Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 1 - Intro (Top 10 Albums)

June 13, 2020 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 1
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 1 - Intro (Top 10 Albums)
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 1 - Intro (Top 10 Albums)
Jun 13, 2020 Episode 1
Rock Talk Happy Hour

This episode, we give you a (lengthy) intro about ourselves, and the podcast, while of course, drinking and discussing beer. Cheers!

Show Notes Transcript

This episode, we give you a (lengthy) intro about ourselves, and the podcast, while of course, drinking and discussing beer. Cheers!

Hello, everyone, welcome to the first episode of Bach talk happy hour. Oh, I almost forgot the name of the show. Very first episode. Um, and my name is Mario with Kimberly Frank and Britt so everybody say hi. Hi. Hi, sweet. Alright, so this is gonna be an intro episode just to let you guys know what the podcast is all about.

We love beer. We love music. So we decided, hey, you know, we talked about it enough. Why not make a podcast out of it. I love doing podcasts. I've had a couple in the past, but this is more of my interest than anything else. So I thought this would be a good a good idea to give a shot and no one else is doing it.

So hope you guys enjoy. We're going to be learning about beers as we go along because I know we like trying different beers we'll learn about

not of course in this episode, but through our journey and doing this podcast we'll learn about pale ales, ales, stouts, Porter's lagers, pilsners wines, whiskies, whatever, whatever, you know, that's an alcoholic beverage, we're gonna learn about it. We're also going to be talking about music because we love music. So I just wanted to go around real quick and just have everyone introduce themselves give, just say a little bit about your music background, whether you know, when you started listening to music, when you you know, just just your your, your music side,

you know, a little background that and about what you like to drink, too. So on top of that, this podcast is going to be us drinking and trying new beers and never repeating. So, if you hear us talking about a beer or wine or a whiskey on this podcast, we're not going to have it again, we're gonna have a different

Every time so yeah, we're never going to repeat and there's going to be a table on our website at Rock talk happy hour pod calm. So, Frank, you want to go first and tell us a little bit about your music background and what you're doing, what kind of what kind of drinks you like to share. So my name is Frank, my music background

maybe about 10 or so. And I started playing guitar. And 12 when I started playing bass, I take a lot of my music, talents, I guess from my dad's side of the family, a lot of musicians there.

In I have pretty much played in bands since I was 14, and all sorts of bands, all sorts of genres.

I've pretty much been doing music for the past, what 20 years or so. And, and I think we've been doing a lot of music like together for that amount of time. Because for of course people don't know but we I mean, Frank go way back

Moms know each other. Yes it also. Yeah, we've been my first band was with Frank back in the day and we actually like in the summer of 69 Yeah. And we were lucky enough to actually do some I'm not gonna say we toured we didn't we did a road trip plane shows on a lot of the East Coast of the US and I know he did some shows when we weren't together and I did shows when you know when we weren't together but uh, yeah, just wanted to throw that in there.


I will pretty much listen to anything I'm not judgmental. I'm not picky.

Even if it's some shitty pop country I'll still try to find some valid I don't know about that. I mean to it country's now allowed in his household No, but but I but I feel if you have a good appreciative ear, you'll probably get past some of the not so cool things about it. Yeah, to find something of worth Yeah, there's definitely some like what

The word like there's some golden a lot and a lot of the shitty drummers to like, even in those like you'll have something. At least one thing good out of out of the sea of, you know, right rapper, whatever, but I'm gonna say that because there's a lot of stuff I don't like and but, I mean, yeah, but uh, yeah, I mean and what do you like to drink? What do I like to drink? Well now he switched over but yeah, so for the past six months I've been drinking non alcoholic beers.

Surprisingly, they are really, really good. There are some hit or misses. If you go more the craft route, you're gonna find some really good stuff. If you stick to the traditional. I guess like old duels type stuff, you're not gonna have a good time with that. But, you know, definitely my favorite drink is a Heineken zero. It's zero alcohol.

That one if you like the taste of those turkeys, I think you're gonna like the high neck and especially if you squeeze a little bit of lime in

Put some salt in it. It's really good. That's pretty much my my go to the one I'm drinking now I've never tried it before. It is a hairless dog, though the brewing company's called hairless dog and it's a non alcoholic black ale. And it's a zero percent alcohol. Now I do want to clarify some, I guess misunderstanding about alcohol free beers is a lot of the alcohol free beers are marketed as point five or less. It's not to say that they are I mean, they have trace amounts of alcohol but you literally need a drink like 80 of them to get just the slightest buzz. But you know, even with the lack of alcohol, they have a really good flavor. Yeah, so yeah, I got to try one of those later because I know you brought some of those, so I'll give that a shot. Oh, who wants to go next or you got some more? I don't know if I have any more. Just, you know, I'm just the guy that likes to listen to music and drink some good stuff.

Yeah, we'll learn more about him later because, as I said, Well as I said, this is an intro episode. So So our main topic today is going to be our top 10 albums that we love and enjoy. So we'll talk about that so you can get to know us a little more and see where our music tastes are. And of course, we'll be talking about beer along the way, too. But would you like to give it a shot? Sure. Um, my name is Britt. I'm the only non musician in the group so I don't play any instruments unless you I've seen her sing karaoke that count. Yeah, totally. I got your karaoke. I could probably handle a tambourine.

That might be about it. But

I've loved music My whole life. And I've been really into listening to music since I was a kid. And I was really influenced by my older sister and I thought she was so cool. And she was into new wave and so I was always listening to new wave. But that's one of my favorite genres. I also love punk and post punk as well. And so

Left going to shows back when we were allowed to and yeah I knew for it to be able to do that again one day but and one thing that's cool about Frank and Britt is these guys are always going to well before pre COVID

they're always going out of state shows and stuff so we're gonna have we're gonna get to hear stories from these guys from you know, different bands and shows from from all over which is cool. Kim and I like to go to shows to will usually stay here in the, you know, Austin San Antonio area. We'd like to branch up of course of this whole COVID thing going on when that's gonna happen.

Yeah, no, thank you, Brett. So we'll talk more about that stuff in a bit to Kim here.

My name is Kimberly. I am a musician as well. I didn't tap into those talents as early on as my buddies here. However.

I do have a family background of musicians. My dad is a musician

My grandma, his mom and his uncle and kind of just goes back from there. I didn't tap into those talents up until about 2017 2018, I started playing the drums in a tribute band. And I actually started learning piano with my grandmother. I currently play bass in a tribute band, but we'll talk more about that. And another point.

Music I love music I my music tastes have evolved. I don't want to age myself. However, they did start in the pop.

age when pop was really big in sync, Brittany, you know, all that stuff. And then it evolved into alternative from that era, which is my diehard favor. I'm big 90s alternative fan, and other things as well. But I guess we'll find out more about that as we go on. Yeah. And then real quick. I didn't get to ask you. Were you drinking right now? I forgot to talk about that. No.

I forgot to mention that I'm also drinking a non alcoholic beer with Frank here and it's from the company called surreal Brewing Company. And it's a cool style beer. non alcoholic. It's pretty good. Do it. Do you guys know anything like about the cultures or the or the ales like cuz of course if you don't, that's what this podcast is about. I know there's probably a lot of people that don't know about, you know, the different types of beer. Yeah, we're gonna learn about that, too. I don't know a whole lot of back when I was drinking beer. I was really all about like the half of eisenerz the very weedy stuff.

And the sour beers are good. Yeah, I don't think I've tried when I've seen them around. I haven't tried. Yeah, sour beers are definitely a good a good one to have. Um, speaking of that, like it's so crazy, because well, I know. I know. I could speak for us too. I know what you guys because I know you guys like shiner too. But I'm a big shiner fan. And the cool thing about shiner is that they have they have cold

They have IPAs, which IPAs. I still haven't really gotten into I can't I don't really like IPAs too much. Even the shiner stuff. They have. They hit Yeah, they have all types of beer. So that's one thing I like about shiner. You're going to hear a lot about shiner on this podcast. But we're going to be branching out from that shiner just has so many so many different types, that I'm going to try to go through all of them as much as I can. They even have a whole bunch of seasonal, seasonal ones that come out during different times of the year. Kim, what are you drinking? I'm not a big drinker. I've never really been a big drinker up until I met Mario or got reconnected with Mario back in 2018. I'll try. I like to try different things I'm currently drinking right now. Oh, I don't want to butcher this line. Google Summer Shandy Liyan Google line cooking.

Summer Shandy. I really really love this.

This brand I don't I just discovered them not too long ago. Maybe

No probably about a year and they're from Wisconsin so we can trust them.

And I've just I love I we will talk about more because I will probably be drinking them throughout but some lemon this summer Shandy is a we spear Weis beer brewed with honey and natural lemon flavor. So that one's actually pretty good. I did have the orange one a couple weeks ago or last week and I really really liked that one. And that one was really good dress with like chili powder. And we're in San Antonio. So we like to dress our beers kind of weird sometimes. And that one was really good with a chili powder. This one actually is two because it has that lemon flavor with it. But I will drink I love me a frozen Margarita. I just had one actually before we got started. I'll try whiskey If mario makes me try whiskey because he loves whiskies. I'll try these different beers because he loves these beers. Like I said, it all leads back tomorrow. I'm sorry, I'm a bad influence. Well, I mean I i actually

We just got into whiskey myself like maybe it's weird because she doesn't drink whiskey. And I didn't start drinking whiskey till about two years ago. So I started really getting into it. I want to try more. What I'm drinking right now is I love coffee. Um, of course, I love beer. So Blue Moon has an iced coffee blonde and I like to smell every beer that I get and try just to see what see if I can smell the hints of what it has inside it. Sometimes I guess right. I'll try to guess it before I even taste it. This one smells like smells like a like a Starbucks drink. It really does. It has a real distinct coffee smell. You can tell you really can't smell anything else but the coffee


Oh, I don't know what you said anyway. Oh, yeah, I will. I'll get to that. But, um, so So yeah, so that's what I'm drinking right now. And on top of that everything that we drink, like I said is going to be on the website and you can see what we drink per episode.

You can try them yourselves and let us know what you think and then also suggest beers to us because I know there's a lot of regional stuff. For example, there's

Yingling, so yuling apparently, it's like, I don't know if this is true or not, but somebody told me that that's like the blood light of that region, but it doesn't taste like but like, to me it tastes basic when we're all like excited about it. But yeah, had it before. And so we thought it was really good. We were like, oh, you're drinking like, That's nothing. That's just like, the Budweiser.

And then speaking of that, we Frank and I actually had the regional version of that. I guess, when we went up to the north east. What was that beer that we had in Washington?

It was like it was like their thing. Were you Oh, yeah. Run Northwest, actually.

Oh, yeah. Right. Northwest. I'm sorry.

You're cut off.

I don't know why.

I've never been to the east coast West Coast. I think it was right near. Right. Yeah, there you go. Because Mount Rainier Yeah. I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right. Is it reindeer reindeer? I don't know. I think it's I thought it was reindeer but whatever you guys think if you guys are in the region, you guys know what we're talking about. But yeah, we had that and I actually enjoyed that pretty and it doesn't taste like Well yeah, I mean, I guess I shouldn't have said but like, I should have said Lone Star because our Lone Star is like their Yingling is like their Mount Rainier. But there are they're all pretty good. I really liked being Lena.

Yeah, and

actually, also, I mean, I don't know if you remember, but being on the West Coast maybe has something to do with the elevation but I got drunk faster. Oh, probably. I mean,

maybe I mean, that sounds I don't know. It's probably I remember after two I was like, what's going on

and also, the interesting

thing is to you is actually the oldest brewery in the US. And I tried to fact check it That's what it says on the bottle but I trust it and I looked, I looked and apparently like it is like that is the oldest that is the oldest brewery. But I'm so about that Kim was reminding me I had to talk about myself. I forgot actually. So um, same was Frank. I mean, I I started playing well, I yeah, I started playing the guitar when I was 10.

So I've been playing for Let me see if I can do the math real quick.

22 years yeah, I've been playing music for 22 years I've been in punk bands I've been in metal bands I've been in. The type of music I like to stick to when I write is alternative rock or alternative metal. Frank was with me and a couple versions of those bands and

in I was also I also played drums in school. So drums I never really stopped

To outside of school, I'll touch them every once in a while, just because I think it's fun. But guitar has been my thing. I've always been into music and metal especially when I was younger. I think I started listening to alternative first like matchbox and stuff like that. So a lot of the late 90s alternative stuff and then when I was younger, my dad listened to a lot of classic rock classic metal. So he listened to a lot of Sabbath and Iron Maiden and stuff like that. AC DC, and then that kind of leaked in and I kind of, I know this is kind of cliche, and everyone talks about it, but Metallica, I guess was kind of the gateway for me to get into that stuff. Even though my dad did have a lot of those Meinl which I have now I kind of inherited them. Um, but uh, yeah, so, um, I grew up on metal head. Then I kind of branched out and got into other stuff. But uh, yeah, like going to our list. You'll see where we came from and where, where we were at like, and I guess we'll talk about more, talk more about that, as we go.

Door lists. But um, how do you guys want to do it? You want to go? Like everyone goes straight to their 10? Or do you want to go 10 1010? Nine all the way around. I was thinking maybe all the way around so that way,

too. Yeah, every and everybody's 10 or nine or eight is, you know, cool. And then yeah, you know what I mean? Cool. And then we'll, we'll talk about it and you know, just have a conversation about it, because we like I said, we like to hang out and drink and just talk about music. And we ended up having some pretty interesting conversations, but I just thought it'd be something that you know, we can involve more people in

Instagram, Facebook, you know, Twitter or you guys can hit us up there. You can go to the website, like I said, rock talk, happy hour, pod, calm, leave us your comments, suggestions, all that stuff, blah, blah, blah. And you guys, actually when we're done with this, this is our top 10 list. We'll actually have

albums that didn't make it to our top 10 and they'll have it on our blog on our website, so you can check that out too and leave us your top 10 on Facebook, and

Where you want to? Who wants to go first with their number 10?

Who wants to go first with their number? 10 I guess.

Okay, so I just want to say that even though I have more of a metal background, given the music I've played, my list is super buried Beckett. There's nothing that's good that but you know, I feel like that's where some of the best music comes from you listen to stuff outside of the music you play, and that definitely shapes you as a musician. So I'm gonna start my number 10 is

Danish pop rock duel. The Raven nets. I've heard them I don't I'm not familiar with their music. Yeah, the raven nets are really really good.

Their album Raven in the grave to me that's like the definitive Raven net. It's

very dark. Very broody, very

different from anything they put out in the past and I

I have some seasonal albums and this album in particular I associated with the winter. If you associate gloom and doom in


I guess, morose type feelings with winter, but I'm not sure that this is something about it it just feels like the perfect winter album to me it's not cheery, but it's it just feels like it. Like like the perfect winter album. So like I don't like Christmas music do you think this would replace Christmas music?

No, that's cool. I'll just skip it then. I mean,

I I hate Christmas music sorry. So that's that's a little bit of my music background too. I can't stand it. But I also worked retail for a while and you hear it like all July and then as soon as Thanksgiving No, I take that back like once November would hit. So I would hear Christmas music

Three months out of the year. Too much to me is way too much. Yeah, but one thing I like about this album is well it just in particular the raven nets they have a way of making a big sound with so little it's just the the two main people, guitar and bass and they have session musicians doing drums and whatnot but on Raven in the grave, I mean if you're a fan of walls of reverb and all sorts of fuzzy guitars and very,

very minimal drumming.

I don't know how to put it I mean, it's Scott, everything that I like about that, that type of music. And like I said, you know, they make such a big sound with so little. And, you know, like I said, you know that it's it's bombastic. It's got a lot of reverb, you know, just like walls of reverb. It's got you know, very disorienting guitars and very skeleton like drums and the vocals are very good.


to me, you know, that's, I feel like that was a turning point in the band's career because nothing prior to that sounded like what what what this sounded like and I guess

I wouldn't I wouldn't know how to really describe the album, genre wise to me. It sounds like a goth surf rock type

album if that's even a thing what you did this come on? I was like 2012 2011 something like that. Yeah, so if, if you like goth music if you like surf music if you like, indie pop, Yo, I think you'll you'll definitely like this one. Have you ever seen them live? Never seen them live? No, unfortunately. That's one band that I do want to see live but No, I've never seen them live.

Yeah, yeah. Well, I say that because like, I wanted to see ROM sign later this year. And I don't know. That's probably not gonna happen anytime soon. So I've never

We're seeing them live. I know you've seen them live. Yeah, they're they're really good. They're really fun. They're not they're not Danish though. Oh, yeah. They're in the general area. But uh, alright, cool, man.


Oh, Britt said Kim.

Okay, I didn't do my list isn't gonna be as well thought out and have a background to it. Like, I didn't get real technical. Speaking of that, like you don't have like, it's fine. You don't got to be technical. And we didn't share lists with each other before this. So this is all new to I don't know what's on your list. You don't know what's on mine. You could probably guess but, um, oh, yeah. Okay, so my number 10 would have to be Drowning Pool Center, which came out in 2001, which was around I guess I was in like seventh or eighth grade back then because I didn't want to age myself. But there you go.

It was probably one of the first rock albums that I owned.

My parents, were not my parents but probably my mother was like, No, I don't want you to have these albums because that was a couple along with a couple other ones. I don't know if both of the other ones on my list or not. But anyway, john nichols center came out in 2001. I was in middle school.

It was one of the first albums I own that was rock because I had our like I said mentioned earlier, I owned like all the Britney albums and all the insync albums and Backstreet Boys and I was in that

place in that time, of course, my age. But I really liked this album because it was one of the first rock albums that I owned after Dave Williams passed, which was maybe a year after that album came out, I couldn't get into them again. I just I I loved him as a vocalist and I just could not listen to any of their

other albums after him. So that one will always hold a great spot in my heart. It's at number 10, but that doesn't mean that it's any like

Less, you know, loved. But I can listen to it from start to finish. That's my list. my list is based on the fact that I can listen to these albums one through 10 from start to finish, not skipping a single track, and I could listen to it over and over and over again. So if I had 10 albums to take to a deserted island that I could like, swap out, these would be the 10. So that's my number 10.

That's crazy, because that album was actually it didn't make it to my top 10 but it was there. So that will, this will be on my list on the blog. So that album The same how you were talking about for me, it's just an album that I enjoy listening to from beginning to end. It's just a fun album.

Not and on top of that there are Texas band, so that's really cool. Another thing that's interesting is that well it to me, is that my first concert that I ever went to I was in eighth grade. That was actually the second show I went to it was a back to back show my dad took me and my sister

So I went, my first show was on a Friday, and I saw a demo. Yeah, I know you can guess. Oh man. Yeah, no, they are they still think they are but not with the noun market. Right. So, a demo Friday, right next day Saturday Jagermeister music tour. We're Drowning Pool, supposed to be cold chamber on the bill, but cold chamber is having issues within themselves they drop out. So I ended up seeing Johnny pool, a El Nino and I think 40 below summer was on that. It was cool as I went with a buddy of mine. He came with us and we actually saw the tar CJ Pierce in the back. And of course the first album came out so I don't know if a lot of people were like real if they were really paying attention and so he's just back there, chillin drinking a beer. And they used to have like promotional posters. They still do at some shows. But this one had like a it was a promotional poster where you can get signatures at the bottom, but I mean, who's gonna get a signature, you know what I mean? So they're just hanging there tape for promotional reasons. So me and my buddy go and there's two posters next to next to each other and I go, hey, let's go. Let's go get them off the gate.

So they're pretty big posters. I still have them. I know Frank seen it used to hang in our jam room back in the day. So it's in a frame and storage. So we take the posters down, and I tell my buddy, hey, I think that's the guitarist. And so we look at them and I open my poster. And I was like, Yeah, I think that's him. So we go up to them. And Yep, sure enough, and we asked him for an autograph. Me and my buddy, get the first two autographs and then sure enough after that crowd comes up, and he starts signing more posters. But what's crazy about Johnny pool is they've gone through 1234 vocals and they're on their fourth singer. I've seen them all. I've seen all singers live except for the second vocal is Jason Jones. Jason Jones. Yeah. Jason Gong Jones. So I saw I was looking up the scene with a Williams. When that first album came out, I didn't see him on the second album, I saw him with their third vocalist. I forget his name the guy from soil. Soil isn't a shot. Sean Combs is the rapper.

I forget his name.

But so yes, yeah, yes, sir from soil. Right, right. And then the fourth singer they have he's actually a guy. He's actually from here in Texas. And I saw him at a music festival and I'm too but I think my favorite so far would be Dave Williams on the top and then the guy from oil I forget his name. But uh, yeah, so I just want to throw that out there because that one didn't make it on my list. But yeah, it was it wasn't it was there. So my top 10 This one's kind of a shocker or will be a shocker for a lot of people because for those who know me know that I never really gotten to the scenes stuff. I wasn't one of those scene kids. I didn't listen to hardcore I didn't I wasn't into breakdowns. I didn't really know that stuff. But there Yes, right. Trash core buddy on YouTube was not our buddy but we watch oma trash, corn, divorce dad rock, but so they're the top 10 I didn't put these in any specific order, but this actually happened the way I'm looking at my list right now. Going backwards.

From 10 to one the way I did it kind of makes sense. So number 10 for me is from a post hardcore band called a manual. I don't know if anyone's ever heard of them. No. Okay, these guys, I don't know how I got into them. But this is the only post hardcore hardcore band I ever got into and I think because they were at a level they weren't they didn't get as much attention as the other guys because I think they weren't cookie cutter, like, like the other bands were. And the interesting thing about these guys is they only released two albums not because of a fad or whatever, but because the singer dealt with mental health issues. So they broke up after that second album and they didn't get back together. Both albums that they came out with are fucking amazing. The first album I like bands like on my list a lot of these bands are either it's going to be either their first or second album, it's going to be like an early album because of I like the rawness that bands seem to capture when they come out with their debut album especially it depends with the producers they work with to I'm sorry if I get texted

But I get technical with with stuff like this. But so in manual I'm actually I'm actually picking their, their second. Their second album, which is called backer black Earth Tiger came out in 2007. This one compared to their first album was not as raw. Their first album was real raw and aggressive and it was.

You can hear that I don't know how to explain it. It was just it was just raw. It was just quick it there was nothing extra about it there was it wasn't overproduced. It was just guitars, drums, bass, boom, go.

And they didn't have breakdowns. Of course, it was post hardcore, but still, it didn't have any breakdowns. The hooks were great, had awesome courses. The melodies were awesome. Nothing sounded the same. That's what I loved about this band is that every track on both albums, none of it sounded like another track that they had, which was the case for a lot of bands in that in those genres. So like I said, you guys know I've never been a scene kid. I never had my hair straight. Of course, I wouldn't go straight. If I

wanted to but

yeah, Blackboard tiger and then blacker tiger. Not only that, I think they recorded it themselves and one of the members houses, um, they had they did have a producer on board but they recorded them so it was a little bit more producing their first album, but it was a concept album and it was you can you can see the story and hear the story from beginning to end and I just fucking love that album Blackbird Tiger so no one's heard of the band Emmanuel or you have but I recommend check out blacker Tiger post hardcore but it's it's it's fucking amazing. So that's my number 10

Yeah, I don't think I've heard of that band. They're, they're pretty damn sick. I mean, and it's real. That second album especially is real. What's the word? You could tell where they matured a little bit going into that album, um, just the composition the lyricism to on both albums. It's I was surprised I got into this band.

And unfortunately like I can't get any other stuff like on vinyl or anything because they're not they just you, especially with the label I think they were on. It's just impossible I have both their albums on CD but that's as far as I'll ever be able to get, you know, was when it comes to their discography on this sometime in the future, something happens. I mean, I know it's not the same, but you could probably find a company that can press it onto vinyl, probably, but I'd rather have a like my Yeah, I don't like bootlegs. I know to me.

I mean, yeah. What's your number nine?

My number nine, you know, I'm just gonna read my notes as I wrote them, otherwise, I'm just gonna stumble and say a bunch of filler words that don't belong.

It's gonna happen once we get to rule number two, maybe.

So my number nine is

Mexican rock band guy finest and the name of the album is at an interview interview then volken

and goofiness is one of the first brokenness manual bands that I knew about now.

was 13 and discovered them through tele hit, which is Mexico's version of MTV.

part of the appeal was you know, they had the big teased hair and the all black clothing and the makeup and with the music further emphasize their image.

And and everybody in the world can is a departure of that earlier New Wave sound that they had. It's very, you know, very guitar driven. That partly inspired my, my bass playing. And for me, this is the first time that I ever heard harmonica violins, tribal rhythms and entire jazz pieces all in one album. And I feel like you know, the band perfectly executed this in their own hard rock way. And even though the band lost two key members, their original bassist Sabo Romo and their keyboard is Diego errata.

It was an it was, you know, a friendly split, they just wanted to do some other stuff

before you know

when they were working together as a band and and these two dudes left you know, I feel like what this album, they were really making a voice for themselves a new voice for themselves, you know, they're down to a three piece and then you know, unfortunately the band ended up breaking up a year after supporting the album. And so that exploration of that new voice was never really fully realized after that. And I think because it's one of those albums that was going to catapult the band and into a new direction and then it just things just ended for them. I think that's one of the reasons why I like that album so much that because it opened up possibilities that opened up new doors that we just never got to hear anymore. Yeah. And it's crazy too because speaking of like your, you know, the type of music you're into and stuff when we were talking about us being in bands you were you were even in a rockin espanol, Bantu. I was yeah for about a year it was more garage

punk garage rock sounding It was good, you know, three piece bass drum and guitar and I did a lot of because of this album I just mentioned a lot of the guitar parts a lot of the melodic guitar parts is what actually inspired me to play melodic bass so I don't really draw inspiration from basis much I draw inspiration more from guitars and I figure Okay, how can I play guitar on a bass more or less like how can you get inside that guitarist mentality while still playing I think those are the best types of basis because I that's one thing I like playing with you because

I like playing guitar with you. But when I play when you when you're playing bass with me, like I can, I can hear that too. And I think a lot of the like really good basis that can draw from guitar players that like it makes them a like a level better than just basis that just go off.

Bass. Like for instance, Cliff Burton. I mean, Cliff Burton, I'm not comparing you to him, but I'm just saying like, like, y'all are in that ballpark, because Cliff played the bass. He approached it like he would have, like if he would approach the guitar.

And there's a lot of bass players like that a lot. Not a lot, but I'm saying like a lot of the good ones are the ones that I think are really, you know, that would be a good list. underrated bass players. I mean, we could do that, too. Like I said, this, this, this podcast, I wanted to continue on my original podcasts, we only made it up to like Episode 30 something 37 My goal was to hit 50 so I'd like to hit 50 with this podcast, I'd be like, Are my goal for this show? And then of course, continue because I think there's a lot of opportunity to learn and know about just about music in general too, because we live you know, music and beer because I love beer. So, obviously, you know, everyone around me gets sucked into beer. So right um, but ya know,

That's a

I can see that that's, that's, that's cool. I like that. Yeah. So you know, I guess.

And you know also to when you hear about a lot of metal drummers a lot of metal basis to they often reference

jazz albums jazz musicians that they that they listen to under under under free time and I think a lot of the jazz technique shows in their playing and you know you would never think you know, his metal head with long hair. Yeah, is listening to jazz albums. But that's, that's that's just exactly what it is. And well, a good example of that is Jay Weinberg, who plays with Slipknot, read his famous drummer max Weinberg, who, if anyone knows him played drums for Conan O'Brien's house ban. He's a jazz drummer or he uses jazz jazz techniques. I think he uses traditional

No grip instead of match grip when he plays I'm not sure. So for you guys who don't know what the technical thing match grip is when you're holding your sticks the same way with your hands gripped around the stick. Traditional would be where you hold one like you're holding a How would you would you hold like this?

Yeah, like a guitar, I guess. Yeah. So you you would hold one stick, like if you're holding the neck of a guitar and then the other one would be like a regular matchstick grip. But that's a good example to Jay. I mean, Jay grew up with a dad playing drums. Right? Yeah. Same thing. I mean, look at that guy's a sick drummer. I think he's, I personally think he's better than Joey jordison. But, I mean, we have a discussion about that another day or on Facebook or something, but I mean, I I, you know, example there. Oftentimes, I wonder is that not it's just gonna get tired of playing in those coveralls and like, hundred degree weather and you're just gonna say fuck it. I'm just gonna play in shorts and T shirts. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if when they get older, they'll just have a new suit that it's not even a suit. Just shorts and

A tank or something? Some Bermuda shirt.

Kimmy ready for number nine? Yes, that's a perfect segue into my number nine because my number nine is actually Slipknot volume three subliminal versus i. So that was 2004. Again, parents getting a little concerned. Slipknot you know if famous for their masks, all different types of creatures and gore and stuff like that. So of course you could see that my mom was kind of like what are you listening to?

But I love that album. It's

I don't know, like I said, I can listen to it to start from start to finish won't skip a track.

It has a lot of really good variety on there. There's love flow and like a lot of the fastest just has a good combination of the two. So that's going to be my number nine. Oh, and I love Corey Taylor. But I know I i think i know it too much but I know

You know, I've only seen Slipknot once and it was that album that they were touring. Yeah, that's the one that we saw together. And the funny thing is she was there too. So yeah, so, but I was somewhere else. I was on the floor I think I think

Yeah, that was crazy. So show, so I lost my car keys in the pit. You've never you've never seen something All right, I have not. Okay, so we all so that's three out of four of us. 70% but um, yeah, no, that's not core to that because I think he's a great vocalist, I'm sure we'll get into vocalist at some point throughout the show. You can always just hear the feeling and the emotion behind his voice. I think it's just unmatched by anybody. I think even more so in the stone sour stuff like you hear it more. Yeah, and the stone sour stuff. That's sweet. Okay, so my turn number nine. Okay, so this one was kind of a not a throwaway. But it was one of those words like a guilty pleasure one where it wasn't technical. I just like it. I I've always liked it.

So this is pop roaches love hate tragedy from 2002. To me the first four pop Roach albums are the best albums. I think after that they started trying to go into the genres that they didn't belong in or started over produce, or maybe their, their lyrics weren't as they didn't have as much conviction as the ones before but love hrg I just like I love that album from the beginning, beginning to end. And I'm also a big fan of covers when they're done right. This one actually have has a Pixies cover of Galloway. And it's it's really good. I like it. I think it's good. I think they did a good job on it. But yeah, so like this one.

This was one of their ones. This was one of the albums to me on the list, like I was talking about before we're still it's still stayed raw. Now their first album infest was rife. I mean, it was their first you know, their first album. Of course. They were like the new new metal

Who did a really good job of mixing? Hard Rock and rap? I guess? Yeah, good rap rock mix.

And it didn't sound like too cheesy or corny to me, at least in my opinion. But yeah, love a tragedy. I really, I can't say too much about it. Um, it just had that raw sound. It was simple. It wasn't overproduced.

There's no boring track to me on that on that album. And maybe it's an album that has songs that are overlooked. There's one called a singular, singular indestructible droid. That's a I don't know if anyone knows that song. But that song is friggin awesome. I don't think they play that song live, but that album just has a lot of gems on it that I think people just don't talk about, um, aside from the singles, but that's my number nine. I really can't say too much about it. I've seen Papa Roach, I think two or three times live and actually in high school, got up. Got a couple of picks. Luckily, I gave one to Kim actually in high school. She still has it and I was like what the hell. She still has

It sounds like wow. So yeah Papa Roach made it to my list. But that's just because I just it's just a fun album that I like to listen to. Didn't they get their name from somebody, grandpa? Yeah, I think it was trying to colbys urine or something like that. I don't remember the exact story but yeah, I think what before they had a basis they had a trombonist. Oh shit I don't know about I mean, yeah, I don't know too much.

We're probably talking about that another time you get the information because I don't know. But uh, well, that's that's interesting. There's a band there's a band on my list that there's a similar situation that happened I'll get to it you've got you're probably gonna be like what the hell? But uh, okay, yeah, so that was my number nine Papa Roach love hate tragedy

cool. I've never seen Papa Roach live but I've they're good that they put on a pretty energetic show. He did. Now they're pretty well cuz we saw them

yeah, so so we so we sometimes we get a habit of watching

We get a habit of watching, like live shows on YouTube. Right? So excuse me instead of watching shows, and we saw a live show from Papa Roach under set, Anthony was horrible. But yeah, that guy down man, he is over there on the drums. Tobin's cousins of his brother, Tobin's brother, okay. He is like, I just had fun watching him like he was just he was the show. He was the star. He was like, and I was just into it. I was I was, yeah, it was it was good. But I think their sets the last time I saw them was

I want to say maybe 2015. And they it was a pretty good set, but now with their recent albums coming out and it sounds like they're, they're kind of a little late on the bandwagon trying to dip into the like the dubstep stuff a little bit or even going into the like, Imagine Dragons territory. I don't, their sets are just kind of lame. There's not a lot of tar like Jerry kind of seems like there's not a lot of Jerry and I thought Jerry's guitar actually recovering from a head injury right now. So we'll see how that


when they come into town, or did they come? Well, my brother actually went to go. This is the story. My brother wants to see him I think last year earlier this year, and what happened was something happened and they only play like two or three songs on left. Oh, is there a like book this like, I don't know what happened something with management, something with the promoter, they pissed them off and something about the sound. And my brother said they played like three songs. And my brother was at that show, and they left and they were going to reschedule a show. And I don't know if that ever happened. The whole COVID thing happening. I don't know if they ever came back. But yeah, so interesting. Yeah, that's when I'm gonna. I don't think I've ever seen a band walk off stage. I actually haven't either. My brother said he thought it was crazy. And then before go to you just want to say I picked up on your hairless dog. Go on Alex. Right now. He's pretty good. Yeah, like it.

There you go. I've seen times where like, shut fucks up.

On stage oh yeah me too plenty of times but you know the band just keeps playing while they try to figure out the problem.

So for my number eight

you know actually a lot of my albums are really

more 80s type bands that are you know, I feel like they shaped a lot of my playing my number eight is the Jesus and Mary Chain cycle candy.


I mean, I don't know I just think this album is like bucking well.

And the most recognizable song just like honey was featured in Sofia Coppola is lost in translation. And that's actually how I first found out about the band. You know, I was watching the movie and I heard the song it just said stuck with me. So I remember as soon as the movie was over, I put my shoes on. Went to Sam Goody bought the CD Sam Goody


I know

this was like before the pre streaming days

yeah sure yeah to physically buy a CD we still try to hunt him down. Yeah you guys do too. I miss DD I know. We haven't gone well it's cuz the whole COVID thing I were like yeah

yeah, definitely. And yeah so you know I went out to the record store and I bought the CD and on the bus right at home I didn't want to listen to it on the bus ride home just because you know, it's it's just not the right place to listen to brand new album.

Like I'd rather be in my room. Yeah, that so yeah, you know, I was in my room I had my CD player on

and what really drew me were like the guitars, you know, they were just really hazy, very, you know, fuzzed out might just, it sounded like a big ol wall of sound just like coming

Coming at you all at once. And

it was very, very simple, very minimalist, and I just thought, you know, for me it changed the entire pop structure of a song because I mean, these are super super simple songs they're playing but they're just adding so much to and it just sounds like a really really huge sound

no just just hearing this i thought you know, pop music to me will never be the same because of the sound that I was hearing and it's and it's true, you know, and the band I think you know went on to

they're pretty much the foundation for what we call shoe gays rock. I don't know if you guys are familiar with shoe guys. I've heard of the genre, but I don't know too many bands in that genre. Yeah, so she has a really interesting genre and it gets his name because you set your shoes. Yeah, essentially the guitarists have like 2030 pedals out in front of them. They're always stomping on. It looks like you're just gazing at your shoes. I just learned something. I didn't know that and so

Yeah, but you know we can go more into shoe gays later but just know that Jesus and Mary Chain were pretty much like the godfathers of the whole shoe game genre. Hmm. Cool. It was.

I don't know why I thought I heard it. You remember when we played that shitty show in that junkyard? That wasn't a shoe in the junkyard? No, no, that was just like, shit gays. Yeah, guys. So one of these one of these episodes with me and Frank will tell you a story about like, the shittiest shows we've ever played. And and then we'll have and then. And then we'll have Britton, Kim, talk about the shittiest shows I've ever seen. So well.

Well, maybe we'll do that. Yeah, well, I mean, if as long as me and Frank aren't included on that list, but what we'll probably do that next. That sounds just to mix it up a bit. But all right, sounds cool. So that was your number eight, right? Yes. Frank and I saw them open for Nine Inch Nails. That's Washington DC. That's true. Yeah.

What 2018

October. Oh, so fairly recent. The cool thing about that was he told me Yeah, way before pre COVID

coldy The cool thing about that was, I think it was what?

in nine inch noses like earlier, back in earlier days, they actually opened for the Jesus and Mary Chain and now you know, 30 years later, Jesus and Mary Chain is opening for them but it wasn't one of those things where it's like, oh, you know, you're the opener or the headliner? No, I mean, they gave them a respectable set time and you know, it's like when you see those co headliner shows where you think oh that bands opening for that band, but then you realize I mean, there's there's none of that like bs going on that ego stuff. I mean, there's like what's kind of like when we saw a Nine Inch Nails you took me to see on the first time they play with TV on the radio, and to me, they don't go together but it was like, and that's one interesting thing about Nine Inch Nails is and one thing that I like about bands

That don't take openers on the road with them that sound like them. You know, I, I appreciate when, when a headliner takes out a very unexpected artists with them on the road and you get a little glimpse of what the band themselves likes to listen to you, you can go to a heavy metal show and all five bands are gonna be the same genre. But if you go to a heavy metal show, and the opener is like a trip hop, yeah, act and then the second opener happens to be like a punk band or something. You know, that's, that's what I like having like that varied. Yeah, bit of music there because then at some point, it's just gonna sound the same kind of like, what was it like a pledge of allegiance Pledge of Allegiance? And they have like DMX on there. Yeah, they did. Yeah, yeah. So I guess I was like, uh, I guess because of how aggressive he was, but still wasn't metal, so. Mm hmm. I don't know. I don't know if that was the same. I don't know if that was a good example. But

um, you're number eight. All right. Cool. My number eight

is actually foster the people's Sacred Hearts Club.

I love that album. It's such a great like dancey like, album I don't know, it's hard to explain. They're kind of like in that album I think it's like alternative V and like, hip hop puppy, which I think is really fun because I love to dance so like it's just a feel good dance. She said she didn't want to dance.

But I really love that mark Foster's voice is so unique and those notes that he hit sometimes it's high notes. I just, I love a good high note. I have a few high notes myself. But yeah, I don't know. I just that's such a good fun album. It has a good mix of the pop hip hoppy like, because he does. He doesn't rap but his approach and some of the songs are kind of rap esque. And I think that's really cool to put with the instrumentals that they have because it is a

And he's not just wrapping quote quote air quotes fancy my air quotes to attract or something like the band's actually contributing

instrumentally I saw them when this album came out, I believe in 2017 at it Aztec I Oh my god, that was like one of the best times ever, like we just dance my butt off and I just I love that album. And actually their other album, which is

torches is on my honorable mention lists because I didn't want to double Do you know, a band, but that's what I'm gonna make.

Alright, so mine number eight. I don't know if it's a cliche or not, but it'll show like where my middle roots are. Um, it's the self titled album by Black Sabbath. Kim and I actually like looking going out looking for CDs and vinyl when we can and I actually was hunting down the original print of this

Vinyl for about a month or so or maybe a little longer. We actually went to a couple of vinyl shows trying to find it. And I ended up finding one on mint condition. Because out of the vinyl that I got from my dad, that one actually wasn't in the collection and I love that album. It's the first metal album, you know, you know, these guys were the godfathers of metal. And it's so crazy because some of these some of the tracks on this album are very doom metal or would you would consider do metal because they are but then you go forward so their last album 13 that album if you've ever heard it is very do metal. That album is awesome. I actually really liked 13 unfortunately, I didn't get to see them

on their last tour, but I did see him at oz fest and I mean we talked about we talked about this all the time and I always forget what year it is. There was like 2005 six or seven I don't remember which one it was Sabbath headlined

It was it was awesome actually wasn't on front barricade on the mainstage Tonio me through a pic and I caught it he was right in front of me. So I still had that pic to this day. But yeah Black Sabbath a self titled album from 1970 is my number eight I freakin love that album. That was my first Black Sabbath album that I bought it was it's a fucking great album it was I think it was a Sam Goody special Of course it's a the first two albums combined in one disk.

And yeah, the second the second album, good second up. Yeah. And interesting fact. I don't know if you know, me I'm, you probably know about Tony Iommi, his fingers fingers. Yeah, he's missing the tips of his fingers. And so, you know, playing guitar was a rehab for him. But interestingly, the tension on his guitar strings were too high because he was playing in standard tuning. So I think he's one of the first metal musicians that down tunes like a whole one and a half steps, but

Low and that's why their sound sounds so dark and gloomy and whatnot and because you know to ease the tension on his fingers on his fingers, but I think he plays well like he's got like like leather cymbals yeah he actually we actually saw something we saw a YouTube video recently and yeah he made him out of like strap leather straps and something else like he actually made those himself to get grip on the strings and I was like fuck but yeah he got it in it's crazy because he worked in a metal shop exactly yeah and it's just so fucking crazy like how things happen and yeah he was like in the you know he's part of the bandit brought in metal you know and it's it's fucking crazy but yeah, I love that album. Yeah Tom even the artwork to it looks kind of To me it looks just kind of creepy the way it is. And just there's a lady in the house in the background and I just I fucking love that album. I love the artwork. Yeah, no, no, and I think Sabbath to me. That's actually one of my favorite guitar tones. Tony Iommi is distortion

It's just the right amount of heavy it's just the right amount of dark. It's

I don't know something about it the way he plays. It's like a heavy fuzz. It's like a heavy fire. Yeah. And

it's I don't know, it's like he's not overdoing it. He's just he's just playing it. Maybe it's just the production. I don't know. It could also be the his SGS that he plays. I think he exclusively plays. Yeah, yeah, I don't think so. Yeah. And he's never I don't I've never seen him use any other type of guitar. Yeah. No. So yeah, I think his guitar has SG guitar definitely has something to do with the tone. Plus also to just Same thing with Angus Young. Yeah. And his history. Yeah, there's Yeah, yeah. But all right. That's fine. All right.

Cool. All right. Say anything else about that? Moving on to number seven, right. Oh, yes, that's right. You're the leader. Okay.

Do you want to go? Yeah, no, it's okay, good. I have the workings of a list and I'll probably piggyback off of

A couple of years

Yeah, go for it cuz that's what I'm that's what I do with hers in her Drowning Pool because yeah. Cool. All right, so my number seven is Scottish dream pop band. Cocteau, twins. Holy crap, right? There's like a whole bunch of stuff that I'm learning like, I never. I didn't think that I was gonna be learning this much because I knew I knew. I know you guys listen to a lot of stuff. But yeah, go for coffee. I was basically I know that. Everyone's got their tastes and

the Cocteau, twins.

Scottish trio, Dream pop and their album treasure.

And I think for a lot of bands, their make or break is their third album and your career is pretty much contingent upon that third album and with treasure. Cocteau, twins were on everyone's radar. And initially the band was not pleased with the end result of that album. They called it an abortion. They call it a trash they just didn't want anything to do with it. But I think over the years as the album grew

popularity their

you know, their original thoughts on that changed.

And you know, I think it definitely made them reconsider. And to me the music sounds like

you know if if you can associate heaven having having a sound that's what it would sound like and I imagine Backstreet Boys Yeah, you could do that

but that was that was a reference so this is the end if you guys have seen the movie but and it's in it's it's really it's got it's got it's got to do a lot with the with the with the guitar work it's very very ethereal, very dreamy very soundscape

and the singers voice, the singing Yeah, the singers voice. She like that it's not actually

a real language. Right and the lyrics are in kind of a made up language so it's not I don't know, I think there's something about that because your brain

isn't making connections with the word so you just hear the sound of it, which is unique. Yeah, that is interesting. So he's just basically using like,

syllables I guess with melody. Pretty much yeah like that's crazy the way the vocals are done it's I mean, I don't know it's it's been labeled as a mouth music because you're not actually forming words you're just

yeah just making consonants and vowels and whatnot and trying to piece it out with the you know, it's crazy. There's a lot of there's a lot of lyricist or vocalist, I should say vocalist vocalist that do that like when they're trying to write a song and they don't have the words they'll do that first. James from Metallica does that he'll just make like a sing like make random thing like a melodies. Yeah, or noises and syllables until and then come up with the words later. And that's interesting. I just hadn't heard anything that's completed that way. And I don't know if it's like traditional Gaelic. Scottish is Gaelic, right. I don't know if it's traditional Gaelic vocal.

Music mixed in with whatever is going on. But I mean, just the way the guitars are being played, and the way the vocals are being sung over the guitars. It's a very otherworldly album to me and I feel like it's on a whole other level on a whole other out of body level.

And I mean, I really cannot think of another perfect example of dream pop. And I feel like when you go to bed and when you dream like a really nice sweet dream. That's what their music is what those dreams sound like.

Thank you heavy. Have you ever seen him life? No, actually, I think they've broken up like a long time ago already. How old is that album? I think it was released in 84. Oh, shoot. Okay. All right. But I mean it once you know they broke up and the members went off and did other stuff. But you know, I think a lot of what they played in Cocteau Twins carries over into their other projects. And if you like very, like I said, you know very dreamy soundscape be interesting.

Mental stuff.

A type of stuff that you would probably listen to at a spa or something. I don't know.

But it's, it's it's very good. I mean, I don't want to give the impression that, you know.

It's you just got to listen to it. Yeah, it's it's very unique. Yeah. Sounds sound sounds like it like based off of your description like I've never really heard anything like that before. So that's that sounds interesting. Cool. Oh,

you're number seven. Yeah, number seven. So it makes me sad that this one is kind of low on my list. But that doesn't mean that I don't love it any more or less than anything else on my list. It's ck wise Rise of the Phoenix.

I love Chad Ginzburg. Hi, Chad. Shout out chat. You can find me at Just kidding. Um, but that album is one of those that can listen to it forwards and backwards and just all day.

Every day if I had to or fight you know, we're just because I really enjoy it has a lot of good guitar on it. I love it. I love Chad's voice.


that album actually is what got Mario and I back into touch like back in touch with each other because he like messaged me on Facebook about like me playing drums and stuff with my band and then we started talking about ck why because he was actually had seen them or was about to see them live. And then I was gonna see them on the him farewell tour, which we'll get to him later.

But yeah, I love I love that album. It's newer 2017 but it doesn't mean that it's, you know, a lot of these albums are kind of on my list or a little bit newer, I'd say.

But I really enjoy that one. So I think a lot of people associate TK y with jackass. Yeah, yeah. Right. Cuz I mean, they're featured heavily on a lot of jackass episode. Yeah, yeah, cuz Jess, Jess Margera.

Bam Margera his brother is the drummer so I guess he did a lot of the music for those early that band did a lot of the music for their early like camp kill yourself videos, which I don't know if anybody has ever seen any of those are kind of just like jackass but they were a little bit more i think i think extreme. They're pretty fun. And they had the skate sessions in them, which I really enjoyed. I don't know, that was just like me back in the day. Like I love that shit back in high school. I tried riding a skateboard for a moment there and stuff. But yeah, so that's actually a good one to go off of, and that one is on my list. So I'm gonna go ahead and rearrange my list right now. So

so on my list I had ck wise it will infiltrate a story rebuild. That was their second album, and I actually had Rise of the Phoenix on my honorable mentions list.

But then I decided to switch it for a reason I'm gonna get into right now. So

I think Chad

You love chat Of course he loves his vocals blah blah blah. I've seen you guys talk to each other on Twitter. I'm so so. So so.

So, um he is a very underrated guitarist I think. I don't think a lot of people pay attention to him. I don't know why or, you know how that happened or maybe because of you know, his association with jackass and people don't really pay attention to the band The way they should. But I think that that band and him as a guitars is very underrated his good. his guitar work is very, it's intricate. It's not just barre chords, it's not just standard punk. You know, it's it's very melodic and it's very, it doesn't sound like whenever they do a track, it doesn't sound like another track. Everything sounds different.

And everything's very catchy. I mean, so I actually bumped off, infiltrate, destroy, rebuild, because Rise of the Phoenix was actually the first album with Chad on vocals.

They probably

waise with Darren Miller who did vocals on their first four albums. Um, the funny thing about that actually, I don't know if you remember this, this was before we went on tour air quotes.

So Darren Miller when he left ck why he created another band called Mecca ck y, which was kind of a, you mentioned. Yeah, I don't know if you remember this situation. So it was kind of a reference to mecha Godzilla. So Godzilla and there was mecha, Godzilla, whatever. So he made mecha ck why, and according to copyright, or whatever, he couldn't use the name fsck. Why? So he ended up naming the band 96 bitter beings, which is actually named after a song by C ky called 96. Bitter, beating bitter beans. So when Darren left he was making an album and he had a crowd. What's it called the crowdfunding thing? Yeah. That's what it that's what's called right crowdsourcing crowd. Yeah. So he had one of those things to make his new album where people would donate money, different tiers, you can get like your name on the book.

Blah, blah, blah. So I was like, Okay, I'm gonna pay and have my name on the booklet so I paid have my name on the booklet, you know, donate to the band to record their album because I don't think they were on a label at the time. And so there was another tier they had where for a certain amount of money, you could send them your song and they would record it for you. And I told Franco Dude, I go I want to do this I fuckin love ck why, but this wasn't ck was Darren Miller's version. So basically, if I'm gonna come back to this later, but there's actually two versions of ck y happening right now which is ck y with Chad singing right now. And then there's ck Why would I didn't know that they were still doing shows they actually just played a show here in San Antonio, or here in Texas recently, earlier this year before COVID and they're playing Yeah, this is like not the same set but they're saying the same songs from previous album. So it's two different ck y sets from two different bands. Well, one ck y but with it's fucking crazy. Yeah, so I guess it has to do with whoever wrote the songs or whatever. But anyways, so I don't

And whatever, and me and Frank decided, you know that we shouldn't spend the money on that. I think we're gonna go on tour at the time because this was right before we left on that first tour. And so I ended up not doing it and so I was like, so fucking excited. I was like, yeah, you know, I contributed to Darren Miller, you know, making this new album. I just love both versions of ck. Why? Well, I never got the fucking album. I never fucking got it. And it pissed me off. Like I waited. I waited literally two years for that fucking album. And I never received it. I never got a message like I never fucking anything and so I got kind of a beef with him, because I never forgot it like and I moved to but I had a change of address and I never fucking got it and I never saw anything posted about the album. I actually just, maybe last week heard I don't know if this is the same album but they have an album called Camp camp pain. And I was listening to it and I kind of got bored after a while because he actually he's very metal influenced. He has another band called the world under blood if you like like death metal or

Like speed metal? Um, I shouldn't say speed metal is probably death metal, but it's actually pretty good. It's like ck why vocals but with metal. And I didn't know that when they played live he actually would have like more aggressive vocals than he does on the on the album versions but yeah, so infiltrate the starter build with Darren's vocals got knocked off for Sega wise Rise of the Phoenix which came out I actually got a chance to meet him on the one of the last warp tours. I met Chad and I met Jess. Um, and I met the bass player. Matt Matt DS. I met Matt DS. He's not in the band anymore. Yeah, but he was in the band at the time.

You need a bass player? Yeah. But uh, but uh, so yeah, so see ky raises Phoenix. That's my that's my number seven since I switched, so I guess you're one of those 96 better beans. Yes, I am. No, I'm not. No, no, no, I'm not because that's their, you know, it's so fucking weird. Did you say that because Darren Miller's band is named

96 bitter beings off of the cry song, and that's like one of their main songs and even fucking Chad plays that song when Sega was playing like now so it's weird because it's like you're hearing two versions of the same song. So I don't know. It's very interesting. I don't know how the copywriting shit works. I don't know because I mean there's Danzig and misfits. Yeah.

There's like that whole thing. Well, that's true. But Danzig doesn't play misfits songs, does he? I don't think he does. But he doesn't like that. Well, I mean, now that the Misfits are united, I mean, it's probably no big deal to him. But back back when he was doing Danzig, he wasn't cool with the other misfit dudes playing misfits songs because he felt like he owned Yeah.

rights to the name. Yeah, I heard you know, so it's just messy. Yeah, it is. But uh, yeah, I guess we'll get to misfit sometime soon misfits actually could have possibly made it on my list but nothing went dancing on it. actually prefer Michael graves, vocals or haven't heard much of my

fundraisers stuff like this stuff is pretty good. I mean, Danzig stuff is good there you know those those first two albums from correct or was it just the one I think it's to Walker mungus and or the other one was a EP I think. But anyways, yeah. Number six.

So number six for me is gonna be

Joy Division, their album closer.

And I feel like this album was eclipsed by the super super and men's popularity of their first date of their debut album unknown pleasures. And it doesn't get the attention that I think it really deserves. And actually, you know, for speech class last semester, I wrote a 10 piece speech on their debut album just to show you the relevance of the album.

But I think closer is the better of the two albums that the band recorded actually in. For me. I really I really liked those type of underdog albums.

Get the attention that they that they deserve. And if I feel like it has an untouchable quality to it, and you know, when people finally get around to listening to it, it's like,

well, now you're just discovering like, why it's so good, you know. And

singer Ian Curtis, you know, he ended his life two months before the album was released. And right before the band was about to embark on their first US tour, and I think, you know, the the album being his a bit of a swan song, whether he knew he was going to end his life or not. Just the fact that it was like his last recorded material is what adds, like that chilling haunting factor to it. And it's probably why, you know, I hold it, dear to me. And

I mean, there really is no denying that I think this album would have really catapulted the band.

You know, um, you know, to the to the big time, especially since they were crossing over into the US market and whatnot. And

you know, their producer Martin hannett who's Have you ever listened to Martin Han it's work just his production work is super fucking like he's he's a madman in the studio, like he'll do anything and everything to get like the absolute best performance of a band. A lot of times altering the sound of the band to really capture the moment of it.

Like Rick Rubin, Rick Rubin, Rick Rubin. Yeah, I mean, I've heard he's like a crazy dude and whatnot. But um, yeah, so I mean, the way Martin hannett produced this album, I think it really at the time, Manchester was a very disenfranchised very disillusion city. And if that had a sound, that's the sound that closer is what what year was that? This came out in 1980. Yeah.

So yeah, so two months before

you know, Ian Curtis, you know, killed himself and then in a

You know, and it was it was a big thing because people were excited to have Joy Division finally arriving to the American market and never happened. You've probably heard of the band new order. So new orders pretty much a continuation of Joy Division. It's just, you know, the three original dudes the other the other guys. And they you know, they carried on

you know, but they changed. Yeah, the sound changed a lot. They went more new wavy, a little a little more punk.

But they just didn't carry on with the name they just thought you know, we're a whole new band now. Let's just carry on as we are. So yeah, I think a lot of the times when that happens when the band's not I guess fully established, it's better to do that. Because

this because then you run the risk of people saying like, Oh, this isn't what we you know what I mean? Like, this isn't this band. This is this is another guy. I mean, it happened with Who was it? I guess?

Oh, my God, Stone Temple Pilots. I mean, but they were around for a long time. You know, when the new singer came in, everyone's

Like this isn't Logan Stone Temple Pilots like might as well just yeah, Allison changed us another man to might as well change, you know, start not start over. I mean you're gonna have the same sound but I mean start with a new you know what I mean people know who we are and they know what happened. Right? But yeah I mean

so speaking of switching singers

I was just thinking of AC DC Yeah, and it was a bond Scott yeah their singer

no Brian Johnson yeah Brian Johnson yeah Monica was he was he ever just singer

but that you know that that was another thing was you know at the time when Brian Johnson joined the band and AC DC already had oh yeah a following so and people are always very very hesitant when the new singer steps on.

I mean it but it actually made them more famous. Yeah. And then you know, I think he had to stop touring because he was having hearing problems and so stepped in actual real estate.

I don't know it was ever talked about them recording an album with Axl Rose or I don't know. I

Yeah, it's best and that that doesn't happen. Yeah. That time didn't Axl Rose have like a broken leg? Yeah, he did ever broke. Yeah, yeah.


It's not on your top 10 No.

Yes, Chinese Democracy Oh,

good stuff.

So my number six is going to be kitty spit.

This is 2000, early 2000s 2002, early 2000s.

It was

around that time where my music tastes were kind of evolving from the pop stuff into rock and discovering this whole new world of music that I wasn't really

familiar with. And it was the first time I had ever seen girls that were playing instruments and they were you know, just everything that

I aspired to be and still to this day the lander sisters are still kicking ass in the music industry and doing other projects that aren't just kitty. But they just they were just they embodied like that powerful like if you were girls we can do it too. We can do it better we can do it harder and that albums just really raw. You can hear how it was it overproduced or anything it was just girls just playing their instruments and really feeling it getting into it. Morgan lander Okay, so I don't like a lot of female vocalists I cannot stand female vocalist. I don't like a lot of them. What about Britney?

I think she means rock. Rock. I don't I don't like a lot of rock female vocalists. There's only two that I can really talk that I love. Others I'll tolerate which would be Morgan lander. And then Christina Scalia from Lacuna Coil. There's the only two female vocalists that I rock female vocalist, I am just like

They get it they do it

anytime another female vocalist screams I think they're trying too hard. It doesn't sound right. It doesn't sound natural, but Morgan lander does she nails it she knows every time her voice is so unique in the notes that she hits when she's singing and her regular singing voice and then when she screams, it doesn't sound like she's trying too hard. It just comes so natural to her. And these girls, they were they're a little bit older than me at that, that age where I was in middle school. They're probably like, early high school to middle middle and high school, but they were just like, I just thought they were the coolest things ever. I still do like that. Like they they dress the way that I wanted to. They looked the way they wanted to. They had the SU attitude, they did whatever and they just kind of embodied everything that I I kind of liked and I just admired them. And the interesting thing too, like if you like watching documentaries, I know we all do like documentaries and especially music documentaries. The kitty origins evolutions documentary is actually a really good one to watch talks about, like how they started how the sister started playing music and it also like shows

Like where the FAQ came from like to the boys like when they first started the band is just very interesting to see like, where bands started, like where their origins were from. And when you see this documentary, you're like, Oh shit, like, I didn't know that and just puts more, you see more of the rawness, like in there, how they made the band and how it like translated into the music. But yeah, that was that's a good album. Yeah. Do you have any? No, no. Okay. So my number six, this one I guess it's another one that probably people wouldn't think that I would have on my list, but it's one of my fucking favorites. I came out the year that Kim and I graduated. Um, I came out 666 housing.

This is a AFIS December underground. I fucking love EFI there are there's maybe like one album here and there that I'm like, not too fond of but this one pretty much came off the success of Cigna sorrow, it was a follow up and seeing the sorrow had failed.

fairly good amount of, you know, reset good reception when it came out and and it's it's a good album they had good mainstream success with that too. But assemble underground was one of those albums that it was it's beginning to end it tells a story it's complete. It's like a concept album even though they wouldn't consider it one. Um, and it's the, the sound is different so like you still have that

this was probably an exception on my list because it's not as raw as the other ones. This one they went a little bit more into their

electronic side, more specifically davian Jade because if anyone knows I have fi they also have a side project called Black audio, where it's like 80s electronic music. If you've never heard it, it's good stuff. I think they have like three or four albums out I want to say four because Davies actually really influenced by like 80s electronic music, but if his voice goes perfect with that 80s and I know you guys love that stuff, but if I

If anything check out like the first album and the last album they came out with. For the first album only Yeah, it's good stuff. But December underground was one of those where it was, it started coming out in the music. And the production was a little bit more than their previous albums. It was it was still it still had the punk sound, but it had electronic elements to it. And I just fucking love that album beginning to end I remember I think there was a period of time where I just listened to that plugin album every day like at least once every day that I still I haven't that I will actually have a huge collection of it. I don't know if that makes sense to anybody but I have multiple versions of it on CD. How does the vinyl I have a little box set with like that was like an import that has like bonus tracks on it it's a little little I'm always forget what they're called little fucking smaller vinyl. The 4545 Yeah, it's a 45 bucks. It actually had two copies of it. I think I gave one of my sister. The only thing that I'm missing in my December underground collection because I think I have

All the besides to it that came out on singles and stuff is the

there was a this is probably not my least favorite track on it but not the one that this this shows the the maturity of the album is Miss murder the single I know everyone's right. Um, so that single they actually had an old alternate version. I think it was like a UK Radio Edit. I can't find it. I've only seen it once on eBay, I could never find it again. Basically, the bridge is altered, but what's not altered. It's like an alternate bridge. So the bridge that we have on the regular us album, the one that we heard on the radio, there's actually another bridge that exists and it's only on that single, they only played it once. Not once they played it a few times here when it was released. This was on our radio, we'll have another episode about that two radio stations. radio station actually played it and they played that version, and I only remember hearing it literally twice. And that's

The only thing I'm missing from that from my collection of that album is that beside which is that single with an alternate bridge. So the bridge is totally different but yeah, AFIS December underground. I fucking love that album. That was the first album that I

remember, remember? limewire? Yeah, remember

that shit? Yeah. Yeah, so yeah, limewire was great, dude. I fucking Yeah, that I you know, I never really got into that that file sharing stuff. Like I had friends who I had a couple, literally a couple of mix CDs that I had on that. Yeah. You know, let me have this kind of the song and the song, but then everything that I had, I would go out, buy a physical copy of it. Right. Yeah. So, um, yeah, but for me, the whole limewire thing was wasn't specifically to

you know, rip off an artist. But the reason why I went to limewire originally was because a lot of bootleg concerts were uploaded to there. So I thought it was

I can download a perfect circle of San Antonio performance into my computer or I can download the performance into my computer pretty much but then people started uploading you know just regular studio albums and I was like am I really cool with it? That's actually my last resort to when I'm looking for besides that's this song actually don't have the beside downloaded but back when iTunes was still around before they shut it down on my old laptop before I broke it broke I had some besides from some bands too that I just couldn't find that they were either UK releases that were just so rare I couldn't find them. But I literally had maybe three that were like three songs out of my like fuckin huge collection on iTunes that were like downloaded from file sharing sites but if I can find it and hunted down I will find it but that's one if anyone has any. You know insight on where I can get that damn, Miss murder single hit me up because that's the only thing I need for my December underground collection because I need that. I'm gonna have to do the British eBay. I do it. I've looked I've even looked on the like Australia.

Alien sites and I cannot find I cannot find it at all. It's so hard to find. Yeah, I've only seen it once. And I was like, oh, I'll get it later. This was legit maybe eight years ago, and I haven't seen it again. I think it's safe to say next time you see. Oh yeah, no, definitely.

Alright, number five. Number five. For me. It's a German electronic band Kraftwerk.

And every time you start off with a genre, I'm like, What is he gonna say?

But then you say and I'm like, Okay, I know who they are. Okay. Yes, a Kraftwerk in their album, Tour de France.

Personally, I'm very selective of electronic music and needs to hit me the same way that

traditional drum and bass and guitar music does. And this album does that for me. And also because Cycling is a big part of my identity, like this album is just like an automatic no brainer. It was intended to be released in time for the 1983 Tour de France and

Afterward got super involved in the making of this album that they all became vegetarians, and they all took up cycling to really get in the spirit of making the album. And singer Raul hooter actually took his enthusiasm for cycling further, when the band was on tour by having the band's tour bus dropped him off 100 miles from the next venue, and he would ride his bike the rest of the way.

And I think this commitment and dedication to the music is what makes the album a very meaningful one. For me.

Sweet and they just lost one of their members, right? Yeah, recently, a couple of weeks ago, a couple weeks back.

Well, I think it was throat cancer. Yeah. Yeah. I think it just hit it hit him very aggressively. Have you ever seen one? Live? Yeah, once my old job my manager got me a ticket to see them. And it was a 3d show. So you know, you had the tech, you had the 3d

glasses on. Oh, it was really cool a lot of the

they had you know, their their setup was very very simple they just had one simple screen behind them and like their four keyboard stands in the band just came out started doing their thing you put your glasses on and shift from the screen just starts flying at you so you'll see a train coming your way or you'll see something else coming your way. And it was it was it was amazing. It was it was a good good show and Derek they were actually on tour

recently but then you know COVID happened i don't i don't know i feel like if I see them again it's definitely going to have like I'm definitely have to see them because dudes are under 17 and so it's like it's it's might just be the last time you ever see them. Yeah, you know it kind of it kind of sucked like us speaking about COVID in that like Kim and I one of the bands that I wanted to see that was on our list of bands to see live was silversun pickups I love silversun pickups right Actually, I don't know if one of their albums is on

My Yeah, actually yeah, I one of their albums is on the ones is one of the ones that didn't make my list. But we were supposed to see them in Austin. And I'm may or may not have had COVID. So because she was sick and we didn't know this was before COVID happened and she was sick and we didn't know what was wrong with her. And this was when the weather was really weird, like it was still cold. It was rainy. And so we were looking forward to the concert and I was like, you know what I was like, you're sick, and it was gonna be at Stubbs in Austin, and it was out outside and I was like, I was like, I don't want you sick outside. I don't know who else is gonna be saying oh, we regret it because who knows when we'll be able to go Yeah, so we ended up she just let me suffer. Yes. So we ended up not going to that show and and then COVID happened next.

So guys, I think I just I went to the gym, public gym, and I usually don't do that. And the next day I was sick of it, but I'm gonna say I got sick. Yeah, so

But, but if you say you had COVID it gives you street cred astir

What number was that? That was five so you're number five right? Yeah

my number five album is

the him razorblade romance album. I that was about 99 2000. But I didn't discover that album or him until about 2003

I love vo vowels voice and I just think it's so soothing. Kind of I used to fall asleep to that album back in the day. I just thought his voice was just so soothing. It has a lot of MC a good mix of fast songs and those slow songs. Hashtag love metal.

It uh, it's love metal. That's the genre. The genre is love metal. Yeah, it's and.

And I just I think I really love that album. I was, and I'm sure we'll talk about this at another time, but the first time I saw him was that

A project revolution tour. I don't remember what year

I was so looking forward to seeing him, but this was pre sober reveal vallow and I was so disappointed. I was just heartbroken after that performance, but then

fast go fast forward more years backwards. I don't know because we're in the future now. But um

I got to see them on their farewell tour in Dallas and I was so happy he was over with C ky. Yes. So that was awesome too, because it was both of those bands that I love. And I was so stoked because my favorite song on that album is razorblade kiss. And that was one of the songs that was kind of on and off of their setlist during that tour, and they played it at that show. That was one of the shows that they played on. I was so excited. I was so happy he totally redeemed himself. And so yeah, hymns, razorblade romance album is my number.

Did that show that you saw the farewell? Was there a band that opened called three teeth? Yes, you remember? Yes. Okay. I've been wanting to see three teeth for so long.

But life happens, I guess I think I've mentioned them to you. They're like this industrial metal band that I've

been really into for some time. And yeah, I don't remember. I was just stoked about.

They did open. They were pretty good. I, you know, as far as I can remember. They were pretty good. But yeah, they were on that tour with them. And I was so stoked because they're not together anymore. I know that I saw recently. veals doing something else. I think he's kind of dabbling into music again. But um, yeah, we'll have to see what he puts out. I'm looking forward to it because his voice is just I don't know, it just so calming to me. It's great. Cool. I mean, it's an acquired taste, because you're like, Yeah, because I don't for some reason, I don't like his voice. But there are certain songs like it was so weird.

As soon as he can't wait at work, and so obviously him is associated with C ky. Um, so I'm listening to it and then like randomly I'm hearing these hymns songs I've never heard before and they sounded really good, but then there's some that I hear and I'm like, man, I can't. I can't get into his voice and

yeah, that was I think a lot of him fans have their, their hard earned tattoos. Yeah, I knew about the tattoos and stuff like well, the fans and stuff. Of course, obviously, I know about your tattoos.

For those of you who don't know, she's my wife.

So my number what is it because my list got shuffled around five. Okay, so my number five is going to go back to my metal head, you know, side which was which is what I am devildriver their self titled, debut album devildriver. So for those of you who aren't familiar with double jabber does for fara that's

He was a vocalist for Cole chambers back in the new metal days that will deliver our fucking love this album. So this album is so interesting to me because it's groove metal. I don't know if anyone knows what groove metal is. But groove metal is just real like, ideally. I mean, ideally, but Panthera plays groove. Yeah, it's like it's like Pantera. It's basically like an evolved version of what Pantera would be or a more updated version. And the interesting thing about devildriver is I actually have, I think, one of their albums I have, it's a special edition that comes with a DVD documentary. And I think this was the third second or third album, but it's a documentary on how the band came together and how the first album came together. So when they originally started the band, the interesting thing is when because you were talking about a Papa Roach I think having a yeah cuz they were like ska. I think in the beginning now they think about Yeah, that's right. So that this devildriver when they first started, they were actually going to be like a psychobilly man, they actually had a stand up bass player in the band. So when they

recording these metal songs they have they had a standard bass player and but the music was so fast that the standard bass player couldn't keep up with the baselines. So they had to get a real bass player like a standard bass player. And it was just really fucking interesting because like you wouldn't think like because I was lucky enough to see them once because I wanted to see them for the longest time when I saw him I think three years ago.

You or Frank actually gave me a bird. That was actually my sleeve. I don't know who gave it to you. Because I must have. So this was back when this was Yeah, you still have it. So this was back when like people would pass around Bert CDs and I had devildriver and I don't know if I lend it to Frank. I don't know if I give it to you directly, but it floated around and she got it. But it's my writing because I used to write because I used to like do stuff on the CDs and I used to doodle on them. So this album came out in 2003. So if you're a metal fan and you know of course, then you know who devildriver is it not and you and your Pantera fan I would suggest you listen to this album.

Cuz there's if you know if you follow Cole chambers history, you know that there was always a lot of issues in the band and people not get along and I think desert is one of the issues even though you know, he says he wasn't but um I don't know how true this is but he's supposedly like a really big diva. Yeah, well, when I see the documentary, I can see that too, but he likes to take control of things. But it's crazy because like guitarist left and their sound kind of evolved to more. It wasn't as goofy as that was first two albums, which is why I really like that. It's more it's raw. There's not a lot of guitars going on. You got two guitars. That's it. Basically, it's not like a lot of intros and stuff. It's just the songs going in, out boom, just like Pantera but then when you go later on to to the later devildriver albums, it's more produced. You have more intros, you have more like your traditional I guess death metal intro where it's like a clean intro that builds up to like heavy wear as to this devildriver stuff is just boot heavy.

Heavy but it's groove like you can actually like, you can groove to it like legit like that's why it's called groove metal but yeah, that's my number five double Jeffers self titled album from 2003. Cool.

Alright, so I guess we're number four now. Yes. And my number four is another Scottish band. I think they're Irish. I'm not sure. My Bloody Valentine. I've heard of them. Yeah.

And their second album loveless. I used you know, prior to loveless I used to listen to music in a very tunnel vision sense and then My Bloody Valentine entered my life and pretty much blew everything away.

guitars Kevin Kevin shields is playing. To me. It's got a very androgynous sound, it's mixes loud, masculine energy with feminine qualities. And to me the music is like, it's like you're in this dreamlike state during like a sensory deprivation type

environment and it's very descriptive like I'm trying to like,

read to you like

So just imagine yourself in a sensory deprivation tank and and you know the, the way that the guitar just like carrying you through pretty much. And it's almost as if shields invented a whole new genre within the shoe gays and post punk scene. And I think when you welcome a new approach to your playing, I mean doesn't matter what you listen to,

you know, but when you no longer stick to a traditional sense of playing because of the music you're listening to.

You know, you you stick with it. And for me, you know, Kevin shields his guitar playing was what really made me reconsider my approach to guitar playing, which is, I don't know, like, I've often been told, oh, he played guitar this way you play guitar that way, like who are your influences? And it's like, it's not who you would expect? Yeah. So

This is what that album did for me. It really made me reconsider my approach to guitar playing. And I think people could see like, based off of yours and my list, like we were in a band together to band together, playing the same type of music and our first bands were me and you writing music together. And our lists are completely different. But yeah, we were playing the same type of music. So yeah, that shows a lot like yeah, and there's a lot of guitars like that too. I think we were watching an interview with Jim route from Slipknot, and he was just naming all these bands that I don't listen to. And they're just like, more mellow but I mean, those are his influences. And you come on it's you know, it's Slipknot you know I mean, I'm I'm not saying they're the heaviest but it's just his his the bands that he was listening to just was a total difference. You know, from what Slipknot music is, right? Yeah, no, I think that's I think those are the best musicians because they're not stuck in one mindset. And that's when you don't get the cookie cutter. band started sounding like band sounding like band.

Um, but ya know, it's good to it's good to listen to stuff outside of your comfort zone and can you know draw experiences from other stuff?

Kim's number four. Okay, my number four is bad son's language and perspective. So that came out in about 2014. And I didn't discover them up until 2017 when I heard a song from their album disappear here on the Forza Horizon three video game. Um,

it was tough picking between the two albums because I can listen to both of those albums. Just over and over again think there was a period of time in 2017 where I listened to both of those albums all day, every day, I worked receptionists at a floor store and I would just listen to that just all the time. It's so I had a hard time choosing however, I think their first album language and perspective kind of beats out, disappear here. There is

disappear. So really great. But language and perspective is my fav.

It's just a great feel good album, all their songs are just so feel good, like the guitar is just so like funky and fun and

Crystal's vocals are just they're really good. Like he can hit some of those notes and he has, you know, the lows and highs and he's just, I think he's outstanding. I've seen them

live probably three times between here in Austin, and they put on a great show. We went, I think, last year and saw them in Austin, emos. And man that show was wild like they were they were touring their new album, their newest album, but man, they're old songs, they just hit so much harder than the new stuff and they're just, they're just great feel good songs that album language and perspective is really really good. It's one of my top tops. But like I said, I didn't want to double do anybody on band wise on my list so their album disappear. Here is on my honorable mention.

Yeah like that's one of those bands who were there like alternative

I don't yeah I guess are alternative but like it's just good dance music but oh yeah no they're really fun if you haven't heard them because they're from California right? I think so. Yeah I think I just want that music that's like summer it just reminds me of summer and fun and you're just hanging out you're having a good time your summer Shandy. Oh yeah

yeah language in perspective if you like to listen to a good summer Shandy

Alright, so my number four This one's probably gonna be on your list most likely. But I didn't know. I wasn't too familiar with this album until after we got together. So Third Eye Blind self titled album from 1997. That album is fucking great like, some people can say that the best alternative band of the 90s is Oasis but it's not always instead of mine.

Like as like their new album screamer if you haven't heard it, it's actually great. It's so good. So we actually that the red album. Yeah, the subtitle one Yeah, yeah, that's so I wasn't familiar with them aside before we got together aside from their singles jumper

so my charmed life, but then like that album, it's so crazy because when there's a lot of 90s alternative bands that I don't like, I like matchbox 20 but I think they fall in this category that I'm about to talk about is where like they were.

Their lyrics were kind of cheesy, because it was the 90s but

not everything but trust me, not everything but like a lot of these bands like there's some bands that she listens to her. I'm like, I don't like them and it's

not that woman. Gin Blossoms You see, I don't like Gin Blossoms for one I don't like

The guy's voice to I don't like his lyrics. I just think they're lame. Straight out. I think they leave their frat boy rock. That's what I

say I'm gonna plug summer hits of the 90s on Pandora, check it out. It's amazing. Okay, so I went back to this album so this album like the the the the lyrics are like, so you you you listen to it as like 90s alternative rock right but the lyrics are so dark like they talk about suicide drug abuse like it's just so like it even talks about murder like it's like and it's not hidden like you just have to pay attention dirty little words to pretty little melodies. Yeah, that's a good description. I don't know where you got that from but that's a good description. But yeah, that album I Jenkins is actually talked about their music and it being that just that well that's a good description. That's what it is like that album was really good and we saw them. Unfortunately we saw him right before Yeah, but

I mean what what was going on? It was a ACL. So this was a show right before ACL and unfortunately the people who got to see my ACL got to see their, their normal set with like, you know, all the singles and stuff. Well, we saw them and it was for the screamer release and so they played pretty much the whole screamer album. So like the first half of their set was the first six songs off their album and I was like, I want to hear Joker I was like I want to say my charm like damn it like I want to hear so whenever COVID is over I need me a redemption Third Eye Blind show and luckily whoa one of my favorite songs I think it's a beside I'm not sure but because I don't think slow motion is on the

No, it's not it's on it. I think it's a beside off of the subtitle.

There's oh there so that's right. Well, luckily, we got to see they played slow motion on that and they also played a

fuck in the background or I will say my song I'm sorry, I forget where haha

No, no, no, no, no.

narcolepsy Yeah, they played that one too. They played like I think three off of that. But anyways, I'm starting to ramble a little bit but I'm starting to forget stuff. But uh, but uh yeah so mine self titled from 97 that I freakin love that album like from beginning to end we listen that album often. That's actually another album that I want to get on vinyl. That's a fucking great if you haven't listened to it all the way through just for the lyricism to it's fucking it's an amazing. Yeah, there's almost a third I

thought about it.

It would have been third, I don't know. They actually did a quarantine show on that they broadcast on YouTube, like, probably a month ago or so. And oh my god, it was so awesome. They're all playing their instruments from different locations, but they're playing together at the same time. And I was I'm working from home right now and I just had it on and it was a dance party. I was here alone.

I was working and I was just in it and it Steven Jenkins was just killing killing over here and Oh, that was really awesome. That was very clever. And very cool. Like I enjoyed that really. Still not my redemption show, but I'll go Okay, I'm just curious Britt What do you think was like the best like 90s alternative?

Um, that's tough, but

my favorite probably is Allison chain. Oh, okay. Yeah, that's that's a good one. Yeah, well, I it's weird because like, they are alternative but like, I would consider them more like alternative.

Fuck, like, I'm getting too technical. Yeah, yeah, like more in the grunge category. But that's cool. Okay. I was just curious to see where you fall in the 90s stuff. Like the harder stuff. Yeah. Um, well, this one, it's hard. Lyrically, okay. So me ish, but it's not actually it's not as poppy I think if you pay attention to if you let the singles

dictate what?

How can I explain it like if you let if you based if you listen to the singers and you think oh this whole album is going to sound like that because of course the labels are going to put out the stuff that's going to hit. The singles don't describe it with the album is okay. Um, but if you want to listen to something different yeah that's self titled album from from Terry wines. But Frank number three

number three

it's a Depeche Mode's ultra.

And this is one of those special albums for me because Brittany and I, we share an intimate connection with it and also because it's very intensely dark,

beautiful album, and it's very evocative. So every time I listen to it, it just pulls me in right away. And that's really, you know, Depeche Mode were thought to be done right after they were touring. Right after they were done touring. What songs

faith and devotion, you know, there was a lot of

heavy drug use heavy alcohol use a lot of internal band fighting, and then one of their key members left, just due to frustrations and actually singer Dave Gohan died of a heroin overdose. But luckily he was brought back to life.

And the band pushed on and I think despite the album being under promoted,

you know, ultra definitely deserves like a very, very good deep Listen, and it's to me the sound of a band that has found new life that's reinvigorated. It's, you know, it's basically them saying, you know, we're not gonna let what happens, break us up, we're gonna keep going, and we're gonna keep at it, you know, this is our new voice, and this is who we are. And you know, 40 years later, there's still a band. So

then Alan Wilder left he was the only classically trained musician and so when he was in

The band It was a lot more. I mean, you can tell the difference in sound before and after he left the previous album, songs of faith and devotion. There's like orchestra music and all kinds of like embellishments. It's really produced. And then ultra is much simpler and it's much more electronic. And their first album without him and so I think it was just, you know, I think everybody was kind of holding their breath waiting to see what was going to happen after so what would like lost a lot of technicality? Yeah. Yeah. So it's somewhat simplified, but there's something really beautiful about it and they definitely prove themselves and have done so many times over since then.


I heard number three. My number three is going to be one of my favorite bands Chevelle wonder what's next? So everybody loves their debut album. Point number one I couldn't get into it. Sorry Chevelle fans, chameleons, whatever.

But wonder what's next. It was so 2002 I was entering high school that was probably one of the first rock albums aside from the kitty and the Drowning Pool that I owned.

Sam lafleur is my favorite drummer. I feel like every time I listen to their music,

I hear something different in his drumming, like I hear something that I didn't hear before when I've listened to their songs countless times, but there's just so many intricacies that you can't hear them all on the first few times listening. But that album is really, really good. I like listening to it from start to finish. That was the baseline of my list. Basically. That one's a really good one. It hurts me that it's at number three, but it's still really good. And they're my favorite. We actually got to meet them but we'll talk about that probably another time. Um, which was oh my god, awesome.

But yeah, and that so that I don't really have a lot to say about it, unfortunately. But that's that's my number three. Yeah, it's a good album. I think

I'm not sure actually.

Yeah, I have one of their albums on my on my. Yeah, I have another one on my honorable mentions because again, I didn't want to double a band. This type of thinking yeah this type of thinking was my was on my honor Roman channels. Yeah. So, so my number three so for people that know me, um

they'll probably guess that I have an album from this band on my list, but not the one that you would think so Metallica. I have Metallica album on my list, because I had to have a Metallica album on this. Oh, yeah. Like there's metallic on his list. So this one was tricky. This was not going to be one that people probably would expect. This one's actually the soundtrack to their movies slash live performance, whatever they want to call it. So this is through the never from 2013. So it was actually a movie. Now. What

It was a live concert

or live performance spliced together from two different shows but it had a narrative put in between it so that it was a movie but this one it was kind of hard to pick one Metallica album but this one goes on this one has songs picked from kill them all through Death Magnetic and the production on it is great the mixing is great the the the performance that they did it for this for the shows was fucking amazing actually saw the documentary or the behind the scenes for for the show too. I actually saw this movie twice or live concert twice when it came out. I saw it once in IMAX and once in royalty. And one of the times I don't remember if it was IMAX or the roadie Roberts or he'll actually came out and he he was there in the theater with us. And he actually introduced the the movie and so that was fucking cool. So that was the second

time that I got to be in the same room with Robert, you're healing we'll actually talk about that another time. Because Kim and I last year we got to actually go to the whiskey signing the Metallica black and whiskey signing in Corpus, but we'll talk about that another time. But yeah so Metallica through the never that fuckin is like to me probably one of the definitive setlist that they could have put together. Um It's fucking great even the film itself is great.

It's Metallica, I mean, they I'm not saying they don't put out crap every once in a while because they do. But this one they fucking hit it like, and for an example s&m was actually going to go on my list on the album they did with the San Francisco Symphony. But this to kind of loses some momentum from this one. And then we actually Kim and I and my brother actually saw SNM two in theaters and I was really disappointed with that one. I think also to it had to do with the there was something going on in the theater. I don't know what was going on, but their sound was off.

It just sounded horrible but um so yeah Metallica through the numbers numbers number three on my list. I fucking love Metallica but yeah i think that that setlist that performance is fuckin it was it was on point this is probably an unpopular opinion but I really like their load and reload albums they're they're good but I don't like I get I kind of find myself skipping sometimes like thrown through certain certain parts I'll get bored but I mean they're not they're not bad they're not bad bad they're just like them because you know it's not typical Metallica well cuz like to me I mean they went like a more hard rock yeah exactly well cuz they have those that background and the thing is that when people think Metallica they're automatically think thrash and metal because of the albums that came before it but they really do have a lot of hard rock background and another one of my favorites too that I don't think it was on either list but

garage incorporated is all covers but you could see like

How they could

harness like just the hard rockness and just like they did such a good job on those fucking covers, like on that first disc I mean, because the second disc is like rereleases of covers they had done I think like in the 80s but that that yeah, I mean they fuckin yeah hard rock. They do a really good job doing hard rock when when they're in the zone. But yeah, definitely.

Yeah, that's my unpopular opinion for for that. No, I mean, there's a lot of people believe it or not that still. I wouldn't say it's an unpopular opinion but yeah, there's there's people that really do like load and reload.

But uh, yeah, that's my number three.

Alright, so I guess we're going to number two. Go ahead and do your two number ones together. Okay. So we'll do that too. And number one, I did that before I got here.


so my number two album is from

The cure in the name of the album is pornography.

And I feel like it's, if you ever wanted to own a goth album, this is the only one you ever need to own. All others don't even matter.

I mean, I think if you need a darkly depressing and nightmarish soundtrack, you know pornography is is it and it gives me absolute chills. And for me it's like the literal sound of absence of light.

While they're recording this album, you know, the cure was on the brink of collapse or a lot of drugs and alcohol and fighting and it seemed like singer Robert Smith was super intent on just like offing himself. And I feel like pornography captures the ugliness of what the band was experiencing. But through the turmoil, there's this bit of a

rather, you know, really, really morbid beauty that I think can't be ignored. And, you know, following this album, you know, the cure went on to write some really

Incredibly poppy stuff, you can still hear a lot of their dark side coming into this pop stuff.

But you know, pornography is one of the most referenced albums and despite them writing popular songs and then winning over a lighter, larger audience, you know, I think this is one of those definitive albums that really defines a band.

So you know, it's it's very influential to me and moving on to number one

is a Nine Inch Nails is a fragile and if anybody who knows me I knew that one was gonna be there anybody who knows me knows that I'm like a super big 90 nose fan.

And I've seen him twice because of you like i and this is and this is a biased opinion, but I feel like they can do no wrong, you know, very biased opinion.

You know, but I first got into Nine Inch Nails after seeing their 1999 VMA. Their MTV VMA performance

To me, it was very raw and haunting and very punk in some way performance given that

it wasn't your typical awards show performance that you would expect. And I liked everything about the performance and

to me the fragile is one of those absolute essential lessons and I think it's one of Trenton wrestlers, best works and

it's also pretty non traditional to me, I mean, because one it's a double disc album, that's an hour and 45 minutes and I think a lot of people's attention spans are not even, they can't, you know, sit for like five minutes without even listening to something. So that was a very adventurous thing to do. And to the song deals with a lot of with a lot of transpersonal issues such as you know, depression and anxiety, drug abuse and the loss of his grandmother. And I feel like

A lot of these emotions challenged the listener to get out of their own head and feel something that's more intimate, something that's more real than they probably know. And the music you know, throughout, it's profoundly moving. And I think this album, the fragile showcases a lot of what Nine Inch Nails can do, you know, they move past those expectations

feel enlightened, like, like I talked about earlier, the third album, I feel really defines a band's career. And for them to put out a double disc, two hour long album as their third album and whatnot.

It really showed that they're not the typical band that's going to stay within their own genre, you know, within their own area, you know, they're going to break out they're going to do what they want. And to this day, you know, trend continues to prove that, you know, he brings all sorts of artists out on the road with him. He's experimented with hip hop with


You know, soundtrack type sounding music. He's experiment you know, he that he pre produces a lot of soundtracks and a lot of

he also branches out and he produces a lot of hip hop artists as well. And you know, also to he's a curator for Apple Music. And I mean this dude's like done so so much there's really nothing that I can't say that he hasn't done that hasn't inspired me so yeah, definitely Nine Inch Nails comes in at number one.

I could probably gone hours and hours talking about them. I mean, like that they just mean so much to me. So

yeah, we can definitely do that. For other episodes, you know, just bands influences and stuff. But uh, Nah, man, that was a good list. And I already knew that those top two were gonna be on there like I wasn't sure what albums cuz i don't know but like I knew they were gonna be on there.

Cam your top two. My top two. My number two album is

The Arctic Monkeys am album.

That was actually one of my first albums sold on vinyl, late to the party because I barely got it like last year. They have albums before this one, but I don't know there's just something about me that's just so soothing and dreamy, but also Alex Turner's voice is just so just dreamy, like it's just very calm, and

I don't really know how to explain it. He has kind of like that old timey classic, clean voice.

But that album is very good. I could listen to it. And I think there was a time where I did listen to it every day. over and over and over again, I can't get enough of that album. I love the way it sounds on vinyl, because it just puts that with his dreamy classically sounding voice in the sound of the vinyl on the record player. Just it just

Sounds It sounds like you're in another time like you're in. You're in the past like when those voices were more prominent or the way that his voice sounds on that album, it just it just has this whole like, vintage feel to it. I love I love that album. Number one, you probably guessed it Third Eye Blind. self titled album is my number one. I probably drove Mario crazy because I listened to that album all the time. I'll pop it in on when I'm working in the car. Just cleaning doing whatever like I'm listening to the album. I'm singing it at the top of my lungs I'm dancing around I it's just my go to I think that's what makes that album good is that I don't get tired of it. And that's what makes good albums good albums is that you can't get tired of them and that's that's one of them. That's why it's on my list is I don't so you listen to it. It doesn't bother me. Oh, I listen to it. Now. I'm gonna keep listening to it because I just love it that much.

Just it's a feel good. It's like you're driving in the car and you want to hear something that's fun, but like has, you know, I don't know. It's just it's such a fun, free like album because and then like you said it has all these things that you that he's seen about that you wouldn't even think that he was because you're just listening to the music and the melodies and you just don't want to dance and you want to sing it even though he's talking about heroin. And you know, semiretired is one of my favorite songs ever. So it's about heavily about drug use. And I just, I love it because it's so fun. Like, you don't even know that he's talking about that because it is so wrapped up in the, the music, the musicality of it. Um, but that's my number one, and actually kind of want listen to it right now.

You can listen to it more done, because of copyright reasons we'll probably get.

Okay, so mine number two is another one. That's just not a throwaway. But it's just, I it's a fun album to listen to, and it's

came out, I guess an hour. It was part of me growing up, I guess I should say. Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory from 2000 this is one of those albums where I don't think any other band was successful in doing what they did in crossing. Like hip hop vocals with rock like there really wasn't when you come like now it's funny I laugh

bands like if you like the man, that's fine whatever that's just my opinion but Hollywood in dead I think they tried to be the new linkin park and there's other bands too that I can't even name because they didn't stick around. Um, I think there was a band called dead. I think Ed they tried to do it. Yeah, so like they linkin park I think this this album is like so timeless to me. Like it's not dated like you can listen to it and it doesn't sound like it still sounds

good. Like it doesn't sound like ah shit like this is like so 10 years ago like no you listen to it. Just like

Oh shit still like no go ahead however when you watch the music videos oh yeah the music videos are different

technology will hate it.

But I mean it's so crazy because like Mike Shinoda is one of those guys who was like, influenced by hip hop and he is a hip hop lyricism vocalist, but yet he doesn't have that cliche hip hop vocal his sound when he's singing or when he's rapping. Like he doesn't sound

like he's trying to be a hip hop artist. He's just he just is a hip hop artist. And I think he blended very well together with with Chester, and that album still today I can fucking listen to the album from beginning to end. Probably like we were talking about the other day I can probably skip crawling, but but that album is just It's so fucking good album. I think it was produced well, too. It doesn't. There's not it's it's raw, but at the same time, it has that production that it needed. I just fucking love that album. And then number one

So this one of course if you know me then you know that one of the that this band was on my list but system of toxicity on this one. Um, when it comes to albums, I like for bands to keep their rawness when they come out. Of course their debut album, their self titled album was it was very raw

toxicity was Roswell to it just took it up a little level without being overproduced. Um, I liked that it was political, because the first one wasn't really as political would really have a lot of political Yeah, had some stuff some stuff but not as heavy as toxicity. And actually, what was crazy was that this this album influenced me heavily as a guitarist on this, this album got me into drop tuning. This is the tuning that mean you wrote music and and played. That's right. And it was because of this album and actually later on and even now, if you look at my Instagram handle, and you look at the band that I had started, you know, eight years ago

It was called version seven and it was actually offered the lyrics of toxicity, the opening line on toxicity, conversion software version 7.0. And yeah, so I kind of got the name but I also took it as

people evolving like people change and people they grow. And version seven to me was like, Okay, this is like my, where I'm at right now. And the system will be down was just it was one of those influences that I didn't like, I didn't make it out there like, Oh, I'm trying to sound like system would system over down or Oh, like system up down is my, you know, was my influence. I wasn't trying to put it out there was just a subtle, subtle thing that I took that, you know, I carried with me and, and even now, like I said, if you look at my Instagram handle, it's a mp 7.0 and it's because that album was just such a big influence even if I don't, if I don't have that.

displayed in the, you know, in the stuff that I'm writing now, it's still influenced me. Um, but yeah, I think that album is fucking awesome. It was

Raul, I think when you go on to hypnotize and mesmerize they're a little bit more, more produced. They're not as raw as their first two albums. But toxicity is probably I fuckin owned like three shirt, three toxicity shirts that I wore out, so they fucking had holes in them. Like, I fuckin love that album so much. But um, yeah, system down is my number one even if I had to rank everything I think I'd have to put system down stocks as yet number one. Um, but uh, do you think they're gonna ever write a new book? No, I don't know. I mean, I don't want to get like into politics. I don't know if you've kept up with it because I have. So I've been literally holding my breath versus the down album. And apparently, john, the drummer and Serge they're not seeing eye to eye on politics right now. Um, so yeah, I think that's a reason like they're, they're playing they're playing festivals, and they have festival scheduled for next year, but they're not. I don't think they're gonna do an album. But does anything happen with Ramones? I mean, Joey and Johnny

Ramon had both very different ideologies, and in fact, they hated each other, but they were contractually obligated to. But you see, I think with these guys, it's their contract was different and they're not. They're like, well, we'll play shows together, but we won't, because I actually just saw a report to that we know that Darren, the guitarist, Deron Joaquin, he actually has scars on Broadway that he does. And then search has his self. I mean, his, you know, solo projects search under his name. And then shabu, I think was doing some hip hop stuff, I think with some guys from Wu Tang, for health, the name of that project was called, but then I just read a report that said that, I guess Serge was tired of waiting and he had stuff that was written that I think could have gone on toxicity, and it could have gotten a new album. He's actually going to be releasing that music under his solo project. Yeah, so I guess any future stuff that we could have had is going to be coming out under surges name, not Darren's. But

yeah, that's my that's my list. That was my that was my stuff.

And that was for everybody out there just to just learn a little bit about us. I know we kind of talk and ramble for a while, but you know, it was an intro. You guys don't know us, it's for you guys to, you know, know who we are, from our music, you know what our music background is and stuff like that. And in all this time, of course, I was trying out the non alcoholic beer that Frank brought in and, and for those of you who don't know, shiner Bock is my favorites. I'm actually drinking one of those right now to open one of those during the arena during the recording, but uh, those are our lists. And if you guys can leave us your top 10 lists on any of our social media on our website, just leave a comment.

Also to be showing our honorable mentions list on our website. So we'll be posting that too. So just keep a lookout. It looks like we'll be releasing an episode probably every Saturday. Well, today's Friday, we'll be probably recording on Fridays or Saturday earlier. what not, we'll figure it out. All right, so the first episode, hope you guys enjoyed it. We're gonna

learning more about beers we go along. This was just you know, to let you know what, what this podcast is going to be about. Um, so with that said, Yeah, wait, what?

Oh, yeah, like, share. Subscribe, you know all that good stuff. You guys have anything to say before we leave? Uh, no. I mean yes, it was

no I mean it was it was it was fun doing this actually was a little hesitant to share my list because it was like, my my shits all over the place, you know, but, but it's good, you know, because it shows that you're not stuck in that one. I guess what box you want to say?

No, but it's it's good for us to talk about what influences us what we grew up listening to what we enjoy listening to, and it's awesome. I mean, not just music but I feel like you know, even literature, movies


Are you do that? probably aren't what someone's thinking about. But yeah, no, it was it was fun doing this. And I enjoyed it. And I look forward to doing more episodes as well. Sweet. Well, the goal is 50 that's my first goal. But Britt, you got anything to say?

No, but next time I will do my homework and I was ready to go. Sounds good. We'll talk about what our next

topic is going to be. And then if you guys have any suggestions about topics or suggestions about what we should drink, because I know there's a lot of regional stuff too, but I wouldn't mind trying to hunt stuff down. So leave us your suggestions and until next time, bye. Cheers.

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