Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 5 - Least Fave Albums By Our Fave Bands

July 11, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 5
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 5 - Least Fave Albums By Our Fave Bands
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 5 - Least Fave Albums By Our Fave Bands
Jul 11, 2020 Episode 5
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, as a follow up to episode 4, Mario does a blind taste test of three bocks from Texas, to see if he can pick out the TRUE bock of Texas. And, this week's rock topic? Our least favorite albums from our favorite bands. Listen if you dare. Cheers!

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This episode, as a follow up to episode 4, Mario does a blind taste test of three bocks from Texas, to see if he can pick out the TRUE bock of Texas. And, this week's rock topic? Our least favorite albums from our favorite bands. Listen if you dare. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kim Britt and Frank as always as

it was funny because last time we were talking about Frank's nickname prank the tank, and I was like, no one I should give everyone else nicknames. And I was having a hard time. So I started with myself first. And I was like, oh, what about Super Mario Bros like

super? And then like, the only thing I could The only things I could think of for you too, because I didn't want to like, go off and say it and then catch you off guard though it would have been funny, just just to do it. But you would have been a Brit, the Hitman and then heart. Okay, and then

And then the only thing I could think of was like Kim distributable.

But I didn't want to like say it was like, You know what, I'm gonna start the show and throw him off, but I did it. Yeah. So, so yeah, it would have been Bret the Hitman Hart. Margie heart emoji. Yeah. Pick your favorite color. So, heart. Yeah.

All right, guys, if you're listening to us for the first time, sorry, you had to hear that. But um, this episode or not this episode, this show is about drinking craft beer trying craft beer and learning about craft beer. And also talking about music related topics. So this topic What's today's music topic gonna be about? Who wants to tell everybody? Um, he caught us off guard with that one. It's the year the worst albums by our favorite bands. Yeah, Mark was that is that how

is that how we how we named it on a post. I put like bad

Oh, I put like bad albums by her favorite artist. I'll figure it out

before Yeah, that was my struggle because I was like is like one that I had on my list like it's not necessarily a bad album It's just not my favorite. Well it's just nice and say our least favorite

okay well thank you you're optimist yeah

rephrase it Yeah, well I'm glad we fixed it before you know I post it tomorrow but because I wasn't sure how to word it I was like bad words like you know, I cuz we've seen a list similar to this before on on YouTube. But this was I think worst albums by like great artists or something like that. It was similar someone else said it. I was like, okay, we could do something along the line. It wasn't exactly but it should be least favorite. I don't want to be like this is bad because yeah, cuz we love this. We love those bands. I don't know if I ever get the chance to interview or talk to or meet these bands. And I don't want them be like, wait a minute. Oh, taproot seminary on the show.

fabrics ever gonna be on the show? derailed.

ck y will be on the show. You know, speaking of bad albums, I read that German fans are the most critical fans. I forgot. I think a slayer put out an album and they were touring Europe and they had a show in Germany. And they met a German fan up there and the fan was like

your previous albums are good. This new one not so good. Please explain.

Apparently German fans have that. bluntness. Yeah, thinking about them. Yeah. Like they'll just give it to you straight. But they like David Hasselhoff, though. I mean, I know he's German, but they're like, No, no, no. I'm just saying like,

you're not a fan of Baywatch. No, I I remember Baywatch nights. Oh, that's

so like it was like Baywatch. But like, then it was like a spin off to where like it was at night but they dealt with like some supernatural stuff. Look it up.

No. Let's google it right now. That's it. Let's, I don't remember if he was in his igniter. No. Oh, wait, what was he in? Let me save it.

Okay, yeah, he was okay. It wasn't a watch nights.

Oh, he wasn't it

out. And I don't think it lasted that long. I think it was let's see how many two seasons it came on in 95. So I thought for sure you're gonna be like I know what you're talking about.

So that means y'all have to take a shot.

Well, speaking of that, so last episode, I actually talked about the box here in Texas and actually gave a little history on what's what was going on with that. And we talked about shiner and zig and Bach and Crawford Bach. And so I know Kim and Brett had suggested I do a taste test and see if I could figure out why. Which Yeah, blind taste test and see if I could figure out which which box

Is shiner Bock cuz I love Shatner and shiners for marrying the robot, the robot and the other two are from, you know, are owned by a robot. Yes. So we're going to do that right now. So we're going to go ahead and get that ready. Um, but yeah, so if you guys have any suggestions for anything to drink, because I know today, I actually got away from Texas. I'm gonna be drinking some beers from Iceland. Um, do you know do you guys know where your beers are from? Um, well, I'm not exactly I'm not I'm

not drinking a beer right now. But the one that you got me surreal brewing. I believe they're from California. Yeah, once I get once I get to it. Oh, let the audience know. But um, yeah, I'm just having an Arizona herbal tonic tea right now. Cool. Well, I'm gonna get my blindfold on and I'll let you guys pour that and y'all can talk while I do this.

thought it'd be fun. Okay, well, I'm still in Texas. I am drinking.

The from the New Braunfels Brewing Co the pickle fucker. I think that's how you say it. Yeah, that's how the lady goes.

So it's like the word but not the word. This is a sour wheat Ale

3.2% alcohol by volume.

They had it also listed as a Berliner vise beer. And that is a cloudy sour beer that has around 3% alcohol by volume. It's a variation of wheat beer style from Northern Germany. And this beer is actually the sour we deal with a distant pickle vinegar which I read on the New Braunfels Brewing Co website. So it tastes I told that Brit It tastes like

I don't know if anybody else has had them before. They're the those pickle pops that you have like if you have like if you worked out again like cramps or whatever and they're like drinking juice it

tasted like that. But it's it's actually really good. It's not too overbearing where I'm like, I feel like I'm drinking straight pickle juice out of the pickle jar. But it's just it's good. I don't know it's different. I've never had a sour beer before. And I was it was between this one and another one and a recommendation from shout out to the lady at hgb. I don't remember her name, her name. She was cool AF. And she recommended me this one. And also Brett had told us about this one too. So it's like two people telling us about it. Yeah, it must be good. Yes, it was better than the best made one. And we're having a hard time trying to come across that one here in town.

So we're trying to hunt that one down. And then also too, before we recorded the show, we were actually talking about the big red beer that's supposed to be released here later this month. And my brother, well, he didn't know we had talked about it. And he's like, Hey, you should do the big red beer when it comes out. And he actually told me that there's actually going to be two variations of it. One's going to have a higher alcohol volume than the other. Um, so I don't know if it's going to be like a can bottle

Different differentiation or whatever. I don't think I said that word right but

but yeah, he was saying that they're supposed to be two different ones with two different ABS on them so but when that big red comes out, we'll give it a try. I don't I don't think it's gonna be good. I'm not all that big of a fan of bigger in the first place. But are you guys like do you guys like big red? I love big red. Really? Yeah, but I don't I'm very selective I have to drink it from from I can I can't drink it from a plastic bottle. Or if it's in a glass bottle even even better.

Drink or fountain drink? Yeah, yeah, I just don't i don't know something about plastic bottles with sodas. I don't really do. I had never really seen Big Red at a restaurant. Kim. Where were we when we were like this place? It was big red. I don't know. Oh my god. I forgot where we were. Oh, somebody was talking about it. I think it's Sonic. Sonic is on it has big red and I was like

told us

I can't see so I don't remember.

So I have the blindfold on and I think the port the beers are, okay. Okay, so whenever you guys are ready, let me know which one you want me to try first and someone's gonna have to hand Okay, I'm gonna hand you one. Okay, so you guys know which ones are which.

So I'm gonna I'm gonna try the first one. All right. Okay, let's smell it first. Yes, like a kind of sore.

Like a Baka sore? Yeah.

To me this this, like, I'm just gonna take a guess. Like, you know, I'll pick the shiner, you know, at the end, but this smells dark to me darker. I'm gonna guess this is Egon Bach, but before before tasting, okay.

He's like calling his play.

I'm gonna guess this one's Egon Bach. But oh, wait for the next you know actually, I think I think I think your palette I think

Yeah, I think what you should do after you after you after you drink them off and once you once you figure out Oh wait, that's like after you drink Come on once you figure out which one is which, Hmm, maybe do a like a visual comparison and see which one's darker. Oh, that's a good okay yeah look at them and see what way and how but how can I How can I do that but I don't you have colored glasses. We do have colored glasses but we want you to because you can look down Yeah, you can. Yeah, you can. I guess I'll try it's gonna be tricky. The second one. Okay. Okay.

Hmm. This one doesn't smell like the other one.


Okay, I'm gonna hold off on that one. All right. Okay, okay, we'll get the last one. One more.

Okay, one more. Okay. Come on, sir.

This one to me,


One of them has more flavor than the other. Like one of them tastes lighter. Okay, from the from from the second and third one. Okay? Damn, I'm gonna

Okay, I think the first one for sure is again Bach. Okay, can I take a second one again? The answer yes. Yes that your final answer number one yes. Okay and then let me see this is the second one second one

Damn it These two are like very close Would you like some water to be sad? No no no no water no water


yeah I'm gonna go ahead and take a wild guess and say that

First of all is Egon Bach

The second one was?

I'm gonna say the second one shiner. The third one's Crawford. Okay. Is that your final? Yeah, that's gonna be my final answer. Wow, look at you round of applause Yeah.

It right okay. No.

Yeah, you switch the other two. Oh, I switch last. This is

so the third one was he? He said the first. Oh, Crawford that's crazy because to me the Crawford tastes darker than the Z inbox inbox.

I got the

heavy shiner true love. Yeah, that was the shiner had more of a had more flavor to it. The the so I guess Egon Bach was the one that tasted the lightest out of volume which is really weird to me. Yeah. The darkest. Yeah, that's so weird. But I mean, from what I know, too. They're not all they're not

Robots anyways but doesn't even Darko and I think it's what the Black Label BOC Oh, I've never had like a solid black hand.

Well, I pass the test. Let me show ya. I get to drink all three

Well, we can set those aside and then I can like which one looks darker to you? I think from what I've seen in Let me see

one second peeps.

That's your shiner. Yeah, this is darker. Yeah, I wonder if the higher the alcohol content the darker that has to do with I haven't gone that far into my studies or the color go so so yeah, Zeke and Bach is supposed to be darker which it is color wise, but the taste isn't as dark as Crawford Bach which is ranked in color it's second. Yeah. And then shiners the lightest Crawford that's like 4.5

And you're shiner. I don't see it. That one actually, I don't think they have that on the canvas typically, typically like a four to five, right? Something like that. Oh actually, let's see.

That's gonna be see if Kim can pull it up for me. shiner Bock ABV.

So shiner box a bV?

Yeah, it's 4.4. Okay, so, Crawford and China are similar in zig and back. I don't know. Yeah.

Yeah, those guys, but Well, I got it. That's all that matters. Whoops. Yeah, go shiner.

Oh, yeah, actually a false like, cheer, but you still get the cheer. Yeah, well, I mean, well, though, that was really hard because Crawford Bach I've only had it once the text is Amber. Yes. Okay, so that's 4.0. So that one has a higher, we add is darker. Yeah. Okay. And then I wonder what soldiers crop

Buck up. It's 4.5. So it's 4.5 or 4.5, actually, so the color kind of does correlate to what you were saying. Okay, yeah. Well, we'll have to. Yeah, we'll have to fact check. But when it comes to these it looks like

the higher the ABV was the darker the beer was. Um, but you know, shiner did have a better flavor. But Crawford I only had one other time. This is when we bought these wouldn't like last year. Yeah. When we first saw them. I don't know when they released those because they had some kind of partnership with the Astros. But yeah, I've only had that once. I've had this multiple times. This was like, the thing that I would get when shiner wasn't there. I remember I went to something at the majestic and I was like, go have a shiner. And they're like, we have zinc and Bach and I was like, Yeah, what? And so I got this Egon Bach. And I think that was the first time I had it. And I was like, all right. You're right. It does show up. But a lot of venues for sure. Yeah. What was that one festival that needs to happen? Every year that shiner sponsored.

Shoot, I just drew a blank one we went to right. Yeah, it was it was a small festival. But you know, about 4000 people showed up to this dang and shiner was it was a sponsor. And shiner if you'd like to sponsor us. I mean, we're down the street

that I forgot. Yeah.

I forgot it. Oh, it'll come to us at some point. Or I'll google it or Oh,

yeah, we're sleeping. That that was happening to we were talking about something on one of the episodes. And then like, after we were done, and I was editing and I was going to so I was like, dang it. That's what I was like, Oh, my God. And actually, that's what happened with this whole block thing, because we talked about it two episodes ago, and I had to get the story straight. So yeah, I talked about it last episode. And here we are again. So yeah, so I feel like that too. Like I need to go back and correct some things like wait, that's not my favorite pan. This is my favorite. Yeah. So since I got this out the way he wants to go first and talk about the beers that they're drinking are going to be drinking today. I'll go last so I can get

Oh yeah, you talked about here. So we got Franken Brittany.

All right, Britt looks like you're up. Right now I'm just drinking a shiner light blonde, but I will probably be switching over to something else in a bit. You can talk about that for a little while if you want because we actually haven't posted that on the show. And I know you and Kim are big fans of this one. I know me and Kim stuck to this for a while. So do you know ABB on it or?

It's not listed on the booth? No, I don't. I do know that it has 99 calories. Let's Yeah. So

alcohol by volume is 4.2% and only a little bit less than Yeah, China bomb just 99 calories and we're not telling that's off the website first brewed in 2011. Okay.

And I had apparently successful one because it has stuck around. Yeah, that's a one that's available year round. So yeah, it's good. It's good stuff. I am

Gonna go get one of my Icelandic beers.

Okay, so you can get any one whichever one yeah, so Okay guys so for this episode like I said we're going to be drinking two different Icelandic beers

and they are from the Weinstock ogre brewery. So these are actually important and they are from Iceland I did the research and I wanted to make sure they weren't I'm gonna call them out again. Not a Foster's. Yeah, speaking of fosters, I had a red stripe yesterday. Oh, yeah. So I had a red stripe

it was all right. It tastes like the drink itself is really fine when you drink it like it tastes Yeah, taste in. Yeah, and like it's missing something. Yeah. And it has a really light taste and then with like, the aftertaste is it has a bit of a spice to it. And so when I went online apparently has like I supposed to have like butterscotch flavoring. And apparently from what I was reading online, like

on forums that uh

from what I saw now it's still an import but some people were saying that the formula changed or something I guess when they got an importer and apparently it's not really an import anymore but all the all the research that I did shows that it's it's an import now like maybe it wasn't and then it went back to being an import like Foster's but um, but yeah, no I had it and it was I mean it was alright I don't some people like love this beer and I liked it but I mean if it's around and yeah ever but

maybe you need to be on the beach. Yeah, maybe you're drinking maybe or maybe possibly be in Jamaica drinking.

That's Yeah. So So this first I'm stock beer I'm drinking is a Let me see it is a white ale. Is this the white ale? Yeah, this is the white ale. So it's a wheat Ale, also called a wit beer. And it's a when you see with beer, it's going to be Belgian style, and we're just basically

means white beer. And this is a white ale. Um, and this one, the one I actually I'm going to be drinking later I'll just talk about it a little bit before I drink it later.

It's going to be a pale ale and it's going to be triple hop. So I don't know if you guys know this, I didn't know there's basically three main ingredients to beer. Do you know what the three main ingredients to beer? It's water, barley and hops, right? Pretty much close. This is going to be a wheat.

Wheat and water. Well, let's get water out of the way.

Um, you got the you got the you got the okay. So you get that water. Water barley wheat.

Close. So.

So malt mo which is which is what malt is the barley and that the weeding mark. Then you got your hops and then you got your yeast. Okay, so I'm the malt. If you ever have

Have a beer. That's a little sweet. That's the malt that you're tasting. Unless it has like flavoring or something fancy, you know, like sharp. Yeah, like bigger. Exactly. If it has big red in it then yeah, but so the if you ever drink in a sweet beer, the the sweetness is going to be coming from the moans. Then how you get the bitterness as they kind of balance it out with hops hops is what gives beer the bitterness on this. The one I'm going to be drinking later is actually going to be triple hops. So it's going to be a little more bit bitter than if they had their regular you know.

their regular little hot right? Okay.

Anyways, yeah, I'm gonna edit that out. So

um, and then the third thing is going to be yeast. yeast is what actually gets your alcohol content and the drink it it consumes the sugars that come from the malt and hops and then yeah, then you're oftentimes when you eat when the bread smells actually

There are some beers I didn't know they had bread tastes to them I don't think I've come across yeah if you do like a half of Aizen type

Oh, okay. Yeah, I'm just gonna say this Live Oak half of Aizen is one of the best wheat beers I've had.

It is very filling though. And so Oh, well I guess I can imagine cuz I guess the yeast content is a little higher on it because you're you're essentially drinking liquid bread with alcohol. Read in a bottle thing. Uh huh. And somebody from somewhere it was like a beer bottle with like ingredients or bread in it. And all you did was add like a bottle of beer to it and the bucket. Oh, I never did it. Okay, I

think I've had that before it makes the beer bread. And then just another little tidbit too about yeast. There's two different types of yeast. I don't know if you guys knew this. I didn't. There's lager yeast and ale yeast. So depending on the yeast that's used, that's what that's what makes it a lager. And also those

Are your three main ingredients and then depending on how they balance those in the beer and you know craft beer craft breweries do, you know, they experiment with different things in each process or each when it comes to the hops and, and the malt and the yeast, and that's how we get our craft beers. That's just like a long story short, yeah. So I didn't know that. But yeah, mountain hops. So malt is gonna be your sweetness hops gonna be your bitterness. And yeah, that's one thing that I learned yesterday, actually, or two days ago. Speaking of malt swag, I don't think I don't know of Guinness as much of a multi beer but um, what were they intending to make before they accidentally made Guinness? Something not so dark?

burned it was really trying to make I don't know, just like a light. Yeah, they were trying to do something else. They burned. I don't know. What did they burn? I'm not sure but but i think i think back in the day, they had actual chemists

on site to produce

porters and stouts because you had to have just the right alcohol content. You know, like, like I told you earlier there, there were some like laws that prohibited super high alcohol content. So you have to have like an actual licensed chemist on site

to science.

Yeah, but I just wonder before, you know, when they set out to make Guinness, you know, what were they trying to do before they accidentally burnt it? And now we know. Now we know it for what it is. Well, I know there's different Well, the cool thing is there's different variations again, so maybe we can kind of do one episode or we try those different ones all you know, we all get one or whatever.

Dang, and then we don't want to wait a whole nother year. Right? We just missed but uh, yeah, we can do that. And then maybe Frank, you can do some history or research. Yeah, for sure. Definitely. Tell us about that. Because I think people are getting tired of me talking about Texas beer.

But especially, you know, this listener from France

Like, email us and let us know what you drink because you're listening to us. I see you. Yeah. So I don't know where you live, but I see you, but let us know what you're drinking over there. And then we got some peeps in Belgium and, and Taiwan and just all over the states to let us know what you're drinking because me and Kim actually just picked up some beer from Alaska and Hawaii for Next Episode is not as far as not as far as I know. But I get there. Yeah, but still, so I think the Belgians and the Danish are probably

don't be like they're really dark, heavy beers, I think. I don't know. Let's ask him. Yeah. Do y'all like your dark heavy beers? I'm just

Okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna taste this. I haven't tasted this. Icelandic white. Elliot. So like I said, it's from iron stock old guard. Old Guard. ogre. I don't know. Yeah, that's all that's what my but it's got

Viking Viking on it. That's all you got to know. I feel like we should be listening to Bjork

Yeah, this is her This is her.

Oh, wow. Damn, I wish I would have poured some in for a cup for the taste. I know I forgot. It's it's actually good it's um

it has a little bit of a spice to it. This is like really good. Oh guys, I might get you guys some ones. So next time Wait I know Frank you've had one of these right? Yeah, back when? Yeah, no that's really like really good. Yeah, back when back when we were still allowed to go to bars there's a local bar Joey's and they have that they have that on top ah so you've had this before now I only got it because the name Sonic cool on the board. It's good and I think the handle for yeah the handle or something? Yeah I did and then this the ABV is. Let's see if I can find it real quick. And it sucks. I don't have the bottle because I like how they their little logos like two axes, because I like to collect bottle caps and stuff. So this is actually 5.2

So, as much as you would think so like for the moderate Viking, yeah. What's the whole percent up from the shiners? Yeah, not the shiners the box from the box, right. Yeah. Um, so that's what I'm drinking. So I'm drinking the whale. And then later on while we're talking about this album stuff, I'll move on to the Pale Ale. Like I said earlier, that's a triple hopped.

It's the Arctic Pale Ale. So

I'm going to see how this is because this is I think, based on this isn't based off an IPA? I don't think so. I think this is different because there's different Pale Ale types. So yeah, we'll do that. And then like I said, on Instagram tomorrow, I'll post the Pilsner version of their Icelandic, lime and Juniper Pilsner. Yeah, I'll do that. I'll do that tomorrow. So who wants to start off this whole music segment?

Or music segment, I just got to do a lingo notification

to brush up on PR

He's saying Yes, that was your that's your that's what you're doing Portuguese. Yeah, just just because what else are you gonna do? Yeah, I was doing Japanese for a while and then I stopped

doing Latin, Japanese. And I was looking at Vietnamese as well in Spanish.

I'm barely I could have taken Latin. I've taken Japanese so it was kind of cool to like, look at that again. Yeah, refresh your memory. But yeah, the little Al's been bugging me like you haven't been on it. How's the Portuguese going? It's going pretty, pretty, pretty well. I think.

For people who speak Spanish Portuguese is pretty much easy.

it differentiates a little bit from Spanish, but if you can just understand like the root word, then you'll pretty much get it. Hey, say hello in Portuguese. Hello. You would say Ola. does the same thing. Really? Just the same? Yeah. But it does sound different though. It sounds Yeah. So for Hello. You would say oh laughter Hi, you it's


huh. Okay, so you know, that's really punk rock. Yeah. And in Portuguese.

You know? If you want to say I like to drink beer, you could say it'll go to that Omar cerveza. Ah, sounds cool. Sounds good. Like Yeah, so maybe we'll get some people from Brazil listening to this where we go.

Or Portugal Portugal Yeah. Well that but they speak Portuguese and in Brazil, Brazil. They do right. Okay. I was like, oh my god that I said something wrong. No, no. Also the place where it can be more Yeah.

Sorry, I'm looking at this because it's like really good. Like it's really like crisp and oh, that's why it has coriander and orange peel in it. It tastes citrusy. So and I guess the spiciness the little spice comes from the coriander. Like, yeah, it's really good. Yeah. I think the orange pill Really?

Now Now I taste it. But yeah, no, this is my guess.

You wanna get you a couple of? Oh yeah, I'm excited. Not very good when they're chasing the pickle beer, but it's

what would be good? Actually the shiner was good after it. Oh, okay. I like to dress. You know, we're in Texas. We're in San Antonio. Yeah, like you can dress almost any beer and get away with it. So I do that sometimes. I will drink my shiner with the twing the lemon. Oh, okay. I think it's good like that. So it kinda was a good chase for that because I finished my light blonde with it, but yeah, okay.

Cool. Cool. So our topic today in addition to drinking beer like we do every Friday is

how do we word it? Yeah albums from

Okay, let's go around and say how you would organize the way I word it was bad albums by our favorite artists, or favorite bands. I mean, and then you did it like more? Yeah, I said least favorite albums. Yeah, that's what you say.

At least oh

yeah I think it should be like when good bands go bad yeah

well you guys get the gist our yeah I think we're gonna go with what Frank said and that'll be the that'll be the title so whatever you're you're you're listening to it now you know the title of it now so

you want to start off yeah Who wants to go first? Oh yeah you go first well oh yeah you have five right yeah oh are you had five no I have five okay cuz I was trying to think should we do 10 no

we're not doing I don't think we should you guys

this is funny I don't you guys don't know this but so okay guys listeners you've seen this you're looking at the list of you know list of episodes that we have our first episode was our longest at two hours over two hours you know that is our most listened to episode still it's still getting downloads like and the other ones are still you know they're still getting hits but the first one

is like the one that everyone's going to first. Okay, like the long ones? Yeah. I'm sorry. I do see on like Twitter that people are asking for recommendations and they're like, for me when I'm running or for me when I'm working like they, they just had a plane like, I didn't know I listen, I canceled the workout. I don't listen to anything when I work out. Oh, yeah. Now one word that was definitely at work was different. When I would go to the office, I would definitely listen to podcasts. And I prefer the longer ones because yeah, or when you're commuting. Yeah. Yeah.

So yeah, so I guess we all know that

maybe maybe some of us are biased and we're gonna say our favorite bands and we're gonna put out a shitty album. There are a lot of but there have been times where yes, some bands just plateau and they just have a period of confusion and they either go up from there or they just go down.

So that's how that's how I want to just word it is that I have some bands that I that I love that I appreciate. But every now and then there's just like that one album. That's just like I'm just like

Getting into it as much as I thought I would. Yeah, it's a total stinker. I'm going to I'm going to start off with my first one. And this is probably going to be a shock to me because this ban has a very rabid fan base.

Okay, I'm gonna say it's a tools fear inoculum

gonna have to edit this out.

No, it's actually because I mean, Kim and I, I mean, Frank, I don't know if you know this, but like, I'm not a big fan. I like a perfect circle more than I like tool and I guess yeah. And so like, you're I know, you're a tool fan. So for you to you know, the thing with tool is that they attract a bunch of tools.

And I feel like a perfect circle is like, the more accessible The more I kind of put it. Okay, so, okay, so so tool is like the manlier band versus a perfect circle is like the more softer feminine they're more melodic Yeah, the more melodic and stuff but um,

Going back to the tool. He had been like, what? 13 years since the last album they put out 2006 is 10,000 days, which I thought was good. And then they had a 13 year gap of new music. And then last year they put out fear inoculum I think what the internet crashed for a little bit because people are super excited about it, and I went the put the pre orders and downloads and whatnot. And so I thought, okay, I'm just gonna give it some time and just let it settle. And then tool finally decided to get with the program and they, you know, put other music on streaming services. So I thought, okay, cool, great.

Yeah, I heard for your inoculum the first day came out, and it's a, it's a good album. Don't get me wrong. The musicianship is really, really good. It's just after 13 after 13 years, you would think you're drinking tea right?

After 13 years, you would think man, they're gonna come back like strong? Yeah. And it was a bit of a doozer Yeah.

I wouldn't I didn't hear any of it. I don't even think I heard a single it's pretty solid. It's pretty solid. I'm not gonna lie. It is a solid album. It's musically it's a good album, and it really showcases the musicianship, but it's just very just not there. The energy isn't there. It lacks energy.

It's probably one of those that takes some time to grow on you and get used to but

he's got that. Yeah.

Especially for tall songs. They're long. Yeah, for sure. But, and for me, okay. I think maybe for a lot of people, too, is if an album can pass the drive test. So if you can, if you can pop an album and drive to it, yeah, then it's good. But this one, it's just like, I don't know. You're just gonna want you just gonna want to pull over and just chill. Yeah, that's not good. You gotta make it to wherever. Yeah.

energy for that.

Yeah, and I'm gonna piggyback off of it.

can say the same thing. But also, I didn't mention it the time that we did the worst concerts that we had been to. But when I saw tool in 2006, after 10,000 days, that's one of my not so favorite shows. And Frank was there too. We didn't know each other yet, but

and he had a better experience than I did. But I felt like man, that energy was not there. Maynard was laying literally laying down on the stage, most of the show. And most of the songs on that album are really lengthy, very, like instrumental and it was just disappointing because I had seen them before in 94, because I'm old, but and it was amazing, right? Of course, I mean, it was like at their height and it was super awesome. And so to compare the two was just kind of a bummer. And this album, I think, is the same just kind of more of that very lengthy instrumental song is very slow and you know, I could have it on in the background, but I'm not going to

purposely you know, yeah, go drive to it or like, Yeah, get into it or anything like that. So and I do love them. I do. I will say the album artwork is quite cool. Yes.

Yeah, I think tool has one of the most interesting album packaging out of all the artists that you know, I've music a lot.

But on a scale of one to 10 I'm gonna give it a five and that's the lowest rating to album for me. Yeah.

So it's cool. Yeah. A fight this whole forest. Yeah, yes. Good as I feel like any other tool found be like, oh my god. No, it's like it's Yeah. No matter what. Yeah, you know, and that's just not true. And that's cool. Because when we were talking about our list, Kim actually has one on her list. It kind of it's like in the same vein, like so it's cool to hear that you know, on your list, because I don't know a lot about tools discovered because I don't listen to him that much. You know, I tried and I just couldn't I rather like I said it rather than a perfect circle. So

But yeah, no, that was a that was good insight on that. I mean, yeah.

I think I signed my life away on that one.

I think you're gonna hunt us down, man. I think that

To be honest, it's like if we had talked about this around the same time that we were talking to chuck bands, I think you would only get that shit from San Antonio. Oh, yeah. You know, like, maybe miss some people like you can't say that too. Because there there's I think two two bands here. It's gonna be tool and Deftones

because I know you like Jordan awesome. Which I like like, I'm a fan of certain Deftones songs, but not I won't like I've tried and I can't but there's songs like, I think it's rocket skates. Okay, I like that song. And then I think you've seen the butcher. They're both on the same album too. But like it just depends like I can listen to certain songs by can listen to them. And actually, I think it's I think you're referencing diamond. Nice.

Right that Yeah, so that was their first album without ci former basis and they got quicksand basis set to Vega on it and

i don't i don't think they were really there as a band yet with that new lineups I think they were just exploring their sound and it wasn't until I was a coin no yo con came out and that's when they really had it together. Diamond dies i thought was good but it had some misdirection I think it wasn't as cohesive as it could have been.

I'm not gonna dismiss it either. I think it's a good album, but it just it didn't have that cohesiveness that I would have expected from a bandit already been solidified. I'm curious. Do you have a Deftones elbow on that list? Or no? I don't Okay, no, just cuz just curious. I'm just I was just curious. Just because I didn't go that deep because I'm not because I'm not that familiar with them either. So I just wanted to see if you had anything on there, maybe no. cuts off the rest. Oh, no, no, no, no. Yeah, I know. There's 50% pistol.

I was saying, I think Justin, senior good. Justin Chancellor tools basis is one of my favorite basis.

I don't know just something about the way he plays and whatnot. His bass lines are very intricate, very melodic, very rhythmic. And I think he complements Adam Jones's guitar playing a lot and just as a rhythm section him and Danny Carey fucking, they just blow me away.

So it just happens. Fear inoculum just wasn't Yeah, and they're like, even in both those bands, like they're good musicians because I, as a guitarist, like, I hear the pieces, like, I hear the parts, but like, together, I just I don't. I don't, you know, I don't mess with it. But I do recognize like, you know, they are talented. And they do stuff that like, I mean, I've tried playing tools songs here and there to like, just to try. And you know, just to try riffs and stuff too. But yeah, I mean, they're talented, like I said, but I just can't get into Yeah, no, that's cool. So, who wants to who wants to try

Get some hate mail. I mean, I'll piggyback off of that, because that was bold. Yeah, that was right next door. She's in the same boat as you so, so and this is tough too, because we have like, we had made some friends on this site. Yeah, but I'll let you talk. I know. So I'm sorry, guys. But Chevelle is point number one, from 1999. Their debut album, their debut album, their first album, which most people think that wonder what's next is their first album, and I think that the band has regarded it as their first album. So, but point number one, it just, I don't know, like it. It doesn't have the Chevelle the Chevelle sound that we love and no today. I feel like many fans love point number one, because

it's like you're not a real Chevelle fan. If you don't know point number one, if you're not a fan of the first if you weren't following the beginning. They have that

mentality. Yeah, sorry show fans. I think there's a lot of fan bases like that, you know, if you don't, cuz it's like usually an artist's first album is their album that you're like they have all the good stuff on it and wow point number one the song that's on there is good. The album just it just sounded muddled it sounded and completely kind of thrown together something that kind of drags. And as I was, as I was researching about it a little bit it Actually, it was recorded on indie label. And the guy that was doing that it was his label. He kind of wanted to have them as that indie feel. So he kind of did like a plug and play type thing, which is why it kind of sounds like bad quality. I feel like the album just sounds bad, like bad quality, like they're recording in a garage or something. It just doesn't. It just doesn't sound good. But yeah, I think, I don't know. I think people are gonna be like, she's not real. She's like point number one, but I don't know I just couldn't get into it. I mean, I don't either. Like we I remember when we were going to

We were driving to Austin. Oh yeah, we're driving. And so we're like, oh, let's listen to the whole discography. I think we did it over a few days. Because just driving around and we're like, let's see if we can listen to all the whole discography before we start to finish. Yeah, before we go to see them. And that was that one album, were all like, that was not like this, listen to everything. And it's just, like, one long song It does. And then on top of that, to just the vocals and the guitar work don't sound like yeah, they just did that and found their sound. Yeah. Which is, I guess it's understandable. But also, like I said, you know, sometimes those first albums that the band's come out with, it's like, oh my gosh, like you're hooked. It has all the singles It has everything that they've heard that you just you get hooked on. But like this one was on an indie label, so maybe that has something maybe that does, most of the time. Artists will count you know, when they have their major label debut and that was wonder what's next in 2000 in 2000, there follow up which is technically their second album, but even they recommend

So first Yes, I mean come on guys make sense Come on Chevelle fans like even Chevelle is like this is not our first album like move on number one guys so you can direct all hate mail to I said what I said

come on Kimber. I mean, I'm pretty sure.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get some to for you to talk about later too. But, you know, speaking of first albums

10 years actually, their first their debut album, I thought was really good. It sounded like oh, yeah, that was good. It sounded like a band that had been Dude, you really want to talk about 10 years here in San Antonio. That's like, that's another thing you can't talk about here. No, no. Being very brave. Like

Arizona. But the thing about that album was that it was it was good. Yeah, no, it was good. It was really like that album. It was really good. It sounded like a band those three or four records. Yeah. And then the second album

came out and I was like, okay, it's so pretty solid and then everything else after that just fell flat to me so I thought their first two albums were definitely like definitive 10 years sound

I just couldn't get into it any any, any anything past the second album, I just couldn't get it even then to me. The second album was alright, because that first album was actually if I would have thought about it or gone through my collection, like when we did the top 10 that maybe probably could have been like on honorable mentions, because I used to listen to that one like front to back like because it is a good album, like it even the I think it has like an interlude somewhere, or like it goes from one track to one to another. And it just like flows Dude, it's good. Yeah, that is a good album. And also too,

I think for for a band like like that, you know, putting out their first album. Yeah, with the backing of a major label and having the budget to actually make it sound good. I'm not saying that budgets are everything. I mean, you can have a very meager budget and still make a really good album. It's just a matter of hired

doing it. But for about like 10 years to be backed by it was it reprice or Epic Records or something? I don't know what. So to have like a major label backing to your debut album and I think the second album was produced by the delay Oh, brothers of stone. pilots. Yeah, yeah. So

I mean, those first two albums, I think that was like 10 years at their peak. But at that, too, I think what made that second album so different was, Do you know the story behind that? No, I don't. So it's called it was division, right? Yes. So division. The reason why they called it division was because they were having such a hard time seeing eye to eye on the music. They almost split up. And like they were just not not

what was so crazy to us. The last time I saw them live crazy. I saw him at sunset station. This was I want to say six years ago, five years ago, they played with nonpoint. And dude, they were so boring dude, like so boring. I don't know what album this was. They came out that time but they were just like, they kind of like did some like jam.

stuff and like the guitars looked like he didn't want to be there. And it just it was boring but like I remember we saw them. The first time they ever played in San Antonio. No, if we remember we saw him with static x at Halloween party. That's right. That's the first time that 10 years ever played here in San Antonio. Me and Frank were there and we saw him and hobbies Harley Davidson was static x. And luckily we got to see Wayne static because I only saw static x at one time. And I never saw I never I saw that what maybe two or three times Oh, looky

I thought about going to that static. I think I told you about it too. Oh, the one with we talked about that. Yeah. What's What's his face?

From dope? Yeah. Edsel dope. I don't I don't know his name. But yeah, the guy from dope I that's all I knew. Yeah.

No, I mean, I saw a video of him when it's cool that they were paying tribute to Wayne, you know, for the 20th anniversary of Wisconsin death trip, but

it was just weird to me to have somebody filling in as the former senator

I didn't I didn't like the mask thing. I thought the Did you No, no. So the guy, the singer who was taking his place for the thing for the shows, he was at, he had his hair kind of like them, but he was wearing a mask to cover his face. Kind of like stitched up, right and kind of was like stitched up, right? I just didn't Yeah, it was to kind of mask the identity of who was who was doing it. Um, I guess so people could be more in the mindset of Okay, this is a tribute to Wayne, and not necessarily be focused on who's singing in his place. But I just I didn't I didn't like that. I thought that was kind of not in poor taste, but I just thought it was kind of Yeah, kind of cheesy, I guess in a way. Yeah. I wasn't a fan of that. I guess that's another reason why and then I'm not going to that. But I mean, it was good for them because it was a successful tour for them. Oh, really? A lot of a lot of a lot of people turned up to these shows, but I just couldn't get past. Somebody filling in as Wayne Yeah, same. Yeah, it was. I don't know. At first I was excited and then I saw the videos.

And I thought, yeah, I'm not doing Yeah, same Yeah. After I saw the videos, too. I was like, Nope, I'm good cuz I talked to him about until it's like, Hey, I don't know if I should go or not. But um, yeah,

right. You want to go next? I did go. Oh, you did? Oh, that's right.

Okay. Okay, my turn.

Okay. You know, I'm gonna go with that other I saw. Yeah. So um, I'm okay. I'm probably gonna drink box that are sitting here open. Okay. Um, oh, that's, uh, yeah, I was like, I know, I knew this was gonna happen, but I'm like a hall. So. Okay, so yeah, so mine You guys might, you know, you guys probably heard about this one before. It's probably been beat to death. But I have specific reasons why? why I have it on my list.

That's Metallica, Saint anger from 2003. So me and of course Frank, everyone's heard about why no one likes this album and whatnot.

And this one, I think there's some things that people don't talk about. Aside from

Like the snare sounding like crap and all that stuff, um, one I guess I think everybody knows that they were in a bad place like as a band you know everyone saw some kind of monster Did you ever see some kind of monster? No document. Oh, you should see some of it at least I saw it. Yeah, I remember seeing okay. So, you know the band was at odds with each other and they they kicked Jason Newstead out which was the bass player who was with them for a majority well all through the 90s who took Clifford's place And long story short they never came to grip that he was going to be replacing Cliff so they always like picked on Jason because he wasn't cliff. So anyways, like he left and let's see and and they felt bad that they treated him the way they did so they were like we're gonna start over and you and you know you can treat somebody you know treat this new guy difference on then they got Robert you're here oh blah blah. But like it's so crazy to me because on this one line

On st. Anger, like it was one of these things that I think it was.

I don't want to say it was a letdown to like a generation because they were going through their thing or whatever I think it was. I blamed more Bob rock, but I'll get onto I'll get into that in a second. But like, so like when you're older, not old enough to like really like no music and like go to concerts and stuff. You're like a teenager, right? Or like Late Middle School, whatever. That's when I started going to a concert. That's when I started really paying attention to music. Is it fair to say or like in the same age, so Metallica was like one of those bands where like, everyone gets into them at some point, like, whether you stick with them or not like

for a lot of musicians and a lot of kids like they get influenced by Metallica to play guitar and blah, blah blah. So like for that generation I felt for us that were in high school when that album came out. It was a letdown because you grow up listening to Metallica, right? And then you're like, oh, we're old enough to like go to a concert and like this album is coming out in our time. And they have

hadn't had an album come out since reload, which is like 96 I think or something like that like a good seven eight years pass between yeah things albums. Yeah. In garage in Korea was pretty good too. Even though that was all covers I was a fucking amazing album. I love that album. But um yeah, it comes out and it doesn't sound like Metallica. A snare sounds like crap. The lyrics suck. Kirk Hammett has no solos like and this was about Bob rock trying to get them back into their Mojo by having them do something different. And like, and when I read the description about him trying to get them in the studio to record it. It's like he said something about he was trying to

have them record an album as if they were like jamming out in a garage like they were. I'm like, dude, our band. Our band sounds better jamming in a garage and Metallica doesn't say anger like why do you have to change the snare? Like the snares? Not gonna sound shittier if you're jamming on a garage, you know what I mean? So like, they altered stuff like that Kirk Hammett didn't play any solos. And then I think what was weird too was that that was Roberts or heels.

first album with him. And he wasn't really he connected with them that way he didn't record on that album. Right like it was all Bob rock. You know what? That's right. He wasn't this was Yeah. Bob rock record you write your Yeah, right. Um, so yeah, he recorded on that. Yeah Robert did here was I guess that's another thing that heard it too was that they had somebody after who's not with him now and I think booking harbor has an amazing basis, but like he wasn't even with him on that, you know, and he was just like right there and he missed it by a couple of years. Yeah, but yeah, Bob rock I think was just, I think when they're recording saint anger, they were also filming some kind of monster and they were auditioning all these basic basis. Yeah. So like he missed it in his first real album with them was Death Magnetic, which sounded more like Metallica. But uh, yeah, I think I think it was more like one of those generational things where I think people that really paid attention to it were either like, well, there was I think there was two different types of people that there was like the kids who like that was their first Metallica album being released.

their age of like, getting to notice stuff. They're like, Oh, yeah, this is the best thing ever because it's Metallica, kind of the same thing as Chevelle and the Nine Inch Nails situation where like, just because it's Metallica, you know, this is like them trying something new. When No, it really was shit. Like, I remember when it came out and I was like, yeah, Metallica, like I don't know what we were like, I think we're like sophomores or something. Some cuz cuz I remember I saw them some Metallica for the first time on that tour. And so I remember listening to it and trying to figure it out. Like why does it sound like this? Like this doesn't sound like the Metallica that I was learning before and like I couldn't get into the lyrics. I couldn't find a favorite song like saint anger for a while is like is is not bad. And then but like the whole thing with the snare and I don't know it just it wasn't Metallica. Like even when we had a discussion about Metallica doing like garage incorporator load and reload. Like those were like hard rock versions of Metallica. Then you have to thrash version of Metallica thrash version of Metallica which was gonna kill tomorrow. Then you have the heavy metal version of Metallica, which is

Right the lightning master puppets and all that stuff, but then you had this one and this was like not even in any of those your honors, like it was just shit. And I think it was just thanks to Bob rock, but that one, I guess is a cliche one, but I just had to talk about it because Metallica is one of my favorite bands. And, and that album did come out at a point where, you know, we were developing as you know, music consumers and no yeah, that was one of my first customer there was a lot of hype. Oh, yeah, that was a yeah and the whole thing with the file sharing thing when you have stir and that was like all over the place too. And But yeah, I mean, that was that that's on my list into and even now like there are still people who say st anger is not that bad and it's a good album and whatever No, I mean it it's I can I know when albums bad when I don't go back and listen to it. Yeah, I can't remember the last time I listen the same anger like I really can't or even to listen to one of the songs like I don't even have a saint anger song on any of my playlists anywhere. And that was also the first album right that they all played down tune. Oh shit. I think you're right.

They all dropped into I see there's a lot of shit I forget about that. I won't because I don't want to, you know, I don't wanna think about it. Like I don't Yeah, like I really do like it you know, and I don't know if that's true or not for you guys but like I don't revisit you know, yeah albums I don't care for it. I can't remember the last time I intentionally went back so listen on something often I don't even own that album. I think I did, but not anymore. And I tried it and I try to collect it. Right like probably did like I try to collect like the discography of like for instance system of down and I was talking about EFI on our first episode, like I try to collect the discard system down I think is one of the bigger ones like I even tried to collect all the besides and the imports Yeah, that I can like I think system of down is one of the bands that I have the biggest collection of and they only have four albums, which says something like I'm going hunting down like these, like singles and layer right like just even soundtracks that have their their besides that they never released. But yeah, like that one I just I don't care for and I won't

Go back and listen to it but I'm sure that's on a lot of people's lists for different reasons but for my nose or let down to a generation you know I'm gonna blame Bob rock on that one not necessarily Metallica But Bob rock for pointing them in the wrong that they that they stick with them and they got rid of them after after saying I agree yeah because I think Rick Rubin helped him with Death Magnetic well actually actually ended up helping him put him back on the on track, but ya know, Rick Rubin you know, he's, I mean, we're all familiar with Rick Rubin stuff I read that Rick Rubin isn't even really there during the recording and productions The album's

maybe now but maybe, I don't know. I mean, maybe in the early days, but from what I read and you know, bands, I picked up Rick Rubin as a producer. He was never really I don't think he's ever really there in the studio. He's just telling you what to do while he's off somewhere else.

I'm gonna ask you to do some research. Because I don't collect your evidence because I know.

I know Rick Rubin did.

If I'm correct, I think he produced a toxicity. Mm hmm. And yeah, and I remember seeing photos of him with the band in the studio, but I think if I'm correct, I think he did. Damn he did a lot of ribbons of fuckin he's Yeah, he's completely legit. He did like what some of the Def Jam stuff and then he did some Johnny Cash stuff. Also the Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys, chili peppers. Yeah, he's worked with all kinds of bands and artists. I know, not just rot too. I think he's dealt with. I think he's dealt with other genres, right? Yeah, I think I'm probably wrong, because whatever, but I have three bucks already know this guy.

I'm gonna drink this one since you don't? Oh, yeah, no, no, go for it. Yeah, but I'll save you your favorite. Your shiner is right here. Thank you. I'll probably drink that one after this like that. I don't let her go to waste. And then I'll drink the ice though there Icelandic one later. Or I can even do that one on sir. Yeah. Okay, so here's one to prove it. Corey Taylor of Slipknot says we're being chased

horrendous amounts of money for a person who barely came to the studio.

We were being charged. Yeah. If if you're going to produce something, you're fucking there. I don't care who you are.

Hmm. So I guess that's some truth to

okay. him being absent during during the recording process. Yeah. What was it was oh five I don't know, I guess maybe he picks and picks and chooses who he's gonna be present for the middle versus? I think so. Yeah. What the heck, huh? No, I mean, isn't Cory I don't find Corey Taylor is the type of guy who would make shit up but at the same time, like all this stuff that I've known about Rick Rubin I have some nice pretty, you know? Well, I mean, what to believe? Yes. Yeah, I don't know. But I guess we'll have to have Rick Rubin on the show. Yeah, we'll tag him.

Who has a he's gonna produce our podcast

remotely, remotely.

Who wants to go? Frankie? Right? Yeah, I guess so. Cuz y'all are sharing Well, yeah.

No, I mean, we kind of weren't she brought up Chevelle was like, Oh yeah, she's like, it's mine

to figure something out, and I shamelessly

guess that's gonna happen cuz like, y'all listen to the same stuff. The same stuff. So, um, okay, so this next band is my ultimate favorite band. I've been following them since my days in Vietnam.



If you know me, I mean, everybody knows that. I'm a huge Nine Inch Nails fan. Yeah. And oh 2005 with teeth was just not that so with 10 defeats right? Yeah, that's the one. That's the 104 is a nice guy.


He told his favorite band we turned on the radio station. We told you guys this. Last week we turn on the radio station twice to see what was on different days on different days. That song was on both times. No, no way. We turned it on to and we heard like, the exact songs that we mentioned on the show for Nirvana. Nirvana. Yeah, exactly. But deeper. the hand that feeds has a much different energy live than it does in the studio. Yeah, it's like, I'm cool with that life. But in the studio. No, but I saw them live together right when we came out. Yeah, we did. And, man, I was like, what, 14 years ago? Right. Yeah, back when we started an amphitheater. Yeah, that was what TV on the radio. That's right. Yeah. And

the key so following up with 1990 fours.

The downward spiral in 1999. so fragile, those two are just super huge big albums.

And those two are pretty much considered essential listens.

And then between 99 and 2005, you know, Trenton was going through some drug addictions, some substance misuse. He cleaned up he got sober

and you know, with teeth came out but at the time

Trent wasn't really sure if Nine Inch Nails were still relevant anymore. So I remember the whole thing was, you know, let's the whole thing was let's book a club tour. And depending on the response from the club tour, then maybe we can start booking arena shows. And the club tour sold out, you know, both Europe in the US, I think even Australia to like the entire tour sold out. So that pretty much reassured him that Yeah, nationals is still relevant.

But aside from touring the album, I don't know. The trend had switched the entire live lineup of Nine Inch Nails and it was like a whole different crew of dudes.

And I just wasn't used to that like I was used to the previous two albums lineups and then these new dudes came in they were good It took me like three years to finally get into it you know at the end of their three year run of that lineup

Yeah, it was a long time to get used to an album yet and at the end of those three years in over 10 years I still haven't gotten used to seeing anger Yeah, so when you know when I was finally starting to appreciate the album for what it is he does he decided to dissolve that lineup Why did the lineup change in the first place? So trends the kind of guy that doesn't I mean, he's been pretty consistent his past couple albums in the past few albums, but he's the type of guy that likes to bring in new blood for every album. So that that way it's fresh it's it's it's a new perspective but I think he's for the last what several Hannah like several five to seven years uh, he's he's kept a pretty consistent lineups and I think he's like, found his core dudes. But um, it's it's really not a bad album. It's It's good. It's just

didn't have that same energy you know you have like a really really tough peak and then the low and then goes back up again. But you know there are some songs in there that are pretty good some pretty good deep cut type stuff but I felt like it was a little too poppy for my taste. It was it was a bit punkish but it was a little too poppy for my tastes like a little too too commercial too radio friendly. Which you know, whatever. Yeah.

But you know, again at the time I think that was just you know, Trent was getting clean. He was sober and this is like a whole new direction for him. Pretty adventurous direction because I mean, nobody even really knew what was going on. But um,

yeah, it just I mean, it took me a while to get into it and now at now I appreciate it for what it is. Yeah, but I definitely would not put it on my top five dang or two for two tonight.

Wait, wait

because I have one

But even that's not like I don't think I don't think I would get shit for it. Like I'm not saying you will but like, in a different setting like you probably would, which sucks, because I'm not saying that's a good thing like that sucks that we live somewhere where like you would get shamed for it. But yeah, I mean

I was I was good I mean

honest Yeah, yeah again you know it's not a bad album It's Juliana it just doesn't compare to everything else he's done you know

I feel like it's okay like if you've heard Pretty Hate Machine Pretty Hate Machine is a pretty poppy album. Hmm. I would put those two on par Pretty Hate Machine and with teeth are pretty much on par. I feel like pretty brace over here. She's already given.

Send your email

or pop it okay. It's pop structured. Okay, interest. It's a very pop structured album and I feel like like verse chorus verse


Share the dogs though we got a couch.

Yeah, and I think I think I think with teeth is Pretty Hate Machine part two. Oh, we're at send your hate mail to talk happy hour pod at gmail.

Frankie Yes.

No. Yeah, I mean, and that's good to have to be able to talk to people that can recognize like when something's not yeah when something's not what it

could be is I think that's a better word Yeah. And going back to the hand that feeds

you can't deny that it was pretty disco inspired. It sounds like a Disco Song. Yeah, it does. Yeah, yeah. I mean, Oh, I didn't know that. But yeah, I mean, yeah, I don't know hates disco. Yeah.

I can't get out of my house. I know.

There's certain songs that I'll be like. Yeah, that

That's cool but like i as genre as a whole I don't. I don't remember that girl today on TV. She's like, Saturday Night Fever is one of my favorite. Oh yeah, like I was like, Oh yeah, so like, we're gonna catch it for this. So

I'm not gonna say who she was well I mean people listening to it maybe might have called it a good day I say whatever. names I learned that out so so like she was saying who her like what her influences were and like she was naming like all these like random albums and then like, the Saturday night Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack The Beatles like

a big no no. She named that

shit yeah beaches were on

their voices. I don't I don't know. You're not hurting Okay cool. Sweet.

Well, yeah, like, Beatles album The Saturday Night Fever girls album The girl which was like Plastic Beach but I don't. That's like

One of my least favorite girl albums to like which is weird that one, but oh well but like to me like I still like, in my opinion but that is a interesting Medley

that I've been inspired by the Saturday Night Fever

like not even the artists themselves that compiled on the soundtrack but the actual like this.

Why not? You're staying alive we've been.

We've been drinking so no, we hold it against this. Yeah. But no, I mean,

I'll just say yeah, with teeth is Pretty Hate Machine part two, but I call it the disco punk album. Okay, interesting, huh? Well let Britt Bertha's. We're gonna debate this later to

talk about it now.

Um, do you have one or was that one that y'all shared? No, that's not one that we shared. I only have a couple okay.

I literally had two Yeah, I also have two so we haven't gotten to Frankie's Oh number two. Oh, okay. Gotcha. And it will also be answered

Okay, do you want to you want to go next? Yeah, I guess. Okay. Oh, before you go, I just want to say that Kim brought me the next Icelandic. Yeah. So Arctic Pale Ale. Um, so this one's treble hopped, and I just tasted right chase tasted it right now it's really bitter. So if you guys are listening earlier, I told you guys that the hops are what brings the bitterness to bounce the sweetness of the malts. This one's really bitter. I want to say it's maybe close to IPA ish, maybe, but it's pretty crappy. Yes.

It's like bitter, but it doesn't taste like but it's not an ugly bitter like it kind of balances. Yeah, yeah, it's a little better. Yeah, it's a little balanced out but it is bitter. Like I said, it's triplehop but we have now moved on also, oh yeah. You got a new beer to this don't brewery from California. I'm drinking there been a visa and this is a salt and lime lager and

I know they're independent. They're independent. They have the logo.

Has Yes.

I love it. It's really cute. We will post a picture of it on Instagram, Facebook, all that good stuff. But it's a really pretty sugar school. Can. And this is a lager style. It's a salt mine lager 4.7% alcohol by volume, and it's lime with a touch of sweet malt. So you were talking about the malt earlier. So this is what they had on their website was live with a sweet malt and this one came out in April of this year. Yeah. And this one is actually the one I'm drinking is 5.6%. So yeah, so look, um, yeah, I know, right? And actually to like when we were talking about earlier and discussing the the more than the hops in the east. We know there's different kinds of East lager like I was telling you guys about, but there's also a different kind of malts and different kinds of hops. So like, for instance, the fosters beer, they actually import some of the hops

from Australia, so that gets imported and they brew it here in Texas. Okay, but it's not brewed in in Australia, but they do have ingredients like the hops. Okay? Yeah.

Yeah, cuz I can definitely taste a good balance of the salt and lime. I don't know if y'all had this the shiner sea salt. Uh huh. I'm a big fan of that one. And I love salt in lime. I've just I don't know that one. This one just tastes I really like the taste. I know you liked it. You don't really care for the season. Even though I know Yeah, I don't that's one of the shiners. I don't like I think my hair for too much. I think my my problem was good.

We're so bad. We did not share today. Yeah, no.

I get it. Forget it.

I'll make it up to you next week. I did buy beers for you. And they're like in my cabinet, our cabinet. They're up there, but this is good. And they told me thing like before we were Yeah, no, exactly. But um, yeah, I'm gonna get another one of these and it's good. I think I remember we used to go together.

And we just like be tasting stuff. Oh yeah yeah that was like the perfect place to sample yeah a little bit of everything speaking of Growler shout out to Growler you know they actually have the

the toadies beer they're

the one that you got me but they posted in there and I was like oh dapper well they just posted a can but okay I don't have but I have it there right yeah box later Yeah. But they have it they have it there so I was like holy Shay so cool. Maybe in 2025 we'll go and maybe like exchange and we'll try it well I think they have a system set up right now where you can do like a drive thru and get your Growler refill Yeah, cuz they actually have their food to go to right now. Cool. Yeah, maybe they said their pizzas or like

it's more fun to go hang out. Yes.

Yes, Trivial Pursuit. Oh, yeah. Yeah.


From the 1830s or whatever, yeah, it's like the beginning of the earth. Yeah.

I ended up switching to nonalcoholic Bruno, I went from Arizona tea to surreal brewing COEs. 17 mile Porter yeah and non alcoholic. less than point five and Mario got me this one. And we've had some surreal Yeah, brewing beers and they're actually quite good and I think that's all they do just non alcoholic.

And this one's it's it's quite good. It's got very coffee smelling. Yeah, porters are usually a little more it's got a nice coffee taste to it. It's a bit rusty. Yeah, I like it. I think it's it's it's nicely balanced. Cool when I find a porter for you because I know we were talking about Yeah, some non alcoholic said you hadn't had and I was like, Oh shit. There's a porter here. Uh huh. Sweet. Well, no fan. Oh, sorry. Oh, go ahead and it's only 50 calories. Oh, dang. That beats the shiner light.

Yeah, so Chevelle fans are gonna come from me again possibly. Because another one of the album's and I feel so lightweight so this was a bad album. So we changed it to Lee's favorite because I felt bad because I am a big show fan if you know me, I mean, I'm in a Chevelle breaking regiment to bandwidth, Franken Mario here at breaking Chevelle sh. Okay.

But uh, so yeah, I love them. They're my favorite sounds my favorite drummer love Pete. We met them. They were awesome. But Chevelle log Guardiola from 22,014.

Aside from the popular tracks that are on there, I know an island is big, especially with Chevelle fans. And of course, everybody knows take out the Goodman log logo Orla, this isn't their best work to me. I feel like it falls flat and it's just kind of boring. Like I was really listening to because I know we mentioned earlier we listen to the discography. We literally listened it from the 1999 point number one all the way to their more recent

stuff which we're still waiting for new music from them they've been teasing it but nothing yet and of course I'm sure COVID had a lot to do with it but um yeah I just I couldn't get into it like I was driving again we're talking about driving with an album on I was going to I was I going I was went somewhere by myself because usually we're together I was going somewhere alone and that's what I was starting to work on this

and I just I couldn't get into it. I was like, let me give it a shot again and I just kind of zoned out when I was listening to it. Like the couple of tracks Yeah, everybody loves it knows you know and islands a good one. Take out the government. I know people are like really big fans like Ouija board and like

there's another song on there that Oh, twins, like people are really the Chanel fan base is like really

into those songs and stuff, which that's not a bad album. It's not a bad they're not bad songs. It's just kind of it's boring to me. That's I just felt like I found it boring. So shut up.

fans come for me. My Is there anything redeeming about the album?

Um, probably like maybe the cymbals sound nice. Oh, I couldn't only from Frank it's like we have good cop bad cop


Work is right so like say something nice about it. Yeah, the artwork is cool it has the the plague. Yes. Yeah, that's a good

good. I mean I had a couple of good songs yeah like I said I had a couple good songs on Island take out the gunman. I know a lot of people are familiar with choking game like, but I just I zoned out while listening to it and I just you know, cuz usually I'm singing along I mean, like I said earlier in the band, I sing it. I wasn't fighting myself singing along I just was focusing on where I was going was just literally background music. Yeah. So yeah, that's about to come for me guys.

That's okay. Yeah, and it's funny cuz when we met them, we were actually on a on the fan site through

They're through the band's website. So like it was basically a community. So people like you would gain points for like, talking to other people on the company in the city. And we were actually two of the four people in San Antonio who got passes to meet them. When other cities were like swarm to them to the point where like, they had to cut it off like they Yeah, but we were lucky enough to do it. And it was funny because I think we we got a couple of friends right or one friend. Yeah. Kelly Kelly. Yeah. So on Facebook, and she ended up being her friend from from the site from the site. Yeah. But uh,

maybe she feels the same way. Maybe she doesn't after messenger if she's still friends with you after this.

Yeah, cool. So yeah, that was that was two shovels. Yeah, sorry, guys. I love Chevelle leather. My favorite, but I just I don't know, like I was trying to think of things to bring for tonight. And

I just kind of fell into listening to that. Like, I don't remember where I was going. I hate that. I hate that. I don't remember where it was.

Going that I was like, let me let me put something on to listen to and I was gonna try this one how many albums to Chevelle have? Oh,

I'm gonna take a guess and say six let me so that's not a very good statistic there Kim. Yeah it was like 30% up they're gonna I'm gonna guess, sir

Don't count point number one oh no

all right well yeah but they don't because it wasn't a major label and most bands don't because but it's stolen I know right?

No I'm with you on that one and then they have a case and they have a live from the road okay so those don't count yeah so it's only 25% you don't like yeah so that's not an album two albums yeah to me, but I do like the song like metaphor

I love you know I mean, don't listen to this podcast

episode skip over episode five and pretend like it never happened

I mean, it's a good it's a good percentage, though when you look at it like she enjoys 75% of their work. Yeah, I mean, okay, well, yes, it is a majority.

Gorilla. Is it bad? Yeah. It's just, you know, yeah, yeah, it was. Yeah, right here. Yeah. And the whole point of tonight was to talk about least favorite from bands that we love. Yes. Right. Now how to talk about bands that we hate. It would be a separate Yes.

We'll do that. My number one will do that.

Save it. Save it. Okay, okay. Um, so who's next? Me? Yeah, I don't know. Yeah. Well, I guess this kind of goes off to the whole driving thing because this literally happened when we were driving. So we were going to see Slipknot in Austin, and we were going to see him with Bowlby, gojira and behemoth. And so I was like, You know what, Volvo he came out with a new album because I had seen him once before, and they were really good.

And so I said, Listen, let's listen to the last album, you know, just so we can get familiar with some of the stuff. And I couldn't we couldn't listen to it all the way through like I had to stop. It was just boring. So like their last I sounded like one long song like, yeah, so volbeat will be yeah me too. He's so good live his voice oh yeah his as strong and when we even when we saw on that show that we were going to like still his voices on Yeah, they're good. Um

even with that said, the first time I saw them was better than when we saw some that Yeah, they seemed a little more. They weren't as entertaining. When we saw him with slipknot. They were so good though. Um, so this last album was rewind replay rebound. That was 2019 that came out last year. And what's crazy about Bowlby is, from what I've read, he was influenced by Metallica and Elvis. And he's, he's from European right


it's like right there in like on the tip of my tongue. They are a Danish. Danish. Yes. from Copenhagen, Copenhagen. There you go Copenhagen, because I saw one of their live shows and I think it was in Copenhagen. So um, so like some of their albums and some of their songs are either rock influenced or you can hear it's rock and roll ish, or it's metal influence and you can hear the metal so like you can hear the Metallica influence and some you can hear the, the Elvis you know, rock and roll style but like this one to me was just so boring. Like, they had to have their singles I can think of off the top of my head was the first one was Leviathan, like it starts off pretty good. Rock and Roll ish with a catchy riff. And then once it gets to the chorus, it just kind of dies down. I don't enjoy the chorus. Then I think one of their more popular singles if I don't know if I'm wrong or not, but from what I've seen was last day under the sun, I don't know if you've heard it. I think it I think it was like in the top 20 like it

Rock for a while when it came out. Even that song I got tired of it quick like after listening twice. I was like, Oh, this is a good song and then it was just boring and the whole album kind of carries that way. But like I said, we didn't even listen to it all the way through, even when they played the songs live. When we saw before Slipknot I was like, I was like I don't I prefer other songs and it was a To me it was a big contrast to the album before which was in 2016 seal the deal and let's Boogie. The first single I don't know if it was the first single I think it was. It was the devil's bleeding crown. And I still fucking love that song. Like every time it comes on. Like I'm like, I fuckin cranky because it's it's a fucking good song. It's more metal influenced, but they have a lot of other songs that I love that are more rock and roll influence. Um, but yeah, Bowlby I don't know.

I don't know how big of a fan base they have here. So I don't know how much for them. But anyways, Bowlby is really good. Michael Paulson is such a Yeah, he's a great vocalist and guitarist so strong. Is Oh beat a band or is it a solo project?

No, it's a band. So yeah, it's a band. And, uh, I know they've had some lineup changes, but no, they're a band. They know they've I mean, they've toured with some main big names. Oh, yeah, like Slipknot like you said, I think they've been toured ghosts a lot. Yeah, they toured. They toured with ghosts, too. Yeah, yeah. Damn, I never seen ghosts. I was always there. We're supposed to tour with nothing more. Oh, that would have been crazy. I don't know what happened with that. Was that was like coming up to I don't know if they did I know. They did a European tour with Metallica to see Metallica and goes together like that would have been insane. But it was Yeah, they're they're pretty theatrical. Yeah.

That's what I like about them is that they're bringing back that sort of ad and metal feel within the matrix and whatnot. Yeah.

Yeah, go subnet. But yeah, Bowlby. That was my that those were the only two that I could think of because I was telling Britt before we recorded the show, like for a lot of bands, where they kind of went off the rails a little bit. I kind of happened to stop and I think one example is Papa Roach.

Their first four albums I'm a big fan of and I think that fifth album was when was when they went a little off even now to they went into a little more electronic stuff and I think they kind of we talked about it before they kind of went into the whole Imagine Dragons kind of feel thing and dig. But like the first four papa, papa roach albums are like awesome. Then once that fifth one came out, I didn't stick with them to that point, so I never heard that album. But from what I know that albums not that doesn't hit, you know, where the other ones did. But yeah, those first four and I think that's another one too. I just those albums that I could have talked about I just listened to. I just stopped. Luckily, or, you know, however you want to put it. I just stopped Luckily, you know, at that point where, you know, I just didn't listen to it. Sure. Yeah. But those are my two Metallica and bobeat.

You know, actually, the, you know, Xena Metallica

was telling you the other day that I don't know this is just me. Okay? But

If you like, kinda, Oh, okay. I like her. Kevin is a guitarist. He's he's a good dude. Oh, he's disabled?

I don't know. Do you think his solos are too flashy? Uh, maybe maybe I'm just bitter because I can't solo like him. I can't I can't sell. Yeah, I mean, it depends what era of common are you talking about? Like, are you talking about like, move? Because I mean his solos like, yeah, I wanna I mean, you know who taught him right? I think vi taught him Really? Yeah. Okay, let's see if I can fact check. Because he actually had gotten lessons from somebody to when it came to shredding and stuff. So he didn't like, teach himself like he got who taught Kirk Hammett?

Satriani I was close. Yeah, okay. So Satriani. He actually got lessons from Satriani to Okay, get to that solo sounds so mean. So that's then yeah, so if you

if you're gonna see him

Like that they just think that he got less off. Okay? Yeah cuz you know there'll be times I'm hearing Metallica I mean of course a lot of the a lot of the older stuff back under thrash days

I feel like man like there's there's too many solos going on but but don't but also to music is nothing but soul Yeah, there's another thing to think of to the first two albums I don't want to get shit for this either but the first two albums You know, it wasn't Kirk Hammett right? No it was a mistake. It was a mistake. Yeah, so those solos weren't even his. If I'm correct. I think it was the first three albums i don't think i think Kirk Hammett got it. Because it was right the lightning master puppets and then justice for all. I think Kirk Hammett got in there at master puppets or at

the lightning right because it was his life to leather and kill them all. Maybe it was those two he might have come in on master. Yeah.

What albums was dammit. Let's try this again. What Metallica albums did David

staying right on

are you gonna edit out your Google searches? No I'm not gonna

so kill them all right the lightning and he wrote one song on master puppets so yeah Kurt chemic came in on on master puppets but yeah so right the lining and kill him ah that was that wasn't even Kirk Hammett. And I don't know when Kirk Hammett was taking lessons from Satriani so I don't know like what album he started taking lessons from him Yeah, on but yeah there's a little more he's also like a blues inspired guitarist. Yeah he is yeah he actually that's a funny thing. When we first started I didn't know crap about picks guitar picks. So I was using jazz picks right to play guitar and then later on, I was like, I'm using jazz picks I was like, because I like the way they felt well later on. Then I found after I switched, I found out that Kirk Hammett uses those freakin picks. And he actually has a custom jazz picked as a little I don't know if you've seen it has a little cut in it. So it looks like a heart kind of what he uses for grip

So it's a jazz pick, but that's modified. And he used the same picks that I was using wait for started playing guitar. Interesting. So he uses jazz picks, which always use vortex picks. Yeah, it's a tortex jazz pick. Jazz two or something like that. Yeah. Okay, vortex. Yeah. No, I mean, I've always just used the thicker picks because of my bass plane. Yeah.

Yeah, I use her pics sometimes to the black Gators. Yeah.

Yeah, but no, you know, I just wanted to point that out about metallic I thought. But now that I know, he's asking, I'm just gonna tag.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna tag a Metallica Chevelle Nine Inch Nails. I'm just gonna tell you everybody on these posts, you know, but

I read a thing too, that he doesn't really have much creative input in the band. Yeah, that I've heard that too, that he's like he'll try to you know, say something Yeah, introduce something because he has so much different styles of playing that he has. So he tries to incorporate Darlington No, no, yes.

And that's I think that's one of the reasons why Jason Newstead left and what he did. He ended up doing his own thing. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty much a James and Lars show there, Metallica. Yes. So I'm gonna edit that out.


wow. The whole show out. So let's just let's talking about the beer.

Now I remember when I first saw Newstead was all three Ozzfest, he played in both the white bud and Ozzy nausea, and I thought it was it was cool to see Jason newsted on the second stage in the smaller stage, and then later on that night scene, I'm on the mainstage with with Ozzy young, like zakk Wylde playing mainstage twice with Black Label and yeah.

But yeah, I mean, those those are my two I don't know you got you got three more. I've got three more but I don't wanna maybe take the whole show away. I'm just gonna go for I have one more so you go Oh, shit. Okay, so I didn't know she had Okay, yeah. Cool.

The next one is another one of my favorite bands.

And it's the cure.

And See I told y'all

I'm like surprised. I know. It's thrown everybody under the bus tonight.

And the album is for 13 dream came out in Oh, eight and

yeah, I mean, I don't know. It just wasn't the sound that I like about the care when they first started out there were pretty punk. And then they got super goth. And then there's a little bit of pop. Yeah, mixed in there. Yeah, but it was always a nice mix, right? Mm hmm. Yeah. And then, you know, after a while, they went really Poppy. And then they got back into the dark stuff. And then they went alternative pop rock. Mm hmm. And then they went back into their dark sound and then with 413 dream.

It just it just wasn't it. It was it was too happy sounding Yeah.

And we don't like happy here. No. And when you when you associate an image and a sound with the band, like that's the image and sound that you want to stick with, but for 13 dream was too poppy It was too happy in the band and put out any albums, any new music since 2008. So I feel like, well, if they're gonna do so

they have to really step it up and do something that was unappealing to me. And it's different.

And to the rest of us because that album was a stinker. Yeah, I'm sorry. I love the care also. And this is another one that I'm going to piggyback off of Frank for because it's not good. And I'm sorry, Robert Smith. I love you. But that was, you know, but that's also one of those things too, where you know, a band puts out a a not so good album, and you just hope the next one is gonna redeem redeem them. Yeah.

But no, no, we don't have that opportunity yet, right. No, no, no, yet.

But yeah, I mean, those are those are my albums right there. But Frank and I always disagree on another cure album, which is wish. I like Wish I know.

She's all like, I don't know, I don't. And honestly, their album was the reason that I kind of quit buying albums because for me that one is super Poppy. And that's not to say that there aren't some good songs on that album. However, I think there's like two and the ones that everybody else loves, like Friday I'm in love. I can't stand and I could live my whole life without ever hearing it. Yeah, cuz I don't like that, either. But then I like that song. Then again, my opinion doesn't count because I'm not a cure fan. Okay, but I don't like that song. But one thing I like about wish is that it's more of a it's more of a guitar like it's more of a rock guitar oriented album. I think and that could be the reason for our difference there. And I'm because I'm not rock guitar.

oriented. Oh my god. Yeah. So I'm not listening to that. I'm kind of listening to the lyrics and I'm like, yeah, that's gross.

So yeah, I mean,

the bands I mentioned

love each other. What do you like? Do you like that song? I don't know. Okay. Okay, so we're good. Okay.

But see, but the cool thing is that, you know, a lot of bands that pay that play the same songs over and over every night on tour. At some point, you know, they start to mix it up a little bit so you hear a different variation of the song than you would on studio or you know, previous times that you would have seen that man

so that's that's definitely one thing but I

I know we talked about this earlier where I wish you know, bands would go on tour, and just play like none of the radio stuff like they just play all the deep studio stuff. And like Ken said, It separates the real fan it separates the race.

Do fans from the real fans? Just like weird out dead? Yeah yeah there's a lot of like shows here in town like this is connected to the whole Chuck bands thing. This Chuck bands episode we had in the whole river city rock fest thing where like, you could tell like, you're all like, the people around you you're like these guys don't go to concerts and they're just they're like just like not even like, you know, they're not moving their heads or nothing and then like as soon as the single comes on, they're like singing and they're sitting. Yeah, yeah and then the one single comes on and they leave I'm like you guys we're here at the whole show to hear one song like and I'm here like waiting for this one like, you know

I know you played it two days ago but you better

but uh yeah like that's that's Yeah, that's I know what you mean. I try not to read setlist before go I never do. I don't do


Right I try not to say try yeah I try not to but you know it'll do

some bands play the same setlist the whole tour and some bands will mix it up. So in the bands that I know are gonna mix it up every night. It's like I don't want to see your setlist but I'm kind of curious to see what's in there. Yeah, that's like when him was touring on their farewell tour. They were putting like their setlist in the post on their Instagram. And when I saw that razorblade kiss was on the setlist, I was like, oh, but it was kind of one of those off ones where like they were playing it like or not playing it. And I said, how's it going?

And then with the Chevelle, we're on that site people that were going to the shows before us, they were there was a chance to win science setlist. So you know, they're posting their setlist and we're like, dude, do we want to look at it? Or do we want to look at it like, you know, yeah, see pictures of it is showing and sharing it and stuff. So it's like, yeah, there's a lot of bands who were like, I'll find out later, I'm like, Oh, these guys played this song on a different date. Like

Excuse me, like Metallica, like, it sucks because there's some like festivals that they play here in the US and then also to shows like in Europe, like they'll play songs that they don't play here. I'm like, why don't you play them here? Like you guys are from here? Like Yeah, like they'll play like, I know it's a cover but they'll play like whiskey in the jar or they will play like a like a live version without the symphony of no leaf clover, or like just other songs off of like kilomole that you don't hear and I'm like, What the hell like instead we get the same setlist and like if if Kim would tell me the setlist that she heard when she saw when she saw him here as opposed to when I saw him at

X Games, it will probably be the identical same you know the same setlist which kind of you know, it's kind of sucks you know, want to hear some yeah stuff. Also too, like there are times where a band does soundcheck and they'll play a song that they've never played live before during soundcheck, but they won't. They just won't play it live.

That's weird. I mean, yeah.

You have an example. Um, I don't have an example really but

oh, no, I was just curious. I mean, I mean yeah, but no, but i mean i've i've I know No, I mean, I was just I was just wondering you said that's a real everyone else's. Yeah.

But I've heard about that you know about bands who do like these little VIP packages where you buy a ticket to check out the set the check out the soundcheck and they'll play like a six song like a mini set. And they'll play stuff that they just won't play for the main show sometimes I'm sure Third Eye Blind it that when we saw because they were playing

Southwest No. Damn it. I was gonna say that Austin City Limits and there that set was completely different than the one than the one we saw. But then I know maybe in 2027 I'll be able to see them. Yeah, I know they had I know they had a

car because they're doing a car concert in California.

They did are they are they? No I don't want that COVID stop

people stop going on to the friggin on hold on you know these little holidays you know? Anyways, yeah, anyways but yeah so y'all have another yes oh yeah you do right I do. So I have

I mentioned them in our first episode on my top 10 albums oh I have one now that I think about it okay cuz I was kind of going off of that because I was going off of

why Chevelle is on here and that's why this band is on here. Hmm. So I have bad sons mystic truth, which is their most recent album that came out in 2019.

between their album disappear here, which was 2016 that's a three year gap, right? Yeah, three year gap. So to wait between disappear here and 2019 to 2016 and then 2019 and get mystic truth.

Which is not a bad album. The single away we go. It's a good song. But compared to their first two albums, it just wasn't as good to me it we didn't have that funky like I want to get up and dance kind of Phil was a little more slow, a little more mellow.

But I will say that Mario and I saw them

earlier that year, right in 2019. Yeah, I think we saw them sometime in 2019. It was last year. I think. I don't Yeah, probably was last year, or was it late? 18. No, it was it was it was 19. We saw them in 2019. So this album came out because they were touring it. So we saw them at emos in Austin. And I will say that we agreed that the album mystic truth played live sound better than it did on the album because we listen to the album on the way up there, just in case they were like because I think it was their missing truth tour. So we're like, okay, let's listen to the album. We were already familiar with language and perspective and disappear here. And we really love those albums. Like I love those albums.

Of course, like I said, like

perspective was in my top 10 albums The first episode. So to be waiting that long and then get miss a truth like we've talked about earlier in this episode, just kind of let down like you're disappointed because you love these albums. They're good, they're funky, they're dancey. And then when when comes out, and it's not what you expected, or what you hoped that it would be. But live it sounded good.

But um, I was slightly disappointed in that one. I mean, I can listen to it. I can listen to any buttons anytime. But still, you're gonna go to those but I'm gonna go to language perspective and disappear. Yeah, first. Yeah, definitely. And then Spotify will throw in missing. All right, all right. All right.

It's bad science. I'll listen to it through. Yeah, well, mine This wasn't on my list. But just describing how you came up with that one. I can kind of think of one now and maybe this is probably one for you to see ky like their album Carver city, which is their fourth album. Yeah, I kind of ignore that album.

Because I don't like it I think it's boring and I think it's not as as

it just doesn't sound like the ck why that we got in the previous albums because you have Volume One or kill yourself whatever whichever version you have, then you have a infiltrate, infiltrate destroy rebuild then you have an answer can be found which is a good one to that one has plastic plan on it, which is a fucking great song The album so good. But then you get to Carver city and Carver city is just, I don't I really don't like it. I forget that they have that album and when we were talking about how you came up with these, I was like yeah, I was just thinking definitely gets lost. Yeah, yeah, Carver city like I maybe listen to one song maybe off of that off of that album, but that's probably one of my least favorite. And that was the last album they did with Aaron Miller. And yeah, that was that was just one of my last minute I guess. Look up buddy. Oh, last minute.

homes that I can

I mean, it's funny cuz ck y is one of our favorite bands. And that's one album that I just don't like. That's cool. I

don't know if you have anything else to do. I used to be in the corn back in the day. Oh shit.

That's another band. Yeah. Dude, you're just all over.

Yeah, pretty much. But now. Yeah, I wasn't a corn back in the day.

It wasn't

even me.

And what I liked about corn was I was really drawn to the guitars. Yeah, the sound of the guitars are just really heavy. And it was the first time I heard a seven string guitar. Yeah, you know, in that manner, and also to the just the way that God plays his bass and the way that David's so various drumming, he's got a very particular very unique style of drumming. It's almost like a groove style. It's a very non traditional


technique I think that he uses but every time that God was slapping those strings I always thought they were the kick pedals somehow you know? Yeah, I always thought it was part of the drum kit like in some way

Yeah, yeah so

everything between them i mean i i really liked the album issues and yeah she's it's like one of their darker albums I think and then they first of all was Yeah, I think they've always dealt with like some some some pretty serious lyrical matter. And then just the way Jonathan Davis sings in general is just real emotional you can actually hear that voice Yeah, like yeah, I can feel it Yeah.

So I mean, I really liked issues I really liked what's the one that followed after issues?

I I forget

follow the leader was before right. I think okay. So I think it was a self titled then it was life is peachy. Then it was Follow the Leader then issues then issue

No, am I the other way around? Corn discography Yeah, issues and then Untouchables. I forgot about Untouchables. And I liked untouchables be corn discography Yeah, right. I think it's untouchables was their self titled then life is peachy. Then follow the leader then issues then untouchable? untouchable. Yeah. Okay, so after untouchables they they lost me this

I freaking googled it and it gives me the discography all like jumbled up yeah, it's like

oh, I kind of had way to go Google. Yeah, Google's been drinking to

know but i i really liked issues and and I really liked Untouchables. I think untouchables the sound got a bit darker. They went a little more industrial. They started adding keyboards and whatnot. And then take a look in the mirror. I got that one. Yeah, and I didn't like it. I really liked it, you know, and then I don't like that one. What was the one after that one? It was take a look in the mirror no after that one, after taking

Look, I think you'll see you on your side. All maybe that's the one. Okay, that's the one I didn't like. Yeah, yeah, cuz a head wasn't on the album. I mean, head wasn't even a part of the band. I don't own those albums anymore, but Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah. And head wasn't in the band anymore.

Right. And then they started getting all, you know, dubstep and dubstep. And then they had like, Skrillex and they had like, 20 live backup musicians backing music. Yeah, I didn't like that, either. But no, pretty much if any, everything after Untouchables. They just lost me.

You know, and I was a little hopeful too, because when I

see you on the see on the site came out. I was thinking, Okay, cool. You know, the album artwork is a bit dark, and I like it. I heard it. It just, it was too muddy. It was too discombobulated. And you know,

I just couldn't get into it. And then yeah, they did the whole dubstep thing and huh

dubstep is a crime. Yeah, I remember I was hanging out with these, uh, with the one of our old drummers at the time and dubstep was just coming out. And him and his friends. That's all they listened to. And I was like, well, like they liked it. Like that's not all that they listened to, but they were listening to it a lot of the time and I remember being in the car and

I didn't like it. Yeah, but but I mean, yeah, so there I mean, there for this episode. I guess we lost half of our sense.

But I mean, maybe we gained some listeners in Europe because I know they're real critical of their music. Yeah. Maybe I will give Korean some credit because after had left the band, and then they started getting all these extra musicians to tour with.

That was pretty adventurous, you know, because we had known them as the five piece that they were in. Then they get a percussionist, they get a keyboardist and they get like two backing musicians to backing guitar.

And they're all wearing masks. And yeah, they have this whole theme going on. But the metrics were actually pretty cool. And when they put out that album, I saw them on their 2006 family values tour. Mm hmm. And they had, you know, their their main stage and they had a little smaller beat stage that was set up by the by the sound booth. And that was like their little three, four song acoustic set that they did and I thought that was cool.

But I feel like they were just trying too hard. They were trying to compensate for a loss.

And I'm just thinking, Okay, like, you lost one dude, you got to get like five days to replace them, you know?

Yeah, I want to know what else Frank had on his list. His Lou's giving little juicy like, I want to know, what did you mean another one? We're already at two hours anyways, so I know right? And I think we got four out of it. Yeah, what was the fifth one? Yeah, my fifth one. The listeners want to know. Okay, so there's a band called How to destroy angels. And it's Trent Reznor is okay. Okay. And yeah, but a bit

No one here in San Antonio knows that No, just kidding. Just Frank

the first two he pees. I thought were good. Like they were promising. Yeah.

And then the second their their debut album came out.

And they had no direction. It was a very slow album, very sleeper. had some good songs here and there. But I feel like this is like trance, little pet project that he's just like trying to get out there. And also, his wife is the vocalist in this band. And I think his wife had a lot of influence on how the band should sound. So you're saying it suck because of her? No, no, it doesn't suck because I heard

I think it's just, you know,

I'm gonna tag How can I?

How can I? How can I put it? I mean, it's okay to say that I mean, if for the positive spin. All right. If

Her music.

What's it called?

It could be anybody but I'm saying like if they're, if their vision, okay is not as good as someone else's mind. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I guess what I'm trying to say. Yeah. trying to say is that how to destroy angels, I guess the first two peas were good. And I feel like that really showcased the band for what they are but when their debut album came out

to me It felt like

Nine Inch Nails toning it back, like way back and fronted by by female vocalist. So that's, that's what I could say about it was that it has the potential to be a whole lot more, but didn't. Okay.

Well, it's not that bad. No, no, it's not that bad, but

I just feel bad that I'm trashing a lot of my favorite artists.

What's the point they asked?

Jesse's favorite

hashtag constructive criticism. Right? So no, it all

comes from love. There's a music critic. I don't know if y'all heard of them. Robert Christ.

He's an

dude. He's fucking brutal. Like he'll tear artists apart on YouTube. Yeah, no, he's on YouTube. Just I just do a wiki search on him. Okay. And me, a lot of his reviews are very, like, high praise. Okay. I think he's one of those people that in the industry, you know, people turn to him as the voice for an album or whatnot. But there are some stuff where he gives really high praise and some stuff where everyone else gives super high praise, but he gives it like, he just completely tears apart an album. We'll have him on the show.

I think he'll fit in here. Yeah.

Sounds good. But that's one thing I you know.

You can't You can't say that you like every single Oh yeah, now that an artist puts out I mean, there's gonna be some stuff here and there that some things that rise to the top and yeah, just real quick Can you think of any band that has a perfect track record? Actually I can a band that's got a perfect track record to me. I mean, they've only put out four albums three tech four albums, or five that one is a besides some of down I love every album they put out but then again, they haven't put anything out since fucking 2005 Wow. So yeah, I guess the shorter your

percentages. Yeah, but to me, they haven't put out any shit. And I guess that's why they don't want to put out any shifts that kind of stopped. Yeah, yeah. You're ahead. Yeah, well, no, that's kind of I kind of feel like it was Yeah. And also recognize that because some so many bands

Push forward even when they're not putting out they're like, oh, let's just try this.

Yeah. Let's also think about the expectation. I mean, you haven't put out any music in 15 years. Yeah. And 15 years. That's a lot to live up to. Oh, yeah, that was right here. Like I had to wait between 2016 2009 Oh, no, no, I've been I literally like, let me down. Literally, like two years ago, there was a rumor going around that system of down was coming out with a new album The following year, which would have been last year. And I was like, Fuck, yeah, like, I would like held my breath. And we still don't have any album and they're not coming out with an album. Like they're not they're just playing you know, well before. Right? Yeah, I mean, I guess I can still go back and listen to their old stuff. And it doesn't bother them at all. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. pointed or right. Yeah. And as much as I would love to hear something you like I'm fine with what I have. Yeah. You know, and earlier, you're talking about a perfect circle and going to their covers album. I think it's emotive Oh, yeah, yeah.

I mean, they're it's a coverage album, but the music itself does not match the songs that they're covering. Like it's Oh, the same thing with Metallica garage Incorporated, and we were trying to like it doesn't a lot of those two they made it their own and that just Yeah, yeah. And the you know, the fact with the music on emotive. Is there 100% a perfect circle songs. Yeah, yeah, it's just 30 knowing the lyrics of the song. Yeah, yeah.

And also, I guess, you know, the same could go for I mean, this is this is a different band, aside from a perfect circle. There's a band called ashes divide. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I feel like the same thing. I mean, because ashes divide a perfect circle is not that's not Maynard's band. It's guitars Billy Howard owes his band. Everything he does that that's that's all his band.

And I felt like if he didn't go the ashes divine direction. Their one and only album could have been another perfect circle.


Like, it's like, yeah, to me it's like a harder, because when you compare Meriden ohms, the first album, to 13 step. And then when you have ashes divided ashes divides a album and metronomes I mean, it's pretty much like a continuation of the other 13 step was just like, on its own, but it was still very strong. But it was just on its own little little world, you know, and then when eat the elephant came out, like two years ago,

I think some people were disappointed in how slow the album was, but I actually liked it. No, actually.

No, no, I didn't listen to it. I actually liked it. I noticed it was the same thing I was I was thinking, Man, it's gonna be the same thing as

you know, like, like tool friends, you know, 13 years, no new music and then you put off your inoculum and I was disappointed. And in a perfect circle, you know, they hadn't had any new music in like 1314 years and then eat the elephant came out. And yeah, you know, it starts a little slow, but it's actually a

Really good album and I feel between the two a perfect circle really took it. Versus tool. They just did not. Take it.

All right. I guess we all took our shots and

paper bands. Yeah, but uh, well it looks like this is another episode for people who love the long.

Hit two hours. Yeah, so um I don't know what we're going to talk about next week. I guess we'll talk about it in a bit. Yeah, though, because I know we're throwing stuff around. But we're not concrete. But if you guys have any,

any albums that you want to talk about, maybe you didn't get them to us before we recorded the show, just go ahead and throw them to us at on our social media or email them to us at Rock talk happy hour [email protected] and recommend us what we should be drinking or we could be drinking, especially if you're like outside of Texas, especially if you're outside the States, France, some speaking to us specifically. Let us know what you're drinking. And yeah, find us on our Instagram.

Talk happy hour, find us enter Twitter at rt HH pod and then find us on Facebook at Rock talk happy hour. And yeah, and then you can find all those links on the website. Yeah, www damad the whole thing

alright guys, we'll see you guys next weekend. Hope you enjoy this two hour so because I know you enjoyed the first one so cheers later, guys

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