Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 8 - Soundtracks

August 01, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 8
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 8 - Soundtracks
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 8 - Soundtracks
Aug 01, 2020 Episode 8
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This week, we discuss Smoke Beer, Big Red, Birthday Cake Beer (for Kim's birthday!), Irish Beer, and Soundtracks! Cheers!

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This week, we discuss Smoke Beer, Big Red, Birthday Cake Beer (for Kim's birthday!), Irish Beer, and Soundtracks! Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. So if for those of you who are new to this podcast, we are a podcast that talks about craft beer tries to learn about craft beer as we go along. And we discussed craft beer. Try to taste a new mirror every every episode, try not to go back to something we've already had in the past. I want to say maybe 94% of it is craft beer. There'll be some beers here and there that aren't going to be craft beer. Maybe we'll have some wine and some whiskies I know we had one wine already. But uh, yeah, so that's what the podcast is about. We also talk about me related topics. So hello again France. Right. Hi, friends.

Hi, friend. Hi, friend. They're still show

you're still running without coming forward yourself.

Yeah, there's they're still listening. And so this is episode eight. We've been doing this for two months already. It's pretty crazy by

class. Yeah. And I'm realizing you're in quarantine.

Yeah. And I know, Frank, we were talking about it that this actually helped the quarantine thing a little bit because we were going kind of crazy not doing anything and it gives us like, I mean, yeah, it does. It gives us something to look forward to and when the weekend comes, because we didn't really have I mean, there wasn't anything going on. So

everybody's been cooped up at home. Everybody wants to go out. Yeah, and this is like the next best thing we could do.

Yeah, it's like a safe way to have some drinks and hang out in the comfort of our own home with friends. orielles home Yeah.


and you don't have to get kicked out of a bar.

Yeah, that dude. Yeah,

if you got a crush out, crush out Yeah.

Um, so. So if you guys also are new to the episode, we have a little segment called The Hangover where we talk about things maybe we didn't get to talk about on the last episode, or maybe something we wanted to just bring up real quick. That was related to last episode. And there actually is one huge thing that we should probably talk about, which is the smoke of beer that Frank brought for the last German themed episode we had. So we were gonna try that beer on the show. But we did add, which was cool because we still had German beer, but we're like, okay, let's let's try it out. You know, I had never had. Okay, first off, has anyone had a beer like that before? No,

no, but it sounded interesting. So that's why I got it.

Okay, so we had so we got a smoke beer and let me pull up the information for that and if you want to see any More details on it. You can go to our Instagram at

Rock Tock happy hour happy hour.

Oh, I forget that. But I

always get confused with the Twitter, which is our D h.

Yeah. I like to keep them different because Twitter knows a little I think it was too long for Twitter. Anyway, that's a minute. But okay, so this was the original schlenkerla smoke beer, and it was a wheat beer. But uh, it was a it sold us the beer type is a smoke beer, which is supposed to have the flavor that it states it's supposed to have, which is smoky. I think they do something to the malts where they burn them to where they get a smoky flavor, and then it gets into the flavoring when the whole brewing process starts. So this one yeah, so I guess the best way to describe it because we were we had a long discussion about this beer when we were tasting it and and it tastes good like You got if you had a barbecue, and you got the smoke, and you mix it in water and bottled that but took out the meaty the meatiness of it. That's that's what it was. And it's weird because it didn't taste horrible because I finished it right. It was just very interesting. very distinct. It was distinct and unique. Like, I never had anything like that before. Um, but you didn't get the taste it though or I could have no I I smelled in my gut. Okay, so it was funny because whatever you smelled that's exactly how it tasted.

It smelled like a cloud of smoke.

Yeah. And it tasted like a cloud of smoke. Yeah. Um, and let me see what was the

what was the ABV on that? ABV I don't think was very high either like five or six. Yeah. 5.2 5.2%. So it was very interesting. I don't know if anyone out there is actual like, fan of smoke beer. Like I can't imagine someone like that style. Been there go to. It's insane. Now like so. You did

it did it have a heaviness to it or did it?

I don't even know it wasn't no

it just like liquid barbecue. That's how it was just Yeah.

It was just like water was smoke flavor. Yeah. Well with with with alcohol yeah and bubbles Yeah, so that's exactly like well

i mean i guess i mean i don't know you have to use a certain amount you have to use the right malt for for smoking beer like that yeah i mean this is just one way I'm looking it up that this is just one way to do it I think it's called a rush rush beer it's it yeah it's all in the malts and exactly how you how you smoke it and some people say you can use Beechwood smoked malts.


so yeah, another say it's peated malt.

Yeah, so there's there's different there's different malts in different hops for They're used for different styles. So they're all going to have different flavors. And yeah, I was reading a little bit on that too. And I know they actually, like earned some of the hops like just to get that earn flavor, but you still have the hops there, you know what I mean? And then whatever.

hops and


Well, but it's a it's a wheat beer. Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, yeah, cuz

that's gonna be the type of Mm hmm. It's, it's gonna be that wheat family. But

you said there was no wheat flavor in it.

There wasn't well, because it got burned off, or got burned.

burned up. I wonder if it's wheat style, but the smokiness takes over.

Let's see what this

is like drinking carbonated alcoholic liquid smoke.

Yeah. Let's see. So what was I talking about? I'll talk about About hops and why do I keep man I need someone to keep giving me you know,

hops and more hops,

hops and malt malts, some wallets or the wheat, or the weedy part. Oh, Cookie Monster, the weak part. So that's what so yeah, so I'm not even drinking it. Usually I'm like two beers in and I think I do better that way. But uh, yeah, so Okay, so that's, that's that. I mean, if any of you guys are a fan of the smoke beer, let us know and then let us know like, what beard is?

Yeah, explain yourself. Yeah.

Yeah. I had to, um, tell us where you're from and where you know where you get your smoke beer from? Because I really didn't see anybody being a huge fan of this. Um, so going on to a little bit of

a beer late. Do you have anything else that you want to say about last episode or? Last

episode? No.

No, no, not

really. No, no.

Okay, so yeah, I have a hangover.

Yeah. Okay.

I was I was thinking about how my other It was hard to choose a guilty pleasure. I just feel like maybe I have more than one I don't know and I guess that's fine. But I was when I was working today and I had my Pandora and I had on the 2000s hip hop station.

Oh yeah your hip hop

forgot my guilty pleasure of that era of hip hop like the early 2000s so the southern rap like I don't know it it just made me like pumped for writing I mean, it just got me pumped I love like all that old stuff. Well john Yang twins Paul all millionaire you know all those look that were? Yeah. really popular during that. Oh, yeah, right. Yes. Eight through six. Maybe Oh, seven like, mm hmm, maybe.

Oh, yeah. I don't know how to get started but definitely like to the old

lady forgot to mention them because you feel no guilt, nor should maybe

you shouldn't.

Like it's also nostalgic to like everything I guess for me is just nostalgic because that was stuff that I was when I was in school in high school that puts my age out there that was popular around that time and I was in the dance team and stuff and so that was the stuff that we're listening to and


Yeah, well as much as we could with the clean Oh, yeah.

Virtually Yeah.

Well, that was funny because I can cut ahead I guess a little bit um, this episodes about soundtracks? You know, one of the This one's like a little out of the box, but one of my favorite soundtracks was I'm going to cheat a little bit jump ahead was a the soundtrack to Need for Speed underground to and I like to play video games and stuff. So that one had like a lot of punk and a lot of like hip hop and stuff like that. And like, a lot of the underground Well, it was called underground, but there was like a lot of stuff on there, like bands and artists that I found out about because of that soundtrack. Like, I know You have Rise Against and then I started listening to rise against more because they had a track on there called give it all and then I started following them a little bit when the album after that song came out so that song was on a certain album then the following album I started listening to them TV on the radio was actually Oh, on one of those soundtracks if it wasn't that one, it was another one but for the same video game. Yeah, there was like and then of course, little john was only one too. So like, yeah, there was like those video game soundtracks to like, I discovered a lot of music on there, because I was like, oh, who's this? You know? Who's this?

So it's a soundtrack for the video game? Uh huh. Not for film. No, no, no.

Yeah, it was for video game. Yeah. So that's how I was like, I'm gonna cheat a little bit, but because I do have film soundtracks on here, but I kind of got some. I had some stuff to talk about. Um, well, if you guys don't have anything else to say. We actually found some news about not a beer. Have an alcoholic beverage is coming out and it's crazy because I know you'd be interested. Like, this was like, you know, um, but topo Chico is coming out with a hard seltzer seltzer. Yeah,

we were just talking about that on our way. I just read an article about it this morning. Yeah. And we were and we saw these billboards for the hard seltzers. Man, everybody's jumping.

Natural lights. Oh, my gosh.

We actually sold out at HGTV. Yeah, yeah. So because of all the stuff that I told you that they're starting to have now at our store. Um, yeah, that's actually where we saw the natural light one and yeah, and yeah, I guess that's the next big,

but what I thought was interesting about the top of Chico one is because it's owned by Coca Cola. Yeah. So, you know, that would be Coca Cola is first, I guess, alcoholic beverage. I think they had. I remember correctly. I don't want to be wrong, but I think there was like some kind of relationship. To them having an alcoholic beverage but like way long time ago, I think that's what I read

like that. And then

now they're good. They're topo Chico, which they own.

I mean, I don't know why they should be so ashamed. They used to have cocaine in their dam. So, yes, it's true. It's been a while but yeah,

it's been a while. Yeah. It's just weird as far as like further marketing because, you know, soda appeals to everybody. Yeah. of age or not sure to have a hard seltzer with a company like that. It's just it's, it's,

it's different. But But I think a lot of people don't automatically, like when they see topo Chico, they don't automatically think Coca Cola, even though I'm sure a lot of people don't know. But like, I don't think about it right away when I see it. I know. I know. Yeah. Yeah. So like, I guess, I guess that kind of makes sense. If they were gonna do it, they do it on that side of their company. But, uh, yeah, it's gonna be interesting. So when it comes out, we'll definitely get that and then big Reddit the big red. Ro beer is Still, it's still people are still waiting for their backorder. So that Oh yeah, so Okay, yeah. So while we're waiting for that, I guess we're

waiting for the robot to come back and stop.

If you hadn't heard the past episodes. I had done a taste test or shiner. And of course Frank drinks on alcoholics. And we were talking about big red. So we're like, Well, you know, let's do a bigger taste test. So,

um, so if you don't know that any haven't listened to prior podcasts that were mentioned it big red is a red cream soda. That is from Texas. Yeah, yes. Yeah. So usually you can't really find it a lot of places outside of Texas. But that's the brand name, big red and then HGTV, which is our local grocer, a Texas grocer. Just like Walmart would have like their own cola or whatever. He has their wild red. Yeah, so today we actually have a big red which is the brand name and a wild red Which is a GB brand, and we're gonna see a frank contest the difference between the two since he didn't he can't do a beer taste test. I mean he could a non alcoholic, but we thought it'd be fun to try and do a big read. Can he spot the real

difference, Brett? All right, Frank, go ahead and get your blindfold on. And we'll have Kim set that up.

So I'll do that. I'm gonna go ahead and talk about some little stuff real quick. Frank, probably specifically this applies to you, but it's pretty crazy because with the quarantine and stuff going on. There's a lot of artists now they're just like releasing stuff. They're just doing stuff. I guess they didn't get a chance to do because they were too busy doing other stuff and I guess quarantine they have a lot of time on their hands. I know Corey Taylor has been working on some stuff for a while. And he like solo stuff that he's been wanting to do. And I guess he's finally at the time to do it now. So he released a couple of singles off of his solo projects. CFT I don't know if you're familiar with it Frank?

Where's my mic?

Yeah, it's right there. I can hear you.

I can actually hear you good. I'm blindfolded right now so I can't Yeah,

it sucks right um I don't know if you heard the single that came out we shared it with you right it was the single with yeah

the video

I actually didn't dig on the song leader did honestly but I thought the cameos were cool.

Yeah, I thought the cam actually liked I was talking to us a Corey Taylor and it was with who who was it again? I forgot I mean kid bookie but who was the other guy like Tec nine Tec nine There you go. See I like Tec nine. And he's like real aggressive and heavy to me. But I didn't like what he did on that song. But I was I liked more What the? What the kid Boogie guy did or kid did. And I'm not too familiar with him. Also,

too. I'm not I mean, I could be wrong, but I think I may have read somewhere about Corey Taylor. Before I got into slipknot. I think he was into the whole like skateboard hip hop scene back

then. I mean, it sounds it sounds like it. I mean even when you hear the first like Slipknot album even now like

there's some rapping Yeah,

yeah, you can hear it. And then now I guess he's just, you know, doing solely stuff like that. But before I mentioned other two things, I'll go ahead and we'll get to the bigger head part. Okay, so Kim, you got the one that's, you know which ones are which. Okay, so go ahead and get them the first one and let's see what he thinks. So the first one all right, don't worry. We got you. We got you. Alright, so Frank's gonna try the red beer. I mean, the red beers, the red sodas and CBA seating. Get it? Get it together. Okay.


how red does it taste?

for a second. All right.

first one's definitely bigger.

Okay, why?

Because it's like one's more syrupy. And a second one's got more that bubblegum flavor that big reds associated with,

etc. I didn't know that association until you brought it up last episode. I really

was it was red cream soda.

Yeah, it's very subtle. But if you you know, just like, yeah, swing it in your mouth. Yeah, but you can definitely pick up that that that. Like that bubblicious flavor,

bubblegum flavor. It's funny, because I know we have colored glasses, but it kind of even looks like the second glasses a little darker than the first one. And you said the second one tastes more syrupy? Yeah, um,

but we need to know did he get it right? Did he get it right?

Oh, don't worry. I'm a true Texan.

We wanted to stump you and try to get some other red sodas but



yeah. All right. Well, your prizes a big red and Faker. Big Red. Yeah, there you go. Have you got

Yeah, no, go for it.

Um, see my fake one is flatter,

flatter. Mm hmm.

Cuz Yeah, I'm not like I'll drink red soda every once in a while but I'm not like a huge fan actually. Speaking of sodas we haven't had in a while. So we went to pick something out to eat before we got home before we started doing this obviously, it was after work. And since this is a beer podcast, I can mention it. I hadn't had this type of soda in forever. I had a root beer. Yeah, like and I haven't had one in years and I had one and I was like, Damn, this tastes good. Yeah, does That's weird. I got a taste right? Yeah.


I gotta do more research on Big Red cuz after

we learn. Okay, well, you know what now I'll let you do a report on that. Let us know you let us know like what happened in the beginning of the

Oh yeah, definitely Yeah. Oh, you don't have to drink those two like if you want, we can put them in the fridge.

I'm gonna drink them.

Okay. All right, that sounds good. Um, okay, so going back to the music thing I also heard I know I don't know if you heard it, but I sent him to new corn. So yeah,

so with yellow wolf that was very cringe worthy.

It was a cover up if you haven't heard it yet. And I know he just passed away too, but I don't know what was up with that. But it was basically guys if you haven't heard corn did a cover of Charlie Daniels devil went down to Georgia with yellow Wolf and I didn't feel like it didn't do anything like you know what I mean? Like it was just the Primus version is is awesome.

Have you heard I don't think I've heard that

but I did. I did hear like if you hear it, don't hear it. You got to watch it. Watch the video. Okay, because the video is like a claymation like Stop this video. It's fucking cool because he has like the little kid and then like, like with his fiddle and then like the devils in there like it's visually it's cool and yeah and it just Yeah, um but if there was any cover of that song ever done that Prime This one is probably the best well Also, I mean I know you guys don't play video games but like the one that was on Guitar Hero three I don't know if you ever heard it? Um I don't know who did it? I think it might have been like the developers that version is badass it's pretty like a hard rock almost leaning on metal version. It's pretty damn cool like all the solos that they haven't been to but uh yeah anyways that I mean that I guess that's connected to this episode because has to do with soundtracks. Now I'm wondering for those types of video games where they couldn't secure the rights for the actual songs, or those session musicians or are they like, are they in bands and they're just not crediting them as such. So for the first that's a good thing. So for the first Guitar Hero I think it was either for the first guitar or first two guitar heroes, they couldn't get the rights of the original recordings. So I don't think they got the rights until like the third one, I could be wrong, but either way for sure one of them. Um, so what they did was the developers actually had musicians working there. And they actually, like, played the cover versions of them. I know, definitely on the first one. And then on the second one, there was a band that was actually part of the developers group. So like, there was friends in there, and they actually had a band called jurist. Okay. And it was like one of the most popular songs on that soundtrack. If you haven't heard, it's called the arterial black. Do That song is awesome. And it was one of their original songs. Nobody knew who it was, but it was a band from the that was in the development developing team. And dude, it was on the game and everyone was like, Who's this band? And it was they were the developers. But yeah, so like on that first one, they could get the right stance here. Yeah. And and they Actually, they weren't session musicians, but they weren't musicians. And I wasn't

sure about that. Because I know sometimes if you can secure the rights, sometimes musicians are contractually obligated to not do these types of things. Yeah. You know, so yeah, that was Yeah,

that answered my question. Yeah. So yeah, Guitar Hero was one of those was big, those big ones, which is kind of weird, because, like the first guitar hero, you would think they would go out of their way, like not go out of their way but try to get the rights. And but I guess the rights were like able, they had a better time seeing the success of the first one. And so the labels were like, yeah, here, go ahead, use our music. Go ahead and use our music because I think the third one and then after that you even had a guitar hero, Metallica? Yeah, Guitar Hero Aerosmith. Like, then think there was rock band AC DC? No Guitar Hero, AC DC? I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah. So like, you know, they saw the success, not user music. You know what I mean? Um, and then the last one, which was a weird one, because this is all these are artists that we grew up with Cory Taylor corn. Last one would be Manson I heard the new Manson's Yeah, we are chaos. What did you say he worked with again?

He works he he worked with shooter Jennings on his new album.

Yeah. So all these artists that we just mentioned working with somebody on the opposite of the rock genre,

and I just want to point out even I mean, I didn't really, I didn't particularly enjoy corns cover of the devil went down to Georgia. But I do like the fact that the money that they're making from the sales that song or going to like children's counseling services, okay, so I'm thinking I'm just gonna buy the song specifically for that purpose.

Yeah, it's cool. Yeah. And never listened to it.

Yeah, I would. I would do that. I think I have done that before. Like, for some, like charity stuff will be like, yeah, you know, sure. I'll use it or whatever. Um, alright, so one more thing. Let me put my headphones on real quick. Uh, Frank, come on elevator two.

All right. Okay,

well okay, so I want to slow.


Alright, so, Kim's birthday is on Tuesday for those. For those of you who don't know, and she's No, no Tuesday. Yeah, it's on Tuesday. Yeah. So for listeners out there like this is a I think the other episode would be too late if we did it because it'd be like Saturday next Saturday. So since we're here together, um, and this is a podcast about beer, we actually found a Imperial stout. That's birthday cake flavored. So I thought it was cool for her to drink this on the show. Sure. It was cool. And we'll sing happy birthday to her. Okay, so let me open this.

really pretty.

Yeah. So if you want to check that out, that was called

blueberry boyfriend.

Mario got jealous. Yeah,

I didn't know. ABB was very high. Mine's not that high.

It had a cute little label that all those beers had really cute, colorful labels.

Yeah, I don't know what brewery that is. Don't remember,

even the little brown Brewing Company from McAlester, McAlester, Oklahoma.

Look at the bottle cap. I like the little guy on there. Oh

yeah, he's a catfish smoking a cigarette now you can we can. Oh yeah, we do

a cup here, right. It's a cigar. So yeah, he is. So we'll post this on Instagram. Okay. And we'll see you know his Happy Birthday public domain.

Let me check that

like a like a weird yeah something like Yeah. All right chilly.

I don't want to get sued. Birthday. No. And then we get sued by Chili's. Oh my gosh. It's like Oh, they sound just like ours. Oh my

gosh, that looks pretty. Oh, but then again, that is a darker

glass but Oh no. Yeah.

Oh, well, it's it's an it's an imperial stout. That's why it's

Yeah, it is a Imperial stout brewed with birthday cake flavors. sounds

are pretty end the alcohol by volume is down 11 yes yeah

all right let's see what this corner piece is happy birthday public domain

Oh, it's it's public domain now. Okay. Okay. So I think there was there was I think it used to not be

restaurants singing different version. Ah, here we go.

So this was actually recent a judge approved a settlement that will put Happy Birthday in public domain it ends the ownership ownership claims of Warner Music So, Warner Music had it actually, I think this was like three four years ago. So they were actually collecting royalties on it. I guess like that's why places like Chili's and stuff. I mean, you couldn't even do it on TV unless you pay for it. So yeah, so it was crazy. Alright, let's sing Happy Birthday,

Kim. We do a do a countdown.

Yeah. 123 Happy birthday.

Happy birthday

to you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you. Okay,

I just poured out for a Brit. Yes. Very thick. Yeah.

How does it smell?

I smell vanilla.

Yeah. Oh. Somebody wants like that a taste. It tastes like chocolate cake. But let's see. You know what smells like exactly like vanilla cake.

Vanilla. thick. Okay.

Wow. And very sweet. It's

that texture of that beer is like syrup. Oh, this is like cake.

Yeah, you're like the smoke beer kinda liquid cake.

Yeah, Franco is you could try it.

Love it. We can boil it.

condense it down. poured over some ice cream.

actually probably make a good beer ice cream flow.

Absolutely no this actually Oh man. This is not that bad. I don't know what I'm bad I guess cuz it's a stout. It's very sweet because the stout oh man it left my lip sticky. Yeah.

Cuz you drink I don't

know. I think

that's very sweet. Yeah, dude, it tastes like a cupcake. But like if you mixed a stout with it, because it does taste you can. You can taste a stout and then you can taste the cake like separately, or the vanilla like Yes, yeah,

I get the vanilla.

No, no, it's not bad. Yeah, well, the good thing is it doesn't suck. Because I was like, I'm getting this for your birthday.

So, alright, she's 22. So I

turned 23 this year. There you go. Um,

so, okay with uh, with all that stuff out of the way though, so we're doing soundtracks of course. And then aside from the big red in the cake beers, this is our Irish beer themed episode. So I know Bert already started hearing some Irish stuff. I know Frank has to me and Kim have to so before going to the soundtrack Do you guys want to talk about the Irish beers that you're drinking or we're drinking?

Yes, so I started off today's episode with caliber it's made from Guinness and it's a non alcoholic malt beverage. Interestingly, even though it's it's from Guinness and Dennis is Irish, it's actually bottled in the UK and DHEA geo Dr. geo Great Britain redcorn Uk I guess brewery and I think I read a while back that Guinness uses the UK as their bottle or for mainland Europe. But uh, you know, I think they do bottle their own stuff in Ireland, specifically for for that Irish market so that's interesting I guess they transport the beer and barrels and they just bottle it up in the UK so weird.

So is that a non alcoholic or alcohol

free it's a non alcoholic it's got less than point five okay okay

and see 66 calories on it what style is it is a good you know it's it tastes a bit watered down huh so it's it doesn't quite have a punch like you would expect it to because it did Guinness but I think it's not bad but it's also not All right, let

me check that out.

So this is it's so crazy to me because a lot of these like non alcoholic so it's hard for me to tell like what type they're trying to. It's Yeah, it's so it's like a lot of times I have to do my research on them like I didn't know that. The Heineken I don't know if the rules change when I wouldn't when when when they did the zero, but it's a year ago. Pin pale lager, their original Heineken. Um, so that's just the zero version. So I would assume it is. And I didn't know that the Stella Artois that we had last week. That's a European style pale lager, too. And actually the harp that we got today that we'll talk about later, that's a European pale too. So, yeah, I'm starting to see where,

yeah, and you know, one thing I discovered recently is that some of these very multi non alcoholic drinks. If you drink them from the bottle, that's Yeah, that's fine. But if you drink it from a pint, I think it opens up the flavor more. And it gives it a bit of a more robust, sometimes more crisper flavor. Yeah, that's what I've come to discover. So I think for a lot of these types of very multi type beers, it's probably best to put them into a pint. Let the flavors like opened up a bit. And you'll definitely taste the flavor between there there's a flavor distinction between them. bottle and drinking from a poll. Yeah, definitely. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. Um, I know we're still learning more about that we're actually going to get I'm gonna get some glasses soon to glass types so that we can actually use the glass types for the style but um, yeah, so we're we're picking up more information as we go. And I know that's a main a one of the bigger things about craft beers to his style, glass style. I know we've talked about that, like two episodes ago, but a Brit what you got

drinking Guinness in this proper Irish girl.

And this one is brewed and bottled in Dublin at the Guinness brewery. And yeah, it's Guinness. I don't know what to say. Yeah. Except, it's awesome.

It is draft so it's from a can and so they have one of those little things that they refer to as a I just read it mmm legit or something weird. Yeah, you guys. plastic ball in there with nitrogen in it. Yeah.

Yeah, they call it a widget kind of like us. break in. Yeah, exactly. Well, no, actually that's a marble. Right? Yeah. When I was a kid, we used to break the marbles out of there. Yeah.

Do you want to talk a little bit about how the certification process and the at the brewery in Ireland and Dublin?

I don't know. Like

I haven't been there yet, but it is a goal. I will get there.

I promise but I do I do. I do remember back when we were still allowed to go to bars. Anytime you order again, is the the bartender always had a particular way of pouring. Oh, I think you were telling me Yeah, so they'll pour it maybe about what three quarters of the way? Because it's got like a really, head. Yeah, they had a bit. It's like what like three fingers deep or something like that. And then they got to let it sit for a while and then they finished pouring it out for you. And I think they the glass. It's got to go a certain degree and And as it's filling you gotta like carefully know how to move the glass.

Huh? Even this can says that you should pour it into a glass tilted at 45 degrees. Wow.

Didn't get my protractor out.

And for those of you confused as to why we're doing Irish this time we're trying to do different, I guess regions. Yeah, every episode just to kind of isolate the styles. Um, and also to

or st Patty's bark party got cancelled?

Yeah because of COVID so that we don't

get to have one in 2021 Yeah,

so since I'm not a fan of Christmas in July so this is the last day of July. Let's do St. Patrick's Yeah, so um, please so yeah, so I know Frank and Britt would cook up some vegetarian style, right? Yeah. Irish dishes and they were like really good. Like, I'm like, holy crap. What

did you make for us tonight?

Oh, yeah. Would you make first night we Made soda bread traditional style Irish soda bread and we made pub cheese so good. Yeah, and of course the with the bread we have kerrygold Irish butter, which is like dreamiest

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no it was really good um, but anytime anytime you guys cook some stuff up for you know for any occasion is pretty good even like it's crazy because like you guys, like I was saying are vegetarian and like these dishes to me are like they don't like you can't tell that they are vegetarian like I remember you had made a What did you make it was a shepherd's pie the last time and I was like if you wouldn't have told me I wouldn't have like, you know what I mean knowing the difference because I'd never had it before either. And I was like this taste, you know? Yeah, cool. Yeah, right. So and So

yeah, that was that tonight.

So me and Kim what we're drinking. We actually started with an O'Hara's Irish red. This is from Carlow, Ireland. So this is important here. Who imports it here for us? That's not important. Some place in South Carolina, but this is definitely from from Ireland. It's got a 4.3% ABV. Well, what am I saying? Another thing? Oh,

well it's crazy cuz the first the first the first sip, you're like, holy shit but then like you take the other sip you're like okay cool like whatever, then you can.

Yeah, you gotta chug it. I'll be best

Wait, what's the ABV on 11%

on the website Holy shit. Oh yeah time here 11% Yeah, holy crap. Well, I guess that's, I mean

Um, so, back to this I respect was looking at the lady's like

I think this is a beer you're supposed to slam on your birthday

Possibly, you

know 11% That's true. That's hardcore. 11% is now officially the highest ABV that we've had on this show. Because

we're in the frickin glass

because I think this even goes I'm gonna post

a picture of it on the Instagram.

You can take a look at it because it's like, legit like chocolate syrup that you would pour over ice cream.

I think this out out does the dragon's milk, right.

I think it's also 11

Oh, it's 11 holy crap. Okay, well, if it's a if it's a tie, then I mean still, that's high. That's well.

I could be wrong, but I think stone brewing has a new beer. It's like a 14% ABV shit. And I mean, I I think it's dumb brewing. But what whoever, you know, whoever This is, they're selling an exclusively I think on their website. No, no, actually, I think it's Martin house. Martin house I just came up with the 14% ABV. Beer and you can actually pick it up at the at the brewery up in Fort Worth I think that's where that's at. And I think for 20 bucks you get to 16 ounce cans and I think a pint glass as well.

Well you need while I was telling you guys that you here it is that I had drinking that drink that trip hell yes. So the turbo was a pretty high ABV and then I found out that there was a quadruple and the quadruples are, let me see what the ABV is or on those are I don't know if it's the same on the same categories. And when did you were just talking about because I actually found that a total wine. So I went I saw that total wine. They only have it in six packs, right? So when we went to world market, the bottle is this freaking huge. And the ABV on it is 10.5% Wow. And I was like holy shit. I mean, the triples are good, and they're good because they're sweet because of the multi volume that they have that Why so tripled the amount of Malta this has quadrupled the amount of malts. This has got to be well, yeah, that's a stout. So, um, yeah. So, do you know what? I'm for your birthday? I'm going to try to find a non alcoholic birthday cake beer. So you can

I'm sure it's

no Yeah, no, I will find it dude. I will friggin special ordered if I have to. Because this is myself.

Um, but yeah, cuz this was interesting. Like,

and you said you never had a smoke beer? Oh, obviously, right? Because we were talking about though. Okay, so I got to find one of those two. So you can I'll make note of that smoke. Beer for Frank. For

I could just collect car exhaust.

I think it'd be better to drink that the actual alcoholic alcoholic beverage a

bottle of liquid smoke from the grocery store.

That's right.

Well for it coholic for anyone listening if you know of Any non alcoholic smoke beers? Let us know at brockhoff scout Happy [email protected] Let me see Did I say that right? Let's see if I do. So. Oh, sorry, rock talk happy hour [email protected] who I forget this stuff. I'm so sorry. Oh so bad. so bad. So back to the I need that our teleprompter. So back to the Irish beer that we were drinking so this is Irish red ale. And it's really multi it's actually close to a Pilsner. They say it's close to a Pilsner, but I don't think so because it's supposed to be on higher on the multi side. It's gonna have low bitterness and low ABV because it's only 4.3%. So yeah, so me and Kim are drinking our hieros and we're also drinking the birthday cake beer. You don't have to drink at all.

Yeah, just hearing good Korean. I feel like if ice cream

if you had ice cream, you perfect

does look like syrup? Well,

it does look like motor oil. Um,

if you want, I think you like the harp, you can get a harp or you I don't want to put you through any nails pick something that you wanted. Yeah.


But yeah, so if you guys want to say happy birthday to Kim on Instagram or on Twitter, you can go ahead and do that all our links are on the website at Rock talk happy hour pod calm. Um, so with that with all the beers out of the way, I want to start talking about soundtracks.

Yeah, let's get to that. I think we've been

screwing around too much.

So let's get to business. I'm homeless wants to go first.

I guess I'll start it. Okay.

You know, and I actually had some difficulty with this because I think we said we agreed to no scores, right? Yes. Scores yeah okay and a lot of my favorite soundtracks are score we

can do score well separately that that's a that's a pretty crazy thing too because soundtracks are specifically soundtrack like some people get that confused and I understand why and scores are specifically scores like um but uh but we can do scores in Episode Two because there are some good scores out there that uh that you know yeah yeah

and I'm you know, when it comes to soundtracks I'm I'm more a fan of the types of soundtracks that don't just pull songs from albums. Like I like when artists record exclusively for

a sound. That's why I like soundtrack. Yeah, that's where you, especially when it's a soundtrack that contains besides right on stuff like that, and those are the ones that I love to, but uh,

yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna start

with underworld the first one.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

And I you know, that's actually the movie too. It is a good movie. Yeah. And the underworld soundtrack. I really Enjoy, particularly because a lot of my favorite artists are on there. Like, you know a perfect circle David Bowie's in there I think john Frusciante also he did some guitar work on that puzzle for also which is Maynard's other his third band. Oh yeah, yeah and then the dampening well I don't know if you know about the fluid dampening well is West Borland

Richard Patrick of filter and Josh Reese have a perfect circle.

And this kit again was pretty much yeah.

And so the dampening Well, you know, it was like a band that was started by these three musicians. And it was supposed to be like a full fledged band. They're supposed to put out an album but I think they only did just enough for the soundtrack in the day they broke up. Oh, so this is the only soundtrack where you'll hear like this, this the supergroup, but the soundtrack itself I thought was really was really good. It was different. I thought it complemented the I guess the darkness of the movie. So I mean, even if you haven't seen the movie I think the soundtrack itself is is really good. So definitely check that out. You know if you're a fan of, I guess hard rock and stuff and some of the stuff that john Frusciante does into the soundtrack is quite good. You know, actually, I think Joffrey Shanti is one of those like underrated guitarists.

Yeah, cuz I know he's very, like versatile and like style and stuff. And I know that's why he left chili peppers the times that he did. Um, but yeah,

yeah. So underworld, you know, get on it. I think even Paige Hamilton of helmet does some work on there. And a Finch also, I think Finch broke up a long time ago. Yeah. So yeah, and finches on it. Oh, and Mila Jovovich as well. She does. That's right. Yeah. She does a couple of tracks on on this on this soundtrack too. And it's because of this soundtrack that I actually discovered a whole bunch of Mila Jovovich. Back in the limewire days. A lot of music was was was on there and I don't know if she ever officially put out an album but I think she released a few singles here and there. So I downloaded all the singles in a she's actually not a bad vocalist and she's, she's got more of a pop style, but it works. It's a it's not like your typical pop stuff. It's more like

Isn't it like euro style?

Yeah, and I think also because the producers she worked with I think they they pushed her into a more adult pop. Yeah. style. No,

because I think I've heard one of her tracks A long time ago and it might have been because of this. This soundtrack because I'm from I'm familiar ish with this soundtrack but I don't own it. Um, cuz my soundtracks on my list are similar to that one, right for the same similar reasons to, um, but uh, yeah, no, I I should probably on that down, put it into my collection. Yeah,

so underworlds the one I'm starting with and dionan I don't own it. Well,

I seen on vinyl. I

I did I did have a burned copy of it. Oh, you're one of those guys. No, I'm just kidding. Well, because I'm just kidding. Because a friend gave it to me. Yeah, and

I got you.

But no, I never went out and bought it. But um, you know, the copy I had I thought was really good. I don't know if it wasn't in order. I think you know, the dude just like burned it and just gave it to ya. But underwired is actually really good. The movies good itself and i think it's it's it's worthy of a listen. Cool.

Let's go next.

Okay, okay. So well, I had no difficulty with this genre.

We have eight.

Oh, Dallas. And that's like, without thinking too hard. So that's cool. But I guess I'll start with one that's probably unexpected, perhaps. And that's the soundtrack to the movie stand by me, huh? Yeah, it features a lot of music from the late 50s and is just a lightning. I like that era of music. Yeah, me. too so there's Buddy Holly and Jerry Lewis the court at the bob at the Dell Vikings there's a lot of really awesome stuff on there that it's really nice to have it all collected like that it's

funny because a lot of those like, well that era like I will like Richie Valens and Buddy Holly and stuff like that I know those but then like, there's other ones were like, I know the songs, but I don't know the artist. And then like, I'll find out like, Oh, they sing that song, and I'll go listen to more stuff and like, Oh, this is pretty good. But

that movie is awesome, too. Of course. Yeah. Based on a Stephen King novel.

You see, I didn't know that. So like, cool way as well. Of course, I saw it when I was a kid, too. I don't think I found that out. So like, maybe 10 years ago or something like that. I was like, Wow, I didn't know it was based on one of his books.

Because it's not typical. Yeah, King, right. It's not horror genre. So maybe it was Have you seen the movie or read the book? Oh, my gosh, it's a it's

half of the movies I mentioned. I've probably not seen

what what year did that movie come out?

I want to say like 89 or something because what

all those guys were young Oh, yeah,


Yeah, River Phoenix was in the 80s. Oh, wow. Yeah, we weren't, you know, yeah, but but I remember seeing that when I was a kid, you know what I mean? But ya know that that's,

yeah, that's, yeah, it's a fantastic

soundtrack. I have it on vinyl. Oh, wow. That's cool. Yeah,

it's really good fun.

I think Stephen King's got a band. I think he plays guitar in a band it Tim and a whole bunch of other writers. They get

me Yes. No, I'm sure you I mean, usually you say crazy stuff. And it's like true. And I'm like, I've never heard that before. And I somehow I still doubt him. I'm like, No, no, but no, but I know he's right.

Like, yeah, no, and I read somewhere that he's gonna, he's, he's got a band and they get together every now and then they do charity shit. And they do like charity concerts and whatever.

A rock bottom remainders.

There you go. That's what they're called. Okay. Okay,

I should call themselves like the pencil pushers.

Does he play guitar bass? Looks like he's playing guitar.

typewriters. The typewriter. Yeah.

The typewriters. I don't like that.

He's got more he's got more of a basis faced the.

Yeah, yeah, he does. Yeah, he doesn't like a basis or keyboard player. Yeah.

I'm not saying those musicians have a certain look to them.


All the keyboard player

you wanna you want to go for another one since you have like, yeah, I mean it is it's our podcast is about song soundtrack. So you can

Yeah, and if you'll need me to like, shut up. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Another one that I put on here is the soundtrack for the Lost Boys. Which is,

you know, I've never seen the movie shot. Oh, I haven't like it's okay. So um, so every it's so funny because like, I love movies, like

I guess it's crazy because two of my favorite movies are like older movies. I love alien and aliens was like two of my favorite movies. And, but like there's movies like that where I'm like, Okay, I need to go back and watch them. And I don't like I've always wanted to see the exorcist and I've never seen it. Okay, so But anyways, go on to your I mean, I I would say watch the Lost Boys. You don't have to see the movie. Okay, well, I'd actually be better off well, it's crazy because like, I see these movies like Lost Boys to like on all these lists, and I'm like, Well, I should see these movies but like I don't think the time you know what I mean? Like, I know I should write like the shining. That's another one of my favorite movies.

But I haven't read the book. Nor if I Oh, I guess Okay, I'm good. Okay, well, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Oh, boss was the last boy soundtrack is really good. So it came out in 87. So still around the same time but um, what else on there Frankie.

I called the bunny men's in there.


Forget carry.

Don't Don't be afraid to use your Google. You can talk to your Google if you want

to your Google. I'm not gonna talk to it. I'll do it discreetly on

on. I'll do it on the mic.

Right. But the, what's his name, Gary. Now he goes by something else. GMAC? GMAC? Yeah, that's what he goes by now. And there's all kinds of cool stuff on there. And that's just kind of I don't know when you hear it, you definitely feel yourself in the setting of the film and it just all feels very.

And also, if you're a fan of the two Coreys Oh, yeah, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. They're both in this movie, right?

Goodness. Yeah, it's

I mean, for me, it's one of those iconic 80s vampire movies.

Well, the reason why well, because you were talking about the core reason I saw some live performances of Corey Feldman. Yeah, I was like, you should you should probably forget late. Yeah. Well, like when you said that's the first thing that popped in my head and I was like, No, I'm good. Yeah.

In access is on and Roger Daltrey. Oh shoot. And access is on there a couple times. And Lou Gramm did the title song. So there's all kinds of cool stuff. It's just very it feels super at ease, you're gonna be like, Whoa, that's extra 80s Deluxe. There's a whole lot of saxophone going on and you know, stuff like that, but it it fits the film perfectly. And it's just, it's good. those are those are the best soundtracks, the ones that actually fit perfectly with the with the film.

I guess this has to do a little bit with our hangover segment, but I don't know how I don't even know how we got into the composition. So we got into a conversation after the last episode when we were drinking the smoke beer. And I guess our minds got kind of cloudy or whatever. And but but so so somehow we got into the judgment night soundtrack So okay, so Britain, Frank Henson, Kim hasn't seen this movie either. It was a movie that not fiction But I remember from when I was a kid, but I don't remember the soundtrack. I remember some of the songs. I think the second track on the soundtrack I remember from the movie. So anyways, we were talking about the movie and then we bumped into the soundtrack and and is ends up being a mashup soundtrack with like 90s hip hop x mix, mixed with nighties rock bands. So I just we ended up finding it on Amazon and ended up getting two copies. One for Frank and Brent one for me and Kim, since I'm you know, I like collecting stuff like that. Yeah. Well, I know we like collecting stuff like that. So um, and it's so crazy because you have Pearl Jam with Cypress Hill, you have iced tea with Slayer. And I mean, you like I thought you would have known because I know you're really into those bands. And I was like, Damn Britain didn't even know about this and I didn't. Um, so so if you guys want to look that up, and you guys are interested in like crossover like genre crossing. mashups. Look up. The judgment night soundtrack is actually a pretty good movie to watch. And with that said, This isn't a soundtrack, but I wanted to talk about it a little bit real quick. There's one of my favorite compilations ever, I don't even remember how I bumped into it. It's in the same vein. It's a metal and hard rock bands mixed with hip hop artists and actually when me and Frank were in high school we were in journalism actually did a report on this compilation because I loved it so much. It was a one off by a label it was called loud rocks and basically it was like you had Wu Tang clan on it with with System of a Down you had static x with like the alcoholics or I don't know who they were partnered up with but like you had bands like that like together with hip hop acts and it was in the same style as the you know the soundtrack that I you know gave you guys and but if you guys I understand if you don't you know know about that compilation, but it's a fucking awesome compilation. And also to like, I know, Frank and Brendan, all of us. We're all fans of fans of besides for my favorite fans, especially when they're like good, yeah, and this On I think the way I found it was system of downloads on it and so I was looking for there besides and I was like holy shit about this song and it was with Wu Tang and this was like a Best Buy exclusive and I ended up finding it on eBay like when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school and I still have it and it's that combination is like hard to find and that I think they only put out that one compilation but it has like has all kinds of stuff on there and it's it's a so yeah if you like mashups look up to judgment night soundtrack and soundtrack and the loud rocks compilation even if you have to YouTube it, because I know Pandora had the judgment night soundtrack they had it on there but they skip the slayer ice t track because they don't have they didn't have the rights for that. Yeah, so like it has all the tracks except for that one. But yeah, so if you guys want to check those out, like try hunting him down on YouTube and stuff and yeah, sweet. Oh, Kimiko soundtrack.

Okay, so if you're a longtime listener, you know that going back to episode four original rock movies. I'm not a fan of movies. I don't watch a lot of movies. I like a lot of movies. I'm not a movie person. But we love first time listener, you know that I'm not a movie person. So my my my life is literally this meme that I found that I came across. It says my whole life consists of people asking me if I've seen this movie, and me telling them No, I haven't seen that movie and then telling me I should see it. And then me telling them I'll add it to the list, but there is no list and I won't watch that movie because However, if you know me, my absolute favorite movie in the whole entire world is the Wedding Singer.


yeah. And that's exactly how have two soundtracks. Yeah, Volume One and Volume Two. So the Wedding Singer it came out in 1998. It's set in New Jersey in 1985. Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore even Billy Idol makes an appearance in it

was awesome

Steve Buscemi, yeah, there's two

soundtracks for this volume one and Volume Two and it has bands like Culture Club Thompson Twins Depeche Mode Billy Idol David Bowie flock of seagulls. hollow notes kashia goo goo Madonna, the Smiths. Was that on your list? Where you talked

about it today? Oh, wow. It sounds like

it would be your

favorite. It was Yeah. And I love that movie.

So excited that you could quote.

I've seen it a bazillion


Like she got that one in Talladega Nights and like those are like the only ones. Yes.

No, right. But like, I'm like, have you seen aliens July I'm like, that's a fucking Classic Talladega Nights to me is a classic

day but you know oh my gosh I love the 80s even though it might not seem like it I'm not really super familiar with like the obscure like 80s music and stuff but when like the popular stuff like this pop 80s pop when I you know those infomercials at night was like five records of like the EDS kits. Yours for you know, I bought that was like my favorite commercial because it played clips of all like the good and I just I wanted that collection I wanted to call the one 800 number but I was old enough. Now you're

three easy payments of 9999

that's a favorite movie and I love those songs that are in it and it's kind of like a cheesy 80s movie 80s vibe movie. It's not a movie. It's the the 80s yes and the 80s Yeah, and I don't know I just want to watch that will be

just my favorite part. Movies Billy Idol on the plane. Yeah.

I love that movie. So that was my my one of two soundtracks that I have.

Okay, so it's my turn right? Yeah. Okay, so my soundtracks kind of go off the same as what Frank was talking about and actually they don't even make some tracks like this anymore like I tried looking for him like you know the Hard Rock soundtrack soundtracks that go to like horror movies or, or action movies like these, the my soundtracks are in the same areas that underworld one. They just don't make them anymore. So one of my favorite ones. I can actually talk about all mine at the same time because they're in the same family. The first one was the Resident Evil soundtrack. Yeah, sure. Yeah, so Well, I was one I was a fan of the video games. I played them a lot when I was a kid to the first one was awesome. Three, the soundtrack was awesome. It was so unique to because Marilyn Manson actually collaborated with composer Marco beltrami. And they actually, him and the composer actually composed the key themes for the movie. So right, and actually, the soundtrack opens up with with that key theme and actually ends with a with one of the theme songs too. But that soundtrack was like killer because you had let me see who did you have on that soundtrack?

And he also co produce the Yeah,

I think so. Um, so this soundtrack had a What the heck the stupid wiki doesn't even have the list. I mean, I own this album, so I can just probably rattle it off of the top of my head. Slipknot was on there. Crystal method was on there. Static X was on there and rubber demon ROM Stein was on there too. So this was like one of those albums to me was like, Damn, this is like a kick ass album like from front to back, like and then of course you had Maryland And like helping with the with the composition of the right of the of the theme songs and man this was like to me this was this was awesome and then it led into the second soundtrack was which was a Resident Evil apocalypse I actually own the soundtracks of the first three movies because after that they actually didn't make soundtracks for for them anymore because there was five there was five, five or six and actually stopped Yeah, so here's the thing they they stopped making soundtracks when the movies started getting crappy Yeah, so the first two soundtracks were actually the shit I don't know if you're familiar with the Resident Evil apocalypse soundtrack, but that one actually had besides on it from bands it mean you know? Okay, so I think after extinction I stopped

keeping up

Yeah, so this one I'm see Resident Evil apocalypse soundtrack. So actually had the list here on on white and pop up so I own these and I remember going to high school I would take the bus and I would listen to these like on my CD player my Walkman Yeah. I would have that CD just playing and I was always afraid that I would fuck up the CD because some of these

Walkman message disk man Well,

well, it was it said Well, I'm just saying


but the Walkman

Yes. Oh, well I had one of those two actually. Um, so like this one had a slipknot on it, it had the US they had the cure Lacuna Coil. Killswitch Engage had ROM Stein on it to this one also to talking about besides. So you guys know I talked in previous episodes that devildriver is one of my favorite bands, especially with their first album, where they this soundtrack came out after their first album, their debut album, and they actually had a beside on it, it only appeared on this soundtrack, and it was called digging up the corpses. And that one was still in the same field as their first album. And that's another thing that like makes me love this soundtrack even more because it has a beside or besides from like bands that that I love. What was crazy about this, too is ck y and him were on this soundtrack. And what's crazy is that on the US version, you have ck y first and then him. But in the UK version hymns not on it, they replace him with nightwish which is pretty I don't know if you're familiar with nightwish or Yeah, so they're like this Gothic metal band but it's so crazy because him is like, you know, I know they're big over there in Europe, but they replaced him with and then him is your favorite one of your favorite bands. ck is one of my favorite bands. Will we share him but like the tracks are back to back. Demon Hunters on there thrice. I wonder if it was also one

of those, like contract agreements where they can

but they couldn't appear the other Yeah.

And I know back in the day, we were big cold fans a cold end of the world. The acoustic version was on the soundtrack. I don't know. I know it was a Besides, I don't know if you've heard that version, but it's actually on this soundtrack. Yeah. Deftones the chauffeurs on this one of my I don't like Deftones but this is one of my favorite Deftones songs the chauffeur.

I fucking love that song. Yeah, that's on there besides album.

Um, yeah, it's on there besides. And then what's also too I love when soundtracks are so good that they get me into bands. So before the soundtrack came out, I was familiar with Killswitch Engage. I was a pretty big fan of libre just breathing with Jesse Leach, then I didn't really keep up with him after that. And I didn't know that he left the band. So I remember when. So my friends snuck me into this movie when it came out. Because it was like rated R and I didn't you know, I wasn't old enough. So,

so want to point out that that Deftones song is a cover.

Yeah, it is a cover. Song. Yeah, so that's another cool thing too. Like I love covers too. So, um, so I'll go into the movie and the movie ends and fucking credits come out and kill switch engages and of heartache comes out. I had never heard it before because this is before so median stuff like that. So of course I wasn't even I was like Who the fuck is his band? So I ended up buying the soundtrack and I find out it's Killswitch Engage and they have a new singer with Howard Jones. And then that's why I ended up like getting back into Killswitch Engage that actually that song was I think they want to they were either nominated for a Grammy or they won a Grammy. I don't remember. I think they were nominee. I think they were just nominated. Yeah, I don't think they want

this is my personal opinion. I think kill switch sounded better with Howard.

I do too. So actually, when Howard was in the band when Jesse came back, I actually saw him at Rock Fest, and when that album came out, I was kind of like man, the funny thing though, is that I pre ordered that album when Jesse Leach got back in the bag. And I actually have a signed poster of all the guys in the bandwidth Jesse Leach. Okay, I was like, holy shit, like I have the original members. But yeah, going back like in hindsight like going back to the other albums like I love the Howard Jones stuff a little bit more. Yeah, um, I actually own their first four albums and Deluxe versions. They're all double disc I don't know any of their albums like single it's all double disc double this double disc yeah yeah um but yeah Killswitch Engage I'm saying was on there like I was saying cradle filth 36 crazy fist was on there Rob Zombie. And then one more soundtrack for me to mention it's in the same genre, I guess is the soundtrack to the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So that one, one I love that movie when it came out. The first one was pretty was amazing too. I don't know if you're familiar with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I haven't watched um, we're gonna watch any just watched the first one in the remake. That's it.

Um, but uh, I think leather faces making face masks right now.

Yeah, I think I think you're right. Um,

so um, this one so that this soundtrack was was pretty crazy to this one. The first track of course Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So the first track on the on the soundtrack is Panthera. So Pan cantera opens up the soundtrack. You got soil on there static x is on here to mushroom head. Nothing face which ends up guitars for he the guitarist in this band ends up being a guitarist for Hell yeah. Which of course is Texas based band you know now I know they kind of call you know, Texas home because of Vinnie Paul and stuff. Um 40 below summer. I don't know if you remember 40 below summer.

The name sounds familiar.

They're actually it's funny because I follow them on Facebook. These were like a new metal era band. And so they came out around around the time as all these new metal bands but they kind of like they were more underground. And I didn't know they were still active dude. They're actually releasing an album like sometime this year next year. Yeah. Well, modal Granger was on here. I know. We were talking about motor grader. Yeah. Which if you guys don't know. That was singer Ivan. movie from five finger death punch that was his original band. A little greater shadows follows on their Fear Factory. Fear Factor is actually on the first Resident Evil sound turned to

but you know and speaking of hard rock albums, I don't mean to cut you

off. Oh, no, no, no, but I

do remember a movie that came out called Dracula? 2000

Yes, that had that one like had like a disturbed on there. Yeah,

linkin park Slayer monster magnet System of a Down powerman 5000.

I actually hunted that soundtrack for the longest time and I couldn't find it. But did you know like David draiman saying like, the original songs in that movie like so like the singer? Have you ever seen that movie?

Director the 2000 No, but I remember when it was Oh, I'm thinking I'm sorry. Dude.

I'm so sorry. You're probably thinking okay, no dams. The dam. Yeah. Both soundtracks to me are like similar but Jackie. Oh, 2000 Yes. Hello.

Yes, I know. Yeah. Yeah, but I think dragon the 2000 I think it was a West Craven movie. Or movie directed. I think he Exactly. produced or co produced something. And Queen of the Damned is a there's a Yeah, I do like that one. But Jonathan Davis Of course. Yeah, he's the one who does all the vocals for the vampires.

Yeah, I thought it was. Yeah, I got it confused. Yeah, but a Dracula 2000 was the soundtrack. I hunted down for the longest

time and actually has a cameo in the movie to Jonathan Davis. In Queen of the dam, I think he plays like a ticket scalping.

We saw that I don't know where we were at. This movie was playing somewhere. And I was like, Oh, I was like, I hadn't seen all this movie before. And we were talking about it. I don't remember where the hell we were at. Um, but then also quality film right there. Which one? We know the damn. Oh, I like Dracula. 2000 Dracula two if you haven't seen that, that is


Queen of the Damned. It's the one we're uh

Queensland. Anything holding? Yeah. So, um, or we were talking about the car we were talking about it somewhere, but

I don't know I have a bad memory. So anyways, so um, Dracula 2000. Yeah, Gerard Butler plays Dracula I think this was like one of his like, really early like, like standout rolls or something like this was like one of his first like, starring movies from what I know. But yeah, but no, that was a good soundtrack. Yeah, and I think that one dude, linkin park came out when that movie came like, like, I remember the trailers playing on TV and one step closer, was playing and I was like, Who the fuck are these guys? Like, because a song sounded so awesome. And that's actually how I found out about linkin park that was through the trailers for that movie. Did they have a buzz before their

debut album

was out? Oh, fuck, dude. Probably but because social media and shit wasn't around then. Because I know. Like I was still I was barely like eighth grade or something.

I think they were Hybrid Theory. Right?

Oh, I think they were just Yeah, thinking probably Yeah, I think you're right. Frank's always right guys. If there's something that sounds weird, and he says it, it's true. I don't know. I just know big red was bubblegum flavor. It's true.

But yeah, no, that's good stuff too. You know, interesting stuff to know.

Stay staying in line with the hardrock stuff. My next soundtrack is the spawn soundtrack.

Hmm. Dude. Yes. Yeah, like these are all similar.

Yeah. And, I mean, I was I was a fan of the comics when I was a kid. And you know, when the movie came out, I was excited. But the soundtrack particularly especially, I remember after the movie, my dad took me to go see the movie. And after the after the movie was done. Like I begged him to take me to targets I could bite. So that's that's what he did. He took me to targets I can stop my pitching and I got the CD. He still have it. I don't have it. No. Unfortunately, I have to track it down. But what's interesting about the soundtrack is I think it had maybe three or four different album covers to it. Oh crap. And I got one of the album covers but it's again you know, it's it's another one of those contracts that's got actually collaborations between artists recording tracks so I think that was like Queen of the Damned. Yeah, pretty much and I don't remember exactly the collaborations like I think some some I do. I think Metallica and what some DJ like there's a remix of For Whom the Bell Tolls in there

is a good because I mean it's a yeah yeah okay I gotta find that soundtrack.

Yeah, I think it adds more eggs in the original song But

yeah, oh my god no, no yeah, I'm gonna take a shot of this beer.

I still have it. It's like thick okay.

But yeah, I mean I don't really remember the the the artist collaborations but you know, Tom Morello isn't the soundtrack filter Marilyn Manson coin as well, Slayer. Henry Rollins. Oh, damn, you know this like off the top of your head.

So stabbing, right? What I think is dabbing Western water

but it's it's it's a good soundtrack I think it it stands out, especially the track that Kirk Hammett does with another artist pretty pretty pretty intense pretty heavy and I think the same also with Tom Morello. He did a he did another song too, but the soundtrack itself I thought complemented the film. And of course, you know, soundtracks like this are like my gateway to a lot of the heavy oh yeah saying that I didn't even know about.

Yeah, well speak. Speaking of Tom Morello, that compilation I was telling you guys about the loud rocks one of my favorite ones on there is a Tom Morello collaborated with Wu Tang clan and they did a Wu Tang clan a Nathan a book with but it's Tom Morello playing guitar on there and he just like does his Tom Morello shit. It's fucking awesome. Like you just mentioned them right now. I was like, dude, like I just mentioned that compilation earlier. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, I fuckin love that thing.

But it's it's a good soundtrack. I thought and like I said, You know, a lot of these hard rock I'm gonna look soundtrack for like, you know, that's what gets me that's what got me to discover music that Yeah, same Yeah. So yeah. And I guess I'm gonna finish off my list with last highway the last highway soundtrack Oh wow, David Lynch movie with me a curveball. You know I've actually never seen the movie, but but the soundtrack itself is good but from what I understand a Lost Highway How old is this? Like maybe 9697 and I think from what I understand Bill Pullman plays a detective who keeps receiving these videotapes about a murder and he's trying to solve the murder of the person in these videotapes. The soundtrack is good. It's got Nine Inch Nails it's got Ramstein it's got elementen as well. You know he's been popping up a lot in this episode. Yeah. David Bowie's in it as well. Smashing Pumpkins also in smashing bumpkins. You know, this, this soundtrack was actually the first peek into the new direction. They were taking their adore album. They went like a more electronic route. And this was like their little teaser. I think, you know, but the soundtrack itself is quite good. And again, it's also another one of those soundtracks that artists recorded specifically for for this film. Yeah, if not, you know, they're just remixes or whatnot. But, um, the soundtrack is good, you know, and it's a mix of artists recording specifically for the movie and it's also a mix of score as well. So yeah, definitely, definitely check it out. It's a good one.

Oh, so far. Like every thing that everyone's mentioned is like, my holy shit. Like, why don't I have this in my collection? Because I like stuff like this especially like, not collaborations or like one offs and I don't know like it's it's interesting. To me, because I didn't I don't know about some of this stuff. So, um, but ours are similar. Well, mine and yours are similar, but I mean yours like you were talking about the the standby to me when I was like, Oh yeah, you know, I would totally dig that. But uh oh, well, for one I like to film and I like that era of music too. But yours to the 80s pop stuff. Like I like I like that era of Madonna. Like the early, early stuff, so. Yeah, but Oh, and Billy Idol. I fucking love Billy Idol. So yeah. I wanted to see him. He had played a warp tour. I think like 2000 Yeah, it was like 2008 maybe I wanted to go and I ended up not going. Let me see what year he was on. So he was actually on Warped Tour looks like 2005 Yeah, it was on Warped Tour. 2005 actually didn't go to that one. But uh, yeah, I think that was like, and then the other time he came, I think it was not how have you played at the Tobin er Yeah, he did. He did right yeah, that's the one other one I wanted to go tonight and this was like I think two years ago three years ago. Yeah, it was like recent I ended up not going to that one I couldn't but uh yeah, cool. Cool. You got another couple I mean, I don't care if you're talking about

I'll speed through some Oh no, that's

that's fine. No, I have like a little

trio of soundtracks for you over the crow.

I was when he said spawn I was gonna say dude is the crow on your on your list? Cuz Yeah, I know. I've know about that one.

Yes, great. New Stone Temple Pilots is on there and all kinds of good stuff, right. Nine Inch Nails covering Joy Division, which is fantastic and Reality Bites, which is another great 90s film and also soundtrack I don't know that movie.

And Ethan Hawke is in it. Why not a writer? Oh, wow.

See? I know them. Wow. I know, though. Yeah. What's that movie? about

it's about recent college grads kind of trying to figure some stuff out and Ben Stiller, isn't it? It's really really when did that movie come out? Ah, probably like 94 is my guess. Hmm around

there. Who's? Who's on that soundtrack?

Um, let's see. Squeeze. is on there.

Number familiar with the soundtrack?

What's her name? Shoot. Well, Ethan Hawke is on there himself because he recorded music. In the movie. He has a band and his band plays during the fall. Does he senior does he play he sings and plays guitar. Oh, I didn't know he played Yeah, that's crazy. Lisa Loeb is on there. So well that was actually like where that one song that she was so famous are

you to your favorite band? Will do

despise you?

We're gonna do an episode of Revenge

how much Britain hates you know I don't worry about it but I can stomach the song that's on the soundtrack I like nice.

I like a couple of YouTube songs I'm not a YouTube fan either like I think the only to YouTube like Sunday Bloody Sunday okay and think streets have no name where the streets have no name whatever the hell that song is because I like it actually. I like the one that's on the on that album The the one you had let me borrow it it's like Tom Morello and and oh yes wasn't even that axis of just axes of justice. There you go. There's a cover that song on there. Anyways, I'm sorry. I went back into compilations because that's a compilation


I kind of already fucked that up mentioned all the minor Yeah, I had like I can't contain myself sometimes. Yeah, cuz I love these albums like this, like Yeah, for sure soundtracks compilations, I guess Especially these rare ones like and then we were talking about the the younger Mr. oz fast compilations like, right, especially those like you'll find gems on there. You're like, holy shit like this live version like, or like this version of this song you can't find anywhere else. Yeah, um,

but ya know, my other super 90s one is single.

Ah, that's a good

soundtrack. It's a super good soundtrack and like you were saying before music made specifically a movie not found on any other albums or two songs from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden Allison chains and Chris Cornell solo song that was only on that soundtrack. Do you own that soundtrack? I do. Yeah,

I'm gonna I'm gonna check it out on Pandora.

Yeah, no, it's fantastic. And there's other good stuff on there too mad honey. And who else? Um,

replacements I think are

Yeah, no, that just the lead singer solo style. What's it Oh,

I forget his name.

Damn it to my head.

Google, Google or aspirin?

Why don't you do it now?

Yeah, well, I mean, I was

okay, well, I'll ask her or him or whatever the hell it is. What was the question again? Oh wait singer as a replacement.

Oh, it's uh

it said like, sorry lead singer replacements.

Paul westerberg

and then Mother Love Bone has a song on there. My love bone, of course is Pearl Jam before Eddie Vetter and Oh, wow. Um, so that's on there. There's Jimi Hendrix and screaming trees and The Smashing Pumpkins. And that was also another song that wasn't put out on any other albums. So that one's fantastic. And kind of a standard that

that's why I think that soundtrack is very definitive of the era.

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

I feel the same way about the reality byte soundtrack to it was very much like you can't listen to that and not feel very squarely in the 90s. Yeah, that's a good thing. It's a good feeling. Yeah, it was a nice time.

It was it's weird because a lot of these like wool like the resume will For example like that was all new metal bands like and like you don't they don't and I think it was the same thing to where we were talking about the festivals were like the reason why these festivals like all fests and stuff don't exist or like they went away is because the similar bands like that they don't exist anymore they can bring in a crowd like collectively that aren't like so like different it's the same thing with a soundtracks like like the all the soundtracks we were talking about like they those the bands, either those bands change their style or those bent like bands like that don't exist and we're like Marilyn Manson isn't playing the same shit. The same style that he was playing like then so you couldn't pair him up with like Slipknot, but Slipknot still doing the same stuff. You know what I mean? So like, or some of these bands don't exist anymore like static x. Unfortunately, soil doesn't really exist anymore, either moto greater. Of course, we're talking about like before, but yeah, I mean, I missed the soundtracks and I miss the same way. I miss the festivals too. Yeah. You Gotta you got another

I have many more but no, I have four more.

Yeah, four more. Okay, we'll go to Kim and then we'll go back to Bray. I got I got like one more small mention like it's not even really talking

Oh, cuz

I don't have any more but I just wanted to point out john Carpenter he's got an album. He's got several albums of music that he's done a bunch of like synthesizer heavy type stuff. And they're actually the name of the album's are called Lost themes. And I think these were originally songs that were intended to be, you know, part of scores. But I think they never made their way onto onto movies itself. So they just instrumentals, they're just instrumentals. Yeah. But it's got the typical, I guess, you know, late 70s 80s style synthesizer type stuff going on. And he's actually a really good musician. I mean, I mean, you know, you think of him as a film director, but a lot of the stuff that he's done musically is is quite good. So this you know, like the theme song to like Halloween. That's that's an easily instantly recognizable one. I think he also did a thing. Escape from LA Escape from New York. So all those theme songs for each film, you know that that was on him? And I think, I don't know, I guess maybe films just like slowed down for him. So he just became a full time musician. And I know he did some tours here and there.

I had no,

yeah, so you know, that would that would definitely be one cool thing to see is, you know, see john Carpenter live on stage just doing his synthesizer things and he's got a backup band at home. So they definitely add an element to to

that. Well, he should start a bandwidth Stephen King. Yeah.

Yeah, I think so.

Crazy, like, I mean, they're in quarantine. They can do it remotely if they want. Oh, yeah. what's what's happening on Twitter. Be like you guys. Listen to our soundtrack episode. We want you guys to do something together.

I want to hear Kim's

Yeah, I only have one because we didn't talk about our list

since 2003 movie Daredevil what's been out like

I never did I was trying to guess in all the Daredevil work

based on the Marvel Comics character Daredevil and I like anything else in my life as we've learned so far. This is a nostalgic

there was some there

was it was good. You see there 12 stones fuel Drowning Pool with Rob Zombie.

That's why that's why I want that soundtrack too because you can't find it.

I might have it I stole it from my brother. It was his Oh, I may have it or May he may have taken it back. I don't know I don't remember um Chevelle Revis reavis Oh Revis yeah

oh we actually oh I don't know if we saw her

is it also Moby Nickelback and who was tanker on that?

Well that's a weird Well, I mean, but also to like that's a that's a talking about that of that time. Exactly. Yeah, sorry.

Yeah. So um, I remember seeing that movie and I thought this was about So what? 2003 Yeah, I was coming out of high school, getting into more rock. And it was very,

like it was just stuff that I was kind of discovering. And I sold that soundtrack for my brother. Like I said, I don't know if I have it. So I might, so we might get lucky. You might have a copy of that, too, that that soundtrack. Also, like you were saying the other one on Pandora like doesn't have some of the tracks. So on Spotify, this soundtrack doesn't have all of the tracks. You can only listen to some of the tracks on that album. But I really like that that one it had some different ups like songs on there.

Oh, yeah, cuz that has the those. Oh, no, I'm thinking of the other soundtrack. Because you're talking about like daredevil when it's a Marvel movie, Marvel Comics movie, but the Punisher had a version of a Chevelle song that's like the demo version, which was a what song was it? Yeah. still running. They have this the slower down version and that's on the Punisher soundtrack. So that one was rock oriented to it was similar to that soundtrack. Um, but uh, yeah, so that's, that's like another thing too, like, you'll find these weird, like, you know, obscure versions of the songs.

But I remember listening to that soundtrack, like over and over and my portable Walkman like, and like, I just I don't know why I like I got stuck to that, that CD and I just wanted to listen to it all the time. And I think I might have sold it, but I'm sorry, I might be at my sister's watch.

That's how I felt with the reason he was. So literally Listen,

I saw one available on Amazon. Yeah, how much you love Amazon? Well, cuz

i wanna i want to now I want to get that one. And that just got me thinking of the Punisher soundtrack because that one does, like we're Chevelle fans, and they do have that Chevelle, you know, version on there that it's pretty much a demo version. And it's, it's weird because it's on a movie soundtrack. You know what I mean? And it's weird because the album version is actually Better than that version because it's that version of slowed down for the soundtrack is it's a little weird like the tempos in so yeah there's there's that and yeah i mean that's I got I only have I only had one more thing I only had one more thing to mention I think the one of the last like batch of soundtracks that, I think kind of were like the end of this era of soundtracks that you were talking about was saw. I think the first couple of songs movies were like the last movies that really have soundtracks oriented like this. The last one I remember was a saw to saw two was like one of my favorite movies. Also, even from that series, like saltos is the best, but mudvayne had just came out with a lost and found right and I think what song was it? I think forget to remember is the song that they had for them will be I don't remember. But anyways, I think that cake beer starting to hit me. But um, but actually on that tour I actually saw him twice and me and you saw him once. We actually saw him with the this is a fun fact. We saw them with blood simple and life of agony and red simple actually recorded their music video there at the show that me and Frank went to and we were like few rows away from the barricade. I don't know if we're in the video we're pretty close. Yeah, we're we're pretty close. So there's a chance that like if you screenshot it somewhere or freeze frame

of the track, because I don't remember them recording.

Well, who lets him Well, that's simple. Fuck, I don't remember. It's on YouTube, though. Um, I just remember they only have two. They only had two albums. They were actually on Chad Gray's label. Right? I remember. Yeah, I remember and they only recorded I think two albums. If not just one and we went and they opened up they recorded a music video there live and we were there.

Yeah. Actually, I remember nothing face was supposed to be on there was nothing fake. I think so supposed to be in Yeah, but I think one of their guitars passed away and they dropped out of the tour.

Yeah, that was I mean, but it was so crazy because like that single was on the saw soundtrack and actually before I get hate mail I'm just gonna check it real quick saw two soundtrack so saw to soundtrack was I hate when they give me the friggin list of of what's it called? of the score? Yeah, I'm like, okay, so poor surfer was actually on that one. Right Manson again was on that one. But there was actually two different there was there was different remixes on that. Let me see the used mudvayne what song was it? Yeah, forget to remember I was right. So what was cool about that one is I like when they do this too. So forget to remember actually has the band as jigsaws, like kept like they're actually like, captured by jigsaw and they're like part of the movie. But like it's a music video of like them as if they were like, you know? Yeah, so that's so that was pretty cool. So I liked the music video for that one. And another example too while of soundtracks Metallica I disappear was on the soundtrack to Mission Impossible to That's right. Um, and that music video was fucking awesome too so that's like one of those like Metallica songs that came out like around the load reload era. That's like one of my favorite songs to like, I fuckin still love I disappear. And yeah, it was only on that soundtrack soundtrack, right and they rarely perform it live like you'll you can find like some one offs or they'll play up like in Europe or some festivals. But uh, yeah, that was an example so saw was like, to me like an example of like the last of this era of soundtracks that mean like Frank listened to but even then, like, I don't know if they still have soundtracks like this because the last one that I remember like really listening to I think that was not rock that I like that was a full soundtrack was the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, that That soundtrack was good, but it was all like alternative like stuff and like Pixies were on it. And I think, like Brie Larson, actually, she was in the movie. And she actually sang one of the songs because she was in the movie. Because there was a band called metric. Yes, yeah. Yeah. So they did a song for it. But then she does. She actually sings a version of one of their songs, because she's in the movie. Okay, so I don't know. It's just real, real crazy. I don't own that soundtrack. But I do own the movie. But I just remember listening to that soundtrack, like on whatever streaming service I had. But ya know, I miss I miss soundtracks like that. It's Yeah, you don't really come across them often.

Also, too, I think just a lot of those bands there. I mean, like we mentioned earlier, they've either broken up or they're late or they're just doing other stuff. That's true. Yeah, they changed. So I mean, like, I think at that time, those were the bands at their prime. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, some of them are still going strong, but I think a lot of them now they just how do you put it I don't know how to say it. like they've matured, or they, they've just, they're just doing other stuff. I mean, I guess I mean, it's just

I guess they were like, that was the time for that. You know what I mean? Like, when everyone around you starts doing different stuff, I guess it's hard to like, you know, I don't know how to explain it. Yeah, like you just everyone just goes a separate direction or whatever they just, yeah.

Also to I do want to point out this is not soundtrack related. But uh, no, no, but but it but it's relevant. bandcamp Fridays bank? Oh, I know you were talking about that.

Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah. So band camp Fridays. So band camp.

For the I think, well, since you know, the the pandemic has just gotten worse. And it's really putting a damper on the touring industry. And a lot of a lot of bands are, you know, suffering right now, I guess financially. So vancamp what they have done in the past, starting in March, they've done this thing called band camp Fridays. Were on a specific Friday, they will donate or they'll give 100% of the sales of that day, to the IRS to to the artists that, you know, get those sales. And I think in the four days that they've done that since March, they've actually made about 20 million in sales. And this is money that goes 100% of the artists, you know, Bandcamp you know, of course, they they do take a cut, but on the specific Bandcamp Fridays, all the money goes to the artists, so whatever you buy, whether it's music or March, it's our wonder percent there's and starting next Friday, August 7, up until the end of the year, they're gonna they're gonna keep doing this this Bandcamp Friday stuff. So if there's some artists out there that you want to support, who are who are on Bandcamp definitely, you know, get on there on Fridays and buy their stuff, buy their merchandise, you know, help support them while this pandemic is going on. I mean, it's it's true, really without us a lot of these musicians wouldn't Yeah. wouldn't exist, you know? And so right now, you know, touring has been put on hold for who knows how long so this is like the next best thing that you could do to support your artists 100% so definitely go to Bandcamp download the app or I guess even have a website as well. And just buy everything you can make sure that you keep music alive.

Yeah. And like also to like talking about like local music and stuff like that. Also to like local breweries, like if you can I know tonight, like, we didn't really drink a lot from like local breweries, but we do have some stock, you know, some beer stock from local breweries, and with the pandemic and stuff that's affecting, like everybody, but like, if you'd like to drink beer, shoot, see if you can buy some local stuff because I know we do. Like all the time. I know you guys know that we for those of you who listen, you know like in France, listen to every episode. Um, we drink a lot of like Texas based beers, whether it's from Katy Houston, Austin, Fredericksburg, like San Antonio. We drink a lot of local stuff, but also to like leave Want recommendations from like stuff that's not from Texas, just so we can try it out too. And I know there's a lot of independent stuff from, you know, the regional areas. So just let us know what you're drinking. And then also, too, I just want to jump to this real quick since we're talking about beer. Before we go on, I know Britt, you haven't. I know. Brett has more, which is cool. I want to hear it. Okay. If we don't get to Oh, no, no, that's fine. We can talk about it. I'm drinking. Right now. Jump to the harp lager. I know we've had the heart harp longer, like couple years ago, when you guys had that whole variety of Irish beer. That was friggin awesome. actually have photos of all those. This is so crazy. So around that time, a friend of ours was in another band, and we actually he liked craft beer. So we were drinking craft beer at the time. And then you guys had all that Irish beer. So on my Instagram, like this was a couple years, three, maybe three years ago. Um, I actually had beers that I was drinking. I was numbering them kind of like how I do now. I was like, I want to do something with this, but I don't know what to do. And this was it was kind of like a foundation for this for the, for the podcast, because I actually had stopped doing it. So yeah, so So anyways, going back to this, I'm drinking a heart blogger now from Dublin, Dublin Ireland. So European pale lager, and it's 4.5 ABV, and it's actually very close to a Pilsner. Um, I like it. I like I like it a lot. Yeah, I like it. It's got a little bit of a spice to it. But so that's what I'm drinking and that's from from Ireland. That's an important. Yeah, I really really dig that beer. I think I like it better than Ohara zaros was pretty good, but, um, and I have one rule. I have one for you to take with you. So because I bought a four pack so perfect. You can take them with you. But a Brit what other soundtracks? Yeah, okay.

Pump up the volume was a soundtrack Oh, pretty fantastic the movie came out in 1990 It sounds familiar but Slater is like a pirate radio DJs and just moved to some small town he's on like senior in high school or something he creates a pirate radio station and but the the soundtrack is awesome concrete blonde covers. Leonard Cohen's everybody knows which is fantastic ash. The Pixies Peter Murphy, Henry Rollins and Bad Brains collaborated on that one which was really cool. So that's a really good one too, and then I'll just speed through the rest of the time but Grosse Pointe blank is also fantastic. The Clash, the jam the specials, all kinds of good stuff is on there lost in translation is a really cool i new soundtrack. I'm not familiar with

that soundtrack. Well, who's on that one?

Um, let me think who's on there.

Kevin shields have My Bloody Valentine. I think he did half the soundtrack in I think the rest is a like scores.

There's some scores on there yeah and I think that they also have the pretenders maybe on there i'd like sir the pretenders run the movie and but there's all kinds of cool stuff that is just again super just really suits the film and it's like, very indicative of that time period as well. And drive the movie. Oh drive okay.

Yeah, who was it? Who was on that one? I mean, I know of the movie. I didn't see it, but I'm curious as to what the soundtrack look like.

Um, you know, I'm not super familiar with the band names because old

drive soundtrack.

Electric youth I think was one of the big ones Cliff Martinez. I think that might be a lot of

the scores. That

match I think I think Cliff used to drum for the chili peppers. What the hell earlier in their career. Oh, really? Yeah. And now he does. Scores soundtracks. Oh wow.

Okay, well yes, I think jority of it so I'm sorry.

But it's a really good one. Really cool. So yeah, that's my list. Cool. I guess I have eight now nine.

Sounds good. Um, I know you're not drinking Irish beer voti drinking now

I'm drinking the one that you guys gave me. I don't even know what it

is. I just know it's like a honey bee but so many

so we're gonna go off

the spindle tap breweries Honey Hole. Oh my

god. Honey ale

was so dirty. So Spindletop right so i if you look at our Instagram I actually drink cuz I like the can Are you familiar with the BOK? What's the name of that damn Nintendo game? The little boxing one.

Oh, Mike Tyson. Baka.

Yes, that one. So the can was like that. And I actually posted on Instagram and it was a double IPA. And I was like, let me try it right. I mean, some IPAs are. I really don't like IPAs. Well, let me try it right. So me and Kim like It two nights ago, three nights ago. I was like, let me try it right. So I pour it out. It's from that same brewery. I think they're from Houston. So I pour it out. And it looks really cloudy. I'm like, this does not taste good. I do not like it. So I couldn't finish it. So I poured it out and it looked like really cloudy. And I was like, What the hell and I know beers can go bad, you know? Um, so I looked at the date, and I forgot what the date was. And I was like, this

looks like it was like, July 13, or something. And we're, no no, it was like early.

Yeah, it was like way like later and I was like, What the hell, but I don't know if the beer was bad. Or it was just like bad because it was an IPA. Um, but yeah, if you want to see the picture of the candidates on

it, because it's like, bro,

yeah, maybe Actually,

I haven't been here so I can show you real quick. It's a that may have been why it was.

But it was like it was very good. I don't know how to explain it again. I was renewed. I really

like coming out cloudy, at least

five times. It was like, Yeah, like

it's good. Right? Did you try one of those? No, they have no alcohol. So um, so

they actually taste Did you taste? They taste good? They're like really good.

We were all like, out here not a sugar high.

The beer this.

Oh, okay, I see I see.

I see Yeah,

so it was it was pretty cool

but but the beer tastes like crap to

me maybe we need to get and maybe not expired one

I don't know. I mean beers do get expired guys for those guys who don't know because I actually did drink an expired shiner one time. I was like almost a year old. Yeah, like it was. And I was drinking I was like what the fuck? Like this was like a I love China for those of you guys who don't know. So like it was a shiner Bock And then it was there and I opened it I was like nope no hurt like You know, dumping it into the same flat? Yeah, so they get flat too but like also the taste was not Yeah, it was just it was it was gone. So yeah, guys oh check the expiration dates on your beers right now have that cabinet full of beer and I'm trying to like keep it up and I'm afraid. I think it's so good but I'm afraid of the toadies box that you got me. My shit. I don't want to stay there for too long but I'm still trying to collect the other ones. So guys, for those of you who don't know, we're working on a pretty big project. Um, for those, uh, if you're not familiar with like, bands and beer. There are a lot of bands who have their own beers or alcoholic beverages. Yeah, so we're trying to collect them and we're going to do a multiple part episode series on the bands and their beer brands. So we'll be talking about their beers and the bands themselves. We actually have a small collection right now. We have Metallica as Pilsner right now. We have toadies the Tonys, Bach. Right now. We have mega deaths. Beer. We also have I don't know what else we have but a

lamb of God

Lamb of God we have the Lamb of God non alcoholic. I know Frank already tried it I haven't tried it yet. Um So yeah, we have a we have a little ways to go we're collecting the beers as we go and when we do get them all we're going to do a multiple part episode series on these beers. We also have some whiskies I have Metallica's blackened whiskey and Slipknot to number nine whiskey. So try to give that a you know, a little shot like literally a little shot. But there's still a couple of beers ago, I know Chevelle had a had a beer that they released at certain events, and they're some of their Chicago shows, and I hope they release it sometime soon, like, you know, in a wide, wide release. But uh, yeah, there's a whole there's a sublime beer out there too. It's a Mexican lager, trying to hunt that down. There's also a lot of beers to have you guys can point me to the right direction and where to get them I know Killswitch Engage had a had a beer called a live stream. brewing, and that was for their anniversary of their first album with Jesse Jesse Leach. Um, so yeah, I can't find that beer right now. I know there's a bunch of Iron Maiden beers too. And not just one type. I know. The only one I have is the trooper. I'm trying to get more so that we can share it together. But uh, yeah, if you guys can let us know what you're drinking and where I can find some of those beers. And also let us know what some of your favorite soundtracks are if we missed anything.

Oh, people say something on Facebook. Oh, go for it. Tell us some people comments.

There soundtracks, your soundtrack Oh, nice. Natasha said shots Shawshank Redemption on tips soundtrack perdition

okay those are those are soundtracks are scoring

King. I don't know understand. Well, let's look them up on there.

At Helen Helen, she said Eddie and the cruisers a Knight's Tale guardians of the galaxy and the big toe

guards a galaxy

of course. I said Tron Legacy. Well, that's a good soundtrack.

Legacy. Tron Legacy. Yeah, what was on there? I think it was scored by. So it was a score soundtrack. It's a score.

Okay, so maybe there were some I don't

know. I mean, we, I mean, I know. And that's like,

well, because we're music warranted or me and you more but like, that's like I know a lot of people don't know, like the general public don't know like there's a difference between soundtracks and scores. But uh, I mean, that's not saying that scores You know, there's good scores out there right damn good scores out there.

Yeah, it looks like the Shawshank Redemption is a scorn So

okay, scores okay to check out Big Chill i think is a soundtrack that sounds familiar to me. What is

it that's a normal movie that was made in the 80s about a group of

friends from college who come back together because one of the friends in their group died so they get together for the funeral and and kind of read visit their relationships and so on. And there's all kinds of stuff Marvin Gaye in the temptations, the rascals. Oh, so that's a song every night and all kinds of Aretha Franklin. So it Yeah, that's a soundtrack.

Yeah. And I know somebody mentioned in guardians who got Guardians of the Galaxy I know that one was like on the top of the charts and that put I don't know what song I forgot what song it was it like boosted it back up to like

some 80s there's a lot

of Yeah, there's a lot of 80s music on that one. Yeah. Yeah, there isn't. The first one's a good soundtrack. I think if I owned it, or own No, I don't own it. Um, well, no, that was that was a good soundtrack. That was a good movie to the first one's pretty good. I like that movie.

If you don't mind I want to do like a cross promotion here Okay, over Um, so I don't know if any of y'all that listen to this podcast are fitness gurus into fitness like fitness like learning more about fitness and how to you know better yourself better your life and My brother actually has a podcast called two coaches. And it's just, yeah, it's two coaches sitting down talking about all things food, fitness and focus. So they have tips, tricks and inspirational guests that will help you become the you that you want to be. That's to the number two coaches. That's my brother Rob. Just wanted to give him a little shout out. He's been promoting our podcasts pretty regularly. So I just want to say for anybody out there that listens is also interested in the fitness podcast bettering yourself. I know we're in a pandemic right now. And a lot of people are kind of using that time to you know, even though it seems like people are being lazy, that's the that's the perception. I feel like a lot of people are also taking this time to kind of reflect and make some choices and yeah, so that can help you get on the right track. So give that a listen.

Perfect time for investing in yourself for sure you have a lot of time on your hands so might as well

do something productive and You know, get some, get some games or whatever.

So to do that, but also don't forget to follow us on Instagram rock Tock happy hour, follow us on twitter rth pod and send your hate mail to Mario to me rock duck happy hour pod at gmail and find us on Facebook rock talk happy hour. We appreciate everybody listening. I appreciate Frank and Britt for coming and spending time with us every week in Salina Do I look forward to?

Yeah, just so great.

I have I have one more thing before we leave because if I don't say this is gonna be like on the hangover, and actually this should have been on this one. So when we were talking about them, fuck What the hell are we talking about? It was the episode that I was talking I'm sorry. We were talking about jack black and I was telling you guys about the video game called Brutal Legend where I had like music where he was like a roadie, and he got killed. So I actually did some more research and I wanted you guys to know more about it since it deals with this episode. So that soundtrack actually had 107 songs on it, dude, when I was telling you, and I was telling you that this game had like, it was separated by like, different metal genres. So when the game came out, they actually released a special edition vinyl of this soundtrack here and seven songs. I looked at it, I looked it up on Amazon and guess how much that the vinyl goes for? Oh my gosh, I don't know hundreds of dollars. Yeah, like 900 bucks. Yeah, cuz. So these are just some of the bands that are on that soundtrack that that's what made the game so awesome to me. Children of bodom Motorhead, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osborne, Lita, Ford, scorpions, we're on it budgie Black Sabbath mastodon King Diamond man awar you also had kmfdm on their kiss was on their inflames cradle filth Megadeth scorpions Whitesnake rat Motley Crue static x m Tenacious D was on their metal church Slayer anthrax death clock like any genre of metal that you can think of speed death black Doom, yeah, they had it on there and it was and it was to add like to the feel of the game to show like how much like variation of metal there was. And it was also I guess to show people like hey look if you like this like you might like this. Yeah, it was just a fucking awesome game and it was an awesome like, I guess. Like lesson in metal music if you want because these these artists were also in the game like Ozzy was in it. Lemmy was in it. Lemmy from Motorhead, Rob hallford was in it. But yeah, that was just a small list like that was probably named you like 25 minutes. Out of like, the maybe 80 they were on there. But yeah, that's an awesome soundtrack too, but I actually own the game actually actually found it at a pawn shop and of course, like they didn't know what they had and I bought it for like 10 bucks and that game was worth like a lot more than that and I was like this game and it's actually worth a lot more to me because one I enjoyed playing it to jack blacks in and like three the soundtrack. Um, so yeah, that was that was my last like little bit for this episode that connected last one yeah, it's it is fucking awesome. But one of these days like when we when you know when we get our house and stuff, I'll show you guys the collection and I'll show you the actual game that I have. I guess we can call it the soundtrack is fucking on there. But uh, yeah, so send us your soundtracks guys. Remember the difference between soundtracks and scores? I hope you learned something today. And beers, let us know what you're drinking.

There we go.

Yeah. So say happy birthday to Kim on on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. Just go to her Our website rocks rock happy hour pod calm. Also too if you guys like the episodes, or you like the podcast, share us with your friends and leave us a review. Reviews will give us a little boost and a little insight on what you think of the show. I don't know we're gonna talk about next episode. We'll have a little discussion after we close this out and after we drink a little bit more beers. Yeah. And no smoke beers though. No. But yeah, guys, we'll see you next week and hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. Yeah. Cheers.

Thank you.

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