Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 9 - Overrated Bands

August 08, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 9
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 9 - Overrated Bands
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 9 - Overrated Bands
Aug 08, 2020 Episode 9
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This week, we try beer from China and Japan! And, warning, we might make you angry... we discuss our choices for overrated bands. Cheers!

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This week, we try beer from China and Japan! And, warning, we might make you angry... we discuss our choices for overrated bands. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario as always here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. So this is a podcast where we drink craft beers every episode without repeating drinks that we've had in the past. So we drink them, we talk about them and we learn about them. I think that's the easiest way I've ever explained this podcast. Yeah. Um,

so it worked best when you're like, tired on sleep deprivation. Yeah.

That's how I worked in school and it worked fine. Look at me now.

I have my own podcast.

So um, sometimes we have themes and this theme. We have an Asian themed episode. So you guys weren't here obviously. But we had some fried rice and some

vegetarian spring rolls pre rolls. Yeah, they were. I don't know what they were

I don't know what they're called though rolls. That's what I saw. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Well there they look very interesting. And you know, you know what it looked like to me it kind of reminded me like a jellyfish. So like, it looks more like like you know?

Well, cuz noodles wrapped in paper.

So we're gonna be having some Asian

drinks, Asian drinks, yeah, Asian Asian alcoholic drinks. And an alcoholic, right is that that's one right that is one. Okay. We'll talk about that later. And then also, you got to send me the info on this. I can put it on the chart because we do have cocktails on the on the chart. So if you guys aren't familiar with the chart that I'm talking about, we keep track of all the drinks that we've had on the show and Also drinks that we've had outside of the show on Instagram. You can find that chart at Rock talk happy hour pod calm, you can find everything on there you can see our blog, you can see the chart of all the beers we had tell you where they came from, what their hobbies are, what type of beers they are. You can also find all our episodes on the front page. So if you guys aren't sure where to look, you know, Spotify,

Apple podcast, Google podcast, but as always, you can always just go to the homepage and you'll see him on there too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all that good stuff.

So with that said, this is the segment called the hangover, where we talk about stuff that we've been dwelling on that have to do that has to do with past episodes. So you guys have anything you want to say. Before we get into what we're drinking. What was our last one that's almost soundtracks


and it can be about anything, anything that has to do with last up so I've got some news to talk about two

soundtrack soundtracks. I mean if you don't it's cool

but I do sometimes I feel like I do but then when I'm put on the spot I don't oh yeah

that's like I thought of like three more soundtracks on the drive home last time. Now I don't remember

soundtrack but a song song What?

What song

Chad Kroeger and Josie Scott Oh from the Spider Man

soundtrack, but I know you know it's Nickelback ish.

Well it's funny because that song anyway. Well speaking of that, like you, we were talking about soundtracks having songs that you can't find anywhere else. And they're made specifically for that. Well, that's one of them. Now, I only did that one like chart and it was like on the top of the chart for a while, but there's also some 41 with Carrie King on there. Yeah, that's right. That's right. Yeah. And there was actually a music video for it. And I totally forgot about that. Um, the one I wanted to talk about was the Scorpion King soundtrack. I know we talked about it briefly because I thought that's the soundtrack. You We're talking about when you were bringing up Daredevil. So that soundtrack if you guys aren't familiar with it, I really loved that one cuz you guys know one big system of down fan, so that there was a song released on steal this album, which was their, quote, unquote, third album because they released it because people were illegally downloading their music. This was back in the days of Napster and stuff. So they ended up just releasing the tracks. So the scorpion soundtrack ended up having it and they have a song called streamline. There's actually a slightly different version of streamline on that soundtrack. So and I totally forgot about it until after we did the show. And I was like, Oh, that's another reason why I love soundtracks because there's also different versions of songs. And I know I was telling you that there's a version of colds end of the world on Resident Evil apocalypse. Yeah. You mentioned I don't know if you've heard it yet

or not, but I can send us an acoustic version. It's an acoustic version. Yeah, I think I've heard it like, not as part of the soundtrack, but you know, here and there on the web.

And then that one, the only other side I wanted to talk about that one that made me like Really love that soundtrack was, I mean, your big Johnny pool fans, especially the de Williams era. Mm hmm. And that soundtrack actually has another song that I don't know if it ended up on a besides like, album later on down the line after they released more albums with other singers. But, uh, I think one of their last original songs with Dave Williams was on that soundtrack and it was called break, you know that that song is friggin awesome, and it's not on, it's not on their debut album. So that's another reason why I love that soundtrack too. And then the only last one that I wanted to talk about was so we talked about how movies don't have soundtracks like the way they used to, um, some of them come out with singles. So we were I was telling you guys about john wick, I think three had a bush single. That one was actually a single that was, I don't know if it was for the movie or not, but it was actually on their latest album that came out like a few months ago, but this one was actually the first Avengers movie actually had one single it was from Soundgarden. And it was called a live to rise. I think that's what it's called. And I actually found the single on eBay. And I found the Avenger single The Avengers Soundgarden single. So I don't know. Did we? We saw Soundgarden together, didn't we? Uh huh. We did. Right. And I think they played that song. I think it I think well, because I know the song. So when they were playing there sounds like Yeah, but if you guys haven't heard that song, it's a pretty awesome song. I'm pretty sure it's called live to rise, but if not just look up Avengers of Soundgarden. And yeah, so I actually like own that single and I'm like, I don't know how much I paid for it. But I found it on eBay a couple years ago. And yeah, I'm CD. Yeah. So I have it on CD and it has the Avengers artwork. And then will you guys know comic book fans. So like, yeah, it's the covers the Avengers, and then the single soundboard and Soundgarden on the back. So I'm like, Oh, yeah. Cool, so, so that was my stuff that I wanted to talk about that I didn't get to talk about last time. So, um, I guess we can go into like some of the news, some of the craft beer news that's come off that you guys don't know. No we don't. Okay, so we have more news on that roho beer. Oh, formerly known as wild rowhome, formerly known as Big ro, always known as Big Red beer. So they actually changed their logo. Again, it kind of looks similar to the last one we showed you guys. So this is like their fourth iteration of their logo. And it's the second version of their most recent logo. On top of that, I think I give up trying to get this beer because it went on sale again on Thursday, and it's sold out in 30 seconds. So I was busy, like with work and stuff. I was telling you guys, I had training and I was doing that and I didn't have time to do it. And I was like, uh, okay, I was like, I give up. So, thank you. Get the Hot Cheetos. Okay, so that's another thing about so I don't know, I think I shared Yes. So Martin house I think a lot of people, especially the craft breweries have a lot of time on their hands with the whole COVID thing going right. Right, right. So from what it looked like it looked like someone had the idea. And Martin house, kind of follow through on that idea for them. Because the video I shared, it was shared from Martin house on Instagram. I was like a tick tock video showing some people being excited that Martin house was unveiling and I think it was their idea. So I think this one is called fiery crunchy cheesy boys. And basically, it's a hot cheetos beer. And I was like, What the hell and at the same time that was announced, there was a French's mustard beer that was announced. Yeah. And that was by right here. Oskar blues brewery that actually went to the website and that sold out in the same day that it came out. Um, so So I'm like, What the hell is going on out there? And so what I wanted to do was when this one when they announced it, I was like, Okay, guys, this is what I'm going to do for the show. I wanted to talk to you guys. So what I wanted to do is get the Martin house best made pickle beer, get the French's get Cheetos, get all these beers and make a concoction of a burger beer and drink it on the show but it's so hard to get and then I was gonna wash it down with the finger in here. But uh, but I it's so hard like they're announced and then like literally like within 30 seconds to within that day they're sold out. especially some of these that are like breweries outside I think Martin house Dallas area Fort Worth Fort Worth, Dallas Fort Worth. Yeah, so like those like we can, you know, go to the local places and pick it up.

So Martin house if you're listening Yeah, address is.

Just go ahead and email us. We'll try your beer on the show and

his street

is a street brew. And it's crazy because like, we want

the darn roho beer. I'm glad

that, you know people are supporting the local breweries like that, but I'm not excited about it anymore. Like,

I don't I doubt it tastes

great. You know what I mean? But I'm glad that people are supporting the local breweries, and that they're getting such a good reception on it. But it just sucks that they're so small and that their capacity to make it is so you know, right. So limited, because I haven't even tried the best made pickled beer either. I know they haven't in places around town, but just to hunt this stuff down is a pain in the ass. Um, so But yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys about that. That beer news that craft beer news. Um, and there's beer

mustard beer, and you know, Cheetos

beer and there's a whole there's a whole bunch of stuff coming out of Manny's beer.

Jones, mark my word, VP beer.

Oh, this might but y'all remember Jones soda.

Yeah, I remember they were like a craft so

yeah, there were craft soda and they had a Thanksgiving dinner sodas I remember that it was a PS gravy I think turkey

I own songs I I own some but I didn't drink them it was during Halloween they had like a candy corn beer and he said they're baking soda before oh you see no all you see I could have put that in the concoction.

So a wasabi beer. So speaking of that, we could add some What are

these called again? wasabi peas,

sabi peas. Okay guys, so I'm having a hard time staying awake. So every five minutes these guys are gonna check me and I'm gonna have a couple of wasabi peas wake. wake myself up. So yeah,

it's been it's been five minutes.

Oh my god.

They're that nice.

They haven't had wasabi peas. They have quite the punch when you first get them. Yeah,

they do. Then very nicely spice. It just

goes right here.

So there actually is a new wasabi infused beer.

Of course, it's from,

oh, it's from Dogfish Head brewery. Okay. Um, I don't know, I was doing some research. We're gonna have an upcoming show. I don't know if we mentioned it. I think I did on previous episodes, we're going to be drinking beer from bands that have collaborated with breweries. So we almost have the full collection if I'm correct. And I'm projecting things right. should be for Episode 10. So 10 is a big deal to me, you know, tins a pretty human number. I think it's a cool thing to you know, celebrate or whatever. But uh, yeah, so we should have all the beers by then. And I was doing research and actually that Dogfish Head brewery had a

Flaming Lips. Beer. Yeah, they did. And so you


Oh, you didn't know. I didn't know. Okay. Oh, you said yes.

And I was gonna get one for you guys. But those are one of those beers.

A lot of Flaming Lips fans out there.

Let me see I think this was Yeah, so it was called dragon and yummy ohms

and pretty label.

Yeah. So show Frank. So this was the same issue I came across with I'm a big Killswitch Engage fan, especially the earlier stuff. They came out with a beer for their I think. I don't know what anniversary it was for their album Live and just breathing. It was a brewery brewery It was a beer called the library library is brewing. And it was from a brewery in there. And their hope from their hometown. The bottle looks friggin amazing. It looks like their album artwork. just changed some of the wording but you can't find that one anymore because it was limited. Some of the Deftones beers limited to I did find one of them that they still have available. Um, so yeah, so hopefully Fingers crossed. Everything goes right we have two weeks. We're actually going to be not having an episode next week. Frank and Brett are going to be taking a little vacation little trip. Yeah, so um, so we're going to take a week a little week break. Um, and then yeah, when we come back, we should have our band beer brand episode

up on the following week. Also do

I do want to say if you're out there listening if you have any topics you want us to just definitely send some more way.

Oh yeah, that's a good that's a good idea. Yeah. So any music related topics just go ahead and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, you could email us all those links are on our website at Rock Tock happy hour pod calm. That's a good idea, Frank, because we're kind of like, I mean, we have ideas but I mean, you know, it's a it's cool to have more people to write stuff in. But yeah, music, music related topics. And then of course to have you can suggest any beers from where you guys at because we're getting, we're getting listeners from like all over the place. I just want to give a couple of shout outs because I don't know if you guys know but we're getting listeners from pretty much all over the world. We haven't gotten anybody from the sheen. Yeah,

Oceania. Oh,

I'm gonna let Britt say because I can't say that word like no matter how hard I try Oceania, it's not it's Oh, Shana. I think it's like Oceana or something. It's like saying ocean but you say, yeah, Oceana, that's how you say Oceana, yes. Okay. So uh, France Of course, the UK, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Peru, Turkey, Taiwan, India barring, so, I mean, yeah, so we're getting like people from all over and I think it has to do with like these beers that we're drinking, but uh, speaking of all those shout outs you want to go first what you were drinking,

cuz I saw you like

that What is that?

This is a fear that is no longer made that I really, really wish was still made. What is that shock tops twisted pretzel week. It tastes like a soft pretzel. It looks you know,

like, even like the logo looks Yeah,

and they haven't made it in a few years now. I was like, imagine shift from the

I don't get up at going

on. there already is one and I've signed it like three times. So I'm trying. But tonight I'm drinking Kirin Ichiban Japanese beer to go with our Asian theme. And it is.

Oh, geez, Mario, you're supposed to be in charge of this part where you tell me what kind of beer I'm drinking.

I'm back. Sorry, I had to get my, my bottle because I forgot that I'm already into my third beer. So

I don't even really say, I don't know.

Some don't. Let's see what else we got here. So let me see the carry any cheap one and this is a

let's see what this is. Let's see if I can hamburgers or lager maybe let's see.

Oh, some of these don'ts. Very mild. It tastes not very strong.

Yeah, it doesn't have let me see if I can find this real quick.

Yeah, go for it. See it's very it's like very tail. It's like

Hmm cheap

premium beer so

Oh man, I forgot I'm not connected.

So while they're trying to get that figured out, yeah, my drink is a virgin. What is it again?


Sling. It's a virgin Singapore Sling.

There's no og on it. But it's, it's I made it myself. It's pretty fun and easy to make. It's got cherry soda, Ginger Ale, lemon juice, grenadine crushed ice, pineapples and cherries as garnish and it looks like it was like a strawberry lemonade. But it's got a good flavor. It's definitely for those that have a sweet tooth. This is the type of drink you would want. I'm assuming the the gen is probably replaced by the ginger ale. Hmm, that's my best guess i'm not i'm not sure.

It's really good. Frank, maybe one two and

this one they don't have multiple labels yet. You see, so I think that's it.


back to the beer

bottles back to the beer that Britt was drinking. Oh, it tastes light and crisp. Yes. Okay, there we go.

One of my five drinks I have over here for me.

Oh, that's good. So this is a Japanese rice lager. Um, and it says first press on there. This has to do with something in the in the in the process? I'm not sure, but I'll do more research and post it on the on the website because of course we're not familiar with some of these beers. And a lot of these beers like we'll come across types that we've never seen before. But yeah, this is a Japanese rice lager. So it's a lager to light lager. Um, but uh, I was looking at this one to the US, OSI OSI. Asahi, dang it. Oh, and I was learning Japanese too, and I kind of forgot everything I learned No, everything's pronounced like

this one's from animals or bush. They're just taken over.

So yeah, so I was actually looking around the places and I was trying to find. So we talked about this in previous episodes, there's true imports, which come from the source country. And they're imported here by an importer here in the States, which helps the product go get over here. There are some like, I guess, for instance, this one where it's labeled and import and basically what it is, is, though, have some of the ingredients imported, like for instance, Foster's does but also to what what they'll also do, as they'll bring them here in the states and they'll just have oversight from the foreign company. Yeah. So but that one, I'm not sure how that works. As you said Anheuser is on there. I'm not sure if it's some kind of like

situation, because Karen is a huge brand in Japan. They don't just make beer. They make liquor and they make tea and they make

all kinds of stuff. So they're Yeah. Um, so the one that if we can cross over to what I was drinking, this is Tsingtao. I pronounce that right. Okay, I gotta look at Britney sure Brown. So this is a kind of the same thing. It's it except it's not a rice lager. It's just it's a premium lager. And this is from King Tao China. Um,

yeah, she's like, gonna check my pronunciation. pronounciation really quick.

Dang it Ching now, okay.

Um, but, uh, but this was a this was a pretty good beer. I liked it. Um, so this one has malted barley, hops,

some yeast mountain water. I know the water that they used to affects how the beer taste. And one of my favorite ones now is that Weinstock from Iceland. And they use the water. They're from Iceland and that

melted glaciers. Yeah. And you could

taste like how crisp It is like, you don't think that the water would make a difference, but it does and it's the ingredients that they use on the second beer. So I'm going to go through the ones I was drinking. Lucky Buddha, and this is a beer for

this is from Hong Xiao Han Xiao Shawn's Asia in China.

I tried that.

Like, how do you find

this? Like, are you still looking? It starts from right there. Hi, I'm Joe. Daniels. Okay. I was kind of close to

James young. Danny. Okay, maybe I wasn't close on that last part. And this is bottled Yeah, where she said in China. So this is this is an import. This is a legit import. And I want to see what kind of beer that is probably the same as probably a lager just like the other ones. But it's really It tastes like this the singtel Yeah, I had to look at it.

This is,

you know, I wonder if there's a reasoning for why some brewers use brown or green or clear bottles.

I mean, there's gotta be right.

Yeah. Didn't we talk about that? That there's like, yeah.

Yeah, it has to do with like, the light. We talked. You talked about it? Oh, yeah. That's you you have too much to drink, man. I'm telling you like, I don't know how it affects you. What? Um,

yeah, so the the, the darker the bottle, the less light that that penetrates it. But I wonder how like, how do how to brewers bottle Yeah.

It has to do with I think the hops and what kind of beer and flavor you're aiming toward because there's different loggers for instance, is lucky Buddha. This is a pale lager. So it's gonna be lighter than some of the other than some of the other loggers and this one actually has some rice somewhere in its process and the brewing process so this lucky boot is actually pretty good. And then the third one that we're drinking this was a legit import actually trying to hunt down legit imports I didn't want to, I mean, I'm glad that we have some of these other ones because they are they are what's it called? I guess they are inspired by the regions or they are they're just brought over here and interpreted I guess differently for like for some like for that one. That's Anheuser Busch, but I think for the majority of it, it's going to be the flavor that it was intended to have from when it was brewed in Japan. This one is heated Chino heated Chino Nast white ale. So this is a white ale and it's brewed with spices and orange juice. So when I first took a sip without reading the label and trying to kind of analyze it before, look at the label on it. I thought I had some ginger in it because I tasted some kind of spice in it. The white ELLs are pretty good which is like the iron stock that I got you which has coriander that one had coriander and orange peel in it. And I believe that was a white ale too. This is a white ale from Japan and this one has or is it it's brewed with coriander like the other one doesn't has nutmeg, orange peel and orange juice in it. And this one's imported from

by a company in Oxford, Connecticut, but it's actually from Ebo rocky Japan. Sure that's how you say it right? triggered by

Ebola. I know you know Japanese, it seems right. Yeah. So yeah, so we're gonna post all these on her Instagram and of course on the chart on her website and

everything. I'm not sure.

Specifically Well, that's the whole point of the show. Just drink whatever. I'm not sure which one I like more. I like the spice kick the next

Yeah. This one's this one. I think you'll like this one.

Lucky Buddhist pretty good. This one's pretty good to the singtel. Um, I think that was my favorite

out of those three that you haven't.

Yeah, cuz I know you like the lighter without without all the extra stuff. This one has a bit of a. I don't know what it has in it, I guess it's the type of rice they have an inner How? Because it depends on what they do to it in the process. This one has a bit of a it has some kind of sweetness at the end. And then the white Ale, the heated Chino ness, that one has some spices in it of course in that Yeah. But uh, yeah. And then if we drink anything else coming up throughout the show, let you know, but so far, that's my third beer in from the Asian category. Cool. So

cool. Sounds good.

All right. So, music topic. So a little disclaimer, everyone's gonna have their opinions on stuff. So we don't want to piss anyone off on each other and I don't Anyone Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So like, what? So like talking about mine later, I just want to say that anyone that I'm mentioning, a lot of these bands have talented musicians in them, I'm not gonna deny that. It's just that I don't. I don't agree with how they're put up on the level that they are. I know I'm not as good as a lot of these musicians, but it's just I can't see what the big deal is when it comes to you know, there's bands out there that no one they're there. They're just there, you know, we'll listen to listen to them. But there's some that are put on a pedestal and I don't understand why. So that's that's what we're really. Exactly Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That you don't understand why they're given the praise that Yeah, exactly. So we just wanted to clarify that we don't want to get any hate mail even though we should be getting hate mail. We should have gotten hate mail from the to me for like two episodes ago. Yeah. So um, but with that said, we're doing over a demand and And probably sometime in the future we'll do underrated bands.

But, uh, with that said, Who wants to go first?

Well, I wanna I wanna I want to start first before we get into the topic. I'm going to talk about band camp Fridays again. Okay, yeah, go for, like I mentioned last week, band camp Fridays. So a band camp is doing is since the start of the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions or whatnot. In the US and globally, the touring industry has taken a hit. There's no live music at the moment. And what band camp has done as periodically here and there, they've dedicated a Friday to donating 100% of their of any sales of any of any band merchandise and music sales 100% of the bands. And what they're doing now is every Friday starting this Friday, up until the end of the year. They're gonna keep doing it again. So Bandcamp right is is a way for you to go out there and buy music from independent artists and also from established artists. You can buy their music by tomorrow. merchandise, and all sales go 100% of the bands, and you could buy music, you know, any day of the week, it just means that Bandcamp is going to take a little bit of a cut. But on Fridays, if you really want to fully support the bands, definitely do it on Fridays. And this is the best way to really, you know, get these bands going because you know, financially, they're taking a hit right now. And who knows when live music is gonna return. So in the meantime, you know, if you can do your part, you could pretty much you know, name your own price on these things. So whatever you want to give, if it's five bucks, 10 bucks, whatever the bands are gonna appreciate it's gonna go directly to them. And one artists that I downloaded today from Bandcamp is a heavens blade. And they're a

sounds metal but I'm just gonna guess

actually yeah, so it's got it's got former members of Marilyn Manson rock, zombie Suicide Silence. And if you like really fast, aggressive like hardcore punk, this is the type of stuff you want to you want to listen to. So if you want To listen to some high energy stuff, some aggressive stuff heavens blade is a band you should really check out and the songs are pretty you know pretty short like two minutes tops each or something like that to like in true hardcore punk fashion. Yeah, yeah. So nice and quick and Bandcamp Fridays get out there look for some artists definitely, you know, give them whatever financial support you can buy their music buy their merchandise, and that's pretty much that was all I want to say about that. You know, and until like music returned, you know, this is probably the best way that we can support these bands. Yeah.

Yeah, especially with the venue's not being able to open right now. I know there's a lot of things there are venues are trying to get support from, you know, from the government, you know, try to stay open because if they don't get hope soon, and they're going to close down and when everything does come back, they're going to be nowhere for these bands to play except for the same parking lots again. Now I want to see no damn parking lot show. So for wasabi Pea, and I guess really the

best, the best thing you can do Oh my god.

Really the the best thing you can do right now is, uh, you know, in order for us to get like music back because you know, like I've said before where your mask this year so that hopefully next year we can start seeing some live music. Yes, please.

Um, and I'm not gonna say where I work, but it's crazy because I was talking to some people and we've heard that they're not looking at us going back to work until this time next year. And I'm like, that's, that's insane. So long time so he home

with Mario.

Yeah. Like imagine me just forgetting stuff and not knowing where I'm at. And it's crazy. But like, what, like three fourths of us work. We tell the work. And I don't know what your schedule is like, but I know we talked about it sometimes.

No, I still gotta physically work.

That's how it was before for me but now it's like, No, no, no, you stay home. But, uh, and that that it does, it's kind of crazy because it like, it's Well, I mean, I'm at home with you. That's cool. But like we we want to go out you know? Yeah. And we was doing this podcast we already talked about it that helps a lot or you know, relieve some of that, I guess yeah,

I had my I had a meltdown last weekend or something. I was like, we're never gonna do anything ever again. I was like, I'm gonna die in this apartment. Yeah. My dad was like, I hope you get your house before.

Like, hope you get at least move at your house versus like, okay,

yeah, everybody's everybody's struggling in some way right now. So, you know, whether it's emotionally mentally, you know, but, well, while we still can do something about it, you know, I think even if it's on a small scale, we should at least try to have some sort of outlet you know, yeah, definitely. This product. Yeah, for us. You know, this podcast definitely helps us get through. It's something to look forward to at the end of the week, because we know That, you know, we're gonna be talking about music we're gonna be having some good drinks and good food and

yeah, I couldn't wait to open a beer. I was like, I need a beer.


yeah, um, so I guess

without delaying anymore who wants to go

over it overrated bands?

Well, I guess like Mario said, these are all our opinions are not meant to offend anybody.

But I feel like I'm gonna be starting controversy.

We're drinking beers. That's fine. Um, I already got my belt. Okay, I got my seat belt.

Ready? And so yeah, you know, a lot of these artists that we're gonna be talking about, you know, we do recognize their artistry. We recognize the talent they have. It's just like Mario said they're put on a pedestal and just makes you scratch your head and wonder why Yeah, you know, so it's nothing to take it. We're not taking anything away from them. It's just where they are, how they're viewed

unless I specifically say you're an aura rated guitars, Frank Okay, then then then then that's different but, but but I'm not gonna say that because that's not true.

Yeah, underrated? I don't know. I'll probably say the juicy stuff.

Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna start my list with a Green Day.


Wow, you know I think

I think maybe at first when they started they were probably okay you know there were there were there were within that Pong category and you could you could probably get into

it Brits all like no, they've never been

I don't know what kind of you know,

I'm sorry to cut you off but I don't know what genre that is because the offspring I don't consider punk but they're in that same category offspring have punk

roots more than the Green Day do I feel like Green Day has always been pop punk.

Okay, I get Yeah, I guess cuz I love offspring. Yeah, I sorry to cut you off but

no, but yeah, Green Day you know and I was thinking to Okay, yeah, I guess when they started maybe they did have some some bit of punk roots but when the whole when dukey came out, you know, they were in a pop punk category, but this is just me personally, I feel like if you're some middle class kid getting into punk, you probably don't get it. You gotta be like working class and be punk to truly get it. Yeah, you know, unless you're a very aware person then yeah, it probably counts but no Green Day to me is just far too Poppy, far too commercial and they're not even punk anymore. They're just more like alternative. Yeah, start with that. I mean,

I'm actually not familiar with like their early early stuff, so I don't know what their early stuff sounded like but

I yeah, I never really. If you made an album with Norah Jones, you are not

I always consider punk. Oh, yeah. Um,

yeah, I mean, I think maybe they had some punk influences.

Yes, maybe? Yes. Yeah. All pop punk.

Yeah. And then they take it and they turn it into something a little more palatable for the masses. And I think people get confused like, not just like the general public but like so like, they're considered punk also too, because of the way they look. Yeah. And the way they dress not specifically what the music sounds like. And even then they didn't dress what the category of Punk would basically go by. It's more like oh, colored hair. Yeah, exactly. It's like alternative you're wearing

black? Yeah, eyeliner.

Yeah, that too. Well, yeah, it's even weird now because I still wear eyeliner, but it's not like I don't even know how to.

I mean, that that was an interesting brand to bring out because I hadn't even thought of.

Right? Yeah, totally. We're gonna offend a whole bunch of kiss listeners in this episode. I already know

Got a Kiss the Radio station to kiss? Yeah. So it's the band, not just the bad guys. So for those of you who don't know what we're talking about, you're overseas. It's a radio station. That's their call. Those are their call call letters, or I forgot to call it. callers are called. Yeah, I know. It's called something. But anyways, the radio station called kiss but yeah, we don't wanna we're gonna offend a lot.

Yeah, but you know,

our right now listening to the morning show. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, but Green Day to me. They're, they're just not punk. I think they're posers and I agree. I mean, I don't know if I put my judgments aside. Maybe they're good musicians. I've got some good stuff. Yeah, I just can't get over the fact that you know, they're put on this pedestal like

Yeah, yeah, and and a lot of these bands and we're gonna mention I'm sure like, I like certain songs like one song to song, not an album. I wouldn't pay to see them. Green Day, I want to I can say that there's like two songs. But other than that, like, I'm not gonna go out of my way to listen to an album or you know what I mean. But that was a good one for

sure. And I knew the moment I mean, they further sold out when they had that Broadway play. Oh,

that went with that Broadway production idiot.

Yeah, yeah. Wow. That's what it was called. American Idiot, I think yeah. Yeah, I don't remember. But

remember album. I

remember. I came here to town. Like 10 years ago. Did you go I did not go. I'm just kidding. Oh.

Oh my god.

Did you go?

I know he didn't. I know. He was watching pinata protests play. taco truck.


that sounds like that. Yeah. That's like something they would do. And that's something that because I know that they I know they played like a sidewalk gig or something. Right. Like, I didn't go to that one. It was like they played outside of venue. You went on these. I think you went Did I

know I don't think I was he didn't

know it was like outside of he retired or something. I don't remember. Okay, nevermind, but I know they played outside somewhere I thought you had gone but okay anyways, but uh yeah no that's that's the kind of punk different goes

proper yeah proper proper punk

to actually miss those guys it was cool playing when playing

yeah they're they're cool dudes and actually they have a side band outside opening at a protest cloudless sky heddles where they play a traditional Mexican quantum music. Cool. So maybe that's something that you were better? No, they're a little outside gig. Unless it was like made up.

I thought it was I don't know, I thought it was him. I mean, this was like three years ago and obviously I don't remember stuff correctly. But I know I know. It was not in a venue. It was like outside somewhere. I think like NPR had covered it. Oh, yeah. So But yeah, I mean, this was like three years ago, but I know those facts but anyways, yeah, shout

out a protest the sidewalk in front of Frankie's mom's house for Mother's Day. Oh, yeah, I

know that. Yeah. Remember that? Yeah.

You Yeah, it was it was a Mother's Day serenade so cool that that was my mother's days gifter

oh yeah I remember that I remember that it was like right before that too but whatever guys you guys can search it just search up now to protest NPR should find it okay yeah

we'll get well that woman ladies go oh wasabi time there we go

all right awake

Yeah. Oh go

and I I am still debating whether or not I should save this band for just the if we ever have an episode called bands I fucking hate

I mean we could double it we could double it okay.

But I do believe that they are super overrated and that is the band. You two

ah we briefly talked about that.

Yeah, what was it two episodes ago or last time? Yeah,

I got nothing for him. I can't stand them I think Bono's a

prick I

mean He kind of looks like one i mean i don't know but I mean yeah I've never really been a YouTube fan either so like there we talked about it there are certain songs I like maybe like tolerate yeah like to and that was like really early stuff yeah

wave and okay. I can I still change the channel but whatever.

I think it's all ego with that man.

Absolutely. Like I read in a book that Bono paid I think it was two grand to fly his hat across the country. Wow. Oh yeah. Got his hat. Been a

badass hat.

I think he paid like what next day air you

know Yeah, like he had no he bought it like it put it on the plate and they put it on a board the Air Force

One flight.

Now right? Oh, yeah. Cuz I think what happened was they were playing a show in LA and I think they hug on his they hop from one coast to another and he forgot his hat and he needed a hat. I don't know, but he needed this hat for a particular song in their set.

I would it would have made sense if he forgot his shades. Yeah.

He sells those and those are also extremely pricey.

Nobody's gonna, but he's actually got a he's got an eye condition

and that's fine.

What I'm saying is that he sells his sunglasses for some

I don't know, I

don't know whatever it is

and and you know I've heard him do like guest DJ bits on some of the Sirius XM channels and they actually YouTube now has their own Sirius XM channel and it's like barf. But, you know, most of the time whenever they have like guest DJs they come in and they do music that they were influenced by and other like artists that they respect and appreciate. No, not by No, it's just all his own music and how amazing his own music is. And that's pretty much the whole show. So yeah, I don't know I ain't got nothing for him and I feel like they're just super overrated and I'm not sure why i don't i don't get it yeah I don't I don't mean I'm tired of hearing about whatever social ill he is upset about right now because that's what every song is about. Well, I do like the edges guitar playing. Yes, sure. And that's okay. Like, we don't it's not like you're saying they're bad musician. You know, I never looked at

him as a guitar so like to pay attention to Yeah, like, I mean, yeah, I'll probably find a lot of guitarists but like I don't like I never really paid attention like it's the right good No, want to say that. They can write music music that I agree with but like the guitar I never really clicked with it like I never get not because it's not metal hard rock because I listen to stuff Other than that, but

I just couldn't. I think when you hear the edge, like you, you know, it's him. It's all echo. Like there are some guitarists that Yeah. effect. There are some guitarists that once they hit a note, you just know it's them. And there's a movie that came out maybe 10 years ago called, it might get loud. It's got it's got Jimmy Page, jack white and yeah, and all three of them explained their guitar approach and their techniques and whatnot. And when I when I saw that, you know, I always, I always thought the edge was it was, you know, a really good guitars. But once I saw this movie, and I understood his approach, and you talked about the way he writes and whatnot, it really made me appreciate his style a bit more. So I don't have to like the band entirely, but I can appreciate it. Sure.

Sure. You know, that's fair. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's

fair to Yeah, like, like style and whatnot. But like, you know, the band The band as a whole. Yeah.

And I think in that movie, also, it was like, you know, jack white went out there with like, what, like, very minimal equipment. Right, but the edge has like every piece of equipment ever made for a guitar. Yeah, yeah. And 27,000 guitar. I mean, it's like, come on, are you you know, and I guess,

like up? I don't know if you had more to say but like,


Okay, because this kind of this was something that wasn't on my list. And my, you know, I know you guys like go more or whatever, but I don't I think jack White is overrated like, like, I used to like them, like and then like, I don't know what happened I was like, I don't know, like it's just something about I don't see why people put him so high to like as well as like, Oh, I respected that he was in all these bands and he tried to you know, kind of spread his style out just a little bit within the same genre. Um, and, you know, I thought that was cool that he also played drums and he could sing and you know, play guitar and all that stuff, because he played drums and dead weather, right? I believe so. Yeah, I think so. Right? Yeah. So how do I know more than jack? What Come on guys. Okay, so anyway okay. But yeah, like, like jack white, I guess as an artist like, I think he's like overrated. Like, I can't see why people put him as like, Oh, he's like one of the guitarists like, I mean, probably the white stripes when they came out it was like a style that was not really prominent when it did come out and so it was like one of those things where I thought, Oh, this sounds like Ron aggressive right? Whoo excuse me blah blah blah. But yeah, like he's he wasn't on my list but you guys mentioned him right now like yeah jack was one of those that like, to me he's overrated. Yeah, I don't I don't think he's as influential or whatnot. I think what a

what I like about what I like about jack White is

I really like him wait for you to take I really liked his minimalist approach. Yeah. And you know, comparing jack white to the edge you know, of course the edge has

got like delay and yeah, yeah, he's

he's got the whole department of Guitar Center. Well, that

was like a stadium like guitar.

Yeah, like stadium. Yeah, yeah. And then you look at jack white, I mean, dude's got God's money but yet he's still very minimalist in what he does and and I've always been a fan of less is more you know, so the more that you can do so little to me I mean, I don't know you can have all the equipment in the world and still be a great guitarist. Yeah, you could also have

you can also have the same and be a shitty guitarist. Yeah.

And also too, you could just, you know, plug in straight up into your app and just you know,

I mean, you see my pedal room. Yeah.

But um, Kim had me keep that in storage, but

but that's a lot more in the live Yeah, anybody any other wife would probably allow.

And then on top of that, like a frank my pedals like, that's my

pedals. I don't even have them. But uh, but that's one thing I like about that I appreciate about jack Wyatt is you know, he's a minimalist and he does a lot with so little Yeah, you know, I can't say that I've been that I'm like a big white stripes fan. You know, I like them for what they are, but I never really went, you know? Yeah. balls out for them. Yeah,

but a lot of people do though, which is which would, which is what I didn't understand. Yeah.

I don't know. I mean, I guess it was like the start of like, the 2000. Yeah, yeah, like early 2000s. Like, whatever hipster movement was at that time. Yeah. You know, I actually I liked the rack and tours. And

I actually own that album, which is funny, and I didn't get into it. I bought it as a single because I thought the single was good. And I at that time, I was like, I like jack white as a guitarist and, you know, I just liked what he was doing right. He was, you know, doing different things. And then but yeah, the album I just, yeah, yeah, that's one album that I bought that I just don't listen to. Mm hmm.

Yeah, and uh, Raconteurs a good dead, weather's good, you know, white stripes. I think that, you know, I think the way they went the way they went out was quite honorable. You know, they pretty much reached a point in their in their career where they said, you know, we've said and done everything we could so we're gonna break up. And I think that's that's another thing that I respect about jack White is like he knew when to call it and he just didn't you know

yeah keep milking keep going Yeah,

well I guess

I can see that takes like a whole lot of honesty like with yourself

yeah oh yeah definitely Yeah, yeah he doesn't seem like and that's I guess the good quality about him is he wouldn't I guess the word is like he wouldn't sell out an industry term like he just does what he does, right yeah take I guess I'll still say he's overrated but but I agree with what I agree with what you're what you're saying I respect him for that

already right? Yeah, she said you too. Oh, that's right. You too. Yeah, we had a whole discussion. That's

bad, but I have a song. Okay. Okay. Journey, journey. Don't stop believing. I cannot stand I can't either. And I don't know why everybody just loves it. And every time it comes on in a bar when you used to go to bars or anytime we comes on anywhere people just want to belt it out at the top of their lungs. Yeah. And it's like the best song that's ever been heard. It's funny, cuz I've done that before.

Yeah, so Well, this was like, years ago, maybe not. There was like seven or eight Nope, no burger. No, it was like, it was like seven years ago, a


like this. No, it was like it was like seven years ago. And this was like, I might have had a couple of beers. And the band that we played with, they were a cover band. We were original. So I don't Frank wasn't in the band at the time. And they ended. They were really good band. Like they were really talented. And the singer happened to be able to sing like when I forgot his name, Perry, Steve Seabury. Yeah, he was able to like hit the notes like Steve Perry. And he sang that song and like, we were in the front. We were all singing with him. But it was cool because like we were all hanging out. Yeah, but I agree with you like That song is over played Yeah, I like the song But yeah, it is played

Yeah, I just I don't understand why everybody feels the need to just belt it out whenever it comes to

their mind do this one time that we were at we were at Joey's and these barely 21 year olds when Fallout boys sugar were going down like

they were just singing and

I think this is turning into more of a bands we've

rather than overrated Well, I

think there's a fine line between like, you know, because I agree with I understand to like, you know, but that is a band though that I don't know. And I'm gonna say I'm especially the drummer is talented like I was looking at a I don't know what it was some kind of interview. And the drummer used to be a metal drummer. And that dude is talented. Yeah, that don't just

because we're in the ballpark. Okay parable.

Okay, oh yeah, okay yeah, big time.

As y'all know if y'all listen before I don't really care for female vocalists there's only a little window of like Female Vocalist I can send that whole thing there like I just I didn't really I couldn't get into it and I don't know why I guess it's because of prominent of that time I think it's yeah people were like yeah oh my god like it's this girl and she's I think it's the john I don't know what she was or is so I think it's yeah I don't know yeah

so i think it's it's the it's the genre that they fell in because when they first came out like when it was the whole scene thing warped or whatever whatever I agree with you like I didn't get into them with that there was one album that they have in this was probably should have been like all my guilty pleasures or something their self titled ya know their self titled album This was two albums ago so this was like, because right now I think she's a solo artists or whatever. And then their last album before that sucked. They tried to be like 80s like it Like, at least I didn't like it at all. So the one before that, which was their last album, pretty much as the band was, it doesn't sound anything like they're seen stuff or whatever, whatever. And I liked it. I thought it was produced well, and it wasn't. It was kind of how I felt with the Lady Gaga album that I talked about, on the that's how it sounded to me. And when I saw a live performance of the of them, I think it was like iTunes, Music Festival or whatever. And it was when that album came out the subtitle when I'm talking about and they're talented, like the drummer's talented the guitarist is talented, but anything before that, like I agree with you, I can't listen to it can't listen to that I agree with where you're coming from when the whole same thing happened. Like

it was like oh, like now like people are still like,

yeah, they are because of like that

time when Yeah, oh, definitely. I guess people around age but I'm just like, No, they're not. Yeah, no, we'll just love them. So yeah, yeah, cuz cuz when that album or what's the price is right, and the lady was so stoked. Yeah, I think she said she She had a tattoo

of follow

but no uh Yeah, I agree with you on that one but definitely like I I like their self title. It's like I said, all these bands that were mentioning I'll like a song or whatever. And I'll I'm able to be like okay, this was good This was good but other than that no no, I got you

but follow boy was another one.

Oh boy. Yeah, I guess just to touch back on paramour.

No, no, no, no Frankie.

Well, I mean, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I said something nice. Well, what I'm like, well, she has orange hair. You know what I

know. One thing I want to point out is, you know, yeah, like like Kim said, you know, there are some you know, there are some female vocalists I just can't stand some I really do enjoy but what I do want to point out is I do appreciate the fact that even if I don't like their music, I appreciate the fact that it's like women's empowerment and they're taking, you know, the lead in a very male dominated business. That is true. Yeah. So I think it's I think it's important to highlight that even if you don't like the music, you know, so like when it's a

good thing you said that so when we saw the documentary on kitty on how they did the same thing with female fronted metal bands when that scene was first coming up, they actually did the same thing. They were like the first female fronted scene then that did that when seen bands are coming out, like they were like, Who's this girl like singing this stuff, like playing gigs that were playing? It was like the same shit. And it was exactly the same as kitty. And so yeah, I agree with Frank on that, like they did. They did do that. And they're actually one of those bands that did survive and that or she's an artist that did survive and that just kept going through. Whether we disagree with or agree with, you know, how you know what the music she plays, does, but she she was one of those where she did get shit for being in a band. Basically,

if you want to look back two bands fronted by strong females who like broke To the industry when it was truly male dominated need to look at heart.

Oh heart. Yeah. And there was a also to like the runaways and stuff like I've been wanting to see that. Yeah, they came a little later. I mean heart was in the 70s Oh, she was like before she was like first Yeah, but uh, yeah, like there are like even to when you look at like the, I guess like the politics or better or whatever, I can see where Frank's talking about that. But yeah, yeah, they got a lot of shit. And there were a few like you were saying females in different genres and different periods and to get shit for that. But yeah, they I mean, they push through and they happen to make it you know, to some point whether you know, we like it or not. They did.

I do like that once and they have on the toilets on drag.

Oh, actually, it's funny. I don't like I know. I know what song you're talking about. I think it's decoder. decode Yeah, that's funny because that's actually like one of my least favorite songs.

Like I don't I don't like that song. No, and I actually

we're just, it's gonna be divisive. Try

to deal with the fact that he knows that.

Do you watch Twilight? No. Hey,

we only read the books. Yeah,

actually just ordered the newest book because I did read those books a long time ago and I wanted to read the newest one. There's a new one. Yes. Yeah, there's a new perspective of the edrick Oh yeah, I think we saw

Yeah, I bought it because I was like, why not? Like I read other four might as well read write this. Yeah, so give me something to do.

When I when I first saw

when I first heard the decode song, it was actually a live Jimmy Kimmel performance. And I thought these are really good. And other two the first time that I heard Barrymore and then I heard the studio version of it I thought, okay, that's alright. And then I heard you know some of their stuff and I could not get into

Yeah, cuz it's more it's more of that scene era stuff right? That I think that's why I like their self titled

because it's like scene I think it's pop it pop

it as well.

Well, that's the thing is that the scene like those seen kids, like they thought a lot of that stuff was like hard. Yeah, yeah. And a lot of it like somebody dyed their hair. Yeah, and a lot of it was like jumping around and twos maybe and a lot of it was like pop like alternative or pop hardcore. Like it was weird because they did have that. And that that genre or that arrow was just so mixed. Yeah, it was so weird. Like, it wasn't even. I never thought it was cool. I never straighten my hair. Wait, God.

Yeah, like cuz everybody did

that like high school I love to see like a picture. I mean, I'll Photoshop and put posted on Instagram oh god so we'll do that and I know but it's true

yeah you know he had the same kids with their hair and their lipstick and they would wear like the Aiden t shirts.

Amen yeah Amen sanfur wasabi Damn it. Oh my god

so yeah, so I don't know

who else Oh Well speaking of songs because she was talking about song songs it I I liked this band. They have a rough story I've heard like, not their biography, but I've Heard like what the man has been through?

Sweet Home Alabama.

I hate that song. Oh, no, I think it's gonna go Yeah, Leonard Skinner? Yeah, like, there are a lot of Leonard Skinner songs that I like but man that song pieces missing. You know what I think of I think of KFC every time because I think KFC has a commercial that played Yeah, and really, there's a lot of commercials that play a damn song. But anyways, yeah, Sweet Home Alabama. Oh,

and also Kid Rock ripped off that song.

Yeah. Oh, they dude he ripped off. Even did he rip he sample? Sad but sure. Yeah, yeah. So for Metallica. So, but uh, okay, so I guess it's my turn for sure. One of them is and so this one to me. It's just cuz. Yeah, because I do because I think a lot of it has to do with it was a product of its time. And like, people who grew up in that time period listening to it, they're going to see it a certain way. So I'm not going to see what they're seeing or But at the same time, I'm on the outside and I can see I wasn't in that time period. So I can be like, it wasn't that great. Like you guys are kind of blinded by it, but because of where it came out, and the band that I want to say, which I think my mom and my sister kind of put on their list too, because they were telling me like, this is my fancy, but Nirvana. Nirvana like the suspense?


but no, it's cuz like for sure Nirvana is one of those bands like everyone puts up there. And of course, you guys know I'm a big fan of the Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and stuff. But like Nirvana like it was just so weird because they were came on the grunge period with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and all that stuff. Yeah, and to me like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. All them they're like above, they're still a level above Nirvana. And that's just my opinion, though. And they're put up here and we know when Kurt Cobain didn't even want to be there. You know what I mean? Like he just happened to be there. And what's so weird to me like when I was thinking about this Thinking about this episode. It's like, dude, like No one forced you to sign the contract. You know what I mean? Like, he didn't want to be part of all that stuff. And I think that's where a lot of people kind of latch on to, to is like, oh, he was so like, I guess punk or whatever to just use it loosely. Like, he was doing this. And, you know, he was kind of saying fuck you to everybody and kind of the same thing with the the unplugged where, like he didn't play any of the popular stuff. I played stuff that he wanted to play. And so he was like, Oh, yeah, you know, which he's, I'm not gonna say that he was not wrong. He's such a rebel. Yeah, like he was talented. Like he was a left handed guitars. One of the, you know, really good left handed guitars, a great left handed guitars. But like, as far as people put him up there like I don't agree with it. I mean, if you guys do

know, and I because

I output Pearl Jam above them.

Yeah, sure. You know, so I think it's not necessary. Like These other bands that you mentioned like pro Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Allison chains all around that same time they matured and evolved and you know, grew as individuals and as a band and we got to kind of witness that. And I think that Nirvana gets a lot of attention simply because of Kurt Cobain. Yeah, yeah. Which is not all that. Yeah. And there are other bands like that, too. But I do think that that was really what drew so much attention because everybody is, you know, zeroed in on that fact. And then it becomes this big. Yeah,

yeah. Cuz I'll listen to their stuff. And I'll be like, I mean, like I said, I'm not gonna deny that he had talent and he could sing because I can't sing like that or you know, sing anyway. or play guitar, you know, certain way but like, it's just people put them on this level where it's like, oh, man, they were like one of the greatest, you know, whatever, whatever. And they did give, you know, Dave Grohl, he is a great musician. And he did do great things, you know, in different ways. And he was Part of the band and I think that's another thing too, where it's like, oh shit, Dave Grohl came out of this band. You know what I mean? Um, but uh, yeah, like Nirvana was just one of those bands that I couldn't understand why, like, there's a lot of other stuff that I listened to. And I'm like, again, maybe it's because I wasn't in that era, or I didn't grow up in that era, but at the same time, how I see it, it's like, I'm on the outside. I can see what y'all did did

grow up in that era. And yeah, I'm with you.

Okay, so you're, like two perspectives he'll ever heard

the term like t shirt fans? Yeah, like pertaining to

career. Yeah. Right. Like a piece of pop culture to have like the shirt or

example. I had a student in a class and she rolled in with like, a Wu Tang shirt. And I was like, Oh my god, I would have never guessed the true Wu Tang fan. And she was like, What? Oh, and I was like, well, you're wearing a Wu Tang shirt. See, like, look down, you know? And she's like, Oh, I didn't know what it was, you know? And then she rolled in with like, a Nirvana shirt. And then later with the Ramones. Oh, yeah. Target. She just Yeah, she just buys whatever looks popular at that time. And, um, and Nirvana has a ton of T shirt family like that. Yeah, I mean her fan. Yeah, it's like they know this month, you know, just the surface level stuff like the Kardashians wearing like Metallica, Iron Maiden Slayer shorts. Yeah. And like, there's a lot of like, humans ever.

And there's like a lot of like, I don't know if it was a Victoria's Secret. There was one. Like, it was like a female oriented oriented clothing shop and they had like, t shirts of like, bands like that, like rolling stones and stuff. And I was like,

it just became a fashion. Yeah,

did it did

a generation that doesn't even know who those are. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, I really have no interest real. Yeah, other than hashtagging

one thing I want to say about Nirvana is

I think, you know, when, like, toward the end of the career, I think Kurt Cobain was just pretty much saying Fuck you and he was coming out with stuff that was darker than never Mind and bleach you know, and you could you could hear some of the some of the folk influence that he grew up on. I think he was he wasn't he was inspired by Jefferson Airplane. Okay, in some way. And but yeah, no, I think he was just one of those people that just agreed to just ride the wave. And I think he was already on his way he was like checking himself out. So when you you know, like like unplugged. You hear a lot of the stuff that I think the true Kurt Cobain comes out in the unplugged album. Mm hmm. You know, cuz I mean, bleach was like the first album, you know, bleach was a little, a little more funkier than the Never mind was, you know, never mind just blew them up. And then by the time in utero came out, of course, you know, there they were, who they are. But um, I think in utero was he was trying to like, take back some of what some you know, some of what the nevermind Ravana was. So I think it's one of those albums that if you like, give a really good close. Listen Too you'll definitely hear where he's trying to take back some of what some of what Nirvana really was to begin with. And you know, you can you can hear more influences there. But I mean, yeah, it's it's tragic. You know what happened to him and of course there's a lot of conspiracies about how it happened and who did it and Bernie left? Yeah, well, you know, but yeah, you know, I think he was I think he was good you know, he had he had some he had some good ideas, but I think he was just rolling with the punches and whatever was going on at the time he was just gonna do it. Ya

know, agree on that one though. Mario. So yeah, upset anybody or make anybody like sweet

why no, there's some stability in this room. Yeah, there's other stuff coming up. They might upset people. So yeah. Oh, I know. There's stuff coming up. So with that, take a little beer break. So I'm going to be drinking another beer. I know. I'm kind of cheating a little bit. So since this is our Asian themed episode,

Frank had made some what was Peanut Butter peanut sauce.

Yes. peanut sauce. Yes.

So that was really good in that one with the roles that you made. Um, I have a 903 brewers peanut butters. So it's a peanut butter stout and I've never had anything this crazy. I know Britt, you have you you have with a pretzel. So, would you like to pour some in your glass? Yes, please. And we can taste some of this peanut butter side.

I'm not a big fan of butter other than the original. Oh my god.

Wow, it's really dark.

Yeah, so Stefan Oh, you're good. Like

I don't like Reese's. Because I don't like the peanut butter. They're like, I don't like Butterfinger. I don't like peanut butter flavored stuff. I just like peanut butter peanut butter. Okay, it smells like I'm kind of interested to see if I would even like

it smells like Reese's Pieces. Reese's Pieces. Peanut Butter crunch the cereal? Not the

smell. Oh, this was like a 90s thing. Okay, I was surprised. Um, but yeah. This this. You want to Smell it smells like a peanut butter cereal

butter. It smells good. All right,

well Britt took the first sip, so this is a stout

It's sweet. It's a lot sweeter than I anticipated. How does it taste like it tastes like peanut butter but it's quite sweet Kim's taking a sip.

It's not bad. It tastes like a Butterfinger blast at Sonic.

Let me see.

Cuz it's

sweet. I like it or not. It's quite sweet. It's not a sweet corner piece. Okay, so what I will say, you know what, it's The Sweetest drink. You know what it tastes

like? You know those? I don't know what they're called. You know, those little wafer chocolate things with a peanut butter. That's it. That's exactly what this tastes like. Yeah, totally. Tastes like those little dip. Yes, and beer form. So I'm not gonna say this sucks when I buy a six pack. No, when I drink it again. No, it was a good experience. Kind of like the smoke.

experience, but

it's it's it's like the flavor is good. It's just it's it's too sweet for me. I'm not I don't like

ABV on this the ABV it's a 7.50

Dang. Okay. Yeah,

so I can't tell if I like it or not. It's

Yeah, I mean, I don't hate it. It you know what it I haven't had Phil Debbie things well yeah, this does taste like that and I I wouldn't mind drinking this every once in

a while Jake junk food night?

Yes. Okay, find the beer that matches them so

yeah dunkaroos beer.

Oh, there's a dunkaroos beer.

craft brewers are really going out.

Oh yeah, they're, I'm kind of scared of what's gonna happen

at this quarantine games on I mean, it'd be all kinds of stuff. Like I said, mark my words it will be a mania. But

so who has another band? I know Frank said he had some controversial stuff coming out.

Yeah, well Nirvana was one of Metallica on your list.

I'm sure it is. I can see why but

I'm gonna have to fight you on it.


he's probably gonna fight you on a few of you. Oh no, that's

fine. That's cool. That's this episode. My next one is Canada's biggest import after maple syrup.

Bacon. Nickelback. Oh, I think you're kind of cheating on that one because everybody hates him. But at the same time, yeah, really?

Not everybody. Not every

because there's like a there's like a line. You know what I mean for that band?

Yeah. You either love them or you hate them. Yeah.

So it's like a direct split down to United States. Like

what side hates him and once I love them, so Okay, go ahead.

No I mean, you know, again, I think they're one of those bands that if you put your prejudices aside, they are good. You know, musically I actually saw a video musically I think their structures are okay

explaining that all their songs are the same song, you know how their structure like how their guitar progression is and like whatever like, that's like one song. Like, if you take one song from their single, it's the same. It's the same song. Anyways, gone.

Yeah, no, and I was gonna say, I mean, they know how to write a song. Because yes, they have.

They have, they do have it for me

right now that works for them. And they stick so yeah, yes. And they stick with it. So they know how to write a song.

They know how to make money in.

Exactly, exactly. But

I don't know. For those of you guys who don't know there is a formula.

Yes, but they just became like a big walking meme. Yeah, they have their

heart And Cards Against Humanity. I mean,

yeah, that's, that means you made it.

Yeah. You made.

So I think you see, I think what their problem wasn't everything that you just said. I think their issue was that they milked that. Mm hmm. That formula, like instead of us using it once or twice, they just used it every time, right? Mm hmm.

So yeah, and I think they have a new album coming out this year. I mean, if you thought 2020 socks,

the pup to get worse.

A whole lot worse, y'all

know, but I think there was a there's a video of them playing a festival in Portugal and three songs and they started getting pelted by rocks.

That's not okay.

Yeah, that is mean like, well, like why don't you go if you're gonna

Well, like I heard stories about I think it was Allison chains. Or like they were playing like and they were like opening for like pentair and stuff. And they were getting like bottles of piss like thrown at them. Because like, because they were different. And I was like, Wow, that is what can mean sorry.

Just Well, I know that also, Prince opened up for the Rolling Stones and the same should happen to him. It was before he made it

that he would never open for another band again. I

hate to say but I think Prince is.

Anyways, I'm gonna pretend I didn't say that.

But no, I mean, I think everybody here can agree that Nickelback is pretty overrated.

Oh, no, just me. But that's like one of those, like bands that I'll say right now. It's like, it's like, there's a literal, there's a line like we're half of the people legit hate them and half the year legit. Now like so. And I think we're on the

because I'm not a frat boy. I hate Yeah. You know, like, all I can associate with Nickelback is and I think these frat boys.

I think one thing that makes them maybe just a little bit likable is that they're actually in on it. Like They know people don't like them and they joke about well

here's the thing though like they know people don't like them but they're like oh fuck you like we're so this like for those of you who don't know I don't know if you know pretty sure you do they have this like standing it was specifically Chad Kroeger he has this like feud with Corey Taylor okay you know it is okay google it so he thinks that he's better than Corey Taylor and stone sour. He actually like there was this whole thing going on I don't know how it started you can YouTube it google it it'll pop up. They still argue back and forth. So basically like Chad was saying that stone sour and Corey Taylor and stone sour are Nickelback light and that stone sour is using like it's kind of like trying to be Nickelback. Okay, dude, like there was this whole thing where like his like he was like no like we're we are good like we sold this mini albums and blah blah blah so like, and Corey Taylor is like that fucking bitch like, you know And like, dude, you look it up and it's like he has he does have an ego today. We're like he thinks like, yeah, they're they're this and they're that.

Oh, no, I didn't know that you should look that up.

So I don't know if that'll like add to your

maybe, maybe I don't know, but I mean, I just never got into them. Yeah, you know, I thought maybe at first before was it silver side up or what's that that second album that came out? Yeah, I guess Oh yes. Yeah. So I think when they had the first album, they were probably a bit more credible than they are now. But they just became a walking joke. And I, I don't know, you know, and I am gonna say they do know how to write a good song. They do know how to write. You know, they have a formula that they follow, and like you pointed out they know how to make money. So that's, that's one thing that's never failed them. So that's what they're sticking to. I think they put out like a disco sounding single a few years ago. Um, I think why It was like a disco influenced you know, and I thought okay, well they're they're taking risks but it just didn't work out there. They're still Nickelback. Nothing's nothing about that is gonna change.

Yeah, no. Yeah, I don't think so. So I mean, I'm glad we all agree on that. Yeah. Um, so also too, we I just wanted to say that we are snacking on Hello panda. Hello panda.

Hello panda little crunchy thingies. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what they are, but they actually go pretty good with this peanut butter stout. Okay, dude, this stout is like pretty good. Oh, yeah, I like it. I'm not gonna drink it all the time. Not gonna buy a six pack but

it was to go with our little

center with a crunchy shell. Hello panda chocolate.

Crunchy. Um, so I guess I'm just to throw in a little side note my

my mom and my sister. They like listening to this right Of course you know you know them they know you whatever one that one that so they there's two artists that they said and I'm like

my mom thinks tools overrated which, which which me and which me and Kim are on that boat. This is where we're divisive,

musically like so strong. Oh, they are no no they yeah i agree with it's

I don't know what episode I was talking about this where like I agree that they are good musicians, but like as a whole to me, I don't see how they're up here. Like, that's me like I see a perfect circle hire. And I think we've had this

discussion Yes, we talked about disappointing shows and I think Frank and I mentioned that Tim was one of our shows that disappointed and

I think I think maybe the appeal is that they're one of those bands that has always stuck to their own rules they've never given into corporate interest. You know, it's always been you know, since since the beginning, you know, that They were very, they're, they're very picky about who they're gonna sign with, you know, record label wise. And basically, they went with the label that gave them the least money in exchange for them, you know, creativity, the most creative outfit.

And I love the thing that he did. I think we discussed it like on an earlier

episode about like, the no cell phone thing, like I know. And like, there's certain and I don't have anything against him because obviously I love a perfect circle, a perfect circle and like all the musicians in the band in Tooele like I respect them because of, you know, how they play and you know what they play, but as a band, like I don't, and I guess another thing too, that made me not like them is the whole San Antonio market that we talked about what the whole chug bands thing were, like,

Yes, you've been burned out on. Exactly, yeah,

because, yeah, because I do like certain tool songs like stink fist. You know, there are certain songs that I like, but like overall, like I just can't, I don't see how they're up here. And you know, I know you're a big tool fan you guys are but like, I I don't like it. I think you've known this too. Like, I just I couldn't get into them like that. I

could understand. You know, I think what I don't like about tool is the type of fan that they attract. Yeah. That we know. Yeah. Like, just super. Yeah, like the dudebro types. Yeah. But you know, further for most of their career, they've been the biggest independent metal band. Oh, yeah. But that's, you know, that can sell out arenas that can sell millions of records. So, I mean, that's, I think, I think a lot of what they've done, you know, just sticking to their own agenda, sticking to their own rules and not giving into corporate interest. That's that's definitely admirable. And I think, um, I don't know, I think I think maybe a lot of their fans put too much thought into their music. And they always try to bust out with some reason as to why this album is better than that one or why you should listen to this album while you're doing this. And I'm just like, you know, yeah, I can appreciate that.

Stop reading the internet. Just don't pay attention.

No No.

Did off the fan site?

Yeah, I do like tool but you know, there are some elements about them that I don't quite like.

Yeah. And I like Like I said, I know you guys like them, but I'm like, on that we're like, I'm like I don't. I don't see like, why they're up here. Like I I can acknowledge that they're a good band. But I think a lot of it does have to do with the whole market thing like kiss and you know, yeah,


Yeah, so that's that's one thing. That's

one quit listening to kiss like, No, I don't listen. That's the

whole thing. I don't

kiss. That's a weird thing you did because you would have never known that is

true. That is true. I in high school. Okay. What is weird because it's been like 10 years. But I think also to that I know that the fan base exists, and I know how they are, like, for instance, like me and Frank, I don't know. I know. We know the same people. A lot of the same people. But there was this group of people that I knew that actually had a band There was originally, but they were like, they were such big tool fans that they wanted to model the band after tool towards sounded like tool. And I just, I don't like bands that do that. If you're an original band, do your own thing you know, don't try to

sound like someone else.

Yeah, don't try to duplicate something another band like I understand if you like them and use your influence. Yeah, but don't try to like specifically be like, Hey, I wanted to sound like this specific song. Like when we're writing the song. I don't I can't get into that. Sure. And I think there was a lot of people here that I was around that were like that and that made me like, you know, you just put a bad taste in my mouth. But yeah, it's just that's that's one ban. So but I will look I do like perfect circle. So. Yeah, I mean, I gotta get some points for that. Yeah,

totally. I feel like maybe a crowd wise a perfect circle spans are a little more open than tool fans are

in the way that they're more accepting. They're more

I can see that I can see that.

Yeah. Because if you compare the average tool fan, I don't know, I feel like they're pretty closed off. I mean, not

the average fan trying to understand this concept scribing here.

So a lot of people think that by listening to a tool album, you know, they think they automatically have a PhD in philosophy. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I feel like with a perfect circle, you know, they're the more commercial band compared to tool is seriously mainstream.

Yes. Is that what you're saying? For

what I want to say is more open? No, what I'm saying is a perfect circle. What I'm saying is that a perfect circle was more accessible than tool.

Yeah. accessible for sure. But I don't know that their fans are more open.

Like I think so. Because I mean, I don't know there have been times where I've been, you know, like, there have been some crowds that a perfect circle shows that expect to hear tool. And then there are some, you know, to fans They're that or you know they go to they go to a tool show that's all they want to hear. Or they just want to hear like the hits if you go to a perfect circle show it's like I'm here for the show. I'm not here for tool I'm here for a perfect circle but there are some fans out there that are like hardcore tool fan that want to purposely hear a tool at a perfect circle show.

It's a thank you

you know these things by reading fan site?

No, it's definitely

not. Did you pull the audience?

No, I remember. I remember one check his Twitter. Ever once the first time that I saw a perfect circle, it was a I was under club tour for the murder noms tour. 2001. They played at the Lubbock Civic Center. Okay. And about 70% of the people there had tool t shirts on what? Like, what does that mean that they expect to hear tool or that they're just a fan of No, I mean, you could definitely see it in their face.

Were not very scientific.

But But there were some common They were people saying oh, I hope they play some tool on the encore.

Yeah dumb ass like why would you go to this band expect to hear? It's like if you went to Slipknot show and expect it to hear stone sour, you're not gonna or vice versa but some people were gonna be like that. Well that is true. I agree with you. There are some stupid people that didn't do that would think that their money

I guess my like, take on it. I don't know because there was like

it's like the people, everybody.

Everybody's have everybody the people that are tool fans, right? And another band that's on my list fans. It's like, I don't know if it was like in a time where we were like growing up and stuff or if it's just these fans in general. It's like if because they like tool and they like this other band. They're like, that's like they're like the ultimate rock fan. So yeah, they're like that is that is rock all the way and you feel like you're not a real rock and roll lover rock lover. Whenever like they have that kind of like, thing about them like what you don't like total you don't like rock or you don't like Yeah, yeah.

There Antonio there.

Yeah, it's probably Yeah, there are a lot of people like that. And I've come across that before too. We're like,


I've been shut off by people before for saying that I don't like tool or, like run like, you know, like why Yeah, I'm like I play guitar like, understand like how he like Yeah, exactly. Wow. I want to hear that. No. Okay, well, I mean, okay, yeah.

I want to hear everybody's Deftones

Oh, yeah.

And I don't know why people are so big on them. Like every time they come. They come here a lot. I feel like they've come here and a lot. And I know people that are like, I know y'all travel this TV show this. I know. I know. Frank's a big tip.

Deftones fan.

Yes. She makes it hard, like,

you know, like, he's boring. He's monotone. He's boring. All their songs sound the same. And everybody is like, oh, if you don't like Deftones you'll you'll like rock you don't know what you're talking about. And

that's another ever San Antonio Democrat. Exactly. Absolutely a San Antonio. And I think that Hispanic lead singer of a rock band, exactly Hispanic city, and it's like, you gotta like them.

And I think that's what makes me not like them even more, because I know why Frank likes them and Frank sees them like, this way or that way. But he's not I know for sure that Frank is not one of those people that is gonna like them because of a certain reason, Frank's gonna like them for a specific reason. And I like I said,

No, no, no, no.

Okay, so I guess to make it more specific, it's, it's that he

he's gonna see him for like this like not because I know, I know, Brett. I'm trying To train, like,


Okay, cuz everybody's gonna

be like, Oh, you know, Deftones if that Deftones that kind of like what Kim was saying, but Frank is gonna see it like, just as a standalone band, like, he's gonna, like,

Frank's not gonna,

Frank's not gonna like something because everyone else likes it, he's gonna like it because of a certain skill that's associated with it, or a certain talent that's associated with with it, like, like tool Deftones. I, I appreciate like I was saying before everyone that I'm talking about, like, I understand how individually everyone's talented, but Deftones the same reasons why you were giving like, and it's amplified that I don't like them because of the market like we were talking before. Yeah, like Chino, like we've talked about in previous episodes where I like certain Deftones songs, like I love certain Deftones songs, from certain albums, but I can't go and listen to a whole album or I'm not going to go out of my way and buy tickets to go To the Deftones. But it's because like, same thing. Yeah, like chinos voice to me, in my opinion. It gets boring after a while. And it's the same.

There's no variation in certain songs or is which

I'm not a way that it's, it's gonna say it's the same another way that it's like, I don't know how to. I don't know how it was.

Yeah, and it's the fan base to that makes me you know, not Yeah, and I'm not talking about you because I know you're not the general fan base. It's people that don't know,

it's the people that

like, like, they're not like they're not like they're not technical. You know what I mean? Like Frank's gonna see it in the technical way. And everyone else is gonna be like popularity

way like it. Yeah, it's a cool thing to like, if you don't like

it, and I tried listening to I think, what was the was that album?

fuckin with the horse on it. Oh, white pony, white pony. Yeah, like I tried listening to and I couldn't get into it. And I think a lot of things too, was because of the singles kiss, and whatever, whatever. Even though I didn't listen to The radio like I know it, and when those songs Come on, I'm like, Oh, you know what I mean? Like, I think I've seen Deftones ironically, I've seen him like, twice live. Oh, excuse me. And we're drinking beer on this show. For those of you who don't know,

but um, I think it's safe to say that a lot of the bands are mentioning it's because our radio stations overplayed?

Yeah, I mean, I think that's a

percentage of it. Yeah, it's

a factor, but it's not like I just never could get into them either or two, I could never get into them either. My brother is a big fan of tool. And when I remember growing up, you know, like, he would always be listening to it and stuff, but I just, I couldn't get into it myself. And yeah,

like that genre or like tool. They could be like, stoner rock or whatever. Like, I never got into that genre. Like, you know what I mean, like or that style like it bores me, right? But I do see the talent in it. The same thing with Deftones. Like, I don't know what genre you could say this like alternative metal, which they are. Yeah, I'll turn it on. Like I said, there's certain songs that I like, but like Just as a whole and as as, like listening to albums I can, I just can't get into it. I don't see the appeal that everyone puts them so high up here, or I understand if they were like on a base level, you know what I mean? Like, like Godsmack for instance, like God's max like a good band, but they're like base level. No one's gonna put them up here and be like, oh, they're fucking legends. You know what I mean? Like, Godsmack was one of their, they're good, but they're not like, you know, they're not gonna be on that status. Yeah. And I would put Deftones in that in that category. Not up here where they're at.

Yeah, but they're only up here.

Here. True. True. True. True. True. You're right. You're right. Oh, you see, I don't know that because I'm having lunch. But yeah,

so I didn't grow up here in San Antonio.

Oh, okay. So that makes sense. Yeah.

No, but I mean, you know, it's kind of ever in Santa. I mean, it wasn't I gotcha.

But I think in San Antonio, especially, you know, they're like, San Antonio is one of those cities that's always like a guaranteed sellout. Yeah, you know,

so are certain bands. I mean, yeah.

But you know, for me Deftones I mean, I've been a fan since middle school since white pony. And I think one of the appeals is that a lot of the artists that I like, are, you know, they're they're the influence for Deaf telengana. And I mean, they're not like a technical band in any way. But I think I really like the structure of their songwriting. But yeah, there's just something about the way south Texas reacts to them. Yeah, I don't, I don't I don't get it.

You see, and you see things from the technical, technical perspective and that's the thing like, you know, I've known you for like, the longest time you've been a fan of that man for a long time, and I've never given you shit for it. Like, I've never given you shit for any bands that you like, and vice versa. Like you've never given me shit for any bands that I like.

The first


But well, cuz I'm

specifically like we're giving shit to the fan base like and like But like, it's different when it comes to like the fan base and like because I've gotten shit for not liking a band, you know what I mean? And like, I'm, or I've gotten shit for like in certain bands, but like I won't give it to, because I respect them in a certain way, but like the fan bases can be kind of like, you know what I mean? And I'll have my opinions on some of the bands you like, but I'm not gonna give you shit specifically for I'm like, Dude, why are you listening to shit? You know? I mean, like, I'll criticize the band, but I won't criticize you for liking them, because I understand why you like them. Um, but yeah, that's that that was my thing on Deftones.

Yeah, no, it's totally, totally understandable. Who wants to go next? I don't know.

Because if you have another one, that's cool. I have like one and a half more. And I think made her share.

You know, I was gonna bring back the whole I mean, I'm just gonna, you know, go back to to Godsmack because I do think they're pretty overrated. And I don't know, I think it's this whole, you know, paganism. all weekend metal thing. And this actually brings me to a point that band ghosts I feel like they're pretty overrated as well. And I think it's all it's all imagery. I mean, yeah, they're they're talented, but I think they're on stage costumes is what probably want a whole bunch of people over. Yeah. You know. And so for my next band speaking of costumes, I'm actually it's actually slipknot. Oh, okay. I think

I noticed that you waited till Mario was

no and one reason. I mean, obviously. I think if it weren't for the costumes, it weren't for the mass and the jumpsuits you know, if you, I don't know, because they came out at a time when you know when mudvayne was doing it when when mushroom head was doing and there was a band called moto grater that also too They were copying the same thing. And but i think you know, Slipknot just really blew up and got out there. And I think musically, they're good. You know, I think what they do is good. It's just their stage presence takes it takes away from from the music.

He waited until he said

you know, there's a lot of people that don't like so yeah, there's like I'm going back I'm just gonna say real quick thing about Godsmack real quick. I always seen Godsmack as like America's local band. Like they seem like the local band that plays well like that's really good. That's like good enough to be like, Okay up there but like, just at the local Yeah, but there's a local level so that's how I see Godsmack anyways,

really good or bad?

Yeah, like like really? Really? Yeah like a really really good like, like they could be like anybody's local band but like the best one you know what I mean? Anyways, yeah, so not so okay. You're talking about so yeah,

um, yeah, I just I think their their costumes or masks. Their jumpsuits are gimmicky and I feel like it takes away from but you see from the music, but you

see I listen. To them without paying attention, mass and

like to the mass when I'm listening to the album, like to me, I'm not one of those people like

I like the concept but to me I'm not one of those people who are like, oh, like I'm listening to them because like, because they weren't there. Yeah, like I listened to the album's is like, I don't I'm not like super big fan of certain albums. But I am, like, their latest album I thought was really good to me. It was like really on par with like, the first two albums. I think they really went back to the roots on them. But like, I also to like a lot of the stuff that I've seen about like Corey Taylor, like he doesn't, they don't use they don't specifically use that as a gimmick. Like they just do it because they like to do it and the music is separate. So like they keep everything separate, which is which is what I like, but I think there's a lot of people and I think which is how you see it is that the same way I see Deftones because of their fan base. Like some of these people are like, oh, they're cool because they were the mascot jumpsuit. That's not how I seal my

music. Yeah, um, but it makes me it does. make me wonder if that wasn't a part of them. Would they be where they are?

That's a good question. Because it because you know, yeah,

I think a lot of what a lot of their draw is people see them and they think, oh, who's that band? They're pretty ominous looking. I'm gonna check him out. Yeah, if it was just like nine dudes wearing plain plain t shirt. Yeah, you know, the kind of weird that would be.

But yeah, and it feels gimmicky. Like,

but I think if I hurt them, and not seeing them, which for the most most of the time, like, that's how it is with bands, especially new bands. Like you're gonna hear him first before you see him. Um, yeah, cuz MTV. Gone. Well, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, exactly. So like, I would dig, like, let's say wait and bleed came out. That was a first single. And I hadn't seen them before. Like, I would dig wait and bleed if I hadn't seen them. You know what I mean? Like, but I can see what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. And,

you know, I mean, I know they're the people look, you know, the people know what they look Look like without masking because there are pictures out there. Yeah. But you know, I think it all started like with with kiss you know with their with their face paint and everything and this is over Yeah,

yeah. Yeah kiss is just

bright What do you think?


I have a little bit of a fact. Yeah but yes for sure. And they obviously have that matrix because

we were talking and I saw like what are your

thoughts? They

might be a small guilty pleasure for me but I do think that they have that ego that we were talking about especially What's his name? Gene Simmons.

Yeah and you know kiss of course they started off with the face pain everything and then what a few albums in then they took they took it off. I

think back to when we're talking about it's not like there were other bands who had that

was that like, lots of bands had our costume down, you know, but

Also too, I think, yeah, whatever. I mean, I don't know. I mean, I don't even.

I don't care about either of these bands that much.

But yeah, you know, but but I do think it makes my peanut butter beer. There you go. But I do you think it's one of those things where if it wasn't for their masks and for their jumpsuits, like, how many people would gravitate toward them? Like, if you were to hear the music and think, yeah, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go see them versus I

can't. That's a hard one to say.

I can understand that only because we were let's say like, when we're Middle School, going to high school, they're really big. Right? And so that was a time where kids were like, you're discovering who you are, what you like, and this and that, and you want to rebel. And so they were kind of something that maybe your mom would be like, I know because my mom's like, what? Yeah, freaked out by is like, what are they What are they doing? What are they just so it was kind of like that appeal like it was? It was something different? Right? Right. Cool. Yeah.

It was like your your parents Yeah,

that you like that you wanted to, you know? Mm hmm. Kind of

Leonard Skinner like nine people in it or more. Yeah, love them.

Yeah. all at one time. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, they had a lot of people in the band. They like three guitarists and like, Okay.

Yeah, also don't really listen.

But, I mean, I know that I know all the standards, but that's a hard one to say. And I do see where you're coming from. And I think a lot of people that don't like them see that too. But I think like, me knowing a lot about Korea, I've seen a lot like of interviews with them. And so like he they didn't, you know, that was just something to do that was extra, you know, they didn't they didn't they didn't specifically use that as a gimmick it just kind of I guess seemed like a gimmick because no one else was doing it at the time. Like you were saying like it was done before, but no one was doing it at the time. So um, but yeah, I mean, I don't know. It's it's one of those things. Yeah, we can debate it back and forth.

Because you know it it makes me wonder How can they play to our sets? Wearing everything they? Oh, yeah, I know. That seems like you even

know there's a real guys in there.

No, that's them absolutely good. No, totally.

You would never know. That's them.

You got anyone else on your list Brit?

I do have another one. Okay. I feel bad saying because it's I don't not like the span and I don't not respect them. It's how it's how I felt about

Prince. Okay. It is like, how I felt about every band. I said,

Okay. And I think I'm saying it just because because of the overreach madness and to be super transparent. I own all the albums from this band. So it's just but it's the Sex Pistols. Hmm. And it's and it's not because I think that like they're bad. And anyway, I think it's just that the, you know, they probably received more attention than maybe They should, because musically they're not that strong, right? It's not like Sid Vicious. He's a really good bass player anything but they get a lot of attention because of his death. Yeah. And because of the whole Sid and Nancy thing. Yeah. And I think that you know, what john Leyden did later with Pio was much stronger and much more significant than the Sex Pistols. I recognize their importance and I recognize their influence and like I said, I own all their music and I know all their music and all of those things, but I feel like sometimes they get, they get a lot of those t shirt fans and they get a lot of that attention. You know, they're like a household name almost. Whereas, you know, PII is not and PII is superior, musically,

and I think a lot of these bands too, that we were talking about, like they get boosted to this level because of stuff that happened that was associated with a man like rice is this band, Nirvana. Um, there's a there's

a division who I also Super love but there's an like a recent you know rebirth of attention around Joy Division because people are you know because of Ian Curtis and all of you know the drama associated with him and his life and his death and so on.

So that you know, I feel like

they're they're definitely a worthwhile band definitely super important in the punk scene and have a very important role. But I feel like maybe elevated Yeah, well that isn't

I don't know.

Yeah, I think it's a lot of it went to their talent. Yeah, I think a lot of these bands it's a like a situational thing that that boosted them that I think people like they see the wrong things. And they're like, oh, because of this. This is why their music is is up here instead of the other way around. So like their music is up here because of the music right.

Did you have any other was the band Oh, sorry. I was Sex Pistols.

I was also thinking too,

when it comes to publicity and whatnot.

Like a lot of actors that go off and do their own music stuff, like Johnny Depp. Yeah. Like I don't like how to advertise as featuring so and so. Yeah.

That's marketing.

It is marketing. And one thing I liked when when 30 Seconds to Mars was coming out, you know, the Jared Leto absolutely refused to have the band marketed as featuring Jared love

that first album is awesome.

It is. Yeah, yeah. And that's one thing I like about, about stuff like that, you know, when are when actors go off and do music?

Yeah. What about when Macaulay Culkin Spann came out? Were you really into them? Yeah.

Yeah. called the pizza underground.

What the hell? I didn't know that. There's,

maybe don't watch the video because there's one that's like extra freaky. Yeah, it's just Macaulay Culkin licking his lips. No, thank you.

Yeah, um

but yeah,

I guess there's anybody. Oh, well, I was just gonna say well first off before I go on to the last one that I had, um Kim you got a new beer What are you drinking? Beer break? Beer break that was called beer

break I am drinking a from liquid brewing in garland tech liquid

mix some good stuff

liquid brewing Kong Garland, Texas and it's a punctal pumpkin pie spice dunkel. So my birthday is over and pass some slip and fall. So

while the pumpkin beers so excuse me, all the pumpkin beers are starting to come out. So yes, I was telling Britt that Sam Adams just came out with their limited release. Pumpkin beer and it's like jakko something. jackal lager Something smells really good

answer. It's not right. I've had better pumpkin beers. Yeah, um, this is I mean Yeah.

So, so just make sure that we hold on to that can for documentation.

Oh, yeah. And I took a beer break also too

earlier. Oh, would you would you? Oh, yeah, that that one. I got you a beer. Yeah, it was. I know it was German.

So I'm drinking and non alcoholic I in Becker. brow Heron alcohol free. It's a malt drink. And it's, it's, it's quite good. It's like, yeah, thank you, man. It's got a typical malt flavor to it. It's a bit robust. I think it's good.

Sweet. Oh, the SAM. Samuel Adams is Jacko pumpkin ale. Jacko. Pumpkin. Yeah, okay. Yeah,

it's pretty. It's pretty good. Well, we haven't tried it yet. We have,

but my favorite one is the lead in Google pumpkin pie. Is it pumped up? I see. I don't remember.

I don't I don't

think that that one. bloomin makes a nice pumpkin. Beer. Mm hmm. They also make beer and that's really good.

Oh, yeah, that one is good. Mm hmm. Yeah.


the last one on my list. We actually have to one real quick that my sister said, She's, I don't know, to like I never really got into them. So I don't know like what, especially like that, that genre I'm not really familiar with, but my sister said Bob Marley, she thought Bob Marley was

wrong. Agree.

No. Um, and the other one that me and Kim. Well, me and Kim talked about multiple times, a Beatles, The Beatles and Elvis Yeah, okay. Yeah, I never understood why I think

part of that is generational for us. Yeah, I think. And I and I also am not a Beatles fan. I'm not a mom. And so they were on my list as well. I just didn't get up yet. But I think it's generational. And I think it's because they did things that no one else was doing at the time. And that's hard for us to recognize because we're looking back and we've seen so many other things being done and it's hard to spot why They were controversial they were challenging the norms they were doing things that had not been done previously and I think that's why

they're also like the insync of like that time yeah like yeah the boy that they played Instagram I

forget what I think

of that and then they went to India and they got

no I'm just saying

then they went to India and they got high and then they started doing shit but I don't love them but I'm just saying they're not I've heard that argument before that the Beatles were like the first boy band

they made music they which cuz you know

yeah like that's one thing that is different from boy bands that chart

I guess it seems as though the fan base that they had was all female young females that were googoo gaga over them so that's where they get the bit the boy boy band thing Sure Sure. Sure.

Yeah, but but but when they did first come over and when they did come out, they were kind of like that pop rock. Kind of were like how their structure was but for me like when it because I know They came out like what in the 60s, early 60s, late 60s. It was weird for me because to me, like, I know a lot of people are like, oh, like they're influenced by The Beatles or whatnot and blah, blah, blah. But like, to me, I think the music that came before them was more influential than they were like, even though they were experimental, like, the 50s rock that was right before them even going up to like, right before the 60s to me, even though I wasn't there. Like I see that as more influential on the music that that I listened to now than the Beatles was. And I think the Beatles also too is one of those bands where it's like, a brand thing. Or like, he like you can't say you don't like the Beatles. Because then that means you don't like music. You know, like is very unpopular. Yeah.

And to say I don't like to be exactly. session with some friends who are super Beatles fan. Yeah. And it's like, I'm sorry. Like,

like, I've been into it. Like I've met multiple, like, I've met tons of people were like super Beatles fans and like they could say like this and that night like I couldn't. I couldn't understand why like, I was Listen to the music. I'd be like, Okay, I understand they're talented. I understand they matured from, you know, from when they came out to, you know, when they, yeah to where they ended. And but like I couldn't understand like where they sat, like where people kept them like, well the music that came out before them, you know was this and then the music that came out, because I'm sure the music that came out right after them wasn't directly influenced by them. Like, for instance, like the music that came out in the 70s. And then like, for instance, Black Sabbath, like they were like the first technical metal band, like they weren't directly influenced by The Beatles, but yet they were so influential when they came out. Yeah, even later, like as a metal band. So like, I see like, like Black Sabbath as a band that that should have been, like, people see the Beatles like they see the blacks, like they see Black Sabbath in that genre, but I don't see how the Beatles affected people, or the music scene in that way, like how it progress like you could see how like the 60s then it went to the 70s and then like there was disco And then like, you know what I mean? Like how it progress like I don't understand like were they set in being so influential that people say, like, I just I don't see that people I think I think you will put them on a whole different level. I'm really

not a super fan. The thing that scares the richest

drummer, the richest the

richest drummer, he is

too surprising, right, I guess. But for me, the thing that freaks me out is how many Beatles lyrics I know. Like a Beatle song will come on the radio and I'm like, I'm you're singing along and I'm like, why do I know this? Why do I know that? Like, where did that come from? I don't listen to them. I don't own their music, but somehow it's deeply ingrained in our brains. And that's kind of freaky. That's weird, because I don't I don't know. And also that you do and you just don't even realize it yet. There's

no argument that the Beatles gave

that the Beatles birth heavy metal. Oh, yeah. You

see, I don't see that. Because of Helter Skelter. Yeah, you see I don't I don't. And I don't know. I mean, yeah.

Because you see a lot of a lot of those early bands. Like, I don't think those arrows were. Okay, so if you take an era like 60s 70s 80s I don't think it was directly influenced by the era right before it. It was influenced by arrows, but two or three before Yeah, exactly. So like, if you have like the 60s or 70s people or the 80s bands, those guys were like, influenced by like, those 50s bands. Or like, you know, like Rolling Stones was influenced by like the blues that came way before the Beatles which, which you can say like, The Beatles were influenced by the same style because that's what they say like blu ray stuff, but like that supposedly they were like a branch off like Beatles was one side Rolling Stones was another side of the same like, I think they both stink. You see I like rolling like rolling stones. I like rolling stones. Like it's weird because I can't say that I like a Beatle song like I really can. But the Rolling Stones I can like I can't Say I'm a super fan of the Rolling Stones but I prefer Rolling Stones over that and Rolling Stones wasn't they were more Ron aggressive than the Beatles were to me. Um, but like, you can tell that they were directly influenced by like that 50s blues, right? Like, you know that stuff before that. Um, so like, I don't I don't, I don't see people. I guess it's the whole thing where people say like, oh, if you don't like the Beatles, and you're not a music fan, you know what I mean? Like, and I don't understand that. And that's where like people put them on this higher level and they're not that high to me. Like I don't I don't understand. And don't forget like this episode is

about overrated overrated bands. Yeah. And Beatles to me is overrated. So I'm not saying they're they weren't talented. I just think they're overrated.

Yeah, they didn't. They did. It's just yeah,

people random like out of 10 and I can say they're like a

six. Yeah, yeah. Oh, this was also the

other Elvis to Elvis is another one to like. I don't understand. Like, I

think that one's hard for us to because of the generational thing. Yeah. Because I think that he was doing stuff that really had not been done before. And I'm not defending him. I'm just saying like, we have to have a little bit. Oh,

I have another one. But like, I'm alone on this one. Whoa,

well, we got to hear it now.

Michael Jackson. Oh, you see how like

I yeah, I mean, I don't get it. I like john Jackson. Jackson. I love actually Javon that when I was working by myself today, but I don't know what like. I guess it was something different. Yeah.

I just yeah. I don't know some of the songs to kind of cheesy.

There are Yeah, it's right. I mean, there's a cheese element to it. And it's extra pop. I mean, that's so crazy, because

like Michael Jackson is one of those that I like, I like them. I mean, I'm not gonna

when he was influenced by The Beatles, and he did a

demo, McCartney, did he buy their their catalogue? Yeah, yeah. He owned it for

He has the rights to the median Paul McCartney did the song together.

The Carlos mine, I think might be the name of it. I'm not. Yeah,

yeah, I know. They did a song together too, but I can't remember what song was. But I know I like Jackson, I think.

Yeah, I guess because I wasn't of that time like I just never understood why it was so like,

he was a pop star in a way that had not happened previously, like it just enormous beyond any scale that

I think as a performer to like, he like went above

there. I could see as a performer he's a good performer as far as music. I'm like, man, I gotta

pass the longest music video

ever and I want to go back to Bob Marley. I have to disagree with that.

Oh, yeah, no, I

I'm not too well versed on the genre. I'm not. However, I feel like I'm not well versed on it because it's not, there's not a lot and it's a little bit more like it was just today. I feel like it's maybe not obscure but it's just kind of because he was I don't hear anybody doing that I haven't heard anybody else come out with stuff that even touched like touched it in a way that could combat it and like give it a kind of

go be present in the mainstream the same way they're sure

but it's because he was political reggae though right because like there was like no like activists yeah

like that I think is like alone not alone me yet so that he's not overrated yeah he's shitting your heart Yeah, cuz there was with no substance it's all substance and some stuff

Yeah, because there was reggae but then there was like he had reggae but it was like political political. Yeah, some Yeah. And like, I didn't I don't know too much about his music like I really don't I really don't listen to his stuff. I don't listen to reggae in general. But uh, like me, I'm like, I don't really don't have any opinion on that. So

there's, I don't

know, I was gonna say I think what annoys me is the the weed culture.


I think that's probably why maybe she said it because the culture like we were we were talking about too, it makes you see the artists in a certain way or like, Well, fuck, you know what I mean? Like, yeah, that is they did adopt him in that way. And it was more it was more a political thing for him not

Yeah. And not No, not political, like, not just the legalized

yeah oh yeah, there's a whole lot more like literally like yeah about like


right and authority and Rastafari anism which is a religion Yes. It's like a whole like system of belief. Yeah, that he was, you know, out there and I think

and so I feel like nobody's ever even been able to touch it even in that genre, which I spy for like, Yeah, he's kind of stands alone. Yeah,

I agree. I do. Am I a fan? I can't say I am because I don't listen to his stuff. But you know, I am. Yeah, well, that was that that was that was one of the ones we got on Instagram because I know sometimes we get stuff people post in and you know, they'll kind of put in their their opinions on stuff but Those are the ones those are the only only ones I had. The only other one I had was like, the gen, like a Gen genre, specifically the digital agenda. But I think that's more like a niche thing. So know what that is. So like, okay, I can actually sing it for you. Oh, so like the Gen. The Gen is like a genre that came out like I want to say like maybe 10 years ago, eight years ago, something like that.

Well, I think it started with a sugar

it. Yeah, you're right. You know what it is start with sugar. But Michigan was like, but like now then it turned into like this thing or like, it was like kind of like, what's the word like hipster dogen or whatever? Yeah, it goes this whole other thing and it was like a guitar that went to Jana Jana, Jana, Jana. And that's why it's called the gent because that's how the guitar is Yeah, like like like that's how the guitar sound okay, I just think I just think it's overrated genre. Like Yeah, there's a lot of look at look at Ani Actually, let me see if I can play something like ensued.

So like

Yeah, do you guys did I think I said everything on mine.

Oh my

Metallica. Actually yeah. Okay, now that's fine. Go for it. Yeah.

I mean, personally, I'm not all that into metal. You know, I am particular about my metal, but I feel that I didn't know. At the time that Metallica came out there were other bands that just did not get the attention they get and just and Metallica was the one that really shot up you know? And I think from the Big Four a more of a slayer fan.

Oh, wow. Interesting. You know,

just because to me, they're more and punk. I guess aesthetic. And I think that's fine.

So that was just a little bit of gent.

Yeah. Okay. So like, how do you say the gen like Jen, Jen. Okay. That's

That's hilarious. Yes.

Sounds like yeah,

so I just think that genre was

Anyways, so go ahead and metalia Yeah, so,

big Metallica fan. I'm actually wearing a

Metallica shirt right now locked in and I was like, Oh, that's cool. I mean, I kind of I kind of figured that because I knew I cuz I know you're not a big Metallica fan and I know, I

don't, I never found you to get more into them because I'm because of you like, No, I'm not gonna say I'm like the biggest fan now, but I have a big Metallica fan. I've been exposed to more of their music. Okay, Frank. I'm ready to debate. Let's go.

Alright, let's go. So what's the what's the deal?

I think Lars and James have big egos. Lars, I think definitely has a big ego. And I think he has a big drummer. Yeah, yeah. I think he has a big rein on how Metallica like where they are. Yeah, to Yeah, how they should sound and where they went directionally. Yeah. Um, but no, I mean, like I was saying, you know, back in the early 80s when thrash was coming down, you know, the market was flooded with with with thrash metal band Metallica was just the one that everybody focused on the one that really got up there and shot up there and whatnot

but when you listen to those early thrash Metallica Well, I guess I'm gonna go with mainly kill them all like, Dude like when I listen to thrash, like some of the other thrash bands like Metallica to me did sound better. Like, you know when, like just that album kill them all like it just it just sounded better to me that thrash and though they did evolve, like, you know, they went into the Hard Rock stuff that we were talking about with the load and reload puppets master puppets and justice for all like that was more like metal they kind of straight away from the thrash metal. We I know I see what you're saying and a lot of those thrash metal bands that they came out with, they stayed thrash metal, Metallica kind of evolved and they went into metal and right rock. Yeah,

and I think I think you know, the load and reload era of Metallica. That's my favorite metallic come to me personally. Because, you know, it was it was different from what they were doing. Yeah. And they had more of a blues sound. Yeah. And yeah, they did. Yeah. And that's one thing I like. And also what was interesting is, you know, grunge at the time was like, fading and new metal was becoming a thing. But Metallica chose to just go the hardrock route instead of following a trend, which you know, I can respect

Oh, man, imagine a Metallica a new metal. It just wouldn't work.

It just would not.

Let him do it.

It's not a proof. Yeah, he proved it. But no, I mean,

no, I mean, it's cool. Me.

Personally, if Metallica stayed hard rock, I think it would have gotten more into them.

Well, it's I think like, that's how people see like people who are fans of Megadeth like who don't like Metallica not because of the whole Dave Mustaine thing but because Megadeth stick stuck to their roots of like that thrash metal stuff like through and through like they stayed the whole path like right they never changed but like Metallica. I think some of those Original fans of that genre, like they kind of strayed away from them. Some of them did is because like Metallica experimented more, like like we were saying they went into the more the Hard Rock blue stuff. Yeah, um, but yeah, you can hear a lot of that stuff and reload and then they went back into metal But yeah, I mean a lot of stuff that does have to do with large, not only

the sound, but I think even visually when they are cut their hair and started wearing makeup. A lot of a lot of dudes weren't into that, like a lot of their fan base wasn't into that. Yeah. And so I don't know, I guess maybe these anti

anti Megadeth people probably started gravitating toward Megadeth because

oh, yeah, I hear you. Yeah.

Because that's because they were playing the music that they were used to

but you see a lot of that like this is I think we're it makes us here in this room like different from the general fan bases because like those like they'll go off of like, Oh, they look like this and they did this like that's why we won't listen to But like we do it because we listen to the music, right and Metallica, like, to me, like I never looked at them in any other way, especially since I didn't grow up with them when they were thrash or metal and like turn into hard rock. Like, I didn't listen to them till afterwards. And I didn't listen to them because someone else was into them. I listened to him because I liked the guitar work like I like, like, that's how I learned how to play guitar. Like, I just liked it. Like, you know what I mean? Like, and there are some Metallica things that I can admit that I don't like. And, and some people can't do that. Like they can't they're like, Oh, no, like, I like all of this, like, right from this band in this band. And I mean, I like a band because, you know, cuz if they're sincere or whatever, and what they're doing, that's why I like them. But yeah,

yeah. Um, I mean, like I said, you know, like, we've been like, we've been saying we're not taking away anything for nerds. Oh,

yeah, definitely. Yeah, it's just so don't send us any bullshit. No, no,

it's just they're one of the more mainstream because our

return to sender.

My goodness, dang, what's the peanut butter beer, talking

It's just they're one of the more mainstream thrash metal bands. Yeah, yeah. And I felt like there are other bands out there that could have gotten the same attention. But it all it all went toward Metallica. And I don't know, if it happened to anthrax, I probably would have felt the same way.

Yeah. Well, but anthrax took a weird turn some ways, like, anthrax was a anthrax is a different story, too. Yeah,

yeah. Plus, they did some hip hop stuff. Yeah, that's, yeah, that's what we're talking about. Yeah. Mm hmm. But no, I mean, maybe maybe it's just my general distaste for any

overly commercial music. You know, I can still try to find some value in it. But I think when something gets overly commercial, I start to you know, frown and maybe turn away from it.

Like Nickelback, like Nickelback. Yeah.

But no, I mean, yeah, that's that that wireless right there.

Okay. I mean, I don't have anything else to say unless the ladies have something to say no. Good alright guys well that that makes another two hour episode I hope you guys enjoy if you guys have any hate mail you know where to send it raw copy or pod comm go over there send us an email, emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, we'll be back in two weeks frankenberger gonna take a little time off, enjoy some outdoors and stuff. And me and Kim will take a little break as well. And then when we come back hopefully we will be doing Episode 10 and we'll be on band beer brands. So basically it'll be bands that are did collaborations with breweries and then we'll do that might be a one part episode or a two part episode I'm not sure. But I know there's quite a bit of bands that we go through so we'll do is talk about their beers, and then talk about how the bands themselves influenced us or how we feel about those bands in general. Cool, but uh, so once I get those bands, I'll make a list posted on Instagram Facebook, you guys can tell us how you feel about those bands and if you guys drink in any of their brews, um and with that said, we'll See if we hear from you and we'll see you in a couple of weeks. Cheers. Cheers.

All right. Bye, everyone.

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