Rock Talk Happy Hour

Ep. 68 - Songs About Summer

July 02, 2022 Rock Talk Happy Hour Episode 68
Rock Talk Happy Hour
Ep. 68 - Songs About Summer
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This episode, we list and discuss songs about Summer as a belated topic for the Summer Solstice! Cheers!

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Hello everyone and welcome to rock talk happy hour. My name is Mario here with Kimberly and Britt. This is the podcast about craft beer music where every episode we try different craft beers. We write them discuss them. And sometimes we learn a little bit about them all while talking music related topics.

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years, so I didn't I knew that was gonna happen. That happened last time. So I made that noise because we're doing another belated

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quote, unquote, holiday episode. This time we're doing a topic for the summer solstice, which was last week, I believe. Yeah. Last Tuesday first. Yeah. So we're late again. And then I was thinking about it on the right over and I was like, I was like, it's Fourth of July this weekend. But that doesn't matter. I was like, I'm cool with skipping that one. Yeah. But yeah, so we're gonna do that this episode. We're gonna talk about songs about summer. Yeah. So we're gonna be listing those and then just talking about them. Um, and it's still summer, so we're not really late. Yeah, we're not really late. I think I was reading somewhere. I think the solstice in some places lasts like a week or something like that. Or when they celebrate it. They last. They celebrated for a week.

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Seven March here. Yeah. All right.

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And it's Christmas in Australia. Yes. Right. Christmas. No, just kidding. It's

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not Christmas. Yeah. Okay, so I guess we can start off with our three little segments. Because I know we have some little unofficial ones, but we probably won't have those today. First one is What are we drinking? Was everybody drinking? Nothing? I mean, either I'm gonna drink anything either. I'm drinking and MGD 60.

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Should have brought something diet beer. Wait, what makes you said I don't have nothing to drink? Oh, me neither. No. That's alright. We'll get well. No, that's alright. We're gonna start something before we get into the topic. Next one is what's the second one hangover, right? Uh huh. Giovanni hangover was last episode. Dad's. Oh, yeah. Did I don't have any hangover? No, me neither. Nothing. I thought I did this week. But I think the only thing that I was like when I was listening to that episode, and I was talking about Ozzy, like, I couldn't talk I could have talked a little bit more about like, the dad things that these artists do. And Ozzy I forgot, not only did he have the Osbornes with his family on MTV, he also had, I think, a couple of shows with his son Jack, where it was just them to traveling. Yeah, and they're like, just getting into bullshit and, and I had no idea. Yeah, it was a decent show. I think it was on the originally I think it was on that or the History Channel, one of those, because I think Jack's really into history. So they were like going to different places and stuff. But yeah, I was like, that's a dead thing. But anyways, so there's that I guess we don't have any hangover.

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brews. And US News and Bruce.

Unknown Speaker  3:20  
I have a couple of things. Okay. So the first thing I wanted to say, Isn't that like super? Well, it is kind of big news in the craft beer industry. But so you remember a few episodes back, I was talking about Stone Brewing where they sued to Keystone the court. Right. And they won. Yeah. So Stone Brewery in Stone Brewing is actually one of the like bigger, more popular craft breweries. They're very

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vocal about being a craft brewery and being like, independent and whatever, whatever. So I just read an article that just recently, I want to say within the past month, I mean, it depends. When they wrote this article. I don't know when the deal went down. But they sold out to a major to a major company. And it was just like, damn, like, this was one of the bigger breweries that were just like, you know,

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they were all about that. Just the independent craft brewery. Well, so I was reading that, apparently, yeah, that they were going through some stuff and that when they won the settlement with Keystone, I think they won like 93 million. And so they still had to pay like fees and stuff and they were going through some other shit. But the easy way out for the owner was to just sell and he sold it to a major company. But there's a lot of like, craft breweries that are going like legit craft breweries that are going like not out of business, but they're selling out to the bigger breweries like the one in Hawaii, Kona. They sold I think there was one in California that we had talked about I don't even remember who won an Oregon 10 barrel that does the Cucumber Crush that I love so much they sold Yeah, so there's Yeah, like distribute that I know right below

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I mean, if you're gonna sell out at least make it available. So here's a weird thing about that. So when these big name companies buy these smaller breweries, we've talked about it. I talked about it in previous episodes, what happens is, they basically use that plant to manufacture more of their own shit. So they don't really like take over whatever that that brand was doing. It's more like, oh, we have extra. What's it called? Like, monopoly? They have more. They have another factory to make more. Yeah, basically, they have another another property to make more of their products. Right. But I know, I think Sam Adams is independent. Yeah, they are. But I think they're I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon, hopefully.

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But yeah, I just found that interesting. There was a whole article about it. So if you want to check that out in Google search that I came up with, like my Google feed, the other thing I was gonna talk about, and just the last thing just real quick. So usually, we don't have like episodes planned, like so far in advance. And this time, I was kind of calculating things, how things were going to work, because I wanted things to line up a certain way. So we're good for recording next week, right? Okay. So next week, we're going to do episode 69. And that's going to be dirty songs. So we're going to be listing and discussing dirty songs. So we're gonna be picking them apart talking about you know, whatever, whatever. Okay, we have to list 69 songs.

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
That's a good game, we'll play that.

Unknown Speaker  6:29  
We're gonna list 69 songs. So we'll do that. It's only 20 Yeah, it's only 23. Yeah. 23. All right. So that's a thank you, Brett. It's a challenge. And if we don't know we got a drink.

Unknown Speaker  6:43  
I guess I'll start now.

Unknown Speaker  6:45  
So, right, so we usually record our episodes Friday, and then I release on Saturday. So looks like Friday, July 8, we are which is next week, we are going to be

Unknown Speaker  7:01  
hopefully I think everything's working out. So far. We're we talked about Martin House brewery on this podcast all the time. We even have a little quote unquote, segment.

Unknown Speaker  7:11  
We're gonna have a representative from the brewery on the show. And we're going to talk to him about the brewery. So you guys can hear about that stuff. Because they do crazy stuff all the time. We just talked about something crazy they're doing last week, which has to do hot dogs, just weird. So we're going to record that episode on July 8, which is Friday, but I'm not going to release it until Saturday, July the 16th. So what's going to happen is we're going to do that interview with him. And then the following week do episode 69 So that everything's in order, and then the episode that we record with him next week. I'm gonna release it in two weeks, so that it falls as episode 70. And that also gives us time to promote it and stuff. But I just want to give you guys a little insight on what's going on because we actually have ship planned this time. Why do so? That's the little order of things. So if you guys want to know what's coming up next, there you go. You know what to listen to what not to listen to, hopefully you listen to all the stuff.

Unknown Speaker  8:04  
But that's all the stuff I had. I mean, we can go into our first beer and and get into the topic. That's cool. Yeah, definitely. Alright, so since this is a song's about summer, we are going to be having some little summer style beers, you know, some beers that you would be drinking.

Unknown Speaker  8:19  
You know, at the pool, beach. Yeah. All right. Let me go in here and see what we got.

Unknown Speaker  8:27  
Alright, so I'm going to I'm going to save the Mexican style lager we have to last because I know we like Mexican style loggers. The last one we had last episode, we rated it pretty high. I think it was almost a five all the way across. I think only one of us didn't give it a five but it was really good. So we know here on the show that Brett and Kim are all about that watermelon life. Yep. So we have we haven't had one of these from this brewery yet. This is a Corona hard seltzer Lemo nada. And it's a watermelon. So it's watermelon flavored. So it's a hard seltzer with natural flavors and a splash of real juice.

Unknown Speaker  9:02  
So it's 4.5% ABV. It's a 1212 ounce can. So I'll let you do the honors. And we'll try this out as our first beer for the episode to kick it off. That is very summer ish.

Unknown Speaker  9:14  
Wait, what's not a beer? Well, yeah, that's not a beer. It's a hard seltzer. But yeah, but gee, they're hard to avoid these days. They're everywhere. They're everywhere. Everyone's making them and now the next thing ranch water. Yeah, there's a what's the difference between that hard seltzer? Yeah, I don't know. I'm the right person to ask.

Unknown Speaker  9:31  
Other research? I think it's the same. I think they're just labeling. Yeah, they're just I don't know what you know, somebody made me a ranch water. Like a mixed drink, huh. And it was so it has something else in it. It's a cocktail. Oh, that makes sense. Okay, hold on. I have to put my birthday in here. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Make sure

Unknown Speaker  9:56  
and see if I can. The recipe is for today.

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
EULA, lime juice, sparkling water and Citroen like Silla core. Okay, okay, so it's a kind of new there's also a hard seltzer that's called Renu on Yeah. And I forgot who makes that. Well, yeah. So that's like the cocktail but I think they use modeling it and selling it. So that's interesting. Okay, as you see we learned stuff here sometimes that's what my impression is Ranch Water original hard seltzer made with 100%. Agave. And this is Ranch Water is a Texas style tequila Highball drink with lime, tequila and Topo, chico. Oh, okay. All right. But yeah, so now, lots of different. Even Topo Chico has their own line.

Unknown Speaker  10:42  
Ranch Water hard seltzer. Okay. All right. That's the new trend. That's interesting. Okay, I saw Kim took a drink of it. Kim. What do you read it? I haven't tasted it yet.

Unknown Speaker  10:53  
What do you give it?

Unknown Speaker  10:55  
Like five?

Unknown Speaker  10:57  
Yeah, like how she said that just like nonchalantly. She's like, like five? With her. It doesn't. It's definitely gonna have like a weird okay. Yeah, both gave it a funny taste or weird sweet taste. Yeah, like that. Artificial sweetener. It just tastes like a sparkling water. Well give it a flavor to five two. Yeah, it's nice. It would be nice on the beach for sure. Yeah, it's a and it has more of a watermelon tastes than the

Unknown Speaker  11:22  
most Yeah. Do taste lime. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  11:25  
Was this with natural flavors? But I mean, you know, yeah, that was pretty good. imported from Mexico, of course, because it's Corona.

Unknown Speaker  11:32  
Yeah, no, it's nice. Good on a kickoff. Definitely, definitely a summer style during. Um, all right. So who wants to? I mean, I'm asking who wants to kick it off, but I want to just talk about a read at some read some of the Wikipedia entry for summer solstice. Oh, go for it. Alright, so summer solstice, of course, we're late again.

Unknown Speaker  11:57  
So that was Tuesday, June 21. was last week Right? Or week? Yeah, something like that. Well, we can have go Tuesday.

Unknown Speaker  12:10  
Okay, so this is a Wikipedia says about summer solstice. Summer Solstice, also called the estival, or midsummer occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the sun. It happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere, Northern and Southern. So there's one when, when the North Pole is furthest to the sun and the other one the South Pole is close to the sun. For that hemisphere, the summer solstice is the day with the longest period of daylight and shortest night of the year, when the sun is at the highest highest position in the sky. since prehistory, the summer solstice has been seen as significant time of year in many cultures, and has been marked by festivals, rituals, festivals and rituals. Traditionally, in many temperate regions, especially Europe, summer solstice is seen as the middle of summer and referred to as midsummer. Although today in some countries, it is seen as the beginning of summer, which is what we were using the summer solstice. First was like the longest day, yeah, so it's nice in the northern hemisphere, but in Australia, it was the opposite. It was the winter solstice, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  13:13  
In the winter, so that's right, the shortest day of the year. And the other interesting thing, too, is they have a chart on there from I think 2016, I believe, and it shows you like the parts of the, like different countries, how many hours of daylight they got for that somersault for that summer solstice. And then like, just you could sell like, depending on where they're at, where they compared to the equator, like there were some cities that got a full 24 hours of daylight because of where they were at. And then as you go, I think,

Unknown Speaker  13:46  
away from a closer, no, oh, wait, closer, closer. Yeah, the amount just you could see it go down. And then like in the US, I think we had like, I think it was like 15 hours or something like that. So it was just, it was just pretty interesting. And then going back to like the festivals and holidays like a lot of like,

Unknown Speaker  14:05  

Unknown Speaker  14:07  
what's it called countries and religions celebrate a different way like pagans celebrate it, Wiccans celebrate it have their own thing for the summer solstice. So yeah, no, I just thought it was pretty cool. So we Yeah, this is the episode for the summer solstice, believe it. Yeah. So here on out for us in the northern hemisphere every day is getting a little bit shorter. Yeah. Yeah, it doesn't feel crazy because it's almost 9pm And it's still light outside. Yeah, I've heard that you don't really recognize it until the next sabbat which is it's really hard to say because it's Irish. Okay. Oneness set. Okay. And that's like midway between the summer solstice and the Fall Equinox. So in between the two and that's after we hit that that's when you can actually start to tell them the dates are very bright outside. So it it's almost and that's in summary 10

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Yeah, it was weird because it's coming up. So it's in early August. And that'll be the midway point.

Unknown Speaker  15:08  
Between the two. Yeah, cuz the other day, I was kind of confused because I had to go to sleep early because I had to go into the office. And I was like, I want to go to sleep early today. And it was like, 830. And I went outside with the puppy, and the sun was still out. And I was like, What time is it? I was like, shit, it's gonna be nine o'clock. And like, yeah, it was it was it was crazy. Um, so who wants to start the topic songs about summer? We might all have one on our list, but I have written stuff about it. So when we get to it.

Unknown Speaker  15:37  
All right, over overlapping. Brett, you wanna go first? Because this was your idea. And

Unknown Speaker  15:43  
I'll let you go first. And then I stopped myself because I hit like, I don't know how many and I was like, this is getting long. Maybe we could maybe you could add 16 on this.

Unknown Speaker  15:53  
When you're ready for bearbrick? Let me know. Okay. Um, I guess maybe I'll start with one of my favorites, which is Oh, no, no. Well, I have a favorite on here on this list, too. I'm just wondering if it's the same one. We offer it. I don't think it's the same one. Okay, cool. I'm just wondering. It's Jane's Addiction. Okay, summertime rolls. Okay, that sucks. Because I did not see that anywhere. glows. Oh, man. It's a super favorite of mine. It's beautiful. Lovely. Lovely. And I'm definitely worth checking out. What's it about?

Unknown Speaker  16:28  
About but you know, I don't know if it's really Perry Farrell story or not, but it's whoever that persona is that seeing him and his girlfriend and like kind of basking in the summer. Okay, sometimes they're not wearing clothes. Sometimes they're not wearing shoes. Sometimes there's a little bumblebee buzzing around them stuff. Like sometimes there's a big fat orange KitKat it's just Okay. Sweet summer in love cat stuff. Yeah. All right. So Brett's favorite one Brett's favorite songs. Okay. Yeah. For songs. Cool. I've never heard it. Um, I was hoping y'all had stuff that I didn't have on the list because there were stuff that I didn't want to talk about. But I put it in a list. And I was so I was listening to the stuff but I didn't come across. Okay. Hey, all right. That's the first one I thought of to just, that's a favorite. Sweet. Okay, Kim, what you got cool. Bananarama curl sub? Yeah, yeah, my list too. Apparently put. The singer had said that it played on the darker side of summer songs and looking at the oppressive heat and the misery of wanting to be someone as a summer ticked by? Yeah, yeah, I saw that one. Fun fact about them as well. Yeah, what you got wrote down because

Unknown Speaker  17:36  
that Bananarama hat or in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the most successful female band worldwide, interesting, they had the most charting singles of any female band in the world. Holy crap. I know right now, which is pretty wild. I'm gonna look up their discography when I do when I make the playlist because I was listening to songs but really start making the playlist. Okay, so Britt said her favorite summer song. Mine's next. But Kim, do you have a favorite summer song? It's not rock related. Nope.

Unknown Speaker  18:11  
All right, well, you can see one of ours if one pops up on the list. Okay, so my favorite one and I actually have a story about this song to it's the boys of summer. Oh yeah, I love that song. Of course. I love the original I love the cover, but I also found some stuff like interesting facts about it. I don't know if you know any like tidbits about this, but it was a super fucking interesting so I found this on Wikipedia and we're talking about this song a little bit because it's fucking awesome. So the song was released in 1984 by Eagles vocalist and drummer Don Henley, with lyrics written by Henley and music composed by Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. So, yeah, so he didn't even write the music. He just wrote the lyrics. So here's the here's where the interesting stuff comes in.

Unknown Speaker  18:56  
Let me see in an edited edited a no no that part are here. The lead single from Henley's album building the perfect beast released on October 26 1984, reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the UK in the US, number one on the Billboard Top Rock chart, Top Rock Tracks chart and number 12 in the UK Singles Chart.

Unknown Speaker  19:19  
So in a 1987 interview with Rolling Stone Henley explained that the song is about aging and questioning the past, which is a recurring theme in Henley's lyrics. I'm not familiar with a lot of his music, but apparently a lot of his his songs have to do with like nostalgia and stuff.

Unknown Speaker  19:35  
In an interview with me in 1985, when we explained that the deadhead sticker on a Cadillac lyric is an example of his generation selling out, so he was just talking about reminiscing and he sees that sticker but it's on a cattle rise or like shits not the way it was no, of course anymore.

Unknown Speaker  19:51  
So I thought I had that fact that I wanted to talk about here, but it's actually on my next page. So I have two little

Unknown Speaker  19:58  
facts here about

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Uh, like some accolades that I got, and then I have a, like a personal story to tell about it. All right. So in 1986 that year, that two years after it came out, yeah, it won a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. And it's been ranked on. It's been ranked number 416 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. So, before I go into my story, what do y'all think about the song? I like it. Yeah, like, yeah, like, Okay, I've never heard anyone who doesn't well have but this story comes in. So about five or six years ago, I was friends with somebody who said that the song sucked and they didn't like they didn't like the song. So So I so I so I made a Facebook post. And I said jokingly, I can't be friends with somebody who thinks that boys us boys have summers a shitty song.

Unknown Speaker  20:56  
Fast forward to today. Oh, no longer friends.

Unknown Speaker  20:59  
So that was my story. And I want to go now I'm gonna go on good written now. I'm gonna go now. It's a great fucking song. I said, the original and the Cover Song By the Ataris are both good. They're both good. So here we go. So this was the little tidbit that I wanted to talk to Brett about. So Tom Petty was astounded by the tracks success. One day he and Campbell were out on a car drive to listen to a mix of their song don't come around here anymore, but turned on the ignition and heard the boys of summer. Campbell change the station in case the song would upset petty but another station was already playing this. Petty enjoyed listening to it and regretted initially turning it down. So he had actually presented that song to Tom Petty Tom Petty is like man, I don't really like that song. He showed it to Don Henley Don Henley took and wrote lyrics for it. And I'm thinking about it like Yeah, that does sound like a Tom Petty kinda. Yeah, I can hear it. Yeah. And I'm trying I was trying to think like, Could I hear Tom Petty singing those lyrics? I was just trying to think of that too. So yeah, when I read that, I was like, that's super fucking interesting. Because like, I really liked Tom Petty and heard that and I was like, yeah, like, it just, I feels like it's not like it's a little too Poppy. For for Tom Petty.

Unknown Speaker  22:10  
Just little bit like just a tad, but I don't know, I just found that interest. Interesting.

Unknown Speaker  22:16  
And then going on.

Unknown Speaker  22:18  
This is the last thing I wanted to talk about this song. In 2003. The Ataris covered it which I told a story about me bumping into them at Warped Tour and watching them play the song covered it for their album. So along with storia It reached number two on the Billboard Modern Rock chart and then It reached number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. The crazy thing about this is that it would have hit number one but the reason why it didn't was because Linkin Park's paint off of media was like, all at number one. ratar O how long so like they were stuck at? Yeah, they were stuck at number two because they were behind Linkin Park, I think um, then here's the interesting thing in 2002. When you're before the Tories covered it, there was a Spanish trance artist named DJ Sammy, who covered the song with vocals, with vocals by Dutch singer, Luna, I wasn't really

Unknown Speaker  23:05  
familiar with this, right? So I listened to it. And here are the stats for the song, it hit number two in the UK that year, number three in New Zealand, number nine in Australia and a hit top 20 in the Ireland and Ireland and the Netherlands. So it was pretty popular like internationally. So I was like, Let me listen to it. I heard it. And it's very, like club dance style music.

Unknown Speaker  23:28  
It's not great, and it's not bad. I saw on the playlist if you guys want to check it out. But I was able to find it. And I was like, Alright, I mean, it's I'll show it to y'all when we're done with just so y'all could listen to it. But just imagine like boys this summer but in a dance. Interesting version. Yeah. Okay, so I was

Unknown Speaker  23:49  
actually I wish I had more of that. It's very like, like, it's no, it's weird. Like, it has like a dance beat. But like the song, you'll have to listen to it. It sounds kind of dull to me, but I'll let you listen to it later. Like I said, it's on the playlist Spotify playlists archetype cabrio? Cool. That's actually a sponsor. Just kidding. Beer break. Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna get the next beer and then it will be returned.

Unknown Speaker  24:15  
Let's go with

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
Okay, so this is a very summer looking can It sure is. Belching beaver brewery.

Unknown Speaker  24:26  
So this is a another beer by the Deftones I've never had this beer before. This was from their summer pack, which kind of relates to this episode. It's called Deftones swerve city. Is that IPA? It is an IPA? It is a damn I forgot another beer. I forgot what pug stands for.

Unknown Speaker  24:46  
gave me some No no, it's up here. pug is a passion fruit orange and guava IPA? Okay. Okay. Um, so where's that?

Unknown Speaker  24:56  
Look, I don't know. Is it on the ground over there. Okay, okay. So so

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
6.6% ABV but that is like a cool looking cat. A little Bieber's wearing sunglasses and he's burping.

Unknown Speaker  25:07  
Well, I want to read the

Unknown Speaker  25:10  

Unknown Speaker  25:12  

Unknown Speaker  25:14  
Deftones and belching Beaver and say, you know there's other types of beers they do they have we had their Mexican lager. Everything else though is like IPA. Well, they do have they have different they have different kinds of IPAs. It touched my thumb. Thank you. She said disgusting.

Unknown Speaker  25:32  
I don't know I just really enjoy the Deftones IPAs there they are really really good

Unknown Speaker  25:39  
you get to settle the can if you want

Unknown Speaker  25:42  
probably not to do that because thank you not gonna so now

Unknown Speaker  25:48  
all of a sudden my

Unknown Speaker  25:50  
everything I did today is catching up with me.

Unknown Speaker  25:53  
All right, Kim is gonna try it first.

Unknown Speaker  25:56  
passionfruit orange and guava.

Unknown Speaker  26:01  
It smells it smells guava. Like you could smell the blah blah. It smells really fruity taste like

Unknown Speaker  26:08  
I like it. I'm like I'm giving it I'm giving it a

Unknown Speaker  26:13  

Unknown Speaker  26:16  
I don't know if it's the guava that I'm not really too happy with but I think I'm gonna give it like I was thinking about giving it a five but I think that again 4.9 Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with 4.9 and just take it down just a notch.

Unknown Speaker  26:30  
Kim it has good flavor. I mean, I like the flavor but it just depends on what kind of fruits you oddly enough it tastes better because I don't like orange

Unknown Speaker  26:39  
What do you give it like a 3.5 I'm just not an IPA. No cow for me to find one I like because we're barely on episode 68 We'll get you there okay, just actually get you all there for Kim just throw me gangster

Unknown Speaker  26:55  
so not bad? Yeah, like seek it out? No, it's good. I like the bitterness doesn't linger which is always gonna win for me with IP bitterness doesn't linger it sorry. I feel like I feel like the fruits kind of took the notch down on the bitterness because you have the orange in there you have the passion fruit The guava does have bitterness by itself, but I think that's where a lot of the bitterness is coming from

Unknown Speaker  27:22  
a parable definitely not terrible to good beer liked it. Um, all right, so that was our second summer beer. Brit, what's your second summer song?

Unknown Speaker  27:31  
Well, I think I'm gonna do summer in the city by the lovin spoonful. I saw from the 60s and I

Unknown Speaker  27:41  
I don't I guess I have a little side story to go with that one because my mom grew up with these guys. She knew them she would go listen to them play in their garage. Only practice and stuff. She was friends with them. Oh snap. Yeah, because they are from New York. And she's from New York and sweet. That's cool. Was pals with the lovin spoonful? Did she play cowbell on anything?

Unknown Speaker  28:03  
That would have been cool. But oh, that's cool. She knew them. Yeah, for sure. So that's pretty sick. Yeah. And that one, I think is kind of iconic. Right? I hear it a lot. And that one, I did come across shows and things like that. So that's a good one. Cool. Are they still active or not?

Unknown Speaker  28:22  
I do not know anything about those fellows and what they've been up to because it's been a while. Right? They've been around since like, mid 60s maybe earlier. Not sure. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised there's a lot of those bands are still like yeah, it says popular in the mid to late 60s

Unknown Speaker  28:42  
from New York

Unknown Speaker  28:48  
says years active

Unknown Speaker  28:50  
91 to the present. So I guess they all went together. Sure. Okay. Damn. All right. Crazy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  28:57  
All right. Cool. Cool. Can like a bunch of 60s dudes.

Unknown Speaker  29:04  
This song is called Summer girls by LFO it's a pop song. Okay. And the lyrics I was reading them earlier and then it's like a bunch of like

Unknown Speaker  29:15  
rambling and like, like a bunch of weird references to like people and places and things. Some are related or no no yes and no. So the song was written by the by rich Crone, Dow brain and Brian Young and exam and samples extreme more than words riff and they said that the song includes numerous inside jokes, and he never anticipated the success.

Unknown Speaker  29:43  
It references Abercrombie and Fitch Kevin Bacon New Kids on the Block. It's an endearing Lee according to Rolling Stone and a daringly goofy recollection, recollection of a summer crush that became a monster hit for LFO which is like funky ones.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
nighties group.

Unknown Speaker  30:03  
When were their rounds, I'm not familiar with them. Me neither. I don't remember. I mean, the I've heard the name before. And I saw a couple of them on lists, but I don't I don't know. I don't know. So they were around from 95 to 2002. Then again from Oh, nine to 10 and then 17 to 18. Okay, and

Unknown Speaker  30:24  
yeah, okay. Cool. Yeah. Oh, my turn right. Yeah. Okay, so my next one, it's gone a while like there was there used to be a streak of episodes or every episode I talked about Metallica. This episode, have Metallica coming back again. They have a song called Lords of summer. Lords of summer basically is about summer festivals, the bands coming back to do summer festivals. And this song specifically is about them coming back to do tours during the summer during the festival circuit. So Metallica first first released Lords of summer as a digital single and it's demo form on March 19 2014. I remember where that song came out. I downloaded it and I liked it a lot. It was eight minutes long, a little too long. But I liked it. The thing that sucked was in 2016, they rerecord they rewrote they released a re recorded version that was included on the deluxe edition of the band's 10th studio album hardwired to self destruct. So there's like a studio version of that song and I don't really like it that much. Because the one that they initially released the demo it was like released in there were recorded in the rehearsal space. I just liked that one better just sounds different. I think those structures a little different too. According to drummer Lars All right, the song was inspired by the band's then upcoming 2014 tour. As he explained in an interview given to Metal Hammer magazine, it's about being outdoors and festivals. And here we are again. So yeah, I mean, it was kind of self explanatory. When I first heard it. I knew that's what it was about. But it's literally is about them going back out on summer tours again. But that's a summer song. But this kind of ties to Kim and I because

Unknown Speaker  32:06  
it's not a song, but we're gonna see Third Eye Blind this month on the summer Gods tour. So that kind of is similar to what they were writing the song.

Unknown Speaker  32:15  
But yeah, super excited. We're gonna finally see Third Eye Blind properly because we saw Third Eye Blind a few years ago in Austin. And it was for 29 days and count. It was a spin off show of what festivals at ACR Yeah. ACL so they had just released an album as well. So they pretty much played the album in full So Kim and I didn't really get to see like, legit. Steven Jenkins is very like, he's a diva, but like in a in like a like a he can be kind of way like you're you know, you just it's Steven Jenkins like that's his persona. That's him. That's whatever. And he was just like, yeah, we're not gonna play anything that you're gonna. We're gonna play at the SEC. Oh, yeah. Sorry. Just like

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
because we didn't know that. Right. And then that album had just came out to if not a Kmart that Dave. I don't know if that was the right like a diva. But it wasn't. I mean, I was like, very like, you know, it was just I mean, like, Oh, we don't care what you want to hear. Yeah. But again, it makes sense because they were playing there. Yeah, he didn't want to play two sets identical back. And I was like, Steven, we're not all going to be at this expensive ass festival.

Unknown Speaker  33:26  
But Kim and I are gonna see him this month. Properly. We're gonna see him in Austin. Super stoked for that. Yeah, I'm seeing properly. Um, okay, so that was my number two. So we all we all had.

Unknown Speaker  33:41  
All right, Britt, what you got? Okay. Well, y'all got an AMA and Don Henley off my list for me. That was helpful.

Unknown Speaker  33:52  
I don't know. I wanted to bring up a band called the sandals. They're going on all while back in the 60s right now. No, that's cool. Because a lot of stuff that I was looking at was like from today, but it was pop artists and I don't know, I don't know what it is. But yeah, go for it. So they did the soundtrack for the film Endless Summer. If y'all have heard of it super famous. You probably seen the movie poster somewhere because it's like, iconic film iconic movie posters in the background and all kinds of movies and TV shows because of that and, and it was basically a documentary about two guys who chased summer around the globe, so that they can serve everywhere and it's not. There's not really dialogue. There's nothing it's just a really quiet movie where you're just watching guys serve but the whole soundtrack is done by this band the sandals who was a surf rock band. And so they did the Endless Summer soundtrack in their music doesn't have lyrics it's just surf rock, but okay. I thought that they should be in that list because it was so iconic to piggyback off of hers. Yeah, um, I was like

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Is this summer songs? Or is this like a weird like this is just like a gimmick? Maybe no, not. Maybe. But is it like,

Unknown Speaker  35:10  
Does it count but not count? Because it's not summer it's surfing. Oh, yeah. So the beach boy yeah, I'm on my list. I was Safari surfing. You know, I definitely can't grow. I definitely count that it'll surfer girl. Yeah, it's all like Southern Southern California youth culture. No, that's definitely summer. Okay. Sounds like Omar is gonna ding me for that. No, no, I had him on my list as well. But it was crazy. Because when I was doing my RedX No, no. No, when I was when I was doing my research and like thinking about stuff, like I like, summer was the only thing that I could think of like, I could have gone that way. Surfing and sun and stuff. But like, it wasn't clicking with me. But I'm like, yeah, definitely Beach Boys was on. So I was like, yeah, no, yeah, definitely. I felt like if we, I mean, there are definitely like, like you said, a lot of ways to open it up and start looking at it in regards to summer and sand and surfing and all that good stuff. But I already had trouble reading in my list, because I was like, this is getting long. And I felt like man, I really talk too long. Or someday it's gonna be like a four hour episode.

Unknown Speaker  36:11  
But no, actually, because we have overlap. So I only I only have 1234567 work. So

Unknown Speaker  36:20  
I have 123461. So I think I'm gonna have some more overlaps. 4567 Yeah, seven, but I mean, I'm not talking about we have. Yeah, we probably have some to say yeah, all of us. Well, I don't know, because you're kind of surprised me what the ones you had, because I didn't even have those on my list. Especially that first one. Like I saw it. Biden, right. So

Unknown Speaker  36:42  
all right, so I guess I'll go next. And then if y'all want to hear let me know. So this one, I was telling you guys a little story that happened on Reddit and I'll talk about it in a bit. I was doing research for this song. It's called Summer shutter, and it's from AFI. It's their fourth track on the it's the fourth track on the band seventh studio album, December underground. It was released on June 6 2006 666.

Unknown Speaker  37:05  
Do you know what movie came out that year?

Unknown Speaker  37:07  
On that day, June 6 2006 actually saw a remake of a horror film. Yes, Halloween or it was the 13th or the Omen, Texas? Oh man. Yeah. Oh, they remade that. Oh, yeah. 2006 it was with what's his name? I seen that. He was in scream. What the fuck is his name? Ski. Now the other one he played cotton. Matthew Lillard? No, no. No. He was the guy that was framed. And he was forgot his fucking name. I guess I could see him live. Fuck.

Unknown Speaker  37:40  
Driver. That guy. Right. His name? Leave. Leave. Leave Shriver. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  37:46  
yeah, at least right. So anyways, so this song is kind of like a flip flop on the summer stuff. So this one is how I took it. I was trying to find interpretations about the song online. I couldn't really find any interpretations. How I interpret it was it was it's about somebody who misses the winter. And yeah, sorry.

Unknown Speaker  38:06  
That I got it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was trying to remember his name. And I was like, I see his face.

Unknown Speaker  38:13  
Leave. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  38:17  
So this song, the lyrics, the main line on the chorus as under the summer rain I burned away. And how I see it, is it somebody who misses the winter and who's stuck in the summer? And who's waiting for somewhere to go. And when I always hear the song, when I mean, when I hear the song I always think of like summer thunderstorms. Because I I love summer thunderstorms, which we haven't gotten into this year. Really? But yeah, kind of one. But But yeah, so that one. So while I was doing research for this, I found a found the album on Google. And just like, well, let me see what kind of facts I find on this, which I didn't find anything, just what I told you guys. So I'm here and

Unknown Speaker  38:55  
the Google description. It says, For this album, it's in the alternative metal. There was one other category, and then it's a children's music. And I was like, What the hell. So again, I ended up on Reddit, and your new favorite, my new favorite place. And me and some people and they were just discussing why they had these tags and how this could have happened. One guy said that he sent feedback to Google about it a month ago. And he's like, I still haven't heard back from them. It was it was just funny. So we're just we were going back and forth for a couple of days. No one's posted it today. But it was just pretty funny how we were having a discussion trying to figure out what songs matched with with the tags that Google had on there. My theory was that it's auto generated that the system listens to the music, and then tags the music with whatever it hears, like some kind of algorithm or whatever, but I just thought it was pretty interesting. That's all I had to say about that song. It is summer related, but it's just on the flip. The flip side of it, somebody not liking the summer, which is also on my next song too, and I'll let us go around. Britt what you got

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Uh, not liking the summer is a common sentiment around here right? Because it's like so damn hot. Yeah. Especially if you're new to Texas. Oh boy. I'm sorry. I apologize in advance so many people like from up north that are here and they're all like, Oh man, this is crazy like, but you know, like, Yeah, I saw maybe one. My favorite one is the Batman slapping Robin one.

Unknown Speaker  40:25  
Yeah, that was funny. Robins. Robins saying it's it's hot outside. But before he finishes his sentence Batman slaps and says it's Texas. It's funny. It's just funny. It's funny. I said northerners 90 degrees is so hot and thank me stairs in southern like, yeah, it's even though Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  40:47  
Yeah, they they gave us hell when we had our Big Freeze. Oh, yeah. It's like we don't have the infrastructure for that. And if it gets over 90 up there, y'all are dying. Well, it's day five up there. That's kind of the flip flop too because New York's infrastructure isn't built for that either. Because when the the summer right before the summer, they had a heatwave up there. This was before the summer started. And they had people die because their infrastructure couldn't handle the heat. And ours is the other way around. Ours can handle the cold. So our extreme weather is happening. Right. And we and we have people die in the winter, which is crazy, because we couldn't handle it. So but yeah, it's it's crazy managed to get to a not so cheerful place, but sorry. Oh, no. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  41:27  
the next one is going to be kind of in that junk. For me too. I'll just go ahead and get that one.

Unknown Speaker  41:34  
song by the band. Ah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, we've we've talked about that. It's called August in September, and it's, it's like, the most miserable breakup song ever. Okay. Yeah, that's what it's all about. Summer and being in this hotel room alone after this horrible break in the sheets sticking to his skin and it's hot sweat, you know, and it's just like, horrible and sad. So yeah, he's alone and sweaty and reminiscing back on this. Okay. Yeah, when he had an AC Yeah, this AC broke. girlfriend said you don't have an AC so we're done. Yeah, we're out of here. I'm sorry. I haven't heard this song before. I'm just guessing

Unknown Speaker  42:19  
can be a break? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:23  
I shouldn't save this Deftones for your for this

Unknown Speaker  42:30  
Alright, let's go with this. This is this is summer ish. Yeah, so this is 12 fives rebel hard tea. It's a half and half hard tea with a blend of lemonade 5% ABV cool little kin lemons on it so you like have enough Oh like aka on Arnold Palmer Yeah, and follow me Oh, I think so. I'm not I don't usually looks like tea. I don't usually not sponsored but the ones from Chick fil A are pretty cool, but they're not called sponsored. We've been on this HTO kid oh yeah HTO there's not sponsored as well but they're based here in Texas is a Texas it's a tea shop Have you not had HTO T never know what that

Unknown Speaker  43:15  
is? Well they have a drive thru but it's a self serve like gas station style tea plates you can have you can take you can do you to have the little like Dixie small little like mouthrinse Dixie Cups there and you can taste and they have peach tea watermelon tea almond green tea, which is the like I never I love almond and I was like damn this is good. They have blueberries

Unknown Speaker  43:39  
they have

Unknown Speaker  43:40  
but they're even their sweet stuff is not and also to the water like because they have like a sweet watermelon and unsweetened. I kind of mix both so that it was like kind of what I see. I love peach tea. They have like two different peach teas. Oh my gosh, tell me Oh Kim introduced me to this place and it was like this that also too because like the water that they use is like filter. Yeah. And like you get tastes like that. It's not heavy. Like it just tastes cruise light. And they're ICE and ICE they have the crushed ice and they sell like gallons of Sonic ice. Yeah, they even have little cups of fresh fruit that you can put it put it whatever you add stevia you could add sweet low you can place it anyways. I'm not

Unknown Speaker  44:20  
sponsored and I love tea. So we were following us too. So we were following I found I saw that Chuck man's follow them as well too. So I was like yeah, so he's on the He's

Unknown Speaker  44:30  
nice. All right, so let's try this tea. Now I'm gonna be disappointed.

Unknown Speaker  44:36  
smells weird. It's

Unknown Speaker  44:39  
good camera swish it around weird looks weird but

Unknown Speaker  44:43  
tears like

Unknown Speaker  44:45  
it does.

Unknown Speaker  44:47  
It's because it's because real sweet. It's BS because of the type of sweet tea. Yeah, that's good. It's good though. At one time we had a It does taste like hardcore. But it wasn't a hard tea with all that weird shit.

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
It thing that we tried it was supposed to be like t remember? And it was just like disgust Panther Island, right? Who knows? I don't I don't want to throw him under the bus like yeah, it was and it wasn't good enough especially what I said no, it was because oh,

Unknown Speaker  45:14  
this is good. And also I can see like where this would be really dangerous because it doesn't taste like tastes like alcohol at all. Okay, so I would give it a 5% alcohol by volume 100 calories. Sugar is gotta be starts with superior black tea and blends primo black tea to deliver amazing flavor that's likely easy to drink. The perfect addition to enhance any experience

Unknown Speaker  45:40  
about breath malt beverage with black tea, natural flavors and sweetened with sucralose. Okay, um, I would I would give it a five but the fact that you said taste like I want to know it does taste like domine Yeah, I'm gonna give a for like it because it's a little too sweet for me. It's too sweet for me. It's what but and it's sneaky. Like I can imagine you would end up pretty drunk pretty quick if I wanted to tell your drink. Yeah, and it's just weird because if I wanted to, I want to know something. I kind of I don't know. I get this. Like it's weird. Like, because I think we had a beer that was supposed to be like, Domine No, and it didn't taste like this. No, I don't even remember what it was. But yeah, no, I'll give it I get a 4.5 actually really like it and

Unknown Speaker  46:24  
four I also really liked it but I would probably have to like if I think it was awesome over I was gonna just say that right now because it needs to it'll feel though it'll cut the sweetness down a bit. Yeah. Do you with a bunch of eyes. Okay, yeah, that sounds bad. I mean, this is not sold with ISO. Yeah, yeah, no, definitely. If it came with ice, I would have given it a five.

Unknown Speaker  46:46  
I said pour over ice. It should say that. Yeah. Should say that. Who's next?

Unknown Speaker  46:53  
Oh, me. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, hold it. Yeah. And then whenever I'm ready, let me know. Okay. The song summertime blues. Xander. No, oh, sorry.

Unknown Speaker  47:07  
Oh, I got that one on my list. Time blues. And this song is recorded and recorded by American rock and rockabilly artists Eddie Cochran, but as covered by many artists, including being a number one hit for the country music artist Alan Jackson, which is the version that I choosing for the playlist. So you guys listen, I'm gonna put both because I heard that Eddie Cochran version like the

Unknown Speaker  47:31  
old one. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just Do you know who else has covered it?

Unknown Speaker  47:38  
The Beach Boys. Oh, okay. You know,

Unknown Speaker  47:42  
what the rush? Wow. Yeah. So okay, well, I'm gonna put for you, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, what's it called shuffle those versions in the playlist. Now back to back. Speaking of that, so the other day I was bored as a side note. And so I was like, Man, I want to listen to something new. So I started listening to like, the new ghost album that came out because I hadn't heard it. And I was like, I really dig it. Anyways, so that was done. And I was like, I need to listen to something else. So episodes back when we were talking about bands, we broke up with a talked about Metallica and a whole had a whole rant about their Black Album. Metallica shirt today. Yeah, their Black Album. Terrible

Unknown Speaker  48:24  
you're broke up but you got no yeah, they're they're Black Album. What's it?

Unknown Speaker  48:32  
Trying to finish the story? Sorry, sorry.

Unknown Speaker  48:35  
dealt with the Miley Cyrus signal, single blah, blah, blah, right. Don't tell me that you listen to it. And you like it? Oh, no, no, no check. Let me finish. So I was like, let me say we're going to the court. So when Monday comes on Tuesday comes so I pulled it up. I pulled it up on my music app. Right. And right off the bat, I was irritated because there was like seven Enter Sandman back to back right. First six, seven tracks are like fuck, so I put it on. And it I believe it was some pop artists. I don't know who it was. It wasn't Miley Cyrus because I hadn't gotten to nothing else matters yet. Um, and literally 15 seconds. I was like, I can't do this. I'm not going to do it. Nope. It's painful. So I just I couldn't so 15 seconds of the album. I was like, I'm not listening. No. Just saved your marriage. Oh, no, I saved it or I saved it myself. I know is that you just

Unknown Speaker  49:26  
Okay, so it's my attorney. That wasn't right. Because you Okay, okay. Yeah, so mine is one that wasn't obvious at first, but then when I listened to it, I was like, oh, okay, this is the negative

Unknown Speaker  49:38  
effects of summer I guess. Or feelings towards summer. Oh, say is it a song about sunburn? No. I was looking for one actually.

Unknown Speaker  49:47  
So Rock Lobster

Unknown Speaker  49:54  
I'll put that on the playlist.

Unknown Speaker  49:59  
I'll put that

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
On the playlist, so we had a Deftones beer and I should have had when I brought this up Deftones my own summer. Okay, so my own summer.

Unknown Speaker  50:08  
It was released as a release as the first single from the band's second album, we're on the fur on December 22 1997. So I was looking at it. I was never a big Deftones fan like musically, but the beers I am a fan of. And I looked at IPAs. Just kidding.

Unknown Speaker  50:27  
So when I was looking at the lyrics, I was like, This feels like you're talking about the end of the world and the sun, kind of killing everybody. So I was like, Okay, let me see if I can find something. This is what I found.

Unknown Speaker  50:38  
On It says that, according to the, which that website doesn't exist anymore, I guess it was like a fan site or something. According to that website. This was written in Seattle during the hot summer of 1994. Trapped inside of his room by the heat and sun vocalist, Chino Moreno boarded up his windows with aluminum foil and wished for an apocalyptic type thing where all the people on the streets would disappear and the sun would go away. He called this He called this dream world his own summer, which is where the song title comes from. So like at night, I know I was like, I was like Seattle. I was like, but I wonder. And then I was thinking about, we were talking about black holes on another day. And they're like, you know, Soundgarden, Seattle area too. And I'm like, What the fuck?

Unknown Speaker  51:25  
But yeah, so I was reading more about it, and everywhere that I went, Chino Moreno was saying that, that the sun was just like, in his face all the time in the room that they had, I guess it was facing the sun. And it was fucking hot towers. And he just boarded up the windows. And aluminum foil, which was like the worst. Yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker  51:46  
it's like, it's weird. I wouldn't think of aluminum foil either. But like cardboard. I would pick cardboard but not aluminum foil. Yeah, he like put butter on himself before he

Unknown Speaker  51:57  
was like put. Like he's wondering why baking coconut oil? Yeah, but no, yeah, I just found it interesting. So yeah, Deftones my own summer. Shove it. That was my next summer song. That was negative feelings start to summer.

Unknown Speaker  52:13  
For it, Can we pause and I take kids? Yeah, that was it. Alright, guys, we'll be right back after this commercial break.

Unknown Speaker  52:20  
Okay, sorry. I got it. And we're back. And there was no commercials. Right. Awesome. Okay, so Britt, I believe is your turn. I don't know what's going on anymore. But yeah, I think that's right. I'm just kidding.

Unknown Speaker  52:38  
It was I don't know what what. Which one to say. I'm

Unknown Speaker  52:43  
old school. Adult Contemporary. soft rock. That's why I'm doing

Unknown Speaker  52:51  

Unknown Speaker  52:53  
seals in craft. Summer Breeze makes me feel fine. Don't know that song. Through the Jasmine. My mind.

Unknown Speaker  53:02  
You have to sing it makes me feel fine.

Unknown Speaker  53:07  
Jazz Come on, man.

Unknown Speaker  53:09  

Unknown Speaker  53:11  
we'll play it will play it. Did a good job wasn't just me. I don't know. I don't know. Not registering. It's another one of those. It wasn't on my list. Not on your list. So weird. I'll tell you what I did in order to come up with my list and then you will understand my frustration. Okay. The songs that you are saying that I like what? But yeah, okay. Yeah. And I've been holding off on the ones that I think we have in common. Okay. Kind of like waiting.

Unknown Speaker  53:38  
Thanks to you. Oh, my God cam there are like at least two that I thought for sure you would have there was why slack this week? Because I had like training. It was like it was so there was always a week in my life. Well, lately it's been but it's okay. That's another podcast. There was.

Unknown Speaker  53:55  
Drunk segment.

Unknown Speaker  53:58  
There was one song I don't have it on my list, but I was just thinking about it. Because I was thinking about pop music because Kim usually has pop. Katy Perry has a lot of catchy stuff. Yes, she has a song called California Girls, which to me reminds me of summer as a summary song. It's kind of like a shark. Yeah, it's kind of like Beach Boys related because like she's talking about California more.

Unknown Speaker  54:22  
But reminds me of summer. So sure. I'm gonna put them on playlists. So the next one that I have, though, my official playlist is Well, might as well throw it out since I said earlier. The Lana Del Rey song summertime sadness. Yeah, I thought of it too. I just kind of was like, ah, somebody else. Yeah, I was looking at the lyrics on my own because I wasn't familiar with the lyrics. And then there's a line in there. That's pretty cool, where she talks about the power lines, like, you know how they make that noise. Like when it gets really hot or when it's Misty, and she talks about that and I think it's about like a summer fling if I'm correct. And her not wanting it to end as how I interpreted it.

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
but it's a good song. I mean, I like she has a cool boys, but that was my Yeah, I think it's I didn't mention California Girls because I was kind of in that like, is this summer song is Mario gonna like that's California that's about California don't let my rules actually have rules

Unknown Speaker  55:22  
we don't have rules but then when we break them, we they're there. Yeah, they're not an example when I've done that. Give me an exam. I can't give you that when you've done it before. It's been a long time if I've done it

Unknown Speaker  55:37  
Okay, Okay.

Unknown Speaker  55:40  
Call me out on it. If I do, sometimes we try to sneak in technicalities, right, like I did last week. I'll do some technicality. So no, cuz cool. Gotcha. All right. Brett, what you got? So I guess me and Brett are going back? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  55:56  
The motels the 80s band known. There's a song called suddenly last summer it was big popular song.

Unknown Speaker  56:05  
I might just burn through some of these then if we're going back and forth. Mungo. Jerry in the summertime.

Unknown Speaker  56:11  
From the 70s. Yeah, right. I know. A lot of movie and it was in that video. They just that I just showed you of the dog on the paddleboard?

Unknown Speaker  56:21  
Yeah. See, it's used all the time. And it's just kind of they're part of our culture, I guess. And then

Unknown Speaker  56:31  
I think all I have left are the two that I thought for sure y'all would have. So I don't know if I should. I mean,

Unknown Speaker  56:38  
do you want to go let me go? Yeah, I think I'll play a beer. No. Yeah, that's done with the I'll do that. And I'll play your game though. I'm going to use the ones that I think that are not on your list and then I'll hold off the ones I think, Okay, deal.

Unknown Speaker  56:54  

Unknown Speaker  56:55  
I just saw posts on this one online. The brewery posted it. So this is from Tufts brewery. We haven't had one from for a beer from these guys in a while. This is a salted lime Mexican lager. oh nine Oh, Kim likes the Mexican loggers. Oh yeah. 4.2% ABV.

Unknown Speaker  57:12  
The 101 Out of five circles for salt. Three out of five circles for lime and five out of five circles for fiesta. Okay. Where's this brewery from? I don't know if I trust them. We're not because of they're not from Texas.

Unknown Speaker  57:27  
Oh, they're from McKinney. Oh, yeah. McKinney, Texas. All right there. You don't know. That's a cool. That's a cool. Can I like that. Well, maybe they just mean party in Spanish. Yeah. But I mean, I just feel like you're not allowed to use VSF. You're like, Yeah, well, like if you're in New York, like you can't use the word fiesta. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You should probably do that, too. Oh, yeah. Y'all should not do that with like, here. Give me some No, I've got some. Yeah, y'all should do that with the T. Damn you. Did y'all really like that? T? Yeah. Yeah, it was really good.

Unknown Speaker  58:02  
All right. Hopefully that tea does not ruin the flavor on this beer. Because we

Unknown Speaker  58:07  
saw that if y'all didn't y'all didn't see this, but they poured water in their glasses and then drink.

Unknown Speaker  58:13  
They basically yeah. Drink that tea drink. It was so good. It's good human sink kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker  58:20  
It worked. It's fine. Okay, so I'm put up so this brewery is from Texas. This is very Bud Light lime. Reminiscent. Alright, let's see. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Five out of five. Yeah, I would recommend the smells like me and saltines reali. me

Unknown Speaker  58:36  
it's a it's like Bud Light lime. Actually. Yeah. It was really good. Um, not that that's a good comparison. It has a very maybe that's insulting. Yeah. Has a very Mexican style lager. Like aftertaste that.

Unknown Speaker  58:49  
That like that corn? Kind of I get a lot of lime and salt. That's what I'm getting ready? Yeah. Yeah, go to five, five. I guess we got five through these. Ah, yay. All right. Good job. tups will tag you. Um, okay, so my next one, I have a song called Summer Night by Van Hagar. It was off their 5150 album. You're gonna go or something? I was like, Oh, God, that one was on the list, but I'm not, you know, 1980 So this song came out with this song came out in 1986. So it's about your movie. No, it's about a summer night, of course or summer nights. But yeah, it was unfortunately with Sammy Hagar.

Unknown Speaker  59:33  
Yeah, whatever. Okay, so that was mine. Okay. Yeah, we go on. Sure. Yeah, wipe them out until you think we have okay. There's one called feels like summer by Weezer. I don't know what album that was awful. But I heard some of it and I read some of the lyrics is just basically talking about it's just a story about the summer being a kid. Okay, so that's another nice. Another one I have this is from a bandit. To me. They're kind of like Sublime.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:00  
I'm or the the newer sublime especially. It's a song called My sweet summer from the dirty heads. I'm sure we've all heard it, like real popular and like top 40 At least it was a few years ago. I don't know if they still play it or not but the dirty heads if it's here, maybe probably. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Dirty heads. They're an alter. Why did they make did they make it to our body parts list? No,

Unknown Speaker  1:00:25  
no, no. Okay, well, I guess there's hangry

Unknown Speaker  1:00:28  
Okay, so I guess I have two more but I think one is the one we're going to share. Okay, the second to last one I have is a song called heat of the summer by a young the giant.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:38  
It's about the summer. I know. Your fans are young. The giant Yeah. So are you right? I'm not super familiar with them. I think they made our list when we did our bands with blank the blank names. Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay, cool. Cool. No, I just wasn't sure. Okay, so do that. We did. I think we talked

Unknown Speaker  1:00:57  
we didn't do a full list in my phone. Yeah, we need to do a full episode. Okay. Well, I'll write that down. Wait something that's something right. Yeah. Blank the blank because I think we talked about the bands. But we didn't do episode. Yeah. I thought we did. I didn't do an episode. I couldn't. I couldn't look. I couldn't make it. I thought so too. Let's see what we did. I can take a little we'll take a little break real quick. I don't know why I don't think we did because I don't remember we're doing a playlist for that.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:25  
Show. Maybe we just had a conversation after the show or something. Oh, no. And I made a blank the blank list because I was like, geez, there's a lot. Okay, so these are the topics we had real quick.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:38  
An episode that was like, band name like trends. Okay, let's check this out. Right. Okay, so starting from our list episodes.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:47  
And it's everything that's bands a match or whatever. Overrated bands, underrated brands.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:53  
Skipping that skipping that.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:56  
Skipping that bands named after places. Okay. Bands named after whose is okay.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:03  
Nope. Do that. Bands named at foods. Dumb band. Dumb bad band names. Maybe that was it? My might be it. But the does? Let me see. Bad cover songs. No one hit wonders bands named after animals.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:20  
Super groups. vegetarian vegan bands. Yeah, alphabet. C bands named after occupations. Bands named after songs bands, we broke up with bands who had vocalist changes 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s bands named after modes of transportation. Yeah, we haven't had we haven't done the oh my gosh, yeah, I thought. I mean, we can we can listen to bad band name things or something. Because I remember talking about the band, it might remember talking about the blank blank. We also talked about the bands, I think on our 2000s episode, but we didn't really like do a list. But that would be interesting to see if we could fill a playlist with just zotoh bands. So well just keep that on the on the list. And we'll try to knock that out sometime. Well, actually, we will knock it out some time because we have it was a real. It was a real trend. Yeah, it was a real trend. Yeah, we talked about the trend and one of our it was one of the decades episodes, definitely. But we didn't really like Go and take turns listing those but we could do that. Okay, because it wasn't strictly like the trend was happening in the 2000s. But it was before that too. I mean, you had bands in the 60s 70s and 80s. Sure. Yeah. So we could we could try that as well. I just remember making the list of the blank blank ones. I thought.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:35  
I thought we talked about it, but maybe just not while recording. All right. So I'm down to my last one. What do you got?

Unknown Speaker  1:03:43  
My last?

Unknown Speaker  1:03:45  
Do I still have to? I have still have two left? Okay, that I thought surely you have sublime? Okay. I was gonna put it but I found an interesting story about that you have doing time on there. So they sampled a song

Unknown Speaker  1:04:01  
called I think it was called summertime from I forgot the artist name. Okay. And what happened was that

Unknown Speaker  1:04:09  
they, I think the song's called summertime now. I think they had to change it. Because what happened was that they were sampling it and they had the song because it talks about the summer. So what happened? I think they had to change the wording because originally it was supposed to say doing time or the title was supposed to be but in order for them in order Yeah. In order for them to use the sample from that song summertime that beginning that

Unknown Speaker  1:04:37  
that's a sample from from a song called summertime and they had to agree to swap out doing time with summertime. Okay, interesting. Okay, so that's the only reason why it wasn't on my list. Which technically we both kind of had it. Yeah. And then I have What's your last one? Will Smith. What you didn't? Did we not that anyone mentioned this? No one mentioned it. Okay, well

Unknown Speaker  1:05:00  
SMITH What song is summertime? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  1:05:03  
I don't know that song. Oh my god. Why do I know something like that? I thought you're gonna see like Miami or

Unknown Speaker  1:05:12  
summer? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:14  
No, I had Bryan Adams summer six. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:18  
I figured that no one said it. And I thought it off too because I was like someone else was my favorite one that's

Unknown Speaker  1:05:28  
basically that's

Unknown Speaker  1:05:30  
basically that songs about a guy who makes a band one summer with his friends. And basically that was all they did that summer. They just had fun doing it. Yeah, it didn't end. I mean, it didn't last. But they did it for that summer of 69. And

Unknown Speaker  1:05:44  
sounds like my life.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:45  
My life story. And that's, that's going on the episode 69 playlists. But no, that's just funny because I Will Smith came across but not that song. So this is what happened for it. So I was doing my research. And I was like, Okay, I'm stuck. I want more songs. So what I did was I was like, Okay, let me go on to Spotify. You're

Unknown Speaker  1:06:09  
on my phone, because she does have a screen.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:13  
So what I did was I typed in the word summer and Spotify and then filtered it by songs. So any song that had the word summer in it was gonna pop up. Oh, dang. I went through every song Spotify had in there. Wow. In there.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:29  
What's it called? Database database? Yes. And it took me it took me a while I went through it. I was like, Okay, this is like an unknown ban. Ban, ban. ban on going and going and going. These are all the ones I came up with. But it's weird because a lot of the ones that you mentioned that were some or something or something summer didn't pop up. I didn't see those. Oh, yeah. So I was like, okay, but um, I don't know, I'm gonna find them on Spotify. Unless they're not on Spotify, because that's happened to me before. But um, yeah, no, I mean, do you guys have any summer songs that we missed? Yeah, there are hit me up on Reddit. Yeah, I feel like there are a lot more and I just kind of slowed my roll because I was like, well, could you think of more if you wanted to? I well, I think you hit some of the ones I left off. Okay, thank you both got Okay. Got a couple. But, like, off the top of my head? Probably not. But I know. That's cool. Might be hanging over.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:22  
When we're cruising down the street. We hear another one? Yeah, well, let's see what you guys have. Like I said, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, whatever, whatever. But I feel like Reddit would probably be better. Because everyone likes to list things there on that website.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:36  
You can find the link on our on our website, you can just go to our pages and you will find it but uh, no. I mean, I think we all did a good job. We didn't really have too much. Oh, I don't. From my perspective, we didn't, but I know you left off a lot that I had. So yeah. But yeah, I mean, it's pretty decent list. That's gonna be a Spotify playlist, of course. Um, do you want to try it one more before we stop? Sure. Okay, sure. It's not gonna be as good as the last one.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:04  
Okay, it's not an IPA. We can Well, it's funny. It is. Well, it's someone you the Brooklyn one, but we can do that for sure. It's fine. Well, I mean, I was just joking. Well, we have to Well, no, we have I think we've had enough. Well, we did have one feels like we've had more IPs. I have this one. You want to try this one? Sure. Doesn't matter. Whatever.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:27  
Okay, well yeah, cuz other ones are IPs. I'm gonna take it easy on you. Okay, you already had one. So we'll save that for now.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:34  
Don't worry bro, we got that Brooklyn for next. Okay, so this is on top of Chico Margarita hard seltzer so this is their sucks because I desert you have some of their I felt like this thing and then so this Yeah, we've never had this one right? No, no, I think we were holding Mr. And her boyfriend said that these are better the better ones but well from the original line right? Because we tried the original line. Oh yeah, we did we try them and we say one of them. That lemon one tasted like cleaner. Then there was the

Unknown Speaker  1:09:06  
there was a lime one. I don't know what the other strawberry margarita ones. So this is the margarita line Telecinco Margarita hard seltzer signature Margarita, it says naturally flavored with other natural flavors. naturally flavored with other natural Yeah, that's what their other ones said too. It's weird. Okay, that's right word 4.5% ABV This is a hard seltzer. Well, it's a cool little lion never noticed that before. Looks like the lion from Wizard of Oz.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:34  
All right, Kim. I'll let you do the honors. And then we'll try this for last year.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:38  
I mean, beverage. Yeah. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  1:09:49  
I don't know. Do you want to taste it before I like say

Unknown Speaker  1:09:57  
Oh, alright. So brilliant.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:00  
Going back for more. Yeah. All right. Let's see what's going on here. I'm gonna give it the aftertaste is a little artificial sweetener. It smells like Margarita.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:10  
It's not so bad, right? Yeah. Oh, this is actually good. That's it's yeah, that aftertaste. Yeah, it's a little bit fake. Tasty. Yes. Little but with the initial when you drink it Yeah, that part's good. It tastes like a legit Margarita like put this on ice. Oh, yeah. And you had a shot in

Unknown Speaker  1:10:29  
the room?

Unknown Speaker  1:10:31  
Just yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:35  
So we met. No, I give it

Unknown Speaker  1:10:38  
4.5 Yeah, yeah. Yeah, give it

Unknown Speaker  1:10:42  
I mean, it would. It is refreshing. It would be nice. And

Unknown Speaker  1:10:46  
it tastes like Margarita.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:48  
So what do y'all give it for?

Unknown Speaker  1:10:51  
Okay, all right. Well, I didn't. Okay, cool. That one did pretty well. All right. Filtered carbonated water, alcohol, lime juice from concentrate, agave, citric acid, flavors, salt, sodium citrate, sucralose, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and minerals for taste. That's for all sciences. 100. Yes. How calories and two grams of sugars three carbs. I was just looking at in comparison to the corona, which is 100 100 calories, three grams of sugar and three grams of carbs. Okay, okay. All right. All right. So I already forgot the plan from the beginning when I said it.

Unknown Speaker  1:11:28  
Oh, yeah. So we're recording next week, right. Okay. So next week, we're going to be recording with the rep from Martin House brewery from Fort Worth, Texas. So we'll be talking to him and we'll have him in person. That episode though, won't be released till the till two weeks after. Because the week after that. We're going to be doing episode 69. I'm going to be really seen it that week. And then for episode 70. I'll release the interview that we do next week. So just give some time for you know, I think actually, that'll give us a week off. So actually to have a week off actually when we when we do the interviewer is there a music topic? Yeah, that sounds like are we gonna make him talk about dirty song? No, no, no, no, no. So that's that's

Unknown Speaker  1:12:11  
the shuffle there. It's been shuffled around. So we're recording with him just talking about the brewery. Guys. We'll talk to you about this. So in your No, no, no, no, you said it out loud. You said it out loud. It was a little confusing. We could talk about it later. No, no, no, no, no. I'm talking about the topic of talking with him. Yeah, yeah. We talked about we talked about Yeah, yeah. So we're gonna talk about the brewery. And then we'll talk about we'll just throw in some music stuff here, but not necessarily have a topic but the topic is going to be the brewery, which is going to be a little different than what we usually do. So we're recording that next week. Then the following week. We're doing episode 69.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:45  
So I'm recording episode 70 Next week, but I'm not gonna release it so.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:50  
Got it. Got it. Okay, cool. It's cool. Just you know, we've had 1234 including though even when you said it earlier before any of this I was like what? But I just thought we were gonna talk about 30 songs.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:06  
Hey, nice to meet you. Here's my list. 23 really filthy songs. You ready? Well

Unknown Speaker  1:13:13  
2323 rupees. Yeah, no, yeah. So that good. So that's, that's the order so okay, let me say it like this. We're recording episode 70 Next week, but I'm not releasing it for another two weeks. So that comes out after episode 16 Boom. I should have said it like that. That was my that was my fault.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:29  
Alright guys, well, I guess we will see y'all. Well, we won't see Otto I think another two weeks because I think what the way I'm structured, I need to look at my calendar again. What the way I'm structuring this out we're gonna have a free week, to where or if y'all want we can just record ahead of time and just keep one episode ahead. If you don't want to do it that way. It's up to you. Yeah, look at our calendar, or we're gonna be unavailable because that might even work for you something like I thought maybe I don't know. I don't know what's going on. Well, while we figure this out, guys, we will see y'all next time. Oh, yeah, too. If y'all like the show and stuff.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:03  
Leave a what's it called? Like a review and stuff our wherever you listen to the podcast, so that'd be cool and help us out and stuff to get listened to more places? Well, yeah, so if you'd like it, if not, then send me hate mail at our you can put Mario's specifically and let me know. Alright guys, talk to you later. Cheers.

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