Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 4 - Best Fictional Rock Movies

July 04, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 4
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 4 - Best Fictional Rock Movies
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 4 - Best Fictional Rock Movies
Jul 04, 2020 Episode 4
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode we celebrate National Independent Beer Run Day by drinking and discussing beers by independent breweries. We also discuss our favorite fictional rock/music oriented movies. Cheers!

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This episode we celebrate National Independent Beer Run Day by drinking and discussing beers by independent breweries. We also discuss our favorite fictional rock/music oriented movies. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, Welcome rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank. So in this podcast we talk about music and beer, beer, craft beer. We'll also talk about whiskey and wine. We haven't done that yet, but we're going to get there because I have a small collection of whiskies and I know Kim likes to drink wine and I know Bert likes to drink wine too. So I'm Frank, you want to give it a whirl and explain to people who are listening to the show for the first time what this show is about what we do on it. Yeah, exactly.

What we do is we talk about anything music related from bands we like music we like today, we're discussing


But just so you know, for those who are just tuning in barely getting to know about this channel, this we are for beer loving music loving friends and just get together and just shoot the shit and you know, talk about music and beer pretty much and every week we, you know, we have any topic we talk about and we have a new round of beers that we talk about it. Yes. So it's basically just us for friends getting together and talking about music, trying new beers and just sampling a little bit of everything that's out there.

Cool. Yeah. I wanted to throw you under the bus because I was struggling the past three episodes I've been routed down on like, what's the best way to say it? I'm trying to explain it. And I actually wrote down like a little script and I was like, I was like, I'll just we'll just try to give it a whirl every every episode until it like clicks.

camera and want to say hi. Hello. Hi. Cool.

Number two,

yeah, this Friday number two, so we got a we got three day we got a three day weekend. Oh, yeah. Have a three

week I was like

oh yeah, that's right. Yeah. So usually we call saturday sunday number one

because because of quarantine, we're just yeah. So it feels like a Sunday.

On Sunday, so yeah. Saturday, Sunday, number one and Sunday. Sunday. Number two, today's Friday number.

Yeah. And it's crazy. Cuz Saturday. I got so thrown off this morning because I thought today was Saturday. And I was like, there's a show that we watch on Saturday for like

10am on Saturday to Texas, Texas bucket list. Elders eats. Yeah. And I was like, so excited this morning. Mario had the TV on and I was like, What is this? I came over and I was like, okay, Price is Right. But I was Yeah, I was hoping for Texas.

bucket list. Yeah. And I know like they're reruns anyways, because a quarantine was like a like down today's Friday. So yeah, and then Yesterday felt kind of weird too, because there was really hardly any work for us. So it was kind of slow in that felt like

yeah, enjoy the prices right. I love that. Yeah, of course.

So, today we're filming this well, as we're filming it, it's July 3. So it's national independent beer Monday. So Happy National independent beer one day if you guys had a chance to support your local breweries around your area then awesome I hope you share your what you got on Instagram with hashtag beer monday so I'm sure if you know about today you've already done that. And if you want to let us know that you listen to the show, and you did it, also add the hashtag RT h h and then we'll go We'll go check it out. So with that said, this episode, because I'm always talking about Texas stuff, and luckily right now starting out a lot of our listeners are based here in Texas. So we have a few outside of the states and if Yeah, outside of Texas. And also to I just wanted to give a quick shout out to whoever's listening, listening to us in France. You guys are steady. Like, we only have three episodes and we have three listens from France from the same city. So um, I don't know if you're, yeah, yeah, I don't know, if you're using enjoying, I don't know if you're using a VPN or not. But I mean, if you're not, you know, and then we got somebody in Belgium too. So, just want to say hi to that French person, whoever you are. You know, I took French in high school, but I didn't learn it. I took it for two years, and I didn't learn anything. But anyways. So what I was going to say was this episode I was actually going to have be drinking too few beers from Iceland. But since today was national independent beer one day, I decided to go ahead and stick with Texas one last time also too, because I have a story to tell Frank and Britt something that connected to last episode that I finally cleared out. So yeah, I'm going to be sticking to Texas Bay spears. For 1151 more show um with that said let's go around the room and see who was drinking what so I guess we'll start with Frank the tank

My nickname is gonna be

actually could only remember his because I remember cuz I was editing the other episode and I just I got stuck on that part and, um, and then you were explaining well you know like oh that's how he got his name but it was him explaining that I don't know something about the beer that he didn't like oh six pack because they had like no joke on it so

so for tonight's episode I am m drinking I am sampling partake brewings stout, it's a non alcoholic point 0.3 alcohol so it means basically got nothing it's it's a Canadian brewery brewery. So I may not you know it's an international one. But you know, the good thing about craft beers is the majority of them. A good portion of them are independent. So a this this goes into the theme of today's independent, we're celebration. Yeah. And this one's got an interesting story. So the founder on the website, the founder of this brewery, what's his name? Ted Fleming was diagnosed with a medical condition with Crohn's disease. So he had to stop drinking but he missed having beer. Yeah, so a friend of his decided we'll try not try to try a non alcoholic beer and I guess he liked what he tasted and decided, whoa, why not just start my own brewery for folks who just can't or are looking for an alternative? Yeah. So that that's an interesting story. And it's it's won several awards, the world beer award, the Was it the Frankfurt International Trophy? And interesting thing about this beer is I just Right now on the website, none of notice until recently to 0.3 alcohol that's the amount of alcohol that's available in most orange juices you find at the grocery store. What? Yeah, it turns out that a lot of the foods you eat. Most people aren't even aware that there's like very small trace amounts of alcohol and there's like the rat

poop in your tuna.

Yeah. Wow. That's true.

There's like, anyways, this is the wrong podcast for that.

Yeah, but it sounds good. It's got a nice, round, dark roasty flavor. I love it sounds

like and stats are good. And I'm gonna try to find a good non alcoholic Porter. For the next one. You know, it's crazy because I've been trying your non alcoholics or your alcohol free ones. And a lot of them are like, really good. Like the two I think the one that I like the one that you brought last time was the Brooklyn one. That one was good. I really like it. Yeah, that one was good. But yeah, man, I love stouts. So I'm gonna try to look for that one. Just Just to give a shout out to give it a shot. Yeah.

So that's my beer. That's my brew. Sweet. Right?

Ooh, this is the

Yeah. So last week I was drinking golden Rhodes

melon cart. And this week I have their mango cart which is also a wheat ale but mango flavored and it's really good. And I don't know last week I think I said that I love the melon cart so much that I don't think I would be like into the mango cart. But this week I'm I'm having a change of heart. It would be a really hard choice to make between the two. They're both awesome. What

percent alcohol is it?

I think it's 4%

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of mango, but I'd be willing to try it because otherwise winded sweet

Yeah, cuz I love mango. But it's like what like mango everything like candies and like there was even this Vietnamese restaurant we go to and they actually had mango chicken. And I was like, Oh, I gotta try that. Um, but then like sometimes like the I get tired of the flavor, like, I don't know, sometimes I gotta like, yeah, lay off the mango because like a mango sauce like yeah, it's a it's like a glaze like a mango glaze. And I never seen that before. So I was like, pretty cool.

Yeah, you always see orange chicken. Yeah,

orange or lemon. Yeah, but this one had mango. I think it was the venomous boys. It was one of the places we went. They had mango nose. Oh, wow. Cool. Cool. So Kim, yes, Kim and I switched beers. So I'm gonna let her talk about. I'm gonna let her talk about mine. And then I'll tell you

Mars, okay. I was drinking the Alamo beer co Alamo lobby the light. It's a light lager 3.4% alcohol by volume. And it is a certified independent. And it also is named after one of the first established neighborhoods in old San Antonio. Yes, and I liked it. I just prefer For the tastes of Mario's better sights, okay,

yeah, so this one, the libido one, it's a it has a bit of a bitterness on the aftertaste. And so the one that I switched her with Actually, I've drink a few of the old stat brewery beers. And the one that I found today was actually a kolsch. Which if you guys didn't hear previous episodes, it's actually a cross between a lager and an ale. And this one's a German style beer, and it's actually made here in Fredericksburg, Texas. So, so far we have one beer from San Antonio, one from Fredericksburg. And then later on, I'm going to be having an IPA from an Austin brewery. So we'll talk a little bit about that too. So yeah, so I was drinking all stat kolsch and now Kim is drinking that because that one doesn't. Dawn has a similar flavor doesn't have a bitter aftertaste. It's it's really smooth. It tastes more like a like a it tastes more like a light longer I would think this one would taste like that. It's actually flipped. But uh, so yeah, so that's what we're drinking. Anyone else have anything else

o say? We had a story for freaking right

Yeah. So I do have a story. Okay, so we were talking about box last time about the shiner Bock And the Zeke and back and I couldn't remember the story and I was fumbling around. As I was editing. I didn't realize how much I fumbled around, but also too, because obviously we deal with a mirror on this show. So fumbling is going to happen. So I was doing my research because I was trying to remember what the story was. So this is the story. So in November 2019, I remember seeing these billboards to I don't know where we were driving. Car BOC, which makes Crawford Bach. They had put up some billboards in China, sane, sane, that there's a new Bach in shiner. That's what I said in quotes, right. So I I saw that and I was like, What the hell and I didn't know too much about kaarvok. Um, I just know that they were. They have a brewery in Houston. So then I ended up you know, looking around and not too long after I see the billboard shiner kind of fires back on that could because that billboard was there and China and obviously, China breweries there, they've been there for a long time. They actually posted an open letter saying, basically saying that they're independent. And these guys were trying to push them out. And I'll tell you in a bit why that is. So I found out that car Bach was independent. They were independent for five years, up until 2016. When they were bought by Anheuser Busch. Yeah, so Anheuser Busch ended up buying car Bach in 2016. Yeah, that's what I have here. So a car bought makes Crawford Bach and Crawford Bach is brewed in Houston and Crawford rock is actually made As a kind of like a collaboration with the Houston Astros, which we mentioned that in the last episode too so shiner being local and independent they posted that open letter on Instagram and I actually found the post now actually repost it for you guys so you guys can check it out and read the whole thing. It's it's a letter it's a maybe like six paragraphs long. Um, so with that said, It was then later revealed that a distribution company had actually put that billboard up. It wasn't it wasn't specifically kaarvok but I wouldn't see how that can go up without Tarbox permission. But anyways, the billboards went up to promote the shiner Music Festival. And so it was promoting the shiner music festival with a Crawford Bach can on it with the Houston can on it. And I was like, That makes no sense. And I saw that. And so I guess carbonic tried to defend themselves and they're like, well, we didn't take any shot at China or whatever, whatever these guys but The billboard up. I was like, yeah, you guys probably paid them too because your your guys aren't in advertising like, you know to put. I mean they can but you know. So basically it was it was put up to promote the shiner Music Festival. Um, here's another thing I found out so I remember you were saying hey, you should do a taste test because you guys know I love shiner and I drink cuz he can walk every once in a while. And we for those of you who don't know or haven't seen a vegan bot Ken has Texas on it. So, I also found out that chicken Bok is owned by Anheuser Busch too. And they actually put the Texas on the can even though it's brewed here they do that to compete specifically with shiners. So these these guys actually have a lot of these. I didn't know that they're the biggest beer company in the world. I know there's multiple ones, but they're the biggest one, the biggest. And what they do is they buy out a lot of the smaller craft breweries so that they can use their breweries. As a cheaper way to brew their own stuff. So like, so they don't have to pay as much to build a new facility when they can just like, Hey, here's a facility here, let's buy them out, we'll, you know, we'll brew what they have, but then, you know, it'll be part of our brand and we can brew some of our stuff. They're kind of an expansion on their own. So and they probably also

rovide a lot of marketing strategy and money and push behind the marketing that those smaller bre

eries. Yeah. And there's a lot that has to do too, with like government regulations I know about so these bigger companies they actually have like, they have money so they can they can pull, push and pull behind the scenes with with government regulators when it comes to to beer and alcohol and stuff like that. And these smaller independent breweries, sometimes it affects them in a negative way. So that's why there's this whole you know, thing with the seal and stuff, independent craft, I mean, so you know, it's for people to support them because they don't have the kind of pool to these bigger companies have and these bigger companies, you know, they don't care. Like I said, Anheuser Busch owns, you know, zig and Bach and they just slap the Texas on there even though they're not Texan. You know, I mean they have the brewery here only because they probably bought somebody out just like they did kaarvok But yeah, I just wanted to talk about that because I think it ties in well with the with today with national independence Bureau and day, but I wanted to clear the story because I knew part of it. I knew we had seen the billboards driving I probably stopped at a couple of bookies or something. I don't know where we went. But we actually might have gone to shiner we actually might have gone to the brewery maybe I don't know. I just remember seeing a lot. I'm probably wrong. Yeah. But I know we saw it somewhere. And then I saw that on Instagram. But I'll go ahead and repost that when we're done with the episode. Actually, I'll post it tomorrow so that you guys can see it, as this episode is, is released. But with that said, Yeah, I just wanted to say that about the box. So there's three months Here in Texas to our own, buy a nicer bush and they're trying to specifically take out China. So, yeah, I mean, I'm willing to do that taste test, a three way taste test, okay? To see if I can weed th

m out. Earlier we were we were talking about both cardboard and shiner and we're thinking are they stretching themselves too thin by offering too many too many choices. Yeah, I mean, I know you're a shiner fan. I don't want to s

ll you know, you're not gonna upset me. But you know, you might upset me after the I

A, but I think that's why they do a lot of seasonal packages, right? Because they like, I don't know, maybe they just alternate them out so that they're not trying to like, do too much. I don't know. Because like, like the strawberry one you can only get it and that summer heat wave pack or whatever. Like they do that a lot with a lot of their flav

rs and like shiner

cheer. Yeah

yeah. What's it is it the shine family reunion. Oh

yeah. Yeah. It's like the four popular beers. And one one. Yeah, they have that one in the brewery tour too, which is something that you can you can find some of them by themselves, but not all the time. They're kind of hard to find actually saw that one today. But yeah, those two packs are good. And then they have the heatwave one, which has ever be read great. Yeah. As the great one. And there's another one they don't have. They have what they have. Yeah, and they have those a variety packs. Yeah. Um, but yeah, so that's that story on the box. But yeah, I will do that. I think a while back, we actually did do a taste test between zig and Bach and Shriner to see if I could tell the difference. I don't remember what I picked. But we did diner is better. And and I do like, I do like zig and Bach, too. But yeah, I mean, it's I now that I know this the full story. I'm willing to try out through them at the same time, but they have to be like cold because I think when we did the taste test last time, I don't think they were they were like Coal

coal. Remember I think zicam buck is just a tad bit st

onger. Yeah, I think it's darker

Yeah, it's a little darker. And I think what's what's what they had th

Black Label. I don't re

ember. It's

like a I think it's a Black Label can or a bottle. And it's just a darker box than their regular box. I wonder if it's a double Bock. It might be because that man had Apple Buck was go

d, but But yeah, so there's that. So you guys, that's for everyone here in Texas listening, you know, just to get a little, I guess a little more information on the breweries that we have here in Texas and you know, just to know what you have around here and if you're into independent and not you know, what's independent, what isn't? Yeah. Oh, anyone else have any stories about beers and or if not,

we can go to the movies or international listeners if there are suggestions that you think we shou

d try? Yeah, and don't don't suggest fosters too. I'm no

gonna bore you can send some champagne friends. I'll tak

some. Yeah, there

ou go. But um yeah so so like Frank was saying earlier this topic is was it best fictional rock movies? Yeah so I'll let you guys kick it off. Frank and Britt and then me and Kim will jump in and then we'll see who will see what what on our lists cr

ssing. No minor

o, no. Cuz I know cuz I know some I've met hadn't see

so it was nice to

ee ya. It was it was a it was a little difficult for me just because I do enjoy any movie that has music in it and especially if it's a you know, a fictional band or whatnot. Yeah, same in my list isn't really in no particular order. It's just the first five that came to mind. So the my my first one I'm awesome. Little partial to it because the name of the movie is Frank. And it's about this weird little indie band whose singer wears a paper mushy head because he's got what is I don't know what I wanted to say he has. But I think another movie we find out he's got some type of insecurity issues, and I think he suffers some type of condition. So he hides he hides behind this paper machin

mask. It sounds like something you would do, man. Like back in the day, like back in early days. The band is sounds like something you would do las

week. I know before, before you go on, you know, do you know what he wore on our first sho

ever? Um, wait, did he wear a T

shirt? Yes

Yeah. Like in the hospital manner, yo

know? Yeah. So I'm glad I didn't stand by i'm glad i Wasn't the d

ummer. Yeah, no, but I did wear shorts underneat

lies. Yeah, I think I even got to see pictures of that. Yeah, I saw pi

tures. Alright, sorry. Go ahead. So the name of the movie is Frank and it's about a five piece indie band who is in the middle of writing a new album. They kick out there, I think basis or keyboardist. And while they're doing so, there just happens to be a guy who witnesses what's going on. And they invite him to join the band. And this guy just becomes he becomes enamored in the band and he says, You know what? I'm just gonna pull out my saving so far from my job. I quit my job. And we can go record this new album. We can go right and record his new album in the woods of Sweden. Okay, oh, basically. Yeah. So he's the only one that's got like a real stable job, some stable income. And he's basically supporting the bandwidth his money, but there's a lot of inner band tensions like I think some of the members don't like each other and some threats. To leave or break up, and this is all culminating up to their performance at South by Southwest. And that's going to be like their big reveal is, you know, they've been working on this music for so so long in South by Southwest is going to be the ground where they're going to test it and whatnot. But there's just a bunch of little mishaps that happen along the way. You know, I guess like a lot of musicians become obsessive and you become a perfectionist, and you go through so many trials and errors, only to say it's still not perfect. It's still not complete. It still needs this. It still needs that. So, like Chinese Democracy, pretty much Oh

yeah. Yeah, that's that's true. I mean, but I think too, there's a difference between being a perfectionist and having a huge ego. Because I think ego had a lot to do with th

t too. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So that's a good one for all you who like independent film, what year did I come up? Want to say like, what mid mid 2010s Okay. So like 2015 or so, it's got Michael Fassbender in it.

So No. and No Yeah, that's he

name. Oh, Maggie Gyll

nhaal. Yeah. Okay. She's in the movie too. Cool. Check that out. Yeah, it's definitely one to check out. It's it's funny. It's cute. It's, it's got. It's got it. It's got all the band tensions that you would expect and what

ot. So that's a good one. Yeah, sweet. I'm writing that down. So what I'll do is, uh, all the movies that we talked about, and even the ones that we just mentioned, I'll make a list and I'll put them on our blog so people can check th

m o

t. Oh, sweet, and talk about my probably u

timate guilty pleasure, rock movie that I could watch probably every day of my life and be just fine with it. And that's Detroit Rock City. Oh, yeah,

that's actually we had a felon on Facebook. And she meant she mentioned she makes That one yeah, so and i that is a good movie. I haven't seen it in years bu

yeah, yeah, it's just ridiculous and funny and kisses in it. Yeah, of course. And that's great. And then there are just so many hilarious references and you know 70s flashback stuff that's it's fun and a great soundtrack to really yeah, good stuff so I always enjoy watching that one. I think we watched it recently together just for fun. Yeah, I got to like, I don't know once every six months probably. Oh

yeah. No, that is a good movie. I haven't I haven't seen that movie in quite some time. But I know that one. She actually had recommended two or she put two down on our on our Facebook that was Detroit Rock City and Hard Day's Night The Beatles movie I have n

t seen my uncle are diehard B

atles. Yeah. And I wish I was more Alma stones fan. So yeah, so we had a discussion about that too. At one ever get together. Yeah, yeah. And I was like, Yeah, I never seen it. But I mean, I heard it's go

d, but Yeah, I think what stones has Helter Skelter,

right? No, that's the B

atles. They have that too. What is those stones on call? I don't even know they have one. I'll sir. I'll searcher. Let me see. Kim, you want to go while I search this

Sure. So I'm not a big movie w

tcher. I don't know if there's any other people out there that aren't movie watchers. I feel like I'm kind of alone in that. I think they're boring. I think it's a waste of time and I usually end up falling asleep. I know that sounds bad because some people are in seven. That's cool. If they're into that that's a thing. But to me, I'm like I have I am missing there for two hours. I could be doing something more productive and sitting down for two hours. Because our minds because i'm not i'm just falling asleep. I'm there for the snacks. So like popcorn. You got me eat popcorn and a beer. And I'll watch a movie until I fall asleep. Anyway That's just me. I don't know if I'm alone in that if you are not movie watchers let us know because I want I've yet to meet somebody else who's like, Yeah, I don't like the movies actually googled at one time, like, Is there something wrong with me that I don't like movies and there was somebody else that was like, I don't really like movies either. And I was like, okay, but, you know, the internet

s just so minor, kinda like chick flicky. Um

okay. But they're pop rock. So they're still they still fall un

er the the first one I have. I actually hav

to so good. That's al

good. Like, I was telling Mario I was like, I literally have nothing to like, talk about and then I was like, oh, okay, there's two I guess what I like more than the other. But I'm going to talk about the one that I I kind of like and it's kind of good. It's band slim was in 2009. It has a alima Shaka of alien AJ Vanessa Hudgens. of High School Musical fame. No. GALEN Connell. And at least the Cujo is actually in that movie and David Bowie is actually in it. Oh, I thought y'all would get y'all with that one. Yeah. All right. So it's just basically these kids are in high school, they form a group of like minded misfits. I'm getting this from Wikipedia, because I haven't seen this movie a long time. So I'm just sorry, Wikipedia plagiarism. I don't know. I'm trying to chang

it up beside of your s

urces, unlike Wikipe

ia, so they form a group of misfits in their school to create a band for a battle of the bands competition called band slim. And the main character will he writes to journals to David Bowie every day, or every other day or whatever, just telling him like, I don't remember it's been a long time since but he's cute. He writes to him and he never responds. And they they make this band and he likes The girl that's in the band, but she thinks that he likes the girl that helped him put the band together. And he's kind of jelly cuz she's on on and off playing with her ex. And then they break up. And the ex steals the song that they wrote. And he does his own rendition of it. And so at the competition, they're like, Oh, God, like, we need another song because we were going on after them. We can't play that song. So they sing. Oh, goodness, what is that song called? Um, because it's like, it's like, it's the only song that the one girl in the band, the singer knows. And so she's like, I only know one other song. And so they like, put it together and they sing that song crush. I don't remember what that song is called. I'll have to come back to that. But anyway, so in the end, David Bowie sees the video on YouTube or whatever, and he sends me a message and he's like, Hey, I'm starting an indie label. And I want your band as the first act. I'm Andy label. So yeah, that was Wow, that was the movie. kind of cheesy kind of just like I said, chick flicky. Oh, it's everything

I own. Who thinks tha

song? Sounds Ryan

Adams? Oh, no. No. Yeah. All right. Google it. I think so. Or is it? No, no, I don't think it's th

t one. It's a bread. who

s seen there's two there's, yeah, I think it is this one. Oh, yes. It is bread. So they think that Bryan Adams, what are we doing? Google. Google

tarted with the DNR. You were

close. So be

ur ad. Yeah, it's not my friend. Yeah. Anyway, it's b

e ad. Like it'

Yeah. It's a cute little movie. I love Alya. machaca. Like I loved Ellie and AJ when I was growing up because they were just they played good. And they were, you know, hippie, indie girls, whatever. And they had that vibe when I was in, you know, coming out of high school. Live in life. So

yeah. So I guess it's my turn. Yeah. Okay, so before I talk about my movie, um, so next I'm drinking this IPA called 512. IPA. And it's from 512 Brewing Company. And it's from

ustin. It's area code

Yeah. Yeah. So for those who don't know, because I'm saying it like, Oh, yeah, so 512 Yeah, so that's 512. Yeah. So and it says on the bottle, it's Austin's original India Pale Ale. Um, it's very IPA knows I can say that right now. It's actually vegan. 88% organic. And 77% alcohol by volume. So 7%. So this is the second I think highest percentage of Don

t call me a while to get into IPAs because it can be pretty bitter and

kunky. I think I like pilsners better than IPAs

Yeah. But yeah, he's I think can hit the spot. I mean, it's the same with stouts and porters if they have to be just the right temperature fo

them. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah. IPAs. Even a hint, room temperature or warm. It's crap. Yeah, same thing with pilsners. They gotta be. They gotta be chill. Right? Um, so for me, on my films I got I got a little story to talk about. I wanted to I did some research just for people who don't know because I found it like, extremely interesting. So I have to have to like, really, like really favorite rock oriented movies. And I'm going to talk about the second one first. It's Wayne's World. Wayne's, the first Wayne's so Wayne's World from 92. It's just an awesome movie. It's just a couple of guys trying to get their there. Public Access show, you know, out there and they're just like, you know, these goofy rock guys. And I remember back in the day I know Frank and Kim Britt, I don't know if you remember, but there was a public access channel here in town that used to play like, metal videos and like Rob's metal, metal, so I don't know. And I remember I so tune in

o that cha

nel 20 Yeah, it was like it was like legit. So like, you would see like they had a schedule and it would be like public access and like, no one had the slot it would be like empty for that time slot. And then so like, on the weekend, he had it and he would interview like, national x. local bands. Oh, we can check. And but yeah, he anyways, going back to Wayne's World. So Wayne's World, everybody knows Wayne's

World. Maybe not Kim. I don't know what I mean.

That's I've actually seen it but it's been a long

sweet. And I like one two I like to also because it has to do with a festival and they're trying to get it together. But I think one is the Going to be my favorite always hands down. I love that movie. Just the cameos in it too. I love that too. But what I wanted to talk about was the intro because I love Bohemian Rhapsody. I'm a big fan of Queen, but I'm I'm not like a crazy fan. But Bohemian Rhapsody that song alone, I love that song. Every time it comes on, I just want to hear it all the way through or sometimes when I'm at work, I'll put it on to um, so do you guys know the story about how Bohemian Rhapsody ended up in the movie? I do not. Okay, so this is very interesting. I'm going to tell you guys the quick rundown of what happened if you guys want to check out the full interview and story. All you got to do is a search the Rolling Stone article with Mike Myers and just put Wayne's World and the whole interview will pop up that it was actually an interview between him I think some of the cast and the director. So basically, Mike Myers he wanted Bohemian Rhapsody to be in the song. So he was part of the I guess he was part of the writing team. Because it branched off of an SNL skit, as you guys know, so Bohemian Rhapsody he wanted it in because he grew up him and his brother grew up, jamming out to that song in Canada along with some other rock anthems and stuff. And the producers. Lorne Michaels was actually one of the producers. They didn't want him to put the song in the film. They wanted him to put Guns and Roses in the film, because at the time this movie came out 92 Guns and Roses was on the top of the charts. I don't know what album they came out with. So it might have been used. Yeah, so the double Yeah. So Lauren was like, Hey, you know, I just want the movie to do good right now. Guns and Roses is on top of the charts. Basically, Mike Myers fought them to the point where he said, if you don't put Bohemian Rhapsody in the movie, I'm out. So he actually fought to have Bohemian Rhapsody in the opening up the movie. And what's funny is when that movie came out, and because of him putting song in the movie. I'm actually charted to number two on the charts in that year and Freddy had passed away I think three months before the movie came out and Bohemian Rhapsody hadn't been, hadn't been popular in like, since it had came out. And if you guys saw the film, will he be in Rhapsody? They actually, you guys haven't seen it. Okay. Here's another interesting fact. So they actually fought the label to have to release Bohemian Rhapsody as a single. The label didn't want to release it as a single because they said it was too long. It didn't have a catchy chorus because it didn't it didn't. It wasn't laid out. It wasn't structured that way. So the fun fact that ties to that film to Wayne's World, Mike Myers actually plays the label exact who doesn't want it Who doesn't want to play Bohemian Rhapsody as the single Oh, yeah, yeah. So it actually kind of tied back around and Mike wires actually ends up in Bohemian Rhapsody playing that part. So it all kind of tied together and if you guys are like, you know, interested in trivia like that when it comes to film I am. Um, yeah, so If you want to read the whole interview, just google it on Rolling Stone with Rolling Stone and you'll find the whole interview th

re. So Mario, do you know about the fun fact about Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven in that movie? No. I know. So there's a scene when O

, when they tell them how to shop. Yeah, right. And somebody picks up the guitar. I don't know if it's Wayne are another character picks up. Yeah, when the guy comes over and points a sign. Yeah, no Stairway to Heaven. He's not actually playing stairway to heaven because they couldn't get the rights. Ah, apparently is super particular about giving rights to movies. That makes sense. But it's also funny too, because that also ties into this actually kind of linked to a guitarist joke too, because like when you go into like, guitar places, that's one song that you hear a lot. You hear a lot of inner Sandman or nothing else matters and you hear like stuff like that. And then it's funny because that that scene has one of my favorites, too is when Garth is on the drums. And Dana Carvey actually played the drums on that like it was kind of like a like an off the cuff thing. And they did it and like he just does a little tene on the assemblies like I like to play, and the guy tells him these are really good, but yeah, Dana Carvey actually played the drums on that on that part and they didn't debate or anything that was him jamming on

drums. Another little interesting. trivia thing about the movie is Dana Carvey actually quit the movie before they started shooting it. Oh, wow. Why? Yeah. So what happened was Mike Myers and some other guys are writing and Dana Carvey was also writing for the movie. And he was cool with just being the sidekick. But he wanted to write more to Garth, to add, I guess, more depth to his character. But he kept seeing a lot of his input getting cut. In three weeks before the movie was set to shoot, he quit. Oh, wow. So and I think they compromised and they let him have some more input and whatnot. So I think he, you know, started rewriting some stuff in there. So that's how we know Wayne's World as it is. And I mean, who knows who would ever replac

them? Yeah, I don't, I don't think they could have because it because also To close it was branched off of the SNL skit. I would think if they if they did or have been somebody on SNL from that time, but I don't think that would have. I think probably, I think Mike Mike Myers probably would have done some kind of something to you know, get th

m back to that airport scene where they're lying on the, on the hood of the

r car. Oh, yeah, they're just and then the plank comes in. They're talking ab

ut and about Abraham L

ncoln. there's a there's a there's a there's a line in there where Dana Carvey will as Garth says something that seems off script. And when Wayne laughs It seems very like, like if you watch that if you watch that little scene, yeah. You think was that even in the script? Or was that just like improv thing that was just thrown in

there? I gotta watch it. Yeah. Well, what's funny though, is with a lot of those movies are a lot of improv stuff that like, not all the movies, but a lot of them like, you know, when you got comedians involved, they're just gonna bullshit a lot of times and they're in the, they're gonna be like, Okay, go ahead and leave. In, but I've seen like I like I used to watch a lot of like, behind the scenes or like deleted scenes of movies that I liked and or what's it

alled? The like when the directors talke

about subjects or directors dir

ctors. It's called something else effort, man. Another word. We're like the commentary, common commentary, boom. So I would hear I would like to listen to the commentary and yeah, there was like a lot of scenes in movies or letter. You know, it was just them bullshitting or like, No, we'll keep that but yeah, no, actually should see that movie again. I was thinking about rewatching it this w

ekend. Remind me of some of the

cameos Oh, I don't know. I always get the cameos confused by I don't know if Alice Cooper. Isn't this one or the seco

d one? Yeah, I'm co

fused. Yeah, and then we'll of course, Chris Farley, I think I don't know

f he's in Chris

arley. Yeah, I can't remember which one is, you know what it probably is. No, it's not the which one's the one where they're going to get married. Is that that's the fir

t one. That's the seco

d one. Yeah, because Wayne's trying to do Weinstock yeah Weinstock okay remember that? I don't know why I get them confused like oh because the first one because she has her her band and is that the one assessed Is that the one where he's trying to get into the club he's like my girlfriend's in there in the bathroom is like everyone's girlfrie

ds and yeah, I think that's

he one man I need to go back and re watch it for some reason those those movies always blurred together to me. I don't know why, but they do. That's okay. But they're both they're both good in their own ways, but I still prefer the first one or the second one. Yeah. Um, who want

to go next? So I guess my second film is Nick and Norah's Infinite pl

ylist. Oh, that's right. I had I saw that movie once and I really liked it. I never saw it again. But it's a good

movie. Yeah, and that one I liked because you know, one, it's a guy and a girl they meet and they bond over their mutual love for this. One band w

th the Where's fluffy? Where's fluffy? Yeah, I couldn't te

l you. Yeah, so Michael Sarah's character he's a keyboardist or something basis. Yeah, he played on when he plays some like weird electro punk band that doesn't have a name that doesn't have a name. No. I think it's just like a little Casio keyboard. And he just hits play. Oh, yeah, that's right. And so you know, he's he's at this. He's playing a show and then they're at the same show. He's playing the daughter of a record exec or rec. Studio owner happens to be at the show and they talk they bond over this band who is about to play a secret show in New York City. And they're not saying where they're just dropping random clues here and there throughout the city until you eventually find the band. But I really liked it because you know, it's just these two teenagers Pretty much in love, they fall in love that one night. And they also fight. And I think w

at the there's an ex girlfriend

nd the ex girlfriend likes Yeah, and some and an ex boyfriend and an ex boyfriend too. And I think the ex boyfriends bands trying to get signed as well. And so it's just a bunch of you know, up and down but it but it's a fun film. It's not drunk sidekick girl and the drunk sidekick girl as well

Yeah, it pulls her chewing gum out of the toilet after she vomited. Yeah, pretty ha

dcore. But that one's good. You know, you know, it's it's not so much the band aspect of it. But it's just more about these two

people connecting over con

ecting over a band connecting over their shared love of the same music they're into. And pretty much everyone in the city is trying to find these clues to see where this band is going to be performing. Yeah, so it's it's a fun

movie. That's funny cuz that's funny cuz like, it's It has an indie feel to it. That's Michael Cera, right? Like That reminds me of like, this was one of my favorite movies for a long time too. I'm just gonna cut in real quick. Um, I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites now, but it was then when it came out that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. So that one too, like, that's that soundtrack is very indie. I remember listening to that soundtrack over and over again to when it came out. And one of my and that's similar to because it deals with exes and stuff. And one of my favorite lines in that movie and I think a lot of up and coming bands like relate to it, like when you're offered a gig, and you should take like, take it no matter what, cuz we played a lot of words. And the line is a gig is a gig is a gig is a gig. And I love that line. Because it's like a gig is a fucking gig like you just play it and I think he doesn't want to play it because his ex is playing it. Yeah, his ex is gonna play it so he doesn't want to play it but his roommates like Dude, just play the damn show. And I think a lot of you know people in bands, you know, when you're in high school, that's what you know. That's the kind of mantra You live I just play any damn gig no matter where it says if it's in a bacon lawn or somebody's basement or Yeah, chicken Cooper. Yeah, that to Britt, I always forget about it and you bring it up and I'm like, How could I forget that we played in a furniture store? What was it Austin, right. And we drove all the way to Austin a play. Okay, I want to talk about it. But um, so Um, so yeah, you wan

to go next? Sure. Gee, I don't know which one to d

next. I think I'm gonna go with the doors. Okay. Oliver Stone movie that came out when in the 90s at some point mid 90s probably I don't know. But I don't know. I love the doors. I'm a big fan of the first generation of classic rock and I love the doors and I think that this movie was really well made. It's got Val Kilmer starring Jim Morrison. It's Kim's

oy Val

ilmer. Val Kilmer has Batman in which sh

loves Okay. Oh, Anyways freakin I watched a movie last night without Kilmer and I don't think he's your

man no n

no no Batman thou

h yeah yeah, that was freeze that in time anything aft

r that but um but no I think it was really well made and just really artistic and it's approach and very interesting and I think it captured the feel of the doors and of that time period it sucks because

never got into the doors like my dad likes the doors yeah and I just there to what's the genre that's psychedelic there I gue

s they compared to a lot of the other stuff that was going on yeah time they weren't that super hardcore yeah all guitar heavy and you guys have the language to talk about this stuff. Yeah, and I

do but yeah, are you are you a fan of the doors cuz I know Yeah, you're okay. Because I know you like heavier stuff t

o. But yes, I do. I just never I co

ldn't. His voice is good. I just never got into the music them and also the who to I know like

don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. That's funny. Interesting. So there there we go bonding over n

t like you saw Val Kilmer once righ

What? Fun Fun Fun fast I can't remember what year it was he was filming something and he jumped up on stage and shaved his head. And they filmed it but it was for a movie and I never figu

ed out that Okay, I'm gonna murder him again. No, Val Kilmer shave sa

s More Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. I don'


ow. 15 I don't know one thing like that. Like speaking of things we can't figure out earlier we were talking about that Rolling Stones film. I googled right now I couldn't find it. The only one that popped up was a symphony, some funny sympathy for the devil. But there was another so I have a book that has to do with a call rock stuff. I Frank Frank, you might know the guy who was like into what's it

alled? That religion where like,

you're where you like worship? Oh my God, why can I think about it right now? We're like, you're not like Catholic and you're not like nondenominational. No, no, no, the other one. Well, nondenominational is like when you don't believe in anything at all, but it's like the one that's oppo

ite of like, agnostic.

o, no. Yeah. No, when I took that back, he was are you

alking about Sa

anism? I maybe well, he was the guy who was head of the he was the guy who was head of that church, I think, and like he wrote a book. I forgot his name. I'm sorry. No, no, it's fine. I'm sorry. What was Frank Frank? I'm trying to like Google everything that's like

common in my head. I thin

maybe he was tied to Charles Manson. Tied to Charles. So anyways, he was tied to the Rolling Stones and they were like really good friends with him and they made movie. And like we're like some of them like, I guess I think Mick Jagger was like Satan or something. And like, I don't know if the movie was ever like straight up released, but they worked with this guy. Oh my god, I swear, I will post it on Instagram guys, because I'm rambling

again. I thought well, I know what in the 60s when the Church of Satan or the the satanic church was created in the 60s? Of course, that's also when you had Rolling Stones. You had the Manson murders, the Manson Family murders. I don't know if maybe the founder and Tom obey. That's t

e guy. Okay. I think that's the guy that they were good for. Yeah. So they were really good. Church. Okay, so that's what it is church safe. I guess that's what it is. He was one of the like, he wrote books and stuff. We're always sounds we're really good friends with him. And apparently, they he helped them sell their soul to the devil. And then I think the guy who didn't want to sign was the one that ended up dying, which was one of the original members. His name. Oh my god, I don't remember his name. And Britta like, I don't care. He's not the Rolling Stone. But so anyways, this guy they I think they found him he was like drowned in a pool. And it was one of them took one of the members it's in now took his place. But if you guys want to read the book, it's called take a walk on the dark side. And it's by Dr. Gary Patterson. It's like one of my favorite books because it's just, it deals with occult stuff. And it starts like from the beginning of like, the first thing about Robert Johnson selling his soul at the crossroads. Actually crossroads. That's another movie I hadn't seen thoug

, with Britney Spea

s. No, not that one Crossroads with Steve Vai, isn't it and so as a m

tch to Ralph macchio Yeah, we're off my

hield. You know, I was in a crossro

ds and Robert J

hnson. O

ly God in the in the 20s. He actually recorded a single or an album here in San Antonio, I believe at the Menger hotel, hotel models, haunted

otels. Those Yeah, we have a

lot of hotels. downtown, and it's a particular room number. And guess who booked themselves into that room number claimed to hear Robert Johnson's voice or they see his apparition in the room. And one of the and his that recording was it's a very rare recording like effective millions if you can find it. But yeah, that was an interesting thing. You know, shortly before he died, he recorded that album or that single in that one room. And do you read about the interesting way about he died? No, but about how h

died? I wrote a lot of stuff about like, they don't know how he died that he was poisoned or something

Yeah. When one curious belief was that he was poisoned. And moments before he died. He got on his hands and knees and started howling like, Oh

yeah, I think I heard about that

Yeah. And I think that was, I think his his pact was complete, you know, like he had already reached a level of success that he wanted. And whatever deal he made with the devil, the devil was like, all right, I granted you your way. Now your mind. Yeah, so that was you know that that's one interesting popular belief about abou

that. Yeah, I've always wanted to check out a crossroads somewhere here in Texas just for the hell of it, take a picture or whatever cuz like those old dirt crossroads, I know they're around. But yeah, cuz that story always interest me I actually read or saw an interview I think it was an interview that I saw about this guy who actually went to find out like who Robert Johnson was. I don't want to give any spoilers for anyone who you know, is into that thing. But basically this guy was like trying to debunk it. But if you're interested, just look for just look for, you know, Robert Johnson documentaries and stuff. It's pretty inter

sting. Can you own a little gears

Sure. I only have one more. Okay. It's another chick flick one, but it's really good. I got like one. I think it's reall

good. And go for Oh, yeah. Well, when you were telling me about his prediction

Yeah, it's interesting. I'm seeing it. But yeah, it's like for the time Yeah, it's cheesy and it's you know, you You know you're watching a movie from that time period. But it's it's like it's just the The Pussycat it's 2001 Rachael Leigh cook Tara Reed Rosario Dawson, and it's loosely based on the Archie comic series and the Hanna Barbera c

rtoon. I don't know this when I watch this mov

e now. Because it came out in 2001 I love this movie when it came out. And now I just love the nostalgia of it. I love looking at the fashions, of course, because I think like 2001 I was like Middle School. So we were like, we're, you know, emulating those fashions and stuff back then. And the music's actually pretty catchy. So the gist of it is that the record label mega records is delivering subliminal messages through popular music. So this there was a boy band that the movie starts out with called Digital war and the record label was using their music to send messages, but then the boy band found the messages on there. On the backing track on their single and started asking questions and they died in a tragic airplane, crash quote, quote that was orchestrated by the record label. And they happen to land out

ide of anyone else pretty dark, right? Yeah, I've never seen the mo

ie. So the guy the plane crash lands in Riverdale. That's cool. And so then the guy discovered Josie the Pussycats was if you follow the Archie series, Riverdale as well, the Archie where the Archie? world yeah lives and so he discovered the Pussycats. They weren't just inquisitive. He discovers the Pussycats and he renames them Josie the Pussycats. And he's saying that the band with the named front woman was more recognizable, and they're like, what about the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or like it's just funny that Oh, it's funny. So anyway, the CEO of the record label, she's met with the government and the government knows that they have conspired with each other the music industry to hide the messages and pop music to bring the youth to brainwash the youth into buying consumer products. And the musicians who discovered the hidden messages in their music are made to disappear via stage playing crashes, drug overdoses and similar type things. And then, of course, as the movie goes on, they try to turn the Pussycats against each other. And then they actually find the backing track on it. Jesse's laying on the tub, and she's listening to the signal that they're about to put out and the CD player, I think it something happens with the CD player and she can hear the Mr. Moviefone. That's what they call them. The voice that's on there, he's like, buy Coca Cola. It's the best soda that you can buy, like, you know, like just little things in the background. And she's like, what the heck so then they like take it to them and they're like, what is this and then like, Oh my god, like, they try to find out and then we're gonna play it so the end of the movie, they're gonna play they're having the Pussycats play a show. And everybody has to buy these casinos because that's where the little ear Yeah, so they had to buy ears that are headphones, I guess so that you can hear. It's like a surround sound concert which is really weird because everybody there Yeah, so but I guess that's just like to get the message penetrated into the brain. And when they're backstage and they're like confronting the people, they're like, they're gonna plot. So this is like when MTV had MTV News and stuff was like, here's MTV News. Oh, melody and Valerie die in a car fire, you know what I mean? But they're they have the car there, and the girls are in the car. And they're like, so this is gonna be what's gonna happen if y'all don't play the show. And they're like, we're not playing the show, because we're not selling your crap. You know. So long story short, they break the machine gets broken, that's putting the tracks into their song. And then Joe says, like, I'm not, you know, so then they're gonna play the show. And she's like, we're gonna play this song. And she's like, I'm gonna take off my ears. So she takes off her ears and everybody else takes off their ears. And she's like, if you like, it's cool. If you don't, you know, whatever, and they play the music and everybody likes it. The songs are so catchy. It's a good soundtrack just because the songs are like, night, early 2000s, late 90s pop catchy song. I mean, that's

otally movie i love it i mean it's Titanic you watch it well I mean it's tied to it's tied to a lot of like rock and metal myth like with backmasking and I mean even Slipknot kind of hints to it and volume three subliminal versus like I mean it's like it's been in the rock like mythology for like in that book that I'm telling you about and telling you about to actually talks about that about the whole backmasking thing and hidden messages and records and and you know just having people do things you know they didn't want to do and it's

it's a yeah that's been a big metal rock you know backmasking do you know about the when Slipknot was recording subliminal messages in the paramour mentioned oh that oh yeah pop Roche r

corded their Paramore sessions, our se

sions? Yes, the pair Morehouse I think when they were recording the chili peppers did was in there. I'm not so sure. But they were recording to tape. And there were times where like complete Oh yeah. Complete recording for your race only like a day later to reappear on the same Hey, yeah, I heard about that or just hearing weird noises like weird sounds of people who formerly lived in the mansion that had been dead for years. Yeah, like you can hear the voices like come up on the editing process of the of the recording. So I don't know you you mentioned subliminal versus Yeah. Roseanne i thought you know the power Morehouse that's where some artists have recorded yeah experienced all sorts of paranormal stuff while they're while they're staying there while they're recording their thei

music yeah cuz just right off the bat it was them I know Papa Roach did and so did chili peppers. I don't know what album they record it there might have been the one after Californication but I really did record an album there too. So, but yeah, that's a BMP in you know, a lot of rock groups go there too, for the vibe to try to get that dark ambience or whatever. But, ya know, that's and then what we're just talking about ties into my number one. So my number one is Tenacious D in the pic of destiny. I fucking love that movie. Like only Just the whole thing is funny. First off, I'm a big fan of jack black. But um, I like that it just deals with this guy who his dad is like, I think he's like a pastor or something I know he's religious or something, but like, well, it's a meatloaf. And that's what I like about this to the cameos. meatloaf is his dad. And then he's telling them that, you know, they're their religious household. And he can't be listening to this Devil's music. And it's funny to me, because when we were in middle school, I don't know if you remember this, but we had a teacher. I don't say who. We had a teacher, who would say that the music we listened to is devil music. And it's so funny because you think that that stops, that stuff stopped, like in the 60s, but there's only one teacher we shared. So that's all I'm gonna say. But anyways, like so I would like I had, I was in a jazz class and I would play guitar sometimes for some of my friends. And we would just I would just play like some of the popular songs if I could at the time, like Godsmack or whatever came out. And yeah, you don't want me playing that. Because he said was Devil's music and it was funny because it was like 2004 and I was being you know that that was still being told to somebody, you know not to listen to it because it's Devil's music. But so anyways, this this film resonated a lot with me. And also too, it's funny, but going back to the cameos, meatloaf is in it. Ronnie James Dio is in he's in the beginning, and then my all time favorite cameo ever. Dave Grohl as Satan, like Dave's role is actually Satan in this movie, and he's playing the drums. And when I first saw this film, I didn't know it was Dave girl. I didn't find out till like after and I'll say Oh, yeah, it sounds like going like it's just he has a little bit of a filter on his voice. But I fucking love this movie. And if you've never seen this movie, at least YouTube, this one scene and it's the below boss scene. It's it's hilarious. It's the one would they roll in? It's fucking awesome. But on top of that, you have other cameos like Fred Armisen in it. Amy Poehler, ben stein. I think that's another good one too. You place a Guitar Center tech, who tells them about the legend of the pic of destiny. And if you guys also haven't seen the film, I can tell you that basically they're in search of this pic that happened to be forged from Satan's horn. And it actually gave the musicians we know the power to play guitar. So Van Halen, Angus Young from AC DC basically all these guys got their power to play guitar because of that pick, and actually have two replicas of that pick and stores. Just fuckin I saw this movie actually, in theaters. This movie came out in 2006. And this was after we graduated. And I remember seeing this movie in theaters. But yeah, this was one of my favorite and then also too. So this kind of ties to something recent too. So when do passed away? There was a tribute album that got released. I don't know if you know about it. It's called it was called, this is your life. And basically it was a bunch of artists from today. who released covers of deal songs. Tenacious D is actually on that and they do a really awesome cover of last in line. Because jack black is a huge classic rock. Buff and he loves classic rock. And yeah, so he did a very awesome tribute of last in line. And the Solo is actually replaced by a flute solo. So it's I think Kyle gas did the solo. Correct, but if you haven't heard that, go go ahead and search that just search Tenacious D last in line. Metallica is also on it anthrax, and Corey Taylor actually does rainbow in the dark. I fucking love that song. But if you haven't heard the Corey Taylor cover, it's fucking amazing. So go ahead and like YouTube those two and then just I know we're not talking about video games, but I wanted to talk about this real quick too because has to do with jack black and metal. Are you familiar with the game Brutal

egend? Um, I think I've seen the video game

cover. Uh huh. So this video game one of my favorite came out in 2009. So this one has cameos Let me kill my sisters in the game. Rob Halford Lita Ford, Ozzy Osborne's in the game. So basically, it starts off with jack black like it's a live action thing. JACK blacks walking into a record store, and he's telling you the story about this guy. So the vinyl opens up and it's then it goes into the video game. And it's a story about this roadie, who's, uh, he works for this band who is like real cocky, and he ends up saving the life of the singer, who he got himself in the way of danger and the road, he saved his life and he ends up dying, but in his death, like I guess, like in his head, like he's in this world, or like it was built off of metal, and there's this guy that's trying to like take metal out of the world, but like, even have forgot his name. I'm not gonna even try to think about it. But there's so many cameos in this video game and it's basically like him trying to get like the metal world together to get to go against this guy. And like Ozzy Osborne is like this guy who works in this shop that helps him like build his hot rod that helps him travel through the world and then I don't know who else plays who I think Lita Ford plays like one of the girls that he's like interested in the helps them to throughout the world and like ends up betraying him later. And he just finds demons like throughout the whole game. And then you play the game against a soundtrack of real bands. Like there's like but all the the soundtrack is like separated by genres you have like speed metal black metal, and it's to also teach you about like, genres of metal. So like there's no like original music in the game. I mean, there is but most of it is, it's just a soundtrack of metal bands like black metal speed metal I think glam gods in it. Like there's just like all this amazing music like in this video game, like the soundtrack just fucking amazing but even the story too and I just wanted to throw that in because it had to do with jack black and just I know he's a big like, you know, a big rock metal head too. If you guys haven't checked out Brutal Legend just I guess Google and do some research on it's pretty interesting. But those were those were Basically my big two, my two main movies if you guys have any just to throw out there that were on your list that you don't necessarily, I think I'm gonna tal

about Mario's real quick and just say School o

Rock. Yes. That was on my list too. I love that

movie. Yeah, School o

Rock. Did you? I guess it's so fun. Let's do som

math. That's right. Fucking Yeah, that's another goo

movie that you can watch with your kids. And I can wat

h them over and over too. And I think one of my favorite parts is when he's talking to the teacher in the bar about her going to a Stevie Nicks concert, and she starts singing. And that's one of my favorite parts, too. But did you ever see the reunion on YouTube? No. So there's a reunion if you look it up, it's there where the kids actually get together. Like, I don't know how many years after the movie. Yeah, they're like grown up and they actually play a song together again. Yeah, and yeah, and what's crazy is all those kids were like real musicians. And yeah, I think except for the cause. Grove girl Miranda Cosgrove Yeah. I think she's the only one that wasn't like a real musician but and everyone e

se was earlier about Led Zeppelin not giving the rights to Wayne's World when they did give the ri

hts to schools Oh when they did immigrant song immigran

s yeah the band and there was they made a video to send to Led Zeppelin to like beg them to let them it was all the kids and jack black like begging begging How can you say no? And yeah, immigran

song. That's another that's another one of my favorites happened in my collection actually. Um, is there some that you didn't have on your list that you didn't didn't you don't know we saw fairly rec

nt was Motley Crue the dirt. Oh

yeah, I heard that one's good

Yeah, it's good. Yeah, it's uh, I don't know. I think a lot of what happened in the movie is over exaggerate it and it's based off I heard that it is usually I think it's based off of Nikki Sixx is a book the dirt. But, you know, however exaggerated the movie. plot was motley crew were executive producers so it couldn't be all that far off,

right? Yeah, I don't I don't think so remember unless they're trying to unless they're trying to downplay it and it was more extreme than that. Um, then we had a couple of other mentions on Facebook. Your buddy Alex, I think that's his name right? Uh, he put this a spinal tap. I've seen I've seen parts of it but one of the ones that I know I remember like that, you know that a lot of musicians tied to that movie is the turning the amp up to 11 Um, so this is spinal tap. I've seen I've seen pieces of it I hadn't seen all the way through then. My buddy Justin from high school. He actually put on the list Airheads, which we were talking about, which we were talking about last week and Bill and Ted. And of course, Ted there's a new one coming out. But yeah, Airheads that's another one just the band trying to get their music out and hijack a radio station. That's which is something we probably would have done I remember we were talking about Frank and I were talking to Britain Kim about some stupid stuff that we did when we were in high school and there was a couple of times where we went to some shows with a backpack full of demos and we would throw them on stage of the bands playing. And we almost hit one of Frank's favorite vocalists in the head with a with a disc with a disc yeah with a jewe

case. I almost took his eye

ff yes luckily we didn't get kicked out but yeah, no Airheads is a good movie if you guys haven't seen I don't know what year that was but Airheads and then another one that I want to say this is kind of a cheat but Metallica through the never the Some people say that might say that. That's not a movie but actually is. So basically it's a it's a narrative that's weaved with a live concert. So they actually did it to be like to make it more original not just be a straight up live concert. So it basically even starts off with a roadie who's tasked with getting Metallica a bag that they need from a broken down truck. walk across the city. But this kid's like tripping out and there's like these like, something's going on in the city while the concerts going on. And so it follows him while he's going and it cuts back and forth between the concert and him what he's dealing with. And, and it goes along with the music and like, there's a part where I think it's a, wherever I may roam, we're the beginning of the intro starting and the drums kick in. And there's a riot that's gonna go about to start in the city and he ends up in the middle of it, and it's between like the zombies zombie, the zombie mob and then like the SWAT team, and they just go and then like, this, executioner comes on a horse like hanging people and stuff. It's crazy. Sounds like a comic book. It's, it's pretty crazy. Like if you if you've never seen it before, at least watch it once just to just to check out the narrative. It's pretty interesting. And then it ends up being we're like, you'd never know what's inside the bag. He ends up delivering it to them, and then they end up doing a performance of Orion just stripped down and he just ends up like Sitting in the empty arena, watching them play it while he has the bag there, but we never find out what's in t

e bag. It's pretty. Yea

, it's pretty. Yeah, exactly. Well, you know, I heard it's funny. You brought that up. I saw an article about that saying that, uh, that was like I forgot his name. I haven't seen the movie in forever, but they're trying that it's the soul. Marcellus more so yeah, soul is in that case that I've heard too. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, that's pretty interesting. But that was one of my favorite movies for a long time.

eah, I freaking love that movie, a great movie, and a great sou

dtrack to um, any other movies y'all had on your list that y'all

I put the singles on my list even though it's barely following any particular band. But the cameos from real bands is pretty great. There's Pearl Jam and Allison chains and Soundgarden. All

n that movie. I know you guys gifted me that. And I still haven't seen it only because I don't have anything to play it on. Like I haven't. I still don't have a blu ray player. But I was gon

a say, yeah, we just oh Just join t

e 21st Yeah. So that s


yeah. We're, we're wait

ng. Do you want to tell the story about when we were actually at the house?

t was? Yeah. So three years ago, we were on tour and we had a, we were on a road trip with. We're on a road trip with gigs, pretty much. And yeah, that's bad. We had some time off. And we decided to go hang out in Seattle, while the rest of the guys went off and did their thing. Yeah, Mario and I and another one of our band members, we decided to go walk to Capitol Hill. And Capitol Hill is not very far. I think it's the same neighborhood where the apartment that's featured in singles is that so we went and checked it out. And we pulled up on our phones, you know, scenes from the movie singles and sure enough, it was the same apartment building and we stood there took pictures of it. And just to be in a place where Chris Cornell actually stood on the block while the movie was being filmed. That was pretty Yeah, we took pictures. It's a funny scene. Yeah, it's a funny scene. Yeah. And, you know, a month after we were there, you know, Chris Cornell died. So it was it was a bit of a bittersweet visit to go to the apartment complex where he stood on the sidewalk and you know, filming this movie and then you know, a month later we get the news that he's no longer with us. So yeah, reflecting back on that specific part of the trip. Still to this day, blows my mind so just to be there, you know

where? Yeah, grunge pretty much happened and then you guys had a discussion because I said across the street I think you guys had a discussion with a couple of gentlemen that were living there and apparently they were there when the filming I think for the movie went on. I wasn't there you guys were living there the whole time. I think that's what I remember. But

don't know cuz I know. Yeah, cuz I remember him saying that. A lot of a lot of Soundgarden fans just a lot of grunge fans in general, go to that particular apartment complexes to get pictures and I think at some point they started posting site, they just started posting signs saying, you know, like, Don't cross this line or something like that. I mean, some people's apartments, you know, they don't want anybody just going in there and just taking photos and whatnot. So you can stand across the street and get your photos taken. But once you start getting crazy, then yeah, they don't like that. Yeah

yeah. Understandable. But that was our that was our experience with that. I don't have anything else on my list unless you guys have it. The only other thing I had is there was this movie. That's called Panic Room. It was not panic room. I'm sorry. not panic. No, I'm sorry. Green Room. Yeah, we heard it. Oh, yeah. We watched it. I have not seen that movie. But I don't have to do with a band. And then I know, Patrick Stewart's

in it. Yeah, he's

Nazi. Yeah, that's right. Is that would b

good. I haven't seen it. It's worth the watch. It is worth watch the thriller. Yea

, it's a good th

iller. Yeah. And I just know that it has to do with a band and like shit goes, i

there a place that they didn't realize w

s like a whit

power group there. kind of house show, please

Oh my god, I almost left one. Sorry I almost left one out. Well, my favorite stew Blues Br

thers. Oh my god, I have you guys. Do you guys have a blu ray

layer? Yes. Okay, I have the blu ray Special Edition like anniversary whatever, uncut. It's fucking awesome. Like, I mean, you have Aretha Franklin. And I just, it's, it's awesome. Like, I can't explain it like it's just it's a really and then Carrie Fisher's in it too. She's like, fuckin hilarious in that movie, too. Because like she's like this crazy ex girlfriend and like, she's trying to kill them with like, rocket launchers and shit. It's hilarious, but I'll let you guys borrow it so you guys can leave with that. But other than that, don't have it. You know, some

ody we have like what on

final movie. We have one more in ou

list. girlfriend. You know, we're talking about bands trying to get their music out there. Yeah, it's a

inish. comedy movie called heavy trip, I th

nk Oh, you were telling me the Yeah, you were talking a

out it it's a it's abo

t this black metal band called impaled

rectum and then y'all have a band called Satan's anus back in the d

y yeah close

enough on the back I was on the b

ck end I wasn't I wasn't part of the band when they land that

but go so impaled

Rector there is finished black metal band who don't really have any original tunes they just play a bunch of covers until one day their gu

tarist writes an original riff and they go with it. And but the way that they he comes to that original riff is hilarious and awesome. Wait, yeah, so I think I think he the guitarist works at a like a meat grinding fac

ory or like a reindeer processing

plant. What? reindee

okay. When they eat a lot of reindeer, I'm not sure and oh, Yeah, but in the

movie, in the movie, I think arranger gets caught in the machine and makes this like guttural sound, grinding. Horrible. And he's influenced by the sound and he goes and picks up his guitar and writes the riff. Wow. And, you know, so that's funny. It's funny. Yeah. And then there's a they get there they get their demo tape they record the song onto onto, onto a tape, cassette tape and some Norwegian concert promoter just happens to swing by who wants to buy what gallons of reindeer blood for the festival and they slip on the demo tape. thinking you know, this is our ticket to to to Norway to play our music out there. Turns out the guy never even listened to the tape. But the singer is like psyching the band out and telling them yeah, we're gonna play and they become hometown heroes. But through sheer determination, even though they weren't excited into the music festival they show up anyway. And because they become such a media attention band, everybody's like give them a chance to play. So they play yo

know, not to mention that their lead singer has difficulty facing a crowd and anytime he attempts it he projectile vomit. O

, wow. Yea

. Wow. So adding some extra humor. Is that i

that? Does that have subtitles? Or

is it? Yes. Yeah, it's got subtitles. Yeah. That'

cool. Yeah, no, I don't mind checking. There was one that I saw that was a I think I was talking to frank about it, too. It was actually foreign, but it wasn't sober or anything. It was, I think, from like Finland or something I don't remember was fun, but it was called Death gasm. And it was about a death. It's actually not good. So I don't think it's good. It's actually apparently a lot of people like it, but it has to do with this young like Black Metal band and they they're like a fan of this band and they're not around anymore. And they actually find some sheet music. They play it and actually ends up summoning a demon that takes over the town. And it just basically it's them trying to fight off the demons. And they're like a band of misfits or whatever, but it's just to me, it's not funny. It's a little too over the top for me. Um, but if you guys want to check it out, it's called

death. gasm sounds funny. It doe

suck. Yeah, it does sound funny, but like, I think I stopped watching it like maybe three quarters of the way in like I was almost done. I'm like, I don't want to watch it anymore. Yeah, but I mean, I don't know. If you guys want to check it out. It's called death

gasm. The name of that movie that Ozzy Osbourne Isn't he plays like televang

lists. Very, very briefly. The only movie that I can think of the reason is little

Nicki. Well, that's one

Yeah. And little Nikki's a good on

, too. Yeah, there was one I think it's like a South African metal band who was on tour or something or other. I don't know. But he was in there. And I think it takes placed in the 80s and 90s and televangelist who was interviewed on TV, and while he's being interviewed, I think the I think like the, he's possessed by the devil or something lik

that. I don't know. I haven't heard of th

t one. I mean, either now, or I

m not. Okay, well, I guess I'll Google that. And then if I find it, I'll put it on the list. Yeah. So for all the movies that we mentioned and talked about, I'll go ahead and put them on our blog. On the website at Rock Tock happy hour pod calm and you guys can check out the list and I don't have anything else to say if you guys have anything else to say then. I guess we'll be good

o just like our Instagram rock tock, happy hour. Follow us on Twitter. So rock talk h

ppier. I think it's rth pod

h pod and find our Facebook page rock talk happy hour pod

Yeah, you can you can find almost all those websit

Yeah, rock happy hour p

d calm and then for any of your suggestions for like stuff we can drink. I'm talking to you

rance. Yeah

yeah. Please. Yeah, so it's going to be rock talk happy hour. So go ahead and email us. And I don't know what we're going to talk about next week. We'll talk about it after these mics get turned off, but uh, would that be awesome though? Yeah. But with that said, Happy National independent beer run day and like I said, go ahead and hashtag beer run day with our th H and we'll see what you guys are drinking. And until next t

me, so next week, cheers. Cheers.

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