Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 6 - Music Festivals/Tours

July 18, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 6
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 6 - Music Festivals/Tours
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 6 - Music Festivals/Tours
Jul 18, 2020 Episode 6
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This week, we discuss why drinking craft beer from certain glasses is important, and try some more beers from around the states. We also try our first wine on the show!
And, because of COVID being the reason for concerts being cancelled, we discuss what music festivals/tours we miss, our experiences with them, and their possible futures. Cheers!

EDIT: Tripels have 3x the amount of MALTS than the average beer. Cheers!

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This week, we discuss why drinking craft beer from certain glasses is important, and try some more beers from around the states. We also try our first wine on the show!
And, because of COVID being the reason for concerts being cancelled, we discuss what music festivals/tours we miss, our experiences with them, and their possible futures. Cheers!

EDIT: Tripels have 3x the amount of MALTS than the average beer. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. This is a podcast where we drink craft beer, talk about craft beer and learn about craft beer. And also talk about music related topics. Mostly rock oriented because we like to listen to rock and metal and stuff. So everyone say hi. Hello. Hi. Hi, how are you doing? Good

in the hood

did a good job.

It was funny cuz i was i was thinking about last episode, and or every time like an episode passes. We've talked about this before.

I'm like thinking about something that we could have talked about or could have said. And we were talking about Rob's Metalworks, because, because of the whole public,

what else channels call, again, public access access channel, we're talking about public public access channels. And we were talking about a show that used to be here in town. I know, I don't know if people outside of Texas are familiar with it. But this was back, like in the early 2000s. And this guy would, uh, he hosted a rock and metal show and he would play music videos from local and national art came on at like, an obscure time in the middle. Yeah. And so and of course, it was a public access channel for those. For anyone who doesn't know what a public access channel is. Can you? Can you?


okay. So let me try to explain it in so I haven't wikid it or anything, but I'm gonna say it's a station that's open to the public. That can be a guess.

rented out for a certain at a certain time, or signed out to at a certain time if it's approved. Yes. According to Google, it's a traditionally a form of non commercial mass media where the general public can create content television program, which is narrowcast through cable TV specialty channels. There we go. Yeah. So that's kind of what I said. Yeah, like, exactly. So what I was thinking about that, well, first off, I sent you the link and I was like, This guy is still doing stuff, but it's on YouTube. I was like, duh, like that. Now he has his own channel. Yes. And he's from obscure spot on channel number. 22. I like Yeah. 105 in the morning. Yeah, remember? Yeah. Also, too. I remember. I think it was after his show. There was some. I don't know who was hosting it. But there was some weird Asian pop videos that would play for about an hour. Oh, I'm probably vaguely familiar. Yeah. Yeah. It was. It was interesting. It was amazing. I'd be up at like three in the morning watch. Yeah.

Pop videos think I think I remember that. This was like before so Frank was in before the whole Kpop thing was popular. So

he was, he should he should have worn this. Yeah. But um, so I was thinking about that. And I was like, Oh, that's pretty interesting that he's still going on YouTube. And then I was thinking I was like, that would make a cool like Wayne's World continuation where they're trying to transition to like, YouTube.

And it's just like, I was just thinking about that. And I was like, Oh, that's that's kind of, you know, that'd be a cool idea. But why did you put the idea out there, you could have sold it to somebody that made the movie.

Hash tag here and tag, Michael, Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Mike Mike. Data, that would be a good remake. Like, let's say, Wayne's World comes back and it's rebooted. And they're super hesitant to get into the modern world and they're still trying to do public. Yes. Yeah, that's all

So that's what I was, like, that's kind of the same idea I had to and I was like, oh man, it kind of just kind of makes sense. Like, I really didn't think about too much of the, of the whole public access stuff. But just to see that this guy's like, his last video that he posted was literally the beginning of this month. So like, he's that's how active he is. And I shared that screenshot with Frank and I was like, wow, I'm gonna I haven't checked out the YouTube. Hey, Rob, if you're out there, rock talk happy hour. We want to hear from you. What are you drinking? What I'm dwelling on from past episodes is the fact that Frank did it remind me about Spiceworld for Oh, yeah. Movies, like our man I fifth grade Kim is kicking me at night because you know, I need to put that on the list too. But you know how you know you make a mental list and then when you write something about it, my sister actually recently posted like on her Snapchat or something that she put we have the VA

chess or I guess she has it. No, it's mine, Beverly that VHS is mine.

But she was watching it the other day and then I was like, oh my god. Yeah, that's right. Very good. said you know, what about Spiceworld? Yeah, that's a good one. If you haven't seen it. It's it's cheesy. It's cheesy, but it's good. I don't remember it. meatloaf, isn't it? So? For the classic rockers out there.

It's cool. Anything y'all want to do on from the past episodes?

I think I'm gonna call this segment the hangover.

Because I always think about something. Yeah. from previous Yeah, from previous episodes.

will speak into that. Uh, oh. Would you say? No, just that I was just gonna.

Yeah, just meatloaf. No. Okay.

Um, what was uh, what else was in this top 10 favorite albums. He just forgot it

was an honorable mention. Okay.

heard me

actually mean either just that one song. Yeah, he was also on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's right. Yeah, he was

he wasn't Fight Club. He was a meatloaf episode. He was in that house.

Oh yeah. Bob there Yeah.

Um, anyway, so

on a weird

six meatloaf

this so meet me and Kim actually found some more information about that damn big red beard. It's supposed to be a big row with a big roho so it changed its name so I'm big rojos now read a wild wild roho so apparently I don't know how their original formula went. But I don't know if they were really using big red or not. Maybe they were because I found I I think I knew this but then I forgot that big red is Texan was it was meant in here in Texas. Whatever.

Whatever. So, uh, now I guess they partnered up with a chibi to use a wild read. Um, I don't know what the story is behind that. But now that the label changed and everything I don't know if you see a picture of that article, I think, I mean, I'm wondering if they just didn't get licensing for you so name from Big Red. That's so crazy though, because they're their own thing. You know what I mean? They're not. So I wonder how that worked. It might have been that too. We should do next blind taste test wild red versus big red and see if you can tell the difference and then see if you think that that would impact the beer in any way. I think that'd be a probably a good one for Frank. Yeah. Big Big Red fan. Me neither. All right, Frank. They do have it on Sonic. Oh,

my God.


Big Blue. Yeah, Big Blue. Blue. Big. Big peach. Peach. Yeah, they're just I think they're another one. But yeah, the blue one is super sweet. Yeah, the pineapple one. I think I've had that.

I think the only one I haven't has a big I like a good cream soda. I like cream soda, but like when it comes to those that are just over like bearing on the sweet like.

So, for those of you who don't know what big grid is, everyone should know what big red is right? Like, it's not it's not available. Okay, so it's a national photo of Texas national soda. So it's not anyways, so it's a red soda. It's a What is it? Red cream, the cream base type soda soda.

It's interesting to do the taste test and see can you tell the difference between cream soda and big red? It's an American variety of cream soda. It's the original red cream soda. Oh Google So okay, so as to be bubblegum flavor right originally.

So to not confuse next taste test. All right, you're on sucks. So to not confuse people, I guess. Okay, so big red is a red cream soda that's here in Texas. But then on top of that, there's a there's a

Um, local grocery store chain. It's popular here throughout Texas and I think some of California

I think they're I think I'm probably wrong, but I thought there was probably Mr. Hudson Yes. Um, so they have their own version of big red, which is called Wild red. And apparently they teamed up with a brewery to do this. And me and Kim, we actually found the brewery,

Instagram, and they had their first batch go on sale. And it was only supposed to be for a week and there was a glitch in their system. And they actually ended up selling out for the next three weeks. So we were going to pick up we were going to pick some up for next for next week. But because of the error in their system, they're sold out. Yeah, we'll get some probably in a month. But apparently they're working with distributors or distributors, which would be I guess what he tried to get more shipments out to more places, because right now you can only get the beer from the brewery themselves. I guess that was the smart thing of them going with

The Wild read to is that they have in kinda you know using your soda put us on your shelf you know get get that good in okay so it's been confirmed he is Nexus oh yeah but so we thought about uh what was that place that just moved out of Texas and Iran was pissed off about whatever whatever we go You never know like water burger branched out you know you never know so i he is in Texas and also in Mexico Mexico Mexico yeah okay California with me I did the same thing just kidding

I didn't mean it

I didn't mean in a bad way like it's like anyways he said there's shape the same yeah the shape the same shape.

No. Anyway we're putting that out Yeah.

Anyways okay so big the big red beer. This this wild

Wild, Wild, Wild Wild row. So yeah, we're gonna try to get some I guess in a month. But there was an interesting thing too, that I learned about this beer that, okay, this, if someone can explain it to me or maybe you guys can or somebody listening. So

when you get this beer, they give it to you cold. And you have to keep it cold and it cannot be like it can't have a counter temperature or room temperature. Because from what they're saying is that because of the ingredients they use, like they're so fresh that like it can't be it. Like it'll go bad. It'll go bad if it's like on the counter, like it has to be chilled at all time. But other than that all beer like are the same thing of other beers. Yeah, it depends. But I think it's one of those things where if it has sediments on it, like in it like I think sediments just drop, and I think that affects the flavor. So I think you have to drink it with other sediments mixed in. I believe because well because once they settle and then that's

Probably what affects the flavor you know, like when you drink apple cider? You see all this stuff on the bottom? Yeah, when you shampoo it? Yes. Yeah. Whatever they put in there and then when you when you shake it up like it's all mixed in, but if it sits for too long Yeah, I think that's probably what affects the flavor and I don't know maybe warmth has something to do with that.

Maybe I mean, I don't I don't know. I'm not a


virologist. Yeah, beer ologists I'm getting near but Oh, okay. Now I'm thinking about my California Mexico comment. I was thinking about the shape not in the nose like just like it's like a long and like it goes down and then like, anyways, so yes.

Like, why are you looking at me like that? I don't make racist political comments.

Definitely not.

Speaking of sediment the beer that I'm drinking actually has sediment probably cuz the lemonade. Yeah. Or the lemon part. Yeah, but I don't know. Maybe it's something in the brewing process.

has something to do with why it has to be kept at a certain temperature. This one, though, I'm not sure. But speaking of temperatures and stuff, that's actually a good segue to another thing I wanted to talk about. Another thing I wanted to talk to you about, so I saw on Twitter, there's a page that follows us. And they're like beer enthusiasts too. And so they share pictures of other beer enthusiasts. And so somebody was pouring a beer in a frozen glass. Have you guys done that before? Or because I know we done it before. We haven't done it recently. But yeah.

So one thing I read is that if you're, if you're drinking and anything, like not special like a Bud Light or something, I'm gonna throw him under the bus. I don't care. So like you can, you can drink that in a frozen glass. That's cool. But if you drink craft beers like we do, it's bad to put them in a frozen glass because it creates more foam. And it also takes away from a flavor

and then sticking to the whole thing about glasses. I learned about why the glass

shapes are important for the different beers. Do you guys? No, no, no. Okay, so the different types of glass shapes for the different types of beer helps it to release the carbonation in a certain way. And also to release the aroma that it has in a certain way. And it also releases the flavor when you drink them in a certain way. So it affects like all those things. And the glass shape just does it in a different

I guess in a different way, depending on you know, how that beers is brewed? Because some beers have more hops or more, you know, malt and others and just other ingredients. We've talked about I'm not a chemist, the color of the beer bottles, but yeah, we were talking about this the shape also in some way effect. Oh, probably, I mean, if probably if the color of the glass does and the shape of the glass, so I'm pretty sure. I don't know the specifics. But yeah, it kind of makes sense. Now that every every little thing like that affects how the beer tastes when you consume

Yeah, um, so earlier this week I actually had a Belgian style triple. You know what that is? It's a Yeah, it's a triple Belgian style. Okay. Thank you. So, thank you for translating me. Yeah. So So Britt, I know you were looking at me like, so what what I found out about these triples, they're like, from the they came out in the Belgian region, like some time, I don't know, when, whenever beers were being experimented with or whatever. So the triples actually have three times the hops that a regular beer does. So at some point, in the process, when they're adding the hops, they just pretty much added triple the amount. So this beer ended up having the highest ABV to date that we've ever had on the show. And it was 8.1%. And I was like, holy crap, right. And it tasted really good because it had triple malts

It was Do you guys remember I was telling you guys about malts and hops?

Okay, so if it had so if it had triple malts What was it? How did it taste? If it had triple net triple most salty? Yeah, good. Maltese are good, but yeah sweeter so this one tastes are really sweet and yes it tastes

so I was doing research and I found out there's a quadruple oh my gosh and well and total wine apparently has it I'm gonna have to hunt it down 10.1 ABV

Yes, and it was and I'm pretty sure it'd be his sweeter than that repel but, but it was really good. So if I find another one I'm gonna get you on because I don't know if I saw a lot of those. But even if you just taste it like it tastes really good. Um, yeah, the history from what I read on Wikipedia is the word

that the term triple triple Chapelle comes from the Low Countries which are now the Netherlands and Belgium.

And yeah, yes.

Similar to what you were saying is, they're made with three times a mult. Yep. And therefore the outcome is a higher ABV. Yep. And it's it's it's a lot sweeter to than a regular

beer that doesn't have them that much molten it. But it was pretty good. So I'm gonna try to find another one for because I know you tried it.

You don't remember, but you tried it. So many. Yeah, like, I know, I'm trying to keep tracking to it, but I'm gonna try to find a quadruple and we'll try that one. But that's 10.1% Oh, yeah, I had two of those. Oh, yeah. Because it was good. I was like, Oh, I was gonna save it for the show. And I was like, This tastes really good. And it was really sweet. So I had another one session, but I had to wait. Yeah. So speak now that we're drinking today. Okay, so today I'm drinking I wanted to get out of Texas. Finally. I don't know where you guys's beers from? Well, yours I know. But Colorado.

hurts me. Oh, yours is from color, Rado? Oh yeah, you're not drinking that other one yet. Where's yours? Drinking.

Mine's from Alaska, Colorado as well. Okay, so we got to Colorado's Where's yours from Frank is from Munich, Germany. Yours is from Jeremy. Yours is important. Yeah. So mine. I'm drinking and

Laskin Brewing Co. It's an amber alt style Ale, I need to look that up, because there's a lot of styles now that I found out that

they're not really listed as styles yet because they're having become popularized yet. So when more so craft breweries, obviously they like to experiment with different kinds of beers and like how to make the beers and a lot of them are hybrids. So what happens is when a new style comes around, once it starts to get popularized and brewed by multiple breweries, then it becomes noticed by the Brewers Association and then they put it as an official style. So oldstyle I have not seen this before. It might be a Yeah, I have to look this up, but it's an M

artstyle l 5.3 ABV tastes pretty sweet. I know Brett you tried it kind of tastes like a

like a porter. So it tastes a little bit chocolatey, right? Is it and I thought it was a little smoky, smoky. Yeah, usually Well yeah, that would be a that would be a porter cuz stouts are more milky. But yeah, so pretty much the flavor profiles that we're talking about now matches stout, but it kind of tastes like a like a stout. So I'm gonna look up with an old style ale is it might be some kind of stout hybrid, but um, yeah, so that's what I'm drinking and Alaskan brewing. co Amber. Cool.

I am drinking a non alcoholic pollinator advisor and Radler from Episode Two from Episode Two. Oh, yeah. I'm repeating Right. Yeah. No, but you're good. So yeah, but as I mentioned earlier, we're talking about breaking the rules of the show but okay. sediments and yeah, it's a natural products will sell them It can conform in this one. But you know, it doesn't taste green here.

Anything like that it's pretty smooth, but I've got some other ones too in the cooler waiting for us. So later as the show progresses, I'll be busting those out. And that's cool because like you're one of the you're drinking like, legit Radler, from what I saw cuz there's a lot of like

beers that are like consider themselves or that not considered themselves but they'll state themselves as like rattlers or shanties and they're not that's actually a real rattler so rattlers and Sandy's if you guys don't know they're the same thing pretty much I think shanties are a little bit they shanties are experimented with a little bit more they add a little more than just eliminate or the or the lemon flavor because that's all routers are. But um yeah, so that's what me and Frank are drinking Who's next?

I'm drinking one that Kevin Mario bought for me, which is awesome and it's from a company called stem ciders and it's a salted cucumber apple cider, which

sounds interesting.

But it tastes awesome. And it actually tastes like cucumber beer which I love. I love cucumber beer like, Yeah, I saw that that caught my eye but then the size of your pop up too. I need to find another one of those. Oh, we'll find another one. Um, yeah, I thought we did too, but I'm sorry, I would have Oh, no, no, you're good. Um, so I'm surprised like the cider doesn't throw it off because it kind of I was like, cucumber and cider. It's just that part threw me off on like, well, we could try it. So yeah, it tastes like my favorite cucumber beer. So what's the alcohol volume on it? 6.7% holy What the hell? Yeah. So Wow, pretty decent. And it's out of Colorado. Like I said Lafayette, Colorado. Oh, sweet. It's cucumber juice, seesaw and citra hops. Oh, yeah, it's a fresh pressed apple juice. So that's another thing that's going to affect your beer. If you guys don't know there's different kinds. I think we talked about the different kinds of hops. There's different kinds of kinds of mops to and there's similar kinds of yeasts, different yeast strains.

Yeah, so beers are very eclectic. Yeah, that to

me jerky. And so today I'm out of Texas. Sorry. I'm in Texas for a little while then I'm about later. Okay. I am drinking a

wine. tonight. I am drinking one from the Becker vineyards in Fredericksburg, Texas. And I'm drinking the reasoning, which is a white grape variety that's used to make dry semi sweet and sweet sparkling wines, has a flowery aroma and a high acidity. So the one I have is the 2018 Becker vineyard Riesling Oh fancy 2018. So vintage. It's green apple with notes of jasmine and honeysuckle. So the aromatics of I guess is what

readings are more aromatic.

I was looking into it, I forgot to write it down. But anyway, if you look up free

They're more aromatic. They smell. They have green app. This one has green apple citrus Jasmine honeysuckle and on the palate which is when you take it in and you taste it, you taste it. It's rich sweet gooseberries. lime peel and granny smith apple.

Like I said, I was joking but those on their website was a vintage 2018 Riesling, the heart there was actually harvested august of 2018. And the alcohol is 13.4% and actually got the pairings for it, which I'm not eating anything that close was wonderful if any of us are eating, eating and it goes with that.

Because we're all drinking different kinds of stuff. Well, flavor profiles apparently, same type flavor profiles are supposed to go together. So strong and sweet are supposed to go with strong and sweet foods. Salty or sour is supposed to go with salty and sour it's so that they don't overpower each other but don't argue don't like

Most cheeses go with porters and stouts because of the richness of

that experience yet you're asking the wrong person. But this one is pears. Well, that can be hurt. That's fine you could Papa can

be quiet

I guess you can cringe beer nuts It's fine. It's all related.

This wine pairs well with spicy spicy Asian cuisine Kashi mix. Rich butter sauces, shellfish and hearty German fair, huh? Sweet. Sounds good. It's pretty good. I haven't drink drink. I haven't drank a Riesling. I saw your face a while. Yeah, this has this is strong. Yeah. Oh, you're drinking it? I taste No. But yeah, I like wine. So we're gonna try to get into wine a little bit. Sorry I got lost the aromatics, but I'll get I'll get better. I'll get better.

It's not bad. I mean, I mean, I'm not like I don't drink sour beers often. What we're also sick

Right now that I have I guess I'm double fisting as they call it, I have a wine and I have this.

It's all part of the show. This beer called sipping pretty from Odell brewing from Fort Collins, Colorado. And this is actually a fruited sour ale. So in Britain I are drinking and it's ice guava elderberry. And pinch.

pink salt. I taste last I yeah, and those are very distinct smell. Yeah, super fruit tastes good. And if you pour it out, it's actually red. It's like a read color. I was just noticing that in that and it's 4% 4.5% alcohol by Yeah, I'm looking into getting glasses, craft beer glasses, so we can pour them out because I look in the can and I'm like, kind of curious. Yeah, um, but yeah, this one looks really like

pinkish red. But um, I just saw your face and

I was like, Oh my god, what do we get? tart but I liked the taste better than I like the smell.

it's it's a it's aromatics.

Yeah, that I'll say he really comes out like I knew I tasted that somewhere else. Like, what? Where have I tasted this before? I was like, Yes, it's that that's what it is.

Um, but oh yeah, that's a pretty good one. Um, so now that we've gotten the first round of drinks out of the way, this

we're just barely like in the we haven't even music topic yet. Um, Dan was okay. Yeah. So into the music topic. So this week, we're talking about music festivals, music festivals, obviously, because of COVID. A lot of music tours got cancelled. A lot of festivals got canceled. I mean, hell, all kinds of things got canceled. I know everybody misses different things. But we missed concerts. I think real quick. I want to go around and ask what was the last concert you went to?

last concert we went and what was the next concert you're supposed to go to before this

It didn't happen. Well, we saw we saw banana protests. Really? When? Oh, it was it? Yeah. Well, it wasn't really a show. It was at a Bernie Sanders rally. Okay. Oh, you're gonna talk about the time they played for your mom on Mother's? Oh, no.

No, no, but that was the last show we went to. And then the When was that? Yeah, that's like in February of this year. Yes. Okay. And actually, I think we were gonna go and see them. Again, was it later again in February, they were opening for the Reverend Horton heat. And then that got pushed back.

But I think

we were gonna go to this festival called the cruel world Fest in LA. And it was like an 80s Kids dream. You know, pretty much like if you can, I don't know, how would I say it? Think of metal festivals. But now think of just like 80s new wave and new wave wave stuff. Yeah. And so yeah, we had tickets for that.

There are so many big names like Blondie and debo and

and all kinds of awesome stuff. So yeah, so we got the tickets. You have a deep Divo decal on your vehicle. I do. Yeah. I saw that the other day. And I'll tell you the demo. So we got the tickets and then I got a refund because I was just not sure that even going to a postponed day was going to be safe because they ended up postponing it from May to September of this year. And then they came out and said, No, we're just gonna push it back until September of next year. But now I'm just thinking maybe 2020 one's far too ambitious to even Oh, yeah, I think so. going badly. Yeah.

But that was going to be our one big show. And then now we're just, you know,

sitting around at home bumming around is missing music, and although we have seen some attempts here in town, some, I think, so here in town, we have a performance Hall called the Tobin center and maybe about a few

weeks ago, they had a limited capacity concert. I think they were only capping it to about 300 350 or so. venue fits about 2000 people that's weird. And it's um you know, everybody had to go in wearing masks they had temperature checks and they had all sorts of safety protocol going and the seating was interested you know, they would sit you down then they would skip two seats, seat another person skip two seats another person and then skip a row behind you and then continue the same pattern until all 350 available seats were

were taken. So I mean, I guess they're trying to bring back some normalcy. I mean, I don't even it's I don't know. Yeah, I don't like saying the new normal because it's not Yeah, well, I mean, it kinda is, but I know what you mean. Yeah, I know. I know what you mean. Um, what was the next show that you guys were gonna wanted to go to? I had bought tickets for us to see the English beat. That was my Valentine's present Frankie.

So we're gonna go to Austin to see the English beat. And that got cancelled. It was an April, huh. And that was super sad because I've seen them one other time. And it was like one of the most fun, most awesome shows ever. And that got canceled.

on us was the last one last one we went to was blind. No, it was Chevelle in December. We went to see Chevelle at when it was Third Eye Blind. Before that. It was before that really no, I don't know.

I think there was already more the whole years. Yeah, I think if I'm correct, Third Eye Blind was this this year, I think. Let's see. Ko ACL is an October 3 Eye Blind was before that. Oh, Austin City Limits.

Well, okay, I guess so. I guess the last one was Chevelle, then.

Yeah, it was Chevelle December. Oh, yeah. So yeah, I guess we saw Chevelle there last show the Aztec

San Antonio. Yeah, so Austin City Limits was October 4 through October 3. Okay. We saw that

ACL show at steps. But that was October

was Chevelle in December at the Aztec. And then the one that we're supposed to go to, but we didn't, it wasn't really because of COVID that we didn't mean it might have had COVID we don't know cuz this was like right before happened. We were supposed to see silversun pickups in Austin and Austin, but I got really sick, and I didn't want her to get sicker. And I was out and actually tario was kind of sick before that. That's right. I was sick before Stubbs and for those of you who don't know stubs is outdoor venue. And what yeah, that the venue part is is outdoor, and it was raining and it was colder and I didn't want to get sicker and I wanted to get sick from somebody else to drive to Austin and drive back. Yeah, late night work nice. So we ended up not going and then the next one that I planned to go to was Ramstein that one got canceled.


I just saw they released the tour dates today. For for 2021 for the reschedule Yeah, they rescheduled were September of 21. But I mean, I don't know if that's gonna stay or not we kind of got to see silversun pickups Oh yeah. So what you're talking about yesterday yesterday so like now all these you know bands are trying to keep up with their fans and they're doing live performances and stuff and however we you told me levitation fest there's a it's typically held in Austin but they're hosting it in France this year in October I think there's a French counterpart to the Austin one. Okay, so they are gonna do the Austin again. I think they both happen each year. I'm not sure. But this is the only festival that I know of that's happening this year in October and tickets just went on sale for it. Yeah, I don't think that's gonna sell out especially with like state regulations and stuff or, and I've been friends That's true. Well

I've been seeing regulations there. Yeah, who knows? I've been seeing too that they have this thing called levitation sessions where the performers who were going to be in the original Texas levitation fest lineup, I guess the levitation fest has an official studio or studios where bands would go and perform. And they try to replicate a show experience

by having all sorts of stage production inside of rehearsal space at rehearsal studio so you can pay to see you'll still get a show. It's just you know, what, what you would have seen at levitation fest with the stage production and visuals and everything you're now seeing it but just in a rehearsal space, that's like it. I mean,

everyone's doing what they can

t shirts that say we want to know But

yeah, I mean, do you want to pay like festival tickets? I watched the original livestream. But I think it's cool that that they're doing that that they're adding some type of stage production life production because

Don't want to pay festival prices just to see some dudes in your PJs playing guitar. Well, Papa Roach did the same thing further. I think we talked about it a little, I don't know if we talked about it on any of the shows, but for their 20th anniversary, they did a live stream, but they actually did it like they set it up. Like if it was a production, and so people paid for it. And it wasn't it was very, it wasn't inexpensive. Um, it also came with a T shirt and something else actually next Saturday.

Third Eye Blind is doing a concert in your car. Oh, yeah, that's the one in California Ventura, California, which I wanted to buy tickets for it. And I was like, well, let's just drive to California and go to a concert in our car. But when I started looking at the ticket prices, and I loved Third Eye Blind

to pay that much money to have to stay in my car. Yeah. And then a good spot wasn't even they had like a map and zones mapped out and you bought a ticket for the zone that you wanted to be in but you had to be there early so that you could get a good spot with

in that zone, and then you have to stay in your car at all times. And I was like, Yeah, I just

do it. It was like a couple hundred. Yeah, I mean, I paid a couple hundred for tickets before what I mean, I saw Metallica, I paid over $300 but to be your ticket, but I was on the floor and I was you know, better just to stay in my car.

Yeah, I mean, it's a good attempt, I guess. But I feel like if you're doing a car thing, it should be way less. I mean, that's just I guess it's just that not that many people. I mean, they have to jack up the prices in order to make it up, right? Yeah, they're like you're bringing your damn cars on to my

good stuff, you know, clown car.

And those clowns are gonna do

um, I did see though that some places that are doing driving shows, they're allowing you to step outside of your car, but you have to stay within a certain parameter. And you know, like how they have

Those security dudes up at the base. Well, now they're just like in the crowd, ensuring that you stay within your square seems like so much work. I'd rather I'd rather do the live the live stream like I don't want that sounds like so much hassle I don't really wanna want to watch a show through my car.

Yeah, I know that sounds dumb, but, um, why I moved on to my next beer. So now I'm in Hawaii. So now I'm drinking a Kona light blonde ale. Um, this is ale with tropical mango added. I know we've had this discussion. I don't think it was on the show. I like mango. But for some reason, I think I'm starting to not like it in beer. Because I don't think I'm a big fan of the mango shiner yet, either. It's a koelsch. Um, and do you like this? I don't. It's like it's all I mean, I like it. But it's not like oh, I want to have this again. You know what I mean? I do like it and I'm a big fan of mango. So that's kind of like

probably the mango coals or but last week, when we

Had mango cart. Oh, no, that was good. That was Yeah, I think it was a little sweeter. Yeah, it was a bitter aftertaste to me which is like the shiner one. To me Really? Yeah. But um, so I had so we had to from Colorado.

One from Hawaii one from Alaska. One from Germany driving from Texas. Obviously we don't know about the best you know, beers from each state especially the craft beers. So if you guys have any suggestions you're listening from over there, you know somebody from over there had some from over there. email you email the suggestions from those states at Rock talk happier [email protected] Damn, I will set the name my old podcast. Whoops.

saved it Yeah, I know I did was probably like sampling all these damn beers. Tweet us on Twitter at our RTHH pod. We're right. Okay, so, so Um, so yeah, so this this actually

4.2% ABV so I mean, it's slower than 5% it's it's whatever. I don't know what I'll go to after this. I actually have two more Hawaiian beers from this same Kona Brewing Co. So I'll probably try another one. Actually the one you brought, we actually ended up bringing each other the same beers today. So um, so yeah, bright idea. Yeah. So I'll probably be trying one of those. That was the ale too, right? It wasn't the lager. Okay, yeah, cuz we have the another ale and another lager from the same Brewing Company. But that's it. I guess that's going to the festivals.

wants to start you don't want to talk about some of your favorite festivals that you've been to which ones you missed the most. What not? Um, I'm interested in what Frank has to say on this. It's always interesting. Yeah.

Well, one that I want to start off with, it was my first festival that I ever went to art fest. 2003 Yeah, I was there. I wasn't there. But yeah, I didn't go I didn't go to that. I was there somewhere.

See ya since 2003 first festival I ever went to.

And I don't remember much about it other than it was really really hot.

And I remember

it was out at the Verizon Wireless and

we've talked about previous episodes Yeah, back when we had an amphitheatre das. And yeah, I really liked it there but um, what I remember some highlights I guess about the show was that Yeah, I like some of the second stage bands I thought created with Philip was pretty good. Oh, I saw curry. Well, I think um, and I think a voivod also, I thought they were pretty good. Jason newsted. Yeah. And he had just left Metallica, I think the year prior, and so he was double duty. Oh, basis. voivod Al Razi. Yes.

And I'm also to corn. Jonathan Davis. He brought out his serial killer museum on the road with him and

So that was that was a highlight and then you checked it out. Yeah, it was it was free so long as you had a ticket to that thing you could you could go in

I thought it was like the slip not one. They actually had a thing like that where you could like see the jump the masks and stuff from their whole career, but it was only if you had the frickin VIP thing. I was like, I was like, yeah, we had to take it and no, no, it was really nice. Remember, it was it was free and open to everybody that was there at the festival.

And then yeah, you know, I thought it was cool, because, you know, the, there was a side parking lot where that where the second stage was in the course the main stage was the main stage.

I just remember it being really, really hot. And I was excited because, you know, it was my first show. And at the time, I was really big into corn. And they were they were co headlining. And I was also really big into Marilyn Manson at the time. Yeah. And he was performing as well. Like he's not anymore.

I guess he's

feel guilty pleasure. Okay, so we'll save

and then Ozzy to performing. You know, I've never seen Ozzy that was a first and last time I saw as he performed

one thing I remember specifically about that show is in between corn and Ozzy set, I think there was like 1520 minutes in between bands or something. And I remember

I was super super parched and I was gonna go and get myself a soda.

And I was maybe about four three people away from ordering a soda and the lights go off at the the main stage area, and then you just hear the siren of war pigs start going, boo, and I was just like, Nah, Fuck this. I did my spy and I ran back. There was a guy I feel bad he had like maybe five beers on him just like

it is gonna be carrying out many beers. You know? take somebody with you. No, no, he should have because Canada

He ended up tripping over his own weight. And I've seen that before. Yeah, I've seen those beers or not. Oh, they're coming. Let's see. Let's calculate. How are you? How many beers did you say? Yeah, he had about five or six to 16 Oh, yeah, sure easy. Yeah. Yeah. So bummer for him right?

Whoa, I think this something it wasn't like that but it was fast. My memory only went to one it was the one where Black Sabbath headlined that was with Black Label and Velvet Revolver. Um, so I remember I wanted to see obviously I wanted to see them it was a good lineup for our first and second stage Killswitch Engage was there and stuff. So I wanted to see inflames and I think inflames was opening the mainstage so I was at the second stage and I think Rob Zombie was playing. And so he was done and I was like shit, I got to get to mainstage quick, some holliness to mainstage and they have a gate to get to. It was like a makeshift while they

Built it there to separate it or whatever to keep traffic, whatever. So it's like this one little doorway size thing that everyone's trying to filter through. And I'm like what the hell right? So I get through and I finally get to the main stage. I don't know how long it takes me in you know, mind you, I'm not keeping track. So I get their holiness from second to mainstage and I hear in flames. I'm like, Fuck yeah, I made it. Only to hear them say thank you, San Antonio. We'll see you next time. I'm like, fucking nest in flames. Like it's suck because I didn't even hear the last song. Like, I didn't hear anything. I just literally got there when they were done. And I was like, I was literally like, trying to get like, I didn't even make any pitstops I didn't buy anything to drink. I didn't go to the restroom. Like, I just went straight over there and I missed the whole thing. But luckily that show, things kind of worked out because I ended up on the barricade. I'm on mainstage I ended up in front of Velvet Revolver Black Label. This was before cell phones like really were the thing so I

I didn't have phone on me at the time. And I was actually in front of Tony Iommi during the Black Sabbath performance. I don't know if I said it on a previous episode, but I know I talked to you guys about it like 100 times because I love this story. So I'm in front of them.

I see him, he throws a pic, I catch it and I still have the damn pic. And it's a custom Gibson pic with his signature on the back. So yeah, so that I mean, but yeah, I miss office. I wish office was still a thing. I will say that, though about the overlap between or just a couple times. Yeah, that the scheduling between the mainstage and the second stage. I felt like they should have given like maybe like a 2030 minute overlap to where people can move around freely. I hate having to pick between bands. Oh, yes. I agree. Yeah. Yeah. Because as soon as mainstage as soon as second stage is over mainstage is on and if you're like way at the front of the second stage, you're gonna miss the whole Oh, yeah. opener of the mainstage. Yeah. And which is what happened to me. So yeah, so then Luckily though, I did get to see in flames.

I saw him five years ago. I want to say it was at our festival we had here River City rock Fest in flames was here, but they didn't I think their guitarist I'm not sure of their. Their original guitars had just left or he left after that, but I did get to see him. I think I saw him twice, actually. Um, but I wish I would have seen him in that error. It just sucks sometimes when Sometimes I wish I could have seen a band in this era. And then I miss them. And I see him later. I wish I could have seen him. But yeah, luckily, I did see him play right, the 2017 River City rock Fest, if I'm not mistaken. And they were on the same stage as taking back Sunday, which I really want us to take him back Sunday. So I went over there first. And they had technical difficulties. They didn't get to play their whole set because you know, the time slots. Yeah. So yes. So they were like they try to play and they had some technical difficulties, and they had to just go and I think they played either a year or two years after that, because I want to say I saw him twice, but I did see him play him. So that was cool. But, um, but yeah, that was that was one thing that Yeah, that was one thing that did suck about about hospice and

The old war tours to I remember trying to pick between bands soon like, Fuck, I want to see this band but this man's plant this time and have to run across the dam. This was back at Verizon to like, it's such a big, like area to cover with people. Like you can't just like, get over there. There's like you have to like Paul asked like, I don't know what distance it is but with like crowds of people and yeah, but um, but ya know, it was pretty. It was pretty crazy. I remember warped tours too, but uh oh three Warped Tour. I went to three of them. I think it was my year of festivals I went to work

about you, Bert, you any stories? I do. And I debated telling this one because it dates me.

So I'm a little bit older than everybody else here but I went to the first five Lollapalooza so that's cool. Yeah, it was really cool actually. And that was the when they were actually touring

And also when they were at amphitheaters, and it was after that, that they started like just having one nation. Yeah, it was like out on at a farm or something random like in a field out in the middle of nowhere and so I just kind of said, nevermind. But yeah so pretty awesome I was kid you know for that first one especially and I but I got to see Jade's addiction. That's cool. I got to see some pretty amazing bands and Frank knows the story but I saw like a secret little pop up show from Smashing Pumpkins like on one of the tiny stages that was completely unannounced and just happened and I just happened to be right next to it and just ran over and saw a whole separate set, which was really awesome. So those were great. Of those five what was like your favorite like performance or band Did you saw of like all those five years? That's really hard. Okay, pick three. Okay, I'll pick three. Jane's Addiction. Okay. Yeah. So

Have you Okay,

and probably Smashing Pumpkins. The other one. I also saw Siouxsie and the Banshees, which was fantastic. I saw Fishbone I saw all kinds of really cool stuff. Yeah, all those 90s alternative. That's, that's pretty cool. Yeah, yeah. And it's crazy because like those festivals to like, when they stopped touring, like, was Fest, like it was awesome because it was a touring festival. Like it was a legit festival it toured. Yeah, and, and Lollapalooza was the first one of its kind, I mean, that they that hadn't really been done before. And it was Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction. Yeah, they started Yeah. And it was really unique. I mean, there was, it was awesome. I just wish they had those like, like back like altogether because then they like all of us stopped and they just started like doing like these one offs, these random one offs. But even like the tours that tried to pick up where those left off, like for instance, like the crew fest or like a project revolution, like those worten like as

Big like the lineups and the scale weren't weren't as big as those. I think probably one of the closer ones that could have taken the place of Oz fest that came up around that time was family values. Family Values was that scale and you had the names on there too. But then they just kind of like dissipated. I don't know what happened. And it sucks because those were like my favorite ones. Like though you did have to struggle with picking between bands, but it was more fun. Like now it's just the smaller ones we saw Slipknot, which was on knotfest and it wasn't really a festival you had. They were just all on the main stage. Yeah, you had four you had four bands on the meat mainstage which, I mean, I understand what they were trying to do, but it wasn't a festival to me. Like when I hear Fest, I'm like, Oh, you know, like,

yeah, I think Exactly. I would get there like, like 10 o'clock. Yeah. And I was there till like when parking was like a bitch to get out of like, trying to go home. But yeah, like, so not fast. Those are only four bands and

I mean it's it's Slipknot I went to go see Slipknot, but just the name I just always think of OS fest and more tour and stuff like that even. I think even these other ones that didn't really stick around too Well, I mean, they were in the same vein as Warped Tour but that was a what was the other one tastes a chaos? They say chaos. I never went to that one but I went to one

and there was another one I think Rockstar energy one. That was the same one. It was like two different ones. Yeah. Were they like they were like similar john. Yeah, they were by the same Kevin lamb Kevin Lyman ran Warped Tour, but he also ran tasted chaos and I think he did like two other festivals. But yeah, those kind of went away and

what about you Kim?

I went to to project revolution. I was there and how were those I never before in oh seven.

They weren't good. They had their they had the second stage and then they had the main stage. I don't remember ever like what who I saw on the second stage. Were they

At the price, of course, but I did in oh four I did see corn, which I've seen corn, probably like, four times.

I saw Snoop Dogg at that one night. And Snoop Dogg not Snoop Lion. Yeah, Snoop Dogg. And I oh four. Yeah, and I saw so Oh, four corn was playing with linkin park and Jonathan Davis came out and did one step closer because they they did that on reanimation. That was kind of cool. The US was also that one I remember that. And then oh seven, along with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance which I was like, I was basically there to see him taking back Sunday and Linkin Park, of course. But I also did see Julian Kay, which is actually a I don't know if anybody's ever listened to Julie's name sounds familiar, but it's like electronic rock type. I don't know how to say what have to do the board JIRA, and yeah, right. Sure. It was really good actually bought CD. While it's good

Okay, yeah,

yeah. Okay. Oh, I probably like it's probably one of those CDs that I look at I'm like

yeah, like let's just

know that I yeah, I didn't really go to a lot of them. I think besides auspice work term project revolution I went to one Jagermeister music tour Oh, I want to talk about our and Lacuna Coil. I didn't write that down. I remember what year that is. I think it was like 2009 2000 no earlier than that.

Yeah, so I know this episode, we're going to talk about music festivals and tours. And that's an example. Um, your master music tour to me was

Oh, 707

This is a prime time of my life here. Well read about 207 Yegor Meister that I went to was 2002 and I think I told this story on the first episode or something about seeing Drowning Pool in El Nino. That's when I believe

Cold chamber was supposed to play but they canceled because they were fighting or whatever they were sick. Um, but yeah, so I didn't get to see cold chamber.

But yeah, that's when I got to meet a guitarist CJ Pierce. So I got to see de Williams when Johnny pool came out with their debut album, which is pretty cool. But I missed the anchor. My scenario was crazy because I remember when

when Jaeger Meister would come like they would have like people walking around and like as long as you showed your IDs you can get like a shot a year of course I wasn't of age at the time so I could just watch but I was like one of these days and then you but but but the thing that did make up for it was I don't know if you remember this Frank, but there were some shows at sunset station on certain tours, because I think I went to two year master tours where they would always pass out like promo stuff at promo things at the end of the show, like whether it was like sometimes it was CDs and I did actually still have them I have a younger Mr. CD from 2002 and they would pass out like samplers from the bands. That was an awesome best one. Someone really yeah, I've seen some around like

places but I don't have one. But I do have a Yeager Meister 2002 Yeah, actually, I have a sampler. I don't know how I got that. I never went to any of those tours. Well, I know some I did find some like get used. Yeah. And those are like we did bump into one from OS fest that I should have gotten it. I got it. It was I don't know what year it was. But I had a live version of jump. So this must have been an early one because it was a live Johnny pool track because it was some that were studio versions and some were live. I'm sure we could track it down. Yeah, I'm sure anybody is really like, I'm sure we probably did anyone. Did you have a music as a weapon sampler? No, I know someone who? I don't think I was but that was another tour that came through here quite a bit. Did you go to one I went to the first one. Was that one with DMX or no? No. It was. It was on with kitty. And I think a deema. Also Wow. Yeah. So it was it was

What was the very very first one?

Yeah, Mr. Meister? Yeah forget about that music as a weapon. Yeah, music as a weapon. There was a bunch of good there was one year to where I think disturbed dropped out and coin ended up because corn was I think co headlining and they ended up having a headline like half the tour because disturbed for some reason had to drop out I think due to illness or something or Oh, wow, I didn't know about that. I don't remember. I don't remember too much of that one too much, I guess. Because I didn't go. I don't remember. But

yeah, yeah, I don't know what else out that.

I went to the last the last five fun, fun Fun Fest. Oh, that's right. Yeah, you've told us those were awesome as well. And that was based in Austin. It wasn't a touring festival. But based in Austin, and apparently I just looked it up and it said it was the only genre based festival in the United States. So it had four stages, there was a comedy stage a punk stage, electronic stage.

And then like, Oh, so it has ever Okay, yeah. Okay, like you went Yeah, typically to those stages. And then also had, like BMX and skateboarding, and some art shows, art installations and stuff. I saw the Warped tours were like that they had like skate shows. Yeah. So those were pretty awesome. And I got I think, I feel like I got exposed to a lot of music I might not have otherwise heard, but also got to see some really cool bands, you know, they brought back saw Jane's Addiction there again, it was it was the 20th anniversary of

ritual, a little habitual and album, top 10 it is and they played that one straight from you know, beginning to end which was really cool. I saw Run DMC Oh, that's cool. I saw television. I saw a lot of really cool shows that Yeah,

I saw off and

I don't even know what I mean. I would have to sit there and make a list because it's it's pretty extensive. But what was the what was the one

That you said Danzig through a bitch fit.

So the venue had a pretty strict noise curfew. And Danzig was a headliner for one of the three nights because they ran from Friday through Sunday. And I think it was Friday night and he was scheduled to play at a certain time. He wouldn't go on because he wanted a chicken salad sandwich. Yeah.

And so he came out late and started late, and they shut it down at 10 because they had to, and he was trying to encourage the audience to you know, you know, riot, potentially and demand that he gets to play longer, but nobody was really even interested. I was like, boo. We want misfits. Yeah. It's like, come on, man. We know the rules. Like why don't you? Wow, that's, yeah, well, like, I mean, I don't know if I've speaking of divas at festivals. I don't know. I appreciate Yeah, I don't know if I talked about this at talked about this on one of our other episodes, but

Excuse me, but when I saw Guns and Roses on the first year River City rock Fest, which was a decent festival, I think it could have been better had not been here in San Antonio. Maybe Austin. But uh, so Axl Rose and DJ ashba there every, like two or three songs that are like changing outfits, and like changing like, their shirts and their hats or whatever, and it was so fucking annoying, like, and then on top of that, they

Excuse me, I'm drinking beer So, so I have an excuse. So they get on late. Like I remember it's a festival. So it's like we were talking about earlier getting there early, and then you know, because you want to see everything when you're paying for a ticket. So I got I was there like at 10am. You know, so the first band that came on, then they're the headliner, so we're there like and I'm ready to pass out because I'm in the sun all day. not drinking beer. Mind you at this time. eaten, staying hydrated. I'm just exhausted. Everyone's exhausted and these guys go on late.

And then you're stopping every three songs and we're waiting I'm just nobody cares about their stupid yeah i don't care i just want to hear friggin Chinese Democracy no I don't

remember they might have played I think they opened with that single that came out Chinese Democracy and then I don't think I don't remember them playing anything else but I think if I'm correct they opened with that single whatever the hell it was. I don't remember what it was called but no one does when I was

speaking of a curfews I think was it back when we still had the Verizon Wireless amphitheatre man we keep bringing that place up? Yes. Awesome missus so we're just throwing a plug in there hashtag ringback rising wireless I remember I think the I think the curfew was like 10 or 1030 or something like that. And I remember Aerosmith played like half an hour past the curfew and for every minute they went over they were charged that they were fined $1,000 a minute. Oh, but they're they're fine which they they paid

They're like we'll pay an hour in advance yeah right but i don't know if i mean

i don't know if something's that have curfews they just completely yeah honor. Did you ever did you ever see that video a Foo Fighters? They got shut down. Okay, I'm gonna find it on YouTube and I'll post it on Facebook page. So what happened is Dave girl and foo fighters are playing at a show and apparently there's a curfew, right? So they're telling them hey, you have this so much time Dave. Girls like now we're gonna finish our set because of course he's fucking Dave Grohl. He's a rock star. You can do whatever he wants. Right? But he's, he's cool. You know, he's, you know, whatever, right? Mario's rock god, he's fucking awesome. So like, even above Metallica. Like if I could if I could

if I could meet anybody probably be Dave Ross top so so just dress like a guy from kiss and

I was there Yeah, we were there. Cuz I forget because you know why I forget cuz I invited her and she didn't come

With a weasel I guess, registered to me, but we had good spots. So we were on the very top like, it was far where we got to see everything. But anyways, so So Dave girls playing foo fighters are playing whatever, whatever, curfew comes up, boom they get shut down the like the monitors get shut down whatever. And they rolls like no I forgot what song it was too.

So, yeah, so they continue playing. So you just hear the drums and you hear Dave Grohl, but because of the song that it's on and where it's at the crowd is singing. So like they finished the song with the crowd singing and the drums just with the drums. Okay, and I was like, Damn, like, I'm gonna find it and send it to you guys are posted. Okay, but yeah, so yeah, they do shut you down like, I don't know, depending on whatever city you're at and how serious they are with a curfew. They will show you. A lot of times those venues are in neighborhood that's Yeah. And so if they go over, they're gonna suffer all over the complaint.

I don't issues that come from the people who variety. Yeah, it's by a little neighborhood. Yeah. Yeah. When we drove by there recently, I was like, wow, I did. Yeah. Nope. But at the time there it was. They weren't doing a whole lot of houses and we drove by recently. It's It's, uh,

oh, yeah.

Yeah. Which makes me think it will probably never. Probably never. Yeah, I guess. Sadly. Let's buy land. Yeah, we'll just make our own

rock talk happy theater.

If you book them, they will come.

I think I saw that movie once. Yeah.

Um, but yeah, like I think if maybe maybe it has to do with the fact that places like that. Mm hmm.

Maybe we're not the only ones going through the same thing. I think maybe it's similar to the whole radio station thing where, like, the same thing that we're dealing with with the radio stations, other cities are going through it because of who owns what. And maybe a lot of cities lost venues like that. Maybe that's why there's no touring festivals like that anymore because there's nowhere to hold on that at that time. Think about is at&t Center is not very, it's not a very good place to hold because you're taking place over parking lot, and no one just makes things more one thing that I thought could possibly work is Okay, so here in town, we have the at&t Center and the Freeman Coliseum their two arenas, literally side by side. Yeah. So I was thinking maybe a festival could work there in the capacity where some of the lesser known bands are not as big bands play the Coliseum. I mean, they do the rodeo like that. Yeah, while the bigger names play inside the at&t Center, so that way you free up the parking lot space.

And you're using both arenas. It's just it's it's gonna be a hassle to get in between, like, in and out of each. Yeah, you know, so it would make sense but

yeah, I mean I don't know that I mean that sounds cool to me but I don't know how the whole policy I'll just put it on the ideas out there for anybody to grab. You know what? You know what, you know what? This podcast is copyrighted. So anything that we say on here is ours, which it is it's documented so we can take you guys to court All right. So

if anyone wants to steal my way world three idea

here, where's Teddy lien jr? Oh, that's her. That's her lawyer.

No, I was gonna say if you think about it, like the Germania Kota like it's out there like it's way out there in the rural area. There's nothing else around it. So they have all the festivals and or music. People that music people music accent play out there. But they don't have any neighborhoods. They don't have any like race.

Right. Yeah. Yeah, wait till they start developing. Yeah, sure you're right. It's only a matter of time.

Because because there's a good amount of land out there. That's not that's not developed yet. And just more and more people moving to the Austin Yeah, all the time. But some of the other theaters that we've been to like the one in Dallas, was it starplex and then under many names, but that's where I saw all those Lollapalooza is back in the day, the Coca Cola Star plans and now it's the dosa keys or something like and the one in Houston, the Cynthia pavilion, Cynthia Mitchell civilian. Yeah, those are all in neighborhoods. I mean, I don't I don't know if maybe there's just they pay higher taxes and that allows them to have

maybe some, you know, leniency regarding having an amphitheatre, like smack dab in the middle of a of a neighborhood. Hmm, why did you let me call it Germania? It's awesome. 360.

That, that's what it is. That's what it is.

I'm like, I will forever be awesome. Yeah. Which Yeah, I don't know why let you say that either. I did it out.

Um, but yeah, no, I mean, it's sucks like I miss I really do miss all those big festivals. I wish they would come back. I don't know if maybe in the future we'll get them back, but I just don't see.

It sucks because there are a lot of good bands, but I don't know if there's a lot of bands that can pull a festival like that anymore. Like, you know what I mean? Like, especially like style wise, like, for instance, OS fest on OS vessels going on. I think the reason why that worked was because you had all these like similar style bands like the new metal, the kind of early hardcore ish bands that kind of did fit in with them. There was a lot of them, and the, what's the word? The fan base was big enough to do that. Then when you had worked or you had like the ska punk people, and then it cuts

And morphed into the hardcore metal core scene but those scenes were, you know, they were popular. Now those don't scenes don't exist anymore.

A lot of the big metal acts like there's a there are big metal acts but not enough to fill a festival. Now you just have a lot of like weird hybrid stuff that's going on, I guess I don't know how to explain it, but there's really no room to build a big festival for it and more. I don't know if that makes any sense. But it's important to stir back together and they play another festival. Yeah, but I think I mean, maybe having Okay, I meant relevant.

disturb No, no. Well, look, disturb is good. Right. But they're their last album festival

that's happening. I mean, like Frank was talking earlier about the one that we had tickets to it's Yeah, I mean, there's also that one was it caught rocklahoma Yeah, all the metal bands and whatnot. But I think a lot of the a lot of the reason why some of these festivals after a while burnout is because

Since they're very genre specific, I think people just grow out of it. Versus like if you go to maybe like, like Coachella or a Lollapalooza, you have a variety of artists. But I think the thing with those is that since there's so mainstream, they just end up becoming lifestyle festivals.

music festivals, yeah. So, we know what I'm gonna take back my comments I said before, because they're still I don't know if you're familiar with the rock hammering. Yes. Yeah. So we, you know, there's stuff like that. Then there's stuff like

the one that's in Europe with the doll in Europe. Yeah, that's true. Well, the one look with the dog mascot, dog mascot. Yeah, it's uh dang it. Well, there's

so there's there's a there's Donington. There's download. Oh, okay. Download, so I'm okay. I guess they are faster than Google. Yeah, that is I know. I was like, I didn't even get to ask but

So yeah, like download, but you see, those are three day festivals in there. And we don't have stuff like that either, you know, and not for rock, at least not.

What was your right or not here? Was it 97 or 98? That was the last one before they went on hiatus for a while.

I think that's right. I'm not sure. So 95 is when they stopped doing amphitheaters. And then they did it for two, three years out in fields in the middle of nowhere, and also brought in music that was not characteristic to that festival. So I think maybe like when it fizzled out, I think alternative music was already like, out, and I think it took a break for about five, six years, and then they brought it back again, it's a touring festival and actually came here to town. I remember, Queens of stone age were on there. I don't think Jane's Addiction was on there, but there's some other bands on there too. And I think a perfect circle was on that tour. And then I remember the following

Here, there was interest in

also it been a touring festival but instead of doing a one day stop, it was going to be a two day stop per city.

And I think it was maybe too ambitious and nobody really.

Yeah, nobody really bought tickets for it. And so they held off again for another four years until they finally decided we're just going to hold it in Chicago every year. And now they have like Lollapalooza, Brazil and La Paz of France. And so it's I mean, it's got like little festivals here and there around the world. But yeah, they're, they're more destination festivals. And they are, you know, you know, it's going to come to your town every year. It's not like that anymore. Whoo, yeah. No boo into that. I say two thumbs down. And I guess that's one of the things that I was talking about more I think I was talking about more like, well, not talking about but the ones that I missed more with it. Were the touring festivals because I know there are some states like you were talking about rocklahoma and there's some other ones to

rock on the range rock on the Rangers to like their states that still have them.

But when you look at the bands on the bill, it's the same ones like they're kind of like touring festivals without being touring festivals. Like for instance, if you look at the lineups for any given summer, on a tour in the past, like let's say you had rock rocklahoma rock on the range, right? You see the bands that are playing there, then you'll see the lineup for River City rock fest. It's the similar bands because the bands have similar tour routes. So those just happen to be on that tour. But I think everyone can agree that the festival we miss most is fire fest. Yes, because it gave us two hilarious documentaries. Well, that's well, my reason was it gave us two hilarious documentaries to watch. So I just want another fire fest so I can see that.

Well, there's talk of it coming back, right? Yes, yes. Once the guy gets out of prison, he's gonna

apparently What's his name? Joe roleystone trying to get stuff but well when all that should happen. He

tried so hard to distance himself from? Oh, yeah, I know how to get his name taken off of that. Yeah. He tried to get on hashtag

for but, you know, I'm making a joke about that because it was funny, but I do feel sorry for all the people that got, you know, screwed on that like to some extent because here's the thing they did spend their money stupidly, but it was false advertising, like sure, like me, that's the one thing that I am going to have to send to them for. Yeah, they got bamboozled. So it was it was like, it was false advertising to the extreme, right, because I know you guys only saw one of the one of the doctors. Yeah, I saw both of them. So which was on both sides and they're both brutal like you watch them there. It's funny and it's sad and it's angering at the same time. Yeah, exactly. And you're watching and you're like, holy shit, like, I think what what I sent me most was that how many jobs it was gonna create for people or? Yeah,

yeah, and it just grew.

them like it left them in a worse position on my houses. If you haven't seen any of the fire fest stuff, I recommend you watch it, whether it's the one on Hulu or the one on Netflix, actually recommend you watch both of them because it's two different. Yeah, you know, they're done differently ones, actually them interviewing the guy. And then the other one is more stories from people from the people that worked around them. But they're both very interesting, but yeah, yeah. You know, earlier you mentioned overseer rockfest and we only went to the one and 2018 I went, I looked at all of them except the one I went to 2017 did you go that's the one I think I didn't go to Oh, yeah. But you know, um, I think also too, it's it's like one of those festivals that just ran its course because it was a genre specific I think festival because what when when you look back on previous lineups, you think okay, yeah, these are like San Antonio bands. And I think they just ran out of San Antonio bands surprise ever played right. They never played any River City. rockfest

Yeah, I know what you're saying. They're booked up for a

westerbeke Well, I was, I don't even think it was genre specific. I think it was San Antonio specific. Yeah, it was bands at San Antonio people. But then again, it comes back with the whole argument that we had in the radio.

episode was that is because that's what plays on kiss. Yeah, hear the radio station here. And like, there's no outside the box bands there. Like, so it's kind of harder to, you know, book bands every year that are gonna. It's hard to have a variety. Yeah, I was like, I want a book. I want to hear this band because kiss plays them. Well, I mean, you can only book them so many times because we're the only ones active. Right? How many only play 10 bands? Exactly? Well, even if we like take away that. That 10 band thing like, think about the percentage of bands that kiss plays that are active. You know, like you'll turn around your hair like holy shit temple the dog is on Holy shirt, Nirvana's on Holy shit. No, Allison

Using the wrong example, with Jerry book Jerry candlebox. Like candlebox will play a tour every so often, which I did want to see counterparts last time they came, but not because I hear him on kitten suit because I wanted to see candlebox But yeah, like it's Yeah, yeah, so I know what you're saying. But yeah, no, I was I was actually quite impressed with the way the festival was laid out. Really well organized. It was it was pretty well organized. And I was surprised I was like, Man, this is actually happening here in our city. It's actually Oh, wow. And you only went to one? Yeah, man, and I wish you guys I wish you guys would have been the first one. Guns and Roses one second one The Kid Rock won not so much.

Thank you. Yeah, but uh, but yeah, so like on that one, I got to see Allison change but change but obviously not with Layne Staley but I did get to see him and I was stoked. I got to see Papa Roach and I had never ever seen him live before. I barely saw him in 2017. Like, oh, wow, crazy sparely recently I was having like middle school high school. Kim was like yes.

But um, yeah, I mean, just just just thinking back on the previous lineups I feel like yeah, that was a very San Antonio specific festival. Cuz for one River City. Yeah. And to like you said, it's all the bands you hear on the radio. And I mean, you had some, there were some outliers because the Suicidal Tendencies was Oh, yeah, I do. Yeah, there are some more was that the 2017 one? Well, that's weird too. And one of the ones I went to mega that was on there, I mean, I guess they're an exemption exception. But anthrax was on one of them. And it sucks because I didn't see anthrax that year that I was there, but I did see Megadeth

who else was there that year that I went that was the doesn't get played on the radio. They were and they were headlining second stage. anthrax was so they were Oh yeah, hell yeah. Played and then it was anthrax. But I missed out there. What was the one of was a gigantic tour. Oh, I forgot about dragon festival. Yeah, I think it came like twice here to town.


at the sunset station. I hadn't read any DVDs. I don't know. Yeah, I think so. I just we saw Primus Oh yeah. And I was I really get radio oh here no they don't No, no yeah they don't and it was really cool that was some trippy shit That was me sure appreciate it was awesome. Yeah You didn't even have to be on drugs to like you

know the visual. The visuals I know you guys I know you weren't Yeah. No like a lot of the a lot of the visuals itself were super like trippy and whatnot. And then I think leccino just been out in the parking lot in the heat. Yeah. And you're like already losing your shirt.

Yeah, exactly. And that was my one concern. I was like, Man, it's gonna be out in a parking lot with no shade. It's gonna it's gonna suck but we got I mean it was it was humid. I don't remember it being super hot. I remember. At one point I got cloudy. And it was it was fine. It was nice.

Well, I was just surprised that the

The way it was organized, I thought it was well put together. And it actually made me a little proud of San Antonio, for sure me

like that. Well, yeah, I mean, they canceled it. I know. So, yeah, no, no, I mean, some of the years weren't good. I did go to all of them except for. Okay, so I guess I didn't go to two years. I want to say I didn't go to the last one. And there was one other one I didn't go to, but I pretty much went to all the years that they hadn't here. And I mean, yeah, the layout was cool. I mean, I just some of the bands like, I guess me that I went back to back I was like, This man was already here. This band. Yeah. But I would have liked to see a little more variety, but and I even saw that happening with fun, fun, fun as well. Then there. Were starting to repeat.

I didn't mind too much. But yeah, there were some repeats. And yeah, for sure. Another San Antonio festival that we went to, I think we went to the last year was Maverick fest. The one that was in lobby, and that was again, I was like, Whoa, yeah, so awesome. We got it going on. And then it's gone. Yeah.

Yeah, we went specifically because the church was playing. And that was another example of like, curfews and very specific, like rigid time slots, and so on. And they messed up their audio. And they ended up only being able to play for a really short period of time, like maybe 30 minutes. And then they were chased offstage, and you could tell they were upset. And so it felt, you know, sad. But afterwards, we got to see the Flaming Lips. And that was cool. I mean, this was fun. Yeah.

I've seen some of their stuff on like, videos and stuff. I know their stage. Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, they held up a gigantic balloon inflated thing that said, fuck yeah, San Antonio. was cool.

So we had fun and it was really neat and also like, not enormous because it's in Levine. Yeah, they're limited size and it just was kind of a very cozy festival, but it's gone to and sponsored by shiner. Oh and all the food was from local

restaurants and we get land. We build a venue. Okay, and then we hold the festival. Yeah, that's fine. We have a podcast. We can do it. Yes, I know.

Happy Hour. Yes.

But uh, yeah, I mean, I guess those are y'all guys have any final thoughts on festivals aside from you know? We should do our own you know okay. I was I was just thinking and speaking of like destination festivals I was thinking about Metallica as some monetary toy Yeah. Oh they had to then summertime, man right? Remember thinking they weren't like full blown dates I think it was just like 10 to 12 words or everything okay, that's cool because they're not they're not going to over saturate the market. But they themselves become a bit of a destination festival because you only have like 10 dates to choose from. Yeah. And that's the one you got to go to. And I remember thinking like that's probably going to be the next outfit because

It's Metallica. Yeah. And it did it for like, what? Two three years and then they did away. Yeah. Yeah, I remember the one the last one they did. I was still too young to go to it or not young but yeah, to have my own money to buy tickets.

But yeah, cuz I know the one that I went to go see my X Games. I've worked out quite a bit of money. I bought two tickets, one from me and my brother. And that was that was pretty cool. And that was a one off too. So I really wanted to go to the music, festivals. Music it's a music festival. Music yeah. Oh, yeah. I had wanted to go. Yeah, well, our friend our friend Sean on Facebook said a slean ink and I was like, Oh yeah, memories of that we had. So if you want to hear about singing, you can hear our worst shows gigs episode. I had two experiences with singing but yeah, that one kind of dissipated to they just don't look bands anymore. I don't know what the deal is with

you know, with that

The culture here with the tattoos and the music but it kind of just was not as big as when it first when they first came out. I don't even think they're doing national acts anymore. Well, no, but I think a lot of the festivals I mean that we talked about, and there are plenty more that we can talk about it's just too many but I think

they're I don't know it's sad to say but they are fads you know? Yeah. Oh yeah, I mean, I guess oz festival like I was I guess how to explain it for us fest was for new metal and like the hardcore stuff and then Warped Tour was for the ska stuff and punk and then it evolved to the hardcore and most hardcore stuff that dissipated too. But yeah, I mean, I guess you're right I think especially now because when you go to a festival now you there are these gigantic photo ops where you know the signs that you go take your picture next to so you can hashtag and all that shit, and that wasn't the case before it was about the music. Yeah, you're going to hear the music and see the bands that you love. It had nothing to do with broadcasts

Where you are perfect example fire fest. Yeah. And also like, I mean, I went to charming Charlie's a jewelry store and they had a whole section. And so I love it. But they had a whole section of festival where, like, outfits and jewelry for you to wear. And I think that's pretty telling. I think that tells you like what it's about now you surprise Coachella doesn't have a clothing line. Yeah, right. No, but I mean, I think they have fashion shows. Oh my god. That's just gross. Yeah, go to a CEO and I never made it a sale, but I thought to offiziell Well, you know, I guess ACL is probably the next.

Like, it's the only thing I guess we have like it's now that I think about myself. SXSW which is actually enormous. Right? Yeah, well, yeah, that's, that takes the whole city pretty much the whole downtown area or something. Yeah. Well, I mean, I guess we have that but but I think the thing that sucks about that is that it's not genre specific. Like it's not just rock wood.

is what I miss. Which which South by Southwest is an AC? I drive a whole hour at Austin? Yeah, well yeah.

I only went to one ACLs 2013 and I thought it was quite cool. I got to see Grimes. I got to see the cure. I got to see. I forgot the name of the band. Did you see Depeche Mode? No, no, no I did and I only went to the the one night, the one night. It's only had a one day pass.

But I thought it was well put together and you got rained on? Yeah, it sucked. I got rained on. And I think because of how bad the ring got. They had to cancel the next day because the whole field got flooded mud. I remember walking out of there. Like literally Shin deep and mud. Shoot. Like that's how bad it was. And I couldn't catch a cab. I couldn't get a pedicab. I couldn't get anything. I had to walk half an hour in the rain to the bus station to get back home.

That was horrible.

Yeah, that's what made the festivals fun back in the day.

Um, All right, you guys have anything else I want to say about festivals before we say no, but just oh, we missed them and just bring back bring back live music. Yeah, pretty much I mean after this COVID thing you know what maybe this COVID thing will work out for the music scene because like, or not the music scene but the festival scene because I think everyone's going to be so bottle like bottled up they're going to have a lot of things bottled up and all these I bet you like when everything's clear. You're going to see all this like resurgence of festivals and stuff like pop up and it's just gonna be like, boom. So maybe it might you know, yeah,

yeah, so festivals Yeah. Plus, I think I think to the hairdryer First, the music that we took for granted the bands we took for granted. I think we're now all gonna shout out money to see because we don't know if this type of thing is gonna happen again. I actually never did that I always tried to go like for instance, like devildriver is one band that I

wish I would have seen back when I did, but it's just work and stuff. And then I ended up seeing them on rock Fest, you know, but I did see them. But every time a band does come through, like for instance Metallica to the only reason why I didn't see him the last time was because we were not even in the state. But yeah, every time a band comes like that, I'm like, No, I have to like we do that actually. Now. We're like, No, we should see this man next time they come and sure enough, like, we make the plans to like, Look, they came like that. I think the only exception was the silversun pickups that we agreed that silversun pickups comes we're going to go and yeah, we had the tickets, but we couldn't go and I regret you should just let me know. I mean, well, yeah, no, I agree.

No, yeah, I agree with you what you said but like rolling stones. We're gonna come off and in a way that's right. Are they Oh, do Did you see the prices for those tickets? Yeah, they were.

Yes, but I'm thinking you know, I was like, if COVID passes, or if it's at least contained are they gonna do this again, like was that

For them, probably their ad and they're in the high risk category. So

yeah, so yeah, that's that's true.

I mean, but Keith Richards is indestructible Yeah. So he's, he's part of cockroach.

cockroaches are indestructible they can write can survive a nuclear attack. They couldn't survive without their head. Yeah, so that is another thing, you know, like how many bands are already somewhat close to retirement and then when they finally start touring again, it's like, okay, you know that that's

Ozzy retired. Well, I think he's, but I think he's like, already done right? I think so. We'll see the dude's incoherent. Oh, well, he is saying he did come out with saying that he had That's right. That's right. And Parkinson's working which which was kind of a giveaway though. It really paid attention to it. But he had also had an ATV accident, right. Oh, that was some years ago though. Yeah, yeah. I was like wait,

like did some of his mobility too

All right, well bring back fire fest hashtag fire fest two. So we'll see you guys next time. I don't know what we're going to talk about next episode, we're going to debate it right now either be between our Guilty Pleasures or soundtracks. So for either one of those topics go ahead and email us what's your or message us on our social media What's your favorite soundtracks are or what's your favorite guilty pleasure album is

you can go to our website, rock talk happy hour, pod calm and you'll find all our contact information there on our contact and don't forget to follow us on Instagram at Rock talk happy hour. And follow us on Twitter at rt HH pod. Find us on Facebook at Rock Tock happy hour.

That's it right Yeah, I think that's it. Yeah. Yeah. So that's it. So we'll see you guys next time. Cheers, guys. Bye.

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