Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 9.5 - Episode 10 Preview

August 15, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 9.5 - Episode 10 Preview
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 9.5 - Episode 10 Preview
Aug 15, 2020
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This week is a mini, preview episode, of Episode 10 (back with Frank and Britt), with Kim and Mario. Band Beers, Big Red Beer, and more! Cheers!

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This week is a mini, preview episode, of Episode 10 (back with Frank and Britt), with Kim and Mario. Band Beers, Big Red Beer, and more! Cheers!

everyone welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly. And really Britt Britt and Frank aren't here. If you guys heard last episode, they were taking a week off to take a little trip. He we were going to take the week off to we just couldn't refrain from recording something. This is a little bonus episode kind of a preview for Episode 10 since Episode 10 is kind of a big episode for us. If you guys have never heard the podcast before, this is the podcast where we drink craft beer you craft beers every episode discuss Some learn about them. And yeah, those were the three things right? Yeah, we drink them, discuss them learn bottom. And we do all that while talking about music to music related topics in the podcast. So with that said, there's a little bit of stuff that we wanted to talk about, aside from the little Episode 10 preview we're gonna have. So um, if you guys have been listening to previous episodes that you've heard us talk about the row beer. I just want to explain a little bit about that with anyone who's listening to this podcast for the first time and this is the episode you decided to listen to. Basically, there's a craft brewery here in town who made a beer based off of a red cream soda that we have here in in Texas. I'm not sure I know. There's versions of it outside of Texas. But the soda is being Read if anyone's familiar with it or heard about it. So big red is a red cream soda. And so basically this brewery came out with a beer called Big roho. So basically, it was a big red flavored beer, then some stuff happened or whatnot, and then it changed the wild row, and then some more stuff happened and whatnot. And then now it's just called roho. And it's been kind of hard to get ahold of, I know, some people who've tried to get ahold of it. And I know, we kind of tried getting a hold of it now. Not really, we didn't try too hard, but we're like, yeah, you know, we'll try again next time or whatever. Um, but I know that they were selling out like within 30 seconds, like literally like, they were selling small batches. So they're not the brewery is so small that they really don't have the capacity to do a large scale release. So you really can't find this stuff in stores is basically going to be like in their tap room and stuff like that. And you can order him or directly from them online and then pick it up from them. So we tried on Thursday, I think it was Thursday, Thursday. So Thursday went on sale. And I was like, You know what, let's give it a shot. So, sure enough, I was on the website kept reloading the page, the time hit on I was lucky enough to get some beer for us to try on the show. Which is going to be it's not going to be next week. This episode when Frank and Britt come back, it's probably going to be Episode 11. So that's just a little sneak peek about, you know, for that episode two, because I was kinda, yeah, I thought it was going to be next week. Yeah,

no, it's gonna be the week after. So it is the 23rd. So it'll be the episode of the 2029. Yeah, so

it'll be Episode 11. So we're going to try that out out here on the show. And I if I'm correct, the order that we got or the batch I should say the batch that we got was probably the last batch that they're going to do for a while. At least for the month, because I think they're getting ready to do a larger scale release maybes maybe have some stores have it like maybe HGTV. I know right before they called it roho. They call it wild raho which is the our store. Here in Texas. We have a grocery store called egb. Their version of Big Red is wild red. And so I don't know, so if not, you know, we'll see what happens. But I know there's a lot of ATVs across town that are starting to sell more beer from local craft breweries. I know we've been seeing a lot of like Martin house stuff, which is from Dallas. And if you guys aren't familiar with Martin house, we've been seeing a lot of crazy stuff being released from those guys. I know. When we first started this podcast, I didn't know too much about them and I know frakkin Britt had some of their stuff and we still haven't had their best mate pickle beer yet. I know it's, it pops up here and there and a few in a few places but uh We haven't seen it yet at our store, because that one doesn't get released in big batches, either. Um, we did try some other ones. Oh, and I think we picked some up for Next Episode. Oh, I think I have one over here. Let me see. So we actually had some, you know, some craft beers because I mean this past weekend. If you're not familiar with the show, we document all the beers that we drink on the show. And then we also document the ones that we don't drink on the show which are labeled as Instagram. Drinks on our on our chart on our website. So if you want to check that out, that's rock talk. Happy Hour pod calm. Um, so the one that we had, I think one or the other mount Martin house once we had, can you remember if we had another weird one? I can't remember if we had a weird Martin house one.

It was that salty lady,

right salty lady. That was one of them. I might be thinking of another brewery but i thought you know what, actually, let me pull up the chart. So this one actually that I'm hold In my hand, this is a limited edition sour peach beer. I think though regular one that's not limited edition. It's just a regular peach beer. What did you think about that one? I know that one was super sour.

I'm not a big fan of peach. I don't like peach

flavor. I don't like peach cobbler or whatever. But um, so I wasn't too big on the peach flavor. It was good. And then of course we're in Texas, we dress a lot of our drinks and on a field note, if you aren't from around here, or if you aren't familiar with the term dressed, it's where you garnish the beer with salt and lime. And there's different salts that you can use. You can use like a lime based salt or just regular salt, a lemon salt or and I have this one it's like a chili powder salt. It tasted good with that one. It was really it was really good with that one I could. I couldn't taste the peach as much when I had it with the salt Cuz I enjoyed it better like that.

So it looks like you're correct. I was probably thinking of another brewery but yeah, the salty lady is only when we had which I liked it.

I liked it. I liked the salty like saltiness of it, but there was this aftertaste that I can only explain that it to me It tasted very earthy like Yeah, kind of like dirt. I

think that one was on that one had a don't have coriander in it.

It had some different spices in it. Yeah, spice in there. Also,

let me see if I can find that one real quick because I know too that was also a wheat beer. And I think the saltiness with the wheat kind of gave that earthy taste that aftertaste but I think that's what it was. Let's see. I'm trying to find it on here. Oh, here we go. Martin house. We algos a Okay, yeah. So on my spreadsheet here I don't have like the details. Those are going to be on the website. So guys, if you want to check that out. Like I said, all the beers that we have are on that chart on our website. Also, too, I picked up some other weird ones. today. We picked up a what was the other one? Let me see Kim's gonna check that out real quick. I have it. I think it's an I think it's I they might be blueberry or blueberry boyfriend. Yeah, that's from the brewery that did your birthday cake. You know what? Maybe it maybe it is in here. I think it might be in the fridge. Ah, that's the one. Okay, so we had told I had told Frank and Britt about this one that we had seen. There. They have a salsa verde beer that we got and we're actually going to try that on the show with them. Can I see that salsa very real quick. I want to see what Okay, so this is just a little preview. For you guys that never heard the episode before. Usually when we do a regular episode.

Yeah, we're going to server one two, what breweries in

all the prairie something prayers and yeah, I'm usually we say what we're drinking during the episode because we'll drink multiple beers throughout the episode and we'll talk about them. Right now I'm drinking a root beer. I've actually gotten really into drinking root beer. I haven't been drinking root beer in like years. But usually we drink or drinking beer on this shrinking

root beer and I'm eating keto chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Yeah, so

it's a little different since Frank and bright aren't here. I guess the root beer is? Well, for those of you who don't know, either Frank actually does a non alcoholic beers on the show. So he actually shows us a lot about what the craft breweries are doing on the non alcoholic side, which is pretty interesting. So going back to the beers I was talking about, so this is the Martin house that we have. Martin houses like I said earlier from Dallas. They're doing a bunch of crazy shit. I don't know if you guys remember the dunkaroos snack that came out in the there was around in the 90s. I think they came out with a dunkaroos beer and it sucks. Because if you're not in the area, you can't really get it. You can only get it if you're in the area preorder it unless you go make the drive to pick it up.

That one is a balanced ale with cookies, vanilla cream and sprinkles.

Yeah, it sounds it sounds good with like the crazy things that these craft brewers are doing these like tastes. Yeah, it's a Martin house. Yeah. Another one that they had aside from the dunk dunkaroos one they released a hot cheetos one. We talked about it, I think last episode, then, right now they're doing a poll. That's cool, because it's just free advertising for these guys. From China, for China, or in China or France or wherever. Does anybody have France?

So anyways, um, yeah, they're doing a poll to see

if they should do a Lucas beer or a warheads or heads beer. And apparently I was reading the comments and some brewery I don't know which one had already done a warheads beer. So that's pretty interesting. So I'm kind of hoping Lucas wins because I mean, it's sounds I think being here in Texas, it's probably going to lean that way. Oh my god, so I keep strain from the salsa verde. So it's also birthday. It's actually a hatch chili and DOMA teal dama Thiele ale. So it looks pretty interesting. We like to smell them before we drink them in the smells are usually pretty interesting too. If you're not into craft beer, then we have another one from this brewery. I don't think we've had anything from this brewery yet.

Let me see what brewery is this?

Looks like oh man, and this frickin label like

totally jacked. Okay, here we go. It's fourth tap Brewing Company. And it looks like they're from Excuse me. Oh, they're actually from Austin. And they're an independent brewery and this I had to pick it up and it's actually a stout. It's a Neapolitan ice cream stout. And holy crap. It's 12% ABS So that's

that beats the corner piece. Yeah, and I think it might beat the smoke beer. I'm not sure if it if it

if it beats that Triple C what that triple was if I can do this by ABV actually I can. So if I sort by ABV it looks like the highest one we had was. What is that? Oh, that doesn't count because that's the wine. So number one at the top was Yeah, the corner piece. The corner piece was at the top with a ABV of 11%. So that actually that's crazy, because that beat the Belgian style Chappelle that I was talking about a couple episodes back. The chapels actually was 8.8 point one, and the quadruples I think go a little bit higher, but to the 10s. The other one that we had that was pretty high was the 9.1. And that Oh, that's great. One that I actually had recently I think it was the temptress Imperial milk stout ale. So I was 9.1% again from Texas. But yeah, the highest one was the was the corner piece birthday cake beer that we actually had for Kim's birthday on the show. Well, it was it last episode or two episodes back to episode two episodes back. Yeah. So on that one was the highest one that we've had, that we've had on the show at 11%. So this neopolitan one, I can't wait to share it with you guys on probably Episode 11 because Episode 10 so now I can talk about Episode 10 a little bit. So Episode 10s. A. It's, I mean, it's not like super crazy, but I mean, we've been doing this for two months, which is crazy, because

really by fast

Yeah, I did go by pretty quick. And I think getting us getting the podcast up and going went went pretty quick. You know, we talked about it for a little bit. We really didn't put too much thought into it. I think more of it was trying to come up with a name and The artwork, but everybody was down for it when the idea popped up. And it really didn't take us that long to put it together. So with that said, I just want to thank everybody who's been listening, especially outside of Texas and outside of the states to hit us up and let us know what you guys drink in the error area, or the region that you're in, like I said, on our social media and stuff like that, or email us and all those contacts can be found on our website at Rock talk, happy hour, pod calm. You can see our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on there and even our email. So Episode 10. It's so this like I explained earlier, this This podcast is about beer and music, basically craft beer and music. So we love music. We have a lot of musician, a percentage of us in this podcast are musicians. I think what like three quarters of us. But aside from that all of us love going to shows we love listening to music, learning about music, listening into new music and stuff like that. So, Episode 10 is going to be about the bands who have made their own beers or have done collab collaborations with breweries to do their own to do their own beers. And this list that we have, I'm not going to say the list. Um, so there have been bands that have like done like one off beers, like for special occasions. And then there have been other bands like the ones that we have, which are the only ones available pretty much. They've actually done a partnership with a brewery to keep a steady, I guess product of their brand coming out. And I can only give I'll give one example. Because it's one that I posted before on the Instagram but it's not on our chart because we haven't tried it on the show yet. But it's Metallica's enter Knight Pilsner. We'll go more into details about that, that beer but that's one that they actually collaborated with that brewery and It's been I think that beers been out for at least two years. But uh, so yeah, that's one example. So basically all the ones we have are the beers that are straight up collaborations with bands that are coming out with steady batches of these beers. They're like I said, there have been some other ones that are like one offs and they either sold out never to be restocked again, or they were just like limited editions, which I guess is the same thing. But I think another example is deaf tones. I think Deaf tones really spear but they don't. They had like three different versions, I think. And then there's only one that's still on the market, the other two or like, limited additions or whatnot. But we'll talk a little bit about those two about the ones that we couldn't get our hands on, but I think we have a total of 12345678. So we have eight beers that we were able to hunt down from bands that are steady with their product and I also have two whiskies that I'm going to be trying from bands as well. If you guys don't already know what they don't know, don't already know what they are, you'll find out in Episode 10. I've tried them off the show, but not on the show. And I've never tried them side by side. So it'll be interesting to see what they taste like next to each other comparing them, because one of them is actually an award winning whiskey. Or they're like on a top list when it comes to whiskies. So we'll see how that goes. And I think I think those are his so it's gonna be like, 10 12345678 Yeah, it'll be 10 all together, and then we'll be talking about some other stuff to actually like cocktails and stuff. They're actually band related. So if you can't guess those and you'll find out on episode 10. I'm also too if you guys would like to try to guess the list as far as letting us know which band beers you have tried not banned beers that you've seen it never tried. I'm talking about. You've seen them but you've tried them. We'll see if they're on our list. But or if maybe you can try to guess what they are hunt them down yourself and then try them before we do Episode 10 but if you do if you've have tried them just go ahead and email us at the other email that you can find on our website. Talk happy hour pod calm. Um, did you do you? I know this is a random question. But do you have any more of that Bella's one I do have so the Bella Twins if you're not familiar with wrestling,

the Bella Twins

they have a wine it's a bell ruddy, she wine it's a read. I have a bottle of it that I've slowly been drinking it not because it's I don't like I like it but just because it's the bellows wine. I love the Bella Twins. So I do have that and I haven't had it on the show or anything. So maybe I can let you guys try.

what's what's cool about what's cool about that is that that's one of those that's not like limited, they're gonna they're gonna keep on coming out with It because they have it's their own it vineyard brand, right? Yes. So, um, so we can do is have that on the show and then we'll get you another bottle. But um, are they supposed to be coming out with other types

of wine? I think they have another one that either is coming out or has come out and it's it's a different type. It's not a read. I don't remember what type it is I'd have to, I have to look for it. And I'll let you know what it is so

cool. So yeah, guys. So that's what, that's what this podcast is about, you know, kind of a refresher for those of you who are new listening, also to kind of giving you a little heads up or a little sizzle about for what's coming to Episode 10. And in the future, too, because we are going to try that big red beer on the show. So that's probably going to be Episode 11. So I know there's a lot of people interested because I know people have gotten it but no one really has like podcasts or anything. I know there's a couple of people who have talked about it, but

I haven't even heard anybody talk about

Elder eats.

He tried it on the show. I did see him. We watched. We watched the show. He was trying it at the brewery.

But that's when it was big red still when it when it was bigger. Oh, yeah.

So that was but I haven't besides him. I haven't really seen anybody that's trying to talk about air. And

I'm also to I guess another reason might be I don't know. I mean, it's not really a an issue or anything, but I think the price point is kind of crazy. So how they sell them as they sell them in batches of one packs of two. So you have two packs for 18 bucks. So two Chang cans, two cans for 18 bucks. So you're looking at nine two cans, two cans, not the birds, but the aluminum cylinders. So um, so yeah, it's like $9 a can. So I was able to get a few for us to try on the show. Um, but yeah, we will talk about it. So like I said, this was the batch. We got was the last batch for the month at least. I don't know when, cuz for the batches that have been selling out recently, they've been saying, Okay, next week we're going to have another batch. Next week we're gonna have another batch. This one was different. This was like, This is the last batch for a while we'll let you know what's gonna happen. So um, yeah, we did get lucky with this one. Like I said, they sold out in 30 minutes, 30 seconds. 30 seconds, we got lucky. So we'll try it on the show. So that's going to be exciting and interesting and has to be kept cold as we get chemical, which is cool, because we're going to get it that Sunday before we do Episode 11. So I won't be in the fridge too long. Which is cool. And then like I said, next episode, we're going to be talking about band beers. So we're going to be talking about the beers themselves. Talk a little bit about the bands and what you know, how they what they mean to us, and then maybe talk about how the beer relates to the band or vice versa. Maybe try to see what they were going for. Maybe try to try to see what what song Or album The beer tastes like because I actually have when when I first had the Metallica beer off the show, I actually did have I pretty much described it with one of their albums. But this was off this was like a side conversation with I think between me and Frank and I think I told him to when I first tried to beer, this was this was a while back when when I tried it. Yeah, this was months ago. This was when Frank was still drinking beer. Because I remember he because he drank because he drank some Yeah, because he's like, Oh, I like it. And I was like, it took me a while to get used to it, but but you guys will hear about that beer more in Episode 10. But yeah, we just wanted to pop in and say hello, because you know we're just so used to doing recording a podcast on Friday night. We were getting lonely. Yeah, we actually driving by Frank and Brits house

we went to pick up some a local burger joint. And we were like, literally blocks away from Franken Britain. We're like, Oh,

I was like I'm gonna take a picture of the house and send it to them. Be like, Guys, we're outside. But uh, so yeah, guys, so that's what that's what. That's what, that's what's coming up. Yeah, next couple episodes, some pretty thing. Some things I hope you guys find interesting I should say, because I know people are interested in the in the row beer the big red beer, quote unquote because that's pretty much like its tag name. It's the big red beer. Yeah, um, so yeah, so that's coming up and if you guys enjoy the podcast, go ahead and leave us a review. Just go to wherever you listen to this podcast, whether it be Spotify, Apple, Google podcasts, Stitcher, castbox anywhere. Yeah, just go ahead and leave a leave a review or leave a rating at least and share us with your friends and

we want to we want to hear from you because I see all listening. Yeah, and Oh, definitely. I mean, I rarely see any interactions. Yeah, I'd like to see some interactions on Instagram. Yeah, Twitter something. Let us know what you

Let us know what you like

about the show what you don't like about the show. And then also too if you like, if you're listening and you happen to work at a brewery, like work at a legit like, like you're working in the brewery, like seen the line go hit us up because I actually would like to interview somebody who works like, in a big No, not a big brewery I should say. But a local brewery.

I mean, it could be local or whatever. Okay,

if you make beer, not if you make it in your bathtub that doesn't come, but if you make it

work for somebody,

I don't know if you want to wait for next week or what but if anybody was offended,

I felt Oh, yeah, no, that's a good

sorry, not sorry.

Yeah. So okay, so I it's opinion, insurance. And I specifically put a disclaimer thing on the Instagram

post and on our Twitter posts or Facebook posts, and I actually said it before we started talking about it. Yeah. Cuz I knew it was gonna everyone, everyone is gonna have their opinion and

everybody's entitled to their opinion. Yeah.

And and basically, you know, we weren't saying hey, don't listen to this or don't listen that we're just saying like, I don't listen to it and I don't like it, you know, but I mean, we, you know, we had, we had multiple bands that popped up on that episode that were likes and dislikes of us. Yeah. here so like, for instance, Frank likes Deftones I don't like Deftones. And, you know, I love Metallica. Frank. I know Frank doesn't not like Metallica. He

just doesn't love them. He just thinks they're overrated. By the definition of overrated. I don't know if if we can

quote Yeah, you know, let's pull up a dictionary or, or urban dictionary or Yeah,

to have a higher opinion of someone or something than is deserved. Hmm. So that's what overrated mean. So Frank, thanks, Metallica is overrated. You need to have a higher opinion by people. That says opinion. Yeah. And, of course, Martin. lives without he's wearing his Metallica shirt. Again.

Every time we talk I'm wearing a damn Metallica shirt. That's how much I love Metallica. Yeah. Oh, and speaking of that, so, Metallica is actually going to be playing a their first show of this year as an exclusive driving performance and we actually got a ticket. So we'll probably do a little mini review on that too, after we do because I know it's gonna be at the end of the month.

Yes, I believe it's the 29th

Yeah, it's gonna be on a Saturday. Yeah. So So I guess the episode following the next week, which will be the first one of September Yeah. Which will be the first episode. No, so

yes, yeah. For

Yeah, the first episode of September. We'll do a little review. I don't know if frankenberger gonna go with this yet. I haven't heard her I haven't heard word on that yet. But yeah, so we're gonna see Metallica is performance exclusive performance at the drive in and that's gonna be interesting cuz Actually, I've never been to Durban before. And I think if I have I was like, little little like to the point where I don't remember it. I could have I could have possibly gone to a to a drive in but from like memory, I've never been to a drive for

the first time for everything. Yeah, so.

So that's gonna be at too bad. It's like during COVID, too, because I'm pretty sure it was the it'd be a little different.

I don't think so. Because then you go, you're just in your car.

Well, true, but I mean, I heard there was like rules with the concessions. And so

problems that's probably a little bit but But anyways, yeah, guys,

so I guess so we'll see you guys next week with Frank and Britt. And we'll be talking about band beers, like I said is up if you've tried any band beers, and if you can guess what we have on our list, and maybe you've had one that we couldn't get ahold of, yeah. So and let us know what you think about it. And let us know if you've had any of the beers on our on our chart on our website and let us know what you think of those because we're trying to rate those as much as we can as we go through. Sometimes it's kind of tough to keep up with all of them. And also to let us know what you like to drink and what you drink in your region. Especially if you're outside of Texas and you're outside of the US. nighted states and if you know anyone in Australia, tell them give us a listen one person, I don't care. I don't care if it's a kangaroo with headphones, and he listens to it. So we just need one listen from Australia to have pretty much listeners on all the continents,

or all

the habitable continents I should say. Because I know Antarctica doesn't count. So unless it's a penguin with headphones, oh, that'd be cute. Or a polar bear. Or yet polar polar bear. We'll go with polar bear. Alright guys, we'll see you guys next week.

Cheers. Cheers.

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