I was like, oh, man, this is horrible. And I had like a six pack. And then when I started drinking, I was like, well, then I started to realize what type of beer it was. And it was an acquired taste. And I actually really liked that beer now, but the bitterness on it. It was like really crazy. I remember you enjoyed it. Yeah. But we'll talk about we'll talk more about that later. But for those of you guys who don't know because I know there's people listening to it that are listening to it for the beer. Just wanted to say real quick. According to Wikipedia, just gonna throw this out there. Deftones is an American alternative metal band formed in Sacramento, California in 1988. So that's pretty crazy. Because that's, that's really that far. Yeah. So that's where that's when they formed. Yeah, so they've been, they've been they've been around for a while. Um, so with that said, I guess let's go into the ratings. So I'm gonna I guess I'll go ahead and read it first, so I'm gonna drink it again. It has a citrusy smell. I really. I like the smell. It taste but you could smell that weird IPA. Like, like the smell to it.

Yeah, yeah, it has a look like lettuce.

And like, you taste that IPA, bitterness first and the citrusy the citrus comes in after, um, for an IPA. I'm not really a fan of IPAs, but I really like this one. I think I'm going to go with like

that think I'm gonna go with like a 4.4.

I really like it. Wow. Okay, so bring your average. Yeah, that's cool. Brett, what do you

it's not the worst.

However, it is an IPA.


But I have to give it a 2.50 damn Holy shit. Okay.

I was gonna say three because three. Yeah, cuz like you said you can definitely tell it's an IPA and I know that's not I'm super biased because I just don't really like them much higher but it's not. It's not super bitter like some of them are right? Like, yeah, IPAs. I can't stand it.

But it just doesn't linger for Yes.

And I think it's what you were talking about, about the balance. I think this is whatever citrus nests it has in it. It balances that bitterness to where it doesn't stay throughout the whole,

but I feel like the the citrus or whatever fruit that's in there. It's almost perfumy perfumy kind of element to add to add to the IPA Nish.

Let's see what the can says. So this has a blend of Amarillo, citra Simcoe, and mosaic hops. I don't know what any of that shit is. I don't know. I don't know what Amarillo is, and I don't know what unless those are the types of hops because I know hops. There's different types. And so like, you can pick and mix different hops to get certain flavors. I didn't know that. But uh, yeah, I think those might be different kinds of hops. I don't know if there's any kind of citrus put into it at all. It just might be the type of hops Yeah. But uh,

I don't know I liked it.

That and I think the the artwork of the cans itself.

The artwork of the canvas cells are actually pretty cool, I think. Yeah,

so you guys will be of course. We post the pictures of our cans and our beers on online. So you can see the cans and their artwork and you can see what kind of glasses they get put into it. So that's it since Frank brought up lamb God hold on to a non alcoholic next, um, so well because I mean, I've seen Lamb of God. I think three times I think I even saw him once on us on hospice. So, Kim is Kim is working as the bartender today Don't forget to tip your bartender out tipper

a just so this

it's kind of hard because non alcoholics I don't know what kind of what type that they're going for or trying to play off of. So it's really hard to find out what kind of glass they go in. Um, so for this one, Kim, you can just put it in whatever glass probably that that shiner. Yeah, let me dump this out real quick.

Well, I think I mean if pints are pretty much like your go to for pretty much everything, so

yeah, pretty much standard. Yeah.

Oh, thank you. All right. So this is the this is the beer that Frank has been excited about. Actually, I, I been looking forward to tasting this on to. I actually had this one shipped for Frank from the brewery, which I appreciate. Oh, yeah, dude, no problem. And I mean, you guys already know like, whatever I need to do for you guys to make this podcast fun. I'm going to do it. So I hunted down this next collaboration. We're going to talk about Lamb of God with brew dog brewing. This beer is called brew dog Lamb of God ghost Walker. It's a non alcoholic and it has less than 0.5% ABV. It was released this year in April, and it was from like I said before brewdog brewing they are from canal Winchester. Oh, hi, yo, Frank, take it away.

All right, so ghost Walker is a collaboration between heavy metal band Lamb of God and brew dog Brewing Co. And it's the world's first non alcoholic beer.

Which is now okay it's not the world's first not call it the world because

it's the world's first banned non alcoholic beer is no shit. Okay,


so they're the only band that's got a non alcoholic beer. And I think, you know, I think it's encouraging because when you think of heavy music you think beer and there are many fans of heavy music who probably don't even drink alcohol and metal musicians themselves nowadays are removing themselves from the whole sex drugs and rock and roll mentality and lifestyle. And demigod is actually one of those bands you know, other members are health conscious, they're either non drinkers or vegetarians or both. And as people overall grow more health conscious, I think it's good to see mental musicians do the same. And fans of heavy music, they're on the same page now have a new sense of empowerment, you know, by seeing these metal bands take a new direction. And the idea behind ghosts Walker came when Lamb of God was on tour in Scotland last year and vocalist Randy Bly and guitarist Mark Morton visited the brewdog Brewery on a day off and was so impressed with their non alcoholic selections that he later teamed up with the brewery to make the first be a to make the first band non alcoholic beer of its kind. And it's to me it's it's no run of the mill, non alcoholic beer. It's an IPA style malt drink that I think has the right amount of hops in it which give it a nice bitterness without too much bite. Upon tasting it, you know, it's a bit Piney it's Yeah, it's got some like little fruit flavors in it. pretty subtle and it feels and tastes like real beer. And if you're comparing it to llama Gods music, I think they hit the nail right on the head and IPAs are known for their bite and ghost Walker is a great complimentary drink to have all this enter their music, and the beer was going to be made available on their fall tour with with Megadeth this this fall. But hopefully, you know, we'll see this happen once live music can safely resume. And I think it's cool. I mean, I don't know if there have been bands on tour that have offered their their drinks on tour. Actually, I was gonna

talk about them later, but we can just talk about it real quick. Chevelle was actually one of the bands. That's right. Yeah. You've Chevelle had lager, gola, and they actually teamed up with a brewery from Chicago. They're from Chicago. And let me see, I think I can go ahead and talk about it now. Or you know what, I'll talk about it later because that's one of Kevin's favorite bands. But anyways, yeah, so Chevelle, yeah, Chevelle has done it. There's been another band that has done, Metallica has done it. Okay. Um, but, uh, but I didn't know that that they were the first band with a non alcoholic. Yeah,

the first Pan nagaoka beer and I'm hoping that more bands take that route. Not just because, you know, like, I actually want to taste a genuine drink. And I think what lamma God did hear is a genuine drink, you know? And, yeah, I mean, it. It tastes Much like an IPA and you know, like earlier we're talking about how IPAs are an acquired taste in IPAs, you know, they can be hit or miss. Some are really good. Some tastes like absolute trash juice. Yeah, but I think they really hit the nail on the head with this one. And it's, it's, it's not too much. It's not overpowering it. I think it's just right.

You know it. I do like it. I like the way it tastes. And I know you haven't had an alcoholic drink in a while, but we just drink an IPA, the Deftones and to me compared like drinking them back to back. This tastes as if an IPA as if there was a lite version of an IPA. So that's, like, This tastes like an IPA. Like basically, if that existed. I like to taste those tastes good. But it also has like a bit of a, I don't know if this makes sense, but like a, I guess because of the carbonation that it has, like a soda taste to it. Like, like, alcoholics do this and it didn't really hit me until this one though. Like Yeah, I like As far as like the fizziness, but like the flavor for some reason it tastes like like an IPA soda.

Yeah, I think it almost has just like a slightly ginger ale ish. flavor.

Yeah, a little bit. Mm hmm.

very slight, I think

let's see what the details are on this. Oh, let me see. Yeah, it says tropical notes. Pine. Yeah, this tastes fine. Mm hmm. Yeah, I can taste a little bit citrus in it. It's a little little hint of said. Yeah.

Um, I think it's got a nice clean flavor to it. Yeah, goes down. It goes down to mood. You know, it's like

an IPA without the aftertaste.

I think this might be probably one of my favorite non alcoholic ones. Yeah, on the top because I've had had some of the ones that you brought the athletic brewing, right. Oh, those are good. There was another one. I can't remember what we had. But those were good, but this one doesn't have. I don't know this one just tastes. I like this one a lot. Mm hmm. Um, with that said, All right, Frank. Have you You. I mean, I don't know if we've seen them together. I've seen a lamb of God like three times

as soon as they open for slipknot.

Yeah. Okay, so yeah, it was the one time and

the one time that was the one and only time I ever saw,

I think I saw him once on AWS fest if I'm correct, because I have seen him three times. And I know Britt, we were talking and you thought they were like a Christian man or

something with a name like that. And I just never even listened to him because I was like, you know, not really into Christian rock. So yeah, I mean, I don't get nervous. I still don't understand why they would call themselves that.

But you would think so? Because I mean, they have an album entitled A new American gospel.

Yeah. I actually

I actually heard some of it. Yeah. Well, here's an interesting fact for Britain. And, again, this is from Wikipedia. So there's an inhale, stand. So Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band formed in 1994. As burned the priest that was their original name and they They're from Richmond, Virginia. Definitely

sounds way more.

Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of Christian rock Frank, do you remember that band that we used to? I think it was the we used to go check out at Sam's burger joint. A Christian It was a Christian. Yeah.

Yeah. Man of sorrow man of sorrows. Yes.

Yeah. And I was like, I don't know why that just like right now shot into my head. And I was like, dude, we checked out a Christian metal band once and

yeah, and what I liked about him was that they weren't like preachy or anything. Like they were cool dudes, like they like they knew what they believed in. But they didn't push that message on anybody.

I remember we talked to him.

Yeah, they're really they're really cool. Nice guys.

Can't you imagine those two names on the same bill? Lamb of God and man of sorry. Yeah, that sounds

totally sounds like a Christian band, man of sorrows. Sounds Uh, I don't know if that sounds a Christian but uh, anyways, but yeah, burn to precision. So. So let's go ahead and I guess rate it so Frank, you do the honors, and we're First,

I'm gonna read it a four out of five. It could have been a full five but I think if they went a little heavier

you don't want to have to give it up you can

Yeah, you can give it a point something you know that no like no you're just gonna go even for

I'm going to take off of a whole a whole point holy crap. Oh because Okay, so I know what non alcoholic beers you can't really go too heavy because a lot of them tastes pretty light but and you know I do like this one I think it is with nicely well balanced I just think that could have gone just a tad bit

it could have had more body to I think I'll be

sure to tag Randy

on that a


you know, but but but it's good. It's good for what it is. I just think you know, it could have more body to it.

Maybe I mean, I haven't, I guess been drinking as much but you know, non alcoholics like you have but I really liked it. So I'm gonna go with like

okay, so before I read it Have you had the perfect

Holic beer yet the perfect non alcoholic beer Have you had it?


I want to say yes, but I know there's probably some more out there that I've yet to try and some of the ones that I've that I've had they come pretty close to tasting like the real thing like I think there was one that we had some episodes back. I think it's the hairless dog one.

Oh, I remember that one. That was like one of the first two episodes yeah

and so that one you know when when I took a sip I actually freaked out a little bit cuz I thought it was Rakhine it. I thought maybe they like fucked up in the in the canning process. But no, that was that. That's that that's one of the ones that comes super close.

So here's a true story. We were at total wine. And so I was looking for non alcoholic beer for you. So I'm looking around and I'm like, oh, Frank hasn't had this one before. This one looks good. So I grab it. And I'm in the non alcoholic section, right? And I was like, why is there two different colors? So I'm looking at the different color cans and the one I grabbed is actually not non alcoholic they hadn't mixed it up and they had it in the nano and I was like dude, I'm glad I saw I was looking at it because then I ended up grabbing the other one and I ended up getting it for you. I don't remember which one it was. Um so with that out the way I rated it a 4.5 I really liked it for non alcoholic like I would drink this one more often if you know.

Brit Kim

um, I feel like a lot of like Frank said they're kind of non alcoholic sometimes you can definitely taste like you're missing something like they could be a little bit more more bodied or whatever. Um, so I'm gonna have to give it a three

three Okay, not bad. Not bad.

I was gonna say a 3.8 3.8 Okay,

damn, I want the highest I don't know. I just really liked it. I don't

know it is a good one. Yeah, that's the spirit of the Lord.

Hale Stan feels dead not in this house Britain.

Okay, No it isn't and it is a good one I you know, I'm looking forward to some of the other brewdog brewing selections out there and I think pretty soon I'm gonna order myself like a 40 pack or so. Oh shit. Okay, so

what? So now that Kim is back we were talking about Frank was asking if I had known if there was bands that are known to release their beers specifically at their shows, and sell sell them. Yeah, Metallica has done and I also told them the Chevelle did it. They actually partnered up with a brewery from Chicago, and they're from Chicago. I don't know if you wanted to talk a little bit about Chevelle. I know we haven't had the beer, but they did a collaboration with revolution brewing. And their beer was called lager. gola. And it was it's actually a German style, headless lager. We've had headless lagers before. Um, I know we had a cowboys from, from what beer Do we have whatever, I'll think about it later. Ignore me. So that's a pale lager and it's a 4.8% Sent ABV It was released in 2019. It was a limited release and they only released it at some of their shows last year. We should have seen it but the whole COVID thing kind of push things off. Is there anything you want to say maybe the hopes of seeing that beer and

I know a lot of fans develop fans right now are hoping for new music because from my understanding, it's been a little while since they've released anything new. So people are like really anticipating that and I'm hoping maybe even gonna predict that they'll release it when they release their new music. And I know that a lot of people are kind of on the same wavelength.

Yeah, I'm hoping that too. Um, we unfortunately we saw him in December and they didn't have that beer available. Um, but uh, yeah, so like I said that breweries from Chicago, they're from Chicago. Hopefully we get a chance to someday review that beer on this on this podcast, because that's one of our favorite

Sam, if you're listening, if you have a stash somewhere in your like, house, send us a batch please

to. What was cool is that when we were backstage, we actually got a chance to meet them actually post some of those pictures on Instagram. With the guy that worked, I don't know what they're called. But he was one of the tour guides and he was working with Miss Chevelle. And he was telling us we were talking about beer Actually, it was which was crazy. And then we ended up talking about Metallica, I think because we were going to see, no we had because we had met Metallica before that show, right? So we met Metallica before that show to get my bottle of whiskey signed, and they actually Metallica actually sent them like bottles of whiskey like because they had played shows like some time, wherever the hell they played. And I was like, that's pretty cool. Like they were just like, oh, they're like, Oh, yeah, Metallica sent these guys and sure enough I saw on their Instagram that Yeah, Metallica had sent them bottles of their whiskey and but yeah, she The Chevelle boys are really into craft beer. So I'm

also release the beer too. We can have some

Yes, sir, we can. Awesome. Alright, so next beer we're next beer that we're gonna have a are. Are you a fan of sublime? Or was it one of those bands that you never really? I never really like,

dug in to sublime, but I don't dislike them

same. Okay, we'll go We'll go to sublime then. Okay, so this next beer we're going to have is a sublime collaboration with L. Smith Al Smith Brewing Company. This is called the ale Smith sublime Mexican lager. Um, it's a Vienna style lager. It's 5.2% ABV and it's best drank in, good. out of, out of out of out of a flute. So the flute is gonna be Frankie boy which one do we say flute was can go with that song. I think it's this one. So that's Yes, that's the one. So yeah, so the artwork on this one's pretty good. So this this beer was released in 2017. And it was in collaboration with sublime as a it was for us. It was for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of their original release of their debut album 40 ounce to freedom, which was released in 1992. According to Wikipedia pedia I don't know. According a Frank's been slurring more than I have. I've only slurred twice. So, so Sublime is was sublime was an American ska punk band, because right now they're not so blind. They're so blind was Rome. So sublime was an American ska punk band from Long Beach, California formed in 1988. So they're as old as me, Kim. They're also labeled Yeah, they're also labeled as reggae rock. So I actually have a few sublime tracks on our Spotify. Oh, and also I didn't I left this out. I actually have a few Lamb of God tracks on our Spotify playlist too. So if you want to check that out, so sublime as we were talking, I never really got into sublime, you know, I mean, I knew like some of their songs, even the ones that weren't in singles. But I never I know. I was really never into the ska punk stuff. scon General I just couldn't get into it. I just I couldn't like and what's weird is that I did listen to some Scott like,

please don't tell me no doubt.

No, no, I was gonna say like, what was that other band was like real big fish and mighty mighty bosstones. Yeah, but even then, like I got tired of them quick. Yeah, but it was at that time. Like when warp tour right before it started changing to the hardcore stuff where there were still bands playing. ska at Warped Tour. I think there was I don't remember what band it was. But anyways, yeah, I can ever get into it. I don't know. I'm not saying that it sucks. I'm just saying I couldn't get into it. Yeah, I couldn't get into it. So that's I've tried this Mexican lager before. It's actually, technically it's a Vienna style lager. Sometimes these breweries, they'll label it as like this or this. But it's not really that. So this is a Vienna style lager. Mexican lager really doesn't exist the term really, I mean, the style really doesn't exist yet. If you said Mexican style lager, they're most likely referring to a beer that's like Corona, or something like that. So again, gross. Yes. So this actually to me, I don't know if you guys smell the same thing. smells kind of citrusy to me. I feel like that's a theme so far. Um, I've had this on before I liked it. I actually had it before. I think when I first got it,

is it just called sublime? The beer?

Yes. Uh huh. Okay, yeah. It's just called, like, not named after a song or an album. Anything just called sublime Mexican lager? I think this one probably tastes good dressed. Yeah.

I had it. I tasted it was a beard salt. Yeah.

Oh, you did just because as soon as I tasted it, I was like this would be really good dress and I tried it. Yeah, I like it. I like it. The first one that we've had tonight that I actually

I am going to say I think I like it better than sublime music.

I mean, well, cuz I don't really like I listened to summer stuff. And I'm just like, like, they're a good band. And I don't know the vocalist name. Sorry, but he's a good user, pretty good vocalist. I liked his lyricism, but I just it was just one of those styles that I never really got into. Um, but I guess without you know, going any further, I guess we can go ahead and read it since none of us have anything to say about so blind. That's a cool, cool artwork. We're gonna post it on Instagram so you guys can see if you guys are fans of sublime Go

ahead. But um, But I'm wondering, Is this the beer that the original lineup would have liked?

I'm pretty sure I mean, aside from here, but yeah, yeah, cuz it was it was.

Yeah, I have a feeling he liked any beer?

Yeah, probably Yeah. As he says the This was based off the 40 minutes to freedom. Yeah 25th anniversary. So I guess we can go to a raid it I mean,

take some of yours from your glass. Oh, you like it? Yeah, I like it too.

I'm not sure how many BNSF vloggers we've had on the show. I don't think we've had many. I think maybe this might be like the third one or something. But I guess if we went ahead and read it it can you go first.

4.3 4.3

You know what, I think I'm gonna go ahead and do like 4.32

that's what I was gonna say. Awesome. Okay,

I guess that's the answer. 4.3 for the sublime beer. All right. So I guess

Let's go to uh, okay, I guess I want to I want to talk a little bit. Next one we're going to is Metallica. So Metallica, this was the one yeah. This I like I actually like this one. So this one's gonna go in a flow. Okay, that's so weird. It's a Pilsner, but yet it says, No. No, put it in that one. Yeah, just put it in that one. It says that it's supposed to go on a flute, but fuck that. Because I think that's a Pilsner glass. So, okay, guys, so that. So this next one? Okay, that's, I mean, just a little bit so you can taste the reading. Yeah, this is just for the writing style. Is it? It's a Pilsner. It is a it's a German style pills. pills. Okay, cool. So you never you never tried this on when I gave it to Frank. Okay, so don't taste it yet. Let me give you the information and then we'll taste it. Yeah, it smells

So this Okay, so that's actually from stone stone. Yeah, that's the stone brewing like mascot. I think it's like a I see how much beer shoes. Yeah, I know I see that and I'm like, It pains me, but uh i know No, I'm kidding. It's a joke. So it's actually like a sub brewery I think of like Arrogant Bastard. I'm consortia So anyways, it's like a they're like a brother and sister armena sister company or whatever. So anyways, okay, so this is so going back to the artwork, they actually have two different cans. One of the newer cans we actually found at total wine actually have it in the cabinet. I have the original can which is that one and then the other can Whoo, I wish I would have pulled it out. It actually has No, it just has the head big and then it has the logo like on the side of the can. Yeah, you won't be able to get it in the back. That's cool. I'll post it on Instagram. So anyways, this can has two different two different artwork types. So this is Metallica cap collaboration with stone brewing. It is called stone brewing enter night Pilsner. It's a German style Pilsner. It's also a pale lager, it's in the same so it's in the pale lager family, which is what a German style Pilsner is 5% ABV which is not bad. You would think being a Pilsner, the ABV would be a little bit higher. Um, it's best to be drinking from a flute to say had had. Okay, that's it. That's it. That's a good one from a flute, but I put it in a pint glass. It was released in early 2019. And it's named after the single answer Sandman from the 1991 self titled Metallica album also known as the Black Album. It's from stone brewing from Escondido. No California and they also have a brewery in Richmond, Virginia. So for those of you who don't know, according to Wikipedia, Metallica is American heavy metal band formed in 1981. And la but they're based in San Francisco.

Never heard of them. Never.

Yeah, they're, they're up and coming. Uh, so when I first had this beer, I actually it took me a while to hunt it down. Because obviously I've been following Metallica since since fuckin ninth grade. Yeah, I wish I could say that. But I want to say like eighth grade eighth grade, I think was one because I think the first like real album I heard which was crazy, was garage Incorporated. My dad actually bought it on cassette back when they were still like record stores like selling cassettes, and actually had the cassette over there and on the shelf somewhere. So that was like the first like, album I heard and I was like, you know, I really didn't know too much and then then I started going back and I was like, finding out about master puppets and kill them on all that stuff. When I first tried this beer to me, I think I had a conversation with Frank when we first had it because I know Frank got a chance to try this one. To me it reminded me of like the beer that metal heads were drinking like, I could just imagine like metal heads like tailgating at a premium today back in the day like a thrash at a thrash show like just drinking like a weird skunky tasting beer like this right and drinking it like tasting it again to me if I had to put a label on it they label it with with the answer night from answer Sandman and to me it doesn't taste like Black Album to me. It tastes like it tastes like kill them all to me, which is like the thrash like maybe even going into ride the lightning or something but to me if I had to, you know,

it sounds like it should be a dark beer.

Yeah, that or not, but even to like how like, the blackout was like real, like commercial and mainstream. Yes. Like it just doesn't taste like a mainstream type. Tastes. It doesn't have a mainstream taste to it. But I would I would like to see That this compares to like, kill them all like the whole album.

But let me taste it again haven't had in a while. So important glass doesn't smell this cookie is as it tastes.

Not all that bad. No, I like it. I remember when I first had it. I guess I wasn't like I hadn't had a Pilsner in a while. But I actually like this beer a lot.

It's just got a really bitter aftertaste. It

does. But it's like, it's weird. Like, I kind of like it. Cuz like, I don't go for beers like this. But

but like knowing that, but knowing the type of beer is like, for instance, the Deftones IPA, I know that IPAs are going to have bitterness to them. And I'm not used to them, but like that, that Deftones won't have a good balance to it. This one I know pilsners are gonna have a kind of a bitterness to them too. And especially like it's a it's a German style. Um, I don't know. I think I like it for what it is. And when I was drinking, I was like, shit. Well, yeah, because well It's trying to change like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's not what I meant. That's not what I meant. Like it. No, because I hadn't really pilasters No, let me talk. So I hadn't had like pills.

And no, I really liked

it like after I was like, Okay, this is what a Pilsner is. This is

what I meant. So

did you leave soap in? That was kidding.

Um, it has like a soapy. Taste to me. Really?

I don't know. I mean, the aftertaste for me. I like it better.

I know Frank liked it. So Frank, let's talk about your memories.

Yeah, so when I first had it, I thought it was good but also to I was like what 10 beers in? Oh, wow. Thanks for the backup. No, no, but But honestly,

like I had nine Deftones beers before I had this shutout

upon upon first drink. I I liked it. Yeah, I thought it was good.

Some of that better stuff though. Yeah.

Yeah, you know, it took me a while to boot up to the bitter drinks. Um, you know, and I guess even now with non alcoholics, if there's like an IPA style non non alcoholic, I'm gonna gravitate towards that one. Because I do have a, I don't know, I guess my palate has expanded a bit. I know

how you feel about me. I know how you feel about Metallica. I'm just curious. What's your favorite Metallica song? My favorite Metallica song.

You know?

A song did you like the first

Metallica album that I got into that I heard was the Black Album. Okay, and what's the I don't know I forget the name of the song. It's like later on an album maybe like the second or third.

to last. How's it go? I don't I don't know the discard for me like, like by heart. I'm sure there are people out there that do I mean, I probably should but I

know Metallica. We're going to see Oh, yes.

So Metallica is having their first show of 2020 as a drive in special events. And we're going to be going yeah, so it's actually next Saturday, so we're probably will do a little mini review of it on episode 12. Because it's going to be after we record record Episode 11 Episode 11. We'll be talking about the row beer. We're going to try that on the show. So, so yeah, so we're going to be going to the drive in and we're gonna see this Metallica performance, exclusive driving performance. I'm excited. I've never been to a driving before. Yeah,

me neither.

One guy. Oh, holy shit. Awesome. Whoo. So,

but it's been a while.

How many times have you been? We used to go a lot with Really?

Yeah, it was it's two movies for one. Oh, I didn't know that. And my dad had a pickup truck and we would take the pickup and we put a mattress in the back and we just make a night of it. Oh, nice. Nice.


You know, we had the mattress Of course, you know, I fall asleep. I probably fell asleep at movies back then.

Maybe that's where it came from. A mattress.

No, like we just make it cozy and we go watch movies as a family and that's fine.

That's cool. Yeah. Okay, well yeah, well so we're gonna be going to that next Saturday if you guys are going let us know actually ordered my my special driving Metallica t shirt. It's come in it's on the way. Whoo. Cool. It's pretty cool. I'll show you guys the design. I like it a lot.

So I was gonna say I think the name of the song is called my friend of mine.

Oh, my friend misery. Yeah.

And I liked it because of the opening baseline. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. So that's the one that that really stood out for me on the Black Album. And I guess even to this day, too. I don't know. I like baselines.

Cool. Yeah, no, I'm, I'm sure you do. Um, I hired you as a bass player before. Um, Kim, what's your favorite Metallica song. I know you've seen I wish I would have gone to that show. I know. I know. Just say the one day

Our there.

Okay, good. Good answer. All right. Favorite Metallica songs. I can't say I could probably say half of their discography is my favorite. But uh, it was so weird because I woke up this morning, and I even posted a tweet about it. I don't know why Frank Don't even ask me. But I woke up and I felt like listening to see anger. Like not the album. The song. Like I don't know why I woke up with a damn song in my head. And I was like, I fuckin hate that album. But uh,

yeah, you've talked about that before. Yeah.

And I woke up and I wanted if I didn't hear it today, I don't know why I didn't put it on. I was on Spotify anyways. But, uh, but yeah, so I don't know. For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Metallica fan. Usually I'm wearing a Metallica shirt when I'm talking about it, but I'm not. I'm wearing like, just a demon shirt. Helsing shirt. Yeah, it's my Steven Rhodes shirt. So Steven Rhodes is fuckin Awesome. All his designs are friggin sweet. I think between the two of us we own like five Steven. Yeah, four or five. Remote shirts and we probably own more we didn't have any kind of sponsibility

responsibilities yeah

so our closet space yeah so I guess what so with that said I guess let's go into writing this so a Brit you designers go first

g okay let's see um

3.7 that's what I'm feeling really bitter on the backside it's like super okay

I'm gonna go with like a 4.1

I mean it's not that high up from from Britt what what do you what do you rate it

okay I was I thought we were

like a fair rating Frank often your memory what would you rate it because I know you liked it? Yeah.

I think a four point yeah just the four

four. Okay. So that's it

all right we're my pencil Okay, here we go. Okay, so they got some metallic out of the way so we're gonna be posting like I said all this on Instagram and stuff.

I'm ready for another sublime cuz

I'm sorry we got three more beers ago and then you can have a sublime or a whole sublime beer. Okay, okay, so we have we have three more beers to go. Let's do the next one ah you know what since Okay, so these next two bands that we have left might as well Sam um we have one Iron Maiden beer to go through. Okay, um but we have we can talk about the Iron Maiden beers the other ones we didn't get to try and we actually have two Megadeth beers. So we're going to go ahead and do Iron Maiden first since we only have one Iron Maiden beer. We're going to go ahead and do that. Let me talk about this real quick and chug this.

Let's go ahead and do it's going to be a non UK pint.

Thank you. That's gonna be that weird shaped one. Yeah, that one, press one out. Good. Which one?

Oh, the Iron Maiden one. Yes,

I have read the rest out. So this one came out actually have another one if you want it

to you. Okay, so

I'll tell you why you probably don't like it. So this next one is Iron Maiden collaboration with Robinsons brewery. This is called the Robinsons trooper ale. It's so check this out bread This is probably why you don't like it. It's an English style Pale Ale but it's also an ESB, which was which is an extra special bitter, so it's gonna have Yeah, it's gonna have I haven't had this one in a while I haven't had it since it came out. It's weird because it's a 4.7% ABV it's best had an anon ik pint glass, which I have. It was released in 2013. I believe when I first tried it, it was like 2014 so I had this beer shortly after it came out. This beer actually Iron Maiden made kind of a line out of it and they actually have their own line from that brewery and it's called trooper so the original one is the one we're having now which is the trooper ale. And it actually came after the success of two limited edition beers that came out. Um, be I think before 2013 and it was trooper 666 and the other one was trooper random black. Then they came out with this one, which is the one that's a that's been consistent and been released here in the US. They actually have a total of eight beers. And the other ones are only available in the UK and Japan and I think in other places. Um, so let's see, Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London in 1975. I actually saw Iron Maiden once I actually have a T shirt, that the artwork further torture was actually from the trooper, and instead of the background, it's the Alamo. And he's holding a Texas flag instead of the British flag. actually bring it to me. Yeah. Can you get

it? Sure I can. I can still taste Metallica. So, oh,

well, we didn't have Metallica. So, oh man, if Metallica had a soap, I would shower with it. Okay, so anyways, well, actually, that Lone Star so you guys got me. I can't wait to use that because I have it in the closet in the bathroom. And the whole closet smells like that Lone Star beer. But like, yeah, smells good. So that's, that is the shirt and I'm actually going to post that on Instagram. I saw him in 2012 with my dad, my sister and my brother. Funny thing is I saw Matt Freeman and the tickets that we had. My dad was like, because he he grew up with Iron Maiden I actually have his original vinyl there in my vinyl collection. So uh, so we went and the tickets that we had actually ended up being like On the side of the stage, like literally, like, parallel to the side of the stage, so, so we were there. And we were so far on the side up, that I could see backstage so we could see all the eddies they had switching out. And like, so I couldn't really see the stage. I could see the backstage, which was so fucking weird. I've never been to a show where I was like that far off on the side. And high. So for those of you who know, Freeman is a Coliseum. It's an old arena. Yeah. And so dude, we were like, way up way on the side. And, I mean, it was a good show. I remember the set was pretty good, but I could just remember not seeing the performance. Because I was seeing like all the backstage stuff so like when Eddie was gonna come out like this Eddie was gonna come out I could see him I can see them like putting him together and like getting ready to like bring them out. So I saw like all the behind the scenes stuff.

So was there a dude operating it or? Yeah,

yeah, there was like mold. dude's operation. It was pretty crazy. So right there this collaboration was with Robinson Robinsons brewery on it's actually from Cheshire they're actually from Cheshire, England. So doing my research, you guys are going to trip out on this. So you remember how we talked about imports where the beers like they need an importer from the States. I don't think we talked about this like in the third episode or fourth episode or something like that. So this beer is imported by artisanal imports, Incorporated, from Austin, Texas. Oh, so this is a British beer. And we have an importer from Austin. And this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna contact these guys so that they can import that Marshall amped up lager that I want. Yeah, so that Marshall beers actually from the UK just like this Iron Maiden beer is and they have an importer from Austin. It's friggin an hour away from us. So I'm going to try to find these guys and see if there's a way for them to import the Marshall beer because I really want to try that Marshall beer that I think Marshall has like two different beers. But it's only available in the UK I think Canada, and you can get into Mexico too. You can get in here in the States, which is fucking weird. All we need as an importer. So we've been having this trooper beer here in the States since 2013. Thanks to this importer, so I'm gonna contact them see if how, you know we can get that going? Because I really want to try that Marshall.

What did you get a petition going? I mean, we can try that too. But I'm

going to hit him up on whatever they have Instagram, Facebook, email, whatever. But dude, it was just so trippy when I saw it. I was like, Dude, what are the odds are from Austin? Yeah, and they've been importing them here since 2013.

But yeah, so Iron Maiden is has had a total of eight beers.

Actually, this year they released two more beers. Trooper fear the dark which was an English stout troupe, and they released the trooper IPA. Some of the past beers they've had were a trooper Light Brigade, which is a golden ale. trooper hallowed that's what it was called trooper hollowed. It was a Belgian style hybrid ale. Then they had one of their first ones was trooper red and black, which was a porter. The other original was a trooper six x six. This one is fucking awesome. I wanted to talk to you about this one. So the other one that they had is called, they still have it on sale but you can only get in the UK in Japan. It's called trooper, son and steel. It's a double fermented Pilsner infused with Japanese Saki. So they actually they actually got a sock a from from an award winning sock a brewery in Japan. And they actually infuse the soccer yeast in the in the Pilsner. And it's called the sun and steel and the artwork on is fucking cool it's like a fucking Samurai but of course you know iron made his artwork it's like right, Eddie and like different you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah, see, right you just put them in different fucking whatever. But okay, let me taste it because I haven't had it since like 2014 I'm assuming Kim and Britt have tasted it already. Okay, so not a pint

chemist not impressed.

I don't really care for

it's not as bad as the Metallica one but it's not that much better.

Taste kind of

it smells like a porter to me. I mean like, like a like a port wine.

Oh, sweet smell. Yeah, smells like caramel to Kim. It smells like PP

it's English. That's weird. It doesn't taste like that to me like it doesn't taste

to me It smells like smells like caramel like straight. like super sweet, sugary.

Yeah, it's weird. It does have a bit of a like a nutty flavor, I guess. Yeah, kind of like that. Sweet. It's not as bitter as I thought it was gonna be because I haven't

I haven't had it since it hurt you

at all. Because I haven't had it since like I said 2014. So I thought it was going to be especially since it's a pail. Mmm hmm. I like it. I like it. I'm gonna rate it. I'm gonna go with like a 4.4

Brit and Kim, what are you gonna get? I'm

gonna go straight for. I really feel like after those two or three IPA or Oh yes, yeah better hoppy things we had. This is refreshing.

Sorry, we don't have a palette. Sorry, we don't have a palate cleanser. I gotta. It's okay. Gotta do I gotta figure. Do you know what? what it what we can use for that? I don't

sorbet. Brilliant. That's why I've been making that joke all night. Well, I've

kind of figured that but like I thought

okay, I'll take note. me. Okay, Kim.

Three. Okay, yes. generous.

Actually not bad. Um, I like I said, I haven't had this beer forever. And I actually really like it. Um, and also too, we have to think about the styles. Like because I know we're used to, we're used to certain styles. I know. You like now? And we don't have IPAs often. We don't have these pale ales often or these.

Yeah. Are these pale like we don't have these pails in general?

Frank, have you ever had this beer?

No, I haven't. But it from from smelling it. I mean, I am assuming it tastes a bit sweet.

Sweet, bitter. It's weird. Like,

I like the color of it. Looks like honey. This is true. Yeah.

It's not sweet. It just tastes

I don't even know how to describe it. It's mostly salty. I mean, to me, it's smooth. I like it.

Yeah, I think so. I do like this. This is pretty high up there for me. Yeah, it's what we've had tonight.

So I'm gonna I'm gonna say it's, it's it's smooth. That's why I gave it okay. It's pretty. And we rarely have English, English style pale ales, but I really liked this one a lot. Are you a fan of Iron Maiden?

I can't say that I know a lot of their stuff. I mean, I just the singles. Yeah,

yeah. Okay. Yeah, I grew up. I grew up around them. I kind of got into them over time. But, uh, ya know, I like I mean, I like made and I'm glad I seen him at least once when I go see him again. I'm gonna say maybe so that I can see him from the front of the stage because I saw him on the side of the stage. Yeah, but uh, but ya know, I mean, I'm

like, year and a half ago, two years ago, something like that. Where to the at&t Center? I think Oh, shit. Oh,

crap. I was damn well, that probably would have been better than Freeman. But yeah, I saw my free I believe it was Freeman. Maybe it was at&t Center. Anyways, I was on the side I was but I've been to multiple shows that Freeman Freeman is fuckin all this shit. And he needs to be upgraded a little bit. But uh, so Okay, so then that goes to our last two beers. So our last two beers actually we've never had these types of beers on the show before and they're both the same. Type. So they're both from Megadeth and they're both Belgian style Saison ales and if you guys had so Saison ales before they're, they're also known as farmhouse ales. Apparently they have leathery or farmhouse sent to it.


I've never had assays on before. Four out of Frank. I don't know if you had assays on before. Yeah.

I've had a few. This would be interesting, but I don't remember their favorites.

Okay, so.

Oh, let me drink this. I mean, I really like this one.

It's not the worst.

Okay, so it looks like Kim's opening the two of them on first. So this is the next two beers that we're going to have is going to be a Megadeth collaboration with the union. Union row unibrow. I'm not French, so I don't know what that is. So this camera is going to go into tulip. So where's my tulip?

This one?


Yes that one. So with the curve at the top Oh, so this first one they were having as a unit brew. Yeah, unit brew Megadeth a to lemon. So it's a Belgian style Saison ale. Like I said we've never had a Belgian style Saison before. It's also known as a farmhouse ale. It actually originated as a summertime beer in Belgium. So this is what they had in Belgium during the summertime and apparently they really liked it like to chill at the pool with this shit. So this is a 4.5% ABV, which is not bad. It's best had in a tulip to upstyle glass and it was released in 2016. I've actually never had this beer before. So this is one beer that we're going to be trying for the first time together. And interestingly, this is a brewery from Chamblee, Canada. Canada yeah so I know it's probably like A Canadian fringe thing from Canada. No, but it's funny you say that because Frank I don't know if like, I know you know more about Megadeth probably all right, more than anybody else like here aside from me, but but like you do well, so, do you know like a little bit about zero. Okay. So, Dave Mustaine lead vocalist, lead guitarist, he was actually the one of the original members of Metallica. He got kicked out because of alcohol abuse whatnot. And then he ended up forming mega mega death. So but he never really went into rehab or anything, which is weird, because James has been in rehab at least twice, right? No. But anyways, so when I was going through like this beer information and listening to more Megadeth dude, no one has ever said this before. I've never heard anyone say this before. But to me now I see Megadeth as the European version of Metallica. Hmm like going through this beer information the two of them on like he's real good friends with Christina Scalia from coil, like, it's just so crazy dude. I was like, like the popularity, I think they have a bigger popularity in Europe in the States. And when I was looking, I was like, Dude, it's like the same fucking band, but it's the European version because I don't know if you know they have actually have a song. So, the first album that had a song called four horsemen, and a lot of the first album was written by Dave Mustaine, um, he ended up getting one of those songs and reworking it for Megadeth and renaming it but it's the same riff, and it's called mechanics if you knew about this, so if you listen to make mechanics, it's the Megadeth version of the four horsemen from Metallica kill them all. It's just faster, which is crazy, because killer mon was a fast album to begin with. But then you listen to this version, which is the Megadeth version. And Dude, it's it's faster. So it's fucking crazy, but I actually didn't think about putting that on the Spotify playlist. I'll go ahead and add that. Um, so like I said, this is a farmhouse ale If you tried it already, okay, I haven't let me give it a smell

supposedly these beers usually have like a leathery Cow Cow smell

that's what the description that's what the official description for these beers are leathery cow horse smell farm is supposed to smell like a damn farm so cuz

that's what you want to drink It's

so weird to the smell citrusy?

It does it's citrusy every reminds me of a half of ice in

like, like the night Oh I like I like it because I liked it. It tastes like

like orangey taste to it. Yeah,

yeah. or orange and citrusy and I get yeastie and

eastie I get the easy part, but this doesn't really have a bubbly.

It does smell yeasty.

Oh my god. Yeah, I really like this like it didn't we learned about beer called the Beastie Boys. Oh, you see boys? Oh, it's a brewery. Okay. Boys brewery Yeah. So, according to Wikipedia, mega death is an American heavy metal band formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. I actually got a chance to see mega def. I'm at River City rock Fest, which was a festival we have here in San Antonio. I'm actually I was fucking tired of shit when they went on stage. And so I was like way in the back but I did see I was I was lucky enough to see Dave Mustaine play. So I've seen Let me see I'm in it sucks because anthrax I had a chance to see anthrax. I never had a chance to see Slayer actually do want to see Slayer. So I've seen like half of the Big Four. If you guys don't know who the big four is, yeah, it's the big like, main four bands of thrash Metallica, mega, mega bass player, as I like to call them slug practica that's good. I used to call them that back in the day. Like when before they had that first big four concert right I call them like a throwback Sikka. But um, But uh, yeah, I mean, I like Slayer. I like anthrax, not the hip hop version anthrax. I like the way. Yeah, I cute. I fucking hate that era of anthrax. But uh, yeah, so I had a chance to see him and unfortunately I didn't they actually were playing like before Hell yeah. At a show. And I actually saw Hell yeah, but I didn't see anthrax, or I think it was vice versa. Hell yeah. I played before anthrax. Um, have you ever seen Megadeth?

No, never seen them. Have you seen any of the Big Four concert? No.


voted off the island.

Yeah, well, so you see, man? Oh, damn it. I was hoping I was gonna say yes. The island with

Kim. He didn't see mega That's right.

No, but I've seen Metallica.

Okay, so

she's safe. She gets to stay.

Okay, so um, so, I like this beer a lot. Never had a Saison before. Never had a farmhouse before.

A leathery, cow leather. Cow

never had the leathery cow beer. The red cow horse farm beer. Um, I'm gonna go ahead and I guess we'll get to the rating Britain you know, deliberate rate this first vert what would you rate this?

Not highly um

I'll say like 3.20 Wow,

that was a lot higher than I thought you were gonna say I thought you were gonna say like 2.5 so worst fear I've ever had

in my life. It's just not my thing. I don't really dig on. Citrus yeasty fruity. It's

a year because to me this one doesn't have easy flavor.

It definitely smells yeasty. I think

it does but I don't

very much reminds me of a half of ice and but not quite so like so cloudy and

Yakkers. I taste the yeast like as an aftertaste but real subtle though. Like not as not as to me the half of eisenerz or like the regular half of eisenerz have a real strong yeast. aftertaste, which I dig. I dig them, but I'm certain ones because I know we tried like Three after you you recommended us the I think the Live Oak one. Oh yeah. And then we had another one but the altstadt and then there was another one there was the one that I had the one with a girl in the car. Oh, yeah, that one was all right. Yeah. So what do you rate this 1.7 3.7 Okay, I've never had one of these before. I really like it. I would keep drinking this one, I actually bought the six pack of this one. So I'm going to go with like a 4.3.

So 4.3

So that brings us to our last beer. So this last one is also a Megadeth collaboration. It's actually called the Megadeth Saison 13. It's a Belgian style Saison just like the one we just had, and it's dry. It's actually dry hot. I'm just gonna make it better. And the reason and the reason why it's so check this out, Brit so the reason why it's called Saison 13 is because it's brewed with 13 ingredients 6.1% ABV. So it's a little Higher, it's best drink out of a tulip glass. It was released in 2019. And it's named after their 2011 album 13. Um, which I didn't know Dave Mustaine apparently is really into the number 13 he's like one of those 13 people that like, you know, numerology and shit. Um, I wasn't, but I did buy a book on the number 13 just to see where all the shit came from. It was pretty interesting, but also kind of lame at the same time. Um, so, yeah, let me check this real quick. Okay, so, as I was saying before about Belgian sale, Saison ale dry hopped. Frank, um, I know we had a you had a dry hopped nonalcoholic one time, and actually learned what a dry hopped beer is. So basically, during the process when they're done with the fermentation and whatnot, so They add, you add the hops in the beginning of the process, right? Um, after you add the malts, you add the hops or whatnot. So dry hop, what they do is they add another batch of hops after the process is there the first process done. So you do it after the original fermentation. And it's just like the hops add without add, without throwing them into the water and stuff, right? I didn't know that. So basically, he's just like an extra batch of hops added afterwards. So that's what dry hops means. So this is another Belgian style farmhouse leather cow beer. Oh, excuse me. I'm starting Bert. How many beers have we had? Yes, eight. Okay, I'm glad I decided to go with the whiskies. Yeah, no way. Okay, so, so, okay, let's go. None of us have tried this beer before. Um, have you Have you tasted already

Did you like it? Better than the last better than last one? Okay, this one has 13 ingredients. I don't know what the ingredients is, like Dr. Pepper, no one's gonna know. So let's, let's try it. Let me smell it.

It smells like the other one from the smell from I don't know, I got a little bit of I get a little bit of orange combined with yeast. That's what

nowise here. Okay, let's see. I think the citrus helps, like take off the yeasty edge.

This one actually to me has a it's I don't know the taste is lighter than the other one. Like it tastes. It has a hint of bitterness that the other one doesn't have.

Yeah, I like this one better than

y'all are like. Yeah, she's like, I like the sweet one. You're like, I like the bitter one. Yeah. Okay, so now I know where y'all are at. Okay, so um, no, I mean, it's like basically the same beer. It is. Yeah, it is a nasty aftertaste. It's it's actually it does taste like the same but with more bitterness, but this one's got spice to it.

This one's more interesting to me and the other one that's more

me taste perfume. Oh my god Frank I wish she could jump in on this as we poured

out the rest of the other ones we can put it side by side. Let me let me take the pipe off

do some plumbing real quick for me

I don't know I just to me this one is like a bitter version of the one that we just had. Basically

all it says it's a perfect combination of malt fruit and spices but doesn't say what spices are.

Yeah, it's a secret. It's like the KFC recipe. Okay, so, um, so to me, yeah, to me, this is just like the bitter version. So to me he made a beer. Or like, if you like the citri the more citrus sweeter flavor. Here's this one. If you like the bitter flavor of the same type, or the bitterness of the same type of beer, here's this one. Um, so Britt seems to like this one more than the other one and can like the other one more than this one. It's better than the last one. Yeah. Okay, so I guess let's read them. I knew last

time 3.2 or something you?

You did? Yeah, you did. 2.2

I'll go all the way up to 3.63 3.6

for Britt Kim, what do you what do you give it? Three? Three. Okay, what

you did? 3.73

um, it's funny. I don't know, I really I like this one too. It's weird because there's, they're both the same types, which is weird. Um, I think I like the other one a little more. So I think this one I'm going to give it like an even four. Okay, I mean, I like both of them. But I think I like the other one more, because the citrus pops out a little bit more, not the cow. Or the cows or the horse. Pig, or the Yeah. But so yeah, it was interesting because we've never had assays on this episode before, which is pretty cool. And we ended up having to Yeah, so those were the Are all the bands. We had mega death sublime Metallica, toadies? Iron Maiden and Scott Lima? God Deftones. Yeah, so, so let's do an overall out of all the beers we had.

What was your? Excuse me? Right? Was it for everyone

when you drink eight beers?

Yeah. When you're good.

Yeah. You're gonna you're gonna burp on the mind sticking

with my voice. toadies? Yeah, it was good. I really, I don't know. It's a really good book.

Okay, Britt Okay, so Britt's gonna go with Tony's as our overall favorite Kim out of all the beers you had tonight, which was your favorite was sublime. sublime. Okay, okay. Um, Frank I'm gonna assume that I will go

better Yeah, the

I know you like the Lamb of God. I actually want to get you some more of that.

Yeah. We have that we have that in the fridge just like waiting and waiting. Yes, isn't there

so I know when you messaged me. I was like do go ahead and have the other one will share that. One that I have. So according to the radio, which was your favorite? I know, I know. I'm trying to think so because I liked a lot. So it looked like it looked like the one that I rated the highest from the alcoholic versions was the Tonys on actually all right one It looks like you'd beat out the Deftones beer by point one. And it also beat out the Iron Maiden my point one because I rated both of those 4.4 I didn't know that. So yeah, so toadies was my favorite and looks like the sublime Mexican lager was khimsar which makes sense. You know, like, I know, he's like your beers dressed and stuff. Um, but yeah, so those were the beers and then just to go over a couple of beers that we didn't get to try because there was actually a whole bunch of bands that have collaborations with beers and we were talking about this earlier, some bands what they did was they just slap their name on beer. That a label I mean that a brewery did for them be like oh, this is our beer and then it was like limited to examples I think kiss had a beer ACDC had a beer but it wasn't like a legit collaboration like these were didn't horror also have a beer I think oh shit i know about that was 311 had one that was added um, there was another one that I talked about I think a few episodes back he was either that or we did a side conversation on it. Kill Switch engages one of my favorite metal core bands like they're not like, I don't know, they're not like your run of the mill metal core band. They were like the like these guys were like, they started that shit. But they did it like the right way. I like the Howard Jones era. So Killswitch Engage actually did a collaboration with cigar city brewing, which is weird because they're from Massachusetts, yet the brewery that they decided to go with was from Tampa, Florida, which is really fucking weird. It's pretty far away. Yeah. And I went on the website and apparently it was supposed to be a seasonal but Not, it was just like a limited one time thing. It was called cigar city brewing, Killswitch Engage Alive or Just brewing. And it was released for the release in 2017 for their 15th anniversary of their 22,002 album Alive or Just Breathing, which is one of my favorite ones that was with Jesse Leach, right. That was their debut album. And then after that, for End of Heartache. That's when Howard Jones came in. He was with him for like, I think four albums before Jesse Leach came back. That one was 7.6% ABV and it's an American IPA. I tried looking for it, I couldn't find it. I think that was that one was just a one time thing. And to me that one was one of those ones where Hey, let's just pick something good or whatever. Um, so unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to try those. I'm actually going to post a blog about the beers that we tried aside from posting them on Instagram. I'll also post a list of the beers that aren't available anymore. I think two episodes ago. We Talking about

a beer from

Flaming Lips. It's not about Yeah, you Monkey Island. Yeah. So there was a whole bunch of bands actually released beers that were like, limited you can't find them anymore.

There was to actually cocktails and I want to try that I want to talk about real quick Actually, I do want to try them, but I want to talk about them before we end the show. One of them was one that me and Frank were talking about, I think, I don't know if we talked about it in episode nine. But it was a black tooth grin. Yeah, that's a cocktail by there was created by dimebag Darrell and what's crazy, is it was named after a lyric from Mega deaths. sweating bullets song. Oh, really? And I had no idea. I didn't know that. I remember when we saw Foo Fighters Dave Grohl actually told a story. That's right. That's right truth grid and how he was supposed to go to Penn Tara's little.

Was it called the clubhouse. The clubhouse like their strip house. Yeah,

like a strip club or something. And it was a Really cool story but basically what it is, is I was actually gonna make it on the show, but it calls for a double shot of seagrams seven double shot of Crown Royal and just a splash of Coca Cola to give it a little dark cue, but I was like shit I have to buy Seagram seven and Crown Royal just to try this drink once and it will probably fuck me up. Yeah, so that's two shots of each and then just a hint of coke. Just to turn it black. And I'll like I'll try it in a future episode. But no, no. So black tooth grin that was one and I'm going to put it on the list. The other one that I was going to talk about what stone sour so stone sour the band Cory Taylor's man of course quarteira from slipknot. It's the band was actually named after the cocktail, which is made from bourbon lemon juice, orange juice and simple syrup. I don't know what that is.

I saw a syrup is just sugar and water.

Yeah, cuz I saw some other

recipes that Just called for like sugar.

Yeah, it's just so that the goes into the drink without like having chunks of sugar.

Okay like glass. Yeah. And you garnish it with just an orange half wheel and a cherry. I've never had a stone sour before, but those were the two that were like banned related. So I want to know more.

Yeah, go for it. That's been related.

Yes. And Frankie and I were talking about this because we were talking about possibly doing like, Virgin cocktails for him that were rock related or whatever. But the Eagles you know, the song Tequila Sunrise drink named after the tequila. Yeah.

So it was it was funny that you mentioned that because I was thinking, I don't know if we should do it or not. But I was thinking about doing an episode on songs based off of drinks, or beers, or like drinking, just to see if we can like come up with a list and see if

sure Jimmy Buffett's got us covered for like,

yeah, so I was I was when I was going through Spotify. I was like, Oh, let me see if that's an option. I'll put that on the list. So but definitely I don't know what next episodes topics it'll be about, but definitely we're going to be talking about the role. Yeah. So, um, I guess we'll do that next episode. So we were probably gonna do this in parts, but this one was mainly the beers. So next episode what I'm going to do is I'm going to compare the slipknot whiskey and the Metallica whiskey. So I'm going to go ahead and do that since Of course, it would have been a bad idea to do it on this episode right after eight beers. So Slipknot has a whiskey called on number nine and Metallica has a whiskey called blackened. And me and Kim actually will get to talk about that a little bit because we actually got to meet Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett in Corpus Christi for the for a whiskey bottle signing at total wine, which was pretty cool. So yeah, I'll post pictures of that on Instagram, but I'll do that for Next Episode, which is going to be Episode 11. So I'll do that and then What else was I talking about? We're talking about something else right before I said that.

Damn it. What was it? Oh my god. This is about the next episode.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, so raho so we're gonna talk about the roho beer that we've been, which is aka the big red beer that we've been talking about for like the past few episodes. So we're finally going to try that on the show. We're going to pick it up on Sunday. So yeah, so episode, let me try that I'm going to compare some whiskies and then music related topic. I'm not sure but you guys will see it on our Instagram on Wednesday because I usually post or we're going to talk about on the next episode on Wednesday on Instagram. So we'll probably have a discussion after we're done with this and then we'll see what we're going to do as far as music related topics. And then we'll get back to going to our just regular beers random beers that we have picked up because I know sometimes Britton Frank will bring over some random beers and we have some random beers and cabinet that we've been waiting to try.

Yeah, we do have some random beers we have yeah we have a

we have a salsa verde from my house of course Martin Martin house has been very adventurous adventurous lately Yeah. So so we're going to do that and let us know if you've had any of any band collaboration beers that we didn't mention here on the show that are they were limited release. If you've have had some of the beers that we mentioned today, let us know what your rating is and let us know on social media. You can find everything on rock heavier pod comm like I said, we have a new Spotify playlist that's going to be posted. So go ahead and check that out. Let us know what you think. And we'll

forget to follow us on Instagram Yeah, happy hour

find us on Facebook Rock Cafe or follow us on twitter rock talk dope at RT

Don't worry about it. I don't have to remember any of this stuff because it's on the website. Rock have a repo calm you can email us all that Blah, blah, blah. It's all on her contact information on the website. But yeah, so, France I'm talking to you again, we have a special special intro for you. So but yeah, we have all the continents covered. Thanks again to Matt Stewart do go on pod. And we'll see you guys next week. Cheers guys.

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