Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 3 - FM Rock Radio - with Chuck Vans

June 27, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 3
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 3 - FM Rock Radio - with Chuck Vans
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 3 - FM Rock Radio - with Chuck Vans
Jun 27, 2020 Episode 3
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we have special guest, radio DJ, and host of the independent syndicated online music radio show, The Chuck Vans Show,... Chuck Vans!
Here we discuss the workings of FM radio, and learn about why FM rock radio is in the current state it's in, and how and why it affects the local market.
And of course, we talk more beer!

Check out Chuck Vans:
Instagram: @chuckvansshow @pubsportsradio
Twitter: @ChuckVansShow

Show Notes Transcript

This episode, we have special guest, radio DJ, and host of the independent syndicated online music radio show, The Chuck Vans Show,... Chuck Vans!
Here we discuss the workings of FM radio, and learn about why FM rock radio is in the current state it's in, and how and why it affects the local market.
And of course, we talk more beer!

Check out Chuck Vans:
Instagram: @chuckvansshow @pubsportsradio
Twitter: @ChuckVansShow

Intro: (rock music)

Mario: Hello everyone and welcome to Rock Talk Happy Hour; My name is Mario here, with Kimberly, Britt and Frank. Um, this is the beginning of the show. Later on we're actually going to have an interview with a special guest, Chuck Vans from the Chuck Vans Show. He was actually a DJ on a on another radio station on FM local FM radio station, but he's now on a syndicated online music radio show. So you'll hear that interview later. Right now, this is our segment of the show where we talk about beer because later on it's just going to be about music. So, if you're new to the show, on this podcast, we try different beers, wines, and spirits every episode while learning about those drinks. And we also talk music. So right now, of course, we're going to talk about the beers that we're drinking because we we do that, you know, to kick off the show and because we drink while we're talking about music. So, who wants to go first?

Kim: You You're the one that's drinking that weird stuff

Mario: Me? Okay, well, I'll talk about this weird stuff first, and then, and then we'll go around. But you know, before we talk about the beer, I want to talk about this first; On July 3, it's going to be National Independent Beer Run Day. And basically what it is, is, it's a day to support local business and local breweries. So for July 3, if you guys are going to be drinking on the weekend for Fourth of July, because I know we're gonna have a three day weekend, go ahead and support your local breweries. All you got to do is find that little label that says certified independent and actually if you go to our website, we've just been certified as independent craft supporters by the Brewer's Association. So, in order to be certified, the Brewers Association has to go through... you have to meet certain requirements as a brewery. So if you see that little logo, it's a basically upside down bottle on your on your, on your canner on your bottle, then you know that it's an independent brewer. And if you have a favorite go ahead and support them. I know right off the bat Shiner is and Sam Adams is. Some of them actually, you can, some of them don't have them labeled on their on their, on their cans and on their bottles. Sometimes you can see them on their packaging or on their websites. But um, if you can do that on July 3rd, go ahead and use the hashtag Beer Run Day, and hashtag R T H H, which is Rock Talk Happy Hour, so that we can see what you guys are drinking because obviously you guys know what we're drinking all the time. Well, you can see what we're drinking on Instagram and here on the show, on our chart at So I guess since Kim threw me under the bus or whatnot, I'll go ahead and talk about what I'm talking about.

Kim: It's not weird stuff It's an acquired taste.

Mario: Yeah, it is actually. Okay, so let's start with this. So last episode, I was actually drinking Texas based beers. If you heard our episode, me and Britt drank Pearl XXX. We both drank the Pearl Triple XXX. And Shiner Brewer's Pride, Pried with... Yeah, it was brewed in the wine barrels. So, today I've actually already gone through this bottle while we were doing the interview with Chuck Vans. I'm drinking Spaten up Tom Optimator. I don't know. I use optimizer. Okay. Optimator. It's a double Bock. I've actually, I don't think I've had a real bock because my favorite beer is Shiner Bock and Shiner Bock is not a real bock. Um, this is a real German double bock. So it's actually twice as strong as a regular German-style bock and it's actually in the bock family. It's darker and it's stronger than a regular bock. So I'm actually done with that one.

So what I'm drinking right NOW, right now, and you'll see this on Instagram if you follow us on Rock Talk Happy Hour Pod, that's...

Kim: Noo, your're done...

Mario: It's so hard to... I know on Twitter, on Twitter, or actually

Kim: It's actually Rock Talk Happy Hour on Intagram

Mario: Sorry, excuse me, well, I'm glad I have three other people to back me up. So, Rock Talk Happy Hour on Instagram and then, if you go to our website of course, you'll, you'll see the stuff there and on our Facebook too. So this, I'm drinking a Pilsner. Pilsners I've never really been into until actually tasted the Metallica Enter Night Pilsner and that was actually an acquired taste. I know Frank. I think you tried that too. Right?

Frank: Yeah. And it was love at first taste.

Mario: That's so crazy. It was... I bought a six pack and I know I gave you one...

Kim: That was a tough one...

Mario: took me two to get used to it because it was really skunky. This one is a Pilsner as well. And I actually found out that this is a Bohemian-style Pilsner. It's in the Pilsner, pale lager family. And actually, this is the original... pilsners were originated in the Czech Republic. And this is actually the brewery that, that originated the Pilsner and this is the Pilsner, Urquell, and this is from Plizen, Czech, and this is from the Czech Republic. So this is actually brewed over there these two beers that I had were actually imported. So they're not fake imports like Foster's (ahem) But yeah, well, yeah. So I had doppel bock earlier, which is a double Bock, and in right now I'm having a bohemian style Pilsner. This one's actually a lot smoother and crisper than the Metallica Pilsner. Pilsner. I think that might be an American style. This is a Bohemian-style. So it's more traditional. It's more, it's more in the original form that pilsners came in because pilsners didn't exist before this, and if I didn't mention it before, it's from 1842. So that's when the first Pilsner came from or that's when the first Pilsner came out and that was from the Czech Republic.

Kim: Awesome!

Mario: And you'll see that on Instagram guys, so um... who wants to go next?

Frank: Are we just hopping, zig-zagging? Oh, I am drinking another non alcoholic brew by Athletic Brewing called Upside Dawn? Upside Dawn... Upside... Like Down, but Dawn, like when the sun goes up and stuff... or down...

Mario: I'm glad you explained it to me 'cause I was lost.

Frank: Yeah. So it's got less than point 5% alcohol and it's got a really nice wheaty almost, almost fruity flavor to it. It's it's really crisp, very, very fresh. And I've been pretty surprised by a lot of the non alcoholic beers I've been trying lately. Like I said previously in in older episodes, some are hit or miss. Some are very malty some have a lot of sugar to make up for the lack of alcohol. But I think if done just right... I almost don't even really miss drinking the real thing, you know. And it's just a matter of how how well they're done. And I think I may have mentioned the non alcohol versus alcohol free. So anything that's under point 5% alcohol is considered alcohol... non alcoholic, yeah, it has to be completely zero for it to be alcohol free. So, so point five means it still has super, very minimal trace amounts, but you're not gonna you're not gonna feel any of it. For it to really make any affect. I mean, anything pretty much anything under under point five. You're good. Anything between point five and 1%. That's just like super low.

Mario: I'm glad you told me that because when I was doing the chart on the website, I noticed that some of them were 0.0 And then other ones were like zero point or under 0.5%. And I was like, Whoa, are they both non alcoholic? Like I was kind of confused because also what the cans said... Label said.

Frank: And it also depends on the country like I think if you go to Europe, non alcohol... alcohol free is anything less than. So, you know...

Kim: It's been pretty awesome seeing all these different ones that Frank brings. All these different non alcoholic and I think non alcoholic beer. What do you think? O'Douls.

Frank: O'Douls, Yeah

Kim: That's it.and to see all these like, really interesting craft beer type non alcoholics, they're just... that's ... it's really it's really cool.

Mario: And to me they taste pretty good too. Yeah. So, um, and it's crazy too because later on like we'll get into like, you know what goes good with the types of beer because obviously we're still going through the types of beer like I've never had a bohemian style Pilsner before. This is the first time. I've never had a double Bock before until today too. So um, and Frank if as long as his beer is in that family, like, he'll still be able to, you know, have the same experiences that we have, which is, which is really cool. And if there's anyone out there listening that, you know, that's in the same situation and trans, you know, transitioning to non alcoholic, and, you know, I'm glad we have them on the show so that you know, you can point them in the right direction because it's... it... they taste, they taste just as good to me. So...

Frank: Yeah, yeah, and, you know, some are hit or miss, but, again, it's just a matter of going out there and trying to me, it's just like regular beers too, some are hit or miss. But I think with, with non alcoholics, if you go the craft route, you're gonna get a lot more hits than misses.

Mario: Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Britt: Another thing also that I think I mentioned to Kim previously is that, you know, some of the big brand non alcoholics like O'Douls, the way that they make up for the lack of alcohol is that they put a lot of sugar in there, like Frank said, which means a lot of calories. And a lot of these smaller, you know, breweries, they end up with 50 calories, like this one that Frank's drinking only has 50 calories. Some of the ones that we drink before on a previous episode had 17 calories or 35 calories, which is a big difference compared to, you know, almost 200 calories and beer for some of those other brands. So awesome. It's a good thing.

Mario: Well, I know you and Kim, were excited about this beer, but I'll let you go ahead and talk about what you're drinking, Britt.

Britt: Kim and I, both are drinking a beer called Melon Cart from Golden Road Brewery, which is from Los Angeles. And it says that there is a series inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles and so this one tastes like watermelon, honey dew and cantaloupe and it really does.

Kim: It's sooo good.

Britt: Right? And it's a wheat ale, and it's just, it's a lovely beer and it's perfect for summertime. I know that they have another one that's called Mango Cart. And so we can bring that one next time, maybe check that out, but they're both really nice for summertime and just very light and fruity, so, also good beer.

Mario: I like to smell, like every beer before I drink it like it just it sounds like it. Yeah, it smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.

Kim: It tastes like one. It's just not sugary.

Mario: Yeah. No, it tastes really good. And they kind of look like they're independent. I can't tellthere's no label on there, but I...

Britt: ...they don't have that symbol that you mentioned.

Kim: It might be on the box. I got the box.

Mario: Yeah, might be. So...

Frank: I was, I was gonna mention too, you're talking about bocks... I don't know if Karbach Brewing, if you've heard of them.

Mario: Yeah. Karbach, they're not independent.

Frank: They're not; okay.

Mario: Karbach is actually, if I'm correct, their owned by... their own by somebody. But there was a reason why... So there was this whole thing about Karbach and Ziegenbock... Um, they're actually like, what was the story... the story was like Ziegenbock was trying to, to, to take a hit on, on Shiner, as, because they were I don't know if you guys ever saw the billboards they were advertising themselves... No, it was actually THOSE guys that, they were advertising themselves as like THE bock of Texas. And they're actually owned by like, yeah and they're actually, yeah and they're actually...

Britt: Crawford Bock

Mario: Yeah those guys and they're actually owned by like Anheuser-Busch or something... yeah, so it was just...

Britt: Maybe they just started out independent and then they sold out but,

Mario: Yeah, it was actually, let me get the can real quick...

Kim: The Golden Road box didn't have the label, that I could find.

Britt: Ohh, okay

Frank: But if you want to try a good Bock... a good Texas bock, Karbach brewing makes a Crawford Bock and I think it's a nice flavor.

Britt: I think, frankly and I know it's gonna hurt your heart, Mario, but I think it's better than Shiner Bock.

Mario and Kim: hmmmm...

Britt: I think you should do a blind taste test.

Kim: Oh yeah...

Mario: Actually, I don't remember what the story is now, because I can't find it on there. I might be wrong. I might have gotten mixed up with Ziegenbock.

Britt: Yes, I know Ziegenbock is owned by a major company, so I don't think that Crawford or I'm sorry that a Karbach is.

Mario: Yeah, Ziegenbock is owned by Anheuser-Busch. These guys... I don't remember what the deal with these guys are but I don't think they're independent. But I did have the beer. I had this too because we're Houston Astros fan so yeah to get their Houston Astros bottle I don't have the can yet but um but no yeah...

Britt: And they make Love Street, which is a fantastic beer, and frankly...

Kim: And I don't even know see the independent brewery logo on their website on the Golden Road, I'm looking I'm trying to look for it, but I don't see it...

Mario: They might not be, they might, they might ,they might be like, a, like a, sub...

Kim: You have to do more research for when you bring the Mango Cart

Britt: Do all beer breweries that are independent have that or do you know what like,

Mario: I know they might, they might not they might, they might... So from... Yeah, so They have to apply for it. And they have to be certified by the Brewers Association. And they can't, so like, their batches have to be a certain amount like I was explaining to you guys last time, it might be to the point where like, they just barely crossed that threshold and they don't meet the requirement. They still they still apply for some maybe that too. Maybe they're just they're new. They're so new that they haven't done it yet. That might be because they look like an independent and they're not owned by Anheuser-Busch or I can't think of any of the other major ones and I'm pretty sure they're independent. But most of these I know most of these guys are.

Britt: It does say that they were established in 2011 and it just says their name.

Mario: If they're that new, I would take them I would bet that they're independent. Yeah. Also, too, I wanted to go back to the, to the, to the Opitmator? Optimator one that I was drinking the doppel bock is actually I like it that it I like that it's dark, but it's it's kind of it has like the sweetness to it. I don't know how to explain it, but it's it's actually really good. Um...

Kim: I didn't even get to try it.

Mario: Oh, sorry. I'll get another one. But, uh, but no, it was it was really good. It was it's, it's, yeah, it was it was a good beer.

Frank: I just discovered on the Brewers Association. org website, that 10 Barrel Brewing used to be an independent brewery until he got bought out by Anheuser-Busch and now they own 25% of the brewery. So, no, yeah, it's from Oregon. 10 Barrel.

Britt: Yeah, Bend is right outside Portland.

Frank: Yeah, so I mean, I guess they had it going on, and then Anheuser-Busch got in on it. I think I believe they do. I'll have to keep scrolling and see. But I think I guess is a good website, brewers It lets you know what's independent, what's owned by who. And where they're from, and what type of beer they do whether tap room or brew pub or stuff like that.

Mario: Yeah, so the website that we've been using to get our information if you guys want to check it out, it's actually a craft They're actually... all their information comes straight from the Brewer's Association. So all the stuff that we're learning if you guys want to learn along with us, we actually ordered some books called The Guide To Craft Beer, and actually tells you what the best glass Oh to drink in. Depending on what type of beer you're drinking, what food it's best paired with, dessert, entree. Um, so yeah, if you guys want to check that out, go ahead and check that out. And it's all connected. The website that Frank just mentioned, the one I mentioned in the Brewers Association, they all kind of work hand in hand together. So all their information is, you know, it's legit. And it's and they offer a lot of learning. They have a lot of learning tools on their websites, how to craft your own beer, I mean, how to make your own beer, how to brew your own beer. Um, there's just all kinds of learning tools on there and Just just to get people you know, knowledgeable about beer and brewing and nice, independent stuff. Kim, is there anything else you want to say about whatever you were drinking?

Kim: No, I also had a Pearl XXX because I was on my basic bitchness last week with my Corona hard seltzer. So I didn't really have a beer. And I did have a little swig of that Pearl beer and I really liked it. So I decided I would have one of those as well tonight. And it was good. enjoyed it.

Mario: Frank, did you talk about that Brooklyn?

Frank: No, I did not talk about...

Mario: Yeah, cause I saw that can and I was like, uhhhh...

Frank: Yeah, so Brooklyn Brewing has a non alcoholic IPA style beer called special effects. And I think it's the only non alcoholic beer that Brooklyn brewing does. Oh, yeah. And it's naturally Independent Crafted. It's certified. I'm looking at looking at the label now, sweet. So Brooklyn Brewing. It's not from Brooklyn. It's from Utica, New York. And if you like IPA style beers, Brooklyn special effects that's a that's a good one. Even the can looks all psychedelic and shit. So yeah, try that. Definitely really good. I think the thing with IPAs is you have to drink them. Very, very cool. Oh, yeah, I think that's Yeah, and that's another one of those things with with beers is, uh, some just have to be drunk, like, right out of the fridge like right away immediately. Or you keep them in a really cool glass or so because after, even if they're just like, somewhat fresh, they tend to lose some of their flavor.

Mario: Yeah. Even in this book, it'll actually tell you the ideal temperature to drink certain beers. And on there, there's tons of different kinds of beers. And also I wanted to talk about a beer that you had last episode, you had a raddler. I didn't know what a raddler was. So I had to do some research. And apparently, raddler is a German version, is the German version of a Shandy and a Shandy is actually British. So basically what it is, is it's a beer mixed with citrus juice, or lemon or lemonade. But a raddler has a little bit more than... raddlers have more options, you can mix ginger with it or other stuff, aside from the citrus stuff, so, so yeah, so raddlers and shandies are kind of the same. The only thing that's crazy is I know that we drink Leinenkugel's Summer and they have Shandy. They have a couple of them. But those aren't traditional shandies, those have actually extra stuff. They're actually a take on shandies, because it's kind of an Americanized version of Shandy, but they still use the term Shandy. So there's actually like three different kinds. So there's the raddler, which is the German, the German style. Then there's the Shandy, which is the original British style. And then there's the Americanized version, which it's just another take on Shandy was just another with just extra stuff in it.

Frank: And also too Karbach makes the Lemon Ginger Raddler, which is a really nice good summer beach beer. It almost doesn't even taste like alcohol but it's got like five or 6% in it but it's really good from what I remember I enjoyed drinking and I could drink a whole six pack in 10 minutes.

Kim: Wow let's see. Let's see! Let's see!

Frank: Yeah the Karbach lemon ginger raddler that's that's another good one.

Mario: Sweet

Britt: That's how he got his nickname Frank the Tank

Mario: It all makes sense now.

Mario: So those were the beers that we were drinking. Um, did you guys want to talk about anything that we didn't touch on with our interview? Or? You guys good.

Frank: I just want to say regarding radio. You know it is what it is. Sometimes I complain sometimes I just take it for what it is. Because you know sometimes that's that's all you have.

Mario: Yeah, that's true. Yeah, when I was working at the warehouse, that's all I had, they would take my phone they would take my phone for me at the door and I legit like I couldn't do anything about it. So I would just sit there with radio and that's all I had.

Britt: Yeah, it's better than nothing?

Mario: Yeah, that's true

Britt: sometimes.

Frank: But I think as far as radio goes, the way to go if you're gonna listen to mainstream radio is definitely try to get in on those college radio stations, that's probably where you're gonna hear variety

Mario: you know, even those used to be better but I mean still Yeah, you know, still,

Britt: but in I guess later in the interview, we're gonna hear about a radio show that Chuck Vans used to host at SAC and that radio show is still there their metal show between 1 and 3 AM.

Mario: Yeah, yeah, they still play some you can still hear some pretty hard hitting stuff on there. And yeah, they still play new stuff from those, you know, metal bands. Yeah, I haven't heard that show for a while. But yeah, I used to

Frank: is that show called metal Mondays or something.

Britt: Yeah, we've accidentally I stumbled upon it a few times. So,

Mario: and I remember I used to I discovered a lot of like underground hip hop. But this was like around 2007 2008. It's not the same anymore. I don't even think they have that anymore. But the DJ at the time in that era, they had some good stuff coming on. You just don't hear any of that anymore. But yeah, I mean, I guess it's, it's changing. Yeah, most radio stations are changing, and just how their owned and run. so...

Britt: True. And I think a lot of that has to do with the way that people try to find music these days. And it's not very frequently done through radio station. Yeah. used to do Yeah, yeah. Mm hmm.

Mario: So the owners don't care and they're like, meh. As long as we're getting payments for our ads.

Britt: Yeah.

Mario: So if you guys have anything else to say before we go on to the interview?

Kim: No, I hope everybody enjoys the interview with Chuck Vans. We are really appreciative of him to come on the show, and answer our questions that have been plaguing our minds for years now. So we really appreciate that and we hope that you all enjoy the interview with him

Britt: he's really gonna demystify a lot of radio for you

Mario: yeah he answered alot of my questions over the from the past like 10 years

Kim: and don't get forget to follow him on Instagram at Chuck Vans Show on Twitter the same thing at Chuck Vans Show and on Facebook, the Chuck Vans Show.

Mario: I will post his links on the description to this episode. So if you guys want to check him out, he's independent and he plays stuff that you won't hear anywhere else. So yeah, you can find it in the description and

Kim: We hopr to have him on again soon.

Mario: Yeah, and we'll see you guys next week and enjoy the interview.

Mario, Kim: Cheers.

Frank: Cheers.

Britt: Bye.

Mario: All right. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Rock Talk Happy Hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly Britt and Frank and today we actually have a special guest to help us with our topic from the syndicated online music radio show, The Chuck Vans Show we have... Chuck Vans

Kim: Yay

Chuck Vans: Hello, hello. Hello everybody. Hello. Hello Rock Talk Happy Hour.

Mario: Yeah, Rock Talk Happy Hour. So with us in case you didn't hear or catch before we got it's me myself, Mario, Kimberly, Britt and Frank and I know you've been talking about Kimberly, I mean, talking about Kimberly, talking WITH Kimberly, on on social media, because we were just trying to get answers about, you know why our local radio stations are so shitty. And we actually have these conversations often because we grew up with the radio being, you know, pretty, pretty decent or even cool at times. And just Yeah, yeah. And even in the past, like, I don't know, I want to say 10 15 years, it's just been going down and I feel it's been affecting, you know, the music, I guess it our part of the music industry, if that makes sense. But um, I guess we can go into it by first starting off. If you can tell us a little bit about your background in radio and pretty much what happened. You know how long you worked for KISS and when you left and why you left if you don't mind.

Chuck Vans: Yeah, my radio career started. I graduated high school in 1995. showing my age, and I would go into SAC and I didn't know what to do. I thought I was going to follow my mom steps and be an accountant. My first week of school I realize I hate math, I suck at math. A lot of people I knew were in the art program and I was like, okay, art that sounds cool, something weird. And I was like, I can't draw or paint so art sucked. And I found the Radio TV Film program at SAC, and I got into that I absolutely loved it. I did the metal show from one to 3am on Thursday nights on KSYM playing all hardcore, Cannibal Corpse, 6 Feet Under like the extreme metal EFI and all that good stuff. And then when I was in that program, I'm getting towards the end of your degree you have to do an internship. And I honestly I always listen to sports talk radio. I've always been in the music but I was, oh, I want to be an intern at Ticket 760. Yeah, they never got back to me never got back to me. And then my professor actually contacted them and they never got back to him. So I lucked out, I put it in at KISS and they hired me as an intern. Then after my internship, they hired me as a promotions crew and I worked in an engineering live broadcast and then moved into the, on air,I worked there probably almost 15 years. Almost 15 years. Yes, I left about about three years ago.

Mario: Yeah, that's right. Because I think I remember you doing afternoons there. I mean, I know you guys probably rotated but I remember your name from the afternoons. And

Chuck Vans: yeah, I would do weekends and like the overnights and then when people would go on vacation. I would All of a sudden it's like, okay, who's this guy talking about Mike Patton at 1pm on 99.5 KISS.

Mario: And that's pretty cool that you got to do a little bit of everything there at the station. I mean, not just one thing, you kind of just worked around the whole thing. And I don't know if everyone does that, but

Chuck Vans: the way I learned from from coming from SAC, and I actually went during their pledge drive and was on their morning show. And I talked to a couple of kids that are on there. And even when I was kind of getting out of there, I thought, Oh, I'm gonna go into corporate radio. I'm gonna change. I'm gonna change the game. I'm just gonna play Slayer all the time. I'm gonna play you know, my favorite bands. Yeah. And then you get into corporate radio and you realize it's not like that. And that's what that's what I would tell all the kids. You got all these big aspirations and dreams. But you've got a, if you like, get to that point, you have to work your way up and get big enough and get popular enough to where you can make the calls. But at the end of the day, it's always going to be corporate radio and their gonna tell you waht to play.

Yeah. Yeah.

Chuck Vans: And that's which is one of the reasons why I left

Mario: yeah. And that's, that's one of the things that we always talk about. I mean us four, we love going to shows we love going to concerts. And, I mean, we love music, but we don't listen to FM radio. And I feel that FM radio now is kind of hurting the music industry in a way, especially with the shows that we get here and stuff like that, like, compared to Austin. I'm not saying they have any better music stations than we do, but I just feel like the station has a lot to do with kids like growing up and stuff like it's, I feel like it's hurting us.

Chuck Vans: The main thing even when I worked at KISS, and when you know they're playing Nirvana twice an hour, You know, listeners will come up and say this like well, y'all don't play me music that's why there's no good show come in here. And that may be to an extent but the real reasons we don't really have any good venues. You know we have we have the AT&T Center for really huge shows. And we have Paper Tiger, Rock Box, you know, for kind of smaller, smaller, crowd shows we don't have any... we don't have a Stubb's barbecue where you can throw three 4000 people like the way when Sunset Station and Sunken Garden, we could have that but Sunken Garden won't really book any concerts.

Mario: Yeah. And I think if I'm correct that has a lot to do with the curfew there, correct or no?

Chuck Vans: The curfew is 11pm on a Friday and Saturday. And I think it's 10PM family during the week if I remember Yeah, we think we're gonna do a show during the week and you're gonna try and start it early so you can get every band to play. Well, people are working and it's hard to get people out there early.

Mario: Yeah. Yeah, I miss sunset station is one of the venues that I miss the most. I just remember seeing so many good shows there. And this was and this was back when KISS would report you know, we you know, do band interviews and stuff leading up to the show. Yes.

Chuck Vans: Oh Yeah. I was there

Mario: And yeah. And you you can't get that at all now, like they they're stuck in like the first two discs of every bands discography. Like I mean, even when it comes to bands, like you know, that are big hear popular here like Godsmack and Metallica. You won't hear anything from the recent discography, which is pretty damn crazy and doesn't make sense either. You think I tell us a little bit about like why that is to that they don't even expand on you know, the bands that they're in the rotation, in the rotation. They don't even play their new stuff.

Chuck Vans: They did like when I worked there when Metallica played here at the Alamodome they played, I think, their new whatever the new song, whatever their last album was for like a week or so? I think they played the new TOOL song whenever it came out. But it's like, I guess they play it a little bit, just to stay relevant. They're not, they're not gonna play it long term. which was, I don't know. It all has to do with testing and I'm sure I'm probably gonna catch shit for this because this is like, why a lot of the people that don't like me, because early on I've kind of pulled the curtain back. But they do a lot of like, focus groups and in the music that they tell them that they need to play is based on focus groups. That aren't even, that aren't even in San Antonio. So yeah,

Kim: because I've heard from other people that worked at KISS that it's it's all because that's what The audience wants to hear that's what the audience is requesting. That's what our listeners want to hear. So that's not really true?

Chuck Vans: Do you want to hear it?

Kim, Mario: Oh, yeah, no, we No, no, we don't want to Oh, no, no, no, no.

Chuck Vans: Do you wanna hear Nirvana twice an hour?

Mario: No, no, no, no, of course not. You know, I mean, and that's so crazy because, like, I can go, you know, I went years without listening to the radio and then as soon as I turn it on, I can guess the band it's gonna be on when I turn it on. And sure enough, yeah, but majority of the time it's gonna be Nirvana. Which is crazy to me. Like, I mean, it's insane. Like all the time, like I it's just, it's hard to fathom, like, why there's so much good music out there. And it's, we're stuck in just this time loop,of the same bands.

Chuck Vans: And probably what I might catch shit for again, a lot of the corporate at that station. I'm not going to say the station, well, we all know but they they really are focusing on the popularity of the morning show. And that's it. Oh, yeah. That's what that's what it was. If you listen, if you just listen to the promos that they play all the time, that's all they focus on. And so, you know, that's, that's what it was when I was heading out the door for that one. And my thought was always like, Well, why don't you want your morning show on this level? Why don't you want the midday guys or the afternoon guy or the overnight guy to be just as popular? Why don't you want everybody to popular? Yeah. And you can do that by, you know, finding new music, finding new stuff for people to talk about. What are you going to talk about when you hear Smell Likes Teen Spirit for the billionth time. Cobain's still dead.

Yeah, funny.

You know, I know. Yes.

Frank: I also feel like San Antonio has become one of those comfortable markets where people just want to keep hearing the same shit over and over and that's why we're you know, Stuck where we are we're a bit of a stagnant market you know when it comes to radio and just live shows in general.

Chuck Vans: A very good friend of mine summed it up very perfectly he said he said it is the Bud Light of music and radio. It's cheap and everybody else no matter what and it's so funny that I was like, perfect

Mario: and it's so funny because I mean obviously we drink beer for this for this you know for the show and we always Bud Light is like one of our you know, we pick on Bud Light too, because it's the same thing when it comes to all the other beers to us. Like it's it's nothing It's nothing special. And everyone goes to it like it is.

Chuck Vans: Like a friend of mine. he used to be at KISS and we talked about cause right now I'm drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon, and I always drink Lone Star and Pabst Blue Ribbon my go to Yeah, any he was a craft beer nerd, and he's like why you drinkin that shit, and I was like because guess what? for the money you're spending on a 12 pack, I'm buying an entire case and I'm getting way more drunk than you.

Mario: to ever go to like a lone star So, so that's that's a good one though. And Pabst too.

Chuck Vans: if you've ever gone to the St. Mary's strip, that it's either Pabst or Lone Star

Mario: Oh, yeah, definitely. Frank and Britt I mean, they're real familiar with that area, too. We used to go there once every once in a while. We used to go hang out down there all the time, but Oh, yeah, no, definitely. Um, let me see what else is there anything else you wanted to say about? I mean, about being obviously you left to do your own thing. Um, is there any you see changes in the future or you think it's just gonna stay like this? until until I guess till the listener stops listening?

Chuck Vans: Yeah, I think that KISS is gonna say the same. They're gonna say the same Until the ratings for the morning show go down. It's gonna it's gonna it's gonna stay the same. That's why I left. That's why I'm doing my own show. Because there is so much good music and there is so many good on it. Like, I don't even, are they still doing the local show? On Monday? At midnight? Do they even still play local bands? or did they go do away with it?

Frank: Texas tracks or something. Yeah,

Chuck Vans: yeah. Do they even still do that?

Frank, Kim, Mario: I don't know.

Mario: I actually don't know. I mean, I haven't listened to them in years I honestly couldn't tell you and if they did, I'm pretty sure it's the same bands that they've been playing, you know that they had before. Like I don't even with that I didn't see change. It was always the same. Yeah, bands and I don't want to go off topic with this because this was something I wanted to talk to the other guys, before we knew that you were going to be on the show. And I didn't know I didn't really think it was connected until I did research and then I found that it was and I wanted to talk about River City Rock Fest. And I saw a quote on there because I went the first six years. I mean, the first four years, I'm sorry, the first four of the six years they had it from 2013 to 2018. So I was always curious as to you know why they chose the headliners. They did and also to the shady thing that was going on about in 2019, where they were saying that they were postponing it, because bands were canceling and I was like, that sounds kind of weird. Um, so then earlier this year, they came out with an article saying that it was cancelled because performer prices were getting too high. Then I read a quote from the GM at AT&T Center. And the vice president saying that this was his quote, number of top drawing rock and metal acts have diminished in the recent years, and I was like they have not diminished. It's the station that you have here to promote the festival. It's not pulling for it. So the acts are there. You just you know, your station is just not We'll go ahead

Chuck Vans: and you'll, well I was gonna say you look at it if you have a bunch of bands that are big that are that are fairly new that have gotten big if that stations not playing them then what they can promote the concert all they want but if they're not playing music the bands that are going to be playing like how are you growing up interest other than fans that already know those things

exactly yeah

Kim: for example, Case in point our our boys I'm gonna say our boys because their hometown boys Nothingmore. They're all good band does KISS play them? No. they've played so many they played I've been to a couple of shows recently here. They sell the place out. They are amazing performers. But I mean they were not

Mario, Kim: they were even nominated for Grammy and yeah, and I mean there's nothing on our station to even compare acknowledge them. Yeah, know that. Yeah, that too. And it's just it's sad

Kim: because that's their This is San Antonio San Antonio radio station, San Antonio bands. homegrown, you know, they've made a big, they're doing their thing. And they can't even get any airtime in their own in their own hometown. And so when we the last show that we went to Johnny Hawkins was like, and I'd like to thank 99 5 KISS for absolutely nothing. He's like they've done jack shit for us. And we were here because we wanted it. So because we work our asses off because they were no help to us. So

Chuck Vans: yeah, you know, I honestly with my local affiliates, because I have seven different affiliates, but I have one based here in San Antonio. And I actually do a segment of local music local and regional music. You know, but you're going to go when I'm doing it's not going to be the same. The same bands that I'm friends with. You're going to hear a death metal band, go into a hip hop artists and go into a funk band, you know, it's I've been trying to really look and get bands to send me, and artists to send me the music that are from San Antonio and from You know, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Corpus, you know, the valley, you know, because there's so much great regional music here. And nobody to put it out there. Yeah. And and that's what needs to happen. And there's so many great new artists that are coming out, whether it be punk weathers metal, alternative, rock, whatever, that just aren't getting the Run, run and other cities on on stations because they you know, so when I left, I knew what that station was lacking. I knew what people want to hear. And that's what I focused my show on was what people want to hear news, news, bad news. So there's a great there's a great artist from Austin, and then Lincoln Durham. He's a one man band, and he has like a weird three string guitar has like a little bass drum, and all in it's very kind of bluesy. Rock, but it is a one man band and everything. The way I found about searching music and on YouTube that came up is the death of band three in the morning when I was drunk. And I clicked on it, and I was like, holy shit, this guy's really good. You know, I was like, I'm gonna play on my show. Yeah, but for a corporate radio, and have to go through so many channels and so much stuff to actually get on the air that I think that's where the future is going is you know, podcasts like yourself. online radio. I think that's where it's gone. Yeah.

Mario: Yeah. Cuz I mean, even for somebody that wants to listen to something different. For instance, if you go on so one of the bigger apps like iHeart Radio, it doesn't matter. It's the same thing. You can go listen to a radio station from New York or whatever, and you're still going to hear the same thing. It's going to be the same rotate. So even, you know, even you have to really dig deep like, like you were saying with the independent stuff to actually get it or go bump into it yourself. Like, I know Frank and Britt Listen, you know, stuff that we don't listen to, but it's because they you know, they're real. They Know how to look for it already. And yeah, yeah, so either you have the skill to go look for it or they have the ear to go look or if not, you're just screwed and you're gonna be stuck listening to Disturbed for your whole life.

Chuck Vans: I can't remember if it's the iHeart app. But there was I was on a road trip somewhere and I was looking at music. And I found a weird, really, I don't know. Okay, I found a really weird fucked up online station that was just playing nothing but pop music from Russia. Oh, wow. I know. And it was really awful. It was really bad. KTFM and MIX 96 have Nothing on this fucking station. Wow, weird fucked up pop music from Russia. Look it up.

Frank: Like for somebody who works at a corporate radio station. What happens if one of the DJs goes rogue? and just slips in our tracks in there.

Chuck Vans: They get fired, because it's happened.

Mario: Oh, it's happend before?

Chuck Vans: It happened at KISS to the guy that did overnight. guy that did overnight. I remember because I came in for some of that on a Saturday morning. I had to be there at like 4am to start getting all the equipment and everything go out. And this dude, I guess went to the bar before his shift started at midnight. decided to be a rock star and bring people back to the station. drunk and beyond. They're drunk. And he started, he started he started just playing Slayer and he played he played a couple songs. He wasnt supposed to that had cuss wordsand cussed on the air because we know that like that was a great fucking song, you know? And I was like, but yeah, there's some here and there. In my time, I've never I have to say Yeah, I've never cussed I've never cussed and

Yeah, I know. Yeah, you cant. Yeah.


Mario: Yeah that's another song too and it sucks because there's, there's and it's not to say that any of those bands aren't good they're they're good bands like I mean Pearl Jam like you were saying to it's just these songs have driven me to just see I can't listen to em anymore

Chuck Vans: and I will tell you I I did make a suggestion that if we're if we're not going to play anything new then we need to play deep cuts yeah not the same single, Smells Like Teen Spirit where to get in there, but it needs to be deep cut. And I was telling my daughter, she's 14 years old. She likes like Post Malone and all the Billy Eilish and all that stuff that's out now but when Post when what really surprised me when Post Malone did is like Nirvana quarantine performance. I sat there and I had a couple beers. I was listening to it and I was like, dude, he actually was a real fan because he picked some really deep cut songs that that are very popular. And it may be, I think he needs to do a rock album.

Frank: And I think I think Post Malone started off being I think he was like a punk hardcore guitarist before he got into rap. So I mean, it makes sense

Chuck Vans: he was in a hardcore metal band or something like that before he started doing rap. So he's got he got the groundwork and the chops of the rock. Which for him, I think he should just do it. What's it gonna hurt? What's it gonna hurt?

Mario: Yeah, that's true. Is there anything else that you wanted to say that maybe we didn't touch about? touch on that you know, just Something you had on your mind that you hadn't been able to say before about you know about the station or even about your station and about independent radio.


Chuck Vans: What I would say about the station I probably said years ago on social media, that probably got me in trouble. They got people not liking me that still work there, because when people leave there, it's like they're they're dead. You're dead. Like you never exist. Oh, yeah. Okay, okay. Okay. Well,do you have Internet access right now. Like to look something up.

Kim, Mario: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we do.

Chuck Vans: Okay. Okay. I, I haven't worked at that station for going on three years. Correct. And go to the go to their website right now. Okay.

Kim: I think his bio is Still on there, because I looked him up.That sounds like all right. So

Chuck Vans: Okay, so let me know when you're outside of the main, sorry that you have to go and give them the specifics of how many people go to their website. Okay. If you go to their website, you go search bar and just type in Chuck Vans.

Kim, Mario: Yeah his bio is still up. All right. I saw it the other day. Yep. Oh, yeah. Wow. Wow.

Chuck Vans: Yeah. So they can even get IT people to update their website. Yeah. What does that say?

Mario: Let's see it's, yeah, just says that says that you're still doing weekends. So, um,

Kim: but this is dated March 22 2012. Actually, that's that was the last update that was made to the page

Wow, so crazy.

Chuck Vans: So I just showed you the effort that goes into Yeah you know I'm not going to bad mouth them I've done that I did that unfortunately but it's not worth my time and my energy anymore I want to focus on my show on new music you know bands and artists that aren't getting getting run by simply show little preview you know on seven different affiliates but this week's show and I've done it a couple times before but it's gonna be Women Who Rock so it's all gonna be female artists playing God, The Interrupters great punk bands in Arizona, the Venomous Pinks, My God la another great punk band Basic Bitches is a really really cool band from Australia called evil ciphers. And you know, a while back and if you've never heard this band Fanny there's there's there like an old school all female band Very, like classic rock but very catchy really great fan. Kittie. You remember Kittie.


l seven basin spoiler

Veruca Salt like this. And then for the local one right now still working on the music but I've got Fea, which is a great fucking local band. Yeah The only

no local bands to go in

Frank: the Girl In A Coma chicks Right? I mean they went like Yeah,

Chuck Vans: yeah. That band was basically born out of Girl In A Coma. Right. And then another great man called Fox Motel I premiered Yeah, but see, that's the thing. It's like you're not hearing anywhere else. And that's what that's what I'm that's, that's my goal is doing mine. My entire goal of my show was to give people music and turn people on to new music and new artists and bands and to not hear anywhere else.

Mario: No, that's that's cool, and we appreciate it cause I mean, we all listen to different things. And of course, a lot of the stuff that we listen to isn't even touched on by KISS. And I'm glad you brought up the point about saying that you didn't want to bad mouth them because we didn't either. We just wanted to know what was what, like what happens. Yeah. And what Yeah, why they do what they do. But on on the outside we do make jokes about it because, you know, amongst ourselves because it does hurt us I feel that hurts us It hurts the city or it's a concert like we were talking about before. Um, but no, yeah, I appreciate everything that you were all the information that you gave us.

Chuck Vans: Yeah. Yeah, it's all it's all it's honestly all corporate. Because back in the day, there were different people in charge that are in charge that are not in charge now. And we were getting acoustic performances. We were playing the new song from Slipknot, the new song from whoever. Yeah. And and the fans were coming in and doing interviews and doing meet and greets with them about all that What bam. If you think about it this way, if you're a band and they're only gonna play your song from 10 years ago, why would youagree? Why would you do an interview for them? For them to play your new song once. Yeah, yeah.

Mario: Yeah, I just it just, I don't know. I mean, I know we just talked about it right now but just still baffles me how their mindset is with that and how it's also shocking to me to how the music industry doesn't kind of have some kind of backlash to corporate radio because it's really not helping them. You know, I mean, I'm surprised there hasn't been a movement like that. And I'm not talking about like, you know, the independent radio stations like yourself, but like, the artists themselves, and yeah, I mean, or unless they just don't pay attention to it and it doesn't bother them because they're gonna have their followings anyways, but I think it hurts. The newer bands. Like for instance, there's a band Starset. I love Starset, and we're actually on River City rock fest. I think we One of the years but nobody knew who they weren't because KISS didnt play them and there are a new band that just came out in the past maybe six years and they're rock band but nobody knows who the hell they are unless you discover them you know by accident somewhere which which is what I did

Chuck Vans: and I'll tell you I had before all of this stuff cancelled and everything I have set up for for River City Rock Fest has a lot of the one of the I was gonna interview Faith No More when they were gonna play with Korn in September, but then I got canceled and like, bands realize like, hey, this guy's this guy's independent show is playing our new stuff. He's playing our stuff. Let's Let's throw this guy a bone because I think a lot of bands are like, you know what, let's get the little guy up. Yeah, you know, let's let's throw him bone like I literally got an interview with Phil Anselmo. Just out of nowhere. I just cold emails like, hey, I've been playing so on some of the Illegals new bands are coming to town. You think you might want to do an interview ant they were like hell yeah He'll do it like blah blah things like, Oh shit, really? Okay. I thought yall were just gonna say I thought yall gonna say no. You know, I've interviewed the Melvins, Dead Cross, Lars Fredrickson from Rancid, like, just based on my merits not even saying I work for corporate radio. Yeah, just based on my independent show of my merit saying, Hey, I'm playing your songs on these five stations or whatever it is. And they were totally down to do it and that's where I see the future of radio going. There will still be corporate radio so we like what's out there now. Yeah, but until they want to adopt new music and and adopt a new kind of way of thinking. It's still gonna be the same old thing

Mario: Yeah, I mean, I guess they're just hurting themselves and it's just gonna be they're gonna be the lame ones, I guess. I mean, I mean, that's the only way I can kind of think about it now because of what you were saying. If the artists Now or some of them are willing and they noticed that are willing, you know, to, you know, talk to the independent, you know, radio stations and it really is just hurting, you know, the corporate side. I mean, I don't know how much it hurts them but you know,

It doesn't because local businesses still advertising then you won't you'll see a change. Because if KISS's ratings like kinda go in the toilet, then that's when you'll see a complete change completely. So that's what corporate radio does.

Frank: interesting, now what about listeners? Can they just flood the station demanding new music and could that make a change there?

Chuck Vans: No. Nah. Nah. Okay, well, pulling the curtain back, I guess a little bit is when I worked there, everything was already set the day before. Everything's automated. Everything's already in there. So when I would be in there, everything was already set to go. And then you get to a certain point, like where the commercial breaks were and it'll show you Okay, your spots for a minute. So then you look in there and see okay, there's something like a four minute song I can take out to get it back on time for if your minus, you had a book. Like say, okay, you're minus five minutes. Okay, well, five to six minutes Okay, I know I can throw a Tool song out there that long song. But you you had you had an approved song that you could choose from to add songs. And yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm sure this is Pulling the curtain back again to the you know, get that's probably not gonna get me in trouble with people talking shit to me on social media like they have before.

Mario: And I just I kind of answered there was a question I always had that I can what you just said answered the question. So this was I think, I want to say 2000 Six 2007 somewhere around there, and Atreyu came out with their album Lead Sails Paper Anchor. And they so their single was Becoming The Bull. And KISS played it for like a week. And I remember I was working overnight and I was like, and I had a shitty RAZR at the time. So phones aren't the way they were now. Well, I wouldn't say shitty RAZR, RAZR was one of the best phones. But anyways, so, so I call

Chuck Vans: No, no. Sidekick was one of the best phone's ever

Mario: That's right. Number two. So I called KISS and I made a request. And I said, Hey, I'd like to hear Atreyu's Becoming The Bull. I think, you know, we've been out for like a week at the time. The DJ at the time told me Oh, that song is no longer in rotation. And I said, but I'm requesting it. And they're like, yeah, it's no longer in our rotation. So we're not playing it and I was like, okay, that happened to me on two separate occasions. I never understood why until you told me.

Chuck Vans: So then if it's not, if it's not approved, they can't play it.

That's ridiculous.

Kim: So how does that affect You as the DJ like, are you sitting in there just wanting to like, I don't want to get vulgar but blow your brains out because you've heard Crazy Bitch for like the fifth time in that day?

Chuck Vans: No, no, thank god towards the end, they decided corporate wise that they didn't want to pay anybody. So I would I would pre record my whole entire show. Oh, wow. So the parts where you would hear me talk? Yeah, all I would hear would be that end, the last 10 seconds of the song I was talking out of. And then like the first 10 seconds of the song I was talking into. all the songs in between...

Kim: Well at least that saved your sanity maybe. Yeah.

Chuck Vans: And literally, like, I would be at the bar drinking and then put it up on my phone, just to make sure that it's there like, okay, okay, I'm on. Okay, good. Wow. And I've got and I've had people at the bar like, dude, I literally just heard you on the radio. Oh, yeah. Magic, right. I did it from the bathroom. broadcasting live from the bathroom.

Mario: Yeah, I mean, I always, like kind of questioned the sanity of the, you know, the DJs and worked on like, I would have hung myself in the studio. While Nirvana was playing a long time ago. Like, I don't, I didn't know that's how that worked. Um, so like, I know you don't know too much of our background, but like, I've always been in a band, me and Frank. And I've always, you know, listen to music, I know we've got we're all music musicians or music lovers. And so I never really got into that side as far as broadcasting and stuff. I was always on the other side when it came to recording and, you know, live performances and that just blows my mind because I didn't know that I just never really, I yeah, so thank you.

Chuck Vans: And honestly, and honestly very early times where I had to be there, from say, seven to midnight. I would show up an hour early, I would pre record everything. I would get all the tracks in there. And then I would turn the volume down in the studio and just watch the satellite TV. Watch like a Spurs game or something. Yeah I make sure that I make sure it breaks up make sure I turn it up when I'm supposed to be talking about here my recorded thing Okay great. Okay, I get 20 minutes okay I'm gonna go out there smoke cigarettes you know but yeah it's super easy, everything everything honestly on the curtain back again everything's pretty much pre recorded now other than the morning show everything's pretty much probably pre recorded

Mario: well and I guess that shows how much lack of soul that radio has I mean I thought I knew it was missing soul but I mean now that you explain it like that it has no soul like it really is just corporate shit. Yeah. A lot of meat it Yeah.

Chuck Vans: More than one of the breaks you would have would be a contest right to talk about whatever. So I thought about for the first game but I would try to throw in like, hey, someone's got a new album coming off But, you know, I would try to throw in kind of relevance if I can't if I can't if I can't play the music, I can have this great to tell people. You know, yeah, you know, it's like if I can't if I can't play it, I'm gonna at least tell you about it.

Mario: That makes sense.

Frank: Yeah. I guess also to say if there's a band that doesn't get played, yeah, you know, just maybe do a little mention about them. Well, that gets you in trouble as well. Or?

Chuck Vans: Oh, no, because I always talked about spy something related. Like it might be, I'll be talking to say someone. I'm a big fan of my cat. And of course, Mike Patton does all kinds of weird side processes. Oh. Pause for the moment, which migrates. We're probably the only time I've ever heard somebody mentioned by Some adults, you know, and I would I would mention like his newer bands that was kind of related to the song I was talking into. But I would I would talk about new bands and new artists. And I never got in trouble. I don't know if anybody would just not listen. Don't know if people like the right people weren't listening, but I tried to talk about new bands or new artists that are out there if I wasn't gonna be able to play them.

Mario: Now, I guess we know now that the only answer the only I guess a remedy for this is just for the morning show to disappear and find a way to get people to not listen to it anymore, then. I guess don't look No, no, eventually. That's not gonna happen.

Chuck Vans: I'm not gonna say dont listen to the morning show and honestly when I left there.My thought process And then I realized afterwards what I do and what their doing is two different things so all my animosity, everything went away. They do, they're schtick, and whatever they do. It has nothing to do with what I do and I'm not. I'm not gonna knock them for what they do because what they do, they're they're good at what they do. But it's night and day from what I did, but

Mario: but I think as far as the listeners tho, because like so like, if so like, let's say we want to hear new stuff on the radio, but we can't because of how corporate it is with the morning show. Um, I guess they don't.

Chuck Vans: They don't they don't play music They play a little bit like

Mario: oh, yeah, the plan check an hour. Yeah, barely. And that's why they use it as an intro and they don't even play the full song.

Chuck Vans: I was gonna say that, that one guy Dumbass Daniel. hes a pretty good friend of mine

Mario: Well, here's the funny thing and we actually went to school with him. It's High school we will Yeah, yeah, it was a small world

Chuck Vans: and he would he would he would throw in some regional music like Lamb of God or like you know different things. And so I always give him credit like, I see him at a show and be like, dude, I was like, and he'd be like, well, they're not gonna play it. So if I can at least throw on 30 seconds of it is rejoin. at least it's kinda getting on the air. Yeah.

Mario: That's cool. Yeah, I mean that that is crazy. Cuz we, I mean, me, Frank and Daniel, we actually went to a couple shows together back in high school. Like, it's just so crazy how, you know, it's just a small world how, how that how things happen, but yeah, I mean, well, there was a lot of things that I learned today. And a lot of I think there was a lot of questions that I had answered that I held on to for so many years, because I didn't know how I can get them answered. So I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to come, you know, to join us and talk to us about stuff about Because it's something that it means a lot to us, um, pretty much whenever we get together even before we had the podcast, we were always talking about music or music or pop up so

Chuck Vans: and we need to bring we need to bring Sunke Gardens back.

Chuck Vans: Yeah. Oh well it's a weird from what I've read through the grapevine the whole thing was sunken garden is owned by the city. Okay, it's very, very not modern. Very old school. Yeah, the thing is, the thing is that I've worked with a pond is that the city owns it. They don't want to spend the money to modernize it. But yet they don't want to sell it because there's been people that have been wanting to buy it. I think my patient they want me to buy it and modernize it and make it a concert that the city won't sell it for. So it's like the city. The city won't pay them. modernize it but they won't sell it to somebody to modernize it kind of so all we have now is just taste of New Orleans there nothing if that even happens in here everything going on

Frank: I think the last show that we saw there was Smashing Pumpkins when they came was like two years ago or so.

Chuck Vans: I think so. Yeah.

Frank: Yeah, I think that was like the last big show that happened there

Chuck Vans: And that's that if that venue could come back and they could modernize it, I think take all the seats out have it all ga Yeah, that was that would be a perfect Yeah, for sure.

Mario: Yeah, cuz I think the seats there didn't really work. I saw a couple shows. Yeah, actually in the seats. I usually don't do that. But the last couple that I can remember Yeah, just it doesn't work there. But um, yeah,

Chuck Vans: yeah. Well, but if we can get that if we can get that then you like up and going. You was back to your your topic earlier. You would A lot more tours when tours start happening again. Come Come here to San Antoni

Mario: And I guess you had brought brought up a good point too earlier. I didn't really think about it that much either, with you saying that there really isn't any good venues here to host shows. And that's a whole nother thing that I didn't really think about either. And so until you said it, we did talk about venues that we missed. So like, for instance of Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, which was right outside San Antonio, but that place I miss too and, I mean, we had Ozzfest there and you know, the, the, you know, Warped Tour back in the day and I mean, you just we I think we we lost a lot when we lost Verizon as well because I was just a huge I think that was just an amplified version of what sunken garden was and we you know, we don't have that anymore. Yeah.

Yeah, that's true. Yeah. And actually we drive up.

There. Yes.

Chuck Vans: If you look at t, That is true. You have your you have your G.A. and then you have seats and then you have lawn, it's the exact same venue that Verizon was. Yeah. And that's what that's why we miss out on a lot of those those great tours that have, you know, Slipknot all those. They're all playing. They're all playing there

Mario: Yeah, that's true. I was actually surprised that Slipknot didn't come through on their second leg, but it's because Well, I mean, they play down the street in Austin at I mean, we we had a chance to see him there. But I remember they used to play Freeman, but this is even. I mean, that's the same thing with that, too. I think that needs to be updated, too. But I mean, yeah, you know, but Well, again, once again, I just want to say I appreciate you coming on the show with us. And I don't want to take too much of your time tonight and want to go ahead and let you get a beer because we got beers too. But um, I want you to go ahead and just real quick, just tell everybody where they can listen to your show. And just tell us if you're having anything special coming up on your show coming up in the future.

Chuck Vans: All right. Well, if you follow me on social media, you can find out all the dates and times of where my show airs, Twitter and Instagram at Chuck Vans Show, Facebook, he just got a search the Chuck Vans Show. I always post on there every day of when my shows airing times. And the bands that are going to be played on there, I would say was pretty much a local thing. My local affiliates Pub Sports Radio. They they do, they're based out of Southtown 101 the Bar and Grill which obviously grown. But my show airs Tuesday nights at 9pm Central Time on there. And that's where I play a lot of the that's where I played a segment of the local bands, local and regional bands. but a lot of other new music. Yeah, follow me on social media at Chuck Vans Show. So you'll find out when to share that.

Mario: Sounds good. We just want to thank you again for giving us all the information you did and

Kim: we hope to have you on again soon. And

Mario: then we'll have a beer for you. And you know,

Kim: after that comes over we do we would love to have you over and you know, hang out and have a couple beers and chill.


Chuck Vans: As long as it's not the Big Red beer

Mario: All right. Sounds good.

All right. Thank you.


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