Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 2 - Worst Shows & Gigs

June 20, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 2
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 2 - Worst Shows & Gigs
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 2 - Worst Shows & Gigs
Jun 20, 2020 Episode 2
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode we learn a little bit more about beer, and discuss some of the worst experiences we've had at a show or gig. Cheers!

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This episode we learn a little bit more about beer, and discuss some of the worst experiences we've had at a show or gig. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario and I'm with Kimberly Britt and Frank. So this is our second episode everyone say hi again. Hello. Hi. Hi. Um, so for those of you who have never heard episode didn't hear our first episode and you're new or you're going back and listening to or listening to older episodes. This podcast is about. It's about beer and music. So what we do is we're going to be talking about different music.

Topic topics. There you go. I don't know why I couldn't think of that music topics and then we'll also drinking beer and learning about different types of beer because I didn't know they were me. There was a bunch of types

Beer, but just it's just so crazy when you look at the list and get into the technical parts of the beer. And every episode, we're going to be drinking a new beer. Not only beers, wines and spirits, too, so.

And it was funny because last episode, we were talking about cultures and we didn't know what a culture was. And I learned that a coach is a hybrid between an ale and a lager. So that was one thing that we learned. But for anything that you guys want to catch up on, when it comes to the beers and stuff, you can just go to our website at Rock happy hour, pod calm and you can go see our chart and keep up with what we're keeping. Keep up to date of what we're drinking, and just learn about the types of beers from there to. It'll also point you to where you can find extra information that we don't talk about on the show, for instance, on Instagram posts. I'll be posting information about beer and stuff like that. And we'll also be posting some music related stuff on the blog. We have one list up already from our last episode, which was honorable mentions from our top 10 favorite app.

bombs. And Frank might have some stuff coming up for our blog in the future. We'll see about that. But they don't want to have anything they want to say about last episode or anything about anything they're drinking right now. Because for sure, we'll go around and see what everyone's drinking. Think as far as our last episode, we're just going into this, learning how to do this as we go. And this is just a little bit of an opportunity for the listeners to get to know us a little more get to know who we are as people who we are as drinkers.

Yeah, now you guys can learn with us too, because there's a lot of stuff we don't know about beer and we're not experts on it. But for anyone who's interested in beer and musical you know, you guys will learn a whole bunch of stuff with us or just learn from us too.

So with that said, Who wants to go first, let's talk about what their DRI gain

because I know we're all drinking now. Me and Brett are drinking

Some alcoholic beverages. I know Frank's drinking a non alcoholic can Kim's drinking somebody especially. Well, that's interesting because we learned something about her drink today. But did you want to go first? Sure. I don't mind. I'm drinking Purple Haze, which is from a bita brewery in Louisiana. And it is a raspberry lager. So it's quite fruity and it's really good. I love this stuff. Yeah, I like the into the fruity stuff too, because a shiner wasn't really into stuff with like fruity flavor until shiner came along because they're they do their mango, their peach. They're Ruby, right? Yeah, they even have prickly that's one of my favorite ones. prickly pear and that's a seasonal one, but I know it I'm not sure how much their range sorry, one's good.

So like we're from Texas, and we're lucky enough to get all that stuff because Shriners close by but I don't know how far they go out as you know, into the US because I know there's a lot of regional things but um

I'm not sure maybe we've definitely seen China out of state. I think that, you know, probably 20 years ago, too much, but now it's pretty widespread and available. Because one thing I learned in China because there's one thing that I learned was on the shiner label, there's a habit independent brewery label that's from the it's given to breweries by the Brewers Association. So you have to be qualified as an independent brewery which means you only make a certain amount of batches per year like that's the max that you can put out. So if you're only if you're only hitting this amount, then you're considered an independent brewery and those are usually the crapper reason shiner is considered one of them. So that's why it's kind of hard for me to tell how far they go out. Because I know we're close by so we get you know, pretty

Yeah, it's

like an hour or something away and and like the shiner for instance, that I'm going to talk about today later on.

It was only available in five, five locations here in San Antonio where we're at, and it's it's close by, but it's only it was only in five spots in town. So that's an example to which is interesting. And then another thing speaking of imports, Foster's I drank fosters the first time and I found out that it's not even imported from Australia they so it's actually brewed if bomb correct if I remember when my post in Fort Worth but they brew it with some ingredients import it from Australia interesting yeah so it's not really they used to grow it in Australia and then you know but now it's not it's actually brewed here in Texas which is interesting. I didn't know that. Did you know I thought it was a straight up I'll see a beer. Yeah, so did I. So it's, it's crazy because it's brewed here in Texas yet. They have oversight from the brewery in Australia. And another thing I learned

To was that if we have imports like, Is that an import? The trickery? I'm bringing a partner? It's a it's as far as I know, it's a German beer. Okay, it's brewed and bottled in Poland, our brewery in Munch in Germany. Okay, so that's an import So one thing I learned is that for those beers that were getting that are from Germany and stuff in order for us to get those they have to work with a brewery here to be their importer. To for us to be able to get Yeah, it says here that it's important by imported by Paul in our USA and White Plains, New York. Yeah, cuz there's a I don't know, I think I know you saw the post. I think it was a martial beer that's by a British brewery. I've been wanting to get it and I was like, Well, why can't I get it Mexico can get it. Canada can get it. Apparently they need an importer to help them on the US side for us to get it in our markets. But as an individual, can you if you can't, I tried. I looked at it you can. The only way you can get it as an individual is if you live in the UK

And so other than that, if it's gonna be if you're gonna order a case or something you're you are How about how about doing this hidden up? Like a Canadian?

I mean, Mexico,

or even Mexico? Yeah.

Maybe hit up a distributor and say, hey, I want to buy x and x cases, and that way it'll be worth it to them. I think it would have to be like some kind of contracting or like, you know,

but I mean, I was, yeah, I've never been to Mexico before. So I'm like, dang, I wonder. Apparently they sell it over there because they have that connection with them to do it. I'm like, man, I can't believe like, as big as Marshall is, you know, in the music scene and stuff, right? I'm surprised the US doesn't have a connect to import that stuff over here. Because I'm pretty sure What's all that crazy. I think it'd be a matter of time before that actually happens. Well, I mean, I think that beers been out for I want to say at least, I want to say at least two years because I think I've known about it for a while but

Then I tried buying it and I'm like, uh, can't buy it. So know that Yeah, there's a lot of technicalities and stuff that I didn't know that comes with logos and stuff. Did you want to say about anything else about what you're drinking? Or are you? Um, I think a bita is somewhat comparable to shiner and as far as breweries go inside, like local states and stuff. When Frank and I went to New Orleans last summer, we drink a lot of a pita and many different varieties that we don't get here. I think this is the only one that we get in our grocery stores here. Oh, yes.

Boys, I think they have an amber as well. Maybe like one other. I think they have maybe three or four here. But in Louisiana, yeah. across state lines. You'll see dozens of them. Oh, that's even at the convenience store or whatever. So we were surprised to see that because we'd only been familiar with just one or two. Yeah, that kind of seems like a kind of shiner type situation. Yeah.

That's good stuff. That's really good. I'm gonna

Try it. definitely gonna try it. There's, I have right now my top cabinet in our kitchen is like stocking it with beers I've never had before. And I think I told you guys I have a red stripe. I've never had a red stripe before. And I That one's definitely an import. Yeah, so, yes. So I have that one up there. I haven't had that one yet. I have a couple of German beers. And I think I have like a Scottish going to so have I'm getting this episode for me is going to be Texas based. So I have a shiner now. So I'm also going to do talk about the pearl beer because I know a lot of people outside of Texas aren't gonna know about the pearl stuff. But it has a actually it's tied to German to a German brewery but I'll talk about that later if you had to know about that.

Frank, what are you drinking? I'm drinking a partner visor and Radler. It's not alcoholic. And like I mentioned earlier, it is important from what it's brewed and bothered and mentioned Germany is supported here in the US. So it's definitely like the real deal. It comes from the source. Yeah. It's got a really nice what's

I'm alcoholic, so you're not gonna taste that. But it's got a really nice orange juice flavor to it with some hints of lemon juice. So it's like a breakfast beer.

You can have pancakes with it. That's totally cool. So far, I'm pretty sure she I have pink. I have whiskey with pancakes. So

just kidding. But uh, so when you guys get a chance to set those bottles aside, so I can

document those, for instance, show the peoples what we're drinking. Kim, you want to give it a shot because you're drinking something that's outside of our little thing too. But it's also it's an alcoholic beverage. So it's interesting to learn about because I didn't know about this. Yeah, so currently, I'm trying to watch calorie intake, sugar intake and all that stuff. And I didn't want to feel left out. I was like, I still want to drink something but maybe not a lot of beer or a lot of the stuff that they're drinking currently. So I picked up this and it's kind of funny Corona Corona virus Corona

Hard seltzer spiked sparkling water and this is the BlackBerry lime flavor. This is obviously made in Mexico and it's imported by crown imports LLC in Chicago, Illinois.

It's a seltzer. So it's an alcoholic, zero carbs, zero sugars and it's gluten free.

So we've learned a little bit about seltzer also, because we were kinda

that was kind of new to us and it's fermented cane sugar. Yeah, so hard so hard, is fermented cane sugar. And that process was similar to the fermentation of beer, but the flavors and the carbonation are added to it as well. And it has half about half the carbs of seltzer. Hard seltzer has about half the carbs of beer. And the good part is you're less likely to get hangovers because it's low in sugar. Yeah, so it doesn't have the the sugars that you get from the ingredient.

Ingredients when you're doing the fermentation to make the beer.

But yeah, we didn't know that. So it's kind of interesting to say and I'll say like, when I first opened this and took a drink of it, I was like, Oh my God, this tastes like coffee.

Like, fizzy cough syrup, but not as thick. But I'm getting used to the flavor. It's the BlackBerry lines. I was blackberry because it's real. I think it's still I thought it was like the lawn or maybe the Blackberry. I thought the lime flavor was like a little too much. It was between that and the cherry and I asked Mario he thought he said black berry lime so maybe if they have the cherry when next time I'll try that. But he'll chase like Jerry cough sorry. Yeah.

But it's good. It's something a little bit lighter. It feels like I'm drinking a Lacroix. I love Lacroix. So I feel like I'm drinking one of those

actually, summery like drink like hanging out the pool. Yeah, you know, just It does taste like that. Um, there's another thing I learned to like before I talk about mine cuz I'm

Talking about flavors. I didn't realize I guess I never really paid attention to it. Because I mean, when I think it's a totally different situation, you're talking about beers like Bud Light, or like Budweiser or something like you know how nobody likes to drink a warm beer or whatever. So when it comes to these craft beers that have like flavors, you know, in them, the lower the temperature, the more of the flavor is going to pop. And also to I didn't know that different types of beers are, they taste better in different temperatures? So I'm not sure which one is which, but ales and

ales hails, and oh my god, oh my god, what's the word? Thank you. I'm gonna talk about those back and forth. I don't know why I remember one and forget the, um, but ales and lagers, like one of them, needs to be colder than the other to taste better. And I really had no idea. Um, so there's all kinds of interesting things that like are real technical, that like if you want to

Get real into like beer tasting and stuff like that. That that's one thing to pay attention to also to glass shape. I didn't know. Oh, yeah, yeah, glass shape has a lot to do with it too. But to go into what I'm drinking, of course I'm drinking a shiner. I'm going to try not to talk about shiner so much guys. But this like I said, this one is going to be this one's a special one. This one actually is a limited release shiner. And it's a shiner brewers pride, collaboration with Becker vineyards, wine barrel blonde ale. So this is a blonde Ale, and it's in the Pale Ale family. So pale ales. I think most people are when they hear Pale Ale. They're more familiar with IPAs. So that's an Indian pale, Pale Ale. But I didn't know there were so many different IPAs. So there's American IPAs, and there's like, I think a British style IPAs, but this one's This one is a pale ale. It's actually brewed with berries.

Also some stone fruit as well.

Don't know what stone fruit is structured is that anything that has like a really big pit in the middle like a peach or nectarine? Oh, they didn't get specific with it either. So they were like, oh stone fruit, we put something in there.

And then they aged that when they brewed it, they aged it inside barrels from Becker vineyards that they used to make Cabernet and Willow. So so that those those vineyards are based here in Texas too. Um, so that's a Texas thing for us. I mean, I don't know if there was anyone outside of Texas that got it because it was hard enough for me to try to track it down. The website didn't really give much information on where to get it either. But um, this one I like it. It tastes like the shiner light blonde because I know you like the light on was just which is just like a light a light beer. So that one that's what this beer tastes like with the hint of the berries that you can taste. It's real light. It's real Chris. Also too, I don't know if I was looking for it. But when I taste it, you can kind of taste the

the bitterness or the tartness from what a wine would have. You can

Tastes like it's weird. It's like a like laughter It's kind of like an aftertaste like the the taste hits us during the during the taste of the of the main of the

Wow. of the Oh, sorry. Oh sorry guys yeah I get kind of scatterbrained sometimes you guys keep me on track. And this is 6% alcohol by volume. So also too, if you guys yeah, cuz I had one earlier to do my research so but yeah, so if you want to know about that stuff like I said there's a chart on our website, rock happy hour pod calm go on there It has all the information I'll call Bob volume stuff what type it is. So that'll tell you more or less what family it's in. If there's some kind of weird thing you know where it's like some kind of hybrid I'll mention that on there too. But um, so that's what I'm drinking and that's what we're all drinking. So you'll see that on our on our Instagram page.

So now we're going to talk about worse gigs.

And shows that we've played in and that we've seen. And then real quick before I forget, because I almost did forget, we had a

I know Alex was my buddy. So he actually suggested to us some drinks on Twitter and he actually sent us a story for our show that he saw on our Instagram. So he suggested that he asked me what kind of whiskey I like to drink or what kind of bourbon I told him.

I like to drink jack daniels I drink that all you know, quite I got used to drinking whiskey straight up. I didn't used to do that. But now I'm getting used to kind of take Steen different whiskies and stuff like that and actually found out that I didn't know this maybe I know you did. I don't know if you guys knew this or not. But even though jack daniels calls themselves a whiskey, they're actually a bourbon and bourbon and whiskies their their proof. It has to be a certain amount before you're considered

a bourbon and they hit the mark. So

They're their bourbon. So there's like this whole technicality too when it comes to whiskey that I'm learning about too, but technic technically jack daniels is a bourbon.

So he recommended Elijah Craig I don't know what that is. So if any of you guys know any of these I'm about to name off let me know. Buffalo Trace.

Eagle rare, not very well versed in the whiskies. It's probably i'm not i just got rarely, I just got into whiskies. Um, but um, yeah, beers had always been my thing. Whiskey. So I'm just barely getting into

that. So that was I just wanted to throw that shout out there. Now. I'll tell the story later. Once we get into these

things, we get it. So who wants to go first? Worst gigs or shows that you've seen? Because

I know me and Frank have had our share both together and not together because we've been in bands. Right, right. Part Two. So. So I guess Yeah, I will. I will start. I guess I'm going to start with the word

gigs played. Okay, because those are always fun. Right? And you don't have to go through your list right there. We'll jump around. Yeah, this is really cool. So in 2005 I was playing bass for a local, I guess metal core hardcore, hardened metal, whatever they call themselves.

band named derailed. Okay. Oh, you're gonna name drop. Okay, okay.

We should

edit that out. I'm just gonna, I'm gonna name drop. I don't even think these bands existed. Okay.

If they played at the White Rabbit, probably the White Rabbit doesn't even exist Exactly.

Like these bands. Yeah. I was playing bass in a metal band called derailed. And we played at a dive bar cod club splash

on the south side Yeah. Wow.

You're lying now I'm just killing it. I don't know it sounds so

so lame. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you think dive bar the name splash and it's exactly what it sounds like.

But yeah, so the outdoor area, that's where the bands performed. And there wasn't even really a stage. It's just there was a corner reserved for the bands and no, it's just a bunch of sand. Just contact me and I just did just a bunch of sand is packed together so they're getting ready for a flood, basically. Okay, so imagine a sandbox. Yeah, that was big enough to fit a band in there.

And the sound was very loose.

Wherever you stepped, you were just like sinking in it. And there was really nothing to it. You just had to put some plywood to support your answer and to support the drummer.

That really sucked because yes, on a few occasions my amp fell over because of the Sanchez being not in fact

correctly. And also right behind it was a highway. So our music was getting drowned out by the by the highway. Oh, wow. Some people showed up. Honestly, it was they were in the sand. Yeah, I don't I don't remember how many people were there I just remember it was multiple

it's the place and there was a bar next door to it called cool arrows. Oh yeah.

And people bounced around from from either or. There I don't know must have been about a dozen drunk dudes. Their body slamming as best as I could. Yeah, by climbing and

we played our 30 minutes set. I remember. I had sand inside my shoes. My amp fell over three times.

It was it was a nightmare and Stan was getting kicked up all over the place. Like I bet it sucked more because you weren't even playing on a beach like

beach would have been worth it. But yours

like sand and like some no no yeah

and the music you know the music is getting drowned out by the highway the cars are passing by sometimes you hear the big 18 wheelers lashing their horns and the rest of the band there were you know big dudes so they were kicking up a lot of sand everywhere just getting a little all over my face. It was it was not pleasant, but I guess the the sweet part of that is afterward they treated me to dinner a very late dinner because I thought in the last minute for them so I guess that made up for having in your case and in your in your shoes and crevices

only happen at the beach, but even then it's not. Yeah, does it?

Well, I mean, I guess that's not even I don't know, I feel like he gets worse like after that because like, that's that was pretty interesting because I didn't know about that story. But um, yeah, I feel like it gets worse than that. Like as it's gonna go on because I have some

Some of these shows his shows that we played together and some of them were shows that we didn't play together. So we'll get to those. I'm ready want to talk about a show? Like a bad show that you've seen? And at but the rule is me and Frank can't be part of that show. Oh,

I've been to a lot of shows together I think really are well, you know, one of the ones on my list we were both at but we didn't know each other yet. And then another one we went to together, but I'll do one that we did not go to okay. Yeah. And that was God, I can't even remember what year it was.

It's probably like five years ago, and my friend Lydia and I drove to New Orleans to see Morrissey. And I love Morrissey, and I don't want to talk trash about him. You know, he's crazy, but I'm cool with it, like made my peace with his crazy, right.

I hadn't seen him since I was like 14, so I was really excited to go we drove nine hours.

To get to this show,

checked into the hotel got all dolled up, went to the show, we're really excited. And most of the show, the backdrop behind him was video of horrible shit. Like, animals being tortured. vivisection, police brutality, all these horrible things happening. And I know how Morsi feels about all these things. Right? I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old, because Morrissey, I know how he feels. It's cool. But I just didn't think about that's what I was going to be looking at for like two hours. Yeah, after I drove nine hours to see him for the first time in a lot of years. And she and I ended up like watching the show hugging each other and crying the whole time.

Like, pissed off, right, like, thanks a lot more. was not cool.

Yeah, but it's just so bizarre and unexpected and

Really just out of like, this should be a disclaimer. Yeah, like

it kind of sounds like those cliche like things were like people are being conditioned to something like strapped to the chair like when you're telling me that like that's what I saw a picture like maybe he was trying to like build an army or something

didn't work. I mean, there's a lot there's a there's a website dedicated to all the shows he's cancelled. Yeah, in his whole career. Frank and I have had I've, I've had tickets to five shows that he's cancelled. And I know, I know, there are people out there we've had even more, I think in San Francisco, he's cancelled, like 12 shows.

But Frank and I had tickets to four together. And then we finally saw him together in Houston this past year, and it was just mediocre. It was just okay, even though it was

rescheduled, right, he canceled and rescheduled and then it was the very last show of his tour. And we thought, ah, sweet last show of the tour. He's gonna really do it up.

Just like, peace out, you know, like I already played for an hour and a half. I'm out of here. Wow, that was it. Well, I thought for my first time seeing him I was excited. I was. I didn't think it was bad. Honestly, it was much better than the animal torture shit that I saw.

Yeah, that one we just had like pictures of celebrities and I don't know. That sounds nice. Yeah. Better than vivisection. Right. Like, I know like this to me, because I'm hearing you. You were talking about like, how you were gonna tell a story about a show that you and Frank didn't go to go to together? Um, I know this one doesn't count because it wasn't a worst show. But I I just the story is interesting to me. And I guess because y'all didn't get to see it. And I wanted y'all to tell the story about how y'all came across the everlast show with

was it ever less than I'm thinking? Well, it was a house of pain and pain, but it wasn't it. Nevertheless, yeah, together.

Yeah, it was supposed to be together. But so I wanted to like tell that story real quick. Give You Up good. Yes. So we were in Fort Worth visiting family. And Fort Worth has a district called the cow town district, and it's just very Western type. It's where they would bring cattle for sale for auction and stuff. But it's a cool part of town. If you ever get to Fort Worth, definitely check out cow town. It's worth checking out. We were just walking around after dinner. And I told him about a venue down there that's called Billy Bob's, and it's really famous sells beds. All right.

I mean, we've been me and Frank, I've played to some crazy venues. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold beds. But I'm just asking. You get a free match. You

know, Billy Bob's is a really famous venue, especially for a lot of country musicians on record live there. There's a series of albums that's live at Billy Bob. Oh, sweet, like Willie Nelson.

And a lot of big names, play there until I told him about it. And he said he wanted to check out the venue. So we walked over there.

We walked over there.

And it was packed. We thought, okay, it's Saturday night. There's some stuff going on. We try to go and just maybe just to get some beers and whatnot, and we find out that how's the pain is performing? And we were thinking, Oh, man, we should really get in there and check it out. We couldn't know we had, you know, family waiting for us back home. So we didn't get to check it out. But just the

you know, stumbling upon something like that. Yeah. And I'm thinking man, how's the pain and now with the whole COVID thing? I'm like we should we should I don't know like my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love House of Pain. That's ridiculous. I know. But am I am I wrong, though? Like, I don't know if I remembered it wrong when y'all told it to me, but was it a duel show? Were they playing like, was it how's the pain and everything? Cuz I think that's what blew my mind.

I think but I could be wrong. I mean, I could have been because then that means everyone else wouldn't be playing double sets. I know. Yeah. I mean, but still, That's so crazy story though. Yeah. So that was Yeah, that was that was one of those regret but I mean, we couldn't really go so.

I just I was thinking about it cuz I was like, well, it's not a war show but y'all didn't see it right.

Um, can watch it. Yeah, well.

So this isn't a bad show, like the show was good. It was just where it was. Okay, it was. So this is breaking benjamin back in 2016. They played here with 10 years, of course, the house band.

And they were playing at 210 Capone's and that was a shithole. Where's that? It's not even exist anymore. It's something else now. Was it the

warehouse? Oh, that was a box. Yeah, even now.

lockbox, it's called something else. Yeah, on through names. Color. Yes, actually, it's next door to that. So that's actually the venue that I was telling you guys last episode where Papa Roach stopped playing it and I think it's that one. But yes, it's it's a, it's a shithole. And that's why it keeps changing people and names and stuff, probably. But anyway, that's why bands walk off the stage, probably because it was packed in there. And it was hot. It was like we were sweating our asses off because it was so hot in there. Even Ben was like, we're gonna come back and we're gonna play somewhere better that has air that we're not like sweating. Her house is off and like, everybody can be comfortable because it was really, really bad. And then I was there with some unfavorable company like I regret going to the show with this person. So they kind of ruined it for me to go, because I had never seen Breaking Benjamin before and they're one of my favorite bands bands, one of my favorite vocalists And so that kind of routed for me

Also sounds like man like it was a shitty venue.

It was so hot and they're like there was nothing that they could do like cuz it's like it's a box literally it's like it's like a garage. And they have I think there's like garage doors too. They're open but there's just so many people in there that it was not like there was no ventilation and I thought we were gonna pass out like everybody it was bad. My only experience at that place was a couple of years ago, I went to a Beto O'Rourke rally there. But see what I liked about the restrooms is that they had

I mean, you know, I always tried to turn a negative into a positive, okay.

restroom. I did not get text. I don't I don't like that. I hate that. Like, awkward. I'm there. Yeah. And I'm like washing my hands and I'm like, I'm good. I can take and dry my own.


the good thing is they give you a peppermint when you walk out but I usually pass on the

pillow because then I feel if I take the peppermint out to tip them.

But I don't I never carry cash on me. So I'm like, I can't tip you even if I wanted to. I can give you a thank you. And it sucks because like, you guys know me like sometimes I gotta get up every little watercolor brush. I'm like, dude, I seem like five times. I'm sorry. Let me try my own damn hands. Okay, I feel bad. sad that I didn't get to experience that because I was already like, way in the back and it was hot. And I was like, I'm not moving. Like, I'm just gonna stay right here. I probably just held it.

So he didn't see the core. I didn't get to see the tenant.

That's restrooms ever though. bookies? I know. But I love those restrooms every time I go in there, I think yeah. I mean book is still around, but I don't close it out. COVID It's a little hotspot stop for people when they're going through town. Yeah, I don't think I want to go there for a while. It's like the Mall of justice.

Um, okay, so now my turn for our show or this. So this is going to be one of my worst gigs that I played and to me, this was

I think it was because I was so hyped for it as is what made it a worse gig. So I was in this band in 2010. I'm not gonna name drop, but it was like a metal band and they considered themselves new metal. Even though it was like 2010 I'm like, Dude, that that's not how it works like you can't call yourself new metal you had to have been in that time. I'm just like, you can't call yourself classic rock if you you're if you weren't it, you could play classic rock covers, but you can't call yourself classic rock man. So anyways, so we had gotten booked. Actually, it was the venue next door to that which is now Alamo City Music Hall. So it was a backstage live at the time. So I know, people outside of San Antonio won't know that. But you know, they're just names of the venue's. So this venue was next door to the one they were just talking about. And it was nice. It was nicer. That was probably the better side of it. So that meant the ban at the time, we got booked to play with a national act. And we were supposed to open for taproot and 12 stones, and I only knew taproot I didn't know too much 12 stones and I was like

You know what I'm going to be playing with them. And what was cool was that we were the only opening act. So it was going to be us into national acts. So it's like, this place is gonna be packed, you know? So I went in, I started listening to 12 stones discography and I was like, Damn, they're really good. I really liked them. Especially I think, like their first two hours. I got into the first two, and I was like, I love these. And I was like, I can't wait to see 12 stones like, I, it wasn't even about playing with them. I wanted to see them. And I was like, it's cool, because I get to play and then just chill and watch them. And taproot I know, follow taproot for a little bit after, like, in the early 2000s, because I had seen him play with mudvayne, like back in the day. So I'm super excited and whatever, whatever. We're selling tickets. And so two days before the show, we find out that 12 stones have to cancel. And we're like, damn. So like, now they're gonna have to try to figure out you know, another band to film in whatever, whatever. So the date comes, it turns out that the venue didn't even train they didn't try to replace the man to try to get people in. So what

They're happening was it was us. And taproot played after us. So we're there. There's not a lot of people, obviously, I guess the the promotion stops somewhere. I don't know where I guess 12 stones knew they weren't gonna play the show. So promotion stuff on there. And like some time before we even knew that are the venue, let us know late, I don't know what the story was. So we're there and we play the show. And

I guess the good thing that came out of it was they shot like a promo video of us playing on stage. There was like a live promo video that they took. And then also to there was like two fans that were there that were there to see taproot that ended up following us after, whereas, like not following us physically, but they were they were, they ended up going to our shows that we had after they became fans. They became fans. Exactly. So we're there. And so this is the worst part of it. So we're playing. I'm like, Fuck, whatever. So taproot. I'm watching taproot play. And then

all of a sudden the personnel of the venue starts coming out there trying to get us out.

Quick. I'm like, What the hell like we like they just finished playing like we were trying to like our merch was still set up and stuff because we were at our merch table. And apparently since they knew that 12 stones had canceled, they booked a hip hop show right after, right after. So taproot had to get off the stage quick. We had to get out everybody that had paid to see taproot and 12 stones had to get out quick, because they had already sold tickets for a hip hop show, because those guys I guess, they promoted the hell out of the show that they had, like in 48 hours. And before you knew it, there was like a hip hop like crowd like in there like, they like quadruple the size of the, the amount of people that were in there for taproot and 12 stones, and it was fucking crazy. So that sucked. And I was bummed out, and I was like, it was just real rushed. And then what makes it worse is that so we ended up having an after party at the singers house, right? So we get there and we're just hanging out, you know, we're kind of like, to me, it was kind of exciting because it was my first game.

opening for a national accurate, so we get there, we're hanging out. And they're like, hey, a tour bus just cross through by your house, because I was with a singer and I was like, he's like, What are you talking about? They're like, yeah, they just dropped somebody off. And we're like, what's a tour bus doing in a like a residential area. So apparently, the taproot, peeps saw that we were having an after party at his house, so the bass player wanted to come hang out with us. So they dropped off the bass player and the bass player came and he was hanging out with us, right? And so I had a couple of beers or whatever. And I'm just, I'm good. And we're just chilling there. And my fingers like trying to kiss ass like, hey, next time y'all play, like, let me know, maybe we could play with y'all and blah, blah, blah, whatever, try and get his contacts and shit. He ended up digging his number, but nothing, you know, I don't know what he did with it. Um, so I'm there. And I'm like, I just wanted to geek out for a moment, right? And I was like, Hey, man, I just wanted to say that I saw you guys like eight years ago with mudvayne. And you know, y'all were awesome. And you know, I've been falling. He just looked at me like what

Ever and then saying anything? And I'm like, Okay, cool. So that made like the whole experience even like more shitty. Alright, cool. Thank you guys so

so yeah so then I kind of stopped listening to tapper too but that's that's my story that's one of the worst case scenarios like you should have been like okay well you're here a party with a bunch of no but yeah, that's like nevermind Yeah, so like he got dropped off and then like he ended up he ended up like going to like, go eat with like our guitars like late at night too. And I don't know what happened. I ended up dropping him off at the hotel. Wow. Where the rest of the man was bugging me we get right back. Well, what was crazy was that what was crazy was that apparently that the other the rest of the guys, they didn't like to socialize with people. So that kind of made it weird to like, Man, this guy. This group just sucks. Yeah, but like they just apparently they don't like to talk to people and they like to. And I was like, Okay, cool. I mean, if you're a temper fan, cool, whatever. Maybe they're cool now, but that was my experience with them. And also

like whatever. So that's just my experience. I don't you guys want you to think I'm not telling you not to listen to taproot so you can listen to tap.

Well, that's that's one of my sorry. Wow.

That's pretty cool. Let's go Oh, my well talk about a gig. Also that I played with another band in 2008 at a place called club venom, which is now the Amp Room. And I was in a band Carlos romantics, it was a kind of spaniel band.

And we played a show there a club venom

and my amp gave up my bass amp gave out and I thought maybe I blew a speaker. I don't know what happened. So I couldn't hear myself at all. So we had a pause the show, and the sound guy just ended up plugging my bass directly into the PA. So

I didn't have any in ear monitors. I couldn't hear the bass at all. Everything was just projecting outward. So I'm just playing and trying to hear what I'm playing when I really can

hear anything I don't know if you've ever played direct, it's, it's uncomfortable. And if you don't have an in ear monitors, you're not gonna hear what you're playing. You're just hoping that you're hitting every right note. Yeah, I played direct on the drums all the time. Okay, yeah, so

just kidding.

That's tough.

But yeah, sound wise it ruined it for me. And it was a bad show in terms of sound because my amp came out. But the cool thing about that show, across the street at the time, we have a venue called the paper tiger which back then was called the White Rabbit. The Fall of Troy and deer hunter were on tour. And they had just finished up their set. And they came across the street to club venom to hang out. And local bands there that plane of venom they were already done for the night. And Deer Hunter and the dudes the fall of Troy. They were like, Hey, we just want to play like a quick little 10 minute 15 minutes set.

Luckily, we were still there hanging out.

And we all agreed, you know, let's just go up on stage and just do an improv and just see what comes of it.

And that was quite cool. You know, because I got to play with a national touring band to Nashville touring bands that were just up there. doing our thing, just improvising for like, 20 minutes, we had no idea what we were playing. But it turned out to be a good experience, you know, because I blew my bass amp and then I get to play with these dudes later with Eric.

Yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah, so that was that was worth it.

So it was it wasn't too bad of a batch. It wasn't too much of a bad show. It's just I blew up my game. Yeah, that's, I mean, that's pretty much that makes the kind of like when it happens, like you never want your gear to go out in any way. Yes, not only does it affect you like it screws you up. When you're playing. You're like shit, what am I yeah, that's happened to me multiple times, but also to you're like, man, I gotta fix it or replace it. And it means just don't make money. So

All right, what else y'all got? Kim? Right? Y'all got anything else? Do you want to tell a story of when we can we tell a story when we when we went to the gala? Yeah, that's fine. Go for David J. Yes. So David J is a former, I guess now current basis for goth rock band Bauhaus.

And I say current because they weren't. They were in the middle of a 40th anniversary tour. But then the whole COVID thing happened and they had a reschedule. But you know, you think David Jay, he's a bass player for an iconic band, who has a really great following and once Bauhaus broke up, he was the basis for love and rockets, who ended up gaining more popularity than Bauhaus ever did. And so David J comes into town, he's doing a solo thing and we're excited to meet him because he's having a he has a meet and greet over a robot monster guitar, a local shop here in town. I still never been there. It's quite cool. It's tiny. It's tiny.

It's small, but you'll find all sorts of cool stuff in there. And so he's having a meet and greet there. But it was a very under promoted, meet and greet. It was pretty sad. Maybe like five people showed up to the thing. Yeah. And I was us and our friend, and then like, a guy and his kids and maybe one other person. Yeah.

Yeah. And I felt really bad. Because, you know, here's this guy who is iconic. And he's, he's huge. I mean, Bauhaus is huge. And, you know, I think that they've gained more recent popularity too, because there's been kind of this rebirth of like, 80s music are interested in 80s music and an interest in that genre as well. And so I really expected a crowd. Yeah, yeah. And so, and so we think, okay, it's just a meet and greet. You know, the actual show itself could actually be better. Yeah. We make our way to the show. We're just hanging out waiting for it to start and nobody's showing up. So we're thinking, Okay, maybe Tiger

We're thinking, you know, maybe it's one of those things where people are just gonna show up like, right at the last minute. Yeah. Maybe they think there's an opener. And there's not an opener or whatever it was, but it was terrible. Yeah. The surprising thing was given his status, I thought it was gonna be in the main room, but they put it off to the

left a little side room.

And so we're confused by that. So anyway, he goes on, and we make our way inside. I look around and, like 20 people in there.

And I felt really bad for him. And he probably felt embarrassed, but just he played his whole set, which was his solo stuff, including his new solo album, which I purchased at the meet and greet so that he would sign it. And then we listen to it later. And it's just

not so good. It was not so good. So we were we feel bad for him. We were embarrassed and I think we only stuck around for like half an hour. Yeah, because he was playing that new stuff and it just wasn't super strong, and I don't

Anybody who was really into it, and he played like some covers, I think he covered Elvis Costello and he was covering. I can't remember who else but we were confused by that too, because it's like, why are you playing so many covers? And we thought maybe he, you know, I mean, we didn't stick around and maybe eventually he played about how song or rockets song or something. But it was just rough. And not just like, you could feel the level of discomfort. Yeah. Because there was just this air of embarrassed. Yeah, like, oh my god. Yeah. Yeah. But not enough for us to leave a show. Like, yeah, yeah, we haven't. I don't know if I've ever left the show before. I have to think about that. But yeah, I don't think I

actually did. And it's on my list. Oh, really? Yeah. So the 2000. Again,

I don't know if I should name the name. Let me say

no, yeah, go ahead. Okay. So it was the 2006 99 five kiss San Antonio is only crappy.

recreation Yeah, well actually I don't know if you guys know but I'm planning to have a an episode dedicated to their me station and crabby radio stations across. Yeah, so Yeah, actually you know what that's gonna be next

episode so thank you but anyway, it was a 2006 Kids fall fest and stained I think Allison chains was the headliner to that but stain was right before them.

And oh my god, Aaron Lewis. He looks like he's just gonna fall asleep like right there on stage like he is so boring. That show was so frickin boring. And we were like standing there and we just could not bear anymore. It was at the Verizon Wireless amphitheater. And we had we had pit tickets.

We got there kind of late we Breaking Benjamin was on that show too. And I was I could have seen them but we got there late and we got there and I don't remember who we got there time for but stain was one of those acts and oh my god, we just couldn't stand how

Boring they were live and how boring Aaron lewis is looks like he's not like he's just not into it he's there with his eyes closed singing sitting in a chair like holding himself and I'm like, Okay, this sucks. Go cuz I can't take this anymore so we didn't get to see I think Allison James was the the open headliner, but we didn't get to see them because we just couldn't we just couldn't stand there

Well, that's interesting because I just sent her a screenshot of a show that was just announced because I guess disturbs having an anniversary of their friggin blast from the past so it's disturbed and they have stained on the who else is with I don't remember I forgot who it was but all like the same like why stain like so it's disturbed. I think it's

like a screen tag me in a post but I think the theme is missed. Oh, no, no, it's right here. So it's Yeah, stain and battle battle wolves. I don't like bad wolves.

So, you know, the sickness 20th anniversary? Yeah, we really need Anniversary Tour. David Dermott. No, we don't. Thank you anyway. Yeah. I mean, it's funny like, and I don't know if I should, if this would be on my worst shows list, but actually, the last time I saw this, excuse me, last time I saw I saw disturbed. So I've actually seen them twice. I saw him once when I believe came out. And then

and then the second time I saw them was a few years ago at a rock fest. So it was a music festival here in San Antonio. And they were so boring. Like, I think they were relying more on the rifts that they had. I know, they're not the band that jumps around and stuff, but still, they were boring. They were just there. And I was like, This is not, you know, it just wasn't fun. I mean, it was cool to hear the songs live because I you know, I like life stuff and live shows. But But yeah, I think I think what happened was, I think maybe they got a bit too egotistical and they started I think that's

was started thinking they were just too good especially I think here in San Antonio. There are a few bands. Yeah. And they're like they're like San Antonio won't ever want not like us. Yeah.

So mine mines another gig and actually wanted to talk about this one with Frank because it was one that happened to us together. But before I do, I just want to talk about the the other beer that I'm drinking today. So this one, this one, I told you guys earlier that this was gonna be like Texas related for me as far as what I'm drinking. So me and Brett are actually digging this right now. It's a pearl triple x. I didn't know that's what it was called. But it's actually called pearl triple. Excellent. I did some research on it. Um, so there's a brewery that's in the center of our downtown on the center on the east side over downtown. And they're developing and they're trying to make it, you know, a really nice area. Yeah, they worked on it for some time. So the brewery actually came up in 83. But they didn't start. They didn't start brewing pearl beer there until 86.

So if you look at the bottle, it'll be it'll say established in 86. And that's when they started actually brewing this beer. Um, 1886 I'm sorry, what should I say?

83. Right. Okay. Oh, I didn't mean that. Okay, so yeah, so this, this is this makes more impact, so that I meant to say 1883. So the brewery came up in 1883. That's when it was a brewery. And then, at 6000, they actually started rolling out the pro beer. The brewery actually shut down in 2001. And I found out just recently that this beer was going to be coming back out actually came out on the first of this month. So June 1 2020, in case you're listening to this podcast in the future,

and I came out and it's supposed to be released all over Texas by the end of the month. So I actually got some bottles for it. And it's it's an American lager, traditional style, so it's in the family of pilsners and pale lagers.

So those they have different levels of bitterness. This one's not really bitter, has a hint of citrus in it. Um, that's what they put in there. It's actually pretty good. I've never had pro beer at all. So this was an interesting that I found out because this actually connects to our last episode. So I found out that pearl is actually owned by Pabst Brewing Company. So it's owned by paps, and it's actually brewed in the hill country right now. So it's not brewed downtown

Austin. Yeah, that's what throws me off because I don't know where the Austin part comes from. I'm thinking now that's where

that's where I think parole is headquartered. Now. paps owns them. Now. here's the kicker. paps also owns Lonestar and Rainier oh dang. Yeah. So that's why Rainier and Lonestar kind of have similar tastes this one actually when I tasted it, I told Mario I whispered to him, I was like, that's very Lonestar. I read well, and they're owned by paps.

Just the the

what is it the formula is a tad different from the other ones. Um, so another thing I found out too is obviously this is not the original formula that came out in the 1800s or 1880s. Um, the formula actually came from Germany, the guys who were doing the brewing, they actually made the formula in Germany. So it's like a German type formula. Then, they made it actually was pearl in German it was p r l e. Then they brought it back here, which was the one they started rolling it out in 86. And that's when they changed it to the American spelling which is Perl pa pa RL. It's pretty good. Like I've never had it before, but the ABV the alcohol, alcohol by volume is only 3.8%. So I can probably drink a six pack and he did an interesting thing about you said about PBR owning Lonestar. A friend of mine used to work at a bar and he told me that he had

He was a doorman at a bar. And he said that there was a guy visiting his bar from Minnesota who was very, very excited that he could get Lonestar for two three bucks down here. Because in Minnesota, it's an import. It's a craft beer

that you can get for seven bucks.

Yeah, there's like a lot of


Here I'm just thinking like, dude, the Lone Star is like a $2 bills. Yeah, there's for a tomboy. Yeah. Yeah, and apparently this formula when they did it, it was like in Originally, it was a craft beer. So it's just to me, I wanted to talk about it because we'll be in here from San Antonio never tasted it before and then having it come back. Um, I don't know. It's just cool, I think is part of like the history of being here. Um, but I'm glad y'all got to taste it with me. Like it. Yeah. And the triple

x actually came from the original brewery before it was pearl. Um, so that's what a triple x comes from. And I think they stopped using the triple x when prohibition came into play. So I don't know, there's like a whole bunch of history. So if you guys want to look into it, just like a pro brewery and their murders involved, too, it's pretty crazy. Like, it's it's really interesting, like, so to make a long story short, the guy who was one of the head brewers or whatever, who was head of the brewery,

he was married and his wife got sick. And so there was a lady that was taken care of, I guess a nurse was taking care of his wife while he was having an affair with her. And then something else happened and another lady came into play, and he started having an affair with both of them. They don't know what happened, but one of them killed him. And then one of the mistresses

I don't know what happened to her. Well, I don't know what happened to his wife, but because the minister says we're actually cool with it. So it was like a

Like a like one of one of the mistresses knew that they were that he was having an affair with the other mistress. He proposed to one of them the other one said no. And then the other one got married or something like that. So then one of them killed him. And they took over the the pearl. So she actually like, she actually didn't, she actually didn't get convicted or anything. And she ended up taking control of the brewery after that, like through prohibition and all that whenever till when I guess whenever she died, so if you guys want to go more into that, and just, you know,

um, yeah, they should, right? Um, yeah, we'll make it independent.

So my story for worse gigs. This was so me and Frank had not played together in a band in quite some time. This was I want to say maybe four or five years ago, I would say four years ago if it was that long ago. So then Frank had joined a band and he they were going to go on a tour and

He said they needed you know that Frank suggested they could use another guitarist and I wasn't doing anything. So they ended up picking me up and to go on a tour. I don't know the other guys it was two bands traveling together. So our first show ever ended up being in Oklahoma. I think it was you remember the city? I don't remember the CEO, you know, as we were there twice, I think. Is it normal? Is it normal? It was normal for the university. Yes. So it was Norman Oklahoma. So we get we you know, it's the first show of the first tour I've ever been on. I've never been outside of Texas up until this point. So of course, it's February. I think it's like late February, something like that. And I'm always wearing chucks. You know, of course Chuck's jeans, t shirt, whatever. I don't like wearing big jackets, so I'm not used to snow. We get to Oklahoma. And we had made a pact before then because apparently these guys had been on tours before I'd never had they said we're not going to stop and we're not going into jackin box right I mean, McDonald's. We're gonna

You know make our own food which we ended up doing on the second tour But anyways, so this you know, we're all like okay, well we'll make a pact to not waste so much money on that so we get there it's fucking like six inches of snow or more. I'm not used to walking in snow so I'm fucking slipping. I don't know how to walk in the snow. It's fucking freezing. I have a little thin jacket on my Chuck's. Um, I have a blanket that I had just asleep and wrapped around me like that's how fucking cold cold it is. The the windows are iced up like you take the ice off and it just comes right back. That's how fucking cold it was. So we had to stop somewhere. So we stopped at a Walmart. What is the Walmart have? Walmart has ice creepers? Yes, but they have McDonald's. Yeah. First thing we do is we want warm food. So we get McDonald's. Um, so and yeah. And so Frank. Yeah, this is the first date of the first. So So Frank and you can jump in whenever you want. Once I get to the details that won't get to the venue, right. So, um, so we're driving around. I think we're I don't know how many hours we are early because I know

We were driving around early in the morning and I know we waited hours for the venue to open because we get there in the morning and I think we wait through the afternoon for some reason. And then of course the shows in the evening. So we're actually sitting in the van and we don't know what to do we get to the venue super fuckin early, it stops snowing. Um, I think the whole situation was we show up to the venue we meet Oh, yeah, that's right with the owner. we unload Exactly. And we're gonna stay at one of the guitars, the other bands. We're gonna stay at his brother's house a little up from Oklahoma City. So we thought you know, cool, unload, go hang out. Let's get a shower. Get some get a good nap. Yeah. And then come back and play the show. So we get there. It's closed. We haven't showered in a while. Um, I think it's been at least a day. I don't remember what the traveling was like. I think we played one show before when was Oklahoma? I found correct. I think we played a show here in San Antonio. Before we went

Yeah like a warm up show. Yeah, so we go up there and we're in the parking lot it's like this is like noon time I think and we're fucking bored and me and cam actually like to watch this guy called Coyote Peterson is they get stuck. So I actually found him and we actually saw like his whole series in the bin we were so because we needed something to keep us interested. So we saw like all the videos that he had uploaded and it was about if you guys never seen him before, look him up. He gets like stung by insects and on purpose, apparently for research reasons and to see how the pain index is. So anyways, we're watching the videos and then so that I think it's a fetish.

So I wouldn't be surprised. So the afternoon so the afternoon comes and we find out I think that one of the bands had to cancel because they were in an accident because of the snow and stuff. So they were legit in an accident so they had to cancel or like fuck, so we're short a band. They can't really we're trying to get contact of the promoter, the owner, nothing. So it gets to nighttime Of course it's starting to get fucking cold again, it's not snowing, but it's cold shit.

We can't have the van on all the time because of course we're gonna fucking the battery and shit. So we're there and

the no one's there. No one's opening, it's getting closer to the time that we're supposed to play. There's not another band there. We're the only ones there. So after sitting there for a while we we see the another band come. And so they come in and they're like, Hey, you know, we introduce ourselves. I didn't get out of the van. I stayed in the van, it was called a shift still. So the guys go outside and they're talking and the other band doesn't know what's going on. And they're local. So they don't they don't know what the hell's going on. They're like, yeah, we don't know why this guy's here. I think we start going on Facebook, and we find out that the owner he's all like, Whoa, I thought the sound guy was supposed to be there. He's not let me call him real quick. Oh, well, he has the key he can go open it up for you guys and start getting ready but you have to go pick him up because he rides a bike. And he's like on the other side of fucking town maybe like 40 minutes away from we're like, yeah

We're not gonna go fucking pick him up like he's telling us to go pick up his fucking guy because he has the keys. He doesn't have the keys. So I'm fine. You want to go on from here because I know y'all were outside talking and stuff. Well, from what I remember everybody was talking trying to get stuff figured out. I'm like, I'm just the guitar player. Yeah, me too. So I walked around and whatnot. So I think what ended up happening was the show wasn't gonna happen. Nobody can get the sound guy. Yeah. And because he rides a bike in all the bands that we're gonna play the show agreed to get on this guy's Facebook page, and just trashed the hell out of his comments sections and just giving them like one star rating. Yeah, cuz I think he had like a four or something out of five. And we're all like, well, there's like 20 of us at least. It was like at least 20 of us. Let's see what that does. Right? Well, I honestly, I think it got to the point where we were so pissed and we're all like, we're not moving this book and Ben and so everybody in this fucking band, makes a one star rating, or a zero rating or whatever and it leaves a battery.

Because the guy didn't want to pay us he canceled the show out literally the day of we didn't fucking know we were in that parking lot for at least 12 hours in the fucking snow right so we're there and then sir enough we all got on our phones this one guy had two accounts why he had two accounts I don't fucking know. But he got on and he you know dropped the reviews and then sure enough not even Can you like less than 10 minutes later the guy hits it says up. Hey guys, What are y'all doing? Like Don't be doing that. And we're like, hey, like you fucking cancel the show like you didn't tell us we can't get in we can't we you know we expected to get paid. To play the show. I traveled for a word called I haven't played a show in a while. fuckin guarantee guarantee so we weren't going to get the guarantee, whatever, whatever. So we're there and then the guys are like, Look, I'll pay off for the show and to go to the next place if y'all just bring my reviews back up. And if I don't I it fucking blows my mind still to this day. That should work because I had never been in that kind of situation and then being in that band where everyone's working together.

The guy's all like, just fucking bring my reviews back up. So we do that he ends up paying us by like PayPal or something. And we ended up getting enough gas money to go to the next show to continue the tour to go on to the second show. The funny thing about it is I find out after the tour that the fucking venue gets closed down anyways, you get shut down. So I'm like, Oh, I fuckin you know, karma, I guess. So. But yeah, that was one of the worst fucking shows and ended up being like the first show of a, you know, I never done a tour before. And looking back in retrospect, those weren't tours. I just want to call them road trips with gigs. Because it was rare that we had a good gig. It was rare that we had a decent gig. Most of them were just not good. We didn't there were some good experiences. I'm not gonna lie, Frank. There was some good experiences we did have. I think it's a matter of perspective. I mean, no, there were some bad ones like a what's the other one? Um, I went to California, the one in Canada. We were actually talking about that to that one. They were nice to us. They didn't

Nothing bad happened to us. They weren't nice. It just it was not a venue. So long story short guys, we ended up

on the last shows. Yeah, yeah. So this was on the second time that we made it run and this was in California. We're coming back down from Washington. Two shows got canceled on that tour. We actually picked one up in Tacoma, which sucked because I was on that tour and missed Metallica playing back home and I wish I would have seen that Kim was there. So we end up playing in a junkyard, like legit a junkyard, like in the middle of fucking nowhere, like it's not even a city. It's a town. And the people were nice. They were nice as fuck they, they bought us to eat, they gave us food.

Without they offered us drugs, all kinds of drugs, but like they were like, they were nice enough to be like, oh, cool, you know, on drugs, cool, whatever. But I mean, the drugs they were, you know, whatever. And then we later learned that Yuba City is meth capital cow. See, I didn't know that. But it was it was fucking crazy. Like we played in it.

was like literally in a garage It was hot as fuck and

we so that's that's one of my that's one of my shows and that was the first show of love our first tour that I've ever done and I was with Frank so that's mine who else has a show where gig they want to talk about? I never had any bad gigs. Lucky Yeah, I put that I guess that's what happens when you're in a tribute band, because you get the guarantee and you're not really doing all kinds of crazy stuff. So luckily, I never got to experience that my my gigs and stuff were bad for different reasons, I guess. Just because of the the the chemistry between all the people in the band so that I guess that kind of made things awkward sometimes Yes, like, we were there playing

like together but we weren't really like playing together we were kind of just there playing our instruments in our own little like worlds and not really ever like coming together which was really weird. But um, yeah, never had anything weird like that cuz

I don't know. I don't know.

So, I mean, like me and Frank have been playing shows for like, what 15 plus years like, Yeah, and it's like we've seen some I always think about that meme to like guy from that movie. What's that movie with?

Oh my gosh, I can't think of that movie but that kid and it says that means it's like y'all are getting paid was like oh yeah, so like there's a meme or it's like the movie is Yeah, that kid like oh yeah, yeah.

Meet the meet the Millers. Yes. That Yeah, so it's like the mean it's like a picture of the sun. Like he's like real like oblivious and like so like, and like it's about tribute bands getting paid, but like the lower down there that are originals. They're like, you guys are getting guys again.

Cuz I mean, I had another one and it was actually another one with me and Frank and I think Britt is actually part of this one, because they're

Another one I wanted to talk about that was the has to do with me and Kim, but I know you could jump in if you want but so I always wanted to play an outdoor stage like I just I love like outdoor festivals and stuff and I always love sunset station for those. You guys don't know it's a it's like an amphitheater. No, it's not even an amphitheater. It's called something that's called Lonestar saloon. Yeah, but it's called that type of venue is called something I forget what it's called. It's like a million Pavilion. There you go. So it's a billion and I always wanted to play like an outdoor festival or something. So I had some buddies who actually got to play oyster bake, which was cool. I never got to play it. But I was like, Oh, that was so.

So we get booked to play a tattoo Expo. And I'm super excited because I'm like, Oh, fuck, like people. People go to fucking tattoo Expo. Yeah. And like, this was actually the second time I got screwed by a tattoo Expo. So another time I actually forgot about that metal band. I'll tell you guys about that play with taproot. I was supposed to actually play with Drowning Pool on a tattoo Expo. And now it's

some bullshit ended up happening to and we got like that think that shit got canceled last minute or some crap. But so this one me and Frank are supposed to play. And so we're promoting it whatever, whatever and I don't remember what month it was. It was cold. So we get there and I don't know if this happens to your us It happens to one of us where the security is all like, like not letting us in. Because it was probably us and that's why y'all got an easy. So the guys are like, Yeah, I don't know anything about a band. We're like, we're supposed to be fucking playing the Coliseum, like outside. Like there's a tattoo Expo we have our fucking gear in the truck. We have the fucking tickets and so like he's like calling on the walkie blah blah blah. So finally we get in. And we're waiting for you guys and we're setting up and it's an outdoor stage between you know, two of the I don't know what the fuck they're called. So we're there and I'm like, excited cuz I'm like, oh tattoo Expo. There's nobody there. Nobody like it's like this is held in an arena. That's how big the

tattoo Expo is there's nobody fucking there like, we played to Britt and maybe two other people it was like friends me Yeah, sister in law who I ran into they're literally the three of us and Sandra and the old guy that was doing the sound.

So there was no that's it. Like it was like a big stage outdoors. Like there should have been people there. There was nobody there. And it was a fucking bummer. Like it was. Yeah. So to tattoo Actually, I couldn't play it. And I didn't want to play twice. Well, I think we did have to play twice. Yeah, we have to loop it. Yeah, play two sets, because I think the other band was running and the other battles running late. Yeah, that was worse. So went to players and things so we had to fill their time. Yeah. So we played twice. Yeah, it was kind of chilly. I think I remember. There were there were there was a show too, that I played back in oh five. And I was the same band that I mentioned earlier. derailed. It was a Sunday night and

Everybody has to go to work the next day, whatever they're doing. We ended up playing the show at one in the morning. And we play to only the sound guy. The random pizza guy that just likes those pieces.

I think I was there. I think I was Mario. Yeah, I think I was there. Yeah. Yeah. So we played to the sound guy. I guess Mario was there to play to the pizza dude. And we played to the guy with the leaf blower outside. Right? Yeah, it was like a Roman like the like windows are broken and stuff, I think. Yeah. So I think that place used to be called the White Rabbit pizzeria. Yeah, it was like the third building. So it was like the first building and then there was there was the rumble now, right?

Yeah, it's like a Little Hipster bar now. But basically, the third room was if you weren't good enough to play the second room or the main room, they put you in the third room.

And it's just cross your fingers and hope somebody walks in and check and catches Yeah. Well, it was crazy. Because I remember back in the day like this was like when people didn't have like, everyone.

cellphones weren't as big as they are now social media. I think the biggest thing there was was MySpace and even then it wasn't it this was like the beginning of my space. So you could play it the rabbit we did it tons of times where like you would go yet the main stage, the second stage, people were just walking around going to first stage second stage, no one had fucking phones on them. They were just hanging out, they had a couch back there, who were always hanging out back there those like the shit. And this was awesome. I was like, 12 or something. And then like you fast forward to like 20 years later, and she's like, completely different. Like you can't get people to look at you for I mean, a good example is we played an unofficial South by Southwest show, like two three years ago. And we got lucky with that one only because of the traffic that was there. But even then, like, I mean,

like with zero promotion, I mean, yeah, um, but you can get that here nowadays, like, like at all like it's just fucking crazy back then, like you could play in, even also to our first show. The first band that I was ever in was Frank. We actually ran it out.



was the gym. Yes. Across the street from where I lived. There was a rec center. Yeah, a rec center. They go community center Community Center, but they had a they had a rec center, a gym and then we we rent it out and we made our own little festival that we called the local rock show or something. Check this out. people showed up that we didn't even know. Like, we made flyers I made that we drew out the flyers means somebody else made the flyers. We printed them like fucking so what we did was no, not even that what we did was like we made one little one little flyer that would fit on four pages, made a copy did it four times. So then we had four copies of the same flyer on one sheet, printed that bitch out a whole bunch of copied it, then cut them by hand pass them out. We so we were going to this one high school we had people coming in from other high schools that we didn't even know and we made money on that show. Like we actually charge that the door actually to pay for the you know, the booking and stuff and

That was like no fucking cell phones. No social media, just flyers. Speaking of cell phones, I wish I saw stone sour in 2017. And I think it was at the same shitty venue. I don't know how I ended up there again, that ring image of an athlete. And I swear the guy in front of me recorded the whole show. Yeah, I was watching. I literally had to watch the show. Had to watch Cory through his phone because I couldn't see cuz he was in my way. And it was I hate that. I hate that. Like, if you want to make a video, a snap a couple photos, whatever, then push it away. Like, you don't need to record the whole thing. And you know,

we're not making memories anymore in our brains because we're so attached to our phones and recording every minute. Yeah, like when we go to shows now I'll take literally two pictures I'll take a picture of like when they have a backdrop. So I'll take one picture of like the backdrop before the bed.

plays and then like, I'll take a couple of pictures while the band's performing, but other than that I restrained myself from taking videos. I don't take videos right it's annoying to be with your arms up. I can't see my arms up, but their arms up like with like inches. People are trying to enjoy it too, like Frank and I went to see a perfect circle at the Freeman Freeman. Yeah. And they had had really strict rules about cell phones. And they had security out there with like super high beam flashlights. And if you had your phone out, they would flash you. And if they had to do it multiple times to the same person that would come and escort that person out. Oh, wow. And so they're really hardcore about it. And Maynard Oh, yeah. Manos row. Yeah. You know, and said like, think the show was like that to where he just been? Yeah. And he said, like, Everybody put your phones away. Let's just be in the moment. Yeah, just be in the moment together. And they were fucking idiots filming him saying that, you know, I'm filming the moment that he's like, let's put our phones away and just be here together. Like I don't

Understand, like I always had like dreams about that we're like if we if I ever got to that level of like success that I would do that, like even if it wasn't for like my whole career like I would do a tour where no cellphones were allowed because the best shows that I can remember from when I was a kid in high school. We didn't have cell phones like the coolest thing. I remember where the crowds were the best because everyone would jump together. Like there was a certain tension Well, yeah, but there was this thing that everybody would do where like you would put your hands in front of the on your on the shoulders of the person in front of you, everybody would move everyone's singing together between songs. People were talking to each other like, it was the fucking coolest. You're getting beer spilled on your head because your crowd or somebody has their elbow on you because they're trying to record someone take a picture and I fucking hate that. But um, I don't know. I think that's cool that Maynard does that. I don't have anything against it. I would definitely do that for at least one straight shot of torian but there are some bands that encouraged the use of cell phones. Oh yeah, definitely. Cuz

Well, not only promotion

But they want you to submit that video to them or collection of fan videos that or you know, the fans get together and make an unauthorized live concert video. Yeah, that later the band gets window. So yeah, you know, I think that's just like a like, there should be a limit like, you don't need to record the whole show. Now we were at a smashing pumpkin show and there was a dude next to us who live streamed the

entire show. Oh, wow. I've never I never heard of that. But that's crazy. Was it jack white, I think who did like the whole no phone policy. Like when you went into the show you had to put your phone in a box or something in a pouch or something that they held for you. That's, yeah, that's, I mean, that's fine. I think you could carry the pouch with you in the show. But if you were to like, slide it, open it, it pings somebody from security. And then though they'll tell you you know, move to the concessionary to use your phone, don't use it in the game performance area. I mean, it's just crazy because it's a different conversation, but it's how like people can

Manage with your cell phones now because I remember back when like my parents used to drop me off at shows I didn't have a cell phone, I would have to go looking for the damn vehicle in order to get it right back. It meant you had to show up. Yeah, time that you said Yeah. And they're like, and they're like, I'm gonna park here like find the damn truck. So I would go walking like blocks like okay, I found the damn truck and without a cell phone. Yeah, but um, so yeah, I mean, people had to honor commitments they made Yeah, like at the last second Yeah, you know, it was it was nice y'all. Um, I have I had a couple of just really quick ones if anyone else has one but before we do that and close out um, I had this is one of the stories that Alex Estrada from Twitter and Instagram sent us he put only show that comes to my mind was at sunset station with a tree who I've seen multiple, multiple times they played great but crowd was dead. No one cared for them. They open for panic At The Disco, which is their pairing. There were a few other bands I can't remember who off my head. I want to say Bullet for My Valentine kind of sounds right? But could be getting confused.

Taste of chaos which is also kind of funny because I've been in some big pits even in a wall of death but the most damage done to me was done by all the girls that were there for panic at the disco. I've been to shows like that where the girls beat the shit out of me because of the man's got my friend's younger sister to the front we both came out with scratches by the way I hate panic At The Disco were shown to me due to the bands I wanted to see had no crowd just didn't feel right so going off of what he was saying me and Kim actually same thing we went to go see see ky together so she had seen them by once by by herself before we were talking then I saw him once by myself and when we saw him together we were super hyped. And it was dead actually fucking crazy. It was backstage live again. Yeah, the same fucking venue that we've been talking about. Yeah, so they don't have a crowd. The crowds The only people that are there like diehard people maybe but they're like people that knew ck why because there was like a lot of people that have had VIP packages. Yeah, but the what made that show so weird was that not only

They're not a lot of people, there was literally three rows of people. And the two opening bands were what made the experience worse.

So I'm just going to talk about one of them. One of them. It was a guitarist, a bass player, drummer, no singer.

The singer was the drummer. And this guitars, yes, you're not. But what was weird was it like it was like metal. So like, he was trying to like be a person, but he but but he was playing the drums. And then the guitars and the bass player were standing there so awkwardly like silent and silence. Like they were just there. And then on top of that, that me and Frank will probably have a conversation about this later. But so the guitars they had on stage was playing rhythm and they were playing to a backtrack to a lead guitar.

Okay, I was like, why would you do that? Like, it was just fucking awkward. And then the second band was awkward, too. They were they were there were googly eye in her girls on the front. And I was like, nope.

What makes it worse? What makes it worse? The drummer in that band was a drummer that was in my band originally that I kicked out because he wasn't. He was a hard worker. And I was like, when I recognize that guy, sure enough, I had kicked him out of my band because it's terrible.

But he remembered

she said, This is terrible, but so anyways, um, but yeah, that was the that was mine. And then the two quick ones that I have real quick unless you guys have anything else, collapsing stages. So I've been on two stages that collapse before one I was playing at this venue called backstage live. It was actually down the street from high school we went to so we were playing and we were getting into it whatnot. And the drummer starts his thing starts looking weird to me. I'm like, his cymbals were like moving weird. I was like, What the fuck? So I went more towards my amp, which was closer to his drum set, and where my amp was the stage dipped in so I kind of went in with the amp.

And I was like, What the fuck like so where we were at the stage collapse. And then the second one was actually me and Frank, this was a show that we played in Laredo with the Japanese band called salsa. That band. I mean that that stage was rickety as hell. And I remember where we were at it was moving like fucking crazy. I think my pedal got disconnected because of the shaking of the stage. And it was like, I want to say it was like maybe four feet high, but it was rickety. So yeah, but I actually had fun at that show. It was a decent show, though. There was like, there were people there when I was Yeah, I think in my mindset, something was going on with me that that that at that time, I think that was probably the largest crowd that we played to

see, like, I think I was depressed at that time. And so like, I wasn't not enjoying it and then like playing and then having my guitar disconnect. I was trying to figure it out. Um, but yeah, that was Those are my Sage collapsing stories real quick. If anyone else has to

ky show what a bunch of people were there. But they were there for that other band. I forget what band it was.

Right, was it? It was slaves. Okay, so slaves is a singer. What's his name? Wow. I don't know. But they're what they were gonna look at a pack for them. That's right. So okay, so this goes back to what your buddy just said from Twitter, so about getting scratched up and beat up by girls. Okay, so these this crowd That's right. So this this big crowd was there for this band slaves.

And the girls were like going crazy. This guy was not good. And it was all girls there singing yelling Matt McAndrew. No, his name is like

a vocalist. No, they must have another singer. What's his name?

For me, I've heard the band slaves, but I don't know. Their music. Are you sure? Yeah. No, it was that bad. Okay, so then I got the singers name wrong, but

Yeah, that was definitely the man. And these girls were going crazy man and it was like screaming in my ear. And like they were like they were moving the crowd and then so CD wise and headlining act, slaves is done. Everybody in crowd splits they're gone. And I was like, What? Like and then but then you kind of tell you can kind of see why because all those girls and all that crowd there was there they were way younger than us and see ky obviously, they're there. They're like our age group. And it was pretty much that was left was like our age group. And we were there and I was like, What? Like, see ky was tons better and they weren't even the same genre to me like it was so weird. A really weird pairing. Yeah, it was a weird parents. So um, but yeah, that was a good that was a good I do actually have forgotten about Yeah, I do have another show. And I was like saving this one because I was really really heartbroken. So when I was of course, like high school age, and a little bit after that even still kind

And now but not as much anymore. him has always been one of my favorite bands. I love Volvo. I love his voice. I think I talked about that a little bit last time. But this was the August 2007 project revolution tour at the Verizon was amphitheatre. And they're a band from Finland, so they're never really here. And they were on that tour. I was so excited to see them because I'm like, oh, like this band from Finland has finished band that's never really in the states touring that I knew of is going to be here. I'm so excited to see them. I never thought that I would get to see them which actually ended up seeing them twice. So that that was but yeah, yeah, did I really did because when I saw them on project revolution, so this was August 2007. And it was a pre sober veal vow. So he was like the whole set. He was just hanging on to his microphone like literally hanging on to the stand the microphone. He smoked like two packs of cigarettes throughout the day. He just stood there. It was boring and

Even speaking of crazy girls, I think My Chemical Romance played before that, and they were like, pushing me.

Like pushing, and I was like, they better move when him comes on. Yeah, cuz I'm gonna move them if they don't so like, but I was just so disappointed because I loved him and I like, you know, around that time that was 2007. So they were really big to me in that time period time period.

Like it's so long ago in that time period, but um, I mean, I was Yeah, so I was like, really disappointed and sad. But then.

But then I got to see them again in 2017 in Dallas, with CPI. And, you know, some of y'all got sober later that year in 2007. I think he got sober, like, at the end of that year, and so he's been sober ever since. And so when I saw him, he was sober and the show was much better. He was into it. You know, it was moving around. He wasn't smoking. He wasn't hanging

All over his mics in it made me happy because that was their farewell tour so shoot

Yeah, it's good any guys

um well I guess, openers that ruin

shows the entire show almost in a way

2011 in Austin at the ODE emos and emos was like the cbgb of Austin back then it was really rowdy really gross venue but that was like the place to go.

She wants she Yeah, and she wants revenge was on tour and they had Nico Vega on Oh yeah, Nico here on tour with him opening and they're like a bit of a pop rock. So rock type band, kind of like I haven't heard a lot of their stuff. So they're playing they're sad and throughout the whole time, they're just having sound issues.

And guitars is just complaining, complaining. complain.

Anytime like a big diva, and I'm like do okay yeah it happens you know it sucks. But it's like after every song has to make a comment on how bad the show on how bad the sound is.

I ended up staying for she wants revenge, but just their level of do Shree ended up ruining the entire show for me. Yeah, you know, but I wanted to get my money's worth I paid to see she wants revenge and and this band comes along and complains a whole set. And I'm like you're lucky she wants revenge doesn't kick you off their tour. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, yeah, that's that's good. Yes. I'm the only the only the only other one that I could think of was a Guns and Roses. I saw some Guns and Roses like six years ago. And it was of course it wasn't a slash. It was DJ Asheville. I forget his name is DJ ash. But yeah, so I see them on there. They're planning a music festival on I'm there all day with my brother. Well, actually, I'm there with my mom and dad too. We the family

We used to go to the festival every year. So we go and we go to see other bands and I was like, why not see Guns and Roses or whatever, right? So of course, they go on late, like 30 minutes after they're there their set time. What makes it worse is that everyone's been there all day in the heat in the middle of summer. You know, they've been there on all day. Some people have been there all day. Um, so we were there and after every I'm not even kidding you. After every three songs. Axl Rose and DJ Go to the back to change shirts and change hats. Every three fucking songs and me and my brother are literally like about to collapse like that's how fucking tired we are. We ate I didn't drink beer. You know there was usually when I go to concerts I don't drink which is crazy. I know it sounds crazy everybody I don't drink do every now and then now like when we saw Slipknot I got a couple of drinks. Yeah, that's it's expensive. I mean, even getting water is expensive.

In Powerade, not only that, but I The reason why I skip having any type of drink at the show is because I don't want to go to the restroom. Oh, yeah, same well. Oh, trust me. That's my unless they have a bathroom attendant. Yeah.

So So yeah, every three songs they're fucking changing outfits and I don't understand why I'm like dude, it's the evening the sun's down. We need to change outfits not fucking new and like DJ so DJ I don't know if you're familiar with him he he wears like a mimic hat that slash Russell's like slash has a top hat. He wears like some stitch tat. And

yeah, so he would change the hat he would change like his shirt. Axel would change his shirt. I'm like, you know,

so yeah, that was that was the only one Yeah, exactly. So that was like the only one I could think of and that's all that I had on my list. I don't know if you guys have anything else but it's all about the theatrics for those No, no, no, no, not. Now when it comes to guns roses. Fuck that. It shouldn't be but ya know, it's like guns in

Roses are good stuff is epic enough to me. You don't need to do that. Some bands you just don't need to do that some batch to just stand there and play and it's epic enough. You know what I mean? But, um, we had no they definitely didn't need to do that. So that was my that was my list. Yeah, I mean, I can.

I can't say that. I've seen a lot of bad shows, because we've just gotten lucky. It's just a few handfuls where, yeah, I Although I will say that there have been times where I've seen bands and the music is really, really good. But the band themselves is trying way too hard. Oh, yeah, just stand apart. Yeah. And I'm just thinking if you just like tone it down. Yeah. And actually let the music speak for itself. Yeah.

You don't have to be extra about what you're doing. But there's a lot of bands to that trying to compensate for that where their music is not they try to go be extra and this way or that way because our music just doesn't Yeah, well, I mean, that's that's another topic too because there's a lot of bands I've seen like that.

Where the label puts them out because the way they look or whatever, and they're kind of sometimes get into the pop territory where it's not about even what they sound like. It's about like, Oh, this is the genre they're trying to, or this is the band they're trying to mimic and whatever.

But yeah, I mean, so if no one else has anything else, I think next episode, we'll probably talk about shitty rock stations. Because I've been wanting to talk about this for a long time. And Kim, I've gone into long discussions about this. So if you guys live anywhere, and you guys just have a radio station that used to be cooling just because I have, like long a lot of talk about about this because our radio station locally used to be really cool. They used to do a lot of cool stuff. And now they're just Lamia. And now I listen to you know,

online radio stations. Well, yeah, exactly. So now I just listen to online like we're there. It's not even a radio station. It's just a playlist going on. Not Spotify. Listen to Pandora. Actually, I really like Pandora. But um, but yeah, so if you guys have any

stories or any radio stations, you guys want to put on blast, because it actually needs to happen. And there's a reason why me and Kim actually talked about it. There's a band called nothing more if you guys know nothing more, it's actually from here in San Antonio and they get zero promotion from the local radio station. Fucking shame that we went to. Yeah, you can actually say that Johnny, Johnny Hopkins the singer literally was like and well

it's funny how he said it he said thank you

for not playing our music. The only station in the in the in the US not playing our songs and they they actually got nominated for a Grammy. And I remember actually going back I tell him I told him the story, man Frank actually played a gig with them. Yeah. So we actually did this, like try to get this thing for a I don't know what the fuck it was. It was like a competition and when we ended up playing at a church, and they were there this was like when we were in high school, so we actually fucking were in the same

venue general area starting up when nothing more was starting up. And this was I guess, when Johnny was playing drums at the time because I know he was a singing. But uh, so yeah, that's gonna be next episode if you guys have anything to say about that.

If you guys have anything to say about that just hit us up on our social media. You can find all that at our website at Rock talk. Happy Hour pod calm and you can also find our email on there on the contact so you can email us so thanks for listening guys, though the first episode, you guys you guys show love for it. I mean, I didn't. I don't know who listened to it. But there was there was people listening to it. So where are we? We're Thank you. Um, so you know. Yeah, just wanted to say thank you. If you guys want to say anything else before we leave, and we're good.

Sorry, the first episode was two hours.

But I like podcasts and I like when my podcasts are long because I listen to my work. So if you're this if you're like me, then I guess you have no complaint but I mean, first episode came out good. So thank you guys for

I'm showing it love. Thank you. Yeah, until next time. All right guys, cheers.

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