Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 7 - Guilty Pleasures

July 25, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 7
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 7 - Guilty Pleasures
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 7 - Guilty Pleasures
Jul 25, 2020 Episode 7
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This week, we drink and discuss German beer; and on the music side, we "discuss" our Guilty Pleasures. We also introduce our new segment, The Hangover, and discuss some beer and live music news. Cheers!

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This week, we drink and discuss German beer; and on the music side, we "discuss" our Guilty Pleasures. We also introduce our new segment, The Hangover, and discuss some beer and live music news. Cheers!

Hello everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank so this is Episode Seven We made it to seven episodes it's weird because we've been doing it already over a month already almost going on two months we've been doing this it always seemed like you're unsure of what our names are. No I just

like to take my time.

So this episode is our guilty pleasure pleasures episode. We're gonna be doing albums except for Kim Kim's gonna stray from the rules a little bit. Well cuz they're gonna they're gonna know eventually. So um, yeah, we're gonna do Guilty Pleasures two albums, each one rock out.

Boom, and the other, another genre. So we're gonna do that. But with the last episode, we actually came up with a new little segment on the show that I wanted to call the hangover. Because we talked about this almost every episode, something happens. And then we're all like, Oh, I forgot to talk about it, or all this connects the last episode. So I think I mentioned it in last episode that we're going to do this little segment and actually had some things to talk about that connect last episode just to you know, start things off a little bit. So um, one thing that's new aside from this whole little hangover segment as we're adding ratings to the beers now, so if you go to the website, rock talk, happy hour pot calm, we actually rated majority of the beers or some that I think we need to talk about just real quick and just look at them and see if we can rate them. And keep in mind those ratings probably won't stay if we feel they need to be adjusted. We'll adjust them we've already adjusted two of them.

But uh, yeah, so if you guys agree with our ratings or don't agree with our ratings, just go ahead and send your hate mail to rock talk happy hour [email protected] Or you can send them directly to Kim's Instagram. It's cool. I mean,

um, but so that's another thing that's tired of people being rude on it. Yeah, you want to talk about that? I swear. No, it's I've happened multiple times. Like, people just like I had Twitter A long time ago. Like when it came out around like winter first came out and people were always just like you do on your posts on Facebook, commenting on somebody something, you know, sharing information, talking, whatever it is, people talk, just people talking. I felt like Twitter used to be a lot more of that random people connecting and talking, not necessarily just people that you knew. But now I feel like it's turned into this thing where people just feel so entitled to just be rude on Twitter and on the internet in general. And there's like, I will and I'm gonna say i'm not i'm shamelessly gonna say like,

I'm trying to get more listeners for us. I mean, come on, you know, where new podcasts, whatever, but if you search on their certain words and stuff, you can find a feed of people that have tweeted with those keywords in it. And so there's a lot of people that tweet like, looking for podcast recommendations, right. Okay, so you asked for a podcast recommendation, you know how Twitter works. If I search podcast recommendations, your tweets going to come up? So if I see your tweet asking for podcast recommendations, yeah, I'm gonna plug mine in just like many other people are, and they will know what's yours or not. So yeah, and they're like, and then you just see people bitching on their feed. Like, I was asking for podcast recommendations from the people that follow me are like, not just random people are Why are these people promoting their sorry ass podcasts? I didn't want to hear about that. Well, then you don't use Twitter as a podcast because you don't know how that works. Unless So how many of your friends have podcasts? You know what I mean? Yeah, or listen to podcasts. But that's the thing to like. It and that's what I told somebody to is a video of

Like if I tell you my podcasts if it sounds like it's something that's gonna pique your interest. Listen to it because if it's not, don't I'm not making you I'm not saying like, there were some that were better listen to it. There were some that were specifically looking for like music related podcasts. So I mean, a lot of people want them damn True Crime podcast. Oh, yeah. And I was like, we should have had a drunk True Crime podcast. No, it's so crazy. Like how popular those are like, and so yeah, give me the hate. Whatever. I'm over it. I'm over you. If you ask for a recommendation, I'm gonna give you mine. I will also give you another one because I have another podcast. I don't have another podcast. My, my brother started a podcast, a fitness podcast with just two coaches. So I'll shout him out to coaches transcendent fitness podcast and he's a coach. He owns like a CrossFit esque gym. And they talk about all things fitness on there. So I'm going to give you either rock talk happy hour or two coaches because those are the ones that I know and the ones that I listened to and the ones that

We work hard. I mean, this is free content and we're promoting it on a free platform Twitter like why are you getting there? We're not asking for any. I'm not saying you know, I'm asking you for money. I'm not asking you like if you say Oh, like I put this check out rock happy hour a podcast about craft beer and music. If you see those things like Oh, that sounds interesting. Listen, if you don't then go over my tweet. You don't have to be like why didn't ask you or I'm under age and you're soliciting beer. I'm like, I'm not making you drink anything. I just recommended a podcast when we saw that person's profile. They kind of were like just starting stuff, everybody. Yeah, I think it was just something they did. Like it was just like, oh, let me just I'm gonna like be that that. What's it called instigator? the instigator. Yeah, so that troll a Twitter was pretty much a troll. Yeah, it just got anyway, that's my rant for the day. So, so there's that. Um, don't be a dick on Twitter. Hashtag go back to the old time where you're just sharing it.

I mean, it's like that on Facebook, too. I mean, it's just trust me. I know. Instagram social media. Yeah. Social media in general. Yeah. And you would think people would be more, especially with quarantined stuff.

Open, I guess, but they're not. Well, they are they're being social.

I guess social instigators, so. Um, well, there's a cool thing I kind of a cool thing I guess if Kim wants to talk about it. So we got more news on the big red beer. Frank. I'm sorry. Yeah, so I'm sorry. We didn't bring any big red because we're gonna go Yeah, next time. We'll do we'll do this taste test next time at our place. So Kim was actually she kept up with the with the feed of the brewery better than I did. guy. I missed both of the original posts. But uh, Kim, go ahead and tell him the news. This is kind of crazy. So they actually are changing the name yet again. So it was big row, wild row, and now it's just row and I think I've been changed.

They even changed the logo, the can everything because of I guess it was

Mario, you really put me on the spot like, I don't know, both legit.

They were having problems, it's illegal. It just says their posts was along the lines have there been some legal hurdles to get through so and so now they're going to brand it differently. So this was my guess on that. So I was thinking about it when she had told me about it when I saw the post. And so it went from Big Red well from using the big red logo, I guess, or whatever the big red Association. They couldn't do that because I guess they weren't. They didn't have a partnership with big red. So then they was like, Well, yeah.

I mean, it was a good idea. But yeah, you should add

that too. So then they went to htb, which of course they're from here. So you know, it probably be a better partnership or a better approachable, you know,

partner to do it so of course they had wild read and they incorporated that in the rear. So they just went to roho and I think what the issue is I think it's the kind of the same thing why jack daniels doesn't do the jack and coke thing with their with their jack and coke bottle the ones is because I think it's kind of hard for a non alcoholic beverage company to cross promote with an alcoholic beverage company because it doesn't send a good message I guess to people who are under age. So like it'll be like oh, big reds on it or Oh wild reds on it, you know, that's just a soda, then you know they're gonna want to go so an alcoholic drink. And I think that's where the issue came from is associating with an alcoholic beverage. And I think when this whole situation when I was reading about it, I think that's the whole thing. Why jack daniels hasn't done that collaboration with Coke. Yeah, they have their own recipe of cola. Yeah, they have their own recipe of cola, but it's not good. And of course, it's like a it's a cocktail drink so it's weaker too. So I'm like, you know fills up

on, you know, collaboration with Coke, it'd be different but a non alcoholic company I don't think is gonna a beverage company is gonna, you know, cross promote with an alcoholic beverage company, because you'll see like two alcoholic beverage companies collaborate sometimes. But I was thinking about I was like, I've never seen that before, but that kind of makes sense if they're not putting it out there. Like why specifically? I think I think that's a good guess as to why I mean, you can go and find they posted it on their Instagram. I was just on there right now. I don't ever recall. Oh, yeah, it's a weird name.

is less tree. Yeah. Is Islam street brewing? Is this is the street their tag is is Liz street brewing on Instagram, Instagram. Yeah. So I don't think so one of two things happen they they're either sticking HCBS partner with them some way behind the scenes and is like supplying them with a wild read or

They ended up making their own red cream. Soda, like jack made their own cola recipe. But we won't know. And it's kind of crazy because you had the first wave of people who got to try it with a big red. Then you got the second wave of people who got to try it with the wild red. So now you don't know what this third one is. But it's a cat looks nice. I don't know if you have a picture of the cat. The cat looks really cool. The design looks very cool between big red and wild red, Big Red tastes a lot better. Well, oh, yeah. Thanks. Sweet. Well, I mean, those are Yeah, that's right. Well, it's just like, okay. It's just like Coke last year.

Just like, it's just like Coke tastes better than, you know, the HTV cola or whatever. We'll try that too. I'm just kidding. I could taste the difference on that one. Definitely. It goes through your veins. I'm going to be brand cold. Let's go flat, faster. And I would love you htb Yeah, for sure. So we'll see what happens. We're going to try to get a hold of

Some of that beer I think it's supposed to go out for or like for pre order again or whatever, in like two weeks. So we'll try again if they don't have issues with their system, and then also to this episode is our German themed episode, so we actually had German snacks and German beers. So I guess to take a little break in here real quick before I talk about the other two things on the list if you guys don't know if you guys have some other stuff to add, who wants to say what they're drinking real quick? No, okay, I'll go first. So, so I'm drinking another altstadt beer. It's actually from here in Texas, independent craft from Fredericksburg. This is their heaven advising. And Frank I think we were talking about on a previous show. I've never had an advisor before. And you guys are explaining to me how it's pretty much like a bread bread in a cannon. And it's like really yeast, you know, flavored and so I was reading the back of the cannon it literally says like liquid bread in quotes, and I never had one before. So offset if any of you people are listening that beer

is so actually got all the old stats that I've had so far I haven't had to actually put that into my beer cheese tonight cuz it was that good to be in there. This is a 5.2% alcohol by volume and like we said it's it's from Fredericksburg. Yeah it's from Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg is very German oriented once a German oriented town in Texas for those of you who don't know, also to again shout out to the person in France. I'm gonna keep shouting out until you email me. Also too in

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, someone which I drink over there. France I keep asking you what y'all drink over there every anywhere outside of Texas. I want to know what y'all drink out there. what's popular what's especially the craft beer independent stuff? Cuz that's one thing we try to support and there's a lot of things going on with

small independent businesses and breweries and venues. And actually I want Frank to talk about that in a bit. He sent me a petition

about some stuff going on because of COVID and whatnot. But so that's what I'm drinking half advising. And that's a real yeasty bread bread

bread tasting alcoholic beer so um but yeah, I like it a lot. So who wants to wants to go next?

I guess so I'll go next so my what I'm drinking is a cloud hauler dry help non alcoholic brew from Germany. And it is

I think it's the it's the first dry hops in its category

and dry hop actually find out there's a difference between dry hops and Wet Hot whoo cool. Tell me tell me Alright, so dry hot. It's a it's a term in brewing. That's used when you add the hops late in the brewing process, okay. You know, it's either during fermentation or when it's conditioning compared to wet hops. It's

it's the state of the hops.

fresher, moist, and I believe they're added earlier in the earlier in the breeding process. So I guess there's a difference in flavor. I mean, I don't I don't know. I mean, I've had hoppy beer yet, but I don't know if does this one taste hoppy? No, not really. It's got a very nice citrusy multi caramel flavor to it. Okay. All but it's also two because it's a is there? Is there another?

It's just dropped. It doesn't say anything else on there.

It does not it just said that. It's made. Oh, wait, it's made with cascade hops. Okay. Yeah, there's a usually the kind of hops to add some kind of distinct flavoring to it. And that's actually it's a world beer award. Yep, winner. Mm hmm. So that's why Frank had to bump the rating up.

Because I was doing some research on the original one that Frank drank last week and, and I was like, Oh, this one's award winning and then also to there was a

Beer I had last week it was what beer that I have. It was the Oh, it was the Alaskan brewing one if you guys remember the camera. Yes. So I was talking about it. And I was like, I was like, I can't figure out the taste and the cat didn't have much info on it. And I was like, this is probably like some type of hybrid. And I was like, I'm getting the hang of this. I looked it up and it's a high. It's a hybrid type beer. I was like, Yes, I know that. So yeah, so I mean, learning some stuff as we go along.

Britt, what are you drinking? Not German, but I'm drinking one that Mario and Kim brought to me called citrus trip from freetail brewing, which is here in San Antonio. And it is a tangerine. And it's really good. Mm hmm. Yeah, that's my new favorite. So that's a that's a wheat beer. Seasonal zappy. For those of you who don't know what beers it just means white beer, but uh, but that's a wheat type beer. It's just because of the color that it is. But um, ya know, it's a really, really

That's a really good beer. So freetail if you're just like shamelessly, like freetail if you're listening, they like they like the thing to me cuz we rated beer, some of this beer because it's seasonal, and I'm gonna be sad when it goes away. So what would you rate it? What was our rating scale? Well, one to five, but you could do like points. So like you could do like more for you. So we had at five, so we'll do like a 4.5 then, and a super fan of wheat beers. That's one of the first songs that I think I've had that like you actually taste the wheat like, really, but I don't like Kapha bisons. Oh yeah. Oh, that's like one of my because I love that one. I love that one. And then there's like another one that I can't think of at the top of my head, but they're all like, we'll start to figure out who likes we'll start to figure out Yeah, I remember when I was drinking. Half of eisenerz my my favorite brand was live oak. Oh,

but we didn't we didn't get

I wouldn't get it. Yeah. And to me it was it's I mean, from the ones I've had, it's the richest I need to try. That was flavorful. Oh, if they had an accent, because I was looking at the recipe that I made tonight with the beer cheese, David alders, he actually used the live oak. Yeah, shout out. Shout out to Texas eats because we watch that on the weekend. But that's where we saw the recipe. So yeah, it was all three. Yeah, my Tim to shut now. She's just thrown everybody today.

But it's pretty cool. Because like the breweries will like, like or share our stuff on their stories, which is pretty cool. Like nice. You know, there's a lot of the independent breweries, although I was cursing him out when I was making that cheese but afterwards, I mean, it came out good. And yeah.

It was a it was learning. Alright, you're the last one we drink. I'm drinking this Stella Artois, Belgium. lager beer design independent but it's 5% alcohol by volume and it was a winner of the two

2019 world beer award for World's Best International lager. Oh, yeah, I know we've had quite a bit of award winning beers on this show. There was a what other beer that we had. There was another one. I don't know what it was. I think a couple of the shiner wants to actually had Oktoberfest. I haven't had that one in a while. That one's like once a month or two.

But, uh, yeah, so can you like that one? Like it? It's really good. Actually, I was I was scared because they had their theory about the green bottles being funky. Oh, yeah. Which we I guess we need to look that up and see if that really is the thing if it hasn't. Yeah, I haven't done it yet. But I know it has something to do with the ingredients. Especially, I mean, not saying every green bottle beer is gunky. But usually the more light that's, that travels into the bottom. That mean the light actually affects the flavor. So that's why you know, like caught on now or, you know, whatever.

Clear colored bottles tastes like like piss. What's the biggest one did it well apparently there were some people criticize criticizing their use of the clear bottle. Because for that type of beer they apparently the pearl beer you remember that one? Yeah, that apparently they shouldn't have been using a clear bottle that because the type of beard is and maybe those people are right maybe it was a Sunday cider saying I was scared because I was like, ooh, I don't really like gunky beers. But this is actually a really good I would drink it again. So yes, that's not bad from what I remember. It's general it's pretty good.

only slightly skanky.

So, okay, so I wanted to talk to you guys. Uh, probably I don't know. I think all you guys saw the picture.

So there was a thing I want to talk about with Frank.

So last disconnects the last episode still in the hangover segment. We were talking about live festivals, shows and whatnot and tours. And there was a thing that came out

I don't know if I sent you Brit, but they're in the Ukraine, this band put on a show facing a hotel. Kind of like

it's a hotel with the with like balconies on it. And so what the fans did was they rent it out all the the rooms facing the band. And this was in the Ukraine and the the band played to those people like that. So everyone's distance and there was max four people per room.

And it was just stacked so there's actually video of it. I showed Frank sent Frank some screenshots on if you want to show Britt, but it's crazy. And we're like, what if that's like the next thing that seems better than the car thing? Yeah. Yeah, cuz you have space you can be dancing up. Here's the Well, that's what everyone was doing. And the best part was there was a little note that said, like, you can have your drinks there and then stay the night. Yeah, the concert is over and you just crash out there.

Yeah, I'm on the balcony and it reminded me of the balcony that's over there I know this is like kind of weird but over there by like the sunken garden area or by Alamo stadium there's a there's a couple of I think they're actually apartments though I think that was the

person's like weather people might be Iron Man place but there's like balconies and stuff. Yeah risers yeah it's yeah so they're high rise like apartments or hotels. I remember when whenever there was a show going on people would chill the way at Alamo stadium when we're when we're we're still in marching band. Yeah, performance. Sometimes we would hear the shows that skinny garden into the garden stadium. So we're gonna throw a concert at the apartment complex, I know.

But I was like, they're calling them vertical vertical concerts. And I was like, That's such a better idea than driving drunk and and it'll also bring money into the hotel.

Because people aren't traveling as much so I mean, I don't know who you know how to get this word out you know this idea more here in the States but it was a band in the Ukraine called Oh torvald

they looked rock to me and they're like their fans were rocking out on the on the balconies and stuff. And to me, this is what it reminded me of you ever seen the music video for to AC DC, thunderstruck that's what I was thinking. I was like, that's exactly what it looked like. And like, it's just like, it looked like that. And I was like, yeah, we need a yes. Oh, hi it and I'm just kidding. Actually shout outs AC DC because I just found out that it's a 14th anniversary, you're back in black. Oh, and they were having a live stream talking to artists today. about like, you know how that album you know,

impacted me influenced them to they were talking to Sebastian Bach and slash and, and all these artists. It was like, it was like almost two hours. I didn't see all of it though. Well, that's because it was like at five o'clock earlier today. Four o'clock, our time.

But I saw some of it but yeah AC DC 14th anniversary of back in black but but you know that was just the hangover from the from the Show Episode last last right? Um what I had a hangover topic well I just can't I just thought about from like episode I think three when we had a hangover when we had Chuck van was Chuck Benz about the radio so the radio station here in San Antonio is now doing this nine o'clock 90s hour block how when your whole day is from the night yeah what's hilarious is what's hilarious though isn't we turn on the radio and they are promoting the night night at nine o'clock peak. And it's five o'clock in the afternoon and we just finished hearing two songs from the 90s and they're promoting the nine o'clock 90s blah and then I told her I was like they have the 90s nooner to at noon they have an hour and I was like

So I don't know if it changed so they're adding I was like, what percentage of the day is 90s music to them? I think it's 90% 90%. Yeah, so I think they like that number. But um, yeah, sorry. That was my like way like we're hungover like and then what are they gonna be busting out some non like some other 90s music they don't even probably not alternative 90s speaking of that, we turned on the radio today and they were playing a bush song that's not really it wasn't in the rotation before. Are you familiar with bush pushes just discography radio stuff the radio sir. So they have a single called Little things. I'm not sure what album that was on, but it's a good song. And that single didn't play here like yeah, like we had like glycerin and what was the other one?

chemicals between us.

That was really popular. American Werewolf in Paris was our

They had it there. They had a song bush. Yeah, machine had that. Yeah, machine was another one too. So little things wasn't in there. But here's the stupid part. So bush released an album like six years ago, five years ago, maybe. And they actually just released another album two weeks ago, I didn't know actually want to check it out. They had a single, they're single come out for the john wick soundtrack, the last movie that came out called bullet holes. That song is badass. Like, it's a really good song. And I'm surprised like, kiss doesn't add. They're a 90s band. Like they have two albums that you could be, you know, recent albums, you could be playing music from and they don't, but it's a really good like bullet holes. I think if they introduced it to, to the station here. I think it would catch on. It's a really good song and it sounds like that 90s Bush era, like not the album before. It was really weird. It sounded more

contemporary, I guess whatever the word is, but But yeah, no, that's what I don't know what you're gonna say for

I could cut somebody off I was I was thinking whatever happened Institute oh yeah forgot about institute that was his band that just like a one off? Um I don't know.

There was another band you remember Institute came out the same time that you remember five volt main no firebolt main was the other band that the singer from flaw had made familiar oh yeah five volt main and Institute came out at the same time but yeah, Institute was not bad. I don't I don't know what happened to him. I actually looked that up. I'll look it up and see what's up. Um, the last thing I wanted to talk about was Frank wanted you to maybe talk about that petition you sent me earlier actually shared it on Facebook and Instagram about Yeah, 14 local venues because we like to talk about local, so supporting local institutions. Yes. So I don't know. I mean, I think it's a it's a it's a Nash it's a nationwide petition, and it's called save our state

dot com. And you can also find the hashtag saber stages on social media. And basically, it's a petition urging concert goers or just you know live music fans to email their Congress people, their their Congress representatives and their state and letting them know, please pass legislation so that independent music venues can continue.

Because, you know, really these independent music venues, they're the heart and soul of live entertainment music and

basically, you know, over time they they build our culture, they build who we are. And, you know, just think of like your favorite punk fan, you think of your favorite hip hop venue, that's not a big name. And the sad thing about that is that, you know, they're not covered by Live Nation or any other big name. They're basically going to go under, yeah, you know, they're the first to close and they're the last to open

And so if legislation doesn't pass to ensure that these venues get the funds they need to survive COVID for however long this pandemic last, then we're probably gonna we're probably never going to see us again. Yeah, so definitely, if you're a fan of live music, and if you miss live music,

please wear a mask this year so that we can start going to shows next year. Yeah. And also go to save our stages calm, find your state, email your representatives, tell them, please pass legislation and get our venues back. Yeah. And if you don't want to search for the link, or when I actually posted it on our Instagram, and I shared it on our Facebook page too. So if you want to do that, you know, that's a that'd be awesome. And then one more quick thing that I was just thinking about real quick. Frank started a new Instagram page for non alcoholic, non alcoholic

beer friends to talk about that loss. No, right because I did not talk about it. No, if you want to tell everybody that real quick. Yes. So

I started a non alcoholic Instagram page.

Because this, this podcast talks about beers. And I figure, you know, since the beer list does goes, it does go up on a daily basis every week, I figure Well, I'll just focus on the brews that I particularly drink. And I can give a little bit of information on each one. And it's basically just me trying to be a voice or trying to be an advocate, I guess, for the non alcoholic scene. And, you know, I think for people who are trying to look for something different or trying to switch up their intake, or just curious or just don't want to drink as much like, let's say you're the designated driver. But if you still want to be a part of the scene, you still want to be like the cool kid, then, you know, hopefully the stuff that I post will give you some insight as to what as to what's out there. And yeah, I mean, I think

with the whole craft, beer movement, you know, of course, we have

A whole lot of options now. Yeah, I mean endless options and now that craft beer is starting to really pick up on non alcoholic stuff. And also a lot of the major established breweries are starting to get into the non alcoholic beer scene so you know, it's just like vegetarianism that just like veganism there are more options now than there were five years ago or something like that. Yeah, and these craft breweries are doing a really good job of having non alcoholic tastes like pretty close to like, what these alcoholic and I think they're doing a lot a hell of a lot better job than the bigger breweries because I think those guys just want to bank on it and slap the non alcoholic thing on and be like, oh, let's just take the alcohol content on without really experimenting with the craft breweries are the ones that are experimenting and doing all the crazy stuff and really pinpointing the flavor that you know that beer drinkers or beer lovers you know, and also to I think just you know, there are a lot of there are a lot more health conscious people now. So, you know, I think for a lot of them, non alcoholic beers, the way to go

You know, they're they're low cow they and you know, surprisingly a lot of them tastes really very very good. Yeah, it's almost you're you're almost fooled to think that you're not drinking out. Yeah. Yeah. No, I have been drinking a lot of the ones that you've been drinking Well, the ones that you share with me or whatnot or taste the ones that you have, but yeah, no, they taste pretty. Pretty damn good.

Um, so that out of the way anyone else have anything else I want to talk about was related to last episode.

No, you don't want to give any shoutouts anybody any breweries any beers?

She likes where she lives. Is she listening from France? Yes. Okay, my quota. Today already I think

I'm okay so I guess we'll go on to the main topic, which is guilty pleasures. So you said you to talk about yours lists. A little bit okay, cuz I Well, he knows mine. We don't talk. Yeah, we didn't talk about our right before y'all. Okay.

I was like, I want to try to keep it secret. I was like, I want to kind of have the reaction, you know? So before I do that, I think I should get another beer. Frank. Can I try it the beer that you brought me? Yeah. German Go ahead. Yeah. Okay, let me get a bottle. It looks awesome. So who wants to wants to go first with their guns? Can we can just shoot the shit while the beer gets over here? Oh, yeah, we'll shoot the shit. Alright, so um, I don't I can tell you my guilty pleasure. I don't mind. Oh, okay. So you're gonna do your rock one or your non rock one a minute. Well, I don't know if either of mine fit into that category. I mean, it could be it could be wrong. You know, it could be right. You can you can be a rock subject. Yeah, sure. Because there are relations relationships.

It should be a funky looking bottle, right? Was it? Yeah. Oh, it's in there. Alright, cool. My first one is a whole band, not an album. It's okay. She did the same thing.

And it's House of Pain. Okay? And you're like, Yeah, sure. They're awesome, right? They're totally legit. I don't know. I mean, I love them. You know, Irish rap is awesome. But uh, you know, I think with a lot of music I listened to I'm kind of a snob about lyrics. And if lyrics are really dumb that I'm out and how's the pain has some seriously dumb lyrics she'll like, I don't know if you've ever paid attention long enough to listen. But yeah, they're not they're not the all quote one for you just to illustrate.

I can get real sick, like a bowl of multinomial

and by the way, top of them aren't into like, they're they still I think they would fall like under that era of like alternative rock like, because of the alternative rock that we have today. I would not be surprised if

some of the bands

Today have them like as influenced, you know? Yeah, because I can see that. Yeah. Remember they were trying to roll over the hip hop scene and white, golden green. So

is there any Is there any like album or like songs that you particularly go to? Like with them in the morning? No one is like one of my favorite songs of all time. Okay, cool. Cool. Yeah. But you know, you could actually tie that in because

I think Who is the one guy who did

that band?

He went solo. I forget his name. He's talking about everlast everlast everlast. Yeah, so he went like a more rock route. Yeah, he did. Oh, yeah. He did. Yeah, yeah. And then they're I think their original turntable lists is now in limp. biskit. So, Hmm, okay. Yeah, DJ lethal. Okay, man, you know, a lot of Olympus kit.

Are they?

look we're not judging here. This is This episode is about no judging, but he

He started out in the House of Pain and I didn't know that and then when when the biscuit was looking for a sampler yeah keyboard is turntable guy. Then he ended up jumping ship and went with the biscuit. Wow. Okay, well I learned something. Yeah, Moreno I learned about limbus kit history.

So I switched beers up before we go into the next one. Bad I was cool. That was cool. So we got two German beers that I'm still gonna be drinking well, German ish, right? That's German in the German I'm not good with geography. That's a country that borders German. Okay, so they're in the German area. Um, so this is a new Belgian New Belgium Belgian collection 1554. This is 6% ABV and if I'm correct, this is a Belgian style.

Ale I think it says has a chocolate he finished so I haven't done the research on this one. But this is by the New Belgium Brewing Company.

That's where it's brewed. But it's important

from Port from Fort Collins, Colorado, I believe so. Okay, apparently this is important so legit important apparently from New Belgium. So let's see, but let me give it a taste.

Oh, it smells malty. Actually, you know what? I haven't put my lips on.

Put some in here for Britt. Oh yeah, you gotta do the Oh, it's dark the wine. So I mean this is a glass

you know I actually should have done that with mine because it says that it's got like there's two more glasses. Yeah, I know but I didn't need another glass because we can share so I gave you taste but I like went to I got dumped happy. Well, yeah, I guess we could do that. Like don't like poor happy like, oops Yeah, okay. Okay, so this look, it's dark. So I don't think this I don't know what this is. This kind of looks like a porter. Oh, it's a dark ale. Okay. It's a dark ale. It's an ale. It's a dark Oh,

Smells chocolatey. Mm hmm oh wow. I guess

it does have a real chocolate aftertaste

Yeah, it okay guys so this is a dark ale I think this is probably the first dark ale that I've had I don't know if you guys had dark ales like I'm quite sure in many drunken states I think

I ended up you know like in once you're like super past yeah like after like your third Arizona you're like

you're like just buying whatever looks good well we used to I used to look like a connoisseur well I used to do that when we used to go to Growler because they had such a wide variety selection. I remember that one that I got messed up on it. It was stone brewing their stuff messes me up. And because they have like they have a lot of tall boys and stuff or like big bottles. Yeah, like that are like twice as big as these. And it was the one that we had gotten it was a Mexican one with like Mexican chocolate with like, some kind of like pepper in it and Oh yeah, those are crazy.

One and it tasted like really good and that was like after I had drink I don't know what else and that one like yeah that was it there was a good or chocolate beer that I had had a very nice cinnamon flavor to it hmm I forget the brand I have to make i don't know i have to look it up I look it up man makes a notch out that beer do that. Yeah, they do. Like season over Yeah, I think back in the fall. Yeah, so we're gonna try to keep an eye out for those seasonal beers cuz Yeah, cuz pumpkin beer is coming Yeah, so we got so that one that we got that Frito we got you that one season. Oh, and then we actually found a I have a limited edition one that I got. It's a sour I have at home actually. It's a What is it? It's a

it's not tangerine. It's one of the sours that I got because we got a watermelon sour peach. It's a peach There you go. It's a limited edition like peach sour from from the guys who did the pickle beer Martin house. Oh, yeah, it's from them someone Oh, I haven't had too many of their beers. So I was like, Oh, this is the

brewery that Frankenberg we're talking about, yeah. Out of Fort Worth. Yeah. Do you have a chocolaty I remember, we tried a Martin house once. It was like a peanut butter, peanut butter.

Beer, because, uh, wow. That's a couple years ago or so shocked top had a pretzel beer, and it was seasonal in the fall. And it was a magical gift from the universe. It was the best. It tasted like a salty, soft pretzel. It was awesome. And then they stopped making it. And it was sad. And so we looked for other pretzel beers and we found the Martin house one and it was chocolate peanut butter pretzel.

But, no. Well, we'll we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll start a petition. It was a poster. No, it was a bit sludgy. Yeah, it was very thick. Yeah, cuz I want to Penny slavers. Um, well, the dragon's milk one that I got you. There's one I was telling him about it that they actually have one where there's literally a picture of them on Instagram, dumping a vat of money.

melted marshmallow into the into the brew and I was like holy crap. So I want to try that one and then I actually got another one. It's actually from a brewery here in Texas. They're independent. It's called, were they called temptation? What is it called? temptress? temperature. It's called temptress. That's what the name of the breweries, and I got a porter from them smoke Porter. I think that's what it is smoke Porter. Yeah, I think as a smoke Porter, but the ABV on is like 9% or 10% or something. So I'm gonna try it on another episode, but it's like pretty much the same ABV as a Dragon's Den one that I got very high. I'm alright, so who wants to go next on their Guilty Pleasures?

I guess I'll go next.

You know that it's actually a pretty hard one for me because a lot of the stuff I liked in middle school, I still like okay, I just want to admit to it is this is this rockers is non rock. No, it's uh, it's rap metal.

Okay, so it's okay so we were right it wasn't a biscuit actually yeah oh shit. Okay what album is it is it's not the Insane Clown Posse no no oh yeah but see the reason why I don't admit to it is because they're you know they have like the douche bro associated

you know I just keep it to myself Can I take a guess and say significant other no actually that was a good one yeah but significant other was pretty good yeah significant other was pretty good I still I own that album so for me it's a toss up between significant other and there is a little recognized or not very widely known album The question What truth

came out after forget what after results may vary or something okay after yeah because a West came back into the band yeah yeah cuz West wasn't in the results may vary one yeah no no and so I think to counter their popularity they wrote a purposely heavier, more lyrically deeper album

And I think it was just social commentary of stuff that was going on at the time.

But see, yeah, like I say, you know, they have that association that I don't really want to admit that I liked them. But I think if you if you listen to the music, they're actually really good. It's just when Fredbear start saying it's like he shits all over Well, I'm pretty sure a lot of that I'm pretty sure a lot of that has to do with the West because Wes is Yeah, and Westmoreland I think he's one of the most underrated guitarists. Yeah, honestly and I think a lot of what he does, you know, just in his guitar playing and a lot of his his stage presence, you know, the way he dresses with makeup and his instruct his intricate stage costumes, and also a lot of his solo material too. It's a lot different from what Olympus get does. But I think as musicians are actually quite good, I don't know if they're classically trained or professionally trained musicians, but I think the core you know, the biscuit like the drum bass.

Guitar are really good. So did you like the vocals and Fred versus raps on these albums? Like I mean, because that's what kind of made significant other in the album before was it a

significant other? Let's see. Well, I guess not significant other but this album that you're talking about Oh, yeah, yeah, so how was like Fred Durst on this. He's still whining, you know, but you could tell he's trying.

Okay. Yeah, he's still whiny. But that album had no singles that album Oh, airplay out. I don't think it had a tour either. So you'd like this album? That's why I liked it because it's one of those like, little known albums that you never gonna hear about. If Okay, Frank, I've known you for a long time. You say it's good I'm gonna listen to it because I actually have I don't know why I have it but I actually bought results may vary, I guess because I wanted to hear them biscuit just to see what you know, whatever this was like when Sam Goody was literally so I bought it brought in. I didn't hear that one.

check that one out.

Yeah, definitely. And I did have them just get on there. Yeah. And I guessed it. And like I said, You know, I think with West coming back and him doing his own thing, and I think the band trying to counter their popularity, I think, you know, they purposely released a non mainstream non commercial album and it's one of their heavier ones. It's one of their more lyrically deeper, darker ones.

You know, and significant other Of course, that's a good one. It's got a mix of a lot of things. But if you definitely want to hear the artistry, shine through the unquestionable truth is is a good one to listen to. Hmm. All right, and it's not very long. It's like half an hour. It's like 30 minutes. It's, you know, so you can pop it in.

easily. And oh, the album for it was $3 bill, y'all $3 bill to debut. Yeah. Okay. That's the one I was like. All right. All right. All right. All right. Well, guess I'll go I'll go next. Or Kim. You want to go? Okay. I'll go

kind of afraid to

About this one, this one though, there's a reason why I like this album. This album, this, this band gets a lot of heat. And I know why. Bad No, Hell no,

no, no, because I actually dislike this band now and i think

i think it's because there's one of two things either they really did let their persona their stage persona get in the way of their actual writing, or it might be a result of a record label. I kind of feel it was record label involvement. I'm just like, how they're marketed and stuff because I've seen the individual members like speak like in interviews and like just on their personal pages, and they don't seem anything like how their persona is on stage.

This is my finger death punch. Oh, I knew the debut album. The debut album is is good. Dad rock. Yeah. Well, this is this is what's funny is after

So I had a chance to see this is how, how I agree with that I'm actually had a chance to see him live to, I think this was like when their third album came out, I actually didn't see them I left as soon as they came out and they their energy came out, like and I saw the crowd and how they were, how they came how they, you know, approach the stage. I was like, damn good. So I left actually didn't see them. But the first album, the way the fist it's a fucking awesome album. I know we talked about it on our first episode about how like debut albums are like, the raw and gritty versions of the band, or like, you know, it's their first outing and it's just raw, you know, it's not over produced or anything like that, though. There was an exception to that 10 years album, which I was like, holy shit, I never really thought about it. But yeah, that one was produced but like a good in a good way. Like it wasn't over produced. So a five finger death punch. I actually have two versions of their debut album. I have the original version. I have a

like a deluxe version. And I like

To if I if it's possible. I like to get the looks versions of albums, especially a debut albums. This one had a DVD and it was kind of like a behind the scenes of how the first album came out. And no one else is in this DVD DVD documentary. Aside from the guitars, Zoltan bought three. So he's actually from Where is he from the Netherlands? I think he's from the Ukraine. Let me see. So he is from, oh, he's from Hungary. Okay, so he's from Hungary. And this is actually his band. He actually formed it. And he's a very talented guitarist like he, he wrote all the music and that first album was just very raw. And I remember I didn't know who the hell I've been. Well, I knew who Ivan moody was. I didn't know his name. But I don't know if any of you guys are familiar with motor. He was a modal grater. Yeah, so this was like a new metal band that came out around the time when like bands like mushroom head came out and mudvayne they just they weren't more underground.

And so I was like, Oh, I was like I'm familiar with that singer and I was like oh shit he's in this band now. So if you ignore like the single the bleeding and you listen to the album that whole album is like great like, the songs don't sound the same it's really I don't want to say it's groove metal but it's a good hard rock metal I mean hard rock album.

There's like really good grooves in it. The lyrics are good there's no douche Enos in it like once you got past the second album, there was this persona that came out I don't know where it came from. Where it was just like they they became like bros like but that was their persona and like it was just like this like cocky like just like all American guy like douchey let's cover fame. Yeah, like in that too will like the will the covers just got worse because the only one that I'm like that I think is decent is a bad company. I think that's a pretty good cover. I like how they did it. But um,

but yeah, like that. That album. I know. Five

Finger death punch. Honestly, I haven't listened to any who excuse me, right? Of course we're drinking. So if you heard any kind of burps and stuff, um, but like, I didn't really pay attention or say with them after that first album, like because I saw where they were going. And then it just got worse as every album came out, like, like, also to like one of their last and I'm not bashing on them or anything because it might be a label thing. We're like, you know, the labels like, Hey, this is what your demographic is gonna be, you know, you know, aim at that. And

they have a song called champagne. Sh, m. p. n. And it's just like, it's, it's stupid. There's no like, click to it. Yeah, exactly. There's no depth to it. And then I actually, I actually saw Ivan Moody, like talk about the current stuff that was happening, like what the protests and stuff in the whole Black Lives Matter started. I don't want to get into politics or anything, but I saw him talking. And like, he's one of those guys. That's like, he's not on either side. He's like, just stop the bullshit.

You know what I mean? Like as far as like, politics go, like, you know, just everyone needs to stop everybody loves everybody pretty much yeah. And like, like just like the way he was speaking and I'm all like he seems like a cool guy like to hang out with. But then when you look at his stage persona or like the stuff in the music videos or stuff you hear on the music, it doesn't match, you're like it. I don't know where this is coming from, but it's marketable and people, a group of people like it, so it's selling so you know, just stick to it. But if you have a chance to listen to the to the album, the way the fist from, you know, five finger death punch, if you don't know anything else than the singles. I recommend to go listen to it because it's really raw. It's it's aggressive. The lyrics, you know, have meaning to it. I'm not saying like they're super deep, but they do have meaning to them. And I would listen to that album, honestly, like on a loop when it first came out because I was like, Oh, I know who this guy is. And oh, I don't know who this old Tang guy is, but he seems cool. He's a good guitarist. Um, but yeah, that was one of my guilty pleasures. I said actually, as

The other guitars I forget his name. They actually had a guitars. Take a take the places one of the original guitars who was in the band aside from Zoltan.

Well, one of one of the other guys it's not so tan I know when five finger death punches and touring he actually tours with Alice Cooper. Oh, wow. Yeah, he's he's his life guitar. This guy.

Like dark haired or something. Jason cook. I think Jason hook I mean, sorry. Yeah, this is him. You're right. Jason. He actually played with kiss. Vince Neil. Oh, wow. Check this out. Alice Cooper. Vincent Oban kiss. And he's also played with Hillary Duff.

So yeah, this guy's got a good I remember. I remember watching a documentary. I think I was at Cod. I've heard the name escapes me. I'll have to find it. But it's basically about session musicians. Hmm. Oh, and you know, just the different artists that they play and when they're not recording in the studio, the artists that did

With you know, and you'll be surprised to know that there's a hard rock dude who actually records for like a top five top 10 pop artists in the studio, but I think that's cool because you know it, it showcases that they're not just lumped into one genre like they can actually go out and expand and play some other stuff like I think john five Marilyn Manson former guitarist, and now he's with Rob Zombie. He's a really big blues and country guy. Remember he got a lot of shit from Manson because you know, he was always busting out blues and country licks was the same thing with Kirk Hammett and Metallica, like he busts this other shit out like blues, jazz, you know, whatever. And they don't they're like, no, but yeah, like I mean.

I mean, they did that that fuckin album with what's his name? That won't Lulu that got away for reception. I heard some of it. It sucked. Yeah. What's his name?

Lou Reed. Lou Reed. There you go.

you associate with Oh, yeah, they did that album with Lou Reed and it was fucking horrible. I heard some of it and I was like, No, you know, but I don't I don't think that album was intended to appeal to any fan base. I think they really didn't appeal to anybody. I heard that like I Dude, I saw reviews on it like It Wasn't I think they just did it just to do it because probably because it was Lou Reed in there. Yeah, it's Lou Reed and I feel you know, let's just do something different than who we are. And I don't know I think a lot of bands have a lot of those vanity projects to write where it's like they're not trying to please anybody. They're just trying to play whatever they whatever the fuck they want to play. Yeah, like limp biskit I'm just pretty much just kidding.

Alright, so we're three now we got Homer vs. Which which? Guilty pleasure Did y'all reveal? Was it your we did our rock one. Oh, yeah, rock.

Miners gonna go Yeah, yours is like alternative rock. I

don't know which one I should go. Okay. Yeah, Brock.

Well get ready for this. Okay, because mine is none other than

The American badass himself. Kid Rock.

Heart attack.

Guys, you have any whiskey?

Just kidding. Okay, I have to start wearing a bowler hat.

How's reactions? Oh, man, this thing Pete like hell. Like when you said that I was like holy shit. Okay, mine was

good. It wasn't funny.

Laughing he's still like worried because I was like, Can she stay here tonight?

I'm like,

so actually Mine isn't a certain band or album. It's actually a time period between 1999 and 2005 when I was going between middle school to high school

I was listening to things like Good Charlotte Simple Plan pop you found glory blink 182 that's not even pop. pop punk. What's that? Yeah, it was classified as pop punk. Yeah. But that's that's my that's better kiltie time period. Yeah. Okay, because those were the that was the stuff that I wasn't when I was growing now like, amongst other things, but that was like the stuff that people are like oh you like blink 182 like they're not punk they're not cool like, and people still say that till this day but actually, one of the better albums I think that they have is the California album that they put out couple years that was a good album so I listened to it now that I love Tom DeLonge but I don't know I just that album was a good album and like Travis Barker is one of my favorite drummers like you know this you know, not a big blink fan. You know, I'm not a big I know you don't like blink, but that album. I do that album was pretty good. I didn't Yeah, California was actually so yeah. That and I and Sirius XM s

Has the emo project radio station that oh my god it just hits a spot with all those bands like it's just that the guilty pleasure like you have to wait till out of the house before you actually know I'll own it because there's a lot of things even to like when I was younger like insync Britney Spears like

people are like oh my god like you listen to that it's just so funny cuz that era like I even then I like I didn't like good Charlot I didn't like was on the menu name I said a new found glory simple. Oh my god. Simple Plan is one of the like, she knows like, Jordans voice from Yeah, absolute.

It's from that time period. And how can you talk you guys were in a pod on

air quotes. I was doing it because I wanted to play shows, but I don't have anything against you for liking that stuff. Like, here's the thing with me, like, I don't have an issue with you liking that stuff. And because I feel like that was targeted more toward the female audience.

No, no, no like those guys. No, no, no those guys. No no because of the way those guys like saying and like that their songs like, they were like, I mean, I don't know if you can agree with me like, yeah, sure so I can understand like someone your age like who grew up with still like, like them. If you're female that's fine, but like, like a male I can't understand you know what I mean? Because it wasn't your weren't the demographic you know what I mean? Like, like, if

understand is 2020 I'm not trying to like get like, what's the word like offensive?

offensive but you know what I mean? Like I am gender stereo I'm gonna go ahead and blast these guys like I don't understand how you could be our age like mean you Frank be like still like super fans of blink 182 or like, like, I don't understand that like, because you know what I mean? Like it's like fangirling like, like

I just I don't I think Frank kind of I'm not trying to be like a dick but like

No like I don't understand, like how did you like How could you be in a room and then just like be jamming the songs out and be like fuck you dude. Oh fuck you but like you're listening to fit like this you're like dude this is like you hear the lyrics you're like into like liquidity to this passage Jackie there's like some songs about like, what it was aimed toward these like, young you know, teenage girls like that's who the demographic was like even when you look at like TRL and stuff like that to me was I'm somebody who was in love with Afro Levine. I don't think that you have a really well,


first album, no guys, just the first album. That's true. That is true girls want to see pop punk princess skater. That's the exception. That's the exception to though because

like, No, I'm wearing it because this is my Yeah, but you see her though they actually reversed it. They had her target probably the young the young boys, because I was honestly I was in middle school when that first album came out. That album is good like that out.

Actually was raw in the puppy sense. Did you know the guitarist for the original guitar for Evanescence? I forgot what his name was.

Ben moody or Ben Moody, okay. He actually produced that album or the second Well, I remember him saying but different, same same, but never exactly. But what do you see I'm not bashing you for liking them. But the thing was that she was the reverse. She was not only for like, hey, look, girls, like we can do this too. But she was like, Oh, look, it's a girl playing guitar and like the guys were like, Oh, shit, it's a guy. That's what I saw. Like in middle school, like I was. Honestly before I got into kitty. This was going into high school. She was the first like female guitar like that I saw on TV when I was looking at rainbow guitars like that. Before I got into kitty. It was like Ali and AJ, which were there. So you know what I'm saying that Yeah, so this was in middle school, like literally, I remember seventh grade. And I was talking to my friends. I'm like, Who's this like, average chick? Like she's like, I was like, holy shit. Like who is like she's like this

punk Cool Girl, but then I learned later I was like, Oh, she's not punk at all. She's not Yeah, she wasn't even playing damn guitar like when I see the music video now, like, it's an electric guitar, but there's no electric guitar on the track. Like I learned later. You know what I mean? And I'm not. I still think that albums decent, but I don't go back and listen to Well, I'll go back. Huh? It's not No, no, it's not on my list. Now. It's on my list. I do own that album, though. Because every album that I've had since middle school, I still have Oh, yeah. So um, but actually, yeah, no, do you have a playlist? I knew this. I knew this was gonna have some controversy. My Spotify is called teenage wasteland and it's basically all these bands that are.

Back then when I was growing up, you know, and being influenced by things. Well, I'm not judging anybody, but I am judging the people that I'm talking about outside of this room. Because better No, because, I mean, right. I think I probably won't say it, but I know he agrees with me. I think there's a way

To grow maturely as you, you know, like, say for instance, if you're 12 years old and you Yes, fall super head over heels for blink 182. And then let's say you're 30. And you're 30s now, and then you think, you know, yeah, you know, there are some stupid songs, but I can appreciate it for what it is. Yeah, it's just the connection that you had when you were younger. But if you're not still like, Oh, this is the best thing ever feel like 15 years later, but California was a good album. No, it wasn't.

That wasn't from that, like, even that doesn't suddenly it changed. Yeah. So if you haven't heard California or any singles off of it, it's different. And it's good. I do like it. I'll listen to it. If you put it on. If you were to put it on that probably the only album that I'd be like, Okay, cool. Like, I'll listen to it. But anything before that, aside from the singles, I'd be like that, um, that there was a word that was at the self titled album, the one that's got that song I miss you. She probably know I don't know. I think it's a self titled one. And I think that was like one of their more mature sounding albums and, and that

Have one that was the one that I I listened to, like fully. I'm like, man, like they really grew up, they matured and then they had the song called fucka dog.

Yeah, that's the subtitle. Yeah.

That's mine cuz that was just stuff that I, you know, in high school middle school high school like just No no, I mean I understand when I listen to that stuff it brings back all those yes nostalgia stuff. Yeah, so that's but but I know people like you're saying like you didn't grow out of it. So I'm like, that's my guilty pleasure because you're like, well, you still think this is the best thing ever.

That's the difference though. But like you're not like that's not your lifestyle. Like, that's not your like, you're not still living it. You know what I mean? Like, I'm not I'm not wearing friggin spiked bracelets anymore. Like from hot tub. I still have them.

Yes, yeah. Yeah. So like, there's a difference, but no, yeah. I mean, you were the demographic

Kim so you're an exception and I remember to when Bowling for soup came out z i hate that man. I fucking hate that. But here's the thing I always considered Bowling for soup and you found glory to be a little bit of the underdogs I hate because nfg is really because when I saw the video for it as it my friends over you, huh, you know they had a chubby shirtless bass player. Yeah, and I'm thinking okay, cool, you know, they're not trying to market a bunch of hot dudes, you know, and also to win bowling pursuit came out they have a chubby guitarist and I was thinking to Yeah, you know, they're not trying to market like a whole bunch of hot dudes to two people and I think I already know I'm the guy on the podcast everyone's gonna hate like

when they did the all the small things video and they're mimicking the Boy game from listening to boy bands, and I discovered blink who was already you know, in a time period, actually, like perfect to the date. Yeah, was making fun of those bands, or parodying them that I came from listening, but I think also too, so it kind of just

I think also too, that was like that was their competition in the valley. Well, because they were like, they came out at the same time and tomorrow was, you know, playing both, you know what I mean? So it was kind of like, they had to take a shot at them somehow because they weren't that they had instruments and stuff. So they had to, they had to take a shot at him in some way. I mean, so, um, they were kind of like rivals in a certain way, I guess. But Uh huh. Well, with that said, Who wants to go on to the guilty pleasure? Second guilty plea because I have one I don't know how much shit I'm gonna get for it, but

I put an arrow now actually, I forgot about her. So like, when you set it? Like, I mean,

I don't listen to it. Like, I don't listen to it now. But this one I would listen to this next one I would listen to I don't know. I mean, I'm not gonna say full albums. I guess it's just more song. Okay. Let's go. You know, like, for instance, it's our podcast, or whatever. We can do whatever the hell we want or

Yeah long stretch

I really I'm really fond of disco okay you're already know you already know I don't like disco no no both know what you three no I don't like disco my mom knows I don't like this girl she loves but I think I like disco because you know that's what my mom grew up listening to yeah my mom She played at home that's funny cuz my mom played it and I was like oh my god turn that shit off

but you know I grew up listening to it and I to this day I still like it and sometimes I wish just go would come back even if it was just for like a little bit static x brought it back a little bit. Yeah, evil. Yeah.

But you know, I mean, I I'm a fan of disco. I'm not ashamed to admit it. My favorite Disco Song is a disco duck.

You gotta check out that I thought he was gonna say Dancing Queen. Oh, dancing. Things are good.

There are some songs some disco songs that are fine. That that's a that's a that's a I'm not gonna that's a good

kiss. No, no, no.

And I think it's raining man's a good song

I don't like that song because I think it's too like overplayed yeah played yeah yeah played out a play you know but it's also like some other stuff I like I guess like you know some euro pop like aquas Barbie Girl okay i think is good that's no surprise but I'm missing it all We both have I don't know that's an all right talk to I mean I can't like if it came on I wouldn't change it I'd be like that's a fun song you know what I mean? Like it's like do you know every single word and although I don't know they probably do

i don't know i I'm a sucker for 90 euro pop there's something about it you know like a subbase I'm talking about

okay just bring a wall out for like okay keep going this blue I mean does that for 65 they weren't they weren't for

Hear. I think they were like French or something. Yeah, they were. Well, yeah, I don't I don't even know. I don't know either. Yeah. Okay. I think there's a name

for Yes.

But I guess if I'm gonna say, full album, I really like snicker 65 Oh, they're Italian. Okay, okay. That doesn't make sense. You would think France cuz Eiffel. But okay. Should be Pisa. Pisa six

no i really really need 65 yeah there you go. I really like sneaker pimps. I don't know if anyone's from sneakers. So they had to wait, is that the artist or the album? I don't know.

who that is? I don't know. I don't know. Do you know what that is? Yeah, I don't know that. Yeah, if you've heard of the song six underground they're a little bit like trip hopping after Yeah, I don't want to get sued.

Yeah, you know, okay after Yeah, definitely. They're a bit trip. hoppy. You know, they have some of the I guess in the

90s there was this little bit of like electronic with acoustic stuff going on. And so some of their some of their music has some of that trip hop with acoustic. But their debut album was really good. I thought

it was different from a lot of the pop stuff that I was, you know, used to at the time that I was exposed to. And you know, 600 grand was a really popular song for them. And I think Spin Spin sugar was another good one for them.

But the whole album entirely Oh, shit, okay, I don't Yeah, it was.

I mean, yeah, like, I like the last I'm like, I'm trying to like Connect, but when you hear the song, maybe Yeah, maybe. Yeah. When you hear the song, yo, you'll get it. Yeah. But yeah, sneaker pimps was was good. And then I didn't really keep up with them. After afterward. I think they lost her vocalist, she went off and did her own thing. And

they lost a lot of the magic of what made them who they were in that first album. I mean, they're still going, they're still they're still a thing. They're just, they're just not as popular as it used to be.

Okay, so I guess that's my guilty pleasure. Nice. No, it's not bad. It's not bad. I mean, that was not very controversial. No, mine would be. Alright. You want to go for it? What to share? Okay. It's a song.

Um, and I don't know if anybody else at the table No, I know Frankie knows cuz he knows this about me. Murray had one night in Bangkok. Okay, yeah.

You're gonna have

to teach my stuff. Yeah, but it's um, so apparently he's, he's an actor and a musician. And he made that song for a musical. Huh? It's all about a chess tournament in Bangkok. tarus Yeah, so how many

zero? Yeah, I was gonna say like two maybe? Yeah.

Yeah, but I love this song. It's ridiculous. The video is ridiculous. I know. Every single word here is at something

Okay, I was gonna guess nighties. But I don't know. Let me see. I think I have it pulled up and I can tell at four. Oh, wow, your musical was called chess, which makes sense because it is about a chess tournament. Hmm.

So yeah, apparently he's still going strong. He's like 74 D, acting and making music. Yeah, I love that damn song. No. Speaking of like, no older people, so making music I saw a picture video of recently a b 50. twos. I was like, Oh my god, like they like I saw them in concert. Just like a year ago, I took gretta or was it two years ago? A year ago? I just didn't then Frank and I went the year before that. I just didn't realize like, how was it at the top man? Uh huh. Yeah, Tobin? Yeah. Um, the funny thing about that show was that it was over by like, 9pm. Yeah, they stuck to the schedule. Like we thought, Oh, you know, everybody says, you know, starts at seven. But no, we have plenty of time and we were all done late and have been going on for a while. And right now

I mean, I could see why they're there. Yeah, cuz I had seen the live performance from them. But I guess this was like, this probably had been like 10 years ago because they didn't look as old as they did. And I saw recent pictures like, Oh my god, they don't even look like I yeah, they're starting to look a little different. They're still Oh, yeah, they still sound the same sound good. Yeah. So, um, yeah, but and that was, it was her first concert. Yes. It was her bedtime. So they had a way who's bedtime?

But hey, whenever y'all are performing and touring when you're 70 then tell me what time Yeah, that's true. And be like non core. Go to sleep kids. Yeah. Get off my lawn. Yeah. And they're still out there rockin high heels and fancy costumes.

And all that stuff. So nice. I love it. All right. You want me to go where do you go?

And it's funny because I didn't write this stuff down because I don't want it

To see it

Okay, so this next artists um, this album of course I like to talk about debut albums that sound wrong. This is in the pop actually genre. And I had never heard a rock pop album. Actually, let me take that back. I hadn't heard a lot of Pop Albums in general, probably maybe back in the day like Britney Spears.

Backstreet Boys, that's probably Yeah. I did have a Backstreet Boys album. This was for Adult Contemporary. It actually

will the singles were, but this was from the first album, it actually was about contemporary because they played on Adult Contemporary stations. I didn't know that. So when I didn't keep up with them after that, but this was before I got into alternative bands that led me into classic rock blah, blah, blah, because this was before I got into like, matchbox and stuff. So anyways, so this is probably like legit, the third pop album that I heard and this artist is actually

Friends with Marilyn Manson. And she actually performed with Metallica. But I'm not a fan of that performance. It was a pretty shitty performance. Lady Gaga. Oh, coke. Okay, her first album the fame. Yeah, it's not a fucking good album. I own that album. It's there. Aside from one song there's one song I'll skip because it's like not, it's like, for ladies like whatever. But like the other like the other songs like they're just, I've never heard a pop artist that can have the same rawness as a debut album from rock band. Like that sort of sounded like to me, like, she did the music the way she wanted to do it. She had a producer that helped her out. Um, that album is fucking good. Like, I don't care what anybody says, you know, whatever, whatever. And this was before the fact I didn't know she was friends with Marilyn Manson. I didn't know she was ever going to do a performance like literally when the album came out in I think this was like 2005 Let me see this album came out actually came on 2000

So it came out in 2008. I actually bought it when it came out. Um, and I heard it all the way through and I was like, this is a fucking good album. I didn't keep up with her after that, because after her first singles came out for to promote her second album. I was like, yeah, you can hear or like she kind of got not an ego, but she kind of got sign record label directions. Yeah, I don't even want to say that. I think she kind of got like, her head got a little too big like, and it kind of reflects in I don't know if you're familiar with the tour or the stories behind the tour, but she had like, so roll was called like the monsters ball or something. And it was to promote the second tour. And for each show, she had a custom piano built and it she almost went bankrupt because of that, like all the money that she was making on those sores. I was actually going to go to one of those shows, and I didn't because the price of the tickets or whatever, but she actually almost went bankrupt, bankrupt because she was mine.

Like custom piano for each show.

On the tour, and to me,

that was one thing too, like it was a little bit over the top like, and when I heard the singles too, I was like, man, and when she started, I'm not a fan of Beyonce. So when she did a track with Beyonce, I was like, I'm not interested in California. I don't like it. So, but that first album to fame is fucking awesome. Like, you listen to it. It's like shit. I didn't know that a pop album could sound raw and sincere. That's how it sounded. And

I just like, I don't know, I just really liked that album. Like, I own it, and I can go back. I haven't listened to it in maybe five, six years, but I could go listen to it again. Um, but I don't like I said, I don't know how much shit I would get for it. But that that's a good album, if you haven't. Yeah, if you haven't heard it, it's a good album. You know, the one that I really liked from her was

the fame monster. It was okay. So the fame her debut? Yeah. And the fame monster. Okay. So it was actually supposed to be released as a reissue as a double

But I think Sony or whoever she was signed to decided to release it as a as an EP instead. But do the video for bad romance is probably one of the best features I've ever seen Bad Romance was on the on the second album. Yeah, that's actually good song. I actually do like that song. Everything else like I didn't really catch on to. But no, yeah, that is a good one. I remember when I heard and saw the video for poker face, that is a good damn song like and also to I want to say this too, because I don't know if people pay attention to this. You guys probably do. But when you listen to a song on the radio, it's a lot different than the album version like I'm talking about, like how it sounds like cuz the radio stations have their own equalization. And it changes like the feel of it. And it's true because sometimes I swear the pitch on the radio is like, Yeah, they do have Yeah, they do change it like that. So like people don't know this, but like the radio, the actual radio play version is different.

Then the album version, so I like to listen to the album versions, but poker face was good just dance was fucking good. Her music videos for that first album were good too like I remember seeing poker face I was like this is fucking good video like it wasn't over the top it was like it was just good and I'm not I don't know a lot about pop I really don't but that fucking for some reason I don't know why I got drawn to that album. And I did and then later on I end up finding out like she's hanging out with people like Marilyn Manson. She doesn't performance of Metallica. Oh my god that out that fucking performance. I think it was a Grammy performance I never saw it sucked. I heard so much about it. So she did. So Metallica came out with the Death Magnetic. And she performed moths into moths into the flame with them. One I thought it was fucking over the top and cheesy to like it's fucking crazy because now I can't listen to that song at all because I think of that performance and I just don't think it's a good Metallica song. Um, I'm not sure if

They played it on SNM. To

me and Frank, we're talking about that. But SNMP is going to be released next month. And I'm looking looking forward to it. Because when I saw it in theaters, me and Kim and my brother saw it in theaters, and the equalization was shit. And I told her I was like, the vocal sound too high. Like it sounded like they were peaking the guitar. James's guitar was too high. You couldn't hear the symphony. Then I ended up looking on I was telling you I looked at on Facebook comments, and people all over the US had the same issue. And I thought it was just me. So apparently, there was some mixing issue when they showed it in theaters. And it was horrible. So I can't wait for the album released. I saw the trailer. And I was like, wow, everything sounds good. So I'm looking forward to hearing you know, SNM to the way it was supposed to be heard, like, you know, just sounded like shit in theaters when we saw it. But yeah, so Lady Gaga fame is my guilty pleasure. So Kim, you're the last one. All right. Well, what better way to close the topic out with the king of Texas the king of country, King George


So mine is not an album too much shame in that it's not in a time period. It's not an album. It's not a song. It's a whole artist. George stray from right here in Texas. He's from poteet Piersol area which is about I don't know to an hour from here Yeah. And he's had 61 number one top number one songs on all country charts and I think is great and if you're from Texas and you don't like George you can get the fuck out of Texas that's weird because like Morel I like I know. Wow, yes, I know Earl like it's weird cuz i like i like Garth Brooks like and some of the older country artists and I'm not too familiar with George Strait cuz like well we're about to get you familiar All right. Damn straight. Yeah. Well cuz like Jay cuz like my mom likes country and there's a lot of country though. I actually took her to see dwight yoakam at the Tobin. Yeah, so and she enjoyed it. I didn't. I didn't like I like the older like, I'm actually like, What's his name? Randy Travis. I like Randy Travis.

I like someone Willie Nelson. I like Dolly Parton to some old stuff. I'm not too familiar with George Strait though, but like I do like Garth Brooks and like a lot of the newer country I could get fuckin he's been going strong since 1981 currently still making music I think or maybe not. I think 2019 was like one of the finale kind of tour. Yeah, he did a Farewell farewell tour as they all do. I think it was in a want to say 2016 maybe before that a little bit. Before that. I really wanted to go he played his last show at the Alamodome here in San Antonio, of course. Um, I didn't get to go. I think a friend of mine was getting married that day. So we actually went to the wedding.

But yeah, I love George Strait. I think I don't like country and I know a lot of people are like you either love country or you are like country sucks. I mean, I think current country sucks. Oh, yeah, like sure.

Older country hot countries yeah that's the thing George kind of took he sticks to the roots of the country and taken away from not really falling into the where country is gone yeah nowadays with like Florida Georgia line boy Well the problem with like today's country and the reason why I don't like it is because to me it's not like sincere like they try here's the thing like they their country but they try to be like oh like we can be rock

to rock yeah or there's there's even the ones that like try to rap. Exactly. Yeah. Is that does that Florida Georgia line there's another one too.

I don't I don't know either. But yeah, there's those are the ones that I saw. I felt like a lot of people have like shame and like in country music. I do really feel that a lot of people that listen to rock music. If you say you listen to country, they're totally against it. the only country you can get the heck out of here with like in that but Georgia

I mean, he's just a classic. He's a class act. He's from here in Texas. He just has good music. I don't think I've ever listened to a George Strait song and be like, oh like that's thumbs down like honestly to me like anything before like any country before like 98 like What's his name? That guy who made like, songs that were like funny and they were country he's from like Oklahoma.

They had his fucking thing they're like, oh, whoa, this guy fuck with Toby Jackson or Toby Keith Toki i don't i hate Toby. Yeah, like I don't like them at all. Like, don't lie and that was that was the type of country that was trying to like crossover to be like, oh, like we can be cool or like, you know, yeah, I just didn't like a stick there's like, yeah, there's a stick to it. Yeah, and I didn't like Toby Keith and then like you were bringing up Florida Georgia line and like there's a lot of like, these ones that like well, Luke Bryan I don't like Luke Bryan either like he tries to be like, they're it's weird because today's very hot. It's very hot. But at the same time, like today's country, like they try to prove that they're coming.

tree like the country before didn't try to do that they were just they're just country. Yeah, exactly. They were just country. And there was this one side, I remember I was working at my old job, I was working at a laboratory and I was I was working working in this room where I would wash tanks, and we would have loud music on and one of the guys had,

he would have country on all the time. And sometimes we mean, the other guy would change it to put rock. And there was one song that fucking hated I don't know who it was, but it was about like, so obviously country is about storytelling. Willie Nelson would do that, you know, Dolly Parton and stuff like that. So these current country artists, they try to do that, but they're trying too hard. And there was this one song that it was about. He's driving in the in his truck, and he has a son in the back and he's telling him like to eat his chicken nuggets or he won't get like the toy or whatever. I'm like, yeah, I forgot what song that is. And I

know what you're talking about. Yeah, it's so dumb. And I just felt like it was forced and just like how their accent is worth. Yes. What's his name? I was just I just said his name right now. 200 for me

No no not Toby Keith.

Look right on you're talking about Rodney Atkins watching Yes, that's Yes. That's the one I hate that song like and and I know there's people out there that I know that like that song that's fine. That's cool like I I'm not gonna, you know

put on my George vinyl. You're like, well because I don't know the music. But that's the legit country though. Like I don't know it though. But if it's like today's country if you would have put on like a fucking we were talking before Georgia line. I would have been like, I would have gone to the room. I actually wrote it from Florida Georgia line one year.

I mean, not for the whole year but for a gig and it was one of those crossover tours because nearly opened. Oh, yeah. They have a song with him, I think. Yeah. And there's another who has a crossover song with him. It's a when Natalie did a cry, I guess is it what number Oh, Tim McGraw. Tim McGraw. There you go. Yeah. McGraw. Like Yeah, what else was there?

guess my country this is showing I'm like, oh yeah.

I didn't know that. Yeah, and I think Brad Paisley also did a did a collaboration with LL Cool J. Oh, but I heard that was sucked we actually did a what we saw video rock actually did a list in that song. Like cross collaboration so whenever I heard that song sucked I never heard it i don't know i heard pieces of it but because of that YouTube video and it's it's

I mean, I could do like a whole episode on like genres and try to but yeah, this new countries like we got to listen to like the outset. If you want to get into like real country. I think you should listen to the outlaw country. Oh, like Willie Nelson. Yeah, shooter Jennings type stuff. Speaking of that, did you hear about that devildriver album that came out like a few years ago? No. So it was called Fox something outlaws I don't know. But basically, they covered it was metal artists.

devildriver like got people on the album and they covered outlaw country. Oh, nice and okay.

No it didn't. I heard one song and I was like, this doesn't sound cool. I didn't hear the whole album but i for i think, I think even to

the theory, at least, the idea of it sounds cool, I think, was it the

the there was a band I think it was called rebel versus rebel. Oh yeah. It was David Allen code dimebag and Vinnie Paul though single The single was good though that never heard the single Oh dude, it was good. That was actually good but that's supposed to be like a country metal. So that was good though. So this devildriver this devil jammer album was called out last till the end. And I like devildriver button.

So okay, so that what you're talking about? rebel meets rebel.

Mario's doing the Google thing rebel media is talk to text.

So I

think my Granny's that method

and that's a good thing. I didn't ask you. Okay, so

They're fuck. I don't know what their single was. I'm trying to see what the single was But

no, it was good man. I don't remember what the

what the single was, but I remember it. Okay, so it was released in 2006. I remember that I remember in high school. Um, holy shit.

Whatever. It was good. Just go listen to it. Yeah, it was it wasn't bad. It was better than devildriver shit. Okay. So yeah, well, I'm not a huge country fan, but I mean, either my

NASCAR from Texas. You should love him too, because he's looking to get a George Strait tattoo tomorrow.

All right. So I mean, you guys have anything else you want to say? Aside from send your hate mail to roxxon cabbie or [email protected]? I do. I'm going straight to Kim. I know Oh yeah. Or whatever.

No, that's fine just send it to my Instagram school. I am I actually will. Okay, so Britain had this beer last time I think the salted cucumber from stem ciders and I know this one is a cider base I guess spear it's good. I like the other a better that other cucumber beer. Yeah my friends at the independent Brewing Co Oh though. The red bud the red bud Yeah, that was good. It's really good to see between the two that I will because I want cider bass. The other ones yes the other ones not. But, um, and then so when we're done with this, I'm gonna go ahead and drink the beer that Frank got me the German one and I'll put no that's fine. I'll post it on Instagram. Because you know, I post the drinks that we're not having here. And I know Britt was having the light blonde from China. Yeah, just switched. We don't. We don't have that one documented. So but I will write down because I know Britton

and Kim are big fans of that beer actually. Yeah.

It's a good beer too. But yeah, we'll do that. And then next episode I'm not sure we'll talk about maybe soundtracks maybe? Yeah, sure. Cuz That one's been on the list for a while. So if you guys have any soundtracks that you guys enjoy, especially if they're rock oriented, go ahead and shoot them to our email, rock happy hour [email protected] or just put on our social media. And you can find all that all those links on our website at Rock talk. Happy Hour, pod calm.

So until next time, we'll see you guys next week. And if you guys love the show, share it with your peeps and leave us a review. I recommend it to on Twitter. Just get the damn show. Yeah, or say thank you and don't listen to it don't matter because we got people in France and Kenya listen.

Yeah, so yeah. So that's, that's it. That's it. guys next week. Bye.

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